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									2                                                                                                                                                     VOLUME 42         5/6

Official                                                                                                                    Nos. 464/465            MAR/APR 2006

     ORDINATIONS                                         Tikhon and attached to the Diocese of the West/ July 31,    LETTEN, The Rev. Nicholas is released from duties
ABETTI, Caleb was ordained to the Holy Diaconate         2005.                                                       at Holy Apostles Mission, Portland, OR and granted
by Bishop Benjamin of Berkeley on behalf of Metropoli-   VASSIOUCHKINE, Alexei was ordained to the Holy              retirement/ April 23, 2006.
tan Herman at Three Hierarchs Chapel, St. Vladimir’s     Diaconate by Bishop Seraphim of Ottawa and the              LUKASHONOK, The Rev. Alexander, who was
Seminary, Crestwood, NY. He is under the omophorion      Archdiocese of Canada at Annunciation Cathedral,            awaiting assignment, is attached to Holy Trinity Cathe-
of Metropolitan Herman/ April 8, 2006.                   Ottawa, ON, Canada. He is under the omophorion of           dral, Chicago, IL/ March 7, 2006.
ANTONESCU, Deacon Cosmin Gheorghe was or-                Bishop Seraphim and attached to the Archdiocese of          [LYSAK], Priestmonk Vladimir is attached to Bishop’s
dained to the Holy Priesthood by Archbishop Nathaniel    Canada/ November 13, 2005.                                  Chapel of St. Silouan the Athonite, Johnstown, ON,
of Detroit and the Romanian Episcopate at St. George          RECEPTIONS                                             Canada/ April 10, 2006.
Cathedral, Southfield, MI. He is under the omophorion    [LYSAK], Priestmonk Vladimir is canonically re-             MATHEWS, Deacon Justin R. is attached to Three
of Archbishop Nathaniel and attached to the Romanian     ceived into the ranks of clergy of the Orthodox Church      Hierarchs Chapel, St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood,
Episcopate/ December 25, 2005.                           in America by Metropolitan Herman from the Orthodox         NY/ April 9, 2006.
[BERGER], Hierodeacon Calinic was ordained to the        Church of Finland. He is under the omophorion of            MAYOL, Deacon Isidor is attached to Holy Trinity
Holy Priesthood by Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit and   Bishop Seraphim and attached to the Archdiocese of          Cathedral, San Francisco, CA/ July 30, 2005.
the Romanian Episcopate at St. George Cathedral,         Canada/ April 10, 2006.                                     MAYOL, The Rev. Isidor is attached to SS. Peter and
Southfield, MI. He is under the omophorion of Arch-           ASSIGNMENTS                                            Paul Church, Phoenix, AZ/ July 31, 2005. He is also
bishop Nathaniel and attached to the Romanian Episco-    ABETTI, Deacon Caleb is attached to Three Hier-             assigned to the Phoenix Spanish Mission Station,
pate/ March 12, 2006.                                    archs Chapel, St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood,           Phoenix, AZ/ December 8, 2005.
BRUNER, Gregory was ordained to the Holy Diaconate       NY/ April 8, 2006.                                          OGAN, The Rev. David, who was suspended, has
by Bishop Tikhon of Philadelphia and Eastern PA on       ANTONESCU, The Rev. Cosmin Gheorghe awaits                  his suspension lifted and is returned to active duty. He
behalf of Metropolitan Herman at Three Hierarchs         assignment/ December 25, 2005. He is appointed Pastor       is appointed Co-Rector of St. Sophia Church, Bethel,
Chapel, St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood, NY. He       of Holy Trinity Church, Youngstown, OH/ March 25,           AK/ March 3, 2006.
is under the omophorion of Metropolitan Herman/ March    2006.                                                       POWOROZNIK, The Rev. Ronald Victor Paul, who
5, 2006.                                                 BABICH, The Rev. Yves is released from duties at            was Priest-in-Charge, is appointed Rector of St.
COWAN, David Scott was ordained to the Holy              Archangel Michael Church, Broadview Heights, OH             Athanasius Mission, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada/
Diaconate by Metropolitan Herman at St. Tikhon of        and appointed Rector of SS. Peter and Paul Church,          April 1, 2006.
Zadonsk Monastery Church, South Canaan, PA. He           Lakewood, OH/ March 8, 2006.                                TAKAHASHI, The V. Rev. John is released from
is under the omophorion of Metropolitan Herman/ Feb-     [BERGER], Priestmonk Calinic awaits assignment/             duties St. Nicholas Church, Saratoga, CA and appointed
ruary 4, 2006.                                           March 12, 2006. He is appointed Pastor of Holy Cross        Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral, San Francisco, CA/
GARIANO JR, Patrick was ordained to the Holy             Church, Hermitage, PA/ March 25, 2006.                      April 1, 2006.
Diaconate by Metropolitan Herman at St. Luke Church,     BRUNER, Deacon Gregory is attached to Three Hier-           VASSIOUCHKINE, Deacon Alexei is attached to Christ
McLean, VA. He is under the omophorion of Metropoli-     archs Chapel, St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood,           the Savior Sobor, Toronto, ON, Canada/ November
tan Herman and attached to the Diocese of Washington     NY/ March 5, 2006.                                          13, 2005.
and New York/ March 19, 2006.                            COWAN, Deacon David Scott is attached to St. Tikhon         VISOVAN, The Rev. Viorel Vasile is released from
HOLSTE, Hermogen was ordained to the Holy                of Zadonsk Monastery Church, South Canaan, PA/              duties at St. George Cathedral, Rossford, OH and ap-
Diaconate by Bishop Tikhon of Philadelphia and East-     February 4, 2006.                                           pointed Rector of St. Andrew the Apostle Mission, North
ern PA, on behalf of Metropolitan Herman, at Three       DONOVAN, The V. Rev. Daniel is released from du-            Hollywood, CA/ February 19, 2006.
Hierarchs Chapel, St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood,    ties at Nativity of St. John the Baptist Church, Philips-   WOODILL, The V. Rev. Joseph, who was on a Leave
NY. He is under the omophorion of Metropolitan Herman/   burg, PA and granted retirement/ April 1, 2006.             of Absence, is restored to active duty and attached to
March 4, 2006.                                           GARIANO JR, Deacon Patrick is attached to St. Luke          St. Nicholas Cathedral, Washington DC/ March 6,
KOSTICK, David was ordained to the Holy Diaconate        Church, McLean, VA/ March 19, 2006.                         2006.
by Archbishop Job of Chicago and the Diocese of the      HOLSTE, Deacon Hermogen is attached to Three                     LEAVES OF ABSENCE
Midwest at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Minneapolis, MN.        Hierarchs Chapel, St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood,       KLAAR, The Rev. Josef von is granted a six month
He is under the omophorion of Archbishop Job and         NY/ March 4, 2006.                                          Leave of Absence. He is attached to the Nativity of the
attached to the Diocese of the Midwest/ February 26,     JANNAKOS, Deacon Nicholas is released from du-              Virgin Church, Madison, IL/ March 8, 2006.
2006.                                                    ties at St. Herman of Alaska Church, Littleton, CO and            RETIREMENTS
MATHEWS, Justin R. was ordained to the Holy              from the Diocese of the West. He is transferred to          DONOVAN, The V. Rev. Daniel is granted retirement.
Diaconate by Bishop Benjamin of Berkeley on behalf       the omophorion of Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas and           He is attached to St. John the Baptist Church,
of Metropolitan Herman at Three Hierarchs Chapel,        attached to the Diocese of the South, where he awaits       Conemaugh [Johnstown], PA/ April 1, 2006.
St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood, NY. He is under      assignment/ March 15, 2006.                                 LETTEN, The Rev. Nicholas is granted retirement.
the omophorion of Metropolitan Herman/ April 9,          KLAAR, The Rev. Josef von is released from duties           He will remain attached to Holy Apostles Mission, Port-
2006.                                                    at Christ the Good Shepherd Mission, St. Louis, MO          land, OR/ / April 23, 2006.
MAYOL, Isidor was ordained to the Holy Diaconate         and granted a six month Leave of Absence/ March 8,               DEATHS
by Bishop Benjamin of Berkeley on behalf of Bishop       2006.                                                       SOKOLOV, The V. Rev. Victor, Dean of Holy Trinity
Tikhon of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the West at    KONDRATICK, Protopresbyter Robert is released               Cathedral, San Francisco, CA, died March 12, 2006.
Holy Trinity Cathedral, San Francisco, CA. He is         from duties as Chancellor of the Orthodox Church in         May his memory be eternal!
under the omophorion of Bishop Tikhon and attached       America. He remains attached to St. Sergius Chapel,               PARISHES
to the Diocese of the West/ July 30, 2005.               Oyster Bay Cove, NY/ March 16, 2006.                        BULGARIAN DIOCESE/ New Mission. St. Andrew
MAYOL, Deacon Isidor was ordained to the Holy            KOSTICK, Deacon David is assigned to St. Mary’s             the Apostle Mission, 11921 Saticoy St., North Holly-
Priesthood by Bishop Benjamin of Berkeley on behalf      Cathedral, Minneapolis, MN/ February 26, 2006.              wood, CA 91605. Office/Fax: 818/982-8294. The Rev.
of Bishop Tikhon of San Francisco, Los Angeles           LASHBROOK, The Rev. Philip, who was Acting                  Viorel Vasile Visovan, Rector, 1032 N. Wilton Pl., Los
and the West at Holy Trinity Cathedral, San Francis-     Rector, is appointed Rector of St. Thomas the Apostle       Angeles, CA 90068; Home: 323/463-0560/ February
co, CA. He is under the omophorion of Bishop             Church, Kokomo, IN/ March 15, 2006.                         19, 2006
MAY/JUNE 2006                                                                                                                          3

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     His Beatitude, the Most Blessed HERMAN
       Archbishop of Washington and New York               7    An 1800-year-old controversy
        Metropolitan of All America and Canada                  Background on the “Gospel” of Judas
      Primate of the Orthodox Church in America
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4                                                                                                                                         VOLUME 42        5/6

Editorial                                                                                                        FATHER LEONID KISHKOVSKY

    UK diocesan crisis tests Church’s mission to all
      mmediately after the Orthodox celebration of the Resurrection of           to Bishop Basil, calling on him to continue the ministry of Metropolitan

I     Christ in April 2006, a new crisis confronted the Orthodox Church.
      Bishop Basil [Osborne] of Sergievo, the Administrator of the Rus-
sian Orthodox Diocese in the United Kingdom, wrote to Patriarch Aleksy
                                                                                 Anthony, in the same unity with the Russian Orthodox Church which
                                                                                 was maintained by the late Metropolitan; Bishop Basil wrote to the clergy
                                                                                 of his diocese, freeing them to seek canonical protection outside the
II of Moscow to request a canonical release and to Ecumenical Patriarch          Diocese of Sourozh; by decision of Patriarch Aleksy, Bishop Basil was
Bartholomew I to request acceptance into the Patriarchate of Constantinople.     sent into retirement, and Archbishop Innokenty of Korsun (hierarch of
The story of the emergence of this crisis (which is known and can be             the Moscow Patriarchate residing in Paris and responsible for parishes
described), as well as the story of the response to the crisis (which cannot     in Western Europe) was appointed Temporary Administrator; the Patriarch
yet be fully known), yet again reveal fundamental questions of ecclesiology      of Moscow appointed a commission of inquiry composed of Archbishop
and mission which are in urgent need of common Orthodox reflection and           Innokenty of Korsun, Archbishop Mark of the Russian Orthodox Church
action.                                                                          Outside of Russia (residing in Germany), and two priests of the Depart-
    During the second half of the 20th century, Metropolitan Anthony             ment of External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate; approxi-
[Bloom] made the presence of the Orthodox Church in the United King-             mately half of the clergy of the Sourozh Diocese petitioned the Greek
dom a dynamic reality. His ministry encompassed English-speaking seek-           Orthodox Archbishop of Thyateira (residing in London) for acceptance
ers who found their spiritual home in the Orthodox Church as well as             into his canonical jurisdiction and received favorable responses; Ecumeni-
people of diverse national and cultural backgrounds who found their new          cal Patriarch Bartholomew met with Bishop Basil at Chambesy, Switzer-
home in Great Britain. Metropolitan Anthony’s teaching and preaching             land.
found its way to the diverse Russian-speaking people in the Soviet Union,             The present crisis offers a new opportunity to address an important
both in the course of his periodic visits to the USSR, and through radio         challenge faced by contemporary Orthodoxy. There are, without any doubt,
broadcasts of BBC.                                                               various Orthodox “diasporas” in many parts of the world. These are
    The persecution and humiliation of the Russian Orthodox Church by            Greeks, Russians, Romanians, and others who now live outside their cul-
the communist regime strengthened the bonds of affection and solidarity          tural homes and who are tied by bonds of affection and affinity and nostal-
which connected Metropolitan Anthony with the Russian Orthodox Church.           gia to the countries and cultures from which they come. There are – equally
He was made diocesan bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church in the UK,            without any doubt – Orthodox people and communities in such places as
and his diocese became known by the name of “Sourozh,” an ancient                France and Great Britain, the United States and Canada, who do not under-
episcopal missionary see in the Crimea whose title was given to him as           stand or feel themselves to be in diaspora. These are descendants of immi-
archbishop and finally as metropolitan.                                          grants of many decades ago and these are converts to the Orthodox Faith
    In the UK the distinct and dynamic witness of Orthodoxy was not a            and their descendants.
matter of numbers, but a matter of spiritual integrity – integrity manifested         On the level of pastoral care the Orthodox Church bears responsibility
both in the voice of Orthodoxy to society at large and in the internal life of   for both dimensions of Orthodox life. The two dimensions require differ-
the diocese led by Metropolitan Anthony. There was a period during               ent pastoral approaches, different languages, different cultural sensitivi-
which his views and words were sought out in the same way as those of the        ties. On the level of ecclesiology, however, there is one Orthodox Church,
Archbishop of Canterbury [Church of England] and the Archbishop of               with one sacramental life, united in the one Orthodox Faith. The Orthodox
Westminster [Roman Catholic], although Metropolitan Anthony’s flock,             Church is spacious enough to embrace all diasporas. No diaspora is spa-
by comparison, was numerically a tiny one. In ordering the life of his           cious enough to encompass the Orthodox Church.
diocese, Metropolitan Anthony was guided by the Church of Russia’s                    Today’s Orthodox consciousness tends to be held captive by the needs
Moscow Council of 1917-1918. In accordance with the vision and norms             and requirements of the Orthodox diasporas. Let it be clearly understood
of this Council, clergy and laity were seen as collaborators of the bishop,      that the large and often growing Orthodox national and cultural diasporas
and not as the bishop’s “subjects.”                                              of today are worthy of pastoral care and missionary work. This is not only
    When in the 1990s the communist regime in the USSR collapsed, the            a legitimate concern of the Orthodox Church – it is an inescapable respon-
Russian Church was liberated from oppression, a revival of religious life        sibility. Yet it must also be well-understood and accepted that the Ortho-
began, and Orthodoxy could be heard and seen in public life. At the same         dox Christians of Western culture and Western languages are equally wor-
time, many Russians found their way to Western Europe, North America,            thy of pastoral care. And if the “universality” or “catholicity” of the Ortho-
and other regions. In the UK there are now many thousands of Russian-            dox Church is to be evident today, the ability of Orthodoxy to be more than
speaking immigrants from the former Soviet Union, with estimates ranging         an “immigrant” Church is critically important.
from 60 or 70 thousand to 250,000.                                                    Sadly, when faced with serious questions and challenges of contempo-
    Tensions between the ecclesial “orientation” and “style” of the Diocese      rary life and mission the Orthodox Church is either in a state of paralysis
of Sourozh and many new Russian immigrants were painfully evident long           and immobility, or in a state of crisis and confrontation. Questions are not
before the death of Metropolitan Anthony in 2003, and became progres-            answered and solutions are not found at either one of these extremes, but in
sively deeper and more acute. It was this trajectory of tension and mutual       the middle ground of reflection and thoughtful common action. Will the
alienation which led to the letters of Bishop Basil to the Patriarchs of         answers to the current painful questions found within the very small Dio-
Moscow and Constantinople. In addition to Bishop Basil’s letters, the            cese of Sourozh and within the Patriarchates of Constantinople and Mos-
chronology of developments includes the following: Patriarch Aleksy wrote        cow offer signs of impasse and stagnation, or signs of hope?
MAY/JUNE 2006                                                                                                                     5

WISDOM                                     That’stheSpirit                                 FATHER VLADIMIR BERZONSKY

 from the Fathers                          We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is fitting,
  Saint Athanasius                         because your faith grows exceedingly, and the love of every one of
  Inasmuch as there is in the Holy         you all abounds toward each other, so that we ourselves boast of
  Trinity oneness of essence and           you among the churches of God.               – 2 Thessalonians 1:3
  equality in rank, who, then, would
  dare to separate either the Son
  from the Father, or the Spirit from
  either the Son or the Father...? Just
  as the Son is the only-begotten,
  so also the Spirit, given and sent
                                           Challenged by a
  by the Son, is one and not many;
  nor is He one comprised of many,
  but He alone is the Spirit; for, since
  the Son, the living Word, is one,
  so also must His sanctifying,
  enlightening, and life-giving Gift be
  one, perfect, and complete – the
                                           Blessingow here’s a challenge to set before one’s entire parish as an inspiration and an
  Gift Who is said to proceed from
  the Father, because He shines forth
  from and is sent from and is given
                                           N       aspiration! It appears in reading the whole epistle that Saint Paul may have been
                                                   exaggerating in ending his second letter to the Church in Thessalonica. He spent
                                           much of the contents explaining that they must be vigilant. They must not waver, nor
  by the Word, Who is confessedly          fall prey to false teaching. Rather, he made it clear to them what they might become in
  from the Father....                      Christ. He praised them with great wisdom, letting them know what they could be with
      The Spirit, then, being estab-       the help of the Holy Spirit. He set a goal for them: never be satisfied with your present
  lished in us, the Son and the            state – reach for your highest potential. “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
  Father come; and they make their         or what’s a heaven for?” as Robert Browning wrote.
  dwelling in us. For the Trinity is           And Saint Paul intends his blessing for us also, though he never made it to America.
  indivisible, and its Godhead is one;     We need not assume the apostle to the Gentiles is not praying for us now, because he is
  and there is one God over all and        more alive in the Kingdom than while on earth. And it’s not just Saint Paul who is
  through all and in all. This is the      praying for us, but all the apostles who had been commanded by Christ to “go forth and
  faith of the Church, for on the Trin-    teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the
  ity the Lord founded it and rooted       Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Further, like all
  it, when He said to His disciples,       of the Lord Jesus’ churches, an angel has been assigned to oversee us and to pray for us.
  “Go, teach all nations, baptizing        In his report to the Holy Trinity about our status, the following should be included.
  them in the name of the Father, and                                                                                   Spirit to 30
  of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

  Saint Cyril of Alexandria
  [Saint Paul says:] “My little
  children, of whom I am again in
  travail, until Christ shall have been
  formed in you.” He is formed in us
  by the Spirit, Who regenerates us
  to God through Himself. Since,
  therefore, we are formed to Christ,
  and He is signified in us and His
  image beautifully worked in us by
  the Spirit in a likeness according
  to nature, surely the Spirit of God,
  the Spirit Who transforms to God,
  not as rendering assistance
  through grace, but as dispensing
  participation in the divine nature,
  by Himself, to those who are
                                                                             “From generation to generation”
  worthy.                                                                    A continuous personal commitment of
                                                                             faithfulness, affections, and constancy.

       Father Steven Tsichlis

         n April 6, 2006, the National Geo-

O        graphic Society published an En-
         glish translation of an ancient Gnos-
tic text called The Gospel of Judas, and then                          Jesus
followed this up with a television special
that aired the following Sunday, April 9.
     A carefully planned marketing ploy, it
was certainly no accident that the National
Geographic Society chose to air their televi-
sion program on Palm Sunday for Roman
Catholic and Protestant Christians, one of
the most important of all Christian holidays.
Let’s face it: religion sells.
     In a frenzy of media coverage occasionally bordering                                                    There’s
on sensationalism, newspapers around the country carried front         are a
page stories with titles like that of an article found in The Balti-   lot of sec-                             really
more Sun: “Gospel of Judas rattles beliefs. Newly translated an-       ond, third and
cient documents challenge orthodox teaching on Jesus and his           fourth century                   nothing new
                                                                                                        nothing new
betrayer.” Or an article in The Washington Post: “Ancient Gospel       gospels attrib-
of Judas translation sheds new light on disciple.”                     uted to various
                                                                                                           about the
                                                                                                          about the
     Why these headlines? Because the anonymous author of The
Gospel of Judas – unlike the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke,
                                                                       apostles. We don’t
                                                                       really assume they
                                                                                                         “Gospel” of
                                                                                                         “Gospel” of
and John found in the New Testament – writes that Judas alone
among the 12 disciples received a special revelation and under-
                                                                       give us any first cen-
                                                                       tury information.”
stood the true meaning of Jesus’ teaching; and that Jesus Himself          In an interview
asked Judas to hand Him over to the Romans for execution, mak-         that appeared in The
ing Judas a sympathetic figure rather than a traitor.                  Boston Globe, Ro-
     But what is The Gospel of Judas?                                  binson stated that,
     The Gospel of Judas is part of a poorly preserved papyrus         in his opinion, some
codex discovered in the 1970s in a cave near El Minya, Egypt.          participants in the
Also found in this codex were several other Gnostic documents          National Geographic effort “are making the sly suggestion that
such as The Apocalypse of James, The Letter of Peter to Philip,         The Gospel of Judas is more or less equally valid” with the New
and what scholars are, for now, calling The Book of Allogenes, all     Testament Gospels, and that it “contains things that could pull
written in Coptic, an ancient Egyptian language based on Greek         the rug out from Christianity as we know it.” Robinson’s blunt
that is still used among the faithful of the Coptic Church, a perse-   response: “This is just ridiculous.” In fact, Robinson speculated
cuted minority in today’s overwhelmingly Muslim Egypt. On              that the timing of the release of The Gospel of Judas was aimed at
the basis of careful examination of the codex, scholars are in gen-    capitalizing on interest in the film version of The Da Vinci Code,
eral agreement that the text of The Gospel of Judas, released by       a fictional story by novelist Dan Brown that centers on ancient
the National Geographic Society may be dated to the beginning          Gnostic texts and a conspiracy by the Roman Catholic Church to
of the fourth century, between 300 and 340 AD, roughly the same        cover up a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
time as the Roman emperor Constantine legalized Christianity,               Because, as all scholars agree, The Gospel of Judas is a Gnos-
called the First Ecumenical Council, and established the city of       tic document, perhaps the most important question to be asked is:
Constantinople, and therefore some 300 years after the encounter       what is Gnosticism? The root of the word Gnosticism is the Greek
of Jesus with Judas in Jerusalem during the third decade of the        word gnosis, meaning “knowledge.” Gnosticism is an umbrella
first century. Basically, The Gospel of Judas is just another noto-    term that modern scholars use to describe a number of religious
riously unhistorical Gnostic gospel, like some of the texts that       movements in the ancient Roman world, many of which were not
were found at Nag Hammadi in Egypt some 60 years ago.                  at all related to Christianity, all of which had several common
     Therefore, it must first be clearly stated that The Gospel of     themes: that the members of various Gnostic sects had a secret
Judas is not a gospel written by Judas himself. In an Associated       knowledge not available to others; that there exists a series of
Press interview, one of the world’s foremost experts on Coptic         lesser, mediating divinities and luminaries sometimes called Ar-
manuscripts and Gnosticism, Prof. James M. Robinson, an emeri-         chons, sometimes called Aeons; and a dualistic outlook, an an-
tus professor at Claremont Graduate University, was asked whether      tithesis between matter and spirit, body and soul, and a hatred of
or not this text goes “back to Judas,” and his unequivocal answer      the physical world that was often believed to have been created
was simply, “No.” Expanding on this point, he adds, “There             not by God, but by a lesser, evil demigod to imprison the souls of
MAY/JUNE 2006                                                                                                                            7

human beings. In Gnosticism, human beings are literally trapped        bishop of Smyrna in modern Turkey; and Saint Polycarp, as a
in their bodies; the content of salvation is to be released from the   child and young man, had learned the Christian faith from no less
body “that clothes me,” as the Jesus of The Gospel of Judas says       a figure than Saint John the Evangelist, who had eventually settled
to Judas. Only the Gnostics, those “in the know,” understand this.     in the city of Ephesus, also located in modern Turkey.
None of these beliefs are Christian.                                       But there is no clearer way to understand that The Gospel of
    Early Christian teachers like Saint Irenaeus, the martyred         Judas is not a Christian text – and in some ways not even a Gospel
bishop of what is today Lyons, France, wrote a series of books         at all – than to simply read it, and not merely all the media hype
called Against Heresies, refuting the teachings of various Gnostic     surrounding its release. One of the good things about the Na-
teachers. In one of them, he even mentions The Gospel of Judas.        tional Geographic Society web site promoting the sale of DVDs
Around 180 AD, Saint Irenaeus wrote of the Gnostic sect of the         of their television special and the two books on the subject that
Cainites, who attempted to “rehabilitate” a number of Biblical         National Geographic recently published, is that you can down-
villains such as Cain (who murdered his brother Abel), the             load the entire Gospel of Judas in both its original Coptic form
Sodomites (the inhabitants of the city of Sodom, notorious for         and a seven page English translation. Yes, that’s correct: the
their sexual immortality), Esau (who sold his birthright to his        entire Gospel of Judas in English translation is only seven type-
brother for a single meal), Korah (who led a revolt against the        written pages long, a far cry from the length of even The Gospel of
leadership of Moses) and Judas, turning them into spiritual he-        Mark, the shortest of the four canonical Gospels found in the
roes. In order to do this, they produced what Saint Irenaeus called    New Testament. And, unlike the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke,
“a fictitious history... which they style The Gospel of Judas.”        and John, there is little actual history in The Gospel of Judas,
    You may ask: what are Saint Irenaeus’ credentials as a teacher     no real telling of the story of the Lord Jesus from birth to death
of Christianity? Why should we pay any attention to what he has        and resurrection.
to say? According to Eusebius of Caesarea in his History of the            Instead, The Gospel of Judas begins just before Jesus’ last
Church, probably written in 326 AD, Saint Irenaeus as a young          Passover in Jerusalem, as the disciples are offering a prayer to God
man had heard the preaching and teaching of Saint Polycarp, the                                                                Judas to 8

   The Gospel of Judas: An 1800-year-old controversy
        uring the second and third centu-       pel of Judas in his anti-Gnostic work,       worshipped as heroes all the Biblical
   D    ries AD, various semi-Christian
   and non-Christian groups composed
                                                Against Heresies, nothing that there
                                                are some who “declare that Cain
                                                                                             figures that had sought to discover
                                                                                             knowledge or challenge Yahweh’s
   texts that often bore the names of           derived his being from the Power             authority, while demonizing those who
   apostles, patriarchs, or other notewor-      above, and acknowledge that Esau,            would have been seen as heroes in a
   thy individuals mentioned in the Bible       Korah, the Sodomites, and all such           more orthodox interpretation.
   or Jewish apocryphal literature. The         persons, are related to themselves....           The Gospel of Judas belongs to a
   Gospel of Judas is one of these texts.       They declare that Judas the traitor          school of Gnosticism called Sethian-
       The only known manuscript that           was thoroughly acquainted with               ism, a group who looked to Adam’s
   includes the text of the The Gospel of       these things, and that he alone,             son Seth as their spiritual ancestor.
   Judas – a leather-bound papyrus docu-        knowing the truth as no others did,          As in other Sethian documents, Jesus
   ment – surfaced in the 1970s in the          accomplished the mystery of the              is equated with Seth: “The first is Seth,
   Egyptian desert. The papyri on which         betrayal; by him all things, both            who is called Christ.” The Sethian
   the Gospel is written are fragmentary,       earthly and heavenly, were thus              authors of this text maintained that
   with some sections missing. In some          thrown into confusion. They produce          Judas acted as he did in order that
   cases, there are only scattered              a fictional history of this kind, which      mankind might be redeemed by the
   words; in others, many lines. The            they style The Gospel of Judas.”             death of Jesus’ mortal body. For this
   manuscript was radiocarbon dated                 Saint Irenaeus writes in reference       reason, they regarded Judas as
   to between 220 and 340.                      to the Cainites, a Gnostic sect that         worthy of gratitude and veneration. The
       Academics who have analyzed              worshipped Cain as a hero. The               Gospel of Judas does not describe any
   The Gospel of Judas believe that it is       Cainites, like a large number of Gnos-       events after the arrest of Jesus.
   probably a translation from an older         tic groups, believed that the God of             Some two centuries after Irenaeus’
   Greek work dating to AD 130–180.             the Old Testament, Yahweh, was evil,         complaint, Epiphanius of Salamis,
       The controversy surrounding this         and a quite different and much lesser        Bishop of Cyprus, criticized The Gos-
   work, however, is hardly something           being to the deity that had created the      pel of Judas for treating Judas as one
   new! In about the year 180 AD, Saint         universe, and who was responsible for        who, by betraying Christ, “performed
   Irenaeus of Lyons mentions The Gos-          sending Jesus. Such Gnostic groups           a good work for our salvation.”
8                                                                                                                          VOLUME 42     5/6

Judas from 7
over the dinner table. Watching them do this, Jesus laughs at            group of people trying to create a false amalgam between Greek
them. Interestingly enough, in none of the canonical Gospels             mythology and far Eastern religions with Christianity.” It was
does Jesus ever laugh. But in The Gospel of Judas, He laughs             “written by a group of people who were alien to the mainstream of
often, usually a sardonic how-little-you-know kind of laugh. The         early Christianity.” Such “texts are neither reliable nor accurate.”
disciples become furious with Jesus for laughing at them – all               The furor over The Gospel of Judas will continue to be hot and
except Judas, who says to Jesus, “I know Who You are and where           heavy for some time to come. But, as Professor Robinson said in
You have come from. You are from the immortal realm of Barbelo.”         his Boston Globe interview, The Gospel of Judas is, in the end, “a
Who is Barbelo, you may ask? In ancient Gnostic texts, Barbelo           tempest in a teapot.”
is the Divine Mother of all and the Forethought of the Infinite
                                                                         Fr. Tsichlis is rector of St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church,
One. Confused? If you are at all familiar with the story of Jesus,       Irvine, CA. This essay originally appeared on the web site of
you should be. But things only get more obscure and confusing            the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, which has a
as you continue reading the text.                                        number of excellent resources at
    Because of Judas’ “knowledge” that Jesus comes from “the             DaVinci and
immortal realm of Barbelo,” he is promised a revelation “about
secrets no person has ever seen.” Cutting to the chase, here is the
last part of the “revelation” that the Gnostic “Jesus” gives to Ju-                            Mary Ann Bulko
das. Brackets indicate gaps in the text. Notice just where “Christ”
appears and Who He is in this text.
    “The multitude of those immortals is called the cosmos – that
is, perdition – by the Father and the 72 luminaries who are with
the Self-Generated and his 72 Aeons. In Him the first human
                                                                         Reconnecting the disconnect
appeared with his incorruptible powers. And the Aeon then ap-            between what we say and what we do
peared with his generation, in whom the cloud of knowledge and
the angel is called El. […] aeon […] after that […] said, let 12                 n a recent early Sunday morning, one of my young, free-
angels come into being to rule over chaos and the underworld.
And look, from the cloud there appeared an angel whose face
flashed with fire and whose appearance was defiled with blood.
                                                                         O       spirited grandchildren came bouncing down the stairs,
                                                                                 ready to jump into the family car. As she whizzed by to-
                                                                         wards the front door, her mother noticed the outfit she had chosen
His name was Nebro, which means rebel; others call him                   to wear. “Oh, no you don’t young lady! That outfit is totally
Yaldabaoth. Another angel, Saklas, also came from the cloud. So          unacceptable for church.” So, back to her room she went to change
Nebro created 6 angels – as well as Saklas – to be his assistants,       into something more suitable.
and these produced 12 angels in the heavens, with each one re-               What is acceptable regarding our offerings, our worship, and
ceiving a portion in the heavens. The 12 rulers spoke to the 12          our appearance before the Lord? In Genesis 4:3-5, we read that
angels […] the first is Seth, who is called Christ. The second is        Cain had brought an offering to the Lord of the fruit of the ground
Harmathoth. The third is Galila. The fourth is Yobel. The fifth is       which he had tilled, while his brother Abel brought a firstling
Adonaios. These are the five who ruled over the underworld, and          from his flock of sheep. The Lord accepted Abel’s offering and
first over all chaos.”                                                   had regard for him, while He found Cain’s offering unacceptable.
    This is the “truth” of The Gospel of Judas. Little wonder that       Yet Cain was given another opportunity, or so it seems, to get it
no Christian would consider The Gospel of Judas to be a Chris-           right, for the Lord says to him, “Why are you angry and why has
tian text. It is clearly a Gnostic text, this particular codex written   your countenance fallen? If you do well, will you not be ac-
nearly two centuries after The Gospel of John, the last of the four      cepted?” [Genesis 4:6-7]. Cain was further forewarned by the
canonical Gospels in the New Testament to be written. And, as            Lord about sin, and how he must master it. It seems that Cain
can be seen from actually reading it, The Gospel of Judas has            could once again gain the Lord’s acceptance, but only if his mo-
virtually nothing in common with the four Christian Gospels or           tives and intentions remain right and pure. We know how that
the Christian faith, except the use of the names Jesus and Judas.        story ends; Cain commits the first murder and, although his life is
    Adam Gopnik, writing in The New Yorker, summarizes the               spared by God, he lives in exile, forever alienated from the Lord.
place of The Gospel of Judas: “Orthodox Christians will point                “What can I offer to the Lord, for all His bounty to me?” When
out, correctly, that there is no new challenge to the Church in the      we think about our offerings to the Church, we need to focus on
Judas Gospel, much less a crisis of faith. This is an ancient heresy,    the complete picture – not simply on what we place in the collec-
dealt with firmly... throughout Church history. The finding of           tion plate or basket, but what we offer in terms of our overall
this new Gospel, though obviously remarkable as a bit of textual         support and means for funding the ongoing work of the Church.
history, no more challenges the basis of the Church’s faith than         By the same token, not only the funding but the actual work
the discovery of a document from the 19th century written in             should be discerned and also must be acceptable to the Lord.
Ohio and defending King George III would be a challenge to the               My flesh tends to cringe when I see a church sign that promi-
basis of American democracy.” Or, as Metropolitan Bishoy, a              nently announces “Saint Mary’s Casino Night.” Unfortunately,
bishop and spokesman for the Coptic Orthodox Church has said,            while our society seems to be inundated with lotteries, raffles, and
The Gospel of Judas is “non-Christian babbling resulting from a          other gambling venues, church and school communities often
                                                                        Books, recordings: Best picks
follow in tow, utilizing these methods to raise monies. Can we               Christian Faith
really justify funds received from gambling and games of chance              and Same-Sex
as an acceptable means of supporting the Church of God?                 Attraction: Eastern
    There are Church canons that explicitly forbid anyone, cleric       Orthodox Reflections.
or lay person, to play dice. Other canons forbid participation in       Fr. Thomas Hopko; Conciliar
horse racing. The fact that lots were cast by the Roman soldiers to     Press.
see who would claim the cloak of Christ following His crucifix-            In this volume, Fr. Tho-
ion [Mark 15:24] offers a poor precedent for participation in raffles   mas Hopko, dean emeritus
and games of chance, especially by those who call themselves            of St. Vladimir’s Seminary,
“Christian.” The concept of betting on an uncertain outcome is          draws on the wisdom of the
out of balance with the idea of the faithful stewardship of one’s       Orthodox Christian Church
time, talents, and treasures. The motivation for gambling thrives       and Holy Scripture to help us
on a fallen human nature and the temptation or weakness for suc-        understand same-sex
cumbing to greed and/or addictive behavior. It basically under-         attraction, with both com-
scores the growth and popularity of casinos and lotteries that          passion and clarity. Com-
attract clients with the chance, albeit a very slim one, to “get rich   bining theological and pastoral insights, this small gem
quickly.” Gambling hardly seems like an acceptable way to sup-          will aid pastors, those who experience same-sex
port the work of Christ’s Church. In a way, and forgive the com-        desires, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of
parison, casinos have become the “fishers of men,” luring in people     the nature of our identity and our sexuality.
with free rooms, food, and a myriad of gimmicks!                            Order on-line at
    We need to be more vigilant with regard to the way we support
the Church, lest we be thrown out as the unacceptable money                                                  Lay Aside All
changers in the temple of old. As the Lord has said, “My house is                                            Earthly Cares:
a house of prayer” [Matthew 21:12-13]. Any activity that is de-                                        Orthodox Choral
meaning should cease.                                                                                  Works by Fr. Sergei
    Our worship also needs to be acceptable. In Ecclesiastes, we                                       Gla golev.        Cappella
read that “the preacher sought to find pleasing (or acceptable)                                        Romana, Portland, OR.
words,” writing or speaking with words of truth. And in our wor-                                           Sung by Cappella
ship, “supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings [are                                    Romana under the direction
to be] made for all men... that we may lead a quiet and peaceable                                      of Dr. Vladimir Morosan, Lay
life, godly and respectful in every way. This is good, and it is                                       Aside All Earthly Cares
acceptable in the sight of God our Savior” [1 Timothy 2:1-3].           features the pioneering original works of Fr. Sergei
    Liturgical services require our attentiveness, not simply our       Glagolev, characterized as an “effective style of compo-
attendance. Reverence needs to be restored. It’s difficult to teach     sition that vividly recalls aspects of the Russian tradition
youngsters not to chat in church when adults carry on personal          while using the natural cadence of English as his
conversations in the middle of Divine Liturgy!                          starting point.” The CD is the first of a three-part series
    Our worship is intertwined with our appearance or dress.            made possible by a grant from the Farah Foundation.
“Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to           Hear sound samples and to order on-line at
God, which is your spiritual worship” [Romans 12:1-2], Saint  
Paul writes. There undoubtedly could be some discussion on
what constitutes “appropriate attire” for liturgical services. But           The Divine Liturgy.
we need to bear in mind that even the altar itself, in which the             St. Nicholas Church
sacrifice is offered, is draped or arrayed and covered in fine mate-    Choir, Bethlehem, PA.
rial. If our bodies are the living temples of God, made in His very         Under the direction of
image, should not they be modestly covered? We are like living          Mr. Nicholas Lezinsky,
stones destined to build a spiritual house, according to Scripture,     St. Nicholas Choir recently
to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to    released this exceptional
God through Jesus Christ. As such, we should be vested appropri-        CD recording of the Divine
ately and tastefully, both young and old alike.                         Liturgy as a companion to
    Again in the words of St. Paul, “Do not be conformed to this        its earlier recordings of
world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you         Orthodox Nativity and Lenten music.
may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable              Order for $18.50, including postage and handling, from
and perfect” [Romans 12:1-2].                                           Mr. Nicholas Lezinsky, 941 Place Rd., Bethlehem,
                                                                        PA 18017; 610/868-9468;
Mary Ann Bulko is a member of Holy Trinity Church, Randolph,
NJ and a frequent contributor to The Orthodox Church.
10                                                                                                                          VOLUME 42       5/6

                    Father John Breck                                  Spirit.
                                                                           Then, Saint Basil quotes from Psalm 32: “By the Word of the
                                                                       Lord the heavens were made, and all their host by the Spirit of His
The Holy Spirit                                                        mouth.” The specific work of the Spirit, he says, is to perfect and
                                                                       strengthen, to produce “perfection in holiness, which expresses
Everywhere present, filling all things                                 itself in an unyielding, unchangeable commitment to goodness.”
                                                                       That goodness characterizes God in His innermost being. “No
        here is an extraordinary beauty in Orthodox Trinitarian        one is good but God alone,” Jesus declares. And readers of the

T       theology. I all too easily lose sight of that beauty, but it
        came back to me again the other day after a conversation I
had with a non-Orthodox friend.
                                                                       Gospel recognize that by that very fact Jesus Himself is essen-
                                                                       tially good. It is this goodness, expressed as sacrificial love, that
                                                                       motivates the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity to work out the
    To his mind, God is beyond any formulation we can make of          world’s redemption. “When we speak of the plan of salvation for
Him. He is the “wholly Other,” taken literally: a God beyond all       men,” Saint Basil continues, “accomplished in God’s goodness
creation and all imagination. I had the feeling he could have          by our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who would deny that it
added, beyond all revelation. His problem, as he describes it, is      was all made possible through the grace of the Spirit?”
with the Church’s traditional doctrines, to which he referred with         God is good, God is light, God is love, God is Spirit. And that
a slight edge of hostility as “dogmas,” that appear to “put God in     Spirit, Who is God, fills all of creation, including every human
a box.” Formulas such as “One in Three,” or “three Hypostases          life, in order to lead it to perfection, to sanctify and render it holy.
united in a single divine Essence,” strike him as artificial and       Thereby He offers to creation, as to us, the possibility of sharing
woefully inadequate. He reads them as nothing more than hu-            forever in that goodness, that light, and that love.
man constructs designed to impose on believers a uniform ortho-            This is why Trinitarian theology is so important: because it
doxy.                                                                  expresses God as He actually is – as He reveals, manifests and
    This is especially true of formulas concerning the Holy Spirit.    confirms Himself to be – in the experience of those who love Him
Why, he wanted to know, do we Orthodox make such an issue of           and know they are loved by Him. God is indeed the “wholly
the “filioque,” the clause added to the Nicene Creed that affirms,     Other,” infinitely beyond created reality. Yet this same God shares
“[I believe] in the Holy Spirit... Who proceeds from the Father and    fully in every aspect of that reality, filling it with His goodness,
the Son”? Who, he added, can presume to say anything at all            His light, His love, His Spirit. As a trinity or threefold unity of
about this most unfathomable aspect of the Godhead?                    divine Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit dwell in an
    When I got home, I took out Saint Basil the Great’s fourth            inexhaustible communion of mutual love. That love is so abun-
century treatise On the Holy Spirit. Opening it at                                  dant that it overflows the limits of divine life, to em-
random brought me to where I wish I had been                                             brace and transfigure the entire creation. Nothing
during our conversation. In chapter 16, Saint                                               lies outside the warmth of that embrace: not sin,
Basil speaks about the absolute unity of na-                                                  not death, not even my friend’s well-inten-
ture, purpose, and work shared by the Three                                                    tioned agnosticism.
Persons of the Trinity. “In everything the                                                                  If I could have left him with
Holy Spirit is indivisibly and in-                                                                        anything in this season of Holy
separably joined to the Father                                                                                Pentecost, it would have been
and the Son.” This is re-                                                                                        this: That, in the depths of
vealed most fully in cre-                                                                                          his being, he know and ex-
ation itself. “When you                                                                                             perience        trinitarian
consider creation I advise                                                                                            dogma, not as abstract
you to first think of Him                                                                                             formulas, but as liturgi-
Who is the first cause of                                                                                             cal poetry which speaks
everything that exists:                                                                                               ineffable truth, and that
namely, the Father, and                                                                                               he see God and come to
then of the Son, Who is                                                                                               know His Spirit, not as
the Creator, and then the                                                                                             infinitely beyond this
Holy       Spirit,     the                                                                                            universe, but as “every-
Perfector.” The Author                                                                                                where present and filling
of Creation, the creative                                                                                             all things” closer to him,
Agent, and the Perfector                                                                                              in fact, than his own
or Sanctifier of all                                                                                                  heart.
things. “The Originator
of all things is One: He                                                                                            Fr. John Breck chairs
creates through the Son                                                                                             the OCA Medical/Ethics
and perfects through the                                                                                            Commission.
MAY/JUNE 2006                                                                                                                                              11

   Editorial request: Please inform the TOC editorial office by phone [630/668-3071] or e-mail [] when a
   death occurs so announcements may be made on the OCA web site and in TOC in a timely manner.

      Dr. Jaroslav Pelikan                            Human Sciences.                                        to work in a match factory in Manhattan. She
CRESTWOOD, NY – Dr. Jaroslav Pelikan,                      Among his countless activities, professional      continued to work there until the family moved
world class Church historian and theologian,          and personal, Dr. Pelikan served as a member of        to Portland, Oregon in 1953, where Father Dimitri
fell asleep in the Lord on Saturday afternoon,        the seminary’s board of trustees. Three Hierarchs      became pastor of Saint Nicholas Church and
May 13, 2006, after a lengthy battle with can-        Chapel remained his “parish home” since the time       Matushka taught in the Saturday school. She
cer.                                                  of his reception into the Church.                      also pursued studies at Portland State Univer-
     For decades, Dr. Pelikan served as an histo-          Funeral services were held at the seminary’s      sity. In 1957, the Gisettis were reassigned to
rian, theologian, professor, author, and ordained     Three Hierarchs Chapel on May 16-17.                   Holy Virgin Mary Church [later cathedral], Los
minister in the Lutheran Church. He and his wife           A detailed personal reflection on Dr. Pelikan’s   Angeles, CA. Except for short trips, Matushka
were received into the Orthodox Christian Church      life and work written by the Rev. John Erickson,       Margarita would remain here for the rest of her
in Three Hierarchs Chapel at Saint Vladimir’s         dean of Saint Vladimir’s Seminary, may be found        life. In 1960, she earned her Bachelor’s degree
Seminary, Crestwood, NY, in 1998.                     at              and in 1962, her Master’s in the Russian Lan-
     Dr. Pelikan was recognized by many as the        2003/readings/Pelikan-Legend.html.                     guage at UCLA.
most noted Church historian of our times. Born             May Dr. Pelikan’s memory be eternal!                   For the next 20 years she would teach Rus-
in Akron, OH, the son of a Lutheran pastor, he                                                               sian, first at UCLA, then at USC during the week.
joined the Yale faculty in 1962 as the Titus Street       Mat. Margarita Gisetti                             She also devoted a great deal of time teaching
Professor of Ecclesiastical History, and in 1972      LOS ANGELES, CA – Matushka Margarita                   Russian grammar, history, and literature to the
he was appointed to the Sterling Professorship.       Romanovna Gisetti, wife of late Very Rev.              children of the parish. Summers meant Church
In 1995, he was named Sterling Professor Emeri-       Dimitri Gisetti, fell asleep in the Lord peacefully    summer camps and short vacations, either in the
tus. He served as acting dean and then dean of        at home on Thursday, April 6, 2006, after a            mountains or at the beach, which she loved.
the Graduate School from 1973 until 1978 and          lengthy battle with cancer.                                 When Father Dimitri became ill in 1973,
was the William Clyde DeVane Lecturer from                 Born in Viborg, Finland on May 28, 1923,          Matushka Margarita was his sole caretaker for
1984 until 1986 and in the fall of 1995. His more     the younger of two children and the only daugh-        14 years. She continued to serve her church,
than 30 books include the acclaimed five-volume       ter of Roman [Robert] Bang and Catherine Bang,         teaching in the Saturday school, baking prosphora,
work The Christian Tradition.                         nee Knyazhna Ourousoff, Matushka Margarita             and doing most of the Church Slavonic reading
     Dr. Pelikan’s numerous awards include the        and her family moved to Talinn, Estonia a few          for the services. She was widowed in 1989, but
Graduate School’s 1979 Wilbur Cross Medal             years later, where she finished her education at       continued doing all she could for her church,
and the Medieval Academy of America’s 1985            the Russian Gymnasium in 1940. In 1939, she            adding in later years purchasing produce and sup-
Haskins Medal. In 1983 the National Endow-            went on a group pilgrimage to Valaam Monas-            plies for the cathedral Sisterhood.
ment for the Humanities selected him to deliver       tery, organized and chaperoned by Father                    Matushka Margarita was diagnosed with can-
the 12th annual Jefferson Lecture in the Humani-      Alexander Kiselev, fondly remembered by His            cer in January 2006, which had already metasta-
ties, the highest honor conferred by the federal      Holiness, Patriarch Aleksy II of Moscow, who           sized throughout her body. Treatment would not
government for outstanding achievement in the         spent time with the group as a young boy. She          have helped much, so she decided that she did
humanities. In 1992-93 he presented the Guifford      briefly attended University at Yuriev, Estonia,        not want to go through a painful process with
Lectures in Scotland, an honor considered com-        during World War II.                                   little or no hope of cure. Her daughter-in-law,
parable to winning the Nobel Prize. He has been             After her brother was killed in action in        Matushka Maria Gisetti, came to live with her so
editor of the religion section of Encyclopedia        the war, Matushka Margarita and her family fled        that she could remain in her home until the end.
Britannica, and in 1980 he founded the Council        the advancing Soviet armies to Munich, Ger-            She was able to go to church until the last month
of Scholars at the Library of Congress. His nu-       many, where they resided at the Good Samaritan         of her life.
merous professional affiliations also includes the    House organized by Father Kiselev. She under-               Her repose came much in the way she wished
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, of             took the nursing courses offered there and             it — she went to Confession and received Com-
which he is president. During the administration      formed a lifelong bond with the other nursing          munion the weekend before her death. The Canon
of President Bill Clinton, he was appointed to        students.                                              for the Departure of the Soul was read with her
serve on the President’s Committee on the Arts             On November 16, 1947, she married Dimitri         on Monday, April 3, 2006, and the regular
and Humanities.                                       Gisetti, an acquaintance from Talinn, who was          evening prayers were offered the next day.
     Dr. Pelikan was appointed chairperson for        ordained to the diaconate and priesthood the fol-           Funeral services were celebrated at Holy Vir-
the Orthodox Church in America’s Department           lowing year. Father Dimitri and Matushka               gin Mary Cathedral on Tuesday, April 11 with
of History and Archives in 2002. His lifelong         Margarita’s relationship extended beyond simple        His Grace, Bishop Tikhon of San Francisco, Los
experience as a renowned historian served to guide    support of his ministry and was truly a partner-       Angeles, and the West presiding.
and inspire the department’s work. In a presen-       ship in service to God.                                     Matushka Margarita is survived by one son,
tation to the Holy Synod of Bishops in October             Following the birth of their only child, Sera-    the Very Rev. Seraphim Gisetti, pastor of Saint
2003, he eloquently addressed the importance          phim, in 1949, the Gisetti’s, together with            Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church, Arvada, CO,
of history in Church life and the necessity of        Matushka’s parents and a great aunt, immigrated        and his wife Masha; and three grandchildren:
proper archival preservation in the Church at all     to the US in January 1950. Father Dimitri was          Andrei and wife Jacque, Anna and her husband
levels.                                               soon assigned to assist Father Kiselev in Astoria,     Jonathan, and Alexandra.
     In 2004, Dr. Pelikan received the John W.        NY, while Matushka Margarita, like so many                  May Matushka Margarita’s memory be eter-
Kluge Prize for Lifetime Achievement in the           other newly arrived Russians in New York, went         nal!
12                                                                                                                         VOLUME 42      5/6

                                                                                                 cusations and allegations, aggravations
                                                                                                 and assumptions. They range from the

Metropolitan Herman chairs                                                                       demand for accountability in the area of
                                                                                                 financial management and practice, from
                                                                                                 an increase in parochial isolation and
spring session of Holy Synod                                                                     disunity, to an increasingly evident con-
                                                                                                 flict rooted in competing ecclesiologies
                                                                                                 and visions, as they relate to the very na-
Hierarchs called to address issues “squarely,                                                    ture of the Church’s administration and
firmly, appropriately, and openly”                                                                   “During our deliberations, we will con-
                                                                                                 sider in detail the ongoing investigation
        t their regular spring session held at   magazine format of The Orthodox Church          of our financial practices, past and present,

A       the Chancery in Syosset, NY May
        23-25, 2006, the members of the
Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox
                                                 has been received with extremely posi-
                                                 tive comments. The essential life of our
                                                 Church, rooted in worship and revealed in
                                                                                                 as well as the growing number of serious
                                                                                                 concerns that have surfaced as a result of
                                                                                                 the findings,” Metropolitan Herman said.
Church in America, under the presidency          service to God and His People, remains          “It is my conviction that, if all issues are
of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman,           strong and vibrant, thanks to the devotion      not addressed squarely, firmly, and appro-
reviewed a number of issues presently fac-       of countless clergy and laity who labor,        priately, and dealt with openly and forth-
ing the Church.                                  often in the midst of difficult circumstances   rightly, we will face an even deeper crisis
    “Since our last regular session in the       and growing tensions, for nothing other         than we presently experience, one that will
fall of 2005, much has transpired in the life    than the glory of God. In these, and in         take years, if not decades, to reverse.”
of our Church,” Metropolitan Herman              countless other areas of our Church’s life,         Metropolitan Herman also reported on
stated in his opening address. “New mis-         there is much for which we indeed may           various aspects of the ongoing audits and
sions have been planted. Young men have          rejoice.                                        investigation into allegations that have
been ordained to the holy diaconate and              “At the same time, however, it has been     been raised during the past several months
holy priesthood. Our Church-wide depart-         painfully obvious to me that since our          and on recent steps to resolve all related
ments and offices, in most cases staffed by      2005 fall session, our Church has faced a       concerns.
talented volunteers who freely offer their       multitude of intensely serious issues that          In addition to receiving numerous re-
time and talents to the Church, continue to      have dampened our joy, shaken our faith         ports from the OCA’s dioceses, departments,
strengthen existing ministries while devel-      and hope, and in far too many instances         offices, boards, and commissions, the hier-
oping new ones. Our widely acclaimed             hardened our hearts to the love of God,”        archs considered the following issues.
web site attracts a growing number of visi-      Metropolitan Herman continued. “It is no                The Very Rev. Paul Kucynda, act-
tors from around the world, while the new        secret that we are facing a multitude of ac-    ing treasurer, discussed the Church’s cur-

From left: Bishop Benjamin, Bishop Tikhon of Eastern PA, Bishop Nikolai, Bishop Tikhon of the West, Archbishop
Nathaniel, Archbishop Kyrill, Metropolitan Herman, Archbishop Dmitri, Archbishop Job, Bishop Seraphim, Bishop Nikon,
Bishop Irineu, and Bishop Alejo.

                                                                                                                                                 John Mindala

rent financial situation. He distributed the
draft of “Best Practices” that was sent to
the members of the Metropolitan Council.
The draft will be reviewed, discussed, and
proposed for adoption at the June 2006
meeting of the Metropolitan Council.
    Mr. Steve Lamos from the accounting
firm of Lambrides, Lamos and Moulthrop,
gave an oral report about the Year 2004
Audit, and the ongoing review of the
annual and special appeals for the years
2001 through 2004. Mr. Lamos noted that
his role as an accountant is to examine
documentation in support of transactions
                                                 John Mindala

and not to put forth possible allegations
of wrongdoing, which he noted are the                             The Holy Synod meets at St. Sergius of Radonezh Chapel at the OCA Chancery.
responsibility of legal counsel. The mem-
bers of the Holy Synod, upon receiving a                        versed in civil law, thereby requiring suffi-   ous charitable programs to benefit all
final report after all accounting work has                      cient time for including contributions from     needy Albanians, regardless of religious
been completed, could decide to pursue the                      others in the Church’s administration.          affiliation, and discussed the ongoing
matter with legal counsel, should it appear                             The participation of all OCA hier-      building of new churches and monaster-
necessary.                                                      archs in the conference of all Orthodox         ies. [A report on Bishop Nikon’s visit will
        His Grace, Bishop Tikhon of San                         bishops in America, to be sponsored by the      be featured in the July/August issue of The
Francisco, Los Angeles, and the West an-                        Standing Conference of Canonical Ortho-         Orthodox Church news magazine.]
nounced that he would retire from active                        dox Bishops in the Americas in Chicago,                A skills conference offering train-
ministry on November 14, 2006.                                  IL in October 2006, was affirmed as a means     ing in a variety of Church ministries of-
        His Eminence, Archbishop Dmitri of                      of witnessing to our vision for a united Or-    fered by the OCA’s numerous departments
Dallas and the South, requested that                            thodox mission in North America.                and offices is being planned for 2007, with
Igumen Vladimir [Wendling], currently rec-                              At the recommendation of His Grace,     the date, location, and topics yet to be de-
tor of Saint George Cathedral, Chicago, IL,                     Bishop Nikolai of Sitka, Anchorage, and         termined.
be named Auxiliary for the Diocese of the                       Alaska, the name of the “Late Vocations                Bishop Nikon, OCA pension board
South. Until the time of his formal elec-                       Program” was changed to the “Diaconal           chairman, reported to the hierarchs on the
tion and consecration to the episcopacy,                        Vocations Program” to clarify the primary       OCA’s pension, insurance, and personal as-
he will work as a member of the Chancery                        purpose of the program. The hierarchs re-       sistance programs. He noted that the pen-
staff in Syosset.                                               affirmed that attendance at an Orthodox         sion plan was in overall good condition
        His Eminence, Archbishop Nathan-                        seminary remains the norm for candidates        and that more frequent financial reports
iel of Detroit and the Romanian Episco-                         preparing for ordination to the holy priest-    will be issued in the future.
pate, reported on the work of the Joint Com-                    hood.                                               The regular fall session of the Holy
mission of the Romanian Episcopate of the                               In the area of external affairs and     Synod will be held at the Chancery Octo-
Orthodox Church in America and the Ro-                          inter-Church relations, the hierarchs re-       ber 24-26, 2006.
manian Archdiocese of the Patriarchate of                       viewed recent developments in the Rus-              In addition to participating in the
Romania, charged with reflecting on the                         sian Orthodox Church’s British Diocese of       Synod sessions, the hierarchs attended the
present relationship between the Episco-                        Sourozh, the All-Diaspora Sobor of the          Divine Liturgy in Saint Sergius Chapel on
pate and the Patriarchate. He noted that,                       Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia,         Wednesday, May 24.
having completed its work, the commis-                          and a number of other current issues and            Also attending the session were His
sion had been dissolved.                                        events. His Eminence, Archbishop Kyrill         Eminence, Archbishop Job of Chicago and
        With regard to the Holy Synod’s                         of Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, and        the Midwest; His Grace, Bishop Seraphim
decision to convene the 15th All-Ameri-                         the Bulgarian Diocese will represent the        of Ottawa and Canada; His Grace, Bishop
can Council in 2010, it was affirmed that                       OCA at the celebration of the Feast of Saint    Tikhon of Philadelphia and Eastern Penn-
sufficient time was necessary to review the                     Andrew in Bulgaria later in 2006.               sylvania; His Grace, Bishop Irineu of
entire Statute of the Orthodox Church in                                His Grace, Bishop Nikon of Boston,      Dearborn Heights, Auxiliary of the Roma-
America and undertake appropriate revi-                         New England, and the Albanian Archdio-          nian Episcopate; His Grace, Bishop Ben-
sions to ensure that it conforms to canoni-                     cese, reported on his visit to Albania in       jamin of Berkeley, Auxiliary of the Dio-
cal tradition as well as civil law. This time-                  early May. He noted the tremendous              cese of the West; and His Grace, Bishop
consuming process relies on the volunteer                       progress made by the Church since the fall      Alejo of Mexico City, Auxiliary to the
work of competent canonists and those                           of communism, spoke of the Church’s vari-       Metropolitan.
14                                                                                                                    VOLUME 42     5/6

Metropolitan council                            SVS dean ordained to priesthood
members accept
loan proposal from                              D     eacon John Erickson,
                                                      dean of Saint Vladimir’s
                                                Seminary, Crestwood, NY,
PA bank                                         was ordained to the holy
                                                priesthood by His Beatitude,

T    he Metropolitan Council of the Ortho-
     dox Church in America, under the
chairmanship of His Beatitude, Metropoli-
                                                Metropolitan Herman, semi-
                                                nary president, at Three Hier-
                                                archs Chapel on Sunday, May
tan Herman, met in extraordinary session        7, 2006.
via teleconference call on Thursday, May            “For Father John, this was
18, 2006.                                       the completion of a path that
    The members of the Metropolitan Coun-       began in 1964, when he was
cil voted to accept a loan proposal con-        received into the Orthodox
tained in a commitment letter from The          Church in the Saint Vladimir’s
Honesdale National Bank, Honesdale,             Seminary chapel,” said Ms.
PA.                                             Sofia Lopoukhine, SVS com-
    When finalized, the loan in the amount      munications officer.
of $1.7 million, will be used to consolidate        Protopresbyter Thomas
the Orthodox Church in America’s exist-         Hopko, dean emeritus, led            Axios! Metropolitan Herman vests the newly
ing external and internal debts.                Deacon John around the altar         ordained Fr. John Erickson, SVS dean.
    After a motion to postpone action was       table before Metropolitan
defeated, a motion to accept the terms con-     Herman offered the prayers of ordination. trios of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese
tained in the commitment letter was ap-             Later that day, Father Thomas, as the of America; the Very Rev. Alexander Ab-
proved.                                         master of ceremonies at the ordination ban- ramov of Saint Nicholas Cathedral, New
    It is anticipated that the closing on the   quet, observed that “our dean’s ordination York, NY, on behalf of the Moscow Patri-
loan will take place on or before July 3,       gives us a chance to gather and think about archate; and Prof. Alexander Dvorkin of
2006.                                           the work of the seminary: its past, its Saint Tikhon University, Moscow, Russia.
    At the conclusion of the nearly two hour    present, and its future.”                      A letter of congratulations also was read
teleconference meeting, Metropolitan                “It was a special blessing that along from His Eminence, Metropolitan Laurus
Herman thanked those who participated           with Metropolitan Herman, His Eminence, of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside
and those who, while unable to participate,     Metropolitan Philip of the Antiochian Russia and the brotherhood of Holy Trin-
submitted proxy votes concerning the            Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North ity Monastery, Jordanville, NY.
loan, for their love of Christ and their de-    America shared words of appreciation for
votion to the mission of His Church. The
Metropolitan emphasized that these are
                                                the achievements of Saint Vladimir’s Semi-
                                                nary,” Ms. Lopoukhine added. “He con-
difficult and painful days in the history of    cluded his speech by presenting Father
our young, autocephalous Church in              John with a beautiful pectoral cross, and as
                                                                                               Visit the liturgical
America.                                        he handed it to him, he proclaimed, ‘Axios,    music chatroom
    Metropolitan Herman also challenged         my friend.’”
                                                                                                     nterested in discussing music,
the members of the Metropolitan Council
to join him in refocusing energy and re-
                                                    Father John expressed gratitude to all
                                                who offered him spiritual encouragement
                                                                                               I     hymnology, vocal techniques,
                                                                                                  rubrics, and related topics with
sources on the Church’s primary task of         and direction during his years of associa-
                                                                                                  others? Log on to the Department
witnessing to and generously sharing our        tion with the seminary. With great opti-
                                                                                                  of Liturgical Music and Translations’
Orthodox Christian Faith with all people        mism, he reflected on the future of the
                                                                                                  liturgical music chat room on
in North America and to make a firm com-        Church, the many individuals who seek
                                                                                                  the first and third Tuesdays of
mitment to this end.                            that which Orthodox Christianity offers,
                                                                                                  every month at 8:30 p.m. EST.
    “We can anticipate that we will con-        and the next generation of seminarians,
                                                                                                      David Drillock, department
tinue to face more dark and stormy clouds,”     who carry “the spirit of Saint Vladimir’s,
                                                                                                  chair, moderates the discussion
stated Metropolitan Herman in reference         which is a devotion to truth that is never
                                                                                                  and welcomes guest speakers.
to recent events in the life of the Church,     limited to parochialism or nationalism, into
                                                                                                      Enter the chat room at www.
“but because of God’s mercy and love for        the world.”
us, we will emerge to see the light that He         Read during the banquet were messages
will provide to illumine our way.”              from His Eminence, Archbishop Deme-

   FOCA generosity funds three
   OCA youth internships
   T     hrough a generous $9,000.00 grant provided by the

                                                                        John Mindala
         Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America [FOCA],
   three OCA seminarians will serve as interns for the Ortho-
   dox Church in America’s Department of Youth, Young Adult,
   and Campus Ministry during the summer of 2006.
       The summer internship provides seminarians interested                           Board of Theological Ed meets
   in youth ministry with an incomparable opportunity to put
   into practice knowledge gained in their seminary studies.
   Through the FOCA’s generosity, the department will en-
                                                                                       M      embers of the Orthodox Church in America’s Board of
                                                                                              Theological Education met at the Chancery in Syosset,
                                                                                       NY on May 22, 2006, under the chairmanship of His Eminence,
   gage three summer interns.                                                          Archbishop Kyrill of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania and
       Two of the three seminarians – Stephan Sollogoub and                            the Bulgarian Diocese.
   Olga Beletchkova – will undertake their internships at OCA                              Also participating in the meeting were His Grace, Bishop Sera-
   camps and youth rallies across the US and Canada, sharing                           phim of Ottawa and Canada; His Grace, Bishop Tikhon of Phila-
   their experiences, helping to network the camps, and ex-                            delphia and Eastern Pennsylvania; the Very Rev. Gregory Safchuk;
   changing and sharing themes, methodology, and camping                               and the Very Rev. David Brum.
   curricula. The third intern – Mecky Machnee – will de-                                  Under the direction of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman,
   velop materials for the youth theme selected by the Holy                            the Board of Theological Education establishes, maintains, and
   Synod of Bishops for 2006-2007 – “Defenders of the Faith”                           oversees the general standards and curriculum for the education
   – and develop resources and articles for the department web                         and formation of clergy in the Orthodox Church in America’s
   site at and for The Orthodox Church news maga-                          three seminaries. It also oversees the general standards and cur-
   zine.                                                                               riculum for the Church’s Diaconal Vocations Programs, evaluates
       Each of the interns, all of whom are students at Saint                          those who complete such programs, and offers recommendations
   Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood, NY, brings to the position                          on the ordination of individuals completing such programs.
   a wealth of youth ministry experience on the parish, na-
   tional, and international levels and will be make a positive
   impact on the camps in which they will participate.
                                                                                       Fr. Dresko begins parish visitations
       Photo galleries and reports from the interns will be posted
   on the OCA web site at and the OCA youth
   site at
                                                                                       T     he Very Rev.
                                                                                             John Dresko,
                                                                                       OCA Director of
                                                                                       Development and
                                                                                       Stewardship, recent-
                                                                                       ly began a series of
FOCA to hold 80th convention                                                           parish visitations at
                                                                                       Saint John the Bap-

T     he 145-acre Kingston Plantation Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC,
      will be the site of the 80th national convention of the Fellow-
ship of Orthodox Christians in America [FOCA] August 31-Sep-
                                                                                       tist Church, Roches-
                                                                                       ter, NY.
                                                                                            After concelebrat-
tember 4, 2006.                                                                        ing the Liturgy with
    The annual gathering is being hosted by the FOCA’s New                             the Very Rev. Ken
Jersey District.                                                                       James Stavrevsky,          Fr. Stavrevsky welcomes
    “The convention committee is working diligently to make the                        rector, Father John        Fr. John Dresko [right], OCA Director
first convention to be held in Myrtle Beach a memorable one,”                          offered an informa-        of Development and Stewardship,
said Mr. Michael Steffaro, convention cochairman. “An ideal                            tive program on the        to Rochester’s St. John Church.
destination for families, couples, and singles interested in min-                      OCA’s various minis-
gling with fellow Orthodox Christians in fellowship, fun, and                          tries and departmental work. He also shared information on the
worship, Myrtle Beach offers something for everyone – fishing,                         Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards, donating appreciated stock,
golf, shopping, fun in the sun, nightly entertainment, restaurants,                    estate planning, and the possible tax benefits one can achieve
and much more!”                                                                        through a planned gift.
    To register, call Kingston Plantation directly at 843/449-0006.                         Father John is available to conduct workshops on planned
Additional information is available on the New Jersey FOCA Dis-                        giving and parish and individual stewardship upon request. To
trict web site at or by contacting Mr. Steffaro at                      schedule a parish visitation, workshop, or retreat, contact Father                                                           John at 516/922-0550 or by e-mail at

Dearly Beloved in the Lord,
    “How then shall they call on Him in Whom they have
not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of
Whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear
without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless
they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the
feet of those who preach the Gospel of peace, who bring
glad tidings of good things?’” [Romans 10:14-15].
    These words of Saint Paul express clearly one of the
great challenges that faces our Orthodox Church in
America. As we seek to bring the true faith of Christ to
the people of this continent, we need more individuals to
respond to the call to pursue theological education and
spiritual formation, to seek ordination to the diaconate       Did you know...
and priesthood, and to serve as lay leaders in our parishes.
    Every year, I call upon you to pray for more voca-            that the annual Seminary Appeal provides
tions to labor in the vineyard of Christ, and to encourage        financial assistance to offset the rising
those who are being called by Him to serve Him and His            cost of educating those who have
People. Likewise, I request of your Christian charity a           accepted the call to proclaim the Gospel
gift of financial support to assist our three theological
                                                                  across North America – and beyond?
    I am pleased that, by the grace of God, our seminaries        that, with over 300 new parishes, missions,
are experiencing a record enrollment. However, this               and institutions planted by the Orthodox
necessitates greater funds to maintain the outstanding
                                                                  Church in America during the past three
caliber of each seminary’s education programs, faculties,
and ministries. It is my prayer that you will generously          decades, the need for more theologi-
provide what is needed to continue the sacred work of             cally trained clergy and lay persons
training those who will bring others to Christ in Holy            continues to grow?
    Your contribution to the 2006 OCA Seminary Appeal
                                                                  that seminarians do not receive full
is an investment in the future of our faith in this land. It      scholarships and are responsible for
will help ensure that there will be clergy to guide our           funding their own tuition, housing costs,
parishes for decades to come. It is a commitment to               and other expenses – a serious burden for
strengthen and expand the mission of our theological              married students?
schools to equip workers for the vineyard. Please give
as generously as you can from the blessings that God              that support of the Seminary Appeal is an
has given you, for His glory and for the ongoing growth           investment in your parish’s future and
of the Church.                                                    the future of the Church on this
    Thanking you in advance for your generous re-                 continent?
sponse, I remain
                                                                  that our seminaries do not possess
        With love in Christ,                                      large endowments, but rely instead on
                                                                  the generosity of the faithful and
        + HERMAN
                                                                  friends for financial support?
        Archbishop of Washington and New York
        Metropolitan of All America and Canada                 Visit for more information
                                                               on the 2006 Seminary Appeal.
Your generous response to the 2006 Seminary Appeal
helps to educate the leaders of tomorrow’s Church – today!

 ST. VLADIMIR’S SEMINARY                                                            “Being able to learn more about
 Crestwood, NY                                                                      our faith through the wonderful
                                                                                    instructors and staff is very
 Since it was founded in 1938,                                                      important to me. I hope to teach
 St. Vladimir’s Seminary has                                                        what we have learned here and to
 understood theology to be the                                                      share it with others. I’m hoping
 foundation for the life of the Church                                              to help people in any way I can,
 as a whole, rather than the exclu-                                                 whether through teaching Church
 sive domain of the clergy. Over the                                                school, mission outreach, and in
 years the seminary broadened the                                                   other ways.”
 diversity of its programs and out-                                                                  Anastasia Nicolai
 reach, making it an internationally                                                            St. Herman’s Seminary
 recognized center for Orthodox                                                                          Class of 2009
 Christian theological, educational,     ST. TIKHON’S SEMINARY
 and musical training, spiritual         South Canaan, PA
 nurture, and ecumenical dialogue.       Established by resolution of the
 The seminary offers programs            Sixth All-American Sobor in 1937,
 leading to Master of Divinity,          St. Tikhon’s Seminary has become
 Master of Theology, and Master of       a genuine center of theological and
 Arts degrees. The seminary also         spiritual enrichment, playing a
 offers an annual pastoral institute     unique role in the preparation of
 and other educational fora.             candidates for the priesthood and
                                         other ministries vital to the
                                         ongoing life and growth of the
 “The two things that have been          Orthodox Church in America.
 very important while at seminary        In its close relationship with
 are the guidance and direction          St. Tikhon Monastery, the seminary
 liturgically and spiritually.           nurtures the vocations of its stu-
 Liturgically – a lot of hands-on                                                   ST. HERMAN’S SEMINARY
                                         dents and faculty, who teach and           Kodiak, AK
 experience in serving in the            study Orthodox theology in the con-
 chapel as well as a willingness to                                                 Founded in the early 1970s to meet
                                         text of their daily experience of a
 answer questions as they come                                                      the unique needs of the Orthodox
                                         rich spiritual and liturgical tradition.
 up. Spiritually – there has been                                                   Church in Alaska, the identity of
 a willingness to take time with         The seminary offers a Master of            St. Herman’s Seminary is inher-
 me as I dealt with various things       Divinity program, a Diploma in             ently bound to its patron. From the
 that came up while studying at          Orthodox Theology/Certificate in           arrival of Orthodox missionaries on
 the seminary.”                          Priestly Formation program,                Kodiak Island in 1794, education
              Fr. Christopher Foley/     cooperative programs with neigh-           has been a priority of the Church’s
              St. Vladimir’s Seminary    boring colleges, and the Extension         mission in Alaska. Like St. Herman
                        Class of 2006    Studies program.                           of Alaska, the seminary is devoted
                                                                                    to the propagation and proclama-
                                         “I was able to save some money             tion of the ancient, undivided
                                         before I entered seminary, but             Church. It is fully committed to an
                                         the responsibility of paying tuition       understanding of theological
                                         has depleted this savings.                 education that embraces all
                                         Additional assistance in paying            aspects of the person.
                                         tuition would enable me to focus           The seminary offers a variety of
                                         on my studies more, and less on            programs to prepare readers,
                                         financial burdens.”                        deacons, priests, teachers, and
                                                          Jason Franchak/           others desiring to minister.
                                                     St. Tikhon’s Seminary          Students also receive substance
                                                               Class of 2008        abuse counseling training.
18                                                                                                                          VOLUME 42      5/6

Christian Witness & Service
                                                                                                    4. Hold classes in the parish
                                                                                                hall. This opens the doors of the parish to
                                                                                                the broader community and sends a signal
                                                                                                that the Church is interested in everyone,
                                                                                                and not just “its own people.” On occa-
                                                                                                sion, take students into the sanctuary for
                                                                                                conservation. “This is a door” can easily
                                                                                                lead to “these are the Royal Doors,” just as
                                                                                                “this is a picture” easily leads to “this is an
                                                                                                icon.” While the ultimate goal of a lit-
                                                                                                eracy program is to improve the students’
                                                                                                language and life skills, occasional con-
                                                                                                versations in the church building can spark
                                                                                                an interest in the Orthodox Faith. Never
                                                                                                give the impression that the parish offers
                                                                                                literacy programs strictly as a means of
                                                                                                obtaining converts; it is not uncommon to
                                                                                                find immigrants who have had negative ex-
     Saturday mornings finds volunteers from this midwest parish giving the gift                periences with other religious bodies that
     of literacy to recent immigrants from Mexico, Vietnam, Ethiopia, China, Korea,             may have pressured them to make a com-
     and other lands.
                                                                                                mitment to the faith community “in ex-
                                                                                                change for” free classes, food parcels, es-
                                                                                                sential services, etc. Certainly students will
                                                                                                form an opinion of Orthodox Christianity
Giving the gift of literacy                                                                     through their contact with you and your
                                                                                                parish, but teachers must never project the
If you can speak English, you can teach English!                                                attitude that “we're teaching you English
                                                                                                because we ultimately want to convert
                                                                                                you.” Genuine ministry is conducted un-
             ith many parishes experiencing         1. Contact local agencies                   conditionally, with “no strings attached.”

W            an influx of new immigrants,
             the possibilities for expanding
lay community ministries are endless.
                                               that assist new immigrants. Ask
                                               what programs are currently being offered.
                                               If literacy programs are already being con-
                                                                                                    5. Get your parish teens in-
                                                                                                volved, especially in teaching immigrant
                                                                                                children or other teens. And since many
Whether it be helping a refugee family         ducted, parishioners can volunteer to teach.     teens are required to chalk up community
from Eritrea navigate the complexities of      If no programs are available, ask what re-       service hours for school, encourage them
suburban American life or assisting a cen-     sources are available for funding a parish-      to share their language skills while receiv-
tral European couple find work or hous-        based literacy program. If no funding is         ing credit for their efforts.
ing, there are countless gifts we can offer    available from local agencies, consider              6. Be prepared to offer addi-
others in our parish and surrounding com-      funding from within the parish itself. Of-       tional ministries as the needs of your
munities.                                      fering literacy programs is not an expen-        students emerge. As you get to know your
    One of the greatest gifts one can offer    sive proposition. Basic textbooks, dictio-       students personally, you’ll discover other
is that of literacy. New immigrants often      naries, pens and paper, notebooks, and           needs you and your parish can fill, such as
fail to adjust to their new surroundings be-   other supplies are well within the budget        food distributions, charity collections,
cause their knowledge of the English lan-      of any parish.                                   medical and immigration information re-
guage is minimal, if not totally nonexist-          2. Explore funding possibili-               ferrals, and even catechesis in the Ortho-
ent. A number of parishes have initiated       ties from local, county, or state agencies       dox Faith! Listening to the hopes, fears,
English classes, at no cost, to parishioners   that often offer grants for literacy programs.   and needs of the students and displaying a
as well as members of the wider commu-              3. Explore local resources                  willingness to address them is critical to
nity. The primary requirement for initiat-     for training teachers. Since most                this ministry, and to the ministries that ul-
ing this type of ministry – native English     literacy programs are conversation-based         timately will emerge.
speaking volunteers willing to offer a few     rather than grammar-based, teachers need             7. Make ever y attempt to
hours each month – can already be found        minimal training. Essentially, any native        get the entire parish involved.
in the typical parish.                         English speaker with good grammar, dic-          While a literacy program can be conducted
    Here are a few guidelines for starting a   tion, and pronunciation is able to conduct       easily with a handful of teachers, classes
ministry that will enable members of your      literacy classes with minimal training and       should not be held without the knowledge
parish to give the gift of literacy.           preparation.                                                                  Witness to 30
                                                                                                  In this section
History and Archives                                                                              18 Christian Witness & Service
                                                                                                  19 History & Archives
                                                                                                  20 Military Chaplaincies
The day the earth shook                                                                           21 Christian Education
                                                                                                  22 Evangelization
Cathedral was destroyed in 1906 SF quake
                                                                                                  24 Youth & Young Adult Ministry
ALEXIS LIBEROVSKY                                Orthodox population on the east coast,
                                                 Archbishop [Saint] Tikhon, had moved the           In the disaster’s aftermath, Father Theo-
        s the faithful of San Francisco’s Holy   diocesan headquarters to New York City’s       dore immediately turned his attention to

A       Trinity Cathedral were celebrat-
        ing Bright Wednesday, April 18,
1906, their joy quickly turned to horror as
                                                 recently built Saint Nicholas Cathedral in
                                                 September 1905, just months before the
                                                                                                the material and spiritual welfare of the
                                                                                                many Orthodox Christian faithful who had
                                                                                                been directly affected by the earthquake.
the historic earthquake that struck the city         According to an eyewitness account by      Archbishop Tikhon himself made the first
on that day completely destroyed their           the Rev. Theodore Pashkovsky, cathedral        contribution to a diocesan-wide appeal for
church.                                          dean at the time [he would later become        the victims.
    Built in the 1880s, the original Holy        Metropolitan Theophilus], the cathedral’s          In 1909, construction of the present
Trinity Cathedral served as the hub of Or-       historic bells and iconostasis were miracu-    Holy Trinity Cathedral was completed. The
thodox Christianity in North America. Its        lously saved as, just days before the earth-   new cathedral was built at another loca-
destruction, however, profoundly affecting       quake, they had been removed from the          tion on a piece of land that Archbishop
the city’s Orthodox community. For more          cathedral and safely stored in anticipation    Tikhon had purchased for the Church some-
than three decades, San Francisco had been       of structural upgrading of the building.       time earlier.
the diocesan see of the ruling bishop of the     After the quake struck, many vestments,
Orthodox Diocese of the Aleutians and            sacred vessels, liturgical books, and the      Alexis Liberovsky is the archivist of the
North America. With the growth of the            reserved Eucharistic gifts were also saved.    Orthodox Church in America.

   Built in the 1880s, the original
   Holy Trinity Cathedral on Powell Street
   was a stately building surmounted
   by several

                                                                                                Old photos show the extent of the
                                                                                                damage at Holy Trinity Cathedral.
20                                                                                                                      VOLUME 42     5/6

Military Chaplaincies
            hile most Orthodox Christian

W           faithful were celebrating the
            Feast of Feasts, Holy Pascha,
                                               “Their proclamation has
surrounded by family, friends, and famil-
iar traditions, several Orthodox chaplains     gone out unto all the earth”
brought the joy of the Resurrection – and a
bit of “home away from home” – to mili-
tary personnel serving in Afghanistan, Iraq,
                                               Chaplains celebrate Pascha on the front lines
and Qatar.
    The Rev. Eugene Lahue, Ch, Capt,           spite the increase in life-threatening inci-   tions.
USAF, celebrated Holy Week and Pascha          dents, Father Eugene continued to travel           Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the Very
with troops at Balad Air Base, Iraq, where     around Iraq, celebrating Paschal and Bright    Rev. Alexander Webster, Ch, maintained
he is stationed. During Bright Week, de-       Week services for troops in several loca-      an equally harrowing schedule as he cel-
                                                                                              ebrated services for Lazarus Saturday
                                                                                              and Palm Sunday with the Rev. Dragos
                                                                                              Dumitru Ciobotanu, CH (1LT), an Ortho-
                                                                                              dox chaplain from Romania, in the beau-
                                                                                              tiful Orthodox chapel in Khandahar.
                                                                                              Father Alexander celebrated Holy Week
                                                                                              and Paschal services at Blessed Sacra-
                                                                                              ment Chapel at Bagram Airfield. On Bright
                                                                                              Monday, he flew aboard a C-12 aircraft to
                                                                                              Qatar, where he celebrated the Paschal Lit-
                                                                                              urgy on Bright Tuesday at Camp As
                                                                                              Sayliyah and the following morning at Al
                                                                                              Udeid Air Force Base.
                                                                                                  In a sense, the proclamation of the Res-
                                                                                              urrection in these regions reminds one of
                                                                                              the psalm verse chanted on the feasts of the
                                                                                              apostles: “Their proclamation has gone out
                                                                                              into all the earth, and their words to the
                                                                                              ends of the universe!”
     Fr. Eugene Lahue celebrates Great and Holy Friday services at Balad Air Base,
     Iraq. During Bright Week, he celebrated services in several other locations.
     Fr. Alexander Webster poses for a photo after Holy Wednesday services with
     CPT Alyssa Astphan, CPT Christopher Lekas, and CSM David Warner.

                                                                                                At Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar,
                                                                                                Fr. Alexander Webster distributes
                                                                                                antidoron at the conclusion of the
                                                                                                Bright Tuesday Pascha Divine


      t’s an unpretentious volume, just 67

I     pages in length. But Walking in Won-
      der by Elizabeth White is filled with
numerous thought-proving patristic and
scriptural quotations aimed at teachers, par-
ents, and caregivers of children under the
age of eight.
    In the first few pages of the book, Ms.
White quotes Saint Theophan, who says
that the goal of every human life is “to walk
toward God on the path of Christ.” She
also quotes his statement that “of all holy
works, the education of children is the most
    A goal for teachers and care-
givers. Ms. White’s goal is to help teach-
ers and caregivers find practical ways of           Orthodox Christian tradition offers a wealth of opportunities for children to
instilling in children the desire to walk to-       “walk in wonder” along “the path of Christ.”
ward God on the path of Christ. In that
sentence we find one of the book’s many
insights: our children can’t be forced onto
the path of holiness; even our own example
may not be enough, by itself. Our task is to
                                                  Walking in wonder
guide our children in ways that will make
them want to strike out on the path of Christ,    A great resource for parents, teachers, everyone
of their own free will.
    What do children need? As a                   A child, arriving in the morning, scanned        the disorder by failing to teach a child to
Montessori teacher, Ms. White has paid            the room and exclaimed, “Wow! Some-              be still and silent because they believe the
close attention to what young children do         thing has happened here!”                        child is not capable of being so.
and need. One thing they don’t need much              She also encourages those who work               Ms. White suggests many helpful ways
of, she says, is fantasy. For a child of three,   with children to be aware that all the           of “finding quiet.” Among these is a “Si-
it is much more valuable and meaningful           adult needs to do is give the child oppor-       lence Game” that can be used in school or
to explore the real world, so new and magi-       tunities to experience wonder and beauty;        at home. She describes her own experi-
cal to a little one. Fantasy and pretending       the ability and the desire to do so are al-      ences using this game with children, and
have their place, but personal interaction        ready there.                                     tells about the peacefulness and self-aware-
with the things that God has actually cre-            Silence and stillness. Another               ness it can engender in them. Eminently
ated teaches the young child more than            striking quotation, this one from Saint John     practical, she cautions that the best mo-
hearing about mythical creatures. As              of Kronstadt, is found in the chapter on         ment for the Silence Game is not the mo-
Ms. White points out, young children will         cultivating stillness. Saint John said,          ment when the children’s soccer team has
usually choose “play” that is based on            “Jesus, by His silence, shamed Pilate; and       just won a big game!
real things – washing dishes, caring for          a man, by His stillness, conquers vain-              Goodness, compassion, faith.
dolls, building with blocks. They like to         glory.” Perhaps what Saint John means by         The next chapter of the book suggests ways
examine seashells or rocks, and will hap-         “vainglory” is the self-important attitude       that adults can help children develop their
pily study and find shapes in the clouds.         of some adults that leads them to believe        self-control and will to do good. Obedi-
They are eager to learn about animals,            that what they have to do is urgent and          ence is an important part of this—not obe-
faraway places, and people who live in other      immediate, and that they are just too busy       dience in order to avoid punishment or to
lands.                                            ever to slow down. This attitude can begin       please someone, but obedience practiced
    The sense of wonder. One thing                in childhood, if parents and caregivers          in order to feel the “inner satisfaction that
children do need is to have us nurture their      model it for children. Ms. White contends        comes from being good.” This kind of obe-
innate sense of wonder. Even simple things        that the commonly held notion that little        dience leads to the ability to repent of sin,
can show us this. Ms. White tells the story       children are physically incapable of being       and ultimately to trusting submission to
of a teacher replacing the plastic trays that     still is false. She writes, “The truth is, a     God.
had held classroom supplies with attrac-          child who cannot ever sit still is in a disor-       Ms. White goes on to talk about devel-
tive natural-fiber baskets and wooden trays.      dered state.” And often adults reinforce                                  Education to 26
22                                                                                                                        VOLUME 42      5/6

                                                                          Greeters. The greeter’s ministry is crucial, as they help
Who’s that knockin’?                                                  color a visitor’s first impression of a parish community. It’s a
                                                                      simple ministry, requiring a few people who have a gift with
                                                                      people. An important part of the greeter’s ministry is to make
There’s only one chance                                               visitors feel comfortable in what may very well be “new terri-
to make a good first impression!                                      tory.”
                                                                          After making “initial contact,” greeters should follow up after
                                                                      services by inviting visitors to the fellowship hour, introducing
FATHER ERIC TOSI                                                      them to others with whom they might have something in com-
                                                                      mon, and offering basic information about the faith in general
       vangelism begins at the front door of the church. It begins    and the parish in particular. Greeters should also introduce

E      when someone has gathered the courage to enter to gain a
       sense of a parish’s “fabric” and “texture,” so to speak. A
visitor has many options, but he or she chose to visit your church
                                                                      visitors to the parish clergy and ask them to fill out a visitor card.
                                                                      As research and experience has shown, such simple expres-
                                                                      sions of hospitality say a lot about a parish’s openness to new-
instead of others. But just what will he or she find, however?        comers.
    “Front door evangelism” offers the single greatest opportu-           Visitor cards. Asking visitors to fill out a card with their
nity for an Orthodox Christian community to make a connection,        name, address, and telephone number sets the stage for appropri-
a “first impression,” with visitors and inquirers. It stands at the   ate follow-up. Visitor cards should be readily available at the
intersection of their decision and our response, offering an oppor-   entrance to the church, or may be handed to visitors by greeters. If
tunity to connect them, educate them, and welcome them – but          a visitor seems reluctant to fill out a card, never force him or her to
not to overwhelm them.                                                do so.
    So how do we welcome visitors and inquirers without over-             A visitor card should request a visitor’s name, address, phone
whelming them? So here are few suggestions for making a posi-         number, e-mail address and a few simple questions that can be
tive first impression.                                                checked as applicable, such as “Are you of the Orthodox faith,”

     Customer service 101 for parishes
              ustomer service” seems like        tional communities mushrooming all          “making it too difficult to belong and
     “C       an odd concept when talking
     about the Church. But in a recent
                                                 over North America – as well as count-
                                                 less restaurants cashing in on
                                                                                             to participate” because it fails to see
                                                                                             itself through “customer eyes.”
     article published by Religion News          Sunday brunch! – are thriving on                “As computer makers discover or
     Service titled “Customer Service 101        people driven away from the Church          die, brand loyalty doesn’t just happen,”
     for Churches,” author Tom Ehrich            by relentless bickering about               Ehrich notes. “People want hope, not
     makes some interesting points that          everything from The DaVinci Code to         a doctrine on hope. They want to know
     growing parishes should take to heart.      judicatory spending.                        God, not be required to navigate
         “No business can afford to make              On the grass roots level, Ehrich       barriers. They want to ask basic
     purchasing its products difficult,”         observes that too few congregations         questions of faith, not be embroiled in
     Ehrich observes. “This is the way           are “user-friendly.”                        never-ending control battles over
     many churches seem to all but a few              “They don’t intend that, but what      church property and power.”
     insiders – user-unfriendly, concerned       else happens when an individual or              Inquirers and potential converts
     with processes and power struggles          family shows up at church, isn’t wel-       seek an encounter with God, not an
     serving institutional needs, but not        comed, cannot find Sunday School,           ecclesiastical wrestling match.
     attuned to the actual needs of              doesn’t understand the local protocols,         “A few care deeply about who wins
     people.”                                    cannot follow the service, and seems        the latest battle, but most aren’t
         While quick to add that churches        little noticed by people making a bee-      interested, especially when the fight
     may experience such growth-inhibit-         line for coffee and cliques,” Ehrich        gets in their way,” Ehrich concludes.
     ors quite unintentionally, Ehrich notes     asks. “What else should we expect           “Few people will attend a church that
     that the conflicts that so often domi-      when the faith-hungry receive news-         is trapped in stale dispute or seems
     nate Church life, even when combat-         letters that focus on money, visit web      uninterested in their presence.”
     ants believe their causes are just, can     sites that show buildings and not               Now there’s something every
     send inquirers packing.                     people, and place telephone calls to        parish should think about, knowing
         “I wish zealots would consider the      automated answering systems?”               that the nondenominational estab-
     impact of their fighting,” Ehrich writes,        The answer, according to Ehrich,       lishment down the street already has
     adding that the many non-denomina-          is that too often the Church is             done just that!
MAY/JUNE 2006                                                                                                                            23

“Would you like to learn more about Orthodox Christianity             pIS
                                                                      Mo s S I O N             sib
and/or our parish,” and “Would you like a priest to call.” Armed
with this information, the priest or appointed lay persons can
begin the process of follow-up, which is essential – and most
effective when accomplished within 24 hours of a visit through
                                                                         “The fullness of time”
a telephone call.                                                       FATHER TIMOTHY HOJNICKI
     Offer a variety of “freebies.” Many visitors know
little about Orthodox Christianity or the parish, but would like to     MECHANICSBURG, PA – The first time I walked into
learn more. Free tracts, pamphlets, booklets, and other introduc-       “Mission Central” – the United Methodist disaster distri-
tory literature on various aspects of Orthodox Christian faith and      bution center, the lobby of which we rent for services at
life should be readily available, visibly displayed, and gener-         Holy Apostles Mission here – my first flippant thought was,
ously distributed. [Nothing can turn a visitor off more than ex-        “There’s no way this is going to work!”
pecting payment for introductory literature; this is akin to a              It was the eve of Pentecost 2005, and it was my very first
restaurant requiring a pa-                                                                             weekend serving at the mis-
tron to purchase a menu!]                                                                              sion. Entering the facility and
A series of camera-ready                                                                               seeing a big lobby full of
tracts that can easily be re-                                                                          tables, chairs, poster boards,
produced locally is avail-                                                                             whimsical decorations, and
able from the Orthodox                                                                                 the like, my initial reaction
Christian Publications                                                                                 was one of panic: “What am
Center [click the OCPC                                                                                 I doing here?!” However,
link on the OCA web site                                                                               within 10 minutes, my new
at], while                                                                                 family in Christ, many of
the OCA Office of Com-                                                                                 whom I had not yet met, be-
munications is complet-                                                                                gan arriving and started to
ing a series of full-color                                                                             work. I literally was in awe
pamphlets that will soon                                                                               at the way this ordinary room
be available in PDF for-                                                                               was transformed before my
mat on the OCA web site.                                                                               eyes into the abode of the
Conciliar Press [www.                                                                                  Glory of God! It is amazing
conciliar] also                                                                              what a few well-placed icons,
has a wealth of excellent           A growing flock Fr. Timothy Hojnicki with three new                a candle or two and some in-
introductory resources.             converts who embraced Orthodox Christianity on Pascha.             cense can do to a place! And
It’s also a good idea to de-                                                                           so our journey together began.
velop a “first impression piece” about the parish, listing its minis-      “But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth
tries, services, organizations, and other aspects of the community’s    His Son.” This verse from Galatians 4:4 sums up the de-
life.                                                                   velopment of Holy Apostles Mission. In the 1960s, Christ
     Maintain a presence on the internet. Properly                      the Saviour Church, Harrisburg, PA – our “Mother Church”
utilized, the internet is perhaps the greatest gift to evangelism to    – was forming under the leadership of Father Daniel
come along in centuries. A simple web site with basic informa-          Ressetar. Even within the early stages of the parish’s devel-
tion about Orthodox Christianity in general and the parish in           opment, the plan for a mission that would one day be planted
particular creates a “pre-first impression,” positive or negative,      by their parish was being formulated. When the “fullness
and can encourage or discourage visitors. A key element in par-         of time” arrived, the mission was sent forth to preach, to
ish web sites is simplicity. The information a visitor or inquirer is   teach, and to baptize; and so here we are today, attempt-
likely to want – names, addresses, directions, phone number, ser-       ing to bring the fullness of the faith to the people of south-
vice times, listing of ministries – should be prominently featured      central Pennsylvania.
on the home page.                                                           On June 22, 2004, the dream for a mission became a
     It is also crucial to keep a parish web site up-to-date. Clicking  reality. With the blessing of His Beatitude, Metropoli-
a link titled “This Week’s Bulletin,” only to find that the bulletin    tan Herman, the faithful of Holy Apostles Mission cel-
featured dates back to December 2002, sends a loud and clear            ebrated the first Divine Liturgy ever to be served in
message about a parish – and it’s not a positive one.                   Mechanicsburg. The energetic and enthusiastic faithful,
     In the next issue, we’ll take a look at some of the obstacles that comprised of people from different walks of life, ethnic
visitors can – but shouldn’t have to – face.                            backgrounds, and personal journeys of faith, have taken on
                                                                        the heavy burden of starting a new parish in an area where
Fr. Tosi is rector of St. Paul Church, Las Vegas, NV, and               Orthodoxy is relatively unknown. The mission has been
co-chairperson of the OCA Department of Evangelization.                                                                  Time to 24
24                                                                                                                     VOLUME 42      5/6

Time from 23
The fullness of time                             what you are!
blessed by many talented people, an ex-
cellent choir, a competent mission coun-         Uncrossing life’s mixed signals
cil, and a group of faithful ready and will-
                                                 FATHER DAVID SUBU
ing to manifest the name of Christ to the
    By God’s grace, we have received sev-
eral families from the surrounding area who
                                                 “B ecome whatyou sixare,” you were, as twoofpassages at firstthe 14th century.
                                                        “Come as
                                                 1990s. Separated by
                                                                     are, as
                                                                             Saint Gregory

                                                                         centuries, these
                                                                                               Sinai wrote in
                                                                                          I want you to be,” Nirvana sang in the
                                                                                                               may seem oddly
have joined our mission and rejoice that         similar. Nirvana’s “Come as you are” presents us with a list of mixed signals,
they now have a local Orthodox commu-            seemingly contradictory commands, and double talk: “Come as you are, but be
nity. This was one of the factors for our        want I want you to be; take your time, hurry up, it’s your choice, don’t be late.” On
mission’s formation – the long distance          the one hand, Nirvana tells us to “be free,” to “express ourselves,” and to “pursue
many had to travel to Christ the Saviour         our own dreams;” on the other hand, their message is dominated by pressure to
Church. We also have received three indi-        conform, to submit, to go along with everyone else, to “be yourself as long as you
viduals in the last year into the Orthodox       fit in, and as long as you don’t offend or hurt others’ feelings.” It is the terrible
                                                 paradox of a crowd of thousands standing and chanting in meaningless unison:
Church, and there are several others who
                                                 “We are all unique! We are all individuals!” It is the terrible tragedy of a society
are preparing to be received in the coming
                                                 in which the only thing some of us feel we have in common with any-one else is an
months.                                          utter sense of isolation – the same pointless emptiness that compelled Nirvana’s
    Our hope and prayer now is that we will      Kurt Cobain to commit suicide well over a decade ago.
find a permanent meeting place to set down            On the “flip side” we find Saint Gregory of Sinai, a monk living in the desert,
roots and form a stable haven for many who       instructing us to “become what you are.” Think of what assumptions he had to
are seeking the stability and the Truth          make in order to utter these words. First, affirms that what we are is essentially
that Orthodoxy readily provides. While           good, that God made each of us in His own image and likeness. No other creature
this is not the easiest task, the faithful are   can make this claim, even though the devil tries! Second, he asserts that we often
committed to establishing a beacon of faith      conceal, deny, or resist our true being and nature. What God created “good”
in this community. As Saint Paul wrote           cannot lose its goodness, but its goodness can be distorted, hidden, obscured.
to the Galatians, we are just waiting for “the        How do we lose that likeness? How do we obscure that good image? How do
fullness of time” for this next stage in our     we fall short of becoming what we are called to be? Think about it. Why do we fall
relatively young parish life to manifest it-     short of doing anything in this life, or fail to achieve the things we wish, or stop
self.                                            before we even start? Is it not because of fear? When I think of the things I regret
    Almost a year later, I often look back       in my life, I recall things I didn’t do or didn’t try because I was afraid. But I also
                                                 know I have forgiveness in Christ Jesus and that He can turn even my misdeeds
and reflect on my first experiences at Holy
                                                 into valuable lessons. At the same time, the best things I did in my life required me
Apostles. Now, setting up the chapel is a
                                                 to face my fears and to try my best, most of all by putting my trust in the Lord.
given – even more efficient due to a dili-            I’m sure you can think of all the good and worthwhile things you have already
gent crew of organizers and strategists.         done in your life and see that one of the main reasons they were so important was
Having to setup and take down several            because they challenged you to go beyond what you thought you could do, who
times during Holy Week and Pascha was            you thought you could be – indeed, to “become what you are…” This is how our
less than fun. But the joy in experiencing       fears sabotage us. Our fear tells us, “You could never do that,” or “They’ll never
my first Pascha here with a loving commu-        approve/accept you,” or “That’s just not the kind of person you are....”
nity made all that seem trivial. I cannot             Only God knows what kind of person we are capable of becoming. Only His
stress enough how amazing it is for a simple     acceptance matters. And He wants us to become who we are, and stop hiding our
room to have the feel of the greatest cathe-     beauty from Him and the world! Everything He has, He shares with us – and, in
dral with a little effort, love, and a whole     fact, He is already doing just this, whether we know it or not!
lot of prayer! Even now, when I meet with
the supervisor at “Mission Central” to dis-
cuss meeting dates, I still make the Sign of
                                                 food for thought...
the Cross knowing that in this mild man-         1 What do I really believe about God and His relationship to me? How does
nered place the Divine Mysteries are cel-          that belief affect my everyday decisions? My ability to say no to temptation?
ebrated weekly.                                  2 What do I believe about myself? How did I get that idea? Do I really believe
    Please remember our mission in your            that God “thinks and feels” the same way? Why or why not?
prayers as we strive to follow the example       3 In order to become the best Christian I can be, what beliefs about myself
of our patrons, the Holy Apostles, by mani-        and God do I need to challenge, change, or reject? How can I begin making
festing the name of Christ in South Central        the changes I need to make?
MAY/JUNE 2006                                                                                                                     25

Youth, Young Adult & Campus Ministry

Arts contest winners announced
Youth explore theme through artwork, creative writing, and music
             inners in the 2006 “Celebration of Faith” creative arts   Church, Lansing, MI, received an honorable mention.

W            contest were announced at the Fellowship of Ortho-
             dox Christians in America’s national basketball tour-
nament hosted by Archangel Michael Church, Broadview Heights,
                                                                          Danielle Jurichko, Saint Mary Cathedral, Minneapolis,
                                                                       MN, received an honorable mention in the photography competi-
OH on the weekend after Holy Pascha.                                      All entries were displayed at the tournament, in which over
    The annual contest is conducted in cooperation with the            400 youth and adults participated. Winners received a $100 US
Orthodox Church in America’s Department of Youth, Young                savings bond from the FOCA.
Adult, and Campus Ministry. All youth, regardless of the juris-           All entries may be viewed on the FOCA web site at
diction to which they belong, were invited to submit entries 
based on the contest theme, “Our Church and the Future:
Become What You Are.”
    In the visual arts category, Alexis Steffaro, Saints Peter
and Paul Church, South River, NJ, took first place in the
under 10 division. Ibtisam Matta, Saint Andrew Church,
Lansing, MI; Alastriona Kroll, Holy Myrrhbearers Mis-
sion, St. Cloud, MN; and Jelena Paripovic, also of Saint
Andrew Church, Lansing, won in the fourth through sixth
grade, seventh through ninth grade, and tenth through
twelfth grade categories.
    Aleksandra Petelski, Holy Transfiguration Cathedral,
Brooklyn, NY, won first place in the fourth through sixth
grade literature competition, while Rafael Perez of the
same parish won the seventh through ninth grade honor.
Alexandra Gregory, Saints Peter and Paul Church, South
River, NJ, received an honorable mention in the tenth
through twelfth grade division.
    Winning first place in the under 10 music division
was Daniel Ames, Holy Transfiguration Church, Livo-
nia, MI. Anna Jensky, Saint Stephen Cathedral, Phila-
delphia, PA, took first place in the tenth through twelfth
grade division, while Nevena Paripovic, Saint Andrew

                                                                       Alastriona Kroll’s
                                                                       winning watercolor [above] was among the many
                                                                       entries viewed by youth at the FOCA national basketball
                                                                       tournament [left] on the weekend after Pascha.
   Pope drops “Patriarch of the West” title, meaning...
   Bishop Hilarion of Vienna                          In the Byzantine epoch, there were        unity, according to many Orthodox theo-
                                                  four Eastern Patriarchates: Constantin-       logians, is the teaching on the primacy
            he mass media recently reported       ople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusa-        of the Bishop of Rome. It is this teach-

   T        that in the 2006 edition of Annu-
            ario Pontificio, the Pope’s title
   “Patriarch of the West” has been dropped.
                                                  lem. The Patriarchate of Rome was con-
                                                  sidered as “first among equals” in the
                                                  diptychs up until 1054, when the eccle-
                                                                                                ing that will be discussed in the frame-
                                                                                                work of the Mixed Commission.
                                                                                                    In this context unacceptable and even
   Now the official list of titles includes       siastical relations between East and West     scandalous, from the Orthodox point of
   “Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ,        were interrupted. Thus, in the West, there    view, are precisely those titles that re-
   Successor of the Prince of the Apostles,       was only one Patriarchate of Rome, while      main in the list, i.e. “Vicar of Jesus Christ,
   Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church,       in the East, there were four Patriarchates.   Successor of the Prince of the Apostles,
   Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metro-        The Patriarchate of the West, together        Supreme Pontiff of the Universal
   politan of the Roman Province, Sover-          with the four Eastern Patriarchates, con-     Church.” According to Orthodox teach-
   eign of the State of the Vatican City,”        stituted the so-called “pentarchy.”           ing, Christ has no “vicar” who would
   and “Servant of the Servants of God.”              It is the title “Bishop of Rome” that     govern the universal Church in His name.
        Some analysts saw in this omission        remains the most acceptable for the Or-           The title “Successor of the Prince of
   the desire to improve the relations with       thodox Churches, since it points to the       the Apostles” refers to the Roman Catho-
   the Orthodox Church. The former pre-           Pope’s role as diocesan bishop of the city    lic teaching on the primacy of Peter that
   fect of the Congregation for the Oriental      of Rome. The title “Archbishop and            was passed on to the Bishop of Rome
   Churches, Cardinal Achille Silvestrini,        Metropolitan of the Roman Province”           and that submitted to him the universal
   is reported to have said that the deletion     shows that the Pope’s jurisdiction in-        Church. This teaching has been criti-
   was a “sign of ecumenical sensitivity”         cludes not only the city of Rome, but         cized in Orthodox polemical literature
   on the part of Pope Benedict. The cardi-       also the province. The title “Primate of      from Byzantine time onwards.
   nal said that in the past some people used     Italy” indicates that the Bishop of Rome          The title “Supreme Pontiff” [Pontifex
   the title to provoke negative compari-         is “first among equals” among the bish-       Maximus] originally belonged to the pa-
   sons between the claims of universal ju-       ops of Italy, i.e., using Orthodox lan-       gan emperors of Rome. It was not re-
   risdiction by the worldwide “Patriarch-        guage, Primate of a Local Church. With        jected by Emperor Constantine when he
   ate of the West” and the more restricted       this understanding, neither of the three      converted to Christianity. With relation
   size and jurisdiction of the traditional       titles would pose any problem for the         to the Pope of Rome, the title “Supreme
   Orthodox patriarchates. According to the       Orthodox in case of the reestablishment       Pontiff of the Universal Church” points
   cardinal, the Pope’s gesture “is meant to      of the Eucharistic communion between          to the Pope’s universal jurisdiction,
   stimulate the ecumenical journey.”             East and West.                                which is not and will never be recognized
        However, it is not at all clear how the       The model of Church unity between         by the Orthodox Churches. It is precisely
   removal of the title could possibly ame-       East and West will be discussed by the        this title that should have been dropped
   liorate Catholic-Orthodox relations. It        Mixed Catholic-Orthodox Theological           first, had the move been motivated by
   seems that the omission of the title “Pa-      Commission that will meet after a six-        the quest for “ecumenical progress” and
   triarch of the West” is meant to confirm       year break in the fall of 2006. It is clear   desire for amelioration of the Catholic-
   the claim to universal Church jurisdic-        that this model will be hypothetic, since     Orthodox relations.
   tion that is reflected in the Pope’s other     there remain many obstacles, both of
   titles, and if the Orthodox reaction to the    dogmatic and of ecclesiological charac-       Bishop Hilarion [Alfayev] is the
   gesture will not be positive, it should        ter, for the restoration of the full com-     Representative of the Russian Orthodox
   not be a surprise.                             munion. However, the main obstacle to         Church to the European Institutions.

Education from 21                                                        she mentions. She says that children need prayer, good role-
                                                                         modeling, love, sound guidance, and discipline. In addition,
Walking in wonder                                                        adults must refuse to “abandon offspring to the influences of an
oping compassion, and then faith, with the same practical but            anti-Christian culture” and must establish and protect an envi-
deeply spiritual advice she offers in the topics presented in the        ronment that “nurtures the spiritual life and allows it to thrive.”
book’s earlier chapters.                                                     Anyone who agrees that these things are essential for the
    For each of the book’s chapters there are suggested activities,      spiritual growth and development of children and who wants to
and at the beginning of each there is a series of objectives, or         improve his or her parenting and nurturing skills would benefit
things that the reader should realize after reading the chapter.         from reading and taking to heart the wise counsel in Walking in
These make the book easy to follow and offer the reader points to        Wonder.
look for while going through its pages. Another excellent feature            Walking in Wonder can be ordered on-line at www.
is the set of end notes, which offer a good bibliography.      
    We might summarize Walking in Wonder by quoting Ms.
White’s own words about what a child needs adults to provide in          Valerie Zahirsky, a graduate of St. Vladimir’s Seminary, is
order that the child can find and stay on that “path to God”             cochair of the OCA Department of Christian Education.
MAY/JUNE 2006                                                                                                                     27

              CZECH          REPUBLIC            &    SLOVAKIA                                   GREAT         BRITAIN

Archbishop Christopher elected                                                            Moscow Patriarchate
                                                                                          retires Bishop Basil
Primate of Czech-Slovak Church
                                                                                          of Sergievo
       is Eminence, Archbishop Christo- saw the work of the Church’s Metropoli-

H      pher of Prague and the Czech Lands tan Council.
       was enthroned as the Primate of the        A participant in numerous theological   H  is Holiness, Patriarch Aleksy II of Mos-
                                                                                             cow and All Rus retired His Grace,
Autocephalous Orthodox Church of the conferences, Metropolitan Christopher is Bishop Basil of Sergievo, who since the
Czech Lands and Slovakia at                                                                          death of His Eminence, Metro-
Saints Cyril and Methodius                                                                           politan Anthony [Bloom] had
Cathedral, Prague, on Sunday,                                                                        served as administrator of the
May 26, 2006.                                                                                        Patriarchate’s British Diocese
    Archbishop Christopher                                                                           of Sourozh.
was elected at an all-Church                                                                            The Patriarch’s action came
council on May 2. He succeeds                                                                        in response to Bishop Basil’s
His Beatitude, Metropolitan                                                                          expressed desire to leave the
Nikolaj, who entered eternal                                                                         Moscow Patriarchate and align
rest on January 30, 2006 after                                                                       himself and those clergy and
a lengthy illness.                                                                                   parishes of the Sourozh Dio-
    Metropolitan Christopher                                                                         cese wishing to follow him with
was born in Prague in 1953.                                                                          the Ecumenical Patriarchate of
He was ordained to the dia-                                                                          Constantinople.
conate and priesthood in 1974.                                                                          Patriarch Aleksy’s decision
He completed his studies at                                                                          to retire Bishop Basil was an-
the Orthodox Theological                                                                             nounced in London’s Cathe-
Faculty in Presov, Czechoslo-                                                                        dral of the Dormition and All
vakia, in 1979. He pursued          OCA represented at enthronement Saints on Sunday, May 14,
graduate studies at the Mos-                                                                         2006.
cow Theological Academy,
from which he graduated in
                                   A     rchimandrite Zacchaeus [right], dean of the OCA’s
                                         Representation Church of Saint Catherine in
                                    Moscow, represented His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman
                                                                                                        In a letter to Patriarch Ale-
                                                                                                     ksy that triggered the action,
1984. In 1987, he completed                                                                          Bishop Basil had complained
                                    and the Orthodox Church in America at the enthronement
additional theological studies                                                                       that the Moscow Patriarchate
                                    of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Christopher, in Prague
at the Theological Faculty of                                                                        favored ministry to recent im-
                                    May 28, 2006. He joined representatives of all
the University of Athens,                                                                            migrants from the former Soviet
                                    autocephalous Orthodox Churches at the celebration.
Greece.                                                                                              Union at the expense of the
                                       At a festive banquet following the enthronement Liturgy,
    In 1985, he was tonsured to                                                                      descendents of earlier immigra-
                                    Archimandrite Zacchaeus read the congratulatory
monastic orders at the Holy                                                                          tions and the growing number
                                    message of Metropolitan Herman and presented a
Trinity-Saint Sergius Monas-                                                                         of British converts desiring to
                                    panagia, a gift from the Orthodox Church in America,
tery in Sergiev-Posad [then                                                                          worship in English. It is esti-
                                    to Metropolitan Christopher.
known as Zagorsk], Russia,                                                                           mated that since the collapse
taking the name Christopher.                                                                         of communion, some 100,000
Two years later, His Beatitude, Metro- well known for his pursuits in the fields of immigrants from the former USSR had made
politan Dorotheus, Primate of the Ortho- theology and philosophy. He is fluent in Great Britain their new home.
dox Church of Czechoslovakia, elevated several languages, including Russian,                Replacing Bishop Basil is His Emi-
him to the rank of archimandrite. In Greek, German, and English.                        nence, Archbishop Innocent, who heads
1988, he was consecrated to the episco-           Upon learning of Archbishop the Moscow Patriarchate’s parishes in
pacy and elected Bishop of Olomouc and Christopher’s election, His Beatitude, Met- France. Archbishop Innocent was also ap-
Brno.                                         ropolitan Herman, Primate of the Orthodox pointed to head a commission to investi-
    After the repose of Metropolitan Doro- Church in America, sent congratulatory gate the problems and tensions the Sourozh
theus in 2000, he was named Archbishop greetings on behalf of the clergy and faith- Diocese has been facing for a number of
of Prague and the Czech Lands and over- ful of the Church.           Source: OCA        years.      Source: ENI
28                                                                                                                       VOLUME 42      5/6

                                                                                               does not so much modify or even weaken

The union of man and woman                                                                     marriage as abolish it. The danger this be-
                                                                                               tokens for family life and a general condi-
                                                                                               tion of social justice and ordered liberty is
Metropolitan Herman, Archbishop Demetrios                                                      hard to overestimate.
                                                                                                   “Therefore, we take the unprecedented
among US religious leaders affirming marriage                                                  stand of uniting to call for a constitutional
                                                                                               amendment to establish a uniform national
as “a universal, covenantal union of a man and                                                 definition of marriage as the exclusive
                                                                                               union of one man and one woman. We are
woman intended for personal love, support and                                                  convinced that this is the only measure that
                                                                                               will adequately protect marriage from those
fulfillment, and the bearing and rearing of                                                    who would circumvent the legislative pro-
children.”                                                                                     cess and force a redefinition of it on the
                                                                                               whole of our society. We encourage all
                                                                                               citizens of good will across the country to
        is Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman       stressed by the world’s great monotheistic     step forward boldly and exercise their right

H       of the Orthodox Church in America
        and His Eminence, Archbishop
Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Arch-
                                                religious traditions and is, today, increas-
                                                ingly confirmed by impeccable social sci-
                                                ence research.
                                                                                               to work through our constitutionally es-
                                                                                               tablished democratic procedures to amend
                                                                                               the Constitution to include a national defi-
diocese of America were among dozens of             “Long concerned with rates of divorce,     nition of marriage. We hereby announce
US religious leaders who issued a strongly      out-of-wedlock births, and absentee fa-        our support for S.J. Res.1, the Marriage Pro-
worded letter defending traditional mar-        thers, we have recently watched with ex-       tection Amendment.
riage on April 26, 2006.                        treme alarm the growing trend of some              “May God bless all marriages and all
     The complete text of the letter reads as   courts to make marriage something it is        those who labor to protect the sanctity and
follows.                                        not: an elastic concept able to accommo-       promote the goodness of marriage through-
     “Throughout America, the institution       date almost any individual preference. This    out this nation.”
of marriage is suffering. As leaders in our
nation’s religious communities, we cannot
sit idly by. It is our duty to speak. And so    Ground broken for OCMC training center
across the lines of theological division, we
have united to affirm, in one voice, the fol-          rthodox Christian                                             At the festive lun-
     “For millennia our societies have rec-
                                                O      mission efforts
                                                abroad received a major
                                                                                                                cheon that followed,
                                                                                                                Bishop Dimitrios high-
ognized the union of a man and a woman          boost on May 5, 2006, as                                        lighted the historic sig-
in the bond of marriage. Cross-culturally       ground-breaking cer-                                            nificance of the event,
virtually every known human society un-         emonies for the Ortho-                                          noting that the new
derstands marriage as a union of male and       dox Christian Mission                                           building – the first per-
female. As such marriage is a universal,        Center’s new missionary                                         manent building erect-
natural, covenantal union of a man and a        training and support cen-                                       ed by a SCOBA agency
woman intended for personal love, support       ter were celebrated by                                          – will strengthen Or-
and fulfillment, and the bearing and rear-      His Grace Dimitrios of                                          thodox missionary out-
ing of children. Sanctioned by and or-          Xanthos, general secre-                                         reach. As such, he
dained of God, marriage both precedes and       tary of the Standing Con-                                       noted, the missionary
sustains civil society.                         ference of the Canonical                                        training center will serve
     “Marriage is particularly important for    Orthodox Bishops in the        Bishop Dimitrios of              as a physical symbol of
the rearing of children as they flourish best   Americas.                      Xanthos blesses site for         the unity that exists be-
                                                                               new OCMC training center.
under the long term care and nurture of their       The day opened with                                         tween the various Or-
father and mother. For this and other rea-      an overcast sky, but as                                         thodox jurisdictions in
sons, when marriage is entered into and         the ground breaking services began, the      the US.
gotten out of lightly, when it is no longer     sun shone brightly. Faithful from Ortho-         The Rev. Luke Veronis, OCMC mis-
the boundary of sexual activity, or when it     dox communities throughout the country       sionary for ten years in Albania and Africa,
is allowed to be radically redefined, a host    joined local dignitaries, OCMC benefac- elaborated on the building’s significance.
of personal and civic ills can be expected      tors, board members, staff, and missionar- He spoke of how the center will play an
to follow. Such a point has always been         ies, to mark the historic day.               important role in inspiring and preparing

future missionaries for cross-cultural min-
    The ground breaking event was held in
conjunction with OCMC’s semiannual
board of directors meeting May 3 – 5. The
board is composed of 46 clergy and laity
representing SCOBA’s member jurisdic-
    More information on OCMC’s interna-
tional missionary programs and a com-
plete photo gallery of the ground breaking        Serbian Orthodox Metropolitan Christopher hosts SCOBA hierarchs at
ceremonies may be found at www.ocmc.              New York City’s St. Sava Cathedral.

                                                    The Very Rev. David Brum, secretary         tion of the Serbian Orthodox Church to the
SCOBA hierarchs                                 to His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman,          US.
                                                represented the Metropolitan at the meet-           Also attending the meeting were His
plan October                                    ing.                                            Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios, Greek
                                                    His Eminence, Metropolitan Christo-         Orthodox Archdiocese of America, SCOBA
2006 gathering                                  pher of the Serbian Orthodox Church in
                                                the USA and Canada, hosted the meeting
                                                                                                chairman; His Eminence, Archbishop An-
                                                                                                thony, Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the
     t a May 2, 2006 meeting of the Stand-      at New York City’s Saint Sava Cathedral.        USA; His Eminence, Metropolitan Joseph,
A    ing Conference of Canonical Ortho-
dox Bishops in the Americas [SCOBA],
                                                    Besides regular agenda items – reports
                                                from the Orthodox Christian Mission Cen-
                                                                                                Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church; His
                                                                                                Eminence, Archbishop Nicolae, Roman-
member hierarchs and jurisdictional repre-      ter, International Orthodox Christian           ian Orthodox Archdiocese of America and
sentatives were briefed on the theme, lec-      Charities, and other SCOBA agencies – the       Canada; His Grace, Bishop Basil, Antioch-
turers, and coordinators of the forthcom-       hierarchs and representatives expressed         ian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of
ing pan-Orthodox conference of all Ameri-       concern for the suffering Serbian faithful      North America; and His Grace, Bishop
can Bishops, slated to convene in Chicago       in Kosovo and Metohija and discussed            Dimitrios of Xanthos, SCOBA general sec-
October 3-6, 2006.                              the spring 2006 visit of an official delega-    retary.

   ROCOR hierarchs adopt draft of act                                                          of Bishops’ purview would be made in
                                                                                               agreement with the Patriarch of Moscow
   of canonical communion with MP                                                              and the Holy Synod of the Russian Or-
        he Council of Bishops of the Rus-        was instructed “to reach agreement on         thodox Church.
   T    sian Orthodox Church Outside of
   Russia [ROCOR], which met under the
                                                 the joint publication of the draft ‘Act on
                                                 Canonical Communion’ even before its
                                                                                                   The “Act on Canonical Communion”
                                                                                               will take force upon its adoption by both
   chairmanship of ROCOR’s first hierarch,       final confirmation in order to inform the     the Holy Synod of the Russian Ortho-
   His Eminence, Metropolitan Laurus of          clergy and flock in both parts of the Rus-    dox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate
   Eastern America and New York in San           sian Church of its contents,” the report      and the ROCOR Synod of Bishops.
   Francisco May 15-19, 2006 after the           says.                                             ROCOR hierarchs issued an epistle
   conclusion of the IV All-Diaspora Coun-           The enactment of the document will        to the faithful at the end of their session,
   cil one week earlier, adopted and ap-         mark the restoration of the full-scale ca-    highlights of which read as follows.
   proved a draft “Act on Canonical Com-         nonical communion between ROCOR                   • “Basing our decision upon the sup-
   munion with the Moscow Patriarchate           and the Moscow Patriarchate, headed by        port of the IV All-Diaspora Council and
   [MP],” as reported on ROCOR’s web site.       His Holiness, Patriarch Aleksy II of Mos-     expressing its unanimous desire, we have
       The draft was adopted despite certain     cow and All Rus.                              taken certain positive steps towards
   points that have yet to be resolved. The          ROCOR would be independent in             achieving the desired ecclesiastical
   formal signing of the final version of the    pastoral, administrative, economic, prop-     peace within our Local Russian Ortho-
   document has been conferred upon the          erty, and civil matters. The Council of       dox Church. With God’s help, general
   Synod of Bishops.                             Bishops would be vested with the su-          agreement has been reached on the
       In addition, the Commission on dis-       preme authority within the ROCOR.             step-by-step development of canonical
   cussions with the Moscow Patriarchate         Decisions beyond the ROCOR Council                                        ROCOR to 30
30                                                                                                                          VOLUME 42     5/6

Spirit from 5                                                             ROCOR from 29

Challenged by a blessing                                                  ROCOR hierarchs adopt draft
    1. Our faith continually grows and develops. Have we among            and Eucharistic communion between the sundered parts of the
us some who haven’t made an honest commitment to Christ? Let              one Russian Church. The Commission on talks with the corre-
us find them – not to criticize or humiliate them, but to shore up        sponding Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church of the
their convictions. When we offer the invitation, “Let us lift up          Moscow Patriarchate has been given specific tasks for immediate
our hearts,” are some of us sunk in despair or fluctuating between        consideration at the next joint session to resolve remaining ques-
service to God and a commitment to the things of the earth? We            tions.
can’t move on to the Kingdom while leaving some of us behind.                 • “It has become especially clear to us what we were witnesses
    2. Our love for one another increases the longer we go on             of the visible influence of the Holy Spirit upon the members of the
worshipping our loving Lord in the Liturgy. It has to mean some-          IV All-Diaspora Council, which revealed to us that unity in Truth
thing that our being together is not an accident. Everything is           and love is the will of God, and all human endeavors must submit
part of the Lord’s greater plan. He wants us to know one another          to it. We do not intend to idealize the situation; without a doubt,
and to pass our love through our parish. Maybe we were brought            there are problems in both parts of the Russian Church which
to church by loving parents, and we now come as a “duty.” Per-            demand correction. Let us then heed Christ, Who said to us: ‘And
haps our spouse is caught up in the Spirit and we simply tag              why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but
along. By our love for the lukewarm, we can fire up these souls.          considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?’ [Matthew 7:3],
    3. And our faith, embraced by love, goes on and on. There is          and act in accordance with the instruction of the Apostle [Paul]:
no end to our commitment. In this time of transition, in which so         “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ”
many promises fail fulfillment, marriages dissolve, youngsters            [Galatians 6:2].
lose their affection for their parents, and so many think that they           • “We, the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside
can go through life scrapping old obligations like used kleenex,          of Russia, are not simply attempting to capture and take into
let us strive to make God’s Church the one stable refuge where His        consideration the mood of our flock, in order to maneuver upon
children will go on maturing and developing from one age and              the waves of ever-changing majority opinion, but must more than
stage to another, filled with the awareness that Jesus never fails,       anything else seek the will of God will in prayerful concentration,
nor do His followers.                                                     and in the spirit and not the letter of the Gospel, of the Holy
    It’s an overwhelming privilege to be a member of the People           Fathers and of the Church Canons.... A pastoral approach dictates
of God called “Orthodox Christian.” May it be not a boast, but a          that we proceed prudently upon the path of reconciliation with
self-evident fact that this spiritual community manifests the faith-      the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, so as
fulness, affections, and constancy Saint Paul proposed to the             not to ‘break a bruised reed’ [Matthew 12:20]; yet prudence by no
Church of Thessalonica, and may each member of every parish               means signifies a reversal of direction or a setting aside of the
take as a personal commitment making this happen.                         God-pleasing task of reconciliation. No deadlines established or
                                                                          prescribed by anyone dictate our actions. We intend to achieve
                                                                          the unity of the Russian Church without delay, upon the satisfac-
  Visit the Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards
                                                                          tory and mutually acceptable resolution of remaining problems.
  link at to learn how you                                    They are well known and clearly outlined. We have no intention
  and your parish can help expand                                         of putting forth new pretensions.
  the work of the OCA’s departments!                                          • “And so, we turn to our dear flock with the prayerful call to
                                                                          set aside quarrels and differences, and to join together for the
Witness from 18                                                           salvific task of reestablishing the unity of the Russian Church. As
                                                                          King Solomon said: ‘Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth
Giving the gift of literacy                                               all sins’ [Proverbs 10:12]. The Word of God teaches us that the
of the entire parish. Inform parishioners of students’ needs for          times are changing: ‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to
food, financial and legal assistance, clothing, furniture, and friend-    every purpose under the heaven’ [Ecclesiastes 3:1]. There was a
ship! In one midwest parish that has offered literacy classes for         time for resistance; now the time has come for reconciliation. The
several years, a student informed his teacher that his sister in Mexico   world which lies in sin requires testimony to our unity, to the fact
was in need of, but could not afford, a wheel chair. The teacher          that we who are in the diaspora and our brothers and sisters in our
informed the parish clergy, who brought the need to the attention         renascent Homeland are truly ‘of one body, and one Spirit... one
of the faithful. A special collection was taken to purchase the           Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, Who is
wheel chair, after which the student and his entire family attended       above all, and through all, and in you all’ [Ephesians 4:4-6]. And
the Sunday Liturgy to thank the parishioners for their generosity,        we archpastors appeal to you, our flock beloved of God-beloved,
thereby “putting a face” on those being helped by the parish.             imploring you, in the words of the Apostle, ‘that ye walk worthy
    Never overlook the fact that, while the vast majority of parish-      of the vocation wherewith ye are called, with all lowliness and
ioners may not be able to volunteer to teach, they certainly can          meekness, with long-suffering, forbearing one another in love,
get involved in providing assistance to needy students and to the         endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace’
follow-up ministries that will surely emerge.                             [Ephesians 4:1-3].”       Source: ROCOR, Interfax
MAY/JUNE 2006                                                                                                                                31

FOCA hosts leadership seminar                                                   Indiana scout receives A-O award
BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, OH – Eighteen young adults                                   MERRILLVILLE, IN – Archbishop Job of Chicago and the
representing the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in                           Midwest recently presented the Alpha-Omega scouting
America’s Midwest, New Jersey, and Colonial districts                                                              award to Samuel Ely of
participated in a leadership training seminar at Archangel                                                         the Protection of the Vir-
Michael Church here on April 28, 2006.                                                                             gin Mary Church here.
   The seminar was held in conjunction with the FOCA’s na-                                                              Sam completed the
tional basketball tournament during the last weekend of April.                                                     program under the guid-
   At the FOCA’s 2005 national convention, it was decided                                                          ance of Fr. Peter Bod-
that the organization’s executive board should sponsor the                                                         nar, rector.
seminar to inform, inspire, encourage, and support the                                                                  An altar boy, Sam is
development and involvement of future leaders of the FOCA.                                                         very active in Church
   The presenters – Michael G. Herzak, Laura F. Johnson,                                                           life. He regularly attends
Paul Fedoronko, Michael Steffaro, Robert Steffaro, and Dr.                                                         St. Vladimir Camp in
Alice Woog – brought a wide variety of experience to the                                                           Ohio and serves as vice
seminar as former FOCA presidents, district governors, and                                                         president of GOYA
national committee members.                                                                                        chapter at SS. Constan-
   The seminar featured a powerpoint presentation address-                       Samuel Ely receives award         tine and Helen Greek
ing leadership needs on the district and national levels;                        from Archbishop Job.              Orthodox Church,
reviewed the responsibilities of leaders and board of trustee                                                      Merrillville, IN.
members; and explored the qualifications required for those
pursuing leadership positions. Also reviewed were the
characteristics of effective leaders; ways leadership in the                    Michigan scout achieves Eagle
FOCA can enhance and support leadership in a chosen
profession, the Church, and other community activities; tips
                                                                                rank, receives A-O award
for getting involved in leadership positions; the need to                       ROCHESTER
understand and employ parliamentary procedures; and                             HILLS, MI –
points for conducting effective meetings.                                       Steven Sack, a
   ”The dialogue among the participants and with the                            member of St.
presenters was informative and engaging,” according to Dr.                      Mark Church
Woog. “This group of young adults demonstrated a sincere                        here, recently
interest in understanding the operation of the FOCA and learn-                  achieved
ing how to develop their talents and interests as potential                     scouting’s high-
leaders of the FOCA and Orthodoxy in North America.”                            est rank – Eagle
          Plans for another leadership training seminar in the                  Scout – and re-
future will be discussed by members of the FOCA executive                       ceived the Alpha
board at their summer 2006 meeting.                                             Omega Orthodox
                                                                                scouting award.
Former FOCA president Michael Herzak shares his                                     A member of
experiences with young adults.                                                  Washington
                                                                                Township Boy             Steven Sack with
                                                                                Scout Troop 256,         Fr. Andrew Yavornitzky.
                                                                                Steven designed,
                                                                                planned, and lead others in landscaping St. Mark Church as
                                                                                an Eagle Scout requirement. Work consisted in developing
                                                                                flower beds, planting shrubs and perennial flowers, and
                                                                                trumming with mulch. Downspouts and drainage were rede-
                                                                                signed and a concrete cross was fabricated and installed
                                                                                in the garden area. Steven solicited the help of other St.
                                                                                Mark youth and parishioners.
                                                                                   Presenting the Alpha-Omega award to Steven was Fr.
                                                                                Andrew Yavornitzky, rector.
                                                                                    In addition to his scouting activities, Steven has been an
                                                                                altar server for 10 years. He plans to remain active in the life
                                                                                of the parish when he begins his college studies in the fall.
                                                                 John Mindala

 Send photos and news to TOC Communities,
 One Wheaton Center 912, Wheaton, IL 60187 or to

STS choir visits Chicago area
BURR RIDGE, IL – The choir of St. Tikhon’s Seminary sang
responses at services at two suburban Chicago parishes
during the first weekend of May.
    On Saturday, May 6, the choir sang the responses at
Great Vespers at SS. Peter and Paul Church, Burr Ridge,
IL. Archbishop Job and several Chicago deanery clergy
concelebrated with Fr. Stephen Karaffa, rector.
   The following morning, hundreds of faithful filled St.
Joseph Church, Wheaton, IL, as the seminary choir sang the
responses at the hierarchical Divine Liturgy at which Arch-      The Holy Myrrhbearers sisterhood with Archbishop
bishop Job, assisted by the parish clergy, presided. The         Anthony and several of the concelebrating clergy during
seminarians were honored at a banquet after the Liturgy          the community’s annual pilgrimage.
and were treated to an evening of sight-seeing in Chicago.
   Fr. Michael Dahulich, STS dean, accompanied the choir.
   Over $4,000 was collected by faithful of the two parishes   Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery
for the ongoing needs and work of the seminary.
                                                               celebrates 29th anniversary
                                                               OTEGO, NY – His Eminence, Archbishop Anthony of the
                                                               Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA presided at services
                                                               during the annual pilgrimage to Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery
                                                               here May 6-7, 2006.
                                                                   Archbishop Anthony also tonsured the community’s
                                                               newest entrant, Sr. Mary, to the rank of riassophore.
                                                                   Also participating in the pilgrimage were Frs. John
                                                               Udics, Stephen Kopestonsky, Vincent Saverino, Jason Kap-
                                                               panadze, John Eissmann [Sr. Mary’s parish priest], Zenovyi
                                                               Zharsky, Frank Estocin, and Timothy Holowatch, together with
                                                               the faithful of the neighboring St. Innocent Mission and many,
                                                               many pilgrims from neighboring parishes.
                                                                  “We’ve completed 29 years of community life on that week-
                                                               end,” said Mother Raphaela, abbess, “and we look forward
                                                               to next year’s 30th anniversary.

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