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					Minutes of the PTFA meeting held on 8 September 2011
Hosted by Catherine Wilkins, 1 Firemans Run, Woburn Sands

PRESENT:      Sarah Barnes (SB), Becs Coles (BC), Ben Coles (BenC), Hilary Cox (HC) Kelly
              Green (KG), Ali Gallacher (AG), Claire Smith (CS), Catherine Wilkins (CW), Mark
              Wilson (MW)

APOLOGIES:    Sarah Anstee (SA), Louise French (LF), Steph Forester (SF), Kirsty Green (KirG), Carole Haswell (CH), Sarah
              Payne (SP), Jane Stanger (JS), Lucy Stewart (LS), Lorraine Streatfield (LS)

Welcome to Ben Coles

    SB corrected that paint for playhouses would be more that £15.

   No report from Mo Clarke. Accounts as at end of June £10350.19
   Need to find a new Treasurer as Mo standing down at the AGM. CW & CS have approached a couple
    of people, no one willing to take on yet. BenC suggested Reach as a possible source. Action: CS to
    advertise via Facebook, Group call. BC to approach Claire Sim BenC to send details of Reach
   EasyMoney/100 Club
    14 no# left to sell. HC will look into making the process simpler. Will now make DD £12 for a year, rather
    than £1 per month. HC drew July winners Andrew Buck & Deborah Willans. Action: CS to change
    EasyMoney paperwork HC to distribute details to new parents
   Fundraising & Grants initiatives
    BenC has offered to look into various funding and grants that might be available to the School & PFTA.
    Other options – Co-op (CW), Annette at Barclays, Woburn Sands on community scheme (HC) Open
    University schemes (Julie Tift).

    Purchases planned for School
   Busy Bee’s play house
    Weekend date to be arranged with School to paint the playhouses if possible. SB advised need 2 days
    to allow for undercoat. Action: CS to advise SB of paint order CS to advertise for volunteers to help with
    painting via Facebook/Group Call etc
   Swimming Pool air temperature& changing rooms
    BC due to meet Summit Leisure re heating solution. Need to keep in mind on-going running costs to
    School. BC to follow up with Gary Pritchet GP Plumbing, and Cummings for quotes for improving
    changing rooms. Est. costs on project of £15.5k. BenC reported that Inspired Facilities award from Sport
    England might be applicable. Input from School PE co-ordinator would also useful Actions: CW to
    forward changing room quote to BC SB to pass contact details for Gary Pritchet to BC, CS to contact
    Jo Cummings CS to speak to Mrs Brewer about PE co-ordinator and discussing at Governors Meeting.
   Learning Pods
    CW met with two companies to quote for possible solutions back in July – Frosts and The Garden Escape
    company (est costs £49.5k). Following discussions with Mrs Brewer, there is now a better understanding
    of what is available and the price it would cost. MW reported his contacts, Carnaby Holiday Home
    gave est. of £7k; Terrapin would provide a shell. Maybe Centre Parcs? What would be planning
    permission for a brick built building? BenC reported there might be a number of funding options
    available to the School. Awards for All (£10k) – School needs to apply rather than the PTFA. BenC has
    completed on their behalf but needs more info from School. In addition, Section 106 of Taylor Wimpey
    building project under School & Education Facilities. £334k still to be allocated by MK Council in Phase
    III (Fulbrook received monies from Phase I). MKCouncil (Marie Denny, School Organisation & Planning)
    have responded to PTFA initial enquiry - they are not making any decisions yet and situation
    complicated because of boundaries. CW & BenC to present to Mrs Brewer and Governors for them to
    proceed. Action: CW & BenC to arrange a update meeting with Mrs Brewer and then Governors BenC
    to follow up with Centre Parcs BenC to send CS details of info required from School by 14 Sept

                                    Parents, Teachers & Friends Association
             Swallowfield Lower School, Weathercock Close, Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire, MK17 8SL
                                        Registered Charity No. 1082952
   New School Sign for Dec 2011 30th Anniversary
    To be brought up at next Governors meeting 27 Action: CS to discuss with Mrs


1. Busy Bees Coffee Morning
    CW speaking to Kim Holloway about arranging a coffee morning for Busy Bees parents. Action: CW to
    get a date from Kim, CS to check location that can be used with Mrs Brewer
2. Tuck Shop – Fri 30 September
    KG offered to co-ordinate, SB offered to re- stock from CostCo as it was used up at the Sports Days. Two
    locations as before. Volunteers so far CW & CS. Action: CS to send Price List to SB & KG CS arrange
    Facebook and Group Call reminders.
3. Parents Evening – Sept/Oct
    Discussed various ideas and most popular was a coffee morning following Foundation’s first assembly as
    a lot of new parents will attend. Action: CS to check dates with Mrs Brewer
4. Christmas Cards (MW/CS)
    MSW Solutions to arrange this year and MW will deal direct with School. Choice of 3 templates, £6 for
    12 cards. Suggest to School that CRB checked PTFA volunteers (CW, CS, HC) can come in on day to
    help with producing the cards. Any leaflets distributed to School on PTFA letterhead. Action: CS to
    speak to Mrs Brewer CS to send MW letterhead docs
5. Halloween Spooky Tubes
    KG offered to co-ordinate. Leaflets to be distributed last week of half term so can be completed over
    the holiday. Make sure all clearly labelled when returned to School for judging on Tues 1 Nov. Ask Flora
    Rees if she can arrange prizes. Action: CS to check date of Assembly for Prizes CS to speak to Flora
    about prizes
6. Christmas Personalised Gifts (MW)
    MSW Solutions to offer personalised gifts for Christmas – china and standard mugs, coasters etc. MW to
    co-ordinate direct with School, template will be sent home Mid Nov for designing at home and
    returning. Action: CS to discuss with Mrs Brewer
7. Woburn Sands Christmas Fayre – Sun 27 Nov
    Simon Gallacher has offered to run the PTFA Mulled Wine and Mince pies stall again after last year’s
    success. Application form needs to be completed and returned soon. Action: SG to chase WSTC for
8. 30th Anniversary Disco (Donna Hill & Lorraine Streatfield)
    Donna & Lorraine have offered to organise a 80’s theme disco at Summerlin Centre, either Fri 25 or Sat
    26 Nov. Planning is in hand and will report back. Action: MW to pass disco contact details to
9. Christmas Fayre
    CW has offered to organise. Looking to hold at School, along on the lines of successful Secret Santa
    idea, plus other Christmas stalls. Maybe use classrooms as well as hall? Possible dates Sat 3 or Sat 10
    Dec. Action: CS to discuss with Mrs Brewer.
10. Christmas Play DVD (MW)
    MW to organise production after success of last year. One dvd containing all the performances rather
    than individual ones, as easier to organise. Also include slide show of children taking part if possible.
    Last year price of dvd was £5 each, with sponsorship covering costs of £400. MW would like to attend
    rehearsals and also include cast list. Deadline order date set earlier than 2010. Action: CS to discuss
    with Mrs Brewer


1. Family Photoshoot (CS)
   CS arranged with Ailsa, White on Blue to do a family photoshoot on Sat 15 Oct 9:30-16:30 at the School.
   20min appointments, £2 booking fee goes to PTFA. PTFA will also receive a % on any sales. Action: CS to
   confirm with School a day for viewing photos (Sat 5 Nov) and check Reception able to take bookings.

                                    Parents, Teachers & Friends Association
             Swallowfield Lower School, Weathercock Close, Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire, MK17 8SL
                                        Registered Charity No. 1082952
2. PTFA Newsletter (Julie Tift & Philippa Moore)
    Julie and Philippa happy to keep producing PTFA Newsletter each half term.
    Deadline set for Sun 18 Sept for Julie to provide copy to Philippa. Include
    Facebook and Twitter details. MW to produce article on School Uniform &
    MSW Solutions. Action: CS to forward Minutes to Julie asap.
3. School Uniform Supply & Availability (MW)
    MSW Solutions providing a great service. MW reported PayPal and delivery all on track but leadtime
    slightly longer at this time of year. MW to produce an article for next Newsletter. Requests for
    elasticated ties for younger the years. Not clear why fleeces and Busy Bees sweatshirts still arranged via
    School. MW also needs School to inform John Lewis to stop supplying. MW to hold a stall of items & sizes
    available at suitable PTFA events (Tuck Shop?). Action: CS to discuss with Mrs Brewer MW to send article
    for Newsletter to Julie/Philippa
4. Recycling & second hand uniforms
    Selling second hand uniform in the past has not been a success. CS suggested Bag to School initiative;
    bags distributed to School and then brought in on a set day and taken away. Bag to School offer 50p
    per kilo. Action: CS to discuss with Mrs Brewer
5. Mathletics
    CH brought to the PTFA notice over the Summer that the School won’t be continuing with subscription
    to mathletics. CH very keen (as were other parents when consulted on Facebook) to continue via
    School - individual cost is £39 versus £3.50 if through School. School keen to continue but due to the
    administration involved and results, cannot justify the expenditure. CH to speak to Mrs Bishop/Mrs
    Willans on what admin is involved. PTFA keen to continue supporting Mathletics, by co-ordinating
    payment but needs to know what admin is involved before committing, and if we have anyone willing
    to take it on. Action: CH to update CW/CS
6. After School Sessions
    Football offered by Soccer for Tots for Y1 is to continue this term, CW handed over organisation to
    School. Letter to go out to Y1 parents to let them know details. Foundation to be offered football in
    Spring term. Would be helpful for School to provide a list of what is on offer. AG has done some
    research on other possible ideas for sessions. Jane Stanger can also provide details of Kelloggs
    Breakfast Club sponsorship. Action: CW to liaise with School re Soccer for Tots for Y1 CS to arrange for
    Mrs Brewer to meet with AG to discuss further
7. Pond Maintenance
    Waiting update from Sally Basham. Action: CS to co-ordinate with Sally.
8. Parents Directory (CW/CS)
    CW, CS and Philippa Moore need to meet to discuss the process. School keen to organise. Action: CW
    & CS to meet with Philippa
9. PTFA Noticeboard
    Current location unused/unknown and the whiteboard nearby needs cleaning/repairing. Action: CS to
    discuss with Mrs Brewer
10. First Aid for Parents (MC)
    Plan to run another course, possibly an evening. MC to follow up with Chris Jackson Action: MC to
    contact Chris Jackson to find availability.
11. Facebook/Twitter
    Facebook proving very useful, though can be difficult to locate by new members as it’s a closed
    group. Post asking for members to add any Swallowfield related friends to the group. MW set up
    Twitter account SwallowfieldPTA (not PTFA as limited by characters). Advertise in next Newsletter and
    distribute leaflet with details. Action: HC post to group re: adding new members
12. CRB checked
    Those wishing to be CRB checked so that they can volunteer in School need to ask for a form from
13. AGM – Thurs 13 October at 8pm (CW/CS)
    To be held at the School with wine and snacks. Chair and Treasurer to present Reports Action: CS & Mo
    Clark to produce Reports in good time CS to suggest would appreciate teachers attendance to Mrs
    Brewer CS to advertise details CW & CS to discuss arrangements

                                    Parents, Teachers & Friends Association
             Swallowfield Lower School, Weathercock Close, Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire, MK17 8SL
                                        Registered Charity No. 1082952
                                IDEA’S BOX FOR FUTURE FUNDRAISING EVENTS

1. Provide coffee at further events such as a) Parents consultations b) School transfer day c) Assemblies
2. Children’s fashion show - young swish (SB)
3. A 5k run for adults and kids around the local area (SB)
4. Wine tasting evening (SB) – could involve Stony Stratford Wine Emporium and Aubergine.
5. Jalori/Woburn Zens weekday ‘charity night’ out. Sept/new term - could be joint
   Swallowfield/Fulbrook evening or new parents
6. Book Amnesty Day – Sept/Oct 2011
7. Parents Directory (PM/CW/CS)
8. Bag to School recycling

                                  Parents, Teachers & Friends Association
           Swallowfield Lower School, Weathercock Close, Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire, MK17 8SL
                                      Registered Charity No. 1082952

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