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					                                          Writing a Hypothesis: Practice 1
                                                                     Hypothesis Writing Review

                                         The format for writing a hypothesis is…
                      If (variables),
                      then (predict the outcome of the experiment using the dependent variable)

Directions: Read each scenario and then write a hypothesis for the scenario using the format
that you learned in class.
Using one sheet of paper or using Microsoft word, write or type each hypothesis. Be sure to
include a proper heading on your paper. You need to include the number and title of each
hypothesis prior to writing.

   1. Shoe Brand on Sprint Times
         a. If _____________________, then ______________________.

1. Shoe Brand on Sprint Times

Two 8th grade students wanted to know the effect of shoe brand on speed. They took 2 brands
of track shoes (Nike and Adidas) and measured 50-yard dash times in each brand of shoe. They
thought that the Nike shoes would be faster. They compared the dash times to see which shoe
resulted in the lowest sprint times.

2. Sweetener on Bubble Gum Size

Laura loved to chew gum– and she especially liked to blow bubbles. She wondered if the type of
sweetener (real sugar or artificial sweetener) affected the size of the bubble. She assumed that
they would be the same size. Laura got a pack of regular gum and a pack of sugar-free gum and
chewed each. She blew the largest possible bubbles for each type of gum– then she measured
the size of the bubbles to see if the sweetener type made a difference.

3. The Effects of Silence on Homework Accuracy

Amanda had trouble focusing on homework. She’d sit at her desk in her bedroom and stare at
her books, but her mind would wander and she couldn’t focus on her work. She wondered if
she could focus better if she turned off all of the distractions around her. She got her
homework together and turned off the TV and all of the other things in her room that made
noise- making her room silent. She predicted that eliminating “background noise” would help
her focus.

4. The Effects of Front Row Seating on Science Grades

Ryan got grounded by his parents because he had a D in science class. He wondered if moving
his seat to the front of the class would help him pay attention in class and raise his grade. He
predicted that if he could raise his grade to a C if he moved from the back of the room to the
front row of the class.

5. Hypothesis Bob’s Popcorn Experiment

Hypothesis Bob loved to eat microwavable popcorn. One day he was at the grocery store and
found himself in the popcorn aisle. He was looking over the different brands of microwavable
popcorn when he noticed something peculiar- the prices. He stood there a studied the different
boxes and came to the conclusion that there were two kinds of popping corn- bargain popcorn
and gourmet popping corn. The box for the gourmet popping corn advertised that it would
have fewer un-popped kernels than bargain brands. Immediately he recognized that this is
actually a testable question: “what is the effect of brand name on the amount of microwavable
popcorn kernels popped.” He bought a box of “Fred’s Bargain Popcorn” which Bob normally
ate, and “Big Betty’s Gourmet Popcorn” which was the most expensive popcorn in the store. He
took them home and popped both bags in the oven as directed. He emptied the bags one at a
time and separated the popped and unpopped kernels. He divided the weight of the unpopped
by the weight of the popped and found that (by weight) 97% of the bargain popcorn popped.
He did the same with the gourmet popcorn and found that if had 96% of its kernels popped.

6. The Effect of Detentions on Homework

Hypothesis Bob predicted that giving detentions for missing homework would lower the
amount of homework missed in his local middle school. He recorded the number of missed
homework for 30 days, and then the school agreed to assign detentions for each missed
homework assignment. He then compared the numbers to see if the policy had any effect.

7. The Effect of Carbohydrates and Weight

Hypothesis Bob wondered if eliminating all carbohydrates from his diet would help him lose
weight. He weighed himself on Monday, then ate no food high in carbs for 7 days. He re-
weighed himself the following Monday expecting that his weight would be the same as the
previous week.


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