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					                                 Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

                                        Academic Senate Minutes

                                             December 14, 2010

                                             1:15 P.M., TE-120

Attendance- Christina Anketell, Maria Armstrong, Jing Babb, Paulette Bailey, Lourdes Brent, Ken Bushman, Sherri
Canon, Linda Delzeit, Roger Dunn, Brian Ferre, Maryanne Galindo, Philip Huld, Cinzia Iaffaldano, Chini Johnson-
Taylor, Dimitri Lagos, Rose Maina, Marilyn Maine, Lisa Nitsch, Carolie Parker, Larry Pogoler, Alicia Rodriguez-
Estrada, Linda Smith-Gaston, Allison Tom-Miura, John Uribe, Tom Vessella and Ricky Wong.

Guests- Anna Badadyan (Research), Cynthia Morley (Academic Affairs), Vincent Jackson (Academic Affairs) and
Dorothy Smith (Academic Affairs).

1) Call to order-
       President Lourdes Brent called the meeting to order at 1:15 P.M.

2) Approval of minutes
      The minutes were approved as presented with the correction of the spelling of Rodriguez-Estrada as noted
      in the attendance and as a maker of a motion.

3) Curriculum: Course updates and archiving

        1.   Course Archives
                  1. Anthropology
                  2. Science
                  3. Diesel Tech
                  4. ESL Courses for archiving
                  5. Labor St 009
                  6. Language Arts & Humanity

       A consent agenda to archive courses had been presented to the Academic Senate Council. The Council
       examined each area and after a motion to archive the class or classes was discussed the action was brought
       to a vote. Motions to archive all courses were approved. The following is a discussion of the action items
       leading to the archiving of the courses presented.
       Music- A motion to archive the class was M/S/U.
       Language M/S/U to archive from Arabic to Japanese 22. A question of why these classes were being
       archived showed that there was insufficient interest from students.
       Speech classes M/S/U to archive Speech 104 (Speech 104 is required to satisfy the transfer requirements for
       CSU and IGETC). There were no meetings where this was brought up in the dept.
       Spanish M/S/U to archive.
       Theater M/S/U to archive.
       All Journalism M/S/U to archive.
       Cinema M/S/U to archive all cinema classes.
       Humanities M/S/U to archive all humanities classes on the list.
Philosophy M/S/U – It was pointed out that Philosophy 6 is one of three classes required for the critical
thinking component for the CSU transfer requirement. Comment- The reason for the archive is that we will
not be able to assess the SLOs for the class because the class is not being offered this year. It was pointed
out that we will keep our basic transfer core classes intact. Comment- Our mission will not be hurt because
the class can be brought out of archive in a month. Comment- J. Babb said that there is some resentment
among the faculty because they have found that the process of de-archiving has been more difficult than
promised or predicted.
Dean Jackson was asked why Philosophy 6 has been archived. The answer was that it has not been offered
for several semesters and that there are other classes that a student could take.
Philosophy 6 M/S/P to archive.
Speech all classes M/S/P to be archived.
All ESL classes listed. M/S/P to archive.
Diesel Tech. M/S/P All classes listed to be archived.
A motion to have all Science classes present to be archived was M/S/P. It was pointed out that Astronomy 5
is more popular than Astronomy 2.
Anthropology all classes listed to be archived M/S/U.
Labor Studies 009 to be archived M/S/U.

 2.   Course Reinstate
           1. LABR ST 007 (Reinstate)

          A motion to reinstate Labor Studies 007 out of archives and include the SLOs was M/S/U.

           2.   CSMTLGY 101

          A motion to reinstate CSMTLGY 101 out of archives and include the SLOs was M/S/U.

 3.   Credit Course Updates
           1. CLN ART 142 (Course Change)

          A motion to approve this update was M/S/U.

           2.   CSMTLGY 142 (Course change/Advanced Status)

          A motion to approve this update was M/S/P.

           3.   ECONMT 172 (Course Change, DE)

          A motion to approve this update was M/S/P.

           4.   ENGLISH 208 (DE)

          A motion to approve the update for English 208 was M/S/P.

           5.   ENV SCI 001

          A motion to approve the update for ENV SCI 1 was M/S/P.

           6.   FASHDSN 140
           7.   FASHDSN 151
 8.    FASHDSN 222 (Course Change)
 9.    FASHDSN 223 (Course Change)
 10.   FASHDSN 224
 11.   FASHDSN 225 (Course Change)
 12.   FASHDSN 226
 13.   FASHDSN 239 (Course Change)
 14.   FASHDSN 240 (Course Change)
 15.   FASHDSN 241
 16.   FASHMER 020
 17.   FASHMER 030

A motion to approve courses in 6-17 was M/S/U.

 18. HLTHOCC 037

A motion to approve this course and its SLO update was M/S/U.

 19. HISTORY 011
 20. History 012

A motion to approve History 11 and History 12 with their SLO updates was M/S/U.

 21. History 086
 22. History 087

A motion to approve History 86 and History 87 was M/S/U.

 23.   LABR ST 004
 24.   LABR ST 011
 25.   LABR ST 013
 26.   LABR ST 020 (Course Change)
 27.   LABR ST 101 (Course Change)
 28.   LABR ST 113 (Course Change)
 29.   LABR ST 132

A motion to approve all labor Studies classes was M/S/U.

 30. LIB SCI 101

A motion to approve Lib Sci 101 with its SLO updates was M/S/U.

 31. MUSIC 101

A motion to approve Music 101 with its SLO update was M/S/U.

 32.   NRSCE 101 (Course Change)
 33.   NRSCE 102 (Course Change)
 34.   NRSCE 106 (Course Change)
 35.   NRSCE 107 (Course Change)
 36.   NRSCE 108 (Course Change)
         A motion to approve NRSCE 101, 102, 106, 107, and 108 with their SLO updates was M/S/U.

          37.   Phys Ed 504
          38.   Phys Ed 506
          39.   Phys Ed 513
          40.   Phys Ed 516
          41.   Phys Ed 517
          42.   Phys Ed 552

         A motion to approve all 6 Physical Education classes listed with their SLO updates was M/S/U.

          43. POL SCI 001

         A motion to approve Pol Sci 1 with its SLO update was M/S/U.

          44. PSYCH 002

         A motion to approve Psych 2 with its SLO update and course name change was M/S/U.

          45.   SGNGRPH 101
          46.   SGNGRPH 102
          47.   SGNGRPH 103
          48.   SGNGRPH 104
          49.   SGNGRPH 201
          50.   SGNGRPH 203
          51.   SGNGRPH 204
          52.   SGNGRPH 211

         A motion to approve all 8 Sign Graphics classes was M/S/U.

          53.   TAILRNG 250
          54.   TAILRNG 251
          55.   TAILRNG 252
          56.   TAILRNG 253

         A motion to approve all four tailoring classes presented with their new SLOs and new forms was

4.   New Credit Courses Approval – Action
         1. CLN ART 235

         Action on CLN Art 235 was tabled.

          2.    CLN ART 240

         A motion to approve CLN ART 240 which was a part of 235 in the past was M/S/U.

          3.    MUSIC 111

         A motion to approve Music 111 was M/S/U. It was pointed out that this is a new course that will
         balance out our offering in music. The question if this course is articulated was brought up. The
         answer was that it will be.
                 4.   PALEGAL 004
                 5.   PALEGAL 051

                A motion to approve PALEGAL 4 and Palegal 51 was M/S/U.

       5.   Non-Credit Course Approvals
                1. ESLCVCS 10 CE
                2. ESLCVCS 13CE

                A motion to approve these two courses was M/S/U. These courses were offered at Valley College
                and will be offered for individuals seeking citizenship.

                Action Item - A motion to amend the agenda to include the following items submitted for
                approval was M/S/U.

                Nursing Science 116 ( Reinstate) A motion to reinstate Nursing Science 116 was M/S/U.

                Learning Skills 002A Updates were approved in May but not brought up to the Senate for

                Learning Skill 002B Updates were approved in June but not brought up to the Senate for approval.

                Learning Skill 003A Updates were approved in May but not brought up to the Senate for approval.

                Learning Skills 2 classes.

                Action item – A motion to approve the Learning Skills classes presented was M/S/U.

3)   Officers’ Reports

       President’s Report – L. Brent

       Lourdes presented a hand out on SB 1440. On March 11 there will be a workshop on the CID system. The
       contact person will be Michelle Polatti, the Vice President of the State Academic Senate. President Brent
       referenced a list of FAQs on SB 1440 and described how many directors of articulation have had issues
       with the transfer model curriculum. There is an 18 unit minimum for the transfer curriculum. Many of the
       students that are transferring are forced to take more units than are required or transferable. Mathematics
       and Business may be first majors that have a transfer curriculum under SB 1440. President Brent continued
       with her report on the District Academic Senate.

       March 18th there will be an Accreditation Workshop in Napa, CA.

       First Vice President’s Report – L. Pogoler – No report.

       Second Vice President’s Report – C. Johnson-Taylor

       Hope everyone had a great time at the Holiday Party.

       Secretary’s Report – H. Uchida – No report.

       Treasurer’s Report – P. Bailey
       A balance of $4022 is in the Academic Senate account.

       Immediate Past President’s Report – K. Kinyon – No report.

4) Accreditation Updates

       a)    Accreditation Steering – J. Ratcliff and D. Harrington

       J. Ratcliff presented a written report that was presented to the BOT. He went over the college
       recommendation 2, 3, 4 and 5. J. Ratcliff said that he was confident that four of the recommendations were
       being taken care off. SLO assessments are being examined and a random sample may be identified. Those
       that were excellent will be identified. Those that are “way off base” will also be identified. There may be
       more training needed for the instructors that have authored the “way off base” assessments. A timeline for
       the process was presented. J. Ratcliff described how he would like to work with someone at half rate for the
       Spring Semester. There is a 1.0 ISA SLO assessment coordinator position opening available. Until the
       position is filled Joe said that he has “picked up the fumble” and is helping out until the position is filled.
       We need to get on board and get more people involved. When the validation process happens the forms will
       be returned to the departments so that they assess their own assessments. The assessments will drive the
       changes required in a department. If people need, they need to do. A question of what is being done was

       b)   Program Viability

       c)   Student Learning Outcomes – D. Harrington, J. Ratcliff, M. Hopper

       M. Hopper says that they are waiting for the ISA coordinator but would recommend two other individuals
       share the time of the 0.6 assignment. They recommend that L. Avila and J. Samuel be considered for SLO
       Coordination responsibilities until June 30, 2011. J. Ratcliff said that their committee recommends that the
       total release time be increased to 2.0. A question of what is happening with the assignment was asked. J.
       Ratcliff requested that he be invited to future SLO committee meetings. M. Hopper said they would meet in
       January. J. Ratcliff said that he was volunteering his time.

       The selection committee for this ISA would meet on the Jan 6.

       d)   Program Review – M. Maine, A. Badalyan

       All of the educational departments have participated in and completed the phase one program review.

5) Committee Reports

       Academic Rank – L. Brent

       Meeting tomorrow.

       Basic Skills – A. Tom-Miura

       A written report was submitted along with the Basic Skills Committee meeting notes.

       A request to amend the agenda to examine a LATTC/ESL Basic Skills Action Plan was presented. M/S/P
       by more than a 2/3 of the voting members.
The LATTC/ESL Basic Skills Action Plan was presented. The template of the expenditure plan was
submitted. A total of $139,074 is to be dispersed in 2010-2011. A question of how this budget compares
against other years. It seemed that our allocation was less this year. $59,000 was used to pay back for
tutoring. The dean over the area reported that “MIS wiped out the information” and the figures are not
available. A question of where basic skills funding was going was asked of the dean. The answer was that it
there were other pathways under the larger umbrella of student success. The next question was if Achieving
the Dream would interface with basic skills. It was pointed out that we pay to participate in AtD while we
get paid to participate in basic skills. The responsible party for several areas in the Basic Skills Action Plan
is the staff development coordinator. We have no staff development coordinator. The chief executive
officer will have to sign off and may notice that there is no staff development coordinator.

M/S/U a motion to approve the Basic Skills Expenditure report.

Curriculum – J. Babb

Presented as action items above.

Distance and Distributive Learning; TPPC – L. Delzeit

Written report received.

District Budget Committee – C. Montour - No action items

District Planning – L. Brent

There will be a report given

Dolores Huerta – K. Lee, K. Dozier, F. McClain –No report.

Educational Policies – M. Rogers - No report

EPAC – D. Esparza- No report.

ESST – B. Goluza – No report.

Faculty Hiring Prioritization – L. Brent

December 17 is the deadline for requests for hiring.

Planning and Budget – P. Bailey, T. McFall, K. Skinner

Written report received.

Smart Classroom Taskforce – L. Avila

The committee is looked at others colleges. A survey was generated and they would like input.

Social – C. Johnson-Taylor

A nice Holiday Party was experienced.
        Staff Development –No report.

        Student Success – D. Smith, M. Maine, A. Muñoz

        A written report was presented.

        Transfer and Articulation – D. Esparza; D. Wood –No report.

        Vocational/CTE – L. Pogoler

        They met but did not make quorum.

6) Next meeting – Tuesday, February 8, 2010, 1:15-3:15 p.m.; TE-120

7) The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 P.M.

Submitted by,

H. Uchida


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