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									                                                Curriculum Vitae – Kevin Michael LORD.
                                     CURRICULUM VITAE

   Proposed Role in the Project: Team Leader, Capacity Development Expert

   1. Family name:                       Lord

   2. First names:                       Kevin Michael

   3. Date of birth:                     20 February 1939

   4. Nationality:                       British / Irish

   5. Civil status:                      Married – 7 adult children.

    6. Education:
Institution (Date from – Date to)                    Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
City of London College, 1962 – 1967                  ACIS, Chartered Secretary and Administrator

Trinity College, Dublin University, 1964 – 1966      M.A., Natural Resources Management
Trinity College, Dublin University, 1957 – 1961      BSc., (Hons 2:1) Natural Science Tripos

   7.   Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 – excellent; 5- basic)

LANGUAGE                Reading                   Speaking                Writing
English                        1                         1                              1
French                         2                         2                              2
Vietnamese                     2                         2                              3
Hausa/Kiswahili                0                         3                              0

   8. Membership of professional bodies:
      Member, Tropical Agricultural Association (UK)
      Member, Royal Horticulture Society.

   9. Other skills: Computer literate – MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.

        Present position: Team Leader.
        Am exploring the possibility of a new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) project in
        Vietnam, related to primary producers, markets and the value chains.

   11. Years with firm:

   12. Key qualifications and Experience (Relevant to the project):
       Experienced senior Technical Adviser in Capacity Building, Community
         Development, Sustainable Livelihoods, Food Security and Poverty Alleviation
         Projects in Africa and Asia.
       Have developed especially expertise in Sustainable Livelihoods Approach (SLA),
         and family empowerment and asset enhancement.
       Have developed Value Chains from farmers to end consumer, particularly for
         livestock – cattle, dairy and pigs.
       Specialist in uplands forests, Biodiversity conservation, and upland farming
         systems, especially with ethnic minority groups in remote mountainous areas of
       Experienced Team Leader of complex multidisciplinary projects in several
         countries with selected groups of national experts and small teams of
         international consultants, of both genders, and was able to facilitate working
         relationships and integrate their skills for successful implementation of each
       Have practical hands-on experience and leadership in successfully training large
         team of agriculture extension workers, who in turn trained farmer families in
         remote areas.

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                                                                  Curriculum Vitae – Kevin Michael LORD.
               Qualified accountant and manager experienced in producing reports and work
                plans that are both meaningful and readable.
               Have implemented Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems using FAO FFS
                system at village level, and subsequently trained farmer trainers, also have
                developed Farmer Field Schools (FFS) for animal husbandry training at village
                level, including poultry management, and herd improvement & fodder
                production, with special training for women.
               Recently have developed new cropping system in remote mountainous area to
                substantially improve food production, and thus reduce conflict with forestry in
                upland areas.
               Have developed rural credit systems and income generating activities for farmer
                families living in remote with little experience of the market system.
               Have worked in social forestry programmes, and developed farmer interest
                groups in non-timber forest products.
               Have developed participatory Village Development Plans (VDPs) for ethnic
                minority communities, and devised on-farm training and activities to
                complement farmers problems and solutions, and also gender specific.

      13. Specific experience in the region:
         Country                             Date from – Date to
  Vietnam and Cambodia            February 2010 to date.
  South Africa                    May 2009 – January 2010

      14. Professional experience
Date from       Location       Company           Position           Description
– Date to
July 2010       Yen Bai,       AIDE Ltd          Team Leader        Preparing and submitting documentation
to date         Vietnam.       Nguyen Ngoc                          for FDI project in Yen Bai province,
                               Truc                                 involving poor farmers growing tea, and tea
                               Truc_2n@                             factory improvement.
April to        Siem Reap,     Vakakis           Expert in          33 days EU mission to prepare evaluation in
June            Cambodia       International     sustainability     the sustainability of project interventions
2010                           S.A.                                 and recommendations for final 6 months of
                               K.Hatziyannis                        project.
March to        Tuyen          I.F.A.D.          Team leader        21 days mission to prepare PCR for donot
April           Quang,         Atsuko Toda       and expert in      agency, working with small national team
2010            Vietnam        at.toda@          sustainability     of experts.
May 2009        Johannesburg   AIDE Ltd          Lead               Preparing new project documentation for
to March        South Africa   James Mabaso      consultant         proposed new project on Sustainable
2010                           mabasojames                          Livelihoods in Zimbabwe.
Nov. 2004       Quang Tri      CHF-partners      International      Currently managing two projects in
to Apr.         and            in rural          Technical          Vietnam – in Quang Tri and Nghe An
2009            Nghe An        development       Coordinator        provinces. Using PRA tools and SLA system
                provinces,     Tony Breuer       and Country        prepared VDPs, and created Farmer Field
                Vietnam        t.breuer@chf-     Director           Schools (FFSs) in order to provide Food
                                               Security for poor families. Developed herd
                                                                    improvement scheme or cattle, and value
                                                                    chain for meat. Arranged for participatory
                                                                    small scale village infrastructure schemes,
                                                                    creating WUAs and appropriate
October         Tuyen          IFAD and          Uplands            Adviser to Provincial Extension Services
to Nov,         Quang          UNOPS/Sida        Farming            Department on management of uplands
and April       province,      Rural Income      Systems            farming systems, design training for district
to June         Vietnam        Diversification   Adviser and        and commune extension workers for
2004.                          Project.          Forest Garden      farmers, and design and implementation of
                               VIE/02/R71        adviser.           Farmer Field Schools for ethnic minority
                               Atsuko Toda                          uplands farmer families in remote districts.
                               at.toda@                             Advised on implementation of dairy system
                                                  using imported dairy cattle.
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                                                            Curriculum Vitae – Kevin Michael LORD.
April to       Nghe An     MARD / Lux-       Community        Preparation of PRA tools, and SLA system,
June, Sept.,   province.   Development       Development      for Village Development Planning (VDP) in
March and      Vietnam     Wenadep           Adviser          remote villages in three upland districts in
July -
                           VIE/014                            Nghe An province, for ethnic minority
                           Jeremy Dootson                     families. Conducting systems for
                           (now deceased)                     participatory community development.
June to        Tuyen       IFAD and          Uplands          Adviser to Provincial Extension Services
Sept.          Quang       UNOPS/Sida        Farming          Department on management of uplands
2003.          province,   Rural Income      Systems          farming systems, design training for district
               Vietnam     Diversification   Adviser          and commune extension workers for
                           Project.                           farmers, and design and implementation of
                           VIE/02/R71                         Farmer Field Schools for ethnic minority
                           Atsuko Toda                        uplands farmer families in remote districts of
                           at.toda@                           Tuyen Quang province.
January to     Yen Bai     Department        Adviser on       Designing and preparing proposals for donor
March          province,   of Planning &     new Project      funding for new projects for poverty
2003.          Vietnam     Investment        Formulation.     alleviation for ethnic minority families in this
                                                              mountainous province. Developed cattle
                                                              breeding for provincial dairy project,
                                                              including artificial insemination programme.
October to     Vietnam     United            Alternative      UNDCP, Ky Son district, Nghe An province.
November                   Nations Drug      Development      Advised the National Project Manager and
2002.                      Control           Consultant       the Project Management Team on suitable
                           Programme         (Project         innovations for alternative development.
                           UNDCP             AD/VIE/01/F2
                           (now UNDCO)       1
3/2002         Vietnam     Department        Consulting       Preparing plans and budgets to a new
9/2002                     of Planning &     Adviser          project for poverty alleviation in remote
                           Investment                         communes in Yen Bai province
11/2001        Nghe An     Lux-              Community        Part of a Project formulation team to develop
2/2002         province,   Development       Development      a Rural Development program for Nghe An
               Vietnam     VIE/014 and       Expert           province in Vietnam. Duties include survey
                           /Ministry of                       at village, commune and district levels,
                           Agriculture &                      preparing schedule of recommended
                           Rural                              activities, and drafting report.
                           Development                        Responsibilities included liaison with mass
                                                              organisations (VWU), and devising
                                                              community development facilities for ethnic
                                                              minority families.
11/99 to       Son La      Netherlands       Rural            Social Forestry Development Project (SFDP),
11/2001        province,   Development       Development      Son La Province. Development adviser for
               Vietnam     Organisation      Adviser and      agricultural inputs for this GTZ financed
                           SNV/ Ministry     Team Leader      project, with additional assistance from
                           of Agriculture                     Netherlands government. Capacity building
                           & Rural                            for the Agricultural Extension Station to
                           Development                        provide services to ethnic minority families
                                                              in Yen Chau district, and developed as a
                                                              model for other districts to follow. Devising
                                                              and preparing training modules for
                                                              extensionists and farmers. Training
                                                              commune extension workers to implement
                                                              activities originating from 71 Village
                                                              Development Plans in seven communes.
                                                              Responsible for the control of finance for
                                                              agricultural inputs.

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                                                             Curriculum Vitae – Kevin Michael LORD.
             Quang Tri       Netherlands     International       NAPA programme for income creation,
5/99         province,       Development     IGA                 Quang Tri province, Vietnam. (part of UNDP
10/99        Vietnam         Organisation    Consultant          project VIE/96/026). Sole consultant in a
                             SNV                                 programme to create employment
                                                                 opportunities for ethnic minority people in
                                                                 remote areas, including data collection,
                                                                 organisation of workshops, feasibility studies
                                                                 and the introduction of a suitable IGA
                                                                 programme for target beneficiaries. Created
                                                                 simple qualitative BME system to be
                                                                 operated by the district level Womens’ Union
7/99 –    Ha Noi,         UNDP            International      Terminal Evaluation of project for General
8/99      Vietnam                         Consultant and     Statistics Office, Ha Noi. Terminal Evaluation of
                                          Mission Leader     a capacity building project in the General
                                                             Statistics Office in Ha Noi capitol. Making
                                                             recommendations for follow-up activities to be
                                                             financed by international aid, including training
                                                             and provision of data processing equipment at
                                                             national and provincial level.
11/98 –   Thanh Hoa       CARE            International      Ngoc Lac Community Development Project,
1/99      province,       International   Rural              Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. Senior
          Vietnam                         Development        Consultant in a team of four to survey, analyse
                                          Specialist         and evaluate a project in rural/mountainous
                                                             area of the province. Responsible for
                                                             preparation of survey forms, collection of data
                                                             at various levels and secondary data from local
                                                             government, drafting Annexes and Tables and
                                                             Final report.
2/97 –    Yen Bai         Landell Mills   Senior             Strengthening Capacity for Hunger Eradication
11/98     province,       Ltd/UNDP        Technical          & Poverty Reduction in Yen Bai province.
          Vietnam                         Advisor and        (Project VIE/96/006). Prepared an initial
                                          Team Leader.       assessment of the operations of the provincial
                                                             and district government in terms of capacity for
                                                             participatory planning and implementation of
                                                             the hunger eradication and poverty reduction
                                                             (HEPR) programme.
1/94 –    North West      Landell Mills   Planning           North Western Province, Institutional
12/96     province, Sri   Ltd/Govt. Sri   Adviser and        Strengthening of the North Western Provincial
          Lanka           Lanka           Team Leader        Council, Sri Lanka (TA 1719-SRI). Design and
                          ADB                                development of the planning framework, design
                          TA 1719-SRI                        and implementation of the Management
                                                             Information System, improving lines of
                                                             communication with Central government line
6/96 –    Sri Lanka       Govt. Sri       Sole               Consultant for the Preparation of the Project
7/96                      Lanka/          Consultant         Identification document - Batticaloa Integrated
                          NORAD                              Rural Development Project. Collection and
                                                             verification of data, drafting outline of project
                                                             identification document, visited project area,
                                                             interviewed senior officers in line agencies,
                                                             Tamil minority families, and prepared draft and
                                                             final report.
8/95 –    Sri Lanka       ADB/Govt.       Project            North Central Region - Area Development
12/95                     Sri Lanka/      Manager/           Project. PPTA. Prepared review of institutional
                          Ramboll, DK     Institutional      capacity of provincial government and central
                                          Strengthening      line departments, including lines of
                                          Specialist         communication, organisational framework, and
                                                             technical ability. Prepared recommendations
                                                             for capacity building of farmers organisations.
                                                             Developed farmers participation it dairy project
                                                             with milk collection and processing.

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                                                                   Curriculum Vitae – Kevin Michael LORD.
1/92 –         Pakistan          Govt.           Joint Project    Buner Development Project, North West
12/93                            Pakistan/       Manager/         Frontier Province, Pakistan. Worked closely
                                 Landell Mills   European         with local Project Manager and team of
                                 Ltd             Team Leader      specialists to co-manage an extensive US$ 4.5
                                                                  million multi-sector project with the objective of
                                                                  reducing reliance on poppy cultivation,
                                                                  diversifying crop production, promoting small
                                                                  enterprises and raising incomes and living
                                                                  standards of poor subsistence farmer families.
                                                                  Coordinated activities of various provincial
                                                                  government departments in the following
                                                                  areas: Roads, Irrigation & Water Supply,
                                                                  Health & Nutrition, Horticulture, Dairy &
                                                                  Livestock, Land Levelling, Extension Services,
                                                                  Social Forestry, Industrial Development (marble
                                                                  and small business unit).
7/90 –         India             Coates          Industrial       Cotton Mill Project, Bangalore, India.
1/92                             Viyella plc     Development      Supervised the transfer of an entire GBP 6.0
                                                 Specialist       million cotton mill from Lancashire in the UK to
                                                                  a new factory at Madurai in India, including
                                                                  management of shipment and installation of
3/85 –         Kenya             Govt.           Project          Series of small scale projects, including a
4/90                             Kenya/          Manager/Team     wildlife sanctuary, for indigenous farmers in
                                 various         Leader           Kenya.
1/85 –         Indonesia         PT Nasution     Team Leader      Palembang Palm Oil Production Project,
3/85                             Developmen                       Sumatra, Indonesia.
4/84 –         Indonesia         Govt.           Project          Low cost housing project, Jakarta. Coordinated
12/84                            Indonesia/P     Manager          this US$ 6.0 million project for the construction
                                 T Nasution                       of 10,000 low cost houses on a 1,300 acre site
                                 Developmen                       for low and middle wage earners.
6/83 –         Zambia,           EC/Govt.        Project          Series of procurement and turnkey projects for
4/84           Botswana,         Zambia,         Manager/Team     government of three countries, funded by the
               Mozambique        Botswana,       Leader           EC/EU.
2/83 –         West Indies       Govt.           Team Leader      Village Fishing Study, Granada, W.I.
6/83                             Grenada                          Study on existing methods of fishing offshore.
3/82 –         San Tome &        African         Project          Cocoa Rehabilitation Project, Sao Tome.
12/82          Principe          Developmen      Manager          Islandwide cocoa rehabilitation project which
                                 t                                included procurement of agro-chemicals and
                                 Fund/Govt.                       equipment. Extension services designed for
                                 Sao Tome &                       cocoa farmers and training given to
                                 Principe                         government officers for on-going programme.
3/79 –         Libya             Govt. Libya     Deputy Project   Wadi el Aril Joint Venture. Responsible for the
12/81                            /Food Dev.      Manager and      technical and financial management of this
                                 Corporation     deputy Team      5,000 ha. cereal production joint venture by the
                                                 Leader           Government of Libya for US$ 123.0 m.
11/64          Nigeria           Govt.                            Series of small agricultural consulting contracts
–              Pakistan          contracts                        in various states
1961-          UK                Public          Group            Responsible for accounting and administrative
1964                             Finance         Secretary        systems.

         15.           Personal: Have developed family house and large garden in a rural province of Vietnam.

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