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									Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of the Sensor Division of the ECS
San Francisco, CA, 5/24/2009

Meeting called to order by Jing Li at 8:00 PM.

In attendance: Zoraida Aguilar, Mike Carter, Mira Josowicz, Subbu Krishnan, Eric Brosha, Praveen Sekhar,
Jay Grate, Ryan Tian, Joe Stetter, Nick Wu, Larry Nagahara, Rangachary Mukundan, Peter Hesketh

1.   The minutes from the last meeting in Hawaii were approved.

2.   Treasurer’s Report:

       Custodian account:

       As of Dec 31, 2008 = $ 66,646.17
       As of June 30, 2008: Balance = $63, 484.82
       Last meeting: Balance = $56,235.79
       ECST : need from Eric B.

       Outstanding Achievement award account:
       As of Dec 31, 2008 (need # from Eric)
       To Date: Balance = $
       Last meeting: Balance = $4,459.28

3.   San Francisco activities:

       a. 3 Symposia: Primary

                    i) J1: Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems (General) - (Gary, Mukund, Zoraida, Carter,
                    ii) J2: 35 Years of Chemical Sensors – Special symposium to celebrate Prof. Jiri Janata’s
                         70th birthday - (Jing Li, R. Brown, Cindy Brucker-Lea, D. Hatchet, M. Josowicz, P.
                         Vanysek). A hard copy of ECST available for purchase. Help advertise at sessions.
                    iii) J3: Sensor Applications: Food Safety, Agricultural, and Environmental Sensors - (A.
                         Simonian , Bill Buttner, G. Hunter, Zoraida, Shekar)

       b. 4 Symposia: Co-sponsor
                 i) B6 - Measurement and Diagnostics for Energy Systems - R. Mukundan
                 ii) C2 - Dielectrics and Engineered Interfaces in Biological and Biomedical Applications -
                      L. Nagahara
                 iii) I3 - Electrochemistry in Medicine and Biomedical Applications - Z. P. Aguilar

       c. Sub committee meetings (Interface, Symposium planning, Individual membership, New
4.   Executive Committee membership – no new activity to report since Honolulu meeting. New division
     officers and executive committee members were elected in Honolulu, October, 2008.

5.   Committees/Reports
        a. Interface magazine: Peter Hesketh.

             Ground breaking issues. Seminal papers. Review, Ask authors to write. Come up with seminal
             sensor papers to look at. 2 issues in 2009. Peter, Joe, Jing Li (Chair), Zoraida (Vice-Chair), Mike
             (Secretary), and Mukund. Peter will co-ordinate. Have been asked by HTM to contribute to a
             write up on Wagner’s paper. Electrochemical sensors (automotive lambda sensor etc…).
             Vadim Lvovich---deadline on December 12, 2008
             Website being created to serve as a communication website ; discussion of the winner of
             National medal for --technology---sensor on glucose

             New features in Interface – Nagy; What’s New on Web, P. Vanysek – ECS congressional vist
             report, Book reviews

             Summer issue – special issue – org/bio electrochem.
             Fall – SOFC, Hi-T, Article from symposium B7 from SF meeting
             Winter 2009 – luminescence/display materials special issue

             Sensor Division is to be featured in the winter 2010 issue.
                     Our Featured Division: Sensor by Jing Li, Mira, Gary Hunter, Jay Grate, Nick Wu
                     Nano/bio sensors (quantum dots, disease screening/detection etc.) – Volunteers?----
                       Zoradia, Peter , Larry Nagahara
                     Sensors for Energy/Environment Security – Mukund + Nick Wu, Zoraida, Mike
                       Carter, Eric Brosha

          b. Special board meeting report from Zoraida: (couldn’t attend due to conflict)
             Date: Monday, April 20, 2009
             Time: 11:30 AM (USA Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
             Place: Teleconference, directed through ECS Headquarters

          c. Board meeting report from Jing: on Thursday, may 28th.
             San Francisco meeting has 1393 advanced registration. There are 1579 technical papers
             comprised of 1257 oral presentations and 251 poster presentations and 71 student posters. The
             major change talked at the board meeting is the financial part – new tax return form 990 will be
             used in 2009. There are much more information required in this new form.

             Membership benefits have changed. This was approved at the last board meeting. The Board also
             recommended to the membership amend the constitution at the last meeting. Board trying to
             improve journal impact factors, readership and subscription revenues. Members can now get
             1000 pdf downloads. Changes in member benefits in terms of publications in J of ECS.

             Possible ECST change to peer reviewed journal- deadline for publication will be a challenge.
             Where is this positioned vs. JECS and ESSL? Can still publish the work in the other journals.
   Representative for pub committee? Mukund will talk to Roque about getting representation on
   Pubs committee.

d. Individual Membership Committee. 1600-1730, Monday, May 24, 2009, at Union Square 12,4th
   floor, building 3. ECS would manage student chapters after this meeting (when the ECS bylaws
   are amended). We continue to support student participation at all levels in the society. Sensor div
   2.1% increase in membership from 2008/2007 and 3.8% increase from 2009/2008. New student
   increase = 8. Second highest division increase at end of 2008. Focus on student sections.
   Contact faculty advisors to boost # of student memberships.

   Joe left a note on the international meeting on chemical sensors (ICMS): The ICMS in 2010 is in
   Australia and 2012 will be in Europe. The IMCS in 2014 is open and ECS sensor division can
   bid for this meeting (sponsorship or run it in Northern America). If we want to run this meeting
   at ECS, we need to bid at the fall 2010 meeting. We would need to write a proposal from ECS to
   IMCS during next two meetings of ECS to present at 2010 IMCS. Jing had talked with Roque
   about the joint meeting of ECS and IMCS. Roque is very interested in this opportunity and very
   supportive. Currently, there is uncertainty of the meeting place for the ECS full 2014. Roque said
   as soon as they finalize the meeting place for ECS full 2014, he will let me know. We can
   discuss this and make a decision at the full meeting 2009 for if we want to do a joint venture and
   then contact IMCS to see their thoughts on this. We need to form a committee to work on the
   proposal if we decide to proceed with this idea.

   No numbers yet on membership effect from IMCS in OHIO in 2008 – need to find out from
   Gary Hunter.

e. Publication committee- Jing participated this time. A pilot project has been established to speed
   up the publishing process for JEC. The papers that submitted to ECST can be recommended by
   the ECST editors for publishing in JEC. It will need only one reviewer from JEC because there
   was one reviewer reviewed the paper for ECST already. With one review from JEC, it can speed
   up the review process. Using this recommendation process, the page charge can be waived.

f. Travel Grants: Ying-Lan Chang will continue to be the point of contact. 7 student grants
   awarded for San Francisco: 3 supported by J2 funds and 4 supported by division funds. We
   (Sensor Division) normally support 12 students per year. Therefore, we can support up to 8
   students for Vienna meeting.

g. New Technology Committee. Zoraida will email info after meeting. We were able to obtain
   funding for 2 registration of Smart Sensors for Vienna symposia. We are funding 2 registration.
   Now they are being combined. Do we want to approve 2 registrations for this combined
   symposia and ask that New Tech. committee to match it? Any other new symposia that we need
   to bring to their attention for funding. Sensors for energy and environment at Vancouver? Go as
   early as possible and if we are putting up some money they will match it. One registration for the
   impedance in Vienna. Monday (5/25), 1530h... New Technology Subcommittee, Union Square 10,
   4th Floor, Building 3, (Zoraida).
            h.   Symposium subcommittee (Jing Li and Zoraida attended this one): 0700-0930h, Tuesday – May
                 25, Ballroom Level, Buildings 1/2/3 (see the details in the symposia planning part.)

            i.   Solid State Division Chairs meeting: Monday, 1600h......Union Square 11, 4th Floor, Building 3.
                 Jing was there and nobody else showed up.
            j.   ECST to peer reviewed journal as noted above.

6.     Funding Requests

                      i) Vienna meeting:
                          1. Smart Sensors for independent living etc…We approved 2 registrations. We can
                              request New technology committee to match it. They have already committed 2 to
                              the 2 different symposia! This symposium didn’t get enough talks – wrapped into
                              J1 as one day session. Leave registrations as is for now, or return to division since
                              we don’t use for J1. Up to Gary.

                      ii) 217th Spring 2010, Vancouver, Canada
                           1. Sensors for Energy and environment. Approved one registration. Mukund will ask
                               Energy Technology to match. Maybe New technology subcommittee can match
                               also. --- Vancouver meeting

      Sensors for energy and environment (R. Mukundan, J. Fergus, Jay Grate, M. Ryan, J. Stetter)
     Contact K. Zaghib, Institute de Recherche d'Hydro-Québec (IREQ) for grid reliability sensors. Jeff Fergus from
     HTM is a co-organizer. Add Kavim Zaglib (Battery Technology, delete M. Ryan (Energy technology))
      General Session (Gary, Jing, Zoraida, Mike Carter)
      Electrochemical Nano/Bio Sensors 2 (J. Burgess, A. Simonian and I. Taniguchi, Larry Nagahara) Make
        this a 2 year spring meeting recurring session). Add E. Travesa (HTM) and H. Delong (PAED)

       Electrochemistry in Medicine and Biomedical Applications (Peter Hesketh/Sensor have been added.)
       Electrochemical Detection in Molecular Biology (Zoraida/Sensor have been added.)
       Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and Devices 11 (G. Hunter/Sensor added)

     7.   Financial issues

                                Division is still in better shape than the US economy! That is not saying much
                                 these days! Need to increase membership. Better visibility. Continued
                                 involvement with IMCS. Gary can serve as point of contact. Other ideas?

                                Cutting edge symposia: Continue to approach new technology subcommittee for

8.     Other Issues: (Raised By Svetlana and Tom from last meeting in Hawaii)
   1) For the absence of the presentation, the session chair can represent with his/her own presentation to fill
      up the time gap.
   2) Other suggestions voiced at Sensor Division meeting: Emails to presenters to verify attendance?
      Registration fee required before the acceptance of talk?
   3) Jing mentioned to some ECS staff about setting up "drop off" boxes throughout the premises for
      recycling the plastic name holders; they thought this is a good idea. Jing was directed to talk to Karla
      Stein or Kim Milec about this.
   4) Did send an E-mail to the Division membership. Timing of the next one? Maybe just a week or two
      before the abstract submission deadline. Beginning of December (Deadline is Dec 15th)
   5) Can we come up with more people involved with the Division that will continue to help us organize
      symposia? High number of publications or citations and involvement with Division activities. Send
      email to nominate more sensors people for the fellows.

 6) Future Symposia Planning:

216th Fall 2009, Vienna, Austria
CFP closed. Will be modified and finalized on Tuesday.

     J1: General Session (Mukund, Zoraida, Mike, Peter, Mira).
     J2: Impedance Techniques: Diagnostics and Sensing Applications (V. Lvovich, D. C. Hansen, M. E.
      Orazem, B. Tribollet, and P. Vanysek)
    J3: Smart Sensing and Sensor Networks for Independent Living, Medical, Industrial, and Aerospace
      Applications (Gary Hunter, Jing Li, Bill Buttner, Alex, Joe, U. Weimer) Has been wrapped into J1.
       E9: Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Materials & Devices 10 (G. Hunter)
       C2: Electrochemical Arrays – Genomics, Proteomics, and Metabolonics (Alex). Removed.
       C3: New Biomimetic Materials for Electrochemical Sensing (C. Krantz) This is now C2 in topics list
       E6: One-Dimensional Nanoscale Electronic and Photonic Devices 3 (Jing Li is on it.)
       D5: Surface Treatment for Biomedical Applications 2 (Zoraida/Sensor Division has been added).

217th Spring 2010, Vancouver, Canada
Have submitted these topics. These will be finalized Tuesday. Call for papers due soon. AND

     J3 - Sensors for energy and environment (R. Mukundan, J. Fergus, J. Stetter, Jay Grate, K, Zaghib, W.
      Van Schalkwijk)
    J1 - General Session (G. Hunter, J. Li, Z. Aguilar, M. Carter)
    J2 - Electrochemical Nano/Bio Sensors 2 (J. Burgess, A. Simonian and I. Taniguchi, L. Nagahara, E.
      Travesa and H. Delong). Make this a 2 year spring meeting recurring session.
       C1 - Electrochemistry in Medicine and Biomedical Applications (Peter Hesketh/Sensor have been
       I2 - Electrochemical Detection in Molecular Biology (Zoraida/Sensor have been added.)
       E6 - Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and Devices 11 (G. Hunter/Sensor added)
218th Fall 2010, Las Vegas – finalize topics
Preliminary discussion on Tuesday
 Microfabricated Systems and MEMS IX (P. J. Hesketh, P. Vanyseck, P. Srinivasan, A. Longdargan).
    Sponsors: Sensor/PAED/DST
 Chemical Sensors IX: Chemical and Biological Sensors and Analytical Systems (R. Mukundan, Alex,
    Zoraida, Mike, Jing, Gary).
Will probably do a combined ECST at the meeting. Need at least 3-4 organizers on each who are willing to edit
a lot (up to 10) of papers with a short turn around time.
    1. Corrosion in Nuclear Waste Storage (D-12) (Zoraida/Sensor added)
    2. E-20 One dimensional Nanoscale electronic and photonic devices 4 (Nick Wu added)
    3. E-23 State of the art program on compound semiconductors 52 (Peter Hesketh and P. Vanysek)

219th Spring 2011, Montreal – collecting topics
   Discuss cutting edge ideas.

   General session – Jing, Mike, Peter , Subbu K, Praveen S
   Sensors for Harsh Environments ---- write call to include marine, industrial, etc. (Zoraida, Alex, Mukund,
   Sensors for biomedical applications – write a call to include independent care and breath analysis and will
    request funding of $3000 from NTS. (Joe, Gary, Zoraida, Larry, Alex)

Co-sponsor: (will discuss at the next EC meeting in Vienna)
E6 – Bioelectronics, Biointerfaces and Biomedical applications 4
H12 – Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures: Applications and Devices
I24 – Nanostructured and Functionalized Conducting polymer Films and Related Materials 2

220th Fall 2011, Boston
       Impedance Techniques: Diagnostics and Sensing Applications (V. Lvovich, DC Hansen, ME Orazem,
B. Tribollet, and P. Vanysek)

       Nanosensor – recurring session (every 18 months)

       Do something with MEMS/NEMS, Accoustic wave, Maybe get Tony and Richard Cernocek involved.
       Jay thinks acoustic wave is somewhat dated now but there are other possibilities.

       Sensors for Biomedical Applications-Alex-remove this one if plan for montreal outlined above is

       General Session

221st Spring 2012 Toronto, Ontario – email if anyone has any thoughts on this
222nd Fall 2012 Orlando, Florida – email if anyone has thoughts on this

Adjourned 9:40 PM

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