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Newsletter - Iowa School Social Workers


									     Iowa School Social Workers Association
IIssue 15
  ssue 15                                                                             Fall 2009

        S O C IIA L W O R K L IIC E N S U R E
        SOC AL WORK L CENSURE                                   A LETTER FROM THE
                                                                A LETTER FROM THE
                     UPDATE                                         P R E S IID E N T
                                                                    PRES DENT
    The Iowa Board of Social Work is in the process                              SUE SMITH,
    of making changes to the Administrative Rules                                PRESIDENT OF
    pertaining to Iowa licensure. A public hearing                               THE IOWA
    regarding the changes was held on September                                  SCHOOL SOCIAL
    29, 2009. Part of the proposed rule change will                              WORKERS
    be adding a definition for “diagnosis.” The                                  ASSOCIATION
    following is proposed for the definition:
                                                        Dear School Social Workers,
     “Diagnosis” means determining and identifying
    a specific mental or emotional disorder or          The start of each new school year brings with it
    condition based in whole or in part on the          various levels of change for us. This year is no
    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental         exception. The Iowa Department of Education is
    Disorders (current edition) of the American         asking AEAs to focus our time and energy
    Psychiatric Association.                            primarily with special education or potential
                                                        special education children; some agencies are
    A school social worker challenged the Licensure     redefining our social work job description and
    Board’s denial of her application for LISW          our roles in schools; or we may be working with
    licensure. The case was appealed in Polk County     new co-workers or supervisors. Whatever the
    District Court. The Judge remanded the case         change, it can be draining. Social workers are
    back to the Iowa Board of Social Work.              typically thought to have a high level of
                                                        resiliency when dealing with change. However,
    Continued on page 2
                                                        recent research shows the challenges of the
    Continued from page 1
                                                        Compassion Fatigue social workers often
    The Iowa Board of Social Work must now
                                                        experience. It happens when our emotional
                                                        and physical energy become progressively
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                       drained. Learn how to deal with compassion
2     LICENSURE RULE UPDATE/AWARD WINNERS               fatigue at the ISSWA conference on Jan. 15th.
                                                        Sandra Lopez is a nationally known speaker who
3     ISSWA ANNUAL CONFERENCE, JANUARY 2010             will be talking with us about the subjects of
                                                        diversity and compassion fatigue. Mark your
                                                        calendar for this important event!
                                                        Wishing you well on the start of this new school
7     CHILD MENTAL HEALTH                               year!

                                                  ISSWA 1
determine whether the social worker                  JIM AND CHERYL MCCULLAGH THANK ISSWA FOR
performed diagnosis under any other standard
                                                                    SPECIAL RECOGNITION
or definition. This case precipitated the
proposed rule change. If the change is made it
will make it difficult for school social workers
to get the LISW based upon their hours of
work in schools.

Kelly Soyer, representing the Iowa Chapter of
NASW and Sue Smith, representing the Iowa
School Social Workers Association spoke
against the proposed change. Approximately
20 social workers (many of them school social        At the 2009 Annual Conference the Iowa
workers) also attended the public hearing.           School Social Workers Association gave a
Some had already provided written comments           special award to Dr. James McCullagh and his
and came to hear the comments of others.             wife, Cheryl, to thank them for their years of
Some spoke in support of the positions taken         dedication to producing the Iowa Journal of
by NASW and ISSWA.                                   School Social Work. During those years the
                                                     Journal achieved national recognition as a
The Next Step in this proposed change is for         professionally reviewed journal devoted to
the Legislative Administrative Rules Review          school social work. This note of thanks came
Committee to receive notice of the rules,            from the McCullaghs to the members of ISSWA.
which will occur at 11 a.m. on Oct. 13th.
                                                          Dear ISSWA Members,
The Legislative Administrative Rules Review               What a beautiful, exquisite award you
Committee will be meeting at the Iowa State               have given us for our work with the Iowa
Capital in room 22. It is at this time they will          School Social Work Journal! We never
accept comments from the public, in both                  expected anything such as this and we
written and oral form. The NASW, Iowa                     will treasure it. Thank you all so very
Chapter is asking that interested parties meet            much! Our very best to all of you!
and sign in behind the State Chamber. If you
                                                                 Cheryl and Jim McCullagh
are unable to attend the Oct. 13th meeting,
you can still make comments to the Legislators
on the Rules Review Committee. This is such                LORI ROGERSON IS IOWA’S 2009
an important issue, particularly to school               SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER OF THE YEAR
social workers and the students and families
we serve.                                                                     ISSWA named Lori
                                                                              Rogerson, a school
LEGISLATIVE ADMINISTRATIVE RULES                                              social worker for 9
REVIEW COMMITTEE                                                              years in the Des Moines
                                                                              Public School District
Senator Horn – Chair (D-Cedar Rapids)                                         the 2009 Iowa School 101 Stoney Point                                 Social Worker of the
Rd SW, Cedar Rapids, 52404                                                    Year.

                          Continued on page 5
                                                                                 Continued on page 3

                                               ISSWA 2
 Continued from page 2                                      SANDRA A. LOPEZ LCSW, ACSW,
                                                             DCSW TO SPEAK AT ISSWA’S
 Rogerson was nominated for the award by                       ANNUAL CONFERENCE
 co‐worker Steve Gonzalez who praised her for
 outstanding practice and leadership within the
 District.                                                                        The Iowa School Social
                                                                                  Workers Association will
 She leads the District’s Grief Response Team,                                    host the Annual
 she collaborates with Columbia University to                                     Conference on January
 implement TeenScreen in Des Moines schools                                       15, 2010 at the Marriott
 and she is a District Trainer for Positive Behavior                              Hotel in West Des
 Supports. Lori advocates for positive change                                     Moines, Iowa, with
 and provides a social work perspective on                                        Sandra Lopez as the
 various educationally focused committees that                                    featured speaker.
 develop district policies and practices. . "Lori
 has always gone above what is typically                    Ms. Sandra A. Lopez will be speaking to
 expected in her role by addressing any needs               Iowans regarding cultural diversity and
 that she sees," said Shelly Bosovich, executive            compassion fatigue. Ms. Lopez has
 director of special education for the district,            twenty‐nine years of practice experience as a
 "She is the kind of person who inspires others             Social Worker, and has worked in a variety of
 to be their best."                                         settings including hospital, family service
                                                            agency, private practice and academia. Ms.
 Lori was honored at the Midwest School Social              Lopez presently serves as Clinical Associate
 Work Conference in Dearborn, Michigan on                   Professor at the University of
 October 8. She will also be honored at the                 Houston‐Graduate College of Social Work.
 ISSWA Annual Conference at the West Des
 Moines Marriott on January 15, 2010                        As the minority population continues to grow
                                                            in Iowa, Ms Lopez will identify the challenges
                    Resources                               of being culturally competent. She will help
 Want to try new tools when doing                           conference participants develop practical
 systematic observation? Or do you need                     approaches for enhancing and
 guidance when doing a social history?                      honoring diversity.
 Check out the Minnesota School Social
 Worker Association’s SSW manual at                         In a breakout session she will also be talking                           about compassion fatigue. Compassion
 You will find this information in Chapter                  fatigue happens when professionals take on
 X: Appendix, plus a whole lot more.                        the emotional burdens of the student or
                                                            family they serve. Professionals who listen to
 The Center on the Social and Emotional                     clients’ stories of fear, pain and suffering may
 Foundations for Learning (CSEFEL) is a                     take on their fears and pain. Or they may have
 great resource for those working with kids                 a gradual lessening of compassion over time.
 birth to 5 years. Check out their website at               Learn more at the ISSWA conference. Sign up                          by downloading the brochure at

                                                  ISSWA 3
THE RESEARCH RESULTS ARE IN!                                 Ninety percent of respondents agreed or
                                                              strongly agreed they are satisfied with
Did you respond to the survey ISSWA emailed to                their jobs
you last spring? ISSWA worked in conjunction
with the University of Iowa to research the                  Ninety eight percent of respondents
changing roles of school social workers across                reported that their interaction with
Iowa. L.B. Costin completed similar research in               school personnel is positive.
1969, and that study was later replicated by four
                                                      The University of Iowa researchers
other researchers, with 1985 being the most
                                                      compared this survey with the previous
                                                      research. They concluded the results overall
                                                      suggests a number of trends:
The survey measured the percentage of time
social workers spend doing various tasks, as well          School Social Workers are
as their perception of 1) the level of importance     performing a wide variety of tasks
and 2) their level of competence in each task.        similar that is similar to the traditional tasks in
The third and final part of the survey measures       previous studies. However they are also
job satisfaction.                                     performing nontraditional tasks like academic
                                                      assessment which are now a routine part of a
Surveys were sent to over 250 school social           SSW’s work in some AEAs.
workers and 66% responded!                                 Overall school social workers feel
                                                      competent in the tasks and activities
Key results of the survey:                            they are required to perform.
   Respondents reported spending more                     School social workers have not
   time (17%) performing behavioral, social           increased policy advocacy and system change
   and/or emotional assessment and                    activities.
   screening than other work activities.                   School social workers are generally
   Ninety nine percent reported feeling               satisfied with their job and the climate of their
   “very competent” or “competent” at these           work environment.
                                                      The researcher also noted there is a direct
   IEP development and mandates account
                                                      correlation between time spent performing
   for from 0‐40% of SSW time. An average of
                                                      a task and perceptions of competency related
   5% of the SSW’s time is devoted to                 to that task. Those performing the tasks of
   academic assessment, screening and                 academic assessment, initiating system
   monitoring. Only 57% of respondents                changes, providing professional development
   reported feeling very competent and                and providing supervision felt more competent
   competent doing these academic                     about those tasks. In AEA 267 SSW spend on
   assessments.                                       average 12% of their time performing
   Respondents reported spending, on                 academic assessments and 89% feel
   average, 12% of their time providing               competent. That is higher than the 57% who
   counseling and support to students; the            felt competent on a statewide basis and
   amount ranged from 0‐60%.                          reported spending on average only 5% of their
                                                      time doing those tasks. The UI researchers are
                                                      working on a couple of articles for publication.
                                                      We will have them posted on our website
                                                      when they are completed.

                                                ISSWA 4
Licensure Rules Update cont. from pg.2
                                                         Early Childhood Corner
Representative Frevert – Vice Chair (D-
3655 450th Avenue, Emmetsburg 50536

Senator Bartz (R-Grafton)                               MENTAL HEALTH IN EARLY CHILDHOOD
2081 410th Street, Grafton 50440                       The Diagnostic Classification of Mental health
                                                       and Development Disorders of Infancy and
Senator Courtney (D-Burlington)
                                                       Early Childhood: DC: 0-3R is published by The
                                                       Infant Mental Health Resource Center ZERO TO
2200 Summer Street, Burlington 52601
                                                       THREE to provide a classification scheme of
                                                       mental health for children from birth to age 4.
Senator Kibbie (D-Emmetsburg)
112 Oakwood, PO Box 190, Emmetsburg 50536              The DC:0—3R provides specific criteria for all
                                                       diagnostic categories and introduces new
Senator Seymour (R-Woodbine)                           criteria for disorders of sleep, eating, and                        relating and communicating. The DC:0—3R
901 White Street, Woodbine, IA                         clarifies the Parent-Infant Relationship Global
51579                                                  Assessment Scale and includes checklists for
                                                       identifying relationship problems and
Representative Heaton (R-Mt.                           psychosocial and environmental stressors.
Pleasant)                                              The DC:0—3R enhances the ability to prevent,                          diagnose, and treat mental health problems in
510 E Washington Street, Mt. Pleasant                  the earliest years by identifying and describing
52641                                                  disorders that are not addressed in other
                                                       classification systems and by pointing the way
Representative Tyler Olson                             to effective intervention approaches.
(D-Cedar Rapids)                          ZERO TO THREE is one of the leading resources
PO Box 2389, Cedar Rapids 52406                        on the first three years of life. Its aim is to
                                                       strengthen and support families, practitioners,
Representative Reichert                                and communities to promote healthy
(D-Muscatine)                                          development of babies and toddlers.                      To order the DC:0—3R or access other
1155 Iowa Avenue, Muscatine 52761                      resources go to:
Representative Upmeyer
2175 Pine Avenue, Garner, 50438

                                             ISSWA 5
           CHILD MENTAL HEALTH                                 Symptoms persist for 12 months in
                                                                multiple settings
Below is a quick guide on diagnoses:                           Early (childhood) onset is before 10
OPPOSIITIIONAL DEFIIANT DISORDER                               Adolescent onset is after 10 years
    Defiant, hostile, negative behavior
                                                         How the student may look:
    Teases, threatens, but does not
                                                            Bullying, threatening, starts fights,
      deliberately intrude on the rights of others
                                                               uses weapon that might injure,
    Behavior occurs more than expected for                    physical cruelty to people or
      the child’s age and developmental level                  animals, theft with confrontation,
      and leads to problems in school/social                   forcing sex.
      functioning                                           Set fire, destroyed property of
    Symptoms present for 6 months                             another
                                                            Broken into another’s home, car, lies
How the child may look:                                        or breaks promises for gain, stolen
   A “brat” with an “attitude”                                valuables
   Disobedient, stubborn, resistant to                     Before 13 years, stays out at night
      authority                                                against parent wishes, run away
   Unwilling to compromise                                    twice or more, frequent truancy
   Argumentative
   Blames others, not accountable                       How the school can help:
                                                            Comprehensive and immediate
How the school can help:                                       assessment/treatment with
   Offer child attention in positive ways                     collaboration among child, family,
   Intervene, with emphasis on collaboration                  child/adolescent psychiatrist,
   Consistency, effective limit setting                       additional behavioral Specialist,
   Consider co-occurring ADHD
                                                            Social skills, anger management skills,
                                                               limit setting, behavior management
CONDUCT DISORDER                                            Refer for appropriate psychological
   Repeated, focused pattern of persistent                    educational testing
     violation of rules, age-appropriate norms
     or rights of others
         o Aggression against people or
         o Property destruction
         o Lying or theft
         o Serious rule violation

                                               ISSWA 6
                                                                 RECIPE RESOURCE NETWORK
39 Join SSWs join ISSWA for the 109-1010
As of October 4, 2009, 40 people have joined or
re-joined ISSWA for the 2009-2010 school-years.
Thirty-three are full members and six are retired
members. Five of the 40 are new to ISSWA this
year. At the end of the 2008-2009 school-years
ISSWA had 81 members. Memberships are                     If you love Traditional Eggplant Parmesan,
received from May 1—April 30 of each year. All            you will like this recipe that eliminates the
memberships received before April 30, 2010 will           breading and the frying, making it much
be credited to the current school year.                   lighter and easier to prepare. It is absolutely
                                                          delicious and makes a great main or side dish.
Every year the fall Newsletter goes to all school
social workers in Iowa to serve as an invitation to         LIGHT AND EASY EGGPLANT PARMESAN
join the Association. There are many reasons to
promote your profession by supporting                     INGREDIENTS
professional organizations. Forty-five percent of               2 large eggplants, sliced into 1/4 to
last year’s ISSWA members were also members of                   1/2 inch slices
NASW, 35% were also members of ISEA and 11%
                                                                Olive oil
were also members of SSWAA. Belonging to
these professional organizations supports the                   3 tablespoons dried oregano
profession. However, ISSWA, is the only                         Salt and pepper to taste
organization that speaks specifically for school
                                                                1 pound fresh or canned tomatoes,
social workers in Iowa.
Recently there was an excellent example how                     4 large cloves garlic, minced
professional organizations support the
                                                                4 ounces mozzarella cheese, grated
profession. At the September 29, 2009 hearing
on a proposed change in the rules regarding                     1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan
social work licensing representatives from the                   cheese
Iowa Chapter of NASW and the Iowa School Social
Workers Association were the strongest voices             Brush the eggplant slices with olive oil.
opposed to a change that both organizations see           Sprinkle with some of the oregano, salt and
as harmful to their members and the clients their         pepper to taste. Place on baking sheet in
members serve.                                            single layers and place about 6 inches under
                                                          hot broiler. Broil on one side until browned
This event demonstrates the importance of these           and tender. (If the eggplants get too brown
key professional organizations to school social           before getting tender, flip the slices to brown
workers in Iowa. Now is the time for you to               the other side. However, browning of both
complete the form at the end of this newsletter           sides is not necessary.) Brown the remaining
and send it together with your dues to:                   slices in the same manner.
Charlene Thiede, ISSWA Membership Chair
2781 Garwin Road                                          Continued on p. 8

Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

                                                ISSWA 7
Continued from page 7                                       On the ISSWA Board page,
 When the eggplant is done, preheat oven to       
 400° F. Lightly grease a 13x9x2-inch casserole             htm, you can see photos and contact
 dish with olive oil or olive oil spray.                    information of the ISSWA Board of Directors.

 Spread just enough of the tomatoes in the                  The Links page,
 bottom to cover lightly (this will prevent the   , can
 bottom layer of eggplant from burning). Add a              connect you with important and useful
 single layer of the eggplant slices. Top with a            resources.
 light layer of tomatoes. Sprinkle with some of
 the minced garlic and a little more oregano. Top           The ISSWA News page,
 with some of the mozzarella and Parmesan         
 cheeses.                                                   tm contains news from the Association
 Continue the process, ending with Parmesan                 including memorials to individuals who have
 cheese on top. (Each layer of tomatoes should              died.
 be sprinkled with a little salt and pepper, unless
 you are using canned tomatoes with salt.) Cover            The Training page,
 with foil and bake for about 30 minutes or until 
 hot and bubbly. Uncover and bake an additional             20Social%20Workers/training_opportunities.
 5 minutes if more browning is desired. Serve               htm, has information and brochures for
 immediately or at room temperature.                        professional conferences.

 Notes: The eggplants may be browned on a grill             The Licensure page, ttp://
 or in a grill pan. If you prefer a milder garlic           for Iowa School Social
 taste, roast the garlic cloves or microwave the            Workers/licensureoverview.htm, explains the
 minced garlic in a little oil for about 1 minute           licensing process in Iowa with links to the
 before using in the casserole. As for leftovers,           Board of Social Work and approved
 this makes a delicious sandwich, room                      University programs.
 temperature, on good Italian-style bread, with
 or without a slice of extra sharp, provolone, or           The Archives,
 Italian fontina cheese.                          ,
     EXPLORE THE ISSWA WEBSITE AT                           page is the place to look for back issues of the
                                                            ISSWA Newsletters, for the Association
                                                            Constitution and by-laws, minutes from
                                                            Board meetings, criteria for awards and lists
 The ISSWA website is a resource especially                 of those who have received the awards over
 designed for you. Visit the About ISSWA page ,             the years., to learn
 how the Association emerged and what it does.              The Administrator page,
 Go the Membership page,                                           page3.htm, is for administrators who may
 ormation.htm, for everything you need to know              wish to employ a school social worker. Check
 about joining. A downloadable membership                   out this important page that showcases the
 form is available there also.                              services you provide.

                                                            Finally, the Discussion page provides you with
                                                  ISSWA 8   the opportunity to talk with school social
                                                            workers throughout the state. Just follow the
                                                            directions to enter the ISSWA class on
Name: _____________________________________        Employer: _________________
Work Address: ___________________________________________________________
Work Telephone: ________________________ Work e-mail: _____________________
Home Address: _______________________ Home Telephone: ___________
Home e-mail:_________________________

Which social work license do you hold: LISW ____ LMSW ______

Which license do you hold with the Board of Educational Examiners?
     The SPR (Statement of Professional Recognition) ___ OR
     The School Social Work Endorsement ___

Are you currently a member of:
      NASW ____
      NASW School Social Work Section ___
      ISEA/NEA ___
      SSWAA ___

Check the category that best describes your current assignment:
      All children “Birth-21” ___ Early Access ___ Preschool ___ Elementary ___
      Middle School ___ High School ___ Special School ___ Supervision ___
      Administration ___ Other non-direct service assignment ___

Are you employed by an AEA ___ School District ___ Other ___

Check one of the levels of membership below, make your check payable to ISSWA, and
send it to Charlene Thiede.
      Regular ISSWA membership: $35.00 ____

      Retired ISSWA membership: $10.00 ____

      Student ISSWA membership: $10.00 ____

Send your dues together with this form to:

                    Charlene Thiede, Membership Chair
                            2781 Garwin Road
                        Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

                                        ISSWA 9
Linda S. Moran, ACSW, LISW,                                      BULK RATE

School Social Worker                                            US POSTAGE

NWAEA, Denison Service Center                                       PAID

2008 Hwy. 59                                                  PERMIT NO. 98765

Denison, IA 51442

                                     Street Number and Name
                                     City, State 98765-4321

                                ISSWA 10

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