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                        Notes From the Director
                        By Anne Acton
                        Digital Sources: Old and          versity partnered with several    Commercial sources include
News from the   2
                        New                               commercial publishers in          Heinonline’s Legal Classics
                        Books:                            1999 to make sets of old Eng-     Library and LLMC digital and
                        Google Book Search has digi-      lish and American titles avail-   our library has subscriptions
Book Review
                        tal images of over 40,000         able in digital format (Early     to both.
                        complete texts of books in        English Books Online cover-
                        the public domain and por-        ing 1473 to 1700; Evans           Journals:
                        tions of many additional          American Imprints published       The Directory of Open Ac-
Staff News      3       books that are still copy-        between 1639 and 1800; and        cess Journals identifies free
                        righted. Prior to Google,         Eighteenth Century Collec-        scholarly journals. Portia, our
                        Project Gutenberg and Uni-        tions Online of English titles    online catalog, will identify via
Law and         4       versity of Michigan scanned       printed between 1701 and          a search for e-journal, which
Literature              thousands of books. Guten-        1800). University of Pennsyl-     titles we have in print, online
                        berg has about 20,000 books       vania has a good listing of       for free, or online in a com-
                        and the University of Michi-      sources for online books.         mercial database to which we
NY Times        5       gan Digital Library collection                                      subscribe. There is an Open
Online                  has over 24,000 books.            Important sources of free         Access movement which is
                                                          historical digital law collec-    trying to make more schol-
                        While the previously men-         tions include Yale’s Avalon       arly journals available. Law
Summer          5       tioned projects are open and      Project, portions of the Li-      schools usually make their
Access                  available for all to search and   brary of Congress American        own journals available for
                        view, other projects are com-     Memory project and the Reg-       free on their websites and
                        mercial and available only by     istry of U.S. Government          Washington and Lee Law
HeinOnline      6       paid subscription. University     Publication Digitization Pro-     School Library has a con-
                        of Michigan and Oxford Uni-       jects.                                         (Continued on page 3)

Student         7
                        Dictionaries: Online and Otherwise
Library Hours   8
                        By Brian Flaherty
                        Quick: what’s the largest         erable OED looms largest in       on most library dictionary
                        dictionary of the English Lan-    the English speaking world. If    stands and in the
                        guage? If you said the Ox-        the question of size, how-        “Reference” section of
                        ford English Dictionary           ever, is to be understood in      bookstores.). The Second
                        you’re certainly not alone.       terms of number of entries,       International contains in
                        Whether you’re right or not       that title just may belong to     excess of 650,000 entries
                        is a matter of interpretation.    the slightly less venerable and   (nobody has ever counted
                        Certainly the OED is the          long out-of-print Merriam-        them), compared to the
                        longest dictionary – the 1989     Webster’s Second International    OED’s paltry 616,500 en-
                        2nd edition runs to 20 vol-       Dictionary (the Third interna-    tries.
                        umes - and certainly the ven-     tional is the big one you find               (Continued on page 4)
PAGE    2

                          Money Laundering to the Max—Book Review
                          by Helen Litwack
   “ One Does not                               Aly, Gotz, Hitler’s   Bauer Institute at the Univer-    Jewish Germans was socially
                                                Beneficiaries:        sity of Frankfurt, has brought    ‘cleansed’ by various adminis-
      Have to agree
                                                Plunder, Racial       to the forefront a less-          trative /economic measures
      with Professor                            War, and the          emphasized but, according to      which put the stolen funds
                                                Nazi Welfare          the author, critical factor in    into first into government
 Gotz’s ordering of                             State, Metropolitan   the popularity of the Nazi        agencies and then doled them
                          Books, (2005), 1st U.S. Ed edition,         government: the socialist part    out later as beneficial social
            factors…”                                                 of the ‘national socialist’ re-   programs (universal health
                          translated from German (January 9,
                          2007), 431 pages, index, bibliography.      gime.                             care, tax breaks, etc.) Thus,
                                                                                                        this book supplements the
                          Gotz Aly, Professor of Holo-                Large scale redistribution of     more ordinary ‘common
                          caust Research at the Fritz                 Jewish property to non-                       (Continued on page 6)

                                  News from the Circulation Desk
                                  by Anita Chase
                                  End of the Semester                      and submit it. You can renew      Fine Arts and the Museum
                                  Reminders                                library books once.               of Science are daily passes
                                                                                                             and you visit the museum
                                  With the end of the school               NESL’s reading and exam           on the date that is on the
                                  year around the corner, we’d             period began on Thursday          pass. The Gardner Museum
                                  like to remind everyone that             April 26th and due to space       pass is not dated but re-
                                  if you have library books                constraints within the library,   quires checking out with a
                                  checked out everything must              there is no carrel reservation    $10 deposit and when the
                                  be returned by May 18. If                allowed during this time.         pass is returned you take
                                  you are finishing up a project           Carrels are made available to     your deposit back. For
                                  and need an extension, see               let you keep library materials    more information, see the
                                  Anita Chase or Amy Rice at               together for your research        library’s home page under
   NESL Library                   the circulation desk and we’ll           projects and with the end of      Using the Library and link
   Circulation Desk               renew your books for you.                the semester, the reservation     to Museum Pass Program
                                  For future reference, you can            expires and any items re-         or stop by the circulation
                                  renew your books remotely                maining will be removed.          desk and we’ll answer any
                                  from the library home page                                                 questions you might have.
                                  by linking to Portia and click-          When exams are over, you
                                  ing on Renew Books in the                will want to relax and maybe
                                  upper right corner. You then             explore the city more. The
                                  enter your name and bar-                 library has memberships to
                                  code number from the back                three Boston museums: The
                                  of your student ID to access             Museum of Fine Arts,
                                  your library record, check off           The Isabella Stewart Gardner
                                  the items you want to renew              Museum and The Museum of
                                                                           Science. The Museum of

NEW    ENGLAND          SCHOOL          OF     LAW
VOLUME      14,    ISSUE      2                                                                          PAGE       3

  Notes From the Director (Cont’d.)
  stantly updated database which             on archiving new materials before          are volunteering their time to pro-
  keeps track of legal journals. A re-       they disappear. The average website        vide services including reference 24
  cent trend with law reviews is the         lasts between 44 and 100 days ac-          hours a day.
  new addition of an online compo-           cording to the Digital Preservation        Judge Richard Posner of the U.S. 7th
  nent between issues. To date,              department at the Library of Con-          Circuit Court of Appeals, appeared
  seven schools have added such an           gress. The Wayback Machine at              on a Second Life Book Club event
  online companion mirroring the             Internet has 85 million        this fall talking about his latest book,
  popularity of blogs and wikis in main-     web pages archived from 1996 up to         Not a Suicide Pact: the Constitution
  stream communications. Washing-            this month. This is a way of captur-       in a Time of National Emergency.
  ton & Lee aims to keep track of            ing pieces of digital history from the     Second Life has already been the
  these as well.                             variations of a law school’s website                                subject of liti-
                                             (you can see what the NESL website                                  gation in Penn-
  We think of new information and            looked like in 1997) to a political                                 sylvania and is
  documents coming to us in digital          candidate’s defunct campaign web-                                   both the topic
  form, but there is a wealth of histori-    site. The Internet Archive includes                                 of and venue
  cal material available as well. The        texts, audio, moving images, and                                    for a property
  Library of Congress’ Century of            software.                                                           law course
  Lawmaking for a New Nation in-                                                                                 offered by
  cludes documents from the begin-           You, yourself could take a digital                                  Prof. Gard at
  nings of the federal congress in the       form! You can create an avatar for          Judge Richard Posner of University of
  1700s. On a more local level, the          yourself and exist in the 3D virtual        the U.S. 7th Circuit    Seattle Law
  Massachusetts State Library has            world of Second Life. There is al-          Court of Appeals        School.
  started to image primary sources of        ready a Law School Library presence                                 So it is worth
  law such as Acts and Resolves and is       in Second Life, the Nova Southeast-        knowing about even if you don’t live
  planning to image state agency publi-      ern University Law Library & Tech-         there.
  cations beginning with the Office of       nology Center, along with many
  the Inspector General. While some          other types of libraries. Info Island
  people are worrying about historical       or Archipelago has about 5,000 visi-
  materials, others are concentrating        tors a day and over 400 librarians

 Staff News
 by Kristin McCarthy
 Congratulations to                     Jim Gage, Government Docu-
 Amy Rice, Evening Circula-             ments Specialist, gave a presenta-
 tion/Interlibrary Loan                 tion in March 2007 to the East King-
 Assistant.                             ston Historical Committee on
 Amy attained a Masters degree in       “America's Stonehenge: The History
 Library Science from                   of a Sacred Place” describing the
 Simmons College in                     history of a 3,000 year old archeo-
 December 2006.                         logical site of stone structures in
                                        North Salem, NH.

                                                                                      NESL Faculty Library Committee visits
                                                                                      Boston Athenaeum April 10, 2007

NEW     ENGLAND           SCHOOL            OF   LAW
PAGE   4

           Law and ...
           By Anne Acton
           Law and Literature                      Law and Pop Culture                      Law and Art
           Prof. Richard Child as                  Lex Populi, the juris-                   Legal Portraits
           Anthony Trollope gives                  prudence of popular                      online is an impres-
           a presentation to the                   culture, a new addi-                     sive historical col-
           faculty entitled:                       tion to the library’s                    lection of law as
                                                   collection by Wil-                       art. The Harvard
           “Toogood or Just                        liam P. MacNeil,                         Law School Library
           Right?: Heroic                          looks at                                 owns over 4,000
           Lawyering in        Prof. Richard Child various         By William P. MacNeil    portrait images Jeremiah
                                                                                                                 Sullivan Black
           Anthony Trol-                           modern films, books and TV shows         of lawyers and
           lope’s The Last Chronicle of Barset. “ for sources of jurisprudence. Buffy       other legal figures and makes
           He read 47 Trollope novels, many of     the Vampire Slayer, Minority Re-         them available for searching
           which talk about lawyers and the jus-   port, Harry Potter, Fight Club, and      through VIA, the university’s
           tice system in the 19th century.        Lord of the Rings are just some of       catalog of visual materials at:
           Unlike Charles Dickens, Prof. Child     the sources discussed. The author
           explained that Trollope had a more      feels that since these works reach a     collections/special/online-
           optimistic view of the law.             huge audience through the media          collections/portraits
                                                   they become more of a source for
                                                   discussion of justice, rights, and
                                                   ethics than standard legal texts.

           Dictionaries (cont’d.)
           There are two things I want to get       explanatory. There are neat fea-        Heritage. The etymologies
           across about the OED in this article.    tures such as an RSS feed for a         are good, but again overshad-
           The first is no doubt the more im-       “word of the day,” and a feature        owed by some of the later M-
           portant to you, oh estimable library     that will look up a random word         W dictionaries. The absolute
           patron. The second is for those of       for you.                                brilliance of the OED, how-
           you who are so desperately in need                                               ever, is the lengths the original
           of distraction from exam preparation     The second thing about the OED,         and current editors went to
           that you’ll read just about anything     a thing often lost, subsumed by the     searching out the earliest
           so long as it wasn’t written by a        awe most of us (well, most of us        available, and then more sig-
           judge or practicing attorney (I am       librarians) feel before a 20-volume     nificant, uses of these words.
           neither); also, it will explain how a    dictionary, is that it’s a dictionary   Following the pronunciation,
           book with fewer entries than Web-        “on historical principles.” What        etymology, and definition of
           ster’s 2nd can be so darned much         this means is that the dictionary       each word is a collection of
           longer.                                  was conceived of as a repository        quotations, from the earliest
                                                    for all of the words in the English     recorded usage, to one that
           The first point is: the OED is now       language, and references to each        illustrates the modern mean-
           available online to the NESL commu-      word’s earliest recorded usage.         ing.
           nity, from within the building, and      The definitions of the words are all
           remotely using our proxy server.         actually quite brief – and quite        Now I will grant you, the ear-
           Go to the NESL Library Database          honestly, there are better, clearer     liest recorded usage for some
           List and click on Oxford English Dic-    definitions in the later Merriam-       of these words can tend to…
           tionary. It is a remarkable product,     Webster dictionaries or even            er… obfuscate, rather than
           the interface to which is self-          <<gasp>> those by American-                          (Continued on page 5)

NEW    ENGLAND          SCHOOL         OF   LAW
VOLUME         14,    ISSUE         2                                                                     PAGE        5

Dictionaries (cont’d.)                                                              Summer Access to Westlaw and
clarify the meaning.
The meaning of the
                              opment from a specific
                              point in time, through
                                                          no matter what
                                                          changes society has
word “Paludic,” for           the miasmata of history     endured in the in-
example – an obscure          and to it’s present us-     terim.                    By Kristin McCarthy
word to be sure –             age. For an incipient
becomes no clearer by         lawyer, the value of        The massive OED
the reading of its first      doing such a thing must     has always been a         For 2L’s and 3L’s
usage, from 1855, in a        be clear: think of it as    favorite destination      Student Westlaw and Lexis passwords will expire
book called Types of          analogous to discover-      of linguaphiles (a        on June 1, unless you register for summer access.
                                                                                    You can get summer access for a variety of rea-
Mankind (quoted here          ing original intent. Even   word which, oddly         sons including:
in full): Placing this        better: words are never     enough, does not
                                                                                    • Taking courses over the summer
unfortunate king              explicitly overruled –      appear in the diction-
                                                                                    • Working as a research assistant for a
amid the paludic              they are not amended        ary). Despite my
miasmata (he was              by a three-quarters         enduring fondness for
                                                                                    • Participating in the law review/journals Sum-
killed by a hippo-            majority of the reading     print and paper, I find   mer Writing Competition (see instructions for
potamus) conse-               public. You cannot be       that the dictionary       enrolling in the TWEN course in the latest issue
quent upon that               told by proponents of a     loses very little in      of Due Process)
grand catastrophe.            “Living Dictionary” that    being converted to        • Working for law review or NEJCCC or the
Nevertheless, having a        the meanings you have       an online database.       Journal of International and Comparative Law
clear and cited exam-         chosen for your words       Again it can be ac-       over the summer
ple of the first usage of     are no longer accept-       cessed by clicking on     • Working for a non-profit
a word gives us an            able. For ever and          “Database list” from
invaluable window into        ever, the word              the library’s home        However, you cannot get extended summer ac-
these words’ original         “Paludic” may be rightly    page, and then the        cess if you are working for a law firm and/or bill-
meaning. For those of         associated with the         link for the Oxford       ing hours.
us who find joy in do-        untimely demise of an       English Dictionary
                                                                                    To get summer access, simply log on to either
ing such things, we can       unfortunate king at the     2nd edition.     or http://
trace a word’s devel-         hands (feet) of a hippo,                    , and on the right
                                                                                    hand side of each services "Welcome" screen,
                                                                                    you will see a link that says "Need Access this
                                                                                    Summer?" Click that link and check off the rea-

Free Access to New York Times Online                                                son.

                                                                                    For 2007 Graduates
                                                                                    Graduates who still need academic access to
By Kristin McCarthy                                                                 Westlaw may request a special “summer graduate
                                                                                    password” for access during June and July. This
Students and faculty        and available to users, the   http://                   password is good for 10 hours and will expire
interested in articles      work of op-ed columnists          upon use of those 10 hours or on July 31st, which-
published in the            and some news stories         gst/                      ever occurs first. To request a summer graduate
New York Times              are available only to         ts_university_email_      password email Westlaw Rewards at westlawre-
might be interested         TimesSelect subscribers.      verify.html      and you will be sent your pass-
                                                                                    word via email reply (so be sure your spam filter
in subscribing to           Previously,                                             will accept emails from WestlawRewards).
TimesSelect                 TimeSelect was only avail-    The New York
(premium online             able at cost, but now it is   Times will send you       Graduates who need academic access to Lexis
content back to             available for free to stu-    an email verification     may extend their law school password until Au-
1981 which was              dents and faculty at insti-   link. If you have not     gust 1, by affirmatively filing an extension request
recently made free          tutes of higher education.    already subscribed        on the Lexis Law School website.
to academic users).                                       to,
While some of the           Using the following link,     you will have to click    Access to Westlaw Career databases is good
news, features and          you can subscribe:            on the button that        until May 31, 2008. Access to the Lexis career
                                                                                    databases is available via passwords provided by
multimedia on NY-                                         says Upgrade to
                                                                                    the NESL Career Services Office for up to a year are free                                        create a password.        following graduation.

NEW     ENGLAND              SCHOOL         OF    LAW
PAGE   6

                   Book Review (cont.)
                    (Continued from page 2)                    One does not have to agree with Profes-
                    knowledge’ about direct plunder by         sor Gotz’s ordering of factors regarding
                    German military personnel and their        the popularity the Third Reich to benefit
                    superior officers of physical objects      from this book. Those researching or
                    (homes, jewelry, art) that most people     practicing in the areas of money launder-
                    have. How many know there was also         ing and international corruption will find a
                    a “secret lending program” in which        wealth of detail about the specific financial
                    the savings accounts of ordinary Ger-      instruments and economic policies/ gov-
                    mans (Jew and non-Jew alike) were          ernmental decisions (and how administra-
                    transferred into trust accounts allow-     tive measures were geared to each in-
                    ing the Reich’s trustees to invest in      vaded country’s existing bank regulations)
                    short-term bonds to keep the funds         that made this criminal operation so suc-
                    for military operations flowing. (As       cessful for such a long time. The value of
                    opposed to the Allies’ public advertis-    a Harvard Business School case study with
                    ing campaigns for the sale of long-term    the readability of a crime novel. If only it
   Good             government bonds for the same pur-         were fiction.
  Luck on
 Enjoy the
 Summer!             New Additions to HeinOnline
                     By Kristin McCarthy
                     Since we have added Hein-          English Reports (Full Re-        also contains U.S. Law Di-
                     Online to our catalog, many        print) from 1220-1865. The       gests, decisions of the Hague
                     faculty and students have used     reprint includes over            Permanent Court of Interna-
                     HeinOnline as a source for law     100,000 early English cases.     tional Justice and Reports of
                     reviews and journals (including                                     International Arbitral Awards.
                     historical ones) in .pdf format.   In addition, Hein has added
                     Links from the NESL catalog        a Foreign and International      That’s not all! Hein has just
                     into HeinOnline allow easy         Law Resources Database.          added state session laws for
                     access to scanned images of        This includes international      all 50 states from approxi-
                     journal articles.                  yearbooks and serials such       mately 2000 forward to its
                                                        as the African Yearbook of       database.
                     Some patrons may also have         International Law, the Inter-
                     used HeinOnline’s Federal Reg-     national Tribunal for the        All these resources are avail-
                     ister Library (back to 1936, the   Law of the Sea Yearbook,         able in .pdf format. To access
                     inception of the Federal Regis-    the United Nations Interna-      all this great content and
                     ter) or their Treaties and         tional Court of Justice Year-    more, choose HeinOnline
                     Agreements Library, containing     book and proceedings of          from the library Database List.
                     official and unofficial treaty     the American Society of          If you are working from home,
                     sources.                           International Law as well as     type in your name and NESL
                                                        many, many others. The           barcode to login.
                     Now, HeinOnline has even           Foreign and International
                     more content. Hein has added       Law Resources Database

 VOLUME       14,   ISSUE      2                                                                  PAGE       7

                                    Congratulations Class of 2007
  Special Thanks and Congratulations to those who have worked here in the Library over the past few years.
                                   Good Luck and Best wishes for your future endeavors

                                                                           Jon Adler

                                                                         Sarah Brewer

                                                                       Jennifer Carrion

                                                                       Ashley Donovan

                                                                        Jessamine Grice

                                   Michal Haimov

                                      Sam Hans

                                    Robert Joseph

                                    James Pollack

                              Tanusha Thuraisingham

                                                     NESL’s 2006
                                                    Recycling Totals

                                                  11,363 pounds of paper

                                     AND FALL EMPLOYMENT
      What are you doing with your summer vacation? Consider working for the library. We have
      work-study jobs available in all areas of the library. Applications are available at the circulation
      desk, or online at Fill one out TODAY and turn it in
      to the circulation desk, or to Brian Flaherty, in the back reference office.
      And for those who already have their summer internships locked up, consider applying for evening
      or weekend hours. We are also accepting applications for the fall semester at this time.

NEW   ENGLAND         SCHOOL        OF    LAW
PAGE   8

                        Library Hours Over Summer Break
  Fri., May 25                                                          Closed (Commencement)
  Sat., May 26—Mon., May 28                                             Closed (Memorial Day Weekend)
  Tues., May 29—Tues., July 3                                           8:00am—11:00pm ( Mon.—Fri.)
                                                                        9:00am—10:00 pm (Sat.)
                                                                        10:00am—11:00pm (Sun.)
  Wed., July 4                                                          Closed (Independence Day)
  Thurs., July 5—Wed., July 25                                          8:00am—11:00pm (Mon.—Sun.)
  Thurs., July 26—Sun., Aug. 12                                         8:00am—6:00pm (Mon.—Fri.)
                                                                        10:00am—6:00pm (Sat.—Sun.)
  Mon., Aug. 13—Sun., Aug. 19                                           8:00am—9:00pm (Mon.—Fri.)
                                                                        10:00am—9:00pm (Sat.—Sun.)
  Mon., Aug. 20                                                         Resume regular hours (1L orientation)
  Mon., Aug. 27                                                         Returning Students Begin Classes

                                  NESL LIBRARY STAFF
                  Anne M. Acton, Director of the Law Library    Anne Lynch, Acquisitions and Collection Manage-
                  & Professor of Law                            ment Librarian

                  Kristin McCarthy, Associate Director of the   Sharon Wade, Acquisitions Assistant
                  Law Library
                                                                James Gage, Government Documents Specialist
                  Deirdre Yelverton, Administrative Assistant
                                                                Mary Jane Gadbois, Periodicals Specialist
                  Kyle Kelly, Technical Services Librarian
                                                                Barry Stearns, Senior Reference Librarian
                  Beth Willis, Cataloging and Preservation
                  Librarian                                     Sandra J. Lamar, Computer Services Reference
                  Anita Chase, Circulation and Interlibrary
                  Loan Specialist                               Helen Litwack, Collection Development and
                                                                Reference Librarian
                  Amy Rice, Evening Circulation and Interli-
                  brary Loan Assistant                          Brian Flaherty, Reference Librarian

NEW    ENGLAND    SCHOOL          OF     LAW

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