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									Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 

                                        The Potomac Valley News
                                                       March - April 2010

                                                 A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT

Message from           1                         Hi Everyone,
the President
                                                 Just got back from Westminster, what an event!!
Board and Meeting     2-4                        Too many people, not enough space, incredibly
Notes                                            crowded but still had lots of fun. It is not really
                                                 something I would want to do every weekend but
Conformation News      6                         it is fun once in a while!!! It is a great place to see
                                                 dogs you don’t normally see in this area. Plus it
Maureen Kelley        7-8                        was nice to get away from the piles of snow in my
                                                 backyard, of course it is now mostly mud as are
                                                 the dogs. Nothing like 4 wet muddy goldens
                                                 trying to crawl into your lap!
Agility News           9
                                                 We had a great meeting/grooming seminar set up
Tracking News          9                         by Bob Kurtz and taught by Teri Poetker. Thanks
                                                 to both of them for a great afternoon. We had a
Field News             10                        good turnout and I think everyone had a good
                                                 time. The next meeting/event is the banquet on
Obedience Brags        10                        March 27th, hopefully we will see lots of you
                                                 there. Don’t forget that GRREAT has their
Memorials              11                        auction and there is always some fabulous stuff
                                                 to bid on. It is being held at the Golden Bull
                                                 restaurant again and after that we have our
Annual Report          12
                                                 Specialty and WC/WCX. Don’t forget to volunteer
                                                 to help out at the events. Everything goes
Calendar of Events    13
                                                 smoother when we have lots of help.
Club/Board Info       14                         Hopefully, you have all been getting ready for the
                                                 spring show, hunt, and agility season. I have
                                                 been training my puppy for his first set of shows
                                                 coming up in March. It is always exciting to have
                                                 a new pup to bring out the first time, of course
                                                 you never know what will happen with a puppy.

                                                 See you all at the next event! Please don’t
                                                 hesitate to call or email with any suggestions,
                                                 ideas or complaints.


                                                 Note new email:

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 
                                                          obtain Mary Bergaw to again serve as our Chief
Highlights of Board Meeting                               Conformation Steward, with Addie assisting her
(Addie Stocks)                                            as needed. Other breed stewards are yet to be
                                                          obtained. Laurie McCain is the Obedience Chair
January 14, 2010                                          and Pat Kavanagh will be the Chief Obedience
(1) Due to the very recent sad and unexpected
passing of Board member Maureen Kelley, the               We have already reserved the building at the
2010 slate of proposed Officers and new Board             Fairgrounds on the same Saturday for the 2011
members as presented at the December General              Spring Specialty and will submit the deposit
Membership meeting had to be modified. The                immediately after this year’s show, so we will
Board approved by unanimous vote the                      once again be inside. The Thursday and Friday
nomination of Andy Moore to serve as a Board              Harrisburg shows on the same weekend as our
member and added him to the previously                    Specialty will not be there next year. Bob
approved slate.                                           Crowley will look into the possibility of obtaining
                                                          the Friday date from AKC and the Fairgrounds so
The Board unanimously approved a $250                     we might be able to hold back-to-back Specialties
donation to the general fund of the Golden                next year. A unanimous vote by the Board
Retriever Foundation made in Maureen’s name.              approved these actions.
In addition, our Spring Specialty will be dedicated
to the memory of the three members we have                Cindy Partridge and Laurie Doumaux will again
recently lost: Janice Benge, Sandy Kelly and              Co-chair this year’s PVGRC Specialty Match B-
Maureen Kelley. This will include a memorial              OB. It will be held on Sunday, August 29 at
page in the Specialty Catalog and a poster board          Prince William County Fairgrounds in Manassas,
on display for each. There will also be                   VA, the same location as last year, and will
recognition of our lost members in the                    include a CCA as well as an educational seminar.
March/April issue of the GR News.
                                                          (3) Plans for the 2010 Spring WC/WCX on
(2) Specialty Chairperson Debbie Barrows has
                                                          Sunday, April 18 in Cheltenham are under way.
the plans for the 2010 PVGRC Spring Specialty
on April 17 well under way. Since this year’s             Bob Kurtz will be the Test Secretary and a
Specialty will be outside at the Howard County            Chairperson is being sought. Field Committee
Fairgrounds, tents and port-a-potties must be             Chair Leslie Peszczynski is working on the
rented. The location of the show outside may
                                                          judges. Sharon Albright and Leslie Peszczynski
also have an effect of lowering entries this year.
                                                          will be handling our Field training days with the
Approval to have a food vendor in the vicinity of
the show is being sought from the Fairgrounds.            first one on Saturday, April 3 in Cheltenham.
The Specialty will be dedicated to the memory of
the club members who were recently lost. The              The Southern Maryland Hunting Retriever Club
Specialty catalog always memorializes our
                                                          will not be able to provide the Master stake
members' dogs who have passed away during
the year. Any member who had a dog to be                  workers again this year for our Fall Hunt Test.
remembered in the catalog should send the                 The Field Committee is looking into the possibility
information to Addie Stocks.                              of asking the Capital Region Flat Coated
                                                          Retriever Club to do this instead. The list of
Our Spring Specialty Premium will be available
on the PVGRC website and our Show Secretary               approved judges for our field events needs to be
Rhonda Toren will send out post cards to former           updated.
entrants informing them of this. The Specialty
Premiums will be handed out at the dog shows at           (4) Agility Chairperson Nick DeCesare sent an
Fredericksburg, VA and West Friendship, MD in             agility report from his committee to Addie, who in
January. The information about the show will              turn shared it with the Board. All three 2010
also be posted on the Work Gold list. Addie               PVGRC Agility Trials are AKC approved and on
Stocks was listed in the premium as Chief                 schedule. In addition, judges have been
Conformation Steward but we have been able to             contracted for two of our 2011 trials and one

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 
2012 trial. He suggested we may want to                     The following slate for the 2010 Officers and the
consider an increase in entry fees from $18/run             new Board of Directors members (see item 1
to $19/run in 2011, to offset increases in site             above) was accepted by unanimous vote:
rental and judges’ fees; he will make a
recommendation after he reviews the financials               Officers:
from our 2010 trials.
                                                            President                    Cindy Partridge
(5) Traditionally, at the first Board meeting of the                                     (returning)
year, both the outgoing and proposed incoming
Board members attend. The following Board                   Vice President                Bob Kurtz (returning)
members will be the 2010 liaisons to the various
                                                            Secretary                    Addie Stocks
standing PVGRC committees: Ruth Chase –
Agility, Laurie Collins – Field, Bob Crowley -
Breed, Sharon Kilrain – Obedience and Andy                  Treasurer                    Clayton Kilrain (new)
Moore – Tracking.

(6) Marie Acton has served exceptionably for a
number of years as the moderator of Yahoo                   Board of Directors:
Groups, PVGRC’s major electronic/email
communication with members. She has decided                 Bob Crowley (new)
to pass this responsibility on to Laurie Collins,
who will now be handling Yahoo Groups. Any                  Ruth Chase (new)
emails for general club information and
distribution to club members should now be sent             Andy Moore (new)
to Laurie at
                                                            There were no new applications for membership
Laurie and other members of the Board will be               to be voted on. Two new applications were read.
working together to ensure that the many
                                                            PVGRC sponsored the trophies for the Golden
members of PVGRC with email who are not
                                                            Retrievers in today’s show. Those members
signed up to receive Yahoo Groups notifications
                                                            present expressed a desire to continue this in the
will get signed up. Any members who are not
signed up are encouraged to let a Board member
know so you can be pointed in the right direction
                                                            All 3 PVGRC Agility Trials in 2010 will be All-
to get signed up for Yahoo Groups.
                                                            Breed Agility Trials. The trials in August will be
                                                            held in conjunction with the Capital Region Flat
Suzi Gatipon, club member and Historian, has
                                                            Coated Retriever Club. In 2011 the August trials
volunteered to send out the PVGRC Newsletters
                                                            will again be for Sporting Dogs only.
to those members who cannot or do not desire to
receive their newsletter on the PVGRC website.
                                                            The Awards Banquet date is Saturday, March 27
The Board unanimously approved this and the
                                                            and will be at The Golden Bull Restaurant in
club’s future reimbursements to her for expenses
                                                            Gaithersburg, as last year, and will include the
accrued in doing this.
                                                            GRREAT silent auction as always. Cindy
                                                            Partridge will chair this event with Teri Poetker
Highlights of General Membership Meetings
                                                            and Ruth Chase providing the decorations.
January 16, 2010                                            Laurie Collins will handle the GRREAT auction.

This meeting was held on Saturday at the                    We are looking for a volunteer to serve as
conclusion of the judging of Golden Retrievers, a           legislative liaison for our club. The need for this
PVGRC Supported Entry in the Greater                        volunteer, along with an explanation of the duties
Fredericksburg Kennel Club Dog Show, at the                 and responsibilities for this position, still needs to
Expo and Convention Center in Fredericksburg,               be advertised on Yahoo Groups, our Newsletter
VA.                                                         and our Website.

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 
February 20, 2010                                          April 17 in West Friendship. The Board would
                                                           love to get feedback on having the January,
Program                                                    February and November membership meetings
                                                           (not held in conjunction with official PVGRC
This event was held on Saturday from1-3pm at               events) at different places and different
Waggin’ Tails Junction in Manassas, VA.                    days/times instead of always at Tilden Woods
                                                           Rec Center in Rockville, MD on Wednesday
After our regular membership meeting, Cindy
                                                           nights, as in the past.
Partridge introduced our grooming seminar, led
by Teri Poetker. Teri and friends demonstrated a
variety of grooming techniques and then worked
with individual members and their dogs.                    ****************************************************


Two new applications were accepted into                          2010 SPECIALTY CATALOG MEMORIAL
membership by unanimous vote. No new                                           PAGE
applications were read.
                                                               Each year our Spring Specialty catalog
Plans for our Spring Specialty, to be held outside          memorializes our members' dogs who have
for this year only, are well under way (see item 2           passed away during the year (since the last
above). Power must be provided by individual                Specialty catalog). If you had a dog that you
generators, if necessary. A food vendor (in a                 would like us to remember in the catalog,
truck, will also have breakfast) in the vicinity of         please let Addie Stocks know by March 28th.
the show was approved by the Fairgrounds.                   We would like the dog's registered name, call
Alice Hathaway will head up Hospitality, providing           name, date of birth and death, and owner's
lunch from volunteers for judges and stewards.                    name(s). Please email Addie at
The Specialty will be dedicated to the memory of            
the three club members who were recently lost.                          or call at 410-489-2343.

Addie Stocks will be taking care of the Memorial
Page in the Specialty catalog, which
memorializes members' dogs who have passed
away during the year. She reminded members to
send her the information if they had a dog to be
remembered in the catalog. Details will appear in
Yahoo Groups, on our website and in our
March/April newsletter.

Sharon Albright will be the Chairperson for the
2009 Spring WC/WCX on Sunday, April 18 in
Cheltenham and Bob Kurtz will be the Test
Secretary. Volunteers are still needed.

Clayton Kilrain reminded members that the
deadline for PVGRC membership renewal for
2010 is fast-approaching on February 28. He
has already sent out a renewal reminder by
regular mail to those members who have not yet
renewed. There is also a renewal form on our
website that can be downloaded and used.

The next two general membership meetings will
be held in Maryland in conjunction with our
Annual Awards Banquet on March 27 in
Gaithersburg and with our Spring Specialty on

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 



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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 
Conformation Column
Joan Donohue                                          Gaelicgold Sonyc Finian (Kathy Carbone) took
                                                          home the points from the Greater Fredericksburg
New Champions                                             and the Friday Carroll shows.

At the start of the year, Okeechobefirestar I’m No        From the Am Bred class, Firestar Oahu Berani
Ogre (Cindy Partridge) must have decided she              (Laurie Doumaux) picked up her first points at the
wanted to get her championship quickly out of the         Greater Fredericksburg show.
way. “Fiona” began the year with 7 (1 major)
toward her championship and picked up the                 Mariner Woodcreek Eagle Isle (Pam Simmons)
remaining 8 in four weekends of showing. She              picked up points at the Chesapeake Kennel Club
started off by picking up a major at the Carroll          Of Maryland show and was reserve at the Great
show. The following weekend she picked up a               Fredericksburg show.
point at the Middle Peninsula show. The
following week, she went WB at Union County               Lycinan’s Good Sport (Cindy Williamson) went
(Wed) and the Sand and Sea (Thurs) to finish.             reserve at the Friday Carroll show.

Specials News                                             What a nice way to start her show career,
                                                          Eldorado’s Double Feature at Caned’Oro’ (Diane
Starting off the year on the right paw, CH Online's       Petruso & Chris Browning) picked her first points
Mahi Mahi (Jeanette Makowskyj & Sandy                     with a major at the Sunday Annapolis Kennel
Selander) took the breed at the Northern Neck             Club show.
Kennel Club Of Virginia Wednesday and
Thursday shows. “Finn” was BOS at the                     Goodtime’s O’Riley is a Factor (Betty & Patrick
Saturday Greater Fredericksburg Kennel Club.              Cullen) points up the points at both Middle
                                                          Peninsula Kennel Club Of Virginia shows. Also,
Edgecombe's Rock Around The Clock (Yolanda                at the Middle Peninsula shows, Teddy Bear
Stephens & Beth Johnson) has been having a                Sandpiper’s Fly By (Mary Ann Bruton & Michael
great time in the specials ring with BOBs at Sand         Filicko & Patty Pace) went WB on Saturday and
And Sea (Thurs),                                          RWB on Sunday  

Spartanburg, Greater Fredericksburg and Carroll           Additional Class News: At the Friday Long
(Sat). “Haley” not only took the breed at the             Island Specialty, Eldorado’s Rough Rider of
Monday Annapolis show, she went onto to a                 Crosswinds (Chris Browning) took second in
Group 4. She was BOS at the Boardwalk,                    Bred-by and Eldorado’s Hawaiian Dancer (Chris
Union County (Wed), Greenville (Fri) and                  Browning) won the bred-by class.
Annapolis (Sun) shows. At the Long Island
Specialty, “Haley” was BOS.                               A the Saturday Long Island Specialty,
                                                          Eldorado’s Big Skye Montana (Chris Browning)
Class News                                                 was first in 6-9 sweeps, Eldorado’s Rough
                                                          Rider of Crosswinds (Chris Browning) won the
From the 12-18 month class, Delmarva’s Ima Lil            bred-by class, Eldorado’s N Fawnboro Ima
Tinker (Susan Rocco) has picked up points at the          Knockout (Chris Browning) was second in 12-18
Friday Carroll, KC of NJ and the Saw Mill shows.          sweeps and Eldorado’s Hawaiian Dancer (Chris
“Tink” was reserve at Wednesday Northern Neck             Browning) won the bred-by class.
Kennel Club Of Virginia, Saturday Carroll and
Monday Annapolis shows.
                                                          Additional Specials News: Am CH/U-CH/Int.
                                                          CH Eldorado's Promises D'Best H3x (Judy Inman
                                                          ( & Chris Browning) has
Brier’s Crystal Ball (Sue Rocco & Gina Heitz)             been rapidly picking up GRCA Show Dog Hall of
went WB at the Sunday Chesapeake KC of                    Fame points. He has taken two Group 1s, four
Maryland show and reserve at the Thursday                 Group 2s and two Group 3s.
Northern Neck Kennel Club Of Virginia show.

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 

                                              Maureen Kelley

Maureen came to the sport of showing dogs later in life, but she sure had a blast training and showing her
goldens in AKC, UKC and WCFO events.

It all started with Mikki, who was born on 8/29/88 and was 16 years 11 months old when she passed away
on 7/30/05. Maureen didn’t start showing Mikki until 1995, when she was seven years old, but Mikki earned
three obedience titles. In spring of 1994, Maureen got Cory Sue as a puppy, and Cory Sue earned her
UKC and AKC Companion Dog titles. Sadly, Maureen’s heart was broken when Cory died of cancer in
December of 2002, when she was only eight years old.

Maureen was what we call a foster failure! Her plan was to foster Brandy and Rusty for GRREAT, but she
ended up adopting both of them. Guess she didn’t think anyone else’s home was good enough for them,
and I don’t think Brandy and Rusty did either! Brandy was not real cooperative in obedience so Maureen
was only able to get a Companion Dog title on her, but Rusty managed to get three obedience titles and one
rally title. Sadly, Brandy passed away just four months after Mikki, and Rusty passed away just a month
after Brandy so that was a tough period in Maureen’s life. All her red dogs were gone, but they went at ripe
old ages, and left lots of memories.

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 

Speaking of red dogs, many of us still remember Maureen trying Rusty out in the field. Rusty was sooooo
excited to be out there with those birds that he never wanted to settle down enough to actually see where
they fell! Rusty sure had a grand old time running all over the place trying to find those birds, but it’s kinda
hard to find things sometimes when you have no idea what area they fell in so Maureen never was able to
enter him in any field events. But as long as Rusty was having fun, she didn’t care.

In the summer of 2002, a blonde dog, Kristal, came to live with Maureen. Maureen continued to do
obedience and rally, but she also branched out into agility and field with Kristal. She also started to get the
conformation bug, and was so proud when Kristal managed to earn a point towards her championship in
Arkansas! Kristal also got her UKC Championship. Maureen decided to breed Kristal, and Kristal produced
some beautiful puppies, including Breaker, her homegrown champion! She was over the moon when
Breaker finished his championship, and this year he also qualified for his Versatility Excellent certificate from
the Golden Retriever Club of America when d’Alex handled Breaker for Maureen at a few hunt tests to finish
his Junior Hunter. Maureen sure was proud of her boy.

In addition to Kristal and Breaker, Maureen also owned T, Nelson and Della, who is a daughter of Breaker
and T. I know Maureen had big plans for them as well, but, sadly, her illness kept her from fulfilling all her

Maureen was a member of many dog clubs in the area and was always willing to help out wherever needed.
Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club, Hyattsville Dog Training Club, Greenbelt Dog Training, Canine
Training Association and K9 Connections are some of the local clubs she lent her time and talents to.
Maureen will be sorely missed by the dog world.

Maureen, I know you’ve already rejoined the many dogs and cats who went before you, and I can only
imagine what a joyous reunion that was. Those of us here on earth will miss you – your forthrightness, your
dry sense of humor, your willingness to help, and yes, even your stubbornness. You were a strong woman
and you did the best you could for as long as you could. You’ll be in our hearts forever …


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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 
Agility Column                                                others can be found in the book "Shaping
Nick DeCesare                                                 Success" by Susan Garrett. ISBN 1-892694-13-1

Just a few short months ago I said in this column,                       A reminder for all PVGRC members: our
while offering advice on storing agility equipment            April AKC all-breed agility trial will be held on
over the winter, "we may have a really mild winter            April 24 & 25 in Westminster, MD. We always
with little snow or freezing conditions thanks to             have a need for workers and everyone is
global warming." Clearly, that was a poor                     welcomed either day. The trial is held indoors so
prediction. So, how's that snowy, icy thing                   weather isn't a factor. Contact me directly if you
working out for ya? We have suspended outdoor                 would like to see the fastest canine sport up
agility training for the last three weeks. To stay in         close and personal.
shape (?) I have been working out with a snow-                           Five PVGRC agility members sent new
blower and a shovel. I have learned to make                   title and qualifying run information this month.
beautiful, intricate trenches in the snow with my             Kathy Dorsch and Cedar (Golly G's Goin' Out On
snow-blower for our dogs to run through. Being                A Limb) had a world class weekend at the Oriole
snowbound will make you do strange things.                    DTC agility trial in January. Kathy reports that
                                                              Cedar earned his Novice FAST title with 61
            In the last column I wrote about start line       points in 15 seconds (!) and a 2nd place. Cedar
stays and I hope that was helpful. Now I would                also earned his first Open FAST leg with a 3rd
like to write about something I have been trying              place and his second Open FAST leg with 70
regarding rewarding your dog for being                        points in 32 seconds (!!) and a 1st place as well
successful. This concept isn't original but it                as two Open standard legs with two 1st places.
seems to be working for my dog and his training               Kathy and Cedar have become quite a team!
needs. I had almost always rewarded correct                   Sally Henry and Ryser (High Peak's Rising to the
behaviors or success with food. A few months                  Top NA, NAJ, WC) earned their first Open
ago I began using an object that my dog                       Jumpers leg with a 1st place at DCKC. Marta
associated with fun and something he loves to                 Coursey and Gabe (Fast-Trak I'm A Believer NA,
do. I still use food to reward some behaviors but             NAJ, RN) finished his Open standard with a 1st
when we train agility sequences I have been                   place, and Open Jumpers with a 2nd place at
using....a bumper as a reward. The food treats                Oriole DTC. Kerry Troxel and Ryder (Banbury's
are gone in a micro-second but the bumper is the              Hit the Road Jack CDX, RE, NAP) earned his
reward that keeps on giving. Dogs need a                      Novice FAST Preferred at Oriole DTC in January.
release after doing agility which requires thinking           Leslie Stanley and Dezi (OTCH Wingmaster's
and working at high speed. Most dogs have a                   Desert Moon UDX, OMS, NAJ, OBHF) finished
special "something" they really like and our                  the last leg of her Novice Agility title with a 1st
Goldens usually like something they can                       place.
"retrieve". It could be a bumper, a tennis ball, a
good strong tug toy, a work glove or an old sock              TRACKING NEWS (from Marge Paulding)
stuffed with other old socks. I don't use stuffed
toys because they come apart quickly under                     Hello everyone! Wish I had some tracking
heavy use. I don't play tug with the bumper                   brags to share with you all, but either folks are
because that would have undesirable                           forgetting to send me their brags, or everyone
consequences in other training areas.                         has been snowed in and couldn’t get to any
                                                              tracking tests.
          When working your dog, hide the reward
object under your coat or in a pocket - this can be           Great news as of March 1! I saw my first robin in
challenging if you use a bumper - which makes                 the front yard tonight. Spring will soon be here.
soft objects the best choice. When your dog                   Be gone to all snow storms and blizzards. Dead
completes whatever exercise you are working on                grass and mud is looking pretty good to me.
successfully, Bingo, out comes the reward object.
                                                              Remember, the spring thaw can cause strange
I have found this technique also works well when
                                                              things to happen to the scent of a track. Give
training obedience exercises. As I said, this is not
                                                              you and your dog time to get back in the game of
something I thought up. This concept and many
                                                              tracking. Please send me your good news of
                                                              new titles. Happy Tracking Tails……

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 
      FIELD COLUMN – MARCH-APRIL 2010                     Morgan Francis and Scandal (Golly G's Out and
                (Laurie Collins)                          About, RE, TD, JH) earned their JH in South
                                                          Carolina the first weekend of December in a very
Help is needed for our WC/X test scheduled for            tough test. It was Morgan’s first field title ever,
April 18. We can’t promise you big bucks for              and she’s very excited and proud of Scandal!!!!
your time, but we can promise you a free lunch!           You should be, Morgan! Great job!
On-the-job training is gladly provided. If you can
help, please contact Sharon Albright at                          Tidewater Retriever Club Fall Member or 443-603-9259.                                            Competition

                 Upcoming Events!                         Martha Cole Glenn and Cannon (SR Sandhau's
                                                          Suspend the Rules CDX, RN, MH, WCX) won the
                 April 18 – WC/WCX                        Open Gun Dog competition at the Tidewater
                                                          Retriever Club Fall member competition. And
    Training Days (check website for more details)        Chase (Trifecta's Steeplechase Bet**) entered his
                       April 3                            first "Amateur" competition, held his own with the
                       May 8                              "big dogs" and got a JAM.
                       June 5
                       July 31
                    September 4                                                  *****
                     October 2
                                                          As always, we love to hear your brags so please
                       Brags!                             report them to Laurie Collins at
                                                          Obedience Brags
Sally Henry and Ryser (High Peak's Rising To
The Top NA NAJ NJ-R) passed the WC test held
by the Capitol Region Flat-Coated Retriever Club          Marie Huffman and Spy earned their second UD
on November 15. Great to see you at the field             leg at the Salisbury MD Kennel Club on Feb 28.
events, Sally! Good job!
                                                          Marta Coursey and Fast-Trak I’m a Believer
                        WCX!                              (Gabe) earned their RN on January 31 with a first
Sharon DeCesare and Tor (Fast-Trak's Need For
Speed, VCD1, RA, TDX, JH, OA, OAJ, NF,                    Megan Baker has been very busy in obedience
WCX) earned their WCX at the Flat-Coated                  this winter… Ctrl Alt Del CD, RE, MH, NA, NAJ,
Retriever Club test on November 15. Love to see           NF, WCX earned his CDX and two RAE legs…
Tor racking up those titles!                              AND, TealOak’s Weebe A Pistol RE, MH, WCX –
                                                          earned his CD….AND Weebe OneTooMany
Spy (Ambertrail's Foreign Intrigue, CDX, TD, JH,          CDX, RAE, MH, MX, MXJ, NAP, NJP, NFP, WCX
WCX) and Marie Huffman earned their WCX at                has got 2 more RAE2 legs…AND Adirondac
the FCR test as well. Marie reports that Spy              Weebe Put'N A Hex On You earned her first
finally held his honor! Way to go, Spy! Now you           Rally Novice leg.
can move on to Senior!!!!
                                                          Beth Sokohl and Roux’s Steamin’ Red Hot Blues
                New Junior Hunters!                       have earned their Rally Novice and Rally
                                                          Advanced titles.
Breaker (Mo-K's Heart of the Sea CDX, RE, NAP,
WC, VC, CGC) earned his JH on November 21
and got an insurance leg on November 22 in
South Carolina. Maureen Kelley was very
grateful that d’Alex Childers ran Breaker for her.

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 

                             Paradocs Sinjin Only in Jest, RN
                             May 24, 2003-December 22, 2009

                     Greatly missed by Nancy, Rodger, Hunter & Sinjin

                                Foxview's Pivot to Genesis, WC
                            September 27, 1997- February 23, 2010

                        Pivot was a very happy and extremely sweet boy.
                                Al and I will miss our "Little man".

                                   Teresa and Al Blumberg

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 
                                      Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club
                                              2009 Annual Report

Cash on Hand December 31, 2008                                                   $73,878.19

                                            Income                   Expenses          Net
2008 Spring Specialty                                                 $104.50      ($104.50)
2009 Spring Specialty                     $11,620.65               $11,710.64        ($89.99)
2010 Spring Specialty                        $375.00                  $607.67      ($232.67)
2008 Tracking Test                                                     $15.11        ($15.11)
2009 Tracking Test                           $520.00                  $787.12      ($267.12)
2008 Fall WC/WCX                                                      $106.00      ($106.00)
2009 Spring WC/WCX                           $680.00                  $980.79      ($300.79)
2009 Fall WC/WCX                             $655.00                  $906.12      ($251.12)
2009 Hunting Test                          $7,812.88                $7,459.37         $353.51
2009 April Agility Trial                  $20,295.00               $15,575.37      $4,719.63
2009 June Agility Trial                   $22,288.00               $17,046.08      $5,241.92
2009 August Agility Trial                  $8,532.00                $8,146.84         $385.16
2010 April Agility Trial                                              $784.06       ($784.06)
2010 June Agility Trial                                               $610.00       ($610.00)
2010 August Agility Trial                                             $610.00       ($610.00)
2009 Match                                   $165.00                $1,236.35    ($1,071.35)
2009 Super Singles                          $1,160.00               $1,144.58            $15.42
2009 CCA                                      $715.00                                  $715.00
Advertising                                                           $465.00        ($465.00)
Bank Charges                                                           $18.83          ($18.83)
Donations                                                           $2,000.00     ($2,000.00)
Dues and Membership                         $5,680.00                 $326.97        $5,353.03
Educational Fund                              $125.00                                   $125.00
Equipment                                                             $287.00        ($287.00)
Field Training Days                         $1,291.00               $1,947.74        ($656.74)
Insurance                                                             $850.00        ($850.00)
Meetings and Banquets                       $1,962.50               $4,847.12     ($2,884.62)
Miscellaneous                               $2,589.00               $2,448.86           $140.14
Printing and Mailing                                                $2,078.33      ($2,078.33)
Supplies                                                            $1,600.00      ($1,600.00)
Supported Entry Prizes                                                 $68.00           ($68.00)
Treasurers Expenses                                                    $40.00           ($40.00)
Ways and Means                               $286.00                  $132.00           $154.00

Totals                                     $86,752.03              $84,940.45       $1,811.58

Cash on Hand December 31, 2009
                       Checking Account                            $14,035.24
                       Certificate of Deposit (2/10)                $ 7,115.15
                       Certificate of Deposit (12/10)              $19,000.00
                       Certificate of Deposit (1/12)               $35,132.38

                            Total                                  $75,282.77

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Potomac Valley Golden Retriever News 

                      Calendar of Events 2010

March 11                      Board Meeting                      Glen Burnie, MD
March 20                      Awards Banquet/                    Gaithersburg, MD
                              Membership Meeting

April 17                      Specialty Show/                    Howard County Fairgrounds, MD
                              Membership Meeting
April 18                      WC/WCX Test                        Cheltenham, MD
April 24-25                   All Breed Agility Trials           Westminster, MD

May 6                         Board Meeting                      Fairfax, VA
May 8                         Field Training Day                 Cheltenham, MD
May 30                        Veteran’s Day/                     Monrovia, MD
                              Membership Meeting

June 5                        Field Training Day                 Cheltenham, MD
June 19                       K-9 Olympics                       Location TBD
June 26-27                    All Breed Agility Trials           Westminster, MD

July 8                        Board Meeting                      Columbia, MD
July 31                       Field Training Day                 Cheltenham, MD

August 14-15                  All Breed Agility Trials           Westminster, MD
August 29                     Specialty Match and CCA/           Manassas, VA
                              Membership Meeting

September 4                   Field Training Day                 Cheltenham, MD
September 9                   Board Meeting                      Manassas, VA
September 26                  Fall WC/WCX Test                   Cheltenham, MD

October 2                     Field Training Day                 Cheltenham, MD
October 23-24                 Hunt Test/                         Cheltenham, MD
                              Membership Meeting

November 4                    Board Meeting                      Columbia, MD
November 14                   Tracking Test                      Location TBD

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