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									Sixth Liblice Conference on the Statistical Mechanics of Liquids
            June 9–14, 2002, Špindlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic

SIMUL 2 – transport properties
Chair: D. Evans
8.30–9.20: N. Quirke: Fluid transport in nanopores
9.20–10.10: M. Mareschal: Hydrodynamics of fluidized granular flow
10.10–10.35: B.D. Todd: Analytic or non-analytic? The state point dependence of
                         classical fluid under shear

10.35–10.55: coffee break

Chair: R. Lynden-Bell
10.55–11.25: I. Nezbeda: Towards a unified view of fluids
11.25–12.15: K.A. Dill: A simple statistical mechanical model of water and the hydrophobic effect
12.15–12.40: L. Blum: Thermodynamic functionals and scaling in complex charged systems
12.40–13.05: M. Berkowitz: Ewald sums for systems in slab geometry

Chair: R. Evans
19.30–20.20: D. Borgis: Density functional theory of solvation
20.20–21.10: S. Dietrich: Wetting and critical adsorption on colloidal particles
21.10–21.25: break
21.25–21.50: M.L. Rosinberg: Fluids in porous media: depinning and percolation
21.50–22.15: A.D. Trokhymchuk: Coloids under confinement: layering, in-layer
                                 structuring, and film stratification

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