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									                                       Tauranga E-Newsletter
                                                       Issue 13

Hi everyone

Welcome to the 13th Tauranga E-newsletter!

This year is running away with us. This is our first newsletter since the AGM. Hence I would like to record
a very big thank you to Leah for her initiatives as Group President over the past two years, and as a
committee member prior to that, leaving the Group in a much better financial position than previously.

Your new committee for this year is Janet Hetherington - Group President, and Julie Te Amo – Finance
and Membership Officer (Julie will be profiled in our next newsletter). Leah has kindly agreed to carry on
looking after our group webpage.

                            I have been a Heritage Administration Assistant at the New Zealand Historic
                            Places Trust Lower Northern Area Office in Tauranga for seven years. I find it
                            almost impossible to describe a typical day at the office! Our small team
                            covers the whole of Waikato, the Bay of Plenty and down to Gisborne for
                            the identification, protection and preservation of New Zealand’s rich
                            heritage. (www.historic.org.nz )

                            I look forward to raising AAPNZ’s profile in the Bay of Plenty. Networking is
                            such an important business tool. I would like to encourage you all to
                            strengthen those networks.

                           If anyone would like to catch up for a chat/wine in town, I work in the CBD
and welcome your ideas to help make the group the success I know it can be. I don’t intend to send a
survey around. However, I welcome your feedback. We have changed our meeting evening to
Wednesday as a trial and will be meeting for an informal lunch get together on Saturday, 21 August in
the hope of also meeting up with those who are unable to attend midweek.

Kind regards
Janet Hetherington, Tauranga Group President, Association of Administrative Professionals (AAPNZ) – Te
Kawarangi, P O Box 13312, Tauranga 3141, email: tauranga@aapnz.org.nz          www.aapnz.org.nz


Please welcome our newest member Debbie MacRae, Senior Academic Staff Member , Bay of Plenty
                             I began my business administration career at 16 years of age working in a
                             wide range of offices, then managing and owning a business. I have been
                             privileged to have a 20 year career as a polytechnic tutor teaching the
                             subjects I am so passionate about.

                             I recently became a member of AAPNZ to support and enhance my role
                             teaching administration subjects. It is important to network and liaise with
                             people who are working in the industry. I look forward to meeting you all.

Administrative Professional of the Year 2010

The profiles of the three 2010 finalists of the Administrative Professional of the Year are now available
at www.aapnz.org.nz . The winner will be announced at the Conference Gala Dinner in Christchurch.

AAPNZ Group Newsletters

Each group’s newsletter is emailed to Group Presidents, then placed on its group page on the AAPNZ
website. Several of the latest issues have had valuable tips, particularly on Microsoft Office 2007. If you
would like to receive newsletters as soon as they’re published, please let Janet know and be added to
the Outlook Newsletter contact list.


                     Tiffany Cook, Branch Manager of Drake International, Tauranga gave us an update on
                     the current job market at our June meeting. The Bay of Plenty as a whole has a
slightly higher rate of unemployment at 7.3% than the national rate of 6%. Several large businesses have
opened in the BOP recently employing large numbers of staff: North Island Mussel Processors, Greerton
and Pak ‘n Save, Papamoa. Administration positions are in the top five most popular advertised. Word
and Excel followed by Quickbooks and MYOB are important skills to have. More people have tertiary
qualifications nowadays - however experience is still highly valued. Drake forms one arm in a job search
with Trade Me, Seek, local newspapers and networking forming the others.

Tiffany stressed the need to keep your CV bang up-to-date. It’s now acceptable to email when applying
for a position - just make sure that your email address looks sensible, i.e. nothing frivolous.

Check the Drake website: www.drakeintl.com or contact Tiffany for specific requirements.

                                                       We counted our blessings at our July meeting as
                                                       Denise Arnold, Lyon O’Neale Arnold lawyer, gave an
                                                       impassioned talk about the work of the Cambodia
                                                       Charitable Trust. Denise decided she needed to
make a difference with her life and visited Cambodia in 2007. The Trust is working in four main areas:
micro economic development, education and social development, health and human rights. They work
with eight rural schools, starting slowly as funds allow. School uniforms are compulsory and cost NZ$10
each. As so many children want to attend school, the day is divided with half attending from 7-11am and
half from 1-5pm. Funds are also used to supply teachers’ packs of materials, classroom pack of
materials, bicycles and library books. All of the children have to walk long distances to school, hence the
bicycle purchases.
Denise left us with details of some of the girls who are able to be sponsored for $35 per month. Please
contact Janet if you would like a copy.

To encourage economic development, the Trust now buys the school uniforms from the local ladies,
after supplying them with sewing machines. They also make the beautiful products for sale at the Trust’s
colourful stall at The Cargo Shed on Dive Crescent every weekend. All profits go directly to Cambodian
projects. They are always looking for volunteers to man the stall – if you can spare a few hours a month
and would like to help, please email Denise at denise@lyon-oneale.co.nz or visit the Trust website to
learn more about their valuable work: www.cambodiatrust.org.nz

Outlook Tips

Since becoming President, I have given some of my MS Outlook skills a brush up. I’ll pass them onto you
in the hope that you find them as useful as I do. If you have other tips that would be beneficial, please
let me know and I’ll include them in the next newsletter.

As you may have noticed, all my emails close with my AAPNZ signature. To formulate and store multiple
signatures is a great timesaver and simple to achieve following these steps from the top menu bar
(Office 2003 instructions):

Tools/Options/Mail Format/Signatures. At the bottom, click on ‘Signatures…’ to open the dialog box
‘Create Signature’. If you haven’t already set up your main default signature, click New to name your
signature, and then enter text. Click OK once you’re happy. If not, Edit the named signature until you
are. As far as I can see, you can enter many different named signatures. You can then choose which
signature is used for new messages, and which for replies and forwards. So far, I have six different ones!

When writing a new email, your chosen default signature will automatically appear. If you wish to use
another, right click within the signature and click on the name you need. As simple as that! I’ll be trying
to master Mail Merge for emails next.


The Group has recently opened a new bank account at SBS Bank. We have our fingers crossed that we
may benefit from their monthly prize draw for non-profit Star account holders. For each $1,000 balance,
we receive one chance in the draw. In recent months several BOP and Waikato groups have been

Currently, if anyone takes out an SBS fixed term investment before 10 August, and mentions Tauranga
AAPNZ, a payment is made to our account.

Locally, there are branches in Tauranga and Hamilton. However, deposits can be made at all Westpac
branches. We look forward to working with the local staff – and will also be featuring our events on their
website: www.sbsbank.net.nz

Diary Dates

Wednesday, 4 August, 5.30pm – The Wonder Women of Lyon O’Neale Arnold, Tauranga Yacht Club,
social networking and financial session; 18 October, surprise speaker, and final event for 2010, 8
November. To subscribe and RSVP email: denise@lyon-oneale.co.nz
Wednesday, 11 August, 5.30pm – Tracey Coxhead, 3G Financial Freedom, 5.30pm, Sebel Trinity Wharf
Hotel, Dive Crescent. Tracey will guide us through basic financial planning and Kiwisaver. Please RSVP to
tauranga@aapnz.org.nz so that adequate handouts can be provided.

Saturday, 21 August – Social and lunch get-together for those who can’t attend our mid-week meetings
– as well as those who do. Please RSVP – numbers will dictate the venue.

Following on from last summer’s Kiwi Festival, and the National Jazz Festival, Global Breakthrough
director, Jamie Joseph, is putting together a new four-day music and lifestyle festival, 17-20 February
2011, with lead-up concerts this year featuring Hollie Smith – 22 August, Tahuna Breaks - 24 September
and The Black Seeds – 22 October. The 2011 line-up of 10 bands will be announced shortly.
www.lovethemount.co.nz and Global Breakthrough Experience Facebook page.

Entertainment Book

It’s not too late to buy an Entertainment Book and still make huge savings on your regular outings across
the Bay of Plenty/Waikato. Discounts are available up to 30 June 2011. Books cost $55 each and can also
be purchased for other main areas of the country. Please contact Janet to order and arrange delivery.

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