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									To: Ms Melanie Jones
    Social Hostess
Date: 05 September 2011

Dear Ms Jones

In anticipation of the invitation to your lunch tomorrow, I feel compelled to send
you some comments regarding the cruise thus far:

First, the positives: the ship is immaculate, well maintained and kept, the cabin
service excellent, and the Lido buffet is always tasty, well prepared and
presented. I’ve stated this to the maitre’d Attila several times already. The
tender and shuttle service at the ports are good.

Now, the negatives: I’ve been on the QE 2 4 – 5 times, QM 2 two times, and this
is my 2nd cruise on the QV, and I now only cruise on Cunard. The music and
vocals from the QR orchestra is the worst that I have experienced on all the
Cunard cruises that I’ve been on, and worst by a long shot.

   1. Each night session, I’ve had to request the orchestra to play a Viennese
      Waltz. On the first night, Evan Whitfield told me that they do a VW about
      once a session, but after the first day, when he got sick (?), this isn’t the
      case. So far, the orchestra has only played Sous le Ciel de Paris (Under
      Paris Skies) and Que Sera Sera. Other than these, the orchestra just
      ignores the request. I’ve even made the request via Paul Christopher, and
      I believe he has made the request to the orchestra, but nothing is done. If
      they are unwilling or unable to play a VW, that’s all right, and they should
      say so, but to ignore a request is not right.
   2. Often during a tune, the orchestra misses the beat for a bar or two, and
      then comes back to the beat; but playing an inconsistent beat makes for
      difficult dancing.
   3. On other Cunard cruises that I’ve been on, the vocalist Paul Ritchie can
      dance a samba and quickstep. Thus when he sings, he has a sense of how
      to sing a tune and emphasize the correct notes and beat in his singing.
      The current vocal Paul Christopher sings as if he singing in a hotel music
      lounge, for example. I can demonstrate the difference in regular singing
      vs dance singing using the John Denver song Today but this has to be
      done in person. Paul Christopher sings as if he is just singing the tune and
      this does not make for pleasant dancing.

If the objective of providing music in the QR is for dancing, then I think this
objective is not being met. I think I am a fairly capable dancer, I am a student of
piano, and I have listened to many types of singing.

You are free to share these comments with others, and if you do share this with
the orchestra/vocalist, they will likely be very defensive and offer countering
comments, etc. But the issue is not whether their music is good or not; the issue
is whether the objective of providing dance music is being satisfied, and this
issue is the one you need to deal with. The internet center on the ship does not
have a Word processor and I had to type this as an email, so please excuse the
strange format.

Thank you for the invitation to your lunch.

XXXXXX, Cabin 1021,
Platinum Cunard World Club

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