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Prevent BH d.o.o                                                   Amina Neradin
Topuzovo Polje.b.b                                                 Topuzovo Polje 99
Visoko 71300                                                       Visoko 71 300
                                                                   mob: 061/766-200


I am very interested in job position You announced and I would love to join Your team as an
Accounting Associate.
I do hope that my education, acquired and perfected skills, motivation and dedication, as well as
desire to learn and progress in my profession, are the traits for the position You are offering in
Your company and for which You announced an ad on – DOE4 web site, on
I would consider myself very lucky and privileged to be a part of Your team and as such to be
able to stir my career in the desired direction.
My CV, along with my qualifications, is presented in the following text and I sincerely hope that
You will recognize that I am the best person for the job.
Thank You for Your time and I hope that You will provide me with an opportunity to present
myself in person on a job interview.


Amina Neradin

Contact details:
Name: Amina Neradin
Address: Gornje Topuzovo Polje 99, 71300 Visoko.(if
necessary: Skenderija 54, 71000 Sarajevo)
State: Bosna i Hercegovina
Telephone: 032/739-512 Mob: 061/766-200
Date of birth: 15.02.1987.

Period of postgraduate studies: 2010/11- in progress
Type of education: Master studies
Institution: School of Economics and Business, University
of Sarajevo
Specialization: Banking and Insurance

Period of undergraduate studies: 2005/06 – 2008/09.
Type of education: Higher education
Institution: School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo
Acquired title: Bachelor of Management, specialization – Financial management

Period of secondary education: 2000/01 – 2004/05.
Type of education: Secondary education
Institution: Grammar school “Visoko” in Visoko

Period of elementary education: 1993/04 – 1999/00.
Type of education: Elementary education
Institution: Primary school “Kulin Ban” in Visoko

Working experience:
Mandatory practice within the undergraduate studies – VGT Insurance, in jobs of sorting,
archiving the documents, importing the data in information program and analyzing the clients’
abilities in the domain “Automotive liability insurance”, or Mandatory insurance and All-risk
insurance, to be precise.

Trainee in “KTK Visoko” in Visoko for 12 months
The traineeship covered:
- Activities in public supplies domain
- Drafting and completing statistical reports and forms
- Certain accounting jobs, such as:
    Bookkeeping of accounting records, VAT applications and all activities related to it,
    assisting in drafting semi-annual financial report.
Foreign languages:
English language skills practiced during all education periods, and perfected in Interlingua
International House Sarajevo English course, acquired degrees B1.1 and B1. 2. 2 with grade A.
Basic knowledge of French, Arabian, Latin languages.

Computer skills:
Proficient in Microsoft Office applications and internet

Personality characteristics:
Communicative, team-worker, adjustable, persistent and dedicated to work, meticulous young
woman with great desire to work.

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