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GOOGLE forms with conditional formatting.docx by hedongchenchen


									Michelle Davis; Colonial IU 20

GOOGLE forms with conditional formatting

Select FORM from the drop down menu

Edit your form, filling in the title, first question and question

type. To add another question, click           in the upper left
corner. Continue adding questions until finished. You may
change the question type by clicking on the drop down box,

Michelle Davis; Colonial IU 20

When you are finished with each question, make sure to click
the DONE box and check the box if you would like it to be a

required question.
When finished, you can change the theme (color scheme) of

your form.

Choose one and click APPLY.
This will now be the THEME of your form.
Michelle Davis; Colonial IU 20

To send your form to people or display on your wiki….
Three options:
    1) Copy the link at the bottom of your form and paste in an
       email or post to a webpage;

    2) Email the form;

       Enter your contacts and send
    3) Embed in a wikipage; click MORE ACTIONS, then embed
       *copy code and put in widget on wiki page
Michelle Davis; Colonial IU 20

Conditional Formatting:
Close out the form, go to the Google docs home, then click on
your form

When it opens, it will be a spreadsheet.
To format your answer responses, highlight the row of the
question you are ready to format
Michelle Davis; Colonial IU 20

Then click FORMAT in the tool bar, then Click on CONDITIONAL

Select your rules, then the background color. Add another rule if you would like to highlight right and
wrong answers. For example, if the answer is BLUE, my TEXT contains would say BLUE and I would
highlight the background GREEN. If someone answered other than blue, my box would say, Text Does
not Contain: BLUE and I would highlight the background RED.

GOOGLE documents automatically save, so you don’t need to
worry about that. Any changes you make to your form, will
auto populate the form in real time, so you don’t need to
change your links once you have added it to a webpage.

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