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					                               EvEryday GracE                                  SummEr 2011

                                                 We’re packing it up – again!
                                                         housands of homeless children go         sored by KCRA 3, Pacific Gas & Electric
                                                         back to school each year without         Company, Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra
                                                         any school supplies.                     Region and Thunder Valley Casino Resort,
                                                   You have made this a priority. Since           Operation Backpack began as a drive to
                                                2005, together we have donated more than          collect backpacks and school supplies for the
                                                11,000 school supply-filled backpacks to          children of Volunteers of America clients.
                                                students in need.                                    As your donations grew, the program
                                                   We hope you can join us again for this         expanded to provide for youth served by
                                                summer’s Operation Backpack campaign, set         other homeless programs, as well as stu-
                                                for July 8-22.                                    dents who had been identified as homeless
                                                   During this fortnight, more than               by school districts throughout the Greater
                                                150 Sacramento-area Tri Counties bank             Sacramento area.
                                                branches and Starbucks stores will serve as          “We’ve seen people living in garages, living
                                                public donation sites.                            in tents – in abandoned camper shells, we’ve
                                                   The full list of drop-off locations, as well   seen just about everything,” said Charlene
Posters featuring KCRA anchors Edie Lam-        as information on how groups can become           Hunt, district liaison for homeless services for
bert and Gulstan Dart will identify those       part of our “100 Pack” of organizations           the Folsom Cordova Unified School District,
Sacramento-area Tri Counties Bank and           holding their own mini drives, can be             one of several districts that rely on Operation
Starbucks locations serving as Operation        found at OperationBackpackSac.org.                Backpack to provide backpacks for their
Backpack drop-off sites from July 8 to 22.         Presented by Tri Counties Bank and spon-                         please see ‘Backpack,’ page 8

      Reno office showcases the art of recovery
            longtime destination for those seeking help with                                                                  “Refuge,” an
            mental illness, as well as those combating homelessness,                                                          art exhibit
            Volunteers of America Northern Nevada/ReStart                                                                     featuring
   will add the role of fine-art gallery when it hosts “Refuge,” an                                                           the work of
   exhibition of client-created drawings and paintings, during                                                                Volunteers of
   Reno’s 16th annual Artown festival, July 1-31.                                                                             America/Re-
      The show, which opens July 1 with a special reception at                                                                Start clients,
   ReStart’s offices on the Community Assistance Campus at                                                                    is among Re-
   335 Record St., has been made possible by a grant from the                                                                 no’s Artown
   Dermody Properties Foundation, which funded 17 weeks of arts                                                               attractions
   classes taught by members of Very Special Arts Nevada.                                                                     on display
      The free event, set for 2 to 7 p.m., will feature refreshments                                                          through July.
   and original, client-composed music.
      “We originally titled this exhibit ‘Refuge,’ as we envisioned       Nevada Vice President Rachelle Pellissier, who oversees our
   providing a safe and supportive space for clients to express           mental-health programs.
   themselves artistically,” said Volunteers of America Northern                                                    please see ‘Refuge,’ page 5
 Gaither: ‘To pay it forward is what it’s all about’
          athy Gaither’s story is a familiar     ways to see firsthand how their support truly       to help someone out,” said Gaither, who
          one. A former colleague of             makes a difference in the lives of so many.         added that, “It isn’t even the big projects,
          Volunteers of America board               “For me, I think I did it because                it’s the little moments when you interact
member Stan Stancell at the California           I wanted to                                                                  with a child or a
Department of Finance, Gaither accepted
his invitation to attend our annual Shelter
                                                 participate, but
                                                 didn’t have the
                                                                                     ‘It isn’t even the big projects, it’s themom, and you can
                                                                                                                              see how grateful
                           from the Storm        time for hands-                                                              they are, and
                           fund-raising          on involvement,”
                                                                                   little moments when you interact with      how positive the
                           event four years      said Gaither, who                                                            experience is for
                           ago with no           was then serving                 a child or a mom, and you can see how       them, when they
                           familiarity with      as Gov. Arnold                                                               don’t have many
                           who we were           Schwarzenegger’s                  grateful they are, and how positive the    things to look
                           or what we did.       under secretary of                                                           forward to.”
                           What she had          education. “Having               experience is for them, when they don’t        Another
                           was implicit faith    the planned-giving                                                           memorable activity
                           in Stancell.          budgeted helped                    have many things to look forward to.’     for Gaither, who is
                              “I didn’t know     a lot, and by                                                                the current Chief
                           anything about        belonging I received                    Kathy Gaither                        Deputy Director
                           it,” Gaither          more opportunities                                                           for the California
Kathy Gaither
                                                                                       Volunteers of America
                        said. “But I was         to participate when I                                                        Department of
                        very moved by the        did have the time.”                   Shelter from the Storm                 Mental Health, was
story the young woman who spoke at the              When                                  Society member                      this spring’s Family
breakfast shared – she really touched my         Schwarzenegger’s                                                             Shelter playground
heart.”                                          term came to an end, it didn’t take long for        project sponsored by KaBOOM and the
   So much so, that Gaither signed up            the temporarily furloughed Gaither to begin         Walt Disney Company.
that very morning for membership in the          accumulating firsthand experiences in seeing            “That was really great, a phenomenal
Shelter from the Storm Society.                  how her financial support was making                thing,” said Gaither, who was one of the
   Volunteers of America’s Shelter from the      a meaningful difference in the lives of             “build captains” responsible for leading a
Storm Society is comprised of special friends    Volunteers of America program participants.         team that put up the playscape and planted
who are dedicated to ensuring the future of         Gaither said among her favorite hands-           gardens for residents of the downtown
our programs and services through a multi-       on activities have included joining with            Sacramento emergency shelter.
year commitment of giving.                       her entire family – husband Clifford and                “Not working for two months was
   The society provides Volunteers of            children Sarah and Adam – in support of             emotionally challenging for me,” Gaither
America with an opportunity to recognize         the Adopt-a-Family campaign.                        said. “For me to be able to help those in
its supporters by including them in special         “It’s part of our Christmas tradition,           need, made me feel better as well. You
                                                                                                     may never see them again, but to know
Kathy Gaither
                                                                                                     you’ve given help to other people, to pay it
was among the
   dawn patrol                                                                                       forward is what it’s all about.”
    who volun-                                                                                           “Certainly, those kids who saw their
      teered for                                                                                     playground for the first time, it was
 our playscape                                                                                       a collective expression of pure joy – a
  project at the                                                                                     photograph in your mind, a memory you’ll
Family Shelter                                                                                       keep forever.”
  in Sacramen-
                                                                                                                     For a commitment of $1,000 or more
to. As a “build
                                                                                                                 per year for the next five years, you can
   captain” she
      led fellow                                                                                                 join this special group that helps Volunteers
  volunteers on                                                                                                  of America fulfill its mission. Society
    a variety of                                                                                                 members are committed to filling the gap in
 tasks. (See the                                                                                                 funding for programs that are vital to our
  photo feature                                                                                                  community.
on page three.)                                                                                                     For more information, contact Joy at
                                                                                                                 (916) 442-3691, or joyd@voa-sac.org.

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                                                                                                                Family Shelter
                                                                                                                children now
                                                                                                                carefree play

In March, thanks to KaBOOM, the Walt Disney Company, dozens of in-kind and financial
donors, and hundreds of volunteers, our Family Shelter was blessed with a state-of-the-art
playscape and educational garden plots. Thanks to all who helped restore precious smiles.

                                                                                  Lacin video shares stories
                                                                                  of former foster youth
                                                                                Y     ou may have
                                                                                      missed May’s
                                                                                Shelter from the
 Celebrating a century in                                                       Storm breakfast
                                                                                event, but you don’t
                                                                                have to miss the
 California’s capital city                                                      unforgettable experi-
                                                                                ence of viewing this
                                                                                year’s special video      “As If They’re Your Own,” can be viewed

I  t’s official! The Greater Sacramento office of Volunteers of
   America turns 100 this year!
  In honor of our centennial milestone – that you and other
                                                                                                          on our website, or on our YouTube chan-
                                                                                                          nel at youtube.com/voasac.
                                                                                tographer Kent Lac-
caring citizens made possible – we’re showing off a revised logo                in’s “As If They’re Your Own” highlights the heartbreaking stories of
(courtesy of designer Sara Molina) through 2011.                                young men and women like Shanequa (pictured), who are learning
  Thank you for your unwavering support and concern. We know                    through our transitional living program for former foster youth that
that as long as we’re needed, you will be standing beside us.                   their pasts “do not have to determine or dictate their futures.”

                                             volunteersofamerica-sac.org - THREE - volunteersofamerica-nv.org
  Have you seen
    our new                                                                                                                             Rose Kaerth,

    website?                                                                                                                            leader of the John O.
                                                                                                                                        Bronson Company’s
                                                                                                                                        “Angel Buddy”

          he town crier might have kept                                                                                                 committee, adds
          locals up-to-date three cen-                                                                                                  some magic of her
          turies ago, but today nothing                                                                                                 own at a Birthday
spreads the word like the Internet.                                                                                                     Wishes party at our
   In May, the Sacramento and Reno                                                                                                      Family Shelter in
offices of Volunteers of America went                                                                                                   Sacramento.

                                                 Rose Kaerth: Making magic
“live” with a new website that is not
                                 in look

                                 and de-               or more than five of the 11 years that                      Kaerth said that the Angel Buddy com-
                                  sign, but            John O. Bronson Co. Administrative                       mittee is a win-win situation, because it not
                                  is much              Supervisor Rose Kaerth has led the                       only helps those who receive the gifts and
                                  more         insurance firm’s “Angel Buddy” commit-                           services, but it boosts the morale and spirit
                                   user-       tee, Kaerth and her co-workers have been                         of her fellow employees.
                                   friendly    front-and-center in support of Volunteers                           A longtime volunteer herself, the Maxwell
                                   for         of America community campaigns, and the                          native moved to the Sacramento area in
those in need of services, as well as          men, women and children they serve.                              1970 following high school.
for supporters who wish to contribute             From collecting backpacks for Operation                          “I come from a small town where I was
and/or volunteer.                              Backpack, to sponsoring monthly Birthday                         involved in service organizations like Rain-
   Even supporters who “surf” daily may        Wishes parties for kids at our Family Shelter                    bow Girls,” she said. “I enjoy helping peo-
have already seen it, but if you haven’t,      in Sacramento, Kaerth has proved herself an                      ple. I realize not everyone’s been as fortunate
visit volunteersofamerica-sac.org to           invaluable resource who’s never further away                     as I’ve been. There’s always a little something
check it out.                                  than a phone call.                                               we can do to help out.”
                                                  “We really like Volunteers of America,”                          More than just “a little something,”
‘Like’ us on Facebook                          said Kaerth. “We like to do what we can,                         Kaerth and her more than 70 Sacramento-

       or those who like to be on              whenever we can.”                                                based co-workers are year-round boosters.
       the “inside” of their favorite             That sentiment has translated into partici-                      “What we enjoy most is when we get to
                                               pating in such other projects and programs                       go out and help and see the kids’ faces, and
       causes, join the more than 700
                                               as the holiday season’s Adopt-a-Family pro-                      see how excited they get,” she continued.
men, women and children who have
                                               gram and the annual Shelter from the Storm                       “It’s so rewarding to see what a little of our
already “Liked” us on our Facebook
                                               Fundraising Breakfast. The Angel Buddies                         time and effort can do for someone who
pages: facebook.com/voasac (Greater
                                               also have hosted Christmas parties at the                        doesn’t have that in their daily life.”
Sacramento) and tinyurl.com/voann
                                               Sacramento Senior Safe House and the                                To learn how you can volunteer, go online
(Northern Nevada). Late-breaking
                                               Family Shelter.                                                  at volunteersofamerica-sac.org.
news, shout-outs to our community
partners and volunteers can all be
found there.

Follow us on Twitter

         ou’re an early adopter who
         wants to know when things
         happen before they happen.
  For you, Facebook is as slow as wait-
ing for a note-filled bottle to wash up
on shore. If immediacy is your thing,
our Twitter feeds are for you. Keep cur-
rent at twitter.com/voasac (Sacramen-
to) and tinyurl.com/voann (Northern                                                                                          Kaerth led the John O. Bronson
Nevada).                                                                                                                     contingent in helping with last
                                                                                                                             year’s Operation Backpack.

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 Busy Reno volunteers
 pound, pour and more
         rom Rotarians to comedians, you
         all have been eager to show your
         support for Volunteers of America
shelter residents.
   The latest community-initiated benefit
will be a comedy show to be presented
by Reno-Tahoe Comedy and Pioneer
Underground at 5 p.m. July 23 at the
Pioneer Center, 100 S. Virginia St, Reno.
   Proceeds will benefit the shelter programs
operated by Volunteers of America/ReStart.
   To purchase tickets, which cost $20
(advance) and $25 (day of show), visit            Matt Fisk will adorn alley.                                      the support of the Washoe County School
renotahoecomedy.com, or pioneercenter.com.          The Family Shelter’s rooftop garden                            District, United Way of Northern Nevada
   The second in a summer series of wine-         continues to grow, doubling in size this                         and the Sierra, Nothing To It! Culinary
tasting events benefitting Volunteers of          year alone, and Family Shelter residents                         Center, and the AT&T Pioneers, who
America/ReStart was generously hosted June        have come to look forward to fresh-grown                         provided an E.B. Dobbs Fund grant.
30 by the West Street Wine Bar, and featured      produce. The garden, an AmeriCorps                                 To learn how you or your firm can help,
appetizers from Niko’s Greek Kitchen, a           VISTA project, is made possible through                          please call Sandy at (775) 322-7143.
raffle, and music by guitarist Joe Buonanno.
The first event took place in May, and was
hosted by Fine Vines Cheese and Wine
owners Tom Stevenson and Lori McArthur.
   A heartfelt “thank you” also goes to
                                                                                                                      continued from page 1
members of the Rotary Club of Reno for
transforming the space outside the shelter                                                                               “This theme of refuge has taken on
into a child-friendly activity area, featuring                                                                        a double meaning as reflected in the
benches, a basketball hoop, and colorful                                                                              subject matter of our clients’ work
grids to facilitate the playing of hopscotch,                                                                         – wildlife and natural landscapes.
foursquare, hangman and checkers.                                                                                     By arranging their artwork around
   Christened “Reno Rotary Alley,” the                                                                                the premises of ReStart, we hope to
volunteer crew included such well-known           In May, Fine Vines Cheese and Wine                                  offer the public a unique perspective
Rotarians as Reno Mayor Robert Cashell,           owners Tom Stevenson and Lori McArthur                              on the world of these atypical
Sparks Mayor Geno Martini, and Washoe             (pictured with volunteer Molly Matles),                             artists, and perhaps challenge some
County District Attorney Dick Gammick.            hosted the first in a series of summer events                       common misconceptions of the
   Later this summer, a mural designed by         benefitting Volunteers of America/ReStart.                          homeless within our community.”
                                                                                                                         The small- and large-format works
                                                                                                                      – all on paper – include such media
                                                                                                                      as charcoal, conte crayons, pastels
                                                                                                                      and acrylics.
                                                                                                                         “Refuge” will continue through
                                                                                                                      July 30, with weekly Wednesday
                                                                                                                      showings set for 5-7 p.m. July 30’s
                                                                                                                      closing reception will take place
                                                                                                                      from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
                                                                                                                         Come and see how you are
                                                                                                                      changing lives at this very special
Reno Mayor Robert                                                                                                     exhibition.
Cashell (right) volunteered                                                                                              For more information, please call
on the Rotary Alley project                                                                                           (775) 324-2622 ext. 130, or (775)
at the CAC on behalf of                                                                                               322-7143.
kids at our Family Shelter.

                                                 volunteersofamerica-sac.org - FIVE - volunteersofamerica-nv.org
Greater Sacramento Programs
             Affordable Housing
                                                                Rain doesn’t dampen grads’ spirits
        Greenbriar Apartments (Sacramento)
       Manzanita Place Apartments (Roseville)
         Quarry Oaks Apartments (Rocklin)
         Rolling Oaks Apartments (Rocklin)
          Valley Oaks Apartments (Auburn)
      Homeless Services and Shelters
            Family Shelter (Sacramento)
            Men’s Shelter (Sacramento)
              Open Arms (Sacramento)
       Winter Sanctuary (Greater Sacramento)
     Treatment and Recovery Services
Comprehensive Alcohol Treatment Center (Sacramento)
      Residential Treatment Center (Sacramento)
 Residential Treatment Program for Parenting Women           Congratulations to the more than 50 formerly
                     (Sacramento)                            homeless men and women who were honored at
                                                             May’s graduation ceremony at Mather Commu-
 Substance Abuse Outreach Counseling (Sacramento)            nity Campus. Over the course of the two-year
      Transitional Housing Programs                          job-development and housing program, they
 Independent Living Readiness Program (Sacramento)           worked hard on a variety of living skills, from
                                                             how to search for jobs, to establishing healthy-
          Mather Community Campus (Mather)                   eating habits, to creating workable financial
Transitional Housing Program for Families (Sacramento)       budgets. As graduate Karen Braddock (right)
 Transitional Housing Program for Former Foster Youth        said in her commencement speeach, “Without
                       (Mather)                              the support of friends, family and the commu-
  Transitional Housing Program for Parenting Women           nity, we couldn’t have come this far.”
     Permanent Supportive Housing

                                                                           Time to lace up!
      Nova House/Omega Project (Sacramento)
 North Highlands Living Center (opening November 2011)
                 Senior Services
     Sacramento Senior Safe House (Sacramento)

  Northern Nevada Programs                                             11th Annual
                In Partnership with ReStart
      Homeless Services and Shelters
                                                                    Sacramento Valley
              Family Shelter (Reno)
               Men’s Shelter (Reno)
                                                                     AIDS Run/Walk
             Women’s Shelter (Reno)
        Homeless Prevention Program (Reno)
           Mental Health Services
                                                                              7:30 a.m. • Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011
        Mental Health Support Center (Reno)                            West Steps, State Capitol, 10th & L street, Sacramento
      Affordable Housing for Seniors                                                  Join the Volunteers of America team for a
           Sierra Manor Apartments (Reno)
                                                                            life-affirming run/walk event! You can make a difference!
                                                                                 All team proceeds will support Volunteers of America programs
                                                                                                    “5K – 1 Day – 1 Cause”
                                                                 For more information, contact Donna at donnas@voa-sac.org / volunteersofamerica-sac.org

                                                         volunteersofamerica-sac.org - SIX - volunteersofamerica-nv.org
 Safe house: Sponsoring a single
 day can make a huge difference
A                                                Special acknowledgments                                            Board of Directors
         s of June 2011, you have provided
         630 days of love, compassion, re-
         spect and, most importantly, safety       In Loving Memory of Virginia McGarry                               Judy McGarry – Chairwoman
to our community’s most-vulnerable older                “Having the honor of establishing                                 Compliance Director, retired
citizens.                                               the Sacramento Senior Safe House                                    County of Sacramento
   “A few of our guests only needed us for          Endowment with its first gift would have
a day, others stayed with us for as long as                made my mom very proud.”                                 Sherman Haggerty – Vice-Chairman
three months,” said Juanita Daniel, pro-              Judy McGarry, Sacramento Senior                                           President
gram director of the emergency shelter for              Safe House Endowment Donor                                        Innovate Ventures LLC
abused and neglected seniors. “But what                                   •
they all found was a beautiful and loving            In Loving Memory of Elizabeth and                                    Joel Leineke – Treasurer
environment where they could feel truly                   Eugene Coffey, March 2011                                             Vice President
safe from the horrific situations in which         “In memory of my parents’ anniversary who                                 Power Constructors
they found themselves,”                              neither of which lived long enough to be
                                                                  called seniors.”                                 Debbie Augustine-Nelson – Secretary
   Truly a gift from our community, Cali-                                                                                      President/CEO
fornia’s only senior safe house was founded         Veronica Coffey, Sponsor a Day Donor
                                                                                                                           Augustine & Associates
by Maxine Milner Krugman, and made                                        •
possible through the support of Mercy              In Loving Memory of Ernie Holderegger,
                                                                                                                  Steven K. Green – Immediate Past Chair
Housing, Homeaid Sacramento, Lennar,                              April 8, 2011
                                                                                                                       Senior Vice President & Manager
and the contributions of many donors and             “Happy Birthday, Father, we miss you.”
                                                                                                                                  F&M Bank
volunteers.                                                   Christie Holderegger,
   While they helped open the doors, you                     Sponsor a Day Donor                                                 Janice Bowen
can make sure they stay open.                                             •                                              Television and Video Producer
                                                        In Honor of Mary McFarland,
How you can support the safe house                               May 22, 1921                                                  Bryan Bullard
   1) Sacramento Senior Safe House en-                       “Happy birthday, Mom.”                                                President
dowment: Give a gift today, or designate a          Leo McFarland, Sponsor a Day Donor                                       Bullard Construction
future gift to this fund, and you can ensure                              •
a legacy of protection and compassion for         In Loving Memory of Friends and Family                                        Greg Grant
vulnerable seniors in our community.                   of Bayside Church, June 2, 2011                                         Partner, retired
   2) Sponsor a Day: With a gift of $550,                  “Eternal peace to those who                                       Grand Floor Designs
you can provide one day of shelter, food,                      have gone before us.”
case management, socialization, friendship,                                                                                        Tom Lee
                                                    Bayside Church, Sponsor a Day Donor                                         Deputy Director
love and respect for six seniors in need.
Consider making it an annual tradition as a
                                                                                                                   California Department of Social Services /
                                                 Contact Christie Holderegger at (916) 442-
                                                                                                                  Human Rights & Community Services Division
special way to commemorate a birthday or         3691, or christie@voa-sac.org to leave a gift in
honor the memory of a loved one.                 memory of, or in honor of, someone you love.
                                                                                                                               Leo McFarland
                                                                                                                                President & CEO
                                                                                                                             Volunteers of America
   You don’t have to be wealthy to be generous.                                                                     Greater Sacramento & Northern Nevada
                               Your heart is in the right place.                                                               Stan Stancell
                               Your head should be, too.                                                                 Department of Finance, retired
                                                                                                                              State of California
                               A legacy gift to Volunteers of America can help people in our
                               community for generations to come and provide                                                     Joe Stinson
                               financial benefits for the rest of your life.                                                  Assistant Publisher
                                                                                                                             Sacramento Observer
                               To learn more, call us at (916) 442-3691, or visit us at
                               VolunteersofAmerica-Sac.org.                                                                      Rick Wylie
                                                                                                                              Beutler Corporation

                                               volunteersofamerica-sac.org - SEVEN - volunteersofamerica-nv.org
                              1900 Point West Way, Suite 270                                                                    Non-Profit Org.
                              Sacramento, CA 95815                                                                              U.S. Postage
                              (916) 442-3691 | info@voa-sac.org
                              facebook.com/voasac                                                                               Sacramento, CA
                              volunteersofamerica-nv.org                                                                        Permit No. 1932

Backpack                                                                                                                               Employees of Tri
                                                                                                                                       Counties Bank (left)
                                                                                                                                       and Weideman
continued from page 1
                                                                                                                                       Pediatric Dentistry
students. The numbers in the soon-to-be-                                                                                               are getting ready for
published Sacramento County Children’s                                                                                                 a KCRA-hosted drop-
Report Card for 2009-10 back that up.                                                                                                  off event set for July
   “There were 8,803 children in                                                                                                       22 in the parking
Sacramento County who experienced                                                                                                      lot of Tri Counties
homelessness during the 2009-10 school                                                                                                 Bank Arden Fair,
year,” said Hilary Krogh, Project TEACH                                                                                                1760 Challenge Way,
coordinator for the Sacramento County                                                                                                  Sacramento.
Office of Education.
   Hunt recalls a recent call from an
FCUSD principal who noticed a summer-
school student having difficulty making
it to class on time, and who was lacking
school supplies and a backpack.
   “The student was called in to the
principal’s office, and shared that his
family had been evicted from their home
with only what they could carry, and
that their 10-day emergency voucher was
about to expire,” Hunt said, noting the
boy’s backpack was not among those last-
minute items saved during the eviction.            OPERATION BACKPACK PRESENTING SPONSOR
   “These are the kinds of situations
we’re finding students are facing,” Hunt
continued. “I called the mom and told
her that she wouldn’t have to worry about
backpacks and supplies for her children.”
   “You could hear the heaviness being                                  SPONSORS
lifted from her shoulders,” Hunt said.
“And those backpacks come from you
guys – we’re grateful for your work and
the community members who donate to
the cause.”
   For information on making a backpack
donation or a financial contribution,
volunteering, or joining the 100 Pack,                                                                            Aaron, whose family was in a transitional
contact us at OperationBackpackSac.org,                                                                           housing program in 2010, was among the
operationbackpack@voa-sac.org, or (916)                                                                           more than 4,000 students who found a rea-
442-3691.                                                                                                         son to smile thanks to Operation Backpack.

                                               volunteersofamerica-sac.org - EIGHT - volunteersofamerica-nv.org

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