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					                                                   Management Advisory Committee
                                                   for Academic Learning Technologies

Prof Judyth Sachs (Chair), DVC (Provost)                     A/Prof Maree Gosper, Learning & Teaching Centre

Mr Marc Bailey, CIO                                          Prof John Hedberg, Chair ICT in Education

Ms Maxine Brodie, University Librarian                       Ms Suzanne Kelly, Director Student Business and System Solutions

Mr Andrew Burrell, Director COE                              Prof Nick Mansfield, Dean Higher Degree Research

A/Prof Steve Cassidy, Assoc Dean (L&T), Faculty of Science   A/Prof David Pitt, Actuarial Studies, Faculty of Business & Economics

Mr Terrence Collins, Manager Learning Systems and Services   A/Prof Ian Solomonides, Director, Learning & Teaching Centre

Prof Julie Fitness, Chair, Academic Senate                   A/Prof Sherman Young, Assoc Dean (L&T), Faculty of Arts

In Attendance
                         Ms Karen Davies, Moodle Implementation Project Manager
                         Ms Barb McLean, Executive Officer
                         Mr Doug Stewart, Facilities Management

                         Prof John Hedberg, Chair ICT in Education
                         Prof Nick Mansfield, Dean Higher Degree Research
                         A/Prof David Pitt, FBE
                         Prof Judyth Sachs, DVC (Provost), Chair

             2.00p.m.-3.00p.m. Monday 13th December 2010, Meeting Rooms 1 and 2, level 2, E11A
                                                       Prof Julie Fitness in the Chair
1. Minutes of the Meeting 8 November 2010 and Business Arising                                                                Adopted

2. Moodle Implementation                                                       KD

      Ms Davies spoke to her tabled document Learn2012 Moodle Learning Management
      Status Report December 2012. The Project Reference Group and Implementation
      Steering Group, a sub-committee of MACALT, has commenced meeting fortnightly.
      The LTC and Project Team are interviewing to build the Project Team ready for a
      January commencement for the Project. The project team is finalising the Project
      Plan for presentation to the Learn 2012 Steering Group. It is expected that the Project
      Plan, with associated budgets, will be brought to the February meeting of MACALT
      for adoption. A/Prof Solomonides noted that a Project Issues and Risk Register is
      also being kept.

The Technical Stream of the Project is meeting regularly with Netspot and
Informatics to develop the High Level Milestones for the Project. Once this has been
adopted it will be placed on the Learn 2012 Wiki

The Leading the Change Team have developed a Communications and Change
Management Plan and are finalising the development of a Resource Plan and
identifying staff to become Moodle champions in the faculties. In early 2011 this
team will commence working with OUA to develop Business Rules and templates.

Ms Davies tabled a paper on the OUA units selected for the two Moodle Pilot
Studies. These units have been signed off by the relevant Assoc Deans (L&T). The
meeting adopted the Pilot listed OUA units.                                            Adopted

A/Prof Solomonides foreshadowed the need for MACALT to discuss, in its February
meeting, the incorporation of an Objects Repository into the Moodle Project. It is
anticipated that it will take a year of consultation to define the University-wide
requirements. In the light of this, the Print On-Demand Working Group has changed
its name to become the Materials Working Group.

Ms Davies tabled a paper on Online Assignment submission and management which
recommended that online assignment submission be brought into the scope of the
Moodle Project. This paper was adopted by MACALT.                                     Adopted

Mr Stewart reported that accommodation has been found for the Moodle
Implementation Team, at least for the first 6 months of 2011.

Mr Bailey suggested that the Moodle Project take advantage of the OnePlan software.

2.1. Collaborative Conferencing System                                                     MG

    A/Prof Gosper tabled a paper on the results of the Emerging Technologies Grants
    and flagged a 2011 Review of the Scheme. A final report of an Emerging
    Technologies Grant on Web Collaboration and Conferencing recommended that
    this facility be incorporated into Moodle in a later stage of the Project. Mr Bailey
    mentioned that experts from Google Chat Video are interested to meet with
    academics using this technology to develop the academic usability of their
    product. Mr Bailey will liaise with the Assoc Deans (L&T) to determine the
    appropriate staff to involve in this discussion.

       A/Prof Gosper informed the meeting that she will be taking OSP leave for the first
       half of 2011 and in her absence A/Prof Sherman Young will be leading the
       Blueprint for the Future Project.

3. 2011 Capital Expenditure Budget                                                  MB

   Mr Bailey reported that the money available for the 2011 Capex Budget has been
   finalised but the list of projects is still to be finalised.

   He also reported that the Virtual Lab Project will be resuscitated possibly taking
   advantage of the proposed Google G drive which will allow students to save their
   materials (e.g. their e-portfolios) on an accessible server, even beyond their time as a
   student at Macquarie (assuming we maintain their student account). However, as it
   cannot be determined where data will be stored, this is only of use for students (due to
   the US Patriot Act).

   Mr Bailey reported that the digital signage project (OneVision) which provides for
   syndicated or local content transmitted to screens across campus, has been agreed by
   all stakeholders.

4. Report on ACODE54                                                   For Information

5. Learning Systems and Services: 2010 (YTD) Statistics                For Information

6. Next Meeting

               2.00-3.30p.m. Monday 7th February 2011, Function Room E11A


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