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									The Accredited Para-
Accountants Program
   4-year Intensive Program for BA(Hons) Business
   Accounting & an internationally recognized Professional
   Accounting Qualification.

Path for High School Graduates:

                                      24 + 24 = Qualified
                                      Part-time                        Part-time

                                      months    Professional           months

High School                      APA Program                        BA(Hons)
                                                              Business Accounting Program#

                                                                       & CGA
                                                                 Certification Programs

(Applicants with post-secondary education may complete the Program less than 4 years dependent on the
number of exemptions granted)

The APA1 Program consists of 13 modules:
 YEAR 1                                                          YEAR 2
 CM101            General English for Professionals CM201                       Advanced English for Professionals
 FA201            Fundamental Financial Accounting MA201                        Fundamental Management
 EM101            Economics                                      MS401          Managing Information Systems
 LW101            Business Law (Common Law                       MA301          Advanced Management
                  System)                                                       Accounting
 QU201            Business Quantitative Analysis                 FA401          Advanced Financial Accounting-
                                                                                Theory & Practice
 FA301            Intermediate Financial Accounting              AU401          Auditing with Audit Practice Set
                                                                 TX401          Hong Kong Taxation or Canadian
*Students taking Hong Kong Taxation in the APA program are required to complete Canadian Taxation if taking CGA program
 in the future.




Students who successfully complete the APA Program and satisfy the experience requirement
will be granted the designation of Accredited Para-Accountant by the Institute of APAs and the
transfer credit certificate for a maximum of 14 Papers of the CGA Program by CGA-Hong Kong2.

APA members who successfully complete the program and have an IELTS score of 6 are
eligible to be admitted into the FINAL YEAR of BA(Hons) Business Accounting Program
offered by Middlesex University (London)3 and CGA Certification Program. The Joint Program
can be completed in two years part-time.

Joint BA(Hons) Business Accounting and
CGA Certification Programs (2 years Part-time) :
  BA(Hons) Business Accounting Program#                                                                                    Students can elect
                                                                                                                           to take either
  Financial Accounting Theory                                                                                               • BA(Hons) Business
                                                                                                                            Accounting Program
  Financial Statistics                                                                                                      in the first year and
  Financial Performance Analysis                                                                                            CGA Certification
                                                                                                                            Program in the
                                                                                                                            second year
  CGA Certification Program (Reg: 321097)
  Elective Course                                                                                                           • Both BA(Hons)
  Elective Course                                                                                                           Business Accounting
  Issues in Professional Practice (PA1)                                                                                     & CGA Certification
                                                                                                                            Programs simultaneously
  Strategic Financial Management (PA2)
                                                                                                                           (Changes are subject to
                                                                                                                           the discretion of the course
                                                                                                                           providers without notice)

1. The Institute of Accredited Para-Accountants (APA)
    • The Institute of Accredited Para-Accountants is a subsidiary of Canadian Certified
       General Accountants Association of Hong Kong (CGA-Hong Kong) and an awarding
       body for Accredited Para-Accountants.
    • It launches a 2-year Program jointly with East Asia School of Business/ East Asia
       Regional Office of Middlesex University.
    • The 2-year intensive Program is recognized by Middlesex University as equivalent to
       its 2 years study of its BA(Hons) Business Accounting and by CGA-Hong Kong as
       equivalent to 14 papers of the CGA Program.

2. Certified General Accountants (CGA) Association
   • The Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canada) represents
     over 75,000 accounting professionals – Certified General Accountants (CGA) and is the                                 ENQUIRY:
     fastest growing accounting body in Canada. Internationally recognized, CGA-Canada
     is a full partner of the world’s leading accounting standards organizations.                                           CGA-HONG KONG
   • CGA-Hong Kong is an affiliate of CGA-Canada, represents and administers members
     and students of Hong Kong & Macau SAR.                                                                                 Eva Sung
   • CGA has mutual recognition agreement with ACCA, CPA Australia and CPA Ireland,                                         2858-1712
     in which CGA members are eligible to be admitted as members of these professional                                      evasung@cgahk.org.hk
     bodies (details refer to: http://www.cgahk.org.hk)

3. Middlesex University
                                                                                                                            EAST ASIA SCHOOL
   • Achieved 3 Queen’s Anniversary prizes for Higher and Further education in the UK.                                      OF BUSINESS
   • Consistently ranked within the top 80 (out of 900) International Business Schools in the                               Karen Yeung
     Social Science Research Network website (www.ssrn.com) and within the top 20 UK                                        3165-1179
     Business Schools.                                                                                                      karenyeung@easb.edu.hk
   • Ranked the 2nd most popular University for international students in Business by The
     Complete University Guide (in association with the Independent newspaper) - April 2008.

#The application of BA(Hons) Business Accounting Program is in the process of application with the Non-Local Courses Registry for registration.
  - It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which these courses may lead
Application form for
Accredited Para-Accountants Program
A. PERSONAL DETAILS Please CIRCLE the appropriate selection
   Name      Mr./ Mrs./ Miss/ Ms.
                                    Family Name                  Other Names (Passport/ID only)                     Name in Chinese

   Date of Birth                                     Home Address

   Personal Contact
                            Home Telephone Number                    Mobile Telephone Number                  Personal E-mail Address

   Company Name
                                                                                     Job Title
   Business Address

   Business Contact
                             Business Telephone Number                  Business Fax Number                    Business E-mail Address

   Please send all correspondence to                     Home Address/ Business Address

   Have you previously enrolled in CGA program?                        YES/ NO       If YES, Year of last enrolment of CGA Program

   Name of School, College or                             Qualification(s) completed                           Start                     End
   University attended                                    (Please also attach certificate and transcripts      (Month/Year)              (Month/Year)
   (Including city and country)                           of completed studies)

   Awarding Institution                                   Qualification(s) completed                           Start                     End
                                                          (Please also attach certificate and transcripts      (Month/Year)              (Month/Year)
                                                          of completed studies)




APPF01                                                                                                                                              -1-
D. ENGLISH PROFICIENCY Please attach transcript of results
   English Test Taken                           Grade/Score                                                       Year

         HKCEE (Syll B)


         TOEFL/ IELTS

         Other (Please Specify)

   If you wish to apply for exemption(s) for any course, the following documentation must be provided with
   this application:
         (a) Records that you have completed course in equivalent to the course for which credit is being claimed (e.g. academic record, transcript)
         (b) A detailed documentary description of the syllabus of the module(s)

   Exemption Applied For                        State the Course/ Programme/ Institution                          Month/ Year
                                                You have taken                                                    Qualification Obtained

   When do you wish to commence studies? Please CIRCLE the appropriate selection                                  March/ Sept/ Dec           intake

   Application fee of HKD150 (non-refundable) should be paid upon submission of application form
         * Cheque made payable to “CGA-Hong Kong”

   • I confirm that all information provided in this application form and the attached documents are, to the best of my
     knowledge, accurate and complete.
   • I consent that if admitted, I will comply with all the Rules and Regulations stipulated by the Institute
   • I understand that the information collected on this form is to enable course providers to assess my application,
     create a record on its student database, undertake statistical analysis, meet the statutory reporting requirements
   • I acknowledge that Institute of Accredited Para-Accountants reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision
     regarding admission made on the basis of incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent information

SIGNATURE of APPLICANT                                                                                            DATE

         Is the application accepted? Please circle                      Admitted             Conditional           Rejected           Pending


         Exemptions Granted List subject codes

         Admissions Dept                                Signature                                          Date
                                                                        Applicant notified of outcome on                 /         /

APPF01                                                                                                                                            -2-
Details and Schedule
DETAILS OF FEES for YEAR 2011 Fee is subject to annual change
   Application Fee*                                   HKD150

   APA Annual Student Fee*                            HKD300

   Transfer Credit Fee*                               HKD200      for each course with a maximum up to HKD1,400

   Module Fee*                                        HKD5,000    per module includes lectures, learning materials, marking of
                                                                  assignments, examination fee
   Supplemental Exam Fee*                             HKD600

   i.     On premature cessation of the module, all fees and charges that have been collected in respect of
          any part of the module failing to be conducted on or after the date of the cessations will be refunded within one
          month of the premature cessation.

   ii.    Students who are unable to take the enrolled module are allowed to postpone to the next available
          session subject to the availability of the module

   •      Graduates of Form 7 /6 with :
                 Level 2/Grade E or above in Mathematics in HKCEE or equivalent
                 Level 3/Grade D English Language in HKCEE or equivalent
   •      OR Have a degree or diploma from a recognised institution;
   •      OR Be mature students aged 21 or above.

   YEAR 1                                        COURSE

            CM 101                                    General English for Professionals

            FA 201                                    Fundamental Financial Accounting

            EM 101                                    Economics

            LW 101                                    Business Law (Common Law System)

            QU 201                                    Business Quantitative Analysis

            FA 301                                    Intermediate Financial Accounting

   YEAR 2                                        COURSE

            CM 201                                    Advanced English for Professionals

            MA 201                                    Fundamental Management Accounting

            MS 401                                    Managing Information Systems

            MA 301                                    Advanced Management Accounting

            FA 401                                    Advanced Financial Accounting-Theory and Practice

            AU 401                                    Auditing with Audit Practice Set

            TX 401(H)/ TX 401(C)                      Hong Kong Taxation or Canadian Taxation

APPF01                                                                                                                           -3-
   Month of Year 2011

          Module Commencement Date                  Sept 10                Dec 17

          Deadline for application                  Aug 13                 Nov 12

Application Procedure

STEP 1 - Application forms are obtainable
          1.      From CGA-Hong Kong

          2.      By online download (www.cgahk.org.hk)

          3.      Via fax at 2559-4536

STEP 2 - Return of Application materials
          Please complete the application form and send copies of supporting documents (if specified) and cheque to
          CGA-Hong Kong in person or by mail (please mark “Application Form” on the envelope). Applications will be
          processed only upon receipt of the completed application form, copies of supporting documents (if specified)
          and payment.

          Address         CGA-Hong Kong, 14B Dah Sing Life Building
                          99- 105 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

          Telephone       (852) 2858-1712                 Fax     (852) 2559-4536
          Email           apa@cgahk.org.hk

          • Upon receipt of the Application Form, an acknowledgement e-mail will be sent to the applicant.

STEP 3 - Notification of Application Result
          Results of Applications will be sent to the applicants 10 days prior to course commencement (Subject to any
          special arrangement for long holiday such as Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Easter)

Personal Data Collection Statement
          Under the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants have rights to request access to,
          and to request the correction of, their personal data. Applicants wishing to access or make corrections to
          their data, should submit written request to IAPA.

APPF01                                                                                                             -4-

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