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					                                ELUL 5769 - TISHREI 5770   VOLUME 28   NUMBER 1   SEPTEMBER 2009

         In This Issue                        The High Holy Day Season                                In This Issue
From the Rabbi’s Desk           2                       5770                                  B’nai Mitzvah                         10

Director of Congregational                                                                    Social Action Committee               10
Learning’s Message              2
                                                           Rosh Hashanah                      College Connection                    12
Notes from the Cantor           2                            ‫ראש השנה‬
                                                                                              Bennett Zion Feld Memorial Library 12
Message from our President      3
                                                            Yom Kippur                        Hazak                                 12
Executive Director’s Message    3                              ‫יום כפור‬
                                                                                              Men’s Club                            13
Director of Early Education’s
Message                         3                              Sukkot                         Sisterhood                            15
Religious School & Hebrew                                                                     Contributors                          26
High School                     4
                                                           Shemini Atzeret
                                                                                              Condolences                           28
                                                              ‫שמיני עצרת‬
Youth Groups                    4
                                                                                              Board of Directors & Senior Staff     29
Adult Education                 5
                                                           Simhat Torah
                                                             ‫שמחת תורה‬
High Holy Day Schedule          6

Simchat Torah Honor             7

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                    From The Rabbi’s Desk                                                  Director Of Congregational Learning                                                  Notes From The Cantor
                     Rabbi Eliott Perlstein                                                       Rabbi Daniel Aronson                                                           Cantor Paul Frimark
                              Moments of Joy                                                      Jewish Learning Requires Partners                                             A Musical look at the Yamim Noraim
                                                                                                              in Creation
                     A few weeks ago, I went over to wish Shabbat                                                                                                                 It is by no means a coincidence that
                   Shalom to one of our dear members who comes                                      Welcome to a new year of congregational                    Paul’s Photo    synagogues are more crowded on the Rosh
                   every Shabbat morning. She comes from the                                     learning at Ohev Shalom. This year promises to                                Hashana and Yom Kippur holidays than at any
                   Northeast with a group who were at one time                                   be a full and fulfilling year of learning for adults                          other time of the year. No matter your level of
                   part of the back bone of Adath Tikvah-                                        and children alike. Much has already been                                     observance is, all communities with a shul or a
                   Montefiore.                                                                   planned by the adult education and religious                                  few shuls in their midst find themselves with
                                                                                                 school committees as well as by the youth                                     SRO (standing room only) crowds (we hope).
   She almost jumped out of her seat as I approached to tell me                commission. Numerous volunteers have put in hours of work to                  Cantors and choirs recognize this and prepare especially hard for
what joy she felt at the service the previous evening. It was Rock             bring Ohev engaging courses and programming and to set policies               the various services.
Shabbat followed by a Picnic Shabbat Dinner indoors because of                 that we hope will enhance the learning experience for the whole
the teeming rain. She had considered not coming because of the                 community.                                                                       Selichot, Rosh Hashana, Kol Nidre, and Yom Kippur all have
strong rains but she was glad she decided not to let the weather                                                                                             special prayers and melodies. Some texts such as the morning
keep her away from the synagogue.                                                 Now, it’s your turn… your turn to learn, your turn to build a              blessings, Kiddush, and Alenu don’t have text changes, but the
                                                                               learning community, your turn to help create memories for                     melodies and arrangements change for this time of year from the
    In her sweetly European accented English she told me that she              ourselves and our children. You are invited to become our                     regular Shabbat melodies we chant the rest of the time. Why
felt joy in her entire being from the service. It was clear to me that         partners in creation, our partners in the holy work of Talmud                 change?
these words were coming from the heart. Watching and listening                 Torah. By now, you should have received the High Holy Day
to the band the Cantor has assembled known as the Shabbatones                  brochure, which includes a preliminary listing of Beyt Midrash                   While we, in some instances, choose to use the Shabbat
play contemporary beats to ancient sacred words brought her                    courses. You will notice that the courses being offered thus far are          melodies, we know in order to enhance participation, the meaning
immense joy. She appreciated the musicians’ work that went into                mini-courses that will allow you to learn about a variety of topics in        and aura of the High Holiday season calls for deeper reflection as
preparing for the service. In addition to the music, she felt joy in           some depth. In addition to Rabbi Perlstein, Cantor Frimark and                well as both penitence for wrongs committed during the past year
seeing so many people get up and dance after the L’cha Dodi. As                myself, teachers will include local scholars and rabbis as well as            and a forward look toward improvement for next year. These
much as I was deeply touched hearing her tell me of her joy I told             other congregants with expertise and insights to share with the               feelings can be reflected through the musical motifs chanted by
her “you should really share all this with the Cantor, he did all the          rest of us.                                                                   the cantor and choir. For those who attend High Holiday services
work putting this together.” She told me she already had but since                                                                                           every year, participation in some High Holiday melodies seems as
he was standing not far from us, I asked him to come over so he                   A centerpiece of the Beyt Midrash program is the One Book                  natural as chanting on Shabbat. Please notice that even the
could hear it again.                                                           One Jewish Community program of Greater Philadelphia. This                    chanting of the Torah changes even though the text is the same
                                                                               year, congregations throughout our region will be reading the                 as on some Shabbatot.
  I was happy for this dear congregant. I was happy that she                   captivating work of historical fiction, All Other Nights by Dara Horn.
could find such joy in our Shabbat service. I also felt proud of our           This novel is set during the Civil War and follows the exploits of a            Join in this year as much as you can. Singing helps make
synagogue for being able to bring such joy in an upbeat, happy                 certain Union spy, who falls in love with and marries a                       services more meaningful, joyful, and spiritual.
Rock Shabbat service.                                                          Confederate spy. The novel gives us the opportunity to explore the
                                                                               role of Jews in the Civil War and in the Confederacy. It also serves
   I hope for each member of our synagogue what this one dear                  as a point of departure to learn about spies in the Bible and in
member of our synagogue family felt that Shabbat evening. I hope               modern times. In addition, we hope to arrange a meeting for young
for you a measure of joy that touches your entire being. And this              parents to talk with the author about the challenges of researching
is not just any kind of joy. It is a joy connected to our tradition that       and writing a novel while raising three young children. To
takes us back to Sinai.                                                        purchase your copy of All Other Nights at the discounted price of
                                                                               $10, please contact Paula Segal at or at
                                                                               215-322-9595, ext. 13. By purchasing the book and attending the
                                                                               programs around it, you will become partners in creating a rich
                                                                               experience of reading, reflection and discovery.
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                Message From Our President                                               Message From Our Executive Director                                                 Director of Early Education
                    Arlene Rosenbaum                                                              Fred Z. Poritsky                                                              Lori-An Penchansky
                  Dear Friends,                                                                    I am looking forward to the High Holy Day                                     This summer I had the good fortune to
                                                                                                season and helping to make this a joyous time                                 experience two very special events I want to
                      I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and                                 for all of my friends at Ohev Shalom.                                         share with you. The first was taking part in the
                   relaxing summer. For many of us the summer                                                                                                                 second of a three part credential program and
                   months provide us with an opportunity to enjoy a                               During the summertime, the staff has been                                   the second was going to Israel for 2 weeks.
                   much slower pace when things seem to calm                                   busy preparing for the High Holy Days and the
                   down a bit with our hectic lives. We get to sit                             beginning of the Synagogue and School year.                                        I wrote last year about the classes I am taking
                   back and relax and enjoy the warm days of                                   We are all proud of our beautiful facilities but the                            at Gratz College. With the three classes
                   summer. This is not so with our Senior, Office                              heart and soul of Ohev Shalom are our                                           together, I will earn a Pennsylvania State Early
and Maintenance Staff at Ohev Shalom. This is the time when                   dedicated volunteers and staff.                                               Childhood Director’s Credential with an emphasis on Jewish
they swing into high gear to prepare everything for the High Holy                                                                                           school programs. This year, we focused on effective leadership
Days to get our building, mailings, tickets, arrangements for                    We have many programs this year for people of all ages,                    techniques: we learned different strategies of dealing with our
security, etc. ready for all of us. I want to take this opportunity to        including Tot Shabbat and Mommy and Me, Adult Education, USY,                 teaching staff and helping them to achieve their goals. We not
thank each of them for the great job that they do all year round              Kadima and Chaverim, Men’s Club, Sisterhood and Hazak. We                     only had the ability to learn from a master educator as well as from
and especially during our High Holy Days.                                     will have several fun Synaplex Shabbats, Rock Shabbats and                    our peers, but also from Hal Traigash, a well known human
                                                                              weather permitting, Shabbat Under the Stars. As always, the                   resources manager, who has run the departments of some of the
    It was a pleasure to be able to stand out in front of the new             Totem in the Gottesman Grand Hall always has updated                          largest companies in the area. The skills I learned in that one
entrance of our Irv and Elaine Levin Building and greet you as you            information about synagogue events and life cycle events and is a             week will help me for years to come.
entered into the Jerry and Zelda Gottesman Grand Hall for the                 “must Read” when you walk into the building.
High Holy Days last year. We will be continuing to have our Board                                                                                              The second part of my summer, was a two week trip to Israel.
of Directors serve as greeters again this year. I am still in awe of             I am also very excited by a recent phenomenon at Ohev                      My first trip, twenty years ago this summer, was on USY Israel
all that we have accomplished with the completion of our                      Shalom. We now have several second and third generation                       Pilgrimage with sixty other high school students. We had come
synagogue campus. It is wonderful to be able to have all of our               families. It is a joy to see young men and women that I knew as               from all over the country, and yet we were all so similar. The next
services for all ages and groups held in one location. Parking is             teenagers grow up to be parents and sending their children to our             three trips, all within the following ten years, were
easier this year with all parking to be done in our lot and in the            Early Education Center and Religious School. This is truly a sign             similar: a trip with Camp Ramah staff members, a group with
former Davis parking lot with the generosity of Glenn Davis. We               of a successful synagogue.                                                    students from Hillel in college, and then a trip again with USY as a
no longer need to park across the street or on Township Road.                                                                                               staff member. On every trip I was with people close to my age,
Hopefully all of these things will contribute to making our holiday              In our continuing efforts to “Go Green”, we eliminated the                 who were all Jewish and like me.
experience enjoyable for all.                                                 printed version of The Dove Tale. While it has resulted in
                                                                              significant cost savings, we have also reduced our carbon footprint               This trip was so very different. This year, I travelled with my
    Over the summer we held our second annual Summer Rock                     by saving approximately three hundred thousand pieces of paper.               husband’s cousins and many of their friends for twelve days. The
Shabbat and dinner. Even though the weather didn’t co-operate                 The new online version is colorful and packed with a lot of                   ages ranged from thirteen to eighty-nine(!) and encompassed
and we had to move the evening inside, a great time was had by                important information. I want to thank Rich Noch for his dedication           many religions. There were other Jews, conservative, reform,
all who attended. Our synagogue calendar is gearing up for a                  to making the transition to the online version as smooth as                   traditional and unaffiliated; there was one Buddhist, and an
busy year with major synagogue events and functions from all the              possible.                                                                     Episcopalian family, and a few who labeled themselves everything
arms of our shul. We are all looking forward to another fantastic                                                                                           from agnostic to no-religion. For me, this was different. Not
performance from our Ohev Shalom Players as they prepare for                     Most members have taken advantage of purchasing and                        everyone had the same connection to Israel that I do, and while
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Plans are well                  activating their keyfobs. If you not done so, please call or e-mail           many felt a connection with Israel, others did not. Some on the
under way for another exciting year at Ohev Shalom with our                   Patty at or 215-322-9595, extension 12 and she                 trip took issue with the Israeli government and the policies while
World Class Programming, events, activities, Synaplex Shabbat,                will glad to help you with this process. The keyfob allows you easy           others staunchly defended everything the government does. In
adult education classes, early learning center and religious school.          access to the building during normal synagogue hours, during                  the two weeks I spent with these new friends – my new family –
This coming year I invite you to become more involved in our                  which times; the doors are locked to heighten our security. Of                I learned a lot about myself and about the way adults learn with
synagogue community. Participate in an Adult Education class or               course, keyfobs are not needed on Shabbat or Yom Tov.                         different learning styles. I saw the country through others’ eyes
come out to a Sisterhood, Hazak or Men’s Club Meeting.                                                                                                      and that helped me see how other adults learn.

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          Religious School & Hebrew High School                                                                                                  Youth Group
                   Rabbi Daniel Aronson                                                                                                       Rabbi Daniel Aronson
  •   Vice President for Education, Jonathan Adar, 215-794-                                                                  Dear Ohev Youth Groupies,
      2545,                                                                                    With my “youth director” hat on, I’d like to welcome you to a great
  •   Director of Congregational Learning, Rabbi Daniel                                                                  year of programming for all of Ohev’s Youth Groups! I’ve listed
      Aronson, 215-322-9597,                                                         Joanne Babbitt    below what’s happening locally and regionally for USY this. Keep
  •   Assistant to Rabbi Aronson, Jackie Baver, 215-322-9597,                              Ruvo Travel                   posted for events for Chaverim and Kadima. Announcements will                                                                     We move people                 be coming out soon! And if you’d like to see a particular program
                                                                                                                         happen for your group, don’t hesitate to let me know and we’ll see
   Please note: School opens on Sunday, September 13 (9:00 to                                                            if we can make it happen!
11:30 AM) for all children in Gan through Kitah Hei (Kindergarten                                                            Don’t forget to register for a youth group. Registration forms are
through 7th grade), and Hebrew High School opens on                                                                      available at on the Youth Group webpage.
Wednesday, September 16 for teens in grades 8 through 10.                                                                    Finally, congratulations to the USY board for 2009-2010! Your
All students must be fully registered and have their                   65 Poplar Drive           Phone: 215-968-8987         USY officers this year are:
emergency forms in prior to opening day.                                  Richboro, PA 18954 Toll free: 1-866-968-8987       • President: Cole Weinstein
   Also, please visit our website at for a                                   Fax: 215-968-9176                  • Vice President for Israeli Affairs: Morgan Duretz
downloadable calendar for the school year. In addition, the                       email:           • Vice President for Religion and Education:
parent handbook will be up on the website shortly, and both                                                                     Michael Washerstein
the calendar and the handbook will be handed out on                                                                          • Co-Vice Presidents for Social Action/Tikkun Olam:
opening day.                                                                                                                    Michelle Katz and David Laiter
                                                                                                                             • Vice President for Membership/Kadima: Ariel Gordon
   The theme of congregational learning this year will be “Partners                                                          • Vice President for Communications: Lauren Goldstein
in Creation.” We will begin to explore this important idea on the                                                            Please be in touch with me or with Youth Commission
opening day of Religious School, Sunday September 13. Parents                                                            Co-Chairs, Barry Dratch and Marni Guba if you have any
are required to attend along with their children. Rabbi Aronson will                                                     questions or concerns.
be meeting with parents to discuss changes in school policy that                                                             L’shalom,
are intended to help parents become partners in creating                                                                     Rabbi Dan Aronson, Director of Congregational Learning
educated, caring Jewish children. As for the students, their teach-
ers have something incredible in store for them.                                                                           Friday, September 11 – 13
   Nina Kohn and Iris Spector have been working over the                                                                 Hagesher USY Leadership Training Institute, Har Zion,
summer on a special school-wide art project for opening day.                                                             Penn Valley
While the details of the project are a surprise, the goals for the                                                       An important event for all USY board members. Applications
project are not. We hope to instill in our children an understanding                                                     available at and at Religious School office.
that Judaism is not a passive religion, that we are all commanded,
in a sense, to become partners with G-d in creation. Whether it be                                                          Friday, September 25, 6:00 PM
through learning, prayer, or acts of loving-kindness, all holy acts                                                      Friday Night Lights! USY Dinner and Kabbalat Shabbat,
necessary for the ongoing creation of the world, participating in                                                        Tifereth Israel, Bensalem
these acts makes us, by definition, partners with G-d.                                                                   Ohev USY’s own awarding Friday Night Lights! program hits the
   Another goal of our opening program is to produce something                                                           road this year as teens from Ohev, TI, Beth El, the Jewish Center
that will enable the children to feel proud of their accomplishment                                                      of Princeton and Adath Israel of Lawrenceville come together one
that day and that will allow them to “own” Junior Congregation. By                                                       Friday night a month at each other’s homes. TI hosts this month.
producing artwork that will adorn the chapel each Saturday                                                                  Hold the Dates for Chaverim and Kadima… Sleepovers!
morning, the students will feel welcomed into a colorful and                                                             Chaverim will sleep over at Ohev on November 6 and 7 for
creative space for Junior Congregation. (This is just part of a                                                          Synaplex Shabbat. Kadima will once again sleep over at Philly
larger goal to re-invigorate Junior Congregation.)                                                                       Sports Club Highpoint on November 25, the night before
   Our opening program will have something for everyone. I look                                                          Thanksgiving. Be sure to put these dates in your calendar!
forward to seeing you all there as we become “Partners in

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                         Adult Education                                                                       Adult Education                                                                            Adult Education
                       Rabbi Daniel Aronson                                                                  Rabbi Daniel Aronson                                                                       Rabbi Daniel Aronson
    En hance Y o ur Judaic Knowle dge ,                                                                                 ***************                                                                           ***************
         B e In sp i re d a nd Le a rn
                                                                                                     “Jerusalem: The City of Promise and Pain”                                    “The East European Immigrant Jewish Family: Image and Reality”
           A D U LT J U D A I C L E A R N I N G                                                       Tuesdays, Oct, 20 and 27, 7:30 – 9:00 PM                                             Thursdays, December 3 and 10, 7:30 – 9:00 PM
                      Where? *Ohev Shalom                                                                    Instructor: Rabbi Reba Carmel                                                            Instructor: Dr. Reena Friedman
                                                                                    How and when did Jerusalem shift from Israel’s capital city to the spiritual capital of         Learn about the experience of our ancestors in the United States
                           Fee? *FREE                                               the Jewish people? We will consider Jerusalem in the Bible, in rabbinic literature, in                        through a variety of original sources.
             (ALL BEYT MIDRASH COURSES ARE MADE POSSIBLE BY                            folklore and in modern literature.Rabbi Carmel is an Israeli citizen and was a
                                                                                         freelance writer before becoming a rabbi. Rabbi Carmel led Rosh Hodesh                   Dr. Reena Sigman Friedman is Associate Professor of Modern Jewish
                 THE OHEV SHALOM TORAH ENDOWMENT FUND                                           programming for women at Ohev Shalom in 2008 and 2009.
       & THE GRATZ COLLEGE OF ADULT EDUCATION OUTREACH PROGRAM,                                                                                                               Civilization at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and is on the faculty of
        FUNDED BY THE JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER PHILADELPHIA.)                                                                                                             the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School at Gratz College. The author of These
                                                                                                                                                                              Are Our Children: Jewish Orphanages in the United States 1880-1925 as well
Contact:    Rabbi Daniel Aronson,                                                                             “An Introduction to Hebrew”                                         as numerous scholarly articles, Dr. Friedman has taught in many adult
            Director of Congregational Learning                                            Sundays, Oct. 25, Nov. 1, 8, 15, 22, Dec. 6, 13, 20. 9:00 – 10:00 AM                              education programs including Ohev’s Beyt Midrash
                                                                                                                Instructor: Barbara Kind Berman                                                                        .
            215-322-9597or                                                                                                                                                                    ***************
                                                                                    In this eight-session course, you will learn to read Hebrew phonetically. You will be
            Register at under “Adult Education”                          able to follow in the Siddur - Prayer book and feel more comfortable at services,
                                                                                     family Seders and more. This course also includes an introduction to some basic                                         “Learn Torah Trope”
                                                                                                                prayers in the Shabbat service.                                           Tuesdays, February 2, 9, 16, March 2, 9, 23, 7:30 – 9:00 PM
           Upcoming Courses Offered To You:                                                                                                                                                               Instructor: Cantor Paul Frimark
                 Selichot Teach-In: How to Say “I’m Sorry”                                                              ***************                                       In six sessions, Cantor Frimark will teach you the trope, musical notation, for Shabbat
                                                                                                                                                                                     Torah reading and give you the skills to become a regular Torah reader at
                   Saturday, September 12, time 7:45 PM
                                                                                                          “Hiddur Mitzvah Craft Workshop”                                                                          Ohev Shalom.
    Instructors: Rabbi Eliott Perlstein and Rabbi Daniel Aronson
    Rabbi Perlstein and Rabbi Aronson will lead a discussion on how we do                        Sundays, November 1, December 20, February 21,
                                                                                                                April 18, 9:30 to 11:00 AM                                                                         ***************
 teshuva, repentance. We’ll be looking at contemporary dilemmas through the
                 eyes of the great thinker Moses Maimonides.                                                 Instructor: Naomi Maslin Godel
                                                                                     Discover your inner artist by beautifying (hiddur) various objects related to                                     “Philadelphia Jewish History”
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Thursdays, March 18 and 25, 7:30 – 9:00 PM
                                 ***************                                        Jewish ritual and mitzvot. Sign up for one, some or all of the projects.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Instructor: Dr. Reena Friedman
                                                                                               *A nominal materials fee will be assessed for each project                              Explore the history of Jewish Philadelphia through original sources.
                       Beyt Midrash Kick-Off Program                                                              Nov. 1 – Mitzvah Box;                                                      Discover how this course ties in with All Other Nights.
                 Speaker and Classes To be Announced                                                      December 20 – Hamsa/Blessing Amulet;
                  Thursday, October 15, 7:30 – 9:00 PM                                         February 21 – Passover Fabrics – Make an Afikomen bag or
     Our evening will include dessert, a speaker and classes to whet your                                     matzah cover or pillow case;
                    appetite for Jewish learning this year.                                   April 18 – Shabbat Tray; to adorn your Shabbat or Holiday table
                                                                                   Naomi Godel is a well-known local artist. She teaches family crafts projects for
                                 ***************                                   our religious school and has noticed how parents enjoy the projects as much as
                                                                                     the kids. She thought it was time to offer something just for the grown ups!
                 One Book One Jewish Community Series
Join the rest of the Greater Philadelphia Jewish community in reading All                                               ***************
 Other Nights, a compelling tale of intrigue and love set during the Civil
                   War by New Jersey author Dara Horn.                                                 Talmud: Tractate Bava Metzia Chapter 2
         “A Conversation and Book Signing w/author Dara Horn”                               Tuesdays, November 3, 10, 24 and December 1, 7:30 – 8:45 PM
                          Sunday, Oct. 18, 7:00 PM                                                           Instructor: Rabbi Eliott Perlstein
                      *Tiferet Bet Israel, Blue Bell, PA                           In studying this famous Talmudic text, in English translation, we will explore how
                                                                                     Jewish ethics apply to our daily lives. The class will involve an introduction to
                                 ***************                                        Talmudic literature and an opportunity to engage in Talmudic reasoning.

          “Jews and Spying from the Bible to Jonathan Pollard”                                                          ***************
               Thursdays, Oct. 29, Nov. 12, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
                       Instructor: Rabbi Daniel Aronson                                  “A Guide to Participating in and Leading Weekday Services”
 To highlight the theme of espionage in All Other Nights, Rabbi Aronson will                      Tuesdays, Nov. 3, 10, 17, 24, 7:30 – 9:00 PM
explore the Biblical stories of Rahab and the spies in the wilderness as well as                             Instructor: Cantor Paul Frimark
          the modern stories of the Rosenbergs & Jonathan Pollard.                     Cantor Frimark will provide instruction on both the evening and morning
                                                                                      weekday services to enable you to participate more fully and to become a
                                                                                                                service leader yourself.

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                                                                           High Holy Days Service Schedule

                                                                       High Holiday Parking Information
                                                                    Parking Has Never Been Easier or More Convenient
                                                               Park at Ohev Shalom or at the former Davis Pontiac car dealership
           Additionally, handicapped parking in the synagogue’s main parking lot may be arranged by those who have a placard or sticker as issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles
                                                                 and have previously made arrangements with the synagogue office.
                                                 All requests for handicap permits must be received in the office no later than September 1, 2009.

                                      SELICHOT                                                                                           SUKKOT
Saturday    September 12            Havdalah & Teach-In                  7:45 PM                 Friday        October 2              Leyl (First Evening)
                                    Service & Reception                  9:30 PM                                                         Ma’ariv                            6:00 PM
                                                                                                 Saturday      October 3              First Day
                                ROSH HASHANAH                                                                                            Shacharit                          9:30 AM
Friday      September 18            Leyl (First Evening)                 6:00 PM                                                         Evening Service / Ma’ariv          6:00 PM
Saturday    September 19            First Day                                                    Sunday        October 4              Second Day
                                       Shacharit                         8:30 AM                                                         Shacharit                          9:30 AM
                                       Ma'ariv                           6:00 PM
                                                                                                                                  SHEMINI ATZERET
Sunday      September 20            Second Day                                                   Friday        October 9              Leyl (First Evening)
                                      Shacharit                          8:30 AM                                                        Ma’ariv                             6:00 PM
                                      Tashlich                           1:00 PM                 Saturday      October 10             Morning Service
                                                                                                                                        Shacharit                           9:15 AM
                                                                                                                                        Yizkor Service                     11:00 AM
                                SHABBAT SHUVAH
Friday      September 25            Kabbalat Shabbat       Ma’ariv       6:00 PM                                                   SIMCHAT TORAH
Saturday    September 26            Morning Service        Shacharit     9:30 AM                 Saturday      October 10             Family Service                        6:00 PM
                                                                                                                                           (children up to 2nd grade)
                                                                                                                                      Congregational Service/Celebration    7:15 PM
                                    YOM KIPPUR                                                   Sunday        October 11             Morning Service
Sunday      September 27            Kol Nidre                            6:15 PM                                                        Shacharit                           9:00 AM
Monday      September 28            Morning Service
                                      Shacharit                          8:30 AM
                                      Yizkor Service                     1:15 PM
                                      Mincha                             4:30 PM
                                      Neilah                             6:00 PM

                                                                                                       ROSH HASHANAH                                           YOM KIPPUR
YOUNG FAMILY/PRE-SCHOOL SERVICE                     (Ages 2-7 yrs with parents)                        9:00 AM-10:00 AM      (First day only)                  9:00 AM-10:00 AM
JUNIOR CONGREGATION                                 Service-grades K-7                                 10:15 AM              (Both Days)                       10:15 AM
YOUNG ADULT HIGH SCHOOL                             Service-grades 8-12                                10:15 AM              (First day only)                  10:15AM
BABYSITTING                                         (Ages 2-4)                                         10:00 AM – 1:00 PM    (Both Days)                       10:00 AM – End of Yizkor

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                                                                                Simchat Torah Honor

                                                                                     in honor of

                                                     Roy and Fran Silverman
                                                                          as   Chatan-Kallah Torah
                                              The honor of the Aliyah for the conclusion of the reading of the Torah


                                                         Allan and Tanya Katz
                                                                     as   Chatan–Kallah B’reisheet
                                              The honor of the Aliyah for the beginning of the reading of the Torah
                        Celebrate the conclusion and the beginning of the reading of the Torah at our joyful Simchat Torah morning service starting at 9:30 AM on

                                                                          Sunday, October 11, 2009
                                                followed by our celebratory Yom Tov luncheon sponsored by Ohev Shalom of Bucks County.

Kindly RSVP no later than Friday, September 25, 2009 to reserve your place for this special holiday luncheon to synagogue office by e-mail to or by phone at 215-322-9595

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                    Simchat Torah Honor                                  Simchat Torah Honor                       Simchat Torah Honor
                    Chatan-Kallah Torah                                  Chatan-Kallah Torah                       Chatan-Kallah Torah
   Fran grew up in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia. She                                     Roy joined Ohev with Fran in 1979. In his ‘free time,’ he worked
attended Germantown High School and later Temple University,                                   at various second jobs such as selling real estate and doing
getting her Masters in Education from Temple University as well.                               income tax returns for H & R Block. Eventually, Roy gave up his
She taught English for 34 years in the Bristol Township School                                 second careers and used the time to become more active at vari-
District first at Delhaas High School and then Truman High School                              ous functions and activities at Ohev Shalom. For several years
until June, 2004 when she retired.                                                             while their children Heather and Joshua were enrolled in
                                                                                               Hebrew School at Ohev, Roy marched in the Israel Day Parade in
                                                                                               Center City. Max Adelsberg (z’’l) introduced Roy to Cook for a
   Fran joined Ohev Shalom in 1979 and was part of the Adult Bat                               Friend over 10 years ago and Roy was hooked. Every month, he
Mitzvah class of June, 1981. She later became confirmed as part                                comes in early to set everything up for the other Cook for a Friend
of Ohev’s first Adult Confirmation class in 1990. Fran has been                                volunteers. On several occasions Roy has helped to set up the
one of the original members of the Ohev Shalom choir since 1983                                room for Tu B’Shevat services, has attended many classes, and
as a member of the alto section. In 1983, Fran also became Ritual                              has even taken dancing lessons. Over the years, as a member of
Chairperson, a position she held for four years. In addition, Fran                             the men’s club, Roy has helped make Sunday morning breakfasts,
has taken many Beyt Midrash classes, often with her husband                                    cooked and sold hot dogs at the annual Jewish Festival, and
Roy. For the past five years, Fran has participated in the women’s                             attended fun Phillies games with the group. As an “honorary
monthly Torah study group. This past year, Fran was part of the                                Sisterhood member”, Roy has helped with mailings, delivering
latest Adult Confirmation class, receiving her second Adult                                    2000+ hamantashen and filling Shelach Manot baskets at Purim.
Confirmation certificate. Also this June, Fran graduated from the                              Roy was a member of the JNF committee that held many fund
two year Florence Melton Adult Mini School from Gratz College.                                 raisers enabling Ohev to reach its $25,000 commitment early. He
This past year, Fran has begun reading Torah at several Shabbat                                also participates as one of the original members of Ohev’s
services. Fran currently serves as one of Ohev’s Gabbayim, an                                  greeters at Friday and Saturday services. Most meaningful to Roy
honor she has lovingly shared with Jahn Nolan and Dave Gellman                                 is that he has become a regular at Friday night and Saturday
for the past five years.                                                                       morning services.

   Fran has also been an active member of Ohev Shalom’s                                            Fran and Roy were part of the Ohev Shalom Hanukkah 2005
Sisterhood as recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and
for the past three years, co-vice president of Membership along
                                                                     Roy and Fran Silverman    trip to Israel and were so excited by the trip that they could not
                                                                                               wait to go back. In December, 2008, they were fortunate enough
with Linda Crowell.                                                                            to be part of Ohev’s second Hanukkah trip to Israel. You will
                                                                                               usually find them attending services together as well as attending
                                                                                               various Ohev functions and Beyt Midrash classes. Fran and Roy
   Roy was born in South Philadelphia and later moved to the                                   are the proud parents of Heather and Matthew Nordahl, and
Bell’s Corner section of Northeast Philadelphia. After graduating                              Joshua and Laliev Silverman. They joyfully celebrate their
from Northeast High School, he attended Temple University and                                  grandchildren, Yeshiya Simcha, Avraham Yosef Shalom, and
graduated when he was 20 with a Bachelor of Science degree,                                    Logan Rose. They are both very honored to have been chosen as
majoring in Marketing. The next 31 years were spent working as a                               Chatan and Kallah at this year’s Simcha Torah service. They are
Federal Employee in three different government agencies all                                    delighted to be sharing the honor with Allan and Tanya Katz. Fran
within the computer field. Roy was one of the first full time                                  and Roy look forward to continuing their relationship with the Ohev
Computer Security specialists in the US Navy in the 1970’s.                                    Shalom family and community.

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                    Simchat Torah Honor                                   Simchat Torah Honor                           Simchat Torah Honor
                   Chatan-Kallah B’reisheet                              Chatan-Kallah B’reisheet                      Chatan-Kallah B’reisheet
   Tanya grew up in North Philadelphia on Marshall Street where                                        As everyone knows, Allan enjoys singing. He loves being part
her parents had a business. When she was twelve years old her                                       of the Ohev Shalom Choir and happily does Haftorahs Shabbat
family moved to Mount Airy. She graduated from Germantown                                           morning. He enjoys participating in Shabbat and High Holiday
High School and received an Associate degree from Temple                                            Services. He likes being part of the Ohev Shalom Players and has
University School of Business. After graduation, she worked as                                      been involved in three of the shows. In his role of a Cohan, he
secretary to the President of Temple University until she retired to                                has performed in the ritual of Pidyon Ha Ben, the redemption of
start a family.                                                                                     the first born. Allan is on the Ritual Committee and was an active
                                                                                                    participant in fundraising for the latest Capital Campaign.

   Allan grew up in West Oak Lane and he and his parents were
members of Temple Emanu-El. He taught Torah, Haftorah and                                              Allan has been a retail pharmacist for fifty years and for the past
Bar and Bat Mitzvah for many years. He graduated from Central                                       thirty five has been a Rite Aid pharmacist. During his time with the
High School and Temple University School of Pharmacy. He                                            company, he received numerous honors and most recently has
belonged to Alpha Zeta Omega fraternity and served as its                                           done TV commercials and appeared on posters and advertising
chaplain. He starred in two original musical comedies while in                                      for the company. Tanya currently works for a medical practice in
Pharmacy School. While a teenager, Allan sang in and led                                            Southampton.
professional choirs.

                                                                                                    Tanya and Allan have been married for forty seven years. They
   Both Tanya and Allan grew up in conservative homes and                                           are the very proud parents of Barry and Shoshi Katz and Arnie
joined a synagogue after their marriage. Prior to joining                                           and Ellen Katz and are thrilled to be Bubby and Zayda to five very
Ohev Shalom, they were founding members of Bustleton                                                special grandchildren-Avital, Shai, Ariel, Seth and Dylan.
Somerton Synagogue. They were active members and served on
numerous committees. Tanya was Sisterhood President and
served as chairperson of the Rabbi Selection Committee. Allan                                       We are thrilled and honored to be chosen along with Fran and Roy
was Ritual Chairman in addition to serving on various committees.                                   as this year’s Simchat Torah honorees.
Allan starred in two original musical comedies. They were
members of Bustleon Somerton Synagogue until they merged with
Shaare Shamayim.
                                                                       Allan and Tanya Katz

   Ten years ago, Tanya and Allan joined Ohev Shalom and are
thrilled to be members of such a warm, friendly and caring
community. They have said many times that it was one of the
best decisions that they ever made. Tanya has served as
Publicity Chairperson of The Board of Directors and is member of
the Ritual Committee. She can always be found working as an
usher on High Holidays and whenever else she is needed. Tanya
is very proud to have become an Adult Bat Mitzvah and was also
part of the Adult Confirmation class.

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                         B’nai Mitzvah                                                                                                              Social Action Committee
                          Paula Segal                                                                                                                   Anita Dorfman
                         Kelsey Sattler                                                                                              FAMILY FUN DAY TO BENEFIT THE HOMELESS
   Hi, my name is Kelsey Sattler and I will become a Bat Mitzvah
on Saturday, September 12, 2009. In September, I will be                                                                             The Social Action Committee of Ohev Shalom is once again
attending Richboro Middle School as a 7th grader.                                                                                looking for caring individuals who would like to help brighten the
   For my Bat Mitzvah project, I volunteered for the Special                                    Hampton Inn & Suites Newtown     holidays for needy children in the Bucks County area. More
                                                                                                      1000 Stony Hill Road       specifically, we need people who would like to sponsor 1 or more
Olympics. I helped kids improve on their tennis skills. I enjoyed                                      Yardley, PA 19067
helping the kids throughout the year and plan on continuing my                                            215-860-1700           homeless children by purchasing a gift that was requested by the
volunteer work in the fall. I also love to play tennis, so when I work                   child for the holidays. The gifts would be given to the children at
with the Special Olympians I like to see how they improve and                                                                    our Annual Day of Fun to benefit needy families living in homeless
enjoy the game like I do. I also participated in a Parkinson’s walk      Offering Deluxe Accommodations for Social &             shelters in the Bucks County area on Sunday, December 6th. If
                                                                         Corporate Groups, Small Meetings, & Business or
to raise funds for a cure for this disease. It made me feel good as      Leisure Guests.
                                                                                                                                 you can sponsor a child (gift should not exceed $25.00) please fill
an individual raising almost 2,000 dollars for the foundation.                                                                   in the following form and mail it back to me or to Ohev Shalom as
   I would like to thank everyone who helped me in the preparation                                                               soon as possible. I will contact you by mail, concerning your
of becoming a Bat Mitzvah. I would especially like to thank Rabbi             Your Community Partner Since 1999                  child. I will send you the name and age of your child and the gift
Perlstein and Cantor Frimark for their guidance in helping me with                                                               he or she would like to receive. All sponsors are welcome to join
my Torah portion and prayers. Lastly I would like to thank my                                                                    us from 11 AM - 2 PM in the Auditorium on December 6th.
family for all their support throughout my life.                                                                                                         Thank you in advance
                                                                                                                                                             Anita & Dana
                         Maddie Shikoff
   Hi, my name is Maddie Shikoff. I attend Holland Middle School                                                                  NAME_____________________________________________
and I am in 8th grade. I am really excited to become a Bat Mitzvah                                                                ADDRESS__________________________________________
on September 5, 2009. I’m a member of the S.A.D.D. club at                                                                        PHONE___________________E MAIL____________________
school. I like keeping in touch with friends online, shopping, going                                                                       I can sponsor _______ child / children
to the movies, and hanging out with friends. For my Bat Mitzvah
project, I helped out here at Ohev Shalom with the kid’s day camp.                                                                                      Ohev Shalom, SAC
I also donated clothing to American Cancer Research Center. I                                                                                    c/o Anita Dorfman or Dana Podob
would also like to thank my parents, Rabbi Perlstein, and Cantor                                                                                      944 Second Street Pike
Frimark for helping me prepare for this big day. I’m really excited                                                                                    Richboro, PA. 18954
to celebrate with my family and friends!!!                                                                                                  Anita 215-364-1451     Dana 215-322-2539

                     B’nai Mitzvah Project
                        Anita Dorfman
                 BAT / BAR MITZVAH PROJECT
 Are you in need for a fun, rewarding Bar or Bat Mitzvah project?
  On December 6th, the annual Family Fun Day to Benefit the                                                                                               Fundraising
 Homeless of Bucks County will be held here at Ohev Shalom.                                                                                               Mike Wexler
 If you are interested in helping out with this amazing, rewarding                                                               Purchasing a tree to plant in Israel or holiday cards couldn’t be
       program, please call Anita Dorfman at 215-364-1451                                                                        easier. You can now purchase JNF items from the Ohev website.
                        for more information.                                                                                    There is now a link (as shown below) from the Donations page
                                                                                                                                 that will take you directly to the JNF on-line store. Not only is
                            PROJECT LINUS                                                                                        shopping made easy, but 20% of the sales will be donated to
If you can knit, crochet or sew and would like to make blankets for                                                              Ohev.
    seriously ill children at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia,
             please call Anita Dorfman at 215-364-1451.

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                   Social Action Committee                                                                     Fundraising
                        Mike Wexler                                                                             Al Brodsky
                   GO GREEN COMMITTEE                                                           Supermarket Gift Card Program

   The Go Green Committee announces two Go Green                                         The Sisterhood Supermarket Gift Card Program is the
initiatives to help us reduce, reuse and recycle…                                      “Painless Way” to raise revenue for the synagogue.
                                                                                         (For members who do not receive a credit against their
                                                                                       synagogue dues.)
Recycling Paper Drive
    Did you know that you can recycle paper, newspapers, cata-
logs, magazines, junk mail, weekly advertisement circulars, TV
Guides, folders, construction and poster paper, shredded paper,
spiral notebook/theme books, and office/school mail at Ohev
Shalom? Our recycling bin is located in the parking lot.
    If dropping off shredded paper – please put in a bag.
If dropping off theme books – please take off the front and back                         Participating Super Markets
hardcover – the metal spiral may remain intact. You do not need to                       •  • Acme                         $50 gift card
remove staples from paper. Please no cardboard or phonebooks.                            •  • Giant                        $50 gift card
    It is easy to get started – just place an empty box near your                        •  • McCaffrey’s                  $10 gift certificate
trash can at home and place your paper in the box! Bring your                            •  • Pathmark                     $50 gift card
paper to Ohev Shalom as often as you can.                                                •  • Richboro Shop N Bag          $10 gift certificate
    Every time our bin is full – Ohev Shalom saves 17 trees from                         •  • ShopRite                     $25 gift card
being cut down!                                                                          •  • Super Fresh                  $50 gift card

                                                                                         Gift cards/certificates may be purchased using cash or check
Recycling Racks                                                                          payable to Ohev Shalom. These purchases ARE NOT TAX
   Recycling is in full bloom at Ohev Shalom! Two ‘Recycling                             DEDUCTIBLE. The supermarket bank account is a
Racks’ have been setup and we’re looking for your recyclable                             dedicated account. Checks can be identified by synagogue
items. One recycling rack is located in the Ohevenly Café and the                        account number noted for deposit purposes. The
other is located outside the restrooms on the first floor of the                         supermarkets give the synagogue a 5% discount on the
pre-school. Each recycling rack contains collection boxes for                            purchase of these gift cards/certificates. This discount is a
eyeglasses, cell phones, rechargeable batteries, printer cartridges,                     charitable contribution by the supermarket for tax purposes.
energy bar wrappers (Clif, Balance, Luna, Power Bar, and Nature                          Purchases can be made during synagogue office hours and on
Valley), Nabisco cookie wrappers (family and individual size), and                       Sunday mornings during Religious School. We do our best to
corks.                                                                                   accommodate the needs of any family for whom this
   Please check out the recycling racks and see how you can help                         schedule is not convenient. 5% of your purchase is deducted
Ohev Go Green!                                                                           from your synagogue membership dues.
   The GoGreen Committee is working on many initiatives to                               This deduction cannot be used in conjunction with any other
make Ohev Shalom an eco-friendly environment. If you are                                 payment discount offered by the synagogue. A two-parent
interested in helping or have suggestions, please e-mail us                              family membership can earn up to $200 credit against their
at                                                                     membership dues obligation. Single-parent families, seniors
                                                                                         and young married membership categories can earn up
                                                                                         to $100 credit against their membership dues obligation.
                                                                                         The purchase period for credit is February 1 through
                                                                                         January 31. For the 2009-2010 year, the purchase period
                                                                                         would be February 1, 2009 through January 31, 2010. This is
                                                                                         required because of the billing cycle for membership dues.

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                       College Connection                                           Bennett Zion Feld Memorial Library                                                     Hazak
                            Liz Nover                                                            Soni Feld                                                              Marlyn Harris
            As soon as your college, grad or professional student              Dedicated to Providing Multimedia Materials of
         receives her/his mailing address for the coming year,                  Jewish Content to the Ohev Shalom Family                                                        ‫חזק‬
         please register for the Ohev Shalom College Connection.
EVEN IF YOUR STUDENT IS NO LONGER A FRESHMAN, you                            BOOKS                AUDIO/VISUAL             SOFTWARE
need to register each year.                                                                                                                                       Hazak of Ohev Shalom
                                                                            For Adults and           For Adults and       For In-Library Use                             Presents
                                                                               Children                 Children                 Only                             YOUR LUCKY STARS
   The College Connection sends the kids token holiday gifts and
                                                                         (May be borrowed for     (May be borrowed for
e-mail messages about Jewish holidays and Ohev happenings so                  3 weeks)                  1 week)                                             Sunday, September 13, 2009 1:00 PM
that they still feel a part of the Ohev community. Last year’s
favorites were Starbucks cards for the beginning of the year,                                                                                  Linda Morris will be our special guest from Soothsayers Psychic
dreidels and gelt for Hanukkah, trail mix for Tu Bishvat, lottery                                                                               Entertainment. She will tell you a little about astrology and will
                                                                                                                            Encyclopedia/       accept questions from our Hazak members. If you tell her your
tickets for Purim.
                                                                        Fiction * Non-Fiction *       Bible Stories *       Torah/Haftarah      date of birth, she will tell you some fun facts about yourself and
   TO REGISTER, simply log on to and follow the                  Biographies          Holidays * History *        Chanting            may even surprise you with some things you didn't know!
links for College Connection. Your student’s contact info is sent                                   Jews in America *     Hebrew Language *     We look forward to an afternoon of socializing and enjoying our
directly from the web form to us. Please remember to notify us                                    Israel * Movies/Music         Games                                       entertainment.
when your student has GRADUATED or is STUDYING                                                                                                          Please RSVP no later than September 1, 2009
ABROAD. Students who are abroad will continue to receive                                                                                             Cost: $10 includes refreshments and entertainment
e-mails but we do not send packages overseas.                                                                                                                            Coming Attraction
                                                                              Sundays                Wednesdays               Thursdays
                                                                                                                                                                 New York Trip - "Jersey Boys"
                                                                        9:00 AM - 11:30 AM         4:15 PM - 6:30 PM      9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR A VERY EASY TASK: Packing                                                                                                             Wednesday, December 23, 2009
up and shipping the gifts is so much easier when there are a few             >>> The Library is closed when school is not in session <<<
people working together. All it takes is an hour or so every few                                                                                           September 13th Event - $10 per person
months. We gather at one of our homes over coffee and dessert
and set up an assembly line and the job is done before we know                                                                                 Name(s) _______________________ Phone: _____________
it. Great ideas always emerge for our next gift. Please let us
know if you can help with this aspect of College Connection.                                                                                   Amount Enclosed $_______

  We are able to send gifts to our students BECAUSE OF YOUR                                                                                           Checks payable to:      Hazak of Ohev Shalom
GENEROSITY. Please think of the College Connection Fund                                                                                                                       944 Second Street Pike
when you want to celebrate a simcha or remember someone                                                                                                                       Richboro, PA 18954
special. This is our fourth year as chairs and we are so grateful for
your continued support.
                                                                                                                                                      For more information and for reservations call:
       Thanks from Liz and David Nover 215-491-4201                                                                                                Sheila Tanenbaum      Marsha Heller     Marlyn Harris
                                                                                                        (215)-742-4437       (215)-343-3181 (215) 281-7530
                                                                                                                                                       Make your reservations now – space is limited!

                                                                                                                                                       Jerry Gottesman, President     Dr. Len Cohen, Treasurer
                                                                                                                                                                  Sherwyn Tucker, President Emeritus

                                                                                                                                                        Sheila Tanenbaum     Marsha Heller      Marlyn Harris
                                                                                                                                                       (215) 742-4437       (215) 343-3181     (215) 281-7530

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                       Men’s Club                                                                                                      Men’s Club
                     Mike Markowitz                                                                                                  Mike Markowitz
                 THE MEN’S CLUB “SKINNY”                                                                                             Upcoming Events
    Where does the time go. This is the million dollar question. It                                                Men’s Club Breakfast – The FBI
was just the beginning of summer and now it is time for the High                                                   Boys Night Out – BRASA Brazilian Steak House
Holidays. Once we begin talking about the holidays, you suddenly
realize that summer is almost over and the kids are ready to go
                                                                                                                   Thursday Poker Night I
back to school and in the case of the Markowitz household, back
                                                                                                                   Tour at Lincoln Financial Field home of the Philadelphia
to their respective universities. Wow, it was just yesterday the
                                                                                                                   Eagles and Temple Owls
girls were in day care, now they live in real apartments and have
                                                                                                                   Monday Night Football - EAGLES vs Washington Redskins
real bills. The High Holiday’s are always bittersweet. We
remember both happy and sad times as we watch life unfold. As                                                    November
we approach this new year, we sit back and just smell the roses.                                                   Sunday Night Football - EAGLES vs Dallas Cowboys
We take time to reflect on memories. We take time to enjoy the                                                     Men’s Club Paid Up Membership Dinner – Tailgate Party II.
children and grandchildren. We take time to enhance the
community. We volunteer. We don’t sweat the small stuff, life is
                                                                                                                   Thursday Poker Night II – Hosted by Mark Podob
too short. We make new friends and it’ll keep you fresh and          
                                                                                                                   Sunday Night Football - EAGLES vs NY Giants
engaged. We reach out to old friends and Facebook is a great
                                                                                                                   Men’s Club Breakfast – Patrick Murphy
place to start. We reach out to someone new in the synagogue.
                                                                                                                   Shabbat Progressive dinner
We find a new person and sit with them and tell people how great
our Synagogue family is. We read the Last Lecture (this is a life                                                January
changing book) and lastly have a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW                                                             Dinner and Speaker
    As we approach the New Year, once again, you may ask what
                                                                                                                   Tuesday Poker Night III
does the Men’s Club do. Sometimes this is a difficult answer to
                                                                                                                   Men’s Club Breakfast – Dom Giordano
fully articulate. The easy answer is that we offer great
                                                                                                                   Yom HaShoah (candle) project
programming, great food, and great friendship. We are also there
when you need us for a Minyon or a Shiva. We’re always there. At                                                 March
an evening Minyon, look around and see how many Men’s Club                                                         Men’s Club Breakfast - Rabbi Jon Cutter
members are there, making sure we can do Kaddish. When the                                                         Friday Night Shabbat - Men’s Club Shabbat
Synagogue needs us, we’re always there for Synaplex, Shabbat
Services, ushering, and various synagogue committees. Looking
                                                                                                                   Tuesday Poker Night IV
for a good place to hang out or if you have a strong feeling to give
                                                                                                                   Dinner and Speaker
back to the synagogue community, come look us up. We’re
always looking for a few good men.                                                                               May
    The Board of Directors of the Men’s Club and The Markowitz                                                     Closing dinner and a baseball game and our 2009 World
Family would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous,                                                   Champs
and Sweet New Year.
                                                                                                               Watch for the exact dates
    After many years of offering the finest breakfasts in all of Bucks
County, we are going to blaze new trails by offering the finest                                                   I am always available via phone, email, AIM and Yahoo.
dinners in Bucks County. Check out the new calendar. We have                                                   Email address is; Yahoo is
four dinner meetings this year. We will have gourmet foods                                                     Markowitzmike and AIM is dadmarkowitz. I look forward to talking
shipped in from all over the world.                                                                            or chatting with all of you… Help strengthen our Men’s Club

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                                                                                                                Shop n Bag
                                                                                                                 Murray Battleman, Owner
                                                                                                                and member of Ohev Shalom

                                                                                                                  A full service Supermarket
                                                                                                             giving great value to our community

                                                                                                                   Use Shop N Bag scrip
                                                                                                                  and benefit Ohev Shalom
                   ♦ .Take advantage of my 26 years experience.
                  ♦ I am a member of the Centurion Honor Society
              ♦ Specializing in Residential Resale & New Construction                          1025 N. Second Street Pike
           ♦ Proudly Serving Bucks, Philadelphia & Montgomery Counties                         Richboro, PA 18954               (215) 355-5300
            ♦ From Your First Home to Your Dream Home, I Can Help!

                   (SRES) Seniors Real Estate Specialist
                  (ABR) Accredited Buyer Representative
                   (CRS) Certified Residential Specialist

     OFFICE: 215-968-6703                            CELL: 267-474-7030

     IRIS is a proud and active member of Ohev Shalom since 1978.

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                          Sisterhood                                                                                                  Sisterhood
                Linda Crowell - Fran Silverman                                                                                      Linda Crowell
         GREETINGS FROM MEMBERSHIP                                                                                      FROM YOUR SISTERHOOD
                                                                                                                         STEERING COMMITTEE
Dear Sisterhood Members,
   As summer comes to a close, we return to our busy lives with                                             Has your summer been busy? Have you been running around
our families and begin to plan for the holidays later this month. It                                      having fun with family and friends? Are you out shopping now for
is also time for us to look ahead to another fun and exciting year                                        back to school? Our Sisterhood Steering Committee has also
as a Sisterhood member. Your steering committee has been                                                  been quite busy. We are adding members and volunteers and
working hard and all of us are very eager to share a wonderful                                            hoping to add YOU as well!!
new year with you. It will be a year chock full of a variety of
activities and events which will appeal to the wide spectrum of                                              This year we already have a busy calendar for the fall. Look for
interests of our members. Our Mah Jongg league is now in full               FOR YOUR PERSONALIZED         knitting/crocheting projects for the needy, book clubs, family bingo,
swing. On October 13, Robin Forney will be teaching us the fine               PRINTING NEEDS SEE          Mah Jongg leagues and tournaments, craft nights, and the fashion
points of effective and fun use of all kinds of tools. Of course, our                                     show just to name a few.
Fashion Show on October 19 at Spring Mill Manor is a night you
will not want to miss. Please watch for details in The Dove Tale, in
                                                                          MIMI POLLACK
                                                                                                             As you can see we have been very active and there is so much
Sisterhood e-mails, and the mail.                                         FOR INVITATIONS, STATIONERY,    more to come. We are thrilled that many women have stepped up
   Our Paid-Up Membership Dinner this year will be Thursday,              ACCESSORIES, HOLIDAY CARDS,     to volunteer and help with all the different committees planning for
November 5. Look for your invitation in the mail and details in             KIPOT, ANNOUNCEMENTS          each event. Thank you ladies!!
next month’s Dove Tale. We all had so much fun last year,
remember?                                                                                                   Ohev Shalom Sisterhood is for all the women of our synagogue.
   Here’s a great idea: have your daughter and/or daughter-in-law                                         Come join us and see what we have to offer!!
join Sisterhood, too. How about giving them a gift of joining and
spending a lovely evening at the Paid Up Membership Dinner                                                          ******************************************
together? For those of you who have already joined, we say                                                  Committees are now forming for our Winter Activities.
“todah rabbah!” If you have not yet sent in your dues, please send
them to Linda Crowell, 17017 Bennett Place, Holland, PA 18966                                               Helping at the Simcha Boutique, Family Bingo, Book Reviews
as soon as possible ($40: $35 if you are 65+). Did you know that                                          and Book Clubs, Shabbat Hanukah Dinner, and Shelach Manot.
a great way to recognize your children and grandchildren is
                                                                            BY APPOINTMENT, PLEASE
through a jewel ad? Jewel ads are $5 per name. Please send                                                   If you are interested in being a part of one of these committees
your jewel ad checks to Linda, also.                                                                      please email or call
   We look forward to seeing you at the many exciting events                                              Linda Crowell at 215-450-2405
                                                                        WE CAN CREATE THE MOOD FOR YOUR
planned for this year and cannot wait to catch up with everyone at
the Paid-Up Membership Dinner on November 5!                                  SPECIAL OCCASION

    —————> Membership Application Form <—————

                                                                                                                              MAH JONGG CARDS
                 Wednesday, September 16
                                                                                                                 We will be collecting money for Mah Jongg cards in
    Grand opening w/ 20% discount on selected merchandise.
                                                                                                                          November. Information to follow.
                                                                                                                   Please order your cards through Sisterhood!
                     Sunday, October 25
   Come for bagels/schemer and begin your holiday shopping.

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                      Sisterhood                                                                      Sisterhood
                      Iris Segal                                                                      Iris Segal
                L’SHANA TOVA                                                                    L’SHANA TOVA
May this New Year be filled with the promise of                                     May this New Year be filled with the promise of
          peace, health & happiness                                                           peace, health & happiness
          Howard & Joanne Babbitt & Family                                                  Richard & Rochelle Noch & Family
               Michelle & Irwin Bernstein                                                   Stuart & Amy & Jonathan Perrone
           Albert, Rita & Jeff & Evan Brodsky                                               Ally, Adam, Hannah & Eli Pollack
                Bernice & Ira Berkowitz                                                           Mimi & Bernie Pollack
            Janet & Dan Blyweiss & Family                                                    Bonnie & Marv Rosner & Family
              Sandy & Bruce Blumenthal                                                         Iris & Morton Segal & Family
                Linda Crowell & Family                                                             Paula & Stan Segal
             Doline – Neill – Bloch Families                                                  Thea & Ira Semanolff & Family
                  Marvin & Soni Feld                                                     Linda & Mark Shapiro, Jordan & Jennifer
           Sybil, Sylvan & Russell Freedman                                                       Fran & Roy Silverman
           Holly & David Goldberg & Family                                                    Marcia & Stan Shore & Family
          Roberta, Gregory Gordon & Family                                                Nancy, Ray, Laura & Danny Swerdlow
                 Marlyn & Herb Harris                                                            Marsha & Warren Verbit
           Alice & Sammy Heller & Children                                                       Enid Waldman & Family
            Elisa, Craig, Lara & Julia Kandel                                               Pamela & Larry Weinstein & Girls
        Leslie, Roy, Sean, David & Michelle Katz                                                 Eileen & Phil Weinstein
                     Mildred Kline                                                           Karen & Ed Weinberg & Family
                     Lucy Klieman                                                                Marcia & Sid Weinberg
                                                     Member of Ohev Shalom
                  Saul & Rose LaKier                                                              Gail Weiner & Family
                   Irv & Elaine Levin                                                         Phyllis G. Weisberg & Family
          Erica, Ross, Myles & Danna Levine                                                        Libby & Dave Weiss
             Sylvia & David Linsk & Family                                                       Janet & Marc Weisberg

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                    Sisterhood                                                                                                           Sisterhood
                 Barbara Ponczek                                                                                                      Barbara Ponczek
             OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2009                                                                                                            October

                                                                                                                        1 Soni Feld              15 Deborah Grant
Sisterhood sends a birthday greeting card to each of our members                                                        2 Harriet Kozak          17 Marla Solarski
     during the year. To have your name included on cards to                                                            4 Leah Gomberg           19 Lisa Portnoy
  individual members, please circle the names of all the ladies to                                                      7 Helen Jahss            21 Paula Segal
            whom you wish to send a birthday greeting.                                                                  9 Beth Sadoff            22 Linda Waxman
 Send your list with your name and 75 cents per greeting (cash or                                                       11 Tanya Katz            24 Stephanie Arnold
          check payable to Ohev Shalom Sisterhood) to:                                                                  12 Shelly Jacobs         27 Eileen Silver
                         Barbara Ponczek,                                                                               12 Marsha Verbit         30 Marsha Heller
                            P O Box 122,                                                                                13 Marta Wexler          31 Frannie Gordon
                      Fairless Hills, PA 19030.                                                                         15 Susan Gittlen         31 Arlene Rosenbaum
                                                                      MITCHELL B. GERSON, ESQUIRE
 **Beginning in September as a special value, if you wish to         Legal services to the business community
place your name on every Sisterhood card from September,
2009, through August, 2010, consider a one-time donation of               Contracts. Counseling. Planning.                                 November
                   $118 to cover the year.                             Transactions. Franchising. Trademarks.
          This opportunity might be perfect for you.                        Corporations. Partnerships.                 1 Denise Kolber          20 Dana Podob
          One Form - One Check - You Are Done!**                                 Business entities.                     4 Mildred Kline          23 Lynda Doline Bloch
                                                                                Employment matters.                     10 Gail Goldstein        24 Lynne Poritsky
                                                                          Business sales and acquisitions.              15 Karen Abrams          26 Randee Cahan
          Call Barbara Ponczek 215-396-0595 or email at                    Purchase and lease property.                 17 Syra Schutzbank       27 Barbara Kaplan with any questions or
                                                                                                                        19 Barbara Rosenzweig    28 Betty Strouss
         if your name does not appear on the birthday list.
                                                                                                                                                 30 Lisa Berkowitz
     If we receive your list after the cards have been mailed,
                   we will apply it as a donation.                   110 South State Street   Telephone: 215-504-9494
                                                                      Newtown, PA 18940       Facsimile: 215-504-9495
Your Name _____________________ E-mail ___________________                                                                                 December
      # of names circled _____ @75 cents each = $_________
       ______________ ALL NAMES @ $118 = $_________                                                                     2 Alice Heller           14 Arlene Frimark
                                                                                                                        3 Heidi Gordon           14 Thelma Monzo
                                                                                                                        4 Cindy Klayman          22 Shelley Barbash
                                                                                                                        6 Elaine Goldfarb        23 Ileene Jaffe
                                                                                                                        7 Ellen Cohen            26 Shelley Geltzer
                                                                                                                        8 Jennifer Segal         28 Elaine Snyder
                                                                                                                        10 Judy Kirshner         30 Phyllis Halpern
                                                                                                                        10 Nina Surden           30 Karen Weinberg
                                                                                                                        11 Sandy Blumenthal      31 Robin Dranoff
                                                                                                                        11 Mindy Goldstein       31 Bonnie Rosner
                                                                                                                        12 Myrna Dukat           31 Rochelle Mattleman-
                                                                                                                        14 Janet Blyweiss           Rubin

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                             Sisterhood                                                                                 Sisterhood
                           Joanne Babbitt                                                                             Joanne Babbitt
                 HONOR & MEMORY CARDS                                                      Freda & Herb Sollod
                                                                                           Mimi & Bernie Pollack
                                                                                                                       Fran & Roy Silverman’s new home
                                                                                                                       Fran & Roy Silverman’s new home
     Our volunteers will conveniently mail the cards for you.                              Linda & Mark Shapiro        Fran & Roy Silverman’s new home
 You may also buy cards and keep them for your use as needed.                              Syra & Norman Schutzbank    Fran & Roy Silverman’s new home
   Please include recipient’s full name and address and state                              Fran & Roy Silverman        The many donations made in honor of the
                                                                                                                       birth of our grandson, Avraham Yosef
                      “honor” or “memory.”
                                                                                                                       Shalom Silverman
     Please do not call or e-mail your requests for cards                                  Fran & Roy Silverman        The many donations made in honor of our new
                          on Shabbat.                                                                                  home
                                                                                           Syra & Norman Schutzbank    Norma Bogen’s return to good health
                                                                                           Syra & Norman Schutzbank    Freddy’s engagement

     $5.00 Cards (mentioned in         $1.50 Cards (not mentioned in                                From:                       In Memory Of:
            Dove Tale) :                        Dove Tale):                                Randee & Eric Shantzer      Jack Brodsky, father of Alice Heller
          Joanne Babbitt                        Lynda Kerr                                 Miriam Sperling             Mark Hytowitz, son of Harriet Hytowitz
      215-968-0107 ~ e-mail:                   215-757-2577                                Robin & Brian Kaleck        Mark Hytowitz, son of Harriet Hytowitz
                    77 Hemlock Drive                              Jacqui & Larry Sperling     Mark Hytowitz, son of Harriet Hytowitz
          65 Poplar Drive                    Holland, PA 18966                             Marta & Steve Wexler        Jack Brodsky, father of Alice Heller
        Richboro, PA 18954                                                                 Mimi & Bernie Pollack       Jack Brodsky, father of Alice Heller
                                                                                           Mimi & Bernie Pollack       Bernard Shikoff, father of Steven and
                                                                                                                       Mitchell Shikoff
    SISTERHOOD HONOR & MEMORY CARDS                                                        Joanne & Howard Babbitt     Fred Zemble, father of Helene Wilderman
                                                                                           Joanne & Howard Babbitt     Fred Zemble, father of Linda Freed
         From:                        In Honor Of:                                         Janet & Marc Weisberg       Fred Zemble, father of Helene Wilderman
Syra & Norman Schutzbank    Renee’s graduation from High School                            Janet & Marc Weisberg       Fred Zemble, father of Linda Freed
Roberta Gordon              Lynda Bloch’s and Ryan’s help with the                         Sisterhood                  Berthold Greenhut, father of Sonia Cane
                            Confirmation Class luncheon                                    Iris & Mort Segal           Robert Beck, beloved husband, father,
Roberta Gordon              Linda Crowell’s help with the Confirmation                                                 and grandfather
                            Class luncheon                         Syra & Norman Schutzbank    Marlene Miller, wife of Harris Miller
Mimi & Bernie Pollack       Brad Zatcoff’s graduation from Muhlenberg                      Sisterhood                  Linda Platt, mother of Amy Perrone
Mimi & Bernie Pollack       Alana Blumenthal’s graduation from                             Iris & Mort Segal           Linda Platt, mother of Amy Perrone
                            Sarah Lawrence                                                 Janet & Marc Weisberg       Linda Platt, mother of Amy Perrone
Mimi & Bernie Pollack       The birth of Matthew Bryan, grandson of                        Linda Crowell               Linda Platt, mother of Amy Perrone
                            Eileen and Phil Weinstein                                      Joanne & Howard Babbitt     Linda Platt, mother of Amy Perrone
Syra & Norman Schutzbank    Sandy Goldberg’s speedy recovery                               Linda & Mark Shapiro        Linda Platt, mother of Amy Perrone
Syra & Norman Schutzbank    Andrew Weisner’s Bar Mitzvah                                   Mimi & Bernie Pollack       Linda Platt, mother of Amy Perrone
Linda Crowell               the birth of Avraham Yosef Shalom,                             Sisterhood                  Rhoda Mulerov, mother of Beverly Caro
                            grandson of Fran & Roy Silverman                               Sisterhood                  Harry Van Elkan, father of Heidi Gordon
Janet & Marc Weisberg       The birth of Avraham Yosef Silverman                           Linda Crowell               Harry Van Elkan, father of Heidi Gordon
Freda & Herb Sollod         The birth of Avraham Yosef Silverman
Rocky & Rich Noch           The birth of Avraham Yosef Silverman
Mimi & Bernie Pollack       The birth of Avraham Yosef Silverman
Linda & Mark Shapiro        The birth of Avraham Yosef Silverman
Linda Crowell               The birth of Olive Sophia, granddaughter of
                            Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Greenblatt
Linda Crowell               The birth of Olive Sophia, daughter of
                            Darren Greenblatt & Sam Hunt

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                      Sisterhood                                                                                        Sisterhood
                   Lynda Doline Bloch                                                                                Lynda Doline Bloch
             SISTERHOOD CALENDAR                                                                              SISTERHOOD CALENDAR
                                             ACHIEVE                                                               On-Going Activities:
   1 Mah Jongg League starts 32 weeks
                                             Learning and Development Center                        Mah Jongg League – SCRIP – Honor & Memory Cards –
  16 Simcha Boutique Grand Reopening
                                                                                                                     Simcha Boutique
     Entertainment Books for sale
                                                          4 Derby Place
October                                                  Newtown, PA 18940
  13 Tool Night with Robin Forney                                                                     Learn to play Mah Jongg, knitting, crocheting, etc…
  19 Fashion Show                            Phyllis G. Weisberg, Ph.D.                                 New ideas…we would love to hear from YOU!
                                             Learning Consultant (LDT/C) (215) 968-7942                  Email:
November                                     School Psychologist         By Appointment
   2 Family Fun Night                        Strategy Trainer            Fax: (215) 504-9041
   5 Paid Up Membership Dinner
   8 Mah Jongg Tournament
  16 Learn to knit/crochet Charity Project
  17 Book Review with Rabbi
     Mah Jongg cards sold
                                                                                                            Women’s Division of Israeli Bonds
   3 Color Me Mine/Craft Night
                                                                                                                    Mimi Pollack
  11 Shabbat Hanukkah Dinner                                                                          An Amazing Trip to Israel With Israel Bonds.........
                                                                                                    Women's Division of Israel Bonds is planning a most exciting
January                                                                                        and compact delegation to Israel from Oct.17-23.
  19 Book Club with Denise Kolber                                                                 Some highlights include: dialogue with dynamic Israeli women
  31 Winter Sale Simcha Boutique                                                               in business, arts and politics; a tour of the Independence Hall
February                                                                                       where Israel was declared a State in 1948; high level briefings
     Dinner Raffles sold                                                                       by distinguished Israeli officials; explore the Kotel and other
  23 Shelach Manot – Assemble baskets                                                          cherished sites in Jerusalem; walk in the footsteps of biblical
  24 & 28 Shelach Manot Pick-Up                                                                women living in the Talmudic village of Katzrin. See firsthand
     (Preschool/Hebrew/Congregation)                                                           Israel Bonds at work creating a vibrant and modern Israel.
                                                                                                  Participate in the official opening event recognizing 500 years
March                                                                                          since Dona Gracia, a 16th century Renaissance woman of valor,
  16 Book Club with Denise Kolber                                                              international banker and business woman, played a MAJOR roll in
  28 Passover Wine Sale Pick-Up                                                                saving Jewish refugees from the Inquisitions of Spain and
April                                                                                          Portugal. Sounds amazing and it is!
  15 Ladies Bingo                                                                                 If you are interested please contact Debra Schwartz National
  25 Spring Sale Simcha Boutique/Nosh                                                          Women's Division Director at 866-966-7348 or
  29 Sushi Demo Program                                                                 
May                                                                                               The trip is only $1,400 (staying at top hotels) including a Bond
   7 Sisterhood Shabbat/Dinner                                                                 purchase of $2,500. Contact Lynne Cohen at the Bonds office
  11 Jewelry, Pocketbook & Scarf Swap                                                          with any questions or help with purchases at 215-545-8380.
June                                                                                                            Look at our site
   3 Donor & Closing Affair Dinner

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                       Sisterhood                                                                                                Sisterhood
                     Nadine Myerson                                                                                             Robin Forney
              The Colors of Fall

        Fashion        Show      and      Dinner                                                                            It’s Time for
                                                                                                                        a Tomboy Tools Party
                    Fashions         by

                 She’s So Fine                                                                                   LET’S GET HAMMERED
                 Berta Sawyer
                A.J.’s Fashions
                                                           178th House District                                       on Tuesday, October 13 at 7:30 PM!
                                                           State Representative
                 Monday, October 19, 2009
                    Spring Mill Manor                      Scott Petri                                      Do you enjoy working around the house or in the garden?
                                                                                                        Join Sisterhood as we have fun learning about, and trying out,
                  171 Jacksonville Road                                                                 ergonomically designed hand and power tools that are effective
                       Ivyland, PA                                                                      and comfortable for women. Founded in 2000, the mission of
                                                                                                        Tomboy Tools is to build confidence and empower women through
                                                                                                        hands-on education and quality tools. All tools are backed with a
Presented by Ohev Shalom Sisterhood                                                                     lifetime guarantee.
Boutique shopping & Raffle baskets  5:45 PM-7:15 PM
Dinner                              7:15 PM                                                                20% of all purchases at the party will be donated to
                                                                                                        Sisterhood. In addition, a percentage of revenue from select
                                                                                                        products is donated to The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.
General Ticket $46 per person                                                                              Please RSVP by October 6 to Robin Forney at 215-942-2074 or
Patron Ticket $54 per person
       (1 chance for patron door prize)                              Wishes the                If you cannot attend but would
                                                                                                        like to make a purchase, contact Robin to have an email link sent
Benefactor Ticket $72 per person
       (1 chance for benefactor door prize)
                                                            Ohev Shalom family                          to you so you can order on-line. Check out
                                                                                               for a preview of all our tools.
     Benefactors & Patrons will be listed in the program        the best in 5770
____________________________________________________            Paid for by Friends of Scott A. Petri
                                                              Post Office Box 161, Richboro, PA 18954
    Kindly RSVP by September 28, 2009 to: Nadine Myerson
343 Basswood Circle Upper Holland, PA 19053 215-355-7717
Name(s) ______________________________Phone_________
# Attending: __________Amount Enclosed: $______________
Choice of:
   ♦ Salmon Fillet with lemon dill sauce ___

  ♦ Penne Pasta Primavera in a tomato blush sauce ___

  ♦ Portobella mushroom stack with grilled vegetables &
    mozzarella cheese__

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                     Sisterhood                                              Sisterhood                             Sisterhood
                   Barbara Kaplan                                         Simcha Boutique                        Lynda Doline Bloch
            OHEV SHALOM Is Looking for YOU !                                                 We Went Shopping and Now It’s Your

                      Craft Connection
                                                                                                 Simcha Boutique
     Knit 1, Purl 2, see what Ohev Shalom has to offer you.                                    No need to go elsewhere !!
     Single Crochet, Double Crochet, CAN’T Crochet, we will                                         We can meet all of your gift giving needs from …
     teach you.                                                                             New Baby, Bridal Shower, Engagement, B’nai Mitzvah, Wedding,
     Sewing’s your style, stay for a while, we did not forget you.                           Birthday, Anniversary, New House, Hostess to Just Because!!!
                                                                                                               We’re Closed on Monday.
  We are the new multi-generational group forming at Ohev                                                   Tuesday from 10:45 AM – Noon
Shalom for all genders and generations. Please ask your friends                                             Wednesday 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
and family outside the Ohev Shalom community to attend.                                                 Thursday & Friday 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Do a Mitzvah for those less fortunate while you learn a new craft                                             Sunday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
OR share your knowledge of your craft and create new items.                                   However, if you need us, we are only a phone call away and
Knitting and crocheting will be taught. If you have sewing                                                  we will meet you at the boutique.
experience, we need you too . . .                                                                             Now is that service or what?
                                                                                                    Call the Ohev Shalom office at 215-322-9595
         Our next craft get-together will be held at:                                        Ask for Lynda Doline Bloch, Linda Crowell or Rachel Goldstein
     OHEV SHALOM, SOCIAL HALL, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8,                                                          We are always here to assist you!
                AT 9:15 AM TO 11:15 AM
This will be a great time for all and will give you 2 hours of time for
yourself! Watch for the October Dove Tale for projects and                                               MAZEL TOV…
If you are an experienced knitter or crocheter and wish to
                                                                                            your children are engaged to be married!
start your project before November, please contact Barbara                                   Did you know that the Simcha Boutique has a Bridal Registry?
Kaplan for updates.                                                                         We have been shopping all summer for beautiful shower gifts for
                                                                                                                    the Bride to be.
Can’t attend the meeting, don’t feel left out. If you are interested in                       We have a great selection of Judaica and non Judaica gifts
sharing your knowledge or being on our Craft Connection e-mail                                     designed by amazing artists created from pottery,
list, please phone or e-mail Barbara Kaplan and I will answer any                                               glass, metal and wood .
questions and add you to the list. Phone 215-698-9244 or                                      Shopping at the Simcha Boutique in Ohev Shalom is always                                                                                       convenient and easy for you.
                                                                                            We would love to have you call us for your special appointment.
Note – This craft group is sponsored by the multi-generational                              Yes, we have beautiful gift wrap to compliment all of your perfect
Ohev Shalom Sisterhood, but is open to ALL, including the men                                                           purchases.
and school-age boys and girls.                                                              We also have a fine company for you to select your kipot for your
Hope to see You, Barbara Kaplan, Ohev Shalom Sisterhood                                                              Wedding Day!
                                                                                                      To schedule your appointment, please call:
We are gladly accepting donations of unused yarn, knitting/                                                Lynda Doline Bloch 215-322-3059
crochet needles, or contributions for us to purchase yarn and                                              Rachel Goldstein      215-441-4910
                                                                                                           Linda Crowell         215-450-2405

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                            Sisterhood                                                                                  Sisterhood
                         Ilene Greenberg                                                                             Ilene Greenberg
                 MAH JONGG LEAGUE                                                                                     Second Session
                                                                                             The dates for Tuesdays are:      The dates for Fridays are:
                    2009 - 2010                                                              Dec. 29
                                                                                             Jan 5, 12, 19, 26                Jan. 29
                                                                                             Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23                Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26
     Take your pick Tuesdays or Fridays or perhaps BOTH!                                     Mar. 2, 9, 16, 23                Mar. 5, 12, 19, 26
                                                                                             Apr. 13, 20, 27 (early/luncheon)
                                                                                                                              Apr. 9, 16, 23, 30
  Please arrive in the Social Hall on Tuesday afternoons at 12:15                                                             May 7, 14, 21 (early/luncheon)
PM. At 12:30 PM, 10 games will be played in a round robin style.
We play 13 tiles and will play with bettors if needed.                                           On the luncheon dates we will play at 10 AM with lunch to
                                                                                             follow. Please reserve these dates so that we can all enjoy the
                                                                                             luncheon together. In the event of inclement weather which
   Please arrive in Founder’s Hall at 10:15 AM on Friday                                     requires a cancellation, we will add a day and move the last
mornings. At 10:30 AM, 10 games will be played in a round robin                              luncheon date accordingly.
style. We play 13 tiles and will play with bettors if needed.

                                                                                                To sign up or any questions for TUESDAY call Lynda Doline
   We play two sessions each for sixteen weeks and each session                              Bloch 215-322-3059 or email: thefaceplace1@comcast,net
is $48.00. There will be prize money awarded for High Series,                                To sign up or any questions for FRIDAY call Ilene Greenberg
High Game and 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for each session. All other                               215-860-9980 or email:
placements will also receive prize money.

                                                                                             Name:                            Phone Number:
  Please feel free to sign up even if you are unable to make a                               Address:
particular date. Either email or call ahead if you are unable to play                        I will be playing on Tuesday____ Wednesday____
and we will try to find a substitute for you. You can also circle in                         Tuesday & Wednesday____
advance those dates below for which you are unavailable.                                                     $48.00    $48.00     $48.00 & $48.00 = $96.00

                                                                                             Please enclose a check payable to:
                         First Session                                                                          Ohev Shalom Sisterhood
The dates for Tuesdays are:     The dates for Fridays are:                                                       944 Second Street Pike
Sept. 8, 15, 22, 29             Sept 11, 25,                            WWW.SRDAYCAMPS.COM                         Richboro, Pa 18954
Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27              Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Nov. 3, 10, 17, 24              Nov. 6, 13, 20,
Dec. 1, 8, 15, 22              Dec. 4, 11, 18,
                                Jan. 8, 15, 22

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                          From The Rabbi’s Desk                                         Director Of Congregational Learning                                       Director Of Congregational Learning
                           Rabbi Eliott Perlstein                                               Rabbi Daniel Aronson                                                      Rabbi Daniel Aronson
(Continued from page 2)                                                  (Continued from page 2)                                                  peers throughout the region and nation.
   Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel writes that you never know
when prayer will be truly meaningful and spiritually uplifting.             On the school front, the religious school committee and I have           As the new year begins at Ohev Shalom, I hope you will accept
Sometimes it is just rote and routine. For that reason Heschel           worked over the summer to institute some changes that we hope            the invitation to become partners in creation. Much has been
teaches that we should make prayer regular because only then             will make it easier and more rewarding for you to become partners        planned, but there is still more work to be done. Creating a host of
can we have those great moments of feeling connected to a                in our children’s Jewish education. First, Religious School will now     learning opportunities that we can all be proud of is an ongoing
Power greater than ourselves. The point is we may have to find           begin at 4:30 PM, rather than 4:15 PM and will end at 6:45 PM,           process. It’s now your turn to get involved.
ourselves in the synagogue often to experience the joy she felt          rather than 6:40 PM (The hours for Hebrew High School will still
that evening. That sounds fine to me.                                    be 7:00 to 9:15 PM) This change is intended to accommodate               Bivracha/With blessings
                                                                         those children whose schools let out around 4:00 PM and who
   I hope this will be a joyous year for you within our synagogue        need the extra 15 minutes to make it to Ohev on time for school.
and outside of our synagogue. The Chasidic master Reb                    Additionally, the extra time afforded to the faculty will enable them
Nachman of Bratzlav taught that it is a great Mitzvah to be joyful       to be available for meetings with students and parents before
always. I think this is a stretch for us. Life has too many challenges   school begins.
yet there is much joy to be had in this world and I hope you will
have it.                                                                     Other changes involve our “service requirement,” formerly                                      Director of Early Education
                                                                         known as the “Shabbat service requirement.” Our revised “service
   Our next Rock Shabbat will be the first Friday of November, the       requirement” for students in Aleph through Hei allows                                                 Lori-An Penchansky
sixth. It is part of our Synaplex/Scholar Shabbat. My brother in law,    students to receive “credit” for attending weekday and holiday           (Continued from page 3)
Rabbi Sid Schwarz, the author of two important books and listed          services as well as Shabbat services. It also now ensures that by            As the new year, both Jewish and academic, rolls in, I welcome
by Newsweek as one of the fifty most influential Rabbis in the           the time of their B’nai Mitzvah, all of our students will have become    all of the new and returning families to the Ohev Shalom Early
country will be our guest scholar. After Rock Shabbat and after our      intimately familiar with the Saturday morning service at Ohev.           Education Center.
Shabbat dinner Rabbi Schwarz will speak on “The Jewish Passion           Finally, in response to parents’ requests and in recognition that
to Repair the World” which is the title of one of his books. On          there is much to learn from being exposed to the styles of worship           Schedule
Shabbat morning, throughout the service he will engage us in what        at other synagogues, the service requirement now includes an             •   Wednesday September 2  Open Orientation 9 AM-12 Noon
he calls “Davening Outside of the Box.” It would be great to spend       allowance for a number of services attended at synagogues other          •   Thursday  September 3  First Day – Regular Schedule
this whole Synaplex/Scholar Shabbat together and if not all, some        than Ohev Shalom. This revision to the service requirement as                                       Infants and Kindergarten
parts. I think there is potential for real moments of joy.               well as to the hours of religious school will make it easier and, we                                All other classes special schedule
                                                                         hope, more rewarding to become partners in creating a positive                                      9 AM-12 Noon only
  Janie and I wish you and your family a sweet year of health            educational experience for our children.                                 •   Friday    September 4 School Closed – Labor Day
and well being and as much joy as you can possibly fit into the                                                                                                              Weekend
year.                                                                       Lastly, on the heels of a very successful year for our Youth          •   Monday    September 7 School Closed – Labor Day
                                                                         Department, the Youth Commission and USY leadership have                                            Weekend
   Shanah Tovah U’metukah! A Good and Sweet New Year!                    scheduled a number of activities and are working on many more            •   Tuesday   September 8 School resumes –
                                                                         that will be fun and socially engaging for our children from third                                  normal schedule
                                                                         grade through high school. The year includes Tubing Down the             •   Friday    September 18 School Closes at noon for
                                                                         Delaware and overnights at Ohev and at Philadelphia Sports Club                                     Rosh Hashanah
                                                                         at High Point. Ohev is also partnering with other Conservative           •   Monday    September 28 School Closed – Yom Kippur
                                                                         synagogues in Bucks to offer other programs that will be well            •   Wednesday September 30 Wonderful Wednesday and
                                                                         attended and cost-effective such as the Friday Night Lights                                         Hot Lunch (nuggets)
                                                                         program that we began at Ohev last year, lounge nights, social           •   Thursday  October 1    Back To School Night 7:00 PM
                                                                         action projects, field trips and more. As we complete our search         •   Tuesday   October 6    Ice Cream Social in the Sukkah
                                                                         for youth advisors and involve the children and teens in additional                                 5:30 PM
                                                                         planning for the year, we hope that you and your children will
                                                                         become partners in creating experiences that will bring our
                                                                         children closer together, closer to their Judaism, and closer to their

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          We Honor Our Generous Contributors                                  We Honor Our Generous Contributors                               We Honor Our Generous Contributors
                    Carol Blakesley                                                    Carol Blakesley                                                  Carol Blakesley
         Adath Tikvah-Montefiore Chapel Fund                        In Memory of                                                                     Financial Aid Fund
In Honor of                                                         Maureen Newman, beloved mother of Kevin Gottlieb by             In Memory of
High Holy Day Season by Ana Andrusier                                  Joyce, Allen, Jessica, Heather and David Laiter              Linda Platt, beloved mother of Amy Perrone by
In Memory of                                                        Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by                 Sam & Gail Goldstein
The yahrtzeit of Golda Snyder by Louis Snyder                          Joyce, Allen, Jessica, Heather and David Laiter
The yahrtzeit of my father, Isadore Snyder by Louis Snyder             Liz and David Nover                                               Gary Doline High Holy Day Prayer Book Fund
The yahrtzeit of my mother Rebecca Lubin by Solomon E. Lubin        Edward Jaffe, beloved father of Allan Jaffe by                  In Memory of
The yahrtzeit of my sister Doris Cohen by Edith Lubin                  Lou and Gwen Forman                                          Sarah Bornstein by Gwen and Lou Forman
Yahrtzeit of my sister Sue Hersh by Louis Snyder
Guy Buchsbaum by Alice and Sammy Heller                                                 Cook For A Friend                                                     Hazak Fund
Billy Bellman, beloved brother of Sam Bellman by Alice and          In Honor of                                                     In Memory of
Sammy Heller                                                        The birth of Fran and Roy Silverman’s grandson, Avraham Yosef   Sonia Cane’s beloved father by Alan and Bonnie Golombek
Beloved father of Carol Heller by Alice and Sammy Heller            Shalom by Fern and Drew Shulman                                 Linda Platt, beloved mother or Amy Perrone by
Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by                  The birth of Fran and Roy Silverman’s grandson, Avraham Yosef      Jerry & Zelda Gottesman
   Jeff Camson                                                      Shalom and Mazel Tov on your new house by The Kahol Bus         Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by
   Dave Gellman                                                     In Memory of                                                       Jerry and Zelda Gottesman
   Marsha and Chester Heller                                        Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by
   Marci and Stan Shore                                                Len and Shelley Rubin
                                                                    Maureen Newman, beloved mother of Kevin Gottlieb by
                                                                                                                                    Idella Pollack Fund for Jewish Youth Summer Camps
                                                                                                                                    In Memory of
         American Red Magen David for Israel                           Len and Shelley Rubin
                                                                                                                                    Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by
In Honor of                                                         Abraham Blady, beloved husband, father and grandfather of
                                                                                                                                       Carol and Harvey Edelman
Iris Ben Yishay’s speedy recovery by Fern and Drew Shulman          Rosalie Blady and family by Lou Goldberg
                                                                    Yahrtzeit of Fred Kaiser and Harry Kaplan by Jerry & Barbara
                                                                    Kaplan                                                                                 Jerusalem Fund
          Amy Rockower Memorial Art Center                                                                                          In Memory of
In Memory of                                                                                                                        Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by
Michael Levin by Jeff and Mindy Rockower                                                  Education Fund
                                                                                                                                       Irwin and Elaine Levin
Bea Reshes, sister-in-law of Bernyce Cohen by                       In Honor of
   Sharon and Gary Delson                                           The baby naming of my niece Lilah Albuck by Rick Albuck
                                                                    In Memory of                                                                        Jewish National Fund
                                                                    Maureen Newman, beloved mother of Kevin Gottlieb by             In Memory of
               Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                                                                                          Daniel Slutsky by Larry, Lori, Josh, Adriane, Daniel and
In Honor of                                                            Andrea and Alan Kornblum
                                                                                                                                    Rachel Peck
Sarah starting Franklin and Marshall College as a sophomore due                                                                     Mildred Zinberg by Paula and Joel Kalman
to earning her IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma at George                      Essence of Life - JNF
                                                                                                                                    Galina Bogatin’s mother Zinaida by
School by Jeffrey and Gale Pollock                                  In Honor of
                                                                                                                                       Dr. Jeffrey Weisman and Elise
Cantor Frimark for leading minyan during Shiva for my brother by    Jonathan Gordon’s confirmation by The Shulman Family
                                                                                                                                       Sheila and Mort Tanenbaum
   Dana and Mark Podob                                              In Memory of
                                                                                                                                    Carol Heller’s father by Marsha and Chet Heller
In Memory of                                                        Maureen Newman, beloved mother of Kevin Gottlieb by
                                                                                                                                    Marvin Weber by Harriet and Steve Rellis
Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by Mandi, Gary,        Juli, Fred, Jesse and Aly Goldberg
                                                                                                                                    Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by
Samuel and Abigail Freedman                                            The Solis Family
                                                                                                                                       Albert and Sara Torjman
                                                                    Rhoda Mulerov, beloved mother of Bev Caro and Family by
                                                                                                                                       Edie and Alan Robinson and Family
                 College Connection Fund                               Caren and Nat Bosk and Family
                                                                                                                                       Sheila and Mort Tanenbaum
In Honor of                                                            Robin and Andy Solis
Melanie and Eric’s Auf Ruf on August 1, 2009 by                     Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by
   Albert and Rita Brodsky                                             Robin and Andy Solis
                                                                       Tanya and Allan Katz
                                                                       Juli, Fred, Jesse and Aly Goldberg

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           We Honor Our Generous Contributors                              We Honor Our Generous Contributors                             We Honor Our Generous Contributors
                    Carol Blakesley                                                 Carol Blakesley                                                Carol Blakesley
               Kesher Campaign Fund                                           Ohev Shalom Mitzvah Fund                                          Social Action Fund
In Honor of                                                      In Memory of                                                  In Honor of
Melanie and Eric’s wedding by Laurie and Marc Segal              Maureen Newman, beloved mother of Kevin Gottlieb by Robin,    David Zeitzer for leading minyan during Shiva for my brother by
In Memory of                                                     Marc, Ben, Joey and Emi Levine                                   Dana and Mark Podob
William Bellman, beloved brother of Sam and Phyllis Bellman by   Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by            Carl Goldstein for his kindness and support during a very difficult
   Terri and Hal Barrow                                                Robin, Marc, Ben, Joey and Emi Levine                   time by Dana and Mark Podob
Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by Bonnie and          Roberta and Gregory Gordon, Steven, Heather, and        The engagement of Rachel Teller by Arlene and Warren Roman
Jack Rothstein                                                         Jonathan
                                                                 Frank Boschwitz, beloved father of Abby Feigen by                                      Yahrtzeit Fund
   Kopper/Pollack Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund                          Roberta and Gregory Gordon                              In Memory of
In Memory of                                                           Ken and Elissa Goldberg                                 Yahrtzeit of Leon Spigler by Paula Spigler
Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by                                                                             Yahrtzeit of Salamon Rosner by Bonnie and Marv Rosner and
   Gwen and Lou Forman                                                            Ohev Shalom Torah Fund                       Family
                                                                 In Honor of                                                   Yahrtzeit of Charlotte Feder by Joel and Harriet Feder
          Max Adelsberg Torah Readers’ Fund                      The birth of Avraham Yosef Shalom, grandson of Fran and       Yahrtzeit of Sadie Goldstein by Loretta & Irv Geller
In Memory of                                                     Roy Silverman by Arlene and Paul Frimark                      Yahrtzeit of Nathan Sax by Nana Rubin.
Maureen Newman, beloved mother of Kevin Gottlieb by              In Memory of                                                  Yahrtzeit of Hilda Hans by Sharon and Henry Wiener
   Gail and Sam Goldstein                                        Berthold Greenhut, beloved father of Sonia Cane by            Yahrtzeit of my father, Vince O’Donnell by Denise Kolber
Edward Jaffe beloved father of Allan Jaffe by                       Evelyn and Jay Lipschultz                                  Yahrtzeit of Dora Ritter, beloved mother by Ruth Brauer
   Gail and Sam Goldstein                                        Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by
               Mark Goldberg Memorial Fund                          Judy and Barry Klein                                                       Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
In Honor of                                                                                                                    In Honor of
Our thanks for the cards sent for the birth of our grandson,                          Oneg Co-Sponsor                          Rabbi Perlstein for his support and comfort on my brother’s
Matthew Bryan Weinstein by Eileen and Phil Weinstein             In Honor of                                                   passing by Dana and Mark Podob
                                                                 The naming of our daughter Lilah Albuck by                    Rabbi Sheryl Lewert’s new book “Change Happens” by
                                                                    Craig and Stephanie Albuck                                    Stephanie and Len Arnold
                                                                                                                               The engagement of Rachel Teller to Evan Grossman by
In Memory of
                                                                                       Pre-School Fund                            Caren and Nat Bosk
Amy Kahan, beloved sister and aunt of Rachel, Brian and
                                                                 In Memory of                                                  The birth of Nancy Ladin’s first grandchild, Madison Rene by
Samantha Saks by Elizabeth Haas
                                                                 Amy Kahan, beloved sister and sister-in-law of Brian and         Stephanie and Len Arnold
                                                                 Rachel Saks by Lori-An and Marc Penchansky                    The birth of Steve and Bev Levin’s grandson, Samuel Ethan by
               Miriam Perlstein Memorial Fund                                                                                     Mildred Kline
In Memory of                                                                                                                   Our parents, Trudi and Gene Verbit’s Torah honor by
Yahrtzeit of Sophie Berstein, beloved grandmother of Rabbi and          Rothman Family Education Building Fund                    Marsha and Warren Verbit
Janie Perlstein                                                  In Honor of
                                                                                                                               A speedy recovery for Irv Levin by Allan and Tanya Katz
                                                                 Alisa Brown’s Masters Plus 60 Degree in Education by
                                                                                                                               In Memory of
                Ohev Shalom General Fund                         Andrea and Ted Rothman
                                                                                                                               Amy Kahan, beloved sister-in-law of Rachel Saks by Bruce and
In Memory of                                                     Neil Silver for a speedy recovery by Andrea and Ted Rothman
                                                                                                                               Randi Pashko and family
Rhoda Mulerov, beloved mother of Bev Caro by                     In Memory of
                                                                                                                               Susan Schultz by The Grass Family
   Roberta and Gregory Gordon                                    William Allen Garber, beloved father and husband of
                                                                                                                               Eugene Kremsky, beloved grandfather and great-grandfather of
Frank Boschwitz, beloved father of Abby Feigen by                Mandy Dorfman and Rita Garber by Andrea and Ted Rothman
                                                                                                                               Ken Kremsky and family by Bruce and Randi Pashko and family
   Dr. Mel A. Burchman                                           Stanley Sidney Balasco, beloved father of Sharon Balasco by
                                                                                                                               William Bellman, beloved brother of Samuel Bellman and uncle of
Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by Jonathan &       Andrea and Ted Rothman
                                                                                                                               Joshua and Gabrielle by Ron and Janet Zaritsky
Joanne Adar and Family                                           Jerome M. Shusman, beloved husband and father of
                                                                                                                               Larry Levy, beloved brother of Ray Levy and family by
Edward Jaffe, beloved father of Allan Jaffe by                   Elaine Shusman and family by Andrea and Ted Rothman and
                                                                                                                                  Stephanie and Len Arnold
   Cantor Paul and Arlene Frimark                                Family

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               We Honor Our Generous Contributors                                                Condolences                                                Ohev Shalom Funds
                        Carol Blakesley                                                          Fred Poritsky                                                  Donations
Larry E. Levy, beloved brother of Ray Levy by Brenda Weiser         Frank Boschwitz, father of Abby (Daniel) Feigen and grandfather
Maureen Newman, beloved mother of Kevin Gottlieb by                 of Rebecca and Aaron                                                  Donations can be made online at the synagogue website at:
  Judy and Doug Dotzman                                                                                                                      
                                                                    Sidney Brooks, brother of Leonard (Gloria) Brooks and uncle of
  Heidi, Jeff, Ariel and Avi Gordon
                                                                    Eric (Gayle) Brooks and great-uncle of Carly and Tracy               Adath Tikvah - Montefiore Chapel Fund
  Bruce and Randi Pashko and family
Marilyn Kaplan by Mildred Kline                                     Harry Van Elkan, father of Heidi (Jeff) Gordon and grandfather of    Adopt an Israeli Family Fund
Rhoda Mulerov, beloved mother of Bev Caro by Bruce and              Ariel and Avi                                                        American Red Magen David for Israel
Randi Pashko and family                                                                                                                  Amy Rockower Memorial Art Center
                                                                    Lillian Goldstein, mother of Richard (Mindy) Goldstein,              Bennett Zion Feld Memorial Library
Harry Van Elkan, beloved father of Heidi Gordon by
                                                                    grandmother of Randy, Carly, Julie, Tracie, Corey, Marnie, Jesse,    Brown - Freedman Prayer Book Fund
  Bev and Joel Epstein
                                                                    Cody, Max, Ari, Sammy and great-grandmother of Nico                  Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
  Nadine, Jay, Dru and Max Milgrom
  Marci and Steve Laderman                                          Edward Jaffe, father of Allan (Jacki) Jaffe, grandfather of Brett,   Chumash Fund
  Bruce and Randi Pashko and family                                 Derek and Trevor                                                     College Connection Fund
                                                                                                                                         Cook for a Friend Fund
               Message From Our Executive Director                  Marilyn Kaplan, mother of Jerry (Barbara) Kaplan                     Education Fund
                        Fred Z. Poritsky                            Eugene Kremsky, grandfather of Ken (Natalie) Kremsky and             Etz Chayim -Tree of Life
                                                                    great-grandfather of Emmaline, Grant, Reed and Peyton                Essence of Life - JNF
(Continued from page 3)
                                                                                                                                         Financial Aid Fund
    L’Shana Tova to you and your family. We are here to help make   Rhoda Mulerov, mother of Beverly (Peter) Caro and grandmother        Fisher Family Education & Scholarship Fund
you experience at Ohev Shalom as wonderful as possible.             of Bradley and Robert                                                Gary Doline High Holy Day Prayer Book Fund
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. And                                                                            Hazak of Ohev Shalom Fund
remember, “The Ohev Shalom Difference is YOU.”                      Maureen (Gottlieb) Newman, mother of Kevin (Vicki) Gottlieb and
                                                                    grandmother of Rachel, Leonard and Samantha                          Idella Pollack Fund for Jewish Youth Summer Camps
                                                                                                                                         Jerusalem Fund
   We are looking for volunteers in many areas to help Ohev grow    Linda Platt, mother of Amy (Stu) Perrone and grandmother of          Jewish National Fund ($10 each tree)
and deliver all of the services that make our synagogue valued in   Jonathan                                                             Kesher Campaign
the Bucks County Jewish Community. Please contact me at                                                                                  Kopper/Pollack Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund or 215-322-9595, extension 55 for more                                                                                Mark Goldberg Memorial Day School Scholarship Fund
information about where we could use your help and expertise. I                                                                          Max Adelsberg Torah Readers’ Fund
look forward to speaking with you.                                                        Message From Our President                     Mazon
                              B’Shalom,                                                       Arlene Rosenbaum                           Miriam Perlstein Memorial Fund
                                  Fred                                                                                                   Ohev Shalom General Fund
                                                                    (Continued from page 3)
                                                                    Join a committee and become part of the future leadership of our     Ohev Shalom Mitzvah Fund
                                                                    congregation. Give us your suggestions as to what you would like     Ohev Shalom Torah Fund
                                                                    to see as a program or activity. Our Ohev Shalom community is        Oneg or Kiddush Co-Sponsor
                                                                    here for you.                                                        Pre-School Fund
                                                                                                                                         Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
                          Roosevelt Memorial Park                      It is with much excitement that I look forward to spending the    Rothman Family Education Building Fund
                                                                                                                                         Sisterhood Kesher Pledge Fund
                                Ileene Jaffe                        High Holy Days together as a synagogue family. I hope to be able
                                                                    to greet each of you personally over the High Holidays and           Social Action Fund
   Roosevelt Memorial Park and Ohev Shalom, have a special                                                                               Yahrtzeit Fund
arrangement where our members can receive a discount on             throughout the year.
                                                                                                                                         Youth Group Fund
pre-need purchases of space.
   The purchaser receives a discount of up to 10%, which is then      From myself and the Rosenbaum Family, I wish you all a
given to Ohev as a charitable contribution by the family.           healthy, happy, sweet and peaceful 5770.
   To find out more about this program, please contact Ileene
Jaffe , a member of Ohev, and our representative at Roosevelt, at                                  B’Shalom,
215-673-7500 or                                                              Arlene

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                                 The Board of Directors and Senior Staff
                     OHEV SHALOM of                            Building
                     BUCKS COUNTY                              • Al Torjman
                     944 Second Street Pike                    Corresponding Secretary
                     Richboro, PA 18954                        • Available
                     Phone: 215-322-9595
                     Fax: 215-322-8253                         Directors-at-Large
                     Homepage                  • Sam Goldstein
                             • Neil Hoffman
                                   • Edie Robinson
                                                               • Available
                                         Member of
                                     United Synagogue
                                                               Dove Tale
                                      of Conservative          • Available
                                                               • Available
                     Rabbi                                     Finance
                     • Dr. Eliott N. Perlstein                 • Albert Brodsky
                     Director of Congregational                Fund Raising
                     Learning                                  • Available
                     • Rabbi Daniel Aronson
                                                               • Jerry Gottesman
                     • Paul Frimark
                     President                                 Membership
                                                               • Robin Levine
                     • Arlene Rosenbaum
                     Executive Director                        Men’s Club
                     • Fred Z. Poritsky                        • Mike Markowitz
                     Director of Early Education               Pre-School
                     • Lori-An Penchansky                      • Rachel Saks
                     VP, Community                             Programs
                     • Dana Podob                              • David Guba
                     VP, Education                             PTO
                     • Jonathan Adar                           • Available
                     VP, Fundraising                           Publicity
                     • Hal Barrow                              • Janet Zaritsky
                     Legal Counsel                             Ritual
                     • Michael Schwartz                        • Esther Fine
                     Recording Secretary                       Sisterhood
                     • Len Rubin                               • Lynda Bloch
                     Treasurer                                 • Linda Crowell
                     • Ari Sadoff                              Social Action
                     Immediate Past President                  • Michael Wexler
                     • Natalie H. Brooks
                     Adult Education
                                                               • Barry Dratch
                     • Available

                                                  The Dove Tale Staff
                     Editor             Rich Noch              Religious School   Rabbi Daniel Aronson
                     Adult Education    Rabbi Daniel Aronson   Hazak              Marlyn Harris
                     B’nai Mitzvah      Paula Segal            Library            Soni Feld
                     College Connection Liz Nover              Men’s Club         Mike Markowitz
                     Contributions      Carol Blakesley        Sisterhood         Beth Gittlen
                     Early Education    Lori-An Penchansky     Youth              Rabbi Daniel Aronson

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