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									                                Board of Supervisors Agenda
                                Chairman          Vice Chairman
                                Henry Perea       Susan B. Anderson         Phil Larson               Judith G. Case       Bob Waterston
Room 301, Hall of Records       3rd District      2nd District              1st District              4th District         5th District
2281 Tulare Street
Fresno, California 93721-2198                                               Bart Bohn                 Dennis A. Marshall   Bernice E. Seidel
Telephone: (559) 488-3529                                                   County Admin. Officer     County Counsel       Clerk
Toll Free: 1-800-742-1011


                                                         MARCH 25, 2008

                                                                 9:00 AM

      The Fresno County Board of Supervisors welcomes you to this meeting and encourages your participation.
      This agenda contains a brief general description of each item to be considered. The number of the item being
      heard is indicated on the Clerk’s desk. Please see note below regarding consent agenda items. The
      Chairperson will call for public testimony as each item is heard. If you wish to speak to an individual item
      please step to the podium during this time period and state your name for the record. If you wish to speak on
      a matter which does not appear on the agenda, you may do so during the Public Presentation period at the
      end of the regular p.m. session.

      All supporting documentation is available for public review in the office of the Clerk to the Board of
      Supervisors located in the Hall of Records building, 2281 Tulare Street, Room 301, Fresno, 93721 during
      regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Agenda items are also available
      online at http://cofinternet01/0110a/Questys_Agenda/PublishedMeetings.htm

        Pledge of Allegiance

        Supervisor Case

        A moment of silence in memory of Roberta Boren
        1.          Approve Agenda

        2.          Morning Consent Agenda - Item Numbers 23 – 45
                  - These matters are routine in nature and are usually approved by a single vote. Prior to action by
                    the Board, the public will be given the opportunity to remove any item from the Consent Calendar
                  - Items removed from the Consent Calendar may be heard immediately following approval of
                    Consent Calendar or set aside until the department can be notified and its representative is in the
                    board room
        Chairman Perea
        3.          Proclaim March 24 through March 30, 2008, as Community Development Week
                    in Fresno County

                                               Equal Employment Opportunity  Affirmative Action  Disabled Employer
                                                                                         Page 2

Supervisor Anderson
4.    Adopt a Proclamation recognizing April 2008 as Alcohol Awareness Month, in
      Fresno County

Supervisor Case
5.    Proclaim March 20 through 27, 2008, as National Agriculture week in Fresno

Administrative Office
6.    Direct staff to conduct a study on the criteria utilized by the Fresno County
      Superior Court to determine appointment of the public defender/court appointed
      counsel to represent a client and compare the process and numbers with other
      comparable counties; and approve and authorize the IHSS Public Authority
      Executive Director to conduct this study
7.    Receive report regarding activities of Board's Executive Budget Committee
8.    Adopt Budget Resolution increasing FY 2007-08 appropriations and estimated
      revenues in the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Orgs. 5663, 5665, 5666 and
      5667 for a total increase of $868,368 (4/5th vote); approve Salary Resolution
      Amendments as shown on Appendix "F", on file with the Clerk to the Board, to
      add a total of 30 County positions, and convert a part-time position to a full-time
      position, effective April 7, 2008; and discuss and direct staff regarding future
      action to eliminate associated number of positions in the Departments of
      Behavioral Health and Children and Family Services as Salary Resolution
      Amendments are presented to add positions that will be fully funded by MHSA
9.    Conduct first hearing of a proposed ordinance to amend the Master Schedule of
      fees, Charges and Recovered Costs by adding subsection 910(e), 934.1, 939.1,
      940.1, 943.1, and 948(c); by deleting subsection 935, and 944-946; and by
      amending Subsection 903-941 and 943-950 of Section 900, and amending
      Subsection 2585 of Section 2500 relating to fees for the Department of Public
      Health environmental health services and land use review; waive reading of the
      ordinance in its entirety; and set the second hearing for April 8, 2008
10.   Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute an Agreement with Netsmart
      New York, Inc., to Implement a New Integrated Mental Health Information
      System; adopt Resolution increasing appropriations and estimated revenues for
      the Mental Health Services Act Project Implementation Org 56679055 in the
      amount of $760,610 in order to begin implementation of the new mental health
      information system (4/5 vote)
11.   Board of Supervisors' Committee Reports - Receive and provide direction (this item
      reserved for committee reports by members of the Board of Supervisors)
12.   Board Appointments - (List attached in packet and available at Clerk to Board's Office)
                                                                              Page 3

13.   Closed Session
      a. Conference with legal counsel - Existing Litigation; Government Code section
         54956.9(a); County of Fresno v. Robert G. Zapata, at al.; Fresno County
         Superior Court Case No. 07 CE CG 03551
      b. Conference with Real Property Negotiator, Government Code section
         54956.9. Property: 1206 Van Ness Avenue, Fresno, CA .; County Negotiator:
         John Navarrette, Director of General Services. Negotiating Parties: Wells
         Fargo Bank, N.A., Owner. Under Negotiation: Update regarding purchase of
         the property
      c. Conference with Labor Negotiator Government Code section 54957.6:
         Agency Negotiator: Ralph Jimenez; Employee Organization: All Bargaining
         Units and Management and Unrepresented Employees - Hours, Wages and
         Terms and Conditions of Employment
      d. Pending Litigation, Government Code Section 54956.9(a), King v. County of
         Fresno, et al.
      e. Pending Litigation, Government Code Section 54956.9 (a) Workers'
         Compensation Board Case No. FRE 204455 Vargas v. County of Fresno
      f. Public Employee Appointment or Employment, Government Code section
         54957 - Title: County Counsel

                                  NOON RECESS
                                                                                                       Page 4

                                                   2:00 P.M.

14.         Afternoon Consent Agenda - Item Numbers 46 – 50
            - These matters are routine in nature and are usually approved by a single vote. Prior to action
              by the Board, the public will be given the opportunity to remove any item from the Consent
            - Items removed from the Consent Calendar may be heard immediately following approval of
              Consent Calendar or set aside until the department can be notified and its representative is in
              the board room
Administrative Office
15.         Receive verbal overview of the Central Valley Business Incubator and the
            services provided to the Central Valley
16.         Conduct public protest hearing to consider levying assessment for maintenance
            of Reno Avenue benefitting thirteen additional parcels within proposed
            Annexation No. 1 to Zone "AJ" of County Service Area No. 35
17.         Consider and approve recommended candidate project list to submit to Council
            of Fresno County Governments as County candidate projects for competitive and
            lifeline Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality and lifeline Regional Surface
            Transportation Program funding
18.         Receive progress report of outreach and implementation efforts for new Facade
            and Commercial Enhancement Program
19.         Adopt resolution approving Mitigated Negative Declaration prepared for Initial
            Study Application No. 5896; approve General Plan Amendment Application No.
            524 as second General Plan Amendment of 2008 amending McLane Community
            Plan of Fresno County General Plan by redesignating three parcels totaling 1.79
            acres from Low Density Residential to Limited Industrial; and adopt Ordinance
            approving Amendment Application No. 3777, with conditions, rezoning said
            parcel from AL-20 District to M-1(c) District, limited to uses of animal hospitals
            and shelters and caretaker's residence
20.         Adopt resolution authorizing simultaneous rescission of Agricultural Land
            Conservation Contract Nos. 25, 53 and 6127 and entry into new Agricultural
            Land Conservation Contracts pursuant to Government Code Section 51257 of
            Land Conservation Act of 1965; and authorize recording of new Agricultural Land
            Conservation Contracts following signature by Chairman
21.         Consider and approve proposal to transfer staffing and administrative support
            functions of Fresno County Airport Land Use Commission from Department of
            Public Works and Planning to Council of Fresno County Governments; and direct
            staff to prepare Memorandum of Understanding effectuating the transfer of duties
22.         Public Presentations (This portion of the meeting reserved for persons desiring to address
            the Board on any matter not on this agenda - Pursuant to Administrative Policy No. 29,
            presentations are limited to 5 minutes per person and no more than 15 minutes per topic)
                                                                                            Page 5


April 8, 2008 - 9:00 AM
April 22, 2008 - 9:00 AM

Requests for disability-related modification or accommodation needed in order to participate in the
meeting must be made to the Clerk to the Board of Supervisors (559) 488-3529 no later than Monday at
9:00 a.m.

Morning Consent Agenda
                                                                                          Page 6

              MORNING CONSENT AGENDA – Item Numbers 23 – 45
          (Any Board Member may pull any consent item for discussions on separate vote)
Board of Supervisors
23.   Approve minutes of March 11, 2008

Supervisor Case
24.   Adjourn in remembrance of Mrs. Phyllis Laverne Baird. Mrs. Baird a lifelong
      resident of Sanger graduating with honors from Sanger High School and Fresno
      State University. Mrs. Baird was involved in the family business in Sanger,
      Edgar Furniture Co., until retiring in 1994. Mrs. Baird will be remembered for her
      love of family, friends the community and her music. She was honored in 1994
      as Sanger's Mother of the Year
25.   Adjourn in memory of Roberta Boren, a long time resident of Fresno County,
      beloved wife and mother, wonderful friend and co-worker, devoted Fresno
      County employee and former Caruthers Unified School Board Member. Her
      vibrant spirit and bountiful energy touched and blessed everyone who knew her.
      Roberta will be deeply missed.

Supervisor Larson
26.   Adopt Resolution supporting the formation of the Mendota Sugar Beet

County Clerk/Registrar of Voters
27.   Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute an Agreement with DFM
      Associates, Inc., for continued support of the Elections Information Management
      System ($647,850)
28.   Conduct second reading of Amendment to Fresno County Master Schedule of
      Fees, Charges and Recovered Costs Ordinance Subsection 800, Sections
      807(a) and 807(b) - Election Hourly Rates; and waive reading of ordinance in its

29.   Approve and authorize a submission of a grant application to the State of
      California, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Grant Assistance Program

County Counsel
30.   Approve and authorize County Counsel to file disclaimer of interest on terms and
      conditions, in State-initiated eminent domain case affecting Gale Avenue right-of-
                                                                                   Page 7

Administrative Office
31.   Approve Salary Resolution Amendments as noted on Appendix "D", on file with
      the Clerk to the Board, effective June 16, 2008; delete one vacant Health
      Promotion Manager (Band E) position, one vacant Nursing Services Manager
      (Band E) position, and two vacant Division Manager – Community Health
      Services (Band E) positions; and add one Assistant Director of Public Health
      (Band D) position and three Public Health Program Manager (Band E) positions;
      retitle all sections contained within the Fresno County Salary Resolution
      associated with the Department’s title change from Community Health to Public
32.   Approve the Salary Resolution Amendments as shown on Appendix "E", on file
      with the Clerk to the Board, to delete one vacant Community Mental Health
      Specialist I/II position and one vacant Secretary I/II/III/IV position, add one
      Program Technician I/II- Confidential position, retitle one Program Technician I/II
      position to Program Technician I/II - Confidential, and reclassify one Principal
      Staff Analyst position to Behavioral Health Business Manager in Org. 5630; and
      place the Supervising Office Assistant, Office Assistant, Program Technician,
      and Secretary positions including the Confidential positions in partial combination
      within the existing groups for Org. 5630, 5601, and 5602, effective May 5, 2008
33.   Approve budget resolution increasing appropriations and revenues in Budget
      Org. 0120 County Administrative Office FY 2007/08 in the amount of $20,250 for
      the appropriation of unanticipated revenues received by the Fresno County
      Regional Enterprise Zone (4/5 vote required)
34.   Approve a Modified Voluntary Furlough Leave Program for management and
      unrepresented employees for FY 2008-09. Authorize the Director of Personnel
      Services to enter into agreements with interested employee organizations
      regarding a Modified Voluntary Furlough Leave Program for represented
      employees for FY 2008-09
35.   Approve Addendum to Memorandum of Understanding for Representation Unit
      42, Association of County Engineers, regarding participation in the California
      State Disability Insurance program
36.   Approve Resolutions Rejecting Claims for Damages

Agreements - Approve and Authorize Chairman to Execute
37.   Agreement with Silveira Enterprises d.b.a. Fresno Legal Services to provide
      County wide process services, and other legal support ($1,680,000 over three
38.   Retroactive Agreement with the State Department of Mental Health for
      psychiatric hospital beds and services for severely mentally ill consumers
39.   Amendment to Agreement A-05-524 with City of Fresno ($154,551) and
      Amendment to Agreement A-05-525 with KWPH Enterprises, d.b.a. American
      Ambulance ($137,500), for dispatching of Fresno City Fire Department by the
      Fresno County Emergency Medical Services Communications Center
                                                                                                 Page 8

40.                   Amendment to Agreement No. A-07-171 with the California State Association of
                      Counties for CaIWORKs Information Network (CaIWIN) staffing for the 18
                      CaIWIN counties ($990,651)
41.                   Authorize the Chairman to submit an application and to execute the subsequent
                      agreement with the Corrections Standard Authority (CSA) for continued funding
                      of the Mentally III Offender Crime Reduction grant program ($997,770) and
                      approve Resolution authorizing the Chairman to submit the application and
                      execute the grant award agreement with CSA, including any amendments and/or
42.                   Application, Certification of Assurance of Compliance and agreement; and
                      authorize the Chief Probation Officer to submit grant application ($666,545) for
                      the Victim Witness Program to the Office of Emergency Services
43.                   Amended and Restated Memorandum of Understanding between the County of
                      Fresno and the City of Coalinga and the Coalinga Redevelopment Agency
44.                   Approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the Amendment for the High Risk
                      RIFA/Bee Hive Inspection Program Agreement with the California Department of
                      Food and Agriculture ($43,897) and to sign the Contractor Certification Clauses
45.                   Retroactive Amendment to Revenue Agreement #05-164 with the California
                      Department of Public Health for laboratory testing services, bringing the contract
                      maximum to $281,300
Afternoon Consent Agenda
                                                                                         Page 9

            AFTERNOON CONSENT AGENDA – Item Numbers 46 – 50
         (Any Board Member may pull any consent item for discussions on separate vote)
Administrative Office
46.   Adopt proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration prepared for Initial Study
      Application No. 5739 for Annadale Culvert Widening Project located 600 feet
      west of MacDonough Avenue in unincorporated area of Fresno County; and
      authorize Department of Public Works and Planning to proceed with final design
      for Annadale Culvert Widening Project
47.   Adopt Resolution of Necessity, authorization to institute Eminent Domain
      proceedings; and authorization to deposit funds in Fresno County Superior Court
      for Auberry Road at Millerton Road Left Turn Channelization Construction Project
      (4/5 Vote)
48.   Adopt resolution declaring surplus County-owned excess property located at
      1417 and 1485 N. Academy, Sanger; and authorize Clerk to the Board to publish
      Notice of Intention to sell County-owned excess property for minimum bid of
      $95,000 by public auction at 2:00 p.m. on April 22, 2008 (4/5 Vote)
49.   Adopt plans and specifications for Contract No. 07-15-C, Willow Pedestrian Path
      Project; and authorize Director of Department of Public Works and Planning to
      advertise for bids and set bid opening date
50.   Adopt plans and specification for Contract No. 07-22-C, Academy Avenue -
      Manning to North, Clearing and Grubbing and Construction of Irrigation Facilities;
      and authorize Director of Department of Public Works and Planning to advertise
      for bids and set bid opening date

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