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..... through December 31, 1992
President........................................................... Marcia Stang
Vice-President...................................................... Karen Burden
Secretary/Publicity ................................................. Norma Meier
Treasurer............................................................ Marge Smith
Directors.......................................................... Toni Betourne
                                                                  Thelma Lunsford
                                                                      Peg Paschke
Standing Committees & Chairmen:
   Program.......................................................... Karen Burden
   Library/Book ....................................................Peg Paschke
                                                                     Karen Burden
   Publications..................................................... Marcia Stang
   Research......................................................... Marcia Stang
   Education........................................................ Karen Burden

Historian......................................................... Cecile Enright
Cemetery Chairpersons ............................................... Peg Paschke
                                                                  Leona Shreffler
                                                                    Toni Betourne

Meetings are held on the first Saturday of even numbered months at 1 p.m. at
the Kankakee Public Library, Second Floor. On odd numbered months, meetings
are held at 1 p. m. at the Bourbonnais Public Library.

$10.00 per calendar year (January 1 through December 31). Membership includes
quarterly publication "The-A-Ki-Ki", free queries in the quarterly, and
surname charts published in quarterly.

Kankakee Valley Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 442, Bourbonnais, IL 6091.4
             THE-A-KI-KI                       "BEAUTIFUL        LAND"

                              G_UARTERLY PUBLICATIOtd

                       1<:ankakee Valley Genealogical Society
                                F . O . B o x 4 4 2
                            Bourbonnais. Illinois 60914

May, 1992                                            Vol. 22. No. 2

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS


K.V.G.S. Publications & News .......................................... 2

Leiser Furniture in Herscher Turns 100 ............................... 2-3

New Publications ..................................................... 3-4

Newsletter/Quarterly Extractions ..................................... 4-5

Probate Researcher ................................................... 6

County Court – 1878................................................ 7-9

Chebanse – 1878............ .......................................... 9

1878 Kankakee County Marriages .....................................      10

1878 Kankakee County Births ........................................... 10-11

Kankakee County Grave Markers (Momence Protestant) ................... 12-13

Books in Genealogical Room - Kankakee Public Library ................. 14-15

The Most Beautiful Hand-Me-Downs ..................................... 16

1992 Calendar of Family History Workshops at National Archives           17

1917 Prairie Farmer's Directory of Kankakee County ................... 18-25

Ancestor Charts ...................................................... 26-28

Surname Index ........................................................ 29-30

                                  - 1 -
                                   IN MEMORY

We are sorry to report that long-time member Ann Voss passed away in February of
this year. Ann worked very diligently for the society on many of our
projects as well as serving on the Board. Our deepest sympathies are extended to
her husband Charlie and other family members.

                        K.V.G.S. PUBLICATIONS & NEWS

The Norton Township Cemetery Book and Theakiki Index to Vol. 16-20 are now
available. See back cover for purchase information. We have also sent to the
bindery copies of the 1860 Kankakee County Census Book and S/S Peter & Paul
Parish History. These should be back early in May and will be available at a
cost of $25.00 each. Anyone wishing to have a copy shipped should include
$3.00 postage and handling.

In May the society will be walking the old section of Mound Grove Cemetery in
Kankakee. We hope to have that publications available sometime this summer.

The Society extends a special thanks to Phyllis Davidge for the donation of

Nancy Kneer, Member #230, is trying to locate information on Hickey's Chapel.
This chapel was mentioned in the obituary of one of her ancestors in 1924 and
she'd like more information. They are no longer in business but what happened to
the records? If you can help, write Nancy at 2977 E. 419th Rd., LsSalle, IL

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Taken from the Herscher Pilot, Feb 6, 1992.

February 10, 1992, marks the 100th anniversary of the store       built by Woolfe
Leiserowitz. Had the Village of Herscher, then 10 years old,     not already been
named for its founder, the town may very well have taken on      the name of Mr.
Leiserowitz. Regardless, the first six letters of his name,      and the name of
Herscher, have grown to be synonymous over the past 100 years.

Mr. Leiserowitz, a Jewish immigrant was born January 16, 1866, in Shoven,
Russia. Folklore has it that he earned his living as a pack peddler, walking
from farmhouse to farmhouse selling his wares. He peddled his way to Herscher
from Cullom in 1892.       Cullom's loss was Herscher's gain.     Leiserowitz
established what is now by and far Herscher's oldest business. His original
inventory in 1892 was so small he could use a wheelbarrow to transport stock
from the nearby railroad depot.

One year later, his store would be robbed of its entire contents. But he
would give us on neither his business nor Herscher. Within 10 years, he had
built the two-story stone building next to the old Hipke Drug store. That

building stands today. And on its north exterior wall, the old Leiserowitz
name can still he read. The lettering on the building has withstood a century
of every-changing mid-western climate. Likewise, the Leiser name has survived
a century of ever-changing business climate. Mr. Leiserowitz and his wife,
Minnie, had seven children. Four of them served in the armed forces during
World War I.

Sons Mandel and Maurice carried the torch after Mr. Leiser's death in 1932 (by
then the name had been shortened). Mandel and Maurice would likewise add
their personal touch to the business. Maurice was the goodwill ambassador.
In fact, he served as mayor of Herscher for 28 ,years. It's been said that
Maurice dug into his pocket to pay village bills when the public coffers went

Meanwhile, Mandel was a shrewd businessman who ensured that the family
business would not only remain solvent, but flourish. Together they nurtured
the business through depression, war, drought and, yes, prosperity.

In 1984, prior to his death, Maurice was honored at Herscher's Pilot Park
where the baseball diamond was named Maurice Leiser Field. A street on the
east side of Herscher has also been named after the family.

B i l l , M a n d e l ' s s o n , n o w c a r r i e s t h e t o r c h . B i l l b l e n d s t h e u n i q ue
characteristics of his predecessors with his own traits which leave customers
(a) laughing, (b} cursing, (c) surmising, (d) spending, (e) saving and (f) all
of the above. Only Bill Leiser can lure a customer into his store with a $15
mattress ad, and send him home with an entire bedroom suite. And if the art
of loading furniture into a car trunk was an Olympic event, Bill would have
enough gold medals to buy Fort Knox. He is an ever-flowing fountain of Jewish
jokes, farmer jokes and stock market tips. His eccentric quirks have woven
their ways into the fabric of the business.

Being one of the community's more prominent families, the Leisers' many
contributions to Herscher over the past 100 years have often been taken for
granted. The Leiser family, since 1892, has made many civic and economic
contributions to the community. Bill, now 57, plans to gradually pass the
torch on to his sons, Eric and Ben. Eric just graduated from Eureka College
and Ben is a student at Southern Illinois University.

                                        NEW PUBLICATIONS

Illinois German-Americana Genealogical Sources, Vol. 2

Compiled genealogical sources and publications for German research            in
northeastern Illinois counties.         Counties included: DeKalb, Cook, DuPage,
Lake, Will, Kane, Boone, McHenry, Grundy, and Kendall.        Cost is $13.00 PPD
from Mrs. Marie Beernink, 5753 Washington St., Downers Grove, IL 60516.

             * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

New Publications (Contd.)

Fraktur {German-American. Birth & Baptism Certificates__

The Genealogist's Guide to Fraktur: For Genealogists Researching German-
American Families. How to locate and read certificates. 48-page, $12.95 plus
$2 shipping and handling.

German-American Family Records in the Fraktur Tradition.       479 Fraktur birth
and baptism certificates with 1,100 surnames.           254 page, $26.95 plus $3
shipping and handling.

The What Shall I Write Handbook

Includes more than 300 easy-to-write article ides on genealogy as well as
editorial guidelines, tips on proofreading and design, and an 11-page glossary
of print media terms. 80-page, $16.00 plus $2 shipping and handling.

Grandma's _Attic: Making Heirlooms Part of Your Family History

$9.50 plus $2 postage.

All four publications available from: Russell D. Earnest Associates, Dept.
140, 11307 Mountain View Rd., P.O. Box 490, Damascus, MD 20872.

          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The following publications from Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society are now

    Index to Lake Co. Naturalizations 1854-1932 ($15.00 + $2 P&H)
    Index to Porter Co. Naturalizations 1849-1955 ($15.00 + $2 P&H)
    Index to School Enumerations for Lake County 1890 & 1896 ($10.00 +$2 P&H)
    Portage Township School Records 1895-1920 ($15.00 +$2 P&H}

Anyone interested in the set of four, cost is $40.00 with no postage/handling
fees. Order from: NWIGS, c/o Matt Figi, 9611 Farmer Dr., Highland, IN 46322.


How Do You Compute an Age or Birthdate of an Ancestor?

Use the "8870" formula given in the March 1976 issue of Genealogical Helper.
Example: Using a calculator, enter 18890506, which represents the death date
1889 May 6, then subtract 710709, representing the age of the person 71 years, 7
months, 9 days. From the result of 1879797 you must now subtract 8870 to
correct the months and days. You have 18170927 or 1817 Sep 27, the correct
birthday. (Elgin Gen. Society Newsletter, February, 1989)

Quarterly/Newsletter Extractions (Contd.)

Civil War Veterans' Photos

If you. have a photo of your Civil War veteran, the U.S. Army History Institute
would like to hear from you. They would like to borrow the photo for copying.
Their goal is to have a picture of every Civil War soldier, North or South.
The Institute will return your photo and a free 8 x 10 copy.        Write before
sending:        Michael J. Winey, Curator, Dept. of the Army, U.S. Army Military
Hist. Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013.         REMEMBER:     WRITE FIRST!
(Iroquois Co. Hist. Soc. Newsletter, Nov./Dec. 1991)

Chicago Catholic Church Records

The church records for the Chicago Archdiocese have been microfilmed and are
being released by the LDS Family History Library. The records can be found in
the Local Catalog under Illinois, Cook, Chicago Church Records. The records
can contain baptismal, confirmation, marriage, marriage banns and death
records that are over 70 years old. Baptismal records include Christian name,
surname, dates of birth and baptism, parents' names and places of origin, and
godparents. Marriage records list full names of bride and groom, addresses,
where baptized. or place of origin, age, parish, date of marriage, parents'
full names and number of years they had been in America and in Chicago, and
witnesses. Death records include full name, dates of death and burial, age,
cause of death, length of illness, where born, number of years in America and
Chicago, parents' names, family members, a reception of sacraments, etc.

Chicago Catholic history and family heritages are finally freed. Microfilmed
copies can be ordered - $3.00 for a 3 week loan, $4.50 for six months, $4.50 a
reel for indefinite loan. (North Central Illinois Gen. Society Quarterly,
Vol. XIV No. 2)

Terms Then and Now

Stepmothers were sometimes called mother-in-law. Cousins could be relatives
of any type, sometimes even close friends. Jr. written after a man's name did
not necessarily mean a name the same as his father, it might be an uncle or
older cousin. Housekeeper once meant property owner and could be used for a
male as well as a female, Inmate as found in Pennsylvania Archives, refers to a
man living in the home of another person, not necessarily in an institution.
Freeman meant a young man not yet married. Domestic once meant housewife, not
necessarily a servant. Mister was a title used only for men of wealth and/or
education. Gentleman frequently referred to a retired man. (Logan Co. Gen. &
Historical Society, Spring Quarterly, 1991)

  First Person                     PROBATE RESEARCHER

         `We're contacted when
         someone has died and
         heirs are being sought'
Name: Michael Susman
Background: Born in Chicago        and raised in Elgin,
Susman, 53, holds a degree in accounting from the
University of Illinois and a law degree from North-
western University. A resident of the Near North Side,
he is a partner in the firm of Henry R. Ferris and Co.,
Years as a probate researcher: 29

               AFT'ER RECEIVING              sented in court takes much longer.
               MY LAW                           Fees may be on an hourly basis, or
              degree in 1962, I joined a     a contingent basis, which means we
              small firm specializing        will get our fee from the individuals
              an in unusual type of          when we locate them. These fees are
              probate practice. I            usually one-fourth to one-third (of
              represented foreign na-        the amount involved).
              tionals who were in-              If we have to travel and spend a
              volved in probate court        great deal of time, it's preferable to
                                                                                                                                                 TRIBUNE PHOTO BY TONY BERARDI
 cases in conjunction with their for-        be paid at an hourly rate. We can
eight consulates here in town.               usually solve the case 80 to 85 per-           When I locate people                     was afraid he would drop dead
   Most of my clients were from the          cent of the time.                                                                       when he got the news.
                                                                                            who are en-"When I call
Soviet bloc countries, and at that time         When we're hired by a bank, we                                                          When I finish a case, the heirs are
it was difficult representing them.          usually cull through the bank files.           people who are entitled                  usually very interested in learning
There were communication problems,           There's always a clue there. The               to a bequest, they all                   more about their family tree. They
including the attitudes of the court         bank personnel might miss it, not              think I'm selling                        may not have known about their
system and other lawyers. I was a            being as aware as we are. They sup-                                                     family, or they had lost track of them
pariah of sorts, but I didn't mind that. I   ply information, but don't have the            something until I                        for many years. They often request a
was working for individuals who              expertise to track people down.                convince them I'm there                  copy of the genealogical chart that
were entitled to representation.                We go to cemeteries, examining              to give them money."                     we prepared for the court, trust com-
   If someone died in Chicago who            tombstones and records where                                                            pany or the bank that hired us.
had heirs in Europe, it would be my          they're available. Most cemeteries                                                      We're happy to give it to them.
job to locate them. It fit perfectly into    have fairly poor records, except for         titled to a bequest and call them,            What has surprised me the most
the genealogical work that I eventu-         the recent past. We've gone back as          they generally are reticent about dis-     about this business is how people
ally got into. Sometimes parts of the        far as the year of the Chicago Fire          cussing anything with me. They             will try to misrepresent relation-
family would be located in England,          hunting for clues. There are few             think I'm selling something until I        ships, because by disclosing the
France or some other country, and I          records prior to that. Generally,            convince them that I'm thereto give        truth they might have to split the in-
would work with the attorney or ge-          we're involved in cases that go back         them money.                                heritance.
nealogist who had located those              30 to 40 years.                                 Sometimes they don't believe me            I was hired by a bank recently to
hens to establish their validity in the         We have to be certain of the              even then. I once had a woman who          investigate whether an adopted
probate courts of Cook County.               stripes—the lines of descent. In the         didn't believe me until the day I gave     daughter had been readopted by the
   Now I am hired more as a geneal-          case of two heirs where we can only          her a certified check, and it was for a    adopting mother's new husband. The
ogist in probate matters by courts,          prove one line, the estate is divided        substantial sum of money. Then I           law would then disallow her inheri-
trust companies or lawyers who are           in half, with the first part going to        think she really believed me!              tance of an estate left by the original
searching for heirs. They want me to         the known heir. The other half is de-           And some people are reluctant           adopting father's father.
present evidence sufficient for the          posited with the county treasurer.           heirs for other reasons. A prominent          The daughter's sibling was a nat-
court to establish heirship. Cases           There is no statute of limitations on        New Yorker declined $100,000 be-           ural-born son who stayed with the
also come to us from lawyers who             it, so if the heir or descendants are        cause to claim it would have ac-           father at the time of the divorce. He
are looking for heirs and legatees.          ever found, they will be awarded the         knowledged that his grandmother            was receiving payments from his
We're contacted by people from all           money by the court system.                   was black and his grandfather a            grandfather's estate. In questioning
over the world when they are aware              It stays with the county for seven        Spanish sea captain.                       the mother, I learned that the son,
that someone has died in Chicago             years, and then is paid to the State            Recently I had a case from Van-         too, had been adopted and had con-
and heirs are being sought.                  of Illinois, pursuant to the Aban-           couver involving more than $1 mil-         cealed that information. The mother
   There is no average length of time        doned Property Act, but it can still         lion. The caretaker of an incompe-         also revealed that the daughter had
it takes to solve a case, and some-          be claimed. Lists are published in           tent person who had died knew of a         never been readopted!
times they're never solved. You know         newspapers regularly regarding               tenuous connection with Chicago.              I immediately called the bank of-
within a few months whether or not           funds that have been turned over by          What we found was that the de-             ficer, advising him to stop payments
you can do it. If it goes longer, the        institutions.                                ceased person's father had lived in        to the son. We proved our case, and
chances of a solution are slim, unless          This is a fascinating business if you     Chicago in the 1920s and moved to          the daughter received her share of a
you get very lucky.                          enjoy solving puzzles. You find one          Vancouver to escape creditors and          $350,000 estate!
   To substantiate what you believe          clue, which leads to another clue,           some unsavory characters here. The
to be true—that these are the right          which leads to still another. The ela-       sole beneficiary of this estate turned     Interview by Marion E.Kabaker
people—takes a relatively short              tion you feel when you fit in the last       out to be a 94-year-old man who was
time. Gathering the proof to be pre-         crucial piece of the puzzle is satisfying.   a first cousin residing in California. I
36   I   CHICAGO TRIBUNE MAGAZINE            December 15, 1991                                  -6-
                              C0UNTY COURT - 1878

Taken from the Kankakee Gazette. March 28, 1878.

Estate Daniel Beede.        Will admitted: letters of administration issued to
Henry H. Beedy and Nathan S. Beedy in bonds of $8.000.

Estate of Daniel F. Conran.              Final report approved and administrator

Estate of Louis Thorns. Administrator's report of real estate approved.

Guardianship of Edith. minor chld of Harmon D. Noble. Guardian's inventory
and report approved.

Estate of Wm. Hobbis. Letters issued to Ann Hobbis in bond of $1.000.

Estate of Mauritz Look. Administrator's report approved.

Estate Peter Kobe. Inventory approved.

Estate of John Hertz. Leave granted to file amendment petition to sell real
estate and alias summons issued against defendants: continued.

Estate of Carl Witte. Administrator discharged.

Guardianship of Thomas P. and Ida M. Walker.       Guardian's bond for sale of
real estate in sum of X1.000 approved: order for sale.

Estate of Charles De Lafountaine. Executrix discharged.

Guardianship of minor children of Richard Golding.         Ann Golding appointed
guardian in bond of $1.000.

Estate of Isaac Louns. Administrator discharged.

Estate of Zeno Brayton. Inventory approved and H. D. Worcester. Ed Metcalf
and Silas Metcalf appointed appraisers. Privilege granted J. P. Worchester
(bondsman) and Hannibal Worcester Creditor) to show additional property to be
inventoried and case continued. Hearing of answer of Hannibal Worcester.
surviving partner. continued to next term.

Estate of Theotine Giroux. Will admitted.

Estate of J. B. Boudreau. Will admitted.

Estate of John B. Carron. Claim of Preston Sennesac for X67.90.

Taken from The Kankakee Gazette. April, 1878.

E s t a t e o f H a r r i e t S m i t h . A t t a c h m e n t s e r v e d a g a i n s t a d mi n i s t r a t o r . M o t i o n
to quash writ: cross-motion on defendant to show cause why he has not
complied with order of the court to distribute funds in the hands made
April, 1878. and further order made January. 1877. Motion to quash
overruled and administrator ordered to answer. Defendant exce p ts and files
answer. which is denied sufficient. and he is discharged from contempt, and o r d e r e d
to pay over balance of $137.18 in his hands and file new bond.
Continued to April term.

Final certificates of naturalization issued to Joseph T. Fischette and John

Estate of Allen H. Brawn. Margaret Brown appointed administrator in bond of

Estate of Toussaint Harnois. Will proven and admitted.

Taken from The Kankakee Gazette. May 2, 1878.

Estate of Harriet Smith. Administrator granted further time in which to pay
over money.

Final certificate of naturalization issued to Nicholas Miller.

Estate of Zeno Brayer. Leave granted to file amended inventory.
Administrator and administratrix ordered to adjust their accounts and file
new bond by May 29.

Estate of John Hertz.        Administrator’s report approved.                                             D. H. Paddock
appointed guardian ad litem for heirs.

Estate of Adam Hertz.                                 Mary E. Hertz appointed administratrix in bond of

Estate of Albert G. Seales. Geo. A. Searls appointed administrator in bond
of $1.000.

Guardianship of minor heirs of George McKinstry. Additional inventory
approved. Gu ardians ' reports approved and sett lement o f Martha's guardian

Estate of John B. Caron.                    Report of sale of real estate approved.

Estate of C. C. Ainsworth.         Widow's relinquishment filed.                                            A. L. Miner
appointed administrator in bond of $1,000.

 Estate of Albert Chipman.       Inventory approved.         Sale of real estate
confined.    Administrator's report approved.          Administrator ordered to
distribute to heirs amount in hand.

Estate of Philip Wambach. Judgment in favor of widow for $394.92 advanced
to estate.

Certificate of goad moral character Issued to E. R. Kendall.

Estate of John Lane. minor. Extension of time to guardian to file new bond.

Estate of Zeno C. Brayton. Citation against surviving partner dismissed.

Taken from The Kankakee Gazette, May 9, 1878.

Estate John Hertz. Motion to amend petition allowed.

Estate Zeno C. Brayton.              Citation issued against administrator and
aministratrix upon petition of H. Worcester, a creditor.

                               Chebanse - 1878

Taken from The Kankakee Gazette. May 23, 1878.

The festival for the benefit of the reading room netted $39.

Capen & Co.'s elevator caught fire from a locomotive spark last week, but
three streams from the water works quenched the flames.

The Chebanse band are raising funds to uniform themselves.

Prof. Rowell is of the opinion that the tendency nowadays is to lower the
grade and diminish the efficiency of the public schools.

May 20 - a new porch will be an addition to the Citizens Bank June 1st. It
is now a National bank but will not be after the change.

This afternoon a Mr. Jebeau, a laborer at one of the warehouses, had the
fingernails of his right hand torn off and the hand badly lacerated by the
drag belt in the elevator.

Fred Schraeder's team, attached to a hayrack, ran away Friday afternoon on
Main street, broke the tongue and badly demoralized the wagon and rack.
Assault and battery suits are now ripening.

A number of our citizens will take advantage of the low excursion rates to
Chicago this week and attend the Cary, Kellogg and Roze concerts.

                         1878_KANKAKEE COUNTY MARRIAGES

Taken from the Kankakee Gazette.

bride               Groom                      Where From            Date

Jennie R. Blessing Rollin R. Grimes            Manteno             27    Mar    1878
Mary E. Marsh       James J. Sollitt           Matteson/Beecher    13    Mar    1878
Sarah M. Kearney    Jonathan Washburn          Beecher/Yellowhead 27     Mar    1878
Anna Blanchett      Joseph Chiquet             Kankakee            22    Mar    1878
Mary J. McLane      Wm. Sproule                St. Anne/Sheldon    19    Mar    1878
Mary A. Donovan     George W. Brainard         Kankakee            04    Apr    1878
Olive Bissett       Alonzo Brooks              Grant Park/W.Creek 05     Apr    1878
Josephine St. Peter Rev. Chas. Chevez          St. Anne            03    Apr    1878
Josephine A. Welch A. D. Gibbons               Kankakee/Bloomfield 07    Apr    1878
Flavia Charteer     Joseph L. Dellerre         Momence             09    Apr    1878
Glennie C. Hill     Charles Funk               Kankakee            25    Apr    1878
Francis J. Boswell Abraham J. Young            Essex/Norton        25    Apr    1878
Flavia Charterier   Joseph Dellerre            Momence             09    Apr    1878
Josephine Wadleigh Frank F. Porter             Milks Grove/Chebansel5    Apr    1878
Jennie Huey         C. B. Riddle               Peotone             13    Apr    1878
Alberta E. Balthis Lewis R. Walton             Clifton             24    Apr    1878
Dora Schwablow      Frank Lemner               Kankakee            23    Apr    1878
Sophia Nocker       Frederick Kammann          Kankakee            02    May    1878
Addie Lish          Thomas Rankin              Essex, Morris       24    Apr    1878
Aglae Roy           Theapolis Drolet           Kankakee/St. Anne   22    Apr    1878
Ella A. Haslett     Thos. J. Phillips          Remington, IN       02    May    1878
Pamela Colombe      Joseph Gerard              St. Anne            16    Apr    1878
Mary Bouchan        John Borrow                Manteno/Papineau    23    Apr    1878
Yea Prairie         Hypolite Gousset           Rockville/Manteno   30    Apr    1878
Theresa Seigler     Henry Schultz              Braidwood/Essex     27    Apr    1878
Anna Dehrn          Wilhelm Graves             Momence             12    Apr    1878
Mary McElvain       Eugene Shreffler           Rockville           14    May    187$
Ruth A. Shepardson Geo. W. Shreffler           Fremont OH/Kankakee 08    May    1878
Tennie H. Hopper    Jurgen Lehomer             Momence             23    May    1878
Ella L. McElvain    W. H. Studtman             Rockville           28    May    1878

                          1878 KANKAKEE COUNTY BIRTHS

Son/Daughter   Parents                                        Date

Son            Xavier & Emelie Provost, Kankakee              O1   Apr   1878
Son            Narcisse & Mathilde Neview. Kankakee           27   Mar   1878
Daughter       Eusibe & Emelie Lapierre, Kankakee             19   Mar   1878
Daughter       Fred & Anna Klein, Kankakee                    22   Mar   1878
Son            Napoleon & Henriette Chamberlain, Kankakee     27   Mar   1878
Son            Lucien & Agnes Boudreau. Limestone             24   Jan   1878
Daughter       John & Anna Farrell. Kankakee                  19   Mar   1878
Son            Orren & Nelid Steinburge, Kankakee             24   Mar   1878
Daughter       Wm. G. & Margaret Holcomb, Bourbonnais         02   Apr   1878

Son/Daughter     Parents                                   Date

Son              George & Sarah McKinstry, Sumner          18   Feb   1878
Daughter         George & Rose Gordon, Rockville           01   Apr   1878
Daughter         Samuel & Mary Harphin, Essex              11   Mar   1878
Son              Henry & Annie Beckmann, Kankakee          21   Mar   1878
Son              Joseph & Emille Plante, Limestone         31   Mar   1878
Son              Alphonse & Cecile Charbonneau. Kankakee   07   Mar   1878
Son              Joseph & Sophie Benois, Kankakee          10   Apr   1878
Daughter         Fred & Eugenie Mette, Kankakee            11   Apr   1878
Daughter         Thomas & Ella Gordon, Rockville           06   Apr   1878
Daughter         Alfred & Sophia Provost, Kankakee         21   Mar   1878
Son              Francis & Eufernie Laplante, Aroma        21   Apr   1878
Son              Adjutuer & Delia Bourgeois, St. Anne      21   Apr   1878
Son              David & Danitelde St. Pierre, St. Anne    30   Mar   1878
Son              Moses & Mary St. Pierre, Papineau         25   Mar   1$78
Son              Robert & Sara Williams, St. Anne          21   Apr   1878
Daughter         John B. & Anna Ledoux, St. Anne           18   Apr   1878
Son              Noah & Olive Yando, Rockville             21   Apr   1878
Daughter         Fred & Mary Wagoner, Limestone            17   Feb   1878
Daughter         Wm. & Anna Curl, Rockville                24   Mar   1878
Daughter         Henry & Ellen Day, Rockville              03   Apr   1878
Son              Wm. & Mary Montgomery, Limestone          ?
Son              Nicholas & Henrietta Younker, Manteno     14   Apr 1878
Daughter         Thomas & Jane Jones, Kankakee             24   Mar 1878
Daughter         Geo. H. & Mary Burntrager, Kankakee       11   Mar 1878
Son              Bartholomew & Emma Hawkins, Essex         ?
Daughter         Jos. & ? Lord, Manteno                    27   Apr   1878
Son              Xavier & ? Giroux, Manteno                22   Apr   1878
Son              Stanislaus Cloutier, Manteno              11   Apr   1878
Daughter         Moise & Marie Betourney, Manteno          24   Mar   1878
Daughter         Antoine & Marie Issert, Manteno           05   Apr   1878
Son              Edwin & "Will" Metcalt, Momence           16   Apr   1878
Son              Frederick & Addie Williams, Rockville     10   Apr   1878
Daughter         Johann & Wilhelmina Kurth, Yellowhead     23   Apr   1878
Daughter         Frederick & Maria Martens, Yellowhead     O1   May   1878
Son              George & Amanda Fanning, Otto             18   May   1878
Son              William & Hannahnetta Lockery, St. Anne   05   May   1878
Son              B. R. & Sarah Nordyke, St. Anne           27   Feb   1878
Daughter         Ephram & Olive Therrier, St. Anne         24   Mar   1878
Daughter         John & Augusta Witthaus, Momence          14   Mar   1878
Daughter         Peter & Alphonsirio Dubee, St. Anne       19   Mar   1878
Daughter         Frank & Gertie Porter, Kankakee           06   Apr   1878
Twin Daughters   Oliver & Ella Michal, Limestone           11   May   1878
Daughter         Rufus & Nancy Chadwick                    20   Apr   1878


Section 7 (Yellow} - Ethnic Materials (continued from Vol. 21 #3}


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                             ....... to be continued

                       SURNAME INDEX — VOL. 22 #2

Alken             27                      Douglass       12
Ainsworth         8                       Drolet         10
Arsenault         14                      Dubee          11
Bahlow            14                      Emmerson       21
Baker             21                      Eppelsheimer   26
Balthis           10                      Eshenbach      14
Bartlett          18                      Fanning        11
Bates             26, 27, 28              Farrell        10
Baxter            14                      Figi           4
Beaciclere        18                      Flschette      8
Beauregard        14                      Francoeur      21
Beckmann          11                      Franklin       14
Beede             7                       Friedericks    14
Beedy             7                       Funk           10
Beernink          3                       Gerard         10
Benois            11                      Geue           15
Betourney         11                      Gibbons        10
Biggers           14                      Giroux         7, 11
 Bissett          10                      Golding        7
 Blanchett        10                      Gordon         11
 Blessing         10                      Gordon         11
 Borrow           10                      Gousset        10
 Boswell          10                      Goyette        18
 Bouchan          10                      Graves         10
 Boudreau         7, 10                   Green          26
 Bourgeois        11                      Greene         16
 Brainard         10                      Gregory        21
 Brayer           8                       Grimes         10
 Brayton          7, 8                    Grosso         26, 27, 28
 Broderick        26                      Guertin        18
 Brooks           10                      Harnois        8
 Brown            8                       Harphin        11
 Brundage         21                      Haslett        10
 Burleson         21                      Hawkins        11
 Burntrager       11                      Herrick        21
 Bushnell         28                      Hertz          7, 8
 Cannon           21                      Hesse          18
 Caron            8                       Hill           10
 Carron           7                       Hoag           13
 Chadwick         11                      Hobbis         7
 Chamberlain      10                      Hohman         26
 Chambers         14                      Holcomb        10
 Charbonneau      11                      Hopper         10
 Charteer         10                      Houston        21
 Charterier       10                      Huey           10
 Chatfield        12                      Hughes         18
 Chevez           10                      Issert         11
 Chipman          9                       Jackson        8
 Chiquet          10                      Jebeau         9
 Cloutier         11                      Jensen         15
 Colombe          10                      Jones          it
 Coman            7                       Kabaker        6
 Curl             11                      Kallgren       18
 Daly             18                      Kammann        10, 19
 Daniels          21                      Kearney        10
 Davidge          2                       Kendal]        9
 Day              11                      Kirchoff       18
 De Lafountaine   7                       Klein          10
 Degener          14                      Kneer          2
 Dehrn            10                      Kobe           7
 Delierre         10                      Konrad         14
 Diffenderffer    14                      Kuhn           18
 Donovan          10                      Kuhns          15

Surname Index (contd.)

Kurth                    11               Rowley              13
Lane                     9, 21            Roy                 10
Langelier                18               Russel              21
Lansing                  21               Rust                18
Lapierre                 10               Schraeder            9
Laplante                 11               Schuckter           18
Ledoux                   11               Schultz             10
Lehman                   26               Schwablow           10
Lehomer                  10               Seales               8
Leiser                   2, 3             Searls               8
Leiserowitz              2, 3             Seigler             10
Lemner                   10               Sennesac             7
Lewis                    21               Seward              28
Lich                     15               Shangnon            18
Lindeman                 18               Shepardson          10
Lish                     10               Sherman             21
Lockery                  11               Shreffler           10
Look                     7                Small               21
Lord                     11               Smelser             15
Louns                    7                Smith               8,15, 18, 27
Lowden                   21               Sollitt             10
Marceau                  18               Sproule             10
Marcotte                 18               St. Peter           10
Marsh                    10               St. Pierre          it
Marshall                 21               Steck               21
Martens                  11               Steinburge          10
Martin                   18               Streeter            18
Mason                    18, 21           Studtman            10
McAdoo                   21               Susman               6
McCormick                21               Sutton              18
McElvaln                 10               Tegge               18
McKinstry                8, 11            Tetrault            18
McLane                   10               Teverbaugh          13
Merceier                 18               Therien             18
Metcalf                  11               Therrier            11
Mette                    11               Thomas              12
Michal                   11               Thoms                7
Miller                   8                Tipton              21
Miner                    8                Van                 27
Mitchell                 18                Van Hoorst         18
Montgomery               11                Vandagrift         18
Myers                    18                Verdenhalven       15
Nebler                   15                Voss                2
Neview                   10                Wadleigh           10
Noble                    7                 Wagoner            11
Nocker                   10                Walker              7
Nordyke                  11                Walton             10
Oglesby                  21                Wambach             9
Page                     26                Washburn           10
Peschel                  18                Weimer             15
Phillips                 10                Weinies            26
Plante                   11                Welch              10
Porter                    10, 11           Wellauer           15
Prairie                    10              Williams           it
Provost                   10, 11           Wilson             21
Rankin                     10              Winey               5
Redfield                   21              Witte               7
Ribbe                      15              Witthaus           11
Rice                       12              Worcester           9,   13
Riddle                     10              Worchester          7
Rivard                     18              Yando              it
Rock                       14              Young              10
Rowell                    9                Younker            11

                                   -30-      This index does not contain pages 22-25.

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