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                     Management, Consulting & Construction 
                                                                                                    Servicing your needs 
                                                 You’re going to love our technique.                                    Getting it Done 
                           We created it,  manipulated it, reworked it again, tested it and offer it in its full 

                                                 GreenBuild USA  is a totally new and energized type of service and construction organization.   
                                                 Let us explain.  We have staff with lots of history on a diverse range of project types: 
                                                 Government, Hospitality, Industrial, Medical, Retail, Gaming, Transportation, Arts, …… 

                                                     GreenBuild USA has not only gathered the right strong and diverse experience on our team but has 
                                                                     challenged the “typical” approach to project delivery and has had soaring results.   
Benefit of doing business with us                                                                                                            
                                                                                                     Exploring, Illuminating and Embracing possibility 

                                              W h a t   W e   D o   

                                                 •     As a Consultant we step on board and steer the 
                                                       action, with related risk, in the direction of success.  
                                                       Applying our experience to your bottom line.   

                                                 •     As a General Contractor we will build with your 
                                                       aspirations in mind.  Hands on, hands down quality 
                                                       and commitment.  

                                                 •     As a Construction Manager we step on board 
                                                       with your team and venture partners to control 
 Success has so many layers                            risk, manage process and deliver result . 
                f   o   c   u   s             
              and pull it off!  • As a Subcontractor we provide seamless conclusion to specialty trade scope 



                                                 •     As a simple Team Support Service we close the gaps and create ease of 
                                                       Estimating—Submittals—Buyout—Field verifications—Systems flow & Database 
                 2731 Via Orange Way 
                                                       creation— scheduling—Field meetings & Management Control 
                              Suite 104 
              Spring Valley, CA  91978 
                 Phone: (619) 259‐4721            
                  Fax: (888) 830‐0494             
               CSLB CA 828937 B & C54 

        4 Relevant Success Cases! 

        Smithsonian Portrait Art Gallery—Old Patent Office Building 
        Client:  Smithsonian Institution 
        GC: Hensel Phelps Construction Co., Inc. 
        Role:  Specialty Subcontractor 
        Details:  Furnishing of specialty mechanical louvers, floor grilles, partitions, floor mats, lockers, fire 
        extinguishers, shelving, accessories.  

        Hilton/Marriott/Hyatt Hotel Portfolios 
        Client:  Innkeepers USA 
        Role:  Consultant/Manager 
        Details:  Development of schemes for implementation of Property Improvement Plans including 
        room renovations and FFE, concept strategy on services and related renovation.  Design support on 
        planning, engineering and materials selection.  Submittals.  Supervising GC and subcontractors.  
        Longer term formulating structure and technique for maintenance ease and future dynamic change. 

        Metro Career Center 
        Client:  San Diego Workforce Partnership, Inc. 
        Role:  General Contractor 
        Details:  High profile 16,000sf Tenant Improvement project supported by Center for Community 
        Development.  Fast track, design assistance.   

        San Diego Airport 
        Client:  Port of San Diego 
        CM:  Parsons Infrastructure & Technology Group                   
        Role:  Construction Management and Consulting for Airport Construction Operations.   
        Details:  Management services for the purpose of controlling design deliverables, procurement, 
        submittal review, construction schedule, and turn‐over.  Including primary role in essential electrical 
        and controls systems for FIDS, BIDS, EVIDS, Baggage Handling, Escalators/Elevators and Tarmac 

        Accreditation/Certification / Licenses 

        Contractors State License Board B & C54 #828937, Women Business Enterprise National Council 
        WBENC; Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED accreditation (pending), ICBO 
        Concrete/Masonry/Steel,  CHENG concrete master, Americans with Disabilities Act ADA prep.   



        National Association of Women in Construction NAWIC, Greater San Diego Business Association 
        GSDBA, Better Business Bureau BBB 


        Corporate Tech Skills 

        MC2 Ice Construction Estimating, Prolog Project Management, Expedition; Primavera, Chinook 
        Quicx, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe, Microsoft Full Suite, JD Edwards,  


                                                   Publications Authored and Contributed to 

                                                   Defending Delay, published in Contractors News and View 2007; Short Interval Production 
                                                   Scheduling SIP’s Training Materials So Cal GC Summit 2001; Quality Control Management— “ 
                                                   Improve Quality to Improve Productivity (by qualitative measurement) 2000.   

     Women Business Enterprise  
                                                   Striving to create the “wow” factor in business execution and forward thinking.  Believing that the 
                                                   best idea is yet to come, building on ideas past & pioneering on new ventures, forever embracing 
                                                   that the resources for that idea are everywhere … at every level … waiting to contribute. 


Americans with Disabilities Act Advisor            Involvement in Venture Formation & Pioneering 

                                                   •    Formed the independent division of ADA Advisor to provide assistance to designers, 
                                                        contractors and facility owners in accommodating the requirements of the Americans with 
                                                        Disabilities Act 

    Hospitality Renovation Contractor 
                                                   •    Formed independent division of As Built Assist which is a ground‐breaking service providing 
                                                        facility as‐built documents including new Building Information Modeling  requirements 
                                                        accomplished with dynamic building modeling software 

                                                   •    Formed SubSupport which is a service that provides management level support for small 
                                                        construction contracting firms such as contracts, human resource, legal, certifications, 
                                                        agencies, documentation, etc. 

  Construction Investigation Services              •    Formed PIP Contractor which was destined to focus on Hospitality service in both design,                   budgeting and implementation 

                                                   •    Assisted in first run development of Corps of Engineers Resident Management System (RMS) 
                                                        method of contract management, including Construction Quality Control adherence 

                                                   •    Partner in development of software database Quicx for QC Management and Document 
                                                        Control with management process contribution that was further developed in conjunction 
                                                        with Chinook Systems and utilized on 2002 Build America Award winning Lockheed Martin 
                                                        Launch Pad project in Cape Canaveral FL, subsequently rolled out on the Pentagon Renovation 
           SubSupport Services                          Projects and the Smithsonian Old Patent Office Bldg in DC.   

Firms History
GreenBuild USA, Inc. [formerly Build Corp] – President     
President and licensee of small General Contractor / Management Firm with diverse markets.  Design Build 
and Traditional delivery methods, including hard bid/GMP/CM at risk and CM not at risk.  High interest and 
focus  on  sustainable  construction  and  management  practices  in  Commercial  Tenant  Interior’s  projects, 
Hospitality Renovation,  and custom residential.  Gross volume avg. $1.5mil to $2.3mil/year 
Project history includes:   
Smithsonian Old Patent Office Building Portrait Art Gallery in Washington DC ($100mil renovation Design Build GMP) -
Dental Ceramic Arts Laboratory in San Diego CA ($35k Tenant Improvement Design Build GMP) - Commercial Credit
Reports in San Diego CA ($37k Tenant Improvement Design Build GMP) - San Diego Workforce Partnership in San
Diego CA ($200k Tenant Improvement from shell Design Build GMP) - Hilton Suites Anaheim CA (PIP renovation) -
Hilton Ontario CA (PIP renovation) - Ogden Residence in Coronado CA ($800k ground up custom home Fixed Price) -
Spec Home in La Mesa CA ($1.2mil ground up hillside custom home Design Build) - Chatsworth LLC Apartments in
Point Loma CA ($250k Tenant Improvement Fixed Price) - Woodstock Pizza in San Diego CA (renovations Fixed Price)
- Limosnero Residence in San Diego CA ($380k ground up custom home Fixed Price) - Mustari Residence in San Diego
CA ($140k new home addition Fixed Price) - Mulvey Residence in San Diego CA ($180k new home addition Fixed Price)
- Ashley Howard Residence in San Diego CA ($205k new home addition Fixed Price) - Bennouna Residence in San
Diego CA ($1.5mil ground up custom home CM services) - Infinity Project in La Mesa CA (1.6mil ground up custom
home, ambitiously sustainable, in concept stage)

Construction Manager [President of GreenBuild USA—Patricia Dziuk, prior experience] 
DPR, Inc.;  Parsons, Inc.; Swinerton Builders;  Hensel Phelps Construction Co., Inc.;  Douglas E. Barnhart, 
This period of construction management and quality control with large general contractors culminated 
with duties as a  Sr. Construction Manager working on Design‐ Build Negotiated projects.  Phased Fast 
Track, Bridging, Multiple Contract and Traditional Project Delivery methods including cost 
structures of GMP, Cost‐Plus, Target‐Price and Fixed‐Price.  Design involvement from schematic/
concept through design development and construction documents.   
Early in this phase I traversed through the titles of working in areas of Quality Control, then Project 
Engineering onto Project Management.   
Project history includes:  
Soka University in Aliso Viejo CA (ground up $200mil) - Hampton Inn Hotel in San Diego CA ($11mil ground up design-
build & GMP) - Hampton Inn Hotel in San Diego Carmel Valley CA ($6mil ground up design-build & GMP) - Hotel Del
Coronado in San Diego CA (preconstruction design assist only, $50mil renovation) - Valencia Water Reclamation Plant in
Valencia CA (ground up $32mil Hard Bid, Fixed Price) - 29 Palms Hospital and Dental Clinic in Twentynine Palms CA
(ground up $48mil Hard Bid Fixed Price) - Concourse F Terminal 2 San Diego Int’l Airport in San Diego CA ($55mil
ground up Hard Bid Fixed Price) - San Diego Int’l Airport in San Diego CA Airport Renovation Projects ($150mil CM
services) - Coronado High School Sports Complex in San Diego CA ($8mil ground up Hard Bid Fixed Price) - Mercy
Gardens AIDS Housing in San Diego CA ($3mil Design Build, GMP) - SDSU Seismic Retrofit Parking Structure in San
Diego CA (retrofit $3mil Hard Bid Fixed Price) - BEQ Renovations & Seismic Upgrade on North Island in San Diego CA
($10mil Hard Bid Fixed Price) - Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing on Naval Training Center in San Diego CA
($8mil ground up Hard Bid Fixed Price) - Guest Lodging Facility on Camp Pendleton CA ($3mil ground up Hard Bid Fixed
Price) - Ammunition Storage Facility on Ft. Irwin CA ($5mil ground up Hard Bid Fixed Price) - Military Housing
Rehabilitation on Camp Pendleton CA ($12mil renovation Hard Bid Fixed Price) - Date Elementary School in Fontana CA
($11mil ground up Hard Bid Fixed Price) - Art Institute of Los Angeles in Los Angeles CA ($8mil Design Build Cost Plus) -
Pala Casino in Pala CA ($55mil Design Build—GMP Budget Development only) - Pala Casino Parking Garage in Pala CA
($10mil renovation Design Build GMP) - Air Defense Support Complex on Camp Pendleton CA ($10mil ground up Hard
Bid Fixed Price) - Commissary Addition on Fort Ord CA ($5mil ground up Hard Bid)

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