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									THE GREEN

 It's Your Planet.
 One third of the Earth's resources have been lost in the last 30 years. 146 species are lost every
 day and 15 000 species are threatened with extinction. 0.5% of the world's population own 50%
 of the remaining resources. 1 tonne of marketable product produces 70 tonnes of waste. 26
 tonnes of vital topsoil are washed out to sea every year. Rainforests are being cleared at a rate of
 one football field per second. Rainwater is contaminated with pollutants that can affect the
 development of our children. 6 billion hectares of fertile land are lost to desertification every
 year. One third of the world's population is at war. One quarter of conflicts are a struggle over
 natural resources. 1.25 billion People are denied access to food, water and shelter.

Take Control.
We can all make a difference! By making simple changes to your home and lifestyle you can help
preserve the environment you live in. If one person changes just one of their light bulbs with a
compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) they will save themselves around R60 during the lifetime of
the bulb. If every family in South Africa changed just one light bulb in their house, it would
eliminate billions of kilograms of greenhouse gases. By recycling half of your household waste,
you can eliminate the production of around 1,200 kg of CO2 annually. If we could capture just
1/1000th of the energy provided through daylight, we could have more energy that we currently
get from burning coal, oil and gas put together and all of this without a bill, without pollution.

              Someone once said….
“We do not inherit the Earth from our parents...
                   we borrow it from our children….”
                        CREATING A SOLUTION
                                                        sponsors will be promoted as businesses which
Introduction                                           are embracing the Green Connexion and in return
The Green Connexion is a production company            these businesses will be marketed and advertised
that specialises in capturing environmental            accordingly.
footage to promote a healthier and more
sustainable lifestyle emphasising a connection
and dependency on nature.
The Green Scene is an idea for a reality style TV
                                                       Main Topics of Focus
series, which hosts a team of environmental
specialists with a mission to 'green' our global          1. Renewable Energy (solar, wind, heating,
environment. The team will visit different                   air conditioning, lights etc)
members of the public whether they be in a                2. Water management (drinking water,
home/a school/business etc and give the building             waste water disposal, water heating)
a “green makeover”. An ecological footprint will          3. Garden (permaculture, indigenous plants,
be calculated and potential changes will be                  wetlands, biodiversity preservation)
discussed to reduce the footprint. These changes          4. Waste (recycling, composting, re-use of
will be quickly implemented over a week long                 old products, consumerism)
period by the Green Team an energetic team of             5. Transport (encourage bicycles, less car
specialists. Throughout the programme viewers                use, bio-diesel, new technologies)
will be shown practical ways of 'greening' their          6. Lifestyle:
home and lifestyle. Inserts will give statistics and
show why we all need to change and reduce our                    §Food (cooking using less energy,
impact on the planet. Within this process the                     organic, healthy, self sufficiency)
public will be educated on a range of greening                   §Interior design (certified sustainable
topics such as renewable energy, permaculture,                    wood, revamp old furniture, organic
recycling and lifestyle changes. Emphasis will                    paints, recycled products)
also be placed on how the green changes can                      §Household products & cosmetics
help the viewer save money as well as helping the                 (natural products, washable
environment                                                       bamboo nappies)
Equipment and materials to achieve these green                   §Entertainment (local holidays,
makeovers will be donated by sponsors or bought                   movies, books, music, sports)
using money from sponsors. In this process the                   §Environmentally friendly products
                                                                  (wind-up radios, shaker torches)
             GREEN TEAM
                                                                                                 ON CAMERA
        The Main Characters                                                     The Creative and Science Team
                                Jason Paul Norman Law holds                                                     Benjamin Stiffler
                                a NDip in landscape technology. He has x                                        Ben holds a NDip in landscape
                                years experience of running a successful                                        technology. Write here more about
                                landscaping business. He has experience                                         Ben's work experience. He is the
                                in managing a small team of people and in                                       landscape designer and a quality control
                                managing budgets. He is a keen                                                  specialist. He is a Swiss man who
                                photographer and film-maker and spends                                          accepts only the highest quality. He is
                                most of his free time collecting hours of                                       dressed smart casual and with a style
                                environmental and nature footage. He                                            which is very fashionable but at the

NO                              has excellent social skills and has the
                                ability to communicate with people from
                                                                                                                same time environmentally conscious.

     RM                         all walks of life. His infectious enthusiasm
                                and knowledge about everything green
                                makes him an ideal candidate for one of                N
                                the main presenters.
Robert Daniel Syme
Dan holds a NDip in landscape                                                   Anna Elliott
technology. He has 5 years of managerial                                        holds a BSc honours in environmental
experience working for an environmental                                         science. She has 5 years experience
and horticultural consultancy business.                                         working on a variety of diverse
His role included working on large                                              environmental projects. She spent 3
landscaping contracts which involves                                            years working for the Forestry
managing large teams of people and                                              Commission in Scotland where she was
working to strict deadlines. Dan is                                             involved in several community forestry
proficient in AutoCAD and is a talented                                         research projects. Her degree had a
artist/designer. He has experience in                                           particular emphasis on social ecology,
designing large landscaping jobs such as                                        ethnobotany and environmental
the Tsitsikamma Coastal Golf Estate. Dan                                        development. Anna spent 6 months in
has a vast wealth of environmental                                              South America where she volunteered

knowledge in particular anything related                                        in the rainforest working on
to botany. He is relaxed and has a                                              conservation and community

refreshing sense of humour. He knows the
facts and has an answer for most                                  D             development projects. Since moving to
                                                                                South Africa a year ago she has been
environmental questions. Due to his
background and diverse knowledge he
                                                                                working for a restoration ecologist and
                                                                                has been vastly improving her                              A   N
makes the mission a reality.                                                    ecological knowledge. She has recently
                                                                                completed a course on environmental
                                 Zee- She is young, funky, up in coming         impact assessments at Rhodes
                                 and brings an element of a greenX              University. Anna has excellent scientific
                                 fashionable future. She will interlink         writing and researching skills.
                                 renewable technology to culture bring the
                                 simplicity of living in age old culture with
                                 new technology. She will be dressed in
                                 African organic textiles and represent a
                                 women of the earth.

                                                                                                                Niki Gower
                                                                                                                is the creative art media man; he
                                                                                                                represents the youth and ensures an

                                                                                                                element of surprise on the show. His

                                                                                                                roots are embedded deep in the earth
                                                                                                                but he understands our need for
Butiswe                                                                         NI                              technology.
Is a hard working landscaper who is full of
life and love. He is very spiritual, a family                                     KI
man and believes that the preservation of

the earth is his destiny. He is a leader who

understands African culture and is well

respected in his community.
Implementation Team                                                 t
                                                                    Vegetable patchIndigenous garden
                                                                    t products, wind up radios, shaker torches,
                                                                     solar mobile chargers
                                                                    t decorating using organic paints, recycled
                                        landscape design             décor, revamping
dedicated to indigenous landscape solutions                         t foods in kitchen – health
                                                                    t cleaning products
1. Terry Lloyd for Landscaping- Roots and Culture                   t beauty products
   Landscape design team will do all installations of the           t
                                                                    Organic/natural clothing e.g. Hemp, organic
   landscape from permaculture systems to landscape                  cotton
   rehabilitation and restoration.                                  t medicines
2. Herb Dennison-Farrar for Renewable energy supply                 t
   Sustainable/renewable energy solutions, Herb will be             t
   responsible for all the installations of the solar power         t
   and wind turbines etc.                                           t air conditioning systems
Media & PR                                                          t
                                                                    DIY – make our own soaps, candles, bio-diesel
Camilla Horrox - Camilla holds a BA Honours degree in               t – reduce paper use, use both sides, only
English Language and Literature. She has six years                   print when needed
experience in the ever evolving communications world. She           t
                                                                    Babies/children – re-useable bamboo nappies,
spent four years as a published newspaper and broadcast              make own baby food, simple toys made from
journalist in the UK to then become Press and Media                  recycled products
Communications Officer for international and national
organisations. Previously she was the Wales wide Press and     5 Work out the new ecological footprint score after
Media Officer for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and                  changes have been made.
Communications Officer for Pembrokeshire Coast National
Park. She is a real people person and excellent at             6 Re-visit previous GreenXfide people to see how
communicating ideas through various mediums. Through her         they're getting on with their new lifestyle..
experience as a journalist she knows how to pitch ideas to
different audiences and how to deal with press enquiries and
maximise publicity. She is also qualified in E-Marketing.
.                                                              Over the next 18 months we will create a reality style green
                                                               makeover series to be aired on a TV broadcasting channel
The Basic outline of the Series                                in South Africa. If successful we hope to sell the concept to
                                                               other countries. We will also have a comprehensive website
1 Introduction to the Green Scene. We will give a              which will provide people with all the information and
  rundown of the aims and objectives of the series and         equipment they require to make green improvements to
  state what we believe in i.e. importance of sustainable      their home and lifestyle.
  living.                                                      The Green Scene will be successful and popular because
                                                               we are taking a different approach compared to other shows
2 Meet the people who have been chosen to be                   that focus on the environment. We will be focusing on the
  GreenXfide. Compile a short history about them. Work         small, realistic and affordable changes that the average
  out their ecological footprint. How many Earths would        person can make to benefit themselves and ultimately the
  it take to sustain their way of life if every person on      planet. We will have a strong environmental message but it
  Earth lived like them?                                       will be presented in a positive light so that the viewer does
                                                               not feel hopeless and that it's too late to make a difference.
3   The solution, sit round a table with specialists and       We are targeting a wide audience; basically the whole
    work out what changes could be made to reduce              population but the people that will realistically benefit
    ecological footprint. The emphasis will be on practical,   through the ideas will be the youth and young to middle age
    affordable and sustainable solutions.                      adults.
                                                               We intend to be a BEE company and we have an African
                                                               presenter who will appeal the majority of our audience. Also
4 The makeover. Use of variety of technology,
                                                               the majority of the green makeovers will concentrate on
  techniques, solutions:                                       previously disadvantaged social groups.
                                                               A short feature in each programme will focus on the people
     Solar panels                                              in impoverished communities who have naturally developed
     Solar water heating                                       inventive ways of recycling and reusing household waste or
     t on geysers
     Timers                                                    who are growing their own food or other resourceful
     Wind power                                                techniques.
     Gas stoves, rocket stove, insulating pans (slow
      cooking off heat)                                        Educational Focus
     Regulator/batteries                                       We could have an educational focus section on the
     Invertors                                                 website? I could look into finding some content for this if
     Solar lights    Rain tanks                                you think it's a good idea? Let me know.
                                                               The main educational focus will be included on the website.
     Grey water tanks
                                                               We will have educational learning pages on the website.
     t tanks/compost toilets/ eco sanitation
                                                               The website will have environmental project pages which
     t showers
     Rocket                                                    could fit in with current curriculum in SA schools, which can
     Recycling system                                          be downloaded by teachers. Quizzes and Environmentally
     Composting                                                green games could provide educational interactive pages
     Vegetable patchIndigenous garden                          for schools and kids.
                                                                                                               12V PV Panel   12V PV Panel   12V PV Panel 12V PV Panel   12V PV Panel
                                                                                                                 120 Watts      110 Watts      125 Watts    130 Watts      130 Watts

Main Topics of Focus Content
                                                                                           Solar Panel Array
                                                                                            615 Watts Total

             Renewable Energy                                             To Garden Irrigation Pump
                                                                                  To Trailer Furnace
                                                                       To Main Trailer DC Sub-Panel
                                                                      To Small Trailer DC Sub-Panel
                                                                                                                              Tristar                                 Fused
South Africa has a high energy demand that is rapidly                                  12V DC
                                                                                      Fuse Panel
                                                                                                                          60 Amp Change

increasing. We have many energy-hungry industries such
as mining and metals processing which rely on low-cost
electricity from coal burning. It is becoming apparent that                              2000 Watt
                                                                                                                                    System Monitor

traditional energy sources can no longer meet the power                    110V AC

demand this is further highlighted by Eskom's recent                          To Household
                                                                          Circuit Breaker Panel

scheduled blackouts. Fortunately there is something that
can be done. South Africa has huge potential with regards                                                    12V AGM Battery
                                                                                                           110 Amp Hours Each
to renewable energy resources. An increase in renewable                                                                                    12V AGM Battery
                                                                                                                                         210 Amp Hours Each

energy technologies will benefit South Africa in a number of          expected to reduce storage costs significantly. Currently
ways:                                                                 grid-connected applications are the main international
          t       Reduction of greenhouse gases                       market for PV technology. In this case, the 'grid-system'
          t       Increased energy supply i.e. no                     can be used as storage along with distributed storage
                  blackouts                                           options and pumped storage systems.
          t       Employment creation
          t       Reduction of economic vulnerability to
                  the escalating costs of imported fuels.             Solar thermal electric
                                                                      Solar thermal electric technologies use the sun's heat to
Several renewable resources have the potential to                     drive either conventional steam turbine drive power plants,
contribute significantly to South African energy supplies.            or to power more unusual engines such as the Stirling
In particular:                                                        engine. Solar thermal electrics have an advantage in that
                                                                      single plants can be built on a multi-megawatt to gigawatt
                                                                      scale. There is also some potential for energy storage in
    ·    Solar thermal (for heating), solar thermal electricity       thermal energy stores (e.g. molten salt). This allows some
                                                                      solar thermal plants to run well into the evening, or even 24
         generation and solar photovoltaic electricity
         generation. Solar radiation levels in South Africa           hours a day. Gas hybridisation options are also practical.
         are amongst the highest in the world.
         Wind electricity generation.                                 Solar thermal heating
                                                                      Solar water heaters, process heaters, space heating
    ·    Biomass (heating, cooking, electricity and, in               systems and even solar cookers are all currently used in
         particular, liquid fuels for transport and cleaner           South Africa. The water heater market in particular shows
         cook stoves).                                                significant signs of maturity and growth potential. However,
                                                                      as a country, South Africa is behind best practice norms with
    ·    Hydropower. South Africa is not particularly well            regards to utilising this resource.
         endowed with hydropower potential, but there is
         potential to import hydropower & to develop locally          According to the Australian Greenhouse Office website
         significant micro-hydro potential.                           "For most households, hot water is the largest energy
                                                                      cost and cause of greenhouse gas emissions."
    ·    Wave power. This is a new technology, but one
         from which South Africa could benefit, as there is
         an extensive coast-line with high wave energy                Solar and heat pump water heaters use much less
         potential. Ocean currents, thermal gradients in the          energy and therefore produce significantly less
         sea, and even ocean grown biomass could also                 greenhouse gas emissions than electric conventional
         play a future role.                                          water heaters.

    ·    Other resources, such as geothermal, may play a                                                Wind Power
         lesser role.                                                 Wind energy conversion
                                                                      systems currently convert the
                    Solar Power                                       energy in moving air to
                                                                      electricity. Wind prospecting
Solar photovoltaic                                                    is in its infancy in South Africa.
Photovoltaic modules are gaining popularity in South                  Wind turbines harvests air
Africa, with around 200 000 households making use of                  with out infringing on our
this technology (e.g. lighting, television,                           lifestyle. They are dynamic
telecommunications). At present, the solar modules are                and use the world's most
expensive, although their cost has been steadily                      powerful resource to generate
declining. The major drawback for solar generated                     reliable, environmentally
electricity is that it is difficult to store. For off-grid systems,   friendly energy.
current storage technologies require significant running
costs (due to their limited life). However, new
There are now complete wind solutions to meet all needs.     decomposition of the biomass components in municipal
On days when the wind is not blowing battery packs are       waste. Landfill gas has a potential for 7.2 TWh of
supplied to store the energy. There are Turbines available   electricity generation, perhaps growing to 10.8 TWh by
which are sustainable and are a renewable energy             2040. If the gas were to be used for process heat, then
source that is suited for every house hold and business.     the energy extraction would be higher.

                                                                               Wave energy
                                                             The ocean breakers crashing onto our shores have an
                                                             average energy intensity of approximately 25 MW/km over
                                                             about 900 km of coastline. If 75 percent of this coastline
                                                             were suitable for converter installation, then a
                                                             totalgenerating capacity of about 18 000 MW could be
                                                             Wave technology is receiving increased international and
                                                             national attention and has better base load characteristics
         Hydro Electric Power                                than many other renewable energy technologies.

Hydroelectricity is a form of hydropower, and is the
most widely used form of renewable energy. It produces
no waste, and does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2)
which contributes to greenhouse gases. Hydroelectricity      Planet Earth contains 320 million cubic miles of water,
now supplies about 715,000 MWe or 19% of world               enough to cover the entire globe 1000 feet deep. We
electricity (16% in 2003), accounting for over 63% of the    ourselves are 97% water when born and 75% water as
total electricity from renewables in 2005.                   adults. Yet water us a very scarce global resource. Oceans,
Water scarcity concerns are often used to dismiss out-of-    lakes, streams and rivers contain 98% of Earth's water. The
hand the potential for hydropower in South Africa. In        remaining 2% is in the soil, the atmosphere, the bodies of
reality, energy derived from extracting the potential        living organisms or frozen in glaciers and ice caps. Only
energy of elevated water during its descent has an           0.02% of the Earth's water is available for drinking. Millions
important role to play. This is especially important when    of people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water.
one considers the huge volumes of water that are moved
around the country in balancing the supply and demand        Rainwater Harvesting Tanks - Water recycling
for water, and the fact that the energy content of this
water is seldom considered.
                                                                    Why pay for a resource that is free.
                                                             Rainwater falls from the sky for free, by simply filtering it
                                                             then storing it, you can water your garden or even pipe it
                                                             straight into your home and use the rainwater to flush the
                                                             toilet or do the laundry. Recycling your rainwater has many
                                                             advantages, first being; its free, you can store as much as
                                                             you want then reuse it how you want. Second is that
                                                             rainwater is softer then tap water, which means that if you
                                                             were to use the rainwater in you washing machine lime
                                                             scale would take longer to appear. If you were using the
             Biomass energy                                  water for your garden, then some plants respond better to
                                                             rainwater than tap water.
Biomass energy is currently the largest renewable energy
contributor in South Africa, estimated at about 9 percent
(some data indicates as high as 14%). Most rural
                                                             Why Harvest Rainwater?
households and several hundred thousand low-income           We use 70% more water today than we did 40 years
urban households rely on fuelwood for cooking and space
                                                             By reducing our water usage we will:
heating. Biomass by-products are used in boilers by the
sugar and paper industries to generate electricity. The          §Save money
South African government and other large stakeholders are        §Reduce the possibility of a drought, which will
currently developing the capacity to produce liquid fuels         lead to a hosepipe ban.
from biomass, with an estimated potential of 20 percent of
the national liquid fuels requirement (45.7 PJ). The             §Reduce the damage which is done to wildlife in
production of bio-ethanol, for possible use as a safer            wetlands, reservoir and rivers
household fuel, is also receiving increased attention.
Extensive use of biomass raises significant environmental    Rainwater Harvesting Use
concerns. The large-scale use of bioenergy would require
vast areas of land to be converted to 'energy crops'.        DIY Rainwater Harvesting In Garden-

                                                             No matter how much it rains we always seem to need more
                 Landfill gas                                water for our plants and gardens. By collecting your
                                                             rainwater in an underground water tank, you we have a
Landfill sites generate methane gas as a result of the       constant supply of water. These rainwater harvesting
systems can be connected straight into you existing                                              every pest has its predator.
irrigation system them will never have to worry about your                                       Wage chemical warfare on
plants and garden not being water when you're on                                                 the pests and you'll win the
holiday.                                                                                         battle but at what cost?
                                                                                                 With no adequate food
Once your system is setup there is no end to the uses of the                                     source the numbers of helpful
water you save. You can connect a pressure washer to the                                         garden predators will
tap outlet and use the rainwater to wash your car or even                                        diminish leaving no other
clean your patio.                                                                                solution than to pump more
                                                                                                 poisons into your garden next
Underground water tanks don't have to be sunk in ground;                                         year and the year after.
they can be installed under patios or under decking. All
accessories such as water pumps, filters and fittings can        The real difference comes at the planning stage, ensuring
still be installed                                               that you have set things up so that you can use the strength
                                                                 of nature rather than the strength of your back. A healthy
                                                                 soil, rich in nutrients and life, is the essential building block
                                                                 of any garden. Soil is a complex and delicate ecosystem in
                                                                 its own right with a multitude of organisms converting a wide
                                                                 variety of inactive materials into the essential nutrients that
                                                                 your plants will thrive on. Chemical fertilisers can destroy
                                                                 these organisms and pull you and your garden into a cycle
                                                                 of dependency.
                                                                 A fundamental principle of organic gardening is to feed
Household water pollution                                        your soil and then let the soil feed your plants. By providing
                                                                 the materials that the natural fauna and flora in your soil
There are many ways in which householders can pollute            need to thrive, you will encourage more and more of these
waterways e.g. via the sink, toilet, from the washing            hard working little organisms to grow and multiply. The
machine, dishwashers or simply by dangerous                      result, an ever increasing quality of soil with more and more
disposal/application of chemicals directly onto soil or into     available nutrients.
waterways. In houses, wastewater from sinks and toilets for
                                                                 As your soil develops the
example, usually flows into either septic tanks or into
                                                                 effects spread further up
municipal sewage treatment plants. Under optimal
                                                                 the larger ecosystem.
conditions bacteria break down the constituents in the
                                                                 Good soil promotes a
wastewater and the clarified effluent is returned to the
                                                                 healthy population of
environment. However, many chemicals that are sold in the
                                                                 worms and worms attract
supermarket for toilet cleaning or other detergents can
                                                                 larger garden visitors. It's
affect bacteria in the septic tank, leading to poor operation
                                                                 not long before even the
or even worse, the total cessation of performance by the
                                                                 smallest garden starts to
tank. When this occurs, the dirty wastewater enters the
                                                                 see signs of hedgehogs,
chamber of the tank where it receives incomplete
                                                                 toads and other more
treatment. It then flows into the environment and may seep
into the groundwater below or into surface water.                 substantial beasties. Their presence further adds to the
                                                                  quality of your soil. You'd be amazed just how much
                                                                  nutrient comes out of the feathery posteriors of the typical
Constructed wetlands and reed beds                                family of birds.
                                                                  Your garden and house already provide most of the
Natural processes have always cleaned water as it flowed          nutritional requirements of your soil and garden. All you
through rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands. In the last few      need to do is to help them out of the form they are currently
decades, eco-engineers have designed wetlands that                locked away in.
mimic natural processes, for water quality improvement.           Potato peelings or a pile of grass cuttings aren't much use
Constructed wetlands such as reed beds are used across            by themselves but properly composted they will produce a
the world to improve the quality of point (direct discharge)      rich and perfectly natural fertiliser and soil conditioner.
and nonpoint (diffuse) sources of water pollution. Reed           Composting is one of those areas that gardeners and
beds are used for water purification and are modelled on          gardening books seem to delight in laying down mixtures
natural wetland systems. The can be applied to the                rules and techniques for.
treatment of domestic sewage typically in conjunction with
septic tanks or other biological treatment systems. They are     The simple truth is that
also beneficial for wildlife by developing a new habitat for     composting is probably one
wetland species of flora and fauna.                              of the easiest and, in and odd
                                                                 way, rewarding aspects of

 Perma-Culture In the garden                                     Compost is simply the by-
 (Organic gardening, Indigenous plants, permaculture,)           product of our little garden
                                                                 friends having a right royal
                                                                 feast on the organic leftovers
Why organic gardening?                                           we produce from home and
Nature exists in balance and it is the recognition of the ways   garden.
in which you can support that balance that will make a           One of the most difficult things
successful organic garden. Every plant has its pest but          to control in any garden are
                                                                 the many and varied little
 One of the most difficult things to control in any garden are     piles. Composting worms are available from nursery mail-
the many and varied little creatures who appreciate your           order suppliers or angling (fishing) shops where they are
plants for attributes other than their beauty. Calling in an air   sold as bait. Small-scale vermicomposting is well-suited to
strike from a spray gun loaded with noxious chemicals is           turn kitchen waste into high-quality soil, where space is
pretty effective, but at what price?                               limited. Together with bacteria, earthworms are the major
Plants managed to survive for a few years before pesticides        catalyst for decomposition in a healthy vermicomposting
came onto the scene. So there are other ways of controlling        system, although other soil species also play a contributing
                                                                   role: these include insects, other worms and molds.
garden pests that are a little less dangerous.
                                                                   Vermicompost, also known as worm castings and
Resistance                                                         vermicast, is richer in many nutrients than compost
                                                                   produced by other composting methods. It is also rich in
A healthy plant has its own defences against attack, the           microbial life which helps break down nutrients already
stronger and healthier the plant the better the defences.          present in the soil into plant-available forms. Unlike other
Make sure that you take care of the plant and it will be better    compost, worm castings also contain worm mucus which
prepared to fend off attacks.                                      keeps nutrients from washing away with the first watering
                                                                   and holds moisture better than plain soil. For this reason,
Shifting the target                                                some fruit and seed pits are reported to germinate in
                                                                   vermicompost easily. Vermicompost made from ordinary
Where possible, move the location of your plants. This can         kitchen scraps will contain small seeds, especially those of
be very effective as the pests that over-winter within the         tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, that may sprout weeks
plants proximity will emerge in the spring to find their source    later.
of sustenance gone.
                                                                   Vermicompost benefits soil by
Bring in                                                               t
                                                                       improving its physical structure;
reinforcements                                                         t
                                                                       enriching soil in micro-organisms, adding plant
                                                                       hormones such as auxins and gibberellic acid, and
If it's alive then something                                           adding enzymes such as phosphatase and
will like to eat it! Do your                                           cellulase;
best to encourage the right
predators and let them take                                            t
                                                                       attracting deep-burrowing earthworms already
care of the pests for you.                                             present in the soil;
                                                                       improving water holding capacity;
Variety helps the                                                      t
                                                                       enhancing germination, plant growth, and crop
balance                                                                yield; and
Stick with one type of plant                                           t
                                                                       Improving root growth and structure.
massed into a single area
and you are inviting trouble.                                      Vermicompost can be used to
Vary your planting and this                                        make compost tea (worm
will control the spread of                                         tea), by mixing some
pests.                                                             vermicompost in water and
                                                                   steeping for a number of
                                                                   hours or days. The resulting
Physical traps and barriers                                        liquid is used as a fertilizer.
                                                                   The dark brown waste liquid
It's not subtle but a net can provide 100% security against        that drains into the bottom of
birds and a slug trap filled with beer will send most of our       some vermicomposting
slimy friends to an early alcoholic demise.                        systems, as water-rich foods
Organic pesticides                                                 break down, is also excellent
                                                                   as fertilizer.
As a last resort, a number of substances are acceptable to
some organic gardeners. Soft soap in solution contains
only natural products and can be quite effective against
aphids and other small insects. Other combinations of                         Think Indigenous !
allowable substances are becoming available as garden
centres and companies react to public demand.                                                        It is sad to know that the
                                                                                                     last remnants of South
Vermicompost                                                                                         African's indigenous flora
(also called worm compost, vermicast, worm castings,                                                 are disappearing at an
worm humus or worm manure) is the end-product of the                                                 alarming rate. Urban
breakdown of organic matter by some species of                                                       development, over-
earthworm. Vermicompost is a nutrient-rich, organic                                                  population, farming,
fertilizer and soil conditioner. The process of producing                                            plantations and other
vermicompost is called vermicomposting .The earthworm                                                pressures on the land
species (or composting worms) most often used are Red                                                account for more and more
Wigglers or Red. These species are commonly found in                                                 destruction of the natural
organic rich soils and especially prefer the special                                                 habitat of our birds, insects,
conditions in rotting vegetation, compost and manure                                                 reptiles and mammals.
Many gardeners don't know that their well kept gardens full       species (Red Hot Pokers),
of exotics, where animals once lived, have become green           Leonotus leonorus (Wild
wastelands with very little life. By planting some indigenous     Dagga), Melianthus species
vegetation and attracting the animals which live amongst it       (Honey Flowers) and Tecoma
we can bring nature back to our gardens and restore some          capensis(Cape Honey
natural ecology in our urban space.                               Suckle).
Hindu shrines which are                                           We can also plant species
decorated with greenery                                           which attract insects for
signify the preservation of                                       pollination which in return
Mother Earth. On the other                                        attracts the insect eater birds
hand all the exotics plants                                       such as the African Hoopoe, African Pied wagtail, Little Bea
being grown in our gardens                                        Eater, Cardinal Woodpecker and Fiscal ShrikeThe plants
give the impression that the                                      you can plant to get these birds in your garden are
majority or people are doing                                      Clemantis brachiata (Travellers Joy), Metalasia
their best to not care about                                      muricata(White Bristle Bush),Plumbago
conserving the earth but                                          auriculata(Plumbago),Schotia afra (Karoo Boer-bean) and
rather doing their best to                                        Sutherlandia frutescens (Cancer Bush).
destroy the creators work.                                        Lastly we can plant some plants that attract the seed eaters
Many of the South African                                         such as Cymbopogon species (Turpentine Grass),
species are cultivated and                                        Cynodon dactylon (Couch Grass),Eragrostis obtuse (Drew
and planted all over the world. A good example of these           Grass) and Panicum maximum (Guinea Grass). If you are
plants is Strelitzia reginae and Agapanthus africanus which       young enough you are in for the magic of nature and will see
is cultivated for cut flowers and planted in gardens              the fruits of your labour.
worldwide.                                                        However you are never too old to start planting indigenous.
South Africa has one of the most diverse floral kingdoms in       Would you like future owners of your garden to remember
the world and there is a substitute with similar shape and        you as a far sighted legend who cared for the earth or as
flowering for almost every exotic, you just got to look for it.   one of the “eco-vandals” who indirectly contributed to the
So get down to it and discuss what plants you can plant to        extinction of so many of our own species?
attract your favoured birds, insects, reptiles or mammal.
Let's start with my favoured the chameleon, one way to
attract Chameleon's to your garden it to plant restios.
 Restios are usually tuffed reedy looking plants, are ancient
precursors of true grasses, which they replace in areas                    REDUCE! REUSE! RECYCLE!
where the soil lacks nutrients and the majority of the annual
                                                                  It's tough to address the issue when South Africa has so
rainfall occurs in winter. While many species occur where
                                                                  many pressing issues; to attend to, however ignoring this
drainage is restricted and the ground is water logged, other
                                                                  problem will only increase the health situation, as most
favours dry areas with little water availability. These plants
                                                                  tropical diseases are directly linked to sanitary and hygiene
are eye catching because of there architectural form and
                                                                  standards. Without government commitment, stringent
often used in modern style planting. Although pollinated by
                                                                  rules and regulations, the tendency in big cities is to
wind Restio's are popular with small insects and this in
                                                                  dispose of their waste as quickly and conveniently as
return attracts chameleons.
                                                                  possible. There is defiantly a strong need for Environmental
Birds are always a wonder full site in the garden and there is    Education in Schools and to the general public by
a large variety of plants that you can plant to attract all       Government.
different types of species of birds.
Let's start with the fruit eaters. Some species to plant to
attract fruit eaters are Apodytes dimidiata(Wild Pear),
Celtis africana,(White Stinkwood) Ocotea
bullata(Stinkwood) Ficus species(Figs) and Harpephyllum
caffrum (Wild Plum)
These fruiting trees will attract beautiful birds such as the
Knysna Loerie, Green pigeons, Trumpeter Hornbills and
Redfaced mousebirds.
                                Next let's talk about the
                                nectar eaters which
                                comprises of birds such as        WHAT IS RECYCLING
                                Malachite Sunbirds, Cape          Recycling involves processing used materials into new
                                Sugar Bird, Doublecollared        products in order to prevent the waste of potentially useful
                                Sunbird and the                   materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials,
                                Scarletchested Sunbird.           reduce energy usage, reduce air (from incineration) and
                                These small but beautiful         water (from landfilling) pollution by reducing the need for
                                birds are attracted by            "conventional" waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas
                                species such as Aloe              emissions. Recycling is a key component of modern waste
                                species, Burchellia bubalina      management and is the third component of the "Reduce,
                                (Wild Pomegranate),               Reuse, Recycle" waste hierarchy.
Recyclable materials include glass, paper, metals, textiles,                 labels or lids. Find out what your center requires
electronics (cell phones, computers) and plastics. Though                    before making the trip.
similar, the composting of biodegradable waste – such as               ®
                                                                       Try to avoid making special trips in your car to
food or garden waste – is not typically considered recycling.          recycle, as you will be using fuel unnecessarily.
These materials are brought to a collection centre or                  Combine it with a trip you are making anyway.
picked-up from the curbside; and sorted, cleaned and
reprocessed into new products bound for manufacturing..                ® in school, or in your workplace (where
                                                                       If you are
                                                                       you tend to use a lot of paper, then throw it away),
                                                                       try having a recycling bin under your desk, or a
WHY RECYCLE?                                                           recycling pocket in your file. Make a mental note to
                                                                       put all un-needed paper in there each time you feel
Recycling Conserves Resources                                          like heading for the normal trash bin.
If used materials are not recycled, new products are made              ® think of the normal items you can
                                                                       Don't just
by extracting fresh, raw material from the Earth, through              recycle, do some research and expand it. Some
mining and forestry. This aids in conserving important raw             things you might be able to recycle easily are:
materials and protects natural habitats for the future.
Recycling saves energy                                                       o      Batteries (very important)- Car Batteries,
                                                                                    Batteries of any kind
Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process
uses considerably less energy than that required for                         o      Beer and Wine bottles, jars, other glass
producing new products from raw materials – even when                               items
comparing all associated costs including transport etc.                      o      Paper and plastic bags (reuse first if
Plus there are extra energy savings because more energy                             possible)
is required to extract, refine, transport and process raw                    o      Magazines, Newspapers, phone-books.
materials ready for industry compared with providing
industry-ready materials.                                                    o      Plastic Bottles, Plastic Containers
                                                                             o      Cans and tins
Recycling helps protect the environment
Recycling reduces the need for extracting (mining,                           o      Juice/soup/milk cartons
quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw
materials all of which create substantial air and water
pollution.                                                       Recycling Agricultural waste
As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas                                               EFFLUENT
emissions, which helps to tackle climate change. Current                                               STORAGE

UK recycling is estimated to save more than 18 million
tonnes of C02 a year – the equivalent to taking 5 million
cars off the road.

Recycling reduces landfill                                                                                                       ELECTRIC
When we recycle, recyclable materials are reprocessed                                                                             SYSTEM

into new products, and as a result the amount of rubbish            MANURE SOURCE
                                                                 AND COLLECTION SYSTEM                      GAS
sent to landfill sites reduces. There are over 1,500 landfill                                             HANDLING          FLARE OR
sites in the UK, and in 2001, these sites produced a quarter                                                              HEAT SOURCE

of the UK's emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse
gas                                                              If all 65 billion pounds of manure that are created yearly in
Getting Started                                                  California underwent methane digestion, the fertility and
                                                                 productivity of farm soils would be greatly enhanced, while
If you're not already recycling, find out more about how         supplying an estimated 200+ megawatts of power.
easy it is and how you can really make a difference. For         Digester technology could also significantly reduce the
those who already recycle, discover the positive effect your     pathogens in dairy waste and help prevent polluted runoff.
recycling efforts are making and find out what else you may      Additionally, methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, would
be able to do. Find out what recycling programs or centers       be destroyed and air pollution from dairy liquids
exist in your area. It's no use trying to recycle something if   substantially mitigated. Air pollution is a significant problem
no processing center exists.                                     in California's Central Valley, one of the worst
    Determine what categories of items can be                    non–attainment (any area that does not meet national
    recycled in your area, and then designate a                  primary or secondary air quality standards) areas of the
    separate location for each category. For example,            country. By providing a substantial new source of revenue
    if a nearby center accepts aluminum cans, plastic            to the dairy producers, there is a strong economic incentive
    drink bottles, and newspapers, you will want to              to install and utilize environmentally friendly methane
    have separate bins for each type of item, as well as         digesters.
    a waste bin for non-recyclable wastes.                       Digester technology is mostly unfamiliar to dairy
    Leave your bins in an appropriate collection area,           producers. As a result, the technology is unlikely to be
    or take your recycling to a processing center                adopted without an incentive program that helps
    yourself once you've accumulated enough to make              progressive dairies build and operate these systems, and
    it worth the trip.                                           demonstrate their utility for other commercial dairies to
                                                                 see. Sustainable Conservation has championed such a
    Some centers require you to wash items or remove
                                                                 program orchestrating California Energy Commission's
                                                                 ironmental, economic, and renewable energy benefits.
$15 million matching grant program. It is an important step
necessary to demonstrate the viability of the technology on
                                                                             ORGANIC LIFESTYLE
working dairy farms. So far, 32 dairies have applied for a                                  FOOD
grant; they are typically the more progressive dairies in
their area and will be closely watched by their neighbours. If
done right, this investment could radically alter the              Cooking
                                                                   ® using less energy
agricultural landscape, marrying environmental, economic,
and renewable energy benefits.                                     Cooking is not a large part of most people's day. But it is one
                                                                   of those things we can do to make a difference. We can
                                                                   save energy simply by getting in the habit of cooking with
                                                                   the most efficient appliance possible for the food being
                     Transport                                     prepared.
(encourage bicycles, less car use, bio-diesel, new technologies)   In general, the higher on the following list, the less energy
                                                                   the appliance will cost:
Innovative ways of transport are on the drawing board from             - Microwave
our motor cars to the led vehicles seem to be the future.              - Slow Cookers ("crockpots")
Combine these green fuels and new technologies we will                 - Frying Pan
shortly be moving all over the place with very little green            - Toaster Oven
house gas emissions.                                                   - Gas Oven
                                   Biodiesel refers to a non-          - Electric Convection Oven
                                   petroleum-based diesel              - Electric Oven
                                   fuel consisting of short
                                   chain alkyl esters, made        1. Cover pans while cooking to prevent heat loss. w
                                   by transesterification of          Putting a lid on the pan when you're cooking. If you don't
                                   vegetable oil, which can           need direct access to the food, having a lid on the pan
                                   be used (alone, or                 means it will cook faster. This is particularly evident
                                   blended with conventional          when you're boiling water before adding your pasta. The
                                   petrodiesel) in unmodified         water boils much sooner with a lid on. Make sure your
 diesel-engine vehicles. Biodiesel is distinguished from the          pan covers the coil of your range. If you can see coil
straight vegetable oil, sometimes referred to as "waste               peeping out from the sides of your pan, you are losing
vegetable oil", "WVO", "used vegetable oil", "UVO", "pure             energy!
plant oil", "PPO") used (alone, or blended) as fuels in some
converted diesel                                                   2. Just before your food is cooked completely, turn off
vehicles. "Biodiesel" is                                              the oven or burner and allow the heat in the pot or
standardized as mono-                                                 pan to continue the cooking process for you.
alkyl ester and other                                                      wAnother factor to consider is how long you
kinds of diesel-grade                                                       preheat your oven, or if you even really
fuels of biological origin                                                  need to. Make an exception for anything
are not included.                                                           that is more sensitive to temperature, such
                                                                            as baking bread. But meats and
Car Bi-Fuel technology                                                      casseroles don't need to start out at that
for methane made its                                                        perfect temperature
debut in 1995 and the technology has undergone steady              3. The less liquid and fat you use, the quicker the
refinement during its ten years on the market. Since                  cooking time.
production of the latest generation of Bi-Fuel engines got
under way in 2001, sales have met with considerable                4. Use a pressure cooker. It takes a bit of practice, but it
                                     success and more than            can cook many foods in under 10 minutes.
                                     12, 000 Bi-Fuel cars                  wslow cooker, on the other hand, despite
                                     have been sold in                      how long it spends cooking, it can use less
                                     Europe. The methane                    energy than the oven (depending on the
                                     Bi-Fuel cars offer better              type of oven you have). It's also very easy
                                     environmental                          to have just about the entire dinner in one
                                     properties and lower                   pot. Throw in a roast and put the potatoes
                                     running costs without                  alongside it.
                                     impairing the driving         5. Another way to make quick, just about one dish
                                     pleasure, comfort,               meals is to stir fry. The chopping takes extra time,
safety or versatility. Available in most European countries.          but that means the meat cooks very quickly. The
Methane gas is available in most European countries, with             fact that everything only needs a little cook time
with a total of about                                                 really helps. If you need a little more intense cooking
2.000 public filling                                                  time, throw a lid on for a little while and decrease the
stations - and the                                                    heat so things don't burn.
number is increasing
rapidly, especially in                                             6. And of course, there's the microwave. Meats
S w e d e n , G e r m a n y,                                          generally don't cook up too well in them, but for
Switzerland, Austria                                                  reheating leftovers or giving vegetables a quick
and Italy.                                                            steam they're very efficient.
                                                                   7. Try using a solar box cooker.
                                                                    w drinks.
7. Try using a solar box cooker.                                    wOrganic tea
                                                                    wOrganic Minerals
8. Plan ahead. Thawing food in the fresh food                       wOrganic baby foods
   compartment of the fridge befor cooking might teke               wPreparing your organic dishes.
   longer, but it is the healthies and most economical              w or dry?
   way!                                                             wPackaging
   w build up your cooking habits to use energy
   As you
   more efficiently, you may come to appreciate how              WHAT IS BEING GENETICALLY ENGINEERED
   fast many of these methods are. There's nothing
   like doing something that saves you both money                   w
   and time.                                                        w
   Cooking in quantity saves cooking energy, cleaning               w
   resources, and time. Succession cooking using an                 w
   already heated burner will save energy but, the real             w
   savings is succession cooking with ovens from                    w
   regular to toaster to convection; putting one item in            w
   as soon as the previous is done. In the full sized               w crops such as maize and soya
   oven, sometimes you can maximize the energy                      w
                                                                    Livestock feeds
   use by baking more than one item at once.                        w lawns, plants and seeds
® food                                                              w
                                                                    Biological weapons
Advanced Technology and many willing manufacturers give             w
us just what we want: food that is uniform, abundant and            w
                                                                    Humans (germ-line therapy on embryos, which is
convenient. Organic foods are obviously far better for us           still in its infancy)
than chemical-rich convenience foods and fast foods, but            w
                                                                    Plastics, starches and industrial
an organic diet – like any other diet – should include lots of      chemicals
fresh fruit and vegetables.

-Topics that will be discussed on the show:                                 INTERIOR DESIGN
   w go organic?
   w is organic food?
   What                                                          ®    Certified sustainable wood
   w to shop for organic food.
   Where                                                         Wood is a renewable resource if it is harvested in a
   Organic products.                                             sustainable manner. For sustainable wood, we will assist
   Growing your own organic fruit and vegetable                  the public to look for recycled wood products, or wood
   wOrganic drinks.                                              certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as
   Organic tea                                                   coming from well-managed forests.
   Organic Minerals
   Organic baby foods                                            Topics that will be focused on:
   Preparing your organic dishes.
   w or dry?
   Fresh                                                           w
                                                                   Personal Health
   Packaging                                                       w to look for
                                                                   Looking for wood that's certified by the Forest
WHAT IS BEING GENETICALLY ENGINEERED                               Stewardship Council          (FSC).
                                                                   Looking for "reclaimed" or "recycled" wood
   Animals                                                         products.
   Bacteria                                                        w
                                                                   Choosing products made with
   Coffee                                                          "secondary species."
   Cosmetics                                                       w wood products made with lower grades
   Cotton                                                          of wood
   Drugs                                                           w is sustainable Timber
   Fish                                                            w
                                                                   Certified Timber Organizations
   w crops such as maize and soya
   Food                                                            w process of Certifying
   Livestock feeds                                                 w Certified Timber
   w lawns, plants and seeds
   Trees,                                                          w Rating Certified Wood
   Biological weapons
                                                                 Revamp old furniture
   Contraceptives                                                We will be explaining how to conserve forests by shopping
   Humans (germ-line therapy on embryos, which is                for used and antique furniture from antique stores, flea
   still in its infancy)                                         markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. Examples:
   Plastics, starches and industrial chemicals                      w of spray paint can do wonders Refinish, paint
                                                                    A can
                                                                    (bonus points for using eco-friendly paints), or
                                                                    reupholster used furniture
                                                                     and aluminum products. We manufacture and
                                                                     imprint products using offset printing, glass
   w for “cradle to cradle” recycled products. This
   Look                                                              etching, foil stamping, tampographic / pad
   means that after a product's useful life is over it's             printing, screen printing, textile imaging, and die
   broken down into its raw building blocks and they                 cutting.
   are recycled or reused without loss of quality or
   they are composted or consumed.
   w bamboo. Bamboo, one of the fastest-
                                                               HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS & COSMETICS
   growing plants, is a renewable resource and is a
   popular choice for eco-friendly decorating.                    w
                                                                  Homemade Substitutions
   w for natural fabrics. Cotton is generally
   Opting                                                         w Home Cleaning Habits
   sprayed very heavily with pesticides while it is               w
                                                                  Commercial Non-Toxic Household Products
   growing and then bleached and treated before
   being dyed (often synthetic dyes). Linen, too, is
   bleached with chemicals today (it used to be left           Natural
                                                               ®             products
   outside to fade naturally in the sun) and also
   habitually dyed with synthetics. Both are                      Going into depth with today's modern homes which
   generally treated with fire-retardant finishes which           are loaded with toxic and polluting substances
   can contain a harmful formaldehyde compound.                   designed to make domestic life easier and faster…A
                                                                  growing number of commercial non-toxic home
   w 'organic' cottons, unbleached linen or raw
   Buying                                                         cleaning products are available, as healthier and
   silk – classic go-anywhere fabrics which make                  environmentally responsible alternatives.
   great curtains or chair covers (though note
   that any upholstered furniture bought from a shop              And also how the use of these products will help
   will probably contain a fireproof element).                    promote the growth of green businesses which are
                                                                  contributing to a sustainable economy.
   w hessian (made from sustainable jute and
   hemp), canvas or wool – as long as it is 100 per            Natural ingredients which will be identified, going into
   cent natural.                                               finer detail on their description, uses and affects:
                                                                   w Soda
                                                                   w   Soap
®     Organic paints                                               w   Lemon
Most shop-bought paints are made from petrochemical                w - (sodium borate)
derivatives which are bad not only for the environment but         w Vinegar
for our health, too. Many synthetic solvents, which are            w   Washing Soda
used to make paint flow easily, are classified as                  w   Isopropyl Alcohol
carcinogenic; vinyl resins such as those found in blood, and       w   Cornstarch
cause skin irritation. Decorators who use these paints are         w Solvent
prone to suffer from dermatitis, bronchitis and asthma, or         w   Trisodium phosphate (TSP) - a mixture of soda
even damage to the nervous system.              Many paint             ash and phosphoric acid.
manufacturers are now promoting water-based paints as
an alternative to their toxic ranges, but these are not
necessarily as eco-friendly as they seem.                      Which will be used in a variety of formula's for homemade
                                                               substitutions like:
®                                                                 w
                                                                  All purpose cleaner
   be discussed:                                                  w
                                                                  Air freshener
                                                                  Bathroom mold
   wNatural paints are made from linseed oil – produced           w
                                                                  Furniture polish
   by crushing seeds from the fully renewable crop, flax          w stain removal
   – which is blended with other natural oils, resins and         w cleaners & polishers
   pigments, all of which are either renewable or in              w
   plentiful supply. Organic paints are microporous (so           w remover
   they shouldn't fake) and waterproof. Both organic              w
                                                                  Dishwasher soap
   emulsions and gloss paints are available, and                  w
                                                                  Dishwashing soap
   although they may take a little longer to dry than             w
   conventional varieties, they are easy to use, should           w softner
   not crack, and best of all, and won't pollute indoor air.
   w plant-based dyes, solvents and fillers –
   Using                                                       Harmful Ingredients In Over The Counter Products
   renewable resources that will biodegrade                      w is the largest eliminatory organ in the body.
                                                                    It is a two way membrane. Toxins are eliminated
                                                                    through the skin via perspiration and absorbed
® products
Recycled                                                            into the body via hair follicles and sebaceous
Enlightening the public on why our local governments                glands. We have 65 hairs and 100 sebaceous
need to take more action. Recycling needs to be more                glands in one square inch of our skin and if we
appealing than just throwing things in the trash!                   put a chemical compound on our skin it will
                                                                    absorb it. Bearing in mind most scientists agree
Presenting the factors involved:
                                                                    at least 80% of the 200 different types of cancer
   Features:                                                        known today are related to toxins and
      Recycled paper, plastic, glass, tire rubber, steel,           carcinogens from synthetic and toxic chemicals
                                                                    you need to choose wisely and carefully.
                                                                 w  Attention will be paid on this issue!
Washable nappies
®                                                                 - activities and decisions of the supervisory
Biodegradables:                                                     authority
w  Bamboo nappies                                                 - register of information
w fitted nappies
   Hemp                                                           - fees
w nappies
   Pocket                                                         - exemptions
w fitted nappies
   Cotton                                                         - coercive fines
w  Reusable & washable nappies                                    - penal measures
w nappie
   Hybrid                                                         - entry into force and traditional provisions

Topics that will be explained:                             Ten things you do not want in your cosmetics:
   Reusable nappies are better for your baby's health
   Reusable nappies are more comfortable                     w
                                                             Artificial colours
   Reusable nappies have more reliable containment           w
   + greater absorption                                      w
   Reusable nappies are cheaper                              w
   Full Time Disposable Use                                  w
   Full Time Reusable Nappies                                w paraben
   w cloth nappies may help reduce the incidence
   Using                                                     w
   of nappy rash                                             w
   Reusable nappies do not have the health                   w
                                                             Propylene glycol
   disadvantages of disposables                              w
                                                             Soduim lauryl sulphate
   Information providing the contents which
   makes up a disposable nappy                             Properties of the ingredients in the organic
   Explaining why fitted cloth nappies do not have the     cosmetics, hair and personal beauty skin care
   environmental disadvantages of disposables
                                                           products :

                                                             w Oil
®                                                            w
                                                             Horsetail Extract
                                                             w chestnut Extract
   w the range of organic and natural beauty
   While                                                     w Extract
   products is growing by the day, distinguishing            w
                                                             Grapefruit Extract
   the pure from the phoney is not straightforward.          w Kola Extract
   There is no strict labelling system and although          w
                                                             Geranium (Rose) Essential Oil
   manufacturers are supposed to list all the                w
                                                             Garnet, Alluvial Polished
   ingredients clearly on the packet, this information       w
                                                             Frankincense Essential Oil
   can be misleading. For a product to be called             w
                                                             Frangipani Absolute
   'natural', for example, it need contain only 1            w
                                                             Feverfew Extract
   per cent of natural ingredients. We will be               w Essential Oil
   covering each aspect of this.                             w
                                                             Eucalyptus, Blue Mallee Essential Oil
                                                             Echinacea Extract
   w manufacturers of personal care and
   Many                                                      w
   household items still test their products on animals,     w Polyglucose
   despite the growing number of alternative methods         w
                                                             Coconut Oil
   for evaluating product safety. We will provide a          w
                                                             Cypress Blue Australian Essential Oil
   updated list containing all such companies and            w Starch
   their brand names.                                        w Butter
                                                             w Bud Essential Oil
  w Act relating to cosmetic products:
     Draft                                                   w
                                                             Citronella Essential Oil
  # Purpose, scope and definitions                           w Acid
  # Prohibitions and requirements:                           w
                                                             Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
        - prohibition against cosmetic products              w
                                                             Chamomile Roman Essential Oil
           that represent a health risk                      w
                                                             Chamomile German Essential Oil
        - prohibition against cosmetic products that         w
                                                             Chamomile Extract
           represent a risk to the environment               w Sea Salt
       - duty to optain approval                             w CO2 Extract
       - labelling, presenting and advertising               w
                                                             Calendula CO2 Extract
       - manufacture, ingredients, composition and           w
                                                             Calendula Extract
           quality                                           w
                                                             Burdock Extract
       - animal testing                                      w Orange Extract
       - genetically modified organisms                      w
                                                             Bicarbonate Soda
       - establishment, design and operations                w
                                                             Bergamot Essential Oil
       - duty to ensure compliance, systematic               w
           control measures                                  w
                                                             Bergamot Essential Oil
       - access to premises, duty to provide                 w
                                                             Balsam Peru Essential Oil
           assistance, sampling etc.                         w
                                                             Avocado Oil
       - duty to provide information and reports             w
                                                             Annatto Seed
       - documentation etc.                                  w
                                                             Angelica Extract
                                                             w Vera
                                                                      wBeestekuil Holiday Farm
               Organic Skin Care                                       Middleburg, Eastern Cape

If exercised in the right way, organic skin care can                  wOudrif Farm
prevent the occurrence of a lot of skin disorders and can              Cedarberg, Western Cape
help keep your skin healthy and young-looking for a                   wAppaloosa Horse Farm
much longer time.                                                      Noordhoek, Western Cape

                                                              Many of these places have their own small restaurant, a
The best organic skin care will be:                           few of which are certified organic, and others may have a
   Non                                                        certified organic kitchen garden, orchard or vineyard.
   a Certified Organic Skin Care                              Meals are prepared using local organic produce
   a Certified Organic Cosmetic                               whenever possible. On average this will be at least 50%
   a USDA Certified Organic Probiotic                         organic, but many of the places offer a much higher
   a legitimate organic skin care currently in the            percentage, up to 100% organic. Quite a few of them
   market place                                               grow their own produce, some use wild or natural foods,
   INTERNATIONALLY Certified Organic - USDA                   and most will aim to use fresh local produce rather than
   IFOAM - ACO - JAS                                          imported food.
   Environmentally friendly
   w quality
   High                                                       The rest of the places are self-catering on organic farms
   Natural                                                    or smallholdings. At these places you'll find information
   Synthetic chemical free                                    about the availability of organic food - for example
   w tested on animals
   NOT                                                        whether you can buy the farm's own organic produce,
                                                              have an organic vegetable box delivered, or find organic
                                                              produce in the local area.
Why these products are better than
conventional products                                         Fresh produce, local specialities, slow food, home
                                                              baking, homemade products such as jam, juice, ice
                                                              cream, yogurt, cheese, pasta, pasta sauce, olive oil, wine
The words Certified Organic backed up by the logos say        - you'll find all these and more ......
it all. Our products are certified safe and completely free
of all chemicals from the growing of the crops on Certified   Movies
Organic farms to the production and the manufacturing           w  Documentaries
facilities and the packaging used; all of which have to         w  Clips
                                                                w Shows
meet the highest possible Organic Certification.                w  QuickTime movies
                                                                w  Demos
Topics that will be discussed:                                  w  Mechanism Movies
   Popular organics substances used in skin care                w  Organic Productions
   products                                                     w  Organic batteries and Eco-movies
   Benefits using organic skin care products on both            w  Anything on film related to Organic Livestyle
   us and the environment
   Choosing the right skin care product for your skin
                                                              ®  Books
   Organic essential oils and their enhancing                         wOrganic Cooking - Selection of cooking
   properties                                                          books.
   Cleansing properties milk possesses
   w Vera's effect on organic moisturisers &
   Aloe                                                               wOrganic Living - A selection of books on
   cleansers                                                           organic living.
   Oatmeal & wheatgerm as ingredients in skin care                    wNatural Healing - Selection of natural
   procedures                                                          healing books.
   Recipe's and instructional methods on making your
   own skin care                                                      wCrocus - On-line gardening magazine with a
   Avoiding petrochemicals                                             good organic section.
                                                                      wImpact Publishing - Specialises in modern,
                                                                       practical guides to organic gardening,
              ENTERTAINMENT                                            lifestyle choices and the environment. Their
                                                                       goal is to make these important topics
Local Holiday                                                          accessible and rewarding for the widest
                                                                       range of people.
        wMonkey Valley Beach Nature Resort                            wNaturally Better for You - Magazine about
         Noordhoek, Cape Town                                          natural products, their benefits over
                                                                       conventional ones, and where to find them.
        wRosedale Organic Farm B&B                                     Includes research about controversial
         Addo, Eastern Cape                                            ingredients in baby products and reviews of
                                                                       natural baby products.
      w Consumer - New Consumer is a
       New                                                ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY
       magazine with a difference - one that aims to
       support the movement that is providing the
       most effective response to global poverty
                                                       Environmentally friendly Eco products including the Wind
       and inequality.
                                                       up Torch, Wind up Radio and Freeplay Lanterns
      wPositive Health - Complementary medicine        all require no batteries.
      wSustain Magazine - bridges that gap: as a bi-   We all know how important it is to use renewable power
       monthly B2B publication, it is dedicated to     sources. These Freeplay Wind up Torches, Wind-up
       ensuring that public- and private-sector        Radios and Lanterns are a NO batteries required gift and
       decision-makers are kept fully up to date in    no recharging from 240 volt sockets. Lightweight and
       the field of sustainable development.           totally portable for home, car, camping or caravan
      w Ecologist - Environmental magazine that
       covers a range of topical subjects and              - Wind-up radio's
       debates on everything from science to
                                                               w is this Radio powered?
                                                               w are the approx. dimensions and weight
       w Medicine - A subscription magazine
       What                                                     of the radio?
       that covers alternative and complementary               w other features are on the radio?
       therapies from convential to the unusual.               w well does the radio receive and play?
      w Will Save Us - Style Will Save Us is the
       online magazine dedicated to all things cool,       - Shaker torches
       organic, eco-friendly, vintage and                      30 seconds of quick shaking will produce enough
       sustainable.                                            electricity to provide light for up to 4-5 minutes
                                                               continuous use. An excellent choice in
®                                                              emergency kits, in the home, vehicle, boat,
                                                               fishing, camping, hiking etc. Great for kids too,
      wArtists encouraging organic living
                                                               no more wasted batteries, you provide the
      w connecting with an organic lifestyle
       Music                                                   power. You may see similar smaller less powerful
      wOrganic instruments                                     advertised elsewhere.
      wUpdated information on music festival,
       gatherings and promoting events on an
       organic lifestyle

  w  Managing Sports Fields using Organic
  w  Improving Sports Performance the
     natural way
  w  Organic Sportswear
  w  Natural Sports Products
  w  Organic Sports Drinks
  w  Organic Sports Nutrition Supplements
  w  Organic Sports Equipment

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