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					Dear LFWA honouraries,

In this monthly update for November 2011, we have gathered news items,
upcoming events and internet information sources that we hope will be of interest
and use to you.


The Western Sentinel, Vol. 10, No. 6, 27 Oct 2011

Troops depart to Kabul
(Capt Wright Eruebi)

EDMONTON— On Oct12, approximately 200 CF members from Land Force
Western Area (LFWA) were deployed on Operation Attention, NATO’s Training
Mission in Afghanistan.

―Now that Canada has completed its combat mission out of Kandahar, the
Canadian Forces’ focus is centered on support to the NATO Training Mission,
primarily out of Kabul,‖ said BGen. P.J. Bury, Deputy Commander of the LFWA.
―The experience that our troops have gained from conducting operations in
Afghanistan since 2002, make this mission a perfect fit for our personnel.‖

Under the command of MGen Michael Day, Commander of the Canadian
Contingent Training Mission Afghanistan, CF members will instruct Afghan
soldiers in weapons’ handling, first aid, and the Law of Armed Conflict. In
addition, specialty skills training will be taught, including driving, literacy and
instructor training. [More…]

What is Soldier On?

Soldier On contributes to optimizing the functional independence of ill or injured
CF personnel, or former personnel, by delivering programs that provide
opportunities that support their full and active participation in physical fitness,
health living and sports.

The Soldier On Fund provides grants to injured or ill Canadian Forces personnel,
or former personnel, to buy modified sports equipment like custom mountain
bikes and basketball wheelchairs, etc. The fund subsidizes costs of fitness and
sports activities and high performance training for those who aspire to compete
nationally or internationally. The fund is supported by donations collected by
National Defence. [More…]

Combat Engineers change command
(Grant Cree)

Members of 41 Combat Engineer Regiment (41 CER) held a change of
command ceremony on Oct. 15 in the training area at Edmonton Garrison. It was
a unique parade because it was conducted in the middle of a field training
exercise. Approximately 60 of these Army Reservists took advantage of the
sunny weather and did a variety of field activities before they formed up for the

Col Roy Boehli, Commander of 41 Canadian Brigade Group (41 CBG), was the
Reviewing Officer who presided over the ceremony. The outgoing Commanding
Officer (CO), LCol Eppo van Weelderen, assumes new responsibilities as
commander of the 41 CBG Battle School.

The incoming CO, Maj Mark Hussey, has served as the Acting CO for 41 CER
for the past several months, and Col Boehli took this opportunity to promote him
to the rank of LCol. [More…]

Lake Superior Scottish Change of Command

Lake Superior Scottish Regiment held a Change of Command Parade at the
Armoury, Thunder Bay Ont., Sept. 10 . Following the parade, LCol B.H.
Faulkner, Commanding Officer of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment, retired
from the Canadian Forces after 41 years of service.

WITG experiences live fire training at Shilo
(Rfn Will Adair, Royal Winnipeg Rifles)

Members of the Winnipeg Infantry Tactical Group (WITG) participated in live fire
training in Shilo, MB from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2.

This weekend was one of the first stepping stones for Exercise Arctic Ram 2012
task, a training event up North, in which the leadership and the members of the
WITG take great pride. The WITG is one of the groups supplying soldiers to the
Arctic Response Company Group (ARCG). In the last few years the WITG has
been given the task of arctic response in support of other elements and
operations of the Canadian Forces. It is a very important tasking, not only to the
unit but to the overall security and sovereignty of the Canadian north. [More…]

50 years of avalanche control
(Submitted by 1 RCHA)

On Sept. 10, a contingent of 1RCHA soldiers celebrated half a century of
partnership between Parks Canada and the Canadian Forces in Rogers Pass,
where the Royal Canadian Artillery has conducted avalanche control for 50
years. The operation, named Operation Palaci, involves a small contingent of
soldiers to be stationed in the remote mountain pass every winter to ensure the
safety of the Trans-Canada Highway and the Canadian Pacific Railway from
dangerous avalanches by employing artillery fires. Along with their troop
commander and troop sergeant major, two detachments of artillery from CFB
Shilo joined four other detachments from 5 Fd Regiment RCA and 15 Fd
Regiment RCA, of Vancouver and Victoria respectively, for the event in Rogers
Pass. [More…]

The Maple Leaf ,Vol. 14, No. 28

Health and fitness: examples to follow
(Steve Fortin)

Everyone knows it is easier to start your day in top shape if you have done a little
exercise, especially if you are a member of the military,‖ says 3 Wing Bagotville’s
Master Corporal Martin Delisle, a member of the unit’s cycling team.

The annual CF Sports Awards Ceremony was set up by Director General –
Personnel and Family Support Services to honour athletic excellence and
outstanding contributions to the CF sport system. This is the event’s 23rd year; it
will be held November 5 at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. The theme
is ―Canadian Forces and International Sports.‖

The ceremony is an opportunity to honour the athletes, coaches, officials and
teams in the CF who maintain the sports tradition and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Canada Army Run: a national success
(Steve Fortin)

It took a good hour to register for one of the two events of the 2011 Canada Army
Run, the 5K and the half-marathon. Both were sold out more than two weeks
before September 18.

Since 2009, the Canada Army Run has grown exponentially, becoming the
fastest growing run in Canada. While the events attracted 11,000 participants in
2009 and 14,000 in 2010, more than 16,000 civilian and military participants ran,
walked and rolled side by side along spectator-lined streets this year, raising tens
of thousands of dollars for the Soldier On program and the Military Families

This event is a rare opportunity for all members of the Defence Team, along with
the civilian population, to participate in an activity in support of one of the CF
objectives outlined in the Canada First Defence Strategy, that is, maintaining a
good fitness level and healthy lifestyle through physical activity.

Gagetown Hosts Sniper Competition
(Steve Fortin)

In September, snipers from all over the world gathered at CFB Gagetown for the
15th Canadian International Sniper Concentration, a supreme precision shooting
event for the best of the best.

The event brings together a group of people with a unique occupation for a
friendly competition that allows them to share knowledge and skills.

―The event is designed to help participants develop their professional skills and
give them the opportunity to practise their marksmanship in a wide variety of
situations. Since we also invite snipers from Canadian law enforcement
organizations, as well as from other countries, the participants have the
opportunity to share information on the most recent doctrinal changes and new
developments in equipment,‖ said Captain John Bourgeois, who is responsible
for the Infantry School at CFB Gagetown Combat Training Centre. [More…]

Canadian Military Journal - Vol. 11, No. 4, Autumn 2011

How much are Primary Reservists Worth? CWO Unger

The increased number of Primary Reservists working effectively alongside their
Regular Force counterparts has raised a recurring question: why is there still a
15 percent gap between Regular and Reserve Force pay? (go to for more…)


07 Nov 11 - Manitoba Salutes Gala Dinner
11 Nov 11 – Remembrance Day
16 – 18 Nov 11 - CME Branch Council/Mess Dinner
26 Nov 11 - Western Canada Signal Conference
28 Nov – 1 Dec – Army Council (Toronto)

26 – 31 Dec 11 – EX PALADIN RESPONSE (38, 39 and 41 CERs)
26 – 31 Dec 11 – EX NORTHERN GRIZZLY (41 CBG)

A. The Western Sentinel (this paper reaches all Canadian Army units and bases
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B. The Maple Leaf, (Canadian Forces monthly news publication, latest edition 14
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C. LFWA Public Information Website (updated current events in LFWA and
more) :

D. Army News (Army multimedia content):

E. Canadian Military Journal (the official professional journal of the Canadian
Forces and the Department of National Defence. It is published quarterly - latest
edition Vol. 11, No. 3, Summer 2011):

F. Canadian Army Journal (this is an official Army publication and is published
three times a year - Spring/Summer/Fall - dedicated to the dissemination and
discussion of doctrinal and training concepts, ideas, and opinions by all army
personnel and those civilians with an interest in doctrinal, training, and other
military matters):

G. Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs (daily compendium of
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H. Chief Military Personnel (CMP) Website (policies, programs and services
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