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        3930 N. 92 ND STREET   MILWAUKEE, WI. 53222

          United Cross Cluster Parishes
        St. Catherine, St. Margaret Mary,
            Mother of Good Counsel, &
                  St. Sebastian
    Hillary Allen                       Tara Mehar
    Maribel Aranda                      Joseph Mensah
    Michelle Barcelona                  Laura Minard
    Kristen Brzakala                    Kaitlyn Mittelsteadt
    Eric Buenning                       Abrielle Mitten
    Chiara Campbell                     Christopher Morales
    Joseph Carpentier                   Kelly Movroydis
    Maura Coffey                        Jake Muszytowski
    Catherine Coon                      Kathleen Nowak
    Charles Daleiden                    Eleanor Ognacevic
    Greg Doucette                       Ivy Padula
    Samantha Drake                      Andrew Pauly
    Kevin Ellis                         Sydney Petchel
    Joseph Fischbach                    Rhianna Phillips
    Mary Ellen Hansen                   Joel Plakut
    Mereasa Harty                       Shannon Poth
    Allison Healy                       Janessa Richmond
    Maria Hermsen                       Katherine Robles
    Renee Heyden                        Julie Roe
    Sarah Hochstein                     Erika Scheer
    Cecilia Hoffer                      Colleen Scherrer
    Adam Hug                            David Schoenberger
    Phillip Jaskolski                   Katherine Schrimpf
    Katherine July                      Mary Serwe
    Christopher Kaiser                  Sonja Smits
    Jonathan Kaiser                     Jeffrey Smukowski
    Eugene Kendl                        Rachel Soika
    Amanda Kendziorski                  Christina Solberg
    Emily Kesner                        Rose Spella
    Stephanie Kilthau                   Jonathan Steimle
    Hannah Kitzerow                     Joanne Swietlik
    Cathryn Krier                       Lauren Thompson
    Morgan Lange                        Daniel Torres
    Betsy Larson                        Zachary Wanta
    Kaitlin Lauer                       Adam Warner
    Ryan Lehmann                        Kaitlin Warnke
    Adam Lilley                         Madeline Winn
    Seth Longley                        Megan Zeidler
    Parker Macareno                     Max Ziebol
    Eric Marcetich                      Tina Zielinski
    Kristin Marcetich
 Welcome to St. Margaret Mary Parish                                                     News & Notes
                                         CONFIRMATION                                           Fish Fry Friday, May 4th, in the
                                                                                                gym hall. Family style dining
                   The Church, Cross United Cluster and our parish celebrate                    featuring baked and fried fish,
                   the Confirmation of the young folks listed on our cover        5:00 – 7:00 PM with carry-outs at 4:30 PM.
                   today. This Thursday, they will complete their full            Sit down $8:00 for adults. Carry-outs $6.50.
                   sacramental initiation into the Catholic Church. Instead of    Fish, chicken nuggets or hot dogs for children
                   being a “graduation” from religious instructions,              $3.50.
                   Confirmation is the completion of preparation for the
                   adventure of Christian living.

                   Now strengthened by the freely given gifts of the Holy
                   Spirit, they are able to “preach the Good News to all
                                                                                                         NEW MEMBER
                   nations.” Some of our young folks are now proclaiming                                 REGISTRATION
                   the Word of God at Sunday Mass. Others are Eucharistic                                Please consider formally
                   Ministers. This summer two of our previously confirmed                                identifying with the St.
                   young women are going to work in the foreign missions in       Margaret Mary faith community by registering
                   Ecuador and Santa Lucia.                                       on Saturday and Sunday, May 5th and 6th, after
                                                                                  all the Masses. Members of the welcoming
                   We can’t see the Holy Spirit, but we do know where the
                                                                                  committee will assist you in the church office at
                   Spirit is by the results of our living out our Baptismal
                                                                                  the south end of the vestibule. WELCOME!
                   Promises. Please pray for them. Better yet, join them at St.
                   Catherine Parish at 7:00 PM.

                                                                                                      BAPTISM CLASSES
                                                                                                   May Baptism classes will be
                                                                                                   held on May 7th and 14th,
                                                                                                   from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. Please
        FINANCIAL REPORT 7/1/06 - 3/31/07
                                                                                                   call 462-9660 to register.
  Operating Revenue
   Contributions                     $       667,932
   Tuition                                   695,591                                       ALUMINUM CAN DRIVE
   All Other                                 308,716                              Boy Scout Troop 260 will be holding an
   Total                                   1,672,239                              aluminum can drive on Saturday morning,
                                                                                  May 12th, for 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM. The
  Operating Expenses                                                              drive will be held in the St. Margaret Mary
   Salaries & Benefits                     1,282,731                              Parking lot by the flagpole. Please bring your
   Supplies & Services                       153,058                              crushed or uncrushed soda/aluminum cans and
   Buildings & Grounds                       184,966                              tell your friends and neighbors.
   All Other                                 166,136                              Our troop is growing and the
   Total                                    1,786,891                             proceeds from the drive will help
                                                                                  the T roop p urchase ne w
  Operating Deficit                  $        (114,652)                           equipment. Thank you.

                                                                                              THE SHOW’S A GO!!!
                                                                                              That’s right - the Variety Show
                                  SOMETHING NEW FROM YOUR                                     planning is underway and in full
                                      CATHOLIC HERALD                                         swing! Come to our next meeting
                                                                                  to see what exciting changes are taking place.
                               In addition to the weekly newspaper filled the
                                                                                  You won’t want to miss this opportunity to
Catholic news, inspirational stories and a message from Archbishop Timothy
                                                                                  share your input and ideas. Our next meeting
M. Dolan, your Catholic Herald offers slide shows of events that have taken
                                                                                  is scheduled for Monday, May 7th at 7:00
place in the Milwaukee Archdiocese. Available on your Herald's web site,
                                                                                  PM in the Gym Hall. If you are unable to, some of the shows include coverage of the Padre
                                                                                  attend but would like to be involved, please
SerraTourney, the Men of Christ conference, and an 8-parish confirmation in
                                                                                  call Tanya Baynes at 535-1223 or Kathy
Racine. Keep up with events in the Archdiocese through your Herald's printed
                                                                                  Landry at 463-3260. Cast members - bring
version and web-based slide shows! To subscribe to the weekly newspaper,
                                                                                  ideas for opening and closing songs.
call 414-769-3500, toll free 877-7697699 or visit
                  Fourth Sunday of Easter                                                     News & Notes
                                  FIRST EUCHARIST PREPARATION                                            WOMEN/GUESTS OF
                             Reminder, First Communion Banners are due                                  ST. MARGARET MARY
                             Monday, April 30th. Please bring to the parish                         Need more people for May 24th,
                             center. Please turn in all your family packet                          trip to Baraboo Area. $18.00
                             sharing experiences and make sure your                                 person, $10 match cash voucher,
                             sacramental fee has been paid. If you are interested     10% off meal when using your card. Leave 8:00
                             in helping hang banners in the church or have any        AM; come and join the fun.
                             questions or concerns, please call Dawn Ubl at
    Child Ministry           462-9660 x113.                                           Wednesday, June 13th, trip to Marriott Theatre,
                                                                                      lunch, show and bus. $62.00 to see the great
                      FIRST EUCHARIST PRACTICE                                        musical “Shenandoah.” Sign up now have seats
Thursday evening, May 3rd and the time depends on the mass selected.                  left and they need money in two weeks.
Saturday, May 5th – 5:00 PM liturgy – practice is 6:00 - 6:45 PM. Sunday,
May - 6th 11:00 AM liturgy – practice is 7:00-7:45 PM. Practice is for children       Wednesday, September 12th, trip to Marriott
and their parents and will be held in the church.                                     Theatre for that all time favorite “The Producers.”
                                                                                      Bus, lunch and show $62.00
                                                                                      Saturday, December 8th, trip to Memories
                          FIRST HOLY COMMUNION WEEKEND                                Theatre just north of Port Washington for a true
                Next weekend we will celebrate First Eucharist on Saturday,           story of the “The Christmas Schooner.” First
                May 5th, at the 5:00 PM Mass and Sunday, May 6th, at the              stop is a short shopping spree at Trader Joe’s.
                11:00 AM Mass. You are welcome to celebrate with the                  Last stop a sightseeing trip of Downtown
                second graders and their families, but since the masses become        Milwaukee to view Christmas Decoration, from
                quite full due to many family members and visitors you might          our bus. Cost is $50.00 - Merry Christmas!
want to consider worshipping at either the 7:00 AM or the 9:00 AM Masses on           Lunch included, call Mary Laumann for more
Sunday. Thank you for your cooperation.                                               information at 464-5847.

                  YOUTH MINISTRY                                                                  THE LIGHT WEIGH
                                                                                        The Light Weigh is coming to St.
Formation Classes                                                                       Margaret Mary. Would you like to make
4/29/07 Middle School: 9:30 – 10:45 AM LAST CLASS!!                                     peace with food and get off the diet roller
        Confirmation: 5:00 – 8:00 PM (in Father Sampon Hall)                            coaster?    The Light Weigh program
High School                                                                             allowed a grandmother in Atlanta to lose
Confirmation Practice will be taking place at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, May 1st,              125 lbs, helped another woman to avoid
at St. Catherine Parish. Each candidate and sponsor need to attend!                     gastric bypass surgery and freed
                                                                                        thousands of other from chronic dieting.
Please pray for our Confirmation candidates who will be Confirmed this                  A Light Weigh Orientation Meeting will
Thursday at St. Catherine Parish.                                                       be held on Tuesday, may 15th at 7:00
                                                                                        PM. Come and find out about the Light
                                                                                        Weigh Bible Study - Video series and
                   A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE WOMEN OF ST.                              how this program has been a blessing to
                            MARGARET MARY PARISH                                        other. Call Jan at 414-453-7950 after
                                                                                        4:00 PM.
                The Christ Child Society thanks you for the wonderful baby
                items and money that you donated for our Layette Program at
                the luncheon on April 17th. Your generosity will help us in our
mission to provide for families in need. You will be remembered in the prayers
of the Christ Child Society.
Sincerely,                                                                                                 RESPECT ALL LIFE
Lorraine Kofler                                                                                            PRAYER SERVICE

                                                                                                     The Human Concerns
                                                                                                     Committee is sponsoring a
                      TOOTSIE ROLL CAMPAIGN 2007
                                                                                                     Respect All Life Prayer
The Knights of Columbus will be on hand to distribute Tootsie Rolls after all         Service on Saturday, May 5th, following the
Masses next weekend of May 5th & 6th. The proceeds are distributed to programs        8:00 AM Mass. The program is called Stop
at our parish and other agencies helping the mentally handicapped. Please be gener-   All Violence Effectively (S.A.V.E.) This
ous and enjoy a Tootsie Roll on the Knights.                                          month the focus is on abuse of women.
                                                                                         MASS SCHEDULE FOR THE
                             April 29, 2007                                                      WEEK
                      Adult Formation                       SPIRITUAL                 Monday, April 30th, St. Pius V
                                                            MENTORING                  6:30 AM
                                                             PROGRAM                   8:15 AM
                                  Casa Romero Renewal Center invites you to
                                  learn The Art of Christian Companionship.           Tuesday, May 1st, St. Joseph the Worker
This is a two-year certificate program beginning in September. The mission of          8:15 AM
this program is to form and equip persons to be faithful in their spiritual walk       6:30 PM Mother of Perpetual Help
and to become true companions to others, to become adept in listening to the          Wednesday, May 2nd, St. Athanasius
spirit as one journeys and lives out the relationship with God. For more info,         6:30 AM
call Casa Romero at (414) 224-7564 or try                         8:15 AM
                                                                                      Thursday, May 3rd, Sts. Philip & James
                                                                                       8:15 AM
                      GOSPEL PORTRAITS OF JESUS
                         WITH SR. BEA DORSEY                                          Friday, Mary 4th
                                                                                        6:30 AM
Each of the four gospels answers the question, “Who you think I am?” with a             8:15 AM
distinct portrait of Jesus and his significance for early Christian communities.
This series will explore how these images contribute to our understanding of          Saturday, May 5th
Jesus today. Please bring a bible. A donation is suggested to cover our speaker's       8:00 AM
fee. Thursday, May 10th, 17th, and 24th from 6:30-8:00 PM in St Sebastian               3:30 PM Sacrament of Penance
Church Hall. Sr. Bea Dorsey, School Sisters of St. Francis, has her Ph.D. in            5:00 PM
scripture Studies from Marquette University.                                          Sunday, May 6th, Fifth Sunday of Easter
                                                                                        7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, & 11:00 AM

                                                                                      Readings for the Week of April 29, 2007
                                     Lauren Marie Alenius                             Sunday:           Acts 13:14, 43-52/Rv 7:9,
                                                                                                        14b-17/Jn 10:27-30
                                                                                      Monday:           Acts 11:1-18/Jn 10:1-10
                                                                                      Tuesday:          Acts 11:19-26/Jn 10:22-30
                                                                                      Wednesday:        Acts 12:24—13:5a/Jn
                      In your prayers, please remember Theodore Knutowski,                              12:44-50
                      James Penlesky and John Plum who have entered the               Thursday:         1 Cor 15:1-8/Jn 14:6-14
                      fullness of God’s love in eternity.                             Friday:           Acts 13:26-33/Jn 14:1-6
                                                                                      Saturday:         Acts 13:44-52/Jn 14:7-14
                                                                                      Next Sunday:      Acts 14:21-27/Rv 21:1-5a/
                                                                                                        Jn 13:31-33a, 34-35
                    MAKING/UPDATING YOUR WILL
You can do more than protect the security of your loved ones. It can also be a
wonderful way of providing for the future of your parish. All gifts and bequests to
the church pass free of estate tax. Remember St. Margaret Mary Congregation in
your will.
                                                                                        We are grateful for the support of our
                      PRAYER FOR CONFIRMATION                                                   bulletin advertisers.
Dear Lord,                                                                               This week’s featured sponsor is:
When the human race was young and arrogant, they tried to build a tower to
attack you. You showed mercy, and made them speak many languages, and
they fell into disunity.
                                                                                                   St. Anne’s
                                                                                                “Faith is the Heart
At Pentecost you gave your Holy Spirit, and the Church was born and all who
heard could understand and all were made one, and united in you.                                  of Our Home”
As I am confirmed, Grant that I will always appreciate what a blessing it is to be                3800 N. 92nd Street
part of the family of God and receive your Holy Spirit, not only as a child in                       414-463-7570
Baptism, but now, in all its fullness, as an adult in Confirmation.                   Please mention you saw their ad in our bulletin.
                   3970 N. 92nd STREET
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Director of Development, Stewardship & Administrative
Services                        Mr. David Dooley, ext. 106

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                 SUPPORTIVE STAFF
Mrs. La Vera Adams                         Parish Secretary
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