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					                         THE PARISH CALLER
     Where CLC also stands for A Caring and Loving Community!

“For All The Saints, Who From Their Labors Rest..”
       10:00 am Worship Service

The Festival of All Saints is a celebration of the whole church in heaven and on earth. On this
special Sunday we remember those who have gone before us, have served our Lord, and now
rest from their labors. Names of members who have gone to their eternal rest over the past year
will be added to our All Saints banner. We will also offer an opportunity for the names of loved
ones to be shared in our prayers. As God’s living saints, we will reaffirm the mission to which
God has called us, to share his love throughout the world.

(Reminder that this day is Daylight Savings Time – Turn your clock back one hour)

                                                  YOUTH SUNDAY – NOVEMBER 13TH
                                                        10:00am Worship Service

The youth of the church will be leading us in worship this day, as well as taking care of the
various servant roles such as ushers, greeters, lay assistant etc. The Gospel message will be
shared by the youth through the form of a skit. Please join us and support our young people.

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 23RD Worship at 7:00pm

Begin your holiday weekend by joining us in giving thanks for all that God has given us.
Thanksgiving is such a great tradition to be with family and friends, tell stories, watch football
and gather around the table for a wonderful meal. We invite you to be with us this Thanksgiving
Eve to share our gratitude in prayer, song, and hearing God’s Word. Let us give thanks by
honoring the source of all our blessings.
                               11/29 Pomalu Cottrell                   Below are the Servants for the month of                              COFFEE HOURS
November                             Frances Hackewicz                 November 10:00 am Worship Service. If           11/6    Catenacci & Schutt
                                                                                                                       11/13   Church Council
     BIRTHDAYS                       Don Scott                         you are unable to assist - please trade with    11/20   Women of the Church - S. Klopfer, Chair
                               11/30 Mary Bratun                       someone and call the office with the            11/27   Men’s Group
                                     Richard Clark                     changes. The first Sunday of December           12/4    Barney & Greiser
11/1    Rhylie Clark                                                                                                                           GREETERS
                                     Thayer Niemi                      has been included to help you with
        Rob Hunt                                                                                                       11/6    Gerry & Virla Cleasby
                                                                       scheduling.                                             Mark & Karen Kush
        Michelle Mackey
                                                                                                                       11/13   Jane Ives & LaVerne Langdon
11/2    Lori Hunt
        Jeremiah Pearsall      November                                11/6
                                                                                    LAY ASSISTANTS
                                                                               Bob Bates                               11/20
                                                                                                                               Carol Becker & Chris Eriksen
                                                                                                                               Jake & JoAnne Jakel
11/3    Sara Bradley            Anniversaries                          11/13
                                                                               Karen Bolley
                                                                               Erwin Klopfer                           11/27
                                                                                                                               Linda Martin family
                                                                                                                               Jo Craft & Lynn Robertson
11/4    Cheryl Callahan
                                                                       11/27   Beth Brown                                      Jim & Nadine Keway
        Barb Thompson                                                  12/4    Donna Butora                            12/4    Pat Scott & Virginia Woods
        Norm Tick              11/1    Stan & Pat Larkin                                                                       Bill & Barb DeRousse
11/6    Lois Kiersey                   Joel & June Pfauth
11/7    Robert Hukka III       11/3    Steve & Maureen Stislicki                          USHERS                                               NURSERY
                                                                       11/6    Rita Bergsrud & Gerry Cleasby           11/6    Heidi Anderson
        Courtney Charter       11/20   David & Stephanie Crow                  JoAnne & Jake Jakel                     11/13   Marianne Bertrand
11/8    Dane Wichtman          11/21   Frederick & Jackie Urbaniak     11/13   Dennis & Beth Brown                     11/20   Kris Goetze
11/9    Lee Crandell           11/26   Bill & Barb Luetzow                     Bill & Barb DeRousse                    11/27   Bete Nestor
        JoAnne Jakel           11/28   Gil & Rita Bergsrud             11/20   Steve & Marsha Fante                    12/4    Linda Martin
        Margi Warner                                                           Elizabeth Fante & Ted Kisse
                                                                       11/27   Emmet & Sharon Morse                                             ACOLYTES
11/10   Harold Russell                                                         Cathy Roller & Joan Rathbun             11/6    Anthony Crow
11/11   Mary Jane Duschinske                                           12/4    John Barnfather & Tina Catenacci        11/13   Lorraine Walsh
        Adam Kugler                                                            Sue Klopfer & Pat Scott                 11/20   Kurtis Barney
11/12   Kerri Kinneberg                                                                                                11/27   Fallon Lawson
                                                                                                                       12/4    Sean Martin
11/13   Sophie Larochelle                                                             COUNTERS
        June Pfauth              Our Thanksgiving Eve Service is                 Bob Bates*, Joan Rathbun
11/14   Travis Niemi                November 23 at 7:00 pm                       Pam Haab & Marsha Fante                                  + ++ + ++ + ++ +
        Krystin Pearsall
11/15   Michael Bertrand                  + ++ + ++ + ++ +                     COMMUNION ASSISTANTS                             We have ongoing FUND RAISERS!!
        Kris Goetze                                                    11/6    Erwin & Sue Klopfer, Jill Nancekivell
11/17   Daniel Schneider                                               11/13   Joan Rathbun & Owen Wismer
                                                                                                                        The Kroger Fund Raiser, which are the only funds
11/18   Elizabeth Pfauth
                                   The need continues for FOOD         11/20   Rita Bergsrud, Mary Bratun, Margie
                                 STAPLES! There are many going                 Gobler                                   going into our Schlorship Fund - must be applied
        Mabel Poorman
                                without food as they struggle to pay   11/27   Charlotte Charter & Cindy Edwards            for. Check with the church office for more
11/19   Troy Mitchell                                                  12/4    Marsha & Elizabeth Fante
                                  utilities and rent AND the need is                                                                        information.
        Rita Zettel
11/21   Emmet Morse                           GROWING!                                   ALTAR                                                  ALSO
11/25   Kyle Peters                Any type of assistance is always             Char Charter, Ingrid Crandell           We collect receipts for VG’s & Tenuta’s and receive
                                                                                   Jane Ives, Pam Haab                      cash according to the number of points we
11/26   Steve Stislicki         appreciated! Holiday Foods are very
11/27   Anne Anderson                          welcome.                                                                  accumulate. PLEASE HELP THE CHURCH IN
                                                                                                                                          THESE AREAS!
                                                      Wyers,(Evelyn Edwards);Greg Eriksen           Finance
We Lifted Up In Prayer the Past                       (Chris Eriksen); Bob Schneider (Barb          Corner_________________________                              Autumn is upon us -
Weeks:                                                Harris);Marilyn Zigler, Kirk Anderson (Jane                                                             pumpkins, leaves, apple cider
                                                      Ives); Jill Jones; Sharon Cook (Kinnisons);   As of September, 2011                                        and the smell of
In our prayers are: Margaret Aho, Tom & Myrna         Ralph Dagle (Klopfers); Margaret Warcsak,                                                               “FRESH BAKED PIES”
Armstrong, Bob Bates, Bill Bright, Carol Becker,      Linda O’Brian (Rena Koskela); Eric Dennis
                                                                                                    Income YTD                     $131,849
Carol Brown, Terri Burnett, Chuck Charter, Effie      (LaVerne Langdon); Randall Craite, Robin
                                                      Walther, Mickey Linton, (Luetzows); Susan
                                                                                                    Actual Expense YTD             $144,529                   The Youth Group is hosting the
Cobb, Marcus & Charleen Commander, Larry                                                                                                      Fall Gordon’s Food Sale to help support their
Cottrell, Harry Drussel, Evelyn Edwards, Steve,       Sidwell, JoAnne Morse (Sharon Morse);
                                                      Katherina Negele (Pastor John); Jackie        Difference               - $     12,680   trip to the Gathering. You can help too by
Elizabeth & Melanie Fante, Frances Hackewicz,
                                                      Pennell (Krystin Pearsall); Kyle McCallum                                               purchasing your Holiday Pies or other items
Bob & Elaine Hatfield, Joyce Hillert, Nancy
                                                      (Jamie Pennington); Mike Desnoyers (David     ______________________________            from Christ Lutheran. A variety of gourmet
Hopkins, Connie Keating, Thelma Kidd, Rena
Koskela, Helen Leece, Shirley Jean Long, Kay          & Ann Rogers);Earl Worthington (Jim                                                     pies (including 1 Sugar Free) will be available to
MacMichael, Ron Martin, Janice Meyer, Wayne           Worthington).                                                                           choose from, as well as Spices; Soups; and
Peterson, Madonna Putch; Dieter Quirrenbach, Kay                                                                     Remember the             Cheese.
Ragatz, Lynn Richter, Ann Rogers, Joyce Schutt,                                                                      lending library in the
Andrea Schnitzer, Mitzi Schwab, Linda Seling,                                                                        basement. If you         We will be baking samples for you to taste
Jeannine Shearer, Joyce Schutt, Marilyn Schultz,                                                                     have books you have      during the Coffee hour on October 30th. You
Karen Svenkensen, Roberta Trayer, Marsha Welch,                                                                                               will be able to place your order beginning
Krystal Wingett, Susan Woods, Jim Worthington.
                                                                                                    read or are looking for a good book,
                                                                                                                                              October 23 thru November 7th for delivery on
                                                                                                    the bookshelves are there for all!
                                                                                                                                              November 20th (the week of Thanksgiving).
We share our love and concern: Our Armed                                                            Several new books have been added -
Service and support personnel: Ryan Cox                                                             be sure to check the back shelves -       Remember - the pies are frozen, so you might
(Mary Bratun); Mia Dziadziak (Pat Scott); Alex                                                      hard to get to - but you can squeeze      want to consider buying one for Thanksgiving
Weber, Tom Weber, Jason Eaves (Marilyn
                                                             THERE HAS BEEN A                       in.                                       and Christmas. Please pick up an order form
Schulze); Andy Thompson, Justin Philpot (Kay
Ragatz); Alex Keebaugh (Shirla Kugler);                          CHANGE!                                                                      and encourage your fellow office workers,
Christopher & Nicholas Vogler (Del & Carol                                                                                                    neighbors, friends and family to order Holiday
Brown); In our prayers are: The families & friends    The televised Christ Lutheran                                                           Foods and help support our YOUTH GROUP.
of Mark Jakel, Linda Hardy (Carolyn Action);          Worship Service on ComCast                                                              Any questions, please see Karen Kush or Linda
Austin Jeffrey Hoffman (Michele Ashbaugh); also          has been changed to:                          Can you adopt a family, a senior       Greiser.
in our prayers are: Norma Pond, Reece Brown                                                            citizen or a disabled person for
(Maxine Andrews); Barb Hulsey (Carol Becker);                Sunday at 2:30 pm                         Christmas? Please contact Joan                          + ++ + ++ + ++ +
Lewis & Berry Rhoades, Norman Rokoz, Sherry                 Monday at 12:30 pm                         Cole for more information.
Cagan (Nancy Bright); Tom Brown, Linda                                                                                                        WELCA - Meeting is Thursday, November 3rd, at
Weatherburn (Dennis & Beth Brown); Chris Shelby,        A service may be used at                       Also, holiday foods would be           10:00 am followed by Bible Study, led by Pastor
Deeva Darby (Carol Brown); Dave & Gabriel                 other times as a filler.                     greatly appreciated for those in       Negele.
(Courtney Charter); Dirk Craft, Marge Jeffery, Kris
Strongman (Joan Cole); Greg Glass, Mozzelle Cole                                                                                              Quilt Days are Tuesday, November 8 and Tuesday,
(Cindy Edwards); the Kratt family, Erma                                                                                                       November 22 - 9:00 am to noon.
                                                                                              TECH TEAM CORNER----------------

             FREE MOVIE NIGHT-                                                                11/6  Switcher: Max Thompson
             November 18 at 7:00 pm                                                                 Cameras: Ryan Robertson, & M.
                                                  Confirmation Program Update!                      Sound: Dave Warner & Sean             We will be ordering Poinsettias again this
           The     Outreach       and                                                               Schnitzer;                            year to use in the chancel area and around the
Communications       Ministry      are            The Confirmation Program for 6th -8th             Projection: Mike Kuusisto             church. The cost remains at $10.00 per plant.
sponsoring free Movie Nights - all are            grade students continues! The 6th grade     11/13 Switcher: Mike Kuusisto;              There are envelopes in the fellowship area
welcome.                                          class meets on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of          Cameras: Tracey Barney, Kenzie        December 18th will be the last day to place an
                                                  the month, during the Sunday School               Kush;                                 order.
The title of the movie for our next
                                                  hour. 7th & 8th grades meet on the 2nd            Sound: Owen Wismer;
FREE movie night’s to be announced -              and 4th Wednesdays at 7:00 pm                     Projection: Dave Warner               The poinsettias will be used for Christmas
watch for the information to come!.                                                           11/20 Switcher: Dave Warner;                Eve to enhance the joy of the season. You
Any ideas for a movie??? Suggestions                                                                Cameras: Sean Schnitzer;              may take your Poinsettia home following the
are welcome!                                                                                        Sound: Marlene Warner                 10:30 pm Christmas Eve Service or during
                                                                                                    Projection: Max Thompson              the following week.
                                                               Adult Discussion Group         11/27 Switcher: Mike Kuusisto
Invite friends, family and neighbors                           Topic: “Church and                   Cameras: Tracey Barney & Ryan         Please indicate in “Memory’ or in ‘Honor’ of
for a night out at the movies - plus                               State Issues”                    Robertson                             a loved one or a special event on your order
some popcorn, fellowship and some fun                          Sunday, November 20th ,              Sound: Owen Wismer                    envelope.
viewing.                                                               6:30pm                       Projection: Larry Cottrell
                                                                                              12/4 Switcher: Max Thompson
                                                  The new topic of discussion this fall             Cameras: Larry Cottrell & Emmet
                                                  will be “Church and State Issues.” All            Morse                                                         November Youth
                                                  adults are welcome to attend this                 Sound: Sean Schnitzer                                           Events
                                                  informal gathering and discussion. This           Projection: Chuck Charter
                                                  group meets on the third Sunday of the                                                                       Nov. 10, Thursday -6:00
Pillowcase Angels ---                             month. We will be looking at various                 + ++ + ++ + ++ + ++ +                                          pm Practice for
Now that fall is upon us -the geese are heading   church and state related issues using the                                                                           Youth Service
south, perhaps those sewing machines can start    ELCA social statements as the guide for                                                 Nov. 12, Saturday - 3:00 pm Practice for
humming again!                                    our discussions. The topic of discussion    The TIME & TALENT SHEETS are                       Youth Service
                                                  will be Human Sexuality. Join us for a      enclosed with this Caller. Please fill it   Nov. 13 - Sunday Youth Service
We have made hundreds of very ill children        lively discussion.                          out and return to the church as soon        Watch for information about a Fund-Raiser at
smile. Please contact Jill Nancekivell for more                                               as possible! Many thanks!                   Pete’s Coney!
                      The MEN’S GROUP           BATHROOM BAGS COLLECTION
                      will meet on Monday       CONTINUES!                                                                               Jake & JoAnne Jakel would like to thank the ladies
                      November 21 at 6:30                                                                                                of our church for putting on a such a nice luncheon
                      pm with the Potluck       As the need continues - we are still putting                                             after our son, Mark Jakel’s service. Also, a thank
                                                                                               All Saints Sunday is November 6 as we     you to everyone who brought a dish, everyone who
                                                together the Bathroom Bags. In the bag we
                      Supper here at CLC.                                                      celebrate the people of God, living and   worked, everyone who sent a card (there were
                                                include: Toilet paper, Tissues, Toothpaste,
                                                                                               dead, who are the body of Christ. As      many). A thank you for the prayers and especially
Those with last names beginning with A-I        Bar of Soap & toothbrushes when available.                                               all your love and support you gave us during this
                                                                                               November heralds the dying of the
please bring a Meat Dish; J-O a Dessert; and                                                   landscape we are called to remember all   difficult time. We really appreciated it.
R-Z a Salad. Please extend a WELCOME to         All donations would be appreciated!!!          who have died in Christ.                                                 Love Jake & JoAnne
other men in the congregation!!
                                                                                               We will display the All Saints Banners
Please be sure to sign up on your Information                                                                                            A special Thank You from Dorothy Drussel to
                                                                                               which hold the names of our loved ones
Slip if you plan to attend.                                                                                                              Norma Ainsley for baby afghan she has crocheted
                                                                                               who have passed away.                     and donated to the church.
                                                BOWLING - BOWLING - BOWLING
                                                                                                                                                          * ** * ** * ** * ** *
                                                Sunday, November 27, 6:00 pm at                     We have ENTERTAINMENT
                                                Cherry Hill Lanes in Clarkston for                           BOOKS!                      The NOISY OFFERING which will be collected
                                                adults and older youth.                                                                  on November 13th will be going to help support
                                                The cost is $12 for 2 games                      Great bargains on everything from       the Special Adult Class which meets here the 2nd
                                                - ball - shoes - pizza &                         shopping, car rental, restaurants,      & 4th Saturday of each month
                                                pop. For those who wish                             hotels, sports (lots of golf).
             HELP IS NEEDED!                    to watch (and chuckle),
                                                have pizza & pop - the cost                        This is a fund-raiser for Christ
      Teachers & helpers are needed             is $5.                                            Lutheran - and - the more we sell
            for SUNDAY ALIVE!                                                                       the more we make in profits.
       (our Sunday School Program)              We would REALLY like to see this                                                         Please be thinking of ways you can help with the
                                                succeed!                                         This is a great gift for yourself or    Christmas Eve Services - 7:00 pm & 10:30 pm. We
       Adults - young adults - teens                                                              those hard to get for people on        need Lay Assistants, Ushers, Greeters, Crucifers &
             ALL WELCOME!                               BE SURE TO SIGN UP!                       your Christmas list. The cost is       Acolytes. These need to be in place earlier this year
                                                                                                           still only $25.00!            and YOUR help is needed!
          Please contact Pat Scott

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