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									Module specification template

Title                      Sparkling wine production
Code                       PWM301
Level                      7
Credit rating              20
Pre-requisites             BSc (Hons) Viticulture & Oenology, or equivalent
Type of module             Extensive, delivered over 2 semesters
Aims                       To provide students with a detailed knowledge and
                           understanding of most recent developments in the
                           production of sparkling wine and develop their ability
                           to recognise and analyse quality in this product.

Learning                   By the end of the module, the student should be able
outcomes/objectives        to:
                           1. Advise on the establishment of a vineyard for the
                               production of sparkling wine in a cool-climate area.
                           2. Critically evaluate vineyard and cellar procedures
                               involved in the production of sparkling wine.
                           3. Perform a precise, detailed and accurate estimation
                               of the quality of a sparkling wine through both
                               advanced chemical analysis and organoleptic
                           4. Analyse and evaluate the importance of research
                               currently being carried out on sparkling wines.
                           5. Demonstrate skills in experimentation by performing
                               a practical investigation into a sparkling wine-
                               related area of research, then analysing and
                               presenting the results both in written and oral form.

Content                        The evaluation of Terroir and site suitability for
                                sparkling wine production
                               Vine genotype and the selection of plant material
                               Viticultural considerations for sparkling wine
                               Sustainable sparkling wine production
                               Harvesting and processing grapes for sparkling
                                wine production
                               The comparison of different methods of sparkling
                                wine production
                               The organoleptic assessment of sparkling wines
                               Bubble quality in sparkling wine
                               Current research and development in sparkling
                                wine production.

Teaching and learning      The module will start with a compulsory tour of the
strategies                 Champagne region, visiting major producers and
                           research institutes to identify the major current axes of
                           Thereafter, this module will normally be delivered by a
                           combination of:
                           Student-lead seminars: 30 hours
                           Tutorials: 10 hours
                           Private study: 160 hours

Learning support            One-week study tour to the Champagne region of
                            Markides, A & Gibson, R ed. (1993) Sparkling Wine
                            and Quality Management Australian Society of
                            Viticulture and Oenology
                            Armstrong, David, Rankine, Bryce and Linton, Geoff
                            (1994) Sparkling Wines, Winetitles, Adelaide.
                            The American Journal of Viticulture & Enology
                            The Australian Journal of Wine Research
                            Le Vigneron Champenois

Assessment tasks            100 coursework based on three elements:

                            1. Vineyard proposal report critically evaluating site
                               factors, clonal selection criteria and sustainability
                               issues (25%) – Outcome 1

                            2. Written report on the evaluation of the quality of a
                               sparkling wine and an analysis of the factors that
                               contribute to the level of quality (25%) – Outcomes

                            3. Student research mini-project report and oral or
                               poster presentation (50%) – Outcomes 4 & 5

Brief description of        This module will enable the student to gain an in-depth
module content and/or       and up-to-date level of knowledge and understanding
aims (maximum 80 words)     of the production of sparkling wines and to critically
                            evaluate and analyse the quality of this style of wine.
                            It can not only be studied within the framework of an
                            MRes in Bioscience, but also as a single module for
                            wine professionals wishing to gain a full and current
                            understanding of sparkling wine production.
Area examination board      Plumpton College
to which module relates
Module                      Chris Foss & Tony Milanowski
Semester offered, where     1 and 2
Site where delivered        Plumpton College
Date of first approval      30/4/08
Date of last revision
Date of approval of this
Version number              1
Replacement for previous
Field for which module is
acceptable and status in
that field
Course(s) for which
module is acceptable and
status in that course
School home                 Plumpton College
External examiner           Andrew Wilbey


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