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									    Managing God’s Creation
      Through Your Gifts

     An Educational Presentation By
The Immanuel Lutheran Church Foundation
            Immanuel Lutheran Church
• Purpose
  – God is the Owner of all creation, but He entrusted us to
    manage this creation wisely for His purposes. Deep down
    inside, each of us wants to leave something behind.
      We want to leave a legacy.
      We want to be significant.
      We want an epitaph with substance.

    God put this desire in us because it is one of our purposes in
  – The Immanuel Lutheran Church Foundation was established
    to help us, as donors, with the opportunity to support the
    mission and ministry of Christ in our lifetime, and beyond, by
    receiving, managing and distributing funds according to our
         Immanuel Lutheran Church
–By donating to the Foundation, we can take one step in
helping to wisely manage God’s creation for His purposes.

–The Foundation helps you in managing God’s creation by
furthering the programs of Immanuel Lutheran Church by
receiving charitable donations to be used for the future growth
and expansion of the Church, the Immanuel Lutheran School
and for other specific religious and charitable projects of the
Church and the Christian Community.

–The Foundation will not accept donations nor make any
investment or expenditure that is contrary to the moral and
spiritual standards of Immanuel Lutheran Church or the
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.
           Immanuel Lutheran Church

  –The Immanuel Lutheran Church Foundation was established
  by Immanuel Lutheran Church of Seymour and incorporated
  as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Indiana in 1975.
  All members of Immanuel Lutheran Church are automatically
  members of the Foundation.

  –As a Foundation, it provides its members and other donors
  with significant tax advantages available for charitable
  contributions and estate gifts. It also empowers donors to
  choose the purposes for which the gift is to be used and
  whether or not the principle is to be spent or preserved.
         Immanuel Lutheran Church
–The Foundation provides an outstanding investment value
for the donor, since expenses are .0025 for every dollar
received (one quarter of one percent). This means that
earnings on funds invested go to the ministry designated, not
for overhead costs.
–In addition, using the expertise of professional counsel, the
Foundation also manages a balanced portfolio that is
designed to preserve and grow principle while also earning
substantial returns to support the ministries that are the
beneficiaries of the funds.
   Foundation funds are not used to support the general operations of
   Immanuel Lutheran Church unless so designated by the donor.
   Donors may wish to contribute to the Immanuel Lutheran Church
   Endowment Fund, proceeds of which may be used for the general
   purposes of Immanuel congregation.
         Immanuel Lutheran Church
• Foundation Receipts and Disbursements

  – Over the past 33 years, since its inception in 1975, the
    Foundation has grown to over $1,700,000 in assets that
    are being used to carry on the programs of the
    Foundation, as specified by the donors.

  – The Foundation’s assets have grown to this level from its
    inception on June 6, 1975 to September 30, 2008, as
Immanuel Lutheran Church
           Immanuel Lutheran Church
• How are Contributions Received?
  – Gifts of any amount may be made to the Foundation. Cash,
    stocks, IRA direct transfers, mutual funds, property, life
    insurance policies, or other assets may be gifted directly to
    avoid unnecessary tax burdens.

  – Such gifts may be added to an existing fund; to the
    undesignated fund managed by the Board, or may be used
    to establish a named fund.

  – Donors may wish, over time or through a one-time gift, to
    establish a fund in their name of $10,000 or more. This
    minimum amount is established so that the earnings
    generated by the fund are sufficient to provide meaningful
    support for the programs being named.
         Immanuel Lutheran Church
–Some of the existing funds managed by the Foundation are:
   Immanuel Lutheran Church Endowment Fund
   Capital Improvement Fund
   Mission and Outreach Fund
   Special Ministry Projects Fund
   Music/Organ Fund
   Christian Education Fund
   Student Aid for Teachers Fund
   Student Aid for Pastors Fund
   Immanuel Lutheran School Fund
   Human Care and Relief Fund
   Cemetery Endowment Fund
   Media (Television, Radio, etc.)

–For the creation of new funds, a Pastor or Foundation Board
Member may be consulted to clarify needs and to prepare a letter of
instruction for the Foundation’s Board
          Immanuel Lutheran Church
• What is the Need?
  – Until Christ returns, we are to be about “making disciples
    of all nations, baptizing and teaching” and also to “Love
    one another as I have loved you.”

      Training pastors and teachers
      Helping those in need
      Reaching out to the community
      Doing mission work
      Providing for the beautification and expansion of the Church and

    These are important needs we seek to fulfill until Christ
       Immanuel Lutheran Church

–The Foundation provides a real and lasting way to work
toward accomplishing these objectives beyond what is
done in the regular church budget.

–The Foundation also provides a way to perpetuate the
memory and the work of a Christian. The name of the
giver, or of a loved one, can be linked for generations with
the ongoing work of Christ.
          Immanuel Lutheran Church
• How Can You Preserve Your Assets and Help
  Manage God’s Creation?
  – There are many ways you can make a gift to the
    Foundation. We cannot provide any legal or tax advice
    relating to any of these gift options; therefore, we request
    that you contact your legal representative or tax advisor
    with any specific questions that you may have.

  – The following gifting options are only a partial list of the
    many ways for you to make charitable gifts.
          Immanuel Lutheran Church
• Outright Gifts:
   – Write a check or give cash to the Foundation and take an
     itemized tax deduction. You will need a receipt from the
     Foundation for gifts made by check of $250 or more. For
     cash donations, a receipt is required no matter what the

• Will or Trust Bequests:
   – Create a bequest to the Foundation by including a
     charitable gift provision in your will or trust document.
     Your estate could receive a charitable deduction for the
     value of the bequest.
          Immanuel Lutheran Church
•Beneficiary Designation Gifts:
   –Name the Foundation as the beneficiary of your life
   insurance, annuity, trust or IRA. Your estate could receive
   a charitable deduction for the value of your assets
   transferred to the Foundation.
•Life Insurance Gifts:
   –Purchase and gift a new contract to the Foundation, or gift
   an existing contract. The contract’s value and premiums
   might qualify you for an income tax deduction. Upon your
   death, the insurance proceeds go to the Foundation.
          Immanuel Lutheran Church
•Investment Gifts:
   –Transfer your ownership of an investment (for example,
   land, a mutual fund, or stock) to the Foundation. If you
   itemize tax deductions, you could receive a deduction for
   the gift you’ve made. You may be able to reduce or
   eliminate capital gains and estate taxation through this type
   of gift as well.
•Gift Annuity:
   –Transfer money or property to the Foundation in
   exchange for a fixed income for you and/or a survivor’s
   lifetime. Generally, you can receive an income tax
   deduction for the difference between the market value of
   the gift and the value of the retained annuity.
          Immanuel Lutheran Church
•Traditional IRA Gifts:
   –Funds in a traditional IRA can be given to the Foundation
   through your IRA beneficiary designation. The IRA funds
   pass to the Foundation after death, escaping the income
   taxes due on the remaining funds. Your estate may
   receive an estate tax deduction as well.
•Direct Transfers from an IRA:
   –In 2008 and 2009, individuals that are the age of 70 ½
   and older may distribute up to $100,000 tax free annually
   from their IRA to a qualified charity (the Foundation
   qualifies) without including the distribution in gross income
   or taking an itemized deduction. To qualify, the distribution
   must be made directly from the IRA trustee to the
        Immanuel Lutheran Church

•Zero Estate Tax Gifts:
  –Your will or trust can be designed to pass along the
  maximum amount of estate assets to your children
  after death, estate tax free, through a family
  testamentary bequest. The remaining assets then are
  transferred to the Foundation through a bequest, also
  estate tax free. This plan may result in a zero estate
  tax due on your estate.
        Immanuel Lutheran Church

•Charitable Remainder Trusts:
  –Give money or property to an irrevocable charitable
  remainder trust in exchange for an income during your life
  and/or the life of your survivor. After death, any
  remainder value in the trust passes to the Foundation.

  –You could defer, reduce or eliminate capital gains tax
  otherwise due on sale of the assets. You also may
  receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction on
  the remainder interest of the property that passes to the
  Foundation. Finally, the assets in the charitable
  remainder trust may escape some estate tax after your
  death as well.
         Immanuel Lutheran Church
•Wealth Replacement:
  –Life insurance can be used to replace the value of the
  gift to the Foundation. You purchase life insurance on
  your life equal to the value of property you plan to gift. At
  death, the insurance proceeds pass to your heirs income
  tax free. If a family member or an irrevocable life
  insurance trust purchases the insurance, then the
  proceeds may be estate tax free as well.
         Immanuel Lutheran Church

•Wealth Replacement Trust:
  •Also called an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT). This
  living trust is created outside the donor’s estate and is set
  up to own life insurance on the donor. The amount of life
  insurance the trust owns usually is less than or equal to
  the amount of property you plan to give to the Foundation.
  Upon your death, your heirs, who usually are the trust
  beneficiaries, can receive the insurance proceeds from the
  trust both income and estate tax free.
           Immanuel Lutheran Church
• Ways to Designate How Your Gift is Used
   – You can instruct the Foundation on how the Gift you make is to be
     used. Your Gift can be set up using one of the following means:

       Unrestricted Bequest
          – The Foundation Board reviews requests and approves expenditures.
            Since we may not now know the most pressing needs in the next 15-
            20 years, this provides flexibility.
       Restricted Bequest
          – Used for Foundation’s programs as you specify
       Endowed Bequest
          – Principle is not used, but income earned is used as you, or the
            Foundation, determine
       Memorials
          – Gifts in Memory of someone you designate (to be used as you
            specify or as determined by the Foundation)
        Immanuel Lutheran Church
•Whom May I Contact If I Have Questions?
  –The Immanuel Lutheran Church Foundation of Seymour
  Indiana, Inc. is ready to serve you. If you have questions
  or would like additional information, please contact:
      Reverend Ralph Blomenberg or Beckie Anderson
            (812) 522-3118
      The Immanuel Lutheran Church Foundation
            605 S. Walnut Street
            Seymour, Indiana 47274
      Visit our website:
  Letters of instruction are available for your use to designate
  a gift to the Foundation fund of your choice.

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