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									 2                                               SILVER LINING                                                       December 2010

                                        Sermon by Bro. Mark Wettstein, LaCrosse, IN
                    St. Luke Chapter 1:1-4 & 26-38 and St. Luke Chapter 2:1-40
   The first few verses of St. Luke     ment because at this point even                             Cover Verses
chapter one lay out the purpose of      though they were not married and               Front: Isaiah 9:2
why Luke wrote. To whom Luke            living together it would take a di-            Back: Zions Harp #7, verse 2
wrote should be a particular joy to     vorce to separate them. Just know-
us because he was, to my under-         ing that, we can understand the                  The Silver Lining subscriptions are
standing, the only Gentile author       predicament that Joseph found                 due from the following churches.
of a Gospel. He wrote this epistle to   himself in when Mary was found                Please collect in:
Gentiles of whom we are. That           with child. What would he do with                              January
should give us particular joy. We       her? He had two choices that he                    1. Eureka, IL
                                                                                           2. Junction, OH
read in verse thirty-two, “A light to   knew of. The first was to privately                3. Champaign/Urbana, IL
lighten the Gentiles, and the glory     divorce her, and the second would                  4. Portland, OR
of thy people Israel.” This is to us.   be to take her to the Jewish leaders               5. Prescott, AZ
This was a gift to all mankind and      to have her stoned. Obviously                      6. Peoria, IL
for that we can be thankful. Luke       there was shame involved on the                    7. Rockville, CT
                                                                                           8. Sardis, OH
wrote this to a man known as            part of both Mary and Joseph if                    9. Tremont, IL
Theophilus, whether that was a          this situation would have come                    10. Tucson, AZ
specific individual with that name      into the public eye in such a man-                11. Lester, IA
or whether that was a general           ner. But God gave another option.
greeting. The name Theophilus           He said marry her. Sometimes                  Suggested Donation: $14/subscription
means one who loves God or one          that is the way it is in our lives
loved of God. Certainly, each one of    when God gives us a situation to
                                                                                            Next correspondence due:
us have a certain amount of love for    deal with, maybe through prayer                        For January Issue
God just seeing that we have come       and seeking Him out, there’s an-                  (16 Nov. News - 15 Dec. News)
into God’s house today to hear His      other option that we haven’t con-                  Due: 20 December 2010
Word. This is specifically to you       sidered that would be a far better
and to me here in this day.             option.
                                                                                          The Silver Lining (Vol. 65, #12)
   If we would have read all the           “And the angel came in unto her,                     1389 County Road 1600 N
way through chapter one we would        and said, Hail, thou that art highly                       Roanoke, IL 61561
have read that the angel Gabriel        favoured, the Lord is with thee:
was the one who appeared to Zach-       blessed art thou among women.”                                USPS 496780
arias in the temple. We know him        (St. Luke 1:28) We might consider                  Published Monthly By The Apostolic
to be one of the archangels along       that as a simple definition of grace                  Christian Church of America
with Michael, a very high rank of       is to be highly favored and to have                             Counselors:
angels to my understanding. Ga-         that kind of acceptance from God.                        Tom Stock, Rick Plattner
briel was given the responsibility      Besides the help that He gives us                     Official Apostolic Christian
of bringing this message to Mary,       which we recognize that we do not                           Church Website
“you are going to have the Christ       deserve, it is the idea that grace is                 www.apostolicchristian.org
Child, the Son of God.” “To a virgin    that facet of the favor that we re-
                                                                                           SEND CORRESPONDENCE TO:
espoused to a man whose name            ceive from God. In verse thirty the                         cleman@mtco.com
was Joseph, of the house of David;      last part, “…thou hast found fa-                             (e-mail is preferred)
and the virgin’s name was Mary.”        vour with God.” Verse thirty-one,
(St Luke 1:27)                          “And, behold, thou shalt conceive                         The Silver Lining
                                                                                              1389 County Road 1600 N
   To my understanding, in Jewish       in thy womb, and bring forth a son,                      Roanoke, IL, 61561
culture when two people were go-        and shalt call his name JESUS.”                            309-923-7192 (phone)
ing to get married there was a pro-     Jesus meaning literally Savior. So                         866-737-3177 (fax #1)
                                                                                                   309-923-7359 (fax #2)
cess that is somewhat different         we are learning a little bit about
than ours today. First off, the fami-   what Jesus’ life is supposed to be                Periodical non-profit - postage paid at Roanoke,
                                                                                      IL 61561, and additional offices. The subscription
lies would agree that these two in-     about. Verse 32, “He shall be great,          rate is a donation. Send zip number with address. Re-
                                                                                      member to send changes of address. Send both old
dividuals were going to become          and shall be called the Son of the            and new addresses (with both zips). Postmaster send
married. There was a meeting            Highest: and the Lord God shall               address changes to:

where the deal would be sealed. It      give unto him the throne of his fa-                       The Silver Lining
was like an engagement but yet it                                                             1389 County Road 1600 N
was more serious than an engage-               Sermon continued on page 41                       Roanoke, IL 61561
December 2010                                                  SILVER LINING                                                                                  3

       “We love him because
         he first loved us”
           (1 John 4:19)                    Light From The Word
                                                                                                                                      Writings based
      December 2010                                       Because He First Loved Us                                                   on God’s Word

    We often hear the phrase “put first              tablishing a deep personal relationship                 good works and for patience. They were
things first” in relation to establishing            with Christ as one’s Saviour, which can be              diligent in identifying and addressing sin
priorities. The New Testament uses the               described as our “first love.” Grasping the             and false teachers. They had a spiritual
word “first” in several instances which              reality that the kindest, most loving individ-          stamina in their labors and “had not
clearly describe where our hearts and                ual who ever lived, the sinless Son of God,             fainted” under the pressures of their time.
lives should be focused.                             was willing to die a horrible death for the             The crucial element which was missing is
    When Jesus was asked what was the                sins of rebellious human beings, allows one             revealed when Jesus pleads with them to
greatest commandment in the law, He                  to be immersed in a love which is beyond                repent and “remember therefore from
responded with the same “thou shalt”                 description. This “first love” provides a               whence thou art fallen” (Rev. 2:5). They
statement which Moses spoke as He                    foundation for the believer to build upon               had fallen “away” from the keen remem-
summed up the law for the children of Is-            and return to for his entire life. When Jesus           brance of what Christ had done for them
rael (Deut. 6:5). “Thou shalt love the               taught the importance of His disciples                  and thus had blurred their identity as His
Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with            abiding in Him so that they could bear                  disciples. They were doing many right
all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” Then           much fruit, He entreated: “…continue ye                 things, but not for the right reason. They
Jesus underscored this by saying, “This is           in my love” (John 15:7-9).                              were not motivated by the love of Christ.
the first and great commandment” (Matt.                  When we take time to reflect upon the               The Apostle Paul taught that we could be
22:37-38). Jesus went on to command:                 marvelous truths that our sins have been                eloquent teachers and prophets, under-
“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”           forgiven and that we are God’s children                 stand mysteries, have great faith to re-
He then summed up the entire subject by              and joint-heirs with Christ, it should bring            move mountains, give abundantly to the
stating: “On these two commandments                  sincere thankfulness and refresh our first              poor (good works) and live a life of ulti-
hang all the law and the prophets” (Matt.            love. We are strongly warned in Romans                  mate self-denial—but without charity all
22:39-40).                                           2:4-5 that we could become hardened and                 of this would profit nothing. (1 Cor.
    How can we come closer to fulfilling             forget the “goodness and forbearance and                13:1-3).
these two great commandments? Jesus                  longsuffering” of God. We are reminded                      We should now come to the moment
expanded on these truths when He said                that it is “the goodness of God (that)                  of truth and undertake sincere, personal
to His disciples: “A new commandment I               leadeth thee to repentance.” We are                     self-examination. As we look deeply into
give unto you, That ye love one another;             blessed to have so many relevant examples               our hearts, do we see a faded, flickering
as I have loved you, that ye also love one           and warnings in the Old Testament to help               ember of that first love, or is there a bright
another.” He then explained the signifi-             us avoid the same pitfalls that were a snare            flame of passion which drives everything
cance of obeying this commandment:                   to the children of Israel (1 Cor. 10:6). The            that we do? The Apostle Paul spoke of-
“By this shall all men know that ye are my           word “remember” is used countless times                 ten of this vibrant love and commitment.
disciples if ye have love one to another”            in the Old Testament for obvious reasons.               One of the phrases he used gives a won-
(John 13:34-35). Jesus set a very high               When the Israelites were being prepared to              derful picture of being motivated by
standard with this “new” command-                    enter the Promised Land, Moses gave                     Christ’s love. He said, “the love of Christ
ment, but He asks of us no more than                 some very strong warnings about not for-                constraineth us” (2 Cor. 5:14).
what He has freely given to us: uncondi-             getting how God had been so good and                        How thankful we can be that the mes-
tional, self-sacrificing love. We might              merciful to them. He spoke of how their                 sage to the Ephesians included a clear
also ask, “How can we come closer to                 appreciation might fade when they would                 path for regaining what had been lost.
loving as He has loved us?”                          have plenty to eat, goodly houses and the               That path is repentance. Repentance is
    One of the key elements in answering             blessings of a fruitful land. “Beware that              an acknowledgment of heading in the
these questions is found in 1 John 4:19:             thou forget not the Lord thy God, in not                wrong direction, humbling oneself in
“We love him because he first loved us.”             keeping his commandments, and his judg-                 godly sorrow and, by God’s grace, hav-
We cannot as humans ever come close to               ments, and his statutes, which I command                ing a change of mind and turning
fulfilling the love commandments unless              thee this day” (Deut. 8:10-17). Instead of              around. One of the indications of putting
we have received Christ’s love into our              love and thanksgiving towards God, they                 “first things first” will be how much our
hearts. Christ-like love cannot be pro-              were forewarned that they might say: “My                thought life revolves around remember-
duced independently in the heart of man.             power and the might of mine hand hath                   ing what Christ has done for us. Much of
It can only be experienced and shared                gotten me this wealth” (Deut. 8:17).                    the evidence of being refreshed in our
once it has been received from Him                       Again, we might ask, “How could this                first love for Christ will be fulfillment of
through repentance and rebirth.                      ever happen to me?” Let us consider care-               the “new commandment,” by obeying
    Every believer has experienced a time            fully the example of a church in the early              the beautiful exhortation found in He-
in life when it was recognized that the              years of Christianity which was directly ad-            brews 13:1: “Let brotherly love con-
only answer to his hopelessly lost condi-            dressed by the Lord Jesus and chastised for             tinue.” This we can do “because He first
tion was to be found by grace through                having lost its “first love” (Rev. 2:4). We             loved us” (1 John 4:19).
faith in the sacrificial death and shed              quickly learn that this church was fruitful in
blood of Jesus Christ. This required es-             many areas. They were commended for
    An editorial committee of elder brothers is preparing articles for this section of the Silver Lining to address some of the special needs of our times.
                                                  Suggestions for subjects are welcome and can be sent to:
                        Silver Lining Editorials, 1377 County Rd 1600 N, Roanoke, IL 61561 or by e-mail to cleman@mtco.com
4                                                     SILVER LINING                                                  December 2010

                           ...The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the
                         Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest. Matthew 9:37-38

    Outreach Committee                           guage skills, and a deeper knowl-           task of keeping our efforts aligned

    A    little over three years ago, the        edge of the living Word of God,             with the Holy Bible, it becomes
         Apostolic Christian Mission             in short, verifying that the “whole         very apparent that in all things we
    Committee formed the Outreach                armor of God” is in place. The              must submit ourselves to the guid-
    Committee, a subcommittee with               development of this portion of              ance of the Holy Spirit. These are
    the purpose of addressing several            the process is nearly complete.             easy words to acknowledge, but not
    specific tasks:                           • As the Antioch church, through               always easy to do. Submission to
                                                 the Holy Spirit, called out Saul            the Holy Spirit includes:
    • Developing and defining a uni-             and Barnabas, sent them, and
       fied selection/preparation/send-                                                      •	 Patience... submission to His
                                                 then provided follow up commu-                 timing. Sometimes moving for-
       ing process for those who are             nication and nurturing, so guide-
       called to serve as missionaries.          lines have been developed for                  ward when we are uncomfortable
    • Documenting and communicat-                our local congregations to have                with moving, and sometimes
       ing that to one extent or another,        a better sense of the Scriptural               waiting when we are ready to
       we are all called to be witnesses         instruction for sending and for                move forward.
       of Jesus Christ and to share the          nurturing those who are sent.               •	 Trust... submission to His meth-
       “Good News” of salvation.                                                                od of providing our needs. We so
    • Sorting through how to better              The Outreach Committee has                     often take ownership of financial
       coordinate World Relief and Mis-       sought counsel and accountability                 and other decisions, rather than
       sion Committee activities              for every step. Each of these three               allowing the Lord to provide as
                                              primary tasks has been fulfilled in               he sees fit.
      Since the first meeting in August       light of the Word and reviewed by
    of 2007, more than 30 brethren                                                           •	 Faith... submission to His guid-
                                              an independent subcommittee, then                 ance in our outreach efforts as
    from over 20 of our churches have         the Mission Committee, and finally
    diligently contributed to this ef-                                                          a church. Sometimes that may
                                              submitted to the Elder body for ap-               mean an entirely fresh approach
    fort in various capacities. Four          proval in order to ensure that all is
    subcommittees have collaborated                                                             that hasn’t been the norm among
                                              done according to the Word and to                 other Christian groups. Some-
    to produce a clearly documented           God’s glory. These guidelines are
    process to Select, Send, and Nurture                                                        times it may mean acknowledg-
                                              nearly complete and will be tested                ing methods developed by other
    brethren sent to share the Gospel         and refined as needed.
    and perform humanitarian service                                                            groups that have been successful
                                                 The task of discerning how to                  (spiritually fruitful).
    in various regions of the earth.          better coordinate the planning and             •	 Perseverance... In our society
    • A rigorous interview process is         operations of the Mission Com-                    of instant gratification, we so
       intended to help assure that the       mittee and World Relief has also                  often desire results overnight. It
       church sends faithful, spiritually     been delegated to the Outreach                    is easy to tire of trying to work
       mature brethren into such a chal-      Committee. The OC has enlisted
                                              past and present members of the                   through the human element in
       lenging service. The development                                                         any undertaking.
       of this process is complete and a      World Relief Board and the Mis-
       group of trained Brothers have         sion Committee in order to have the            As a brotherhood of faithful and
       been chosen to administer it.          clearest picture possible. An initial          committed believers in Jesus, let
    • While only the Lord can ad-             meeting was held September 13 in               us humbly seek to be His witnesses
       equately prepare anyone for            Remington, IN. The resulting first             in an increasingly dark and con-
       service in His army, an equally        draft proposal that came out of this           demned world. Whether through
       rigorous preparation program is        meeting will be shared with the                the formally sanctioned efforts of
       designed to work hand-in-hand          Mission Committee and the World                the church, or through our personal
       with the Holy Spirit to equip          Relief Board in the near future.               testimony, let us testify by our life
       those sent to serve with a better         As the Brothers of the Mission              and our words of His salvation, pro-
       idea of the cultural challenges        Committee and the Outreach Com-                found peace, and the overcoming
       they will face, with better lan-       mittee devote time and energy to the           power of the Holy Ghost.
December 2010                                      SILVER LINING                                                                  5

                                 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men,
                              especially unto them who are of the household of faith. Galatians 6:10

  Hope for Orphans in                      orphans in these ways:                        intensified since the earthquake.
                                           • Set a foundation of solid Bible-            These ministries working directly
  Africa and Haiti                                                                       with Christian-based families hold
  M      any of our brethren have             based teaching, curriculum and
                                              mentoring                                  the key to solving Haiti’s orphan,
         adopted children from around                                                    restavek (child slaves) and vulner-
  the world who have been orphaned         • Provide two nutritious meals to
                                              each child every school day (only          able children crisis.
  and many more have a heart to                                                             Apostolic Christian Child Spon-
  support orphan care. The Apostolic          school in city to do this)
                                           • Care for health of orphans and              sorship already has a major effort to
  Christian Child Sponsorship Com-                                                       provide a Christ-centered education
  mittee (ACCS) recently received             vulnerable children through an
                                              on-site medical clinic and full-           for the poorest of the poor in Haiti
  approval from the World Relief                                                         (serving nearly 100 schools and
  Board to initiate two pilot programs        time health nurse
                                                                                         over 800 students). The ACCS
  to expand our child sponsorship            Since many of our brethren have             committee feels it is a natural next
  opportunity to help orphans re-          a special heart for the substantial           step to expand this service to spe-
  ceive a Christ-centered education        needs of Africa, Child Sponsorship            cifically work with our Haiti Chris-
  in Africa and Haiti. James 1:27          is now seeking sponsors to support            tian education partners to provide
  specifically charges Christians to       the Christian education and other             a Christian education and other
  care for orphans, “Pure religion…        services that are being provided to           services for orphans.
  is this… to visit the fatherless... in   the orphans at this school.
  their affliction." Global estimates                                                    You can help through
  put the number of orphans at over                                                      Child Sponsorship
  147,000,000, with tens of millions                                                     If you are interested in participating
  more who are fatherless.                                                               in either of these programs, you can
                                                                                         visit us at www.acworldrelief.org
  Sponsor orphans in Africa                                                              and select “Child Sponsorship” on
  As in most African countries, the                                                      the home page of the website, or
  orphan problem in Zambia is great,                                                     you can email us at childsponsor-
  with an estimate of over 1,000,000                                                     ship@acwr.org. You can also write
  orphans (8-10% of the popula-                                                          our ACCS office at:
  tion).                                   Sponsor orphans in Haiti
                                           With all of the worthy causes that            ACWR Child Sponsorship
  Some other stunning statistics:                                                        PO Box 36
  • 1 out of every 5 individuals is        are available today, why support
                                           orphan care? The answer is that               Morton, IL 61550
  • The average life expectancy is         orphans hold a special place in the               Of course, we still offer child
     30.5 years                            heart of God. In over 40 places in            sponsorships for needy children in
  • 50% of Zambia’s population is          the Scripture, God commands us                four distressed areas of the world:
     under the age of 15                   to defend the cause of the orphan.            Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico and Ja-
  • Only 10% of all children attend        What else would we expect from a              maica. For $25 per month, you can
     school regularly                      God who calls Himself a “father to            make a difference in the life of a
                                           the fatherless” (Psalm 68:5)?                 child by providing a Christ-centered
     Child Sponsorship is working            The orphan and vulnerable chil-             education, which gives that child
  through a recently built school in       dren crisis in Haiti started many             an opportunity for a better life here
  Zambia with a vision of caring for       years prior to the January 12th               on earth and hope for all eternity.
  230 orphans fostered and educated        earthquake. Several ministries                Please prayerfully consider this act
  by Christian caretakers. The ACCS        have been active in Haiti for many            of love and service for you, your
  program has decided to support this      years to bring orphaned and vul-              family or your Sunday School class
  vision on a pilot basis, committing      nerable children into Christian               to get involved and make a differ-
  to help bring joy and purpose to         Haitian families; this effort has             ence in the life of a child.
 6                                                   SILVER LINING                                                 December 2010

     APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN                     goodies donated for the holiday season        she quietly listened in on those conver-
        HOME FOR THE                         and throughout the year and prayers           sations and slowly developed more of
        HANDICAPPED                          on our behalf. God has truly blessed          an understanding of Christ. One eve-
         www.achh.org                        this ministry that was a vision so many       ning, she got into a conversation with
                                             years ago.                                    our Assistant Houseparent, and ex-
   “… Take therefore no thought for                     ______________                     pressed a longing to become a Chris-
the morrow: for the morrow shall take                                                      tian before her child was born. After a
thought for the things of itself…”                                                         long discussion, she prayed with the
                                                   GATEWAY WOODS
   Matthew 6:25-34                                                                         Houseparent and sincerely asked
                                                APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN
                                                  CHILDREN’S HOME                          Christ into her heart. She has started
    Planning for tomorrow is time well               Ross Feller                           the journey, and has a deep desire to
spent; worrying about tomorrow is                Exhausted, sore, and apprehensive,        know Christ better. This young
time wasted. Sometimes it’s difficult        Joseph and Mary arrived in bustling           woman’s trials are undoubtedly far
to tell the difference. Planning is trust-   Bethlehem. As Joseph sought out lodg-         from over, but we pray that she contin-
ing in God’s guidance; Worrying con-         ing, Mary must have known that the            ues to cling to the Cross as well as teach
sumes us with fear and difficulty            Son of God’s arrival was near. What a         her family about Jesus, God’s own Son.
trusting in God. Are you a planner or a      long journey, what a hard task still              Mary’s son ate and drank among
worrier? Please take time to read this       ahead! Young and naive, Mary must             sinners. He taught harlots and thieves
whole passage and make a list of wor-        have felt lonely and frightened think-        the way to heaven. He spent time with
ries that you have truly given to Christ.    ing about her approaching delivery and        people like the young men and women
    The holidays are coming up and           the motherhood role she would soon            we see come through Gateway Woods.
surely snow is on the ground or on the       play.                                         We would be remiss if we didn’t ac-
way. What will you worry about over              Working at the Oak House, we see          knowledge that He spent time with
the next month?                              over and over again what it is like for a     people like us. “There is little differ-
-Slipping on the ice/snow                    young, naive woman to contemplate             ence between you and us,” we will
-Being lonely                                motherhood. Of course, these girls are        sometimes tell the girls, “except for the
-Gifts for everyone for Christmas            different than the Mary we know in so         blood of Christ.” Sin is sin, no matter
-Enough food for the guests                  many ways, but walking with them              how big and obvious or small and hid-
Or will you pray and plan for a              through their journey, makes us won-          den. Christ’s blood covers any of it, all
   worry free month?                         der what Mary must have felt as she           of it.
Worry - Slipping on the ice/snow             walked through hers. We pray that                 Please continue to pray for the mis-
Prayer/Plan - Take your time and             these young women will develop a              sion at Gateway. Pray that we as
   watch your step                           pure-hearted willingness to do God’s          Houseparents do not hinder God’s
Worry - Being lonely                         work, as Mary had. We pray that they          Word but listen to the Spirit and teach
Prayer/Plan - Take time to visit             will see the sin in their lives and turn to   as He directs. We are “sowers” here,
   someone else who may be lone-             the redemptive blood of Mary’s Son,           and occasionally we get to be “water-
   some                                      born that night in Bethlehem.                 ers”, but we rarely see the end fruit of
Worry – Gifts for everyone for                   Recently, we were privileged to wit-      God’s work in the hearts of the resi-
   Christmas                                 ness one of the young women in our            dents. We covet your prayers, for Oak
Prayer/Plan - Give the gift of time          house come to faith in Christ. Her life       House and beyond. The task is daunt-
   if you can’t afford monetary              had been full of horrors before Gate-         ing, but His blood is sufficient.
   gifts                                     way, and she struggled with feelings of           News:
Worry – Enough food for the                  anger towards her family. The inno-               - Gateway Woods welcomed two
   guests                                    cent child inside her was unwanted,           new residents to campus this past
Prayer/Plan – Don’t try to do it all         but she saw the baby as someone that          month. Please pray with us as these
   yourself, have others help you            would love her unconditionally - some-        two young men become accustomed to
    We know there have been many             thing her family had failed to do. As she     their new homes in the Cypress and
prayers lifted up on behalf of ACHH be-      became accustomed to life here, she be-       Pine Houses. It can be difficult for new
cause each worry, whether big or small,      gan to develop positive relationships         residents as they experience a very dif-
has been taken care of as God has seen       with the Houseparents and other be-           ferent living situation then that which
fit. The residents and staff appreciate      lieving adults that she interacted with.      they have experienced before.
everything you have done; donation of        She was a friend with another resident            - It was a sad day for many on cam-
time, monetary donation, gifts and           at the Oak House who enjoyed asking           pus as we said goodbye to Sis. Abby
                                             questions about the Bible and God. So,        Klopfenstein. Sis Abby has decided to
  December 2010                                     SILVER LINING                                                                            7

pursue new opportunities with the          list. In an effort to be as efficient as pos-
family business. We are very thankful      sible we are gathering as many email                    On November 7, we said goodbye to
for her years of service here at Gateway   addresses as we can for our E-Post.                Sis. Cassie Bertsch, as she will be re-
Woods as an Assistant House Parent         Please send a message to                           turning to Bluffton to be with her fam-
and we wish her well and offer our sup-    mail@gatewaywoods.org                              ily. She has been a big part of our young
port in her new ventures.                               ______________                        group and Church family here and will
    - Gateway Woods held its annual re-                                                       be missed by all.
treat this past month in Fort Wayne. It        APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN                                 In our Sunday School, we have been
was an excellent time for the Staff and            PRESCHOOL                                  studying about Prayer. Let me share a
the Board to fellowship, plan and dis-            Athens, Alabama                             Prayer with you, “God’s Stairway”:
cuss several critical upcoming deci-                Louise Hall                               Step by step we climb, day by day closer
sions. We are thankful for God’s                                                              to God, with each prayer we pray. For
                                              “Praise ye the Lord: for it is good to          “The Cry of the Heart” offered in
travelling provisions on all who at-
                                           sing praises unto our God.”                        prayer, becomes just another “Spiri-
                                              Psalm 147:1                                     tual Star” in the “Heavenly Staircase”
    - 2010 Christmas Wish List:
    Gateway Woods depends on the                                                              leading us to a Beautiful place where
                                               Here at the Preschool, it was a sad            we live anew. So never give up, for it’s
generosity of our supporters to provide
                                           time as we said goodbye to Sis. Cassie             worth the climb, to live forever in
the funds we need for daily operation,
                                           Bertsch. She has been teaching here                “Endless Time”. Where the soul of
as well as new and gently used items for
                                           for almost 1 ½ years and helping us at             man is safe and free, to live in love
our five group homes.
                                           the Preschool. We want to say “Thank               through Eternity.
   Bocce ball set
   Razor Scooters                          you” for all that she did for us here. She              We were so thankful to have Bro.
   Wal-Mart and Meijer gift cards          shared her love with all of the children,          Ryan and Sis. Hope Stoller and their
   Aerobie Superdisc                       teachers and parents. We will keep her             children, who now live in Gridley, IL,
   Restaurant gift cards                   in our prayers and ask that you keep us            back in Athens to visit us. It was a joy to
   Outdoor basketballs                     in your prayers. Please keep Cassie’s              share time with them once again.
   Blender                                 family in your prayers as they deal with                We thank Elder Bro. Kent Heimer
   Griddle                                 illness. We will always remember her
   Volleyball                                                                                 and his wife, Sis. Jan (Taylor, MO), for
                                           big hugs!                                          taking the time to spend the weekend
   iTunes gift card                            Our Theme for the month of No-
   Pizza pan (dishwasher safe)                                                                with us November 6 and 7. We also had
                                           vember is Nutrition, Health, and Bod-              v i s i t o r s f r o m W a s h i n g t o n , IL ,
   New or slightly used grill
                                           ies. Our color is Brown. We will be                Fairbury, IL, Tremont, IL, Goodfield,
   Adult size bikes (new or gently
    used)                                  doing activities to show what we are               I L , G r i d l e y , IL , R o c k v i l l e , CT ,
   Baby supplies                           Thankful for. Our Bible Verses are:                Remington, IN, Bay City, MI,
      crib sheets                          “ G o d i s L o v e ” (I Jo h n 4 : 8 ) , “F o r   Altadena, CA, and Bluffton, IN.
      mattress pad covers                  whither thou goest, I will go” (Ruth                    W e a l s o t h a n k Br o . Ch a r l e s
      baby bath towels                     1:16), and “I will sing unto the Lord”             Kellenberger and his wife, Sis. Debbie
      wash cloths                          (Psalm 13:6).                                      (Elgin, IL), for spending the weekend
   Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards            As we were learning our letters, one           of November 13-14 with us; we enjoyed
   Computer games                          of our teachers asked, “How high can
   10" skillet with lid                                                                       the fellowship.
                                           you jump?”. One little girl replied “I                  Our prayers go out to Bro. David
   Scented candles
                                           can jump up to Jesus!”. We also asked a            and Sis. Barbara Coulter, as their
   Card games
                                           little boy “How old are you?” He re-               daughter, Kendra, will be moving to
   Teen girl curtains
   Pool Sticks                             plied, “I am three years old, but I’m go-          Apostolic Christian Home for the
   Money to purchase any of these          ing to ask my Mom if I can be seven!”              Handicapped in Morton, IL, this
    items                                               ______________                        month. Please keep them in your
    - You are an important advocate to                                                        prayers, as this will be a difficult transi-
help us spread the word about God’s               ALABAMA, ATHENS
                                                                                              tion for them.
work at Gateway Woods. Please con-                   Louise Hall
tinue to lift us up in prayer, check our
                                             “Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks
website www. gatewaywoods.org and                                                                     ARIZONA, PHOENIX
                                           unto the Lord; for he is good: for his
our Facebook page at facebook.com/                                                                    Heather Hinrichsen
                                           mercy endureth for ever.”                             Elder Bro. Earl Ringger (Gridley),
gatewaywoods often for updates, and
                                             Psalm 106:1                                      Elder Bro. Ron Messner (Washington)
make sure that you are on our mailing
 8                                                 SILVER LINING                                              December 2010

and Bro. Bill Waibel (Bay City) minis-                                                 habitations, and we are thankful for
tered to our congregation this past               ARIZONA, TUCSON                      His provision for the Cser family.
month. We thank them for opening                     Lisa Knapp                            The Association for the Care and
God’s Word and sharing with us the             Our friend, Bee Schmidt, continues      Housing of the Aged had their annual
message of salvation.                      to recover from hip surgery and has not     meeting in Los Angeles. Brothers from
    Many in our congregation have un-      been able to worship with us. We miss       several church skilled nursing facili-
dergone surgery and medical proce-         her smiling face in her usual seat and      ties were here, including ministering
dures and there are those who because      are praying God’s will will be accom-       Bro. Ed Strahm and Elder Bro. John
of age or health can’t come to worship     plished in her life. We would love to see   Lehman from Bern, KS, and Bro.
with us on Sunday. We want to remem-       her again on Sundays, but for now we        Randy Gasser from Detroit, MI. Our
ber them in our daily prayers: Sis. June   will have to be content with visiting her   congregation was blessed by their min-
Tooley (Bro. Jerry), Sis. Deanna Beyer     and leave the rest in God’s hands. We       istry and the fellowship of all the visi-
(Bro. Clarence), Sis. Toni Bentley, Bro.   miss you, Bee!                              tors that weekend.
Jim Beres (Sis. Lois), Bro. Jacob Hoerr        Our Elder, Bro. Ben Wiegand (Phil-          Lord willing, a work team from
(Sis. Wanda), Sis. Louann                  adelphia, PA), and his family visited us    Altadena will make their annual trip to
Klopfenstein (Bro. Dave), Sis. Bertha      recently for which we are very thank-       Magdalena for Thanksgiving week.
Miller, Sis. Shirley Mohrmon, and Bro.     ful. It is always good to see them, and     They will join teams from Denver and
Kenny and Sis. Mary Jo Schmidgall.         we are enjoying getting to know them        Morris North this year. We hold them
    Bro. Paul and Sis. Connie Hay left     better. May God richly bless their ef-      up in prayer and look forward to re-
Oakville, IA, and have made Phoenix        forts to be with us as it’s not a short     ports of the ongoing work there.
their new home. We look forward to         trip! Bro. Ben shared the Memoran-                     ______________
getting to know them and worshipping       dum with us on his visit.
with them as part of our Body of Christ.       Our winter visitors are starting to       CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO
    Elder Bros. Earl Ringger and Ron       appear as we get the cooler tempera-               Yasmin Koehl
Messner aided our congregation in the      tures we were waiting for. It’s fun see-        We approached Thanksgiving sea-
placement of a co-elder to assist Elder    ing who has “arrived” each Sunday.          son with grateful hearts for the labors
Bro. Jon Kokanovich. After prayerful       Our daytime highs are in the high 70’s      of brethren from Ohio and Texas who
consideration, our congregation voted      which is a little warm for mid-Novem-       came to volunteer their time to assist
Bro. Herb and Sis. Laurie Knochel to       ber, but the days are bright and sunny      us in replacing our old carpet. Humbly
that position. We continue to lift Bro.    and the evenings cool and crisp, so we      we thank them for sharing with us
Herb and Sis. Laurie up in prayer as       really can’t complain.                      some of their most precious gifts: love
they look forward to the mid-winter                   ______________                   and time. May God be their great re-
Conference in Junction, OH, where                                                      ward.
Bro. Herb’s position will be voted on by     CALIFORNIA, ALTADENA                          As cold winter winds blow, we begin
all the Elders.                                                                        to anticipate the warmth we find in fel-
                                               Bro. Tom and Sis. Jody Klotzle had      lowship from the many brothers and
                                           a safe and successful trip to India,        sisters who make San Diego their win-
     ARIZONA, PRESCOTT                     which is an answer to many prayers!         ter destination. We look forward to
       Denise Steidinger                   May God continue to bless the work          greeting brothers and sisters whom we
   We are so thankful for the willing-     there! While on their trip, they re-        have the privilege of being with each
ness of ministering brothers to come       ceived news of their new granddaugh-        year and to meet new brethren as well.
share God’s Word with our small con-       ter, Karlina Jean, born on 10-20-2010,      What great spiritual joy we can find in
gregation. This past month, we were        to Bro. Jim and Sis. Krissa Klotzle of      one another when we all make the
visited by Bros. Curt Kaufman (Sis.        the Minneapolis congregation. The           Scripture our roadmap and obediently
Caroline, Tucson), Dale Frank (Sis.        first-time parents and grandparents         follow the Word of God with humble
Tina, Oakville), Keith Hinrichsen (Sis.    are praising God for the wonder of new      hearts. Together then, we can walk
Tammy, Phoenix), Tom Schambach             life and another generation!                hand in hand toward the pearly gates of
(Sis. Connie, Elgin), Bill Waibel (Sis.        Our congregation was able to cele-      our heavenly home.
Carol, Bay City), Phil Stettner (Sis.      brate with dinner and singing, at the                  ______________
Maureen, Bluffton North) and Ron           new home of Bro. Steve Cser and his
Bollier (Sis. Edie, Indianapolis). May     family, at the end of October. He and           KITCHENER, ONTARIO
God bless each of you for your willing-    Aggie are living in Orange County with                CANADA
ness to serve.                             all their children at home. Scripture           Johanna Fortenbacher
                                           says God ordains the bounds of our             We are so happy to have a new baby
  December 2010                                         SILVER LINING                                                                    9

girl, Ruthann Rose who was born Octo-          the Shipleys with our grandson, Aus-               to be thankful people! May we count
ber 28.Her parents are Bro. Tim and            tin, had a delicious supper at Kaisers. It         our blessings often, not just this time of
Sis. Melanie Tomic. Her brothers are           was a blessing to sing some songs after            year when we formally celebrate
Christopher, Brian, Jonathan and               and encourage each other. Having                   Thanksgiving.
Matthew. Unfortunately, Sis. Melanie           these visitors willing to come from so                Early in the month we enjoyed a
developed a high fever after the birth         many kilometers away was such a                    midweek visit from ministering broth-
and was hospitalized. She recovered in         blessing to us here.                               ers, Bro. Gary Brown (Sis. Jane, For-
an amazing time for how severe the fe-                      ______________                        rest, IL) and Bro. Doug Wagenbach
ver was. The head doctor came into her                                                            (Sis. Lillian, San Diego, CA). We trust
room and told her, “The Lord was                     COLORADO, DENVER                             God will bless the efforts of those who
surely watching over you”. Thankfully                  Lily Zarkovacki                            preach His Word.
she is at home now and doing well.                                                                   We enjoyed a beautiful day to share
    After being here for half a year,          Faith is a living pow’r from heaven                in the wedding of Bro. Duane Zahner
                                               Which grasps the promise God has                   and Sis. Beth Wagenbach. Many visi-
Silvija Ursu left Canada to go back
home to Serbia. What a joy this lady is!                                                          tors came from far and near to show
                                               Securely fixed on Christ alone,
She always shows such love and kind-                                                              their love and support for this new cou-
                                               A trust that cannot be overthrown.
ness to everyone.                                 Gospel Hymns #711, vs. 1                        ple. It was a blessed weekend and we
    Our Elder Bro. Mark and Sis. Bev                                                              wish this Brother and Sister God’s
Bahr came one Wednesday night like                 We are thankful to Bro. Willis Ehnle           blessings as they begin a life together in
they do so often. All of us are so blessed     for coming to Colorado to share topics             the Lord. Parents are Bro. Curt and
by their coming. Other ministers that          of commitment and his experiences liv-             Sis. Sally Zahner, and Bro. Dale and
came this month are Bro. Randy and             ing in Japan. May God bless him for his            Sis. Mary Wagenbach.
Sis. Sue Gasser (Detroit) and Bro.             encouragement!                                        Our thoughts and prayers extend to
G a r r y a n d S i s . D iann Tonner              In November, Bro. Fred Leman                   those that have been sick or hospital-
(Bluffton). As I get older, I find it’s        ( D e n v e r ) a n d S i s . Jo d i K i e s e r   ized this past month, namely Bro. Roy
harder to just get up and go for a short       (Roanoke, IL) were united in marriage.             Schneider (Sis. Joyce), Sis. Aline
weekend, so I can really appreciate            We wish them God’s nearness in their               Ballasy, Bro. Ron Bahler (Sis. Bonnie),
ministers and their wives who come to          lives together.                                    Blane Moser (Eric and Donna), Sis.
Kitchener for a weekend. God bless you             We have been blessed by the testi-             Marilyn Lanz (Bro. Ed), and Lillian
with strength and give you wisdom.             mony and baptism of Tyler Blair. We                Lanz (Michael). Whether old or young,
“God is our refuge and our strength, a         wish Tyler God’s richest blessing as he            scheduled surgery or accidental, the
very present help in trouble. Therefore        continues his walk in Him.                         time spent out of commission is rarely
will not we fear, though the earth be re-                                                         easy or comfortable! May God be with
moved, and though the mountains be             Amazing grace! How sweet the sound,                each family circle, provide for each in-
carried into the midst of the sea.”            That saved a wretch like me!                       dividual need, and give comfort and
(Psalm 46:1) We can so easily write or         I once was lost, but now am found.                 healing to all.
say a verse, but having the faith to be-       Was blind, but now I see.                             Our thoughts and prayers go out to
lieve it is the key.                              Hymns of Zion #97, vs. 1                        Sandy Conner for the loss o f her
           ______________                                   ______________                        brother Tom in the past weeks. May
                                                                                                  God comfort and provide for this family
            REGINA, SK                                    CONNECTICUT                             circle and others that grieve the loss of
             CANADA                                         ROCKVILLE                             loved ones.
           Myrna Shipley                                   Laura Virkler                                     ______________
                                                           Bonnie Bahler
   “The words of the Lord are pure                                                                   DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
words: as silver tried by the fire in a fur-      “Enter into his gates with
nace of earth, purified seven times.”          thanksgiving, and into his courts with                    Henrietta Meyer
   Psalm 12:6                                  praise: be thankful unto him, and bless                Our caretakers for the first part of
                                               his name. For the Lord is good; his                November were Bro. Ralph and Sis. Di-
   There was one minister on the rota-         mercy is everlasting; and his truth                ane Lanz from Rittman, OH. There are
tion schedule from Sabetha, Bro. Dave          endureth to all generations.”                      still several months needing caretak-
and Sis. Beth Hartter, along with Bro.            Psalm 100:4-5                                   ers in 2011. If you have a desire to sup-
Kevin and Nita Grimm and 14 other                                                                 port our small church in this way,
young people. All the visitors as well as         There are so many reasons we have               please contact Sis. Doreen Steffen for
10                                                              SILVER LINING                                                    December 2010

m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a t dk g s t e f f e n   Ringger (Sis. Dixie, Gridley, IL). Bro.            to our church, through these many
@gmail.com or 301-681-1502. We                         Earl and Sis. Dixie’s visits always ele-           years.
have been richly blessed by our care-                  vate our faith and create a desire to be               On that Sunday, we also had our an-
takers over the past four years, and we                more true and faithful in our walk. The            nual potluck supper at our church.
look forward to getting to know and                    time passes quickly and while we ap-               This has been our custom for about 25
fellowshipping with more in the com-                   preciate everyone who comes, having                years now. This brought to mind, too,
ing year. We also encourage past care-                 our Elder with us is always a special              how the many years of fellowship we’ve
takers to come again!                                  time.                                              had, and how God has blessed us in
    We are so blessed to have ministers                   We are beginning to see the signs of            many ways. When we have our many
from around the country come serve us                  the commercial attention to the Christ-            winter time folks with us, it makes us
each week; may we never take it for                    mas season, and we always find the                 all thankful.
granted. Our ministers this month                      meaning and real reason to remember                           ______________
were Bro. Phil Stettner (Sis. Maureen,                 this time very comforting and warming
Bluffton North, IN), Elder Bro. Duane                  to our hearts. Please be sure and visit                 FLORIDA, SARASOTA
F a r n e y (S i s . K a r e n, Crogh an-              us if you are in the area this winter, as                    Kim Ott
Naumburg, NY), Bro. Mike Rieker                        we have a real joy in meeting everyone
(Sis. Carol, Peoria, IL), Elder Bro. Brad              from across the land.                                 “E ver y m a n a ccording as h e
Eisenmann (Sis. Cindy, Chicago, IL),                                ______________                        purposeth in his heart, so let him give;
Elder Bro. Ben Wiegand (Sis. Michelle,                                                                    not grudgingly, or of necessity: for
Philadelphia, PA) and Bro. Doug                                   FLORIDA                                 God loveth a cheerful giver.”
Wagenbach (Sis. Lillian, San Diego,                          NORTH FORT MYERS                                II Corinthians 9:7
CA). The Sunday Bro. Brad and Bro.                               Victor Beer
Ben were here we were blessed to par-                       It seems the cold and otherwise in-               October 29 marked the annual
take of Holy Communion. Other visi-                    clement weather of the northern states             Sarasota Make A Difference Day where
tors were Elgin, Forrest, and Peoria,                  is a blessing to us as vacationers and             a large turn-out from our congregation
IL, and Francesville, IN.                              winter home owners are starting to                 joined together in the church kitchen
    If you are planning to visit Washing-              come south. What great weather we’re               to make homemade applesauce for
ton, D.C. area for vacation or business,               having.                                            those in need. The event was special,
please contact Bro. Joe and Sis. Holly                      We are thankful for the ministry of           not only because we were laboring to
Bohart at jbohart@ gmail.com or Sis.                   Bro. Ron Heiniger (Sis. Kayleen) shar-             provide for others, but also because
Henrietta Meyer at (703) 904-8301 for                  ing with us from his Bloomington, IL,              many people of all ages were paired to-
assistance and to let us know how                      pulpit. Lots of good memories of old               gether working towards a common
many to expect for Sunday services.                    times were discussed, during our fel-              goal. What a blessing for the older and
                                                       lowship. We are so blessed to have                 young ones alike to spend time getting
                                                       many years of times that we knew each              to know each other better while work-
           FLORIDA                                     other in our church relationship.                  ing side by side in service for the Lord.
       FORT LAUDERDALE                                      It was a loss to all of us to hear of the         We were thankful to have Retired
         Renee Mangold                                 d e a t h o f Br o . Ch u c k A n l i k e r o f    Elder Bro. Dale Eisenmann (Sis. Judy,
    We are enjoying the return of some                 Francesville, but an all winter member             Chicago, IL) assist our Elder Bro. Jeff
of our winter residents as the year end                of our North Fort Myers church. We                 Streitmatter in both our fall Commu-
approaches. We are blessed to have a                   sincerely wish Sis. Margaret God’s love            nion and on the following Sunday in
congregation that includes those who                   and strength at this time. Bro. Chris              the reading of our Memorandum. What
make this their winter home.                           H u b e r br o u g h t u s m a n y r e m e m-      a blessing it is for us, as brothers and
    This is Thanksgiving week and we                   brances of our time of fellowship and              sisters, to sit united in quietness as we
are grateful to live in a country where                worship together with him, following               remember our Lord Jesus Christ’s
being thankful is recognized as an im-                 hearing of Chuck’s going to be with his            death and suffering on the cross.
portant remembrance of our forefa-                     Lord Jesus.                                            On the evening of November 20, a
thers. We are also thankful of our                          Our church was again blessed this             special retirement dinner was held for
family forefathers for establishing and                l a s t m o n t h a s o u r E l d e r Br o . E d   Retired Elder Bro. Dale Eisenmann
holding to a very special faith that cre-              Schwartz (Sis. Jeni, Bluffton, IN)                 and his wife, Sis. Judy. We appreciated
ates the tie that binds in Christian love.             shared the Conference letter with us.              so much the wonderful evening pre-
    Our visiting ministers this month                  As he and Bros. Marvin Steffen and Bill            pared by so many where we could
were Bro. John Steiner (Sis. Carol,                    Masters shared this with us, we were               gather together with our church family
Oakville, IA) and our Elder Bro. Earl                  all reminded of how great God has been
  December 2010                                     SILVER LINING                                                             11

and express our thankfulness for Bro.             GEORGIA, ATLANTA                      nual fall festival for times of prayer and
Dale and Sis. Judy’s labors of love                                                     praise and fellowship.
throughout these past years.                    Our church family looks forward to          And the joys we find in services are
   Our prayers are with Sis. Jean           our annual bonfire each year hosted by      as golden holidays:
Earley (Bro. Clyde) as she has recently     Bro. John, Sis. Mary, Bro. John Jr., and        The Bible class and alumni gath-
undergone surgery and is now recover-       Sis. Michelle Brewer. The evening of        ered together on a beautiful Saturday
ing. We trust that God will give Sis.       November 6 was quite chilly for us          to do service for others. The time they
Jean full strength and healing accord-      southerners but we were warmed by           spent in fellowship with one another
ing to His perfect will.                    the fire, good food, and encouraging        and helping others to do what they can
   We want to extend a warm welcome         conversation.                               no longer physically do, blessed all. Af-
to Bro. Rich and Sis. Amber Pfister,            We enjoyed getting to know Lydia        ter the work was done, they also en-
along with their children, Katelyn,         Zimmerman (Bloomington, IL) who             joyed a mystery dinner together.
William, Seth, Kendra, and Silas, as        was a nanny for two months for Bro.             Bro. Art Mueller spent time in Haiti
they join our assembly for several          Philip and Sis. Lana Steidinger. We         this month doing service where one is
weeks. While Bro. Rich, Sis. Amber,         will miss you and hope you come back        not sure who is blessed more – those
and their family have been serving in       soon to visit.                              that serve or the ones that are served.
the mission field in Haiti, their daugh-        On Sunday, November 21, we filled           Not a “blue day” on the list, Every
ter Katelyn was recently diagnosed          60 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas        cloud by sunshine kisst:
with an illness which brought them          Child. We have done this for a number           Our Belvidere congregation spent a
back to the United States for medical       of years and each family buys 60 of an      Wednesday afternoon and evening
treatment. Katelyn has made large im-       assigned item. We then have a big as-       quilting and fellowshipping for World
provements since the first day she ar-      sembly line and when they are done          Relief. Hopefully we have sent the love
rived in Florida and her family hopes to    each box is filled to capacity along with   of God to others and if there is a blue
return to Haiti in the near future. We      a picture of our church family. It is a     day, they will feel that the clouds were
will continue to pray for young Katelyn     neat way for everyone in our church to      lifted and a ray of sunshine sent their
that the Lord would grant her a full and    be involved in this ministry to bring a     way.
healthy recovery. We also pray for her      little bit of Christ to children in other       Dwelling ‘neath hopes beaming
family that they could remain under         countries.                                  rays…In God’s calendar of days:
God’s protective hand wherever He               Thanks to Bro. Doyle Frauhiger              Bro. Tom Troxel (Lacrosse, IN) and
may lead them.                              and Sis. Jane (Bluffton North, IN) for      his wife were in our midst this month
                                            your visit and inspiration. We always       and Bro. Tom shared God’s beaming
    “In every thing give thanks: for this   enjoy your stories of God’s work and        rays of hope for this lost world in
is the will of God in Christ Jesus con-     protection in your life.                    Sunday school and on the pulpit.
cerning you.”                                          ______________                   Thank you, loved ones, for including us
    I Thessalonians 5:18                                                                in your travels.
                                                ILLINOIS, BELVIDERE                         May we make every day a day of
   As we gather together with family                Doreen Moser                        Thanksgiving and the story of Christ-
and friends this year on Thanksgiving               Shayla Steffen                      mas the center of our everyday life!
day, let us remember to give thanks to                                                  May our calendar of days reflect the
                                            In God’s calendar of days there are
God in all things, not only on this spe-                                                love, peace and joy of our precious Sav-
                                               times for prayer and praise
cial day, but throughout each day of the                                                ior and king!
                                            and the joys we find in services are as
year. Although we may endure hard-
                                               golden holidays;
ships or trials for a season through the    Not a “blue day” on the list, Every          I found Thanksgiving days were all
course of our lives, we can truly be           cloud by sunshine kisst,                     along
thankful for the many promises God          Dwelling ‘neath hopes beaming rays          Each day that passed not merely once
has given to us, one of which He has as-    In God’s calendar of days.                      a year
sured that He will never leave us or for-                                               Should be composed of happiness and
sake us. What a loving and faithful God                                                     song
                                               In God’s calendar of days there are
                                                                                        Some other lonely heart to aid – to
we serve that will always keep His          times for prayer and praise:
promises. For this we are thankful.            In our earthly calendar of days          I saw a Christmas time – in fact the
           ______________                   many found time to gather from our              first
                                            home congregation and loved ones            That told the story we today repeat
                                            from far and near gathered at the an-       Of how the Christ was sent the stem
12                                                 SILVER LINING                                              December 2010

   the curse                                   ILLINOIS, BRADFORD                      Sam and Sis. Pam Furrer and their son,
A tale that’s never new - that’s ever         Philip and Donna Nenadov                 Bro. Joel, lost Sam’s stepfather, Bro.
   sweet.                                      On November 27, Madison Rae en-         Les Zimmerman (Sis. Louise) of For-
                                            tered into the family of Bro. Brad and     rest. Bro. Josh Schmidgall mourned
In God’s calendar of days there are         Sis. Rachel Kieser. Awaiting her ar-       the loss of his uncle, Bro. David (Sis.
   times for prayer and praise              rival at home was her older brother        Janet) of Morris, MN. Bro. Brent and
and the joys we find in services are as     Blake. Grandparents are Bro. Gerald        Sis. Janelle Young said good-bye to
   golden holidays;                         and Sis. Wilma Kieser and Ron and Sis.     Janelle’s grandmother, Sis. Oleda
Not a “blue day” on the list, Every
                                            Deann Baer. We wish God’s richest          Menold (Morton, IL). Sis. Sarah Drake
   cloud by sunshine kisst,
                                            blessings on this dear family as they      lost her dear grandmother, Mary Anne
Dwelling ‘neath hopes beaming rays
In God’s calendar of days.                  raise their children in the fear and ad-   Beagles of Springfield, IL. May God
   Melodies of Praise #116                  monition of the Lord.                      comfort and bless all those that mourn
           ______________                      Our visiting ministers this month       a loss.
                                            were Elder Bro. Brad Eisenmann (Sis.
        ILLINOIS                            Cindy, Chicago) and Bro. Dennis               “Blessed are they that mourn: for
  BLOOMINGTON-NORMAL                        Kaufman (Sis. Bonnie, Bloomington).        they shall be comforted.”
    Heidi Rinkenberger                      We wish them God’s blessings for their        Matthew 5:4
      Jacki Masters                         labors of love on our behalf.
                                               We welcome Sis. Elizabeth Conzo            Our congregation is enjoying get-
   “Therefore said he unto them, The        back to our congregation after her         ting to know two new families who are
harvest truly is great, but the labourers   work took her to the Kansas City area      new to Champaign. We welcome con-
are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of      for a period of time.                      verts, Eric and Marissa Bahler, and
the harvest, that he would send forth          Kayla S hernak and S tacy               their son, Elliot. We also welcome Bro.
labourers into his harvest.”                Wagenbach (Bro. Kevin and Sis. Sara)       Shane and Sis. Sarah Aberle and their
   Luke 10:2                                have made it known that they have          children, Seth and Addie. We are al-
                                            found peace with God and man and de-       ways glad to welcome new families into
    We are so thankful that our Bible       sire to be baptized in the near future.    our congregation. We know they will be
class students will be able to labor in     We are thankful for each of our con-       a blessing to us and we thank God for
the fields of harvest this next summer      verts and encourage them to seek Him       them.
as they travel to Jamaica on a mission      earnestly every day of their repen-           We want to thank the visiting min-
trip. Our congregation recently held        tance.                                     isters who came and preached God’s
an auction for our Bible Class students                                                Word to us this past month. Bro. David
to raise money for their trip to Jamaica.       Note of Thanks:                        Obergfel (Peoria, IL) and Bro. Glen
The auction was a huge success and we           We would like to express our deep      Braker (Princeville, IL) spent Wednes-
are so thankful to all who gave of their    appreciation for your love, support,       day evenings with us. Elder Bro. Steve
time, money, and resources in making        and prayers upon the passing of our        Martin (Eureka, IL) was here Sunday,
the auction such a success.                 dear mother. Mom had a deep love and       November 21, for Memorandum. We
    The ISU Bible class has been such       concern for her Bradford church fam-       thank these Brothers for their time
an important part of our congregation,      ily. She now awaits the day when she       and willingness. May God bless them in
and we were also thankful to share in a     can be reunited in all eternity with her   their ministries.
Benefit Dinner for their mission trip to    beloved brethren from Bradford.               Especially at this time of year, it is
Magdalena, Mexico.                              The Family of Doris Guingrich          good to remember those less fortunate.
    Thank you to our Bradford, IL, con-                                                We have had that opportunity this past
gregation for hosting an evening sing-         God be with you ‘til we meet again.     month. Sunday, November 14, we
ing this month — what a blessing it was               ______________                   gathered for a hymn sing and after-
to all who attended.                                                                   wards packed Operation Christmas
    We continue to pray for our dear            ILLINOIS, CHAMPAIGN                    Child boxes that will be taken overseas
Sis. Bonnie (Bro. John) Traub, as she              Jackie Eisenmann                    and given to children who most likely
continues to recover from a serious ac-        Greetings from Champaign-Ur-            will receive no other Christmas gifts.
cident this summer. What a blessing         bana! Our congregation has had the op-     The next Saturday, our Sunday School
they both are to our congregation!          portunity to remember several of our       children s hopped and packed
           ______________                   loved ones in prayer this past month.      Thanksgiving Food baskets to give to
                                            Many have lost loved ones and had the      several local hurting families. We are
                                            experience of saying good-bye. Bro.
  December 2010                                            SILVER LINING                                                                      13

thankful to have this chance to reach              sion.                                        ber of visiting ministers this past
out to those in need and help in a small              A Topical Bible Study was held No-        month. Elder Bro. Merle Hartzler (Sis.
way, while being thankful for blessings            vember 10 titled, Why “Bad” Things           Bonnie, Rittman) was with us for the
God bestows.                                       Happen to God’s People. We thank             Memorandum. Other visiting minis-
             ______________                        Bro. Loren Schrenk (St. Louis, MO) for       ters include Bro. Mark Rufener (Sis.
                                                   taking the time to teach from God’s          J u l i e , Ma n s f i e l d ) , B r o . B r e n t
       ILLINOIS, CHICAGO                           Word.                                        Kellenberger (Sis. Beth, Kansas City),
          Rachel Meyer                                We are pleased to welcome Sis. Mag-       Bro. Wayne Wiegand (Sis. Rosemary,
   Greetings from Chicago. We were                 gie Schrenk from Gridley to our Chi-         Goodfield), Bro. Steve Baner (Sis.
blessed this month to have visiting                cago church family. Sis. Maggie is           D o n n a l o u , G r i d l e y ) , Br o . Al a n
ministers, Bro. Loren Schrenk, (St.                studying Midwifery at UIC and we pray        Schambach (Sis. Sarah, Remington),
Louis, MO), and Bro. Kevin Banwart,                she will feel at home with us.               Bro. Trent Meiss (Sis. Lucy, Eureka),
(West Bend, IA), share God’s Word                     Finally, I recently received a text       a n d Br o . Je f f G r i m m ( S i s . R u t h ,
with us. May God bless you.                        from a dear friend who was in great dis-     Goodfield).
   Sis. Lucille Koehl is struggling with           tress. She wrote that she had no words           November 7 was the wedding day of
some health problems. Our prayers go               to say and requested prayer. How             Bro. Arlen Edelman (Bro. Keith and
out to her and those taking care of her.           many of us have felt the same? Over-         Sis. Nadine, Eureka) and Sis. Marisa
How thankful we are that God sees                  whelmed and in distress…fightings            Schieber (Bro. Mike and Sis. Mary).
each of us in our need.                            within, fears without…dare I say hope-       May the Lord be near them as they
   We extend sincere sympathy to our               less with no solution in sight? God          walk the road to Heaven as one in
Bro. Ben Funk upon the passing of his              knew His children would face times           Christ.
m o t h e r, S i s . S h i rl e y F u nk . O u r   like these. In His Word it is written,           Doug Schmidgall (Bro. Mike and
prayers are with him and his family                “Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our        Sis. Dianne) and Michelle Zimmer-
during this time of loss.                          infirmities: for we know not what we         man (Bro. Fred and Sis. Mary Ellen)
   Our annual Sunday School Wiener                 should pray for as we ought: but the         were also married this past month.
Roast was held October 23 at Bro. Jim              Spirit itself maketh intercession for us     May God richly bless them as well as
and Sis. Kathy Schlatter’s home.                   with groanings which cannot be ut-           they start this new stage in their lives.
Thank you to everyone involved in                  tered.” (Romans 8:26)
making the event a success. It was a                  May God be with each one.                 Ring the bells of Heaven There is joy
blessing to be together.                                      ______________                       today,
   On October 24, the engagement of                                                             For a soul returning from the wild;
our Bro. Rick Kaisner (son of Bro. Leon               ILLINOIS, CISSNA PARK                     See! The Father meets him out upon
and Sis. Eunice, Peoria, IL) to Sis.                       Vickie Maul                             the way,
Michelle Knapp of Goodfield (daughter                      Marilyn Maul                         Welcoming His weary, wand’ring
of Sis. Judy Knapp and the late Stan                   We thank Bro. Ed Fritz (Washing-            child.
                                                   ton) who willingly came to feed our            Tabernacle Hymns #202
Knapp) was announced. We rejoice
with these dear ones and pray God will             flock this month.
                                                       November 12 was our World Relief             We were thankful to hear that Na-
lead them as they make decisions for
                                                   family night. It is such a blessing to see   than Zobrist (Bro. Mike and Sis. Susie)
their future. Congratulations!
                                                   young and old working together in the        has answered God’s call and has de-
   Our Learning Together Topical Bi-
                                                   service of the Lord.                         cided to start repenting. Our prayers
ble Study continued Wednesday eve-
                                                       We extend our sympathy to Jim and        are with him as he starts this journey to
ning, October 27. We enjoyed
                                                   Betty Hofbauer in the passing of her         Heaven.
discussing our need for the vine and
                                                   mother, Geraldine Bement.                        Our hearts go out to Sis. Glenna
what that means for each one.
                                                       We are so thankful that Adam Kaeb        Rinkenberger (Bro. Jake) as her mom,
   On October 29 we commemorated
                                                   (Bro. Hartzell and Sis. Denise) has an-      Lois Marquadt, has passed away. May
Christ’s sacrifice during our Fall Com-
                                                   swered God’s call and has come to Him        she and her family feel God’s nearness
munion Service. He died so that each
                                                   in repentance. May the Lord continue         during this time. Lois’s husband, Dave,
one may live. What a blessing.
                                                   to lead and guide him.                       has moved out here from Indiana and is
   A retirement dinner was held for
                                                                                                living with Bro. Jake and Sis. Glenna.
Bro. Dale and Sis. Judy Eisenmann on                          ______________
                                                                                                It’s nice to have him in the area.
October 30. Many memories were
shared, along with songs and deep grat-              ILLINOIS, CONGERVILLE
                                                           Holly Zobrist                            Note of Thanks:
itude for this dear couple’s service. We
                                                      We have been blessed with a num-              Dear Brothers, Sisters, and
love them and thank God for His provi-
14                                                 SILVER LINING                                                        December 2010

Friends,                                   long.                                          (Roanoke). Sis. Lisa Schmidgall (Bro.
   Once again we thank you for all            W e r e j o i c e wi t h Br o . G r e g     Mark) also was saddened over the
your prayers, love, sympathy, and sup-     Schambach and Sis. Heather Steffen,            death of her stepmother, Carolyn
port, but this time, because of our        whose engagement was announced Oc-             Fenner (Bill) of El Paso, IL.
Mother and Grandmother’s sudden            tober 31. Their parents are Bro. Gary              We appreciate the visits of visiting
passing from this life. There was no       and Sis. Lois Steffen and Bro. Les and         ministers, Bro. John Lehman
time for all the family to gather around   Sis. Alison Schambach.                         (Wolcott, IN), Bro. Wayne Wiegand
her bedside to say goodbye or sing to         O u r s y m p a t h y i s wi t h Ch u c k   ( G o o d f i e l d ) , Br o . D e a n S t e f f e n
her or have a prayer. Thanks for the       Feucht, whose mother-in-law passed             (Belvidere, IL), Bro. Rich Gramm
gifts, cards, flowers, and memorials.      away November 6. Sis. Oleda Menold             (South Bend) and Bro. Bill Dotterer
Thanks to all who took part in the fu-     had been a resident of Apostolic Chris-        (Lamar, MO).
neral or graveside services and the                                                           We were blessed by God’s Spirit as
                                           tian Restmor in Morton.
meal at the church. May God bless each                                                    the Letter of Memorandum was read
of you for any act of kindness you be-                                                    and expounded on by our Elder Bro.
stowed upon us.                                                                           Steve and Elder Bro. Ron Schambach
                                                  ILLINOIS, EUREKA
   Love in Christ,                                     Dee Baer                           (Elgin, IL).
   Sis. Susan Funk, Ruth Funk, Con-                  Jodi Blunier                             Robbie DeSigne (Bro. Bob and Sis.
nie Hasty, Bro. Roger and Sis. Bonnie          Three marriages were performed             Cindy) was deployed to Afghanistan.
Funk & family, Bro. Mark and Sis.          this month: Bro. Arlen Edelman (Bro.           Prayers on his behalf are appreciated.
Becky Funk & family, Doug and Sis.         Keith and Sis. Nadine) to Sis. Marissa
Miriam Kath & family, Bro. Larry and       Schieber (Bro. Mike and Sis. Mary,                Note of Thanks:
Sis. Sara Gerber and Kylie, Bro. James     Congerville); Bro. Evan Schmidgall                Words cannot express the over-
Funk and Bro. Ben Funk                     (Bro. Paul and Sis. Kris) to Sis. Emily        whelming love we have felt from others
   May the good Lord watch over the        Sinn (Bro. Mark and Sis. Elsie, Silver-        since Dianne’s passing. Thank you to
graves where our Dad &Grandpa and          ton, OR); and Doug Schmidgall (Bro.            everyone for the food, monetary memo-
Mo m & G randm a now lay w ith a           Mikel and Sis. Dianne) to Michelle             rials, cards, PRAYERS and other acts
blessed hope awaiting the glorious res-    Zimmerman (Bro. Fred and Sis. Mary             of kindness shown to us. We will miss
urrection.                                 Ellen, Congerville). “What God hath            her, but we know she is in a better place
           ______________                  joined together, let not man put asun-         and we look forward to seeing her
                                           der.”                                          again. God bless you.
         ILLINOIS, ELGIN                       Bro. Mark and Sis. Kate Dotterer,             Maury and Joyce Crawford
            Amy Gasser                     Reagan and Bailey welcomed Claire                 Steve, Lynn, Chris and Ashley
           Miriam Gasser                   Isabelle. Grandparents are Bro. John              Ron, Terri and Ryan
                                           and Sis. Jeanne Dotterer and Bro.                            ______________
   “I am the root and the offspring of     Scott and Sis. Elaine Frank. Bro.
David, and the bright and morning          Jeffry, Sis. Allison and Esther Huber                 ILLINOIS, FAIRBURY
star. And the Spirit and the bride say,    welcomed Leah Marie. Grandparents                         Angela Herr
Come. And let him that heareth say,        are Bro. Gary Huber and Karen Huber                        Kay Steffen
                                                                                               On October 31 our Bible Class
Come. And let him that is athirst come.    and Bro. Gary and Sis. Carole Ehnle.
                                                                                          hosted Bible Classes from the Brad-
And whosoever will, let him take the       First-time parents, Bro. Jonathan and
                                                                                          f o rd, R o a no k e , R e m i ng t o n, a nd
water of life freely.”                     Sis. Becca Leman, also welcomed
                                                                                          Wolcott congregations. We were
     Rev. 22:16-17                         Travis Dale. Grandparents are Bro.
                                                                                          thankful to have Bro. Doyle Frauhiger
                                           Jerry and Sis. Kathy Leman and Bro.
                                                                                          (Bluffton North, IN) and Bro. Justin
                                           Chris and Sis. Marlene Leman.
   We thank Bros. Tom Leman (Den-                                                         Koch (Washington, IL) in our midst
                                               Hospitalized and in our prayers this
ver, CO), Clark Stoller (Gridley, IL),                                                    and then with our Bible Class for this
                                           month were Jonathan Blunier (Bro.
and Nathan Walder (Cissna Park, IL)                                                       occasion.
                                           Myron and Sis. Elaine), Bro. Roy
for serving us through their recent                                                            Other visiting ministers serving
                                           Hangartner (Sis. Norma), Bro. Ben
ministry.                                                                                 our congregation this month were Bro.
                                           Blunier (Sis. Wilma) and Sis. Frieda
   Sis. Brienne Martin (Ben) gave her                                                     Ron Isch (Lamont-Gridley, KS), Bro.
testimony and was baptized the week-                                                      Brian Waibel (Champaign, IL), Bro.
                                               Bro. Maury and Sis. Joyce Crawford
end of October 23-24. May the joy of                                                      Dewayne Dill (Minneapolis, MN), Bro.
                                           grieve over the sudden loss of their
her salvation be precious to her life-                                                    Al Schambach (Remington, IN), Bro.
                                           da u g h t e r, S i s . D i a nne Cra wfo rd
                                                                                          Dennis Rassi (Austin, TX), Bro. Troy
  December 2010                                    SILVER LINING                                                           15

Leyse (Bluffton, IN), and Bro. Clark       one. We extend our deepest sympathy         (Bro. Ernie and Sis. Carol) and Brooke
Stoller (Gridley, IL). We thank each of    t o B r o . M i k e a n d S i s . Je n      Young (Mike and Mary Young) have
these brothers for sharing God’s Word      Feuchtenberger in the unexpected            announced their engagement.
with us and pray that He will richly       death of their brother-in-law, Bro. Da-         Thankful for the safe arrival of
bless them.                                vid Schmidgall (Sis. Janet) of Morris,      Braden Jeffrey are Bro. Brett, Sis.
                                           MN, on October 26. Bro. David was           Jennifer, and Mitchell Gutwein.
   “…there is joy in the presence of the   also a nephew and cousin to many oth-       Braden’s grandparents are Bro. Jeff
angels of God over one sinner that         ers in our congregation. Our thoughts       and Sis. Wendy Gutwein and Bro.
repenteth.”                                and prayers are with his family as they     Craig and Sis. Marilyn Martin (Eu-
   Luke 15:10                              grieve the loss of their loved one.         reka, IL). Brock Allen Schmidgall is
                                              Our prayers are also with Sis. Elsie     welcomed home by his parents, Bro.
    We are thankful for four souls who     Bachtold (Bro. Willis) and Sis. Louise      Trent and Sis. Tiffany. Thankful
have recently answered God’s call and      Hartman (Bro. Warren) in the loss of        grandparents are Bro. John and Sis.
made a beginning in repentance. Our        their sister-in-law, Sis. Oleda Menold      Janet Schmidgall and Bro. Wayne and
prayers are with Timothy Hartman           of Morton, who passed away on No-           Sis. Nancy Zimmerman. Bro. Gary and
(Bro. Mark and Sis. Judy), Thane Zehr      vember 6. May the comfort of the Holy       Sis. Betsy Leman are thankful for Pe-
(Bro. Quinn and Sis. Joan), Lynette        Spirit be felt amongst each one.            ter Wayne. His grandparents are Bro.
Waldbeser (Jim and Sis. Renae), and                                                    Phil and Charlotte Leman and Bro.
Walter Moser (Sis. Julia and late Bro.        Note of Thanks:                          Glen and Sis. Holly Steidinger.
Doug) as they each begin their walk           We want to give special thanks for           Sis. Viola Metz (Bro. Chris), Beth
with the Lord.                             the love and prayers and the food that      Ann Ifft (Bro. Duane and Sis. Mary),
    We also rejoice with our new sister    was brought to us while we were both        Sis. Velma Jean Ifft (Bro. Harvey), and
in the Lord, Sis. Luella Stephens, who     laid up. May God richly bless each and      Teri Wenger (Sam) were our hospital
shared a testimony of her faith and was    every one of you.                           patients this month. We can be so
baptized on November 8.                       Bro. Rich and Sis. Colleen Walter        thankful God hears and answers
    Our thoughts and prayers have                     ______________                   prayer!
been with those recovering from recent                                                     Bro. Lester Zimmerman passed
surgeries, including Bro. Warren Zehr            ILLINOIS, FORREST                     away, and we grieve with his wife, Sis.
(Sis. Dolores), Sis. Ione Broquard (Bro.             Lisa Aberle                       Louise. Also surviving are his children
Donald), and Bro. Paul Kilgus (Sis.                 Lynn Dotterer                      and step-children: Steve (Patsy), Jay
Carmen). Bro. Melvin Zimmerman,                                                        (Roberta), Sam (Karla), Cal (Ann),
Bro. Harvey Schieler (Sis. Jan), and          “Giving thanks always for all things     Peggy DeFries (Alan), Julie Cotter
William Fehr (Helen) have also spent       unto God and the Father in the name of      (Jack), and Bro. Sam Furrer (Sis. Pam,
time in the hospital. May God heal and     our Lord Jesus Christ.”                     Champaign, IL).            Sis. Doris
provide for each one.                         Eph. 5:20                                Kachelmuss has our sympathies also as
    On November 14 we sang a farewell                                                  Bro. Les was her brother.
hymn to Sis. Anna Lou VanAntwerp              Elizabeth Kaeb (Morris Kaeb and              Sis. Donna Leman and Sis. Ruth
who is now, due to illness, making her     Brenda Mueller), Anna Stoller (Bro.         Roth suffered a loss this month. Their
home in Missouri with her daughter.        Greg and Sis. Jill), Rollin Wenger (Bro.    sister, Sis. Oleda Menold (Morton, IL),
Even though the miles separate us, we      Rich and Sis. Jill), Philip Zimmerman       passed away. May God comfort each
continue to lift Sis. Anna Lou up in       (Bro. Jeff and Sis. Stephanie), Arlen       heart!
prayer.                                    Steidinger (Bro. Glen and Sis. Holly),          We thank Elder Bro. Rick Plattner
    Our prayers also continue to be with   Joel Steidinger (Bro. Roger and Sis.        (Fairbury, IL), Bro. Gary Anliker
Sis. Renee Slagel (Bro. Ray and Sis.       Sheila), Matthew Gutwein (Bro. Jeff         (Elgin, IL), Bro. David Eisenmann
Gladys) who has felt God’s leading to      and Sis. Wendy), and Karla Edelman          (Ch a m pa i g n, IL ), Bro . K e rwi n
stay in Haiti longer than originally       (Bro. Karl and Sis. Bethany) have be-       Edelman (Athens, AL), and Bro. Ron
planned. She has now accepted a teach-     gun their repentance. We are thankful       Bollier (Indianapolis, IN) for minister-
ing position at the missionary school on   to God for His call and the grace He pro-   ing to us. We are thankful God pro-
the MEBSH compound. May she feel           vides!                                      vides brothers who are willing to teach
God’s nearness and grace as she works         Thankful for God’s provision are         us.
in Haiti.                                  Sis. Kathy Dotterer and Bro. Dan                Feeling God’s direction, Bro.
    Several in our congregation have re-   Banwart as they announce their en-          Shane, Sis. Sarah, Seth and Addie
cently experienced the loss of a loved     gagement. They are looking forward to       Aberle have decided to make Cham-
                                           a December 19 wedding. Jason Leman
16                                                   SILVER LINING                                                         December 2010

paign, IL, their home church. We will       pouring of special prayers for my heal-          Cynde Stoller.
miss them, but we wish them God’s           ing and for my family to carry on. It’s               On November 21, Sis. Mindy Camp-
richest blessings!                          amazing what the Lord can do with the            bell was married to Bro. Joel Stickling
           ______________                   help of His children. Thank you and              of Peoria. She is the daughter of Bro.
                                            God bless each one of you near and far.          Mark and Sis. Marcia Campbell. He is a
     ILLINOIS, GOODFIELD                    My cancer is in remission and I com-             son of the Chris Sticklings of Peoria.
         Kayla Wiegand                      pleted my first maintenance treat-               Visiting ministers were Elder Bro. Tim
          Donna Wyss                        ment. It went well.                              Funk and Bro. Craig Stickling (both of
    Two couples became first-time par-         Sis. Carolyn (and Bro. Donnie) Ott            Peoria).
ents on November 17! Harvey Keenan                                                                The funeral of Bro. John E. Schlipf,
was born to Bro. Jared and Sis. Angie           Words cannot say how much we ap-             80, was held on November 18. Surviv-
Schieber. Grandparents are Bro. Mike        preciate all of our dear church friends          i n g a r e h i s wi f e , S i s . C a r o l y n ,
and Sis. Mary Schieber (Congerville)        and friends from a distance that sent us         Bloomington. Also, a son, J. D. Schlipf,
a n d Br o . R a n d y a nd S is. Cindy     cards on our 60th wedding anniver-               Colorado Springs, CO; and three
Schmidgall. Herman and Sara (Baer)          sary. We appreciate each and every one           daughters, Sis. Susan Schlipf,
Glueck were blessed with a daughter,        of you and thank you for making it such          Bloomington, Ann Benson, Cascade,
Miriam Joy. What a blessing babies          a special memory.                                CO, and Susan Schweigart, Tremont.
are.                                            Lov e, Bro. Dan and S is . Verla             Five grandchildren also survive him.
    Our prayers and sympathy go to Sis.     Wiegand                                          We offer our sincere sympathies to this
Helen Bauman (Bro. Les) since her sis-                  ______________                       family.
ter, Sis. Shirley Funk (Congerville),                                                             Sis. Betty Klopfenstein, 78, passed
passed away.                                       ILLINOIS, GRIDLEY                         away and her funeral was held on Fri-
    We are very thankful that Tyler                 Perry Klopfenstein                       day, November 26. She is survived by
Rocke (Bro. Jedd and Sis. Marsha) has          The Word of God teaches us to pray            three children, Bro. Paul Klopfenstein,
begun his repentance. May we all be         wi th o u t cea s i ng . It a l s o s a ys t o   Bloomington, Sis. Patti Klopfenstein,
prayerful for him and each convert.         “abound” with thanksgiving. While                Gridley, and Gary Klopfenstein,
    The Lord has worked in the lives of     pleading and beseeching are both a               Evanston, IL. Also, two grandchildren
four dear souls. Sis. Michelle Knapp        part of many of our prayers, we are              s u rv i v e h er, L ane and Jo el
(Sis. Judy) and Bro. Rick Kaisner of        nonetheless supposed to “abound” in              Klopfenstein, Evanston. She is sur-
Chicago (Bro. Leon and Sis. Eunice,         thanking God. Surely, we have many,              vived, too, by one sister, Sis. Hazel
Peoria) had their engagement an-            many reasons to continually be thank-            Huette, Normal, and one brother,
nounced on October 24 and they plan to      ing God, as He blesses us richly in many         Clyde Koehl, Tarpon Springs, FL, a sis-
get married February 13. The next           ways each day.                                   ter-in-law, Velma Koehl, Forrest, and a
Sunday, Bro. Craig Wiegand (Bro. Ron           Our church hosted the Detroit, MI,            b r o t h e r - i n - l a w , R o n a l d “B u m p ”
and Sis. Kary) and Sis. Marla Wiegand       choir on the weekend of November 6-7.            Steidinger, Forrest. Sis. Betty was
(Bro. Art and Sis. Pam) became en-          Visiting ministers were Bro. Randy               married for 25 years to Bro. Carlton
gaged and they’re planning their wed-       Gasser and Bro. Jesse Bedolla who also           “Carsh” Klopfenstein, who passed
ding for January 30. May God bless          sang with the choir, and Bro. John               away on March 24, 1981. Sis. Betty will
each of these families.                     Rassi (Tremont).                                 be remembered for her gentle disposi-
    We need to lift up each one in prayer      Other visiting ministers were Bro.            tion, and for her meek and quiet spirit.
who have had accidents or illness. Our      Galen Rokey (Bern, KS) and Bro. Ed                             ______________
Sis. Carol Martin, Sis. Vi Wagner, Bro.     Fritz (Washington, IL) who were here
Wilbur Heinold, and Mark (Sarah)            on November 14. May God bless their                      ILLINOIS, MORTON
Wirtz (son of Bro. Mike and Sis. Lila)      efforts.                                                   Annette Tanner
would appreciate it.                           We are sorry to report the death of                       Julie Bahr
    May God bless Bro. Michael Rieker       Sis. Oleda Menold, 93, of Morton, the               I heard of a young child that com-
(Sis. Carol Anne, Peoria) for minister-     mother of Sis. Mary Witzig and Sis.              mented to his family that one of the
ing unto us on our Wednesday night Bi-      Twyla Schlipf.                                   reasons he looked forward to
ble Study. He spoke to us about David’s        Bro. Brock Wiegand and Bro. Roy               Thanksgiving and Christmas was be-
sins and his repentance.                    Hodel had surgical procedures this               cause the whole family had to be “stuck
                                            month. Scott Kiefer suffered a broken            together!” No one had to go off to work,
   Notes of Thanks:                         heel in a fall from a scaffold. Mercy            school, or activities! Isn’t this just like
   Our precious church family has           Stoller, 2, suffered a broken leg in a fall.     our Father in Heaven would want us to
been so gracious to us by such an out       She is the daughter of Bro. Jeff and Sis.        be with Him,”Stuck together?” No
  December 2010                                            SILVER LINING                                                                 17

busyness - just sweet devotional fellow-            Brett and Sis. Olivia Steffen, and Bro.    and Sis. Bere Aupperle, Magdalena.
ship! As the Christmas season ap-                   Rod and Sis. Beth Steffen (Cissna
proaches, take time for the most                    Park) are his paternal grandparents.          Note of Thanks:
important PREPARATIONS. Prepare                         Our sympathy is extended to Bro.          A special thank you to all for your
your heart to worship the King - KING               Peter (Sis. Mabel) Weber, whose sister,    prayers and support shown to all of us
JESUS.                                              Margrit Rentsch, Zuerich, Switzer-         during the difficult latter days of Bro.
    Bro. Byron Stoller (Sis. Carol,                 land, passed away October 26. She is       Bob’s life here on earth and since his
Gridley) so graciously came to Morton               survived by her husband, Walter            death. He had a special relationship
to give our Family Worship topic “The               Rentsch, and Harry, Ronny, and             with so many. We pray that God will
Story of the Fiery Furnace”. The cour-              Brigitte Rentsch.                          bless each of you for all of the kindness
age Almighty God imparted to those                      We rejoice with Bro. Frederick and     shown in so many ways to all of us
three young believing men in that day               Sis. Jodi (Kieser) Leman, who were         through the years.
is the same awesome courage He offers               united as one in the Lord on November         Sis. Lorene Joos and family
us today. Is it our desire to develop this          7. Parents are Bro. Mark and Sis. Cathy                ______________
kind of intimate relationship with our              Kieser, and Dennis and Sis. Karen
God so that we will know, without a                 Leman (Roanoke). The couple is mak-           ILLINOIS, PRINCEVILLE
doubt, this same courage?                           ing their home in Denver.                           Linda Joos
    We appreciate our visiting minis-                   Our thanks to Elder Bro. Mike                  Connie Christ
ters. Our thanks to: Elder Bro. Steve               Leman (Sis. Deb, Denver) and Bro.
Ringger (Sis. Myra, Bluffton North),                Tom Leman (Sis. Marlene, Denver)              “Speak the gospel of salvation,
Elder Bro. Dan Kilgus (Sis. Jenna,                  who were visiting for the wedding; El-     Boldly in the wilderness.”
Remington), Bro. Ron Allenbach (Sis.                der Bro. Ted Witzig (Sis. Cindy, Mor-         Zion’s Harp #112, v. 4
Lois, Kiowa), Bro. Troy Leyse (Sis.                 ton) who ministered on our Wednesday
Kelly, Bluffton) and Bro. Roger Aberle              night family night, November 3; and            We were privileged to hear the
(Sis. LaVonne, Sabetha).                            Bro. Clark Stoller (Sis. Cindy, Gridley)   Memorandum letter read and ex-
    S i s . O l e d a Me n o l d (l a t e B r o .   who preached the Word on Sunday,           pounded to us by our Elder Bro. Jim
Herman) was called Home on Novem-                   November 14.                               and Elder Bro. Mike Leman (Denver,
ber 6. May the Lord bless and comfort                   The pre-k, kindergarten, first, and    CO) on November 6. May we continue
her three sons, Thomas (Sheryl), Greg               second grade Sunday School students,       to pray for our dear Elder Brothers that
(Linda), and Brad (Jacquetta) Menold;               and the Mortonaires sang for and with      the Word can continue to be spoken
and also her four daughters, Sis. Eliza-            us at our family hymn sing November        boldly in this day and time.
beth (Bro. Dennis) Feucht, Sis. Mary                7. What a blessing to hear young and           We were also blessed with many
(Bro. Jerome) Witzig, Susan (David)                 not-so-young sing praises to God!          other visiting ministering brothers
Chadwick, and Sis. Twyla (Bro. Ar-                      Apostolic Christian Skylines held a    this month. We thank them and their
thur) Schlipf.                                      soup dinner and auction fundraiser         families for being willing servants in
                                                    November 13 at the Fellowship Hall.        bringing God’s Word. This month our
                                                    Lighthouse Academy held their annual       visiting ministers were Elder Bro.
         ILLINOIS, PEORIA                           fundraiser November 4. Many thanks         Mark Streitmatter (Bloomington, IL),
          Pam Fritzenmeier                          to all who participated to help our dear   a n d Br o s . M i c h a e l W a g e n b a c h
   October 24 was a special day for Bro.            youth and elderly family and friends.      (Wolcott, IN), Dan Stoller (Remington,
Leon and Sis. Eunice Kaisner, as their                  Many in our congregation are in        IN), Ken Schneider (Remington, IN),
son, Bro. Rick Kaisner, Chicago, was                need of prayer for various health is-      Brad Gudeman (Bradford, IL), Nile
announced to Sis. Michelle Knapp,                   sues. These include Sis. Mary Swadley,     Bucher (Bluffton North, IN) and Greg
daughter of Sis. Judy Knapp and the                 Mae Thomas, Sis. Ella Plattner, Sis.       Stoller (Forrest, IL).
late Stan Knapp (Goodfield).                        Barb Schafer, Sis. Kathy (Bro. Dave)           “Who forgiveth all thine iniquities;
   Bro. Jeremy and Sis. Elizabeth                   Obergfel, Bro. Mel (Sis. Margaret)         who healeth all thy diseases:” (Psalm
Calame welcomed their first child, Jor-             Getz, Bro. Verle (Sis. Vonnie) Kieser,     103:3) We are so thankful we can com-
dan Daniel, on October 23. His grand-               Bro. David (Sis. Rita) Sauder, Bro. Bill   mit all with physical infirmities to our
parents are Bro. Tom and Sis. JoAnn                 (Sis. Joyce) Waibel, and Dave (Sue)        Heavenly Father. Sis. Doris (Bro. Wal-
Rieker, and Bro. John and Sis. Jody                 Diggle. Also remember to pray for our      ter) Christ recently had knee surgery
Calame (Rittman). Bro. Don and Sis.                 missionary families, Bro. Tim and Sis.     and Bro. Darin (Sis. Keri) Blunier was
Jackie Hoerr became grandparents on                 Joan Reinhard and family, and Bro.         also recently hospitalized. We pray for
October 30 when Obadiah William                     Isaac Funk, Haiti, and Bro. Jonathan       them as well as many who find them-
Steffen was born. His parents are Bro.                                                         selves in need of physical healing.
18                                                      SILVER LINING                                                December 2010

   On October 1, Bro. Noah and Sis.              Leman (Dennis and Sis. Karen) mar-        Bro. Randy Beer (Milford) was with us
Evalyn Herrmann were privileged to               ried Sis. Jodi Kieser of Peoria (Bro.     for the funeral. Our sympathy is also
celebrate 60 years of marriage. May              Mark and Sis. Cathy). We pray each of     extended to others of our congregation
God continue to be very near and bless           these couples can feel God’s nearness     who have lost loved ones in the past
and provide in His love and kindness.            as they begin their lives together.       month. Grayce Haning (East Peoria),
   Our dear Sis. Janet Martin-Joos re-                                                     mother of John (Sis. Barb) Gastman
cently moved to an apartment at Sky-                “Therefore we are buried with him      passed away October 26. Bro. Dan (Sis.
lines. We are thankful she is enjoying           by baptism into death: that like as       Kim) Maher’s mother, Dorothy Maher
her new home, and pray that God will             Christ was raised up from the dead by     of Princeville, passed away November
continue to bless her in her new envi-           the glory of the Father, even so we       11.
ronment.                                         should walk in newness of life.”               Bro. Randy Mogler (Washington)
            ______________                          Romans 6:4                             was with us for our November family
                                                                                           worship. His topic was, “At the Cross-
      ILLINOIS, ROANOKE                             October 23 and 24 were the testimo-    road, Who Do You Love?”
          Jamie Hodel                            nies and baptisms of Laura Fehr (John          On November 14, we welcomed
          Judy Sauder                            and Jane) and Seth Hodel (Bro. Brad       back home to our Roanoke congrega-
   Our congregation has once again
                                                 and Sis. Patty). We were thankful to      t i o n B r o . M a r t y a n d S i s . Marti
been blessed in the birth of babies. On
                                                 have Elder Bro. Tim Funk (Peoria)         Rumbold who have been living in
October 20, Kate Elizabeth was born              with us for the weekend. November         Monterrey, Mexico.
to Bro. Steve and Sis. Colleen Byrd.             13-14 we were able to hear the testi-        We rejoice with Bro. Glen and Sis.
Older siblings are: Bro. Craig, Joshua,          mony and witness the baptism of           Carol Martin in the engagement of
Jesse, Karen, Ryan, Benjamin, and                Hannah Knepp (Bro. Rich and Sis.          their daughter, Cassie, to Dustin
Daniel. Grandparents of Kate are Sis.            Janet). Bro. Steve Baner (Gridley) was    Schumacher of Washington. Dustin’s
Clara Fischer and Bro. Jim and Sis.              with us on Sunday for the baptism.        parents are Karen Schumacher of
Sara Byrd. Bro. Drew and Sis.                       Our young group has lovingly           W a s h i n g t o n a n d Mi k e an d D e b
A m a n d a L e m a n we l c o m e d h o m e     served our congregation this month.       Schumacher of Roanoke.
Simone Bay on October 20. Older                  The annual Harvest Party was held on         Psalm 34:17 “The righteous cry,
brothers are Will and Miles. Grand-              October 30 for the youth in our congre-   and the Lord heareth…” Our congre-
parents of Simone are Bro. Mike and              gation. Then, on November 6, assis-       gation is holding Bro. Rich (Sis. Janet)
Sis. Sue Zimmerman (Morton) and                  tance in raking leaves was offered to     Knepp up in prayer as he faces a stem
Bro. Bill and Sis. Jeanne Leman. Bro.            the elderly in our congregation. We       cell transplant.
Chuck and Sis. Rita Hodel became                 pray God will bless each who served for               ______________
grandparents again on October 20                 their kindness.
when Tenley Hope came to bless the                  Our Bible Class was invited to               ILLINOIS, TREMONT
home of Bro. Kirk and Sis. Wendy                 Fairbury on October 31. We pray this               Teresa Rowell
Prather (Washington). Big sister Ella            weekend was a blessing to each student             Janice Sauder
                                                 involved.                                    We want to thank Bro. Matt Steffen
and paternal grandparents, Bro. Bob
                                                    On October 27, Bro. Jeff Grimm         (Princeville, IL) for coming and shar-
and Sis. Marlene Prather (Washing-
                                                 (Goodfield) joined us for our monthly     ing the gospel with us this past month.
ton) also welcome her. On November
                                                 family worship. His topic covered I Pe-   May God richly reward him and grant
6, Bro. Tim and Sis. Cathy Hohulin
                                                 ter 3:8.                                  grace for his continued ministry.
welcomed a new grandson, Kobe                                                                 We wish God’s blessings upon
                                                    Also ministering to us this month
Nash. Kobe was born to Jerime and                                                          Derek Kaiser (Bro. Don and Sis. Sandy)
                                                 were Bro. Tom Schambach (Elgin , IL)
Staci Barrett of Eureka and is wel-                                                        and Meaghan Van Dyke (Nate and Jeni
                                                 and Bro. Greg Lehman (Wolcott, IN).
comed home by older sister and                                                             Troyer, and Jeff and Kathy Van Dyke)
                                                    Our congregation was reminded
brother, Reagan and Zion.                                                                  as they are engaged to be married.
                                                 how fleeting life can be when our Sis.
   October 22 was the wedding date of                                                      Derek and Meaghan are planning to
                                                 Dianne Crawford suddenly went to be
Kevin Hodel and Liana Manlove, both                                                        wed in December of this year.
                                                 with the Lord on November 4. Our
of Indianapolis. Kevin’s parents are                                                          Our congregation has laid to rest
                                                 prayers continue to be with her par-
Bro. Chuck and Sis. Rita Hodel. Li-                                                        two dear sisters-in-faith this past
                                                 ents, Bro. Maurice and Sis. Joyce
ana’s parents are Larry and Diana                Crawford (Eureka), and brothers,          month. Our Sis. Emma Aberle’s fu-
Manlove o f C r a w f o r d s v i l l e , IN .   Steve (Lynn) Crawford of Eureka and       neral was held on October 22. Sis.
Sunday, November 7, Bro. Frederick               Ron (Terri) Crawford of Washington.       Emma had the privilege of serving the
  December 2010                                                SILVER LINING                                                                                19

Lord for 85 years—what a blessing. We                our congregation. Sarah is the fif-                     October 20. Her big sister, Ella, and
extend sympathy to her children,                     teen-year-old daughter of Bro. Dean                     g r a n d p a r e n t s , Br o . Bo b a n d S i s .
Duane (Barbara) Aberle of Morton and                 and Sis. Karen Beutel’s cousins from                    Marlene Prather (Washington) and
Sis. Mary Jane (Bro. Dean) Leuthold of               Germany, who spent the first three                      Bro. Chuck and Sis. Rita Hodel
Tremont; five grandchildren and nine                 months of the school year living with                   (Roanoke), are also delighted to wel-
great-grandchildren. One sister, Sis.                them and attending our local high                       come her.
Wilma (Bro. Emil) Aberle, also sur-                  school. God bless you, Sarah, and we                        Bro. Keith and Sis. Alisa Beyer and
vives her.                                           hope you can visit in the U.S. again!                   their family have recently moved to
     Isaiah 43:1-2 “But now thus saith                  Bro. Jerry and S is. K athy                          Leo to serve as houseparents at Gate-
the Lord that created thee, O Jacob,                 Zuercher’s son-in-law, David (Tammy)                    way Woods. We miss their loving pres-
and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear              Callan, is expecting to be deployed to                  ence here in our Washington
not: for I have redeemed thee, I have                Afghanistan for six months on Decem-                    congregation but are confident they
called thee by thy name; thou art mine.              ber 2. May we keep Dave, and all our                    are being warmly welcomed in Leo.
When thou passest through the waters,                soldiers, in our prayers, for God’s lov-                May God bless them in this endeavor.
I will be with thee; and through the                 ing, protecting hand over each one.                         We are prayerful for Bro. Andy
rivers, they shall not overflow thee:                              ______________                            Mogler who recently had cardiac stents
when thou walkest through the fire,                                                                          p u t i n . M a y h e fe e l o u r l o v e an d
thou shalt not be burned; neither shall                  ILLINOIS, WASHINGTON                                prayers.
the flame kindle upon thee.”                                  Linda Folkerts                                     On Thanksgiving Day, our dear
     These words of comfort were read at                      Nancy Leman                                    Bro. Ed Teubel was taken from our
the funeral service of our Sis. Nancy                                                                        presence into eternity after a long
                                                     What joy I feel, what peace is mine
Koch on November 17. We extend our                                                                           struggle with various health problems.
                                                     as I my all to Thee resign!
sympathy to her husband, Bro. Cleo;                                                                          He was a pillar in our Washington
                                                     Redemption, Lord, Thou didst achieve;
her three children, Sis. Rachel (Bro.                                                                        church and had a significant part in its
                                                     My Jesus I will never leave!
Jim) Sauder, Bro. Nathan (Sis. Sandi)                   Hymns of Zion #259                                   beginning. May the Lord be with his
Koch, and Bro. Nelson (Sis. Mary)                                                                            wife, Sis. Louise, his children, Bro.
Koch; and fifteen grandchildren, all of                  Our congregation was blessed to                     Mark (Sis. Marti) Teubel, Keith (Jill)
Tremont; four step-children, Sheryl                  share in the joy of our new brother                     Teubel of Washington, and Marie
(David) Wingert of Atlanta, GA, Mary                 -in-Christ, Dean Kellenberger, as he                    (Thomas) Bertolon of Peoria, AZ, his
Lou (Herb) Fritz of Durham, NC, Gary                 shared his testimony and was then                       grandchildren and extended family.
(Marlee) Koch of Vashon, WA, and                     baptized the weekend of October                         May they feel our prayers of sympathy
John (Dawn) Koch of Evanston, IL;                    30-31. He is the son of the late Bro.                   and love.
eight step-grandchildren; and eleven                 Gene and late Sis. Velma Kellenberger                                ______________
step-great-grandchildren. Of her sur-                and the brother of Bro. Ron (Sis.
viving brothers and sisters, four are                Carole) and Bro. Randy (Sis. Ruth)                            INDIANA, BLUFFTON
f r o m T r e m o n t : B r o . D a v i d (S i s .   Kellenberger of our congregation. We                               Kim Meyer
Eunice) Beutel, Bro. Alvin (Sis. Carol)                                                                               Suzie Fiechter
                                                     appreciated Bro. Chuck Kellenberger
Beutel, Bro. Fred (Sis. Jeannette)                                                                              This past month, God has again
                                                     (Sis. Debbie, Elgin, IL) sharing the
Beutel, and Sis. Ruth (Bro. Vernon)                                                                          faithfully fed us with the meat of His
                                                     Word with us that weekend.
Koch. May God continue to comfort                                                                            Word. We’ve been challenged to yield
                                                         Other visiting ministers this past
these grieving families.                                                                                     to Him as Master Sculptor, inviting
                                                     month have been Bro. Trent Meiss
     Sis. Kathy (the late Bro. Nelson)                                                                       Him to chip away anything that does-
                                                     (Sis. Lucy, Eureka) and Bro. Fred Funk
Rocke has a new granddaughter to                                                                             n’t resemble His son or daughter.
                                                     (Sis. Diane, Morton) on October 24,
love, Emma Sue. She is the daughter of                                                                       We’ve been reminded of the impor-
                                                     Bro. Craig Stickling (Sis. Jacki, Peoria)
Bro. Doug and Sis. Trisha Rocke of                                                                           tance of the head covering, and its rep-
                                                     a n d Br o . W i l l i s E h n l e (S i s . L o i s ,
Elgin, IA. Bro. Aaron and Sis. Katie                                                                         resentation of God’s ordained line of
                                                     Peoria) on November 14, and Bro. Jeff
Ehnle also have a new daughter, Ali                                                                          authority. Our dear Elder Bro. Lynn
                                                     Niehouser (Sis. Susan, Morton) on No-
Kate, born October 27. Ali’s big sister,                                                                     exhorted us to strive to be strangers
                                                     vember 17 for our monthly topical Bi-
Brianna, and grandparents, Bro. Kurt                                                                         and pilgrims, caring not what the
                                                     ble study. We want to thank these dear
and Sis. Jane Ehnle (Bradford, IL) also                                                                      world thinks, but only what God
                                                     brothers for their service in the Lord.
welcome her home.                                                                                            thinks. Our special service on church
                                                         Bro. Kirk and Sis. Wendy Prather
     October 31 was the last Sunday Sa-                                                                      unity encouraged us to cling together
                                                     welcomed a precious baby girl, Tenley
rah Miehle-Honecker assembled with                                                                           under the headship of Jesus Christ, dy-
                                                     Hope, into their hearts and home on
                                                                                                             ing to self and sloppy living. We are so
20                                                      SILVER LINING                                                     December 2010

thankful for each one who proclaims                God has also worked in the lives of           Bro. Zach Bertsch (Sis. Jenny) and
God’s Word in truth! Now our respon-           Bro. Abe Habegger of Milford (Bro. Ted            Katelyn Pfister (Bro. Rich and Sis. Am-
sibility is to joyfully receive it and apply   and Sis. Jane, Bluffton), and Sis. Julie          ber of Les Ceyes, Haiti). Our desire is
it to our daily lives. We pray for His         Beer (Bro. Dan and Sis. Deb, Milford)             that they would be healed, yet we pray
grace to do His will!                          as their engagement was announced.                for God’s will in each of their lives. Bro.
    Our congregation has had many op-              W e r e j o i c e wi t h Br o . K r e i g h   Zach is a young husband and daddy
portunities to rejoice together, weep          Aschliman (Bro. Kevin and Sis. Beth)              who’s been battling cancer for almost a
together, pray and work together. As           and Sis. Bekah Yergler (Bro. Jeff and             year. For anyone who would want to re-
we grow together in the Lord, our de-          Sis. Peg, Bluffton North), as they were           member them, their address is: Bro.
sire is that we draw others to Him as we       united in marriage on October 17.                 Zach and Sis. Jenny Bertsch, 1037 E.
live to glorify Him.                               An incredible testimony of love and           Spring St. Bluffton, IN 46714.
                                               faithfulness, Bro. Earl and Sis. Marge                A church family our size has many
   “By this shall all men know that ye         Stucky celebrated their 70th wedding              opportunities and activities that sig-
are my disciples, if ye have love one to       anniversary. We’ve all been blessed by            nify a healthy growing body. Hosted by
another.”                                      their life and marriage. Their children           our young singles, a “Love One An-
   John 13:35                                  are Sis. Kathy Stucky (Bro. Rick - dec.)          other” supper and singing was held for
                                               and Bro. Steve and Sis. Carol Stucky.             all singles, widows and widowers. A
   We rejoice in the miracle of new life,      Another wonderful example to us has               topical presentation, “Learning more
physically and spiritually. Bro. Jason         been Bro. Bob and Sis. Evie Gerber,               about why individuals do the things
and Sis. Joni Fiechter gave birth to           who celebrated their 60th anniversary.            they do and pray the way they pray”
Dane Jason on October 24. He is also           B ro. B ob a n d S i s. L u A n n G er ber        was held on November 7. Loving Shep-
welcomed by sister, Kinsey, and grand-         (Wolcott), Bro. Gene and Sis. Becky               herd Ministries held its annual “Pic-
parents, Bro. Tom and Sis. Kim Sinn            Gerber and Bro. Kim and Sis. Lisa                 ture of Love” live concert on Saturday,
(Latty, OH), Dave Fiechter and June            Troxel are their children.                        November 13.
Fiechter. Bro. Blaine and Sis. Tonia               Death is so bittersweet. We mourn                 Family hymn sings, World Relief
Isch, along with Ethan, Isabel and Si-         the loss of loved ones, yet rejoice that          sewing, extra high school and middle
mon, praise God for the safe arrival of        they are “Safe in the Arms of Jesus.”             school activities, work projects, adop-
Hadie Linae on October 24. Grandpar-           Little Burke Tonner, 6 days old, went             tion and troubled teen ministries, ben-
ents are Bro. Bruce and Sis. Mary              to be with the Lord on October 15.We              efit auctions, mission trips and special
Raber and Bro. Les and Sis. Ann Isch.          lift up his family in prayer: Bro. Brent,         holiday collections have all taken place
Case William has blessed the home of           Sis. Rachelle, Brittney, Brendon, Sis.            this past month. We don’t have to look
Bro. Alex, Sis. Shauna and Adler               Kaitlin, Ma di so n , R i l ey, B r o dy,         far to find many ways to be the hands
Neuenschwander. His grandparents               Brayson and Ashlyn, along with grand-             and feet of Jesus, while loving and serv-
are Bro. Terry and S is. Jean                  parents, Bro. Gary and Sis. Diann                 ing each other!
Neuenschwander and Bro. Don and                Tonner and Bro. Sam and Sis. Mary Jo                          ______________
Sis. Suzie Fiechter. May God grant             Gerber.
each of these families the grace to train          Grieving the loss of their mother                          INDIANA
their children in His ways.                    and grandmother is the family of Sis.                    BLUFFTON NORTH
                                               Beulah Schwartz (Bro. Howard – dec.).                    Jessie Longenberger
   “That the generation to come might          We extend our love and sympathy to                            Amy Moser
know them, even the children which             Gary and Sis. Sharon Merritt, Bro.
                                                                                                 We give Thee thanks, Oh Lamb of
should be born; who should arise and           Gary and Sis. Barb Schwartz, Bro. Dale
declare them to their children: That           and Sis. Joni Schwartz, their children
                                                                                                 that on the cross beam Thou hast
they might set their hope in God, and          and grandchildren.                                    bought
not forget the works of God, but keep              Sis. Irene Reinhard (Bro. Aaron –             for us salvation, peace and grace.
His commandments.”                             dec.) went Home on November 10. Our                  Thanks and Prayer, Zion’s Harp
   Psalm 78:6-7                                prayers are with her children, Don and
                                               Sharon Reinhard, Bro. Jerome and Sis.                We rejoice with the angels as an-
   Abby Frauhiger (Bro. Chris and Sis.         Gail Reinhard, Bro. John and Sis. Pam             other soul has accepted the blood of Je-
Sarah) and Austin Miller are seeking           Reinhard, her grandchildren and                   sus! Livia Frauhiger has begun her
the Lord in repentance. We pray for His        great-grandchildren.                              walk with the Lord this month. She is
guidance in their lives as they seek               Bro. Gerald (Shorty) Fiechter (Sis.           the daughter of Bro. Jeremy and Sis.
Him!                                           Eunic) has been hospitalized, as well as          Sally Frauhiger.
  December 2010                                              SILVER LINING                                                               21

   On October 17, Bro. Kreigh                        Body of Christ. May the Lord richly            sun! May our own lives reflect the
Aschliman (Bluffton) and Sis. Rebekah                bless each of them.                            “light of the Son” that those with
Yergler were united in marriage. We                      Bro. Jan and Sis. Val Gutwein and          whom we interact may see and know
rejoice with them and pray for God’s                 their family have returned to their re-        the goodness of the Lord.
blessings on their new life together.                sponsibilities in Haiti after spending                    ______________
   Along with his family, our congre-                time here and we pray that God will
gation mourns the loss of Bro. Paul                  continue to watch over them and give                       INDIANA
Dotterer who went to be with the Lord                them grace and strength to do His                       INDIANAPOLIS
on October 16. His wife, Sis. Phyllis,               work.                                                    Gail Bradford
survives along with their four children,                 Bro. Chad and Sis. Pam Huber and                    Penny Schroder
                                                     their family have returned home on a               ** Special Note: During our remod-
Sis. Kathy (Bro. Gordon) Gerber (Mor-
                                                     furlough from Jamaica. We welcome              eling process, Sunday worship services
ton, IL), Sis. Susan (Bro. Doug) Dailey,
                                                     them with open arms and hearts and             are being held at Heritage Christian
Sis. Sally, and Bro. Jeff (Sis. Lynn).
                                                     pray they can be refreshed and encour-         School, 6401 E. 75th St., Indianapolis
                                                     aged while they spend time here with           46250. Sunday services begin at 9:10
              INDIANA                                their families and with the brother-           am. We anticipate moving back to our
           FRANCESVILLE                              hood.                                          remodeled church building sometime
            Mildred Clauss                               Bro. Bruce Wuethrich is now at             in December; so, if you plan to visit In-
             Jacki Huber                             home and able to worship with us               dianapolis church, please contact one
                                                     again; making a good recovery from se-         of our ministers, who can provide more
Thanks to God for my Redeemer,                       rious injuries he suffered from a fall.        details. Also, once back in our new
Thanks for all Thou dost provide                                                                    church, Sunday worship will begin at
                                                     Surely the Lord has been gracious to
Thanks for times now but a memory;                                                                  9:45. This time is different than the
                                                     answer many prayers! Our prayers
Thanks for Jesus by my side!                                                                        time printed in the Apostolic Christian
                                                     continue for other loved ones who have
                                                     recently undergone surgery: Bro.               Churches and Ministers book.
Thanks for pain and thanks for plea-
                                                     Chris Welker, Bro. Larry Leman, Bro.               We offer our sympathy to Sis. Sally
                                                     Andre Neihouser and Sis. Ruth                  Dotterer and her family as they re-
Thanks for comfort in despair
Thanks for grace that none can mea-                  Wuethrich.                                     cently experienced the loss of her fa-
  sure,                                                  O n O c t o b e r 2 6 , m y o w n de a r   ther, Bro. Paul Dotterer (Bluffton
Thanks for love beyond compare!                      brother, Bro. Chuck Anliker (wife, Sis.        North, IN). May God comfort them at
                                                     Margaret), completed his earthly jour-         this time and in the days ahead.
    These lines are excerpts from a song             ney and went to be with the Lord. He is            A large group from our church en-
that was sung at our Thanksgiving                    also survived by two sons: Kenneth C.          joyed an invitation from the
Program. The message of the evening                  Anliker (wife, Terri) of Chalmers, IN,         Valparaiso, IN, church to worship with
seemed to be: we want to be thankful                 and Kurtis J. Anliker of Denver, CO,           them on Sunday, November 7. During
for hard times as well as good times be-             and three grandchildren, Christopher           their Harvest Day service many hymns
cause God knows the path we take and                 Anliker, Joshua Anliker and Tai                and scriptures were shared, reminding
He provides the needed grace for all                 Kralis; four siblings: Sis. Emma Jean          us of the Thanksgiving season. We ap-
that He allows to come our way!                      Stieglitz of Latty, OH, and Bro. Earl          preciated the Christian love and fel-
    Our congregation partook of Holy                 Anliker, Sis. Eleanor Bogart and Sis.          lowship that was shared with us that
Communion on the evening of Novem-                   Mildred Clauss of Francesville.                day.
ber 20 and we were thankful to have El-                  It was comforting to hear his friends          Bro. Chad and Sis. Heather Hoerr
der Bro. Brad Eisenmann (Sis. Cindy,                 and neighbors recall many kind deeds           welcomed their first child, Beckham
Chicago, IL) here to assist our own El-              and good memories. When others re-             Eli, into their family on November 11.
der Bro. Steve Gutwein. On October                   view our earthly walk, what a blessing         Beckham’s grandparents are Bro.
31, we were blessed to have Bro. Mark                it is when the Fruit of the Spirit has         Brian and Sis. Lorene Furrer (West La-
Gerber (Sis. Barb, Bluffton) to share                been evident. I’m thinking of a sermon         fayette, IN) and Bro. Doug and Sis. Peg
the Word with us.                                    from our own pulpit when mention was           Hoerr (Washington, IL).
    T h i s m o n t h o u r T o p i c a l Bi b l e   made of the brightness of the moon on a            As our remodeling process draws to
Study, “A House of Prayer”, was given                clear night. We may think surely the           a close, we had the opportunity to share
by Bro. Randy Gudeman. We cannot be                  moon itself is a source of light! But no       in a special service at the nearly com-
thankful enough for the efforts put                  matter how brightly it shines, it is a re-     pleted building on November 14. Bro.
forth and for the prayerful concern                  flection of a greater light: that of the       Wayne encouraged the church as we
that all of our ministers have for the                                                              look towards the future and others re-
22                                                                SILVER LINING                                                        December 2010

minded us of the importance of a                            We rejoice with Reid Schneider                  and Sis. Kay Reutter (Rockville) as well
church family and thanked those who                      (Bro. Calvin and Sis. Jeannie) as he was           as Felix and Sis. Lourdes Sibaja-Leon
had contributed so much toward the                       announced for peace. We look forward               (Ixtlan). In addition, great-grandpar-
remodeling efforts.                                      to hearing his and his sister Lindsey’s            ents include Sis. Loretta Baumgartner
   On November 17, we shared in a                        testimonies and witnessing their bap-              (Cissna Park), Sis. Anna Marie Reutter
special Thanksgiving program. Our                        tisms      the     weekend         after           (Gridley), and Guadalupe Marti-
Bible Class sang hymns that reminded                     Thanksgiving. What a reason to be                  nez-Jarquin (Guadalajara, Mexico).
us to be thankful, several couples                       thankful!                                              On November 6, two precious con-
talked about how God has given them                         It is always nice to have visiting              v e r t s (G a v i n F r i t z a n d Je r e m y
reason to be thankful and the choir also                 ministers on our pulpit. We wish to                Stieglitz) gave testimony to their re-
shared a couple of hymns of worship.                     thank Bro. Ned Stoller (Sis. Heidi,                generation in spirit. “Verily, verily, I
We have so much for which to be thank-                   Alto, MI) for his service to us this               say unto thee, Except a man be born
ful, beginning with the salvation God                    month.                                             AGAIN, he cannot see the kingdom of
has shared with us through Christ Je-                       The second weekend in November                  God” (John 3:3). Gavin’s thankful par-
sus.                                                     brought a nice group of visitors to La-            ents are Bro. Jeff and Sis. Carla Fritz,
   We appreciate the efforts of the fol-                 Crosse. Many of them were getting to-              while Jeremy’s thankful parents are
lowing brothers who shared God’s                         gether as a reunion from a trip some               Elder Bro. Lynn and Sis. Leonda
Word with us this past month: Elder                      young brothers took a number of years              Stieglitz. Both souls were baptized
Bro. Wayne Banwart (Champaign, IL),                      ago. What a blessing those young                   into the death and resurrection of Je-
Bro. Mark Gerber (Sis. Barb, Bluffton,                   group years are – the friendships we de-           sus Christ the following day. Serving
IN) and Bro. Stephen Baner (Sis.                         velop, the memories we make and the                us throughout the weekend, we were
Donnalou, Gridley, IL).                                  lasting brotherhood ties that are                  very blessed to have our dear Elder
              ______________                             formed. Several others were also pres-             Bro. Wayne Banwart (Sis. Charlen)
                                                         ent just passing through. We always                from our beloved Champaign congre-
       INDIANA, LACROSSE                                 appreciate our visitors.                           gation.
         Bethany Johnson                                              ______________                            On November 17, we convened
           Julie Rocke                                                                                      again as a church family to share the
     Children are such a blessing and we                             INDIANA, LEO                           Lord’s Supper. Elder Bro. Steve
are thrilled to have another new little                               Kirby Reutter                         Ringger (Sis. Myra) from the beloved
baby in church! Bro. Rudy, Sis. Rosario                                                                     Bluffton congregation reminded us
and Nathan Troxel welcomed precious                          “I am come that they might have                that it was both the bread AND the
Maryana Nicole into their hearts and                     life, and that they might have it more             wine (both the body that lived AND the
home this month. Thankful grandpar-                      abundantly.”                                       blood that was shed, both the life of
ents are Sis. Bertha Carrillo de Gonza-                      John 10:10                                     Christ AND the death of Christ) which
lez and the late Javier Gonzalez of                                                                         purchased our salvation. Christ lived
Ixtlan, Mexico, and Bro. Tom and Sis.                        Much has transpired within the Leo             and died that we may likewise die and
LuAnn Troxel. Sis. Bertha is visiting                    flock over the past month, and the pre-            live—die to the flesh and live in the
Bro. Rudy and Sis. Rosario for a period                  vailing theme has been LIFE! First, we             Spirit. Thank you, Bro. Steve, for such
of time and we’re enjoying having her                    experienced the physical birth of a new            a wonderful reminder!
join us in worship.                                      baby; secondly, two converts confessed                 Many other dear brothers served us
    Several from our congregation have                   spiritual rebirth in Jesus Christ; and             in the work of the ministry over the
been in the hospital, had surgery or un-                 thirdly, we celebrated the Lord’s Sup-             past month. In no particular order,
dergone treatment this month. We are                     per to commemorate the birth of the                these brothers and their dear wives in-
praying for the swift recovery and heal-                 Church through the death of our Sav-               clude the following: Bro. Matthew and
ing of Sis. Sis Zimmerman (Bro. Rich-                    ior.                                               Sis. Rebekah Kaufman (Bloomington);
a r d ) , S i s . Co n n i e K n o b l o c h , S i s .       O n O c t o b e r 2 3 , C a l e b Hu n t e r   B r o . B i l l a n d S i s . Jo a n S c h i c k
Margene Peasley (Bro. David) and Sis.                    Reutter was born to Bro. Kirby and Sis.            (Magdalena); Bro. Dan and Sis. Sherry
Evie Heinold (Bro. Gene).                                Areli Reutter. “A woman when she is                Pfister (Bluffton); Bro. Gary and Sis.
    Bro. David and Sis. Margene                          in travail hath sorrow, because her                Mary Ann Maibach (Smithville); Bro.
Peasley’s niece, Sis. Betty Popkes                       hour is come: but as soon as she is deliv-         Ben and Sis. Carolyn Manz (Junction);
(Lester, IA), recently went home to be                   ered of the child, she remembereth no              Bro. Neal and Sis. Kristine Widmer
with our Lord. We pray that God would                    more the anguish, for joy that a man is            (West Lafayette); and Bro. Ronald and
be with their family during this diffi-                  born into the world” (John 16:21). Ca-             Sis. Lois Allenbach (Kiowa). Just in
cult time.                                               leb’s grandparents include Bro. Duane
  December 2010                                      SILVER LINING                                                                    23

this past year so far, we have had visit-   May God richly bless them for bringing
ing ministers from coast to coast (Cali-    us the Truth.                                            INDIANA, REMINGTON
fornia to Connecticut) as well as out of        One Sunday we learned to appreci-                       Jenni Honegger
country (Mexico), and even overseas         ate our home ministers a little more                         Marcella Tyler
(Japan). What a blessed fellowship is       when we found one alone on the pulpit.                   Our dear Bro. Edwin Bahler (Sis.
ours!                                       One was called away due to an un-                    Lois) has moved to the Mulberry Re-
   By the time this article is published,   timely death in the family. One got the              tirement Community. We ask for your
Thanksgiving will have passed and           flu. One was on a Work Team. God was                 prayers as Bro. Edwin and Sis. Lois ad-
Christmas will be around the corner.        still with us!                                       just to this new living arrangement.
With Communion, Thanksgiving, and               Elder Bro. John and Sis. Marcia                  His new address is:
Christmas all in scope, what better re-     Laukhuf (Latty) were here on Satur-
                                            day night, November 20, to assist our                  Edwin Bahler
minders to be thankful for One who
                                                                                                   Mulberry Retirement Community
came to die that we might live!             Elder Bro. Bill Schlatter in reading the
                                                                                                   Lighthouse – Room 9B
           ______________                   Memorandum. We thank him and in-
                                                                                                   502 W. Jackson St.
                                            vite him back for a Sunday. We appreci-                Mulberry, IN 46058
      INDIANA, MILFORD                      ated Bro. Bill and Sis. Emily being here
           Pam Beer                         on Sunday and having Bro. Bill rightly                   We ask for your prayers for our hos-
          Paula Haab                        divide the Word.                                     pital patients this month. Bro. Eldon
    It has been a busy month in Milford.        Our prayers were answered when a                 Getz (Sis. Charlene), Bro. Andy Getz
We have had company, a wedding, an          group of fourteen from our congrega-                 (Sis. Gina), Bro. Mark Waibel, and Bro.
engagement, and those who have had          tion were able to go to Magdalena and                Earl Kilgus all experienced time in the
health problems.                            arrive home safely. They were given a                hospital recently. We ask the Lord to
    On October 24, many of us were able     special welcome by our Sis. Jody Beer                comfort and heal them during their re-
to go to Junction, OH, to be present at     who lives there.                                     coveries.
the wedding of our Bro. Regg Beer (Bro.         We had a very timely Bible Study on                  Bro. Glenn Stoller (Sis. Edie) of
Fred and Sis. Pat) and Sis. Beverly         modern technology which changes                      Latty, OH, left this world and went to
Schlatter (Elder Bro. Bill and Sis. Em-     daily, some for the good, and some for               meet the Lord this month. Bro. Glenn
ily). As much as we would like to wel-      the not-so-good. We truly must seek                  was the father of our Bro. Dan Stoller
come her to Milford, they will be           God’s wisdom in our choices.                         (Sis. Deb) and the grandfather of Sis.
making their home in Ixtlan, Mexico,            It seems there are always those who              Amanda Scheitlin (Bro. Jeremy), Sis.
where Bro. Regg has been teaching. We       need extra prayers. Sis. Mayedean                    Lea Nieman (Bro. Dana), Bro. Evan
pray for God to bless their marriage        Lehman fell and broke her arm. Sis.                  Stoller, and Bro. Jesse Stoller. Our
and their work there.                       Kathryn Price had surgery which re-                  prayers go out to Sis. Edie and the rest
    It was exciting to hear of a new        sulted differently than anticipated.                 of the family as they seek the Lord’s
home that will be established in            Little Cade Beer (Bro. Brent and Sis.                comfort during this sorrowful time.
Milford, when Bro. Dan Beer told us of      Pam) had to miss Sunday School once                      We enjoyed many visiting ministers
his and Sis. Deb’s daughter’s engage-       when he had his tonsils removed.                     this month. Our thanks to Bro. Calvin
ment to Bro. Abe Habegger. Bro. Abe’s           We are thankful that recently some               Schneider (Sis. Jeannie, LaCrosse, IN)
parents, Bro. Ted and Sis. Jane, live in    improvements could be made in our                    and Bro. Ben Manz (Sis. Carolyn, Junc-
Bluffton, but we have been fortunate to     Fellowship Center and church along                   tion, OH) for sharing the Word with us.
have Bro. Abe be part of Milford for a      with some brothers working together                  Elder Bro. Steve Sauder (Sis. Mary,
few years.                                  to make a nice play area for the children            Tremont, IL) was also here for the
    On October 30, Bro. Matt and Sis        by the Fellowship Center.                            reading of the Memorandum. We
Deanna Steffen (Princeville) and most           W h e n y o u re a d t h i s , i t w i l l b e   count it a joy and a privilege to worship
of their family came to Milford. Bro.       Christmas. What more can I say than to               with brethren from across the miles,
Matt enlightened us on all the labors of    ask you to turn to #36 in the Hymns of               and we appreciate you sharing your
love and ongoing needs at the various       Zion where our late Bro. Henry Beer                  time with us.
homes of Timber Ridge in Morton. It         penned the true meaning of Christmas.
was an humbling experience.
                                            How important it is that we under-
    On that same Sunday, Bro. John          stand that it is not the Baby or the man-               INDIANA, SOUTH BEND
and Sis. Pam Reinhard (Bluffton) and        ger, but the Cross and Jesus, the man,                     Rachel Langhofer
their family took time away from their      that sets our spirit free.                                 Craig Langhofer
“Get Away Weekend” to worship with                       ______________                             We are saddened for the loss of Aline
us. He joined Bro. Matt on the pulpit.
24                                                    SILVER LINING                                              December 2010

Merkle. She was 94 years old. Her fa-         his wife, Sis. Frances, worship with us     His countenance was sad and grieved.
ther was a minister in the Wolcott            on the first Sunday of this month. Bro.     As with fond expectation to reap of the
church when German was spoken. In             Alfred said he was fulfilling a promise        harvest,
1945, she earned her Doctorate in             to come to Valpo to worship, and to sit     And many had nothing but leaves.
                                              beside Bro. Merle Bucher. We all bene-      Now think of our Saviour, and our Fa-
Chiropractic Medicine and ran a prac-
                                                                                             ther above,
tice in Plymouth, IN, for over 50 years.      fited from his promise, and it brought
                                                                                          And of we as their plants here below.
In her 80’s she moved to Parkview Ha-         back many memories of times when
                                                                                          They have planted us, watered us,
ven in Francesville, where she finished       Bro. Alfred served to assist our Elder in      tended with care,
her life, full of years and grace.            the Milford congregation.                   So we plants of honor may grow.
    During this time of year in the U.S.          We drove up into the church lot on      Think of the Saviour who died on the
we hear people complain about gaining         the day of our Harvest Program and             cross,
too much weight. There are very few           Dinner, knowing that ministering Bro.       Think too how His loving heart
people in the world who are so blessed        Greg Stieglitz, and Indianapolis               grieved.
with abundance that they can be con-          church folks had been invited. When         Would anyone here want to add to His
cerned about gaining weight. God has          we saw a bus parked in back, we both           burden,
certainly showered His blessings upon         felt excited. Our excitement proved to      By bringing Him nothing but leaves?
                                                                                          Remember the fig tree in St. Mat-
us. May we prove ourselves good and           be well founded because over 60 mem-
                                                                                             thew’s Gospel,
faithful servants with the wealth He’s        bers and friends accompanied Bro.
                                                                                          As the Lord came, some fruit to re-
entrusted to us.                              Greg and Sis. Lisa and their family.           ceive.
           ______________                     The rafters of our church rang with         He cursed it and said, “Let no fruit
                                              beautiful singing, and the Sunday              grow thereon”,
     INDIANA, VALPARAISO                      school was filled with children. Bro.       Because he found nothing but leaves.
        Marguerite Hoerr                      Greg provided inspiration to us both        The disciples looked on at the with-
    Each month as I sit down to prepare       morning and afternoon.                         ered fig tree,
my report for the Silver Lining I have a          We had our Harvest Day service          Their eyes they could scarcely believe.
prayer on my heart. I pray that I can         during the afternoon. We especially         The Master said henceforth no fruit
write something given to me for inspi-        thank the Indianapolis Choir and Bro.          grow thereon,
ration. Today my inspiration is what a                                                    Because it had nothing but leaves.
                                              Greg for the inspiration they provided
blessing to have the right to vote. One                                                   Unlike the fig tree, let’s come to fru-
                                              for our program. There were so many
of the privileges of citizens of our coun-                                                   ition,
                                              meaningful songs and poems. I want to       Be it thirty, sixty or one hundred fold.
try is the secret ballot. Today is Elec-      share one with you. It was written by       Then when we come to that great Har-
tion Day and I am grateful to God we          Bro. Merle Bucher years ago and was            vest Supper,
have the privilege to vote and can vote a     read by Bro. Jon Pratt.                     We’ll walk on streets of pure gold.
secret ballot in the United States of                                                     How happy we’ll be then, to be with
America. Today Bob and I could go the                  Nothing But Leaves                    the Saviour,
polls, cast our vote, without telling any-    The farmer was weary at evening             Of His blessings our hearts can’t con-
one else for whom we voted; without              time,                                       ceive.
being fearful of retaliation because we       His work for the day now was past.          Forever and ever to share in His glory,
voted for the wrong person. My father,        With anticipation he had started the        ‘Cause we brought Him more than
Elder Bro. Theo Beer, cherished his              day,                                        just leaves.
right to vote, and told all of his children   To gather the harvest, but alas —             — Merle Bucher
and grandchildren, “You ought always          He found many plants that were bar-
                                                 ren and frail,                              The following weekend was another
to vote.” I took him to the polling place
                                              As he set out to bring in the sheaves.      exceptional time for our church family.
in our little Jefferson Twp. in Kosci-
                                              Few plants had come to fruition,            Tasia Weiss gave her testimony of ac-
usko County, IN, when he was well into        And many had nothing but leaves.
his 90’s. He had informed himself                                                         cepting the Lord in her life and was
                                              From spring through the summer he
about everyone on the ballot. I’ve tried                                                  baptized on Sunday, giving us the joy of
                                                 provided these plants
to remember the lesson he taught me,                                                      having another soul added to our mem-
                                              With his all, he had nourished with
and to always be grateful to our God             care.                                    bership. Our fold and many family
and to our founding fathers, that we          And now at the time of ingathering,         members shared in the joy felt by her
live in a country where this is still a       Precious few of those plants fruit did      parents, Bro. Dennis and Sis. Marsha;
privilege.                                       bear.                                    and by her grandparents, Bro. Garry
    We were richly privileged to have         He was physically tired, emotionally        and Sis. Lois Bucher. Among the family
                                                 drained,                                 members were ministering Bro. Nile
Retired Elder Bro. Alfred Bahler and
  December 2010                                        SILVER LINING                                                                     25

Bucher and Sis. Phyllis from Bluffton          vices will be changing from Thursday           Fiechter (Sis. Ronda, Bluffton, IN) and
North, who had the afternoon service           to Wednesday evenings with the ser-            Dan Kilgus (Sis. Jenna, Remington,
before the baptism. We praise God for          vices beginning at 7 p.m. This change          IN) and Bros. Ron Kipfer (Sis. Linda,
visitors like this. We are so grateful to      will begin January 2011.                       Bluffton, IN) and Garry Bucher (Sis.
Elder Bro. Dan Kilgus (Sis. Jenna) for                    ______________                      Lois, Valparaiso, IN). On Thanksgiv-
the love and service he gave us during                                                        ing Day, Bro. Doug Harmon (Sis.
this blessed weekend, and for the many               INDIANA, WOLCOTT                         Lanna, Toledo, OH) was here. We
times he has been our guide and stay.                  Donita Edelman                         would ask God’s blessings on each of
   We have more happy anticipation                      Lynell Blume                          these brothers for sharing of them-
because the announcement was given                 We enjoyed a Bible Study presented         selves with us.
that our very dear friends, Hannah and         on a Wednesday evening by Bro. Gene                The funeral of Aline Merkle was
Rachel Feller, were announced for bap-         Lehman. It is a blessing to have those         held in Wolcott on November 22. Aline
tism in the near future. They are the          who teach us about Biblical happen-            lived in Wolcott as a child and attended
daughters of Bro. Joe and Sis. Jackie          ings and how they affect our lives to-         church at that time. Most recently she
Feller. These girls are special to all of us   day. Thank you, Bro. Gene, for sharing         was a resident of Parkview Haven in
and we were filled with joy at this news.      with us.                                       Francesville. We wish to extend our
   Thanksgiving Day is a day to give               The reading of the Memorandum              sympathy to her family.
praises and thanks for His bounty in           was at Wolcott on November 6. We ex-               A s t h e Ch r i s t m a s s e a s o n a p-
our lives. This Thanksgiving season            tend a special thank you to Elder Bros.        proaches, may we each one remember
will find us reminding ourselves of the        Steve Sauder (Sis. Mary, Tremont, IL)          within our hearts the reason for the
love and favors He has shed on our             a n d D a n K i l g u s ( S i s . Je n n a ,   season and not get caught up in the
Valpo church. We are thankful indeed.          Remington, IN) for sharing these im-           commercialization of Christmas which
   We know Christmas will be immi-             portant teachings with us. May each of         the world would have us think about.
nent when you receive this bit of news         us plead for grace each day to keep our                    ______________
from us. With that in mind, we want to         hearts pure and holy so we may live a
send warm and loving wishes to all of          sanctified life with heaven as our goal.                    IOWA, AMES
our churches from those of us in our               It was with joy we welcomed con-                         Brett Wulf
Valpo church. May His peace reign in           verts Eric and Marissa Bahler and fam-            We are thankful for the ministering
your hearts and may you feel the joy of        ily back to the Midwest. We would have         brothers who have been willing to be
His birth. May God bless you all in the        enjoyed having them in Wolcott but the         used in the past month. They were Bro.
coming year.                                   Lord has directed them to Champaign,           Philip Schulz (Sis. Kelly, Burlington,
                                               IL. This is much closer to home than           IA), Bro. Pat Zaugg (Sis. Julie, West
                                               Hawaii was, so we will look forward to         Bend, IA), and Bro. Wes Moser (Sis. Es-
           INDIANA                             seeing them more often.                        ther, Lester, IA). May God richly bless
        WEST LAFAYETTE                             “Peace! Peace! Wonderful peace,            them for their labors.
          Beth Tonner                          coming down from the Father above;”                        ______________
          Katie Widmer                         This wonderful peace has been felt in
    We are thankful for the visiting           the hearts of our converts, Katie and                 IOWA, BLOOMFIELD
brothers who have served on the pulpit         Mindy Furrer (Bro. Bruce and Sis.                       Christy Wiegand
this past month. Their efforts have            Pam). We are very happy for them and
been a blessing.                               look forward to their baptism in the               “O give thanks unto the Lord, for he
    On November 14 we held a commu-            near future.                                   is good, For his mercy endureth for-
nity welcome day to invite friends and             “Thus United and in Concord Let            ever.”
neighbors to visit our new facility and        Us Walk the Path of Life.” We rejoice              Psalms 136:1
share in God’s Word. It was a blessing         with Bro. Tyler Earney (Bro. Todd and
to welcome guests to our church as well        Sis. Teresa, Bluffton, IN) and Sis.               Thanksgiving is a day for reflecting
as be reminded of all the opportunities        Michelle Furrer (Bro. Troy and Sis.            on all God has given us to be thankful
to serve and support one another in the        Lisa) as they became one in the Lord on        for.
various ministries of our church body.         November 21. We wish God’s blessings              Special thanks to ministering Bro.
    Our Christmas program will be held         on this couple as they establish their         Virgil Metzger (Sis. Mary, Chicago) for
on December 19. We welcome all to              home in Bluffton, IN.                          being with us and ministering unto us.
come and share in the celebration of               There have been visiting ministers         We appreciate his efforts.
the birth of our Savior.                       in our midst this past month. For the             As Thanksgiving comes and goes
    Please be aware our mid-week ser-          wedding service, Elder Bros. Lynn              and the Christmas season comes upon
26                                                 SILVER LINING                                                  December 2010

us, we have to remind ourselves to not         IOWA, GARDEN GROVE                          hearts to God.
get caught up in the stressful Christ-            Rhoda Plattner                              We are thankful that Kevin Oleson
mas hustle and to take some quite mo-           We have greatly appreciated the            (Janet) has expressed a desire to sur-
ments to reflect on Jesus’ birth and the   many visitors we have had over the              render his heart to God and has begun
events that surrounded His coming.         past few weeks from several Midwest             his repentance. Our prayer is that
          ______________                   churches. We are thankful for delivery          Kevin will feel God’s nearness as he be-
                                           of the Word from the pulpit by minis-           gins his walk with the Lord.
      IOWA, BURLINGTON                     tering brothers from Kansas City, MO;
        Marilyn Anderson                   Minneapolis, MN; and Lester, IA.                My Lord, an offering do I bring;
          Karla Gerst                           We praise God for a completed              My heart I give to Thee.
    We are thankful to welcome a new       bountiful harvest and look forward to           I gladly give this heart of mine,
Sister into the fold — 92 year old         the quickly approaching Thanksgiving            Which Thou dost ask of me.
Samantha Meeker was baptized on            holiday when we pause to thank God
Saturday, October 23, at the               f o r Hi s w o n d e r f u l pr o v i s i o n   I give my heart alone to Thee;
Burlington Klein Care Center. She is                                                       Use it for Thy design!
                                           (Colossians 3:15).
so happy to be a member of the Apos-                                                       This vain world’s I would never be,
                                                       ______________                      Dear Lord, but wholly Thine.
tolic Christian Church!
                                                                                              Zion’s Harp #163
    She has fond memories of her                    IOWA, IOWA CITY
Sunday School years at the Morton                    Diana Butikofer
                                                                                               The weekend of October 30-31, we
Church. We were glad that some of her          Bro. Kris and Sis. Dixie Messner are
                                                                                           were privileged to hear the testimonies
relatives and friends from Illinois        the thankful parents of Hadley Jo, born
                                                                                           and witnessed the baptisms of Bro.
could attend her baptism, as well as       October 18. Her grandparents are Bro.
                                                                                           Morris and Sis. Tonya Metzger and
some from the Burlington and Oakville      Leland and Sis. Kathy Metzger and
                                                                                           Bro. Keith and Sis. Julie Moser. It is
churches.                                  Bro. Bruce and Sis. Audrey Messner,
                                                                                           such a wonderful reminder to hear
    Our visiting ministers this month      all of West Bend, IA. Our prayers are
                                                                                           these young lambs express their desire
were Bros. Ron Joos (Bloomfield, IA),      with Bro. Kris and Sis. Dixie as they
                                                                                           to leave their old lives behind and walk
Brad Funk (Garden Grove, IA), Jerry        raise their precious daughter to know
                                                                                           an overcoming life in the Lord. Elder
Wagenbach, and Mark Schmidgall             their Creator and Lord.
                                                                                           Bro. Jim Plattner (Princeville, IL) was
(both of Oakville). We appreciated             Visiting ministers this past month
                                                                                           here to assist our Elder Bro. Rod in this
their service and bringing forth the       included Bro. Gary Anliker (Sis. Edie,
                                                                                           important work. Bro. Roger Aberle
Word. May they be blessed for their ef-    Elgin, IL), Bro. Mark Schmidgall (Sis.
                                                                                           (Sabetha, KS) was also here that same
fort.                                      Sally, Oakville, IA), and Bro. Justin
    We pray those who have had their       Koch (Sis. Marcia, Washington, IL).
                                                                                               Other visiting ministers this past
health issues this past month are hav-     We appreciate their willingness to min-
                                                                                           month included: Elder Bro. Wayne
ing a speedy recovery.                     ister to us by their visits and teaching
                                                                                           Grimm (West Bend, IA), Elder Bro.
          ______________                   from God’s Holy Word.
                                                                                           Lawrence Luthi (Lamar, MO), Elder
                                                                                           Bro. Roy Koehl (Morris, MN) and Bro.
          IOWA, ELGIN
                                                      IOWA, LESTER                         Pat Zaugg (West Bend, IA). Their ef-
           Maria Rocke
         Brianna Strahm                                Polly Metzger                       forts of preaching God’s Word are ap-
   Bro. Doug and Sis. Trisha Rocke                     Gloria Moser                        preciated.
were blessed with a daughter, Emma
Sue, on October 21. Emma’s big                 “For unto you is born this day in the          “Peace, I leave with you, my peace I
brother is Eli, and her grandparents       city of David a Saviour, which is Christ        give unto you: not as the world giveth,
are Sis. Kathy Rocke (Tremont, IL) and     the Lord.”                                      give I unto you.”
Bro. Keith and Sis. Ida Kellenberger           St. Luke 2:11                                  John 14:27
(Bradford, IL).
   Our Bro. Bert Butikofer spent some         As we are in the midst of the Christ-           Our convert, Kayla Metzger (Bro.
time in the hospital. We pray that God     mas season, may we keep our attention           Jerome and Sis. Jana), has found that
would strengthen him.                      focused on the beautiful story of the           precious peace. May God continue to
          ______________                   birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.             guide her every footsteps.
                                           How thankful we must be that through
                                           His redeeming blood salvation can be               “For my thoughts are not your
                                           found for all who surrender their               thoughts, neither are your ways, my
  December 2010                                             SILVER LINING                                                                    27

ways saith the Lord. For as the heav-                 W e w i s h t o t h a n k Br o . G a r r y        through the holidays and “Come to the
ens are higher then than the earth, so             Bucher (Valparaiso, IN) for bringing                 Stable”.
are my ways higher than your ways,                 forth the Word to us on October 17.
and my thoughts than your thoughts.”                            ______________                          All come to the stable
   Isaiah 55:8-9                                                                                        And see the holy Child,
                                                            IOWA, WEST BEND                             Sleeping in the manger
    Various people in our church family                        Janet Fehr                               So peaceful and so mild.
have had bodily afflictions and we com-                        Leona Fehr
                                                       In this special bond as brethren, we             See the star shining bright,
mit them unto God whose thoughts
                                                   rejoice with those who rejoice, and                  Hear the angel’s voices ring,
and ways are much higher and wiser                                                                      While kings and shepherds bow
than our own. Hospital patients this               w e e p w i t h t h o s e wh o w e e p . O u r
                                                   prayers are with Sis. Ruth (Bro. Kurt)               To the newborn-infant King.
p a s t m o n t h h a v e be e n B r o . S t a n
Knobloch (Sis. Dawn), Bro. Larry                   Z au gg i n t h e s u dden l o s s o f h er
                                                                                                        So long ago, the Christ Child came,
Knobloch and Kendon Knoblock (Bro.                 brother-in-law, Bro. David Schmid-
                                                                                                        Sent to all men here on earth,
Marti and Sis. Martha). Even though                gall, from Morris, MN. We also extend                And still with awe we visit the stable
we do not know what the future holds,              o u r s y m p a t h i e s t o S i s . Ve r d a       To relive the Christ Child’s birth.
we know Who holds the future and that              B r u e l l m a n i n t h e pa s s i n g o f h e r     —Virginia Luers
God will lovingly guide us through the             brother, Bro. Gene Kellenberger of                             ______________
mountains and valleys of life.                     Sabetha, KS.
    Our love and sympathy is extended                  On October 19, Bro. Tim Mogler be-                        JAPAN, SHIODA
to Bro. Pete and Sis. Susan Van Wyhe,              came a grandparent as his daughter,                              Carrie Ito
                                                   Heidi, gave birth to Kiylee Paige. We                    We had a blessed time with our El-
Leroy and Shelley Van Wyhe and Bro.
                                                   pray God’s blessings and nearness in                 der Bro. Mark and Sis. Bev Bahr (De-
Dean and Sis. Linda Meyer as their
                                                   the lives involved in the miracle of                 troit). The first weekend, we shared
mother, Jennie Van Wyhe, passed into
                                                   birth.                                               Communion. How good it was to
eternity on November 17 at the age of
                                                       We are thankful to report, as of this            deeply ponder Jesus’ sacrifice for us
76 years. May God be near to them and
                                                   writing, that Ashton Fehr (Bro. Darren               and how He intercedes for us each day
provide comfort.
                                                   and Sis. Nora) is back on the road of re-            despite our many failings and short-
                                                   covery after spending more time in the               comings.
                                                   hospital this month. May God be near                     We also enjoyed our fall fellowship
          IOWA, OAKVILLE
           Sharla Wiegand                          each one with health issues across the               day. We met in a beautiful mountain
    We are very thankful to report the             land.                                                area for a day of Bible study, singing,
birth of three precious babies!                        October 31 was a beautiful Lord’s                and fellowship.
    A baby girl was born to Bro. Kevin             day and we rejoiced with two dear                        Many of our group attended the tes-
and Sis. Lindsy Frank on October 23.               souls, Bro. Darin Banwart and Sis.                   timony and baptism in Tokyo the next
Laynie Claire was welcomed home by                 Amanda Knobloch, as they were united                 weekend. We welcome our Yoko
her older brother, Evan. Laynie’s                  as one in holy matrimony. Parents of                 Suzurikawa as a sister in faith. (This
grandparents are Bro. Dale and Sis.                the couple are Bro. Kent and Sis. Beth               standing as “sister” was something she
Tina Frank and Bro. Jeff and Sis.                  Banwart and Bro. Cameron and Sis.                    really looked forward to being. It made
Monti Wagenbach.                                   Tammy Knobloch. Ministering broth-                   me realize how much I take that term
    On November 8, Koyton Scott was                ers present with us for the occasion                 for granted. How wonderful to be a sis-
born to Bro. Kyle and Sis. Deanna                  were Bro. Wayne Fehr (Sis. Kathy,                    ter to our fellow believers and to our
Wagenbach. Big sister Callie is excited            Portland, OR), Bro. Dean Messner                     Lord!) The weekend was a special in-
to have a brother to love. Grandpar-               (Sis. Wanda, Winthrop, MN) and Bro.                  spiration for all who attended. Please
ents are Bro. Jerry and Sis. Bonnie                Tom Lanz (Sis. Mary, Oakville, IA).                  continue to pray for her unbelieving
Wagenbach, Jr. and Bro. Ken and Sis.                   We were also blessed with visiting               husband and her three children.
Janet Lanz.                                        ministers on November 7 as Elder Bro.                           ______________
    Joseph Edward was born t o                     Curt Frank (Sis. Lyla, LaCrosse, IN)
first-time parents, Bro. Jacob and Sis.            and Bro. Joe Gerst (Sis. Connie, Iowa                         JAPAN, TOKYO
Katherine Montgomery, on November                  City, IA) encouraged us through the                             Jana Klaus
                                                                                                           We have much good news to report
15. His grandparents are Bro. Tom and              scriptures.
                                                                                                        from Tokyo this month! To start with,
Sis. Vera Lindeen. Our prayers are                     It is hard to believe that the Christ-
                                                                                                        we had a baptism on November 7, ex-
with this family as Joseph has an ex-              mas season is upon us. Our prayer is
                                                                                                        actly one year after our last two con-
tended stay in the hospital.                       that each one can reflect on God’s gift
28                                                   SILVER LINING                                                December 2010

verts were baptized. This is wonderful       dom of this world and the wisdom from         privileged to know him and love him!
for our small church here! Our new sis-      above (heaven): “But if ye have bitter                   ______________
ter in the Lord is Yoko Suzurikawa,          envying and strife in your hearts, glory
wife to Kenichiro and mother to              not, and lie not against the truth. This               KANSAS, BERN
Chikako (12), Yukako (7) and Shotaro         wisdom descendeth not from above,                      Sheri Edelman
(5). “And we know that all things work       but is earthly, sensual, devilish. For                   Jill Meyer
together for good to them who love the       where envying and strife is, there is
Lord...” Romans 8:28. Sis. Yoko gave a       confusion and every evil work. But the           “Haste and seek your soul’s salva-
very touching and meaningful testi-          wisdom that is from above is first pure,      tion…”
mony of her journey to belief in her Cre-    then peaceable, gentle, easy to be               Zion’s Harp #52
ator God and Saviour and this verse          intreated, full of mercy and good fruits,
gives her special encouragement as she       without partiality, and without hypoc-            We are rejoicing with Leigha Rokey
continues on her journey. Thank you          risy. And the fruit of righteousness is       (Bro. Dwight and Sis. Anita) as she has
for prayers for her and her family. Our      sown in peace of them that make               begun her repentance! May she ever
Elder Bro. Akito Inoue was joined by         peace.” (James 3:14-18). I believe the        look to our Heavenly Father who will
Elder Bro. Mark Bahr (Detroit, MI)           Spirit spoke to every heart there and         always hear us when we call unto Him.
and also Elder of our Shioda church to       we thank Bro. Mark for his time and ef-           On November 7 we welcomed Bro.
carry out the special duties for the         forts. It was an absolutely gorgeous          Peter Strahm (Bro. Kyle and Sis.
weekend. Bro. Mark’s wife, Sis. Bev,         day, warm and sunny, so many could            Peggy) as a brother in faith following
was also here for the blessed event,         enjoy a good heart-pumping hike up a          his baptism. What a blessing it is for
along with a couple carloads from our        small mountain after a delicious Japa-        our congregation to see more souls
Shioda church. There were also three         nese style lunch in the restaurant there      come to the Lord. Elder Bro. Gerry
friends, neighborhood women who oc-          at Yuyake Koyake where the gathering          Hertzel (Sis. Ellen, Sabetha) was here
casionally attend church, who came           was held. Beautiful day, inside and out!      to assist for the weekend and we thank
and witnessed a baptism for the first            We always miss our two precious           him for his service.
time. They all confessed they were           sisters in the Lord, Sis. Yoshiko Sakuta          Our fall picnic and singing took
touched in a special way, even though        and Sis. Shizuko Urushino, who can-           place in October. It is always good to be
they don’t completely understand.            not attend church or church functions         with our home congregation and fel-
That’s the Spirit of our living God and      these days because of poor health.            lowship one with another!
how we pray for Him to open the eyes of      Please continue to lift them up in                Bro. Brady Strahm is assembling
the spiritually blind all around the         prayer. Our Bro. Yoshio Yamazaki,             with the Kansas City congregation as
world! We warmly welcome dear Sis.           whom some know in the US, who is 81           he attends nursing school there. We
Yoko and already have seen what a            years old and comes to church in his          miss him and hope he visits often!
blessing she is to us, having a heart to     power chair, cannot attend events like            We offer a special thank you to Bro.
pass on this wonderful saving faith          Shuyokai anymore, but he is always            Klint Beyer (Sis. Kara, Sabetha, KS)
that she has come to know.                   there in church on Sundays with a big         for preaching God’s Word to us this
    And, it is with great joy that we an-    smile and hearty handshake. Recently          month. May God bless you for your la-
nounce that Kenichiro and Sis. Yoko’s        he gave a little talk during the after-       bors.
daughter, Chikako, and Bro. Andrew           noon Bible study of his childhood expe-                  ______________
and Sis. Jana Klaus’ daughter, Rachel        riences and how he came to our church.
                                             It was a bit difficult for him to remem-
                                                                                               KANSAS, FORT SCOTT
(both jr. hi students), have made a con-
                                                                                                Martin Hohulin Sr.
fession of faith in the living God and a     ber all the details anymore, but it was
                                                                                              As I write this, I hardly know where
recognition that they are sinners in         still a blessing for those to hear his tes-
                                                                                           to begin as there is both good news as
need of the Saviour Jesus Christ.            timony who hadn’t heard it before. He
                                                                                           well as cause for concern. We extend
Please pray for these two young souls        contracted polio as a young child and
                                                                                           our sincere sympathy to Bro. Rick
as they begin their Christian walk, and      lost his parents during the war, so had a
                                                                                           Kellenberger and his family on the
for those of us who are guiding and          rough childhood, but he came to know
                                                                                           passing of his brother, Bro. Eugene
training them in the Lord.                   the Lord through the Brethren church
                                                                                           Kellenberger, from Sabetha, KS. I had
    The last bit of news is about our fall   and then afterwards, by the guiding
                                                                                           the good fortune to attend school with
Shuyokai, which took place on Novem-         hand of God, met Bro. Willis Ehnle (if I
                                                                                           Bro. Eugene as well as several of his
ber 3, which includes all who can come       have the details right, a piece of Willis’
                                                                                           siblings. I was also blessed to spend
from both churches. Bro. Mark Bahr           mail ended up in his mailbox, so he de-
                                                                                           time at their home when I was growing
spoke on James 3, contrasting the wis-       livered it to him), and that’s why we’re
                                                                                           up. Their parents were Bro. Art and
  December 2010                                     SILVER LINING                                                                 29

Sis. Marie (Steiner) Kellenberger.          month was ministering Bro. Brandon              ing. We also continue to pray for Bro.
    Bro. Lyle Fischer recently cele-        Emch (Sis. Maria, Kansas City, MO).             Frank Hertzel (Sis. Ruth) and Bro.
brated his 87th birthday along with his     We appreciate those who are called to           Elmer Strahm (Sis. Phyllis).
grandson, Joseph Fischer. Bro. Lyle         speak the Word of Truth from Sunday
has had several hospital stays and is       to Sunday.                                      Lord Jesus, honor, thanks and praise
facing more medical procedures. Our                     ______________                      Be to Thy goodness all our days.
prayers are with him and his family.                                                        Thy people in Thy grace rejoice,
    For many years we only had one lo-             KANSAS, SABETHA                          In comfort they lift up their voice:
                                                     Carrie Grimm                           “Thou shalt remain in all eternity!”
cal minister, so we were blessed with a
                                                     Sally Strahm                           Thus we repose in blest security.
rotation of visiting ministers. Some
still visit our congregation and deliver        We are thankful that Bro. Don Sinn
                                            (Sis. Linda, Silverton, OR) and Bro.            In loving care stay by our side,
a timely message. Recently, Elder Bro.                                                      For none except Thee can provide.
Doug Schock (Sis. Clara, Bloomfield,        Don Braker (Sis. Eileen, Kansas City)
                                                                                            Convert all who know not Thy name,
IA) arrived with two van loads of Broth-    fed us from God’s Holy Word this past
                                                                                            All evil workers put to shame!
ers and Sisters as well as retired Dea-     month.
                                                                                            And let the tempted feel thy wondrous
con Bro. Russel Wuthrich. We were all           Bro. Brett and Sis. Rosanna                     might,
invited to the home of Bro. Larry and       Kellenberger are thankful that Kallie           That in the darkness they may see the
Sis. Julie Bahr for a picnic and singing.   Rose arrived safely on October 19. Big              light.
It was a blessed evening of fellowship.     brother Quinn and big sister Alia are
Adding to the blessings of the day was      excited for a playmate. Grandparents            The raging wolves, Lord, from us
                                            a r e Br o . Br a d a n d S i s . T e r e s a       keep;
an unexpected visit from Bro. Cory
                                            Kellenberger and Bro. Don and Sis.              A lion’s courage give Thy sheep.
Metzger (Sis. Jodie) from Wichita, KS.
                                            Linda Sinn (Silverton, OR).                     All those who foreign ways have
    Bro. Chris and Sis. Janelle                                                                 learned
Wuthrich were blessed with the arrival          Our thoughts and prayers go out to
                                                                                            Be speedily to Thee returned.
of baby daughter Joanna Marie. She          the family of Bro. Gene Kellenberger
                                                                                            So draw and bind us closely unto
was welcomed home by her big sister,        as he has passed away. Bro. Gene is
Abby. Grandparents are Sis. Valerie         survived by his wife, Sis. Marian               Till in one flock we all united be.
Wuthrich and Bill Wuthrich of Illinois      Kellenberger, and children, Bro. Jim               Zion’s Harp #14, vs. 1-3
and John and Sis. Carol Sinn of Fort        Kellenberger (Sis. Ann) of Blooming-                       ______________
Scott.                                      ton, IL, Bro. Jay Kellenberger (Sis.
                                            Marilyn), Bro. Art Kellenberger (Sis.                  KANSAS, WICHITA
                                            Joy), Bro. Gale Kellenberger (Sis.                       Emma Miller
            KANSAS                          Belinda), all of Sabetha, Janelle (Bob)            This year, autumn came in looking
       LAMONT-GRIDLEY                       Coleman of Merriam, KS, and one                 shabby and lacking in enthusiasm.
         Ester Knobloch                     adopted grandson, Chris and Nicole              The trees were drab until we had a few
                                            Vela of Mission, KS.                            short rainy spells. After the leaves lost
Give me, Lord, for this life’s journey          Our congregation once again hosted          their dusty appearance, they seemed to
   only                                     an invite-a-couple the weekend of Oc-           want to make amends for such a tardy
Truth to guide me through this world        tober 30-31. We were thankful for               start. Their blazing hues thrilled us
   so lonely                                those who traveled the miles to be with         into mid-November. Today another
And Thy Spirit for to lead the way          us.                                             blessed rain sent the leaves falling. I
Give a heart that willingly will follow                                                     am amazed at the Creator’s master
                                                We enjoyed an evening of singing
On the path so steep and straight and
                                            and fellowship during our annual                plan for the universe.
                                            Thanksgiving meal on November 7.                   Elder Bro. Tim Funk and Sis. Debra
Where Thy holy feet once led the way.
  Zion’s Harp #90, vs. 2                        It is the time of the year when the re-     spent the weekend of November13-14
                                            cent recordings of the Brotherhood              in Wichita. Elder Bro. Jay Luthi and
   Elder Bro. Doug Schock (Sis. Clara,      Conference are played. We appreciate            his family was also present. The two El-
Bloomfield, IA) traveled to our congre-     the efforts put forth by our Elder breth-       ders read and explained the latest
gation to assist Elder Bro. Jay in read-    ren on our behalf. Our prayers con-             Memorandum. The Funks left for their
ing the Memorandum to our                   tinue to be with them.                          home in Peoria by mid-afternoon
congregation. May God bless our Elder           Our thoughts and prayers were               Sunday. My thoughts and prayers cen-
Brothers for their labors on our behalf.    with Bro. Darin Grimm (Sis. Marci) as           tered on their safety as they traveled
   Also visiting our congregation this      he was a surgical patient. May God              through the night.
                                            continue to give him strength and heal-            The fourth section of the Memoran-
30                                                    SILVER LINING                                                  December 2010

dum detailed why we are His. He made         west about 3 miles to Road #3371
us, He redeemed us, He called our            (Becknerville Rd.), left 2 miles on the                  MICHIGAN, ALTO
name, He protects us and we are safe         left.                                                      Listyn Oesch
because He is God, our Savior, the Holy                  ______________                                Melissa Blough
One of Israel.                                                                                   As we enter this season of
           ______________                             MEXICO, IXTLAN                          Thanksgiving, I am reminded of our
                                                       Matt Gerber                            Savior and all He has done for us…
     KENTUCKY, LEXINGTON                         Bro. Loren and Sis. Betsy Schrenk
          Barb Huber                         (St. Louis), together with Bro. Mike             Have I forgotten to thank Thee, Lord,
                                             and Sis. Cherise Reinhard (Detroit),             For all Thou has done?
   “Thy testimonies have I taken as an       came for the bi-annual eye clinic. They          Have I turned and walked away, Lord,
heritage forever: for they are the rejoic-   checked a large number of people with            From all Thou has given?
                                             eye problems and performed 10 opera-             Thou came as a man
ing of my heart.”
                                                                                              Fragile and tempted,
   Psalm 119:111                             tions.
                                                                                              To give the ultimate sacrifice
                                                 B r o . R e g g B e e r a n d S i s . Be v
                                                                                              That I may be clean.
    We have been encouraged again            Schlatter joined their lives in the Lord         Why have I forgotten to thank Thee,
through God’s Word. Visiting minis-          on October 24 in Junction, OH. They                 Lord,
ters, Bros. Wayne Wiegand (Sis. Rose-        are now back in Ixtlan helping with the          For setting me free?
mary, Goodfield, IL), Tim Gerber (Sis.       work.                                            Thou as man, suffered all
Wendy, Mansfield, OH), and Larry                 During one of the recent young               And I cry and complain
Wenninger (Sis. Joyce, Latty, OH),           group activities, everyone was asked to          I have never been betrayed and beaten
came and faithfully shared the wonder-       take a few minutes to write down some-           Never been accused falsely and sen-
ful Words of Life. We thank you, each        thing God has been teaching them                    tenced to a death penalty
one, and pray the Lord to bless you          lately, and how they are applying that           Never been whipped and spit upon
                                                                                              Never had a spear in my side and
richly for all your efforts to further His   to their lives. Afterwards, we went
                                                                                                 hung on a tree.
kingdom here on earth.                       around the room and gave each one the
                                                                                              Why have I turned and walked away,
    Just as the Apostle Paul was bound       opportunity to share. Someone shared                Lord,
in chains, we may suffer discourage-         how God is teaching her to surrender             From the cross of Calvary?
ment and the trials of this life. But, he    control in all areas of her life; another        And while I disappoint and fail Thee,
continued to expound and testify of the      shared about seeing the importance of               Lord,
kingdom of God to all, persuading ev-        obeying parents; others gave thanks              Never hast Thou turned from me.
eryone concerning Jesus. Some be-            for the people God has placed in their           For my sins went upon a man
lieved and some did not. He did not give     lives to help them make godly deci-              A man who was pure and clean,
up, however. He told the church at           sions; one sister shared how two times           Never did He disappoint Thee
Philipi: “Rejoice in the Lord alway; and     recently when she was in need of some-           Or fail in service to Thee;
                                                                                              Yet He chose to wear my garments
again, I say, rejoice.” (Phil. 4:4) As we    thing, someone showed up at the door
                                                                                              And drape His around me.
begin another year, may we be fortified      bringing the very things that were
                                                                                              His coat of righteousness I wear
with the power of the Holy Spirit and        needed. It was very eye-opening and              That Thy eyes can look upon me.
may His testimonies be the rejoicing of      encouraging to hear each person share               — M.R.B
our hearts as in Psalm 119:111 above.        many ways that God has been working.
    We extend a warm welcome to come         Sometimes it may seem to us that God                Bro. Curt and Sis. Luanne Kaeb are
and visit us in Lexington. You may con-      is not very active in our own life or in         thankful for another God given addi-
tact Bro. Lester Huber (859) 745-2541.       our church, but when we begin to hear            tion to their family, a grandchild.
Church services are held at 3938             from others, we are surprised to find            Ruthann Rose was brought into life
Becknerville Rd., Winchester, KY. Di-        out God is doing many things that we             through Bro. Tim and Sis. Melanie
rections to the church are : From            were totally oblivious to! If you want to        Tomic (Kitchener). Her brothers,
Lexington : I-75 exit #110 (US 60),          be encouraged, try this spiritual exer-          Christopher, Brian, Jonathan, and
east about 6 miles to Road #1923             cise sometime in your family devo-               Matthew, are excited to have a baby sis-
(Combs Ferry Rd.), right about 5 miles       tions, potluck group, or young group.            ter.
to Road #3371 (Becknerville Rd.), left       You’ll be amazed at what God is up to,              Prayers have been lifted on behalf of
approximately one block on the right.        and it will help you to see people with a        those with illness and surgery this
From Winchester: Road #1958 (By-             new appreciation of how God is actively          month. We are thankful to see Sis.
pass) south to Road #1927 (Colby Rd.),       involved in their lives.                         Sharon Schlatter’s recovery from sur-
  December 2010                                     SILVER LINING                                                               31

gery going smoothly. Denny Koehl has                                                      KS) who visited and ministered unto
also had surgery, and we pray for              May God’s blessings rest with each         us. It is always such a joy to be able to
strength as he works toward healing.        one throughout this Christmas season          have visiting brethren with us! We are
   We don’t usually understand the          and into the new year.                        also very grateful to the Lord for the
whys, but as believers we are given con-               ______________                     traveling mercies that have brought
fidence in the how. Through God’s                                                         Elder Bro. Mark and Sis. Bev Bahr
grace each of us can travel through              MICHIGAN, DETROIT                        back home safely again after a visit
storm. Why the storm is present we do                Kay Rauhe                            with our brethren in Japan. It is so very
not know, but with grace and prayer joy             Manuela Denes                         important that we remember those
will come again. And so we pray for Bro.        As I sit here writing, I can’t help but   brothers and sisters in prayer who live
Matt and Sis. Shelli Oesch as they are      be amazed that we are already nearing         so far from us. Though the physical
experiencing a health battle with their     the end of the month of November! The         miles between us are great, we are close
precious son Judah. “My grace is suffi-     days are shorter and night falls so very      in the love that we have for each other
cient for thee: for my strength is made     quickly reminding me of how short our         in our dear Lord and Saviour!
perfect in weakness.” (II Corinthians       time here on earth is. We are so blessed          A final note of thanks goes out to our
12:9)                                       that Jesus Christ is the “...light of the     brothers and sisters in Gridley, IL.
   Serving God in teaching His chil-        world: he that followeth me shall not         They lovingly welcomed and hosted
dren is a special calling. We are thank-    walk in darkness but shall have the           our Detroit choir. A beautiful weekend
ful for our dear brothers and sisters       light of life.” (John 8:12) This verse is     of fellowship and song was shared by all
who are willing to be of service. This      especially meaningful as we near the          who attended. Please come and visit us
Fall the church gathered for the annual     Christmas season!                             in Detroit!
Sunday School Picnic. A beautiful eve-          We mourn with those who have lost             As we near the rush of the holiday
ning of joy and fellowship was shared.      loved ones over the last few months.          season, let’s all take a quiet moment to
                                            Sis. Krista (Bro. Andy) Wieland’s             remember and be thankful for the
                                            grandfather, Bro. Glenn Stoller from          greatest gift we could ever receive.
     MICHIGAN, BAY CITY                     Latty, OH, and Sis. Lois Belsley’s            Blessings and love to you all during this
        Sarah Knochel                       brother, Bro. Richard Martin from             beautiful and holy season!
       Janelle Ramseyer                     Sarasota, FL, were both taken into
   Greetings in our Savior’s name!          eternity. May God grant these families           “For unto us a child is born, unto us
   Our prayers have been with young         the peace that can only come with the         a son is given: and the government
Saylor McElrath (Jessica) as she spent      promise we have been given of eternal         shall be upon his shoulder: and his
several days in the hospital after an ac-   life with our Lord!                           name shall be called Wonderful, Coun-
cident during a recent high windstorm.          Prayers for healing are being sent to     sellor, The mighty God, The everlast-
We are thankful she has been able to re-    those who have had to deal with illness       ing Father, The Prince of Peace.”
turn to church and we trust that the        or surgery. Bro. Jason (Sis. Carrie)             Isaiah 9:6
Lord will continue to provide healing       Rauhe and Sis. Florence Wieland are                      ______________
and strength.                               both recovering after having under-
   Our Senior Bible Class had the op-       gone surgery. Sis. Sharon Schlatter,                     MINNESOTA
portunity to travel to Chicago, IL, to do   our Sis. Jennifer (Bro. Troy) Schrock’s                 MINNEAPOLIS
a World Relief project at the Hesed         mother, is recovering from a broken                     Tim McMillan
House (Aurora, IL). We appreciate the       arm. Further prayers and love are be-
hospitality and fellowship that was         ing sent out to Sis. Barb Johnson and             “To thee O Lord do I put my trust:
shared with the Chicago congregation.       her dear daughter Kyra as Sis. Barb is        let me never be put to confusion.”
                                            faced with the return of her cancer.              Psalm 71:1
Know ye the Son, the sacred Son of          There are so many of us who have been
   God?                                     touched by loved ones who have had to            This was the first reading in the
The Hero great is born in Bethlehem!        face this battle. May Sis. Barb and           Minneapolis congregation after learn-
He came to us from His exalted              Kyra find comfort in His Word and the         ing I would be writing for the Silver
   throne,                                  promise of deliverance for “Many are          Lining. What more need we ask? May it
As prince of peace, as God’s eternal
                                            the afflictions of the righteous: but the     be so for each of us as well as our whole
                                            Lord delivereth him out of them all.”         church body. The Word of the Lord will
Know ye this Son? Yea, He is known,
The dauntless Hero, God’s own Son!          (Psalm 34:19)                                 never confuse but always lead to righ-
  Hymns of Zion # 249                           A hearty “thank you” goes out to          teousness.
                                            Bro. Ron Allenbach (Sis. Lois, Kiowa,            We give thanks to Elder Bro. Tom
32                                                   SILVER LINING                                              December 2010

Stock for his visitation, prayers, and       We pray God’s blessings and direction                MINNESOTA
teachings in reading the Memorandum          upon them as they prepare to become                 MORRIS NORTH
to us on November 13. Reminders of           one in the Lord.                                    Lois Schmidgall
the roles of principles, doctrines, and         We are thankful Drew Schmidgall                   Wanda Gramm
traditions, the meekness and humility        (Bro. Rob and Sis. Kathryn) was an-
                                             nounced as having peace with God and        Know ye the Lord, the gracious friend
of a loving believer, the importance of
                                                                                            of Man
maintaining purity, and who we truly         man. May God grant him grace and
                                                                                         Who clothed Himself in pilgrim’s gar-
belong to are lessons well spent in our      wisdom to labor in the vineyard of the
                                                                                            ment plain?
daily walk. May we continue to pray for      Lord.                                       He came to us the prince of David’s
the Lord’s guidance towards our Elder           On October 18, Cora Jane was born           house!
body.                                        to Bro. Joshua (Stephen and Vicki) and         An angel’s message did the world
    The following Sunday, November           Sis. Marcy (Bro. Doug and Sis. Joyce           arouse!
14, we were also grateful for the visit of   Wulf) Sundheim. Welcoming her home          The Son has come!
Elder Bro. Tom Klotzle (Sis. Jody), as       are big brothers, Clint and Cayden.         From heaven’s dome, resounds the an-
they enjoyed the weekend holding                Sis. Violet Wulf and Sis. Eileen Nohl       gel’s joyous song!
their new granddaughter, Karlina,            have spent time in the hospital. May          Hymns of Zion #249
newborn of Bro. Jim and Sis. Krissa          God strengthen and heal as He sees
                                             best.                                           This verse of the beautiful hymn
                                                Our prayers and thoughts have            “The Son of God” has touched my
    (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2) While we rejoice
                                             been with Sis. Janet (Bro. Gerald and       heart. This past Sunday, our congrega-
with the Klotzles, we also mourn with
                                             Sis. Karen Feuchtenberger), Rachael         tion enjoyed our first Thanksgiving
our Bro. Doug Messner (Sis. Sue) in the
                                             and Martha Schmidgall as they have          meal together. Bro. Jaye Rinkenberger
passing away of his mother, Sis. Geri
                                             lost a dear husband and father. Bro.        was with us and touched on the life of
Messner. May our prayers for the fam-
                                             David Schmidgall (David J. and the          the pilgrims in the morning service.
ily be lifted up unto the Lord and be
                                             late Sis. Alma Jean, Forrest, IL) sud-      It’s so amazing how much those Pil-
heard through His Son, our Savior Je-
                                             denly passed away on October 26. May        grims went through to find a home in
                                             God grant this family faith in His will     which they could serve God and grow in
                                             and grace to carry on.                      faith. We really do have so much to be
   “…Father, I thank thee that thou
                                                                                         thankful for as we continue our pil-
hast heard me”.
                                                Note of Thanks:                          grimage here on earth. We are so
   John 11:41
                                                This is a time in our life when God      thankful that the Son of God came to
                                             has taken our emotions far beyond           this earth ... can we thank and praise
   For those who gather with family
                                             words. You have found it hard to find       Him enough?
this time of year, may we remember to
                                             the words to express your sympathy              Our Elder Bro. Paul Messner and
give thanks to the Father for all things,
                                             and we also, as the family, cannot find     Elder Bro. Bill Schlatter was with us on
as Jesus also gave thanks, every day!
                                             words to express our thanks to you.         a Wednesday evening to go through the
                                             Where we have been unable to express        Constitution and by-laws for our new
     MINNESOTA, MORRIS                       our gratitude, may the Lord bless you       church. God has been so good to us, and
      Kim Feuchtenberger                     as we cannot. May all of us put our faith   we just appreciate all that our Brothers
          Susie Wulf                         and trust in God, especially at times       do for us.
   We’re always thankful for visiting        like this when we can’t understand              Other Brothers who have given
brethren, especially those that share        God’s plan. We have certainly been          themselves to further God’s Word have
the Word of God. Visiting our congre-        able to feel the power of your prayers.     been: Bro. Dan Koch (Sis. Julie, Tre-
gation this month was Elder Bro.                The f amily of Bro. D avid               mont, IL), Elder Bro. Paul Messner
Marvin Dotterer (Sis. Nancy) and Bro.        Schmidgall                                  (Sis. Jan, Winthrop), Bro. Ron Kipfer
Gary Brown (Sis. Jane) of Forrest, IL;                                                   (Sis. Linda, Bluffton), and Bro. Jaye
Bro. Todd Stoller (Sis. Pam, Latty,          The time flies on and death draws           Rinkenberger (Sis. Peg, Goodfield, IL).
OH), and Bro. Tom Lanz (Sis. Mary,              nigh;                                    Thank you being a servant to us, and
Oakville, IA). May God bless and re-         Unite us, Lord, with Thee on high!          we pray God will bless you richly.
ward them as only He can.                    Prepare us now to live with Thee                A group of 35 students and adults
   The engagement of Bro. Darren             Forever in eternity!                        left for Mexico on a work team. We wish
Schaefer (Bro. Rodney and Sis. Denise)         Zion’s Harp #188                          them God’s protection and blessings.
and Sis. Heidi Stoller (Bob and Sis.                    ______________                       We are thankful that both Bro.
Janice, Lamar, MO) was made known.                                                       Floyd Schmidgall and our friend, Deb
  December 2010                                          SILVER LINING                                                                     33

Gunderson, are both back worshipping             dent, and Sis. Rachel Messner (Bro. Mi-     visitors who have recently gathered to
with us after their hospital stays.              chael) as Kitchen Coordinator. May          worship with us, especially those who
   Visitors this month included those            they feel the support of the congrega-      came for our Single Group’s invite
from Tremont, Winthrop, Morris,                  tion as they fill their new positions. We   w e e k e n d a n d o u r a l l - c h u r c h I n-
Phoenix, Oakville, Milford, Forrest,             want to thank those that have finished      vite-a-Friend. Between those two
Lester, Minneapolis, and Bluffton. We            their terms for their time and willing-     weekends, we have had a number of
really love to have visitors, so please          ness to serve. May God richly bless you.    visiting ministers: Bro. Willis Ehnle
feel welcome to come and visit us.                                                           (Sis. Lois, Peoria, IL), Bro. Ron Isch
   Some us were able to get together                “And God shall wipe away all tears       (Sis. Jane, Lamont-Gridley, KS), Bro.
for a Chili supper and then pack shoe            from their eyes; and there shall be no      Bruce Frank (Sis. Bonita, Cissna Park,
boxes of gifts for the needy children for        more death, neither sorrow, nor cry-        IL), Bro. Edwin Strahm (Sis. Ramona,
Christmas. Our prayers went with the             ing, neither shall there be any more        Bern, KS), Bro. Dale Moore (Sis.
gifts that those that received them              pain: for the former things are passed      Cheryl, Elgin, IA), Bro. Larry Bahr
would also know Jesus and know that              away.”                                      (Sis. Julie, Fort Scott, KS), and Bro.
He is there for their every need.                   Revelation 21:4                          Dave Hartter (Sis. Beth, Sabetha, KS).
   As a Brother stated in a sermon                                                           We are thankful for the willingness of
here, “God is more concerned about                    Our hearts go out to the family of     these Brothers to labor on our behalf.
our character than He is about our               Bro. David Schmidgall (Sis. Janet) of           November 20-21 was the baptism
comfort.” Let’s all let God work in our          Morris, MN, at his sudden passing. Our      weekend of our Sis. Hallie Webel. Many
hearts to create the character that He           congregation had a special tie with Bro.    visitors traveled to Kansas City for this
intends us to be.                                David because he was a part of our con-     special weekend, and we especially
            ______________                       gregation for several years. Many           would like to thank Elder Bro. Mark
                                                 friendships and fond memories were          Masters (Sis. Jeannine, Mansfield,
   MINNESOTA, WINTHROP                           made while he lived here. May God           OH) for assisting our Elder Bro. Randy
      Lindsay Schmidt                            grant peace to the family’s hearts and      Kellenberger (Sis. Karen) in this work.
      Heather Steiner                            fill their void with His love.              May God richly bless Sis. Hallie and
                                                                                             provide her the grace to continue walk-
    “Which things also we speak, not in             “My flesh and my heart faileth: but      ing in obedience to Him as long as He
t h e wo r d s w h i c h m a n ’ s w i s d o m   God is the strength of my heart, and my     gives her life on this earth.
teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost
                                                 portion for ever.”                              Bro. Brad Strahm (Sis. Michelle,
teacheth; comparing spiritual things                                                         Bern, KS) was our visiting minister on
                                                    Psalm 73:26
with spiritual."                                                                             Thanksgiving Day, and ministering
    I Corinthians 2:13                                                                       Bros. Tim Zimmerman (Sis. Barbara,
                                                    Our hospital and surgical patients
                                                 this month were Sis. Melva Messner          L a m o n t - G r i d l e y , K S ) a n d Br i a n
   Our congregation was privileged to                                                        Metzger (Sis. Angie, Lester, IA) were
                                                 and Bro. Ernie Dapper (Sis. Marcelle).
hear God’s Word brought to us through                                                        also present with us on other week-
                                                 May God strengthen them in both body
the lips of a visiting minister, Bro.                                                        ends; we wish them God’s blessings for
                                                 and soul.
Duane Metzger (Sis. Ruth) from West                                                          their willingness to preach the Word in
Bend, IA. May God bless him for teach-                                                       truth and purity, as the Spirit directs.
ing us of spiritual things.                                                                      Sis. Marty Rokey (the late Bro.
                                                   MISSOURI, KANSAS CITY
                                                        Brittany Fehr                        Gary) remains in our thoughts and
   “Serve the LORD with gladness:                    We recently said farewell to Sis.       prayers as she has recently spent some
come before his presence with sing-              Elizabeth Conzo; she has relocated to       time in the hospital. May God bless and
ing.”                                            the Bradford, IL, congregation for          provide for her as only He can do.
   Psalm 100:2                                   work. We certainly will miss her, but                    ______________
                                                 we are thankful for God’s faithfulness
   November is when our annual busi-             in directing her in this next step in her           MISSOURI, LAMAR
ness meeting is held. After voting to fill       life. Sis. Janice Lehman is also living              Rebecca Dotterer
open positions, responsibilities fell on         temporarily in California for work, so              Dana Kellenberger
Bro. Brett Messner (Bro. Dean and Sis.           we will miss her, too. We recently wel-        This month we were blessed with
Wanda) as Usher/Recorder, Bro. Nick              comed convert Nicolas Smith (Ron and        many visitors. Elder Bro. Roy Koehl
Schmidt (Sis. Julie) as Trustee, Sis.            Sis. Diane) back from Leo, IN, as well.     (Morris, MN) was here to assist in the
Heather Steiner (Bro. Glen and Sis.                  We would like to thank the many         sharing of the Memorandum letter. We
Rachel) as Silver Lining Correspon-                                                          were also thankful to have ministering
34                                                         SILVER LINING                                              December 2010

brothers, Bro. Mike Rinkenberger                      Visiting ministers this month in-           We are keeping Sis. Bessie Farney,
(Congerville, IL), F loyd Frieden                  clude Bro. Mark Schmidgall (Sis. Sally,     Martin and Linda Hirschey in our
( E l g i n , IA ) , a n d J o e D o t t e r e r   Oakville, IA) and Bro. Tom Lanz (Sis.       prayers as they have been hospitalized.
(Bloomfield, IA). May God bless these              Mary, Oakville, IA). Thanks for shar-                  ______________
brothers for their efforts on our behalf           ing the good news of Jesus to our con-
as He sees fit.                                    gregation.                                            OHIO, AKRON
    We rejoice as we have had three                   We appreciate Bro. Craig Stickling                   Erika Gal
souls turn to the Lord in repentance:              (Sis. Jacki, Peoria, IL) coming on a
Elizabeth Schmidgall (Bro. Larry and               Wednesday evening for a Bible Study.            “The Lord is nigh unto all them that
Sis. Marcy), Jesse Braker (Bro. Jerry              His topic was Desire for Discernment.       call upon him, to all that call upon him
and Sis. Carol), and Jared Luthi (Bro.             One question he asked was, “How is          in truth.”
Calvin and Sis. Jodi). May God grant               our RPM’s running” (Reading, Pray-              Ps. 145:18
them much grace to walk in His ways.               ing, and Meditation)?
    We also are thankful for God’s lead-              We are thankful that our prayers             We are praying for the Lord’s near-
ing as our Sis. Heidi Stoller (Bob and             were answered for a healing hand to         ness for many in our congregation who
Sis. Janice) was announced to Bro.                 Sis. Jan Heimer (Elder Bro. Kent).          have suffered bodily afflictions. Bro.
Darren Schaefer (Bro. Rod and Sis.                            ______________                   Carl Graf, Peter Zarkovacki, Sis. Es-
Denise) of Morris, MN. May they con-                                                           ther Boleratz, Sis. Elsa Yovichin, and
tinue to look to God for guidance dur-                     NEW YORK                            little Yulia Hegedus have all received
ing this time of change in their lives.                CROGHAN-NAUMBURG                        medical attention, and we trust that
             ______________                                Hope Graves                         God will provide for each one.
                                                                                                   Our congregation appreciated hav-
       MISSOURI, TAYLOR                                “I will praise thee, O Lord, with my    ing Bro. Glen (Sis. Rachel) Steiner visit
        Kathy Eberhardt                            whole heart; I will shew forth all thy      us from Winthrop, MN. May God
    In Psalms 90, we can read that we              marvellous works. I will be glad and re-    richly bless him for his efforts and la-
spend our years as a tale that is told.            joice in thee: I will sing praise to thy    bors of love.
Christmas is nearly upon us again. On              name, O thou most High.”                        We are rejoicing with our converts,
this date, we reflect on one of the great-             Psalm 9:1-2                             Brad and Amanda Gasser, in the birth
est miracles and acts of love that has                                                         of their precious little Josie Jane. She
ever occurred, the birth of our dear                   A singing was held November 6 at        was born on September 15. McKenzie
Lord Jesus Christ. What a gift from our            the Lewis County Residential Health         is excited to welcome her home. Her
heavenly Father, the Dawn of Redeem-               Care facility for Sis. Louise Purvines.     grandparents are Bro. Roger and Sis.
ing Grace. We are thankful that God                We received a blessing from the hymns       Sue Gasser (Junction) and Gary and
keeps His promises, with the Messiah’s             and our time of fellowship. It was en-      Sis. Susan Murray (Rittman).
birth foretold several times in the Old            couraging to hear our dear sister in                   ______________
Testament. With Christ’s birth, and                faith ask if we can do this again! Let us
then later His death on the cross, which           continue to be faithful and serve Him              OHIO, COLUMBUS
sets mankind free from their sins, we              till our last breath. We appreciate our              Esther Saurer
look forward to another of our Heav-               faithful older brethren who are an ex-         We had four visiting ministers join
enly Father’s promises, eternal life and           ample to us.                                us this month to share God’s Holy
an incorruptible inheritance. What a                   We enjoyed having company from          Word. Bro. Jim Vierling (Sis. Linda,
glad and joyous reunion it is during the           Rockville, CT, with us for the weekend      Eureka, IL) and Bro. Fred Domka (Sis.
Christmas holidays when we can again               of November 21. A potluck dinner was        Connie, Mansfield, OH) both joined us
be together with our families. But                 shared together Saturday evening with       for Sunday services. Elder Bro. Mark
what a greater reunion it shall be some-           a singing in the Sunday school room af-     Masters (Mansfield, OH) and Bro.
day when we all can be together on yon-            ter. What a blessing it is to renew the     John Jackson (Bay City, MI) were with
der shore, heaven land.                            friendships we have with those from         us for Wednesday evening services.
    A new baby was added on November               our neighboring congregations.                 Bro. Josh and Sis. Jenna Boliantz
8 to our Taylor church family. Trigg                   As we approach this Thanksgiving        have recently moved from our congre-
William was born to Darin and Danni                season, may we think upon the many          gation. We pray that they will feel
Heimer. Grandparents are Elder Bro.                blessings we have been given in the         God’s nearness as they become a part of
Kent and Sis. Jan Heimer and Dennis                past year. There is no way we could ever    the Mansfield, OH, church.
and Donna Graupman. May God bless                  repay the Lord for all He has done for                 ______________
all these dear families.                           us.
  December 2010                                                   SILVER LINING                                                            35

           OHIO, JUNCTION                                 Joyce), and Bro. Roger Gerber (Sis.          cording to His will.
             Vicki Boroff                                 Eunice). May God grant them healing.            After 98 years of life, Sis. Kathryn
     Our prayers go out to our hospital                      With Thanksgiving approaching,            Mae Beer passed away. Sis. Kathryn
patients. We wish a speedy recovery for                   may we count our many blessings, and         was converted for more than 72 years
Sis. Annabel Spangler and Sis. Carolyn                    take time to give thanks!                    and with her husband, Bro. Robert,
Spangler.                                                            ______________                    lovingly served our congregation in the
     Speaking from the pulpit this                                                                     ministry for over 34 years. Our prayers
month, in addition to our home minis-                            OHIO, MANSFIELD                       are with her family and loved ones in-
ters, were Bros. Fred Domka (Sis. Con-                             Tami Griffey                        cluding sons, Rex Beer (Sis. Marilyn),
n i e , M a n s f i e l d ) , Bi l l B r a k e (S i s .       On the evening of October 30, the        Bro. Al Beer (Sis. Janet), and Dennis
Miriam, Sardis) and Don Steidl (Sis.                      Memorandum was read and meditated            Beer (Sandra), a daughter Kathy
Nan, Akron). Also, Elder Bro. Kevin                       upon. We thank Elder Bro. Steve              Stacy, a son-in-law Bro. Dale Gabor,
Ryan (Sis. Cheryl, Rockville) joined us                   Sauder and his wife, Sis. Mary (Tre-         daughters-in-law Sis. Pat Beer, and
for the weekend; he helped our Elder                      mont, IL), for their efforts to assist and   Janet Beer, brothers Harley D. Leedy
Bro. Bill share the Memorandum. We                        share the weekend with us.                   and Edwin Leedy.
enjoyed having them visit, along with                         The annual Fall Outing was held             A daughter, Sierra Jade Pfeiffer,
their families.                                           October 31. The Sunday School stu-           was born on November 3. Thankful
              ______________                              dents participated in activities with        parents are Bro. Henry and Sis. Diane.
                                                          their classes. A covered dish meal was       Her siblings, Austin, Ezekiel, Autumn,
            OHIO, LATTY                                   later enjoyed by those of all ages. It was   Naomi, Sicilia, and Natasha, excitedly
          Carmen Eisenmann                                a blessed and enjoyable afternoon for        welcomed their new sister home.
            Mindy Stoller                                 all who attended.                            Blessed grandparents are Bro. John
    Greetings! We were blessed this                           Balloting on October 31 revealed         and Sis. Zuzanna Pfeiffer and Bro. Bill
month to be able to listen to the Memo-                   support for new Sunday School Super-         and Sis. Becky Sauder.
randum exhortation. Visiting Elder                        intendent, Bro. Bruce Sauder (Sis.              Our prayers and sympathy are with
who assisted Bro. John was Bro. Steve                     Denise), and Assistant Superinten-           Sis. Betty Dotterer (Bro. Gaylord) and
Ringger (Sis. Myra, Bluffton North,                       dent, Bro. John Pfeiffer (Sis. Marci).       her family as her mother, Sis. Irene
IN). We want to thank both of them for                    We pray God will bless and direct these      Stoller, has passed away and is gone to
their service, and being willing to share                 couples as they give of their time and       be with her Savior.
good counsel from the Elder body. May                     love for our youth. We thank Bro. Tim           We were blessed to host the Eastern
we always be prayerful for our Elder                      Beer (Sis. Traci) and Bro. Roger Miller      World Relief Informational Meeting on
body and the work they carry out.                         (Sis. Dorina), who labored in love for       November 13. We are thankful for all
    We also wish to thank Bro. Curt                       several years in these positions.            who participated and trust God will
Rassi (Sis. Kathy, Tremont, IL) for                           We were blessed with a beautiful         continue to multiply the blessings of
preaching the Word to us this month.                      weekend of testimonies and baptisms          World Relief.
    We rejoice as another baby was born                   on November 6 and 7 for Bro. Anthony                   ______________
on November 1. Braylin Ray was added                      Baumann (Bro. Dave and Sis. Lucy)
to Bro. Kurt and Sis. Lisa Sinn’s family.                 and Sis. Lauren Sauder (Bro. Bruce                   OHIO, RITTMAN
Welcoming him are siblings, Chelsea,                      and Sis. Denise). May God continue to                 Heidi Rufener
Tiffany, Cameron, Tianna, and Caden.                      provide His grace and Spirit’s direction              Marge Stoller
Grandparents are Bro. Ray and Sis.                        to these dear souls. Elder Bro. Rod
Ann Sinn, and Bro. Dale and Sis. Becky                    Bajema (Sis. Twyla, Lester, IA) hum-            “Then shall thou call, and the Lord
Wulf.                                                     bly assisted with this important work.       shall answer; thou shall cry, and he
    On November 12, Bro. Herman                           In addition, it was a blessing to be         shall say, Here I am.”
“Dick” Schlatter passed away. His                         served by visiting ministers: Bro. Mike         Isaiah 58:9
wife, Sis. Viola, and children, including                 Ursu (Sis. Barb, Kitchener, Ontario,
Dennis and Connie Gordon, mourn his                       Canada), Bro. Mike Walder (Sis. Su-             Our hearts rejoice when we hear
loss. The same day, God took Sis. Irene                   san, Smithville), and Bro. John Grimm        that another loved one has turned his
Stoller (Bro. David, deceased) home.                      (Sis. Julie, Columbus).                      heart to the Lord. May God grant Kyle
We lift their loved ones up in prayer                         Loved ones who have been hospital-       Gasser (Bro. Jerry and Sis. Ellen)
and pray for His comfort at this time.                    ized include Courtney Sauder (daugh-         much grace as he works out his soul’s
    We are prayerful for those who have                   ter of Sis. Missy and Greg), and Sis. Kay    salvation.
been hospitalized in the past month,                      Rufener (Bro. Ron). We pray God                 This past month there were also
including Bro. Larry Wenninger (Sis.                      would restore health and wellness ac-        families who rejoiced with the birth of
36                                                  SILVER LINING                                                December 2010

babies. On October 20, Bro. Milan and       lish new homes.                               on Sunday.
Sis. Cheryl Indermuhle (Sardis, OH)              Our hospital patients this month             Our annual Fall Gathering/Hog
welcomed Landon Glenn into their            were Sis. Carolyn Hartzler (Bro. Dale)        Roast was the held on the 3rd weekend
home. Little sister Makenna is glad for     and Sis. Eldora Steiner (Bro. Alvin,          of October. We appreciate the guests
a brother. Maternal grandparents are        dec.). May the Lord restore to health         who gathered with us on such a beauti-
Elder Bro. Merle and Sis. Bonnie            again according to His will.                  ful, warm day to share in the old-fash-
Hartzler. Paternal grandparents are              Our dear ministering Bro. Ron            ioned activities and enjoy the fall
E l de r Bro . K e n a nd S i s . L i nda   Steiner (Sis. Ruth) is retiring from the      scenery with us.
Indermuhle (Sardis, OH). On October         ministry. On Sunday evening, Novem-
11, Joshua and Brooke Calame became         ber 14, we held a special service for            “Jesus saith unto them, Yea; have
first-time parents when Branson             them. Many brethren and friends came          ye never read, Out of the mouth of
Joshua was born to them. Happy for          f r o m o u r ne a r b y ch u r c h e s o f   babes and sucklings thou hast per-
their first grandchild was Bro. John        Smithville, Akron and Mansfield. The          fected praise?”
and Sis. Jody Calame. Maternal grand-       first half hour was spent in singing.            St. Matthew 21:16
parents are Curt and Patty Suppes.          What a beautiful blending of voices as
Then a few days later on October 23,        our large Rittman assembly was nearly             Bro. Gary and Sis. Terry Zollinger
Bro. John and Sis. Jody became grand-       full! Then Bro. Ron read from the             were blessed with another grandchild
parents again when Jordan Daniel was        Scriptures and had a special message          on October 7 with the birth of Isaiah
born to Bro. Jeremy and Sis. Elizabeth      for us. Tears were shed as we wished          Martin, third son of Joe and Jamie
Calame (Peoria, IL). Maternal grand-        them well. We know they will continue         Zollinger of the Rittman, OH, area. His
parents are Bro. Tom and Sis. JoAnn         to serve God in their daily walk of life.     older brothers are Trenton and Xavier.
Rieker (Peoria, IL). October 24 was the     May God bless them for their much             Bro. Milan and Sis. Cheryl Indermuhle
birthday of Eli Jordan born to Bro. Tim     work and sacrifice on our behalf.             had a son born to them on October 20
and Sis. Sharon Hartzler. Happy for a            We want to thank the ministering         with the arrival of Landon Glenn. Big
new addition to their family are sib-       brothers who came to share God’s              sister Makenna was eagerly anticipat-
lings, Amos, Megan, Jacob, Jubal,           Word with us. They included Bro. Chad         ing his arrival. Grandparents are El-
Gretchen and Ezra. Loving grandpar-         Leman (Sis. Kim, Kitchener, Ont.), El-        de r Bro . K e n a nd S i s . L i nda
ents are Elder Bro. Merle and Sis.          der Bro. Curt Frank (Sis. Lyla, La-           Indermuhle and Elder Bro. Merle and
Bonnie Hartzler and Bro. Ken and Sis.       Crosse, IN), Bro. Troy Leyse (Sis.            Sis. Bonnie Hartzler (Rittman, OH).
Jane Hartzler (Smithville). Bro. Ben        Kelly, Bluffton, IN), Bro. Marvin             May God grant discernment to all par-
and Sis. Susie Rufener welcomed             Zollinger (Sis. Pam, Smithville, OH),         ents seeking out His will in making de-
Natalie Marie into their home on No-        Bro. Nelson Beer (Sis. Minnie, Milford,       cisions with the children that He has
vember 11. Happy for a little sister are    IN), and Bro. Gary Sinn (Sis. Paulette,       given us.
siblings, Karson, Marissa and Gabriel.      Latty, OH).                                       The wedding of Stephanie Alrutz
Thankful grandparents are Bro. Dan                     ______________                     (daughter of Bro. Allen and Sis. Janet
and Sis. Karen Rufener and Bro. John                                                      Indermuhle) to Mark Bissett was held
and Sis. Emily Rufener.                                OHIO, SARDIS                       on October 23. We wish them God’s
    On November 7, the engagement of                    Faith Beard                       blessings and guidance as they walk
Bro. Nathan Gasser and Sis. Morgan                                                        this life together as husband and wife.
Pertee of Smithville was announced.         Offer the lively, the cheerful and beau-          We wish to thank our visiting minis-
Their parents are Bro. Virgil and Sis.         tiful flower,                              ters: Bro. Robert Beebe (Sis. Sue,
                                            Offer with gladness and willingness
Lois Gasser and Ron Pertee and Shelly                                                     South Bend, IN), Bro. Ned Stoller (Sis.
                                               thy youthful power
Colvin (Smithville). May God bless                                                        Heidi, Alto, MI), Bro. Matthew Rassi
                                            To Christ thy friend, Who thy soul
them as they make plans to begin their                                                    (Sis. Bridget, Chicago, IL) and Bro. Bill
                                               e’er will defend,
life together as one in the Lord.           Safe in His heavenly bower.                   Dotterer (Sis. Sharon, Lamar, MO).
    Heidi Gasser (Bro. Dale and Janet)        Zion’s Harp, #160, vs. 2                    We pray that all our ministers would
and Chad Elser (Randy and Deb Elser)                                                      continue to feel the support of the con-
were united in marriage on November            It was Sardis’ turn to host the            gregation to preach the Word as in-
13. November 14 was the wedding day         All-Ohio Weekend this year, so we were        spired by the Holy Spirit.
of Bro. Caleb Beery (Bro. Earl and Sis.     blessed when the Ohio Single Groups
Susie) and Sis. Charity Riggenbach          worshiped with us in October. We en-          The promise of true pastors given;
(Bro. Bob and Sis. Lorie). May God be                                                     Hearts like Thine own do Thou in
                                            joyed a singing together on Saturday
with these dear couples as they estab-                                                      them instill.
                                            evening with a doubled congregation
                                                                                          Thy holy Word was never broken;
  December 2010                                              SILVER LINING                                                                   37

We know that Thou this promise wilt                Sis. Jane Hartzler. Eli Jordan was born               Bro. Mark Ramsier (Sis. Alice, Sardis,
  fulfill.                                         to Bro. Tim and Sis. Sharon Hartzler                  OH), Elder Bro. Lynn Fiechter (Sis.
The enemies before Thy hand shall                  (Rittman) on October 24. His siblings                 Ronda, Bluffton, IN), and Bro. Sam
  fall;                                            a r e Am o s , M e g a n , Ja c o b , Ju b a l ,      Schlatter (Sis. Linda, Junction, OH).
Thou art forever King and Lord of all.             Gretchen, and Ezra.                                   May God bless them and their families.
                                                       We were so thankful to hear that an-                  The church was filled Sunday, No-
   Staci Indermuhle (Bro. Allen and                other soul has turned his back on the                 vember 7, to witness the wedding of
Sis. Janet) is experiencing a medical              world. Mike (Terry) Lusk has begun                    Bro. Ben Harmon and Sis. Sarah Nolan
condition that is requiring long-term              his repentance, and we pray that he can               during the afternoon service. Sis. Sa-
admittance and treatment. Cards and                truly die to self and begin to live for               rah’s parents are Abraham and Sarah
notes of encouragement to her and her              Christ.                                               Nolan from Toledo. Bro. Ben’s parents
family are appreciated and can be sent                 The engagement of Sis. Morgan                     are Bro. Doug and Sis. Lanna Harmon.
to: 50020 Baptist Ridge Rd., Sardis,               Pertee and Bro. Nathan Gasser was an-                 We pray that this young couple will al-
OH 43946                                           nounced on November 7. We wish them                   ways look to our Heavenly Father as
             ______________                        God’s blessings as they prepare for                   they continue to become one in Him.
                                                   marriage. Sis. Morgan’s parents are                       As the Christmas season is upon us,
        OHIO, SMITHVILLE                           Bro. Dave and Shelly Colvin and Ron                   may we remember the greatest gift of
          Lydia Dotterer                                                                                 all - God’s Son!
                                                   Pertee. Bro. Nathan’s parents are Bro.
           Gina Brake
                                                   Virgil and Sis. Lois Gasser (Rittman).                          ______________
   “And God shall wipe away all tears                  October 15 was the wedding date of
from their eyes; and there shall be no             Jaime Riggenbach and Genet Seager.                         OREGON, PORTLAND
                                                   Jaime’s parents are Bro. Don and Sis.                        Renee Angstrom
more death, neither sorrow, nor cry-
                                                   Gail Riggenbach.                                          Our visiting ministers this month
ing, neither shall there be any more
                                                       Bro. Phil Stettner (Sis. Maureen,                 from Silverton were Elder Bro. John
                                                   Bluffton North) was here to assist with               Wiegand (Sis. Jane) and Bro. Todd
   Revelation 21:4
                                                   the reading of the Memorandum. We                     Zollinger (Sis. Michele). We are always
                                                   are thankful for their willingness to                 thankful for the support of the breth-
    Our prayers are with the families
                                                   travel and be with us for the weekend.                ren from Silverton and always wel-
who have lost loved ones this past
                                                   Bro. Ron Steiner (Sis. Ruth, Rittman)                 come the beautiful Word that is shared
month. Sis. Connie Bauman (Bro.
                                                   also visited our congregation this                    across the pulpit.
Steve) lost her father, Bro. Glenn
                                                   month. We felt blessed that they were                     We were blessed with sharing in
Stoller (Latty, OH), on October 19.
                                                   able to come once more before retiring                Holy Communion this past month. El-
Bro. Ken Maibach (Sis. Sue-Ellen) and
                                                   from the ministry, and have been                      der Bro. Art Metz (Sis. Betty) was as-
Bro. Steve Maibach (Sis. Dawn) lost a
                                                   thankful for their many years of labor                sisted by Elder Bro. Bro. John Wiegand
brother-in- law, Dave (Jane) Curie, on
                                                   for the gospel.                                       (Sis. Jane, Silverton).
October 31. And on November 6, Sis.
                                                                ______________                               Bro. Eldon Metz (Sis. Alice) was
Oleda Menold (Morton, IL) passed
                                                                                                         elected to serve a four year term as the
away. She was the sister of Sis. Marge
                                                              OHIO, TOLEDO                               Bible Class teacher. He replaces Bro.
Schneider (Bro. Wilbur). May God be
                                                              Teresa Rywalski                            Monte Kuenzi (Sis. Kellie).
with each of these families.
                                                               Rebecca Beard                                       ______________
    Dick (Amber) Lanz spent time in
the hospital this past month. We pray                  “Let us hold fast the profession of                   OREGON, SILVERTON
that God’s healing touch will be with              our faith without wavering; (for he is                        Deb Roth
him.                                               faithful that promised;)”                                     Kris Luthi
    We will miss Bro. Tom Dotterer, as                 Hebrews 10:23                                        Several of our youth this month suf-
he has moved to Texas, but we pray for                                                                   fered broken bones or hospital stays.
God’s blessings on him there.                         We were thankful for the Brothers                  We are thankful that Andrea Walter
    Bro. Derek and Sis. Juliet Nieman              who shared the pulpit with us this past               (Bro. Chad and Sis. Megan), Kiana
welcomed their first baby, Caleb                   month: Bro. Curt Walter (Sis. Eliza-                  Walter (Bro. Kyle and Sis. Trisha) and
Charles, on October 22. His grandpar-              beth, Mansfield, OH), Bro. Art Ingold                 Troy Sinn (Bro. Tom and Sis. Edith)
ents are Bro. Denny and Sis. Kay                   (Sis. Bonnie, Rittman, OH), Elder Bro.                are all recovering well.
N i e m a n , an d B r o . D a v e a n d S i s .   M a r k M a s t e r s (S i s . J e a n n i n e ,
Luanna Dotterer. A new grandson was                M a n s f i e l d , O H ) , E l d e r Br o . Bi l l      “Sanctify yourselves therefore, and
also added to the family of Bro. Ken and           Schlatter (Sis. Emily, Junction, OH),                 be ye holy: for I am the Lord your God.”
38                                                           SILVER LINING                                                     December 2010

     Leviticus 20:7                                     Acts 15:30-31                            future: Bradford, IL (1/9);
                                                                                                 Francesville, IN (1/16); Sardis, OH
     Holy Communion was a blessing to                   It was a privilege this month to have    (1/23), and Milford, IN (1/30). We do
partake on October 23. We were thank-                Elder Bro. Ted Steffen and his wife, Sis.   not have a visiting minister scheduled
ful that Elder Bro. Rod Bajema (Sis.                 Sandy (Alto, MI), with us the weekend       for 12/26 or 1/02, but if there are breth-
Twyla, Lester, IA) was willing to come               of November 13-14. Bro. Ted read the        ren in the area we will meet to listen to
a s s i s t o u r o w n E l d e r Br o . Jo h n      Memorandum Saturday night and               a tape or call-in service. If you are plan-
Wiegand (Sis. Jane) and Elder Bro. Art               preached God’s Word on Sunday. We           ning to worship with us, please call
Metz (Sis. Betty) from our Portland                  were very thankful to share the week-       ahead to confirm our schedule. Often
congregation.                                        end with Bro. Ted and Sis. Sandy and        we gather on Saturday evenings for fel-
     Sis. Emily Sinn (Bro. Mark and Sis.             truly appreciated Bro. Ted’s willing-       lowship, and all are heartily welcome.
Elsie) was married to Bro. Evan                      ness to be a servant.                       We typically meet on Wednesday eve-
Schmidgall (Bro. Paul and Sis. Kris) of                         ______________                   nings at 7:15 p.m. for singing or call-in
our Eureka, IL, church on November                                                               services and would welcome any mid-
14. May God bless this couple as they                  TENNESSEE, NASHVILLE                      week visitors. However, during the
make their home in Eureka. Our good                      Mike and Monica Fritz                   World Relief work project (Jan-Mar),
wishes and prayers go with Sis. Emily                    We are looking forward to this win-     our Wednesday evening services will be
as she makes the move. Visiting minis-               ter (Jan-Mar), when World Relief will       at Bethany Hills in Kingston Springs,
ters were Bro. Mark Schmidgall (Sis.                 have a work project in the Nashville        TN, where the work teams are staying,
L i s a , E u r e k a , IL ) a n d B r o . M i k e   area to help with the rebuilding of         and we are not yet aware of a finalized
Rinkenberger (Sis. Pat, Congerville,                 homes for families who suffered loss        time, so call ahead. Contacts are Bro.
IL).                                                 during the major flooding here this         Mike and Sis. Monica Fritz, (615)
     Sis. Lynn Rees and son Jacob were               spring. We appreciate the love of Christ    866-5543 (fritzmb.family@gmail.
visitors here recently. They traveled                shown through this effort to the hurt-      com); and Sis. Gwen Leuthold, (615)
from Anchorage, Alaska, for a medical                ing in our community.                       356-5755.
appointment for Jacob, in Seattle, and                   Bro. Don and Sis. Faye Sauder have                    ______________
were able to drive the extra 4 hours                 migrated south to Zapata, TX, for the
south to attend church. Sis. Lynn’s                  winter. We trust that the Lord will be            TEXAS, AUSTIN
home church was Sabetha, KS, but she                 with them, and all the brethren there,      Serenity and Jasmine Ringger
has lived in Alaska with her family                  as He is here.
since January. We want to remember                       We wish to share the engagement of      O, may the small flock be increased
                                                     our son, Obed Fritz (Congerville, IL),      In grace ‘neath His protection,
our Sis. Lynn, her husband Jason, and
                                                     to Kary Leman (Bro. Ed and Sis. Gail;       And enter into heav’nly rest,
children, Jacob (11), David (10), Mi-
                                                     Congerville, IL). We pray that the Lord     For this is God’s direction.
chael (9) and Emily (7), as they are so                                                          May all be childlike, loving, kind,
far away on a military base. They would              will direct their path as they plan for
                                                                                                 That we the path to heaven find!
appreciate and enjoy fellowship with                 their wedding and marriage, walking
                                                                                                    Hymns of Zion #173
any who would take the time.                         life’s pathway together as one.
                                                         We have been blessed by the willing
                                                                                                      Bro. Tom Dotterer from Smithville
     Contact: jljdme_rees@yahoo.com                  service of our visiting ministering
                                                                                                 has joined our fellowship. We pray for a
     Jason and Lynn Rees                             brothers: Elder Bros. John Laukhuf
                                                                                                 blessing on his move.
     1892-C Enlisted Hero Dr.                        (Latty, OH) and Dave Graf (Sis. Barb;
                                                                                                      We are thankful for our visiting
     Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506                         Akron, OH), and Bros. Jaye
                                                                                                 ministers: Bros. Dewayne Dill (Sis.
             ______________                          Rinkenberger (Sis. Peg; Goodfield, IL)
                                                                                                 LaRae, Minneapolis), Ken Wuethrich
                                                     and Klint Beyer (Sis. Kara; Sabetha,
                                                                                                 ( S i s . L y n , In d i a n a p o l i s ) , J o h n
           PENNSYLVANIA                              KS).
                                                                                                 Baumgartner (Sis. Lori, Bern), Mark
           PHILADELPHIA                                  We have also been strengthened by
                                                                                                 Zimmerman (Sis. Cheryl, Eureka) and
            Emily Wiegand                            the fellowship of brethren and friends
                                                                                                 Elder Bro. Peter Petrovic (Sis. Marian,
                                                     visiting from Goodfield and Morton IL;
                                                                                                 San Diego). We also had visitors from
   “So when they were dismissed, they                West Lafayette, IN; Sabetha, KS; and
                                                                                                 Francesville, West Bend, Congerville,
came to Antioch: and when they had                   Akron and Latty, OH.
                                                                                                 Bluffton, and Smithville.
gathered the multitude together, they                    If you are traveling in or through
                                                                                                      The following is the minister sched-
delivered the epistle: which when they               the Nashville area, please plan to wor-
                                                                                                 ule for January: (2) Morris, (16)
had read, they rejoiced for the consola-             ship with us. The following churches
                                                                                                 Altadena, (30) Roanoke.               We extend
tion.”                                               are scheduled for services in the near
  December 2010                                            SILVER LINING                                                               39

a warm welcome to anyone who may be                ing time in south Texas to worship with         Rockville, CT) on November 28.
in the area to worship with us, on Sun-            us.                                                Our friend Sue Balfe has been recu-
days or mid-week. Please call ahead to                 Advance notice will help us plan for        perating at home after surgery. We
help us plan for serving lunch. Also, be-          meals and fellowship.                           pray that God will grant her healing
cause visitors add much to our local fel-                      ______________                      and strength during this time. We hope
lowship times, it helps if we know                                                                 to see her and her family at church
about your visit well in advance, so that                    TEXAS, ZAPATA                         soon.
we can accommodate you more readily                           Mary Plattner                           We will miss Emery and Claire Fel-
in our weekend gatherings. Directions                  Seasons come and go and we in               lows as they have left us for the South
to our church and contacts are now in              Zapata are thankful for the return of           during the winter months. May God
the 2010 minister book.                            the winter season. We know many of              watch between us until we meet again.
    In the church, there are two fur-              our brethren will be returning to spend            If you are interested in fellowship-
nished bedrooms for the ministers and              the winter months here in South                 ping with us here in Vermont, and
others to use when coming for services.            Texas.                                          would like information about service
When you contact someone about com-                    We extend our sympathies to the             locations and dates, please contact Bro.
ing for services, please let them know if          family of Bro. Alvin Banwart (Sis.              Chad and S is. Jenny Virkler
you would like to use the bedrooms                 Phyllis, West Bend) as he was called            (802-293-2724). We love to fellowship
during the time you are here.                      Home. We will miss having him in our            with believers, whether it is during the
             ______________                        midst this season.                              week or on the weekend. Please let us
                                                       We are thankful to have minister-           know if you are planning on being in
         TEXAS, McALLEN                            ing Bro. Tom Schrenk (Sis. Joan, Alto)          our area so we can accommodate you.
          Gloria Walder                            return to Zapata where he serves on
    As Thanksgiving Day approaches,                the pulpit during the winter months.               “Not forsaking the assembling of
may it remind us to be thankful every                  We had a group for Thanksgiving at          ourselves together, as the manner of
day for our many blessings; and let us             church and anticipate more at Christ-           some is; but exhorting one another:
also be thankful for the things we do              mas. We look forward to the families            and so much the more as ye see the day
not have that we would not want.                   that come to spend time with their fam-         approaching.”
    We appreciate our visiting minis-              ilies over the holiday season.                     Hebrews 10:25
ters and wives taking the time and ef-                 Anyone coming to Zapata is most
fort to serve us. May the Lord bless               welcome to worship and spend some               Service times are as follows:
them and the Word brought forth by                 time with us.                                   Mid-week services
B r o . D u a n e R e u t t e r (S i s . K a y ,               ______________                        (Contact local brethren)
R o c k v i l l e , CT ) a n d Br o . Be i r n e                                                   Sunday Morning Service
Messner (Sis. Joyce, Morris, MN).                           VERMONT                                     10:10 AM
Adding to the blessings of our gather-                       NORTH                                 Sunday Afternoon Service
ings were the visits of brethren from                 CLARENDON/NORWICH                                 12:15 PM
                                                     Nathan and Miriam Reutter                     Sunday school is held during the
Zapata, TX.
                                                       On November 6 we experienced the               morning service.
    Services are scheduled more fre-
                                                   blessing of being together for the Mem-
quently in the coming winter months.
                                                   orandum. Our Elder Bro. Kevin Ryan
The tentative schedule is: Jan. 2 - Win-
                                                   (Sis. Cheryl) and Ordained Deacon,
throp, MN; Jan. 9 - Fairbury, IL; Jan.
                                                   Bro. Warren Zahner (Sis. Bonnie),
16 - Rittman, OH; Jan. 30 - Alto, MI.
                                                   came to visit us on that Saturday eve-
We also meet on Wednesday evenings
                                                   ning to encourage us in plain Christian
at the home of Bro. Lloyd and Sis. Joyce
                                                   living. It was a time of refreshing for
Nohl, and appreciate visitors when-
                                                   our spirits. We thank them for this ef-
ever it fits into their schedule.
                                                   fort on our behalf.
    Sunday services are held at 10:30
                                                       We also want to thank other visiting
and 12:30 at the Holiday Inn Express,
                                                   ministers that have come to serve us on
1921 South 10th St. Take the 10th
                                                   the pulpit. They were Bro. Gary Brown
Street exit off Expressway 83 and go
                                                   (Sis. Jane, Forrest, IL) on November
1½ blocks south. Please see the minis-
                                                   14, Bro. Warren Zahner (Sis. Bonnie,
ters’ directory for local contact infor-
                                                   Rockville, CT) on November 21, and
mation. We are small in number and
                                                   B r o . T o m Ba h l e r (S i s . L a N a e ,
appreciate and welcome anyone spend-
40                                                  SILVER LINING                                      December 2010

            Apostolic Christian Counseling and
                      Family Services                                           · Recent college graduate?
                           515 East Highland St,                                · Eager to learn and grow?
                             Morton, IL 61550                                   · Have leadership experience?
                  309-263-5536 (local#) 309-263-6841 (fax)
                                                                                · Willing to relocate
                         877-370-9988 (toll free)                                  to the Detroit area?
                                                                                Contact Bro. Randy Gasser for the
                      Christ-centered counseling for                          job description for the newly created
              depression, anxiety, relationship problems, etc…                position of Director of Business Office
                                                                              Operations at Livonia Michigan‘s
     ·   Telephone consultations with a counselor
                                                                              Woodhaven Retirement Community.
     ·   Information about mental health issues and relationship problems
     ·   Referrals to qualified counseling and family services in your area   Applicant must be a member of the Ap-
     ·   Referrals to specialized services                                    ostolic Christian Church of America.
     ·   Apostolic Christian Way of Purity
     ·   Information and presentations on Biblical financial stewardship        Phone 734.261.9000 or
     ·   Materials and presentations on other specific topics                   email randyg@woodhavenrc.org
     ·   Mentoring for students in mental health-related fields
     ·   All calls are confidential

                              Assistant Administrator Needed
            The Board of Directors of the Apostolic Christian Home in Rittman is announcing a
          search for an Assistant Administrator for the nursing home.
            Applicants are required to have a Bachelor's degree and can expect an interim period of
          time to fulfill the State of Ohio's Administrator's license requirements.
            Anyone interested in further details can contact David Maletich for a complete job de-
          scription and to submit a resume for the vacancy.

             The Nursing Home phone number is 330-927-1010
             or email: administrator@apostolichome.com

             The deadline for this search is 12/31/2010.
  December 2010                                 SILVER LINING                                                        41

     Sermon continued from page 2        life, why it came into my life and       seph obeyed and went down into
ther David:” which was another           how am I supposed to deal with it?       Egypt. And what happened when
promise in the Old Testament.            What is our response? Do we re-          he saw he was mocked of the wise
   I wish I would have had time to       spond like Mary? We all have the         men? He killed all the children in
look it up. It would be an exhaus-       opportunity to, but it is a matter of    the area of Bethlehem because
tive study, bringing in all the Old      if we find it within us to respond       there was supposed to be this king
Testament scriptures and how the         like that. God’s Will be done. Be it     born and if there was a king born
pieces all come together. This is        unto me according to the Will of the     then that would threaten his king-
part of the miracle of Jesus’ birth,     Lord. We think of the shame that         dom. And so to wipe out any threat
how all the pieces of the puzzle         would have been involved with            he had all the children killed. This
come right together. There should        that situation. Mary being with          would have, if Mary and Joseph
be no doubt in anyone’s mind that        child; Joseph being ashamed and          had been at that place, included Je-
this picture is complete when we         then maybe feeling greatly be-           sus. To fulfill the scripture that out
see all the prophecies fulfilled.        trayed by Mary and recognizing           of Egypt His son would be called.
“And he shall reign over the house       that there could be extreme conse-       So when Herod was dead, we re-
of Jacob forever; and of his king-       quences. And yet, they were will-        member that story where He was
dom there shall be no end.” (St.         ing to carry out the will of the Lord.   brought back into the land of Is-
Luke 1:33) And we may, in our own        Did it matter what their reputation      rael. Because Archaleus, the son of
human minds, try to comprehend           was? Did it matter what it was go-       Herod the Great, they went out of
how all this is going to happen if       ing to cost them? Did it matter the      Archaleus’ jurisdiction and went
this would have been me to whom          responsibilities that were going to      up to Nazareth and that fulfilled
the angel appeared to like Mary          be added to them? No! Mary just          another prophecy that He would be
said “I know not a man how is this       said “The Lord’s Will be done.”          called a Nazarene. Jesus fulfilled
going to happen?” (v. 34) But re-           Going to chapter two in verse         in His life those prophecies.
member with God nothing is im-           one God has a way of bringing to            In verse four, “And Joseph also
possible. He created Adam and            pass all of the prophecies. That is      went up from Galilee, out of the
Eve out of the dust of the earth. He     amazing to me how even in this           city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto
created everything we can see. He        story God brings things together         the city of David, which is called
created things that are beyond the       that Jesus, as one of the minor          Bethlehem; (because he was of the
scope of our sight in the universe.      prophet’s wrote, would be born in        house and lineage of David): To be
He is a great great God. Is it a         Bethlehem. So how are we going to        taxed with Mary his espoused wife,
small thing for Him to create an-        bring Mary and Joseph seventy or         being great with child. And so it
other human?             In ve r s e     eighty miles to Bethlehem for this       was, that, while they were there,
thirty-seven it is written, “For with    to be accomplished? God has His          the days were accomplished that
God nothing shall be impossible.”        ways. Verse one, “And it came to         she should be delivered. And she
How do we find impossibilities           pass in those days, that there went      brought forth her firstborn son,
here in our life on this earth? Is it    out a decree from Caesar Augus-          and wrapped him in swaddling
because we have in some way lim-         tus, that all the world should be        clothes, and laid him in a manger;
ited God? I sometimes wonder if          taxed.” Verse three, “And all went       because there was no room for
that is maybe the way it is in my        to be taxed, every one into his own      them in the inn.” (v.4-7) How hum-
own life because of a lack of faith or   city.” So that was the cause of it.      bling to have to come that far to
trust. Is something too great for        We can’t help but believe that that      find no place. What a humble place
God? If it is beyond my comprehen-       was God’s hand working through           for Jesus our Lord to be born. But
sion, sometimes that is my feeling,      Caesar. Whether this was a finan-        isn’t that so symbolic of His entire
but yet I know in my mind even if it     cial taxing or a census, I have          life? He lived in humility. Proba-
hasn’t settled down to my heart          heard both used as an explanation        bly more humility than any of us
there is nothing…nothing beyond          of what this taxing was about, it        could comprehend. We think later
God’s abilities.                         doesn’t matter. They needed to           in His life when someone asked
   In verse thirty-eight “And Mary       come to Bethlehem and that ful-          Him about His abode and He said,
said, Behold the handmaid of the         filled that. And one other prophecy      “Well the foxes of the earth have
Lord; be it unto me according to thy     I might add here that really is          holes and the birds have nests but
word.” How is it in our lives when       amazing to me, which we did not          the Son of Man has nowhere to lay
we face a situation in which we          read about, was when Joseph had          His head.” (St. Luke 9:58) As He
may find ourselves a little per-         the dream that he should take            went into His ministry it appeared
plexed at how this came into my          Mary and Jesus to Egypt because
                                         Herod would seek his life. So Jo-             Sermon continued on page 42
42                                               SILVER LINING                                         December 2010

     Sermon continued from page 41        dering of the name Joshua, it           ten to us. They had seen a very mi-
that He had no place to call His          meant Savior. When we think             raculous situation and they were
own, not even a home, which we            about that comparison of the name       ready to share it. Let us be willing
would consider one of our basic ne-       Jesus to Joshua, Joshua led the         to do the same knowing this
cessities of life.                        children of Israel across the river     Christmas story, knowing of the
   In verse eight we switch gears a       into the Promised Land. The land        Christ child and who He became.
bit and go to the shepherds. Shep-        that they had long been anticipat-      Be very willing and joyful to share
herds seemed to be one of the lower       ing. On the other hand we have Je-      it with all who would hear it.
class occupations. If someone was         sus who, for those who will trust in    Think of Simeon, the old man in
a shepherd he was not one of great        Him, we trust Him to lead us            the temple. I have always pictured
status. Why did the angels appear         through our lives and lead us on to     him as one that spent a lot of time
unto them? Was it because of their        the kingdom of heaven. These            in the temple, but according to the
humble estate in life? Was it be-         shepherds, it was revealed to them      account that I read in this morn-
cause Jesus would himself be the          who this baby was. “And this shall      ing, he came by the Spirit into the
Good Shepherd? Was it because             be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the   temple. The Spirit encouraged him
the shepherds cared for sheep that        b a b e wr appe d in s waddl ing        and he felt that call to go into the
would very possibly some day be           clothes, lying in a manger.” (v.12)     temple. He knew that he was not
those little lambs brought into Je-       That would seem odd to them obvi-       going to see death until he saw the
rusalem for the sacrifices, the           ously, but there would be no mis-       Consolation of Israel revealed unto
Passover? They came to see Jesus,         take. We are going to look for a        him. He was thankful as it was re-
the one who would be the sacrifice        baby in a manger in swaddling           vealed to him. The joy that he had.
for all our sins, one lamb. I read re-    clothes. No regular clothing, just      His life was complete now. Is there
cently that for the Day of Atone-         strips of cloth wrapped around          anything in our lives that is not
m e n t t h e J e w s ga t h e r e d in   Him. It seems like that would also      complete? If Jesus would return
Jerusalem would be approxi-               be something out of the normal.         today, is there something that
mately two and a half to three mil-       “And suddenly there was with the        would not be of joy to us? Is there
lion people, during Jesus’ time.          angel a multitude of the heavenly       something that would not be of joy
There would be about 250,000              host praising God, and saying,          to us? Is there something hinder-
sheep sacrificed for the sins of the      Glory to God in the highest, and on     ing us from receiving Him with joy
people for that Day of Atonement.         earth peace, good will towards          today? His response, “…depart in
Jesus came, one spotless Lamb,            men. And it came to pass, as the        peace, according to thy word: For
one sacrifice. Verse eight, “And          angels were gone away from them         mine eyes have seen thy salvation,
there were in the same country            into heaven, the shepherds said         Which thou hast prepared before
shepherds abiding in the field,           one to another, Let us now go even      the face of all people; A light to
keeping watch over their flock by         unto Bethlehem, and see this thing      lighten the Gentiles, and the glory
night. And, lo, the angel of the          which is come to pass, which the        of Thy people Israel.” (v.29-32) You
Lord came upon them, and the              Lord hath made known unto us.”          know as we visit with people that
glory of the Lord shone round             (v.14-15) How is our attitude when      approach death there is a focus in
about them: and they were sore            something is revealed to us? Are        their old age, not on the things of
afraid.” (v8-9) Wouldn’t we all be        we going to question it or are we go-   this earth, it is on the things that
afraid if that happened to us, if an      ing to go with haste and find out       await them beyond this life. This
angel came and appeared to us?            and see the conclusion of what the      man was obviously ready. His life
“And the angel said unto them,            Lord has brought to us? And then        was complete and he was ready to
Fear not: for, behold, I bring you        they found just as it had been pre-     go see the Lord. What was lacking?
good tidings of great joy, which          dicted. How should our heart be?        I hope for each of us when our
shall be to all people. For unto you      As the shepherds in verse twenty,       earthly days are accomplished,
is born this day in the city of David     “…returned, glorifying and prais-       whether it be today, whether it be
a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”      ing God for all the things that they    many years if the Lord tarries, that
(v.10-11) If these shepherds had          had heard and seen, as it was told      we can have that peace and that joy
any spiritual understanding, they         unto them.” Wouldn’t we be joyful       in our hearts also that once we
would have known this is the Mes-         if we had seen that also? Wouldn’t      have recognized salvation and it
siah. Christ was literally inter-         we want to tell everyone the story      has become a part of our life and it
preted as the One who would be the        that we had heard? I’m sure we          infiltrates every part of us that we
chosen Messiah. Savior. Jesus.            would. If we see some exciting          can be ready and with joy.
Jesus was probably the Greek ren-         event we are ready to share it with        And Anna also who spent much
                                          anyone and everyone who will lis-       time in the temple. She is an inter-
  December 2010                                  SILVER LINING                                                         43

esting character to me also because       and the miracle that can happen in      think, oh that looks so comfortable
she did not waste her time being a        our heart when Jesus penetrates         in a nice cozy barn. He was born
widow. She was poor, probably not         it.                                     into deplorable conditions into a
a lot to be sustained by physically           Closing comments                    rock hard surface into three feet of
being a widow, and 84 years being             Brother Mark talked about the       sheep manure. The King of kings
a widow. It says in verse thirty-         miracles. I want to ask you this        the Creator came to this earth. We
seven, “…which departed not from          morning, do you believe in them?        just read in Paul’s letter to the Co-
the temple, but served God with           Do you believe that miracles oc-        rinthians it says, “…though he was
fastings and prayers night and            curred then and miracles still oc-      rich, yet for your sakes he became
day.” Think of that communication         cur today? We read together one         poor, that ye through his poverty
with God going back and forth with        simple short verse that says “With      might be rich…” (2 Corinthians
her fasting and her prayers. “And         God nothing shall be impossible.”       8:9) That is a miracle. The fact
she coming in that instant gave           (Luke 1:34) Absolutely nothing.         that the angel announced the birth
thanks likewise unto the Lord, and        Do you know how many times the          of the Savior to shepherds, the bot-
spake of him to all them that             scripture records that verse or a       tom of society’s ladder (socioeco-
looked for redemption in Jerusa-          variation of that verse? Six times      n o m i c la d d e r ) i n s t e a d o f
lem.” (v.38) Sharing the good             at minimum the Bible tells us that.     announcing it to the religious lead-
news. We have the good news               Why do you think it tells us that so    ers of the time, or those that were
knowing the Word of God. Today,           many times? Why is not just one         government authorities. That is a
what are we going to do with it? Is       time sufficient? Because, we have       miracle. The fact that the heavens
it going to be a treasure that we         a hard time understanding. We           were opened and they saw that
hide in our hearts? Or is it going to     are so rational in our thinking.        army of angels, actually were phys-
be something that we are going to         Things have to fall into place, order   ically able to see in the spiritual
share with all that hear us. Con-         has to be established. But God          realm, that is a miracle. The fact
sider the season of joy being             does not work in that realm and in      that the timing was exact when Jo-
Christmas at this particular sea-         that dimension. God works in the        seph and Mary brought Jesus into
son of the year. But shouldn’t ev-        dimension of miracles. You know         the temple and that man that had
ery day be a day of joy? We have a        babies are born every day. Babies       been promised that he was not go-
lot to be thankful for on this earth,     were born every day the day Jesus       ing to die until he saw the salvation
but how much more for that which          was born. What made His birth so        of Israel. What if their timing had
is to come? Paul writes that he           extraordinary? We went over it          been a ½ hour off? A day off? That
would rather be present with the          this morning. So many things            is a miracle and the miracle does
Lord and absent from this body but        made it extraordinary, the appear-      not end here with this story. It is
while it was needful to be on this        ing of the Angel to Mary, the an-       not just the miracle of Christmas.
earth he would do that with joy           nunciation of the Virgin birth.         It is the miracle of the Gospel. And
also. (Philippians 1:23) So as we         Parents you agonize when your           that miracle of the Gospel still
recognize that we look forward to         children are born, what are we go-      takes place every day today that
better things which are to come for       ing to name this baby? You know         people come to a saving faith. With
us as Christians, let’s rejoice for ev-   Joseph and Mary they never had to       God nothing shall be impossible.
ery day that we have the blessings        give that a second thought. He was      Wasn’t impossible then and is not
of the Lord on this earth as we an-       named before He was ever even           impossible today. We all celebrate
ticipate and further desire that          born. That is extraordinary, that is    Christmas, let’s believe in the mir-
which is to come. This is such a          a miracle. As Brother Mark said,        acle and believe in the miracle for
precious story, and really let us         the fact of how do you take a poor      which Jesus came to this earth
consider the miracles of today, of        peasant couple from Nazareth and        seeking to save. So thankful to be
this day that we celebrate for            you physically move them 80 miles       in God’s house today on Christmas
Christmas. We don’t want these            from Nazareth to Bethlehem at full      morning, thankful for everyone
miracles to overshadow what hap-          term, the precise timing to have Je-    who has come today and I hope you
pened at Calvary because that is          sus born in Bethlehem to fulfill        have received a blessing from the
the purpose of why Jesus came.            scripture. That is extraordinary.       Word.
Many more miracles to fulfill scrip-      The fact that there was no room in
tures for that particular incident of     any public place for Him, they
Jesus dying on the cross, shedding        could not even find lodging with
His blood for us. We know that            their own relatives. He had to be
that is most important, but let’s not     born in the poorest place. You
forget about the miracles of today        know we see nativity sets and we
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 December 2010                                           SILVER LINING                                                                     45

              Doubt & Fear                       nite minds simply cannot comprehend            they had sinned against God. So, we can
                                                 the concept of an infinite Being who is in     easily see how Job’s faith was severely
   We can most likely assume that every-         control of all things. Our faith in God is     tried and his hopes shattered.
one has times of doubt and fear in their         strong when everything in our lives is go-
lives. Life itself is very uncertain and situ-   ing according to our liking and desire.          “Trust and obey for there’s no other
ations arise that test our faith and cause       When our perception of what life should        way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and
us to fear. When our hope and expecta-           be is challenged, we begin to doubt be-        obey.” Hymns of Zion 186
tion is diminished, faith is compromised,        cause our hope is shaken.
and doubt begins to creep in. We also               When we contemplate an upset in our            Those words roll off of our tongues
fear loss and the disruption of our lives.       plans and our lives, we begin to fear loss.    pretty easily and we have sung this hymn
Nevertheless, we can take courage in             That loss might be of health, a loved one,     many times. But, what does it mean to be
knowing that our God is sovereign and            a job, an opportunity, a relationship, etc.    happy in trusting? This exercise is difficult
nothing happens to us without Him being          The list is endless and varies greatly from    for most of us and requires a relinquishing
fully aware and able to help us walk             person to person. What might be consid-        of self and of our personal desires and
through it.                                      ered a great loss to one person may not        plans. As mentioned, we have our precon-
                                                 seem so difficult to someone else. How-        ceived ideas of what life should look like
  “…God is greater than our heart, and           ever, it is our inability to change the        and when those ideas are disrupted and
knoweth all things.” 1 John 3:20                 course of our lives according to our ideals    our worst fears come to pass, our faith can
                                                 that generates fear. We may well recog-        be shaken. Our ability to weather the dis-
   “Doubt” can be described as simply a          nize our control is limited and at the same    appointments in life is directly associated
deliberate questioning of uncertainties          time we really don’t want our plans            with our connectedness to Christ and our
or as an emotional state of indecision.          changed.                                       willingness to yield unto Him our very lives
The Apostle Paul voiced his doubt of the            In this regard, we can easily begin to      and will.
Galatians’ motives, “…I stand in doubt of        question God and His sovereignty. Even
you.” Gal.4:20. Soon after Pentecost, the        Martha questioned why Jesus did not               “Take my will and make it thine, it shall
Jerusalem Jews who came from many dif-           come when her brother, Lazarus, was            be no longer mine.” Hymns of Zion 106.
ferent nations were in awe and wonder            sick.
as they listened to the apostles speak in                                                          Do we really understand the depth of
their own languages, “And they were all             “Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if      these words when we sing this hymn?
amazed, and were in doubt, saying one to         thou hadst been here, my brother had
another, What meaneth this?” Acts 2:12.          not died.” John 11:21                              “There is no fear in love; but perfect
   Sometimes the truth is laid before us                                                        love casteth out fear: because fear hath
so completely and convincingly and yet              Her world was turned upside down            torment. He that feareth is not made per-
we may question its validity because it          with the loss of her brother and she be-       fect in love. 1 John 4:18
defies our preconceived notions. A per-          lieved that Jesus could have done some-
fect example of this is Peter when he was        thing to prevent it, but chose not to.             This verse tells us that fear torments.
walking on the water towards Jesus who           Perhaps when Lazarus was sick, Martha          However, it is only the perfect love of Jesus
had beckoned him to come to meet Him.            knew his sickness was serious and could        that can alleviate that fear and change it
As Peter eagerly stepped out of the boat         lead to death and she feared that. Now         into hope through faith. Nevertheless, our
to begin this adventure, his faith was           her fears had been realized and she was        love of self and our own agenda must be
strong and he took Jesus at His word.            troubled to think that God had allowed         put aside in order to feel the perfect love
However, as he began to assess his situa-        this to happen. Lazarus’ death probably        of Christ. Is this easy? No, for most of us it
tion and realize that men normally can-          had little impact on the rest of the village   is not, but God has promised in His Word
not walk on water, he questioned Jesus’          of Bethany so we see that doubts and           that He will never forsake us in this life and
power and he began to sink. What was             fears are very personal in nature.             that when this life is over we can have a
our Lord’s comment?                                 Perhaps one of the best examples of         hope of life eternal.
                                                 fear and dread coming to pass is in Job
   “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst      3:25-26 “For the thing which I greatly           Hebrews 13:5 “…I will never leave thee,
thou doubt?” Matthew 14:31                       feared is come upon me, and that which I       nor forsake thee.”
                                                 was afraid of is come unto me. I was not
   Thus, we begin to understand that             in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I     Titus 1:2 “In hope of eternal life, which
doubt is a measure of our own ideas of           quiet; yet trouble came.” The Bible tells      God, that cannot lie, promised before the
what truth should be against God’s abso-         us that Job was concerned about his chil-      world began;”
lute truth and the power of God. Our fi-         dren and even prayed for them in case
46                                                         SILVER LINING                                                December 2010

             Important Notice to Americans
         Crossing the Canadian Border by Land.                                                          BIBLE
             All adults will need just one of the following documents:
                                                                                                   Sharing The Word In Love
      1. Regular U.S. Passport
      2. U.S. Passport Card                                                                          "Where there is no vision,
      3. Enhanced Driver’s License                                                                       the people perish:
      4. any Trusted Traveler Program (ex Nexus card)                                               but he that keepeth the law,
                                                                                                            happy is he."
                                                                                                           Proverbs 29:18
    U.S citizens under the age of 16, or under the age of 19 if travelling with a
 school, religious, or other youth group, may present a birth certificate, Consular
                                                                                                    All books, including Bibles, in Eng-
 Report of Birth Abroad, or a naturalization certificate. Birth certificates can be
 original, photocopy, or certified copy.                                                         lish and other languages, plus Bible
                                                                                                 Story Books which have been ap-
                                                                                                 proved by the Apostolic Christian Mis-
                                                                                                 sion Committee, are available for
       Anyone interested in receiving a printed sermon, please send                              those who wish to distribute them in
     info to:                                                                                    the name of Jesus Christ.
                          Printed Sermons                                                           The book inventory is computer-
                       102 Lake View Drive                                                       ized, and the personnel at Bluffton
                        Fairbury, IL 61739                                                       can drop ship to nearly any address.
                             (815) 692-3616                                                               To order, contact,
                                                                                                     Apostolic Christian Church
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                                            Give a Child Hope
 Child Sponsorships                                To sponsor a child

 T   hose in the child sponsorship pro-
     gram have several things in com-
 mon. They are very poor, desire to learn
                                            To sponsor a student fill out this form
                                            and send to the office. A student will
                                            be assigned to you and you will be sent
                                                                                      If possible I would prefer:
                                                                                       Boy - Age ______
 and they have an undying soul.             further information.                       Girl - Age ______
                                            Name _________________________             No Preference
                        The goal of this
                        program is to               Mr.  Mrs.  Miss
                                                                                      Cost: $25.00/month
                        provide an edu-     Spouse ________________________           For details: www.acworldrelief.org
                        cation to help      Address _______________________
                        these children                                                Send to:
 learn life skills to improve their stan-   City ____________St ___ Zip _____         ACWR Child Sponsorship
 dard of living, and also to provide        Home Ph ______________________            PO Box 36
 spiritual training to address the true     Cell Ph ________________________          Morton, IL 61550
 need...the need for a knowledge of                                                   Phone: 309-266-6080
 and a personal relationship with God       Email _________________________           Fax: 309-266-5281
 through Jesus Christ.                                                                E-mail: childsponsorship@acwr.org
                                            Please check preference:
 And all thy children shall be taught of     Haiti       Guatemala
 the Lord; and great shall be the peace      Mexico  Jamaica
 of thy children. Isaiah 54:13               Wherever needed                         www.acworldrelief.org

            Caretaker Needed at Tennessee Fellowship Center
      A caretaker is needed at the Tennessee Fellowship Center located in Pulaski, Tenn. which is approximately 1 hour
   south of Nashville and 1/2 hour north of Athens, Ala. Living accomodations are available for a couple or a family.
      The site, which consists of 12 acres, is used for singings, picnics and other church events including Memorial Day
   Weekend where ministers give topical presentations, an auction is held and singing and fellowshipping are enjoyed by
   all. Two acres of the 12 was made into a lake, called Lake Richard, where fishing can also be enjoyed.
      Please prayerfully consider answering this call and joining the loving congregation at Athens, Ala.

      If you are interested or have additional questions, please contact Bro. Mike Moore at ALM38@aol.com or
   (256)729-0260 or (256)777-3390.

                              Pre-School Teacher Needed
     The Apostolic Christian Preschool has an immediate opening for a teacher directed of the Lord, with a
   degree and/or experience in Elementary or Early Childhood Education. It is a wonderful experience to
   teach children about the Lord in a loving, Christian environment. If you feel the call and want to find out
   more please contact:
                                         Bro. Mike Moore
                                         (256) 729-0620
                                         (256) 777-3390
                                         Email: ALM38@aol.com
 48                                                              SILVER LINING                                                        December 2010

                                   CARIBBEAN BOARD PROJECTS - 2010/2011
  All volunteers should contact the project coordinator. Should you not be able to contact the coordinator, for Haiti direct your
inquiry to Bro. Rich Bertschi, Ph. 309-467-6110, E-mail lemangm@mtco.com.
          Data updated from the Apostolic Christian World Relief web site as of December 14 th, 2010 -www.acworldrelief.org/work-teams-caribbean/

Project              Year 2011           Coordinator       Capacity             Les Cayes         Mar 15-25           Rick Wuethrich    4
Les Cayes            Jan 3-10            Ron Palitto       12                   FRW                                   219-567-9488
MEBSH                                    330-336-5373                           Vocational School                     rick@wuethrichfarms.com
School Roof                              Ronp@palittoconsulting.com
                                                                                Les Cayes          Mar 18-25          Rich Bertschi  12
Les Cayes        Jan 21-28               Rick Wuethrich    12                   MEBSH                                 309-467-2351
FRW                                      219-567-9488                           School Roof                           lemangm@mtco.com
Simone Orphanage                         rick@wuethrichfarms.com
                                                                                Les Cayes          Mar 25-28          Rich Bertschi  Invitation
La Higuera           Jan 25-Feb1         Jim Koehl        12                    MEBSH                                 309-467-2351
Lifeline                                 309-377-3201                           Haiti Support                         lemangm@mtco.com
Construction                             jmkoehl@yahoo.com
                                                                                Les Cayes          Mar 25-Apr 1       Dale Frank        12
Les Cayes            Jan 28-Feb 4        Dean Pashak      12                    SEED                                  319-766-3661
MEBSH                                    989-662-7685                           Agriculture Aid                       dtfrank@louisacomm.net
School Roof                              dwpashak@charter.net
                                                                                Les Cayes          Apr 1-8            Jon Zeller          12
Dumay                Feb 1-8             Jim Koehl        12                    MEBSH                                 309-266-9009
Lifeline                                 309-377-3201                           Maintenance                           jzeller@mtco.com
Construction                             jmkoehl@yahoo.com
                                                                                Les Cayes          Apr 29-May 6       Maurice Schaefer 4
Les Cayes            Feb 4-11            Maurice Schaefer 4                     AWA                                   309-925-3740
AWA                                      309-925-3740                           Water Aid                             schaefs2@gmail.com
Water Aid                                schaefs2@gmail.com
                                                                                Les Cayes          May 13-20          Rich Bertschi  Invitation
Dumay                Feb 8-15            Jim Koehl        12                    MEBSH                                 309-467-2351
Lifeline                                 309-377-3201                           Haiti Evaluation                      lemangm@mtco.com
Construction                             jmkoehl@yahoo.com
                                                                                Les Cayes          May 20-27          Keith Knepp     8
Les Cayes            Feb 18-25           Dale Frank        12                   MEBSH                                 309-467-3468
SEED                                     319-766-3661                           Medical                               kknepp@mchsi.com
Agriculture Aid                          dtfrank@louisacomm.net
                                                                                Les Cayes         Jun 8-18            Rick Wuethrich    4
Les Cayes            Feb 25-Mar 4        Randy Kieser      12                   FRW                                   219-567-9488
MEBSH                                    309-695-6340                           Vocational School                     rick@wuethrichfarms.com
Construction                             kieser84@gmail.com

Puits Sales          Mar 8-15            John Aberle        12
Palm Grove                               785-459-2423
Construction                             jraberle@hotmail.com

          Data updated from the Apostolic Christian World Relief web site as of December 14 th, 2010 -www.acworldrelief.org/work-teams-caribbean/

Project               Year 2011          Coordinator        Capacity

Kingston School       Jan 8 - 15         Roger Stoller      Full                Jamaica Deaf Villg Jun 10 - 18         Ted Hirstein      40
CCCD                                     309-747-3228                           CCCD                                   309-266-8769
                                         rstoller@gridcom.net                                                          hirstein@mtco.com

Jamaica Deaf Villg Mar 5 - 12            Tom Waldbeser      40                  Jamaica Deaf Village Jun 25 - Jul 2    Harvey Landis      Akron/
CCCD                                     770-463-4788                           CCCD                                   330-925-8632       Rittman
                                         tswald@bellsouth.net                                                          landziv@aol.com    BC Trip
  December 2010                                               SILVER LINING                                                                         49

               If anyone is interested in leading a team to Mexico, contact Bro. Mike Fiechter at 260-597-7330 or mfiechter@onlyinternet.net
           Data updated from the Apostolic Christian World Relief web site as of December 14 th, 2010 -www.acworldrelief.org/work-teams-mexico/

Location           Year 2011        Coordinator                                 Reynosa            Mar 19-26           Tristan Herrmann
                                                                                Construction                           University of Illinois
Magdalena          Jan 1-8             Bryan Steffen                                                                   309-712-6902
Construction                           815-867-7556                                                                    tristanherrmann@gmail.com
                                                                                Agua Prieta        Mar 26-Apr 2        Aaron Beery
Reynosa            Jan 1-8             Matthew Gerber                           Construction                           330-927-6926
Construction                           Purdue                                                                          beeryaaron@embarqmail.com
                                       matthewgerber@adamswells.com             Magdalena          Mar 26 - Apr 2      Doug Frank
                                                                                Construction                           Tremont Bible Class
Magdalena          Jan 8-15            John Teubel                                                                     309-925-5000
Construction                           815-657-8721                                                                    frankfamilyfarms@yahoo.com
                                                                                Magdalena          Apr 16-23           Mike Zobrist
Magdalena          Jan 15-22           Steve Kaeb                               Construction                           Congerville/Eureka
Construction                           217-379-4707                                                                    309-660-7004
                                       kaebsb@illicom.net                                                              zobfam@gmail.com

Magdalena          Feb 12-19           Jon Baner                                Magdalena          May 28 - Jun 4      Todd Baum
Construction                           309-747-4085                             Construction                           Phoenix Bible Class
                                       jbaner@grid.com.net                                                             480-563-8286
Agua Prieta        Mar 5-12            Kevin Gerber
Construction                           260-565-3313                             Magdalena          Jun 11-18           Jason Schambach
                                       kevgerber@yahoo.com                      Construction                           Elgin Bible Class
Magdalena          Mar 5-12            Jason Edelman                                                                   jkschambach@att.net
Construction                           Illinois State University
                                       309-848-7987                             Magdalena          Jun 18-25           Stan Virkler
                                       isuyounggroup@gmail.com                  Construction                           219-863-5913
Agua Prieta        Mar 19-26           Sam Kaehr
Construction                           260-565-3200                             Reynosa            Jun 18-25           Joe Sprunger
                                       sckaehr@adamswells.com                   Construction                           Indianapolis Bible Class
Magdalena          Mar 19-26           Jeff Leman                                                                      joesprunger@gmail.com
Construction                           Bluffton Senior Class
                                       260-565-3815                             Magdalena          Jul 9-16            Jason Kaeb
                                       jvleman@adamswells.com                   Construction                           Bern Bible Class

                                          Haiti and Jamaica Work Team Code Definitions
      CCCD=Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf                                    A.W.A. - B.= Apostolic Water Aid/Bluffton
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        * Bro. Chuck Kellenberger                 Chairman                     Elgin, IL                               Cell# 224-629-6531
        * Bro. Bill Leman                         Treasurer                    Roanoke, IL                             Cell# 309-241-0257
        * Bro. Les Schambach                      Administrator/Sec.           Elgin, IL                               Cell# 630-247-5271
        * Bro. Tom Neuenschwander                                              Bluffton, IN                            Cell# 260-307-6026
        * Bro. Ray Slagel                                                      Fairbury, IL                            Cell# 815-848-3714
        * Bro. Paul Kaeb                                                       Bern, KS                                Cell# 785-547-5269
50                                                      SILVER LINING                                                       December 2010

    This is a continuation of the early his-   Baumgartner (1853-1923). Chris and                  ied in the Apostolic Christian Church
tory of our congregation at Elgin, Iowa.       Mary did not join the Apostolic Christian           cemetery near Roanoke.
It is taken from data submitted by a Mr.       church until late in their lives.
Gary Butikofer of Wisconsin who has                1854 Christian Bauman (1813- 1870)                 Note: It appears there was a fair
family connections at Elgin. He submit-        and his wife, Maria, and their son came             amount of activity of church people com-
ted very thorough data about the first         from Switzerland in 1854. Christian was             ing to Elgin, Iowa, in the very early days.
years of the congregation there.               a minister in the church in Switzerland             Likely, word had spread back to Switzer-
                                               (known then as Evangelical Baptist),                land of farming opportunities in this
   I852 It was in 1852 that Christian          and he was the first permanent minister             area, and many responded. Their routes
Lantz (1825-1899) and his wife, Sophia         in the Elgin, Iowa, church. He and his              to Elgin, Iowa, were primarily from
Meier Lantz (1821-1853), and their chil-       wife are buried in the church cemetery.             Sardis, Ohio, and from the dock at New
dren — Christian, Sophia, Elizabeth,               Jacob Butikofer, Sr. (1812-1891) and            Orleans. In this latter case, they boarded
and Bertha — came to Elgin, Iowa. In           his wife, Anna, and their four children —           river conveyances on the Mississippi
November 1852, the youngest child, Joel        Jacob, Anna, Elizabeth, and John —                  River and traveled directly up to Iowa.
Lantz, was born near Elgin. This family        came from Switzerland to Elgin in 1854                 From Sardis, Ohio, they boarded a
had come from Switzerland to America           and remained there the rest of their                boat and traveled down the Ohio River,
in May, 1851.                                  lives. They are buried in the Apostolic             and thence up the Mississippi River, and
   Jacob Wittmer, Sr. (1823-1902) and          Christian Church cemetery.                          finally reached Iowa.
his wife, Mary Reusser Wittmer                     Christian Ledermann (1811-1890)                    One can only surmise about the cour-
(1830-1912), and their children, Jacob,        and his wife, Anna Barbara Hertig                   age and fortitude these early settlers/pio-
Jr. and Mary, came from Mon roe                Ledermann (1829-1903), came here from               neers had in or der to leave their
County, Ohio (the Sardis area), to Elgin       Switzerland in 1854 and remained the                homeland in Switzerland and adjacent
in 1852. This family had come from             rest of their lives. Their ship arrived at          areas and cross the Atlantic Ocean, and
Switzerland to Sardis, Ohio, in June,          New Orleans on April 24, 1854. They are             find their way to the Midwest. Because it
1851. They moved to Bern, Kansas, in           bur ied in the church cem e tery, but               was so long ago, we think of them as old
about 1888.                                    Christian has no grave marker.                      persons. Yet, they were young, and came
   John Lehman, Sr. (1806-1893) and his            Nicklaus Pfarrer (1809-1883) and his            with many children. Their difficulties,
wife, Mary Miller Lehman (1807-1888),          w i f e , An n a M a r i e M a r t i P f a r r er   sorrows, and general challenges were
came from Switzerland to Elgin in 1852         (1814-1881), and their children — Mary,             met with their faith in God. Surely, they
with twelve children. They lived in this       Anna, Eliz a beth, Magdalena, and                   could not have made this monumental
vicinity the remainder of their lives.         Gottfried— all came to Elgin from Swit-             trip without reliance on Almighty God.
They were early members of the Elgin,          zerland in 1854. Nicklaus and his wife                  Another thing precious to them was
Iowa, church and so was their son, Jacob       are buried in the church cemetery.                  the presence in America (since 1847) of
Lehman. They are buried in the Apos-               A large family came from Switzerland            “the Faith,” that is, the Biblical doctrine
tolic Christian cemetery near Elgin.           in 1854. It was that of Christian Beer, Jr.         already established in Europe by Bro.
   1853 Jacob Habeger (1809-1887)              (1793-1860). He came with his wife,                 Samuel Froehlich, and henceforth per-
came from Switzerland to America in            Magdalena          A e sc h l e m a n     B e er    pet u ated and pre served by faith ful
1832. He settled in Ohio. Jacob came to        (1802-1865). Their children came with               brethren. The church had gravitated to
Elgin with his sons — John, Peter, and         them: Matalena, Anna, Christian, Jr.,               America, and was an encouraging and
Abraham — in 1852 where he remarried           Maria, John Ulrich, Barbara, and                    welcoming environment for these weary
Matalena Beer (1827-1905). Jacob and           Catherine. Christian, Sr. and his wife              and hopeful sojourners.
Matalena Habeger lived in the Elgin area       are buried in the church cemetery, but
until at least 1885, but they are buried in    have no markers.                                      Compiled by Perry A. Klopfenstein
the Apostolic Christian cemetery near              John Isch (1825-1899) and his wife,
Roanoke, Illinois.                             Fannie Beer Isch (1830-1916), and their               Next Issue:
   Also coming from Switzerland with           son, John, came from Switzerland to                   More on Elgin, Iowa history
his parents in 1853 was Chris Meyer            Elgin in 1854. They moved to West
(1846-1928). In 1871, he married Mary          Bend, Iowa, in about 1880. They are bur-
  December 2010                                      SILVER LINING                                                             51

                                     The Light Of Hope
                                                       “Great Joy”
                             Retired Elder Bro. Willis Ehnle, formerly of Shioda, Japan
   Is Christmas a great joy for you?          King of the Jews was born. They were       arise in our presence, even though we
Christmas is the most important holi-         told that it must be in Bethlehem ac-      believe their bodies will arise some
day in America and Europe while New           cording to Micah, chapter five, so they    day. Anything very unusual brings a
Year’s is the most important holiday          headed for Bethlehem. To their sur-        certain amount of fear. It is called the
in Japan and China. Why is Christ-            prise, the star that they had seen in      fear of the unknown.
mas the most important holiday in             the East was again visible and was            Even though the women had fear,
America? Is it not because that is            guiding them to Bethlehem. Evi-            they also had great joy. Why was that?
when families get together and feast          dently, it was an especially created       It was because it meant that their
and receive presents? That’s not all          star which moved before them. This         Master was more than man, He was
bad, but I notice that in the account of      would be very helpful because the star     the Son of God, as He had claimed.
the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s only         would guide them di rectly to the          That is reason for great joy. The shep-
begotten Son, there was great joy for         house where Jesus was now being            herds and the wise men experienced
the shepherds and for the wise men            cared for by Mary and Joseph. Other-       great joy as they anticipated what
and it wasn’t because they were over-         wise, the house might be difficult to      Christ’s birth meant for the world.
eating or getting a lot of presents they      find in the town of Bethlehem. They        The resurrection proved that Christ is
didn’t need. It was because Christ            didn’t have an address to go by or in-     indeed the Son of God and it is the con-
was born and they found Him.                  quire about. The result was that they      summation of the whole plan of salva-
   In Luke 2:10 we read, “And the an-         rejoiced with exceeding great joy.         tion for man.
gel said unto them, Fear not: for, be-           Why did they have great joy? Be-           In John 28:52 we read, “And they
hold, I bring you good tidings of great       cause the star would save them from a      worshipped him, and returned to Je-
joy, which shall be to all people.” At        lot of trouble in finding the child, but   rusalem with great joy.” Jesus had
first there was a single angel who ap-        also, it reassured them that this was      just parted from them and was carried
peared to the shepherds. He followed          no ordinary child. After all, special      up into heaven. The disciples had
the above statement with the news             stars don’t show up every day to guide     seen Him disappear up into the heav-
that a Saviour had been born. If some-        you to where you want to go. There-        ens and their joy knew no bounds.
one has been born who can save us             fore, the wise men rejoiced with ex-       They returned to Jerusalem with
from ourselves and our imperfections          ceeding great joy.                         great joy. There was great joy at His
or sins, that is a great joy. It is the so-      Christmas is rightfully a time of       birth, there was great joy at His resur-
lution to the problem which has long          great joy. May the truth of Christ’s       rection, and there was great joy at His
plagued the human race. The prob-             birth give us an inner joy which shows     ascension.
lem is how to get on good terms with          on our countenance, in our words, and         Great joy is the order of the day.
the Creator of the universe.                  in our actions.                            Cer tainly at this Christ mas time
   The shepherds hurried to Bethle-              The term “Great Joy” is used again      when we celebrate and remember His
hem and found the Christ child as the         in the Bible concerning Christ’s resur-    birth, we will remember that it is a
angel had said, lying in a manger. The        rection. Matthew 28:8 reads, “And          time of great joy, not because of all the
shepherds made known abroad what              they departed quickly from the sepul-      presents and food, but because the
had been told them by the angel be-           chre with fear and great joy; and did      Son of God was born, and through
cause it was a great joy to them.             run to bring his disciples word.” After    Him we are made clean, and pure, and
   In Matthew 2:10 we read, “When             the angel told the women who had           holy, and life has meaning for eter-
they saw the star, they rejoiced with         come early to the grave, that Christ       nity. That is great joy.
exceeding great joy.” The wise men            had arisen, they responded with fear
had stopped at Jerusalem to inquire of        because this was, and is, a very un-
King Herod about the place where the          usual event. The dead do not usually
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