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Fact Mapper by hedongchenchen


									               Tool Number 22:

               Fact Mapper


The Fact Mapper will create pictures showing facts
(important information) joined together. Giving you a
picture of your project or subject, to help you plan what
to do.

         How to use the Fact Mapper           icon

1.To add a fact to your map click the element icon

2. Give your fact a name, by typing into the box. Add

another fact by clicking the element icon         again,
keep adding all of your facts, by repeating this step.

3. You can add notes/information to each fact by clicking
on it and then typing into the box at the bottom of the
page, then click on the

                                                     library box

Save a                                               Type your
note                                                 notes here

4. You can add pictures to your map by typing what you
want into the image library box, once you have chosen
your picture, click on it and drag it onto the fact.

5. You can link 2 facts together by clicking on a fact,
clicking        and then clicking the fact you want to link it

6. To print your map click on file:

You will see a different menu, you can print your map and
have an outline of your project open in a Word document:

           Print your     Print your
           outline        map

       Let’s look at the new words we've learned!

1).Fact Map: A picture showing facts connected together
2).Facts: Important Information
3).Element: A part of something bigger

                       Exercise 1

Underline the correct answer:

  1. What does this icon       do:
        a) Shows maps of your local villages
        b) Creates maps of your projects to help you
        c) Adds numbers to your page

  2. What is an element in your fact map:
        a) A picture you want to keep
        b) A fact important to your project or plan
        c) A large piece of text

  3. What is an image:
        a) A long story
        b) Something that is not real
        c) A picture

  4. How do you add a picture to your element
         a) Double click on the element
         b) Search in the image library
         c) Draw on the map after it is printed

                        Exercise 2

Choose a topic you like, create a fact map using all the
different things linked to your topic, search for pictures
in the image library and add them to your fact map.
You should add at least 4 elements to your map.

                       Exercise 3

In groups, talk about ways in which the Fact Mapper
might be useful. Write two ways in which you could use
the Fact Mapper:


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