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     A publication by the students for the Ramapo College community                                                      THURSDAY, February 11, 2010                   XL No. 13

                                                   Snowed In
                                                                                                                                                                     photo by Michael Jagendorf

A snowstorm that brought up to 20 inches of snow to parts of New Jersey closed Ramapo College on Wednesday. As of late
Wednesday night, the storm also delayed todayʼs opening until 11 a.m. for offices and 11:15 a.m. for classes.

High Hopes for ʻRamapo Rumorsʼ Despite Mixed Reviews
By JILL GRIMALDI                                  bridge between the Ramapo student popula-       answers to their questions,” said Noelle        and monitor what is being asked,” Nocera
Staff Writer                                      tion and Ramapo’s administration.               Nocera, SGA secretary of personnel.             said. “Once a rumor is posted, I bring it to
                                                    “This joint initiative between SGA and the      Students can “friend” Ramapo Rumors on        Pat Chang's attention, and we will conduct
  A Facebook page called Ramapo Rumors,           administrative staff to help quell rumors was   Facebook by searching “RamapoRumors             the proper research and talk to the correct
created by SGA and some of Ramapo’s pro-          inspired by the rumors that bubbled up after    Ramapo SGA.” Students can then post ques-       people in order to find out the answer.”
fessional staff, was launched earlier this        the incident in the Village last semester,”     tions that they have on the Ramapo Rumors         SGA students, rather than Ramapo profes-
semester.                                         said Associate Vice President for Student       Facebook wall and someone from SGA will         sional staff, have been chosen to manage
  The page, which currently has more than         Affairs Pat Chang.                              respond with an answer.                         Ramapo Rumors in order to make the page
100 friends, aims to put an end to false infor-     “We wanted students to feel as though they       “I am the administrator of the Facebook
mation spread across campus by creating a         have a place to voice any concerns get          group, which means I facilitate the questions            see RUMORS on page 6
Ramapo Among 100 Most Affordable Colleges
Page 2 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                    Thursday, February 11, 2010

         TCNJ and Rutgers Still Top Two In New Jersey
By DIANA STANCZAK                                  More than 500 public four-year colleges      and financial aid, including tuition, room      will result in an increase in selectivity of
Staff Writer                                     were analyzed for Kiplinger’s list. In order   and board, mandatory fees and books. Out-       admitted students – an aspect where
                                                 to narrow the list down, the schools were      of-state rankings were calculated by using      Ramapo has the edge over Rutgers.
   Ramapo College has made a name for            first judged on academic quality, including    out-of-state tuition fees.                      Kiplinger’s website lists Ramapo’s admis-
itself among public institutions of higher       SAT/ACT scores, admission and retention          Since Ramapo’s debut on the list five         sion rate at 46 percent, whereas Rutgers
learning nationwide due to its inclusion in      rates, student- faculty ratios and four and    years ago, application rates have been          admits 56 percent of its applicants. The
the February 2010 issue of Kiplinger’s                                                                                                          College of New Jersey has a 42 percent
Personal Finance Magazine on its list of the                                                                                                    admission rate.
“100 Best Values in Public Colleges.”
 This is Ramapo’s fifth consecutive year on                                                                                                       “I chose Ramapo based on
                                                                                                                                                  the facts that even though I
the list, and the college has advanced in
ranking from No. 66 to No. 49 in the nation
for in-state tuition and fees.                                                                                                                      was torn between a few
  “Our continued ascension in Kiplinger’s
confirms the message that we have been
                                                                                                                                                   schools, Ramapo was the
conveying to prospective students: that                                                                                                                 least expensive.”
Ramapo provides a high quality education

                                                                                                                                                        - Daniel Dewnig, freshman
at an affordable cost,” said Christopher
Romano, director of enrollment manage-
ment at Ramapo.
                                                                                                                                                    “In accordance with our five year
                                                                                                                                                Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, we
This is Ramapo’s fifth consec-                                                                                                                  are looking to stabilize our first-year class
utive year on the list, and the                                                                                                                 at around 900 students. This will allow us

College has advanced in rank-
                                                                                                                                                to accommodate the incoming demand of
                                                                                                                                                first year students to live in residence and
ing from No. 66 for No. 49 in
                                                                                                                 photo cortesy of
                                                 Ramapo continues to climb the college rankings, providing students with a                      match with the current resources we have
the nation for in-state tuition                  top-rate education for a relatively competitive price.                                         available to provide the high quality educa-
                                                                                                                                                tion that we have been providing,” Romano
          and fees.                                                                                                                             said.
                                                 six year graduation rates.                     steadily rising. According to Romano, there       Senior Kristen Potanka said, “In my last
                                                   According to, “No school       has been a 9.7 percent increase in the total    semester having applied to graduate school,
 Ramapo is one of three public New Jersey        is a bargain if it skimps on quality.”         number of applications Ramapo receives.         I have learned Ramapo truly has excellence
colleges that made the list, trailing behind       Freshman Daniel Sewnig said, “If you’re        “Our goal is not to only increase the quan-   in our educational reputation. Many of the
The College of New Jersey (No. 23) and           getting the same quality at two schools but    tity of the applications, but the quality of    schools are impressed with such a back-
Rutgers State University (No. 48) for in-        one is less expensive, you’re going to want    the applications and the incoming first-year    ground I have gain in my years at
state tuition and fees. For out-of-state rank-   to go there. I chose Ramapo based on the       classes,” Romano explained.                     Ramapo.”
ings, Ramapo is in the middle of the two,        fact that even though I was torn between a        “Last year, we were able to increase the       Ramapo has also been named to the U.S.
with The College of New Jersey ranked No.        few schools, Ramapo was the least expen-       applicant pool by 20 SAT points and we          News and World Report’s 2010 list of Best
5 and Rutgers University ranked No. 38.          sive.”                                         would like to see that trend continue as        Master’s Universities in the northern
  Ramapo is currently ranked No. 20 for            After trimming the list down to about 120    well,” he added.                                United States at No. 27.
out-of-state value.                              schools, Kiplinger’s then focuses on cost         Higher application rates and SAT scores

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        AROU N D THE

GivesMeHope Sparks Shift to the Positive
                                                                                                                                                            Thursday, February 11, 2010

                                    Anti-‘FML’ Website Provides Optimisim
By KERI ANN FLACCOMIO                           negative.”                                           FMyLife became popular by February            created GivesMeHope to get people to stop
Staff Writer                                     Sproul attributes this high percentage to the    2009, with a book release following in June      posting about the incidents that ruined their
                                                media’s focus on negativity in advertising.       of last year. The site currently receives 1.7    days, and instead start posting about things
  For generations, the adage “misery loves       “In order to sell products,” he said, “is con-   million hits per day.                            that made them.
company” has played out in real life. In this   stantly trying to convince us that who we are       FMyLife allows users to make short anec-           On the About the Site section of
age of technology, people flock to the          and what we have is inadequate…It keeps           dotal posts about one-of-a-kind negative         GivesMeHope, Spartz and Montero wrote,
Internet each day to use blogs and social       us in a constant state of feeling deprived and    daily experiences. Others can vote on            “We’re tired of hearing about what’s wrong
networking sites—such as Facebook and           believing the world is violent and selfish.”      whether the user’s life is as terrible as they   in this world…GMH is where people share
Twitter—to share their experiences with                                                           claim, or if the user “totally deserved it.”     with the world their most hopeful, uplifting
others and receive feedback. As a result, the    “...[O]n average, 80 percent                     Posts follow a formula that starts with          moments and allow others to draw strength
Web has given rise to a battle of optimism
                                                  of the thoughts Americans                       “Today,” and ends with “FML,” undoubted-         from their experiences. It’s like Chicken

                                                 have in a day are negative.”
and pessimism on certain sites.                                                                   ly ending on a negative note.                    Soup for the Soul—the 21st Century,
  Studies have shown that humans have an                                                              Emerson Spartz, 22, worked with his          Twitter-style version.”
average of 60,000 thoughts a day and that a                - Prof. Robert Sproul                  fiancé, Gaby Montero, 22, to create a              Posts on GivesMeHope start with a topic
majority of them are negative, drawing peo-                                                       response to FMyLife in May 2009. This            sentence in bold, followed by an explana-
ple to “downer” messages to which they can                                                        response came in the form of a similar blog      tion of a related inspirational occurrence.
relate.                                           One Web site that allows for the perpetua-      site called GivesMeHope. The site’s tagline      Users can comment on the posts, vote on
   “I saw a study about a year ago,” said       tion of negative thoughts is, a       reads, “Like FML, but for optimists!”            whether they “love this,” and share the con-
Robert Sproul, convener and assistant pro-      communal blog created on Jan. 13, 2008 by              Spartz is president and CEO of              tent on Facebook and Twitter. The following
fessor in the Social Sciences and Human         Maxime Valette, Guillaume Passaglia and           MuggleNet—a Harry Potter fan site he cre-        is an example of a post on GMH:
Services department at Ramapo College,          Didier Guedj. It is the English version of        ated when he was 12–years-old, and                 “My softball team was having a car wash

Guest Lecturer on Soviet and Polish History
“that found that, on average, 80 percent of     their original French Web site, Vie de            Montero is the founder of and
the thoughts Americans have in a day are        merde.                                            co-founder of The couple                           see GMH on page 6

By SAMANTHA ULLRICH                                Countries engaged in anti-Semitic              but Professor Bemporad brought light to            Excerpts from poems and newspaper
Staff Writer                                    behaviors, causing Jews to feel increas-          how the Soviet Jews were treated by the          articles from the Yiddish paper,
                                                ingly unwelcomed citizens. However,               Polish,” junior Matt Danko said.                 Oktiaber (meaning, October,) were pre-
    The Center for Holocaust and                during the early 1930s, the Jews of                 Bemporad discussed that Jews were              sented by Professor Bemporad. A Soviet
Genocide Studies and the History Club                                                                                                              Jew wrote in an article published in
welcomed Professor Elissa Bemporad of                                                                                                              February of 1937, “In Poland, if you hit
Queens College to campus Monday, to                                                                                                                a Jew, steal from him, and even kill him,
speak about the lives of Soviet Jews                                                                                                               you become a national hero.”
before the Holocaust.
                                                                                                                                                   The segregation even extend-
  Students and guests gathered to hear
Bemporad present her lecture titled
“Nazi Germany and Anti-Semitic                                                                                                                      ed to universities in Poland
Poland in the Eyes of Soviet Jews.”                                                                                                                   that introduced “ghetto
                                                                                                                                                   benches” where Jewish stu-
 “We all know how the Jews                                                                                                                            dents were forced to sit.
were treated by the Nazis dur-
    ing the Holocaust, but                                                                                                                           “I think Professor Bemporad was try-
Professor Bemporad brought                                                                                                                         ing to dispel the view we have of the
 light to how the Soviet Jews                                                                                                                      Soviet Jews, having been under siege in

 were treated by the Polish.”
                                                                                                                                                   the late 1930s,” said Michael Riff, pro-
                                                                                                                                                   fessor and director of Holocaust and
                                                                                                                       photo by Smantha Ullrich    genocide studies.
                                                Professor Michael Riff welcomes Elissa Bemporad to the campus for her                                The lecture concluded with questions
          - Matt Danko, junior                  lecture on Soviet Jews before the Holocaust.                                                       from the audience in which Bemporad
                                                                                                                                                   answered based upon her knowledge.
  Bemporad explained the history of the         Russia and other territories comprising           considered inassimilable to the Polish;          She gave the audience a fair understand-
Jewish community in Russia, the Soviet          the Soviet Union, for the first time in           they were unable to fit into Polish cul-         ing of how Jews were treated prior to
Union, and Poland before the                    history, were legally emancipated and             ture. Jewish integration was also denied         the Holocaust.
Holocaust. Jews were forced to live in          living under the regime of the Soviet             by Polish leaders at this time. The seg-           “I have benefitted from this lecture. It
the Pale of Settlement, a region of             Union that made serious efforts to com-           regation even extended to universities in        gave me a new perspective on a differ-
Imperial Russia, along its western bor-         bat anti-Semitism.                                Poland that introduced “ghetto benches”          ent part of Europe’s Jews. I left knowing
der, in which the permanent residence of          “We all know how the Jews were treat-           where Jewish students were forced to             more than I did going in,” freshman
Jews was allowed.                               ed by the Nazis during the holocaust,             sit.                                             Rebekah Schogel said.
Page 4 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                   Thursday, February 11, 2010

                                       Roving                                                  Reporter
                                        “Whatʼs the most cliché thing about Valentineʼs Day?”
                                                        Question and Photographs by Erica Buchman

  “Having a friend or                           “Proposing.”                “The little candy hearts                  “Giving someone a                      “Getting a box of
family member as your                                                       with the words on them                          rose.”                             chocolates.”
      valentine.”                          -Kristen Obolsky                     (Sweethearts).”
                                             Sophomore                                                                  -Jesus Mercado                      -Mary Ransegnola
        -Alex Jones                                                                 -Annie Smith                            Junior                               Junior
           Junior                                                                    Sophomore

SGA Creates Haiti Relief Student Planning Committee
Group Discusses Ways to Aid Country, Including “Hearts for Haiti” and Candlelight Vigil
By AMY FEZZA                                    events to benefit Haiti are events he would    Americans who claim that the Haitians do        Imagination: The Art of Haitian Master
Staff Writer                                    attend.                                        not deserve U.S. aid, but I believe they are    Hector Hyppolite” is now open in the
                                                                                               not informed about Haiti’s true history, and    Pascal Gallery at Ramapo College and

                                                       “I acknowledge...
   Ramapo College students, faculty and                                                        the deep structural, economic and political     continues through April 21.
staff are doing their part in aiding the vic-                                                  causes of Haitian poverty,” Augis said.            Hyppolite painted postcards for the
tims of the Haiti earthquake disaster that         Americans who claim that                      Freshman Sara Gordon said her first reac-     American marines visiting Haiti, and his
struck Port-au-Prince three weeks ago.
   On Jan. 12, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake
                                                  the Haitians do not deserve                  tion was of shock.
                                                                                                 “It was something I couldn’t comprehend,
                                                                                                                                               decorative architectural painting brought
                                                                                                                                               him to the attention of DeWitt Peters,
struck the country leveling buildings and          U.S. aid, but I believe they                and I just couldn’t grasp it.”                  founder and director of the Centre d’Art in
killing hundreds of thousands, leaving              are not informed about                       Gordon is also an SGA Delegate and will       Port-au-Prince.

                                                  Haiti’s true history, and the
those that survived without food and water.                                                    help with furthering fundraisers to con-

                                                                                                                                                 “We should give statistics,
  Deaths are estimated to be over 150,000,                                                     tribute to Haiti relief.
as reported by the Haitian Health Ministry.        deep structural, economic                     “That would be a great experience for stu-
According to The European Union and the
                                                    and political causes of                    dents to be able to give back. It will really      donate money and bring
                                                                                                                                                 more attention to the Haiti
Pan American Health Organization, there                                                        make them more aware of what’s going on
are over 200,000 deaths and roughly 1.5                Haitian poverty.”                       in Haiti,” said junior Maholy Torres when
million homeless and injured.                                                                  informed of all the fundraising Ramapo is          people’s struggle so this
  In response, SGA created the Haiti Relief
                                                   - Erin J. Augis, sociology professor
                                                                                               doing.                                             doesn’t happen again.”
Student Planning Committee. The group                                                             “I suggest that we have more awareness
met for the first time last week to discuss                                                    like the events SGA is holding so people
ways to offer aid to the victims.                 “I like these fundraiser ideas and I hope    understand the true magnitude of what                 - Freshman Valerie Canubas
  Fundraisers such as “Hearts for Haiti,” a     people come out to support them like I         happened in Haiti. We should give statis-
Pre Valentine’s Day fundraiser, was held        plan to,” Howard said.                         tics, donate money and bring more atten-
on Feb. 9 in the Student Center. Flowers,         Decades of poverty, environmental degra-     tion to the Haiti people’s struggle so this          Many students and faculties like
candy, and singing cupids were sold and         dation, violence, economical instability       doesn’t happen again,” said freshman            Gorewitz and Augis are happy to see
will be delivered to dorms on Sunday, Feb.      and broken government are all contribut-       Valerie Canubas.                                Ramapo helping with the Haiti relief.
13.                                             ing factors to Haiti’s title as the poorest      “My first reactions were shock and deep         Ramapo College’s student government is
  Also, a ‘Candlelight Vigil’ will take place   nation in the Americas.                        sadness and I hoped for charity, organizing     still discussing different ways to aid the
on Feb. 12, for the one-month anniversary        Ramapo College sociology Professor Erin       and teaching,” said C.A. Professor Shalom       victims of the Haiti earthquake. If you
of the earthquake. This will occur at the       J. Augis has a Ph.D. in Sociology and spe-     Gorewitz, who visited Haiti years ago.          have any suggestions on what else they can
Arch, and in case of inclement weather,         cializes in African Studies. Augis said that      Gorewitz is involved in developing the       do,     contact    Student     Government
inside of Friends Hall. There will be music     the country’s history “points to the coun-     College’s institutional relationship with       Association in office (SC-223). For further
and candles. The time will be announced.        try’s long legacy of struggle.”                Selden Rodman and others in the Haitian         information on how to help Haiti you can
  In the aftermath of the earthquake, many        Augis commends Ramapo’s efforts, and         art world. Ramapo’s Rodman Collection is        contact Wyclef’s Haiti foundation at
students and faculty have commented on          the widespread humanitarian achievements       one of the few remaining samples of    and the American Red
the dire issues Haiti faces.                    by the U.S. and many other countries.          Haitian art.                                    Cross at
   Vincent Howard, a junior, felt like the        “I acknowledge the existence of different      If you are interested in art, the “Mystical
 Students Take ‘Red’ Pledge For Women
Page 5 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                         Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Women’s Center Observes Heart Association Day
By JILL GRIMALDI                                  some heart attack symptoms that occur            Laura Hahn, the Women’s Center employ-           one they lost to heart disease on a red
Staff Writer                                      more often for women than for men.               ee responsible for organizing the event.         paper heart. Students and staff could also
                                                  Since many of these symptoms can be                To advertise Ramapo’s observance of            pledge to be heart healthy. The hearts
 On Friday, the Women’s Center observed           attributed to stress, heart disease in           Wear Red, an e-mail was sent out to fac-         were displayed next to the table.
Wear Red for Women, a day devoted to              women is often overlooked.                       ulty and staff and a Daily Digest                  Campus EMTs were also present to give
raising awareness about heart disease in            A heightened awareness of the symp-            announcement was made.                           free blood-pressure screenings.
women. The Women’s Center set up in the                                                                                                               “I would like to urge everyone, not just
fishbowl, providing students with infor-                                                                                                            women, to go for their check ups and
mation about the disease.                                                                                                                           monitor their cholesterol and blood pres-
 Heart disease is currently the No. 1 killer                                                                                                        sure,” Hahn said in reference to her goals
for women in the United States. Wear Red                                                                                                            for the event.
for Women Day is sponsored by the                                                                                                                     “Working in the Women’s Center, one of
National Heart Association and is                                                                                                                   my biggest passions is women’s health,”
observed nationally each year on Feb. 5.                                                                                                            she added.
                                                                                                                                                       “I think it’s important to make people
                                                                                                                                                    aware that they are very easily at risk. I
 Heart disease is currently                                                                                                                         like that the American Heart Association

No. 1 killer for women in the
                                                                                                                                                    has this day, specifically for women.”
                                                                                                                                                      Although many students stopped by the
       United States.                                                                                                                               table over the course of the day, not many
                                                                                                                                                    were wearing red.
                                                                                                                                                      “I would have worn a cute red dress or
  According to the U.S. National Library                                                                                                            something if I had known about the
of Medicine, the symptoms that women                                                                                                                event,” said sophomore Emily Page
display when having a heart attack are                                                                                                              McDonald. “I wish there had been posters
often different from how doctors                                                                                                                    up or something.”
describe.                                                                                                                photo by Carolyn Herring       Still, many students stopped to take
 Although chest pain is the most common           Student volunteers take a break from spreading heart disease awarenes-                            notice and learned something from the
heart attack symptom in women and men,            sand pose for a photo in the ʻfishbowlʼ area outside the Womenʼs Center.                          information provided.
women can also have a heart attack with-                                                                                                               “This event showed me I need to start
out having any chest pain; women also             toms of heart disease is important, along          The Go Red table, which was staffed by         living healthier,” said sophomore Rosa
often lack the radiating left-arm pain that       with a commitment to prevention.                 Women’s Center employees and volun-              Gomez. “I’m going to start watching what
is commonly associated with heart                   “Many don’t know that just going for           teers, featured giveaways like red dress         I eat and exercising more regularly now,
attacks.                                          checkups, slightly modifying your eating         pins that represented the campaign’s logo.       because I want my heart to stay healthy.”

Need to Get Out of Mahwah? Study Abroad
     Fatigue, nausea, headaches, muscle           habits or not smoking could decrease the           Those who contributed encouraged stu-
spasms and shoulder and jaw pains are             chances of having heart disease,” said           dents and staff to write the name of some-

By HUMA MUNIR                                                                                                                                       dents, European students and international
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                        students in the class and they get a fully inte-
                                                                                                                                                    grated experience,” said Lisa Lessware, a
   Students gathered for the Study Abroad                                                                                                           Kingston University of London representa-
Fair on Monday to learn about study abroad                                                                                                          tive.
options for this year. The fair featured many
different international programs.
    “What we have here is faculty from
                                                                                                                                                      The fair represented almost
Ramapo who lead programs every summer                                                                                                                 45 countries with over 200
or [full] semester as well as foreign institu-                                                                                                        opportunities for students.
tions that come to represent their institutions
and external organizations that focus in
study abroad,” said Ben Levy, director of                                                                                                             Many students shy away from study abroad
study abroad at Ramapo.                                                                                                                             programs because of financial reasons.
   The fair represented almost 45 countries,                                                                                                           “A lot of students feel [cost] could be an
with over 200 opportunities for students to                                                                                                         obstacle but there are a lot of resources out
study abroad during the fall, spring or even                                                                                                        there besides their financial aid,” said Levy.
for a full year.                                                                                                                                      If a student is currently receiving financial
   There were representatives from institu-                                                                                 photo by Huma Munir
                                                                                                                                                    aid, the aid transfers to the study abroad pro-
tions such as Kingston University of              Representatives offered students brochures, applications and information.
                                                                                                                                                    gram. Levy also said that there are many
London, University of Limerick in Ireland                                                                                                           scholarships available at Ramapo and out-
and Northumbria University in England.            courses taught in English as well,” said         the opportunity to branch out and give me a      side institutions that are available to students
     Company representatives included             Laura Pfeifer, an ISA representative.            better understanding of people as a whole        studying abroad.
International Studies Abroad (ISA), Studio          “I like ISA. They have good programs,”         and seeing how the other side lives,” said          Some students are interested in studying
Art Centers International (SACI), Counsel         said Alexa Glynn, who is interested in study-    Remsas De La Rosa.                               abroad for the sake of cultural and linguistic
in International Educational Exchange             ing in Italy.                                      The organizations and institutions present     enlightenment.
(CIEE), American West Study Abroad and              ISA also offers over $60,000 in scholar-       at the fair targeted students of all majors,      “I would really like to get an accent out of
many more.                                        ships every year. Students are encouraged to     from the humanities to the math and sci-         it,” said Steve Keloy.
  “We offer 14 locations, 33 cities, anywhere     go online and fill out applications for grants   ences.                                            For further information, visit the Office of
in Spain, Europe, Latin America, [and]            and scholarships.                                  “We are a British University so American       Study Abroad in ASB 213.
Morocco. We are pretty much all over. We            “I am looking at France. I am very inter-      students have a real advantage coming over
offer a lot of language courses but also          ested in the program. I think it will give me    to the U.K. They get to meet the British stu-
 Rumors Website Lets  Butterfly Wings
Page 6 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                           Thursday, February 11, 2010

 SGA Clear Up Facts Scholarship to Help a
 Continued from page 1
                       Non-Sister Out
                                                 as aware of what happens on campus, in
                                                 order to provide the student body with
 more approachable.                              informative answers.
  “We have purposefully decided to choose          Student reactions to the page are mixed,        By LAUREN HAAG                                      do the same or want to help. It’s a great
 students to act as spokespeople for             from enthusiastic to dismissive.                  Staff Writer                                        idea; I wish I came up with it. They beat us
 Ramapo Rumors,” said Chang. “We                   “I don’t think I’ll ever use it,” junior Ali                                                        all [Greek organizations] to it,” said junior
 believe the student body will trust them        Mellilo said, “I’m glad it’s there for the          Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority will           Anthony Cascio, a member of the Inter-
 more, since they don’t have to worry about      students who want to though.”                      begin offering a “Butterfly Wings                  Greek Senate.
 their classmates simply feeding them the           “I’ll probably use it,” said sophomore          Scholarship” this semester. The $200                 The members of Theta Nu Xi established
 company line.”                                  Vicky Blume, “You hear a lot of crazy              scholarship will be awarded to a qualifying        rules and regulations for their scholarship.
   Beyond serving as a method for getting        rumors around campus, and we really have           female student at Ramapo, or for study             A quality applicant possesses dedication to
 information to students, this group is also     no way of knowing if they’re accurate              abroad by a matriculated student.                  their organizations tenets. The applicant
 a way for students to communicate infor-        unless you’re on SGA so I think this is a             The student must be a female without            must also state how multiculturalism is
 mation to the administration.                   good way to get the information out                Greek affiliation, who satisfies the organi-       important to her everyday life, or what
   “Many times students hear about events        there.”                                            zations’ values of multiculturalism, sister-       studying abroad will mean to her.
 before we do, since it often takes awhile         The people behind Ramapo Rumors are              hood, higher education, and passion. The             The applicant must maintain a minimum
 for incident reports to get onto our desks,”    hopeful that this project will take off, even      winner will receive not only the scholar-          GPA of 2.5 as well as state why they have
 said Chang. “This Web page will provide a       though few questions have been posted              ship, but also an appreciation dinner during       chosen to pursue higher education.
 more direct way for students to alert us to     thus far.                                          Founder’s Week, which occurs the week of            “We wanted the scholarship to go to some-
 any major incidents that happen on cam-           “My only concern right now is that it is         April 11. The details of the celebration din-      one non-Greek to break the barrier on cam-
 pus, so that we can respond as quickly as       not being utilized as much as I would              ner are still pending.                             pus between Greeks and non-Greeks, and to
 possible.”                                      like,” Nocera said. “I feel that this initia-        “This is something our organization does         fight the idea that Greeks look out for
  “This is also an excellent teaching oppor-     tive will enhance the Ramapo community             nationally in efforts to fulfill our motto of      Greeks only,” Nieves said.
 tunity that can be used to educate students     because this will cut through all of the           scholarship and service, as well as represent         “Ways we [Greek organizations] try to
 on Ramapo policies and procedures,”             exaggerations and answer student’s ques-           the positive aspects of Greek life. It’s some-     enhance Ramapo College academically is
 Chang said.                                     tions, so that campus rumors can finally           thing that is truly important to us,” said         through events we hold like academic pro-
    SGA representatives who answer the           stop at Ramapo Rumors.”                            Dara Monasch, alumni member of the                 grams about time management and study

GMH Site Combats
 queries on Ramapo Rumors need to be                                                                sorority.                                          sessions. We also try to bring the campus
 well versed in the Ramapo system, as well                                                           “We’re just starting and it’s hard to get the     together for Greeks and non-Greeks with
                                                                                                    word out. The campus administration isn’t          Meet the Greeks, talent shows, regular
                                                                                                    used to it; we are the first and only Greek        events; they’re for everyone,” said senior

Rampant Negativity
                                                                                                    organization awarding a scholarship to a           Allison Balcof, member of the Inter-Greek
                                                                                                    Ramapo student directly,” said senior              Senate.
                                                                                                    Yesenia Nieves, president of the chapter.            “We’ve all wanted to make more of an
                                                                                                      The “Butterfly Wings Scholarship” was            impact, and we need to. The scholarship is
                                                                                                    the created and fundraised by a Ramapo             a big step,” Cascio said.
                                                                                                    organization to be awarded to a Ramapo               “It is a great fact that an organization is
                                                                                                    student.                                           really working towards unifying the cam-
                                                 negative posts like the ones on           “[No organization] until now can pride          pus in a new way. Normally it is believed
Continued from page 3                            because they feel as though they can relate        themselves on being the first to start a           that Greeks are segregated, because the
                                                 to them more than positive posts. Loughrey         scholarship for Ramapo College. If they            scholarship is awarded to someone non-
to raise funds to buy some new jerseys.
                                                 points out, though, that there comes a time        can do it, we can do it,” said senior              Greek- it is a wonderful prospect to connect
While free donations were accepted, not
                                                 to move away from the downers and look to          SháQuan Holmes, Inter Greek Senate                 all campus life,” said junior Mitch
many people were coming to support us. All
                                                 something new.                                     External Vice President.                           Gorbunoff, senate president of SGA.
of a sudden, a homeless man came up to us
                                                   “FML was interesting for a while,” he said,        “It’s a positive change that I hope creates        “The scholarship will show the campus
and gave us 78 cents and said, ‘I don’t have
                                                 “but I realized that a lot of people were just     an influence. Anything positive in an aca-         that Greek life truly supports academic
much, but I hope that this helps a little.’
                                                 posting random things that they didn’t par-        demic way is always a good thing,” said            excellence. People have misconceptions
People who have little, but still give a lot,
                                                 ticularly like about their lives. After finding    Jonathan Velez, the graduate assistant for         that Greek organizations don’t give back.
                                                 GMH, I realized that it’s much more enter-         fraternity and sorority life on campus.            They’re doing great and this is going to be
  Sproul encourages the idea of GMH and
                                                 taining to read about the things people do as        “It’s a small step in the right direction, but   great for Ramapo, and Greek life itself,”
praises the site as a much-needed dose of
                                                 random acts of kindness.”                          one that will have a lot of impact. If they        said senior Desiree Pena, president of the
positive energy.
                                                   “Anyone can post an FML saying that they         can do it, other organizations will step up to     United Cultural Greek Council.
  “We, as a society, need a paradigm shift,”
                                                 stubbed their toe or something,” Loughrey
he said. “I think we are very cranky and it
                                                 added, “but it takes something significant to
also becomes addictive. One very bright
                                                 justify posting on GMH. Acts of kindness a
light in some terrible darkness has been the
                                                 la GMH are much harder to come by than
wonderful response to the tragedy in
                                                 the instances that make you want to swear.”
Haiti… Sometimes it takes a real crisis to
                                                   Loughrey and Harris do not feel that peo-
get our attention and, perhaps, to show us
                                                 ple will start using the term “GMH” in
how good and empathetic we can be,”
                                                 place of “FML,” because GivesMeHope is
Sproul said.
                                                 not yet very well-known and because a cul-
   Anthony Harris, a Ramapo senior and
                                                 ture focused on negativity for centuries
men’s outreach coordinator for the
                                                 does not change overnight.
Women’s Center, thinks that people are
                                                   Sproul however, optimistic as always, has
drawn to negativity as the result of a power
                                                   “I so hope it catches on,” he said, “because
  “It’s easier to focus on the negative than
                                                 I do believe people want to be happy and
the positive because the positive in your life
                                                 need models and opportunities to see that
you control,” he said. “However, the nega-
                                                 they are already complete and can do pro-
tive, for the most, you may not be able to
                                                 foundly positive things and—critical in
change because it’s something you cannot
                                                 this—that those things will make them
                                                 happy more than all the ‘stuff’ we have
  Ramapo sophomore Dan Loughrey thinks
                                                 been taught to ‘need’ or the changes we
                                                                                                                                                                         photo by Keri Ann Flaccomio
that people have a tendency to lean toward                                                         Sophomore Dan Loughrey checks the GiveMeHope Web site every few days
                                                 need to make in ourselves.”
                                                                                                   to read some uplifting posts and put himself in a good mood.
              VIEWPOINTS                                                                                                                                        Thursday, February 11, 2010

   Learning Life Lessons                                                                               Play Your Part to Change
       Campus views are the sole opinion of their respective authors, submitted to The Ramapo News and in no way reflect the views of either The Ramapo News or Ramapo College of New Jersey.

   via Louisiana Football                                                                               Ramapo for the Better
                                                a big way.                                                                                          capital projects and establishing new
                                                  The more I thought about it, though,                                                              majors. The Student Trustee also
                                                the more I realized that the mentality                                                              serves as an advocate for the college
                                                that Sean Payton and the rest of the                                                                at the community and state level. In
                                                Saints brought to the game on Sunday                                                                years past, Student Trustees have
                                                night is how I should approach life in                                                              done this by working with State offi-
                                                general. Things aren’t always going to                                                              cials to avoid cuts to colleges that led
                                                go my way. I’m going to face big odds                                                               to tuition increases.
                                                and there will be opportunities where                                                                 The Student Governor, on the other
                                                I’m, at best, a long shot.                                                                          hand, sits on the College’s Board of
                                                  Like many of you, I’m three months                                                                Governors and Alumni. This position
                                                from graduating and starting real life.                                                             plays a major role in the fundraising
                                                While our economy and the job market                                                                efforts of the institution to help create
                                                have improved slightly over where                                                                   more opportunities for students at
                                                they were a year ago, it’s still a hyper             By TOM NG                                      Ramapo and to offset the costs creat-
                                                competitive place for us to get a foot in            SGA President                                  ed by state cuts.
                                                the door, let alone land a full-time pay-                                                               It is important to note that the
  Super Bowl XLIV may not have had a            ing job.                                              Are you tired of tuition increases?           Student Trustee and the Student
come-from-behind,         game-winning                                                              Are you interested in raising money             Governor both help to ensure that the
drive as time ran out as its two most                                                               for our institution? Are you looking to         student perspective is heard among
recent predecessors had. It had a                    I need to create my own                        make a lasting impression on Ramapo             administrators and other board mem-
greater storyline, though: it gave the             version of an onside kick. I                     College? Are you ready to make a dif-           bers. However, these students are also

                                                      need to take risks and
Katrina-ravaged city of New Orleans a                                                               ference?                                        expected to make decisions that not
Super Bowl victory in its first appear-                                                                The Student Trustee and Student              only benefit the student body, but also
ance in the big game.                                gamble when I feel it’s                        Governor positions are two of the               benefit the long-term interests of the
  The Saints came into the game as a                                                                most influential, prestigious and               college and all of its constituencies.
four-point underdog and beat Peyton                                                                 important positions a student can hold            Those students who fill these posi-
Manning, the greatest player I’ve ever                                                              on campus. They are also both open to           tions serve two-year terms. The first
seen play the game. How’d they do                  I need to stand out somehow. Sure,               any student planning to be at Ramapo            year acts as a training year, where the
that? I see three reasons: (1) The Saints       I’m happy with my résumé (an intern-                College for the next two years.                 student serves as the Alternate
made no mistakes. (2) Nawlins coach             ship where I did work I’m very proud                   As a former Student Trustee, I               Student Trustee or Alternate Student
Sean Payton played to win and (3)               of, extracurricular activities and good             understand the impact these roles can           Governor and has the opportunity to
Colts rookie coach Jim Caldwell                 grades) but other graduates I’m com-                have on Ramapo College and on the               attend all major board meetings and
played not to lose (which meant he was          peting against are going to be just as              student lucky enough to serve in these          learn from the sitting Student Trustee
too conservative when it mattered               qualified – if not more so.                         positions. The problem solving, nego-           or Governor. They may also vote in
most).                                            I need to create my own version of an             tiation and leadership skills that one          the trustee or governor’s absence. The
   I thought about these things on my           onside kick. If I play it conservatively            develops in these positions are                 next year, they serve fully and mentor
ride back to school on Sunday night. I          like Caldwell and the Colts did, if I run           incredibly valuable in any future               the future student board member.
thought about how Coach Caldwell                the ball on third-and-goal in a situation           endeavor that students face; whether               I sincerely hope that any student
played things too conservatively two            where I need a touchdown to keep my                 you plan to be a future corporate               interested in these positions or inter-
weeks ago when the Colts beat the Jets          team in the game, I won’t make it. I                executive or a high school teacher              ested in helping Ramapo to continue
– and did so again tonight. I thought           won’t succeed.                                      (like me), the experience of a Student          its growth as a premier institution in
about how Sean Payton (and, really,               I need to take risks, and gamble when             Trustee or Student Governor will pre-           New Jersey considers applying. Do it
the entire Saints team) played a looser,        I feel it’s appropriate. I can’t sit back           pare you for life.                              for your future. Do it for the institu-
more fun style of football, and how             and expect the world to come to me; I                 For this reason, I encourage any stu-         tion. Most of all, do it to be the
that worked to perfection against Indy.         need to take control of things on my                dent interested in these positions to           change you wish to see at Ramapo
  Sure, if the onside kick at the start of      own. That means applying to jobs early              come to the SGA (SC-223) or Student             College.
the second half had been recovered by           and often – even ones I don’t think I               Development office (second floor of
the Colts, we’d probably be looking at
two-time Super Bowl MVP Peyton
                                                can get.                                            the student center) before Feb. 19 to
                                                                                                    sign out a petition.
                                                                                                                                                        Want to know more?
                                                                                                                                                        Stop by SC-223 or the
                                                    But most importantly, I need to
Manning right now, hoisting the                 remember to have fun and not take                       The Student Trustee serves on
Lombardi Trophy for the second time             things too seriously. And, should I get             Ramapo’s Board of Trustees and has a                Student Development
                                                                                                                                                         office before Feb. 19
in four years. Except Payton’s gamble           a job I’m happy with, I can’t forget to             full vote on the board on nearly every
worked, the Saints got the ball back            celebrate – my own Bourbon Street                   major issue the college faces, which
and momentum swung toward them in               bash.                                               includes setting tuition, establishing                   for a petition.

                                         Got an opinion? Come and be heard.
                                                    Monday and Wednesday nights in SC 218
  ARTS                                                &
                                             E N T E RTA I N M E N T
Frank Vignola’s Hot Club Pays Homage to Gypsy Jazz
                                                                                                                                                              Thursday, February 11, 2010

BY SHARON MEYER                                  Julien Labro on the accordion.                      The Hot Club began by playing a moderate        taking turns each song, astonishing the
Staff Writer                                      Vignola has be known to put together some         paced piece, which then escalated into an        crowd as their fingers played the instru-
                                                 of the greatest musicians to create a sound        upbeat tune, bringing the audience to sud-       ments at the speed of lightning.
   Last Friday, Feb. 5, Ramapo celebrated        unlike any other.                                  den applause.                                       The Hot Club also stopped mid-song to
100 years of Django Reinhardt and gypsy            Stan Meyers, Jazz at the Berrie Center’s          Most of the tunes played on Friday were         pose for a picture, which showed a side of
jazz with a legendary performance by Frank       regular emcee, hosted the evening.                 derived from Reinhardt’s original music.         their sense of humor.
Vignola’s Hot Club in the Berrie Center on                                                                                                             On the note of humor, Vignolo proceeded
campus.                                                                                                                                              to introduce the only song with vocals that
  Reinhardt was the first hugely influential                                                                                                         they would play in the set.
jazz figure to emerge from Europe and                                                                                                                   They began to play a song called ‘PS I
remains one of the most influential                                                                                                                  Love You,’ looking around at each other as
Europeans to this day, as stated by numer-                                                                                                           to who was going to take the lead on vocals.
ous online biographies.                                                                                                                              They all broke out in a spoken word ‘PS, I
   Vignola is a leading proponent of                                                                                                                 love You’ at each break in the song. The
Reinhardt’s gypsy jazz style of playing. He                                                                                                          audience responded with a huge roar of
has assembled a top-notch quintet for a sear-                                                                                                        laughter.
ing tribute to one of his earliest musical                                                                                                             Lynn Dymond, a resident of Palisades Park
influences, Reinhardt.                                                                                                                               and a big fan of Vignolo, said Friday’s per-
  After studying at the Cultural Arts Center                                                                                                         formance marked the sixth time she has
of Long Island, Vignola began to build his                                                                                                           seen The Hot Club perform.
career, touring with Madonna, leon                                                                                                                      “He is great, absolutely amazing every
Redbone and Ringo Starr.                                                                                                                             time!” said Dymond. She heard of the
  In 1988, Vignola became the leader of his                                                                                                          band’s Ramapo appearance on WBGL - a
famed Hot Club of France tribute, which                                                                                                              radio station from Newark.
forged the way for the many Django Hot                                                                                  photo by Michael Jagendorf     Rebbeca Feynberg, a student at Ramapo,
Club groups that followed, as stated in his      Frank Vignola and the Hot Club performed in the Berrie Center on Friday,                            sat front row during the performance. When
biography.                                       honoring Django Reinhardt, the first hugely influential European jazz figure.                       asked about her thoughts on the perform-
   Modern Guitars Magazine has quoted,                                                                                                               ance, Feynberg said, “It was magnificent,
“Vignola lives in a music world without            “When you go home, tell all your friends          The set included ‘Tears,’ a Reinhardt orig-     incredible.”
boundaries. He and his group dial into           what they missed tonight,” he said.                inal, and other songs like ‘Rimsky                 To end the performance, Vignolo asked the
music from all over the planet and wrestle,         After a brief introduction, Meyers wel-         Korsakov,’ ‘Sounds of Silence’ and ‘Gypsy        audience for requests, in which many
cajole, and seduce it into a harmonious and      comed Vignola and the quintet to the stage.        Mania.’                                          responded, “Play ‘Tiko Tiko’ ” or “Play
sometimes quirky melting pot.”                     The band wasted no time by plugging in             “ ‘Brazil,’ which was recorded by Rein-        ‘After You’ve Gone.’ ”
  The members of the quintet include Vinny       their instruments and beginning to jam.            hardt in 1952, appeared on his last record,”       After the last song was played, the band
Raniolo on Guitar, Gary Mazzaroppi also          Even though they had driven 13 hours from          said Vignolo as he tuned his guitar to the       unplugged their instruments and headed
known as “Lord of the Low Frequencies” on        Kentucky to play at Ramapo on Friday, the          key of the song.                                 outside the auditorium to sign their CD and

Ramapo Professors Present Their Own Creative Work
Double Bass, Zach Brock on Violin and            entire band was full of enthusiasm on stage.         Each member completed their own solos          chat with their fans.

By FRANCESCA BARATTA                             bring us to a pace and a time and allow us to      left us all on edge in the middle of her short   writing skills. “A Weekend in Greece,”
Staff Writer                                     experience that space and time through her         story and the readings proceeded. Professor      about saying goodbye to a girlfriend he met
                                                 tone and attention to detail.”                     Samaras followed with 20 minutes of his          while working for TWA (Trans World
  On Feb. 8, 2010, the first session of the
                                                    “Hidden Works” showed this great atten-         unique and humorous poetry.                      Airlines), and “The Divorce Clerk,”
Readings at Ramapo series was held in the
                                                 tion to detail. It is a dramatic monologue           Samaras likes to write poetry to introduce     inspired by his work processing divorce
York Room at 1 p.m. Unlike previous writ-
                                                 about a woman who is in some kind of men-          himself to the audience. For this, he read       applications for his priest father. “[The
ers, these presenters did not have to travel
                                                 tal institution, and her short story showed        “Google My Name,” a poem describing the          divorce applications] were the saddest
far to read their work. Ramapo’s own teach-
                                                 the woman telling the tale of how she was          lives of all the other Nicholas Samaras of       things I’ve ever seen,” Samaras said.
ers, Professors Nicholas Samaras and Sasha
                                                 placed in an asylum.                               the world.                                         Both professors have their own creative
Troyan are the first poets and fiction writers
                                                   In her description of her life as a nanny, the     The recipient of many fellowships and          talents and yet both of their works captivat-
that will be coming to Ramapo to share their
                                                 woman describes the other character’s              awards, he is now working on two new             ed the audience.
great work.
                                                 clothes and environment with such detail           books of poetry, the second of which is           The next on-campus poetry reading will be
 As the director of the Readings at Ramapo
                                                 that the audience could clearly visualize          called “The Kidnapped Child.”                    on March 1 . The next day, the graphic nov-
series, James Hoch introduced these
                                                 them. Drawing the reader even more into              Samaras read a poem from the second half       elist Alison Bechdel will be reading from
respected writers that he knows personally;
                                                 the story and seemingly giving her charac-         of the book called “Escaped: Kidnapped           her works, including “Fun Home,” an auto-
they all work together. He said that it is
                                                 ter more credibility was Troyan’s lovely           Child Shoplifts Across Country,” which           biographical graphic novel about growing
interesting having teachers present their
                                                 British accent.                                    explains in hilarious detail the exact way to    up a lesbian in a family run funeral home.
work because the students “get to hear what
                                                    “Troyan’s voice coincided with the archi-       shoplift to remain undetected.                     For all who are interested, there will be a
they do creatively.”
                                                 tecture and time with her story,” junior             During his readings, he stopped to give out    discussion of the novel in the Women’s
 Troyan was the first to read from one of her
                                                 Johanna Colbath said. Freshman Jacqueline          many pieces of advice that correlated with       Center on Feb. 24 at 1 p.m. The 25 copies of
short stories, “Hidden Works.” She is the
                                                 Thomas agreed, also adding, “I thought             his poems. This advice ranged from words         the book are free at the Roadrunner Center
author of two novels, “The Forgotten
                                                 Troyan’s writing had a great fluidity to it        about love lives (“Don’t date women in           (only take the book if you’re really interest-
Island” and “Strangers in the Morning.”
                                                 and every writer should strive for that. I         other countries. Long distance never             ed in coming to the discussion).
Hoch complimented her work as he said,
                                                 would really like to take a class with her. ”      works.”) to different exercises that future
“Her work is utterly transporting. Few can
                                                    After 15 minutes of that reading, Troyan        authors and poets should do to explore their
                                                                  Esposito’s Offers Some Class
Page 9 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                 Thursday, February 11, 2010

 Dear John Captivates in
 Time for Valentineʼs Day                                         By AMANDA VALENTI                                                 Friendly staff makes it a pleasant bite out and the
By MELISSA VELOZ                                                  Staff Writer                                                   cooks are more than happy to cater to your specific
Staff Writer                                                                                                                     requests.
                                                                    When you walk into Esposito’s Pizza and Restaurant,            “No matter what request I have; strange and weird as
    Dear John opened nationwide in theaters on Feb. 5. The        located at 425 Forest Road in Mahwah, you are greeted          it may be, they always make it perfectly,” said Dennis
romantic drama was “absolutely amazing and even better than       with the restaurant’s beautiful Italian-styled walls. It is    Karayel, a frequent customer of Esposito’s.
the Notebook,” said Vanessa Sanchez, a Montclair State            like eating in a small Italian villa with delicious pizza to     Though not known for their desserts, a few varieties of
University student, who watched the film entirely with tears      match.                                                         cakes are available for an after meal sweet-tooth fix.
falling from her face.                                              Being located only ten minutes away from the Ramapo            Parking at the restaurant is not the best, so carpooling
  The romantic drama follows the story of a new couple. John,     College campus makes it very convenient for students.          is the best way to go. Only a few spots are offered in the
a soldier, meets and falls in love with Savanna within two           Traditional items such as grandma pizza, calzones,          front, so side parking will most likely be necessary.
weeks of seeing and getting to know each other. In the course     stuffed breads, large salads and a variety of other Italian      Once the smells of Italian cooking hit your senses as
of these short two weeks, you cannot help but fall in love with   favorites decorate the menu.                                   you walk through the door, the two minute walk will
their relationship as well.                                         An Esposito favorite is the grandma pie. Thin crust          have been worth it.
  During this time, John meets Savanna’s neighbor Tim and his     focaccia bread with a hint of garlic is complimented             If you enjoy a glass of wine with your meal or a cold
autistic son Alan, who are very close to Savanna and her fam-     with sweet crushed tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.              beer with your pizza, you should know that the restau-
ily. John is not the only one who meets someone very close         Each bite is an Italian delight in your mouth. The crust      rant is BYOB. If a fountain drink is more your style or
and dear to his significant other: Savanna also meets John’s      is thin enough so it does not take away from the other         you are under age, they offer free refills.
dad.                                                              ingredients, but rather compliments them.                        Customers cannot go wrong with any item they choose
   After a great deal of drama and tension between John,            For around $13 plus tax, two people can finish one           on the large menu. Even their soups will tickle your
Savanna and other characters, their relationship is weakened      grandma pie. This affordable delicacy is a treat to the        taste buds.
and John unfortunately has to return back to active duty.         taste buds.                                                      With the large variety Esposito’s offers, almost every-
  Although John’s deployment forces him to report back to           If customers are looking for variety, Esposito’s also        one will be satisfied with something on the menu.
duty, he and Savanna keep in touch through many detailed let-     offers different types of pizza, including grandma by          Being only ten minutes away from campus and costing
ters. He even comes to visit her whenever he can.                 the slice.                                                     between $6 and $10 per person, it is very practical for a
   Throughout the rest of the course of the film, John and          The overstuffed, cheesy calzones are a delicious meal        college student.
Savanna struggle through the hardships of distance and emo-       for one or two people, depending on hunger. Their                Buon Apetito!
tions. Every scene is powerful and the story really manages       large salads are a lighter way to enjoy the products of
to pull you into the plot and the characters.                     Esposito’s.
  John is played by Channing Tatum and his performance is            The restaurant also offers food for pick up. Simply                              OVERALL
incredible. Not only does he portray his character well but he    calling in any order with a wait of no more than 20 min-                             GRADE
emphasizes the emotions that his character feels in a very        utes makes it convenient for those who need to get back
                                                                  to homework.
believable performance.
  Like Tatum, Amanda Seyfried (Savanna) also plays her part
quite well. Honestly, her performance is shocking, mainly
because she is well known for playing a ditzy character in
Mean Girls. Seyfried definitely shows her versatility on the
screen with this performance; this is one of her best acts by
  Overall this is an A+ film. You will cry, love and experience
so many powerful emotions that you’d think you are involved
in the movie yourself. “Dear John” is definitely worth the time
and money to go see in theaters.

                   OVERALL GRADE
Who Will Win the Battle for the Oscars?
Page 10 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                           Thursday, February 11, 2010

                                             1991. Up was selected in favor of             Sean Penn won Best Actor last year for       actor gets the nod for Best Actor or
                                             Fantastic Mr. Fox – which many felt           his role as the gay politician, Harvey       Best Supporting Actor, it opens the
 Staff Writer
                                             should have been included on the now          Milk and Heath Ledger was nominated          eyes of many leading to future big time
                                             expanded list of ten. Had Mr. Fox been        for Brokeback Mountain in 2005.              roles. Secondly, a Best Picture win may
  It’s Oscar season again and the nomi-      nominated, it would have marked the             Also worth noting is this is Freeman’s     lead to a surge in the box office for the
nees have gone public. The list con-         first time two animated films were Best       fifth overall nomination and his third       f         i         l        m          .
tains numerous no-brainers, but there        Picture nominees in the same year.            nomination        for     Best     Actor.      If Avatar wins this year, we may see
were also some questionable decisions.         The other noteworthy snubs for Best            Matt Damon looks to be the biggest        the run in theaters well extended into
It seems as though it’s the same old         Picture seem to be Star Trek and              snub for Best Actor as he played real        March. Lastly, the Academy Awards
story with the Oscars – little to no sur-    Invictus. Star Trek seemed to be a long       life whistleblower Mark Whitacre in a        give much needed appreciation to the
prises. We are here to give a rundown        shot in the first place, but Clint            role praised by critics.                     best films of the year.
of the top three categories: Best            Eastwood must be reeling as this is the         Best Actress was surprisingly thin in
Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress.        second remarkable film in the past two        A-Listers. Sandra Bullock got nominat-
  First up is Best Picture. The Academy      years that has gotten snubbed by the          ed for the Blind Side and Meryl Streep
decided to switch it up this year, going                                                   for Julie and Julia, but besides that the
with ten nominees instead of the usual                                                     other nominees are virtual unknowns.
five. Avatar, now the world’s highest                                                           Carey Mulligan is up for An
grossing film, headlines the star-stud-       It seems as though it’s the                  Education and Gabourey Sidibe for
ded list. Featuring groundbreaking 3D
                                                same old story with the                    Precious. Helen Mirren rounds out the
                                                                                           list with a nomination for The Last
                                             Oscars - little to no surprises.
technology and a touching story; peo-
ple have been flooding the box office in                                                   Station. Although Mirren won an Oscar
anticipation of seeing the film. It’s not                                                  in 2006 for Best Actress in The Queen,
hard to see why this was picked.                                                           she hardly qualifies as an A-lister.
  The rest of the blockbuster nominees                                                         The nominees are decided on by
include The Blind Side, District 9, Up       Academy. Gran Torino was snubbed              AMPAS, which stands for the Academy
in the Air and Inglorious Basterds, all      last year, creating a public uproar.          of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.
which grossed at least $100 million             The Best Actor nominees were pre-          Criticism has been rampant in recent
worldwide       with     ticket    sales.    dictable and tedious. Jeff Bridges is         years as many of the voters are preva-
  Lesser known films, but equally able       likely the favorite to win as he leads        lent in the entertainment industry lead-
to win include An Education, Precious,       the pack for his critically acclaimed         ing to the belief that the most important
A Serious Man as well as war thriller        role for Crazy Heart. The rest of the         films with large crews end up getting
The Hurt Locker.                             bunch includes George Clooney for Up          nominated.
Perhaps the most surprising nominee          in the Air, Colin Firth for A Single            There are a number of different intan-
was Pixar’s hit, Up. The film became         Man, Morgan Freeman for Invictus and          gibles when thinking about why the
only the second animated film in histo-      Jeremy Renner for The Hurt Locker.            Academy Awards are so important.
ry to receive an Oscar nod for Best            The nomination for Firth in A Single        First and foremost, it brings exposure
Picture. The other nominee was the           Man follows a trend in recent years of        to the directors, producers and movie
Disney classic Beauty and the Beast in       homosexual roles getting rave reviews.        stars involved in the film. When an

 John Travolta May Lose More Than His Hair With His New Film
By JULIANNE ILARIA                           fiancée, and seems quite content. He is       really no chance from the beginning.
Staff Writer                                 just trying to make ends meet, dream-           In case you were hoping for a classi-
                                             ing of his chance to move higher up the       cal Hollywood structured story, you are
   With all due respect to John Travolta,    ladder at his workplace, exchanging his       bound to be disappointed. The film
 I think it would be apropos to say bad      job of doing petty jobs like changing         goes up and down and back and fourth,
 films happen to good people. Upon           license plates for big wigs.                  abandoning all film clichés, but not
 leaving the movie theater, it’s safe to       Sure the kid’s got potential, because       really in a good way.
 say one may be wondering if Travolta        why else would his super important              Overall, this movie was a huge waste
 has turned to desperate measures in         boss trust him with the dire task of, I’m     of time for anyone who was expecting
 terms of accepting acting roles because     still not sure—either saving the              something of substance. I suppose if
 the story is no gem.                        world—or wiping it out. He is clearly         you watch it with a grain of salt and
    The story of a low ranked agent          not cut out for this kind of job, and         strictly the mind frame that it is ridicu-
 named James Reese (Jonathan Rhys            instead of reminding him of that, or          lous and accepted it for what it was (an
 Meyers ) working for the government         making fun of him, Travolta does              over the top thriller) you wouldn’t feel
 takes a different turn when Wax (John       worse: he tries to mold him into his          so ashamed.
 Travolta) joins him to take down a          ruthless killer of a partner, but the kid’s     Although, if you do take it the slight-
 cocaine ring—and everything else in         got no hope.                                  est bit seriously, there’s something
 their way.                                     However, Travolta does his kicking         wrong there. I give this film a “D” in
   Travolta is back in action, except this   ass scenes with finesse, and is unques-       terms of plot and content because
 time with about an extra hundred            tionably the only good part of the            frankly it was just all over the place.
 pounds packed on, a goatee, and a bald      whole movie. Sure, his stunt double got        The director could have cast the best
 head. Travolta definitely fits the cate-    a rigorous workout, but at least the          actor in the world as the lead and I
 gory of a madman, reeking havoc in his      action scenes were worthwhile, ones           doubt it would have saved this film.
 unorthodox manic way such as scream-        that often featured Travolta double fist-       The movie seemed to boast Travolta’s
 ing, cursing, and carrying quite a col-     ed with guns.                                 weapons more than the story itself, and
 lection of guns throughout the film,          Personally, my favorite scene was in        that is a clear sign that something is
 and of course blowing lines on Parisian     which Travolta led an intense car chase       definitely lacking. Even worse: the set-
 trains every chance possible. But trust     down a Parisian highway. His car of           ting was Paris, but somehow the only
 me, he’s the “good” guy.                    choice? A 2010 Audi. His nemesis’? A          population seemed to be made up of                          OVERALL
   However, we dig deeper into the story     90’ something Volvo. Not so fair. Of          Arabs and Asians. And they were all                          GRADE:
                                             course, Travolta also hung out a of his       the villains. Hmm…
 when we see things from Reese’s per-
                                             car window over a hundred miles an
 spective. He seems to live a normal
 life; he has a nice home, a beautiful       hour shooting something that resem-
                                             bled a cannon, so I guess there was
   A Chorus of Storytellers Tells A Great Story
Page 11 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                          Thursday, February 11, 2010

                                                                   ments by human voices that are barely audible and                   The end of “Stand Still” fades into “Summer Fog.”
                                                                   seem to be an adult teaching a child to speak or read.            If the rest of the album is slow and ambient, this piece
    Staff Writer
                                                                   The track is otherwise instrumental.                              is certainly one step away from moving backward, not
    The Album Leaf is an experiment ambient post-rock                “Perro” bleeds into “Blank Pages” adding a drum                 to say it is a bad song in the least. Another instrumen-
  group from San Diego, California. Their latest                   machine’s beat to the ever evolving synthesizer piece.            tal only track, it truly does illustrate a ‘summer fog’
  release, “A Chorus of Storytellers”, is the effort’s first       Slowly throughout the song strings come and go giv-               and a lighthouse and steamboat, among other things.
  release featuring a full band.                                   ing way to a very post-rock sounding guitar and bells             “Until the Last” follows in the wake of “Stand Still”
    “Perro”, the first track on the album, fades in with a         to compliment the drum machine.                                   as yet another awesome instrumental track.
  light static overpowered by a synth using a simple                 “There is a Wind” picks up again heavily with the                 “We Are” and “Almost There” revive again the use
  progression and gradually adding more and more                   synthesizer but with real drums this time, and harmo-             of lyrics and harmonized chants which compliments
  body. Behind all of this are some sort of announce-              nized vocals. This song conjures a very dreamlike                 what the band is doing perfectly. “Tied Knots” creeps
                                                                   state, and the lyrics fit the instrumentals perfectly:            up with the same static that “Perro” came in with, cre-
                                                                   “There’s a wind behind everyone that takes us                     ating a musical sandwich. The song takes it very
                                                                   through our lives.”                                               slowly and casts off the album with more elaborate
                                                                     After a moment with lyrics, the song breaks into                instrumentals than it came in with. Finally the song
                                                                   instrumentals and slowly begins to incorporate back-              slowly fades the album out back into the static from
                                                                   ground, chant like lyrics.                                        whence it came.
                                                                      “Within Dreams” starts off with more drums
                                                                   machine beats and a slowly building chorus of instru-
                                                                   mentals that gains momentum and by the middle of
                                                                   the song becomes a progressive ambience of strings,
                                                                   guitar, bass and a beautiful backing synth. This is
                                                                   another fully instrumental track.
                                                                     “Falling from the Sun” seems to be a more vocally
                                                                   based song but still incorporates the symphony of
                                                                   instrumentals from previous tracks. Continuing on
                                                                   with the dream sequence that is “A Chorus of
                                                                   Storytellers,” the song’s lyrics again invoke a very
                                                                   dreamy state with harmonized, repetitive, chanting
                                                                   vocals: “We’ll find a way, yes we’ll find a way, yes
                                                                   we’ll find a way to fall.”
                                                                      “Stand Still” is yet another beautiful, ambient,
                                                                   instrumental piece. This type of track is truly the
                         OVERALL                                   essence of bands that create music like this. The intri-
                          GRADE:                                   cate drum beats paired with the eloquent strings is
                            A-                                     enough but the guitar and backing synthesizer contin-                                       photo courtesy of Google Images
                                                                   ue to add to the experience.

Concrete Jungle is Thought Provoking and Inspiring
By TARA LAEMINA                                                    without knowing the lyrics you can still feel the emotion and       Here is a little background information to understand her
Staff Writer                                                       meaning running through the song. This is Nnekas singing          mix of soul and rapping that create a unique, unforgettable
                                                                   style and it definetly sets her apart.                            style.
  A new breakout singer-songwriter may have hit the U.S.            “Showing Love” shows off Nnekas rap skills, that she does          Her German-Nigerian heritage clearly has an influence on
Nneka, has been popular in Europe since 2005, now she              not just have a soulful voice. Africa is a reggae toned song is   her music. Nneka grew up in the Delta region of Nigeria and
finally has a chance in America with her release of,               another song about how the world needs to move and stop           moved to Germany to further her education at the age of 19.
“Concrete Jungle.”                                                 blaming others.                                                   Nigeria has a rich culture in embracing music and Germany
  Just because this is her first U.S. album does not mean you        “Why do we want to remain where we started? And how             was able to show Nneka a new perspective on life, love and
should feel like you are missing out. “Concrete Jungle” is         long do we want to stop ourselves from thinking?” The             everything in between. The mix of opposite cultures was
more of a collection than a brand new album. It takes her          Africa lyrics will give you a different perspective on the        able to shed light on the politics, and personal mindsets that
breakout songs from her pervious five albums and compiles          state we are in.                                                  shaped much of her song writing.
them.                                                               Nneka is able to take a stance on an issue or the world with-      Her website may sum her up best, “When your heart is as
  Nneka is often compared to Lauryn Hill, Sade and Erykah          out slamming it in your face. She has enough emotional            big as your Afro, when your talents stretch from teardrop
Badu. Stars like Lenny Kravitz want her to open for their          intensity in her lyrics and voice to make you aware of how        soul-singing to freestyle rapping to a first-class degree from
shows.                                                             she feels.                                                        a top Continental university, when you’ve got so much to
  The album ranges in sounds from reggae inspired, to hip-                                                                           say about so much, then you are in it for the long haul.”
hop, to soul, to pop.                                                                                                                  Nneka has an album that will not disappoint fans of soul
  With the vast array of mixed genres, each song has its own                                                                         and music fans in general. She brings in a fresh sound that
flavor. They pleasantly go together in a harmonic way, each                                                                          has not been heard for a while. It is a good start to a career
with their differences yet still cohesive.                                                                                           in America when your first album is filled with hits. This
  “The Uncomfortable Truth” is one of the lead singles from                                                                          alone is enough reason to check the album out and see what
“Concrete Jungle.” Yes, these songs, like some others, do                                                                            all the buzz about.
talk about God, but do not let that discourage you. It is not                                                                         If the audience goes out and buys this album they will have
the focus of the song and it really just talks about what many                                                                       all of Nnekas breakthrough songs. There is no need to worry
of us are thinking. It is about the contradiction we all have in                                                                     that you missed the previous five. “Concrete Jungle” has the
our lives. How we should be moving forward, instead of liv-                                                                          type of music you can keep on all day, it is sure to be a pleas-
ing this toxic lifestyle.                                                                                                            er for a long time.
 “The Uncomfortable Truth” has lyrics like, “Your system is
a joke, no heart in it, it’s choking us to death.” It shows her
feisty side, a side that may appeal to many in a time like this.                                                                                              OVERALL
Her lyrics are truthful, with a beat that draws you in.                                                                                                        GRADE:
  Heartbeat has a soft piano and other drums joining to slow-
ly build up to the chorus. The chorus still is not heavy, but a                                                                                                  A
slow intense buildup makes it feel big. You cannot ignore
Nnekas voice that adds to the meaning of the song. Even
New Program to Be
Page 12 The Ramapo News                                                                                                Thursday, February 11, 2010

Offered for High Schoolers
By ANGELA DI MARI                               has been with Ramapo College for 18
Staff Writer                                    months, explains that the participants “will
                                                need to prepare statements on the basis of
   Ramapo College will introduce a new          the Country they are studying. and the posi-

                                                                                                 Want to write for the Ramapo News
International Studies Institute this summer     tion they take. They will learn to work
for interested high school students.            closely and intensively in groups and apply

                                                                                                  but feel like you have no time?
   Due to a strong student interest and an      real data to hypothetical yet real problems.”
uncertain budget for the Governor’s School        Ramapo is aiming high, and expects that
this year, a similar program through CIPL       students will gain an appreciation of living
was developed through the College’s Center      and non-living systems, enriched personal

                                                                                                           Join the club.
for Innovative and Professional Learning.       awareness and understanding, personal
  The new RCISI program will continue as        responsibility and a set moral stance, and a
an intensive learning experience developed      reorganization of what could be to come.
for the purpose of stimulating intellectual       This new program is currently advertised

                                                                                                  Every Monday and Wednesday,
abilities, teaching positive self-image and     through electronic and paper mailings to
challenging capabilities through personal       schools. About 30 students are expected,

                                                                                                        7 p.m. in SC-218.
involvement and the open exploration of         and they will live on campus for two weeks
thoughts                                        this summer.
  Available to rising high school juniors and     “There will be meetings dealing with fun
seniors, now open beyond just NJ residents,     stuff, there will be a farewell dance,” Geller
the program will consist of multi-discipli-     said.
nary learning through courses that cover          There will also be much more, including an
topics such as human rights and law, global     alumni BBQ, talent show, and even Tango.
environment and resources, international          Geller is also looking for two paid assis-
trade and economics, and international pub-     tants, preferably Ramapo students.
lic health.                                       They must have an interest in International
   The program also consists of workshops       studies, and a plus would be if they are
and seminars. The participants will have the    already International Studies Majors.
opportunity to learn negotiations and diplo-      They must be serious about the academic
macy through stimulation in which they will     content “but good role models for the
prepare country briefs and be assigned spe-     fun/camp councilor aspects as well,” Geller
cific problems.                                 said.
  Dr. Jeremy Geller, who is the director, and
         RAMAPO SPORTS                                                                                                                       Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eineker Gives Women’s Basketball Hope for NJAC Bid
By MICHELE McKENNA                         playoff appearances. His most recent         took a big step towards being more            “The decisions kids make now in col-
S taff Writer                              coaching venue was for FDU-Florham.          competitive.                                lege will drive the rest of their lives and
                                             Eineker earned amazing achievements         “This year we are continuing the trend.    it is a rewarding experience to be part
   Only two years into his career at       at FDU including setting the best win-       The kids have worked hard and continue      my kids’ lives,” he said.
R amapo C ollege, C oach Michael           ning percentage in school history, pro-      to improve daily,” he said.
Eineker has brought the women’s bas-       ducing 18 season wins, a program high,         Currently, the team is fighting for the
ketball team to the cusp of the NJAC       and three appearances in the ECAC            last spot in the NJAC playoffs. They
playoffs. Before Eineker, R amapo          Championship Tournament.                     are competing for the best conference
struggled with a 4-21 record overall and     “Personally, it was tough to feel like     record with R utgers-Newark. Both
no conference wins in the 2007-2008        we had developed the FDU program to a        teams are currently tied at 2-8.
season.                                    point where we would be competitive            “I don’t know when the last time the
   After Eineker’s coaching debut last     every year and then to come to Ramapo        women’s team made the NJAC’s but I
year, he brought the team’s overall        to start over,” he said. “However, in        know it’s been a while,” Eineker said.
record to 10-15 and earned them four       the long run I believe we can have great       Eineker notes that his team is young
conference wins, their best season in      success here and the people and players      and is working very hard. “Any post
three years.                               here have been terrific.”                    season experience would be important
  “I came to Ramapo because I thought        Eineker was drawn to all the positive      to us,” he said.
we could turn the women’s basketball                                                        When asked how he would get the
program around,” said Eineker.                                                          team there, Eineker said the team needs
  Mike Eineker always had a passion for     “I came to Ramapo because                   to defend harder and handle the ball bet-
basketball. He played for Bloomfeild        I thought we could turn the                 ter. He admits the rest of their confer-

                                            women’s basketball program
High School. He then went on to play                                                    ence games will be a tough stretch.
at Caldwell College. After transferring                                                   “We need to play real well and see if
to Montclair State University and grad-              around.”                           we can steal one of these games in order
uating from there in 1995, he quickly                                                   to make it to the NJACs,” Eineker said.
got a jump start in the field of coach-         - Mi ke Ei neker, head coach               Off the court, Coach Eineker enjoys
ing.                                                                                    the sport of golf. His has a wife and
  His first job was in 1995 as an assis-   things Ramapo has to offer. “Ramapo          two boys, Patrick, 4 and Declan, 2.
tant women’s basketball coach at           provides a terrific education, a beautiful      “My family has been a true blessing
Princeton University. He also was an       campus, great facilities and competes in     but they have also destroyed what was a
assistant coach at Lafayette and Boston    one of the top conferences in the            pretty good golf swing, ” he said.
University. His first head-coaching gig    nation: the NJAC,” Eineker said.                Eineker has a passion for basketball,                      photo by Michael Jagendorf
was at Bloomfield College where he led       After last season, the Roadrunners are     but mostly he is rewarded by teaching       Eineker hopes to lead the

 Young Roadrunners Hope for Success in Future
the women’s program to two CACC            definitely looking towards success. “We      life skills to young adults.                Roadrunners to an NJAC bid.

  By MARIS S A TORR                                       senior Jon Lindenauer came in third place in the         place with a mark of 4.99 meters (16’4.5”). In the
  Staff Writer                                            3,000-meter with a time of 9:05.44.                      55-meter hurdles, she took home eighth place in
                                                            As for the women, on Friday, sophomore Maura           9.38. In the high jump, she finished in 11th place
     Both the men and women’s indoor track and field      Burke placed 40th overall in the 60-meter hurdles by     overall, posting a personal best, 1.47 meters (4’10).
 teams had success at their meets last weekend.           clocking in at 9.68. Rookie Michelle Favre took             Coach Jackson gave credit where credit was due.
  “All three meets are meets that we can have success     home a fifth place finish in the pole vault when she       “Maura Burke is having an outstanding season. She
 at. We’re two weeks before the conference champi-        cleared 3.60-meters (11’9.75”). Her mark was a           has had personal bests in hurdles and pentathlon.
 onships so it’s a big weekend for us. There are many     NCAA provisional mark and she was the top divi-          S he has really improved since freshman year.
 people that have not had their best performances yet,                                                             Michelle Favre, a freshman, has been athlete of the
 so I’m looking forward to the meets this weekend,”                                                                week three out of four times. She was ACA provi-
 Coach Mike Jackson said.                                 “We have a very young team. Every day                    sional qualifier in the pole vault and number nine in
                                                            that goes by, we grow even more.”
    They delivered. On Friday at the New Balance                                                                   the country in pole vault in division 3, and she’s the
 Collegiate Invitational in New York, sophomore                                                                    top freshman.”
 Jamar Pierce earned an ECAC qualifying time.                                                                          The men’s team has been successful as well.
 Pierce finished the 400-meter run in 41st place with                - Mi ke Jackson, head coach                     “Kyle Price is also having an outstanding season.
 a time of 50.35, also setting a personal best.                                                                    He’s the reigning conference champion from cross
    On Saturday, the second day of the meet in New                                                                 country and continuing a great season. ”
 York, senior Kyle Price set a new school record.         sion three athletes in the event.                          In the NJAC, there have been a number of school
 Price finished the 800-meter run in 26th place when        On Sunday, Burke placed third in the 55-meter hur-     records broken. They have had a host of ECAC qual-
 he clocked in at 1:57.43.                                dles in 9.04. She also came in fourth place, while       ifiers.
   In the men’s NY/NJ 4x400-meter relay, made up of       setting a personal best in the 500-meter dash. She         “We have a very young team. Every day that goes
 Pierce, Price, senior Jake Stass, and rookie Eugene      clocked in at 1:24.13, just .07 shy of beating the       by, we grow even more.”
 Warren, Ramapo finished seventh overall and second       school record.                                               Up next for the Roadrunners is a trip to
 in their heat with a time of 3:24.99, which was            Sophomore April Kaiser placed sixth in the 55-         Middletown, Conn. for the CTC Championships on
 enough to qualify for the ECAC Championships.            meter hurdles in 9.23, a personal best. Rookie           Feb. 12 and 13.
    On Sunday, at the DeSchriver Invitational hosted      Desiree Reese had a very successful day placing in
 by East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania,          three events. In the long jump, she came in seventh
Look at Team USA for Vancouver Olympic Games
Page 14 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                       Thursday, February 11, 2010

By KEVIN JOHNSON                                                                                                                    Another bright star on the American team is Apolo Anton
Staff Writer                                                                                                                       Ohno. Ohno is an accomplished short-track speed skater
                                                                                                                                   with an impressive Olympic record. In the 2002 Salt Lake
 With the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver right around                                                                           City games, Ohno won gold in the 1,500 meter, and then
the corner, the United States looks to improve upon their                                                                          followed it up with another gold medal in the 500 meter at
medal count of four years ago, when the games were held                                                                            the 2006 games in Turin.
in Turin, Italy.                                                                                                                     Ohno looks to continue with success in Vancouver, as he
  The United States looks to draw from experience, and                                                                             will be participating in the 500 meter, 1,000 meter, 1,500
hopes to improve on their performance this year. The                                                                               meter, and 5,000 meter relay.
Americans have fallen short of Germany in both gold                                                                                 The United States has also assembled contenders for Gold
medals and total medals during the last two winter games.                                                                          in both Men’s and Women’s Hockey.
  The Germans are once again the favorites this year in                                                                               The women’s team, since the addition of Women’s
Vancouver, but the United States has a very promising team                                                                         Hockey to the Olympics in 1998, has traded gold medals
assembled.                                                                                                                         with Canada. The United States won the first gold medal
 The games are set to begin on Friday, Feb. 12, with the tra-                                                                      for the event in 1998, and the Canadians have won the other
ditional Opening Ceremony. The events will continue for                                                                            two in 2002 and 2006.
the next 16 days, concluding with the exciting Men’s                                                                                The American women, led by 26-year-old Captain Natalie
Hockey       Gold    Medal      Game      on     Feb.     28.                                                                      Darwitz, expect to find their strongest competition in
  The games feature a total of 86 events in 15 different cat-                                                                      Canada again this year.
egories.                                                                                                                            The men’s tournament is expected to offer more parity, as
  One of the most dominant athletes on the United States                                                                           there are many strong teams assembled. The two teams that
team is women’s skiing sensation, Lindsey Vonn. Vonn is                                                                            stand out are the Canadians and the Russians, who have
coming off the best year of her career in 2009, and is the                                                                         formed all-star rosters. The strength of the rivalry formed
favorite to win hold in her two strongest events, Women’s                                                                          by NHL superstars Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington
Downhill, and Super Giant Slalom.                                                                                                  Capitals and Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins
  Vonn set an American single season record in 2009 by                                                                             should be on full display when these two teams meet for
capturing nine world cup titles in the year. She also elevat-                               photo courtesy of Creative Commons
                                                                                                                                   national pride.
                                                                  Apolo Ohno hopes to add more medals to his col-
ed her career world cup medal count to twenty-eight, mak-                                                                           The American team is not considered a favorite to win the
                                                                  lection in Vancouver.
ing her the second most successful American skier behind                                                                           tournament, but they have won in the underdog role before.
only Bode Miller with thirty-one metals.                                                                                           Veteran Captain Jamie Langenbrunner and goaltender Ryan
    Vonn is currently day-to-day though news broke                The expectations were set high for Miller in Turin, but he       Miller will head the American squad.
Wednesday that she bruised her right shin while training on       fell short of expectations by shamelessly spending the             With only a few days remaining until the start of the
Feb. 3                                                            Olympics partying with no focus on becoming a champion.          Olympics, fans of the great tradition can finally rejoice in
  America looks to draw on the success of Vonn after an            Miller will have the opportunity to make amends with his        the games arrival. The Opening Ceremonies begin on Feb.
abysmal performance by the skiing phenom Bode Miller in           country this winter by participating in the Men’s Downhill,      12 at 6 p.m. on NBC.

 NBA: Cavs, Lakers Leading the Pack into the Break
the 2006 Games.                                                   Super Giant Slalom, Super Combined, and Slalom events.

 By JEREMY KELLY                                                                                                          fourth place in the Eastern Conference.
                                                                    Many expected this title to go to the Boston Celtics, who
 Staff Writer                                                     were NBA champions in 2008. They appeared ready to ful-  The Atlanta Hawks do not have a particularly storied fran-
                                                                                                                          chise. Their only NBA championship came in 1958, when
                                                                  fill that title as they began the season 23-5. But injuries to
  Throughout the first half of the 2009-2010 NBA season,                                                                  they were the St. Louis Hawks. But thanks to the inspired
                                                                  Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have derailed their track, as
it’s been fairly difficult to pinpoint the league’s best teams.                                                           play of Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford, Atlanta is third in
                                                                  they are only 9-12 since Christmas Day, and have fallen to
Part of the reason has been that several teams have only had                                                              the East with a record of 33-17, which includes a 4-0 record
a select number of games in which they had full rosters.                                                                  against Boston.
   Regardless of circumstance, several teams have defied                                                                    Few expected the Oklahoma City Thunder, just two years
expectations to become legitimate contenders, others                                                                      removed from their former home in Seattle, to be possible
haven’t delivered as well as critics have expected, and one                                                               threats in the West. Behind Kevin Durant’s 29.7 PPG, the
team has set a new standard for NBA futility.                                                                             Oklahoma City has won six straight games to rise to sixth
   The Los Angeles Lakers, champions in 2009, currently                                                                   in the conference. Durant has also become one of only a
have the Western Conference’s best record, at 40-13.                                                                      few players in NBA history to score at least 25 points in at
However, some may attribute this strong start to favorable                                                                least 25 straight games.
scheduling.                                                                                                                  Other progress reports include: the defending Eastern
  Seventeen of L.A.’s first 21 games were at home, as they                                                                Conference champions, the Orlando Magic, are second in
went 18-3 to begin the year. But injuries to Pau Gasol, Luke                                                              the conference at 35-17, the Utah Jazz have won nine in a
Walton, and most recently, Kobe Bryant, have shown that                                                                   row to rise to third in the Western Conference at 32-18, and
this team has plenty of depth, which has helped them dur-                                                                 the Dallas Mavericks hold a two-game lead over their divi-
ing more difficult stretches.                                                                                             sion rivals, the San Antonio Spurs, and are fourth in the
   Bryant recently overtook Laker great Jerry West as the                                                                 West.
franchise leader in career points.                                                                                           The All-Star festivities take place this weekend at
   Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets, last season’s second-                                                                   Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It begins, Friday,
seeded team in the West, have proven to be more than a                                                                    Feb. 12, with the Celebrity Game and the Rookie
match for the Lakers.                                                                                                     Challenge. Saturday features the Taco Bell Skills
  Despite a stretch at the end of December when they lost                                                                 Challenge, the Foot Locker 3-point Contest, and the Sprite
five of six, and the recent injury to Carmelo Anthony,                                                                    Slam Dunk Contest, along with the presentation of the TNT
Denver is 2-0 against the Lakers, the team they lost to in                                                                All-Decade Team. The All-Star Game will take place on
the Western Conference Finals last year.                                                                                  Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on TNT.
   The Cleveland Cavaliers have won their last 12 games,                                                                    Only the best will be left standing at season’s end. Who
and they own the league’s best record at 42-11. Against the                                                               can we expect to play their best ball when it matters most?
doubters, they have shown that their highly publicized off-                                                               Will the surprising teams keep the momentum, or will the
season trade for Shaquille O’Neal has paid dividends. That,
                                                                                       photo courtesy of Creative Commons veteran teams with championship chemistry surge ahead?
along with Lebron James leading the league in points per          Kevin Durantʼs breakout play for Oklahoma City Time will tell.
game (PPG), has made Cleveland the team to beat in the            has given them new life in their new home.
  Young Stars On the Rise Around the NHL
Page 15 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                          Thursday, February 11, 2010

 By ANDREW GOULD                                                                                                       with the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers for
 Staff Writer                                                                                                          the eight seed with 59 points, but the Rangers have
                                                                                                                       needed more games reach that mark.
   With the football season concluding and the base-                                                                      Much like the Devils, the Rangers struggle offen-
 ball season still two months away, now seems like                                                                     sively. In his first year on the Rangers, Marian
 the perfect time to give some attention to the biggest                                                                Gaborik has bounced back from an injury-plagued
 sport getting the least air time.                                                                                     season to lead the team with 35 goals scored.
    The NHL season has just about hit the halfway                                                                      However, the next highest scorer is Ryan Callahan
 mark, and there has been plenty of action to indicate                                                                 with 15, so they are relying too much on Gaborik to
 an exciting second half. The San Jose Sharks and                                                                      carry the load.
 Chicago Blackhawks appear to be the strongest                                                                           The Rangers also made a trade, picking up veteran
 teams in the Western Conference. For the Sharks,                                                                      center Olli Jokinen from the Calgary Flames.
 center Joe Thornton leads the NHL with 58 assists,                                                                    Jokinen only has 12 goals this season, but he has typ-
 and Patrick Marleau and Dany Heatley both stand in                                                                    ically scored around 30 goals a year.
 the top five in goals scored. Goalie Evgeni Nabokov                                                                    With 23 wins in 58 games, the Islanders are already
 has allowed only 2.25 goals per game.                                                                                 three victories away from matching their dismal win
   On top of the Central division with 81 points and a                                                                 total from last season. Although they still have a
 38-15-5 record, the Blackhawks have a bright future                                                                   long way to go, the team can at least be excited by
 ahead of them with Patrick Kane at right wing. At                                                                     the prospect of their new young star, John Tavares.
 age 21, Kane leads the team with 22 goals and 40                                                                         Selected with the first pick of last year’s draft,
 assists. They have run into a tough stretch though,                                                                   Tavares already is already one of their best players
 winning only one of their past four games.                                                                            despite only being 19 years old. The expectations
   Led by young star Alex Ovechkin, the Washington                                                                     attached to Tavares have been monumental, but he
 Capitals have dominated the Eastern Conference,                                                                       has shown glimpses of success that help make the
 currently sitting on top with a 41-12-6 record and a                                                                  Islanders’ hopes seem warranted.
 comfortable 27-point lead in their division.                                                                           The league will be on hiatus from February 15 to 28
 Ovechkin has put forth a strong case for MVP so far,                                                                  so players can represent their home countries in the
 leading the league with 42 goals and 86 points.                                 photo courtesy of Creative Commons
                                                                                                                       2010 Winter Olympics.
                                                           Sidney Crosby hopes to lead his Pittsburgh
  The New Jersey Devils are having a strong year too                                                                     In a sport with a large amount of international play-
                                                           Penguins to another Stanley Cup championship.
 with future Hall-of-Famer Martin Brodeur leading                                                                      ers, it is refreshing to see players eager to participate
 the way with a .917 save percentage. However, they        goals scored. He provides the Devils with the extra         in the Olympics without ownership refusing to allow
 have not scored much this year, ranking 25th in the       spark they needed to propel them to a run at the            them to participate in fears on hurting the franchise.
 NHL in goals scored. To help correct this stat, the       Stanley Cup.                                                It will be interesting to see how players perform
 Devils acquired Ilya Kovalchuk from the Atlanta            The New York teams have been as successful so far          when the season continues since they are essentially
 Thrashers.                                                this year, as both the Rangers and Islanders are            playing a longer season before the playoffs
  Kovalchuck, a 26-year-old left-winger selected first     behind in the playoff picture. The Rangers are tied         approach.

Saints Win First Super Bowl in Honor of the Big Easy
 in the 2001 draft, ranks seventh in the league with 31

By JAKE EDINGER                                            until the Super Bowl where they were tested with            going into the second half, with the score 10-6 in
Staff Writer                                               their Freeney, their best pass rusher, injured.             favor of the Colts.
                                                              As momentum was swinging in favor of New                   The Who captured the essence of the Super Bowl
  Super Bowl XLIV featured two of the best teams in        Orleans late in the second, the Colts held the Saints       with their halftime show even though the British band
the NFL and the end result shocked many NFL fans.          on fourth and goal. This gave the Colts momentum            has probably never even held a pigskin.
The Saints and their hybrid passing offense defeated                                                                      After this performance with the Colts ready to
the great Peyton Manning and the Colts.                                                                                receive the second half kickoff the Saints kick an
  Both the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts                                                                   onside kick, which caught the Colts on their heels
played nervously in the first quarter, which is natural                                                                enabling the Saints to recover the ball.
considering half the country is watching their every                                                                    In the third quarter the Saints threw a screen pass to
  Many of the players made simple mistakes such as
Saints Marques Colston having a pass go through his                                                                     The entire year their pass defense
hands and hitting him directly in the face. Early in the                                                                was fine, until the Super Bowl where
game the Saints tested the Colts stellar offensive line                                                                 they were tested with their Freeney,
lead by Pro Bowl center Jeff Saturday.                                                                                  their best pass rusher, injured.
  The early blitzing by the Saints emphasized Sean
Payton’s game plan to pressure Manning early giving
him no time to properly react.                                                                                         Pierre Thomas in the red zone giving them the lead in
   Also in the first quarter the Colts running back                                                                    the game.
Joseph Addai showed great field vision and provided                                                                      The momentum swung to favor the Saints and in the
the Colts offensive with a spark. The Colts jumped to                                                                  fourth quarter wide receiver Lance Moore made an
an early 10-0 start.                                                                                                   exceptional effort on a two-point conversion, which
  The Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney injured his                                                                   gave the Saints the lead 24-17.
right ankle in the AFC championship two weeks ago                                                                        The play that will be remembered in Super Bowl
against the New York Jets. As of the second quarter                                                                    XLIV is Tracey Porter’s pick six of Peyton Manning
the injury didn’t seem to be slowing him down, but as                                                                  with three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.
the game progressed it was clear the ankle wasn‘t                                                                      The final score was Saints 31 Colts 17.
even close to 100 percent.                                                                                               The New Orleans Saints received their first Super
  The Saints finally revealed their scheme in the sec-                                                                 Bowl win and the Big Easy’s heart was lifted from the
ond quarter as they targeted the Colts weak pass                                  photo courtesy of Creative Commons   catastrophes of Hurricane Katrina by a couple of
defense. This was the dagger that pierced the Colts        Saints running back Reggie Bush had 63 yards in
                                                           their Super Bowl victory.
heart. The entire year their pass defense was fine,
                                SLAM DUNK

                                                                                                                       look ahead
                                                                                                                       to the NJAC

                                                                                                                            photo by Michael Jagendorf
LaQuan Peterkin slam dunks near the end of the first half in the 82-62 victory over Montclair State University on Feb. 6.

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