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                                                                                                           A N 5


                                                                         May 2007
                P R I N C E T O N , N E W           J E R S E Y          Volume 97 No. 5

                                                                                                     Worship Schedule
                                                                                         Fridays - 6:30 p.m. Saturdays - 9:45 a.m.
                                                                                                    Minyan Schedule
                                                                                             Sun. - 8:30 a.m. Wed. - 7:00 a.m.
                                                                                                     Library Service
                                                                                           Saturday, May 12 and 26 - 11:00 a.m.
                                                                                                      Tot Shabbat
                                                                                           Saturday, May 5 and 19 - 11:00 a.m.
                                                                                                        Family Service
                                                                                                   Friday, May 11 - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                   Shavuot Services
                                                                                              Tuesday, May 22 - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                             Wednesday, May 23 - 9:45 a.m.
                                                                                              Thursday, May 24 - 9:45 a.m.
                                                                                                  (Yizkor will be recited)

                                                                                         Bar/Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                                   Saturday, May 5
                                                                                                      Liza Keller
                                                                                           Daughter of Nina and Lorne Keller
                                                    Project and a Haggadah that
                                                    connects the seder to the Shoah.
                                                    Each year at our seder, I distrib-
                                                    ute these and other Haggadot
                                                                                             Stefan Bubnowski (5:30 p.m.)
                                                                                          Son of Sandy and Dennis Bubnowski
                                                                                                  Saturday, May 12
                                                    and we incorporate the different                Lauren Soffen
                                           lessons of each into our seder. As we did       Daughter of Debbie and Ed Soffen
                                           that this year I was reminded of my
                                           favorite Haggadah, one that is unlike                  Saturday, May 19
                                           any other I’ve ever seen. In fact it is the               Julia Miller
                                           only Haggadah I have seen that is not a         Daughter of Jacqui Schreiber and
  Micrography                              book. It is a piece of art.                               Peter Miller

  Creating Art from Words                    The artist used all of the words of the
                                           Haggadah to illustrate a picture of the                 Saturday, May 26
                                           child who asks the questions at the                    Kaitlyn Greenberg
                                           seder. It is an example of micrography, a       Daughter of Tess Kline and Andrew
  A few years ago, I started to collect                                                               Greenberg
Haggadot for Pesach. I have some of the    Jewish art form developed in the ninth
well-known Haggadot that many fami-        century which utilizes minute Hebrew               Amanda Tilles (5:30 p.m.)
lies use such as the classic Maxwell       letters to form representational, geomet-       Daughter of Leslie and Peter Tilles
House Haggadah and the one I like to       ric and abstract designs. In the past few
call “The Red and Yellow Haggadah.”        decades there seem to be so many exam-        Shabbat and
For our seder we always use the Feast of   ples of micrography in Jewish museums         Candle Lighting
Freedom Haggadah that was published        and in bookstores and each time I see
by the Rabbinical Assembly so I have       one I am amazed. I am always impressed        May 4 . . . . . . . . . .7:37 pm.
many copies of that one. I have others     with great works of art but it takes some-    May 11 . . . . . . . . .7:44 p.m.
from various groups such as a Haggadah     one special to create art from words, to      May 18 . . . . . . . . .7:51 p.m.
from Mayan - The Jewish Women’s            illustrate a picture by using words. I
                                                                                         May 25 . . . . . . . . .7:57 p.m.
                                                                    (Continued page 2)
Rabbi’s Message (continued from pg. 1)        Mordechai Rosenstein. One was given to        and young people how he created the art.
have spoken to a number of artists who        me as an award for my years of work for       I have worked with Mordechai on pro-
use this method of art and they have told     United Synagogue Youth and contains           jects in the past including a special piece
me that at times they create the artistic     the verse lilmod ulilamed - to learn and      that was created for the 40th Anniversary
image in their mind first and then put        to teach - a phrase that describes so         of Camp Ramah in the Poconos and
the words into the art and at other times     much of what I do as a rabbi. The other       when Mordechai illuminated each
they visualize the words first and then       was a gift from my parents when I             Haftarah that is read on Shabbat and
create the art based on the words.            became the Rabbi of The Jewish Center         holidays for a special Haftarah Scroll.
 The next time you come to visit me in        and it contains the words of the blessing       I hope that you will be able to be with
my office I will show you three examples      shechechiyanu v’kiyamanu v’higiyanu           us on that special weekend later this
of micrography that were given to me as       to remind me to thank God every day for       month (May 18 to 20) with Mordechai
gifts and that hang proudly on my wall.       giving me life, keeping me alive and          Rosenstein. In addition to the art on dis-
The first was created by the students in      helping me do all that I do as a part of      play on Shabbat, there will be a program
our Religious School who used words           this community.                               on Sunday afternoon, open to the entire
and art to create a picture that is mean-       One of the wonderful things about this      community, where we will have a chance
ingful to me. The picture is of Jerusalem     community is that we have a great love        to learn about the art of micrography
and it was taken from our ketubah,            for Jewish art and for Jewish artists.        and to get to know this special artist.
another example of micrography that           Many of us have Jewish art in our homes.
hangs in our home. The verse the stu-         We go to see art exhibits in museums           I look forward to seeing you that week-
dents used in the art is about a relation-    and we are intrigued to have a conversa-      end and at other times at shul!
ship students have with their rabbi. The      tion with a creative artist. I am glad that
second was created by a classmate of          we will have an opportunity to do all that    B’vracha,
mine from Rabbinical School, Rabbi Matt       on the weekend of May 18 to 20 when the
Berkowitz. He used the names of every-        artist I mentioned, Mordechai Rosenstein,     Rabbi Adam Feldman
one in our Rabbinical School class to         will be with us at The Jewish Center.
                                                                                            Rabbi Feldman may be reached at
create the original piece of art that now       Mordechai Rosenstein is a great artist      afeldman@thejewishcenter.org or
hangs at the Jewish Theological               that uses micrography and incredible          609-921-0100, ext. 203.
Seminary and I have a print of that art       artistic talent to create paintings,
work in my office.                            murals, tapestries, silk screen prints and
 The other examples of micrography            wall hangings. He not only has a talent
that hang in my office were created by an     for art but he has a love of people and a
incredible artist from Philadelphia,          unique way of demonstrating to adults

                                                 Mordechai Rosenstein
                                                                      Join us as we welcome

                                                                    May 20, 2007
                                                                  12:00 Noon - 2:00 p.m.
                                         Join us for an exciting program with world renowned Jewish artist Mordechai
                                         Rosenstein. We will have an opportunity to see his work, learn about how he cre-
                                         ates his art and spend time with this fascinating man.

                                   The Hebrew alphabet is the essence of the art of Mordechai Rosenstein.
                                   Mordechai's love of the flowing forms of the letters is evident in every piece he
                                   creates. His vibrant shapes and colors enhance synagogue, home and agency inte-
                                   riors, stained glass, tapestries, paintings, murals, and silk screen prints. By uniting
 his interest in Judaica and painting, Rosenstein has given a contemporary meaning to the art of
 Hebrew calligraphy.

 Rosenstein's art work will be on display throughout the weekend. On Sunday morning he will also
 lead a session with the children in our Religious School and help them create their own
 special works of art.
2    The Jewish Center Newsletter is a monthly publication of The Jewish Center, 435 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540
                          President’s message
                            Two years ago, I       Adam Feldman. Rabbi, I will miss our reg-       patience and understanding from my chil-
                            authored my first      ular communication, both live and elec-         dren, Ricky, Billy and Caroline, throughout
                            newsletter article,    tronic. But, I feel grateful for having been    my two years as president. I know how
                           starting on a new       given the gift to work so closely with you,     blessed I am with my family!
                         journey as President      navigating the seas of leadership with you
                      of The Jewish Center. I      as spiritual advisor. Todah Rabbah! Cantor        I am excited to hand the responsibility
was enthusiastic, apprehensive and motivat-        Simon, you are a gift to this congregation,     over to our next president who I know is
ed to open the lines of communication, with        a blessing in and of yourself, and it has       quite capable and eager. I am delighted to
a goal of bringing our community closer            been my great joy to work with you and to       pass along the wonderful gift I received. I
together. What a ride - what a learning            come to know you better these past two          am still inspired and eager to play an
experience - what an emotional roller coast-       years. Rabbi Tucker, it is my hope that         active role in our congregation and in our
er. And, what a spiritual journey it was.          both you and this congregation continue         future. I have shared with many of you my
                                                   to grow and thrive from our relationship,       views on the importance of the synagogue
 Two years later, I write my last newsletter       because The Jewish Center is extremely          in sustaining Judaism in future genera-
article, feeling bittersweet, as I prepare to      fortunate to have your passion and energy.      tions. I intend to focus my energy and
step down and pass on the reins. As I reflect                                                      expertise in helping shape the direction
on my term as TJC President, I am indeed             I am especially grateful to every member      our synagogue takes as it evolves and con-
grateful for having had the chance to serve        of the Board of Directors and every volun-      tinues to meet the needs of our vibrant
all of you. What a gift you gave me; what a        teer for their commitment to our syna-          and active congregation.
gift I have given to myself-of knowing I have      gogue. To all those who step forward every
attempted to do meaningful work for my             day to enrich this synagogue giving their        I wish each of you health, happiness
community. This gift has drawn me closer           time and energy in ways large and small, I      and peace.
to the synagogue and my own Judaism; it is         extend a sincere and genuine thank you. I
a gift I would not have given up for all the       am humbled by your understanding of the                                   Linda Grenis
world. As I prepare to end my term, I am           vital mission a synagogue plays in sustain-                              TJC President
fuller and richer in my heart and mind             ing the Jewish people. Todah Rabbah!                        Feel free to contact me at
because of this gift. My hope is that I have                                                         LGrenis@aol.com or (609) 497-1817
given back a fraction of what I received.            It takes a community and we are blessed
                                                   with an outstanding staff who work tire-
  As I mentioned in my first Kol Nidre
address, running this shul takes a lot of work
                                                   lessly to make our visions a reality. I espe-
                                                   cially want to thank Nancy Lewis, our
                                                                                                        Feldstein Israel
and a lot of time; it takes a whole communi-       Administrator, who gives endlessly of her           Travel Scholarship
ty. I especially want to thank my Executive        time and energy to The Jewish Center and
Committee. How can I ever spell out my             above all has provided me with the most                   Apply by May 15
appreciation to all of you, for your hard work     valuable moral and emotional support.              Through the generosity of the
and dedication to our shared cause? You            Thank you to each and every TJC staff            Feldstein family, a substantial scholar-
answered my e-mails (sent at all hours of the      member; thank you for the wonderful              ship program has been established to
day and night) and never wavered in helping        guidance and support you have given me           assist high school age members of our
to ensure we protected TJC. Endless thanks         and your dedication and commitment in            congregation to enroll in summer pro-
to the EC that served during my first year         getting the job done!                            grams in Israel. The successful appli-
and to this year’s EC: Jeffrey Albert, Charlene                                                     cants must participate in an organized
Borsack, Phil Carchman, Michael Feldstein,           To say goodbye properly I would need to        program devoted to study and travel or a
Richard Fishbane, David Goldfarb, Gil              describe my relationship with so many of         work study experience at least four
Gordon, Helaine Isaacs, Mindy Langer, and          our wonderful congregants who have made          weeks of which must be in Israel. The
Polly Strauss. All of you, officers and trustees   such an impression on me, the congre-            scholarships may be given to one or
alike, should take well-deserved satisfaction      gants from whom I have learned so much.          more Jewish Center teens who have
from our many shared synagogue accom-              Let me extend a todah rabbah to each of          completed tenth or eleventh grade by
plishments over the past two years. Each of        you. I was energized and inspired knowing        the summer of 2007 and who have com-
you has energized me, taught me, encour-           I represented your beliefs and ideals, and       pleted the Siyyum Tichon class at The
aged me, influenced me, and shaped who I           listened carefully to everything you offered.    Jewish Center or an equivalent advanced
have become. Today, at TJC there is a                                                               program in Jewish Studies. Scholarships
renewed focus on warmth and spirituality,            Managing the demands of being TJC pres-        will be awarded on the basis of such
lifelong learning, fundraising and a balanced      ident was made possible by my wonderful          things as the student’s interest, motiva-
budget, and more efficient office manage-          husband, Michael. Michael provided me            tion, ability, previous involvement in
ment. Those who follow will inherit a house        with continuous support and believed in          Jewish activities, and demonstrated
in very good order.                                me when I needed it the most. He has             financial need. Anyone interested in
                                                   always shared my deep commitment and             receiving an application for the summer
 It takes a whole community and it takes           love for this synagogue. In addition,            of 2007 should call Rabbi Feldman at
the help and friendship of so many. It has         Michael’s exceptional fathering skills made      The Jewish Center, 609-921-0100, ext.
been my honor to serve alongside Rabbi             my job easier. I truly appreciate the love,      203. The deadline is May 15.
                                                         The Jewish Center is so grateful for the many donations that you give both in
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Donor’s Name __________________________________________
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                                                                                                                                  TIME VALUE
24     Deadline for June Newsletter -- May 9, 2007
                Library                    The Women Who Danced by the
                                          Sea by Marsha Mirkin. Finding our-
                                                                                     The Voyage of the Franz Joseph
                                                                                    by James Yaffe. A novel about a thou-
                                          selves in the stories of our Biblical     sand refugees at sea in a life or death
                                          foremothers.                              struggle to escape the Holocaust of
                     While The Land of                                              Hitler’s Germany.
                    Galilee is listed       Lost in America: A Journey
                   this month as a        with My Father by Sherwin                  The following items are missing. If
                 magazine issue and       Nuland. The warm story of the harsh       you have one of them, please return
carries ads, it has the attributes of a   life of an immigrant Jew also tells       it promptly to the box on the
softcover book packed with informa-       much about the author, a professor        Library desk.
tion about this region of Israel.         of surgery at Yale.
                                                                                     The Garden of the Finzi Continis
 Recent acquisitions:                      Mastering Hebrew by Joseph A.            by Vitorio de Sica (Videotape)
 Savage Shorthand by Jerome               Reif and Hanna Levinson. A set of          94 Years and 1 Nursing Home
Charyn. The life and death of Isaac       audio tapes accompanied by an exten-      Later by Laurel Greenberg
Babel, the gifted Russian Jewish writer   sive manual developed to train person-     The Prince of Egypt by Jeffrey
of the early twentieth century.           nel of the Foreign Service Institute of   Katzenberg
                                          the Department of State. Gift of Joel      Let Us Affirm Our Faith, vol. 2, by
 The Land of Galilee. A special           Miller.                                   Rita Millner
issue of Eretz magazine with infor-                                                  Eretz for February 2007
mative articles and the incomparable       Rosenstrasse by Margarethe von            Lilith for Fall 2006
photography of Eretz.                     Trotta. A DVD film about Aryan
                                          wives protesting the Nazi imprison-
  The Left Hand of God by Michael         ment of their Jewish husbands on a
Lerner. On taking back our country        street named Rosenstrasse. Gift of
from the religious right by the founder   Ellie Schweber.
and editor of Tikkun magazine.

                                           The speaker will be Gregory               He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathe-
                                          Burnham, an Executive with the New        matics from Fordham University and a
                                          York and New Jersey Port Authority,       master’s and Ph.D. from Northwestern
            5767•2007                     who will describe what happened to        University, where he was elected to Phi
                                          him after the terrorists’ attack. His     Beta Kappa.
                                          talk is entitled “Surviving 9/11”.
                                                                                      A retired captain, United States Army
Princeton                                  The meeting begins at noon and           Reserve, Mr. Burhnam is actively

       scholars                           concludes after a question and
                                          answer period at 1:30 p. m. Attendees
                                                                                    involved at Rider University on its
                                                                                    Business Advisory Board and has been
                                          are invited to bring a bag dairy          president of the Princeton Pro Musica
       THE JESS EPSTEIN                   lunch; coffee is provided by The          Board of Trustees.
     LUNCH - AND - LEARN                  Jewish Center.
WITH PRINCETON SCHOLARS SERIES                                                       Chairman of the Lunch-and-Learn
        Tuesday, May 15                    Mr. Burnham is Chief Technology          with Princeton Scholars series, David
       Noon to 1:20 p.m.                  Officer and Chief Information Officer     Atkin, said the popular series will
                                          of the Port Authority, a post he has      resume in the fall. We want to thank
 This year’s last session of the Jess     held since 1998. Prior to joining the     David for his tireless work on behalf of
Epstein Lunch-and-Learn with              Port Authority he had a 20-year career    the Lunch-and-Learn program. Yashir
Princeton Scholars will be on             in the pharmaceutical industry, prin-     Koach for a job well done!
Tuesday, May 15, with a chilling first    cipally with G. D. Searle and Company
hand account of the New York disas-       and Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he
ter which leveled the World Trade         rose to Executive Director of its
Center in 2001.                           Scientific Information Resources
Women’s Reading                           told through the voices of Ruth herself    www.thejewishcenter.org where you

              group                       and Osnath, a young woman who
                                          three generations later discovers a
                                          scrap of parchment that prompts her
                                                                                     can click on the Amazon link to earn
                                                                                     a commission for The Center.
                                                                                     Multiple copies of our selections are
                                          to search for the truth of Ruth’s life.    also available at Border’s Bookstore
                  Please join us on                                                  and at the Princeton Public Library
               Tuesday, May 15 from        Feel free to come whether you liked       on the “Book Club” table by the
               7:30 to 9:00 p.m. in the   the book or not, or even if you have       entrance. For a list of previous books
Adult Library for a joint meeting with    not yet finished it. Our discussions are   or to arrange a ride over, please con-
the Hadassah Book Club. We will wel-      eclectic and often center around how       tact Louise Sandburg at louise@sand-
come Israeli author Eva Etzioni-          the themes of the book relate to us as     smith.com or (609) 683-8395.
Halevy to discuss her book The            Jewish women on a personal level.
Garden of Ruth. The book is a his-
torical mystery novel that imagines        All of our books can be ordered on-
the story behind the Book of Ruth as      line through TJC’s website at

ADULT EDUCATION                                                Jess Epstein Lunch-and-Learn
                                                               with Princeton Scholars Series
                                                                Tuesday, May 15 at 12:00 noon
 Bible Ba’Boker (Bible in the Morning)
                                                                Greg Burnham, Executive with the Port Authority of
 with Rabbi Annie Tucker
 Shabbat mornings. The study group meets at 9:00               New York & New Jersey, Surviving 9/11: A Firsthand
a.m. and concludes in time for our Shabbat morn-               Account
ing service.

 Begin Shabbat morning with a discussion of                    Talmud in the Afternoons
Parashat Ha’Shavua (the weekly Torah portion). All             with Rabbi David Wolf Silverman
are welcome regardless of Bible background.                    Shabbat Afternoons from 3:30-5:00 p.m.
                                                                May 5, 19
                                                                June 2, 9
Journey through Shabbat Morning
with Rabbi Annie Tucker                                         Explore Jewish law and Rabbinic literature responsible
Every second Shabbat - 10:30 -11:30 a.m.
                                                               for shaping Judaism as it is today through selections
 Join Rabbi Tucker and members of The Jewish                   from the Talmud, Midrash and Codes (using English
Center community for an intimate Shabbat morning               translations). Ethical and political issues will be thor-
study experience. Designed to provide opportunities            oughly examined in this fully participatory offering.
for exploration and conversation in an informal set-
ting, the Journey program combines learning and                Mid-Day Midrash
discussion aimed at increasing participants’ under-            with Rabbi Adam Feldman and
standing of the structure, themes, and liturgy of              Rabbi Annie Tucker
Shabbat morning. Whether you've been coming to                 May 10 at 11:30 a.m.
synagogue for years or are new to Shabbat, we hope
                                                                Join our Rabbis as they teach this mid-day program
that the Journey program will provide a space to look          where we will have the opportunity to examine some
at issues of meaning in Jewish prayer as well as to            of the classical Biblical stories through the lens of the
create a kehillah kedoshah, a holy community-in                traditional Rabbinic commentators. We will see how
which to study and dialogue together.                          the rabbis understood the deeper meaning of these
                                                               stories in their time and why they are still relevant for
                                                               us to study today.
                                                      In memory of                                        Steven Levine Special Needs Education
Contributions                                         Larry Swirsky                                       Fund
We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who           by Norma and Phil Papier                          In memory of
support The Jewish Center by remembering              Joseph Landa                                        Max Wolf Mattes
and honoring friends and loved ones through             by Lillian Fishbein                                 by Martha Friedman and Harold Heft
their generous contributions.
                                                      Adult Education                                     Memorial Plaque
General                                               In memory of                                        In memory of
                                                      Frederick Sheinberg                                 Florence R. Saul
In honor of                                              by Helaine Isaacs                                   by Martha Rossman, Barry Saul and Ira Saul
Linda Grenis’ service as President
   by Joanne and Richard Fishbane                     Arts and Cultural Affairs                           Men’s Club
In memory of                                          In memory of                                        In honor of
Larry Swirsky                                         Shirley Sheinberg                                   Mark Merkovitz
   by Gail and Bill Rose, Barbara and Barry             by Helaine Isaacs                                   by Ricky and AJ Shechtel
   Lavinson, Lois and Larry Shindelman, Marlene       Betty Lieber
   and Peter Lucchesi, Hilda and Larry Kaufman          by Martha Friedman and Harold Heft                Nursery School
Ann Demitrovic                                                                                            The Solomon/Goldberg Family
   by Mitzi Seinfeld                                  Cantor’s Music Fund
                                                      In honor of                                         In honor of
Henrietta Miller
                                                      Cantor Murray E. Simon                              Amanda Rose completing her doctorate
   by Walter Sullivan, Robert Kammerer, Alice and
                                                         by Beverly Surrey                                  by David Campbell
   Bill Whipple, Verena and Bruno Voegele, Edwin C.
   Landis, Lorraine Minich                            Aliyah of Amy Klein and Gonen Sharon
                                                                                                          Nursery School Playground Fund
Judith Miller                                            by Rena and Al Klein
                                                                                                          Catherine and Garbriel Rizzi
   by Saul and Paulette Cooperman
                                                      In memory of                                        Meryl Verb
Millicent Gelzer
                                                      Larry Swirsky                                       Gayle Wagner
   by Arnold Gelzer
                                                        by Rita Swirsky
Charles Bronston                                                                                          Prayer Books
                                                      Max Wolf Mattes
   by Judith Bronston
                                                        by Amy Becker-Mattes and Jeffrey Mattes           Siddur
Florence Saul
                                                                                                          In memory of
   by Adrienne and Richard Friedman, Phyllis and      Cantor’s Concert Fund                               Gerald Matzer
   Leon Horlick
                                                      Martha Friedman and Harold Heft                       by Sandra Matzer Proshan
Martha Mohr
                                                      Rochelle M. Wohlberg
   by Marilyn Zagorin                                                                                     Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund
                                                      Donna and David Gabai
Fred Porter
                                                      Lori and Ed Simon                                   Carol and Mark Pollard
   by Allen Porter
Esther Perlman                                        In honor of                                         In honor of
   by Renee Punia                                     Cantor Murray E. Simon                              50th wedding anniversary of Len and Nikki
Betty and Frank Silverstein                              by Ricky and AJ Shechtel                         Feldman
   by Lynn and Joe Silverstein                        B’not Mizvah of Morgan and Paige Warner                by Gil and Ellen Gordon
Harold Weisblatt, Ruth Lutzer Weisblatt and Marc         by Ann and Adam Warner                           Birthday of David Goldfarb
Weisblatt                                             Bat Mitzvah of Emily Pramer                            by Ruth, Harvey and Ben Koizim
   by Mildred and Lew Weisblatt                          by Lori and Ed Simon                             B’not Mitzvah of Morgan and Paige Warner
Margaret Krausz Becker                                Bat Mitzvah of Emily Pramer, birth of Shira Leora      by Adam and Ann Warner
   by Amy Becker-Mattes and Jeff Mattes               Gerber and Bar Mitzvah of Ian Snyder                Upcoming Jewish Center Pilgrimage to Israel
Etta Punia                                               by Lori and Ed Simon                                by Joanne and Richard Fishbane
   by Leonard and Renee Punia
                                                      In memory of                                        In memory of
Dorothy Hunovice and Martin Schwartz
                                                      Larry Swirsky                                       Florence R. Saul
   by Harriett and Howard Schwartz
                                                        by Ricky and AJ Shechtel                             by Friends at Princeton Borough Hall, Marilyn
Louis A. Horowitz
   by Carol and Herb Horowitz                                                                                and Howard Zagorin, Sher and Jeanne Leiman
                                                      Children’s Library                                  Larry Swirsky
Berl Gelzer
                                                      In honor of                                            by Rita Swirsky, Judy and Stuart Axelrod
   by Arnold Gelzer
                                                      Bar Mitzvah of Jacob Eisenberg
Morris Eisenberg
                                                        by The Jemas Family                               Religious School
   by Debra and Matthew Kestenbaum
Rubin Schwartzstein                                                                                       In honor of
                                                      Confirmation Class Israel Trip Fund                 Fran Amir, Michele Alperin, Gila Levin, Wilma
   by Esther and Joseph Dresner
                                                      In memory of                                        Solomon
Tom Stix
                                                      Miriam Toby Weissman                                   by Suzanne Gespass and David Dobkin
   by Hazel Six
                                                        by Martha Friedman and Harold Heft`
Charles Punia
                                                      Anna Schwartz                                       Religious School Special Shabbat
   by Leonard Punia
                                                        by Carol and Bob Scfhwartz                        Gail and Dennis Alba
Adult Library                                                                                             Lori and Michael Feldstein
                                                      Jewish Center Women                                 Lynn Joy and Meyer Sapoff
In honor of
                                                      In memory of                                        The Grenis Family
Birth of Shira Leora Gerber, great-grandchild of
                                                      Judith Heinz Miller                                 The Ullmann Family
Phyllis and Jerry Kurshan
                                                        by Beth A. Smith                                  The Gaynor Family
   by Gil and Ellen Gordon
10                                                                                                                 Contributions continued on pg. 11
                                               keep, a doctors office to be weighed and        The end of the month has the Nursery
                        Nursery                measured, a jewelry store where they will      School practicing for its End-of-the-Year
                          news                 make their own necklaces, a florist shop
                                               where they get to pot a plant, the bike
                                                                                              Concert and Moving-On Ceremony to be
                                                                                              held June 4 and June 5. On Monday, June
                                               wash, food bank and more, but also this        4, the children will take to the stage in the
                          Shalom!              year we will be visited by David Sokoloff,     Social Hall to present their musical talents
                                               who is helping us help him establish a         and receive their certificates of completion
                        Hi Everyone! The       nursery school through his involvement in      in the two and three-year-old classes.
                    month of May has the       the Peace Corp. This will be tied into our     Don’t miss the unique musical perfor-
Nursery School scrambling to use every         tzedakah project when the children visit       mance by our four-year-old classes on this
minute of our time at school to the max.       our synagogue table on Community Day.          day also. The four-year-old classes will
We begin with our Special Persons Day to         We also have another activity planned for    have their culmination on Tuesday
be celebrated by each class. Every child       the children. It is part of our fundraising    evening, June 5. Following the Monday
will honor that special somebody in their      for the new playground. It was planned as      morning presentation families are invited
lives with in invitation to their classroom    a way for the children to take part in the     to enjoy a school wide brunch before our
and share a special time together.             playground fundraising. While the chil-        Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new
  Moving right along, the students, their      dren have their bikes or various riding toys   playground. We will then all be treated to
parents and I are getting ready to honor       with them, (they bring them to ride            a Mr. Ray Concert! The day is bound to be
our teachers during Teacher Appreciation       around our made-up community), we will         one filled with emotion and joy. Please
Week, May 7 to 11, with a variety of activi-   also hold a bike-a-thon, where they can        mark your calendars now and share this
ties showing them just how awesome we          raise money for the playground fund by         special time with the Nursery School.
think they are. Then on Wednesday, May         riding their bikes around The Jewish
16, the day is dedicated to our community      Center. They day will end with a visit from     B’Shalom
as we share Community Day here at              the ice cream truck! We are counting on         Gayle Wagner
school. This year has two new twists. Not      lots of sunshine and smiles on May 16.
only will the children experience visiting a   Stop by and visit us if you can. We will be
library where they can choose books to         in the lower parking lot having fun.

    Please join the Joan Levin Nursery School
            at The Jewish Center for a

             Ribbon Cutting
                                                                                      SAVE THE DATE:

               Ceremony                                                          Lashir       In Concert
                                                                                   Sunday, June 10
                                                                                 at Richardson Auditorium
                                                                         on the Princeton University campus

             as we celebrate
           our new Playground
                                                                                   Doors open at 2:00 p.m.

             Monday, June 4
                                                                                Concert begins at 2:30 p.m.

                10:30 AM                                                              The concert is free and

             See you on the Playground!
                                                                                   open to the entire community.

                                                ing. Mrs. Pwee and the 2 1/2 year old son        ing, all donations will go directly to the
                                                are enjoying the K’Tontonim class at the         resettlement agency: LSMNJ. Please make
           Social                               Joan Levin Nursery School. He will be            out your checks to LSMNJ-Refugee
    Concerns                                    attending Grow and Learn at TJC also a
                                                generous scholarship.
                                                                                                 Program, and on the memo line, write:
                                                                                                 Pwee family. LSMNJ is a 501(c)3 charita-
                                                                                                 ble organization and your donations are
Re-settlement Project:
Living the
                                                  We need volunteers to give rides to            completely tax deductible. You will receive
                                                appointments, teach basic computer skills        an acknowledgement from them directly.

American Dream
                                                and help the family develop their English        You will find more information about the
                                                skills. Eventually, they will need a car.        family (including pictures), as well as links
                                                And, of course, they have very little contact    to other resources, on the TJC website at:
                                                with ordinary Americans. Please consider         http://www.thejewishcenter.org/PweeFamil
 Last fall The Jewish Center agreed to
                                                including this family in some of your own        y.htm. Please let one of us know if you are
sponsor a refugee family fleeing ethnic
                                                family’s events.                                 interested in helping directly or making a
cleansing in Burma. The Pwee family
                                                                                                 tax deductible donation:
arrived in early December after ten years in
                                                  Congregants have made the American
a refugee camp. With incredible support
                                                Dream possible for this young family.
from TJC, they have been re-settled in
                                                Individuals have continued to make dona-          Louise Sandburg
Princeton Community Village and Mr. Pwee
                                                tions to defray living expenses and work          louise@sandsmith.com
has started working at McCaffrey’s
                                                with Lutheran Social Ministries of New            Arlene Opatut
Supermarket. His supervisor is pleased
                                                Jersey, the resettlement agency. Financial        amjopatut@aol.com
with his work and looks forward to being
                                                contributions are still needed as the reset-      Jeff Schneider
able to promote Mr. Pwees he learns more
                                                tlement process continues. The goal is for        jeffschneider2002@yahoo.com
English. He will qualify for benefits in four
                                                them to be self-sufficient in the near future,
more months.                                                                                      Rabbi Annie Tucker
                                                and it is easy to imagine how difficult the
                                                reality of self-sufficiency in Mercer County
  The family is comfortable with their new                                                        Gil Gordon
                                                is for new immigrants.
life and have already Americanized their                                                          gil@gilgordon.com
names and even have library cards.
                                                 Please send or bring your check to The
English classes are underway with congre-
                                                Jewish Center office. To simplify bookkeep-
gants and regular shopping trips are ongo-

          Torah                                         Join Rabbi Tucker and Rabbi Feldman
    On Tuesdays                                             on Tuesday, May 8, 15 and 22
Jewish Prayer: The Tension                      Teshuvot (Legal Responsa) of the                  On Tuesday, May 22, Rabbi Tucker’s class
Between Liturgy and Theology                    Conservative Movement                            will begin at 8:30 p.m. after Siyyum
Rabbi Annie Tucker                              Rabbi Adam Feldman                               Tichon. Then after a break for delicious
                                                                                                 cheescake, Rabbi Feldman’s class will
7:15 to 8:30 p.m. (May 8 and 15)                8:30 to 9:45 p.m. (May 8 and 15)
                                                                                                 begin at 9:45 p.m.
8:30 p.m. (May 22)                              9:45 p.m. (May 22)

   Having spent the fall and spring semes-        Throughout Jewish history, the primary
ters looking at various aspects of Jewish       modality for deciding questions of Jewish
                                                law has been through she’elot u’tshuvot,
theology, we now turn our attention to the      with individuals directing legal queries
liturgy of our prayer service - exploring the   towards a rabbi and receiving back an
extent to which the words of the siddur         answer. Even today, she’elot u’teshuvot
(prayer book) capture our beliefs about the     remain the primary vehicle for deciding
Divine and what to do when we feel a dis-       matters of Jewish law, with responsa writ-
connect in this realm. Looking at both          ten about driving to synagogue on
                                                Shabbat, biomedical ethics, the ordination
rabbinic and contemporary writings on
                                                of homosexuals, and a wide variety of other
prayer as well as examining the texts of our    topics. Come study some of the
own life experience, this course will pro-      Conservative Movement’s most famous
vide opportunities for dialogue and discus-     teshuvot - delving into the specific issues
sion as well as traditional text study.         contained therein and exploring how our
Whether one attended the fall and spring        movement approaches Jewish law in gen-
                                                eral. All are welcome - no previous back-
semesters of this series or not, all are wel-
                                                ground required!
 8 come to participate!
                                              turned to celebration as Yom Ha’Atzmaut          Save the date for Siyyum Tichon, on
 Religious School                             came a week later. Israel’s 59th                Erev Shavuot, Tuesday, May 22, as we

 News                                         Anniversary was celebrated with a week of
                                              class lessons and activities devoted to the
                                              study of Israel. Our Israel Week opened
                                                                                              honor twenty-three students who have
                                                                                              completed Tichon, our high school pro-
                                                                                              gram. The entire congregation and school
                                              with a multifaceted program that included       community are invited to come and cele-
  Returning from our Pesach/Spring            presentations from many of our students         brate. An Oneg, hosted by the parents,
Break, the Religious School moved right       including a play from the Vavs and an           will follow services.
into Yom Ha’Shoah and Yom Ha’Atzmaut.         original birthday candle lighting ceremo-
Students in Dalet through Zayin saw           ny from the Hehs. There was also music,                                  B’Shalom,
Through the Eyes of a Friend, a multime-      a video, and an Israel trivia game show,                                 Fran Amir
dia presentation by Living Voices. The pro-   presented by Unique Entertainment.
gram was about Anne Frank from the per-       Todah to Gila Levin for coordinating our         Important Dates to Remember:
spective of friends she knew in Amsterdam     Yom Ha’Atzmaut activities. From the
and reconnected with later on in the          school program, students and their fami-         Friday, May 4
camps, until her death. It started where      lies went straight to the courtyard for The      Dalet Shabbat
the diary left off and gave us new insights   Jewish Center Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebra-
into Anne and her life, after she and her                                                      Saturday, May 5
                                              tion - a day of Israeli music, dance, crafts,    Tot Shabbat and Vav Seminar
family left the attic.                        food, shops, movies, martial arts and fun!.
                                                                                               Friday, May 11
 The students also remembered Yom               Our month ended with student activi-           Family Service
Ha’Shoah at a special service that was cre-   ties and programs based on the Jews of           Tuesday to Thursday, May 15-17
ated as part of a pilot program through       Color: In Color exhibit currently on dis-        Last Week of Religious School
the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New          play in The Jewish Center Lobby.                 Saturday, May 19
York. The Jewish Center Religious School      Students learned about the exhibit and           Vav Shabbaton and Tot Shabbat
received a grant to create a Yom Ha’Shoah     meet photographer Brian Schwartz in a
program using materials from the muse-                                                         Sunday, May 20
                                              series of workshops.
um. Under the leadership of Ellen                                                              Last Sunday of Religious School
Pristach, the students and several teachers    Religious School registration is in             Tuesday, May 22
created Zachor: Remember the Children,        progress. The early response was phenom-         Erev Shavuot and Siyyum Tichon -
a presentation that included original poet-   enal, but we still have several families who     7:00 p.m.
ry and prose, musical selections, an art      have not registered. We really need you to       Wednesday and Thursday May 23-24
exhibit and a video presentation.             take care of this, so we can plan for classes    Shavuot Services - 9:45 a.m.
                                              and teachers. Placement will be on a first
 The somber remembrance of the                come basis, so that late registrants might
Holocaust and those who perished quickly      not have their choice of day or session.

                                    Princeton University Presents:

                           Souk: A Celebration
                           OF MIDDLE-EASTERN CULTURES
                                                        Save the Date!

                                              Sunday, May 13
                                              1:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Featuring Israeli and Arab food, vendors, live bands, Turkish coffee and more! Souk is the premier
Princeton University event of the year. Come and join us at the Woodrow Wilson School Plaza, at the
corner of Washington Road and Prospect Street, for some good-old-fashioned Middle Eastern fun!

If you would like to participate in Souk in any way - advertising, setting up, vendors, etc. - please con-
tact Ben Herzberg at Herzberg@princeton.edu. We hope to see you there!
                            Dr.Dov Peretz Elkins
                            Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families

                                                                  601 Ewing Street
                                                                          Suite B-5
                                                               Princeton, NJ 08540
                                                                    (609) 306-6082



Papier Photographic
   S T U D I O S

      136 Riverside Drive
      Princeton, NJ 08540
      Phone 609.924.0560
                                                   On Sunday, May 6 we will have           we are already in the planning
      Jewish Center                              our JCW Spring Membership                 stages for next year’s calendar. We
                                                 Luncheon featuring Dr. Shuly              welcome and encourage new ideas
      WO M E N                                   Rubin Schwartz, an award winning
                                                 author and Jewish historian. Her
                                                                                           and faces to join our Board and vari-
                                                                                           ous committees. If you are interest-
                                                 presentation will be “We’ve Come a        ed in being a part of this extraordi-
 April proved to be another exciting             Long Way, Baby: Feminism and              nary team of women, please contact
month for Jewish Center Women.                   American Judaism.” For more               Anne Rutman at jrskiapr@aol.com
Our annual Spring Trip was an edu-               detailed information, please see the      or 609-730-8166.
cational and fun-filled trip to New              reservation form in this newsletter.
York City. Our day began with a                  We hope you will be able to join us
guided tour of the Lower East Side               but if you are not able to attend the                        B’Shalom,
Tenement Museum. A perfect fol-                  luncheon, this form also allows you       Anne Rutman and Randy Hubert
low up was a deli lunch at Noah’s                to send in your 2007/2008 dues and                       Co-chairs, JCW
Arc and shopping in the neighbor-                membership information.
hood. Many thanks to Andrea
Gaynor and Brigitte Sasson for their As we wind down from a wonderful
hard work in co-chairing this event. year of JCW programs and events,

                                  Jewish Center Women
        Get Your Gelt And Eat It Too!
 JCW is making it easier for you to buy and receive your grocery gelt.
 We are going to mail your gelt directly to your home. It doesn’t get any easier!
 Place your order for “Grocery Gelt” (grocery coupons) that can be used at any McCaffrey’s or any Shop-Rite in
 New Jersey, and the grocery stores donate 5% of your purchase to JCW. You can pay by check or credit card. All
 money raised will go towards subsidizing JCW programming and JCW contributions to the synagogue and the
 larger community. Please complete the form below by the 10th of the month and return it to the JCW mailbox
 in The Center office, or put it in the envelope marked “Grocery Gelt” hanging outside the School Office.
 Payment must accompany this form for your order to be processed. Any questions? Contact Geri Schonberger at 609-430-1848.

     Name ______________________________________________ Phone Number ____________________________________
     Address ____________________________________________________ Email _____________________________________
     I would like to order Grocery Gelt (please check all that apply):

                McCaffrey’s   u         Dollar Amount (in $10’s) ______________
                Shop-Rite     u         Dollar Amount (in $10’s or $50’s) ______________

  _______ Please consider this a monthly order and charge my credit card for this amount each month. I will not need to complete
 any additional forms and can stop this order at any time by contacting Geri Schonberger at 609-430-1848.
 Payment: Check enclosed _____________            Credit Card __________
 Credit Card Type: Mastercard __________          Visa _________
 Credit Card Number: ____________________________________             Credit Card Expiration Date: ________________________
      Gelt will be available after the 20th of each month.
                                          Adult Education Update:

Come to SHUL!
                                              Dialogue                        “Acts of kindness are among
               May 5                                 Series                   those things that have no
   Jr. Congregation - Heh L W 1
                                           A group of twenty-five congre-     limits.” Mishnah Peah 1
            Mini Minyan
                                          gants met on two separate            The Bikur Cholim Committee pro-
            Tot Shabbat                   Sunday mornings, one in             vides a variety of functions which help
            Vav Seminar                   February and one in March, to       our Jewish Center family in need. We
                                                                              are comprised of a group of people
               May 11                     commence a series of conversa-      ready to assist when a fellow congre-
           Family Service                 tions on the Israel-Palestinian     gant requires help due to an illness or
                                          conflict. The purpose of Jewish     disability. The kinds of things we've
               May 12                                                         done for one another in the past and
                                          Dialogue is to create a space
   Jr. Congregation - Heh L W 2                                               are planning for the future are:
                                          where people with a range of
            Mini-Minyan                                                        *sending get well cards to
                                          views can share and explore
               May 19                     them in a safe and respectful
                                                                               *driving people to and from
          Jr. Congregation                environment.
                                                                                hospital procedures
            Mini-Minyan                                                        *picking up medicine from
                                           The meetings were facilitated by
            Tot Shabbat                                                         the pharmacy
                                          Mitch Chanin of The Jewish
                                                                               *supermarket shopping
 Today Rabbah to Judy and Sandy           Dialogue group based in
 Kutin for sponsoring a Kiddush at
                                                                               *bringing meals
                                          Philadelphia and by congregant
   Tot Shabbat in honor of their                                               *visiting people in the hospi-
                                          Wilma Solomon. For more
 daughter Shira's second birthday.                                              tals and in the senior care
                                          information and background on
If you are interested in sponsoring a     this innovative group, please see
   Kiddush at any of the above ser-
                                                                               *organizing a blood drive
vices, please contact Ellen Pristach at                                        *doing errands
 the Religious School, 609-971-7202,
                                           The Jewish Center group, which      We ask that if you or a family mem-
or by email to EBPecteach@aol.com
                                                                              ber are hospitalized anywhere that you
       for further information.           is open to all congregants,         call The Jewish Center office and let us
                                          intends to convene again in the     know. Helen Schlaffer will then notify
                                          fall with the goal of screening a   Alison and Margie, Co-chairs of the
                                                                              Bikur Cholim Committee, and an
                                          movie about the Israel-
Board of Directors                                                            email will go to the entire committee
                                          Palestinian conflict and using it   asking for volunteers to make a hospi-
MEETINGS                                  as a springboard for further dis-   tal visit or do whatever may be helpful.

 There will be a meeting of The           cussion and programming in this
                                                                               Please call Alison Politziner, (609)
Jewish Center Board of                    vital area. Watch this newsletter   924-3066, or Margie Atwater, (732)
Directors on Monday, May 14 at            for more details.                   398-9761, for more information.
8:00 p.m.
                                                                                       NO PARKING ZONE ON
                                                                                       NASSAU STREET
                                                                                                               At our request, the
                                                                                                              NJ Department of
                                                                                                              Transportation put
                                                                                                              up No Stopping or
                                                                                                              Standing signs just
                                                                                                              north and south of
                                                                                                              our exit driveway.
                                                                                       When cars park on Nassau Street close to
                                                                                       the exit drive, people exiting our property
                                                                                       can’t see oncoming vehicles from either
                                                                                       direction on Nassau Street. There has
                                                                                       been at least one accident in the last year
                                 ay 6
                                                                                       and many near-misses.
                         a y, M p.m .
                  S u nd 5:00                G olf l)
                        0 - n i at u re H ope we l
                                                                                        Please do not park on the TJC side of
                   2 :0          i                                                     Nassau Street between those signs.
                           kM              ell (
                     C re e e s t Am w p at                                            Either we or NJ DOT will be painting
             P i ne 1 W                 ic k u                                         the curb yellow between the signs to
                   te 3 f f a n d p o l f
             Ro u op o                                                                 clearly indicate the area, but in the
         394                           ek G
                            Pin e C re                        Grades 3-8               meantime, please avoid this area for
                                                        Parents welcome to play        everyone's safety. The Princeton
                                                   (Just let us know you are coming)   Borough police may begin to issue
                                                      Youth Group Member: $18          tickets for people who park in this
                                                           Non-Member: $20
                                                                                       area illegally.
                                                               Parents: $10

                         Call the Youth Department to reserve your spot!                Thank you for your cooperation.

                                 Join the Men’s Club and the Youth Department

     For a Slammin’ Trip to the Trenton Thunder
                                              Sunday, June 3
                                           Waterfront Park
                 ay, J
             Sund 5 p.m.                        Trenton
                1:0 ticket
                   per                 Game Time: 1:05 p.m.
                                $10 per ticket (Pavillion area seating)
                                         The Trenton Thunder
               (The Trenton Thunder is a Double A affiliate of the New York Yankees)
                                                 The Akron Aeros
                (The Akron Aeros are the Double A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians)
           The first 1,000 kids between the ages of 5 and 15 will receive a free kid’s glove!
           One of our group will participate in the throwing of the first pitch. Don’t miss out!
     For information or tickets, contact Mitch Marder at 609.577.2303 or mmarder@comcast.net
                       Men’s                  On April 14, nineteen men set out to
                       CLUB                 determine one thing...who would be
                                            The Jewish Center Texas Hold ’em
                                            Champion. After three hours, thirty
                                            sandwiches, and lots of laughs, Haim
                                            Blecher was the last man standing.
  Congratulations Haim and thank you to our title sponsor University Spine
 Associates and our prize sponsors: the Law Office of Michael Schonberger, Franckie

                                                                                               Bike Ride
 Echeverria, Larry Kanter, and Princeton University Golf Coach Will Green.                  The Jewish Center Men's Club
  Thank you Mitch Marder, Ed Simon, and everyone in the main office for facilitating               invites you to a
 the distribution of Yom Ha’Shoah candles to The Jewish Center Community.

                                                                                               & Family
     Upcoming programs ....

                        Presentation & Demonstration
                             The Maccabi Games
                   Sunday, May 13 during Religious School
                                 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
     Aimed at children 10 and up and their parents. Learn about the Maccabi Games
                           and see a Fencing demonstration.

                                                                                                Starting at the D&R
                For information, contact Jeff Schneider at 908-359-5291 or

                                                                                             Griggstown Causeway Park

                                                                                                   in the beautiful
                           Bike Ride and Family Picnic
                                                                                             Rocky Hill/Griggstown area
                                    Sunday, May 20
                                    Bike Ride - 3:00 p.m.

                                                                                            Three riding options of 8, 15
                              Picnic following ride - 4:30 p.m.
                            Open to families & adults of every age

                                                                                                     or 20 miles
               Location - Griggstown Causeway Park (just minutes from TJC)

                                                                                             Also, younger children can
                        $10 Adults & $7 Kids for Picnic & Bike Ride

                                                                                             ride with parents along the
     Reservations - contact Ed Simon at 609-915-8256 or info@MystiqueHairSalon.com

                                                                                                canal path at the park
                             Trenton Thunder Game
                                    Sunday, June 3

                                                                                             * Family Picnic at the D&R
                                          1:00 p.m.

                                                                                            Causway Park - subs w/all the
                    Come see the Trenton Thunder play the Akron Aeros.
       The first 1,000 kids between the ages of 5 and 15 will receive a free kid's glove!

                                                                                            picnic trimmings will be pro-
        One of our TJC group will be throwing out the first pitch! Don’t miss out!

                                                                                            vided following the bike ride
                         Tickets are $10 and can be ordered through
                  Mitch Marder at 609-577-2303 or mmarder@comcast.net.
              This event is being co-sponsored by Men's Club and TJC Youth
                                                                                                 $10 per Adult / $7 per Child
                                JCC Softball League
                         Sunday doubleheaders starting at 8:30 a.m.
                         Full time and part time positions available
                                                                                                    PLEASE WEAR A
                  For information, contact Jeff Schneider at 908-359-5291 or                       BICYCLE HELMET!
                                                                                            Send or drop-off reservation checks to
                                 Ed Simon, (609) 915-8256                                       The Jewish Center by 5/11/07
                               Info@MystiqueHairSalon.com                                    "TJC Men's Club - Bike Ride & Picnic"
                                                                                               For more information, contact Ed
                              Jeff Schneider, (908) 359-5291                                Simon, info@MystiqueHairSalon.com or

               2007 JCW Spring
               Membership Lunch
                        Sunday, May 6
                         11:00 am – 1:00 pm
                   The Jewish Center of Princeton

     Don’t miss your chance to see friends, socialize with other                         Join Rabbi Elkins at a
            women & support Jewish Center Women!                                            Book Signing &
          Hear from award winning author and noted
    Jewish historian from The Jewish Theological Seminary                                  The Wisdom of Judaism:
                                                                                              An Introduction to
                                                                                           the Values of the Talmud
     Dr. Shuly Rubin Schwartz                                                              by Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins

                  Dr. Schwartz will give a lecture titled:                                  Wednesday evening,
       “We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby:                                                             May 9
                                                                                                7:45 p.m.
      Feminism and American Judaism”
                                                                                            At the home of Marissa &
              JCW Spring Membership & Luncheon Reservation Form                                    Jesse Treu
Name: ________________________________________________________
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Spring Luncheon, TJC, 435 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.                          enlightening and engaging. This is a book
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Darlene@tellshare.com.                                                                  Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author, Ethics of
                                                                                       the Sages: Pirke Avot-Annotated &
6                                                                                      Explained
From the                                     The first mention of anything resem-       passage in Hebrew from a printed Bible.
                                            bling a Bar Mitzvah was in 13th century     For many years after that, B’not Mitzvah
Religious Affairs                           Germany, by one Mordecai ben Hillel.        were often celebrated at Friday night

Committee                                   Early B’nai Mitzvah consisted of the
                                            blessings of she-heheyanu and baruch-
                                            she-ptarani and then a toast. The
                                                                                        services by the recitation of the week’s
                                                                                        haftarah portion. Today, of course, Bar
                                                                                        and Bat Mitzvah celebrations are identi-
The History of the Bar and                  baruch-she-ptarani prayer was recited       cal in all of the liberal movements.
                                            by the father, giving thanks that he is
Bat Mitzvah                                 no longer responsible for his son’s          The idea of adult B’nai Mitzvah started
                                            observance of the mitzvot. Some peo-        in the 1950s with the recognition that
  The ceremony of a Bar Mitzvah is not      ple might invite more guests and serve      Jewish men who had not had a Bar
mentioned in either the Bible or Talmud,    a festive meal in addition to the toast.    Mitzvah did not have complete Jewish
and is a minhag or custom, that devel-                                                  educations. In 1971, the first “belated”
oped in the Middle Ages. In the Bible,       Public Bar Mitzvah ceremonies              or adult B’nai Mitzvah were performed.
the age of majority was 20 and was not      occurred later as a result of limitations   Today, synagogues use these adaptations
tied to the obligation to do mitzvot.       imposed on the right of minors to per-      of the coming of age ceremony to offer
                                            form mitzvot publicly. By the 14th          opportunities for the study of Jewish
  Later on in the Talmud as a result of     century, sources mention a boy being        history, text, and ritual to adults.
Roman influence, the age of majority        called up to the Torah for the first time
was considered to be around puberty,        on the Sabbath coinciding with or fol-       Although both the ceremonial and
which was determined by “medical            lowing his 13th birthday. By the 17th       celebratory aspects of B’nai Mitzvah
examination”. Eventually, this was          century, boys were also reading Torah       can be traced back to the Middle Ages,
replaced by the ages of 12 for girls and    and delivering talks, often on talmudic     they have a greater significance today.
13 for boys. The Talmudic understand-       learning, at an afternoon seudat mitz-      Ideally, the Bar and Bat Mitzvah cere-
ing of “majority” was focused on the        vah (ritual meal). Today’s more lavish      mony is a recognition of Jewish learn-
child’s intellectual and moral abilities,   celebrations had their origins in that      ing that the child has completed
rather than being related to ritual         much more modest ritual meal. In fact,      preparing him or her for adult respon-
responsibilities. In fact, minors were      even as early as 1595 in Poland, such       sibility. The new Bar or Bat Mitzvah
permitted to perform public mitzvot         meals had become excessive enough           has responsibility for his or her
such as reciting the Torah blessings        that communal taxes were imposed in         actions, for following the mitzvot, and
and wearing tefillin. The right to prac-    order to discourage extravagances.          for continuing in a lifelong process of
tice such mitzvot was tied to the child’s                                               Jewish learning.
understanding and maturity, rather           Judith Kaplan, daughter of
than to a particular age. For girls,        Reconstructionism’s founder Rabbi
reaching the age of majority meant a        Mordecai Kaplan, was the first woman        Mazel Tov
Shidduch (an arranged match with a          to become a Bat Mitzvah, in 1922. In
future husband) and then a wedding          this ceremony, she chanted the bless-        To Phyllis and Jerry Kurshan on the birth
                                                                                        of their great-granddaughter, Shira Leora
under the chupah.                           ings over the Torah and then read a         Gerber.
                                                                                         To Dana Umansky and Lance Ladic on
                                                                                        the birth of their daughter, Eliana Sarah.
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                                                                                         To Sherry Rosen on the birth of her
                         Whenever you shop on Amazon.com for any-                       grandson, Isaac Alberto Bitran.
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                         thing Amazon sells (books, CDs, tools, clothing,               of their son, Shay Maxwell.
                        software, toys, etc.), you can help The Jewish
                       Center at no extra cost. Simply go to our website
                      at www.thejewishcenter.org and click on the                       Condolences
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 commission. It's simple, free, and a great way for you to help our con-                  To Robyn Ultan and her family on the loss
 gregation while stocking up on books, music, games, and the hun-                       of her father, Dr. Leslie Ultan.
 dreds of other items Amazon.com sells.                                                   To Stuart Ellerstein and his family on the
                                                                                        loss of his wife, Elaine Ellerstein.     21
Contributions (continued from pg. 5)
                                                                                               Gordon, Jonathan Gross, Martha
Deborah Shuman
Lori and Ed Simon
                                                    Torah                                      Himmelfarb, Jason Kay, Al Klein, Phyllis
                                                                                               Kurshan, Bob Lebeau, Sher Leiman,
The Kleinbart Family                                Readers                                    Erica Pramer, Madison Provorny, Bruce
                                                                                               Reim, David Roth, Ian Snyder, Debbi
Joan and Mark Levin
                                                                                               Dunn Solomon, Brian Tesser, Ronni
Joanne and Richard Fishbane                                                                    Ticker and Rabbi Annie Tucker
                                                    The congregation acknowledges with
Sally Steinberg and Dan Brent
                                                   deep appreciation and gratitude the fol-
The Cheskis Family                                 lowing individuals who participated in       PURIM
The Mattes Family                                  our Worship Services during the months       Megillat Esther
                                                   of March and April 2007.                     Rabbi Adam Feldman, Reza Green,
Bob Seidenstein                                                                                Jason Kay, Gila Levin, Adam Scheer,
Cantor Larry Brandspiegel
                                                    TORAH READERS                              Rabbi David Silverman, Cantor Murray
Beverly and Marc Surrey                             Barbara Abramson, Fran Amir, Leah          Simon and Rabbi Annie Tucker
Ellen and Gil Gordon                               Annitto, Lottie Appel, Margie Atwater,
                                                   Elayne Barmak, Karen Barmak,                 PESACH
Seva and Peter Kramer
                                                   Alexander Benthem de Grave, Steven           TORAH READERS
Bedonna and Arthur Perry
                                                   Braun, Sara Bucholtz, Michael Churgin,       Ilana Atwater, Larry Epstein, Annette
Meryl and Howard Verb                              Rebekah Costin, Aaron Deutsch, Ben          Flisser, Marvin Flisser, Reza Green,
Gayle and Rick Wagner                              Dobkin, David Dobkin, Jane Dobkin,          Jonathan Gross, Jacob Kaufman, Jason
Rena and Al Klein                                  Sarah Dobkin, Jacob Eisenberg, Larry        Kay, Mark Killingsworth, Sandy Kutin,
                                                   Epstein, Eric Falcon, Mark Footerman,       Mindy Langer, Gila Levin, Naomi
Shirley and Max Becher
                                                   Rachel Frommer, Glenn Gabai, Gil            Richman Neumann, Philip O’Driscoll,
Joan and Howard Hersch                             Gordon, Rafi Isaac, Ronit James, Jason      Rebecca Simon, Rabbi Annie Tucker and
Beth and Jon Frieder                               Kay, Zack Kleinbart, Lou Klimoff, Sandy     Bob Weber
Ricky and AJ Shechtel                              Kutin, Mindy Langer, Bob Lebeau, Gila
Martha Friedman and Harold Heft                    Levin, Joan Levin, Debbie Marinsky, Jen      HAFTARAH
                                                   Morganstern, Emily Pramer, Erica             Charles Brodsky, Larry Epstein,
Gila and Gadi Levin                                Pramer, Summer Pramer, Ellen Pristach,      Jonathan Gross, Mark Killingsworth and
Donna and David Gabai                              Madison Provorny, Bruce Reim, Lynn          Gila Levin
The Snyder/Sigal Family                            Ross, Jordan Roth, Cynthia Sage, Adam
The Wahrman/Mitlak Family                          Scheer, Ari Simon, Ian Snyder, Lindsy        DAVENERS
                                                   Steinberger, Elana Tenenzapf, Brian          Larry Epstein, Rabbi Adam Feldman,
Esther and Murray Siegel                                                                       Annie Lewis, Cantor Murray Simon and
                                                   Tesser, Ronni Ticker and Hadas Zeilberger
Gail and Bill Rose                                                                             Rabbi Annie Tucker
Sue and Lara Weiner                                 HAFTARAH CHANTERS
Lesley and Ross Wishnick                            Elayna Barmak, Steven Braun, Ben            SHIR HASHIRIM
                                                   Dobkin, Jacob Eisenberg, Erica Pramer,       Jonathan Gross
Caroline and Teddy Friedman
                                                   Brian Tesser and Bob Weber
Sapoff Art Purchase & Restoration Fund
In memory of                                        DAVENERS                                     If you would like to chant a Torah por-
Larry Swirsky                                       Sam Afran, Bill Agress, Alexander          tion or Haftarah, please contact Larry
  by Lynn Joy and Meyer Sapoff                     Benthem de Grave, Larry Epstein, Rabbi      Epstein at 609-921-0100, ext. 207, or
                                                   Adam Feldman, Mark Footerman, Gil           LSE08520@yahoo.com.
Social Concerns
In honor of
Bat Mitzvah of Caroline Grenis
  by Marian Bass and Jeffrey Albert

Tree of Life
In honor of
                                                    Planning a            Kippot for your weddings or Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah of Harris Perlman and Bar Mitzvah of
                                                                          celebrations are available in a variety of colors
Jason Perlman
  by Laura and Eric Perlman                        simha?                 and fabrics. Color swatches are available for
                                                   your review in the Gift Shop. Prayer benchers are also available in a
                                                   variety of styles, and they too are available for you to see in the Gift
                                                   Shop. Orders take four weeks to process, so plan ahead and order
                                                   early! Hours for ordering are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please call
                                                   Gail Alba at (609) 275-0469.
Nominating Committee
Officer and Trustee Nominations

   The Nominating Committee of The Jewish Center has nominated the following for office for the year
starting June 1, 2007:

  President                                                         Vice President/Religious Affairs
  Michael Feldstein                                                 David Greenberg
  Vice President/ Administration                                    Recording Secretary
  Gil Gordon                                                        Polly Strauss
  Vice President/Finance                                            Trustee (for two-year term)
  David Goldfarb                                                    Alan Medvin
  Vice President/Education                                          Trustee (for two-year term)
  Susan Falcon                                                      Linda Meyer

 According to the By-laws of The Jewish Center, additional nominations endorsed by at least ten
members may be submitted in writing to the chairperson of the Nominating Committee on or
before May 5, 2007. Voting will take place at the Annual Meeting of The Jewish Center on Sunday,
May 20 at 7:30 p.m.

                                                Nominating Committee:
                       Phil Carchman, Chair                                      Merrye Shavel Hudis
                          Stuart Axelrod                                            Alan Medvin
                           Robby Devery                                               Gail Rose
                         Richard Fishbane

Jews On Trial Still Available
                                                                     The well reviewed book, now in more than 130 public and
 Two years ago, The Jewish Center published Jews on                university libraries, is still in print. The Jewish Center con-
Trial, a book that originated as a series of lectures in The       tinues to receive royalties. Jews on Trial is a unique gift
Center’s Adult Education series. Some well known legal             for many occasions as well as interesting text for one’s own
cases that may have involved anti-Semitism are considered          enjoyment. The book is available from Amazon or copies
anew in the hardcover book. Readers may discover other             can be obtained by calling The Center office. And for full
cases for the first time. All are true and fascinating, present-   details about Jews on Trial, please go to the website at
ed with balance and clarity by lawyers and scholars. The           www.jewsontrial.com.
authors have all contributed their essays to The Center.

                      In the spirit of

   Shabbat Across A
             Please join us for a
          Community Shabbat Program
               Friday, May 18

Special Shabbat Services at 6:30 p.m.
 Led by Rabbi Adam Feldman and Rabbi Annie Tucker
              Shabbat Dinner to follow
    Gather with your Jewish Center family and friends
      Celebrate Shabbat and learn about its rituals

        This program is open to the community:
       Singles, Couples and Families are welcome!

                Reservations are required!
      Adults & Teens: $20 Children under 10: $12
           Reservations are a must by Monday, May 14
                Call: 609-921-0100, ext. 201 or
               Email: myarin@thejewishcenter.org

Israel                                        up our programs. Our clergy have been
                                                                                              GENRES AND THEMES
                                                                                                 OF BIBLICAL
                                              consistent and enthusiastic supporters of
                                              the Israel Affairs Committee and have
                                              done much to inspire the committee to

                                              pursue aggressive goals; it was Rabbi
                                              Feldman’s idea many months ago to
                                              make Yom Ha’Atzmaut a large, visible              With Rebekah Marks Costin
                                              and inclusive event for our entire com-

                                                                                                 Sunday morning, May 6
 This has been a great year for Israel        munity. Our Executive Committee
Affairs, from the launch of our Shulhan       members have been phenomenal sup-

                                                                                                 (after Morning Minyan)
Ivrit, to our AIPAC event, to our Israeli     porters by actively participating in our
       speaker but one could imagine no       meetings and providing much valued
                                                                                                       9:15 to 10:15 a.m.
             better cap to our year than      guidance and direction; in particular,

                                                                                                      in the Beit Midrash
                 the extraordinary Yom        Linda Grenis, Michael Feldstein and Gil
                     Ha’Zikaron and Yom       Gordon have all made significant person-
                         Ha’Atzmaut           al investments in the success of the Israel

                                                                                              You attend services at The Jewish
                           activities this    Affairs Committee and without them,
                            year at The       many of our activities would not have
                             J e w i s h      been possible. Rob Davidson single              Center every Shabbat, you study
                                                                                              Parashat ha’Shavua with Rabbi
                              Center.         handedly put AIPAC on the map in

                                                                                              Tucker and you even chant Torah every
                                              Princeton and through his dedication
                                              and hard work generated momentum for
                                                                                              once and a while. So are you ready for
                                              the organization throughout the broader

                                                                                              another level of biblical study?
  Our Yom Ha’Zikaron commemoration            community. Nira Lavid served as the
on April 21 drew a large group to The         morah at our Shulhan Ivrit and correct-
Center sanctuary to commemorate the           ed our dikduk in a supportive and gentle

                                                                                              This class will introduce you to
fallen soldiers and victims of terror. One    manner making our evenings together
Israeli member of The Jewish Center said      enjoyable and educational. Our interim
that the solemn readings in Hebrew and        Youth Director, Cyndi Kleinbart and             some of the tools and concepts for
                                                                                              the literary study of Biblical narra-
the tone of the evening transported him       Principal Fran Amir made the best out of a
back to his childhood in Israel. Indeed,      short schedule and limited budget to cre-
Hebrew was the dominant language of           ate a first class Yom Ha’Atzmaut event that     tive and Biblical poetry. These tools
                                                                                              offer another dimension for reading
the night and it was gratifying to all that   not only captured the spirit of Israel but

                                                                                              and understanding the Tanakh.
The Jewish Center was able to draw            was aesthetically beautiful - from the flags,
Israelis from beyond the synagogue's          to the banners, to the El AL plane
membership to commemorate Yom                 (designed by Lisa Tenenbaum) to the tents.

                                                                                              Although knowledge of Hebrew is
Ha’Zikaron as part of a broader commu-
nity.                                          But, perhaps most importantly, one per-
                                              son who deserves more thanks than can
                                                                                              not required for the class, we will also
                                                                                              explore some of the linguistic charac-
 The next day, our Yom Ha’Atzmaut             be communicated in words is Gila Levin.
celebration drew many of our families to      From day one, she has worked tirelessly
celebrate Israel's independence with          and energetically to make sure that The         teristics of the Biblical literature
                                                                                              which distinguish it from other
music, dancing, food, art and culture         Jewish Center is a place that celebrates
                                              all that Israel is for the Jewish communi-
                                                                                              ancient texts. And for the Torah
drawn from the State of Israel. The
weather cooperated, the mood was festive      ty and the world at large. Her efforts
                                                                                              readers, we will review how the
and the day offered a wonderful               made every Israel Affairs event possible.

                                                                                              ta’amei ha’miqra (the trope chants)
opportunity for everyone to see, feel,        We are all lucky to have a person like Gila
taste and hear Israel in our little cor-      in our community. Todah rabbah, and
                                                                                              contribute to the flow and under-
ner of Princeton. And for those indi-         yashir koach to Gila!

                                                                                              standing of the verse.
viduals lucky enough to take part in
our congregational trip to Israel, the          As we gear up for next year, we are still
day provided a fitting send off with          looking for volunteers to serve on the

                                                                                              Rebekah Marks Costin, a former NJ
special t-shirts to celebrate their deci-     Israel Affairs committee so if you have any
sion to see Israel firsthand.                 interest in working with us, send an email
                                              to israelaffairs@thejewishcenter.org.           Deputy Attorney General, is com-
                                                                                              pleting her Master of Arts in Jewish
 These activities were made possible

                                                                                              Studies degree from Hebrew College
through the vision and hard work of sev-
eral people who deserve acknowledge-           Kol Tuv,
                                                                                              in Boston, Massachusetts.
ment. Our staff and volunteers, including      Adam Scheer
our very hard-working custodians, under        Chair, Israel Affairs Committee
the direction of Administrator, Nancy          israelaffairs@thejewishcenter.org
Lewis, worked selflessly to set everything
     YOM HA'ATZMAUT 5767



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