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									                       BRENTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL

(Please note: all scholarship applications are due in the Counseling
Center for processing 5 school days prior to the actual scholarship
deadline date)

Fill out a detailed information signup sheet at and all
scholarships that meet your criteria will be sent directly to an e-mail account that you

9/30/2011 Student Paths Education Awards 9TH – 12 GRADE STUDENTS
Student winners will be chosen once per month based on Pathsport Activity and will be awarded
$1,000. School winners will be chosen once per month on having 20 students active in the
Pathsport. The school will be awarded $200. Pathsport provides information on colleges and post
secondary schools. You must first log on to their website to be considered for the Education
Award. This is a monthly award through Pathsport. To apply:
       Visit the website and complete the application page
       Students must be in grades 9-12
       Remain a member of the website – appropriate information will be sent to you via e-mail
          depending on the application form you complete.
       A minimum of 20 students must be active on the website in order for one to be chosen

9/30/2011 ScholarshipExperts Shout It Out Scholarship 2011 9TH – 12 GRADE STUDENTS
This scholarship is open to students age 13 or older. 3 awards will be offered in the amount of
$1,000 each. To apply:
    Visit the website at
    Application must include name, contact information, background details, academic details.
    Provide a maximum 250 word response to ―If you were given a 60-second appearance on a
       late-night talk show, what would you shout out?
    Awards will be payable in the form of a check to the postsecondary institution.

9/30/2011 Cappex “A GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship” 9th-12th GRADE STUDENTS
This scholarship is open to students age 13 or older. One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded. To
apply: Visit the website at
All applications must be completed online

10/2/2011 Wendy’s High School Heisman Award
This award honors both male and female senior high school students who excel in academics,
athletics and student leadership. There are 33 eligible sports and the applicant could win a trip to
NYC for Heisman Trophy Weekend, up to $10,000 for our school and more. You must be:
    A H.S. student with at least a B grade average and participate in at least one school-
        sponsored sport.
    Have your online application reviewed and confirmed online by a school representative
    Go to to apply.
10/3/2011 Indiana University The Wells Scholars Program
Counselor Nominated
9/26/2011 due to Counseling Center
    For two seniors planning on attending Indiana University-Bloomington, 3.9 GPA & 1430
      SAT with demonstrated service and leadership
    Full tuition, academic fees and annual living-expenses stipend for four years of study at IU.

10/7/2011 AES Engineers Scholarship
10/3/2011 due Counseling Center
AES is pleased to be able to continue offering scholarships to motivated students to help in the
furthering of their education. Scholarships are intended for future leaders across a wide spectrum
of fields of study. This $500 award is available to a high school senior and all students attending a
post secondary educational facility. To apply:
     Students must submit an essay of no more than 1,000 words in answer to one of the
        following questions: 1. If you had the authority to change your school in a positive way, what
        specific changes would you make? 2. How has your family background affected the way you
        see the world?
     Submit your essay to :
     Include your full name and the name of the school you are attending as well as your plans
        for 2011/2012.

10/07/2011 William Randolph Hearst Foundation US Senate Youth Program
Counselor Nominated
10/3/11 due Counseling Center
    For one junior or senior who currently holds the position of student body president, vice-
      president, secretary or treasurer; class president, vice-president, secretary or treasurer;
      student council representative
    Week-long immersion program in Washington D.C. and $5,000 scholarship for an
      accredited US university or college
    Washington portion of program takes place from March 3-10,2012.
    Application at

10/15/2011 The Levine Scholars Program at UNC Charlotte
Counselor Nominated
10/7/2011 due Counseling Center
This program takes the brightest, most capable students and gives them the tools, resources and
environment they need to connect, transform and make a difference in the world. The 4 year
scholarship includes full tuition, room and board, a grant to implement a service project of the
scholar’s own design and four summers of experience that will develop leadership skills, social
awareness and an international perspective. Total value is $90,000 in state and $137,000 out of
state. To apply:
     Applicant must have applied to UNC Charlotte
     Must be nominated by your counselor
     Submit the Levine Scholars supplemental application by 12/1/11
     Have a profile of 3.8 to 4.0 unweighted HS GPA with an 1800 – 2400 SAT score or 29-36
       ACT plus writing composite
     Demonstrate a commitment to community service, a sustained passion for knowledge and
       the capacity for ethical leadership.
     Visit the web site at for additional information.

10/15/2011 Danforth Scholars Program at Washington University Counselor Nominated
10/7/11 due Counseling Center
    For seniors planning to attend Washington University with demonstrated service, leadership,
      and academic excellence.
    Full or partial tuition scholarship renewed each year
    Counselors must complete the nomination form and criteria for letter of nomination.
    Return application, essay, transcript and application for undergraduate admission to the
      class of 2014 including essay recommendations and SAT1 or ACT scores.

10/21/2011 LeadAmerica Conference 9th – 11th GRADE STUDENTS
Nominations are being accepted for outstanding students to attend the LeadAmerica Conference
designed to prepare middle and high school students for their transition to college. To be
    See your guidance counselor
    Visit with ID Number EDU5574668
    There is a cost associated with this program

10/30/2011 Horatio Alger Scholarship
This scholarship assists students who have demonstrated integrity, perseverance in overcoming
adversity, strength of character, financial need, a good academic record, commitment to pursue a
college education and a desire to contribute to society. 25 $5,000 scholarships.
To be eligible the applicant must be:
     Enrolled full time as a HS senior, progressing toward graduation in the spring/summer of
       2012 with plans to enter a college in the U.S. no later than the fall following graduation
     Intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution (students may start their
       studies at a two-year institution and then transfer to a four-year institution)
     Critical financial need, preferably $50,000 or lower adjusted gross income per family
     Involvement in co-curricular and community service activities
     Minimum grade point average of 2.0
     US citizenship
     Submit online application at by October 30, 2011
       including one letter of support from an adult who understands your adversity and can
       describe the unique circumstances in your life; a copy of their high school transcript, copy of
       parent/guardian’s federal tax return and complete the certifications page.

10/31/2011 Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation
This award is 50 four-year $20,000 scholarships and 200 four-year $10,000 scholarships for use at
accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. It rewards leadership and excellence as
exemplified through academic achievement and extracurricular activities, including commitment to
community service. Applicants must:
    Students apply online at
    Must be a high school senior with a GPA of 3.0 or better
    Be a well rounded leader of tomorrow
    Plan to pursue a degree at an accredited US. Postsecondary institution
10/31/2011 Student Paths Education Award
Student winners will be chosen once per month based on Pathsport Activity and will be awarded
$1,000. School winners will be chosen once per month on having 20 students active in the
Pathsport. The school will be awarded $200. Pathsport provides information on colleges and post
secondary schools. You must first log on to their website to be considered for the Education
Award. This is a monthly award through Pathsport. To apply:
    Visit the website and complete the application page
    Students must be in grades 9-12
    Remain a member of the website – appropriate information will be sent to you via e-mail
      depending on the application form you complete.
    A minimum of 20 students must be active on the website in order for one to be chosen

10/31/2011 ScholarshipExperts Education Matters Scholarship 2011 9th – 12th GRADE
This scholarship is open to students 13 years or older. One award will be offered in the amount of
$3,000. To apply:
    Visit the website at
    Complete the application including name, contact information, background details,
       academic details.
    In 250 words maximum respond to ―What would you say to someone who thinks education
       doesn’t matter, or that college is a waste of time and money?‖
    The scholarship will be in the form of a check payable to the accredited postsecondary

11/1/2011 NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development Future
Educators Scholarship Counselor Nominated
    Seniors with excellent academic achievement and demonstrated dedication to serving
      others particularly students who want to work with young people as teachers
    Merit and need-based scholarships from $1,000-$15,000 annually to students admitted to
      the teaching profession.

11/1/2011 The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program at the University of Texas at Dallas
The McDermott Scholars Program selects 16 to 20 scholars from the nation’s seniors on the basis
of their academic and extracurricular achievements. The program blends classroom and
independent study, leadership, service, cultural, travel and pre-professional experiences. The
award is valued at well over $138,000 and provides UTD tuition and fees, book allowances, living
stipends, state-wide, regional and national travel and cultural experiences. To apply:
     Fill out the Admission Application for UT Dallas
     Visit the website at

11/1/2011 Boston College Presidential Scholars
The Presidential Scholars Program is for students of outstanding talent and character who strive to
become leaders with integrity and vision. 15 full-tuition scholarships renewable for 4 years based
upon demonstrated academic merit. Guaranteed to meet full need for 4 years. Honors Program
that provides an integrated liberal arts education in small seminar style classes. Fully-funded
summer internships, travel and service programs.
To apply:
    Visit the website at
    Apply before November 1, 2011
11/01/2011 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. Voice of Democracy Scholarship
10/25/11 due Counseling Center
The scholarship is open to all students in grades 9-12. The theme is ―Is There Pride in Serving in
Our Military‖.
This is an audio-essay contest which provides $3 million in scholarships.
    Students submit their entry to the local post ( Nathan Hale Post 1469) in Huntington Station
    The local winner is selected and then eligible to compete in the district, state and national
    The national winner is awarded a grand prize of $30,000 which is paid to the university or
    For further information about the program log on to or come
       to the.

11/1/2011 The Ron Brown Scholar Program (includes other college applications)
This program seeks to identify African-American HS seniors who will make significant contributions
to society. 10 students will receive this $40,000 award paid out as $10,000 a year for 4 years.
Applicants must:
     Excel academically
     Exhibit exceptional leadership potential
     Participate in community service activities
     Demonstrate financial need
     Must be a U.S. citizen
     Come to the Counseling Center for additional information.

11/1/2011 Jefferson Scholars Foundation University of Virginia Counselor Nominated
    One senior who exemplifies excellence in leadership, scholarship and citizenship.
    No specific academic criteria—looking for an extraordinary student. Past Jefferson Scholars
      were in the top 10% of their high school class, many had perfect scores on their SAT math,
      verbal or writing section, 2246 average combined SAT score.
    Complete the nomination form online at
    Official transcripts, school profiles and one additional recommendation can be uploaded on
      the website by the submission deadline

11/3/2011 Department of State Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs 10TH – 12th GRADE
The National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) is offering more than 600 full
scholarships to US high school students to study abroad and learn Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi,
Korean, Russian and Turkish. The program began in Summer the of 2011. Programs immerse
participants in the cultural and political life of their host country, students will have the opportunity
to possibly live with a host family, attend intensive language classes or enroll in a local high school
while there.
To Apply:
     You must be between 15 – 18 years of age
     A U.S. citizen
     Be enrolled in high school at the time of the application
     Have at least a 2.5 GPA
     Visit the website at
11/5/2011 Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) Freedom in Academia Essay
This essay contest is open to all high school seniors. FIRE defends civil liberties on behalf of
thousands of students on college campuses. Write an essay about how American universities
betray the purpose of a university and violate the constitutional guarantees of free expression.
$12,500 will be awarded in college scholarships. 1st place - $5,000, 2nd place - $2,500, 3rd – 7th
place - $1,000. Winners will be announced by December 16, 2011.
To apply:
    Enter online at
    Visit to see past winners essays and for complete details
    Essays must be 800-1,000 words in length

11/7/2011 American University – Washington Summer Scholar’s Program Counselor
A limited number of HS students from across the US will be selected to attend the Summer
Scholars program
     an exciting three-week college accredited program held at AU’s Washington DC campus.
       Students will build their academic resume while developing study skills in preparation for
       college. They will learn leadership skills and engage in challenging and thought-provoking
       discussions with other student leaders and prominent professionals in the field.
     Students will earn 3 college credits from AU while still in High School.

11/14/2011 First Freedom Student Competition 9TH – 12 GRADE STUDENTS Essay
This national essay contest offers 9-12 grade students an opportunity to compete for an essay
award of $2,500 and a video award of $2,500. Winners will be announced on April 13, 2012.
Examine the First Amendment and the history and relevance of religious freedom in America and
the world today.
    To apply for this competition go to and click on the red button under
      Council News.
    This years’ topic is ―Is the free exercise of religion adequately protected in America’s public
      schools today?‖

11/15/11 Emory Scholars Program Counselor Nominated
    Up to four seniors may be nominated for Emory Scholars and 1 for Goizueta Scholars
    The 150 scholarships available will cover 2/3 to full tuition and are renewable for up to four
    Send nomination materials together with application unless application is completed online.
    Download the application at
    All applications must be submitted online

11/15/11 UMBC Scholars Counselor Nominated
Several scholarship opportunities are offered from UMBC – Center for Women and Information
Technology, Humanities Scholars Program, Linehan Artist Scholars Program, Sondheim Public
Affairs Scholars Program, Sherman Teacher Education Scholars Program, Meyerhoff Scholars
Program. To apply:
    Students should possess a strong desire and commitment to the community of scholar
    Submit the application
      Students will be contacted directly by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships once their
       information is reviewed
      Submit the application online at

11/18/2011 The Suffolk Academy of Medicine - Doctors of Tomorrow
    This introductory symposium is a prerequisite for the scholarship competition and will be
      held at Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University from 1:00pm to 3:30pm on
      Wednesday November 10
    For Suffolk County high school seniors who are interested in entering the field of medicine.
      Attending the Symposium on 11/30 from 1:00-3:00pm is mandatory. Essay contest
    $1000 scholarship plus "day with a doctor."
    For an application please come to see your guidance counselor.

11/30/2011 ScholarshipExperts I Was Born in 1996 Scholarship – Sophomores Only
This scholarship is open to any student born in 1996. One award will be offered in the amount of
    Visit the website at
    Complete the application including name, contact information, background details,
       academic details.
    In 250 words maximum respond to ―You were born in 1996. Tell us what will e going on in
       your life in 2026.
    The scholarship will be in the form of a check payable to the accredited postsecondary

11/30/2011 Cablevision’s Power to Learn Hispanic Heritage Month Essay Contest
Cablevision celebrates the 4th Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Essay Contest. The terms ―Latino‖
and ―Hispanic‖ are used to describe groups of people who are ethnically, racially, and culturally
diverse. Complete the essay below and possibly win the Grand Prize: $5,000 savings bond or First
Prize: iPad, Second Prize: Laptop, Third Prize: Netbook. To apply for the essay contest:
     In 500 words or less describe how you identify culturally with other Latinos and what makes
        you difference or unique? What do the terms ―Hispanic‖ and ―Latino‖ mean to you?
     Apply online at
     All Hispanic/Latino High School students may apply

12/2/2011 Huntington Elks Lodge #1565 – The Most Valuable Student Scholarship
11/28/2011 due Counseling Center
500 scholarships are available – 2 for $60,000, 2 for $40,000, 2 for $20,000, 2 for $16,000, 2 for
$12,000, 4 for $10,000, 4 for $8,000 and 482 for $4,000 to high school seniors across the country.
These scholarships will be awarded for scholarship, leadership and financial need. To apply:
    Come to the Counseling Center for an application
    Visit the website at www.elks/org/enf/scholars
    Read and follow the directions very carefully

12/1/2011 Cincinnatus Scholarship Program
The University of Cincinnati continues to recognize and reward students through the Cincinnatus
Scholarship Program. Top scholars have the opportunity to receive scholarships ranging from
$2000 up to full tuition, fees, room and board and book allowance. To apply:
    Complete the application for admission before December 1, 2010
      Apply online at

12/1/2011 Robertson Scholars Program of Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill
11/23/2011 due Counseling Center
    Scholarship chosen based on six criteria: behavior grounded in strong ethical principles,
      superior academic achievement and intellectual curiosity, strong leadership potential, active
      commitment to helping others and to community service, courage and collaborative spot.
    alue up to $160,000.
    Approximately 18 are awarded at Duke and 18 at UNC Chapel Hill each year.
    Students should submit a Supplemental Materials form with their application by December 1

12/2/2011 National Youth Leadership Forum on Collegiate Success – 10th AND 11TH
This program is specifically developed to provide students with the proper tools and skills to
successfully transition from high school to college while becoming the leaders of tomorrow. The
program is for 10th and 11th grade students only and will be held in the summer of 2011. To apply:
    See your guidance counselor to be nominated
    Programs will be held in 7 locations including: California, Maryland, Massachusetts,
       Michigan, New York and North Carolina.
    There is a cost associated with this program

12/15/2011 Valley Humanities Review High School Scholarship
This scholarship is open to U.S. high school students. You must apply online. To apply:
    Visit the website at
    Submit an essay on a topic within a humanities field (history, literature, philosophy, fine arts,

12/30/2011 Student Paths Education Award
Student winners will be chosen once per month based on Pathsport Activity and will be awarded
$1,000. School winners will be chosen once per month on having 20 students active in the
Pathsport. The school will be awarded $200. Pathsport provides information on colleges and post
secondary schools. You must first logon to their website to be considered for the Education Award.
This is a monthly award through Pathsport. To apply:
     Visit the website and complete the application page
     Students must be in grades 9-12
     Remain a member of the website – appropriate information will be sent to you via e-mail
        depending on the application form you complete.
     A minimum of 20 students must be active on the website in order for one to be chosen

12/31/2011 ScholarshipExperts Top Ten List Scholarship 2011
This scholarship is open to any student 13 years or older. 3 awards of $1,000 will be provided. To
    Visit the website at
    Complete the application including name, contact information, background details,
       academic details
    In 250 words maximum respond to ―Create a list of your 10 favorite books and what they
       have taught you.
      The scholarship will be in the form of a check payable to the accredited postsecondary

12/31/2011 Cappex High School Innovator of the Year Scholarship
1 $5,000 scholarship will be awarded. For full details of this scholarship and to apply you must:
    Visit the website at

12/31/2011 Cappex Lead With Your Heart Scholarship
1 $5,000 scholarship will be awarded. For full details of this scholarship and to apply you must:
    Visit the website at

12/31/2011 Cappex Promoter Scholarship
1 $1,000 scholarship will be awarded. For full details of this scholarship and to apply you must:
    Visit the website at

1/6/2012 Huntington Elks Lodge #1565 – Roger E. Tetrault Huntington Scholarship Program
1/3/2012 due Counseling Center
This scholarship is open to high school seniors who are residents of the Town of Huntington. The
program awards several $4,000 scholarships which are paid to the student to spend as he/she
chooses. To apply:
     Complete the application at www.elks/org/enf/scholars

1/5/2012 Stony Brook The Japan Center-Canon Essay Competition
12/22/11 due Counseling Center
This is a 5th Annual JCSB-Canon Essay Competition at Stony Brook University. This competition
promotes awareness and understanding of Japan in the US. There will be 3 Best Essay Awards
($2,000-1st place, $1,000-2nd place and $500-3rd place) and multiple special cash awards. To
     Must be able to release the copyright of their essay to the JCSB and present their essay
        orally at the award ceremony if selected to be a recipient of an award or honorable mention.
     Contestants should discuss one or more aspects of Japan including Japan’s arts, pop
        culture, traditions, values, philosophy, history, society, politics, business and technology in
        relation to their personal view, experiences, and/or future goals.
     Essay is maximum 750 words.For complete details visit the website at

1/15/2012 Zinch $20,000 Scholarship
This scholarship is not just for seniors. For full details of this scholarship visit the website indicated
below. Students applying must have a GPA of 2.0 and graduate in 2012-2014. To apply:
    Visit the website at

1/14/2012 The Gallery Collection 3rd Annual Create-A-Greeting Card Scholarship Contest
The contest is sponsored by Prudent Publishing Company in New Jersey. The winner of the
contest will win a $10,000 cash scholarship and a $1,000 prize for their school. If the winner is
enrolled in an educational institution the $10,000 prize will be paid directly to that institution on
behalf of the winner and any remainder, will be paid directly to the winner. The winner will be
notified by email or mail not later than March 16, 2012.
To apply:
      Applicants must be 14 years of age or older
      You must create a Christmas card, holiday card, birthday card or all-occasion greeting card
      Register online at or go directly to the website.
      Online application must include an original work of art or photograph, first and last name of
       the applicant, date of birth, phone number mailing address, email address grade level ,
       name of school currently attending and school’s website address.
      Applications are available in the Counseling Center. There are specific guidelines for the
       creation of the card itself in order to qualify. This information is contained in the application.

1/15/2012 Ithaca College Park Scholar Awards Counselor Nominated
1/9/2012 due Counseling Center
Students must write 2 300-500 word essays on the following topics:
    Topic 1 - Discuss your decision to pursue a degree in your chosen field and how it was
      affected by a specific example of media or a particular use of communications technology
      (e.g. a new story, web design, multimedia presentation, film, TFV show, video game, ad
      campaign,or public event).
    Topic 2 –Describe yourself
    Provide resume 3 letters of recommendation and your transcript.
    There is no limit to the amount of students permitted to apply however the field of
      communication is stressed for nominees


high school seniors who are academically gifted may qualify for this program and save up to
$34,000 over four years. Criteria include, but are not limited to, minimum high school grade point
average, SAT/ACT requirements and completion of specific college preparatory courses. No
additional application is required. Students will be notified of the tuition reduction award at the time
of acceptance. 200 new students can qualify each year. Students are encouraged to apply for
admission early and, once accepted, submit their enrollment deposit in a timely manner in order to
guarantee the ANY reduction. More information available at

ALBRIGHT COLLEGE, Reading, PA – Albright offers a variety of scholarships and awards to
entering students. All scholarships are renewable for full-time study on Albright’s campus, provided
the recipient maintains the required grade point average. In order to be considered for
scholarships, students must apply for admission to Albright before March 1, 2012. More
information is available at:

ALFRED UNIVERSITY, Alfred, NY – Many scholarships are available to incoming freshmen. For a
complete scholarship listing visit: Lelia E. Tupper Writing Scholarship – The
first-place winner will be awarded a scholarship of $1,000 for each of the four years at Alfred
University provided he or she enters the College of Liberal Arts
and Sciences and maintains a minimum of 3.0 GPA each year. Information is available at:, or call the English Department at
Alfred University English Division at (607) 871-2256
Deadline: January 1, 20121 winner notified March 31, 2012.
Bentley is proud to sponsor their 5th annual Tomorrow 25 competition a leadership program
designed to honor 25 high achieving high school juniors who are involved in community and
leadership. For more information visit

BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY, Waltham, MA - A variety of merit scholarships are awarded to incoming
freshmen. All scholarships are renewable for four years, provided scholars maintain a minimum
cumulative grade-point average of 3.25 and remain in good standing. To be considered for a
scholarship, a student must submit the CSS/PROFILE, available at Even
those students from families with strong financial resources are encouraged to file the
CSS/PROFILE; many scholarship holders at Brandeis report family incomes of $100,000 or more.
For more information visit the website at:

SUNY BROCKPORT, Brockport, NY - Academic Scholarships - Various scholarships are being
awarded to incoming freshmen. Awards are based on academics, SAT scores and GPA, and are
renewable for four years. No separate scholarship application is necessary, but students are
encouraged to apply early for consideration. Visit the scholarship office web site at for a complete list of the scholarships offered by SUNY Brockport.

BROOKLYN COLLEGE - CUNY, Brooklyn, NY – Several types of scholarships are available and
selection is based on any of the following: financial need, merit, and/or participation in co-curricular
and community activities. Scholarships and awards vary from partial tuition to up to $4,000 per
year. Applications and information are available online at Deadline: January 14, 2012.

BUFFALO STATE UNIVERSITY, Buffalo, NY - The History and Social Studies Education
Department provides awards to students who have demonstrated excellence in their major, in
student teaching, and in historical research and writing. Twelve scholarships or awards are
available for majors. Buffalo State administers more than 100 scholarships for students
demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities, academic abilities and/or financial need. Contact
the Scholarship Office or more information or log onto the website at

CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY, Pittsburgh, PA - Various scholarships are awarded to
incoming freshmen. All awards are based on outstanding academic merit and are renewable for
four years. Financial need is not a requirement. Students are encouraged to apply for admission
before January 1, 2012. For more information visit:

CLARK UNIVERSITY, Worcester, MA – Clark University offers a range of scholarships to students
who have distinguished themselves through academic achievement, leadership, or by
demonstrating outstanding potential. These awards are given to first year students without regard
to a family’s demonstrated financial need.

COLLEGE OF MISERICORDIA, Dallas, PA – Scholarships include awards for academic
achievement or leadership and are also available for majors in which graduates are in high
demand. College awards include grants of $500-$5,000 each academic year for financially needy
students. For additional funding opportunities, call the Financial Aid Office at 866-262-6363.

CONNECTICUT COLLEGE, New London, CT – On November 8-10 the Admission office will be
hosting Explore 2009 a multicultural program for underrepresented students and those interested
in issues of diversity, who might e interested in applying to Connecticut College. For more
information on the program logon to

CUNY QUEENS COLLEGE, Flushing, NY – Time2000 A Math-Teaching Program – This is a full-
time undergraduate program specially designed for students who would like to become secondary
school mathematics teacher. Time2000 will admit up to 30 members of the fall freshmen class.
Applicants should have received at least a B average in each high school mathematics course,
have a cumulative grade-point average of at least B, and have taken four years of college
preparatory mathematics. They also should have a special interest in and a commitment to the
teaching of mathematics, and should be highly recommended by their mathematics teacher or
chair. The Time2000 offers participants full tuition. For further information contact Dr. Alice Artzt at
718-997- 5277, or email More information available at Deadline: March 1, 2012.

UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT, Storrs, CT – A series of renewable scholarships are available
for students with a record of high academic achievement and leadership.
For more information visit:

Scholars Program – This program offers academically gifted students an opportunity to nurture
intellectual interests through creative instruction and educational enhancements. Presidential
Scholars are also extended special privileges: priority registration, housing in one of FIT’s
residence halls, and an annual merit stipend of $500. Competitive admission to this program is
based on SAT scores, and high school GPA. Application available at:
Deadline: March 19, 2012.

FIVE TOWNS COLLEGE, Dix Hills, NY – Students may be eligible for a full or partial scholarship
in any of the following areas: Elementary Education, Mass Communication, Music Performance,
and Theatre Arts. Call for information at 631-424-7000 X 2110

GIRL SCOUT SCHOLARSHIPS – various scholarships for recipients of the Girl Scout Gold Award
at specific colleges (i.e., Hofstra, CW Post, RPI, St. Thomas Aquinas) as well as scholarships
awarded by local councils. For more information, please visit the website at

INDIANA UNIVERSITY – Automatic Academic Scholarships – students are automatically
considered when they apply for admission and no separate application is required. They are
renewable four years of study at IU by maintaining a 3.0 GPA and range in total value from $8,000
- $36,000 over four years. The scholarships are Excellence, Distinction, Prestige and Recognition.
Deadline November 1, 2011, February 1 and March 1, 2012.Visit the website at INDIANA UNIVERSITY, Bloomington, IN – The Robert A. and
Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program – This program awards five scholarships totaling
$23,000 for incoming freshmen committed to pursuing a major or an area certificate in Jewish
Studies at Indiana University. Students should have a minimum GPA of 3.4 as well as a record of
outstanding academic and extracurricular achievement. More information available at: Deadline: March 6, 2012.

IONA COLLEGE, New Rochelle, NY – Presidential and Dean’s scholarships offer incoming
freshmen an opportunity to become a part of Iona’s prestigious honors program and receive a
scholarship ranging from $17,500 to full tuition. For more information visit
Deadline: December 1, 2011.

ITHACA COLLEGE, Ithaca, NY - Park Scholar Award - The Park School of Communications
awards up to twenty scholarships to students who have demonstrated academic and creative
achievement in the communications field and involvement in extracurricular and community service
activities. Applicants are required to submit a completed application to the Park School of
Communications as well as an essay, resume, and three letters of recommendation. Scholarships
will cover the full cost of attendance and are renewable for up to four years. Information is
available at Deadline: January 15, 2012.
For more information visit

ISLAND DRAFTING TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Amityville, NY – 3 $2,500 scholarships available
foreach high school to honor students who plan to enroll in the daytime session Associate Degree
program in Computer Aided Drafting and Design or Electronic and Computer Service Technology.
Students must be nominated through the guidance office. Counselors should encourage interested
students to make an interview appointment with Steve Rothenberg, 631-691-8733 x13, where they
can discuss more information about the scholarship.

LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY C. W. POST - Brookville, NY – The Honors Program and Merit
Fellowship Scholarship – This program is for qualified students in every major. Eligible students
may receive up to a maximum of $2,000 per year. Students receiving awards must participate in
the Honors Program and Merit Fellowship as a condition of the scholarship. Additional C.W. Post
scholarships are available at:

JOHNSON & WALES UNIVERSITY, Charlotte, NC – National High School Chef of the Year –
More than $900,000 in scholarships will be awarded to this year’s Chef of the Year contest
winners. All completed entries must be postmarked or received via e-mail by March 3, 2012. For
more information about the contest details or guidelines, please contact the J & W Charlotte
Admissions Office at 1-866-598-2427 or visit

MOLLOY COLLEGE, Rockville Centre, NY – Various scholarships are available to those attending
the college. For an application to the college, please come to the Counseling Center or go to the
website at Application deadline March 1, 2012.

RADFORD UNIVERSITY, Presidential Scholarships, 3.5 GPA or higher and 1180 SAT on critical
reading and math sections or 26 ACT composite. Academic Excellence Scholarships – 3.5 GPA or
higher and 1200 SAT on the critical reading and math sections or 27 ACT composite. Dean’s
Scholarships – 3.2 GPA or higher and 1050 SAT on the critical reading and math sections or 23
ACT composite. Visit the website at

RIDER UNIVERSITY, Lawrenceville, NJ – Academic Scholarships: students must have a minimum
GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, SAT score of 1000, or ACT score of 21. Students apply regularly to the
university—no separate scholarship application is required. Scholarship awards range from
$6,000-$18,000 annually. Acting Scholarships: full tuition scholarships are available to two full-time
freshmen who possess exceptional theatrical talent and plan to major or minor in theater at Rider.
Prospective students should contact the Fine Arts Department at 609-896-5168. Athletic
Scholarships: available to students who demonstrate exceptional skill and ability in one of Rider’s
20 Division I intercollegiate sports. Award values vary; students should contact the Athletics
Department at 609-896-5054.
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, Rochester, NY – The university offers a variety of merit
scholarships to acknowledge students who have achieved academic excellence and bring unique
attributes to the institution. While there is no separate application for merit scholarships, earlier
deadlines and more detailed admissions application materials are required. For specific
requirements visit

SCC is offering over 100 scholarships to new students. Come to the Counseling Center for
more information or visit the website at

SUNY OSWEGO, Oswego, NY – Over $2,500,000 in Presidential and Merit Scholarships will be
awarded to students entering SUNY Oswego. For more information visit

ST LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY – Presidential Diversity Scholarships – This is an $80,000
scholarship ($20,000 a year for four years) and awarded to students of African American Asian
American, Hispanic American or Native American heritage on the basis of academic achievement
leadership and service to community. Complete the St. Lawrence University application and a
supplemental essay of 200 to 500 words responding the following: Describe an experience you
have had that has led you to value diversity. Apply online at

SUSQUEHANNA UNIVERSITY, Selinsgrove, PA – The University recognizes students for
outstanding academic achievement personal accomplishments and/or musical talent regardless of
financial need. Scholarships are renewable annually and range from $4,000 to $64,000 over four
years. To learn more about Susquehanna visit the website at

THE AMERICAN MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC ACADEMY: is a nationally accredited institution
offering full-time degree and conservatory programs in acting and musical theatre in Manhattan
and Hollywood. AMDA graduates work extensively on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in regional
theatre, national and international tours, as well as in major film and television projects. Students
must be nominated for this scholarship. Please see your counselor for nomination information.
Nominated students will be contacted by AMDA to schedule an audition and discuss the
application process. For additional information, visit

THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS, Dallas, TX – The Eugene McDermott Scholars
Program selects 16 to 20 students each year from the nation’s top few percent of high school
seniors on the basis of their academic, service and leadership achievements. These students are
brought to the to UT to receive the award which is valued at $130,000 and includes tuition, book
allowances, living stipends, cultural experiences and support for professional preparation and
travel study expenses. To apply your SAT/ACT scores should be at or above the 97th percentile
and be in the top 5% of your class. Visit the website at by November
1, December 6 or January 6, 2011 for regular deadline.

TULANE UNIVERSITY, New Orleans, LA – Tulane offers one of the most generous and
substantial aid programs. Through university-funded grants and scholarships, Tulane awarded
almost $75 million in financial aid in 2007. Visit for more information. Students
must apply to the school by January 15, 2011 for consideration. Additional questions about
financial aid can be answered by calling 800-873-9283.
UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, Garden City, NY – Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
(NROTC) Marine Option Program – This scholarship is valued at $150,000 and offers each student
seeking service in the Marine Corps as an officer and leader of Marines the ability to attend
college, receive a degree, and gain invaluable leadership experience. The NROTC scholarship is
outlined at

WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, St. Louis, MO – The Academic Scholarship and Fellowship
Programs offer financial assistance based solely on academic achievement. These awards range
from annual awards of $2,500 to half-tuition scholarships with annual stipends. Students can apply
for the academic scholarships and fellowships that match their circumstances and academic
interests. To download the applications, visit Deadline: January 15,
2011. Students may also apply for need-based financial assistance.

WESTMINISTER COLLEGE: students apply to Westminster and are automatically considered for
scholarships. Based on merit without consideration to financial need.
    Vance Honors Scholarship: min GPA of 3.75, or in top 10% of class with minimum of 1300
      SAT or a 29 ACT. $19,000 annually renewable scholarship.
    Trustees’ Scholarship: min SAT combined score of 1200 or ACT of 27 and min GPA of 3.7.
      $17,000 annually renewable scholarship.
    President’s Scholarship: min 4.0 GPA. $16,000 annually renewable scholarship.
    Tower Scholarship: min 3.5 GPA, top 25% of class. $15,000 annually renewable
    Westminster Scholarship: min 3.0 GPA, top 25% of class. $14,000 annually renewable

UNIVERSITY OF MARY WASHINGTON, Fredericksburg, VA – The Washington Scholars and
Alvey Scholars programs were established to provide an extra margin of excellence in recognizing
the most outstanding and promising students. As a scholar, entering freshman will receive an
award equal to full tuition, fees, and room and board. The scholarships are renewable through four
years of undergraduate study. For more information visit

The Humanities Scholars Program – This program seeks talented students who intend to pursue
degrees in English, history, philosophy, ancient studies, classical or modern languages, linguistics,
or American or African studies. The Linehan Artist Scholars Program – This program is for
students from visual and performing arts disciplines: theatre, music, dance, and visual arts. The
Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars – This program supports students who are interested in
developing a fundamental understanding of public policy and are pursuing careers in public policy,
government service, or the non-profit sector. Center for Women in Information Technology –
This program supports high achieving undergraduates, both men and women, who plan to major in
computer science, computer engineering, information systems, or another IT-related field. All four
scholarship programs offer four-year awards at two award levels. The application of choice is
available on-line at:
Deadline: February 1, 2011.

THE UNIVERSITY OF SCRANTON, Scranton, PA – The University provides a comprehensive
financial aid and scholarship program that includes grants, merits scholarships, loans and work
study. All accepted applicants are evaluated for merit aid based on the complete admissions
application. Visit: for additional information.

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