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Beth Sholom News (PDF)

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									                                                               July-August 2011

Beth Sholom News
Table of Contents
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1           Rav Barry Farewell Letter
2           Letter of Introduction, Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky
3-4         President’s Message
5           Sharing Simchas
6           Thank You to Jorge Lorch
6-9         A Trip Down Memory Lane in Honor of our “Double Chai” Members
9           Notes from the Parallel Minyan
10          Sisterhood News
            Hazak Happenings
10-11       From the CBS Religious School
11          Social Action-Tikkun Olam News
12          Children’s Programming Summer Schedule
            Library News
13          Book Review
            Celebrations and Life Cycle Events
14-16       Yahrzeits
17          Congregation Beth Sholom Donations listing
13, 16-17   Advertisers (please support them, when possible)

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Beth Sholom News
                                                                                                                                                 July-August 2011
                                                                                                                                      Sivan-Tammuz-Av-Elul 5771
                                                                                                                                          Barry Schlesinger, Rabbi
                                                                                                                                            Joel Pitkowsky, Rabbi
A monthly publication of Congregation Beth Sholom, Teaneck, NJ. A member of USCJ.                                              Kenneth E. Berger, Rabbi Emeritus

                                                                                                                       Rav Barry Farewell Letter
July 1-2                                     Judaism has its sp
Rosh Hodesh Tammuz                                                     ecial numbers, for
                                             number 8. What is                                  example 7, 10, 12
Ner shel Shabbat: 8:14 p.m.                                           the Sod, the secret                                , 40; but let’s not
                                             “eights” we are fam                               hidden in the num                                  forget the
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 p.m.                                            iliar with:                                     ber eight? First, let
                                                                                                                                                  ’s list the
Torah portion: Chukat                           • Shemoneh yemei
                                                                        mila – the male ch
Minhah: 7:45 p.m.                                 birth (this of cour                           ild is circumcised
                                                                         se is the best-case                            on the eighth day
Ma’ariv: 9:15 p.m.                             • Sukkot is followe                               scenario)                                       after
                                                                       d by an eighth day
                                               • Shavuot is a sort                             and a new chag ca
                                                                        of “eighth day,” sin                            lled Shmini Atzere
July 8-9                                         of the Omer and th                            ce it’s the day follo                             t
                                                                         e counting of seve                              wing the last seve
                                              • On Hanukkah, we                                 n full weeks.                                    n days
Ner shel Shabbat: 8:12 p.m.                                             mark the miracle of
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 p.m.                     Kohen kept the Men                                the single flask of
                                                                          orah lit for eight da                            oil from which the
Torah Portion: Balak                         • Aaron and his sons                                   ys.
                                                                          began serving God
Minhah: 7:40 p.m.                               day as is written in                              in the Mishkan (Tab
                                                                          Vayikra 8:1 – And                                 ernacle) on the Eigh
Ma’ariv: 9:10 p.m.                             summoned Aaron                                     it was on the eight                                   th
                                                                       and his sons and th                                 h day, that Moses
                                                                                                e elders of Israel.
                                           What is this secret
July 15-16                                                         of the “8”?
Ner shel Shabbat: 8:09 p.m.               The appearance of
                                                                  the number 8 in all
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 p.m.               assumed that the ke                               those cases may co
                                                                   y number is 7, since                              me as a surprise, sin
Torah Portion: Pinchas                    and on the 7th He                                   God completed the                                   ce it is
                                                                 rested. Thus, the 7                                   creation of our wo
Minhah: 7:40 p.m.                         Having said that, I                             symbolizes wholene                                    rld in 6 days
                                                                 would suggest that                               ss, and the complet
                                         world and rested, it                              the 8 is really teac                           ion of a process.
Ma’ariv: 9:10 p.m.                                               is our responsibilit                             hing us that after
                                         to make God’s world                             y to step up to the pla                          God created the
                                                                 a better place by str                              te and do everything
July 22-23                                                                                 engthening ourselv                                  in our power
                                        So for me, “eight”                                                       es, our families and
                                                               is a challenging nu                                                        our community.
Ner shel Shabbat: 8:04 p.m.             the mile a person                               mber because it re
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 p.m.                                    has to run in orde                              presents running
                                       “eight” comes an ex                             r to bring about so                              the “extra mile,”
Torah Portion: Matot                                           pectation for a new                           mething positive an
                                                                                        beginning with prom                              d good. With the
Minhah: 7:35 p.m.                      Since the 1990s, Ho                                                      ise, and hopes for so
                                                                ward Lewis z”l, (a                                                        mething better.
Ma’ariv: 9:05 p.m.                     Aubey Rotenberg,                                  nd they should all
                                                             Andor Glattstein, Gi                              live and be well) Ga
                                      have received the                                 l Bertan, Maria Ge                                by Hereld,
                                                              Beth Sholom Shofar                              rtsenshteyn and Ev
July 29-30                            for a brighter, mor                                Award for past achi                              a Liebmann
                                                              e productive future                                 evements which pa
Ner shel Shabbat: 7:58 p.m.           eight – yes, I have                               for our Kehilla. We                                ved the way
                                                              the privilege of bein                            ll, it seems that I am
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 p.m.           Sholom Shofar Aw                                  g the eighth recipien                               number
                                                             ard, for which I am                                   t of the prestigiou
Torah Portion: Masei                                                                   both thankful and                                   s Beth
                                     It’s very special to                                                    humbled.
Minhah: 7:30 p.m.                                            be included in this
                                     are themselves “8”s                              moadon (club) of co
Ma’ariv: 9 p.m.                                                – for they have run                           mmunal leaders an
                                     themselves for the                                  that extra mile and                           d activists who
                                                            benefit of others. I                                 having stopped at “7
     (Continued on page 2)           me in the future an                             assure you that the                                     ,” giving of
                                                            d I will try to live up                         challenge of the “8”
                                                                                      to the expectations                              will accompany
                                    I’ve had a good nu                                                      which come with th
                                                           mber of days to re                                                         e Shofar Award.
                                    shul, beginning with                            flect on the very joy
                                                            the “Barry Shabbat”                             ous weekend we sp
                                   the most freilich Ga                               and ending with sin                             ent together at
                                                            la anyone could im                              ging Hatikvah at th
                                   imbued with spirit an                             agine. It’s just so co                          e culmination of
                                                             d spirituality. I pers                         ol to daven at Beth
                                  with hundreds of m                                  onally find ruach an                            Sholom, a shul
                                                            en, women (of all ag                            d ruchaniyut in a ho
                                  Psalmist suggested                                  es) and children sin                             ly space, filled
                                                          Ivdu et Hashem B’sim                                ging and davening
                                                                                      cha – serve God with                              in joy, as the
                                  Chevre, may our sh                                                           joy. For this I am mo
                                                           ul continue to go fro                                                         st thankful.
                                 Rav Joel Pitkowsk                                     m strength to stre
                                                         y. May he and his                                  ngth, with its new
                                 found – Ahava, Ac                               lovely family find                                   Rav Kehilla,
                                                         hva, Shalom V’reut                             in Beth Sholom wh
                                                                                  .                                               at Shira and I
                                 Kol Tuv, Byididut,
    2                                         Beth Sholom Ne ws                                                 July-August 2011


August 5-6                                Letter of Introduction
Shabbat Hazon
Ner shel Shabbat: 7:51 p.m.               Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 p.m.
Torah Portion: Devarim                              I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the great honor you have given
Minhah: 7:20 p.m.                          me in choosing me to be the next rabbi of Congregation Beth Sholom. The history of
Ma’ariv: 8:50 p.m.                         your synagogue is illustrious, and it truly is the envy of many synagogues around the
                                           country. I cannot tell you how many people I have encountered over the past several
August 12-13                               weeks who are overjoyed, and not a little bit jealous, to hear about the community my
Shabbat Nachamu                            family are I are moving to and the synagogue to which I am soon to become the rabbi.
Ner shel Shabbat: 7:42 p.m.                         History is important because it helps us understand who we are and what we
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 p.m.                believe in. History enables us, as institutions and as individuals, to better prepare our-
Torah Portion: Va’etchanan                selves for the struggles of the present and the dilemmas of the future. I am looking
Minhah: 7:10 p.m.                         forward to building on the history of Beth Sholom and helping to make it the best
Ma’ariv: 8:40 p.m.                        possible version of itself.
                                                    A synagogue, of course, is made up of individual people. For all of our concern
August 19-20                              about Beth Sholom as an institution, we should never forget that the people of Beth
Ner shel Shabbat: 7:32 p.m.               Sholom, the individuals and families that make up its membership, are what truly make
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 p.m.               Beth Sholom special. It is essential that I get to know each and every person in our
Torah Portion: Ekev                       community because only in that way will I be able to better understand how the
Minhah: 7 p.m.                            institution and the individual members can help and support each other. I am starting
Ma’ariv: 8:30 p.m.                        to work at Beth Sholom on August 1, and my hope is that in my first 100 days I will be
                                          able to contact every member of Beth Sholom, even if only to introduce myself and to
August 26-27
                                          begin a personal relationship, a relationship that will hopefully be fostered over many
Ner shel Shabbat: 7:22 p.m.
                                          years of friendship together.
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 p.m.
                                                   I will also be spending considerable time in my first few months at Beth
Torah Portion: Re’eh
                                          Sholom meeting with various committee chairs and trying to better understand where
Minhah: 6:50 p.m.
                                          Beth Sholom has been and where it sees itself going in the near future. I am looking
Ma’ariv: 8:20 p.m.
                                         forward to learning about all of the various groups within the synagogue. I am sure to
                                         be inspired by what is already happening at Beth Sholom, and at the potential for more
                                         that will be felt by all.
KIDDUSH                                            Before we know it, the Yamim Nora’im (High Holy Days) will be upon us and
                                         we will be standing together, as one community, searching within ourselves for the
Kiddush on July 2 is sponsored by        strength to acknowledge our flaws and move beyond them. I look forward to standing
Ellie and Paul Ellis in honor of their   together because I am positive that we will learn from each other, we will grow together,
48th wedding anniversary; David          and we will seek out meaning in our every day lives together.
Greenberg and Susan Hodge in                       The Talmud teaches that when a person prays with the community in a syna-
honor of the birth of their grand-       gogue, the prayers are listened to very carefully by God. And the Shulchan Aruch (Code
daughter and past presidents,            of Jewish law) teaches us that someone who loses his opportunity to pray in a minyan
Men’s Club, Sisterhood, Rav Barry’s      should still pray in the synagogue, because synagogues are holy places and prayers are
Tuesday morning class and individual     accepted more inside of them than outside of them.
members in honor of Rav Barry.                     What do these statements have to teach us? They teach me that our potential
                                         to create holiness in our lives is enormous, as long as we work together. They also
Kiddush on August 13 is sponsored        teach me that not only the prayers in a synagogue must exude holiness, but everything
by Janet and Bruce Bierbryer in          that happens within the walls of the synagogue must exude holiness. Every meeting,
honor of the aufruf of their son,        class, conversation, and interaction must exist within the context of that key Jewish
Andrew, and his upcoming marriage        word, kedusha, holiness. I look forward to exploring the meaning of that word together
to Esther Spiegelman.                    with you, and learning how it applies to our wonderful community at Congregation
                                         Beth Sholom. My wife, Ingrid, and my children, Jonah and Lili, join me in wishing
                                         you a wonderful and safe summer, and expressing to you our excitement at seeing
                                         you in August.
July-August 2011                             Beth Sholom Ne w s                                                                     3

                                                                                                   UPCOMING EVENTS –
                                                                                                   MARK YOUR CALENDAR
President’s Message
         It is with a combination of excitement, pride, awe and anxiety that I become the
36th President of Congregation Beth Sholom. It is a special honor to be a link in the historical   Monday, July 4
chain of leadership of our very special community. As President, I hope to build upon the                 Independence Day –
outstanding legacy that has made Beth Sholom what it is today – one of the premier                        Office Closed
congregations of the Conservative Movement.                                                        Tuesday, July 5
                                                                                                           Ritual Committee Meeting
          For those of you who don’t know me very well, here’s a brief biography. I grew up in
                                                                                                   Wednesday, July 7
Rockland County, New York. My family belonged to the Jewish Community Center of Spring
                                                                                                         Board of Trustees Meeting
Valley, a traditional (read “non-egalitarian”) Conservative synagogue. Both of my parents
had leadership roles in the community – my father was synagogue president before                   Tuesday, July 19
becoming involved with UJA (where he created the first ever walkathon in support of Israel)                Fast of 17th of Tammuz
and Israel Bonds. My mom was also a synagogue executive and has taken on leadership
                                                                                                   Thursday, July 21
roles in multiple Jewish organizations. I attended our synagogue’s Hebrew School and
                                                                                                           Adult Education Committee
Hebrew High School and was president of my USY chapter. The Jewish highlight of my                         Meeting
youth was the summer of 1977 when I went on Ramah Israel Seminar.
                                                                                                   Wednesday, July 27
         After college, I spent a year in Israel at the WUJS Institute in the Negev town of              Executive Board Meeting
Arad, where I met wife-to-be, Susan. I also spent a semester at Tel Aviv University while
studying for my MBA. Susan and I were married in 1989 and joined a havurah of families             AUGUST
from the Kane Street synagogue in Brooklyn that included Barry Feigenbaum and Karen                Monday, August 1
Misler and Cathy and Glenn Shepard. Our daughter, Shira, was born in December 1990.                       Community Services
Shortly thereafter, we moved to Aberdeen; Yair was born a year later. When it was time for                Blood Drive
school, we enrolled our children in the Solomon Schechter Day School in Marlboro – but it
soon became obvious that we wanted a more integrated community where our children                  Wednesday, August 3
could have lots of friends in the community whom they would see in school and synagogue.                 Board of Trustees Meeting
It was for this reason that we followed our friends Barry, Karen, Cathy and Glenn to Teaneck       Monday, August 8
in 1998. Since then, we haven’t looked back. I joined the Board of Trustees of the synagogue              Erev Tisha B’av (Fast begins)
a few years later, and the rest, as they say, is history.
                                                                                                            Megillat Eicha
         I am privileged to become president at a unique time in the history of our congre-        Tuesday, August 9
gation. On August 1, Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky will become just the fourth rabbi in our syna-                   Tisha B’av (Fast of Ninth of Av)
gogue’s history following Rabbi Schaeffer, Rabbi Berger and Rav Barry. At our congregation
                                                                                                   Friday, August 12
meeting on May 31, the congregation voted unanimously to extend Rabbi Pitkowsky a
                                                                                                            PJ Library Tot Shabbat Program
three-year contract as our next rabbi. This meeting was the culmination of a 1½-year process
that was executed to perfection by our Rabbinic Search Committee, chaired by Harman                Tuesday, August 16
Grossman and Penina Grossberg, as well as a much shorter but no less intense process of                    Hazak Board Meeting
agreeing to contractual terms, as carried out by our Contract Committee (Isaac Fromm, Amy          Wednesday, August 31
Davidson, Matt Epstein, Ray Goldberg and Daniel Levin). Yasher Koach to all who participated             Executive Board Meeting
in those committees.

          And while we’re at it, a huge Yasher Koach to our immediate past president, Karen
Misler. Karen’s tenure as president was marked by a period of unprecedented change in the
history of our congregation, including the retirement of Rabbi Berger, more than seven
months of running the synagogue without a rabbi, as well as the search and hiring of both
an interim and long-term rabbi. This could have been an enormously stressful period in the
life of our congregation (and it was quite stressful at various points along the way), but in
the end, under Karen’s leadership, I believe we are a more cohesive community and have
more of a sense of shared purpose than ever before.

                                                                        (Continued on page 4)
    4                                       Beth Sholom Ne ws                                                 July-August 2011


Tuesday: Bible Study Group at          President’s Message                    (Continued from page 3)
         8:15 p.m. led by Arthur
         Konigsberg, will focus on             Thanks also to those officers who are now stepping down: to Glenn Shepard,
         The Book of Jeremiah.         who has been a financial officer for many years; to Rochelle Rudnick, who did an out-
         Will resume in the Fall       standing job in her one year as treasurer; to outgoing Recording Secretary Penina
                                       Grossberg, who has done an outstanding job in so may roles including co-chair of
Friday:   Torah Talk with Rabbi        the Rabbi Search Committee; and to our outgoing Corresponding Secretary Rhoda
          Joyce Newmark at 9 a.m.      Goldstein, who has been a joy to work with. Thanks also to all of our outgoing trustees.
          Will continue through the
          summer                                I am excited about our incoming Executive Committee including continuing
                                       Vice Presidents Alex Wulwick and Adam Wall, who are moving up the ladder with me.
Shabbat: Parsha Ha’Shavuah meets
                                       Both Alex and Adam have worked tirelessly over the years in multiple capacities for
         at 8:15 a.m. each Shabbat
                                       the betterment of our community. Joining us this year will be five new officers: Elaine
         morning with a lively
                                       Cohen, Third Vice President, who continues to do such a great job as chair of our Adult
         discussion of the parsha.
                                       Education Committee; Treasurer Marion Udwin, most recently of our Rabbi Search
         Each week there is a
         different leader. Please      Committee; Recording Secretary Jennifer Modlinger, who has been a Children’s
         check your weekly e-mail      Programming Committee chair; Corresponding Secretary Devorah Silverman, who is
         or the Shabbat bulletin for   currently a co-chair of our Strategic Planning Committee; and Financial Secretary
         more information.             Tamara Kerr, one of the voices of our a capella choir Tavim.

          Seudah Shelishit:                     The first focus for my presidency will be the integration of Rabbi Pitkowsky
          A weekly class taught        into our community. I am happy to have Ray Goldberg leading our Rabbi Transition
          on Shabbat afternoon         Committee. The Rabbi Transition Committee will ensure the Pitkowskys are comfort-
          between minhah and           able in their new home and community and that our new rabbi has a place to go with
          ma’ariv.                     any questions. The Rabbi Transition Committee will also spawn off a separate commit-
                                       tee which will be responsible for Rabbi Pitkowsky’s formal installation ceremony which
          Hug Ivri: an informal        will probably be held later this year – more to come on that.
          study group which meets
          periodically for reading             Beyond the integration of our new rabbi, I want to highlight the three primary
          and discussion of modern     goals for our congregation as were posted on the Rabbinical Assembly website in our
          Hebrew texts. Meetings       application for a new rabbi. These will be my goals as I begin my tenure as president:
          and discussions are in
          Hebrew on selected days
                                                – to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment
          one hour before ma’ariv.
                                                – to model and encourage a sophisticated, traditional, egalitarian environment for
          (Check the announcements
                                                  meaningful prayer
          for meeting dates.)
                                                – to foster Jewish continuity through life-long Jewish learning, empowering the
                                                  next generation of involved and engaged Jews, and providing an on-ramp for
                                                  people to learn and participate Jewishly.

                                                Last comment – Yasher Koach and L’hitraot to Rav Barry as he heads back to
                                       his congregation in Yerushalayim. It has been our great fortune to have him as our
                                       spiritual leader this past year. His infectious enthusiasm, and his love of Klal Yisrael and
                                       all things Jewish have opened our eyes to the possibilities of the rabbinic role. While
                                       we will all miss Rav Barry, we hope he will come back and visit with us soon, and better
                                       yet, we look forward to visiting with him in Israel. L’shana Haba’a b’Yerushalayim with
                                       Rav Barry!

                                               Best wishes to all for a wonderful summer.
July-August 2011                              Beth Sholom Ne w s                                                                 5

                                                                                                 OFFICE BULLETIN BOARD

Sharing Simchas                                                                                  Synagogue Office Hours:
                                                                                                 Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
As we start the summer, let’s note some recent and some upcoming simchas:                        Friday: 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

B’nai Mitzvah                                                                                    Phone: (201) 833-2620
Mazal tov to                                                                                     Fax: (201) 833-2323
• Joseph Martz and Cindy Balsam Martz on the B’nai Mitzvah of their sons, Noah and Eric.
• Benjamin Sommer and Jennifer Dugdale on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Avi.                     E-mail addresses:

Engagements/Weddings                                                                               Office e-mail address:
• Steven Smith, son of Lois and Roy (z”l), is engaged to Jean Kocher of Indiana.         
• Andrew Biebryer, son of Janet and Bruce, is engaged to Esther Spiegelman.                        Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky:
• Leora Shlomit David, daughter of Barbara Rhine David of Fort Lee and Daniel David of   
  Teaneck, will be married to Daniel Charles Ross Schneirman.                                      (beginning August 1)

Births                                                                                             Matthew Halpern,
• Marilyn and Richard Rubin are the proud grandparents of Matthew Landon Rubin, born to            Director of Administration:
  their son and daughter-in-law, Dr. Lee and Jamie Rubin of Southbury, Conn.             
                                                                                                   Laura Curchack,
                                                                                                   Executive Assistant:
We salute our:
• CBS Religious School graduates: Michael Silverman and Rachel Silverman
• Eighth Grade graduates: Elisa Damari, Yonaton Greenstein, Maya Hanan, Amy Heussinger,            Alexandra Shlozberg,
  Michal Karlin, Brett Levine, Ethan Murad, and, Naomi Popkin                                      Bookkeeper:
• High school graduates: Avishai Afek, Gabrielle Belok, Sarah Ferbank, Sophie Greenspan, 
  Zoe Grossman, Avioz Hanan, Brianna Hanan, Benjamin Hutt, Jennifer Kostman, Sara
  Loffman, Aaron Marans, Alex Oppenheim, Yael Osman, David Popkin, Orli Segal, Katie
  Shepard, Amanda Tendler and Evan Tencer
• College graduates: Jeremy Feigenbaum, Adi Segal, Rachel Steinbach, Jason Steinberg, and        CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS
  Rachel Udwin
• Graduate School graduate: Beryl Steinbach.                                                     As a convenience to our members,
                                                                                                 we gladly accept Visa, MasterCard
Day Schools                                                                                      and American Express for all
The following first graders received their siddurim:                                             financial transactions; however, we
• Ziv Bolton and Elan Wasserman from Reuben Gittelman Hebrew Day School                          must pass along the service charges
• Marc Eras, Mira Eras, Abigail Hoberman, Orly Kessler-Godin, Eliana Loffman, Ron Manahan,       which we pay for these services to
  Alexander McGuire, and Samuel Modlinger from Solomon Schechter Day School of                   you – 4% for Visa or MasterCard
  Bergen County.                                                                                 and 3% for American Express.

And we are also proud of:                                                                        If you have a suggestion about
• Michal Greenbaum who received the Young Alumni Award from Rutgers Hillel.                      how we can improve our service
• Penina Grossberg and Judah Skoff who were selected as members for the Berrie Fellows           to you, our members, please
  Leadership Program.                                                                            contact the synagogue office.
• Skylar Tannenwald, daughter of Felice Bernstein and Peter Tannenwald and granddaughter
  of Jerry and Dee Bernstein, whose Irish Dancing team won the world championship (in
  Dublin, where else?) for girls 13 and under.

Mazal tov to all and to all of their friends and families and to our kehillah. If we’ve missed
anyone, please let the Bulletin editor know and we will include more simchas next issue.

Deepest condolences to:
• Barbara Feldman on the loss of her beloved brother, Howard Katz
• Judy Wallenstein on the loss her beloved husband, Henry
• Shifra Ansanoff on the loss of her beloved mother, Tzipporah Levey
     6                                            Beth Sholom Ne ws                                                   July-August 2011

SHOLOM LISTSERV YET?                          Thank you to Jorge Losch

All you have to do is send an e-mail to:      Many of our members may not be familiar with the name “Jorge Losch,” even though they
congregation-beth-sholom-                     probably see it at least once a month. For the past 15 years, Jorge has been the designer of                    our monthly bulletin, paying close attention to and taking care of details including noticing
Include your name in the subject line         when we’re short a few people on the minyan list! Jorge has informed us that he will be
(so we can recognize who you are)             leaving this post for new opportunities and we thank him, we will miss him and express
and click “send.” We’ll do the rest           our deep appreciation for his years of diligent service.
and you will be added on to the
YahooGroup and will receive                   Jorge shared the following about what brought him to Beth Sholom:
interesting and important information.
                                              “In the summer of 1996, Vera Wadler – whose daughter Michelle was a friend and SSDS
Are you already a member of the listserv?     classmate of my daughter, Jessie – asked me if I would consider becoming the new graphic
                                              designer for the temple bulletin, and I immediately accepted the job. Since then, my
If so, and you want to send an                professional association with Beth Sholom has been extremely rewarding, as I have had the
appropriate message to the other              opportunity to work with very talented and dedicated people over the years. And like all
participants, just send a message to          good things, this one must come to an end too.
congregation-beth-sholom@ and it will be                “This is perhaps a very belated thank you, but nevertheless I’m very grateful to Vera for the
posted onto the listserv (no off color        opportunity she gave me all those years ago, and to Karen (Misler), whose unmatched
jokes, please).                               professionalism and attention to detail made my job not only much easier but also very
It’s that easy! If all else fails, call the   pleasurable during the many years in which she was the editor.”
synagogue office at (201) 833-2620
with any questions.                           We appreciate everything Jorge has done for the synagogue for the past 15 years. We are
                                              excited that Merrill Zoldan, who is a proud member of the synagogue, will take over the
Do you require Notary services?               responsibility of designing the bulletin. Merrill has worked on a number of synagogue
Services are available free of charge         bulletins, including the bulletin that had been produced at Congregation Beth Israel of
for all members. Just call the office         Northern Valley in Bergenfield.
and schedule an appointment.
                                              We wish b’hatzlacha to both Jorge and Merrill in their new respective roles.

SCHEDULE                                      A Trip Down Memory Lane In Honor Of Our
July 2 - Doris Hammerschlag
                                              “Double Chai” Members
July 9 - Phyllis Becker
July 16 - Eva Liebmann                        By Robert (Bob) Levine
July 23 - Helene Bence
July 30 - Barbara David                               Let me begin by setting the stage of the Jewish Community of Teaneck in the 1950s.
Aug. 6 - Lois Smith                           Teaneck had the following Jewish congregations:
Aug. 13 - Rhoda Goldstein                     Congregation Bnai Yeshurun (Orthodox), Temple Emeth (Reform), Jewish Center of Teaneck
Aug. 20 - Charles Krauthamer                  (Conservative), known as “the shul with the pool,” and in the late 1950s the formation of
Aug. 27 - Rochelle Rudnick                    Congregation Beth Sholom (Conservative) as a breakaway from the Jewish Center of
                                              Teaneck by an “empowered” group over the issue of who would be their next Rabbi. They
                                              wanted their cantor, Barry Schaeffer, to be the rabbi and cantor. They lost, so they left and
                                              formed Cong. Beth Sholom on the northern side of town.
                                                      Initially they met and prayed at homes. Then they bought a church on the
                                              corner of Rutland Avenue and Rugby Road. And then they moved to a storefront on West
                                              Englewood Ave on the eastern side of town, over the railroad tracks while the church was
                                              being converted to a shul.
                                                                                                                        (Continued on page 7)
July-August 2011                             Beth Sholom Ne w s                                                                    7


A Trip Down Memory Lane In Honor Of Our
“Double Chai” Members (Continued from page 6)
          In 1961, my family moved to Teaneck and joined Congregation Beth Sholom. It was
a very “warm and welcoming” shul. The services were led by Rabbi Schaeffer who was a
majestic hazzan and learned and passionate rabbi. On Friday nights and Shabbat, one could
feel the sense of community as we raised our glasses at the Kiddush table and sang...
“L’hayim Tovim Ul’shalom,” and welcomed and greeted each other and any new visitor with
great warmth.
          Shortly after joining, I volunteered to lead a teen-age club. Kids learned Israeli
songs and dances, Jewish culture, performed all over the county and developed leadership
qualities. In those days, for Sukkot, there were very few members who had their own lulavim
and etrogim, so the youth group would go down to the Lower East Side of New York on the            When you know that we called you
Saturday night before Sukkot, and personally inspect each lulav and etrog for imperfections        with a phone message but you were
before buying them. It took several hours of searching to find the dozen or so sets we wanted.     unable to hear the message or you
          We named the club “Club Sharot,” which is “Torahs” spelled backwards. To this day,       didn’t have time to write down the
you can see the clock in the auditorium that the club donated with the funds it earned             information, here’s what you can do:
from performances.
          In the early 1960s, the Congregation decided to expand by adding a school building       Call 1 (877) 698-3261 –
and an auditorium. A fundraising campaign was undertaken and a significant sum was                                          .
                                                                                                   at the greeting, press “1”
pledged. At a membership meeting, a dispute arose over the future direction of the congre-         After the prompt, enter your own
gation. The original Jewish Center “moneyed” people backed out over a policy dispute; they         telephone number.
threatened to withdraw their building fund pledges if they didn’t get their way.                   (*If you have more than one
          One man, Al Shulman, stood up to the old leadership and told them that the shul          telephone number, make sure that
was a democracy that did not vote by its pocketbook but by its spirit. A majority vote             you enter the number on which we
would be taken and if they didn’t like the result they were free to leave. The old leadership      called you.)
lost, withdrew their pledges and left. Beth Sholom regrouped and raised the funds without
them. To thank Al Shulman for his leadership, the auditorium was named in his honor. Many          The most recent message will be
years after Al moved to Florida, he decided to set up an Israel merit scholarship fund for         replayed. You can listen to this message
Beth Sholom kids. His daughter, Roberta Kanarick, was the first member to have a wedding           as many times as you like.
at Beth Sholom. She and her husband are still on the selection committee for the Shulman
            Other old time leaders:
          • For years, Walter Plaut, known as “Mr. Beth Sholom,” assumed the task of enlisting     COMMUNITY SERVICES
            new members and raising funds for the shul. His wife, Meta Plaut, who recently         BLOOD DRIVE
            celebrated her 98th birthday, is still a member.
          • Another Congregation hero was Fred Friesner, who served as gabbai. A full-time,        Congregation Beth Sholom will host
            volunteer gabbai, Fred always complained, “the Board talks, Freddie does!” He did      a Blood Drive on Monday, August 8
            so much for the poor, the sick and the unfortunate. To this day, our Maot Chitim       from 4:30 – 7 p.m. in the Curtis Hereld
            Fund is named in his honor.                                                            Room.
The congregation was blessed with a vibrant Sisterhood and active Men’s Club, which spon-
sored fun and fundraising activities for the benefit of the shul and the Hebrew School.

          Beginning of move towards egalitarianism, what was the Beth Sholom history in
that regard?
          On the Shabbat of a Bat Mitzvah, Rabbi Schaeffer allowed Bat Mitzvah girls to go
up on the bimah with their father for an aliyah to the Torah; at an auf ruf, the bride to be
was allowed to stand next to her future husband as he was called up to the Torah for an
aliyah. Then Bat Mitzvah girls were given aliyot, without their father standing by their side.
          When Bar Mitzvah boys were invited to the bimah for an aliyah on the anniversary
of their Bar Mitzvah, Ruth and Wally Cowan’s daughter, Laurie, protested that girls should
                                                                           (Continued on page 8)
    8                                          Beth Sholom Ne ws                                                    July-August 2011


If you would like a mi shebeirakh          A Trip Down Memory Lane In Honor Of Our
recited at Shabbat services, whether       “Double Chai” Members (Continued from page 7)
on behalf of someone who is ill, or in
honor of an important occasion,            have the same privilege. Rabbi Schaeffer, after much soul-searching, had to agree with her
please contact the synagogue office        logic and thereafter girls were given the same privilege.
and provide us with the full Hebrew                   After 30 years of devoted service, due to health reasons Rabbi Schaeffer was forced
name. This will help assure that the       to retire. A selection committee searched and selected Rabbi Kenneth Berger, a JTS graduate
name will be recited correctly. If you     serving in Kalamazoo, Mich. The issue of egalitarianism was an important part of that
prefer, you may share the name with        search process. Rabbi Berger admitted that his preference was not to lead an egalitarian
the gabbai on Shabbat morning and          congregation but if the membership wanted it, after a period of education and study of
so we can include that person in our       the issue, he could not, in good conscience, oppose it. Upon joining the congregation, a
prayers. You may also say his or her       two-year process of education commenced.
name to yourself from your seat as                    Thereafter, a congregation meeting was held and a vast majority of the members
the names on the list are read, and        voted in favor of becoming egalitarian even though we would no longer be like the
that person will be included in our        congregation “their grandfathers belonged to.” Out of about 200 families, only three families
prayers, as well. Names will be included   resigned; two families subsequently rejoined.
on the list for one month, after which                Changes evolved – we instituted a Parallel Minyan on the first and third Shabbatot
you may call again and ask that the        of each month to allow for member divrei Torah on an egalitarian basis. We elected our first
name be kept on the list for another       woman president, Marian Kugelmass.
month.                                                Other factors that had a major impact on our beloved Congregation Beth Sholom
                                           include the formation of the Solomon Schechter Day School in Bergen County gave young
Please contact the synagogue office        children the opportunity to attend a Conservative day school which eventually eliminated
when you, a member of your family,         the need for our own Religious School. (Previously, two Beth Sholom families’ children
or any Beth Sholomite whom you             attended Yavneh Academy in Paterson, an orthodox school, originally the only day school
know, is in the hospital.                  available.)
                                                      Other factors aiding in the growth of Beth Sholom during Rabbi Berger’s tenure
                                                      a) Proximity to JTS – many rabbis and educators found a proper home at Beth Sholom.
                                                      b) Establishment of an additional parallel service – Koleinu.
                                                      c) Addition of choirs – Tavim, Tzipporei Shalom, The Russian Chorus
                                                      d) Annual Shabbaton, adult education programs, and community involvement
                                                      e) The merger of Congregation Beth Israel into our Congregation which brought
                                                          about 100 new families into our Beth Sholom family, many of whom became
                                                          immediately involved. These wonderful members brought their devotion to
                                                          Jewish life as well as their material terumah to our shul.
                                                      f ) The creation of Hazak as a social and cultural club for our senior members

                                                     But in my opinion, it was our foresight in adopting a policy of egalitarianism in this
                                           community that gave rise to the congregation’s growth in numbers and intensity of activity
                                           as we attracted many well-educated, dynamic, peoplehood oriented young Jewish families
                                           to our synagogue. Ours is a legacy created by so many dedicated members, always with so
                                           much commitment by the congregants.
                                                     This week’s portion, Naso, speaks of the offerings that the chieftains brought to the
                                           ohel moed, each tribe brought of their wealth in gold and silver and the choicest of their
                                           animals. This was their tribute to their God. In the main lobby of our synagogue, there is a
                                           plaque bearing the names of all of our past presidents. A study of that plaque reveals some
                                           fascinating information: other than those who are deceased, all but two of the past presidents
                                           are still members of the congregation. Three individuals’ names appear on two separate
                                           plaques; Robert B. Levine, Charles W. Shain and Edward Zizmor, who after serving the maxi-
                                           mum two-year term came back a couple of years later to serve for another term. Kol
                                           HaKavod to them and all the others who have served in any office in the congregation or
                                           its arms for helping make Congregation Beth Sholom the very special place that it is.
                                                                                                                      (Continued on page 9)
July-August 2011                             Beth Sholom Ne w s                                                                   9

A Trip Down Memory Lane In Honor Of Our
“Double Chai” Members (Continued from page 8)
         On June 4, 2011 all past presidents at services were asked to stand and received a
rousing round of applause. Of the 132 names of “twice chai” old-timers listed in the weekly
announcement sheet and the many who preceded them, all of them have contributed their
“offerings” to the building of our beloved Beth Sholom financially, physically and spiritually.
And, I would also like to thank those who have been members less than twice chai years for        Our deepest thanks is extended to
their impressive furthering of the goals and realization of the dreams of the founders.           Rose Konigsberg, our “Personal
         Shabbat Shalom and may we continue to sing L’hayim Tovim Ul’shalom!                                      ,
                                                                                                  Costco Shopper” who shops, shleps
(Note: Rav Barry then blessed the assembled “old timers” with the three-fold blessing             and delivers in rain, sleet, snow or
found in that Shabbat Torah portion Naso.)                                                        hail. We greatly appreciate her hard
                                                                                                  work and amazing reliability.

Notes from the Parallel Minyan
At recent Parallel Minyan services, Alex Wulwick analyzed the structure and purpose of the
tochecha (curses) in Parshat Bechukotai. Jim Schwartz discussed the demographic challenge
facing American Jewry for Parshat Naso.

The Parallel Minyan is on a summer recess and will resume in September. It meets on the
first and third Saturdays of the month, starting at 9 a.m. with coffee and tea and an informal
Torah discussion, then continuing at 9:30 a.m. with davening and an always-different d’var
Torah. Everyone is always welcome to stop in and join us.                                         THEATRE TICKETS AVAILABLE

The Parallel Minyan would like to thank the following for their contribution to the success       Congregation Beth Sholom is still a
of the minyan this past year -                                                                    member of the School Theatre Ticket
                                                                                                  Program. Stop by the office and pick
For their help in coordinating     Rabbi Elliot Schoenberg            For reading from the        up discount coupons for Broadway
the minyan:                        Rabbi Larry Troster                Torah and Haftorah          and Off-Broadway
                                   Alex Wulwick                                                   shows.
Joan Baron                                                            Joan Gillman
Mark Gold                          For Leading Davening:              Mark Gold
David Greenberg                                                       Karen Heifetz
Sue Hodge                          Rabbi Eliezer Diamond              Sue Hodge
Stu Kaplan                         Michael Finck                      Stu Kaplan
Howard Lazar                       Joan Gillman                       Teddi Krauthamer
Marlene Rhodes                     Jay Greenspan                      Howard Lazar
Pauline Rotmil                     Sue Hodge                          Eillene Leistner
                                   Libby Klein                        Jacob Murad
For giving a D’var Torah:          Rabbi Shelley Kniaz                Gabi Muth
                                   Howard Lazar                       Nadav Nahshon
David Greenberg                    Eillene Leistner                   Ron Prywes
Sue Hodge                          Michal Lissek                      Phil Rhodes
Stu Kaplan                         Jacob Murad                        Lainie Rosen
Susan Marcus                       Lainie Rosen                       Ari Saperstein
Avi Rhodes                         Ari Saperstein                     Ilana Sasson
Phil Rhodes                        Lisa Shulman                       Lisa Shulman
Ilana Sasson                       Uri Sobel                          Uri Sobel
Jim Schwartz                       Miriam Stern                       Miriam Stern
Rav Barry Schlesinger              Rabbi Larry Troster                Rabbi Larry Troster
                                                                      Alex Wulwick
10                                           Beth Sholom Ne ws                                                  July-August 2011

Sisterhood News
This summer, Sisterhood is sizzling with creating new new           We hope you will purchase Torah Fund cards. There are cards
programs for the fall. Look for the                                                          for every occasion. For more
Sisterhood mailing in July.                                                                  information about how to
                                                                                             purchase Torah Fund cards,
Sisterhood Monthly meetings –                                                                contact Karen Kissileff at
All Sisterhood members are invited                                                  or
to attend our monthly business                                                               (201) 837-8017. Or just complete a
meetings scheduled for Monday                                                                Torah Fund contribution envelope
evenings during the school year.                                                             found on the table opposite the
Check the listserv and Shabbat                                                               synagogue office and return it to
announcements for specific dates.                                                            the Sisterhood mailbox with your
Your continuing support for
Sisterhood is appreciated.

Hazak Happenings
Our Hazak season officially ended on May 24 with our                the Curtis Hereld room at 11 a.m. We are excited to have as
End-of-the-Year Picnic. This year, due to inclement weather, a      our guest entertainer Laura Wetzler, an ASCAP award-winning
last-minute decision was made to hold the picnic indoors in         singer, composer, and ethnic folklorist, who sings World
the Curtis Hereld Room. A relaxed time was spent chatting           Jewish roots music and the great classics of American song.
over lunch, while enjoying cole slaw, drinks, dessert and           You won’t want to miss this special afternoon.
watermelon. Thanks to all who helped with the picnic
arrangements and set up, and especially to Dennis who, at           RSVP to Lois, Alice, or the synagogue office. The brunch is $18
the last minute, set up tables and provided hot coffee and tea      per person; dues are $15 per person.
for us. Thank you, Dennis, for all your help.
                                                                    A pleasant, healthy and safe summer to all - see you in the fall.
Sunday, September 18: Hazak will hold its opening Brunch in         Co-Presidents: Alice Kanrich and Lois Smith

From the CBS Religious School
We’ve come to the conclusion of another school year. How do         own pace. They don’t just participate in the morning prayers,
we know how successful we’ve been, if we indeed have                they feel comfortable leading them, being the gabbai orches-
reached the goals set forth at the outset?                          trating the service, and chanting sections of the Torah portion.
                                                                    They read various selections in the Haggadah and know how
A large portion of our curriculum focuses on measurable             a seder is organized. They know how to shake the lulav and
Jewish skills such as: chanting of the prayers, Hebrew reading      etrog on Sukkot, they know the correct way to light the
and knowledge of Jewish Holiday rituals. These are the visible      Hanukkah candles and how to welcome Shabbat into their
and assessable skills by which parents usually evaluate their       homes. And much, much more.
child’s achievements in Religious School. Can our children follow
along and participate in Temple services? Can they chant the        For Jewish educators, these skills are but one part of a much
blessings for lighting the Menorah? And do they know the            larger imperative – to connect the students with their vast
Four Questions?                                                     and rich Jewish heritage, to reveal the relevance of that
                                                                    heritage to modern day life and to help them look at the
Did we meet these goals? No! We surpassed them. Our students        world through Jewish eyes. This is all done through reading
mastered these requirements and moved ahead, each at their                                                   (Continued on page 11)
July-August 2011                              Beth Sholom Ne w s                                                                   11

From the CBS Religious School                                (Continued from page 10)

and discussing the weekly Bible portion, Jewish history,              Mazal Tov to our graduates, Rachel Silverman and Michael
Jewish ethics and values, Jewish folklore, and current events         Silverman!
in Israel. It is done through baking Matzah and Challot and
preparing Mishloach Manot, by creating a beautiful Yad for
Torah reading, through programs at the Jewish Heritage                 Registration is open for Kindergarten through 7th grade
Museum, by marching in the Salute to Israel Parade, by raising           at the Congregation Beth Sholom Religious School.
tzedakah and doing Hesed projects to help others.
                                                                           Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade meet once a week:
These have all been part of our curriculum at CBS. In addition                    Sunday morning from 9 a.m. - noon
to building their siddur and reading skills, our students are
also building a Jewish Neshama, a Jewish soul.                                  3rd through 7th grade meet twice a week:
                                                                                   Sunday morning from 9 a.m. - noon
At our end of year program on June, our 5th, 6th and 7th                            Thursday afternoon from 4-6 p.m.
graders presented their online Jewish Heritage Exhibit, which
they curated; our 3rd and 4th graders exhibited their interpre-                             First day of classes:
tations of lessons from Pirkei Avot, and shared places in Israel                          Sunday, September 11
that are special to them. And in honor of Shavuot, our
Kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders presented a midrash:                     For further information and registration forms
representing the letters of the aleph-bet, they each petitioned                        contact the synagogue office
G-d to begin the Holy Torah with them because of the Jewish                                          or
value that begins with their letter.                                         Marilyn Yeshua:

Social Action-Tikkun Olam News
MAZON – Thank you to the following congregation members                 Contact Judy Solomon at (201) 692-0186 or
who contributed to MAZON this year. Thank you to: Helene      
and Peter Bence, Robin and Stephen Garfinkel, Philip Horn,            • Computer Cartridges and Used Cell Phones: Details will follow
Roza Jaffe, and Howard Schultz.                                       • Shelter our Sisters: New holiday gift items for women,
                                                                        children and teens in December 2011.
Hackensack Drop in Dinner will take place on Tuesday, July 26,        • MAZON Kiddish Donations: Through the Social Action
2011. Please contact Judy Solomon to volunteer for cooking,             Committee we are asking Kiddush sponsors to make a modest
shopping or serving food for the homeless at (201) 692-0186             donation to MAZON. A Jewish Organization dedicate to
or                                       prevented and alleviating hunger. We suggest adding a
                                                                        donation of about 10% of the Kiddush cost, though any
Coming Up in the Fall                                                   amount would be appreciated. On Shabbat, cards would be
                                                                        placed on the tables indicating that the sponsors have made
• Project Isaiah – Yom Kippur Eve (Friday, October 7, before            a donation to MAZON.
  Kol Nidre): Please remember to bring your unopened food             ___________________________________________________
  packages to the synagogue preceding Kol Nidre. Donations
  are distributed to the Center for Food Action.                      Note: We hope you are able to respond to our calls for volunteer
• Mitzvah Day 2011: The Annual Mitzvah Day will be held on            assistance requested by the Jewish Federation of Northern
  Sunday, Nov. 6. Details will follow.                                New Jersey and other volunteer organizations in the region.
• Children’s Coat Drive: We will be collecting new and mint-          These requests appear on the CBS listserv from time to time.
  condition winter coats for needy children beginning in October.
  Keep your eye on our weekly and monthly messages.                   Volunteers are always needed to coordinate existing or
• Annual Hanukkah Toy Drive: Watch for notices about our              new activities. Please contact Marilyn Rubin,
  annual Hanukkah Toy Drive for needy children in Bergen              or (201) 837-8207; Sharon Silow-Carroll, or
  County.                                                             (201) 836-7136; or Judy Solomon,
• Hackensack Drop-Dinner Program – date to be determined:             or (201) 692-0186.
12                                             Beth Sholom Ne ws                                               July-August 2011

Children’s Programming Summer Schedule
Children’s Services are now operating on our summer schedule.       Minyan Gesher – for children in grades 1 – 3 meets in Room
                                                                    B-2 for the summer.
Minyan Katan – for children under 4, accompanied by a
parent will continue to meet in Room B-1                            Junior Congregation will be on summer hiatus and will
                                                                    resume in the fall.
Minyan Shalom – for children in Pre-K and Kindergarten will         Please note that rising 1st graders should remain in Minyan
continue to meet in Room B-4. Parents are welcome but children      Shalom until the fall. Rising 4th graders are welcome to
can be dropped off if they are comfortable being left alone.        remain in Minyan Gesher throughout the summer.

Library News
ADULT                                                               The Search Committee by Marc Angel
                                                                    Particularly relevant for us this year, The
The Balfour Declaration, the origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict   Search Committee is a fascinating fictional
by Jonathan Schneer                                                 account about a yeshiva’s search for a new
Talented writer and history professor                               Rosh Yeshiva. Through a wide variety of
Jonathan Schneer provides a fresh                                   characters’ speeches to the yeshiva’s
perspective on the Balfour Declaration.                             search committee, Angel creates two
Featuring new material from historical                              smart, articulate candidates for the job:
archives, this non-fiction account ranges                           a haredi (ultra-traditional) rabbi and a
from the conflict between the Zionists                              modern Orthodox rabbi. A sociological
and non-Zionist Jews to a behind-the-                               investigation of the conflict between
scenes look at the Foreign Office at                                tradition and progressive strongholds
Whitehall.                                                          in the Jewish world.

The Instructions by Adam Levin                                      REFERENCE SECTION ADDITIONS
This 1,030-page novel is a unique,
imaginative story with spectacular                                  Responsa, 1980-1990 and Responsa
dialogue about 10-year-old Gurion                                   1991-2000 by the Committee on Jewish
Maccabee, a fearless leader cast out from                           Law and Standards of the Conservative
conventional Jewish schools, who                                    Movement, published by the Rabbinical
ultimately proves himself to possibly                               Assembly
be the Messiah.
                                                                    The Koren Siddur
Sacred Trash, the lost and found world of the Cairo Geniza          A prayer book translated with commentary
by Adina Hoffman                                                    by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
In this tale of buried scholarly treasure,
award-winning poet and translator Peter                             CHILDREN’S BOOK
Cole and acclaimed essayist Adina Hoffman
weave together unforgettable portraits of                           I Can Celebrate the Jewish Holidays
Solomon Schechter and the other heroes                              by Joel Lurie Grishaver
of this drama with explorations of the                              A beautifully illustrated paperback book
medieval documents themselves-letters                               featuring explanations about each of the
and poems, wills and marriage contracts,                            Jewish holidays and Shabbat, and engag-
Bibles, money orders, fiery dissenting tracts, fashion-             ing activities to help celebrate them.
conscious trousseaux lists, prescriptions, petitions, and           Also features fun worksheets that can be
mysterious magical charms.                                          copied for use in religious education.
July-August 2011                             Beth Sholom Ne w s                                                                                                13

Book Review
My Before and After Life                                            with his adult daughters. This is a total outrage to the
by Risa Miller                                                      daughters who have been living nice, reasonable, secular
Review by Susan Marcus                                              Jewish lives. One daughter, the main character, is a lawyer
                                                                    who happens to be retained by a group of neighbors who
I don’t like books whose theme is breast cancer, the                are in litigation against a day school and her sister has
sword that hangs over most of us Jewish women.                                married into a wealthy family that owns seafood
My own mother was a survivor of the disease and                               restaurants. Uh oh.
although she never needed chemo or radiation, I know
it is more than pretty pink ribbons and marches. The                        As the book begins, lawyer daughter is heading to
main character of this book lost her mother to the                          Israel to save (or perhaps, unsave) her father and
disease when she was only 12-year-old. Lost is an                           bring him back to Brookline where he belongs.
inadequate word. For many years later, as an adult, it                      Anyone who has dealt with a ba’al teshuvah knows
remains an open psychic wound, coloring her entire                          how that will end. And there is a nasty bit about who
life, especially as her own children reach the ages                         are dad’s spiritual daughters and are they the same as
when she and her sister were bereft.                                his genetic daughters.

Her father has always been a wonderful dad, always there,           The story moves through time. Seafood daughter copes in
always caring. His second wife is a fine woman and they all         one way. Lawyer daughter (as befits her profession) won’t let
live their lives near one another in the Boston area.               go, even as the litigation about the day school becomes more
                                                                    entangling and problematic. The author’s feelings and the
Then good, reliable dad and his very nice wife take a trip to       specter of loss influence everyone’s actions. Until … well, I’ll
Israel and find Religion (definitely capital R). And they want to   leave that for you to sort out on your own.
share their new-found spirituality with everyone. Especially

Celebrations and Life Cycle Events
What better way to say I LOVE YOU or show how much you care         Ongoing Projects:
when you have a new baby, a special birthday, bar/bat mitzvah,      • Mitzvah Fund monies always appreciated, helping our
engagement, wedding or anniversary than to purchase a leaf            members in grief, sickness, and joy. Your support is needed.
on our beautiful Tree of Life? The cost is very reasonable:         • JNF Water Fund Certificate: $18 each. Supports needed
                                                                      water reservoirs in Israel. Call JNF directly at (800) 542-8733
1 line: $54       2 lines: $72      3 lines: $90                      or (516) 678-6805.
                                                                    • JNF Trees to support Israel: Call Irene Black at (201) 837-4126
Call Janice Rosen at (201) 833-2080 and place your order today.       for assistance; the price is $12 a tree.

                                                                             For generations, we’ve
                                                                           made family, community
                                                                       and tradition our promise to you.
                                                                        GUTTERMAN AND MUSICANT                             WIEN & WIEN INC.
                                                                       JEWISH FUNERAL DIRECTORS                           MEMORIAL CHAPELS

                                                                                              Alan L. Musicant, Mgr. N.J.Lic. No. 2890
                                                                            Irving Kleinberg, N.J. Lic. No. 2517     Martin D. Kasdan, N.J. Lic. No. 4482
                                                                                   Ronald Bloom N.J. Lic. No. 4545 Advanced Planning Director
                                                                       1-800-522-0588                     Fax: 201-489-2392                   1-800-322-0533

                                                                                             402 Park Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601
                                                                                                      Serving all of Florida
14                                           Beth Sholom Ne ws                                                      July-August 2011

Yahrzeits         We lovingly recall the memory of the following congregants and relatives during July and August, 29 Sivan to 1 Elul.

Joshua Epstein            30 Sivan            Jonathan Tannenbaum 8 Tammuz                     Michael Gary Krutchkoff     18 Tammuz
Michael Goldinsky         30 Sivan            Benjamin Gurewitz        9 Tammuz                Ida Ronson                  18 Tammuz
Baruch Greenbaum          30 Sivan            Raisa Kulik              9 Tammuz                Cy Wolfe                    18 Tammuz
Moses Malca               30 Sivan            Becky Levine             9 Tammuz                Jess David Berman           19 Tammuz
Robert Okser              30 Sivan            Charles Winiker          9 Tammuz                Norma Resnick               19 Tammuz
Harry Pearlman            30 Sivan            Ben Cooper               10 Tammuz               Isaac Ronson                19 Tammuz
Shirley Raffes            30 Sivan            Herbert Edwards          10 Tammuz               Louis Sobel                 19 Tammuz *
Raymond Silberstein       30 Sivan *          Isadore V. Gold          10 Tammuz               Helen Apollo                20 Tammuz *
Max Zuckerman             30 Sivan            Simon Goodman            10 Tammuz *             Selma Engler                20 Tammuz *
Maria Bron                1 Tammuz            Jacob Laska              11 Tammuz               Morris Frieman              20 Tammuz
Elsie Gruber              1 Tammuz            Leonard Levine           11 Tammuz               Helen Kantoff               20 Tammuz
Harry Haitkin             1 Tammuz *          Jonah Schiffres          11 Tammuz               Max Nagler                  20 Tammuz *
Harry Melamed             1 Tammuz            Yetta Turkel             11 Tammuz               Marc Nerlinger              20 Tammuz *
Henry Messing             1 Tammuz            Milton Hass              12 Tammuz               Waldemar Reichmann          20 Tammuz
Maralyn Black             2 Tammuz            Bess Bruskin Kossoff     12 Tammuz               Mildred Stern               20 Tammuz
Murray Davis              2 Tammuz            Betty Loeb               12 Tammuz               Frieda Blaustein            21 Tammuz *
Sadie Dietz               2 Tammuz *          Simone Wolf              12 Tammuz               Jack Broser                 21 Tammuz
Adolph Friesner           2 Tammuz            Louis Brunn              13 Tammuz               Esther M. Donefer           21 Tammuz *
Joseph Katz               2 Tammuz            Sally Donsky             13 Tammuz               Sadie Geltner               21 Tammuz *
Sarah Sylvia Leib         2 Tammuz            Alice Meyer              13 Tammuz               Edith Glattstein            21 Tammuz *
Bertha Nitzburg           2 Tammuz            Aaron David Tuchband 13 Tammuz *                 Samuel Jacobs               21 Tammuz
Henry Redel               2 Tammuz            Moshe Cohen              14 Tammuz               Jonathan Krakow             21 Tammuz
Meyer Rotenberg           2 Tammuz            Irving Friedman          14 Tammuz *             Morris Machanic             21 Tammuz
Jacob Sandler             2 Tammuz            Melvin Gelber            14 Tammuz               David Rosen                 21 Tammuz
Abraham Tekel             2 Tammuz            AnnaBelle Ingram         14 Tammuz               Charles S. Slom             21 Tammuz *
Chaya Arieli              3 Tammuz            Morris Kapustein         14 Tammuz               Mary Abend Weisman          21 Tammuz
Regina Gottschalk         3 Tammuz            Irving Levine            14 Tammuz *             Douglas B. Bookstaver       22 Tammuz *
Moe Gruber                3 Tammuz            Louis Sidorsky           14 Tammuz               Esther Cohen                22 Tammuz
Gloria Stern Hilsenrath   3 Tammuz            Clara Warhaftig          14 Tammuz               Rachel Farjoun              22 Tammuz
Ida Silberman             3 Tammuz *          Fannie Agin              15 Tammuz *             Hyman Kaltman               22 Tammuz *
Sidney Spiegel            3 Tammuz            Shirley Borman           15 Tammuz               Thelma Pincus               22 Tammuz *
Simon Stern               3 Tammuz            Philip M. Frieder        15 Tammuz *             Benjamin Sheldon            22 Tammuz
Leonard Geylin            4 Tammuz            Beatrice Gitlow          15 Tammuz               Harry Udwin                 22 Tammuz
Pauline Bell              5 Tammuz            Joseph Pollack           15 Tammuz               Shirley Auerbach            23 Tammuz
William Fisher            5 Tammuz            Herman Katz              16 Tammuz               Julia Greenberg             23 Tammuz
Pearl Glasser             5 Tammuz            Charles Mann             16 Tammuz               Max Levy                    23 Tammuz *
Samuel Rosen              5 Tammuz *          Adelaide Toby Williams Ornstein                  Lillyan Molnar              23 Tammuz *
Philip Kodack             6 Tammuz *                                   16 Tammuz               Chaim Strazhnikov           23 Tammuz
Gussie Blum               7 Tammuz            Herman Stern             16 Tammuz               Lillian Tunick              23 Tammuz *
Anne Goldman              7 Tammuz            Theodore Tropp           16 Tammuz               Sara Norich                 24 Tammuz
Emmanuel Schekman         7 Tammuz            Anna Wernikoff           16 Tammuz               Loretta Robbins             24 Tammuz
Ephraim Shua              7 Tammuz            Bernard Garmaise         17 Tammuz               Jacob Rothstein             24 Tammuz
Samuel Klein              8 Tammuz *          Fannie Jaffe             17 Tammuz               Rose Rubin                  24 Tammuz
Bessie Schwartzberg       8 Tammuz            Rosalie Finke            18 Tammuz               Wolf Goldman                25 Tammuz
David Shizgal             8 Tammuz            Ann Konigsberg           18 Tammuz               Norbert Neumann             25 Tammuz *

                                                                                                                  (Continued on page 15)
July-August 2011                            Beth Sholom Ne w s                                                15

Yahrzeits        (Continued from page 14)

Rose Arens               26 Tammuz          Jacob Sirkin          6 Av      David L. Grau          15 Av *
Barney Hart Krutchkoff   26 Tammuz          Henia Goldstein       7 Av      Melvin E. Greenbaum    15 Av
Aaron Steinbach          26 Tammuz *        Vera Greenfield       7 Av      Samuel Greenberg       15 Av *
Samuel Yarnold           26 Tammuz          Charles Rechenberg    7 Av      Pola Korn              15 Av
Helen S. Backer          27 Tammuz          Theodore Rose         7 Av      Samuel Max Lissek      15 Av
Mary Edelstein           27 Tamuz           Abraham Streichler    7 Av      Abraham Meyer          15 Av
Sylvia Goldenbach        27 Tammuz          Martha Blake          8 Av      Fanny Schinderman      15 Av *
Ethel Levine             27 Tammuz          Benjamin Goldberg     8 Av      Ruth Schindler         15 Av *
Tsiporah Lichter         28 Tammuz          Beatrice Lippmann     8 Av      Lipa Straznihikov      15 Av
Anna Needelman           28 Tammuz *        Rabbi Leo Brenner     9 Av      Leah Bauman            16 Av
Berthold Oppenheim       28 Tammuz          Tzila Smidt           9 Av      David Bolton           16 Av
Bernard Einig            29 Tammuz *        Leopold Fechner       10 Av     Benjamin Klarreich     16 Av
Rita Louise Fisher       29 Tammuz          Judah Laden           10 Av     Walter Kohn            16 Av
Max Hellman              29 Tammuz          Faye Pollack          10 Av     Fanny Lang             16 Av
Ruth Dorothy Lebowitz    29 Tammuz          Anne Esther Willner   10 Av     Ethel Baratt           17 Av *
Isaac Matsil             29 Tammuz          Hilde Cahn            11 Av     Joel Alan Greenspan    17 Av
                                                                            Walter Leader          17 Av *
William Stern            29 Tammuz *        Irving Horn           11 Av
                                                                            Samuel Prager          17 Av
Hyman Turitz             29 Tammuz          Shirley Jontow        11 Av
                                                                            Lillian Slovis         17 Av
Justin Aufseeser         1 Av               Mary Shifnadel        11 Av *
                                                                            Joseph Sommer          17 Av
Molly Goodman            1 Av               Isidor Zahler         11 Av *
                                                                            Heinz Ansbacher        18 Av *
Charles Greenberg        1 Av               Michael Glick         12 Av
                                                                            Ludwig Ansbacher       18 Av *
Ethel Pakett             1 Av               Maurice Moreida       12 Av
                                                                            David H. Blaustein     18 Av *
Sam Printz               1 Av               Meyer Nitzburg        12 Av
                                                                            Adele Feit             18 Av
Hannah Rosenhouse        1 Av *             Jack Herman Sabin     12 Av
                                                                            Ella Freilich          18 Av *
Goldie Rubin             1 Av *             Gita Shikhman         12 Av
                                                                            Morris Etkin           19 Av *
Avraham Shoshani         1 Av               Margaret Ballan       13 Av     Ephraim Goldstein      19 Av *
Hilda Levison            2 Av               Louis Gingold         13 Av     Sylvia Mattelson       19 Av
Minna Plaut              2 Av               Evelyn Hecht          13 Av     Susan Morse            19 Av
Elias Bodell             3 Av               Katie Kurzweil        13 Av     Minnie Rapkin          19 Av
Louis Lechner            3 Av               Daniel Rosen          13 Av     Minnie Solomon         19 Av
Vicki Levi               3 Av               Willi Sachsendorfer   13 Av     Benjamin Wintner       19 Av *
Gertrude Pols            3 Av               Bessie Schechter      13 Av     Burton Davis           20 Av
Beatrice Waldinger       3 Av               Eleanor Weininger     13 Av     Bella Fox              20 Av
William Blaustein        4 Av *             Hyman Weinstein       13 Av     Jack Horowitz          20 Av
Sylvia Greenspan         4 Av               Lillian Bergman       14 Av     Brian Hyman            20 Av
Joel Lifshin             4 Av               Reuben Solomon Berz   14 Av     Abraham Levine         20 Av *
Ida Sokolow              4 Av               Sylvia Crandall       14 Av     Steve Levison          20 Av
Fred Sucher              4 Av               Renee Feder           14 Av *   Daisy D. Cohen         22 Av *
Ida Weiner               4 Av *             Leon Goldstein        14 Av     Molly Crandall         22 Av
Hilda Cohen              5 Av               Rena Jacobson         14 Av     Benjamin Z. Donefer    22 Av *
Morris Lipper            5 Av               Nathan Scharf         14 Av     Louis Rosen            22 Av
Siegfried Solomon        5 Av *             Emanuel Stern         14 Av     Arthur Tannenbaum      22 Av
William Spielman         5 Av *             Robert Morton Synes   14 Av *   Ethel Bale             23 Av
David Levy               6 Av               Sadie Fisherman       15 Av     Dorothy Nanette Freeman Brenner
Marcel Lissek            6 Av               Michael Goldman       15 Av                            23 Av

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16                                          Beth Sholom Ne ws                                                July-August 2011

Yahrzeits        (Continued from page 15)

Cosette Grise          23 Av                Murray Kossoff            26 Av              Maurice Howard Wolferman
Dvorah Rabinowitz Masovetsky                Bruce Tekel               26 Av                                    28 Av *
                       23 Av                Yetta Zlatchin            26 Av              Fanny Hausman         29 Av
Adrian Stark           23 Av                Rhoda Ballan              27 Av              Alice Marx            29 Av
Sonia Udin             23 Av                Samuel Becker             27 Av *            Max Schwartz          29 Av
Irving Wortman         23 Av                Charles Brill             27 Av              Florence Ugoretz      29 Av
Doris Goldberg         24 Av                Tobias Bross              27 Av              Mollie Gellis         30 Av *
Malka Goldberg         24 Av                Bernice Ehrlich           27 Av              Eugene Greenfield     30 Av
Julius Goldman         24 Av                Ben Geisinger             27 Av              Fannie Greenspan      30 Av
Tina Herman            24 Av                Samuel Schiller           27 Av *            Robert Kanow          30 Av
Martin Lenrow          24 Av                Phillip Berz              28 Av              Chanan Kiel           30 Av
Sol Levin              24 Av                Sarah Chernick            28 Av              Bertha Schrenzel      30 Av
Louis Moses            24 Av                Mary Miller Friedman      28 Av              Fannie Stepkin        30 Av
Aaron Leib Pomeranc    25 Av                Marvin Ginsburg           28 Av              Fred Buchman          1 Elul *
Hannchen Schlachter    25 Av                Anne Krauthamer           28 Av              Robert Epp            1 Elul
Renee Schwartz         25 Av                Bernard Shawn             28 Av              Les Fisher            1 Elul
Lucille Weinberg       25 Av                Rita Shizgal              28 Av              Frieda Gordon Slom    1 Elul *
Helene Zoldan          25 Av                Solomon Weber             28 Av              Robert Meyer          1 Elul *
Michael Ingall         26 Av                Bernard Witkes            28 Av              William Schenkman     1 Elul

                           *Indicates a memorial plaque has been placed in the Lewis Sanctuary.
     Members may order memorial plaques to honor the memory of their loved ones by calling our office during business hours.
July-August 2011                               Beth Sholom Ne w s                                                                                              17

June 2011 Donations
In honor of Rav Barry Schlesinger                                      M & M Fund
• Lawrence Goldstein and Claire Ginsburg-Goldstein                     • Harriet and Mel Machanic
• Gail and Mel Glantz
• Toby and Peter Glick for the Kiddush Fund                            Prayer Book Fund
• Lainie and Harvey Rosen                                              • Irene Black in honor of the birth of a granddaughter to David
• Judy and Jack Solomon                                                  Greenberg and Susan Hodge
                                                                       • Harriet Cohen and family in memory of Irving Cohen on his
Ayin L’Tzion Fund                                                        first yahrzeit
• Rochel and Len David in honor of Eric and Noah Martz on the          • Susan Klarreich in memory of her beloved husband, Brian Weiss
  occasion of their Bar Mitzvah                                        • Dianne and Paul Rice and family in honor of their father and
• Susan and Eric Goldman on the birth of a grandchild to Renah           grandfather, Andor Glattstein, for his birthday
  and Mayer Rabinowitz
                                                                       Rabbi Barry Schaeffer Memorial Fund
General Fund                                                           • Linda and Eddie Zizmor in memory of Caren Jacobs’ mother,
• Maris and Bob Appelbaum in honor of Toby and Peter Glick’s             Selma Epp
• Irene Black in memory of Henry Wallenstein                           Torah Fund
• Jackie and Adam Broida in memory of Ethel Rosenberg                  • Annette Katz Matsil for a Shabbat aliyah
• Trudy and Bernard Davis in memory of the yahrzeit of Jacob
   Davis of their grandmother, Sara Resnick                            Tzipporei Shalom Fund
• Gail and Mel Glantz for an aliya on Shavuot                          • Leah and Scott Scherer in honor of Adina Avery-Grossman and
• Evie and Charles Indek in honor of a speedy recovery for               Ronit Hanan
   Marty Becker
• Janice and Norman Levin in honor of Beryl Steinbach receiving
   her Master’s Degree and in honor of the birth of Jessica and
   Isaac Fromm’s granddaughter                                            Serving NEW YORK: Nassau,                                    We maintain the very
                                                                          Suffolk, Manhattan, Queens,                                 highest standard of care.
• Harriet and Mel Machanic in memory of the yahrzeits of Mel’s            Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester
                                                                                                                                       Our caregivers are all
   mother and brother and for their aliyah                                                                                              screened and trained
 • Eli and Harold Meltzer in memory of their mother’s yahrzeit                               ®®
                                                                          NEW JERSEY: Bergen, Passaic,
                                                                                                                                     beyond state requirements.
                                                                          Essex, Hudson Counties
 • Michael Meyerson and Mildred Schwartz in memory of the                                                                             All of our caregivers are
                                                                                                                                         insured and bonded
   yahrzeit of Benjamin Meyerson
 • Julius Stern and Marlo Schachter offering get well wishes for
   Harriet Machanic                                                                               Being home never felt so good...

 Hazak Fund
• Alice Kanrich offering deepest condolences to Annette Katz                  Licensed Home Health Care Agency
  Matsil on the loss of her cousin, Howard Katz

Hesed Fund                                                                     We offer a full range of services from our expert
• Felix Blank in memory of the yahrzeit of his wife, Margarita Blank           care team ensuring on going client satisfaction
• The Weinstein-Karlin Family in memory of Eliezer Diamond’s
  aunt, Clara Dublinsky                                                                          No Minimum Hours!
Jewish Education Scholarship Fund                                                                            Available Services:
• Judy and Jules Gutin                                                           Registered Nurses to conduct homecare assessments/PRI
Kiddush Fund                                                                      State certified Home Health Aides
• Bruce Fogel and Katharine Loeb                                                  State certified Personal Care Aides
• Robin and Rabbi Stephen Garfinkel                                               Live-in and around-the-clock care
• Judy and Jules Gutin
• Alice Kanrich                                                                             Call to speak to a Home Care Specialist
• Charlene and Myron Schulman
Library Fund                                                               NY office only
                                                                                                Available 24 hrs. 7 days a week               NJ office only

• Irene Black in honor of the marriage of Debra and Michael
  Popkin’s daughter
                                                Congregation Beth Sholom
                                                  Phone: (201) 833-2620
                                                    Fax: (201) 833-2323
                                               Web site:

                                        2011-2012 BETH SHOLOM OFFICERS

                  Howard Lazar    President                                   Karen Misler Chairman of the Board
                   Alex Wulwick   1st Vice President             Cindy Blitz, Lorna Pascal Sisterhood Co-Presidents
                      Adam Wall   2nd Vice President                  and Elaine Zeitlin
                   Elaine Cohen   3rd Vice President                             Alan Eras Men’s Club President
             Jennifer Modlinger   Recording Secretary       Alice Kanrich and Lois Smith Hazak Co-Presidents
             Devorah Silverman    Corresponding Secretary
                    Tamara Kerr   Financial Secretary
                 Marion Udwin     Treasurer

                                  BETH SHOLOM NEWS - EDITORIAL COMMITTEE

                 Susan Marcus Editor                                       Jorge Losch Graphic Design
           Marianne Schainholz Proofreader


354 Maitland Avenue
Teaneck, NJ 07666
JULY 2011                                                                                                                                                                     Teaneck, NJ
                                                                                                                                                                 CONGREGATION 354 Maitland07666
                               SIVAN-TAMMUZ 5771                                                                                                                                                     Phone: (201) 833-2620
                                                                                                                                                                 BETH SHOLOM               

SUNDAY                        MONDAY                           TUESDAY                         WEDNESDAY                        THURSDAY                FRIDAY                           SATURDAY

                                                                                                                                                           1                 29 Sivan
                                                                                                                                                                                            2                  30 Sivan

                                                                                                                                                                                         Rosh Hodesh Tammuz
                                                                                                                                                        Shaharit             8:15 a.m.   Sanctuary Service        9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                        Talk Torah with                  Parallel Minyan       9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                          Rabbi Joyce Newmark 9 a.m.     Torah Portion: Chukat
                                                                                                                                                        Kabbalat Shabbat     6:45 p.m.   Minhah                7:45 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                        Ner shel Shabbat     8:14 p.m.   Ma’ariv               9:15 p.m.

   3             1 Tammuz
                                 4                2 Tammuz
                                                                  5               3 Tammuz
                                                                                                  6                4 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                   7       5 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                                           8                6 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                                                                            9                7 Tammuz

                                                                                                                                                        Shaharit             8:15 a.m.   Sanctuary Service       9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                        Talk Torah with                  Minyan Koleinu       9:15 a.m.
                              Shaharit             8:10 a.m.   Shaharit               7 a.m.   Shaharit             8:15 a.m.                             Rabbi Joyce Newmark 9 a.m.     Torah Portion: Balak
Shaharit             9 a.m.   Independence Day                 Ritual Committee                Board of Trustees                                        Kabbalat Shabbat     6:45 p.m.   Minhah               7:40 p.m.
Rosh Hodesh Tammuz              – Office Closed                  Meeting           8:15 p.m.    Meeting             7:30 p.m.   Shaharit    8:10 a.m.   Ner shel Shabbat     8:12 p.m.   Ma’ariv              9:10 p.m.

  10             8 Tammuz
                                11                9 Tammuz
                                                                 12               10 Tammuz
                                                                                                 13                11 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                  14       12 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                                          15              13 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                                                                           16               14 Tammuz

                                                                                                                                                        Shaharit             8:15 a.m.   Sanctuary Service        9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                        Talk Torah with                  Parallel Minyan       9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                          Rabbi Joyce Newmark 9 a.m.     Torah Portion: Pinchas
                                                                                                                                                        Kabbalat Shabbat     6:45 p.m.   Minhah                7:40 p.m.
Shaharit             9 a.m.   Shaharit             8:10 a.m.   Shaharit               7 a.m.   Shaharit             8:15 a.m.   Shaharit    8:10 a.m.   Ner shel Shabbat     8:09 p.m.   Ma’ariv               9:10 p.m.

  17            15 Tammuz
                                18                16 Tammuz
                                                                 19               17 Tammuz
                                                                                                 20                18 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                  21       19 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                                          22              20 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                                                                           23               21 Tammuz

                                                                                                                                                        Shaharit             8:15 a.m.   Torah Portion: Matot
                                                                                                                                                        Talk Torah with                  Sanctuary Service       9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                          Rabbi Joyce Newmark 9 a.m.     Minyan Koleinu       9:15 a.m.
                                                               Fast of 17th of Tammuz                                                                   Kabbalat Shabbat     6:45 p.m.   Minhah               7:35 p.m.
Shaharit             9 a.m.   Shaharit             8:10 a.m.   Shaharit               7 a.m.   Shaharit             8:15 a.m.   Shaharit    8:10 a.m.   Ner shel Shabbat     8:04 p.m.   Ma’ariv              9:05 p.m.

  24            22 Tammuz
                                25                23 Tammuz
                                                                 26               24 Tammuz
                                                                                                 27                25 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                  28       26 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                                          29              27 Tammuz
                                                                                                                                                                                           30               28 Tammuz

Shaharit             9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                        Shaharit             8:15 a.m.
  31            29 Tammuz                                                                                                                               Talk Torah with                  Sanctuary Service       9 a.m.
                                                                                               Shaharit             8:10 a.m.                             Rabbi Joyce Newmark 9 a.m.     Torah Portion: Masei
                                                                                               Executive Board                                          Kabbalat Shabbat     6:45 p.m.   Minhah               7:30 p.m.
Shaharit             9 a.m.   Shaharit             8:10 a.m.   Shaharit               7 a.m.    Meeting             8:15 p.m.   Shaharit    8:10 a.m.   Ner shel Shabbat     7:58 p.m.   Ma’ariv                 9 p.m.
AUGUST 2011                                                                                                                                                     Teaneck, NJ
                                                                                                                                                   CONGREGATION 354 Maitland07666
                               AV-ELUL 5771                                                                                                                                             Phone: (201) 833-2620
                                                                                                                                                   BETH SHOLOM                

SUNDAY              MONDAY                         TUESDAY                         WEDNESDAY                       THURSDAY               FRIDAY                            SATURDAY

                       1                    1 Av
                                                      2                    2 Av
                                                                                      3                    3 Av
                                                                                                                      4           4 Av
                                                                                                                                             5                      5 Av
                                                                                                                                                                               6                      6 Av

                                                                                                                                                                            Shabbat Hazon
                                                                                                                                          Shaharit             8:15 a.m.    Sanctuary Service       9 a.m.
                    Rosh Hodesh Av                                                                                                        Talk Torah with                   Parallel Minyan      9:30 a.m.
                    Shaharit           8:10 a.m.                                   Shaharit            8:15 a.m.                            Rabbi Joyce Newmark 9 a.m.      Torah Portion: Devarim
                    Community Services                                             Board of Trustees                                      Kabbalat Shabbat     6:45 p.m.    Minhah               7:20 p.m.
                    Blood Drive        4:30 p.m.   Shaharit               7 a.m.    Meeting            7:30 p.m.   Shaharit   8:10 a.m.   Ner shel Shabbat     7:51 p.m.    Ma’ariv              8:50 p.m.

   7        7 Av
                       8                    8 Av
                                                      9                    9 Av
                                                                                     10                   10 Av
                                                                                                                     11          11 Av
                                                                                                                                            12                     12 Av
                                                                                                                                                                              13                     13 Av

                                                                                                                                          Shaharit              8:15 a.m.
                                                                                                                                          Talk Torah with                   Shabbat Nachamu
                                                                                                                                            Rabbi Joyce Newmark 9 a.m.      Sanctuary Service        9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                          PJ Library Tot Shabbat            Minyan Koleinu        9:15 a.m.
                    Shaharit           8:10 a.m.                                                                                            Program                6 p.m.   Torah Portion: Va’etchanan
                    Erev Tisha B’Av                Fast of Tisha B’Av                                                                     Kabbalat Shabbat      6:45 p.m.   Minhah                7:10 p.m.
Shaharit   9 a.m.   Megillat Eicha                 Shaharit               7 a.m.   Shaharit            8:15 a.m.   Shaharit   8:10 a.m.   Ner shel Shabbat      7:42 p.m.   Ma’ariv               8:40 p.m.

  14       14 Av
                      15                  15 Av
                                                     16                   16 Av
                                                                                     17                   17 Av
                                                                                                                     18          18 Av
                                                                                                                                            19                     19 Av
                                                                                                                                                                              20                     20 Av

                                                                                                                                          Shaharit             8:15 a.m.    Sanctuary Service        9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                          Talk Torah with                   Parallel Minyan       9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                                            Rabbi Joyce Newmark 9 a.m.      Torah Portion: Ekev
                                                   Shaharit               7 a.m.                                                          Kabbalat Shabbat     6:45 p.m.    Minhah                   7 p.m.
Shaharit   9 a.m.   Shaharit           8:10 a.m.   Hazak Board Meeting 1:30 p.m.   Shaharit            8:15 a.m.   Shaharit   8:10 a.m.   Ner shel Shabbat     7:32 p.m.    Ma’ariv               8:30 p.m.

  21       21 Av
                      22                  22 Av
                                                     23                   23 Av
                                                                                     24                   24 Av
                                                                                                                     25          25 Av
                                                                                                                                            26                     26 Av
                                                                                                                                                                              27                     27 Av

                                                                                                                                          Shaharit             8:15 a.m.    Sanctuary Service       9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                          Talk Torah with                   Minyan Koleinu       9:15 a.m.
                                                                                                                                            Rabbi Joyce Newmark 9 a.m.      Torah Portion: Re’eh
                                                                                                                                          Kabbalat Shabbat     6:45 p.m.    Minhah               6:50 p.m.
Shaharit   9 a.m.   Shaharit           8:10 a.m.   Shaharit               7 a.m.   Shaharit            8:15 a.m.   Shaharit   8:10 a.m.   Ner shel Shabbat     7:22 p.m.    Ma’ariv              8:20 p.m.

  28       28 Av
                      29                  29 Av
                                                     30                   30 Av
                                                                                     31                   1 Elul

                                                                                   Rosh Hodesh Elul
                                                                                   Shaharit            8:15 a.m.
                                                   Rosh Hodesh Elul                Executive Board
Shaharit   9 a.m.   Shaharit           8:10 a.m.   Shaharit               7 a.m.    Meeting            8:15 p.m.
                                                                          Minyan List

                                                               JULY 2011 – SIVAN-TAMMUZ 5771

 SUNDAY PM                    MONDAY                         TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY              THURSDAY             FRIDAY   SUNDAY AM
Please be committed      Minyan Captains                 Telephone Numbers                                             1             3
to your assigned day &
time. If you cannot      Monday: Devorah Silverman       (201) 837-0446                                                              Goldrich, S&A
attend, please make      Tuesday: Barry Winiker          (201) 837-2070                                                              Kelly, D&A
arrangements for         Wednesday: Susan Klarreich      (201) 287-1128                                                              Kessler-Godin, J&H
someone to fill in       Thursday: Fran Ginsberg         (201) 836-5951                                                              Klarfeld, S&D
for you.                 Sunday a.m.:                                                                                                Klarreich, S
                         Sunday p.m.: Frieda Huberman    (201) 836-6794                                                              Klein, D&L
                                                                                                                                     Kostman, I&I
                                                                                                                                     Krauthamer, C&T
                                                                                                                                     Kreel, I&E

3                        4                              5                       6                  7                   8             10
Huberman, S&F            Kissileff, H&K                 Konigsberg, A&R         Levison, M&J       Meltzer, H                        Morris/Potlow
Karlin, G&C              Korn, J&J                      Krakow, D&M             Malca, E&J         Menahem, S&S                      Moss, M
Krupnik, F               Krakow, D&M                    Lichtenberg/Brawarsky   Manahan, N         Meyerson/Schwartz                 Murad/Kerr
Kugelmass, A&M           Lee, R&E                       Liedeker, S             Mann, B&A          Milbauer, S                       Muth/Orenstein
Kugelmass/Noy            Levin, N&J                     Liebmann, L&E           Marans/Roth        Miller, E                         Nahshon, N&D
Laden, H&G               Levine, M&J                    Lissek, L&M             Marcus S           Millstein, J&S                    Negin/Books
Lazar, H&S               Levy, I                        Loffman, C&C            McGuire, S         Milun, A&L                        Newmark, J
Lendner, R               Levy, M                        Machanic, M&H           Meir, A&L          Mintz, E                          Norich/Ugoretz
Levin, D&R               Lew, M&R                       Maidens, M              Meltser, S&I       Modlinger, A&J                    Nussbaum, H
Levine, C&A              Licht, D&K                     Malamud, G&R            Meltzer, E         Monane, M&S                       Olefson, J&A

10                       11                             12                      13                 14                  15            17
Oppenheim/Margoshes      Prager, B&A                    Rhodes, P&M             Rosenblum, M&S     Saposh, S&L                       Salwen, J
Ottensoser, P            Prince/Lieberman               Rieber, R               Roswadowsky, M&F   Sarokin, R                        Schuster, J&D
Parrella/Turkel          Prywes/Sasson                  Riegel, P               Roth, G            Scharfglass, M                    Schustermann, R
Pascal, M&L              Rabinowitz, A&B                Romirowsky, R&D         Roth, M&B          Schlosberg/Siegel                 Schwartz, J&E
Pearlman, H&J            Rabinowitz, M&R                Rosen, A                Rotman/Silverman   Schoenberg/Felix                  Schwarz, R
Pelavin/Kahn-Troster     Rapaport, R                    Rosen, G&J              Rotmil, A&P        Schore, D                         Segal, E&K
Picker, S&I              Rappaport, S&M                 Rosen, H&L              Rous/Grand         Schulman, K&M                     Seymour, M&S
Plotka, S                Rashin, A                      Rosen, H&J              Rubin, L&M         Schulman, M&C                     Shain, C
Pollack, S               Rechenberg, J&J                Rosen, J&A              Rubin, R&M         Schultz, H&H                      Shargorodsky, V&L
Popkin, M&P              Resnick, P&M                   Rosen, M&J              Rukovets, B&I      Schupak, I&A                      Sheinbaum, L&P

17                       18                             19                      20                 21                  22            24
Shepard, G&C             Skoff, A&J                     Steinberg/Davidson      Udwin, R&M         Werner, M&L                       Smith, L
Shulman, F&G             Slutsman, R                    Storfer, B&L            Vidaver/Forman     Wetstein, L&G                     Zoldan, M&L
Sidorsky, S&E            Sobel, U                       Strauss, A&M            Volerich, M&D      Wolf, E&F                         Abramson, R&C
Silk, M                  Sokolow, J&A                   Strauss, F&J            Waldman, D&B       Wolfeiler, B&H                    Adelman, R&R
Silow-Carroll, A&S       Solomon, J&J                   Tandowski/Schiffman     Wall/Bohnen        Wolfson, H&F                      Afek, S&N
Silverman, D&G           Soltz, N&M                     Tannenholtz, M&K        Wallenstein, J     Wulwick, A&V                      Agin, M&A
Silverman, F             Sommer/Dugdale                 Tencer/Shupak           Wasserman, J&L     Yehudah, S&Y                      Altmann/Weinstein
Simon, S&B               Spielman, E&Y                  Tendler, C&S            Waxenberg, L&C     Zaretsky, I&L                     Anson, M&J
Simonson, A              Spinat, S&G                    Toffler, B              Webber, R&M        Zeitlin, J&E                      Appelbaum, R&M
Singer, A&R              Steinbach, H&B                 Troster/Kahn            Weinstein, H&J     Zizmor, E&L                       Backenroth, A&O

24                       25                             26                      27                 28                  29            31
Werther/Duker            Bence, P&H                     Belok, G&D              Buxbaum, S&L       Ash, I                            Diamond/Kniaz
Baron, R&J               Bernstein, G&D                 Blom, J&W               Bye, M             David, B                          Epstein/Grossberg
Becker, M&P              Bierbryer, B&J                 Bockman/Hyman           Campeas, R&E       David, L&R                        Epstein, S&N
Berezin, R               Bilick/Shy                     Bolton, S&A             Chernick/Stern     Davidovsky, M&G                   Eras, A&L
Berger, J&D              Biloon, R                      Bresgi, I&B             Cohen, B&H         Dickstein, B&S                    Faber, M&A
Berman, K                Blank, F                       Brickel, J              Cohen, D&L         Elias, F&M                        Feigenbaum/Misler
Bernstein, P&H           Blank/Blumenfeld               Broida, A&J             Cohen, S&E         Elisman, S&I                      Feldman, B
Bertan, G&D              Blecher, H                     Brovman, M&L            Cooperman, V       Eliyahu, H&D                      Finck, M&H
Bilick, H& T             Blitz, B&C                     Brunn, E                Cowan, W&R         Engler, M&W                       Fischer, N&B
Biloon, R                Bloch, I                       Burstin, H&B            Damari/Engleberg   Epstein, J&E                      Fishbane/Andelman

Fisher, J&E
Flancbaum, L&D
Fleischer, J&J
Flom, B
Frankel, M&E
Freilich, A&J
Friedman, J&D
Furman, J
Garfinkel, S&R
Fromm, I&J
                                                             Minyan List

                                                   AUGUST 2011 – AV-ELUL 5771

 SUNDAY PM              MONDAY               TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY                FRIDAY   SUNDAY AM
                   1                    2                      3                     4                      5             7
                   Eichen, A&N          Gillman, J             Goldman, E&S          Greenbaum, S                         Heussinger, A
                   Emanuel, P&H         Glattstein, A&G        Goldstein, H&P        Greenspan, D                         Hanan, E&E
                   Fein, M&J            Glick, P&T             Goldstein, H&E        Greenspan, J&B                       Hanan, R&R
                   Gartenberg, P&A      Glubo, L&L             Goldstein, K&R        Greenstein, A&D                      Hantman, A&R
                   Gelb/Holmes          Goetz, I&R             Goldstein, L          Gross, H&B                           Heicklen, J&S
                   Geller, N&L          Gold/Rudnick           Goodman, R            Grossman, H&A                        Heitlinger, N&M
                   Genesen/Falconer     Goldberg, A&D          Goodman, R&S          Gruskin, C&M                         Herschenfeld/Israel
                   Gertsenshteyn, I&M   Goldman, G&E           Goodman, S&R          Gundel, U                            Hubert, M
                   Gilenson/Rosen       Goldman, R&S           Gorokhovsky, A&R      Gutin, J&J                           Hutt, P&B
                   Glantz, M&G          Goldstein, B&J         Gould, M&J            Hammerschlag, M&D                    Indek, C&E

7                  8                    9                      10                    11                     12            14
Gershfield, J&M    Erev Tisha B’Av      Kapelyan, E            Isacoff, S&A          Krakow, D&M                          Levin, N&J
Huberman, S&F      Unassigned           Kaplan, R&S            Jacobs, M&J           Lazar, H&S                           Licht, D&K
Itskova, L                              Kaplan, S&R            Klein, D&L            Lee, R&E                             Lichtenberg/Brawarsky
Itskova, Y                              Kates, M&K             Knopf/Shulman         Lendner, R                           Liedeker, S
Jacobs, E&C                             Katz, I                Kostman, I&I          Levin, D&R                           Lissek, L&M
Jaffe, R                                Kelly, D&A             Krauthamer, C&T       Levine C&A                           Loffman, C&C
Jorgensen, M                            Kessler-Godin, J&H     Krupnik, F            Levine, M&J                          Machanic, M&H
Kahn, R&R                               Kissileff, H&K         Kugelmass, A&M        Levison, M&S                         Maidens, M
Jaffee/Shapiro                          Klarfeld, S&D          Kugelmass/Noy         Levy, I                              Malca, E&J
Kanrich, A                              Klarreich, S           Laden, H&G            Levy, M                              Malamud, G&R

14                 15                   16                     17                    18                     19            21
Karlin, G&C        Gelb/Holmes          Konigsberg, A&R        Nahshon, N&D          Pascal, M&L                          Rabinowitz, A&B
Lew, M&R           Korn, J&J            Liebmann, L&E          Murad/Kerr            Pearlman, H&J                        Rabinowitz, M&R
Manahan, N         Lupkin, J&M          Matsil, A              Negin/Books           Pelavin/Kahn-Troster                 Rapaport, R
Mann, B&A          Meltzer, H           Mintz, E               Newmark, J            Picker, S&I                          Rappaport, S&M
Marans/Roth        Menahem, S&S         Modlinger, A&J         Norich/Ugoretz        Plotka, S                            Rashin, A
Marcus, S          Meyerson/Schwartz    Monane, M&S            Nussbaum, H           Pollack, S                           Rechenberg, J&J
McGuire, S         Milbauer, S&J        Morris/Potlow          Olefson, J&A          Popkin, M&P                          Resnick, P&M
Meir, A&L          Miller, E            Moss, M                Oppenheim/Margoshes   Prager, B&A                          Rhodes, P&M
Meltser, S&I       Millstein, J&S       Murad/Kerr             Ottensoser, P         Prince/Lieberman                     Rieber, R
Meltzer, E         Milun, A&L           Muth/Orenstein         Parrella/Turkel       Prywes/Sasson                        Riegel, P

21                 22                   23                     24                    25                     26            28
Romirowsky, R&D    Roth, M&B            Schlosberg/Siegel      Schwarz, R            Silverman, F                         Salwen, J
Rosen, A           Rotman/Silverman     Schoenberg/Felix       Segal, E&K            Simon, S&B                           Steinbach, H&B
Rosen, G&J         Rotmil, A&P          Schore, D              Seymour, M&S          Simonson, A                          Steinberg/Davidson
Rosen, H&L         Rous/Grand           Schulman, K&M          Shain, C              Singer, A&R                          Storfer, B&L
Rosen, H&J         Rubin, L&M           Schulman, M&C          Shargorodsky, V&L     Skoff, A&J                           Strauss, A&M
Rosen, J&A         Rubin, R&M           Schultz, H&H           Sheinbaum, L&P        Slutsman, R                          Strauss, F&J
Rosen, M&J         Rukovets, B&I        Schupak, I&A           Shepard, G&C          Sobel, U                             Tandowski/Schiffman
Rosenblum, M&S     Saposh, S&L          Schuster, J&D          Shulman, F&G          Sokolow, J&A                         Tannenholtz, M&K
Roswadowsky, M&F   Sarokin, R           Schustermann, R        Silow-Carroll, A&S    Soltz, N&M                           Tendler, C&S
Roth, G            Scharfglass, M       Schwartz, J&E          Silverman, D&G        Sommer/Dugdale                       Toffler, B

28                 29                   30                     31                    September 1            2             4
Smith, L           Solomon, J&J         Tencer/Shupak          Altmann/Weinstein     Ash, I                               Blom, J&W
Troster/Kahn       Spielman, E&Y        Yehudah, S&Y           Anson, M&J            Bertan, G&H                          Bockman/Hyman
Udwin, R&M         Spinat, S&G          Zaretsky, I&L          Appelbaum, R&M        Bierbryer, B&J                       Bolton, S&A
Vidaver/Forman     Weinstein, H&J       Zeitlin, J&E           Backenroth, A&O       Bilick/Shy                           Bresgi, I&B
Volerich, M&D      Werner, M&L          Zizmor, E&L            Baron, R&J            Biloon, R                            Brickel, J
Waldman, D&B       Wetstein, L&G        Zoldan, M&L            Berezin, R            Blank, F                             Brovman, M&L
Wall/Bohnen        Wolf, E&F            Abramson, R&C          Berger, J&D           Blank/Blumenfeld                     Brunn, E
Wasserman, J&L     Wolfeiler, B&H       Adelman, R&R           Berman, K             Blecher, H                           Burstin, H&B
Waxenberg, L&C     Wolfson, H&F         Afek, S&N              Bernstein, P          Blitz, B&C                           Buxbaum, S&L
Webber, R&M        Wulwick, A&V         Agin, M&A              Bernstein, G&D        Bloch, I                             Bye, M

4                  5                    6                      7                     8
Werther/Duker      Bence, P&H           Belok, G&D             Fischer, N&B          Furman, J
Broida, A&J        David, B             Epstein, J&E           Fishbane/Andelman     Garfinkel, S&R
Campeas, R&E       David, L&R           Epstein/Grossberg      Fisher, J&E           Gartenberg, P&A
Chernick/Stern     Davidovsky, M&G      Epstein, S&N           Flancbaum, L&D        Geller, N&L
Cohen, B&H         Dickstein, B         Eras, A&L              Fleischer, J&J        Genesen/Falconer
Cohen, D&L         Eichen, A&N          Faber, M&A             Flom, B               Gertsenshteyn, I&M
Cohen, S&E         Elias, F&M           Feigenbaum/Misler      Frankel, M&E          Gilenson/Rosen
Cooperman, V       Elisman, S&I         Fein, M&J              Freilich, A&J         Gillman, J
Cowan, W&R         Eliyahu, H&D         Feldman, B             Friedman, J&D         Glantz, G&M
Damari/Engleberg   Engler, M&W          Finck, M&H             Fromm, I&J            Glass, V&S
                                 congregation beth sholom
                                 354 maitland avenue | teaneck, nj 07666-3026
                                 (201) 833-2620 | (201) 833-2323 [fax]

         Congregation Beth Sholom Donation/Contribution Form
   Please check the fund below to which you would like to make a donation, indicating the amount and
 reason. Donations can be made for $10 or more. Make checks payable to: Congregation Beth Sholom.
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___ Adult Education                                   ___ M & M Fund
___ Alfred & Rose Buchman Fine Arts Fund              ___ Marcia Biloon Memorial Fund
___ Alice Hereld Cahn Education Fund                  ___ Max and Ruth Klingenstein Children’s
___ Albert M. & Ida Shulman Israel                            Education Fund
         Scholarship Fund                             ___ Prayer Book Fund
___ Ayin L'tzion Fund                                       Siddur, $30            Humash, $75
___ Children's Programming Fund                             Mahzor, $30            Megiloth, $18
___ Fred Friesner Maot Hittim Fund                    ___ Rabbi Barry Schaeffer Memorial Fund
         **Make payable to Fred Friesner Fund         ___ Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
___ General Fund                                      ___ Rob Moss Fund
___ HAZAK                                             ___ Russian Club
___ Hesed Fund                                        ___ Ruth Miller Memorial Fund
___ Jewish Education Scholarship Fund                 ___ Social Action/Tikkun Olam Fund
         (including Barry Reis Scholarship)           ___ Torah Fund
___ Kiddush Fund                                      ___ Tzipporei Shalom
___ Library Fund
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    High Holy Days 5772
      Important Information
     While we all enjoy a restful and relaxing summer, it’s hard to forget that the 
     High Holy Days will be here soon enough. Please take note of the following: 
•   Please read cover letter that comes with ticket packet; it provides important 
    information for processing your ticket requests.  
•   The price of a ticket is $118. If you purchase your tickets before July 28, 2011, 
    the price is $90 per ticket.  
•   The Auditorium Bimah and seating arrangements have been changed this 
    year. The Bimah will be on the floor of the auditorium, in front of the stage 
    with Rows A‐E turned perpendicular to the other seats and facing the Bimah. 
    Starting with Row F, the seating remains as in past years. (The ticket order 
    form indicates your last year’s seats.)  
•   In order to improve parking for our handicapped members, the entire 
    parking lot and the spaces on Rugby Road will be reserved for those who 
    have Handicapped Hang Tags. Please indicate your need for reserved parking 
    on the Ticket Form. 
•   Your ticket packet also includes a form to include names in the Yiskor book 
    that is used throughout the year. Please remember to send this back with your 
    Ticket Order (and payment). 
•   The Children’s Programming Committee will, once again, be coordinating 
    various Children’s Services for children through grade 6, supervision of the 
    playrooms, and babysitting during Kol Nidre and Neilah. This is only possible 
    with your help; please complete the Children’s Programming sign‐up form 
    and volunteer form included in your ticket packet. 
            Should you have any questions or need additional information, 
    please contact the synagogue office at (201) 833‐2620 or   

                            congregation beth sholom
                            354 maitland avenue | teaneck, nj 07666-3026
                            (201) 833-2620 | (201) 833-2323 [fax]

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