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									                 TRC Talk
                         Two Rivers Chapter Newsletter
                                  June 2011
Inside this issue:                                                                                                   Upcoming
President’s Piece                        2
                                                          Deborah Allen has been the Execu-                                      June 7
Thank You                                2
                                                          tive Assistant to the Partner and                                 Board Meeting
Articles of Interest                     3                Chief Information Officer of Grant                          At Downers Grove Police Dept.
                                                          Thornton, LLP for the past five                                       June 14
UpComing Events                          4—5              years. In addition, Deb is the EA to                              Chapter Meeting
                                                          the Technology Director for Grant                            How To Grow From Admin To
Photos                                   6—8
                                                          Thornton International Ltd. For 20 years, through sev-                  Exec
Birthdays/Anniversaries 9                                 eral economies, Deb has been privileged to continu-            By Stephanie C. Williams
                                                          ously grow her administrative management skills at
Advertisements                           10               successful firms like Grant Thornton, University                        June 23
                                                          HealthSystem Consortium, Crowe Horwath, and Ar-              Strategic Planning Meeting
    2010-2011                                             thur Andersen. Supporting leadership in these large,                At Grant Thornton
                                                                                                                             5:30pm — 8:00 pm
                                                          successful firms wove a fabric of experience in client
  Regular Meeting                                         facing, internal client, and member services. This ex-           Dinner will be provided
                                                                                                                     The new TRC Board would like to
                                                          perience pieced together a tapestry of talents in part-
     Schedule                                             nership, corporation, and educational venues empow-        invite all members to this meeting
                                                          ering her to deliver superior senior level support. Deb      (especially board liaisons and
         September 14, 2010                               finds the IAAP a great tool that helps her deliver. Only            committee chairs).
          October 12, 2010                                a member for one year, she already receives applica-
                                                                                                                                  June 30
          November 9, 2010                                ble training from many meeting speakers, and educa-
                                                                                                                     Deadline for submitting Member of
         December 14, 2010                                tional workshops offered by the IAAP. She finds the
          January 11, 2011                                community website a great networking tool and the e
          February 8, 2011                                -newsletters and OfficePro Express proven sources of                     July 5
            March 8, 2011                                 knowledge relevant to EAs. She even attended the           Deadline for submitting Chapter of
           ** APW 2011 **                                 2011 Spring Conference in Tampa . Deb treasures this                  Excellence
 Thursday, April 28 at NIU Naperville,                    abundant compendium as beneficial resources that
  (a regular meeting will not be held                                                                                 Kane County Cougars Outing
      during the month of April.)
                                                          continuously refine her talent. The personal side of         Watch for more information
              May 10, 2011                                Deb appreciates time spent with her two wonderful
              June 14, 2011                               children, Allison, 26 and Jake, 25. She also enjoys hik-
                                                                                                                          Bring a Guest to a Meeting!
                                                          ing, biking, boating, kayaking, cooking, neighborhood              1st Time Guest FREE!
Schedule is as follows unless otherwise
                                                          concerts, and time blessed with friends.                               Must Register!
  5:30–7:00 PM Check in/Dinner/
   networking/Business Meeting
7:00–8:00 PM Educational Program
                                                           HQ Information:
 To RSVP for meetings, please e-mail                       EFAM — Fall Conference - Hot Topics For Tomorrow's Workplace Today -
         Audrey Priorello ,                                October 9-12 in San Diego. We've got an excellent Fall Conference line up. or send                            Here's a small sneak peek: We start with an optional session on Sunday with
   reservations with payment to:                           TRIAD Consulting's Annette Marquis training on Microsoft Office and Google
        Audrey Priorello, CPS                              cloud and how the two can mesh to accomplish more than you ever dreamed
       Downers Grove Police Dept.                          possible. After you learn this at Fall Conference you'll be the new tech guru
         825 Burlington Avenue                             back at the office. The brochure will be online and registration will open
        Downers Grove, IL 60515                            Wednesday, June 1. Don't miss this conference. Great speakers, essential
IMPORTANT! Cancellations are required 48 hours in
advance of the event or meeting. Late cancellations and    training and all in sunny San Diego!
no shows will be billed a $10 fee. All no show/
cancellation fees must be paid prior to attendance at
another TRC event or meeting.
TRC Talk                                                 June 2011                                                      Page 2

                                         President’s Piece
This is my final “President’s Piece”. This year just flew by! This is bittersweet for me. I am happy to
see the new board get installed on June 14th, but I am also sad to no longer be President of such a
wonderful and talented group of people.
I have gained many friends and formed wonderful relationships with so many during my run as your
President and Vice President. This has been a very memorable part of my life. I have grown as a
person because of all of you. Thank you.
Please join me for a wonderful evening on June 14th for our officer installations and great presenter
Stephanie C. Williams, who will present “How to Grow from Admin to Exec – EMPOWER
YOURSELF!” I know I did by taking the plunge and running for office of the IAAP Two Rivers Chapter.
I encourage each one of you to try it too and see just how much you grow!
                                                                                                      ~With Passion & Purpose ~

                                                                                                         Cheryl A. Franklin, CPS
                                                                                          2010-2011 Two Rivers Chapter President

                                                    THANK YOU!
                                                   Cheryl Franklin, CPS, President
  I would like to thank our May meeting guests (Wendy Schuman and Nancy Carlson) and our member,
  Debi Bandala, who brought one of the guests. I would like to thank Audrey Priorello and Kathy Brown who
  handled registration. Ronnie was our meeting photographer – thanks!
  I would like to thank the following people for stepping up and offering to chair a TRC committee: Carole
  Serauskis – Membership Committee, Kathy Brown – Certification Committee, Carol Synal – APW/
  Education and Program Committee, Jill Bryan – Bylaws & Standing Rules Committee, and Catherine Pe-
  ters – Web Master.
  It is with great pleasure that I welcome four new members to the Two Rivers Chapter – Laurel Howard,
  John Robbins, Lorrie Roe, and Emy Trotz. Welcome Ladies and Gentleman. (Sorry Jim you are no longer
  our token man – Two Rivers now has two!)

New Member Spot Light
Connie M. Lambert has worked as an Administrator in Healthcare and as an Administrative professional in Corporate Amer-
ica with an Advance degree (MBA) in Managing and a minor degree in Finance with the following skills:
      Contract & Grant Administration Skills (in a variety of industries)
      Strong Supervisory & People Management Skills
      Strong Operational Management Skills
      Strong Technical Skills
      Solid Analytical and Financial Management Skills
      Relationship Building as liaison
As an Administrative professional, Connie strategically focus her leadership style collaboratively with senior level Execu-
tives, Board members, Supplier Diversity and Suppliers to building relationships, coordinating conferences with high level of
attention to details. She prepares high levels of PowerPoint presentations for in-house and off-site events/activities Con-
nie organize and select suitable venues and negotiate rates for hotels, meetings rooms, etc as part of her daily operation as
an Administrative professional. She combines her unique leadership skills within her current position as an Administrative
professional to enhance value, competencies and the daily operations. Her skill set also, but not limited to, includes creat-
ing detailed expense reports for domestic and international events, including foreign currency conversions.
TRC Talk                                        June 2011                                                 Page 3

                     Clear the Clutter, Enhance Your Image
   The desks of many administrative professionals seem to be magnets for clutter. Particularly if
   you’re stationed in a central location, your desk can become the drop-off point for incoming mail,
   outgoing packages, office supplies and all manner of paperwork. On top of all that, there are your
   own stacks of work to be done, papers to file, invoices to process and documents to distribute.

   But cleanliness should be a priority for administrative professionals who are concerned about
   their professional image. In a survey by OfficeTeam, 83 percent of respondents said the appear-
   ance of an employee’s workspace at least somewhat affects their perception of that person’s pro-
   fessionalism. In addition, a messy desk can become a time sink as you spend precious time look-
   ing for missing items.

   If your desk has become a disaster area, now’s the time to clear out the mess and get organized.
   Here are some tips for getting – and staying – clutter-free.

        Get a fresh perspective. Sit in your visitor chair for a view of what others see when enter-
   ing your cubicle or office. This will help you develop a clean-up plan and prioritize what to do.

         Pare down. Keep only the materials needed for your current project on your desk, and clear
   these items after the assignment is completed. Store supplies you need in drawers or file cabinets
   close at hand, and move things that are used less frequently into storage.

        Go paperless. Print documents only when necessary. Electronic calendars, task lists or
   email alerts can help you remember deadlines, appointments and meetings.

         Cut back on knickknacks. If your desk is crowded with photos, promotional items and
   other objects, start with a clean slate. Choose just two or three framed photos to display, put sta-
   plers and similar equipment in desk drawers and get rid of all those stress balls and pen cups.

        Practice daily maintenance. Once you’ve cleaned and organized your desk, keep it that
   way with regular “spot cleanings.” By spending just 10 minutes every day tidying your desk,
   you’ll prevent clutter from accumulating and getting out of hand.

   OfficeTeam is the world’s leading staffing service specializing in the placement of highly skilled
   administrative and office support professionals. The company has more than 320 locations world-
   wide, and offers online job search services at

     You can now use PayPal to pay for your Dinner. See our web site for more info:
TRC Talk   June 2011   Page 4
TRC Talk   June 2011   Page 5
TRC Talk   June 2011   Page 6
TRC Talk   June 2011   Page 7
TRC Talk   June 2011   Page 8
TRC Talk                                  June 2011                                Page 9

                            May 19th            Jim Salek
                            June 19th           Jane Bronson

                         See your name listed in the birthdays of the month!
                 Contact the Sunshine Committee with your birthday (month & day)
                        Contact: Kathy Brown, Sunshine Committee, Chair

  Division Information:
  October 1, 2011 Professional Enrichment Program (PEP) in Bloomington, Illinois

                          IAAP Anniversaries - June 2011
    5 Years
    Jane Costello
    Marissa Villagomez           Watson Wyatt Worldwide

    6 Years
    Norma Kassanitz

    7 Years
    Lisa Olson                   SunCoke
TRC Talk                                          June 2011                                               Page 10

                                                                          Board of Directors
                                                         Cheryl Franklin, CPS    (630) 434-5663—Phone
                                                         Julie Wyatt             (630) 955-8562
                                                         Vice President
                                                         Audrey Priorello CPS    (630) 434-5615—Phone
                                                         Kathy Brown CAP         (630) 569-1133—Phone
                                                         Veronica Jones-Finley   773-842-5750
                                                         Board Liaison 
                                                         Joyce Schumpert         (630) 892-4228
                                                         Board Liaison 

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