“The Provider” by pengxiang


									          NEW LIFE                                                                October 2010

                               “The Provider”
    “I felt that it was my responsibility to     watching me perform during halftime...I was
step up to the plate and help as much as I       the only person on the field that was wearing
could. I saw that my mom was struggling          a football uniform.”
and I didn’t want to be a burden to her and          After graduating from high school,
so I decided to help out; I wanted to be the     Vestor enrolled in a local community
provider for my family.” Those words were        college and majored in criminal justice.
spoken by Vestor Ware, a recent graduate of      But Vestor would not allow his mother to
Taxpayer Service Representative Course at        pay for his education so he decided to work
Lions World Services for the Blind               throughout college to offset his educational
(LWSB). Vestor’s comments are referring          expense. Vestor stated, “I have always been
to when he was sixteen years old when his        a worker and I surely didn’t want, in any
mother and father had separated and his          way, to be a burden on my mother.” In
mother needed help with the bills. He saw        1993, he had a change of heart and decided
his mother struggling and decided to do          to enroll in Gupton-Jones College of Funeral
what he could to help the family, so he          Service which is located outside of Atlanta,
started working at Wendy’s and would bring       Georgia. The job really interested Vestor
home around $400 every two weeks. Even           because he wanted to help people that were
with a very busy work schedule Vestor still      hurting and in one of their greatest times of
attended Jim Hill High School in Jackson,        need. In 1995, he graduated with his degree
Mississippi.                                     in Mortuary Science and then moved back to
    To say that Vestor was a versatile student   Jackson, Mississippi to work for his cousin
would be an understatement. During his           in the funeral home business.
high school years he was involved in the             When he returned to Jackson he learned,
student council, was on the honor roll,          unfortunately, that his cousin had agreed to
captain of the football team, and was even       take on another apprentice before Vestor had
1st trumpet in the high school band. Vestor      arrived -which meant he would have to wait
remembers that he really never was able to       his turn before he could start in the funeral
catch his breath after kickoff of the high       home business. But when the time came to
school football games, because during            start working with his cousin, Vestor had a
halftime while the other players were in the     much bigger commitment that he was about
locker room resting, he would have to be on      to make …marriage. Vestor had enough of
the field performing with the band during        the single life and decided to ask the one
the halftime show. “I was always really          true love of his life, Angela, for her hand in
jealous of my teammates being able to take a     marriage. They were married in June of
break during the half, but as I look back on     1998.
it now I am thankful of the experience.              Just a couple of years later, Vestor’s first
Although my mother surely enjoyed it             son was born; he knew that he needed a
because she never had any trouble in                                     (Continued on page 3)
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New Life                                      Projects with Industry
Vol. 56, No. 3 October 2010                   Lions World Services for the Blind receives
                                              a Projects with Industry grant from the U.S.
New Life is published by Lions World          Department of Education, Rehabilitation
Services for the Blind, a non-profit          Services Administration (RSA) under the
organization located in Little Rock,          authority of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,
Arkansas.                                     for creating and expanding job opportunities
Contact Information:                          for persons who are blind in the competitive
Dan Noble                                     labor market. The Dollar amount of federal
Public Relations Director                     funds for the five-year period (2008-2013) is
2811 Fair Park Boulevard                      $1,622,948 which is 80% of the total cost of
Little Rock, AR 72204                         the project that will be financed with federal
Phone: (501) 664-7100                         funds. Non-governmental funds from other
Fax: (501) 664-2743                           sources will finance $405,738 or 20% of the
Please visit our website at                   total project cost.
www.LWSB.org, or send us an email at

        Board Officers 2010-2011               If you would like to remember us in your
         Chairman – Mark Clifton                        will, our legal name is
      Vice Chairman – Bob Williams                Lions World Services for the Blind
         Secretary – Cleve Jones
        Treasurer – Dr. Tom Duke
      Past Chairman – Carl Foreman
                                              2010 Vision Award Meeting
            Management Staff
           Dr. Larry Dickerson
            President and CEO
                B.J. Priest
          Chief Operating Officer

Lions World Services for the Blind is an
internationally recognized, comprehensive
adult blindness rehabilitation center. Over
the past 60 years, we have helped almost
9,600 people with visual impairments regain
their independence. We offer counseling,
personal adjustment programs, and 10          Peter Kumpe (Chairperson, World Services
vocational programs to help our clients       for the Blind Foundation) Linus Raines
achieve lifelong independence. The mission    (Chairperson for the 2010 Vision Award
of Lions World Services for the Blind is to   Committee) Ginger Beebe (First Lady of
educate adults who are blind or visually      Arkansas) and Dr. Larry Dickerson
impaired for careers and independent lives.   (President and CEO of Lions World Services
That’s what we’ve been doing since 1947,      for the Blind)
and will continue to do for many more

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more stable job so he went back to his first     blood vessels and remove scar tissue. The
job, working at Wendy’s. Vestor very             surgery was a success but the need to return
quickly rose through the ranks and became        to work was too great of a temptation for
general manager. Life was good and the           Vestor and he went back to work too early.
family was doing well, but a routine medical     This was a critical decision because he did
checkup in 2003 revealed that his blood          not let the left eye heal properly and
sugar was extremely high and he was              therefore, to this day, he has severe loss of
diagnosed as diabetic. Vestor did not take       vision in that eye.
this too seriously, “I felt fine and nothing         Then in February of 2009, his doctors felt
seemed to be wrong with me so I didn’t pay       it was necessary to repair the right eye. This
it much attention.” In 2004, Vestor began to     surgery was a great success and gave him
feel sickly and was admitted to the hospital     usable vision in that eye. However, with the
where he began falling in and out of             recovery time after this surgery, combined
consciousness. “That was a real hard time        with the lack of vision in his left eye, this
for me and my family; my lack of concern         resulted in Vestor not being able to get a job.
for me being a diabetic was finally catching     In fact, he has not been able to attain a stable
up with me. The doctors and nurses were          job since February of 2009.
very surprised that I was not in a coma              This was extremely hard for Vestor to
because my blood sugar levels were off the       deal with because he was not able to be the
charts.” He was hospitalized for four days       provider for his family. Also, their financial
while the hospital staff got his blood sugar     situation was in jeopardy because his wife
levels back to normal.                           had been laid off in December of 2008.
    In 2007, during an eye exam the doctor
found some bleeding behind Vestor’s eye
and he was diagnosed with diabetic
retinopathy which is damage to the retina
that occurs with long-term diabetes. Most
often, diabetic retinopathy has no symptoms
until the damage to your eyes is severe.
Vestor continued to deny this because he
wanted, and felt the need, to provide for his
family. “My whole life I have been the
provider for my family.” He did not take
this to be a serious matter until he was
forced to confront this condition in a near
tragic situation.
    In 2008, while he was working 3 jobs and     Vestor Ware with his family at graduation     
on his way home from work, he stopped at a        
“STOP” sign and fell asleep while his car           With neither of them working it was a
rolled through a busy intersection and came      very difficult time for the family; however,
to a stop on the side of the road. Luckily, no   Vestor admits that he and his wife grew
one was injured. When he woke up he was          closer than ever before during this time.
disoriented and had trouble with his vision.     Many in the community and their church
At this point, he knew he needed some help.      helped the family financially and one of
After many doctor visits and consultations,      Vestor’s employers continued to pay him 40
the decision was made to attempt fixing the      hours a week for three months even after he
left eye. A couple of days before                stopped working. Good news came in July
Thanksgiving in 2008, Vestor had surgery to      2009 when his wife was able to get a job and
try and repair the damage behind his left        things started to get better financially for the
eye. The procedure was to stop the bleeding      family.
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    Vestor had heard about LWSB from his                  most importantly, I was not able to spend
eye doctor many years ago but never gave it               my 12-year anniversary with my wife. But I
much consideration. The main reason for                   believe that the second life that I am about
this is because he did not want to leave his              to begin will be worth all of the pain that I
family for an extended period of time. But                experienced while missing those other
one day he decided that his will to provide               special days.”
for his family trumped being away from his                    After graduation, Vestor returned to
family for a couple of months. He got in                  Jackson, Mississippi where he spent some
touch with his state counselor in Mississippi             much needed time with his family before
and started the application process to gain               moving to Nashville, Tennessee to start his
admission into LWSB. He was admitted on                   job with the IRS. Vestor stated, “The
January 17, 2010, for the evaluation month                LWSB partnership with the IRS gives the
and then began his training on February 16                visually impaired the opportunity to show
in the Taxpayer Service Representative                    others that just because I am impaired
Course in the IRS program. He decided to                  doesn’t mean that I can’t do the job. My
go for the IRS program because of the                     personal experience at LWSB has been
guaranteed job placement upon graduation                  enjoyable and the teachers of the TSR class
and also for the stability of working for the             have been wonderful; they have been very
United States government.                                 informative and they have a personal
    Vestor commented, “It has been a                      investment in each of their clients because
continuous struggle for me every day that I               when those clients go to work for the IRS,
have been away from my wife and kids but I                we are representing not only the visually
know that in the long run it will be the right            impaired community but also the partnership
decision because I will be able to be the                 between the IRS and LWSB. My time here
provider for my family once again. But the                has been a life changer for me; LWSB has
hardest days while being away from my                     repaired someone that was broken down
family were the special events that involved              mentally and emotionally. I had lost my
my wife and my two boys (Zion & Ansley)                   place in my family and that was a very hard
that I was not able to attend because I was               issue to overcome. But now with the
training at LWSB. A couple of those events                training and the counseling from LWSB, I
were “Donuts with Dad’s” which was a                      have a second life and I will be able to once
special recognition for dads at my oldest                 again take my place in my family as being
son’s school; I also missed my second                     “the provider.”
child’s graduation from kindergarten and

     This is a breakdown by state of clients that LWSB has served from May 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010
       ALABAMA                           1                         MISSISSIPPI                       3
       ARIZONA                           6                         MISSOURI                          25
       ARKANSAS                          15                        MONTANA                           3
       CALIFORNIA                        15                        NEBRASKA                          1
       CONNECTICUT                       2                         NEW JERSEY                        1
       FLORIDA                           4                         NEW YORK                          4
       GEORGIA                           6                         NORTH CAROLINA                    1
       ILLINOIS                          2                         OKLAHOMA                          1
       INDIANA                           2                         PENNSYLVANIA                      2
       KENTUCKY                          1                         SOUTH CAROLINA                    2
       MARYLAND                          1                         TEXAS                             13
       MICHIGAN                          2                         WASHINGTON                        5
       MINNESOTA                         2                         WEST VIRGINIA                     1
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                               New Fundraiser for LWSB
Fashion on the Ridge (FOTR) took place on
September 2, 2010, at the Pleasant Ridge Town Center
in Little Rock. Prior to the festive evening, LWSB was
fortunate to receive coverage from local and statewide
media. Coleman Dairy placed the FOTR logo on 2.5
million milk cartons. The Fashion on the Ridge
Volunteer Chairperson, Sarah Swander, was featured
on the cover of Soiree Magazine. The event was also
promoted on all three network affiliates and local radio stations. The event was intended to raise
both awareness and funds for Lions World Services for the Blind. Fashion on the Ridge was a
three part event beginning with Taste of the Ridge, a “sip and shop” where the retailers and
restaurants were paired together and shoppers enjoyed cuisine from local favorites as well as
discounted shopping. Guests were then greeted by ballerinas on pointe adorned with jewelry at
Belk Department Store as they found their way to their seats for the Fashion Show. Local
celebrities and their children walked the runway as Anne Jansen Broadwater former, KTHV
anchor, served as emcee for the show. Guests enjoyed getting a sneak peek at the latest fall
trends while watching their favorite TV and radio personalities strut down the catwalk.
Immediately following the fashion show, guests were invited to M2 Gallery for a silent auction
including original artwork from local artists. For more information on how you can be involved
in next year’s event call Paula Montgomery-Swindle at 501-664-7100 ext. 246.
Four Easy Ways to Reduce Your Taxes ... And Help LWSB At the Same Time
 As you file your taxes this year, please            fund certain life income agreements.
consider contributing to LWSB. Here are                • Savings from estate and inheritance taxes
some ways you can help:                              on assets transferred to LWSB.
    1. Make a cash contribution to help                  4. Make a bequest in your will. A
LWSB fulfill its mission. Cash contributions         bequest ensures your continuing support to
may be deducted up to 50% of your adjusted           the future of LWSB. If you are among the
gross income.                                        50% of Americans who do not have a will,
    2. Give a gift of stock or real property. If     this is an ideal time to contact your attorney
held more than 12 months, your gift can be           and write one. Through your will you can
deducted at its full fair-market value. Also,        leave:
the sale of appreciated property generates a           • A specific dollar amount
capital gains tax. However, if you make a              • A percentage of your estate
gift of the property to LWSB, you pay no               • Specific property
capital gains tax.                                    • The residue (what is left after all other
    3. Establish a Life Income Agreement. A          bequests are taken care of) of your estate
life income agreement is a contract between              All bequests to qualified charitable
you and LWSB. The contract arranges for              organizations are totally exempt from any
you to transfer assets to LWSB in exchange           federal and state inheritance death taxes.
for regular payments for life at a very                  For more information about how you can
attractive rate. Other advantages are:               help LWSB provide training to people who
  • You receive a current income tax                 are blind or visually impaired through your
deduction.                                           charitable gifts, please contact Larry Morgan
  • You avoid the capital gains tax when you         at (501) 664-7100, or e-mail him at
use appreciated securities or real property to       development@lwsb.org
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            LWSB - A Model Training Center
    Anwar AlNassar was born on January 15,        was the first time Anwar was sent to a
1960, in the Eastern Providence in The            school for the blind and it was very
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Early in Anwar’s         challenging for him to deal with at the time.
life, his family decided to move to Kuwait        He had never really been around a lot of
where he went to school from 1st - 9th grade.     blind people and he was very uncomfortable
While he was in Ninth grade, Anwar started        at the beginning. By 1980, Anwar had
to notice that he was having some eye             graduated from high school and it was his
problems as he could not see as well. The         dream to study abroad but unfortunately the
visit to the eye doctor confirmed the             government declined Anwar’s request.
family’s worst fear; Anwar was diagnosed          However they did provide financial support
with Retinitis Pigmentosa. Retinitis              for those students with visual impairments to
Pigmentosa (RP) is a genetic eye condition        continue their education. So he enrolled in
that leads to incurable blindness. In the         the University of Riyadh (King Saut
progression of symptoms for RP, night             University is the oldest university in the
blindness generally precedes tunnel vision        country.)
by years or even decades. Many people with            Anwar claims that he was one of the first
RP do not become legally blind until their        visually impaired people to be admitted to
40s or 50s and retain some sight all their        the university and he was very happy with
lives. Others go completely blind from RP,        his experience as he was used to the
in some cases as early as childhood.              environment of being in a sighted society.
   Anwar influenced his family to keep him        Of course, being the first visually impaired
in the same school with his sighted friends       student at the university, he encountered
even as his eye sight was getting worse.          difficulties in getting some of the written
Anwar was able to finish out the ninth            material as well as dealing with some of the
grade, but the tenth grade proved to be too       instructors. Nevertheless, Anwar praises the
difficult for him and he ended up failing.        whole college experience and was very
Anwar admits that this was one of the             thankful when he graduated in 1984 with a
toughest times in his life because he felt that   degree in History.
others were going to continuously pass him            After graduation, Anwar applied for a job
by and he would never really get to live a        as a teacher but also applied for a
full and productive life. The family thought      scholarship to enable him to come to the
it was best for Anwar to get away from the        United States to finally fulfill his dream of
situation and so they encouraged him to           studying abroad. He decided that whatever
move back to Saudi Arabia and spend some          opportunity came to him first, he would
time with his grandparents.                       consider it a message on what next to pursue
    Anwar spent six months with his               in his life. To his surprise, the scholarship
grandparents and learned how to cope with         was awarded to him before the job offer and
the fact that he was going to lose his sight.     now Anwar was making plans to finally
Anwar returned to Kuwait in much better           study in the United States. He was accepted
sprits; however, that did not last. After the     at Oregon State University in Corvallis,
birth of his youngest brother, the doctors        Oregon in 1985; as excited as he was to
noticed that he was blind also. Now the           attend the university, he admits that he
family had two children that had visual           experienced major culture shock. Anwar
impairments; they decided to move back to         stayed for two years, graduating in 1987
Saudi Arabia to receive more specialized          with a master’s degree in education and a
training for Anwar and his brother. This          minor in special education.
                                                                                    6 | P a g e  
   He acknowledged that at one early point      opportunity to teach in the capitol. His
while at Oregon State, he was lonely and so     request was granted and he moved back to
decided to enroll in PE class and got to meet   the capitol and taught at the blind school.
many people and do a lot of exciting            This allowed him to split time between
activities such as jogging, bowling, ballroom   teaching at the school and attending more
dancing and swimming. Anwar stated, “I          classes at the university to increase his
met so many people and I was able to learn      knowledge and skills.
from them, it was a wonderful experience.”          The next seven years for Anwar were
   Anwar returned to Saudi Arabia in 1987       very exciting and filled with job promotions
but had to wait for seven months until the      that gave him many opportunities to help the
New Year started to get a teaching job. But     visually impaired community. In 1997, he
during this time he was hired as an             was promoted and became the Principal for
interpreter at a hospital. He worked the 8      the school for the blind in Riyadh Institute
a.m. to 4 p.m. shift and because he was         for the Blind which is the oldest blind school
blind, he was allowed to be in rooms with       in his country. In 1998, while still
women that in any other circumstance would      maintaining his duties as a Principal, he was
have been forbidden because of religious        granted permission to also teach some
beliefs and tradition. He worked with           classes at the University of Riyadh. In 2002,
doctors from Scotland and translated Arabic     he stepped down as the Principal for the
into English. This was very beneficial for      Riyadh Institute for the Blind and took a
Anwar because it allowed him to continue to     position as an educational supervisor in the
use his English skills and he was able to       Ministry of Education for the Kingdom
help people that needed medical attention.      Saudi Arabia.
                                                    The big break for Anwar came in 2004
                                                when he was promoted to be the Director of
                                                the Visually Impaired Department within the
                                                Ministry of Education. With this new
                                                position, he was to be the educational
                                                supervisor for the six blind schools
                                                throughout the country. The job requires
                                                extensive travel around the country as he
                                                regularly observes the different schools’
                                                programs. He currently has a staff of nine
                                                people, some are sighted and some are
                                                visually impaired.
                                                  While serving as the Director of Visually
                                                Impaired Department, Anwar noticed that
                                                his country needed a training center for
                                                adults who become blind or are visually
       Anwar on the campus of LWSB              impaired. In 2008, he helped form an
                                                Association for the Blind in Saudi Arabia.
   In 1989, Anwar became a 1st grade            Anwar is a board member of this non-
teacher for the school for the blind in the     governmental organization with the goal of
Eastern providence. For the next four years     building a training center to serve adults that
he taught in the high school; his main          are blind or visually impaired in the Middle
subjects were Braille, history and              East.
geography. In 1994, Anwar requested to be           While doing research on what type of
transferred to Riyadh Institute for the Blind   training and services the center would
in Riyadh to study more and to be given the     provide, he was reminded about a family
                                                                                    7 | P a g e  
friend who had actually gone to a training       counselors have done everything they could
center in the United States that served the      to aid me in my research.”
blind or visually impaired. Anwar contacted          At the end of his stay, Anwar reflected on
his friend, Nasser Ali Al-Mousa, and learned     his time at LWSB; “The people at LWSB
about a place called Lions World Services        are so compassionate, they are truly
for the Blind (LWSB). Mr. Al-Mousa had           wonderful. Dr. Dickerson (CEO / President
attended LWSB back in the 70s and told           of LWSB) was very gracious and personally
Anwar about the training facility and            took me many places, such as the Arkansas
recommended that he travel to LWSB to            Lighthouse for the Blind, and allowed me to
perform “hands on research.” With the            attend some lectures at the University of
encouragement of Mr. Al-Mousa, Anwar             Arkansas at Little Rock. Also, your
took a leave of absence from his job and         Assistive Technology lab was very
spent a month at LWSB to acquire first-hand      intriguing and the orientation and mobility
experience and research what the center          instructors were absolutely amazing. LWSB
provides for its clients.                        has been more than what I had expected.
    He arrived in late June to start his study   This is just an informal visit; however, there
of LWSB and the programs that they offer.        will be other future visits to gain more
He admits, “At first I did have a fear of        information.”
coming over here and not being accepted but          Anwar returned to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
that was quickly dismissed by the first day.     in late July and we expect continued
Everyone has been so accommodating and           dialogue with him in the future and will
accepting. I have met with many of the           assist in any way possible to help him to
instructors and have gone through a regular      accomplish his goal of a training center for
schedule as a normal client would have to do     the blind and visually impaired that would
every day. Many of the instructors and           serve the Middle East.

                                                                                    8 | P a g e  
                             Memorials and Honorariums
    Lions World Services for the Blind received these memorial and special occasion gifts between May 1, 2010 and
                 September 30, 2010. Gifts received after September 30 will appear in the next issue.

In Memory of:
Betty Acruman by Lion Paul Rawlings                           Tad Luther's Mother by Lion James A. & Ella
Pat Andrews by Lions Curtis L. & Mary A. Johnson              V. Smalley
Gene Armstrong by Hot Springs Village Brkf. Lions Club        C. W. Perkey by Lion Paul Rawlings
Leon Banks by Lion John H. Lewis                              Joe A. Phillips by Lion Bill and Ginny Freeman,
Nancy Beach by San Antonio Windcrest Lions Club               Hope Lions Club
Alberta Bennison Meier by Penelope H. Robbins                 Willie Ruth Phillips by Lion Bill and Ginny Freeman,
Mark A. Blos by Lion John H. Lewis                            Hope Lions Club
Harold Bruell by Milton L. & Josephine V. Brummer             Hans Plate by Lion Surry G. & Dori Shaffer
Fran Brumfield by Milton L. & Josephine V. Brummer            Lion Janet R. Sears by Lion John H. Lewis,
Edie Chalikis by Maria B. Culhane                             Lion Carl Foreman, Lion Bill and Ginny Freeman,
Rodney Colson by Milton L. & Josephine V. Brummer             Prescott Lions Club, Lion Philip W. & Melody Taylor, Jr.
Lion Jim Cordell by Milton L. & Josephine V. Brummer,         Ella Rawlings by Lion Paul Rawlings
by Dr. Larry & Rita Dickerson, Heber Springs Lions Club,      Alvin Reap by Benjamin D. & Mary R. Goodman
Lewisville Lions Club-AR, LR Founders Lions Club,             Jean Bowen Ritchie by Hampton Lions Club
Lion Larry Morgan, Mrs. Marilyn Pearce,                       Charles Satrom by Lion G. Steven & Martela K. Oldham
John W. & Michele Webb, Ralph & Allene Windham                Derrell Stephenson by Lion Paul Rawlings
Jonell Davis by Blytheville Lions Club                        Bob Stephenson by Lion Carl Foreman, Lion Richard &
Betty Jean Dunn by Hampton Lions Club                         Kathryn Pratt
Rose Marie Ermis by Larry & Rebecca Ermis                     Beth Stone by Hot Springs Village Brkf. Lions Club
Frances Etheridge by Dr. & Mrs. J. Mayne                      Lois Sherby Stromberger by Ms. Marcella Walter
& Judy A. Parker                                              Craig T. Stuart by Lion John H. Lewis
Frances Lillian Etheridge by Mrs. Ruth C. Douglass            Gary Swain by Hot Springs Village Brkf. Lions Club
Scott Fowler by Lion Paul Rawlings                            Lion R. B. "Dick" West by Bel-Ray Sunrise Lions Club,
Lion John Fox by Fayetteville Evening Lions Club              Robert L. & Ramona K. Davis, Mary I. Dorflinger,
Charles Freeman by Lion John H. Lewis                         Dr. & Mrs. Thomas C. & Kathy L. Duke,
Erma Godwin by Lions Curtis L. & Mary A. Johnson,             Charles F. & Rosalita M. Farley,
Prescott Lions Club                                           David G. & Mary Haddox, Glenn E. & Bonnie L. Hartley,
Paul Graziani by Choate Sunday School Class,                  Jerald B. & Patricia Johnson,
Dr. Larry & Rita Dickerson                                    Joanna M. Martin, Pickering Lions Club,
Jake Guth by South Hot Springs Lions Club                     R. D. & C. F. Vansickle, JoAnn Walter, Gloria West,
Robert S. Hankins by Lions Earlene & Bill Hankins             Charlie C. & Elizabeth A. Wolfenbarger
Lion Jeff Hart by Lion Linda K. Bell, Congregation B’Nai      Col. George W. Young by Mrs. Mary Young
Israel, Andrew & Jo F. Lawton, Meg Goldenberg Marion,
Ms. Suzanne Michell, Howard & Sheila Neighbors,               In Honor of:
Mr./Mrs. Hollis G. & Sandra Pruitt, Frederick W. Wilson       Lion Bill Biggs, PIP by David Paul & Vicki P. Beeman
Red Haynie by Lions Curtis L. & Mary A. Johnson,              Bernice Kumpe by Dr. Larry & Rita Dickerson
Prescott Lions Club                                           Dr. Gil Caver by Bob Schulte
Zoe Holliman by Lions Earlene & Bill Hankins                  Robbie Collie by Dr. Larry & Rita Dickerson
Alta Holloway by Des Arc Lions Club                           Fashion on the Ridge Staff by Dr. Larry & Rita Dickerson
Floreen Hopkins by Lion John H. Lewis                         Norma Hampton by Mrs. Rachel Bair
Lion George Ivey by Hope Lions Club,                          Lion Bud Holt by Hot Springs Village Brkf. Lions Club
Lions Curtis L. & Mary A. Johnson, Lion John H. Lewis,        Roy Lambert by Hot Springs Village Brkf. Lions Club
Lions William F. & Ruby D. Mertins                            Donald Ludi & Friends by Sue Love Upton
Suzanne Kelley by Tracy & Liz Johnson, Margie Payne,          Jonah Marion by Lauren Sobel Gard,
Nancy Roy, Fletcher B. & Shirley A. Smith,                    Leslie J. & Leon G. Lants, Andrew & Jo F. Lawton
Buster & Carol Stuart, Biff & Nancy Vinson,                   Meg Goldenberg Marion by Clint & Karen Elliott,
Forrest L. & Betty Ripley Webb                                Lauren Sobel Gard, Leslie J. & Leon G. Lants,
Loran Klein by Joseph & Sue Kastelic                          Andrew & Jo F. Lawton, M. J. & Richard A. Wolff
Raymond C. Klingle by Lion Ruth Klingle                       Harold Ott by Hot Springs Village Brkf. Lions Club
Robert Love by Milton L. & Josephine V. Brummer               LU Otto by Hot Springs Village Brkf. Lions Club
Cheri Lovett by Dr. Larry & Rita Dickerson,                   VDG Art Ritter by Hope Lions Club
Little Rock University, Lion Larry Morgan                     Charles & Sherry Thompson by Earl & Betty Fiedler,
John Mazzoli by Hot Springs Village Brkf. Lions Club          Norm & Sharon Klein, Jim & Wanda Meyer, Wayne
Opha McPherson by Dr. Gilbert Caver                           & Janice Tucker
Billie Morgan by Dr. Larry & Rita Dickerson,                  Dennis Zymboly by Hot Springs Village Brkf. Lions Club
Hon. Jack Holt

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               Visiting Lions Weekend 2010
  Over 150 Lions Club Members from 7 different states visited Lions World Services for the
Blind in Little Rock, Ark. on Saturday, August 28, 2009, for Visiting Lions Weekend. The
states represented were: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, and
                                              The weekend’s activities were designed for each
                                            guest to learn more about the rehabilitation center
                                            and a chance to experience first-hand the services
                                            that the Lions World staff provides on a day to day
                                            basis. During the visit, the Lions took part in eight
                                            different demonstrations that illustrated the latest
                                            technology and techniques that allow people with
                                            visual impairments to function independently in
                                            today’s society.
                                             Dr. Larry Dickerson (President and CEO of
                                             Lions World Services for the Blind) Beverly Stebbins
                                             (Past Lions International Director) Mark Clifton
                                             (Chairman, LWSB Board of Directors)

Techniques of Daily Living demonstration                 Orientation and Mobility demonstration  

                        Dinner in the LWSB Auditorium Saturday Night

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    Christopher Jackson of Leaf River, Illinois;          Juan Jackson of Rex, Georgia and & Suzan
          Carlos Guiliano of Glen Mills,                         Yocum of Fort Worth, Texas
      Pennsylvania; John Miller of Warren,                 (These individuals are working for the IRS in the
                                                            following locations Juan Jackson is in Atlanta,
           Michigan; and David Parker
                                                            Georgia and Susan Yocum is in Austin, Texas)
                of Erie, Michigan.
     (These individuals are working for the IRS in the
       following locations Christopher Jackson is in
      Jacksonville, Florida; John Miller is in Detroit,
      Michigan and David Parker is in Jacksonville,
    Florida. Carlos Guiliano is currently completing an
                  internship at LWSB. )

                                                           Dallas Talley of Vancouver, Washington
                                                              (Dallas is working in St. Louis, Missouri)

        Mary Ann of Bloomingdale, Illinois
         (Mary Ann is now working for the IRS in
                 Indianapolis, Indiana)

                                                            Vestor Ware of Jackson, Mississippi;
                                                           Timothy Hayes of Indianapolis, Indiana;
                                                           John Horna of Minneapolis, Minnesota
                                                           (These individuals are working for the IRS in the
                                                                following locations Vestor Ware is in
          Judy Jackson of Lubbock, Texas                      Nashville, Tennessee; Timothy Hayes is in
              (Judy is working for the IRS in             Indianapolis, Indiana; John Horna is in Richmond,
                       Austin, Texas)                                          Virginia)

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