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									                                                                        Reese's Crispy Bar (snack
3 Musketeers (fun size)         13g Hershey Bar (fun size)          10g size)                           9g
3 Musketeers (mini)             4g Hershey Nugget (each)            6g Reese's Inside out (1 cup)       9g

3 Musketeers Mint (fun size)    11g Hot Tamales (fun size)          18g Reese's PB Cup (mini)           4g
5th Avenue Bar (fun size)       10g Jawbreakers (each)              5g Reese's PB Cup (1 cup)           10g

100 Grand (fun size)            15g Jelly Beans (each)              1g    Reese's PB Pumpkins (each) 17g
Air Head (fun size)             15g Jo Blow gum (each)              4g    Reese's Pieces (1.7oz bag) 24g
Almond Joy (fun size)           12g Jolly Rancher (small)           6g    Reese's Sticks (fun size)  9g

Animal Crackers (small bag)     12g Jolly Rancher Double Blast      3g Reese's Whips (snack size)       10g
Atomic Fireball (one)           9g Jolly Rancher pop (each)         16g Rice Krispie Treats (packet)    9g
                                    Jolly Rancher Mini stick
Baby Ruth (reg size)            37g (each)                          10g Rocky Road (snack size)         6g
Baby Ruth (fun size)            17g Juicy Fruit gum (stick)         9g Rolos (each)                     4g
Bazooka Gum                     7g Juju fruits (each)               2g Runts (small bag)                14g
                                                                        Scooby Doo Fruit Snack
Bazooka Pop                     11g   Junior Mints (each)           3g (pouch)                          10g
Bit O Honey                     6g    Kit Kat (reg size)            26g Shock Tarts (small bag)         11g
Blow Pop Sucker (each)          13g   Kit Kat (fun size)            10g Shock Tarts Gumball             8g
Bottle Caps                     7g    Laffy Taffy (fun size)        7g Sixlets (small pack)             5g
Brachs Pumpkins (each)          7g    Laffy Taffy Flippers (each)   4g Skittles (1.5oz bag)             39g
Bubble Yum                      6g    Lemonhead (10 pieces)         14g Skittles (fun size)             17g
Butterfinger (reg size)         41g   Life Saver (each)             4g Smarties (roll)                  8g
Butterfinger (fun size)         15g   Life Saver Pop (each)         10g Snickers (reg size)             36g
                                      Life Saver Gummies (fun
Butterfinger pumpkins           6g    size)                         14g Snickers (fun size)             12g
Candy Corn (1 piece)            2g    M&Ms peanut (reg size)        30g Snickers (mini)                 5g
Candy Cane (mini)               8g    M&Ms peanut (fun size)        13g Snickers Crème Pumpkin          16g
                                      M&Ms peanut butter (fun
Carmel Square (each)            6g    size)                         12g   Sour Patch Kids (small bag)   18g
Carmel Apple Sucker             17g   M&Ms plain (reg size)         34g   Sour Punch Twist              7g
Charleston Chew (fun size)      9g    M&Ms plain (fun size)         15g   Sprees (2 pack)               7g
Chuckles                        10g   M&Ms Crispy (fun size)        10g   Sprees chewy (fun size)       12g
Cracker Jacks (1.25oz box)      29g   M&Ms Minis (box)              10g   Starburst (reg size)          33g
Crunch (fun size)               7g    Mars (fun size)               12g   Starburst (fun size 2pc)      8g
Dots drops (fun size)           20g   Mike & Ike (fun size)         18g   Sugar Babies                  24g

Dove Milk Chocolate (square) 6g       Milk Duds (fun size)          7g  Sugar Daddy Pops (each)         11g
Dove Milk Chocolate                                                     Super Hero Candy Sticks
Promises                     6g       Milk Maid Caramels (each)     10g (box)                           2g
                                                                        Sweet Tart Mini Packs
Dum Dum Lollipop                5g    Milky Way (reg size)          43g (1pack)                         3g
Fruit Roll up (1 roll)          9g    Milky Way (fun size)          14g Take Five (fun size)            10g
Gobstoppers (one)               8g    Milky Way (mini)              6g Tart & Tiny (fun size)           13g

Goldfish Crackers (small bag)   9g    Mounds (fun size)             11g   Tootsie Hot Chocolate Pops    17g
Goobers (1.4oz bag)             20g   Mr Goodbar (fun size)         9g    Tootsie Pop                   12g
Good and Fruity (1 piece)       1g    Necco Wafers (small roll)     13g   Tootsie Pop (mini)            5g
Good and Plenty (1 piece)       1g    Nerds (small box)             12g   Tootsie Rolls (small)         5g
Green Apple Caramel
Sucker(each)                    17g   Nestle Crunch (reg size)      28g Tootsie Rolls (bar)             12g
Gummy Bears (each)              4g    Nestle Crunch (fun size)      7g  Twix (reg size)                 37g
Gummy Savers (fun size)         14g   Now and Later (small pack)    11g Twix (fun size)                 10g
Heath Bar (reg size)            25g   Nut Rageous (fun size)        9g  Twix (mini size)                5g
                                                                        Twizzlers Pull n Peel (fun
Heath Bar (fun size)            6g Nut Roll (fun size)              10g size)                           9g
Hershey Almond (reg size)       20g Oreos (small bag)               9g Twizzlers (fun size)             11g

Hershey Almond Minis (each)     5g    Pay Day (fun size)            11g War Heads (soft gum filled)     11g
Hershey Assorted Minis
(each)                          5g    Peanut Butter Kisses (each)   6g    War Heads (each)              3g
Hershey Kiss/Hugs (each)        8g    Peppermint (1 round candy)    5g    Whoppers (each ball)          2g
Hershey Kiss w/Almonds
(each)                          2g    Peter Pan PB Cups (each)      5g    Wonka Nerds Gumball           8g
Hershey Kiss w/Caramel
(each)                          3g    Pixie Stix                    2g    Wrigleys Chewing Gum          2g
Hershey Candy Corn Kiss
(each)                          3g    Raisinetes (fun size)         11g York Peppermint Pattie          11g
Hershey Mallow Pumpkin
(each)                          20g Reese's Bites                   8g    Zours (fun size)              12g
100 Grand                         15
3 Musketeers 1 bar 2.13 oz        46
3 Musketeers fun size 16 gm       12
3 Musketeers Miniature             4
ABC Fruit Chomps, 7 pcs           32
Air Heads                         15
Almond Joy                        12
Atomic Fireballs, 1                9
Baby Ruth 1 bar, 2 oz.            37
Baby Ruth fun size, 22 gm         12
Bazooka Pop                       11
Bit-O-Honey                        6
Blow Pop Sucker, 1                13
Blo Pop, 1                        17
Bottle Caps                        7
Bubble Yum                         6
Butterfinger 1 bar, 2 oz          41
Butterfinger fun size, 22 gm      15
Candy Corn (10 pieces)            13
Charleston Chew                    9
Charm Pop                          5
Dots                              20
Dum Dum Sucker, 1                  5
Fruit Rollup                       9
Gobstoppers                        8
Goldfish Crackers                  9
Green Apple Caramel Candy
sucker                            17
Gummi Savers                      14
Gummy Bears 11 pieces             30
Heath Bar 1 bar 1.4 oz            25
Hershey Kisses 6 pieces           16
Hershey's Assorted Miniatures      5
Hersheys almond 1 bar 1.45 oz.    20
Hersheys almond 3 minis 24 gm     15

Hershey’s Marshmallow Pumpkin     20
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate          10
Hershey’s Nugget                   5
Hot Tamales                       18
Joe Blo Bubble Gum                 4
Jolly Rancher, 1 pc                6
Jolly Rancher Lollipop            16
Jolly Rancher Mini Stix, 1         9
Juicy Fruits                       9
Kit Kat 1 package 1.5 oz          26
KitKat mini                       10
Laffy Taffy                        7
Licorice 3-6" twizzlers 2.2 oz    15
Life Saver Five Flavor Candy, 4   16
Life Saver Gummi Savers, 2 rls    27
Life Saver Pops, 1                10
M and Ms peanut 1 bag 1.74 oz     30
M and Ms peanut 1 bag 1.69 oz     27
M and Ms plain 1 bag 1.69 oz      34
M&M's Mini Box                    10
M&M’s (peanut)                    13
M&M’s (plain)                     15
Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses,
6 pcs                             33
Mega Warheads (soft gum-filled)   11
Mega Warheads (sour candies)       3
Mike & Ike                        18
Milk Duds                          7
Milky Way Bar 1 bar 2.15 oz       43
Milky Way Bar fun size 20 gm      14
Milky Way Miniature                6
Mounds                            11
Necco Wafers                      13
Nerds                              9
Nestle Crunch 1.5 oz              28
Nestle's Crunch mini               7
Now & Later, 3 mini bars          34
Nut Roll                          10
NutRageous                         9
Oreos                              9
Peter Pan Peanut Butter Cups, 4
pcs                               21
Reese's Bites                      8
Reese's Cup 2 reg. size cups 1
oz.                               18
Reese's Miniature Cup              4
Reese's Sticks                     9
Rice Krispie Treat                 9
Runts                             14
Scooby-Doo Fruit Snack            10
Shock Tarts                       11
Skittles                          17
Skittles 15 pieces                15
Smarties                           8
Snickers 1 bar 2.07 oz            36
Snickers fun size 20 gm           12
Sour Punch Twist                   7
Sprees                             7
Starburst (1pkt or 2pcs)           8
Starburst Fruit Chews             33
Sugar Babies                      24
Sugar Daddy Pops, 3               34
Sweetherats (Necco), 1-1/8 oz
box                               31

Sweet Tarts Mini Packs, 5 packs   13
Tootsie Hot Chocolate Pops, 1     17
Tootsie Roll Bar                  12
Tootsie Roll Midget             6
Tootsie Roll Pop               16
Twix 2 cookies 2 oz.           37
Twizzler                        6
Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel Cherry
Candy, 3 pcs                   28
Warheads, 5                    13
Whoppers 8 pieces              15
Whoppers, 1 small pouch        13
Wonka Nerds Gumballs, 1        11
Wonka Pixie Stix, each 6"lg     2
Wonka Shock Tarts Gumball, 1    8
Wrigley's Chewing Gum, 1 pc     2
Zours                          12

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