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VBSR Celebrates 15 Years


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									business    VOLUME X            NUMBER      2                                           WINTER 2005/2006

           VBSR Celebrates 15 Years
           O     ver 100 people attended
                 VBSR’s 15th anniversary party
           in November at the Wyndham Hotel.
           The celebration was filled with great
           music, great memories, and lots of
           networking. VBSR board member,
           Flip Brown (Business Culture
           Consultants), and his band, the Retro
           Rockets, revved up the crowd with
           some rousing renditions of old rock
           ’n roll favorites. Perhaps we have
           started a tradition...

           Clockwise from top left: Abbie Nelson
           and Laura Peterson (Green Mountain
           Coffee Roasters);
           Melinda Moulton
           (Main Street
           Landing) and
           Don Mayer (Small
           Dog Electronics);
           Peg Devlyn
           (Marketing Partners)
           and Kevin Harper;
           Flip Brown (Business
           Culture Consultants)
           and the Retro
           Rockets; and Leslie
           Nulty (Focal Point
           Advisory Services),
           Bruce Seifer
           (City of Burlington
           Community and
           Economic                                    A LOOK INSIDE…
           Office), Tim                                CLEANING FOR HEALTH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
           Nulty (Burlington                           EVENTS UPCOMING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
           Telecom), and
                                                       NEW MEMBERS WELCOMED. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
           Glenn McRae
           (CGH Environmental                          POLICY WATCH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
           Strategies)                                 EVENTS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

           WINTER 2005/2006                        1                                           VBSR BUSINESShorizons
           The VBSR newsletter
           is published by Vermont Businesses
           for Social Responsibility, a non-profit
           organization working to foster a busi-
           ness ethic in Vermont that recognizes
           the opportunity and responsibility of
           the business community to set a high
           standard for protecting the natural,
           human, and economic environments
           of our citizens.

              Rita Bevacco
              Liquid Studio/Lisa Cadieux
           Courtesy of Chittenden Bank                      Cleaning for Health:
                                                            Products and Practices for a
           (Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper)
           VBSR Staff
             Rita Bevacco
             Stephani Kononan
             Tim Palmer                                     Safer Indoor Environment
             Spence Putnam
             Carol Westinghouse
                                                            I  n 2002, INFORM published Cleaning
                                                               for Health, the first ever manual on a
                                                            new generation of cleaning products
                                                                                                        workers experience the highest rates of
                                                                                                        occupational asthma, twice the rate of
                                                                                                        other workers.
                                                            and practices that are cost competitive        Cleaning for Health is a one-stop
                                                            and meet cleaning performance expec-        guide to environmentally preferable
           VBSR members may receive multiple
                                                            tations—but do not contain the many         cleaning products and methods
           copies of any issue of the newsletter by
                                                            toxic substances found in traditional       that have been effectively used in
           making a request to the VBSR office. All
                                                            cleaners.                                   schools, office buildings, hospitals and
           materials published in the newsletter
                                                                Toxic-free cleaners are important       other facilities across the US and
           may be reprinted with permission and
                                                            because of the mounting evidence            Canada. It describes the information
           appropriate credit.
                                                            that common cleaning chemicals have         that purchasing agents and facilities
           Newsletter of Vermont Businesses                 serious public health implications.         managers need in order to make
           for Social Responsibility                        Ingredients in common cleaning chem-        informed decisions about the cleaning
           30 Community Drive, Suite 2                      icals can be known or suspected car-        chemicals and methods they are using.
           South Burlington,VT 05403-6834                   cinogens and/or cardiovascular, devel-         INFORM provides technical assis-
           802/862-8347                                     opmental, endocrine, gastrointestinal,      tance to a wide variety of organizations
           fax: 802/863-1535                                liver, kidney, central nervous, reproduc-   and institutions in New England, New
           e-mail:                            tive, respiratory and skin toxicants.       York and New Jersey who seek to
           website:                                Cleaning chemicals have also been       reduce the human health and environ-
                                                            identified as asthmagens. A review of       mental impact of their cleaning prac-

            OI O S

                                                            recent journal articles shows a correla-    tices. Using our Cleaning for Health

           H RZ N                                           tion between asthma and volatile organ-
                                                            ic compounds (VOCs), floor mainte-
                                                            nance materials and other common
                                                            cleaning products.A study published in
                                                                                                        research, INFORM has been working
                                                                                                        with government agencies, municipali-
                                                                                                        ties, schools, colleges, hospitals, health
                                                                                                        care facilities and the business commu-
                                                            the American Journal of Industrial          nity to develop and implement envi-
                                                            Medicine concludes that janitorial          ronmentally preferable cleaning pro-

WINTER 2005/2006                                                               2                                          VBSR BUSINESShorizons
grams and minimize their purchase of
products containing toxic substances.
   INFORM provides fact sheets, in
                                                                                              Sustaining Members
addition to the Cleaning for Health
report, that assist organizations in mak-
ing the smoothest transition to less
toxic products.These include:

Ingredients to Avoid in Cleaning Products (Draft)
Quick reference of industrial cleaning
chemicals to avoid

Asthmagens in Industrial Cleaning Products
Avoiding respiratory irritants and
asthmagens in institutional cleaners
                                                    less-toxic products, and offer guidance
General Guidelines for Healthier Cleaning           on the use of these products. For fur-
Practices                                           ther information, please contact her at
Outline of first steps in “green” cleaning          802-626-8643,

Implementing Environmentally Preferable             INFORM is a national, non-profit
Cleaning Practices                                  research and outreach organization
Eight steps to implementing an                      that examines the effects of business
environmentally preferable cleaning                 practices, technologies, and products
program                                             on the environment and human
                                                    health. For 30 years INFORM has
How to Contract for Products that Do Not            sought practical solutions to the
Contain Asthmagens                                  environmental challenges of safe-
Purchasing products that do not                     guarding ecosystems from toxic
contain respiratory irritants and                   chemicals, shifting to pollution-free
asthmagens                                          transportation, and preventing solid
                                                    waste. Combining groundbreaking
Restroom and Urinal Deodorizer Block                research with strategic outreach,
Purchasing air-freshening blocks that               INFORM endeavors to turn findings
are free of health threatening                      into change. INFORM’s objective and
paradichlorobenzene                                 constructive recommendations have
   Cleaning for Health’s Senior                     helped guide members of govern-
Consultant, Carol Westinghouse, is avail-           ment, industry, environmental
able to conduct site visits, evaluate cur-          groups, and communities around the
rent cleaning methods and products,                 world in decisions promoting both
recommend practical,cost-effective and              economic and ecological sustainability.

  Many Thanks to Our Gold Level Members and Newsletter Sponsors
  2much Media                                       Paul, Frank & Collins, P.C.
  Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.                      Shems Dunkiel Kassel & Saunders PLLC
  Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Vermont               Smuggler's Notch
  Brattleboro Food Co-op                            SoVerNet, Inc.
  Business Culture Consultants                      SymQuest
  Cabot Creamery Cooperative                        The Point
  Concept2                                          Truex Cullins & Partners Architects
  Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew, PC                       Vermont Butter & Cheese Company
  Hubbardton Forge                                  Vermont Country Store
  KeyBank                                           Vermont Energy Investment Corp. (VEIC)
  Marketing Partners, Inc.                          Vermont Public Television
  MVP Health Care                                   Vermont Pure Holdings, Ltd.
  Network Performance, Inc.                         Vermont Teddy Bear Co.

WINTER 2005/2006                                                        3                            VBSR BUSINESShorizons
                                                                                                Success of VBSR’s
 qYES, I support VBSR’s mission                                                                 2005 Fall Conference Proves
          and want to become a member.
                                                                                                “Local Matters”
 SIGNATURE                                                                  DATE





 STATE                                                            ZIP

 PHONE                                                FAX


 VBSR Mission Statement
 To advance a business ethic that values multiple bottom lines—economic,                                                      Sylvia Blanchet (above, left), co-
 social and environmental.                                                                                                    founder of ForesTrade, and Tod
                                                                                                                              Murphy (left), founder of the
 VBSR works to fulfill its mission through:
                                                                                                                              Farmer’s Diner, each delivered
 EDUCATION: Bringing together resources and information to help our                                                           inspiring keynote speeches on
 members to meet their own goals for improving business practices
 and solving social, environmental and economic problems.
                                                                                                                              the importance of small-scale
                                                                                                                              agriculture to the health of local
 PUBLIC INFLUENCE: Representing a socially responsible business ethic to
 the larger community, including news media and legislative bodies, to
                                                                                                                              communities—both overseas and
 foster positive change and resist exploitation of our people, our state                                                      at home in Vermont.
 and our planet.
 WORKPLACE QUALITY: Fostering a work environment and economic
 climate that enable every worker to earn a fair income safely, to
 contribute his or her labor to a high quality product or service, and                          Right: In a general
 to work and live with dignity and respect.                                                     session, Leslie Nulty, VBSR
                                                                                                board member, and Don
 VBSR Annual Member Dues                                                                        Mayer, VBSR board chair,
                                                                                                participate on a panel to
 q Company (Sales under $500,000). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $175
                                                                                                discuss VBSR’s public
 q Company (Sales of $500,000 and up) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $400
                                                                                                policy positions on complex
 q Gold Level Member*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000         health care questions.
 q Sustaining Member**              ............................                   $5,000
 *Gold Level includes listing as a spring conference sponsor, fall conference                   Below: Scudder Parker, VBSR’s former Public Policy Coordinator,
 co-sponsor and newsletter sponsor, free Get-Together company pass and a
 free Circle Pass.                                                                              presents VBSR’s first annual Legislator of the Year Award to
 **Sustaining Member includes space for banner, free display table, and                         Representative Robert Dostis.
 special recognition at Spring and Fall conference, free registrations: 5 for
 Spring conference and 3 for Fall conference, newsletter and web site spon-
 sor with logo, free page in directory, free Get-Together company pass, and
 free Circle pass.

 Payment (check one of the following)
 q Check enclosed               q Charge my credit card: q Visa         q Mastercard

 NAME (as it appears on card)

 CARD #                                                                 EXPIRES

 30 Community Drive, Ste 2, South Burlington, VT 05403-6834
 802/862-8347 • fax 802/863-1535 • e-mail:

WINTER 2005/2006                                                                            4                                           VBSR BUSINESShorizons
 Welcome New Members! April, 2005–November, 2005
 1% For The Planet                       New England Precisions, Inc.
 ASAP Regional Blood Collections
 Aurora International
 Balancing Changes
                                         New England Senior Insurance Group
                                         New Prospects
                                         OGI, Inc.
 Bear Code, LLC                          OneSource Financial Group                 VBSR-REF Spring 2006 Conference
 Brady Law                               Otter Creek Ales/Wolaver's Organic Ales   MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 10
 Branon Pools                            P.J. Noves Co. Inc.                       TERRY EHRICH AWARD DINNER
 Britton Lumber Company, Inc.            Passumpsic Savings Bank
 Burton Snowboards
                                                                                   TUESDAY, APRIL 11
                                         Patricia Williams, LCSW
 Business & Tax Consultants Corp.                                                  FULL-DAY CONFERENCE
                                         Nancy Potak
 CEIT Corp.                              Preitech Inc.
                                                                                   Wyndham Hotel, Burlington, VT
 Cheshire Housing Trust                  Premier Coach
 Clear Channel Communications            Primary Care Health LLP                   VBSR-REF 2006 Fall Conference
 Cole Consulting, LC                     Propeller Media Works, LLC                MID-OCTOBER
 Collections Express                     The Public Press                          School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT
 Common Ground Center                    Rearch Company, LLC
 Community Alliance Church               Red River Computer Company                Public Policy Events
 Copley Health Systems                   RE/MAX North Professionals
 DeCato Law Office                                                                 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 5-7 PM
                                         Retreat Healthcare
 Deerfield Designs                                                                 LEGISLATIVE RECEPTION
                                         Robert Cioffi Realty
 Delagae Divison Belcam Inc.                                                       Main Street Grill and Bar, Montpelier, VT
                                         Russian Life Magazine
 Design-Build Studio Architecture, LLC   Rutland County Community Land Trust       WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 9 AM-3 PM
 Diamond Run Mall                                                                  VBSR DAY AT THE STATEHOUSE
                                         Rutland West Neighborhood Housing, Inc.
 Dorset Field Club
                                         Sarah Forbes Creative                     Montpelier, VT
 Equinox Resort
                                         Savron Graphics
 Ethics, Inc.
 EventSalon, LLC
                                         Schoolhouse Group                         2006 Networking Get-Togethers
                                         Jess Thomas Schwidde                      VBSR members will host another great schedule of Get-
 Fleming Museum
                                         Sherwin Electric                          Togethers around the state of Vermont. These events are a
 Freedom Chrysler
                                         Silver Ridge Design, Inc., Architects     fun and informal way for members to learn more about
 Friends Of The Sun
                                         Ski Country Real Estate
 G.W. Tatro Construction                                                           progressive business practices, and each other! Get-
                                         Smith Street Design
 Gensburg, Atwell & Broderick, LLC                                                 Togethers include a tour of the host’s business, a brief
                                         Standards Technology Group
 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church                                                     presentation, refreshments, and lots of networking time.
                                         Stevens Wilcox
 Green Mountain Wellness Solutions                                                 Food, Fun and Discussion! Watch our ENews and Website
                                         Sugar River Savings Bank
 Green Valley Engineering                                                          for additional dates and locations.
 Hanson Mortgage Company                 Tamarack Media
 Harold & Associates                     Thomas Chittenden Health Center
                                         Timberlane Physical Therapy               TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 5:30-7:30 PM
 Harvest Limited, LLC                    Tower, Crocker & Mullins, PA              VERMONT PUBLIC RADIO, COLCHESTER, VT
 High Mowing Organic Seed Company        Treatment Association, LLP                MARCH
 Home Assisted Living Services           Trueline Drumsticks                       Open House co-hosted by Seventh Generation and Main
 Hull Printing Inc.                      Tupper Lake National Bank
                                                                                   Street Landing at VBSR’s new location in the Lake &
 It's Classified                         Twincraft, Inc.
                                                                                   College building on Burlington’s waterfront.
 Jeffrey Crandall, DDS                   Union Bank
 Kiosko USA, Inc.                        Vermont Association of Snow Travelers     JUNE
 The Leadership Group                    Vermont Campaign to End Childhood         Vermont Butter & Cheese Co., Websterville, VT
 MacMillin Company                       Hunger                                    JULY
 The Mailing Center Inc.                 Vermont Coalition of Disability Rights    Otter Creek Brewing, Middlebury, VT
 Maple Capital Management                Vermont Courier, Inc.
 Maple Grove Farms of Vermont            Vermont Credit Union League Services
 Marlboro College                        Vermont Homeownership Initiative          VBSR 2006 Board Meetings
 McEnaney & Company                      Vermont Mechanical Incorporated           WEDNESDAYS, FEBRUARY 1, MAY 10,
 Gloria McKenna                          Vermont Medical Sleep Disorder Center     SEPTEMBER 13 & NOVEMBER 15
 Mertz Talbott & Simonds PLC             Vermont Open Technology                   All VBSR members are welcome. Please let us know
 MicroData GIS                           Vermont Real Estate                       ahead of time if you plan on attending.
 Mid-Vermont ENT                         Vermont Woman Newspaper
 Microcheck, Inc.                        Wake Robin Corp.
 Mountain Health Center, Inc.            Willie Racine’s Jeep Isuzu, Inc.            For more information on VBSR programs and other events,
 Mutual of America                       Wright Construction                               visit, email
 New England Central Rail                Wyndham Hotels & Resorts                                   or call (802) 862-8347

WINTER 2005/2006                                             5                                              VBSR BUSINESShorizons
                   PA I D A D V E R T I S E M E N T

WINTER 2005/2006                  6                   VBSR BUSINESShorizons
Policy Watch                                                                                      Farewell to Scudder Parker
By Tim Palmer, VBSR Policy Coordinator
                                                                                                  VBSR was very privileged to have the
                                                                                                  services of Scudder Parker as our Public
T    he 2005 session of the General Assembly ended last spring with significant
     action on renewable and clean energy as well as energy efficiency, increased
funding for town and state highways and public transportation as well as afford-
                                                                                                  Policy Coordinator during the 2005 leg-
                                                                                                  islative session. He brought to VBSR the
able housing, efforts to control mercury pollution and agricultural runoff pollution              experience of several years serving in the
and establishment of an automatically adjusting minimum wage.                                     Vermont State Senate and the Department
    Many important issues including universal health care, growth centers, rail                   of Public Service. In addition, he is a real
transport, and economic development incentive programs became the focus of                        student of the legislative process and pub-
summer study groups which will be reporting the results of their work once the                    lic policy making at the state level. He
General Assembly reconvenes for the 2006 session in January. VBSR and many                        proved during his all-too-brief tenure at
member businesses have been actively participating in the summer study groups’                    VBSR that he is tireless and creative in
activities providing information and insight into how various proposals might                     seeking solutions to pressing public prob-
impact businesses, employees, communities and the environment.                                    lems. Scudder deserves credit for break-
    VBSR also continues to work in collaboration with many other community,                       through modifications to S52, the energy
labor, environmental, health care, consumer, and religious organizations as well as               bill represents a significant step forward
individual business to advance health care reform, environmental protection, ener-                in renewable energy policy and energy
gy development and independence, and tax policy reform. Among those collabo-                      efficiency. He was also active in the
rations are Coalition 21 and the Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security, the                   health care debate and worked closely
Smart Growth Collaborative and the Vermont Apollo Alliance, and the Vermont Fair                  with coalition partners on environmental
Tax Coalition.                                                                                    and farm issues, as well as telecommuni-
    The 2006 legislative session will have a strong focus on health care reform,                  cations, among others. Our members and
energy and transportation planning,and protection for farmers as well as the finan-               the staff will miss having Scudder in this
cial impact of growing deficits in both the Medicaid budget and investments in the                role. We wish him well as he pursues
public employee retirement systems.                                                               another role in state government.
    Please mark your calendars for two upcoming State House events.We will be
holding a legislative reception on February 1 from 5 to 7 pm at the Main Street
Grill and Bar in Montpelier.We will also hold our annual VBSR State House Day on
May 3.                                                                                            VBSR Board of Directors
    The most effective advocacy at the State House is done by individuals and com-
                                                                                                  LAWRENCE K. BARBER, CFM,
panies whose direct experience in a given field or issue provides a deeper more                   Merrill Lynch
personal understanding by legislators. If you would like to be involved in our pub-
                                                                                                  SYLVIA BLANCHET, ForesTrade, Inc.
lic policy efforts please contact me at
                                                                                                  JAN BLITTERSDORF, NRG Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                  FLIP BROWN, Business Culture
                                                                                                  BRIAN DUNKIEL, Shems Dunkiel
  Welcome to Tim                                                                                  Kassel & Saunders, PLLC
                                                                                                  PAT HEFFERNAN, Marketing Partners,
  We are very fortunate to have Tim Palmer join us as our Public Policy Coordinator. Since        Inc.
  his arrival just before the fall conference in Brattleboro, where he conducted a public poli-
                                                                                                  JEFFREY HOLLENDER, Seventh
  cy forum and participated in a health reform workshop, Tim has been meeting regularly           Generation
  with the Public Policy Committee, as well as many members, legislators, and VBSR coalition      JULIE LINEBERGER, LineSync Architecture
  partners. He is rapidly coming up to speed on past VBSR public policy initiatives and is
                                                                                                  BRUCE MACDONALD, Vermont Pure
  preparing for the legislative session about to open in Montpelier.                              Holdings, Ltd.
                                                                                                  DON MAYER, Small Dog Electronics
  Tim came to us with over thirty years of experience in health care, human services, and
                                                                                                  PAUL MILLMAN, Chroma Technology
  housing and community development in many different settings. He has served as the
                                                                                                  MELINDA MOULTON, Main Street
  executive director of a number of nonprofit organizations, most recently of Community of        Landing Company
  Vermont Elders (COVE) and Vermont CARES. Tim is very familiar with the legislative
                                                                                                  LESLIE NULTY, Focal Point Advisory
  scene, having played or overseen the role of public policy advocate for many of these           Services
  organizations and having worked directly with both the Vermont and New York state gen-          BETH SACHS, Vermont Energy
  eral assemblies over a period of many years. Through his work Tim has demonstrated              Investment Corp.
  considerable skill in building organizations and involving their members directly in advo-      GEORGE SCHENK, American Flatbread
  cacy activities. We are excited to have Tim’s energies and talents working on behalf of         MARK SCHULMAN, Goddard College
  VBSR’s public policy efforts.
                                                                                                  ROBERT STILLER, Green Mountain
                                                                                                  Coffee Roasters

WINTER 2005/2006                                                         7                                          VBSR BUSINESShorizons
Right: A large crowd at the April Get-Together listens to AJ Rossman of Draker Solar talk
about solar monitoring and Burlington’s green business building.

Below, left: Members of VBSR’s Solo Circle and other party-goers enjoy a lovely evening
cruise on Lake Champlain. Right: As part of the VBSR Ambassador Program, The
McKernon Group and Green Mountain College sponsored a walking tour of Brandon’s
revitalized downtown. The group is pictured here in front of the falls on the Neshobe River.

                                                                                                  South Burlington,VT
                                                                                               30 Community Drive, Ste. 2

     PA I D

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