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                        INFORMATION ABOUT

The Summer Faculty Fellowship Program is administered on the Caltech campus.
Stipends and travel reimbursements are processed through the Caltech offices of Travel
Audit and Payroll. Travel expense reports should be submitted to Linda Rodgers, JPL
Educational Affairs Office, within one week of your start date. You will receive this form
upon arrival at JPL.

                                RESEARCH STIPENDS

The research stipend for the 10-week program is divided into three payments covering
three 4-week periods. The checks will be in the amounts of $4,000, $4,000, and $4,000.
Linda Rodgers, Educational Affairs Office at JPL, distributes research stipend checks.
The first check will be distributed to you approximately 2 weeks after your arrival at JPL.
The second check will be available approximately four weeks after you received the first
one. The final check will be released once you have submitted both the one-page
summary of your summer work, and entered data in the NASA NRSS System.

A living expense stipend in the amount of $1,500 for each non-local (defined as living or
working outside a 50-mile radius of JPL) will be included in the second stipend check.
This means the second check for non-locals will be in the amount of $5,500, instead of
$4,000. Living expense stipends are subject to the same tax withholding requirements
applied to research stipends. Fellows should retain all receipts supporting living
expenses while in the Pasadena area since the living expense stipend is reported as
income on a 1099 form.

State non-resident deduction. If you list a state other than California as your place of
residence on the Payee Fact Sheet, a minimum state non-resident tax deduction of 7% or
$700 will be made. This is an automatic deduction required by state law. Those state
non-residents who complete the optional withholding form will have this 7% tax
absorbed into the amount of any specific deduction they request. The state non-resident
tax requirement may exceed 7% at the request of the taxpayer; however, it may never fall
below the 7% limit.

State disability and FICA deductions. Fellowship stipends are exempt from these
              (Only for Fellows that live outside the 50-mile radius of JPL)

Reimbursement for travel undertaken in connection with the NASA Faculty Fellowship
Program will be made upon submission of a completed and signed Travel Expense
Report form. Local participants are not eligible for travel reimbursement or a living-
expense stipend. “Local” is defined as living or working within a 50-mile radius of the
JPL facilities. Travel reimbursement checks are usually available about four weeks after
submission of the signed and completed Travel Expense Report form. This
reimbursement is not subject to tax withholding and is not reported on a 1099 form.
These are the guidelines for reimbursement:

Eligible Fellows will receive a basic travel reimbursement for round trip travel from
the nearest major airport serving the traveler’s home base to Los Angeles International
Airport (LAX). This rate will be determined by an Institute approved travel agency in
Pasadena and will be based upon the average non-refundable round trip coach fare as of
June 2. No additional reimbursement will be made for the cost of food, lodging or fuel
en route, or for the cost of a rented vehicle for local transportation.

Eligible Fellows that wish to drive to Pasadena will be reimbursed for round-trip mileage
at the rate of $0.445 per mile. Please note that hotels and meals will not be covered while
en route to Pasadena.

Lodging in the Pasadena area will be reimbursed at the single-occupancy rate, to a
maximum of five days, while the Fellow locates permanent housing. Note that the
maximum allowable rate is $104 per day for hotel or motel. An additional $64 per day
for Meals and Incidental Expenses will be reimbursed for every day that the Fellow stays
in a hotel or motel. On the first and last day you will receive 75% of the $64 for Meals
and Incidental Expenses. Reimbursement is for the Fellow only and any expenses
incurred by family members are not allowable.

                              INSURANCE COVERAGE

We receive many questions regarding insurance coverage. Unfortunately, we regret to
inform you that insurance coverage is not offered as part of the NASA Faculty
Fellowship Program.

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