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					 Winter 2003 - 2004                                                                                    Issue 8

                 A Newsletter for the Pennsylvania Capital Region Chapter Oncology Nursing Society

Officers for 2003 - 2004
      President                                                           SEVEN PENNSYLVANIA COUNTIES
    Michelle Kopp
 (717) 534-8508(home)
 (717) 531-6220(work)

    President Elect

    Gladdi Tomlinson
  (717) Unlisted (home)
  (717) 780-2386 (work)

     Cindy Strobeck
   (717) 244-0075 (home)
   (717) 741-8123 (work)                                                              Newsletter Editor
  Email:                                                          Debi Oxenberg
                                                                                    (717) 898-8798 (home)
   Program Chairperson                                                              (717) 741-8019 (work)
        Diane McElwain                                                            Email:
  (717) 764-8661 (home)
  (718) 741-8106 (work)
  Membership Chairperson                              1     Tool Kits
     Kathy Litchfield                                 2     29th Annual Congress
  (717) 766-1408 (home)                               3     Announcements
  (717) 782-6708 (work)
  Email:               4     Chapter Meetings
                                                      5     Certification Information & ONS News
                                                      6     ROAR Information
                                                      7     Member Message
                                                      8     From the President
  2                                                                                                             FOCUS
Tool Kit Available                                            The annual membership campaign is continuing for
                                                              calendar year January – December 2004. Please
                                                              complete your forms & return them to Kathy Litchfield.
                                                              Remember, you must be a member of National ONS to
                                                              be a chapter member.
                                                              Chapter Meetings
                                                              When:         January 15, Wednesday

The ONS Job Shadowing/Mentoring Toolkit For                                 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Successful Outcomes is now available. The goal of this        Topic:        The Biologic Treatment of Colon Cancer
kit, which was developed by a team of experts in the field
of oncology nursing, is to assist chapters, healthcare        Presenter: TBA
institutions, and educational institutions (e.g., high
                                                              Sponsor:      Bristol Myers Squibb – Matt Stern
schools, colleges, universities) in attracting new people
into the healthcare field, specifically oncology nursing.     Location:      Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center
Access this valuable resource logging into                                   Exit 40 off I-83                  New Cumberland, PA
                                                              RSVP by 1/10/04 to Diane McElwain:
                                                              (717) 741-8106 or
                                                              When:         February 10, Tuesday
                                                                            6:00PM - 9:00PM
                                                              Topic:        The Role of Invasive Analgesic Therapy
The Genetics & Cancer Care Guide for Oncology Nurses
is now available. This guide is available to provide          Presenter: Joseph Krzeminski, M.D.
oncology nurses with pivotal information about genetics
and its impact across the cancer care continuum. Access       Sponsor:      Medtronics - Nick Woods
the guide by logging into                                     Location:      Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center                     Exit 40 off I-83
xml                                                                          New Cumberland, PA
ONS 29 Annual Congress                                        RSVP by 1/10/04 to Diane McElwain:
                                                              (717) 741-8106 or
The next ONS Congress will be April 29-May 2, 2004 in         ********************************************************
Anaheim, CA. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to
visit the west coast, expand your knowledge base and          If you responded and find that you really can't attend- even a
network with your fellow oncology nurses.                     day or two ahead, PLEASE call me! The hotels have been great
                                                              about reducing the count. I realize that there are many things
                                                              that interfere unexpectantly, but I really hate to use the chapter
Announcements                                                 money for meals that aren't served. Remember, our chapter
                                                              PAYS for those empty seats!
Employment Opportunities
Oncology Program Director near West Philadelphia              Please help to make these meetings as pleasant as
This position is for a large health system @ one of the       possible. I really appreciate your support!
three sites that comprise the system. The Director will
work directly with the Administrator and Medical Director     Diane McElwain
to develop the strategic and business planning initiatives
for the center, to include directing, promoting,              Certification Information
implementing and monitoring all current and new cancer
programs and services. They are looking for a                 The following is an email submitted by Rita Brinkman,
professional who has a solid understanding of the             RN, MSN, OCN:
complete oncology care process. If you are interested or      I’ve been an OCN since 1987. This year was the first
know someone who may be appropriate for this position,        time I used ONC-PRO to renew my OCN. I found it a very
contact Michelle Smith, Senior Search Consultant,             easy process. I want to thank our chapter program
Corporate Search Consultants at the following email           chairpersons for obtaining continuing education approval
address:                             from ONS for our chapter meeting programs. I appreciate
                                                              their hard work since completing the CEU application
New Members & Membership Renewals:                            takes time and our chapter pays a fee. This is a great
                                                              benefit to our chapter members!
  3                                                                                                           FOCUS
                                                            ONS members who register by November 17 can take
Also, did you know you can accrue ONC-PRO points by         advantage of a special introductory offer of $89 course
serving our local chapter? By serving on the chapter        tuition. After November 17, tuition is $99 for members
board or local committee you can earn 5 points/year.
                                                            and $139 for nonmembers.
Refer to the Oncology Nursing Certification website and
booklet for details.
                                                            Tuition includes access to the course and faculty
Please make a commitment in 2004 to serving your ONS        instruction and a copy of the course text, Safe Handling
chapter. There are many opportunities and most do not       of Hazardous Drugs.
require a large time commitment. Take the first step and    For more information or to register, visit the Education area of
speak to a chapter board member.                   or call ONS toll free at 866-257-4ONS, ext. 6314
Dates & locations for the Oncology Certification Exams:
                                                            ROAR (Responsible Ovarian Awareness
April 19-May1, 2004 (Excluding Sundays)                     Required!)
First Application Deadline: January 21, 2004
Final Application Deadline: February 11, 2004               ROAR has accomplished a great deal in the past
                                                            year. The following is a sampling of what they were:
                                                               Became partner-members with the Ovarian Cancer
July 19-31, 2004 (Excluding Sundays)                            National Alliance
First Application Deadline: April 21, 2004                     Mailed & distributed posters sponsored by Ortho-
Final Application Deadline: May 5, 2004                         Biotech to area doctors, organizations and public
                                                                arenas to heighten awareness during Ovarian
October 18-30, 2004 (Excluding Sundays)                         Cancer Awareness month in September.
First Application Deadline: July 21, 2004                      Mailed out over 500 letters with information about
Final Application Deadline: August 4, 2004                      ovarian cancer to doctors in South Central
                                                                Pennsylvania. These have been followed up with
PAPER & PENCIL TESTS                                            telephone calls.
April 28, 2004                                                 Berlex has become a sponsor for the printing of
Anaheim, California(in conjunction with the ONS Annual          information tablets which are being distributed to the
Congress)                                                       doctors in South Central Pennsylvania.
     ®         ®

October 7, 2004                                             Upcoming ROAR Events:
Kansas City, MO                                                3/2/2004 – Speaking engagement @ Codorus
CPON Only                                                       Church of the Brethren
                                                               3/3/2004 – Women’s Health Fair – York, PA
                                                               6/9/2004 – Speaking engagement @ the
Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs: Online Course                 International Association of Administrative
from ONS:                                                       Professionals Meeting
Promote Safe Situations for You and Your Patients              9/2004 – Ovarian National Alliance Conference in
Are you wondering about whether your hazardous drug             Washington, D.C.
handling is safe? Do you feel comfortable with your
knowledge of personal protective equipment? Does your       Member Message
busy schedule demand a convenient, flexible alternative
to classroom instruction?                                   Dear Oncology Nurses,
                                                            In less then two weeks, I will be leaving for Cameroon,
Register for Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs, a            West Africa. I wish to thank you for the generous
                                                            donation you provided to assist with the expenses
three-week, self-directed online course that provides the
                                                            associated with this mission. Without the help of people
quality instruction you expect from ONS in a new,           like you, it would not have been possible for me to
convenient format.                                          participate in this worthwhile cause.
• Engage in self-paced reading assignments, activities,
  and learning opportunities.                               I am excited about the weeks ahead and what
• Participate in unique chat forums offered at four         opportunities may await for me. As I prepare physically
  different dates and times.                                by gathering items that I will need, bug spray, mosquito
• Interact with faculty through one-on-one emails, chat     nets, travel gear, I find myself also preparing mentally
                                                            and spiritually. I do not know exactly what God has in
  forums, and ongoing evaluation of assignments.
                                                            store for me when I get to Cameroon, but very soon I will
• Share expertise with colleagues in chat forums.           find out!
  4                                                           FOCUS
Upon my return, I look forward to sharing testimony of my
experiences. I will be in touch and hope to arrange a time
to come and meet with you.

Please keep all of the women who are traveling with this
global education and advocacy program in your prayers.
Their first names are Dorothy, Bette, Diane, Avis, Kristin,
Marlene, Cindy, Sheryn, Beth, Judy, Anita, Debra, Claire,
Susan, Amalia, Ruth, and myself, Tricia. There will also
be a group of women from African countries traveling
with us.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your
kindness and generosity.

God’s blessings to you,

Patricia M. Snyder
From the President
Greetings and Happy Holidays,

It is with much angst that I write this farewell as chapter
President. Over the last 12 months we have grown. I
want to tell you a little of what we have accomplished in

The chapter is the largest it has been with 83 members
for 2003. We have given $1,182 in scholarship monies
with 13 scholarships distributed. We have earned a grant
to send one member to Congress fully paid by mentoring
young nurses. We have heard 9 speakers talk on cancer
management and treatment of disease. We were
awarded an engraved gavel for our anniversary as a
chapter. We celebrated Oncology nurses’ month in style
by caring for ourselves…

As an oncology nurse, I have grown through the
experiences you have shared with me. As an individual, I
have been mentored and mentored in my leadership role.
I leave taking with me the laughter, excitement, and
experience I feel at every meeting because of your
dedication to your patients.

I want to thank the 2003 chapter board members for their
indulgence of my wild ideas (we did have fun making the
gifts for Oncology nurses’ month), their constant
willingness to go the extra mile, and their dedication to
our chapter.

I want to welcome Sharlene Bence, President and Mary
Lou Kanaskie President-elect for the 2004 chapter year.
This is a great leadership team!

In closing, I hope that your holiday season is joyous and
that your New Year be filled with happiness.



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