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METRO EDITION                                                                              WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 2011                                                                                     PAGE 3

                                         Musical chairs
Cleveland rejects Scott Billerica goes for Ryan
By Jennifer Myers                   morning to name its chief             Jackson.                          By Evan Lips                          The decision to pick Ryan        School Committee mem-                academic officer, Eric                   Gordon had been elimi-                was made after the School        ber Joanne Barry said she
                                    Gordon, to the position,              nated from contention by             BILLERICA — Citing a            Committee spent about 20         tried to contact all of
    LOWELL — Outgoing                                                     the screening committee,
                                    according to a press                                                    need for someone well-versed       minutes discussing the           Levine’s references, includ-
Superintendent of Schools                                                 but the board decided to
                                    release issued by Mayor                                                 in school business, the School     results of background checks     ing former Salem Mayor
Chris Scott can return that         Frank Jackson and the                 pull him back in after                                               conducted on the three final-
                                                                                                            Committee voted unani-                                              Stanley Usovicz, but said
Cleveland Cavaliers jersey.         school district. The choice           interviewing Scott;                                                  ists, who also included Herb
                                                                                                            mously yesterday to offer the                                       each reference was retired
She will not be the next CEO        came as a shock to many               Bernard Taylor, superin-          district’s interim superin-        Levine, former Salem super-      and “unreachable.”
of the Cleveland Metropoli-         in Cleveland, because                 tendent of schools in             tendent position to Bill Ryan,     intendent of schools, and
                                                                          Grand Rapids, Mich.; and                                                                                 “His list of references
tan School District.                Gordon was not one of the                                               former superintendent of the       Charles Wilson, former Pel-      must have been at least five
    The Cleveland School            three finalists inter-                                                  Acton-Boxborough Regional          ham, N.Y., superintendent of
Board voted yesterday               viewed by the board and               Please see SCOTT/7                School District.                   schools.                         Please see RYAN/7

         Billerica graduates urged to keep questioning

                                                                      6/7/11—BIL_grad_LOW—DIG #833—Billerica Memorial High School graduation. (SUN/Julia Malakie)
                                                                  By Evan Lips                         Exhorted by speaker Jim
                                                                       Todd, Billerica Memorial High
                                                                      LOWELL — Approximately        School graduates came away
                                                                  330 dreamers walked out of the    from last night’s commencement
                                                                  Tsongas Center last night amid    knowing that if they “don’t ask
                                                                  cheers from family and friends, a the question, the answer will
                                                                  few blasts from sneakily-         always be no.”
                                                                  imported air horns and, most         Todd, who graduated from
                                                                  importantly, with diplomas in     BMHS in 1970, pointed out that
  Valedictorian Jevon Yu.              SUN PHOTOS/JULIA MALAKIE
                                                                  their grip, ready to take on the                                  Kristin Abramo, left, chats with Class Vice President
                                                                  world.                            Please see BHS/4                Jason Drab and President Kara Dodd.

New Wilmington high school would add $160 to property tax
By Jocelyn Rousey                          has whittled down the number of             reimbursement offered by the                  At last night’s forum, Caira pre-    total years to maturity and at what
Sun Correspondent                          proposed plans from 10 to just two,         Massachusetts School Building              sented initial cost calculations for    rate Wilmington borrows the funds,
   WILMINGTON — Last night,                Caira said. The project will either         Authority to towns that undertake          the first time, though he stressed      Caira said. Based on an average
Wilmington town officials held the         consist of renovating and adding to         projects to update their schools.          they were only preliminary num-         residential property value of
third in a series of public forums to      the current building or construct-          Whatever the cost of the project,          bers.                                   $357,066 and a yearly tax bill of
discuss plans to either renovate the       ing a new high school just behind           Wilmington will only pay for half.            Under either plan, Caira said        $4,242, a 25-year loan at 4 percent,
current high school or build new           the current one on Church Street.              The offer is prompting town offi-       the estimated total cost of the proj-   for example, will result in an aver-
entirely new facilities. As antici-           Some of the discarded plans              cials to push for the project imme-        ect will likely range from $72 mil-     age increase of $160 per year in
pated, Town Manager Michael Caira          involved building the new school at         diately.                                   lion to $80 million. Factoring in the   taxes for residents.
presented the initial cost predic-         other locations in the town, but               “We’re not going to have these          MSBA reimbursement, Wilmington             Were the project estimates to
tions, both for the project as a whole     were rejected in favor of keeping           funds forever,” said Superintendent        will be responsible for around $40      change, Caira said a $1 million dif-
as well as to the individual taxpayer.     the high school where it is.                Joanne Benton. “Eventually, we             million.                                ference in the town’s borrowed
   Since the previous forum, the              Much of the impetus for the              will have to do something about               The exact burden to individual
High School Building Committee             project comes from the 50 percent           this building.”                            taxpayers will depend on the loan’s     Please see WILMINGTON/5

Dracut circles around sewer takeover issue
By Erin Smith                                                                                    nance of the pumps, but Hall told                                                                             selectmen this week that the associa-
    DRACUT — Even though it’s been                                                               tion exists in name only, likening the
two years since the state Department of                                                          town’s eminent domain negotiations to
Environmental Protection urged Dra-                                                              shadowboxing. Fahey stepped down as
cut to take over an overflowing sewer-                                                           trustee of the association in 2009.
lift operation in a development border-                                                              In a board meeting before Town Meet-
ing New Hampshire, Monday’s Town                                                                 ing, Selectman Joseph DiRocco asked
Meeting offered only another delay in                                                            why the process was taking so long, and
the case.                                                                                        said he would be unhappy if he were a
    Town Meeting voters, following the                                                           homeowner living in the development.
lead of the previous three meetings,                                                                 Hall assured him the homeowners in
delayed a decision on the takeover until                                                         the development were happy with the
November Town Meeting.                                                                           town’s decision to take over the lift sta-
    But it turns out the town is already                                                         tions.
overseeing the sewer system, according           A map of the sewer system around                    But Richard Aigbekaen, who lives in
to Public Works Director Michael Bux-            the Salem Road development, with                the development on Hidden Road, took
ton.                                             the pressurized (pumped) areas in               to the floor of Monday’s Town Meeting
    Buxton recently told selectmen that          red.               SUN GRAPHIC/BRETT M. RHYNE   to call for transparency, and submitted
the town has already spent $25,000 main-                                                         an amendment to the sewer-lift station
taining the lift stations, and town officials    past, even as residents complained to           takeover, requiring only residents con-
are unsure of how they will recoup those         The Sun last year about overflowing             nected to the lift stations be required to
costs.                                           sewage at the Salem Road development,           pay for the maintenance.
    Town Attorney James A. Hall told             and accused Fahey of failing to build an            Aigbekaen argued Dracut residents
selectmen that Dracut developer Fred             adequate system to handle all the               living outside the development, as well
Fahey caused the “mistake” that lead to          sewage from homes connected to the sys-         as those living in the development who
the town’s takeover, but “getting money          tem.                                            aren’t connected to the two lift stations,
out of him would be unlikely now.”                  Fahey set up the Summer Hill
    Fahey has denied wrongdoing in the           Homeowners Trust to pay for mainte-             Please see SEWERS/5
4 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 2011                                                               LOCAL NEWS                                                                                              THE SUN

         Billerica High School Class of 2011 urged to keep questioning
                                                                                                      BHS/From Page 3
                                                                                                      his career started with a teach-
                                                                                                      ing job at Hajjar Elementary
                                                                                                      School and eventually led to
                                                                                                      several stints as an assistant
                                                                                                      coach working in the National
                                                                                                      Basketball Association.
                                                                                                          Billerica, he said, is the
                                                                                                      home of “blue-collar, hard
                                                                                                      workers that are driven.”
                                                                                                          Superintendent of Schools
                                                                                                      Anthony Serio also touched
                                                                                                      on the underdog spirit,
                                                                                                      revealing he also overcame a
                                                                                                      lot of life challenges, includ-
                                                                                                      ing a diagnosis of dyslexia, a
                                                                                                      condition that helped prevent
                                                                                                      him from learning to read
                                                                                                      until the fifth grade.
                                                                                                          But the adult speakers’ sage
                                                                                                      advice did not steal the show
                                                                                                      from last night’s true stars: the
                                                                                                      BMHS Class of 2011.
                                                                                                          Class President Kara Dodd
                                                                                                      told graduates that the
                                                                                                      achievement would not have        Drummer and graduate Dat Le is lifted up by orchestra
                                                                                                      been possible “without a little violinist Robert Harrington.                       SUN/JULIA MALAKIE
                                                                                                      help from Dunkin’ Donuts and a
                                                                                                      lot of help from each other.”                    out above the rest.
                                                                                                          “We’ll be entering a world where you don’t      “‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not
                                                                                                      need a pass to walk around the hall, where you the only one,’” Norman said, quoting John
                                                                                                      can use your cell phone wherever you want to     Lennon’s “Imagine.”
                                                                                                      and where you don’t have to sign in to go to the    Class Valedictorian Jevon Yu urged his fel-
                                                                                                      bathroom,” she said.                             low graduates to never stop asking the ques-
Jeffrey Jean-Philippe hugs his chorus teacher, Megan Bergeron, as graduates get a                         Salutatorian Kathryn Norman talked           tion, “Why?”
                                                                                                      about the “inspirational yet corny” quotes          “The question can give purpose and mean-
chance to greet their past teachers after receiving their diplomas at Billerica Memor-                painted above school lockers. One quote stood ing to the actions and identities of our lives,”
ial High School graduation.                                                   SUN/JULIA MALAKIE

   The following students grad-   Camerano, Amanda Megan           Ashley Louise Daurie, Ryan         Patricia Granfield, Amanda            Also, Scott Derek MacDon-     Paolucci, Taylor Marie Parent,
uated from Billerica Memorial     Campbell, Hector Fabritzio       Stephen DeRosier, Salim Issam      Elizabeth Grassia, Jill Eileen    ald, Amanda Lynne MacKenzie,      Archana Vijay Patel, Pankti
High School:                      Candiani, Brian Edward Can-      Dib, Jack Francis DiChiara,        Greensmith, John Francis Grif-    Kristina Marie Mallard, Kyle      Bhupesh Patel and Matthew
   Yusuf Katib Abdulmagid, Ian    niff, Candie Marie Canning,      Jared Joseph Dienes, Jennifer      fin, Benjamin Ross Hachey,        Malone, Jessica Marie Mancuso,    Martin Paulsen;
Thomas Abrahamson, Kristin        Cameron Joseph Caples, Austin    Elizabeth D'Urso, Tayla Marie      Kelly Teresa Hachey, Patrick      Anna Marie Manetta, Katelynn          Also, Jenna Nicole Peary,
Nicole Abramo, Idrees Moham-      Philip Capone, Sarah             DiFrancesco, Luba Theresa Dio-     Gately Hanafin, Kory Frederick    Dalton Mann, Ashley Rene          Steven Alexy Pena, Kyle Alan
mad Addam, Shawn Kenneth          Elizabeth Carew, Felicia Maria   rio, Kara Louise Dodd, Philip      Hansen, Meaghan Kathleen          Mannisto, Stephen Joseph          Penta, Kati Anne Phelan,
Alexander, Kristin Sidney         Carey, Samantha Elizabeth        Michael Doherty, Ryan Patrick      Hardy, William McKinley Har-      Manoukian, Cedrick Guerrero       Jeremy Leonard Pittsley,
Andreasen, Rachel Lynn            Cascio, Kaitlin Marie Casey,     Donahoe, Rachel Ann Donovan,       ris, Robyn Renee Hart, Curtis     Manuel, Joshua Richard Mar-       Kalitha Paradissis Playter,
Annese, NathanielJames            Colleen Rose Cavalier, Eliza-    Megan Colleen Newell Dou-          Robert Healy, Brianna Eileen      tel, Elizabeth Joy Mason, Emily   Grace Katherine Politis,
Arevalo, Kareen O. Arrey,         beth Anne Monis-Centauro, Jes-   glass, Jason Michael Drab and      Hickey, Jalynn J. Hickey, Kasey   Lynn Massa, Christian James       Alexander William Powell,
Rachell Lori Baldwin, Michael     sica Ashley Cheek, Mariam        Eirini Chrysovalantou Drakos;      James Higgins, Meghan Hight,      May, MacKenzie Grace May-         Dylan Robert Race, Kyle Joseph
Anthony Balsamo, Nicholas         Chekmeyan, Emily Frances             Also, Adam      Connor         Kevin Manuel Homem, Justin        nard, Jessica Elizabeth Maz-      Ramsey, Minal Rajesh Rana,
Edward Bard, Joseph Robert        Chiasson, Heather Elizabeth      Duhamel, Shayna Elizabeth          Michael Hood, Caitlyn Mar-        zone, Allyson Christine McAvoy,   Gabriellè Reis, Michelle Brit-
Barrett, Karen Marylee            Chiros, Jaclyn Marie Cierri,     Dunham, Laura Marie Dupre,         garet Hubbard, Eric Albert        Meghan Elizabeth McCarthy,        tany Ricci, Jacqueline Anne
Batchelder, Edward Ernest         Stephen Zachary Ciotti, Bran-    Emalie Hazaa El-Fakih, Connor      Hughes, Chelsey Theresa           Patrick James McCarthy,           Rideout, Carolyn Nichole Riel,
Bayiates, Alexis Lauren Beck,     don Jeffrey Clark, Melinda       Steven Elmore, Nicole Ann          Hynes, Dalton Mark James,             Brittney Helen McCoy,         Padriag Joseph Riggan, John
Caitlyn Amber Bijeol, Madison     Glendola Clemens, Stefany        Erickson, Ashley Ann Marie         Peter Michael Janus, Jeffrey      Zachary James McDonough,          Francis Ripa, Daniel Joseph
Marilyn Bishop, Nicole Kathryn    Jeanette Cobb, Leo Thomas        Farrell, Taylor Joan Feder-        Jean-Philippe and Conor Mark      William Patrick McEwen, Pay-      Rivers, Jr., Christian Taylor
Blaney, Alex Michael Bortnick,    Cody, Brandon Alexander          chook, Anthony Francesco Fer-      Johnson;                          ton Allie McGonagle, Dylan        Rizk, Matthew Andrew Robin-
Derek William Bosworth, Ryan      Coelho and Alicia Marie Colum-   rara, David Alexander Ferraro,         Also, Kayla Marie Johnson,    John-Patrick McGurn, Kailene      son, AnthonyJohn Rodwell,
Mark Boudreau, Joseph James       bus;                             Lindsay Mae Fischer, Thomas        Marissa Chantal Jones, Alexan-    Marie McInnis, Scott David        Danielle Rose Rogers, Christina
Brady, Melissa Kelly Breen,           Also, Nicole   Theresé       Lawrence Fitzpatrick IV, Kelly     dre Antonio Jorge, Erica          McKenney, Vincent Daniel          Marie Rose, Adam Nathaniel
Andrew Robert Broderick, Ryan     Comfort, Mackenzie Mary          Evelyn Ford, Danielle Jean For-    Amanda Josselyn, Katelyn          McLaine, Daniel James             Royston, Johnathan Andrew
Gregory Burdick, Jessica Cherie   Coneeny, Kyle John Francis       ristall, Taylor Rachel Fossey,     Monique Joy, Meghan Elizabeth     McLaughlin, Kimberly Lauren       Stewart Rubeski, Tymothy
Burgett, Michael James Burke,     Corcoran, Shaun David Corum,     Samantha J. Fournier, Angela       Kaffine, Sarah Lynn Kalmes,       McLaughlin, Mary Elizabeth        Michael Rumley, Alicia Chris-
Kyle Louis Burnett and Francis    Alexander Cote, Christopher,     Maryann Franklin, Brittney         Jonathan Vikram Kaul, John        McLaughlin, Kristine Marie        tine Rush, Edward, Matthew
Patrick Burns;                    Michael Cowan, Richard George    Marie Frazier, Andrew David        Evan Kelleher, Graham Charles     McNeill, Evan Joseph Middle-      Sacco, Joseph Edward Salem
   Also, Jordan Edward Bur-       Cowan, Brendan Ryan Cox,         Fulgoni, Jessica Elizabeth Ful-    Kelly, James Robert Kelly,        ton, Sarah Elizabeth Miller and   and Samir Narshi Sanariya;
ton, Christopher Mark Buscemi,    Shauna Marie Cox, Melissa        goni, Nicholas Arthur Fulgoni,     Dylan King, Joseph Neal King,     Derek Charles Mirabile;               Also, Danielle Patricia
Amanda Beth Butler, Brianna       Marie Craft, Shawntel Nicole     Jonathan William Fultz, Valerie    Christopher Norris Kinsella,          Also, Rachel Marie Moakley,   Sanchez, Colleen Michelle
Elizabeth Butler, Kayla Ann       Crutchfield, Crystal Cunning-    Christina Fusco, Aslam Hanif       Madilyn Jean Knowles, Mitchell    Brittany Jo-Ellen Moore,          Sanders, Erika Joy Sanderson,
Butler, Michelle Rianna Button,   ham, Michael Edward Curley,      Gadatia, Colleen Elizabeth         Adam Kurker, Jason Lee            Nicholas Francesco Morello,       Nicholas Edward Santoro,
Joshua Michael Cabili, Richard    Anya Elaine Dangora, Malko       Gagne, Anthony Emilio Garcia,      LaGross, Ibrahim Yassin           Bryan James Morris, Cally         Jacqulyn Jaye Sardina, Thomas
William Cain, Brian Thomas        Sergy Darbouze, Devin DaRosa,    Brooke Ann Garvey, Lauren          Lahlaf, Jessica Kristine          Frances Moules, Joseph Daniel     Paul Savini, Derick Joseph
                                                                   Michele Gary, Maritza Lynn         LaVertue, Jennifer Ann Law-       Mullan, Julielyn Mullen,          Scheffer, Craig James Schellen-
                                                                   Geraldo and Zachary Philip         son, Dat Tuan Le, Justin Joseph   Patrick Joseph Mullen, James      bach, Matthew John Sheehan,
                                                                   Giacoppo;                          Leger, Sonya Joy Levin, Tyler     Phillip Murphy, Nicholas Alan     Stephanie Kayla Sherburne,
                                                                       Also, Julie Ann Gillis, Paul   Joseph Lewis, Andrew Albert       Murphy, Ross Joseph Murphy,       Melanie Koren Simpson, Katie
                                                                   James Ginsburg, Christopher        Loranger, Danielle Rose Lor-      Shannon Elizabeth Murphy,         Elaine Skara, Sean Patrick
                                                                   Michael Giosa, Nicole Tayla        anger, Stephanie Marie Lucas,     Ashley Rose Nadeau, Joshua        Slattery, Ryan Daniel Smathers,
                                                                   Girard, Briana Maye Gonsalves,     Susana Gabriela Luder, Janessa    Adam Naim, Adam Sarkis Naj-       Jacqueline Brittany Smith,
                                                                   Kyle Christopher Goyette,          Ashleigh Luke and MaryKate        jarian, Devan Elizabeth           Sean William Smith, Jonathan
                                                                   Jenna Marie Graham, Amanda         MacDonald;                        Nichols, Hannah Patricia          Michael Sousa, Dominique
                                                                                                                                        Nolan, Kathryn Elizabeth Nor-     Keryn Spencer, Phillip Joseph
                                                                                                                                        man, David Ogden, Shannen         Spencer, Alyssa Nicole Stone-
                                                                                                                                        Theresa O'Grady, Bryan Daniel     sifer, Ashley Marie Stumpf,
                                                                                                                                        O'Neil, Travis James Overton,     Dylan Aaron Svenson,Timothy
                                                                                                                                        Megan Samantha Pacheco,           Michael Taker Jr., Stephen Eric
                                                                                                                                        Tyler Manuel Pacheco, Jennifer    Taylor, Wesley O'Brien Taylor,
                                                                                                                                        Lyn Packard, Nico Raymond         Kristen Rose Ternullo, Heather
                                                                                                                                                                          Ann Thibert, Jaime Elizabeth
                                                                                                                                                                          Tocio, Hristina Hristova
                                                                                                                                                                          Toncheva and Alyssa Paige
                                                                                                                                                                              Also, Michael Patrick Trant,
                                                                                                                                                                          Travis Tobin Tripodi, Derek
                                                                                                                                                                          George Tsaknopoulos, Valerie
                                                                                                                                                                          Ann Valeriani, Nicole Elaine
                                                                                                                                                                          Vankuilenburg, Joan Louis Var-
                                                                                                                                                                          gas, Kleopatra Vasili, Prince
                                                                                                                                                                          Martin Monleon Villasorda, Ian
                                                                                                                                                                          James Vincent, Brian James
                                                                                                                                                                          Violette, Nicholas Charles Vio-
                                                                                                                                                                          lette, Sarah Nicole Walker,
                                                                                                                                                                          Tyler Robert Wasson, Kaitlyn
                                                                                                                                                                          Marie Waters, Kyle David
                                                                                                                                                                          White, Grant Huntley White-
                                                                                                                                                                          way III, Bradley Lawton Wilkes,
                                                                                                                                                                          Lindsey Elizabeth Wilson,
                                                                                                                                                                          Jevon Chung-Wing Yu, Miriam
                                                                                                                                                                          Brigitte Zizza and Joseph
                                                                                                                                                                          Michael Zuccaro.
THE SUN                                                                              LOCAL NEWS                                                                       WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 2011 5

Dracut circles                                                               SAVE YOUR FAMILY, GET A RIDE TO SCHOOL
sewer takeover
SEWERS/From Page 3
shouldn’t have to foot the bill.
    “Nobody’s trying to hide
anything,” said Piendak, who
convinced voters to kill Aig-
bekaen’s amendment, saying
Hall wanted “different lan-
guage” for the eminent
domain contract.
    Hall told selectmen he is
researching whether the town
can legally make all 60 home-
owners in the development
pay for the lift stations even
though only about half of the
homes are connected.
    “That decision is going to
be made by the Sewer Com-
mission,” Hall told The Sun.
    Hall said the Sewer Com-
mission would scheduled a
public meeting within the
next 90 days.
    Other residents have esti-
mated only about a quarter of
the homes in the development
are connected to the two lift
stations, but Hall said there’s
no report that details exactly     Lowell students recently participated in the Fire
how many homes are actually        Department’s EDITH — Escape Drills In The Home —
connected to the stations.         drawing contest, which asked them to draw an escape
    One resident who declined
                                   plan for their family’s home in the event of a fire emer-       Tyler Doucette, center, a student at the J.G. Pyne Arts Magnet School in Lowell was
to be named due to possible
upcoming legal issues in the       gency. The two winners, one each from a public and a            chauffeured to school Tuesday aboard Lowell Fire Department Engine 3 for winning
case, told The Sun that sev-       private school, got a ride to school Tuesday on a fire          the fire department’s EDITH, or Escape Drills In The Home, drawing contest for pub-
eral neighbors have already        truck.
spoken with attorneys and
plan to fight the matter in
court if the town makes
homeowners pay for sewer-
lift stations they don’t use.
                                   New high school would add $160 to property tax
    Problems with the sewer        WILMINGTON/From Page 3          funds would be offset by the    years longer and would ulti-   money for something used,”        ter said, and instead feature
lift-stations began several                                        higher cost of renovating a     mately be more costly than     Caira said.                       21st century “small learning
years ago.                         funds equates to only a $4 dif- building currently in use, he   simply constructing new           “We’re moving towards a        communities” that encourage
    When sewage overflowed         ference for each taxpayer per said.                             facilities .                   more quadrant-based educa-        a closer relationship between
from the pump station on two       year.                              The renovation would            Given the equivalency in    tion that emphasizes working      various disciplines. “The key
days of March 2008, Thomas            The total cost of the proj-  have to be accomplished in      costs, both Caira and Benton   together,” Benton said.           to all of this is flexibility,”
Bomil, the town’s health           ect, regardless of which plan stages and would force stu-       said they were in favor of        The plans for the new high     Walter said. “We want to be
director, called it a “serious     Wilmington decides to follow, dents and teachers into mod-      building a new high school     school depart from the 20th       able to change with education
health hazard.”                    will be about the same, Caira ular classrooms, explained        rather than renovating the     century “bells and cells,” Wal-   as it changes.”
    In a letter to Fahey dated     said. “We would get an extra Donald Walter, of Dore &           current one.
March 19, 2008, Bomil wrote:       point or two in the reimburse- Whittier Architects. Conse-         “The choice is either to
“The reason I’m writing to you     ment through the renovation quently, the renovation would       spend money for something
is that one of the homeowners      project,” but those additional take approximately 1 1/2         new or spend the same
informed me that you had
been the contact person in
regards to being in charge of
these pumps being served.
                                   Shirley holds 58 budget line items
The homeowner also informed        By Katina Caraganis                             treasurer, and regional school district.
me that you had ceased doing       kcataganis@sentineland              The budget currently contains $60,000 in
this on December 31st, 2007           SHIRLEY — Voters last night spent            cuts to the library, deferring $48,000 in
and turned this responsibility     nearly three hours debating the fiscal 2012     sewer betterments, reducing personnel by
over to some homeowners            operating budget before voting to continue
association.”                                                                      $74,000 and cutting other expenses by
                                   the annual Town Meeting to a third session
    Fahey has denied he ever                                                       $46,000.
                                   next week.
stopped servicing the sewer-          Members of the Finance Committee                In order to fund those positions in their
lift stations.                                                                     entirety, a debt exclusion must be passed
                                   and Board of Selectmen presented a bal-
    Fahey has had problems
                                   anced budget of $10,107,284, and modera-        in a special election, scheduled for June
with some of his other devel-
                                   tor George Knittel went through each            28.
opments, as well. In 2008, a
                                   line-item so voters could decide whether           If the debt exclusion passes, another
Suffolk Superior Court judge
                                   to put a hold on each one for further dis-
in Boston ordered Fahey to                                                         Town Meeting would be held on June 30 to
pay Realty Financial Partners                                                      refund those cuts.
                                      Of the 58 items presented, voters opted to
of Wellesley damages totaling                                                         Town Meeting will continue June 13 at
more than $20 million. Fahey,      place a hold on 20, including items for the
the former developer of            police department, town administrator,          the Middle School auditorium.
Meadow Creek Golf Course
and Estates in Dracut,
defaulted on loan obligations
and was ordered to pay the
company $674,494, a portion
of the money he had person-
ally guaranteed, plus attor-
neys’ fees and municipal taxes,
according to the judgment.
THE SUN                                                                                                      LOCAL NEWS       WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 2011 7

Billerica picks Ryan for superintendent
RYAN/From Page 3                and said learning the intrica-                      business responsibilities
                                cies of the Massachusetts                           when he moves into the posi-
years old,” she added.          public schools “takes a while.”                     tion of assistant superintend-
   School Committee Chair-         Prior to his stint in Biller-                    ent next year.
man Maryann Harring Lau-        ica, Serio served as superin-                          “His (Ryan’s) background
rendeau said she talked to      tendent of schools in Canton,                       in school business manage-
Wilson’s references, including
                                Conn., but also served as                           ment will help him be a men-
former Pelham PTA President
                                superintendent of schools in                        tor to Tim (Piwowar),” Har-
Catherine Draper, who “said
                                Turners Falls, Mass.                                ring Laurendeau said.
he (Wilson) is a great listener
and communicator” and “was         Harring Laurendeau added                            In 1981, Ryan was
nothing but acceptable” dur-    that while Wilson would likely                      appointed to be director of
ing his time leading Pelham’s be a great fit for a long-term                        business and community edu-
schools.                        superintendent’s job, Ryan                          cation at Acton-Boxborough
   But School Committee         was the better choice for an                        Regional High School, a role
member Kim Conway               interim post, since the School                      he served until his promotion
expressed concerns that Wil- Committee “is looking for                              to assistant superintendent
son, despite having an          someone who is able to hit the                      in 1993.
“impressive” background,        ground running.”                                       Harring Laurendeau said
lacked the knowledge of the        Another significant factor,                      Piwowar is in a similar posi-
state’s education system.       she said, is the fact that the                      tion. Like Ryan, he lacks
   Current Superintendent of recent central office reorgani-                        school business experience.
Schools Anthony Serio, who      zation means Tim Piwowar,                              “He (Ryan) knows what it’s
announced in January his        currently director of informa-                      like and can be of help to
plans for retirement, agreed, tion systems, will be handling                        Tim,” she said.

Cleveland rejects Scott for school chief position
SCOTT/From Page 3                  “I wish Cleveland Met-                           position, but pulled her
                                ropolitan School District                           name from contention this
School Superintendent           all the very best and thank                         past Monday, the day she
Cheryl Atkinson of Lorain, them for the hospitality                                 was scheduled to be inter-
Ohio, who had previously        they showed me while I                              viewed by the Malden
served as the schools chief was in Cleveland,” she con-                             School Committee.
of Kansas City, Mo.             tinued, writing she will                               Scott withdrew her can-
   The job drew 126 applicants. “continue to explore excit-
                                                                                    didacy, she explained,
   The 44,000-student dis- ing career opportunities.”
                                                                                    because Cleveland had
trict, which has a $1.4 bil-       In January, Scott                                extended its deadline for
lion annual budget, has         announced she would                                 making a decision, and
dealt with a nearly $50 mil- leave Lowell when her con-
lion shortfall this year and tract expires June 30, cit-                            Scott wanted to wait for
has lost 16,000 students                                                            that announcement with-
                                ing the School Committee’s
since 2004, a 25 percent                                                            out holding up Malden’s
                                inaction in offering her a
drop. One hundred percent successor contract as the                                 process.
of the remaining students                                                              That night, Malden
                                primary reason for her
receive free or reduced-cost departure.                                             selected Revere Assistant
lunch; the graduation rate         On April 28, the School                          Superintendent David DeRu-
is 54 percent.                  Committee chose Jean                                osi to fill the position.
   “It was very interesting Franco, 54, current deputy                                 Last month, the Billerica
to be a finalist in a           superintendent for cur-                             School Committee offered
national search for a large riculum and instruction,                                Scott its interim superintend-
school district like Cleve-     as Scott’s successor. The                           ent position but she declined,
land,” Scott wrote in an        committee is scheduled to                           saying she was interested in
email to The Sun yester-        meet with her tonight for                           securing more permanent
day morning. “I was             contract negotiations.                              employment.
pleased to be selected as a        Scott had been a finalist                           It is unknown if Scott has
finalist out of a pool of 126 for the Malden Public                                 any other job applications
candidates.                     Schools superintendent                              outstanding.

Lowell                                   Tyngsboro; domestic assault and bat-       (door), assault and battery with a dan-
                                         tery, violating a restraining order,       gerous weapon (cellphone charger),
    — Larry Freda, 36, no fixed          intimidation of a witness.                 domestic assault and battery.
address; domestic assault and battery.
                                              — Shane Oravec, 31, 93 Pheasant           — Robert Sigman, 37, no known
    — Treyvon Choate, 19, 4 East
Burnside Ave.; warrant for assault       Road, Billerica; domestic assault, mali-   address; domestic assault and bat-
and battery, warrant for malicious       cious destruction of property over $250.   tery, disorderly conduct.
destruction of property, warrant for          — Steven Cintron, 38, 90 Magno-           — Robert Rivas, 39, 2 Boylston
violation of a protective order.         lia St., second floor; domestic assault    Lane; domestic assault, assault and
    — Roger LeBlanc, 28, 5 Alder St.,    and battery with a dangerous weapon        battery.

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