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									                         THE H.R. RECORD
      A publication of Human Resources, UM-St. Louis                                                   January-February 2006

            WELCOME! NEW EMPLOYEES                                                       EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH WINNERS

                                                                               The UMSL Riverstars Employee of the Month winner for
James Althoff, Radio Producer, KWMU
Wesley Burrus, Radio Dispatcher, Police                                        November was Alice Canavan. Alice was chosen for
Jared Conner, Academic Advisor, International Studies                          Excellent Teamwork. Alice is an Administrative Associate in
                                                                               the department of Physics & Astronomy. Comments made
Carla Corbett, Administrative Asst, Honors College
                                                                               about Alice included; “Alice is always helping out. In addition
Julie Florida, Ticket Seller, PAC
                                                                               to her regular duties of running the office, she has helped
Nancy Friesen, Sr. Psych Tech, Psychology
                                                                               rearrange a faculty office prior to the arrival of a new
Christopher Gates, Term Svc. Custodian, Cust Services
Joseph Goodman, Asst. Baseball Coach, Athletics                                computer, helped faculty members prepare copies of grants
Sandra Granberry, Admin. Asst, Cont. Educ & Outreach                           to meet a submission deadline and assisted new graduate
                                                                               students in finding housing. She routinely answers Peoplesoft
Jacqueline Hampton, Data Entry Oper I, Registration
                                                                               questions for other administrative assistants and has helped
Hui-chuan Liang, Business Tech Analy-Spec, ITS
                                                                               out extensively in the joint Engineering office”.
Anne Lornson, Sr. Clerk, Cashier’s Office
Thomas McCoy, Groundskeeper II, Grounds
Kristi Morris, Career Specialist, Career Services                              The UMSL Riverstars Employee of the Month winner for
                                                                               December was Mary Ellen Heckel. Mary Ellen is an
Kendra Perry, Development Coord, Development Office
                                                                               Executive Staff Asst. II in the Graduate School. Mary Ellen
Carolyn Sheppard, Secretary, Touhill PAC
                                                                               was chosen for Loyalty and Commitment. Comments made
Mark Stevens, Announcer, KWMU
                                                                               about Mary Ellen included, “Mary Ellen has had a consistent
Kathleen Thompson, Exec. Staff Asst II, Develop Office
Linda Tracy, Coord. Constituent Comm, Devel Officer                            record of excellence for almost 30 years. In addition to her
Clarence Ward, Project Director, IMSELT                                        crucial role as the Graduate School’s Fiscal Officer, Mary
                                                                               Ellen also serves as the Monitor of Graduate School Policies.
Joseph Zekoll, Parking Lot Attendant, Parking & Trans
                                                                               Her pleasant yet efficient approach is a model. Having been
                                                                               at UM-St. Louis since 1976, Mary Ellen has seen many tough
                                                                               times. Rather than just sticking it out, though, Mary Ellen has
New employees, if you need assistance, contact Human Resources
(Peter Heithaus, Director). For help with orientation or new hire
                                                                               risen to the occasion”.
paperwork, contact John Tighe, ext. 5381. For questions about
benefits, contact Joann Westbrook, ext. 5639. For help with payroll,           Alice and Mary Ellen received $100 gift certificates,
contact Errol Benson, ext. 5803. For questions about policy, work              commemorative plaques and automatic nominations for the
relationships or environment, contact Peter Heithaus, ext. 5809 or John
Tighe, ext. 5381. For exit interviews, contact Sylvie Poe, ext. 5258. For
                                                                               Chancellor’s Award for Staff Excellence.
training schedule or enrollment, contact Nancy Draper, ext. 5805. For
additional information, visit our website,

                                                                                            MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT

               PROMOTIONS/TRANSFERS                                              Consistent with the IRS rate and University practice,
                                                                                 the mileage reimbursement rate for business
Andrea Finley, Preschool Aide to Child Card Asst, UCDC                           transportation expenses will decrease from 48.5 to 44.5
Susan Godfrey, Term Svc Custodian to Custodian, Cust Svcs                        cents per mile effective January 1, 2006.
Karen Pierre, Exec. Staff Asst II to Mgr Pub Aff & Econ
Carol Sholy, Adjunct Asst Prof to Instit Research Assoc
Barbara Trauterman, OSSIII to Admin. Secy, Acad Affairs
Jill Viox, Term Clerical to OSSIII, Auxiliary Services

                                                                     THE H.R. Record 1
                                     DON’T FORGET YOUR INTERNAL CUSTOMERS

Good internal customer service is vital to good external customer service, yet many organizations devote so much attention to their
external customers that the same employees who are held responsible for ensuring good external customer service sometimes get lost in
the shuffle. Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor, has shared some tips for ensuring that we also treat our internal customers well.
She points out that internal customer service is everyone's responsibility and must start at the top in order to be successful. We have
repeated some of her suggestions and mixed in a few of our own that are worth noting:

         Know the mission of the University (including your unit) and your role: If you know the mission of the University you will
          better understand the "why" of many things you are asked to do and the value of your co-workers. Your role is important.
          Someone is depending on you and your work product.
         Exercise common courtesy: It never hurts to say "good morning" or "good evening" and smile, or respond accordingly.
          Even if you don't feel like saying it, you would be surprised how much better it can make you feel and how much better it can
          make your co-workers feel about you.
         Embrace employee differences: Diversity is good. If everyone thought the same way, most of us wouldn't be needed.
          Don't argue just because a co-worker isn't doing a task the way you would, or thinking as you would.
         Work to resolve conflicts: Letting disagreements or bad feelings fester can only lead to more stress and frustration. Work it
          out, even if it requires the intervention of someone who is not directly involved.
         Demonstrate professional respect: Regardless of how bad you feel others are at their jobs, chances are that they can do them
          better than you. You can imagine how much would get done if employees spent much of their time questioning everyone
          else's expertise.
         Share information: Don't be “squirrelly” with your co-workers. The sense of power or security that you might get from
          storing, hiding or being the sole source of information isn't worth the frustration and animosity of your co-workers.
         Recognize the personal space of others: This is particularly applicable to employees in cubicles or shared spaces.
          Recognize that there are others around you and be sensitive to their wishes, particularly when it comes to music, personal
          conversations, eavesdropping, or even snacking. Don’t interrupt.
         Show appreciation: A genuine "thank you" can make a huge difference in internal relationships.

                                    January-June 2006 Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule

                   PAY PERIOD                    WebTime                       WebTime
MONTH              ENDING (SAT)                  Opens                         Closes                        PAY DATE

January            Dec 31, 2005                  Dec 30, 2005                  Jan 03, 2006                  Jan 11, 2006
                   Jan 14, 2006                  Jan 13, 2006 6am              Jan 17, 2006 5pm              Jan 25, 2006

February           Jan 28, 2006                  Jan 27, 2006 6am              Jan 31, 2006 5pm              Feb 08, 2006
                   Feb 11, 2006                  Feb 10, 2006 6am              Feb 14, 2006 5pm              Feb 22, 2006

March              Feb 25, 2006                  Feb 24, 2006 6am              Feb 28, 2006 5pm              Mar 08, 2006
                   Mar 11, 2006                  Mar 10, 2006 6am              Mar 14, 2006 5pm              Mar 22, 2006

April              Mar 25, 2006                  Mar 24, 2006 6am              Mar 28, 2006 5pm              Apr 05, 2006
                   Apr 08, 2006                  Apr 07, 2006 6am              Apr 11, 2006 5pm              Apr 19, 2006

May                Apr 22, 2006                  Apr 21, 2006 6am              Apr 25, 2006 5pm              May 03, 2006
                   May 06, 2006                  May 05, 2006 6am              May 09, 2006 5pm              May 17, 2006
                   May 20, 2006                  May 19, 2006 6am              May 23, 2006 5pm              May 31, 2006

June               Jun 03, 2006                  Jun 02, 2006 6am              Jun 06, 2006 5pm              Jun 14, 2006
                   Jun 17, 2006                  Jun 16, 2006 6am              Jun 20, 2006 5pm              Jun 28, 2006

                                                 January 19, 2006 6am          January 23, 2006 5pm          January 31, 2006
                                                 February 16, 2006 6am         February 20, 2006 5pm         February 28, 2006
                                                 March 21, 2006 6am            March 23, 2006 5pm            March 31, 2006
                                                 April 18, 2006 6am            April 20, 2006 5pm            April 28, 2006
                                                 May 19, 2006 6am              May 23, 2006 5pm              May 31, 2006
                                                 June 20, 2006 6am             June 22, 2006 5pm             June 30, 2006

                                                         THE H.R. Record 2

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