Tehiyah Shelanu by yaosaigeng


									Tehiyah Shelanu
The Magazine and Annual Report of Tehiyah Day School
           Volume 14   Number 1     Fall 2009

       30 Years of Innovative Jewish Education
Tehiyah Day School
2603 Tassajara Ave
El Cerrito, CA 94530                                                 Head of School    Bathea James
                                                              Head of Judaic Studies   Rabbi Tsipi Gabai
phone: 510.233.3013                                         Head of General Studies    Elise Prowse
fax: 510.233.0171                                             Chief Financial Officer   Amy Coty
www.tehiyah.org                                              Director of Admissions    Amy Utstein
                                                           Director of Development     Heike Friedman
Tehiyah welcomes students from all religious            Director of Communications     Debbie Rosenfeld-Caparaz
and ethnic backgrounds. It is a beneficiary of the
Jewish Community Federation and Foundation of
the Greater East Bay, the Koret Foundation, the                     Board of Trustees
Jim Joseph Foundation, and Keren Keshet — The
Rainbow Foundation.                                                        President   Adam Mizock
                                                                     Vice Presidents   Harrison Alter
                                                                                       Andrew Cohen
Table of Contents                                                                      Rebekah Wildman
                                                                           Secretary   Gene Millstein
Welcome Letter From Bathea and Adam             1-2                        Treasurer   Buddy Warner
Reunited ... and It Feels So Good!                3              Assistant Treasurer   Scott Hanin
Looking Back on Tehiyah’s Roots                 4-5
Q&A With Three Founding Families                6-7
Tehiyah Alum Returns Home                         8                              Members
From Modeh Ani to Nerdcore Rising                 9
                                                                            Debbie Bamberger
Tehiyah Serves as Lifelong Base                  10
                                                                            Lisa Cohen Bennett
Building Israel Connections                      11
                                                                             Melissa Eizenberg
Foundation for Life                              12
                                                                                Revital Gilad
Offering a Helping Hand in Guatelmala            13
                                                                            Andrew Greenberg
Playing With Pride                               14
                                                                             Maya Guendelman
The Gift of Song                                 15
                                                                                 Joan Kiang
Alumni Highlights                             16-17
                                                                              James Leventhal
Tehiyah Welcomes Five New Trustees               18
                                                                               Michele Levine
Thank You for Your Support                    19-20
                                                                               Sheri Madden
2008-09 Annual Report                         21-25
                                                                                Greg Marell
                                                                              Malka Scheinok
                                                                                 Dina Tasini
                                                                            Madeline Weinstein
                                                                                 Tali Zamir
Editor: Debbie Rosenfeld-Caparaz
                                                                               Victoria Zatkin
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Photography: Heike Friedman, Debbie Rosenfeld-
Caparaz, Nadine Samuels, Bob Schwartz, Dave                  Board of Senior Trustees
Weiland, supplied by alumni, and others
                                                                               Debra Barach
Front and Back Cover Photos: 2008-09 all-school                               Eugene Bardach
photograph, by Nadine Samuels; 1979-80 school                               Simon Guendelman
photograph, unknown photographer                                             Chaim Gur-Arieh
                                                                                Greg Marell
                                                                               Stuart Marson
Mission Statement                                                              Gene Millstein
                                                                             Debra Sanderson
The mission of Tehiyah Day School is to inspire                               Victoria Zatkin
curiosity, a strong sense of community, and a vibrant
connection to Judaism. At Tehiyah, we live the
Welcome Letter From Bathea and Adam
Tehiyah leaders celebrate 30 years of innovative Jewish education

Dear Tehiyah Community,
   Our amazing Tehiyah community has accomplished so much in 30 years.
A consistent school vision and community spirit bonds generations of Tehiyah
students, families, and supporters. We are thankful that a group of families
had the courage to follow through on their dream of providing an excellent
education for their children in a pluralistic Jewish community. We continue
to honor that mission today.
   It is inspiring to see what a community can do in 30 years. Tehiyah started
in a small room at the Kensington Youth Hut, and work parties were sched-
uled to lay a new floor and build and paint tables. We have grown steadily
through the years as we transitioned from our 6th Street location in Berkeley,
to more than 270 students at our current El Cerrito facility. We have a well-
resourced campus with a gym, library, computer lab, and art room. Solar
panels are being installed throughout the campus this fall, showcasing our commit-
ment to being a “green” school.
   Student-painted murals add beauty to our environmentally-aware school. Last
school year’s two middle school art murals depicting Jewish values exemplify in-       Tehiyah’s Past Heads of School
tegration of our curriculum. Under the guidance of our veteran art teacher, Janet
Lipkin, the students have expertly used the murals to showcase the core Jewish
                                                                                       Jean Glasser
values that guide our school — kehillah (community), l’midah (lifelong learning),      Diane Etzel
menschlichkeit (being a good person), ruach (connection to Judaism), tikkun olam       Dorey Brandt-Finell
(social responsibility), and Yisrael (the land of Israel).
   Despite the difficult economic times, we are thrilled that our enrollment has re-
                                                                                       Jody Hirsch
mained steady. As we begin to write the next 30 years of Tehiyah’s history, we will    David Losk
continue to strive to provide a Jewish education for all families who seek one for     Michael Pincus
their child(ren). Efforts are under way to open a bridge-kindergarten program by
August 2010 to address a critical unmet need in our community.
                                                                                       Alison Beskin
   Thirty years of devoted faculty, staff, volunteers, parents, and board members      David Finell
have brought us to where we are today. Although we face challenges, we have            Donna Craft
come so far, earning multiple accolades, including continued accreditation from the
California Association of Independent Schools and Tehiyah’s selection as the Best
                                                                                       Revira Singer
Jewish Day School in the East Bay, according to the readers of the J. newspaper.       Steve Taback
   We maintain our high standing because our faculty and staff are dedicated to        Bathea James
helping each of Tehiyah’s students realize their individual potential. They under-
stand what it means to educate the whole child and instill in each of their students
a love for learning.
   Many of our founding families have shared stories with us that from the begin-
ning, they wanted their children and future children to be excited to get up every
morning and go to school. Something exciting is always happening at Tehiyah,
which has allowed us to build a community of engaged and enthusiastic learners.
   For many years, all of our students have been greeting the day as a community
by singing Modeh Ani — a prayer of thanks. Music is a wonderful way to start the
day and clear the mind for learning. Our students experience the curriculum in a
hands-on way in the classroom and through numerous field trips throughout the
year. While field trips are limited at some schools, our faculty knows it has the
freedom to plan outings away from campus that will enhance the classroom experience.
   The opportunities afforded your children provide them the foundation to be
whatever they want to be. Time will only tell what the current collection of stu-
dents will go on to become. But, the legacy in front of them is strong, as you will
see in the pages ahead in this magazine. Tehiyah students are well prepared for
high school and have attended some of the best public and private universities in
the United States and abroad. Our alumni include doctors, lawyers, teachers, en-
trepreneurs, musicians, playwrights, comedians, and athletes, and they are thriving
and positively affecting the world around them.

                                 Welcome Letter (continued)

Tehiyah’s Past Presidents          We are so thankful for everything that Tehiyah families do to help our school be
                                 the best that it can be. Fundraising has always been a necessary ingredient to our
Laurie Marson        1979-1980   success. Laurie Marson, Tehiyah’s first president, recently recalled the bagel fund-
Ivor Emanuel         1980-1982   raisers at the Pickle Family Circus in the early years that raised a few hundred dollars.
                                 The money funded a few text books, and everyone was thrilled!
Nancy Bardach        1982-1983
                                   Today, successful fundraising efforts are vital to support Tehiyah’s educational
Stuart Marson        1983-1984   program, which culminates with our eighth-grade student trips to Israel and Wash-
Gene Millstein       1984-1985   ington, D.C. We know we ask a lot of our community, and you never cease to im-
                                 press us with your enthusiasm and dedication.
Friedner Wittman     1985-1986
                                   In addition to providing necessary volunteer hours of support, we ask you once
Judy Greene          1986-1987   again to give to the Tehiyah Annual Fund to the best of your ability. We recognize
Elisheva Gur-Arieh   1987-1988   that many of our families are enduring difficult economic times. Last year, the an-
                                 nual fund drive raised an all-time high of $220,000.
Davida Cohen         1988-1989
                                   We want you to know that every dollar raised has a direct impact on Tehiyah.
Robin Blum           1989-1990   We are all stewards of the school’s resources and are working diligently to ensure
Rena Rosen           1990-1992   that Tehiyah will continue to flourish for our children’s children. We know we’re
                                 up for the challenge, and we invite all of you to join us this year as we celebrate 30
Martin Dodd          1992-1993
                                 years of innovative Jewish education and our unique Tehiyah spirit.
Tom Graff            1993-1994     Tehiyah means renewal in Hebrew. When you step foot on campus, we hope
Debra Sanderson      1994-1996   that your hearts are renewed knowing that you have provided the children of our
                                 community with the gift of a Tehiyah education.
Greg Marell          1996-1998
Gene Millstein       1998-2000   L’Shalom,
Debra Barach         2000-2003
Leslie Crary         2003-2006
Adam Mizock          2006-       Bathea James                                  Adam Mizock
                                 Head of School                                Board President

Reunited … and It Feels So Good!
Tehiyah celebrates its 30th with a glamorous reunion gala
By Laurie Earp and Lara Dutta, Event Co-Chairs

  Tehiyah is celebrating its 30th anniversary on November 14, 2009, with a glam-       We have chosen an extraordinary venue to
orous reunion party in one of the Bay Area’s most incredible new venues — the
                                                                                       celebrate with you. The Craneway Pavilion
historic Craneway Pavilion next to the Richmond Marina. We hope that many of
our former and current parents, faculty and staff, old and new friends, and our        is part of the old Ford assembly plant in
older alumni will join us for a festive dinner, a silent auction, and dancing.         Richmond. Designed by the renowned
  During the evening, we will honor our beloved faculty. Many of our teachers
                                                                                       industrial architect Albert Kahn, the 45,000
have been with Tehiyah for many years, and we will pay a special tribute to the five
teachers who have taught at our school for at least 25 years: Jean Glasser, Ruth       square-foot hall is located right on the water,
Gorrin, Gail Taback, Deborah Weinstein, and Allison Kent Weiss.                        facing the magnificent San Francisco skyline.
  A commemorative book will give current and alumni families the chance to let
these teachers know how much their work is appreciated. Please use this oppor-
tunity to share your favorite moments with all of us and preserve your memories
for the future. Write a poem, draw a picture … or just say, thank you!
  Another great way to show your appreciation and to support Tehiyah is to be-
come an event sponsor. Buy a table and invite your friends along to celebrate with
you. You will also have the opportunity to bid on a premier selection of items
during a silent auction.
  Proceeds from the tribute book, sponsorships, auction, and ticket sales will
immediately impact the school by supporting Tehiyah’s outstanding educational
programs, and ensuring that Tehiyah stays financially accessible to all families who
seek a Jewish education for their children.
Tehiyah’s 25 Years of Service Honorees
   Jean Glasser taught the first group of kindergartners at Tehiyah, and she            When:    Saturday, November 14, 7 p.m.
has been introducing young children to Judaic studies and Hebrew since then. A         Where: Craneway Pavilion in Richmond
Northwestern graduate, Jean started her teaching career at a Chicago high school       What:    VIP reception, cocktails, dinner,
in the early 1960s, instructing English and biology. Her East European-born parents
were Hebrew educators, and Jean grew up speaking Hebrew at home. Jean had just                  silent auction, and dancing
finished her master’s in Hebrew/near Eastern studies and early childhood education      For more information: visit www.tehiyah.org
at UC Berkeley when Tehiyah was founded.
   Ruth Gorrin came to Tehiyah in 1983 with a degree in psychology. She worked         or email gala@tehiyah.org
in pre-schools and summer programs with disabled and severely emotionally dis-
turbed children before coming to Tehiyah.
Ruth’s disability unit has changed the way
that her students look at themselves and the
world around them.
   Gail Taback joined the Tehiyah faculty
the same year as Deborah Weinstein. After
graduating from Northwestern University,
her love of literature and writing led her to
work in the publishing business in New York
and Berkeley. Realizing her true calling was
teaching, Gail has used her own passion for
writing and history to make writers out of
her students and to instill a love of history as a great narrative.                    (Left to right): Deborah Weinstein, Ruth
   Deborah Weinstein has been teaching Tehiyah’s second-graders for 27 years           Gorrin, Jean Glasser, Gail Taback, and Allison
without raising her voice once. She ignites a spark for poetry in her students and     Kent Weiss
builds a strong sense of community. Deborah, who holds a master’s degree from
Stanford, took a sabbatical during her Tehiyah tenure to teach at the American
School in Paris, following her deep love for the French language and culture.
   Allison Kent Weiss joined Tehiyah in its second year and has taught nearly
every subject and every grade — except P.E. Currently, she is instructing the fourth
grade with Ruth Gorrin. Allison looks at her class as a community of learners and
teachers: “We spend our days together doing, questioning, seeking, and exploring.
We learn the importance of self-respect and respecting others.”

                                            Looking Back on Tehiyah’s Roots
                                            A one-of-a-kind community connects the years
                                            By Debbie Rosenfeld-Caparaz, Director of Communications

                                                          Jean Glasser and Allison Kent Weiss have seen Tehiyah Day School mature
                                                       from its infancy in a one-room school house in Kensington to a thriving
                                                       well-resourced campus in the El Cerrito Hills.
                                                          Jean was one of Tehiyah’s original two teachers in 1979-80, and Allison
                                                       joined the mix in 1980-81. Through the years, the faculty has been incredibly
                                                       committed to Tehiyah, and Ruth Gorrin, Gail Taback, and Deborah Wein-
                                                       stein join Jean and Allison as current teachers with at least 25 years of
                                                       experience at the school.
                                                          While Jean has witnessed many changes through the years, it’s easy for
                                                       her to identify the similarities that unite 30 years of innovative Jewish education.
                                                          “The most amazing thing about Tehiyah has always been the sense of
                                            family and community,” said Jean, who is Tehiyah’s long-standing Hebrew/Judaic
                                            studies kindergarten teacher. “That’s something that has never changed. When
                                            people have tragedies, simchas, family events, anything that’s going on in their
                                             lives, people always come together and help. It has always been that way. It hasn’t
                                                  “The mission has always been teaching Judaism in a non-dogmatic way. There
                                               is no sense of should about the way we teach. We present the children with the
                                                information, with the language, the history, and traditions, but we never impose
                                                anything on the children. The children experience it in a positive way. It’s their
                                                 choice to carry it on in whichever way they choose.”
                                                    Jean taught with general studies teacher Diane Etzel in a kindergarten-first-
                                                  grade combination class during the 1979-80 school year. Etzel was a kindergarten
                                            teacher at Congregation Beth El in Berkeley prior to joining Tehiyah. Initially,
                                            Tehiyah’s founding families had hoped that Beth El would extend their educational
                                            offerings beyond kindergarten.
                                                After it became clear that Beth El was not interestd in a new educational initia-
                                            tive, a core group of families did not get discouraged and joined together to form
                                            a Jewish day school, which would serve the diverse needs of the community. The
                                            founding families divided up tasks and took advantage of everyone’s strengths. For
                                            example, Carl Groch, an architect, acted as a part-time consultant; parents with
                                            business backgrounds gave sound advice; and those with an education background,
                                            such as Evie Groch, interviewed new teachers, and helped develop the curriculum.
                                                Robert Alter, who is a professor of literature at Cal and one of the founders,
                                            came up with the name Tehiyah. Robert thought Tehiyah, meaning renewal in
                                            Hebrew, was an appropriate name since for many families this Jewish day school
                                            meant the renewal of their commitment to Judaism.
                                                The founding families explored numerous locations for the new school and finally
                                                           decided upon the Kensington Youth Hut for the sum of $1 an hour. The
                                                           Kensington Youth Hut had strengths and weaknesses as a new home.
                                                           It was conveniently located. It had one small classroom, but had easy
                                                           access to the Kensington Library, Blake Gardens, a playground, and the
                                                           larger community room, when it wasn’t in use. The parents worked
                                                           together to paint the room, build tables to Diane Etzel’s specifications,
                                                           and get the school ready for opening day.
                                                              When school opened there were 12 students, and by the end of that
                                                           first year there were 15. The K-1 combination class met the individual
                                                           needs of the students.
                                                              “While we functioned on a shoe-string budget, I always felt like we
                                                           had all the necessary supplies to operate,” Diane said. “People donated,
                                                           we made do, and we always got just what we needed.”
                                                              As the first school year came to a close, Jean and Diane realized they
                                                           needed to hire additional staff for the following year. The current
Top to bottom: Allison Kent Weiss, 1980s;   students were ready to move up a grade and a few older siblings were joining the
1985-86; 2008-09; 2008-09                   student body because their parents wanted them to share in this wonderful

educational experience.
   Jean contacted Allison, who she knew from college, and brought her on board
to teach a 1-2-3 combination class of 20 students. Allison recalls clutching her plan
book in amazement that she survived her first year at Tehiyah.
   “This place is my entire adult life,” said Allison, who currently teaches fourth
grade with Ruth Gorrin. “I came here straight from grad school. This was my first
full-time teaching job. We have grown and matured and become adults together.
When I started here, I was the young kid; now I’m the old lady.”
   Before the founders knew it, the first two years had flown by, and Tehiyah’s
numbers outgrew the Kensington Youth Hut. It was time to move on. But where?
How? Again, the group called on the skills of one of their own, a parent who hap-
pened to be an architecture student at the time, Nancy Bardach. She scoured the
East Bay to find a new home for the flourishing Tehiyah.
   Through the assistance of founder Irene Winston’s friend who was a realtor,
Nancy searched until she found an appropriate site on 6th Street. The location,
which is now home to Black Pine Circle, was to become the school’s next home,
and was affectionately known as “the school that Nancy built.” The down payment
came from a parent loan program in which every family participated. The school
had the support of contractors, a pro bono attorney, and again the contributions
of time and energy of the parents. The 6th Street site opened on time and served
the school well for the next three years.
   As the school continued to grow, it also became more complex: additional
teachers, more students, more classrooms, larger budget, and hiring school direc-
tors. In three short years, Tehiyah outgrew the 6th Street site, and the search for
a new location was on once again. Through the steadfast efforts of Gene Millstein
and Stuart Marson, the present campus in El Cerrito was identified and
purchased for the reasonable price of $465,000. Parents once again
loaned the school money for the down payment. The expansion and
growth of the school brought in a new group of enthusiastic and dedi-
cated parents who, along with the founders, charted the course of Tehiyah
for the following years.
   The 2009-10 school year marks Tehiyah’s 26th year on Tassajara
Avenue, and cherished families, faculty, staff, board members, and com-
munity supporters have helped make Tehiyah a place where children
want to go every day. Allison has numerous special memories during her
29 years with Tehiyah.
   “I was cleaning out my closet and found a script from a play we did
my first year — The Wizard of Oz,” Allison said. “The kids have to be in
their mid-30s now. I have taught just about every grade here — general
studies, Judaic studies. I was the music teacher, and I was the secretary
for one week. Some of my fondest memories include graduations. I think I have
been to every graduation, watching all of those kids graduate and my own two kids
graduate from Tehiyah.”
   Jean has enjoyed interacting with the children the most over the years. The least
enjoyable part of her tenure was the board meetings in the early days that went
until 1 a.m.
   “I am just so happy to be part of this community and this experiment that turned
out to not be an experiment at all, but something beautiful and unique,” Jean said.
“We have so much diversity of thought. What’s the miracle of this school is that it
works. In the end, we respect each other, hear each other, and debate with each
other, but we’re family. I have personally felt such a coming together and support
from this community. It’s my family, too.”

This story was written with contributions from a story in a 1995 Tehiyah tribute book.   Top to bottom: 2008-09; 1980s; 2008-09;

                                     Q&A With Three Founding Families
                                     These families and others came together to make Tehiyah possible
                                     By Debbie Rosenfeld-Caparaz, Director of Communications

                                     Eugene Bardach, Current Tehiyah Senior Trustee (children: Rebecca
                                     and Naomi)
                                     Why was your family interested in helping to found a Jewish day school
                                     in the East Bay?
                                        “We wanted a place for our children that would provide excellent secular edu-
                                     cation and also a solid Judaica and Hebrew education. The available options at the
                                     time did not appeal. Also, we wanted to found an institution that would serve not
                                     only ourselves but others like us, and that would, in particular, provide good Jewish
                                     education, not only for our generation of friends and peers, but for the future as
                                     well. It occurred to me some months into the heavy lifting (personnel, fundraising,
                                     governance, etc.) that I had always taken it for granted, growing up in Baltimore,
                                     that “somebody else” did that sort of stuff. Out here on the Jewish western fron-
                                     tier, there wasn’t any “somebody else.” If this was going to be done at all, we had
                                     to do it.”
Nancy and Eugene Bardach             How did you and the other families approach the task of starting a school?
                                       “Basically, most of us were reluctant participants. I certainly was. So was Nancy,
                                     though she had more enthusiasm for the problem-solving surrounding all the ar-
                                     chitectural and construction issues (she being an architect), such as finding a site,
                                     drawing up plans, supervising the demolition and the parent work parties on the
Tehiyah Timeline                     weekends, and managing the contractor. … Laying out $350,000 that we did not
1979 — Tehiyah welcomes first class   have in order to buy the building (on 6th Street), and then another $100K or so
of 15 students to the Kensington     for renovations, was scary! … There was also an element of excitement and ca-
                                     maraderie. To this day, our children who were in Tehiyah then regard the founding
Youth Hut                            era of pioneering as one of the wonderful and formative experiences in their lives.”
1981 — Tehiyah moves to newly        What was the camaraderie like among the founding families?
purchased 6th Street campus             “Nancy and I (particularly Nancy) were among the highly committed, highly
                                     responsible parents. And, we liked and respected the other parents who were like
January 1984 — Gene Millstein        us; and vice versa, for the most part. That was satisfying. ... For me, one of the
secures Tassajara campus location    most important elements of community spirit was the level of civility and reason-
                                     ableness that we all attempted to maintain when making important decisions. ... ”
for $465,000
                                     Evie Groch, Ed.D. (children: Davina and Joelle)
August 1984 — Tehiyah relocates
                                     Why was your family interested in helping to found a Jewish day school
to the Tassajara campus with an      in the East Bay?
enrollment of 125 students             “We wanted to continue the nurturing and academic atmosphere that Temple
                                     Beth El Nursery School had provided our daughters in pre-school and kindergarten.
1996 — Completion of the new         There were really no other viable options in the Berkeley area. Instilling Jewish
middle school wing                   values was also important, as were celebrating and observing the Jewish holidays.
                                     We wanted all children to feel included, no matter their background or degree of
2001 — Completion of the gym,        Judaic observance.”
the Beit Midrash, and the TAP room   What was the camaraderie like among the founding families?
2010 — Expected opening of our          “We all felt nervous, yet excited at this bold undertaking. It was taking a huge
                                     risk, but we felt so was sending our children to inferior schools in the public sector.
new bridge-K program                 Having worked in education all my life, first as a teacher, then as an administrator,
                                     and finally at the central office in curriculum, I personally felt we could do so
                                     much better than some of the public schools I knew well. There was never 100%
Operating Budget                     agreement among the founding families, but we knew we had to stick together to
1979-80 — $22,000                    make it work, and we did. Each one of us brought his/her expertise to the table.”

1983-84 — $356,000                   How are you feeling about Tehiyah 30 years later?
                                        “I’m so proud we were given the opportunity to participate and make a success
2009-10 — $4,500,000                 of the school. … We needed money and fundraised like crazy. We somehow came
                                     through with everything we needed. There wasn’t time to complain, just time to
                                     keep it going and make it better and better, adding a grade level at a time. I can’t
believe it’s been 30 years until I see how old our daughters are. Tehiyah’s early
graduates have done well. One of our daughters is running for the school board in
Burlingame, and we like to think we modeled parent engagement in education for
her. We even built our house up the street from Tehiyah so our kids could walk to
school. We still feel connected and always follow the goings-on at the school. How
could it be otherwise? Mazal tov, Tehiyah. Long may it thrive!”                          I negotiated the deal as a volunteer
Laurie Marson, Tehiyah’s First Board President
                                                                                         parent. We were lucky there were
(children: Jonas and Colin)
                                                                                         no other buyers. We obtained the
How did the founding families approach the challenge of starting Tehiyah?
  “I think we had no idea what we were getting into and the amount of work that          property for the spectacularly low
would be involved. When Beth El said no, we had a meeting and said, ‘Should we go        price of $465,000. The seller (the
for it anyway?’ We must have voted and said, ‘Sure, how hard can it be?’ We divided
up into different groups. I was the one who applied for the IRS status — the reli-       Richmond School District) carried the
gious school charitable organization status. It was filling out a form. It was no big     mortgage. We put $100,000 down,
deal. There was a book called How to Start a School. … Since California didn’t have
a regular licensing for private schools at that time, anybody could start a school. It
                                                                                         all borrowed from parents.
was very strange. You were supposed to follow very broad outlines of curriculum.         — Gene Millstein, former Tehiyah parent
… Several people interviewed teachers. We had already picked one (Diane Etzel)           and current senior trustee, on buying the
out as she was one of the kindergarten teachers at Beth El and agreed to continue.       Tassajara Avenue campus
… Jean (Glasser) was hired by Evie (Groch). We located a space, which was at
the Kensington Youth Hut. We paid like $1 per hour. We had a little room off of
the main room in the youth hut. … We put down a new floor, and we built the
tables and bought chairs. … ”
What were some of your favorite memories of Tehiyah’s first year?
  “I remember the day we were building the furniture. It was a beautiful day,
and we were all outside. We were building and painting the tables. They were
around for a lot of years those tables. They were bright red and bright blue and
bright yellow. That’s how the teachers wanted it. … I remember the introduc-
tory coffee that we had to get new students before we opened that no one
came to. That was not so good. It was tough but funny. Some of the events that
they staged in the early years — the plays — were adorable. … Every year, we
looked at each other and said, ‘Oh my G-d, we’re still here, and we don’t have
any money.’”
Stuart Marson, Tehiyah’s Fourth Board President and Current Senior
Trustee (children: Jonas and Colin)
Were there moments of doubts that Tehiyah wouldn’t succeed?
  “It was always, ‘this is going to work.’ There are always ways to solve a problem.     Carl and Evie Groch
When we hit a wall of some sort, a creative solution was created. … We did all
the things we could and people joined. If you build it, they will come. When there
were financial issues, we came up with creative loan programs. Personally, I never
had any doubt that it would be successful. We were going to make it so. There
were many people who did have doubts. … One of my jobs during many of the
years was to say, ‘Failure is not an option.’”
Looking back, how rewarding is the role that you and Laurie played in
forming Tehiyah?
   “Exceptionally so! Tehiyah is one of our children who is now turning 30. What we
didn’t recognize was going to happen was that most of our friends had their genesis
in the fact that they were involved in the school with us. .… The parent relationships
as well as the children-children relationships have been enormously important in our
lives. … Our worries were that after the first group of people go through and put         Laurie and
all of this energy in, it then peters out. That has not been the case. Every year, new
                                                                                         Stuart Marson
people come in with vitality. The vitality today is as strong as when we started. That
is a welcome surprise and very rewarding to see that that can happen.”

                                             Tehiyah Alum Returns Home
                                             Ronli Moses proudly enrolls her son at her alma mater
                                             By Amy Utstein, Director of Admissions

Famous Family                                                                                     While there are many things we are
                                                                                               looking forward to in our 30th anni-
In addition to being one of the first                                                           versary year, perhaps one of the most
alums to send her child to Tehiyah,                                                            exciting is welcoming one of our first
                                                                                               alums back as a parent! Ronli Moses,
Ronli has another Tehiyah claim to                                                             who was in Tehiyah’s second graduating
fame. Her brother is the renowned                                                              class in 1987, is seeing the school in a
                                                                                               new light as her son, Aiden, joined us as
playwright Itamar Moses (who is also                                                           a kindergartener in August.
a Tehiyah alum)! We featured Itamar                                                               Ronli began at Tehiyah when the
                                                                                               school was still located on 6th Street
in the fall 2008 issue of Tehiyah                                                              (now the location of Black Pine Circle).
Shelanu and congratulate him on                                                                She was there for three years and then
                                                                                               made the “big move” to our current
                          his new play,                                                        campus in El Cerrito. She remembers
                          Back Back          being part of making the dream of Tehiyah a reality.
                                                “There were work parties every weekend before the school opened,” Ronli
                          Back, which        said. “We painted and planted — it was really our school.”
                          premiered at          The Berkeley resident loved her time at Tehiyah, and she still thinks fondly
                                             about the teachers who influenced her during her time here. She especially appre-
                          the Manhattan      ciated the way that Judaism ran through the curriculum in seamless ways.
                          Theatre Club          “I really got it that it wasn’t just about math, and English, and science,” Ronli
                                             said. “Everything was centered around Judaism, and it was translated into music,
                          in New York        art, field trips, and exploring the world in general.”
earlier this year. Mazal Tov to the entire      She remembers the music that influenced everything on campus and specifically
                                             enjoyed singing on the Tehiyah album and at Zellerbach Auditorium as a member
Moses family!                                of the Tehiyah chorus.
                                                                              Not surprisingly, being a parent at the school you
                                                                            grew up at makes for some interesting observations.
                                                                            Tehiyah has clearly changed from Ronli’s perspective.
                                                                              “It’s much more of a school now,” Ronli said. “It was
                                                                            more like a dream when I was there — sort of patched
                                                                            together. There is much more stability now. We were
                                                                            trying to create something, and it feels like it’s been
                                                                            accomplished. Tehiyah has really blossomed and grown
                                                                              Just to give it a bit of perspective, when Ronli was
                                                                            here, most of the classes were combined (i.e., second
                                                                            and third grades together), their middle school dances
                                                                            used to be in the art room, and the gym was just a pipe
                                                                              As a parent of a kindergartener, Ronli has experi-
                                                                            enced a variety of emotions. It was hard for Ronli to let
Aiden Moses (on the right) with fellow       her baby leave the nest, but choosing Tehiyah just felt right.
kindergartener Joshua Weschler                  “I had a real battle this year trying to decide what to do because I like the
                                             Berkeley public school system,” Ronli said. “But as it got closer to making the
                                             decision, Tehiyah just felt safe. I want Aiden’s foundation to be a solid one, and I
                                             wasn’t sure he’d get that anywhere else.”
                                                When asked if she had any advice for current Tehiyah students, Ronli had this
                                             to say: “Appreciate what you’re learning because you’re getting exposed to more
                                             than other kids are. Take advantage of the opportunities even though you might
                                             not see them as opportunities right now.”
                                                Those are wise words from someone who has personally experienced the ex-
                                             citement and warmth of the Tehiyah community. Welcome back to Tehiyah, Ronli.
                                             We’re very excited to have you and Aiden with us!
From Modeh Ani to Nerdcore Rising
Gaby Alter writes musicals and songs in New York
By Heike Friedman, Director of Development

   It’s a small world if you have friends. When Gaby Alter arrived in
New York six years ago to find his way as a musician and composer, he
was welcomed by playwright Itamar Moses who had been living there
for several years.
   “He had always been like a younger brother to me,” Gaby said.
   In New York, both former Tehiyah students became friends and col-
leagues. Currently, Gaby and Itamar are collaborating on a musical. The
production is called Reality!, an “irreverent parody of the reality behind
reality television shows.” Itamar’s play, Yellowjackets, had a successful
run at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre last year.
   There were signs of Gaby’s musical promise during his time at Tehiyah
(1980-87). He recorded his first song with his music teacher, Arella
Barlev, in middle school.
   “I wrote a Hanukkah rap song, and Arella liked it, so she included it
on an album that she was recording,” Gaby, now 35, recalled. “There
was a lot of music at Tehiyah.”
   He remembers starting the day singing Modeh Ani with his first-grade
teacher, Allison Kent Weiss.
   “I think I had a crush on her,” Gaby said.
   Allison has her own memories of her first year teaching at Tehiyah.
    “One day, we were sitting in a circle having a class discussion,” Allison
said. “I don’t remember the topic, but Gaby raised his hand and said, ‘I
wonder what Nostradamus would say about this!’”
   Gail Taback taught Gaby in fourth grade and remembers him as a
creative and smart student. Twenty-two years after leaving Tehiyah,
Gaby can easily list the names of all of his former teachers and classmates.
   “Tehiyah creates a sense of community, one that extends beyond your own            One day we were sitting in a circle
classroom,” said Gaby, who still keeps in touch with many of his classmates.
   Gaby, the son of Bible scholar and former Tehiyah trustee Robert Alter, spoke      having a class discussion. I don’t
about the powerful connection with Jewish culture that his education at Tehiyah       remember the topic, but Gaby raised
created for him.
   “I have a strong sense of my Jewish identity, something I can always come back     his hand and said, ‘I wonder what
to,” Gaby said.                                                                       Nostradamus would say about this!’
   After graduating from Tehiyah, Gaby attended Berkeley High School and Wes-
leyan College. During his post-Tehiyah years, he started writing songs for musicals   — Allison Kent Weiss
and children’s puppet shows. His musical, Vapor Tales, won the 1998 San Francisco     Gaby’s first-grade teacher at Tehiyah
Theater Critics’ Circle Award.
   A year after moving to New York in 2003, Gaby enrolled in New York Univer-
sity’s Musical Theatre Writing Program. Also in 2004, his musical, Young Zombies
in Love, was recognized with the New York Fringe Festival Songwriting Award. His
current projects include Band Geeks! (with Tommy Newman, Mark Allen, and Gordon
Greenberg), which will appear at the 2009 NAMT Festival of New Musicals; Reality!,
which was workshopped at the Cape Cod Theatre Project in 2008; and Twenty-
Nine (with Tommy Newman), which was the NYU Steinhardt spring musical in
   Gaby also writes songs for Mr. Steve (a.k.a. Steve Roslonek) for the nationally
televised show “PBS KIDS Block.” His work was part of the film project, Nerdcore
Rising (2008), a documentary “that investigates the newest wave of hip-hop, nerd-
core, as it follows the godfather of the genre, MC Frontalot, on his first national
tour.” Gaby is Frontalot’s co-writer and musical director.
   To read more about Gaby Alter and to listen to some of his songs, please visit

                                                Tehiyah Serves As Lifelong Base
                                                Maya Guendelman pursues a career as a clinical neuropsychologist
                                                By Maya Guendelman (class of 1999)

                                                            My current line of work — infant mental health — is as heartbreaking as
                                                         it is hopeful. As a research associate at the UCSF Child Trauma Research
                                                         Program, I work with a team of psychologists-cum-researchers who specialize
                                                         in treating toddlers affected by terrible events. Surely, we cannot reasonably
                                                         expect an 18-month old to lie down on a couch and verbalize his feelings
                                                         about daddy hitting mommy. But in other ways, such as play, young children
                                                         are unusually honest in expressing how they are deeply affected by their
                                                         social environments, both healthy and not. Catalyzed by my work, I have
                                                         increasingly reflected on the profound importance of early childhood
                                                         experience in shaping lifelong development — not only in the lives of the
                                                         children we treat at the clinic, but in my own life, too.
                                                            For me, Tehiyah is the mouth of a constant flood of vividly positive mem-
                                                         ories — the excitement of Purim fairs, assembling the bagel lunches, selling
                                                         raffle tickets and the jellybean guessing, morning Modeh Anis and t’fillah, the
                                                         Gold Rush trip (my apologies if some of these references are by now out-
                                                         dated). … I carry these with me every day, consciously or not. They are a
                                                         source of great strength, for which I am extremely grateful, especially as I
                                                work to meet the realities and responsibilities of growing up and “real life.”
Maya (left) with Aviva Gilbert, Tehiyah class
                                                   Along with happy memories, many of my closest friends today are also from
of 1999
                                                Tehiyah. Some I speak with or see daily or weekly; I am in touch with most others
                                                in some way or another. I am continually impressed with their characters, per-
                                                sonalities, and strength — they are good people with strong Jewish values. And,
                                                they are successful in other ways, too. In my class of 17 kids, now aged 23 or 24, I
                                                believe, we have three Fulbright Scholars, two Stanford grads, one Harvard grad,
                                                two UCLA, one U Penn, one Brown, one Wellesley, one Wesleyan, one UC Davis,
                                                one UCSC, one UCI, two Berkeley, one Scripps grad … the list goes on. We have
                                                at least two talented musicians, a chef, Spanish speakers, Hebrew speakers, Japa-
                                                nese speakers, world travelers, a social worker, a future clinical neuropsychologist
                                                (that would be me, if all goes as planned with graduate school applications!), and
                                                perhaps not surprisingly, you will be able to hire a top-notch class of ’99 legal
                                                team within a couple years.
                                                   I spent a fair amount of time at the beginning of this year getting to know the
                                                young ladies of the seventh grade. One of my closest friends, Shiri Weininger
                                                (alum ’98, daughter of Rabbi Tsipi), and I co-led a workshop in which we explored
Maya with her father, Simon Guendelman,         many of the social and emotional issues that we, too, had encountered as 13-year
a current Tehiyah senior trustee                olds. I was deeply impressed by the girls’ maturity and expressiveness — they
                                                reminded me a bit of my classmates — and I had them in mind when I accepted
                                                the invitation to join the board of trustees, as one of its first alumni members. It is
                                                a great honor to be a part of this group of incredibly dedicated, talented individuals.
I will work toward helping Tehiyah
                                                I will work toward helping Tehiyah to strengthen its possibilities as a strong and
to strengthen its possibilities as a            vibrant home for Jewish education, particularly through its alumni ties. In all senses
                                                of the words — l’dor va dor.
strong and vibrant home for Jewish
                                                   As a Fulbrighter myself, I spent last year in my parents’ homeland — Chile. My father
education, particularly through its             — whose Instituto Hebreo kindergarten class still has yearly reunions — armed me
                                                with a long list of contacts for any imaginable emergency. The Chilean Jewish community
alumni ties. In all senses of the words
                                                is small but incredibly tight-knit, and I have admired the strong social and cultural ties
— l’dor va dor.                                 that my family has maintained with it despite our physical distance. Our wider society in
                                                the United States is beautifully heterogeneous and opportunity-rich. Yet in some ways,
                                                its fundamental restlessness makes it particularly critical for its members to have a solid
                                                base, if not a physical location then a sense of identity, community, and belonging. In
                                                developmental psychology, this concept is often referred to as a “secure base,” and
                                                having one is seen as critical to healthy socio-emotional and physical development. As
                                                we grow older and our world expands, the concept grows, too, beyond mom and dad.
                                                For me, and I suspect for almost all of its students, teachers, parents, and community-
                                                members, Tehiyah is not simply a school but is also a dear and secure, lifelong base.
Building Israel Connections
Eytan Elterman excels as an Israel advocate and entrepreneur
By Debbie Rosenfeld-Caparaz, Director of Communications

   Tehiyah alum Eytan Elterman has a deep connection to his alma
mater’s core Jewish value of Yisrael (the land of Israel). From December
2007 until August 2009, Eytan served as the director of public affairs
for the Consulate General of Israel in San Francisco.
   Eytan assisted in publicizing Israeli environmental, technological,
and cultural advances within the Jewish and non-Jewish communities
in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and half of California.
These efforts built and maintained a partnership between Israel and
the Pacific Northwest. He also engaged in regular communication
with the general community concerning Israeli political issues.
   “I represented something that I whole heartedly believe in,” said
Eytan, who graduated from Tehiyah in 1993. “It’s important to be
able to have a voice and do it in a way that I believe in.”
   At the consulate, Eytan coordinated programming with Tehiyah
students. In January, our eighth-graders traveled to the consulate
to observe local Israeli dignitaries casting their votes for the Israel
Knesset and to participate in a mock election. Tehiyah’s fifth, sixth,
and seventh-graders were invited by the consulate to plant trees in honor of Tu
b’Shvat at John McClaren Park in San Francisco in February.
   While Eytan’s job involved working with many high-level people within the Israeli
government and infrastructure, he greatly enjoyed welcoming some of tomorrow’s
leaders — Tehiyah students — to the consulate.
   “I got to speak to the students for about 10 minutes and give them an overview
of how Israeli elections and Israeli democracy take place,” said Eytan, who like
Tehiyah is 30-years-old. “It was a very good experience. It brought it back full circle.”
   Eytan credits Tehiyah for planting a seed for his Jewish cultural identity and for
encouraging his interest in tikkun olam initiatives. Rabbi Tsipi Gabai and Sue Miller
were two of his faborite Tehiyah teachers, and both individuals inspired Eytan to
reach his full potential at Tehiyah and beyond.
   Other cultures have always fascinated Eytan, and from an early age, he wanted to
find a way to travel. The son of Mexican immigrants, Eytan was born in the United
States and grew up fluent in Spanish. His love for the international community has
influenced his career and education choices.
   A 2001 UCLA graduate with a degree in European studies, Eytan worked in tele-                   Eytan at the consulate (above)
vision production for three years before moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with                   and in the first grade
Noam Pines, a Tehiyah friend, to teach English, perfect his Spanish, and explore
South America.
   After a brief teaching stint, they started Cali Promociones, a hip-hop promo-
tions company in Argentina. Eytan’s adventure motivated him to return to the
United States to earn his MBA in international management from the Monterey                 I would also like to build a couple
Institute of International Studies.                                                         small business ideas possibly related
   “If we had made the decision to stay, it’s quite possible I would still be there         to Israel. I don’t want to give up on
right now,” Eytan said. “We were relatively successful in our one-year venture.”
   Fortunately for the Israeli Consulate, Eytan didn’t want Argentina to become             Israel advocacy. It’s too important at
his permanent home. Since leaving the consulate, Eytan’s entrepreneurial spirit has         this point.
moved his career forward.
   “Other interests of mine include video and television production,” Eytan said.
“I’ve worked on several independent documentaries and human interest stories. I
would like to pursue that avenue. I would also like to build a couple small business
ideas possibly related to Israel. I don’t want to give up on Israel advocacy. It’s too
important at this point.”
   Eytan’s future clearly looks bright, and Tehiyah is proud to have given him the
necessary foundation to pursue his dreams.

                                   Foundation for Life
                                   Gavri Rosen uses her medical degree to make a difference
                                   By Debbie Rosenfeld-Caparaz, Director of Communications

                                      Gavri Rosen Kellerman views Tehiyah Day School as the foundation for her
                                   personal and professional aspirations. Gavri moved to La Jolla, Calif., with her husband,
                                   Jesse Kellerman, in 2007 to do her psychiatry residency at UC San Diego, but she
                                   is currently taking some time off to work in community psychiatry at a local hospital.
                                                                           On the strength of Tehiyah’s outstanding aca-
                                                                        demic preparation, Gavri pursued a challenging
                                                                        academic path. After graduating from Tehiyah in
                                                                        1994, she attended College Preparatory School
                                                                        in Oakland, graduated summa cum laude from
                                                                        Harvard with a degree in the history of science,
                                                                        and earned her medical degree from Mount Sinai
                                                                        School of Medicine in New York.
                                                                           While at Harvard, Gavri’s life-long affinity
                                                                        toward tikkun olam projects inspired her to be
                                                                        one of the founders of the Women’s Resource
                                                                        Center at Boston Medical Center. The student-
                                                                        run service, part of a national program called
                                                                        Project Health, helps patients find housing,
                                                                        child-care, and employment.
                                                                           Given that her father is a plasma physicist and
                                                                        her mother is a lawyer, it is not surprising that
                                                                        education played an important role in Gavri’s
                                                                           “Academics were always very important in
                                                                        our household,” said Gavri, whose brothers,
                                                                        Michael and Rafi, graduated from Tehiyah in
                                                                        1990 and 1998, respectively. “The main reason
                                                                        they sent us to Tehiyah was because we could
Gavri with her husband, Jesse      get the academics and the Jewish education. I really enjoyed the academic experi-
                                   ence at Tehiyah. There was so much of it that was great. I don’t want to mention
                                   just one of my teachers. They were all great. I really benefited a lot from that early
The main reason they sent us to    education. I felt like it helped me a lot at CPS. I had a leg up in a lot of the stuff we
Tehiyah was because we could       were doing there.”
get the academics and the Jewish      Gavri’s interest in psychiatry was sparked in high school.
                                      “I took a class in high school where we were reading Freud, and I was taking AP
education. I really enjoyed the    biology,” Gavri said. “I thought the brain was totally fascinating. I felt that medicine
academic experience at Tehiyah.    would be the most compelling way to study it.”
                                      On a personal note, Gavri and Jesse celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary
                                   earlier this year. The couple met at Harvard as undergraduates, and shares an interest
                                   in traveling and writing. Gavri has lived in Israel, Germany, and Switzerland, and
                                   she has explored numerous countries with her husband, who is an accomplished
                                   writer and playwright. Tehiyah also cultivated Gavri’s ability to craft fiction.
                                      “I recently found a folder of stories and poetry I wrote for (former Tehiyah
                                   teacher) Sue Miller,” Gavri said. “One day a week, we had creative writing, and it
                                   was important to help me start developing my voice.”
                                      Judaism also plays an important role in Gavri’s and Jesse’s lives. They both at-
                                   tended Jewish day schools, keep kosher, celebrate Shabbat, and intend to raise
                                   their future children with Jewish values. Clearly, Tehiyah helped shape a caring and
                                   talented young woman who values her family, life-long learning, and Judaism.
                                      “After I finished high school, I spent a year before college in Israel,” Gavri said.
                                   “That experience was important to me. I went to Midrasha during high school. In
                                   college, I was really involved with Hillel. Judaism has always been there, and I think
                                   it will always be there.”

Offering a Helping Hand in Guatemala
Emily Pascal joins her father to provide medical care
By Debbie Rosenfeld-Caparaz, Director of Communications

   Despite being only a senior at Marin Academy in San Rafael, Tehiyah alum Emily           Helping others was instilled in me
Pascal has already begun to chart her future as a pediatric general surgeon.
   Over the last two years, Emily has twice accompanied her father, who is an eye           from a young age. It gave me a
surgeon, on charitable medical trips to the Hospital de la Familia in Southwestern          less egocentric view of the world.
Guatemala. The facility provides year-round medical care but relies on volunteer
U.S. surgical teams to perform major surgeries.                                             I definitely think that Tehiyah
   A 2006 Tehiyah graduate, Emily has done more than just observe various medical           influenced me to want to help others.
procedures during her two-week visits to the Guatemala hospital. She has checked
visual acuities in the eye clinic, served as a language translator for the medical staff,   Emily (far left) in an operating room at
and has scrubbed in and assisted with several eye surgeries, an ovarian cyst removal,       Hospital de la Familia
hernia repairs, and a partial thyroid removal.
   Under the guidance of the doctors, her surgical assignments
have included holding the retractor and suturing incisions.
Emily vividly recalled the excitement of witnessing one
woman’s reaction at her post-cataract surgery appointment.
   “I took off the eye patch, and she started to cry because
she was able to see,” Emily said. “She started to mumble in
Spanish, thanking G-d and my father. She was blind in her
other eye, so she hadn’t been able to see for a long time.
My dad got tears in his eyes. It was really special.”
   Emily has loved her experiences in Guatemala and hopes
to return with her dad in the spring of 2010. With four
different surgeries occurring in one room, she has enjoyed
her exposure to a variety of sub-surgical specialties.
   Through a mini-course program at her high school, she
has also shadowed a pediatric general surgeon at Children’s
Hospital in Oakland. Pediatric general surgery is one of her
top career choices because it combines two of her passions.
   “I really like kids, so I want to do something working with kids when I grow up,”
said Emily, whose brother Daniel is a fifth-grader at Tehiyah. “I am also really into
art, so I want to do something where I get to use my hands.”
   Emily traces her interests in helping others and for art back to her Tehiyah days.
   “Community service and tikkun olam were stressed at Tehiyah,” Emily said.
“Helping others was instilled in me from a young age. It gave me a less egocentric
view of the world. I definitely think that Tehiyah influenced me to want to help others.
   “Janet [Lipkin] first got me interested in art. She was an amazing art teacher, and
I looked forward to art class.”
   Tufts University in Boston and Washington University in St. Louis are two of her
top college choices, as both have large Jewish populations and excellent medical
schools. She has opted to do a gap year between high school and freshman year of
college to spend some time in Israel, perfecting her Hebrew, learning some Arabic,
and possibly teaching on a kibbutz.
   After all, Emily, who will turn 17 at the end of this year, recognizes how many years    Emily in a supply closet at Hospital de la
of hard work are ahead of her to become a doctor. Additionally, she has already had a       Familia
taste of college by attending summer school at Stanford for eight weeks this year.
   “I was having a conversation with my dad where he said he went to 24 years of
school plus kindergarten,” Emily said. “Based on his years of schooling, he was tell-
ing me how to study for midterms.”
   As Emily pursues her medical degree, she will have plenty of time to master her
own study techniques and will always remember the special place Tehiyah holds in
her heart.
   A few years ago, Emily told her mother, “I will never again have an experience
like Tehiyah. There is just nothing like it, and I’m going to for sure send my children
to a Jewish day school.”

                                                                                               Playing With Pride
                                                                                               Nadav Kariv spent last year playing semi-professional soccer in Israel
                                                                                               By Debbie Rosenfeld-Caparaz, Director of Communications

                                                                                                  Nadav Kariv holds the distinction of being Tehiyah’s first alum to play semi-
                                                                                               professional sports.
                                                                                                  A 2004 Tehiyah graduate, Nadav completed his Berkeley High School education
                                                                                               in 2008. After graduation, Nadav decided to move to Israel to pursue his dream
                                                                                               of becoming a professional soccer player.
                                                                                                  For the 2008-09 season, Nadav landed a contract with HaPoel Afula’s under-20
                                                                                               team with the help of one of his father’s friends. In Israel, professional soccer
                                                                                               organizations rely on their youth teams to develop future players. The transition
                                                                                               from living with his parents to living in his own apartment in another country
                                                                                               went well. Nadav is fluent in Hebrew, was familiar with Israel from past visits to
                                                                                               see his father’s family, and resided on Kibbutz Ramat David, where his grandmother
                                                                                               lives. He feels his time in Israel helped him grow as a center midfielder and as a
                                                                                                  “The practices were more intense than some of the games I played in the Bay
                                                                                               Area,” said Nadav, who turned 19 on September 11. “There were 24 players fighting
                                                                                               to be one of the 18 players who dressed for a game. The level of coaching was
                                                                                               also a lot better.”
                                                                                                  For now, Nadav has decided to continue focusing on his professional soccer
                                                                                               career. To stay academically sharp, he plans to take a couple online courses in the
                                                                                               coming year.
                                                                                                  Despite the pride he felt playing in Israel, Nadav opted to investigate other soccer
                                                                                               options. He spent the summer of 2009 in Italy exploring professional playing
                                                                                               opportunities through a Canadian program. He was fortunate to be one of two
                                                                                               individuals from the United States among the 20 elite soccer players given the
                                                                                               chance to showcase their skills against some of Italy’s top professional clubs.
                                                                                                  “You have to be the best of the best to get into (the Canadian program),”
                                                                                               Nadav said.
                                                                                                       When Tehiyah Shelanu went to press, Nadav was hopeful that he would
                                                                                                     soon secure a soccer contract in Italy or another European location. A 14-
                                                                                                      year veteran player, Nadav was introduced to soccer in a recreational league
                      cer:                                                                             when he was five, and quickly demonstrated an aptitude for the game.
              -19) Soc Team
       outh (U
Afula Y Player Joins the                                                                                 “My parents could tell that I was a gifted soccer player,” said Nadav,
A Foreig
                                 iv, 18 ye
                                             ars old,
                                                                 the team
                                                                              .                         whose father also played soccer when he was young. “I had some games in
                         av Kar from the USA                             is a

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            lder, Nad
 A midfie two months
                                 Shar    one Yona ppy to have hi
                                              ry ha
                                                    stated,             m join                          which I scored six goals.”
            Youth D er and I am ve
  very ta
           lented pl
                                                               Afula. Th
                                                                            e                               Through the years, Nadav honed his skills for several top Bay Area club
   us.””                                            Hapoel                  m

                                years ol
                                          d, joined months ago fro d
                    adav, 18 e by himself tw ely in the US raeli
    Last wee idfielder cam                       tensiv
                                                                          e Is
                                                                                                         teams and competed in the Olympic Development Program. He was a
                                        ayed ex                ice in th
    ta lented m SA. Nadav pl Aliyah and serv h. I am very
                a, U                   ing
     Californi rael contemplat ve Israel very
                                                                        t time bu
                                                                                   tI                     four-year member of Berkeley High School’s varsity soccer team. Nadav
                Is                      lo                  ly a shor             in
     came to                (IDF). ““I ub. I am here on team succeed
      Defense in the Afula Cl al is to help m na added this
                   jo                    go
                                                                                                           chose not to play soccer at Tehiyah, but enjoyed the camaraderie of playing
       happy to el at home. My ariv. Sharone                          tremely
         the leag
                   ue this
                                       id K               ““I am ex
                             year,”” sa e new player, very talented w e
                                led at th             . He is              engthen
                                                                                     th                     flag football and basketball with his friends, earning the Timberwolves’
                    he marve joined the team tedly will str
          week as at Nadav
                    th                      H  e undoub n is working
          pleased technical skills. administratio
                                                                  anen  t status.       ays
                                                                                                            MVP award for basketball in eighth grade.
           very high field.”” The club av obtain perm cided that Frid
           team’’s m on helping N s and coaches
                                                                   st famili
             expedien , the team play ill stay with ho d with the te
                                                                               es, play .
                                                                                        am                     To this day, Nadav and Tehiyah Athletic Director Randal Gory re-
                      hi le                    w             Israel  an
             Meanw                    Nadav
              before ev help acclimat
                             y game           e hi mself in
                                                                                                             main close, and Nadav returns to his alma mater for the annual alumni
              and staff
                                                                                               basketball game. Tehiyah has meant a lot to Nadav and his brothers, Yaron (class
                                               eber 12
                                                        , 2008
                                                                                               of 2006) and Ayal (current third-grader).
                                     r: Septm
                  Afula Ne
                                                                                                  “You really got to know everyone,” Nadav said. “I met my two best friends in
                                                                                               kindergarten at Tehiyah. I like the small community where everyone was really
                                                                                               together. The class sizes were small. It was easy to approach the teachers and talk
                                                                                               to them one-on-one.”
                                                                                                  Family, friends, Judaism, and soccer are some of the most important things in
                                                                                               Nadav’s life. While Tehiyah can’t take credit for Nadav’s soccer talent, it helped to
                                                                                               teach him what matters most in the world through an education steeped in Jewish
    Top: Nadav; Middle: article about Nadav in
    an Israeli newspaper; Bottom: Nadav with
    his brothers and grandfather
The Gift of Song
Rachel Valfer teaches, plays, and sings Middle Eastern music
By Heike Friedman, Director of Development

   Rachel Valfer’s musical tastes can be traced back to her first year at Tehiyah.
   “Growing up at Tehiyah, we had so much creative time to express ourselves
through art, music, Israeli dance, and drama,” said Rachel, who was one of the first
15 students who started kindergarten at Tehiyah in 1979. “Somehow those deli-
cious times were always linked in my mind with a feeling of connection to ancient
roots in the Middle East.”
   Today, Rachel, who is comfortable in Greek, Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic and Farsi,
teaches Middle Eastern vocal styles and oud, an Arabic lute, from her home in
Berkeley, and sings with several ensembles in the Bay Area.
   “Allison Kent Weiss was my first love, with her orderly classroom in which we all
felt so safe,” said Rachel, who graduated from Tehiyah in 1987. “Gail Taback’s room
was a warm and nurturing place for creative writing, reading, and drama, which I
loved so much. And, Arella Barlev gave us the gift of song. ... I can remember my
elation the first time she taught us a Ladino wedding song, and then a Yemenite version
of Dror Yikra. It was love at first note.”
                                                                                             Rachel Valfer and the Qadim Ensemble
   After four years at Brown University, Rachel went to Israel as a volunteer.
   “I turned on the radio and heard Mizrahi pop, and I knew I was staying,” Rachel
said. “I found a school for classical Middle Eastern music and dance in Jerusalem,
started studying oud and maqam (Middle Eastern music theory), and ethnomusicology
at Hebrew University. I made aliyah and stayed for seven years. Finally after the
second intifada, life got too hard, I missed my family too much, and I came back to
Berkeley, where I joined the band Za’atar and met my husband, Eliyahu Sills.”
   Rachel currently performs with her husband and the Qadim Ensemble. The San
Francisco Bay Area-based group’s first CD, Eastern Wind, debuted this summer at No. 7
on the Billboard World Music Charts. Visit www.eliyahusills.com to hear samples of
their music and learn about their upcoming concerts in the Bay Area.
Adam Stern lives and works as a musician in Los Angeles
By Heike Friedman, Director of Development
   Since he saw the middle school play production of Bye Bye Birdie while in kindergarten,
Adam Stern could not wait to be in middle school so he could perform in the plays.
   “Subsequently I got to be in three of the coolest Tehiyah productions ever, starting
with The Wizard of Oz and being privileged to have amazing opportunities to play             Adam Stern
incredible roles, from Danny in Grease to Oliver in Oliver Twist,” recalled the 1998
Tehiyah graduate.
   Adam’s early love for performance led to a musical career after attending UCLA.           My guiding light at Tehiyah and
Adam, who lives in Los Angeles, just released his debut full-length record, The              beyond: Rabbi Tsipi Gabai who
Dreamer Child. Adam describes his work as “music with a folk/singer-songwriter
base, which incorporates a plethora of popular styles from around the world into a           tutored me for my Bar Mitzvah and
unique fusion.”                                                                              still is a very close friend and
   Adam remembers being one of the founding members of the Tehiyah Timberwolves              confidant.
under coach Barry Kleiman.
   “We competed for the title in our first season, and in our second season, a small
Jewish school won league,” Adam said.
   He is thankful for Elise Prowse’s “determined patience” and Bruce Taylor for
bringing coffeehouse performances into the classroom.
   “All these people never stopped believing in me and exercised a great deal of pa-
tience with me as I was 100% on my own agenda,” Adam said.
   “I owe more than words, songs, and poetry could ever do proper justice to, two
women in particular,” Adam continued. “The first was my sixth and seventh-grade
homeroom teacher, Mrs. Gal. And, last but not least ... my guiding light at Tehiyah
and beyond: Rabbi Tsipi Gabai who tutored me for my Bar Mitzvah and still is a very
close friend and confidant.”
   To learn more about Adam Stern, to listen to his music, and obtain information
about upcoming concerts, please go to www.adamstern.us.
                                              Alumni Highlights

                                              Elijah ben Izzy (class of 2006) served as a member of the 2008-09 East Bay
                                              Jewish Community Teen Foundation. Along with 19 other high school students,
                                              Elijah helped raise and distribute over $36,000. The teenagers awarded grants to
                                              four organizations, which are fulfilling their 2008-09 teen foundation mission: to
                                              prevent malaria and water-borne diseases affecting children and youth in Sub-
                                              Saharan Africa.
                                                 “It is a great way to help other people,” said Elijah when he represented the
                                              teen foundation during a presentation for Tehiyah’s eighth-grade class last spring.
                                                 Elijah will continue to work with the teen foundation this fall as part of the
                                              leadership council. For more information, visit www.jfound.org/teen.

                                              Ben Bloch (class of 1987) is working as a prison psychologist in the California
                                              prison system. Ben says he keeps in touch with a few good Tehiyah friends, in-
                                              cluding Tony Zwerdling.

                                              Aaron Finkelstein (class of 1997) is a third-year student at Yeshivat Chovevei
                                              Torah Rabbinical School in New York.

                                                                         Mark Hilsabeck (class of 1993) is a field engineer
                                                                         at Solar City in Richmond, Calif. Mark is helping to
                                                                         facilitate Tehiyah’s plans for adding solar panels to the
                                                                         school. After graduating from Tehiyah in 1993, Mark
                                                                         went on to attend St. Mary’s High School and Cal
                                                                         State Hayward.

                                                                        Elana Naftalin-Kelman (class of 1988) recently
                                                                        returned to live in Berkeley with her husband, Adam,
                                                                        and her two children, Yair (age 4) and Nevo (age 1.5).
                                                                        Elana works for Camp Ramah in California, directing
                                                                        their Tikvah program for children with special needs.
                                                                        Camp Ramah has two summer programs for kids with
                                                                        special needs, a camper program for kids ages 11-17,
                                                                        a vocational program for young adults ages 17-23, and
                                                                        a camp for families who have children with special
                                                                        needs. Elana has worked for many years in the field
                                                                        of Jewish special education, running the programs at
                                                                        Camp Ramah in California, consulting with Hebrew
Top: Elijah ben Izzy; Middle: Mark
                                              schools and day schools on how to best support all learners, and running semi-
Hilsabeck (center) with Elise Prowse (left)   nars for teachers on how best to teach children with special needs in the Jewish
and Rabbi Tsipi Gabai (right)                 classroom.

                                                                                 Micha Salomon (class of 1987) has been
                                                                                 working at the San Francisco Estuary Institute
                                                                                 (www.sfei.org) for the past three years. Micha
                                                                                 is involved with environmental research and
                                                                                 geographic information systems (GIS) mapping
                                                                                 and analysis in the historical ecology program.
                                                                                 He is studying and mapping the natural land-
                                                                                 scape of California and the Bay Area as it
                                                                                 existed hundreds of years ago. To see his work
                                                                                 on Miller Creek in Marin County, check out

                                                                                 Left: Elana Naftalin-Kelman and family
                                      Tehiyah’s computer teacher from 1999-2006,
                                    Micha earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry
                                    from the University of California in 1996 and is
                                    currently working on his master’s in geography
                                    from San Francisco State University. Micha and
                                    his wife, Maya, had their first child, Lilah Marian,
                                    on June 27.
                                   Sam Shonkoff (class of 1998) recently                                                Far left: Micha
                                   completed a Lisa Goldberg Memorial Fellow-                                           Salomon; Left:
                                   ship with American Jewish World Service. In                                          Sam Shonkoff
                                   that capacity, he wrote divrei Torah for AJWS’s
                                   weekly Torah commentary,
                                   “Dvar Tzedek.” Check out
                                   Sam’s writings at www.ajws.
Sam also has been working at Hillel at Stanford as its Jewish
student life coordinator since August 2008.
Miriam Snoyman (class of 2000), whose maiden name is
Lyon, moved to Israel with her husband, Michael, and their son,
Eliezer, in March 2009. Miriam met Michael at UCLA.
Tony Zwerdling (class of 1986) lives in Alexandria, Va., with
his wife, Ginger Yowell, and their infant daughter, Lexi. Tony
sings with the Washington National Opera and teaches voice at
the college level.
Congratulations to the five Tehiyah graduates who were
involved with the Young Musical Theater Company’s (YMTC)
summer 2009 performance of Les Miserables at the Julia Morgan
Young People’s Performing Arts Center in Berkeley. The list
features: Simone Kertesz (Fantine), Merav Walklet (Ensemble), Marnina                     Miriam Snoyman and family
Wirtschafter (Eponine), Edward Gordon (crew), and Seth Gorrin (crew).

                                                                                          Simone Kertesz (left) and Merav Walklet
                                                                                          (right) in Les Miserables at the Julia Morgan
                                                                                                      eil and
                                                                                               D ave W

If you have news you would like to share with the community,

please send alumni updates to hfriedman@tehiyah.org.
      Tehiyah Welcomes Five New Trustees
      The 2009-10 board of trustees features 23 members

       The Tehiyah Day School Board of Trustees elected five new members into its ranks during the annual meeting in May.
     President Adam Mizock bid a heartfelt farewell to three departing trustees: Leslie Crary, Holvis Delgadillo, and Kayla
     Engel. With the election of the new trustees, the board grew from 21 to 23 members. The entire Tehiyah community
     welcomes the following trustees and thanks them for their commitment.

                                Debbie Bamberger and her husband, Josh, are the parents of Eli, a first-grader at Tehiyah,
                                and Noah, who is in preschool at Beth El Nursery School. Debbie is a women’s health nurse
                                practitioner and the lead clinician at Planned Parenthood: Shasta-Diablo’s Central Richmond
                                health center. A nurse practitioner for 15 years, Debbie is a founder of the Women’s Com-
                                munity Clinic — San Francisco’s only free clinic for women. The clinic started in 1999 on a
                                shoestring budget and has grown to an annual budget of $1.5 million, 17 staff members, and
                                over 100 volunteer health workers and clinicians. Debbie earned her bachelor’s degree from
                                Clark University in Worcester, Mass., and received her master’s of science degree from the
                                University of San Francisco.

     Maya Guendelman grew up in Berkeley and is a class of 1999 Tehiyah alumna. She has
     been active in speaking at Tehiyah events and co-ran a workshop with the seventh-grade
     girls last year. She maintains close friendships with many of her Tehiyah peers, and as a
     board member is looking forward to helping bring fellow alumni closer to the Tehiyah
     community. She graduated from Stanford University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in
     psychology and spent a year conducting public health and psychology research in Chile as a
     Fulbright Scholar. She is currently a research associate at UCSF and is interested in pursuing
     a doctorate in psychology in the near future.

                                Joan Kiang was born in Nahariya, Israel, five months before the Six Day War, where her
                                family was living at the time on Kibbutz Gesher Haziv. When she was three, Joan moved to
                                San Jose Calif., where she attended public school except for three informative elementary
                                school years spent at the South Peninsula Hebrew Day School. Joan went on to attend the
                                Massachusetts Institute of Technology, earning a bachelor’s of science degree in art and de-
                                sign. She has worked in architectural design ever since graduation. Joan is currently a member
                                of Congregation Netivot Shalom, where she continues her strong connection to the Jewish
                                community and her deep love for the State of Israel. Joan and her husband, Kang, have a
                                daughter in second grade at Tehiyah.

     Born and raised between New York, Boston, and Tel Aviv, Dina Tasini moved to the Bay
     Area in 1992. Dina has two daughters at Tehiyah, Emma in eighth grade and Talya in fourth
     grade. Dina is a co-chair of TPO and a member of the 30th anniversary gala committee. In
     addition to her work at Tehiyah, Dina owns and operates an urban planning consulting busi-
     ness, assisting public and private development throughout the East Bay with a specialty in
     military base reuse and redevelopment. Dina holds a bachelor’s degree in urban studies and
     planning from UC San Diego and a master’s degree in architecture and urban planning from

                                Originally from Chicago, Rebekah Wildman moved to the East Bay in July 2008 with
                                her husband, Jonathan, and their daughter, Aviva, who is now in second grade at Tehiyah.
                                A development co-chair for Tehiyah for the 2009-10 school year, Rebekah is also active in
                                other areas of the East Bay Jewish community. For the Jewish Community Federation of
                                the Greater East Bay, she is a member of the board of directors, the campaign chair for the
                                Young Leadership Division, and a member of the Finance and Joint Allocations Committees.
                                Additionally, she is an incoming national cabinet member for United Jewish Communities.
                                Rebekah has worked in client management in the professional services sector for the past
                                10 years. With a bachelor’s degree in finance and a minor in statistics from Miami University
                                (Ohio), she has a background in corporate financial analysis and operations.

The Students, Teachers, and Staff of Tehiyah

        Thank You
        For Your Kind Generosity

       Thank You for Your Support in These Times of Need
       By Rebekah Wildman and Harrison Alter, 2009-10 Development Co-Chairs

        In a year of many challenges, we are grateful to our over 430 supporters for
      ensuring that Tehiyah can thrive even in times of need. Thanks to your generosity,
      we exceeded our goal for the 2008-09 Tehiyah Fund by raising $220,000.
      THANK YOU. In addition, we were able to secure several grants for a fundraising                    2008-09
                                                                                                Grants                 Tehiyah
      total of $580,000, nearly 25% more than last year.                                          59%
                                                                                                        Fundraising Fund
         These dollars are needed more than ever. After requests for financial aid                        Sources         38%
      jumped 20% for the 2008-09 school year, our business office received a re-
      cord number of applications for the 2009-10 school year. Approved requests
      for financial aid exceeded $1,000,000. Behind this number are many stories of                                         3%
      personal hardships — lost jobs, illnesses, and divorces. Tehiyah couldn’t turn its
      back on its families in need.                                                       2008-09 Tehiyah Operating Budget
        Tehiyah remains absolutely committed to staying financially accessible to                         TAP, food services, rentals,
      families who seek a Jewish education for their child(ren). This commitment                         and miscellaneous
                                                                                            Fundraising  8%
      can only be fulfilled with the continued help and generosity of individual donors             13%
      and agencies, such as the Jewish Community Federation and Foundation of the
      Greater East Bay, the Jim Joseph Foundation, Keren Keshet — The Rainbow
      Foundation, and the Koret Foundation.                                                                  Tuition
        The Jim Joseph Foundation is committed to supporting Jewish education in
      the San Francisco Bay Area through a two-year emergency grant. Tehiyah will
      receive nearly $200,000 over the next two school years for its financial aid
        While financial aid is the biggest need that our fundraising efforts address, donation dollars and grants also help us
      to sustain and grow our curriculum.

      spring of 2009. The journey was underwritten by an $87,000 grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation, as part of the Bay
      Area Jewish day school Israel education project (BASIS).
      lished creative arts program, raising nearly $20,000.

           who continues to support the program that was established in memory of her late husband, David Rosenzweig, z”l.

           its security system, including installation of a new intercom system and additional surveillance cameras.

                                                                          school classroom thanks to a grant from the Legacy
                                                                          Heritage Fund. The SMART Board is an interactive
                                                                          whiteboard, which is connected to a computer and
                                                                          uses touch technology to interact with the display, to
                                                                          visit Web sites, and to access databases.
                                                                            With a notable 100% participation by the faculty,
                                                                          staff, and board of trustees in the 2008-09 Tehiyah
                                                                          Fund campaign, and 85% participation from the par-
                                                                          ents, we feel confident that this positive fundraising
                                                                          trend will continue during our 30th anniversary year.
                                                                          Thank you again for your dedication and support!
                                                                          Rebekah Wildman, mother of Aviva (second grade), and
                                                                          Harrison Alter, father of Reuben (third grade), Celia (seventh
                                                                          grade), and Isabel (class of 2009), are leading Tehiyah’s
                                                                          fundraising efforts in the 2009-10 school year.
     Guests at our Two Nights, One Community dinners: Terry Friedkin
     (right), board president of the Jewish Community Federation of the
     Greater East Bay, with husband Stephen and Tehiyah alumni parents
     Allan and Hannah King
                             2008-09 Annual Report

This report contains information about gifts to Tehiyah for the 2008-09 school year.
In preparation for this report, we have tried to avoid errors and omissions. If any
discrepancies are found, please accept our apologies and report them to the development
office. If your name was not listed as you prefer, please let us know so that our records
may be corrected. If your gift was received after June 30, 2009, your name will appear
in the 2009-10 Annual Report.

Tehiyah Fund and                         ($1,800 – $3,599)                       Nancy and Eugene Bardach
                                                                                 Rona Bar-Din and Theodore Levin
Restricted Donations                     Anonymous (4)                           Lisa Cohen Bennett and Terrence
                                         Edona and Matthew Abarbanel                  Bennett
Thank you for sustaining Tehiyah         Harrison Alter                          Cyndi and Peter Berck
through gifts to the Tehiyah Fund, to    Debra and Marc Barach                   Lauren Snider Brandt and Rabbi James
restricted funds, and through partici-   Laurel Bray-Hanin and Scott Hanin            Brandt
pating in our annual dinner talks —      Emily and Andy Cohen                    Halle Brown and Daniel Emerling
Two Nights, One Community.               Leslie Crary and Andrew Stoloff         Carol Brownstein and David Lieberman
                                         Jill and Martin Dodd                    Karah Dunlap Chaver and Alon
The Machers’ Club                        Laurie and Jonathan Earp                     Chaver
                                         Heike and Eric Friedman                 Merle and Seymour Cohen
Tzadik—                                  Sylvia and Simon Guendelman             Judith and Neil Collier
Righteous Person ($18,000+)              Arlene Immerman and David Brown         Amy Coty
                                         Bathea and Sam James                    Debbie Dare and Joseph Gold
Michelle J. Schwartz                     Rita and Howard Kashner                 Melissa Eizenberg and Adam Diamant
                                         Joan and Kang Kiang                     Amy and Mort Friedkin
Eitz Chayyim—                            Sheri and John Madden                   Terry and Stephen Friedkin
Tree of Life ($7,200 – $17,999)          Robinn and Daniel Magid                 Danna Gillette-Pascal and Steven
                                         Linda Manoogian and Nancy Ostrow             Pascal
Miriam Moussaioff and Andrew             Kim and Steven Marder                   Tanya and Ernest Goldsmith
     Greenberg                           Laurie and Stuart Marson                Ruth and Gregg Gorrin
Jodi and Paul Warner                     Linda Press-Wulf and Dr. Stanley Wulf   Judy Hahn and Ben Lerman
                                         Malka and Dr. Perry Scheinok            Ilan and Marlene Keret
Madrikh—                                 Cathy and Dov Rosenfeld                 Allen and Hannah King
Leader                                   Jacqueline and Dr. Mark Sutter          Gail and Greg Marell
                                         Amy and Steve Utstein                   Amy and Philip Mezey
($5,400 – $7,199)                        Madeline and Neil Weinstein             Dalia and Lance Nagel
                                         Rebekah and Jonathan Wildman            Joan Fenichel Rubin and Rick Rubin
Robin and Gene Millstein                                                         Eileen and Robert Ruby
                                                                                 Sharon Shoshani and David Goldstein
                                         The Supporters’ Club
($3,600 – $5,399)                                                                Claire Sylvia and Peter Menell
                                                                                 Jane Tishkoff
Anonymous                                                                        Marjorie and Barry Traub
                                         Family ($540 – $1,799)
Lauran and Adam Mizock                                                           Orit Vogel and Igal Sarfaty
Martha and Leon Muraro                                                           Vera and Joe z”l Zatkin
                                         Anonymous (2)
Lael Rubin                               Jean and Jay Abarbanel
Jennifer Traub and Paul Epstein          Tanir Ami and Joshua Konecky
Victoria and Steven Zatkin               Kitzi and Bruce Baker
                                         Debbie and Joshua Bamberger

     Yedid—Friend ($180 - $539)           Marcia and Richard Mathog           American Leak Detection
                                          Mechanics Bank                      Betsy Ami
     Anonymous (7)                        Virginia J. Morgan                  Leah and Ayal Amzel
     Barbara Anscher and Steven Binder    Joan and Milton Morris              Merav and Gilad Arnold
     Joanne Backman and Harry Pollack     Thao Ngo                            Troy Arnold
     Tania Balazs Gvishi and Zvi Gvishi   Megan and Chris O’Brien             Gene and Amy Baker
     Sharona Barzilay and Tom Graff       Rena Pasick and Stephen Garber      Janet and Richard Ball
     Julie Batz and Jhos Singer           Plant Construction                  Shelly Ball and Jeff Burack
     Thea Becker                          Barbara and Larry Quirico           Jeanne Bamberger
     Jessica Bentley                      Katie and Amnon Rodan               Deborah Banks and Randy Porter
     Karen and Rabbi Mark Bloom           Ginny Roemer and Joseph             Sylvia and Ron Banks
     Betsy Brazy and John Cartan               Zicherman                      Rebecca Bardach and Eliot Goldstein
     Sharon and Ronald Brown              Yehudit and Ivan Rothman            Ursula and Irving Batz
     Rebecca Chemla and David Chemla-     Sharon and Peter Rukin              Edgar Becker
          Vogel                           Taly Rutenberg and Joel ben Izzy    Joan and Robert Berke
     Beverly Cheney and Avrum Gratch      Galila and Eli Sadi                 Madeleine Berke
     Leslie and Aaron Cohen               Judy and Hillel Salomon             Robin Blum
     Ronnie and Stuart Cohen              Ellen and Jack Saxe                 Linda and Peter Boero
     Carol Cosman and Robert Alter        Janet Schneider and Andrew Kahn     Linda and Richard Botton
     Valerie and Brendan Creane           Jan Schreiber and David Hudson      Jean Bradman
     Andrea and Jay Dodge                 Andrea Schumer                      Joanna Wise Bradman and Asa Bradman
     Lara and Richard Dutta               Joan and Dr. Lawrence Schwartz      Sheila and Arthur Braufman
     Ruth Ehrenkrantz and Spencer Klein   Ruth Schwartz                       Suzannah and Richard Bray
     Kayla and Barak Engel                Helaine and Marc Schweitzer         Diane and Stephen Brett
     Deborah and Daniel Ezekiel           Joyce Selkow and Rod Fujita         Jan Bridges
     Lisa Fink and Robert Milton          Claire Sherman and Ed Anisman       Carole and David Brodsly
     Susan Frankel and Moshe Maler        Heidi and Alan Shonkoff             Ellen Brosbe
     Marie and Gary Freschi               Patricia Sinclair                   Cathy Fara Brown and Wilbert
     Amy and Glenn Friedman               Fran Smallson and Christopher            Brown
     Rabbi Tsipi Gabai                         Jackson                        Libby and Bill Brown
     Tamar Gershon                        Drs. Nancy and Robert Stepsis       Inga and Adolf Bruk
     Revital and Eli Gilad                Pat and Cliff Stoll                 Danu Calderon
     Laura and Alexander Givental         Donna Sidel Straus                  Maureen Clearfield and Adam
     Jodi and Gordon Gladstone            Douglas Straus                           Whyte
     Barbara Goddard                      Gail and Gene Taback                Lorna Cogan and Bob Schwartz
     Ruth Goldenberg and Alon Marcus      Lisa Tabak and Jeff Lipsett         Vally and John Coggshall
     Suesan and Saul Grabia               Renee and Dan Talmon                Dana Cohen
     Lara and Philip Grace                Nan Toder and Dan McClosky          Jane and Jeremy Cohen
     Carol Greenberg Hoffman              Bracha and Robert Trabin            Eve Contente and Adam Duhan
     Iris Greenberg-Smith and Jeremy      Tali Weininger                      Nancy and David Coolidge
          Smith                           Deborah Weinstein                   Katja Cooper
     Judy and Sheldon Greene              Allison Kent Weiss and Paul Weiss   Shawn Corne
     Jessica Hadari                       Nancy Wilkinson and Randall         Peter Craig
     Diane Halberg and Josh Langenthal         Matamoros                      Carol and James Cunradi
     Linda and James Helman               Diane and Joshua Wirtschafter       Madelyne and Jay Daneman
     Jean Henderson                       Katya and James Woodmansee          Marcia and Holvis Delgadillo
     Carol and Tony Henning               Robert Zivnuska                     Harriet Dubin
     Pam and David Hornik                                                     Michal and Michael Dubrovsky
     Jewish Community High School of      Kehillah—Community (up to $179)     Alla Efimova
          the Bay                                                             Robin Eig
     Francine Jolton and David Stone      Anonymous (14)                      Phyllis and Murray Elowitz
     Elisabeth Kashner and Jonathan       Elizabeth Addison                   Ruth Elowitz and Todd Rumph
          Stern                           Afikomen Jewish Books, Gifts &       Ellen and Ronald Emerling
     Karen Klier and James Leventhal           Arts                           Drs. Lois and Charles Epstein
     Marcia Lovelace and Dennis Fagaly    Frances Alexander                   Nadyne and Phil Epstein
     Dayna Macy and Scott Rosenberg       Marilee Allan and Tom Ashkenas      Sue and George Ezekiel
     Orna and Eyal Maoz                   Julie Allecta                       RoseMarie Ezra
     Susan Marcus and Amie Miller         Galit and Jesse Alpert              Nancy Facher and Glenn Wolkenfeld
Barbara Fierer and Robert Brandfon   Steve Kornfeld                      Nancy Schliesser
Viktor and Nina Filippova            Jennifer Krebs and Amy              Patti Schneider and Sammy Joselewitz
Sandra Fox and Gary Hayter                 Oppenheimer                   Marti and William Schoen
Anita and Dr. Ernest Friedman        Rosalind and Paul Krebs             Steven Schoenfeld
Karen Friedman and David Marcus      Patrick La Cava and Will Carter     Onna Schwindt and Matt Cunitz
Jean and Ron Friedman                Patricia and Joel Lamke             Barbara Sheehy and Alan Wilkins
Joan and Dale Friedman               Viviana and Thomas Lang             Carol and Dr. Stephen Shore
Rhoda and David Freedman             Liat Lazer and Doron Neuburger      Arie Shoshani
Sigal Gafni and Jay Sordean          Jeanne Leibowitz                    Michele Shoshani
Judy Gale                            Lillian Lerman and George Domingo   Moshe and Jane Shweky
Deena Gannot                         Bev Lesch and David Osburn          Magda and Seymour Silberman
Elena Givental                       Ruth and Jon Levin                  Rochelle Silberman and Robin Kingsbury
Karen and Paul Gladstone             Michele Levine                      Titi Singer and Yoram Litwin
Jean Glasser                         Yonit Levy                          Anthony Solomita
Jeanette Glasser                     Janet Lipkin and Barry Shapiro      Kim Stanley
Kate and Gabriel Gliksman            Debra and Michael Lobatz            Rica and Willy Steinberg
Molly and Bernard Goldberg           Nancy Lord and Ellen Leibowitz      Adam Stern
Selma and Nahum Goldberg             Wendy and Brian Lukas               Virginia and Robert Stern
Julie Golde                          Jocelyn Lux                         Nina Stonebarger
Matthew Golde                        Desmid Lyon                         Vincent Taldone
Enrique and Jovi Goldenberg          Richard Lyon                        Dina Tasini
Andrea and Gregory Goldman           John MacKinney                      Judith and Bruce Taylor
Diane Kaplan Goldstein and Bob       Cilla and Dr. Joseph Marcus         Karen Tiedemann and Geoff Piller
      Goldstein                      Norma and Michael Meltzer           Leslie Valas and Alan Finkelstein
Julie Goldsmith and Jose Lopez       Marissa Meyers                      Fabrice and Stephanie Vincent
Phil Gomshay                         Terry Meyers and John Gibbins       Fred Wabnik
Randal Gory                          Jennifer and David Miller           Jane Wabnik
Grand Bakery                         Bonnie and Bernie Mizock            Etai Weiniger
Clementine and Joseph Greenberg      Alison Green and Donald Moats       Dawn Weinstein and Rasmus
Freddy and Gary Greene               Maggie Moore                             Nielsen
Lynn Greene                          Alisa and Calvin Morrill            Suzanne and Peter Weschler
Carl Greenhut                        Mindy and Richard Myers             Polly White
Laurie Greenhut                      Jessica Nagel                       Carole and Irving Wigdor
Margret and Milton Greenstein        Theresa Nelson and Bernard Smits    Maxine and Marvin Winer
Ilene Grossman and Glenn Sullivan    Aurora Ortiz and Paolo Guiducci     Irene Winston
Hilda Hanin                          Judy Penso                          Carol Wirtschafter
Isabel and Henry Hanin               Mira and David Peretz               Amy Wolf
Allan Hauskens                       Stephanie and Steven Peterson       Irene Wolins
Phyllis Helfand                      Stephanie Piper                     Diana Wood and Mark Rasmussen
Catherine and Scott Hendrick         Linda and Nelson Polsby             Lisa and Jonathan Wurtele
Kay and Barry Hilt                   Elise Prowse                        Nirit Yakov
Lilach and Gal Hochman               Robert Quon                         Franny Yep and Simon Labov
Marilyn Holland                      Miriam Rabinovitz                   Sue Young
Donna Horwitz                        Denise Resnikoff and Dr. Leonard    Beverly Zell
Maribe Jacard and Fred Caploe              Kristal                       Reni Aniela and Miguel Zuliani
Sarah Jackson and Eric Silverberg    Linda and Mayer Riff                Florence and Alex Zwerdling
Susan Johnson                        Rena and Mordecai Rosen
Paulette Kallow                      Jean and Dr. Coleman Rosenberg      Gifts in Kind
June Kamerling and Dana Meyer        Ricki and Jerold Rosenberg
Jane R. Kaplan                       Benjamin Rosenfeld                  Phil Gomshay
Martha and Zafrir Kariv              Barbara and Chuck Rubin             Amy and Philip Mezey
Daniela Kaufer and Michael Shapira   Barry Sacks                         Peaceable Kingdom
Jane Kemp                            Samuel J. Salkin
Dawn Kepler and Mark Snyder          Betty and Gershon Salomon
Julia and Mark Kesel                 Karen Salomon and Jim Sugarman
Jennifer Kirsch                      Nadine and David Samuels
Laura Klein and Anthony Corman       Miriam and Hy San
Sondra and Burton Kornfeld           Emmy Scharlatt and Michael Davey
     Gifts in Honor                         Laurie and Stuart Marson               Imre Kertesz
                                                 Nan Toder and Dan McClosky             Madeleine Berke
     Merav Arnold                           Adam Mizock                            Joseph and Sarah Liebenson
          Lisa Cohen Bennett and Terry           Karen Klier and James Leventhal        Jean Glasser
          Bennett                                Debra and Michael Lobatz          Mark Podsedly
     Nancy Bardach                          Clara and Elias Mizock                      Sheri and John Madden
          Rebecca Bardach and Eliot              Drs. Nancy and Robert Stepsis     Eli Resnikoff
          Goldstein                         Mira Peretz                                 Denise Resnikoff
     Sasha Batz-Stern                            Judy Collier                           Stephen Shore
          Virginia and Robert Stern              Lisa Cohen Bennett and Terry      Jerry Rogoway
     Joel ben Izzy                               Bennett                                Lisa C. and Terry Bennett
          Troy Arnold                       Saeng C. Phan                          Shalva Sorani
          Theresa Nelson                         Marie and Gary Freschi                 James Cunradi
     Isabel and Simon Cohen                      Bev Lesch and David Osburn             David D. Freedman
          Merle and Seymour Cohen           Paul Preston                           Joe Zatkin
     Harriet H. Dubin                            Anonymous                              Victoria and Steve Zatkin
          Sheri and John Madden             Aaron Robbins                          Herman Bernstein
     Kate Feld                                   Madelyne and Jay Daneman               Peter Boero
          Laura Klein and Anthony Corman    Chio F. Saephan
     Rabbi Tsipi Gabai                           Bev Lesch and David Osburn        Grants
          Julie Batz and Jhos Singer        Gershon Salomon
          Lance Nagel                            Karen Salomon and Jim Sugarman    The Jewish Community Federation and
          Tali Weininger                    Herb Samuels                                Foundation of the Greater East Bay
     Ruth Gorrin                                 David Samuels                     The Jim Joseph Foundation
          Marilyn Holland                   Bob Schwartz                           The Keren Keshet Foundation
     Seth Gorrin                                 Lisa Cohen Bennett and Terry      The Koret Foundation
          Marilyn Holland                        Bennett                           Sinai Memorial Chapel
     Andrew Greenberg                       Lev Sugarman                           U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
          Sondra and Burton Kornfeld             Betty and Gershon Salomon
     Kalil and Pele-Or Greenberg            Gail Taback                            Matching Gifts
          Sondra and Burton Kornfeld             Anonymous
                                            Deborah Weinstein                      Bank of America Matching Gifts
     Laurie Greenhut
                                                 Heike and Eric Friedman               Program
          Carl Greenhut
                                            Diane Wirtschafter                     Barclays Global Investors
     Scott Hanin
                                                 Carol Greenberg Hoffman           Chevron Humankind
          Richard Bray
                                            Lisa Wurtele                           Gordon & Rees
          Will Carter and Patrick La Cava
                                                 Lisa Cohen Bennett and Terry      Macy’s Matching Gift Program
          Nancy Lord and Ellen Leibowitz
                                                 Bennett                           NorCal Mutual Insurance Company
     Sophie Hanin
                                            Tehiyah’s Talented Teachers            Novartis
          Hilda Hanin
                                                 Marie and Gary Freschi            Wells Fargo Foundation Educational
     Rachel Heinstein
                                            The TAP staff                              Matching Gift Program
          Danna Gillette-Pascal Steven
          Pascal                                 Jonothon Rich
     Bakura Leib-Reiser
                                                                                   Event Sponsors and
          Betty and Gershon Salomon                                                Supporters
     James Leventhal                        Gifts in Memory
          Alla Efimova                                                              Tehiyah Day School celebrated its
     Joseph Lèvy                            Paul Dubin                             community for the third straight year
          Yonit Lèvy                             Sheri and John Madden             with a series of dinner parties featuring
     Aaron Lèvy -Wolins                     Olga Dubrovsky                         inspiring speakers and fabulous meals
          Laurie and Jon Earp                    Michal and Michael Dubrovsky      by local chefs. Please thank and
     Marcia Lovelace                        Elliott Glasser                        support our chefs and sponsors by
          David Osburn                           Jean Glasser                      patronizing their businesses. Mention
     Richard Lyon                           Sylvia D. Gomshay                      your Tehiyah connection and help us
          Lisa Cohen Bennett and Terry           Rebecca Chemla                    build our community.
          Bennett                           Sam Hamburg
     Liam and Natasha Marder                     Jose Lopez
          Kim and Steven Marder             Patricia Kemp
                                                 Jane Kemp
Tehiyah extends a heart-felt thank      Melissa Fernandez, Chez Panisse      Mechanics Bank
you to our brilliant speakers, out-          Restaurant & Café               Millstein & Associates
standing chefs, generous sponsors,      Cynthia Fung, Restaurant Furenzu     The Mizock Family
kind hosts, dedicated event commit-     Rabbi Tsipi Gabai, head of Judaic    Oakland Kosher Foods
tee, energetic volunteers, and nearly        studies at Tehiyah              Plant Construction Company
200 guests who attended the 10          Erin Gepner, Personal Chef and       Purple Wine Company
community dinners.                           Catering                        Rodney Strong Vineyards
                                        Lauren Kiino, Bracina and Il Cane    Saffron Gourmet
Thank You                                    Rosso                           Saul’s Restaurant and Deli
                                        Anthony Paone, Sea Salt Restaurant   Michelle Schwartz and MiLa Fine Arts
Speakers/Performers                     Andrew Stoloff, Red Tractor Cafe     The Sutter Family
Joel ben Izzy                           Jerome Waag, Chez Panisse            The Warner Family
Frances Dinkelspiel                          Restaurant & Café               Yali’s Cafe

Klaus Flouride                          Sponsors                             Hosts
Candye Kane                             Afikomen                              Susan Berger and John Gertz
Josh Kornbluth                          American Leak Detection              Emily and Andy Cohen
Keni el Lebrijano and Friends           C.G. Di Arie Vineyard & Winery       Maggie Heredia-Peltz and Michael Peltz
Rachel Naomi Remen                      Copy Central                         Marlene and Ilan Keret
Daniel Sokatch                          Dana Cohen                           Laurie and Stuart Marson
Caitlin Stansbury                       Grand Bakery                         Lauran and Adam Mizock
Gary Stewart                            Greenberg Inc.                       Miriam Moussaioff and Andrew
Chefs                                   Hagafen Cellars                          Greenberg
Matthew Abarbanel, Tehiyah parent       Jewish Community High School of      Ginny Roemer and Joseph Zicherman
Doug Borkowski, Il Cane Rosso                the Bay                         Cathy and Dov Rosenfeld
Lyell Cash, Grace Street Catering       Live Oak Landscape                   Debbie Sanderson and Michael O’Hare
Siew-Chinn Chinn, Chez Panisse          The Marson Family
     Restaurant & Café                  Marvin Gardens

                                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                        U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                          Permit #156
                                                                                                         El Cerrito, CA

Tehiyah Day School
2603 Tassajara Avenue
El Cerrito, CA 94530

Parents of Alumni: Please forward this magazine. If your son or daughter no longer maintains a permanent address at your
home, please notify the development office of his or her new mailing address at (510) 233-3013, ext. 114.

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