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                                                                                                                                  Swim Lessons

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aDULtS 55+                                            aqUatIC                                      aRtS & CULtURE
at a GLanCE
Aquatic: Lessons ............Page 123                                                              PErFOrMINg arTS
Arts and Culture:                                                                                  dance: Belly dancing: with
Performing Arts .............Page 123                                                              amber
                                                                                                   Belly Dancing is a wonderful alternative
Arts and Culture: Fabric and                                                                       form of exercise, as well as a great way
Visual Arts ......................Page 126                                                         to enjoy fun and laughter! Amber will
                                                                                                   get you to shimmy, undulate, and shake
Woodworking .................Page 129                                                              like a belly dancer while having fun and
Health & Fitness:                                                                                  getting a fantastic full-body workout.
                                                                                                   Perfect for all shapes and sizes. No
Indoor.............................. Page 130                                                      experience necessary! Everyone
Health & Fitness:                                                                                  welcome! Instructor: Amber B. No
                                                                                                   class Oct 10
Rehabilitation .................Page 135
                                                                                                   Seniors’ Activity Centre
Learning: Bridge, Computers,                                                                       Mon           18 yrs+ 4:30pm-5:30pm
Languages Lectures, Stamps                            LESSONS                                      782517        $72.00       Sep 26-Nov 21
...........................................Page 135   55+ Lessons                                  Non-member                       $104.00
Skating ............................ Page 144         This learn to swim program takes place       Mon      18 yrs +           4:30pm-5:30pm
                                                      in the shallow end of the leisure pool
Social ............................... Page 144                                                    787380 $72.00                  Jan 16-Mar 5
                                                      and will work all levels of abilities. The
                                                      course content will be geared towards        Non-member                          $104.00
Events ............................. Page 146         the interests of the participants and the
Sports: Indoor                                        method of learning will be appropriate       dance: Line dance Level 1
                                                      for those learning to swim later in life.
and Outdoors .................Page 147                                                             Line Dancing is great fun and exercise.
                                                      Aquatic Centre                               Learn from top notch instructor, Lynda
Trips & Outings ............. Page 148                Thu          55 yrs + 11:00am-12:00pm        T. No class Oct 11
Keeping Connected                                     785768       $76.07           Jan 5-Mar 8    Seniors’ Activity Centre
Programs ........................ Page 149            Thu         55 yrs + 11:00am-12:00pm         Mon         18 yrs + 12:45pm-1:45pm
                                                      785767      $89.73       Sep 29-Dec 15       782519      $52.25        Sep 19-Dec 5
                                                                                                   Non-members                      $92.25
Courses at the Seniors' Activity
                                                      aquatics: Fitness                            Mon      18 yrs +           12:45pm-1:45pm
Centre require a membership
                                                      For all of West Vancouver Aquatic            789754 $42.75                   Feb 6-Mar 19
to this facility. For information                     Centre’s AquaFitness classes please          Non-members                           $82.75
please see page 13.                                   look in the Adult section on page 93.

                                                                                           V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   123
Adults 55+

dance: Line dance Level 2
For those who have been in Level 1 for
several terms and want to try dancing
at a higher level. Instructor: Lynda T.
No class Oct 11.
Seniors’ Activity Centre
Mon          18 yrs + 1:50pm-2:50pm
782520 $52.25               Sep 19-Dec 5
Non-Member $92.25
Mon      18 yrs +        1:50pm-2:50pm
789755   $42.75             Feb 6-Mar 19
Non-Member                        $82.75

dance: Line dance Level 3                   Gleneagles Golf Course                      and smoothly while improvising for
Level 3 is for those who have already       Tue       55 yrs + 6:30pm-8:30pm            variety. Instructor: Michele P.
taken Line Dance Level 2 and want           786071    $20.00       Sep 27-Oct 4         Gleneagles Golf Course
to dance at a higher level. Instructor:
                                                                                        Tue          55 yrs + 6:30pm-7:30pm
Lynda T. No class Oct 11
                                            dance: Ballroom Mix Level 1:                787831       $57.00         Jan 10-Feb 7
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                            Waltz and Tango
Mon          18 yrs + 2:55pm-3:55pm
                                            WALTZ is a smooth and graceful              dance: East Coast Swing Level 1
782521       $52.25        Sep 19-Dec 5
                                            dance with a rise and fall motion. This     Are you ready to be cool? If so, 'the
Non-members                       $92.25    course will also teach participants the     Lindy' Swing dance is a must learn
Mon      18 yrs +        2:55pm-3:55pm      distinctive style of the Tango with its     dance. As a non-progressive dance, the
787384 $42.75               Feb 6-Mar 19    strong Latin flavour. Instructor: Michele   East Coast Swing dance is convenient
                                            P.                                          on any jam-packed floor. From its origin
Non-members                       $92.25
                                            Gleneagles Golf Course                      in 1927, the Lindy paved the way for
                                                                                        many more swing-style dances.
                                            Tue          55 yrs + 6:30pm-7:30pm
dance: dance Workout                                                                    Gleneagles Golf Course
                                            786072        $90.90        Oct 18-Dec 6
with Line dancing                                                                       Tue          55 yrs + 7:30pm-8:30pm
This class combines Dance and                                                           787832        $57.00       Jan 10-Feb 14
Exercise! Any exercise is more              dance: Salsa Level 1
effortless if you do it with other people   Seductive steps. Exotic beats.
to a dance beat. When dance is the          passionate movements, and explosive         dance: West Coast Swing
exercise, it becomes a pleasure and         turns: These are some of the elements       Level 1
FUN. The music will be a great mix of       of the Latin dance known as the             A smooth-styled Swing dance that
many styles and artists: Swing, Latin,      Salsa. You will be taught the essential     encourages play between partners and
Contemporary, etc. Instructor: Michele      patterns of Salsa that allow the            is characterized by linearity... 'the Slot' .
P.                                          dancer to experience the spicy and          This dance is considered a cooler, more
Gleneagles Community Centre                 hot flavours of this dance. Instructor:     sophisticated swing dance and danced
                                            Michele P.                                  to medium to slow tempo music.
Thu           55 yrs + 7:30pm-8:30pm
                                            Gleneagles Golf Course                      Gleneagles Golf Course
786074        $90.90        Oct 20-Dec 8
                                            Tue          55 yrs + 7:30pm-8:30pm         Tue         55 yrs + 6:30pm-7:30pm
                                            786073       $90.90         Oct 18-Dec 6    787833      $57.00        Feb 21-Mar 20
dance: Night Club 2 Step
Not to be confused with country
western two-step, the Night Club 2          dance: Ballroom: Foxtrot                    dance: Latin Mix: rumba and
Step is one of the most practical           Level 1                                     Merengue Level 1
and versatile social dances ever            A wonderful social dance with its           Rumba is a sensuous, romantic dance
conceived. It is designed to be used        ease of movement, the Foxtrot offers        with flirtation that spotlights rhythmic
with contemporary soft rock ballad          smooth steps with a brushing action.        body and hip action. It is often called
music. This type of music is common         The combination of quick and slow           the dance of love. Merengue is a
just about everywhere. Instructor:          steps make for an interesting rhythm.       fun dance and very easy to learn.
Michele P.                                  You will learn to combine steps easily      Merengue music essentially has the

124      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                          Adults 55+
                                                                                                         ARTS & CULTURE:
                                                                                                        pERFORMING ARTS

tempo and rhythm of marching music.        drama for Seniors                           Music: dundarave Players
Gleneagles Golf Course                     Learn to do monologue, some dance           Are you a musician? Dundarave
Tue        55 yrs + 7:30pm-8:30pm          and some song. Instructor: Stagecraft.      Players invite new music-reading
787834     $57.00      Feb 21-Mar 20       No class Nov 11                             players competent on piano, accordion,
                                           Seniors’ Activity Centre                    harmonica, violin, or other instruments
                                                                                       to explore the possibility of joining the
dance: Scottish Country                    Sat.        55 yrs + 2:30pm-4:00pm          Dundarave Players. We meet every
Beginner/Intermediate                      793131      $150.00     Sep 30-Nov 25       Friday morning and play mainly Pops.
Expose yourself to the world of Scottish                                               Drop in and listen.
Country Dance! Beginners welcomed!         Music: Choir, Keynotes                      Seniors’ Activity Centre
The class will start with review of        If you love to sing and enjoy               Fri          55 yrs + 9:00am-10:30am
the basic technique and easy dances        performing, the Keynotes Choir is           782526       $29.25          Sep 9-Dec 9
before covering more complicated           for you! Our repertoire is varied, fun,
dances. (You don't need to be a Scot       and challenging and is sure to please       Fri            55 yrs + 9:00am-10:30am
to enjoy this dance!) Instructor:          everyone. Men are especially welcome        789758         $29.25       Jan 6-Mar 30
Maureen H.                                 and no previous choral experience is
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   necessary. Conductor: Marie P.-F.           Music: recorders advanced
Tue          18 yrs + 2:00pm-4:00pm        Seniors’ Activity Centre                    No instruction. Enjoy playing the
782522 $44.00              Sep 27-Dec 6    Tue          55 yrs +      9:00-11:30am     recorders with others at a fairly high
                                           782524       $50.00        Sep 20-Dec 6     level. Leader: Vilia
Non-member                        $84.00
                                                                                       Seniors’ Activity Centre
Tue      18 yrs + 2:00pm-4:00pm            Tue         55 yrs +     9:00-11:30am
                                           787284      $66.00        Jan 10-May 1      Fri         55 yrs + 11:00am-12:30pm
787518   $44.00      Jan 10-Mar 20                                                     782528      $29.25          Sep 9-Dec 9
Non-member                  $84.00
                                           Music: Choir, Senior Centre                 Fri            55 yrs + 11:00am-12:30pm
                                                                                       789759         $27.00        Jan 6-Mar 23
dance: Scottish Country                    The West Vancouver Seniors Choir is
Intermediate                               looking for new members this year. No
                                           previous choral experience required         Music: recorders Intermediate
A social group for intermediate and        and all are welcome, especially men.
higher level Scottish dancers. No                                                      For players with some experience.
                                           Don't just sing in the shower! Come         Instructor: Steve R.
beginners please. Instructor: Louise M     sing with us, enjoy the experience, and
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   feel alive. Feel free to come listen to     Seniors’ Activity Centre
Fri          40 yrs + 10:35am-12:35pm      one of our 1:30pm rehearsals if you         Tue          55 yrs + 11:20am-12:50pm
                                           think you are interested                    782527       $27.00        Sep 13-Dec 6
782523 $44.00             Sep 23-Dec 2
Non-Member                      $84.00     Seniors’ Activity Centre                    Tue            55 yrs + 11:20am-12:50pm
                                           Tue           55 yrs + 1:30pm-3:30pm        789760         $27.00       Jan 10-Mar 20
Fri      40 yrs + 10:35am-12:35pm
                                           782525        $54.00         Sep 6-Dec 6
788495 $44.00         Jan 13-Mar 23
Non-Member                   $84.00        Tue         55 yrs +   1:30pm-3:30pm
                                           787285      $66.00         Jan 10-May 1

                                                                               V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   125
Adults 55+

Music: Ukuleles Beginners
It is said that learning an instrument
is one of the best ways to maintain a
healthy brain. Come and Learn how
to play this easy but fun instrument
with instructor Mario Silva. You
will be taught in the D tuning.
Classes will cover chord vocabulary,
strumming, finger-picking and single
note technique, rhythm, and melody
notation. No class Nov 11.
Seniors’ Activity Centre
Fri           55 yrs + 3:30pm-4:30pm
787422        $80.00       Sep 30-Nov 25

Music: Ukuleles advanced
Enjoy playing the ukuleles with others.    Seniors’ Activity Centre                     drawing: Classical drawing with
Leader: Marjorie S                         Mon        55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm            the Masters 3
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   796217     $15.00            Nov 21          The focus will be on drawing the head
Wed         55 yrs + 12:50am-2:20pm                                                     and creating live-model portraits.
782532      $29.25         Sep 14-Dec 7                                                 Using the lessons learned from the
                                           drawing: Classical drawing                   Mastercopy work and Antique Cast
Wed          55 yrs + 12:50pm-2:20pm       from the Masters 1                           drawing, we will learn to express the
789765       $27.00       Jan 11-Mar 28    Mastercopy. Come learn to draw               poetic realism and warmth found in
                                           the way the great masters learned.           the classics. Classical principles will
                                           From Da Vinci To Degas, they learned         be reviewed and applied to drawing
aRtS & CULtURE                             by copying their forefathers and             live-model portraits. Three weeks of
                                           contemporary master. This is for all         preparation and study, and three weeks
                                           levels and is as culturally educational      of drawing from live model. Instructor:
VISUaL arTS                                as it is creative and artistic. Program      Mark Anthony Sekrijer
                                           will include video documentary and           Seniors’ Activity Centre
Photography: Club                          slide presentations. Instructor: Mark
                                           Anthony Sekrjer.                             Fri          40 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm
There will be no formal instruction
in the club, but you can enjoy seeing      Seniors’ Activity Centre                     789821       $88.00         Jan 6-Feb 10
and learning from the images shown                                                      Non-members                      $128.00
                                           Fri           40 yrs + 9:30am-12:30pm
by guest presenters and members.
Examples of our work will be on display    788204 $70.00               Sep 16-Oct 14    drawing: Classical with the
on the wall beside the cafeteria. Field    Non-member                         $110.00
                                                                                        Masters 4
trips and social events will be part of
                                                                                        Focus will be on drawing the draped
the program. Drop in to check us out.      drawing: Classical drawing with              and clothed figure using a richly
Leader: Les H.                             the Masters 2                                classical approach to the study
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   Antique Cast Drawing? How do I make          of the live-model draped figure.
Thu          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:30pm        it look real? Rubens documented within       After analyzing and studying great
782471       $31.50        Sep 15-Dec 15   his collection of drawings incredible        masterworks, students will be guided
                                           studies of ancient marble sculptures         into composing sets involving drapery,
Thu          55 yrs +    1:00pm-3:30pm     such as the Lacoon group. Program            props, composition and poetic
789781       $24.75         Jan 5-Mar 22   will include studies from the Louvre         expression. Everything will be covered
                                           and Versailles collections, as well as       over six weeks, from measuring
Calligraphy: Fun with                      classroom casts of classical sculptures.     techniques, light and form, to gesture
                                           All levels will be welcome. Instructor       and emotional statement. All levels
Foundation                                 Mark Anthony Sekrijer                        welcome. Step back into the old work
All levels welcome! This is the root       Seniors’ Activity Centre                     of Europe by defining beauty the way
of all calligraphy. This is a simple and                                                the masters did. Instructor: Mark
rounded lettering style which is based     Fri, Mon 40 yrs + 9:30am-12:30pm             Anthony Sekrijer
on the letter O as a circle. Instructor:   788205 $70.00            Oct 21-Nov 25       Seniors’ Activity Centre
Leonie P.                                  Non-member                       $110.00

126      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                              Adults 55+
                                                                                                              ARTS & CULTURE:
                                                                                                                 VISUAL ARTS

Fri      40 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm             Fabric: Knitting
789822 $88.00        Feb 17-Mar 23           Always wanted to learn to Knit. Join as
Non-members                $128.00           a beginner or drop in for specific advice
                                             on patterns and special techniques.
drawing: Create with Coloured                Instructor: Shirley M.
Pencils                                      Seniors’ Activity Centre
For the leisure artist, this program will    Tue          50 yrs + 10:00am-11:30am
work from your own photographs or            782469 $27.00             Sep 20-Dec 6
drawings to produce vibrant coloured         Drop-in                            $2.25
pencil paintings. Explore the various
methods of layering, shading, texturing,     Tue        50 yrs + 10:00am-11:30am
and using tonal values. Beginners            792668 $24.75          Jan 10-Mar 20
are welcomed. If you are a beginner,         Drop-in $2.25                member
we will supply the materials for two         $3.25                    non-member
classes at an extra cost of $5.00,
payable to instructor. Instructor: Ruby
Cram. No class Nov 12.                       Fabric: Latch hook rug
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     hooking
Sat          55 yrs + 9:30am-12:00pm         Want to join a group of friendly latch
                                             rug hookers? Check it out on the 2nd
782480 $95.75                Sep 24-Dec 3    and 4th Thursday of each month. See
Non-member                         $135.75   the Seniors' Scene for dates. Instructor:
Sat      55 yrs + 9:30am-12:00pm             Alec M.
789814   $107.25     Jan 14-Mar 24           Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                                                                           Fabric: quilting Studio Time
Non-member                  $147.25          Thu         55 yrs + 1:15pm-3:00pm
                                                                                           Bring your own quilt to work on and
                                             Drop-in     $2.25 Sept 15, 29, Oct 13, 27,    exchange ideas with others. No
Fabric: dressmaking Studio                   Nov 10, 24, Dec 8                             instructor.
For those who used to sew and                                                              Seniors’ Activity Centre
want to sew again, come to this              Fabric: quilting Bee                          Tue         55 yrs + 12:45pm-4:00pm
studio time. Bring your projects and         Volunteers needed. If you can hand or
problems to this workshop-style class.                                                     782473      $33.75        Sep 6-Dec 13
                                             machine-sew, you will be able to quilt.
Dressmakers must have High School            See you soon! Do you need a quilt to          Wed            55 yrs + 1:00pm-4:00pm
Home Economic experience. Any era            be quilted? We will hand quilt it for you     782474         $33.75       Sep 7-Dec 14
welcomed. Leader: Peggy R. No class          at reasonable rates. All funds go to the
Oct 11.                                                                                    Tue            55 yrs + 12:45pm-4:00pm
                                             W.V. Seniors' Activity Centre. Leader         792768         $29.25        Jan 3-Mar 27
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Delsa P.
Mon         55 yrs + 1:00pm-4:00pm           Seniors’ Activity Centre                      Wed            55 yrs + 1:00pm-4:00pm
782468      $27.00         Sep 12-Dec 5                                                    792769         $29.25       Jan 4-Mar 28
                                             Fri                   9:00am-12:00pm
Mon         55 yrs + 1:00pm-4:00pm           n/c          Sep 9-Dec 9, Jan 6-Mar 30
                                                                                           Fabric: Wednesday Craft group
792667      $27.00       Jan 9-Mar 26
                                                                                           Crafts & Knitting needed. Do you sew
                                             Fabric: quilting Beginners                    or knit or do crafts? If you would
Fabric: Embroidery                           Learn basic quilt making techniques           like to make things for the centre to
Learn how to stitch embroidery stitches      in this six-week class. We'll start with      raise funds, let Sylvia know at
or, if you have done embroidery before,      beautiful fabric and end up with a quilt      604-925-7280
ask questions and receive help with          ready for the final quilting stitches. You    Seniors’ Activity Centre
your current projects. Participants will     may choose to make 2, 6 or 9 blocks.
                                                                                           Wed           55 yrs + 9:30am-12:00pm
do spot samplers to learn the different      9 blocks make a lap quilt, perfect for
types of stitching. Leader: North shore      watching t.v. Supply list at registration.
needles art volunteer.                       Instructor: Shirley M.
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Seniors’ Activity Centre
Mon          55 yrs + 10:00am-12:00pm        Fri          18 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm
788206 $24.00             Sep 26-Oct 31      789671       $40.00        Sep 30-Nov 18
Non-members                      $60.00      Non-member                         $80.00

                                                                                   V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   127
Adults 55+

Painting: Studio Time with                   789777   $121.00         Jan 10-Mar 20      composition, and how these theories
Friends                                      Non-member                      $161.00     play out in watercolour, acrylic, and
                                                                                         pastel painting. You may engage with
An extra day to paint, practise              Tue      18 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm            any or all of these mediums. Jacquie
calligraphy or drawing, and exchange         789778 $121.00       Jan 10-Mar 20          will demonstrate in watercolour, pastel,
ideas with others. No instructor.                                                        and acrylic, as well as gouache and
                                             Non-member                  $161.00
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                                 India ink techniques. Instructor: Jacquie
Wed         55 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                      Manning.
                                             Painting: acrylic, Oil, Pastel:
782482 $33.75             Sep 7-Dec 14                                                   Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                             at gleneagles
Non-members                       $73.75                                                 Wed          18 yrs + 9:30am-12:00pm
                                             Tune in to your creativity in a loose and
Fri      55 yrs + 1:00pm-4:00pm              fun atmosphere. Painters of all levels      789672       $91.50       Sep 28-Nov 30
782483 $31.50        Sep 9-Dec 16            will be encouraged to explore their
                                             own style in their chosen medium.           Painting: Oil
Non-members                $71.50
                                             Individual instruction in acrylic, oils,    Use water-based oil paints. Learn
Wed      55 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm             pastel, and watercolour techniques          to create beautiful landscapes and
789767   $29.25       Jan 4-Mar 28           while learning fundamentals of design,      discover your inner artist. Designed for
Non-members                 $69.25           colour theory, and drawing. Artist/         all skill levels, this class will cover the
                                             Instructor: Sue Hetherington                basic theory of colour mixing, as well
Fri      55 yrs + 1:00pm-4:00pm              Gleneagles Community Centre                 as basic brush and knife techniques.
789768 $29.25        Jan 6-Mar 30                                                        Progress at your own pace. Supply
                                             Thu          18 yrs + 10:45am-2:15pm
Non-members                $69.25                                                        list provided at registration. Good for
                                             788585       $150.00         Oct 6-Dec 8    Acrylic painters too. Instructor: Maria
Painting: Studio with James                  Thu         18 yrs + 10:45am-2:15pm         Velaquez. No class Oct 11.
Painting for enjoyment and creative          788586      $150.00       Jan 5-Mar 8       Seniors’ Activity Centre
exploration. James will give some                                                        Mon            18 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm
advice. Leader: James Elton.                 Painting: Mixed Media                       782487 $121.00                 Sep 19-Dec 5
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Workshop with Jacquie                       Non-member                           $161.00
Thu          55 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm         If you are looking for a free-wheeling      Mon      18 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm
782484 $49.20             Sep 22-Dec 8       class where you can flex your creative
                                             muscles using various mediums, this         789779 $121.00        Jan 9-Mar 19
Non-member                      $89.20                                                   Non-member                 $161.00
                                             is for you! We will explore line and
Thu      55 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm             colour perspective, colour theory,
789776   $45.10       Jan 5-Mar 22                                                       Painting: Watercolour
Non-member                  $85.10                                                       Beginners/advanced
                                                                                         with Marilyn
Painting: acrylics with Marilyn                                                          This course will review the basic
Fun & challenging-time to paint                                                          techniques of watercolour painting.
whatever subject you please.                                                             This includes: flat and graded
Short discussions of acrylic paints                                                      washes; wet on wet; dry brush;
& materials, colour, composition,                                                        scraping; and resisting. We will
implying depth, drawing, etc. Includes                                                   develop an understanding of colour
demonstrations and hand out sheets.                                                      and composition, with the goal of
Supply list at registration. Instructor:                                                 expanding creative exploration.
marilyn lemon                                                                            Students will work with what ever
                                                                                         subject matter they choose. Bring
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                                 photos to work from to the first class.
Tue          18 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm                                                     Instructor: Marilyn Lemon.
782485 $121.00            Sep 20-Nov 29                                                  Seniors’ Activity Centre
Non-member                         $161.00                                               Thu         18 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm
Tue      18 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                         782489 $121.00             Sep 22-Dec 1
782486 $121.00      Sep 20-Nov 29                                                        Non-member                       $161.00
Non-member                 $161.00                                                       Thu      18 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm
Tue          18 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm                                                     789780 $121.00       Jan 12-Mar 22
                                                                                         Non-member                  $161.00

128      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                              Adults 55+
                                                                                                              ARTS & CULTURE:
                                                                                                                 VISUAL ARTS

Painting: Paint and Sketch for              soldering iron and glass cutter. Supply        789803                            $11.25
Travel Workshop                             list given at first class. Instructors:        Jan 13, 27,Feb 10, 24, Mar 9, 23
                                            Denis A., June C. Requires Seniors'
Record those special memories!                                                             Non-member                       $20.00
                                            Activity Centre membership
For artists with some experience
in watercolour. Sketches will be            West Vancouver Community Centre
made using pencil/ink sketch and            Wed           55 yrs + 12:00pm-3:00pm             WooDWoRkInG
watercolours. Bring your favourite          782475        $60.00           Sep 21-Dec 7
travel photos, all watercolour supplies.                                                      The District of West Vancouver's
Instructor: Marguerite Mahy                 Wed          55 yrs + 12:00pm-3:00pm              woodworking shop, located at
Seniors’ Activity Centre                    789795       $50.00        Jan 4-Mar 7            the West Vancouver Seniors’
Mon          18 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm                                                           Activity Centre, is well equipped
                                            Stained glass: Studio Time                        and staffed with a group of skilled
795567       $25.00            Oct 17-24
                                            Free time to work on your stained glass           volunteers. On the first day of
Non-member                       $35.00     creations. No instruction. Note: Must             class, please pick up the list of
                                            have taken Stained glass beg class for            woodworking guidelines. Earmuffs,
Painting: Watercolour                       3 sessions before entering the studio             protective glasses, and a dust mask
Workshop XXVI: Frank                        time. Bring your own equipment and
                                            supplies. Leaders: Mon. - Gudrun,                 are required when using any power
Townsley - Pebbles                                                                            tools.
                                            Mirco, David. Wed. - Denis A., Robin
For those of you that have struggles
                                            H. June C. No class Oct 11. Requires
painting rocks, you will find this
                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre membership
workshop a welcome relief. Photos will
be provided to assist you in painting       West Vancouver Community Centre
these pebbles on a sandy beach, in a        Mon         55 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm
log, or by water. This will be an easier    782476      $42.00         Sep 19-Dec 12
yet rewarding workshop. All supplies
included. Instructor: Frank Townsley        Wed          55 yrs + 8:30am-11:30am
Seniors’ Activity Centre                    782477       $49.00      Sep 14-Dec 14
Sat         18 yrs + 9:00am-3:30pm          Wed          55 yrs + 12:00pm-3:00pm
785317       $55.00                 Nov 5   782478       $49.00       Sep 14-Dec 14
Non-member                         $65.00   Mon          55 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm
                                            789796       $31.50        Jan 9-Mar 5
Pottery: adult: 55+:                        Wed          55 yrs + 8:30am-11:30am
at gleneagles                               789797       $35.00       Jan 4-Mar 7
Hand building and wheel work will be
                                            Wed          55 yrs + 12:00pm-3:00pm
taught to new and experienced potters.
Enjoy making functional and non-            789798       $35.00        Jan 4-Mar 7
functional items, and glazing with your
own designs. Clay is extra. Instructor:     Videography
Jean V.                                     Join members from beginners to                 Woodworking: Beginners
Gleneagles Community Centre                 experienced in studying videography.           An introduction to the use of
                                            Topics will cover all aspects of               woodworking tools, with special
Thu          55 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                       emphasis on power tools. If you haven't
                                            making videos, from the purchase of
788625 $222.70            Sep 15-Dec 15     equipment and filming, to producing a          worked with tools before, this class
Drop-in $20.00 (space-available basis)      final edited movie. We will also provide       will be a prerequisite for the Ladies
                                            a forum for showing your videos. No            Woodworking or Open Workshop
Thu         55 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm
                                            formal instruction. Meets at 1.00p.m.          classes. Lessons are cumulative,
788626 $190.90           Jan 5-Mar 22       on the second and fourth Friday of the         therefore no registrations after the first
Drop-in $20.00 (space-available basis)      month. Leader: Mike H.                         class. Instructor: Jim H. Supply cost
                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre                       extra, approximately $10.00
Stained glass: Beginners /                                                                 Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                            Fri          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm
adv Beginners                                                                              Mon          55 yrs + 9:30am-12:00pm
                                            782479                            $11.25
Learn the very basics of Stained Glass.                                                    782490       $63.00           Oct 3-Dec 5
No experience required. Basic tools         Sep 9, 23, Oct 14, 28, Nov 25, Dec 9
supplied initially. Participants will       Non-member                       $20.00        Mon            55 yrs + 9:30am-12:00pm
eventually need to provide their own                                                       789808         $63.00       Jan 9-Mar 19
                                            Fri          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm

                                                                                   V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   129
Adults 55+

Woodworking: Bird Carving                                                             hEaLth &
Learn how to carve and paint a basic                                                  fItnESS
bird, 'the Loon.' Tools available for
beginner classes. Instructors: Ken C.
Don H. Supplies extra.
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                              Chairobics: gentle Stretch and
Thu          55 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                  Strength
787317       $65.00         Sep 15-Dec 8                                              This chair class focuses on gentle
Non-member                       $100.00                                              stretching and strengthening. (No
                                                                                      aerobics) Stretching is very important
Thu      55 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                      in maintaining health and mobility.
789809 $55.00         Jan 12-Mar 15                                                   Instructor: Rose L.
Non-member                   $90.00                                                   Seniors Activity Centre
                                                                                      Tue, Fri     55 yrs + 12:50pm-1:50pm
Woodworking: Bird & general                                                           787290       $62.25        Sep 6-Dec 23
Carving                                                                               Tue         55 yrs + 12:50pm-1:50pm
Carve and paint a bird or a subject                                                   787291      $39.00       Sep 6-Dec 20
of your choice. Appropriate for those      Tue      55 yrs + 1:30pm-4:00pm
with some experience woodcarving.                                                     Fri         55 yrs + 12:50pm-1:50pm
Instructors: Ken C., Don H., and Bill F.   789812   $44.00     Jan 10-Mar 20          787292      $39.00       Sep 9-Dec 23
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   Non-members                $78.50          Tue, Fri    55 yrs + 12:50pm-1:50pm
Thu          55yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                   790017      $58.50       Jan 3-Mar 30
                                           Woodworking: Open Workshop
782491       $52.00        Sep 15-Dec 8                                               Tue         55 yrs + 12:50pm-1:50pm
                                           While working on individual projecta,
Thu          55 yrs + 12:30pm-3:30pm                                                  790018      $33.80       Jan 3-Mar 27
                                           you'll receive help and instruction
789810       $44.00       Jan 12-Mar 22    on the use of hand and power tools.        Fri         55 yrs + 12:50pm-1:50pm
                                           Projects must be taken home each           790019      $33.80       Jan 6-Mar 30
                                           day due to the lack of storage space.
Woodworking: Furniture repair              Prerequisite: Beginners Woodworking.
& refinishing                              No class Oct 11                            Chairobics: Strength
Restore furniture under the supervision    Seniors’ Activity Centre                   Chairobics will provide an invigorating
of an experienced instructor. Please                                                  workout done from a chair and
bring your furniture to the first class.   Mon           55 yrs + 1:30pm-4:00pm       incorporating exercise with weights
Supply costs extra. Instructors: Derek     782494       $48.00         Sep 12-Dec 5   and rubber bands. Please fill out a
L., Dick P.                                Mon         55 yrs + 1:30pm-4:00pm         fitness questionnaire before the first
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   795617      $44.00       Jan 9-Mar 19      day of class if you are new to this
                                                                                      program or if your fitness level has
Wed          55 yrs + 1:30pm-4:00pm        Tue         55 yrs + 9:30am-12:00pm
782492      $52.00          Sep 14-Dec 7   782495      $52.00       Sep 13-Dec 6
Wed          55 yrs + 1:30pm-4:00pm        Tue                            55 yrs +
789811       $44.00       Jan 11-Mar 21    9:30am-12:00pm
                                           795618    $44.00         Jan 10-Mar 20
Woodworking: Ladies
For experienced woodworking                Woodworking: Woodcarving
students. Prerequisite: Beginners          For those with some experience in
Woodworking. Instructors:, Bill R., Ken    woodcarving. Instructors: Keith G.,
C., and Derrick L.                         Dick P.
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   Seniors’ Activity Centre
Tue          55 yrs + 1:30pm-4:00pm        Thu        55 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm
782493 $52.00             Sep 13-Dec 6     782496     $52.00         Sep 15-Dec 8
Non-members                     $92.00
                                           Thu         55 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm
                                           789813      $44.00       Jan 12-Mar 22

130      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                            Adults 55+
                                                                                                         HEALTH & FITNESS:

changed. Instructors: Ivana C,              Fitness: Cardio advanced
Maureen S.                                  Great cardio exercise for those with
Seniors Activity Centre                     coordination and fitness experience.
Mon, Wed 55 yrs + 9:15am-10:15am            The classes will include use of light
787286     $67.50          Sep 7-Dec 19     weights. Please fill out a fitness
                                            questionnaire before first day of class.
Mon, Wed 55 yrs +      9:15am-10:15am       Instructors: Ivana C., Marianne B.
788223   $56.25           Jan 4-Mar 28      Seniors Activity Centre
                                            Tue, Thu, Sat 55 yrs + 9:00am-10:00am
55+ Circuit Training                        787295       $86.00          Sep 6-Dec 22
Have fun and get fit in a social group      Tue, Thu    55 yrs + 9:00am-10:00am
setting. Improve your posture, strength,
                                            787297      $62.00       Sep 6-Dec 22
and flexibility under the guidance of a
certified Personal Trainer.                 Tue, Thu, Sat 55 yrs + 9:00am-10:00am
Aquatic Centre                              788220       $78.00        Jan 3-Mar 31      Seniors Activity Centre
Mon, Wed 55 yrs +         1:15pm-2:15pm     Tue, Thu    55 yrs + 9:00am-10:00am          Tue, Thu, Sat 55 yrs + 7:55am-8:55am
789967        $145.00       Sep 12-Oct 26   788221      $52.00       Jan 3-Mar 29        788552       $86.00      Sep 6-Dec 22
Mon, Wed 55 yrs +        1:15pm-2:15pm                                                   Tue, Thu       55 yrs +      7:55am-8:55am
789968   $157.00           Oct 31-Dec 14    Fitness: Cardio advanced Plus                788569         $62.00           Sep 6-Dec 22
Mon, Wed 55 yrs +        1:15pm-2:15pm      Formerly called PRIME TIME, this class       Tue, Thu, Sat 55 yrs +         7:55am-8:55am
789969   $134.00             Jan 9-Feb 15   is for experienced exercisers only! This     788573       $78.00               Jan 3-Mar 31
                                            is a challenging class for those wanting
Mon, Wed 55 yrs +        1:15pm-2:15pm      a stronger workout than the advanced         Tue, Thu       55 yrs +      7:55am-8:55am
789970   $134.00         Feb 20-Mar 28      fitness class, with cardio and strength      788574         $52.00           Jan 3-Mar 29

     LOVE life. LIVE here.                                                   ®

    Now is a great time to start enjoying all the things and
    activities that bring you pleasure – a time to relax, yet
    stay active, a time to meet new people with common
    interests and life stories, a time for you! We invite you to
    explore the lifestyle opportunities and everyday choices at
    Amica at West Vancouver.

         Call 604.921.9181 today for your personal tour and
         stay for lunch compliments of our Executive Chef!

     Amica at West Vancouver • A Wellness & Vitality™ Residence
     659 Clyde Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1C8
     604.921.9181 •

  • Luxury Independent Rental Retirement Living • All Inclusive
     • Full Service Fine Dining • Wellness & Vitality™ Programs
         • Amica VITALIS™ Assisted Living Suites & Services

                                                                                 V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   131
Adults 55+

Fitness: Cardio Early Morning
If you are active and would like to
improve posture and your physical
abilities then join in. A well-paced
warm-up is followed by exercises to
improve overall strength, coordination
and balance. The program rounds off
with a series of relaxed stretches to
energize your day. Instructors: Ivana,
Lynne C and Connie.
Seniors Activity Centre
Mon, Wed, Fri 55 yrs + 7:55am-8:55am
787219       $90.00          Sep 7-Dec 23
Mon, Wed   55 yrs +         7:55am-8:55am
787315   $60.00               Sep 7-Dec 19
Mon, Wed, Fri 55 yrs +      7:55am-8:55am
788217     $76.00             Jan 4-Mar 30   Mon, Wed, Fri 55 yrs + 7:50am-8:50am        Fitness: Strength Training
Mon, Wed 55 yrs +         7:55am-8:55am      787217     $72.00        Sep 7-Dec 23       Beginners
788218   $50.00              Jan 4-Mar 28    Tue, Thu 55 yrs + 7:50am-8:50am             Enjoy the numerous physical benefits
                                             787218     $51.20       Sep 6-Dec 22        of strength training, including
                                                                                         stimulating bone growth and
Fitness: Cardio Intermediate                 Mon, Wed, Fri 55 yrs + 7:50am-8:50am        metabolism. You will use hand weights,
This is a slower-paced exercise class        788418     $62.40        Jan 2-Mar 30       dynabands, foam cubes, and develop
for mobile seniors. There is still an                                                    balance and flexibility, to improve your
                                             Tue, Thu    55 yrs +   7:50am-8:50am
option to register for Saturday stretch                                                  overall strength and health. Please fill
class. Saturday classes will combine         788419      $41.60        Jan 3-Mar 29
                                                                                         out a fitness questionnaire before the
stretch class with other classes. Weight                                                 first class if you are a new participant
training will be included. Please fill out   Keep on Moving-Men’s Fitness                or your fitness has changed.
a fitness questionnaire if you are a new
                                             This mild exercise program is designed      Seniors Activity Centre
participant or if your fitness level has
                                             for men with some mobility challenges.      Wed, Fri 55 yrs + 9:00am-10:00am
                                             The program will involve walking,
Seniors Activity Centre                                                                  787293         $93.00        Sep 7-Dec 23
                                             standing and sitting exercises.
Mon, Wed, 55 yrs + 9:10am-10:10am            Seniors’ Activity Centre                    Wed, Fri    55 yrs + 9:00am-10:00am
787312        $60.00         Sep 7-Dec 19                                                788219      $78.00       Jan 4-Mar 30
                                             Tue, Thu 55 yrs + 9:00am-9:50am
Mon, Wed, Fri 55 yrs + 9:10am-10:10am        782972      $60.00          Sep 6-Dec 1
789934        $90.00      Sep 7-Dec 19                                                   Fitness: Stretching for the Fit
                                             Tue, Thu    55 yrs + 9:00am-9:50am
Mon, Wed, 55 yrs +       9:10am-10:10am      788108      $52.00      Jan 3-Mar 29        Do you walk a lot, work in the garden,
                                                                                         and are in good shape, but don't
788785    $50.00             Jan 4-Mar 28                                                stretch and lack flexibility? Stretching is
Mon, Wed, Fri 55 yrs + 9:10am-10:10am        Fitness: Stay Fit For Men                   very important to prevent injuries and
790068        $76.00      Jan 4-Mar 31       Stay Fit is a mild exercise program for     keep or increase your range of mobility
                                             men, with moderate cardio. Instructors:     and movement. Participants will do a
                                             Frank K. Len B.                             15-minute warm-up before balanced
Fitness: Fit Fellas                                                                      stretching, both standing and lying on
                                             Seniors’ Activity Centre
Just for the Guys! An energetic,                                                         the mats . This class will compliment
challenging fitness class for active         Tue, Thu 55 yrs + 9:00am-10:00am            any of your current cardio classes or
men 55 years and older. Involves             782969        $60.00         Sep 6-Dec 15   activities. Friday class starts at 2pm.
aerobics, strength training, flexibility,                                                Seniors Activity Centre
                                             Tue, Thu    55 yrs + 9:00am-10:00am
coordination, balance, and stretching.
Instructors: Barrie C. and Louis V. on       788104      $52.00       Jan 3-Mar 29       Tue, Fri      55 yrs + 4:15pm-5:15pm
M/W/F; Barrie C and Penny S. on T/                                                       787298        $96.57         Sep 6-Dec 23
Th. Requires SAC membership.                                                             Tue         55 yrs +     4:15pm-5:15pm
West Vancouver Community Centre                                                          787299      $53.28         Sep 6-Dec 20

132      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                             Adults 55+
                                                                                                          HEALTH & FITNESS:

Tue, Fri    55 yrs +     4:15pm-5:15pm
788549      $86.58          Jan 3-Mar 30
Tue         55 yrs +     4:15pm-5:15pm
788550      $43.29          Jan 3-Mar 27

Keep Well at Seniors' activity
A drop-in Wellness Program which
offers exercises, blood pressure
monitoring, massages for relaxation,
nutritional information, and more. For
more information, please call
604-988-7115, Ext. 27.
Seniors’ Activity Centre
Thu                         By donation
Mild Exercises        9:00am-10:00am
Hands-on Program       10:00am-11:30am
                                             Steady Feet 1                                Tai Chi: Level 3
Keep Well at gleneagles
                                             Mon, Wed          11:30am-12:30pm            Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi.
North Shore Keep Well Society runs                                                        Prerequisite: Tai Chi Levels 1 and 2.
the 'Keep Well' program in partnership       782979 $212.00        Sep 12-Nov 14
                                             788118    $212.00       Jan 9-Mar 7          Instructor: Brad W.
with Gleneagles Community Centre.                                                         Requires SAC membership
This will be a light fitness class
                                             Steady Feet 2                                West Vancouver Community Centre
followed by social time and occasional
guest speakers on health related issues      Mon, Wed          10:30am-11:30am            Mon, Wed 55 yrs + 12:30am-1:30pm
and topics of interest to seniors. By        782980 $212.00        Sep 12-Nov 14          788229       $135.00       Sep 12-Dec 14
donation. For more information, please       788119    $212.00       Jan 9-Mar 7          Mon, Wed 55 yrs + 12:30am-1:30pm
call 604-988-7115, ext. 27.
                                                                                          788802   $125.00      Jan 4-Mar 28
Gleneagles Community Centre                  Tai Chi: Level 1
Fri          All Ages 11:15am-1:30pm         An exercise form of a martial arts.          qi Kong
783886       Free             Sep 9-Dec 16   Yang Style Tai Chi for beginners. This
                                             gentle, ancient form of exercise is great    Healing exercises that coordinate the
Fri         All Ages    11:15am-1:30pm                                                    mind, body, breath, and movement.
                                             for the body and the mind. It is gentle
788765      Free             Jan 6-Apr 13    on your joints, works on your core, and      Instructor: Brad W.
                                             helps with balance. Instructor: Brad W.      Seniors Activity Centre
Steady Feet                                  Seniors Activity Centre                      Sat          55yrs + 10:00 – 11:00am
This fall prevention and balance             Mon, Wed 55 yrs + 10:15am-11:15am            793072       $60.00     Sept 17 – Dec 17
program will help frail seniors feel         788224      $135.00       Sep 12-Dec 14      Sat            55 yrs +     10:00 – 11:00am
stronger and more confident about
walking. The main focus will be to           Mon, Wed 55 yrs +      10:15am-11:15am       793117         $78.00        Jan 7 – March 31
improve functional mobility, increase        788267   $125.00           Jan 9-Mar 28
lower body strength, reduce falls risk,                                                   Sword applications
and improve balance.                         Tai Chi: Level 2                             Participants must know Tai Chi, but all
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Intermediate level Yang Style Tai Chi.       Tai Chi students will be welcome. Learn
Steady Feet Assessment                       Prerequisite: Tai Chi Level 1 Instructor:    the self-defence applications for the Tai
                                             Brad W.                                      Chi techniques. Instructor Brad W.
This is a 20 minute testing process that
will provide the information necessary       Seniors Activity Centre                      Seniors Activity Centre
to be placed in an appropriate class.        Mon, Wed 55 yrs + 10:00am-11:00am            Sat          55 yrs + 11:00 – 12:00pm
782981       $11.00               Sep 7      788790      $135.00        Sep 12-Dec 14     793667       $65.00      Sept 17 – Dec 17
                                             Mon, Wed 55 yrs + 10:00am-11:00am            Sat            55 yrs +     11:00 – 12:00pm
                                             788803   $125.00       Jan 4-Mar 26          793669         $84.50        Jan 7 – March 31

                                                                                  V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   133
Adults 55+

Urban Poling and gentle                      Tue, Thu    55 yrs +    5:00pm-6:15pm
Stretch                                      788853      $126.20       Sep 13-Dec 20
Learn the techniques and benefits of         Tue, Thu    55 yrs +    5:00pm-6:15pm
using Nordic poles correctly in our          790021      $113.14        Jan 3-Mar 29
weekly walks, followed by a gentle
stretch session. Please fill out a fitness
questionnaire prior to first class.          yoga: Chair
Requires SAC membership.                     For those that cannot go on the floor
West Vancouver Community Centre              these yoga exercises has been adapted
                                             to be in the chair plus using the chair to
Wed         55 yrs + 9:30am-10:30am          stabilize yourself while stretching. Lots
787817      $44.48           Sep 7-Oct 26    of slow gentle movements of stretching
                                             every part of the body and getting a
Men’s Walking group                          better range of movement. Instructor:
                                             Lyne A. Requires SAC membership
Participants will enjoy a 30-40 minute
walk and return to the centre for coffee.    West Vancouver Community Centre
                                                                                          788769       $56.94          Jan 3-Mar 27
There are two levels in this group-mild      Tue          55 yrs + 11:45am-1:00pm
and moderate. Rain or shine. New             788270       $77.00        Sep 13-Dec 20     Thu          55 yrs + 10:05am-11:20am
members are welcome!                                                                      788770       $56.94       Jan 5-Mar 29
                                             Seniors Activity Centre
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                             Thu       55 yrs + 10:00am-11:15am
Thu         55 yrs + 2:00pm-3:15pm                                                        yoga: Iyengar with Maetel
                                             788271    $82.50       Sep 15-Dec 22
Drop-in                           $2.00                                                   Learn the gentle and effective use of
                                             West Vancouver Community Centre              breath and props to release tension,
yoga for the Mature Mind &                   Tue      55 yrs + 11:45am-1:00pm             open the body, and feel relaxed and
                                             788272   $71.50       Jan 3-Mar 27           energized. Instructor: Maetel G.
                                                                                          Seniors Activity Centre
The ageing process offers wonderful          Seniors Activity Centre
wisdom and insights, yet challenges                                                       Wed         55 yrs + 3:15pm-4:45pm
                                             Thu       55 yrs + 10:00am-11:15am
balance and diminishes reflexes. This                                                     788843      $81.25        Sep 14-Dec 14
                                             788273    $71.50        Jan 5-Mar 29
class will be well suited to the mature                                                   Wed          55 yrs +    3:15pm-4:45pm
individual who values the importance
                                             yoga: hatha with Mary Lee                    788852       $68.75          Jan 4-Mar 21
of maintaining good posture, flexibility,
and strength. A chair will often be          Learn the gentle and effective use of
used as an aid to the postures, which        breath and props to release tension,         yoga: with Zarin
are offered in a gentle and supportive       open the body, and feel relaxed and          In this class, participants will learn to
environment. The physical benefits           energized. Instructor: Mary Lee H.           relax and increase energy, improve
of these guided stretching routines to       Seniors Activity Centre                      flexibility and posture, work with self-
classics music will have you wanting to                                                   healing, and develop total-body control.
return for more. Instructor: Peter B         Mon         55 yrs + 4:00pm-5:30pm
                                                                                          Emphasis will be placed on individual
Seniors Activity Centre                      788861      $87.50        Sep 12-Dec 19      attention and working with your
Wed          55 yrs + 1:30pm-3:00pm          Mon         55 yrs + 4:00pm-5:30pm           breathing. Instructor: Zarin M.
788274       $123.50        Sep 14-Dec 14    788872      $75.00      Jan 9-Mar 26         Seniors Activity Centre
Wed          55 yrs +    1:30pm-3:00pm                                                    Mon           55 yrs + 9:00am-10:30am
788276       $104.50         Jan 4-Mar 28    yoga: hatha with Stella                      788268        $87.50        Sep 12-Dec 19
                                             Yoga is an important way to build body       Mon          55 yrs + 9:00am-10:30am
                                             awareness, flexibility, and develop          788269       $75.00       Jan 9-Mar 26
yoga: Beginner                               relaxation techniques. Instructor: Stella
This class will be appropriate for           M.
people who have never done yoga              Seniors Activity Centre                           hatha yoga, in
before or have done fewer than                                                            conjunction with St. Monica’s
ten classes. This level will focus on        Tue          55 yrs + 10:05am-11:35am
                                             788763       $65.70        Sep 6-Dec 20
breathing awareness, basic posture,
and body alignment.                                                                       Sign up for this Hatha Yoga session
                                             Thu         55 yrs + 10:05am-11:20am         to see improvement in your strength
Seniors Activity Centre                      788764      $70.08       Sep 8-Dec 22        and flexibility. You'll learn to focus on
                                             Tue         55 yrs + 10:05am-11:35am         your breath and master yoga poses

134      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                           Adults 55+

in this gentle introduction to yoga
for beginners that will also provide
a challenge if you are a regular yoga
participant. All levels will be welcome.
Individual attention will be given to
each participant. You'll achieve a
balance between your mind and body
and discover a calmness within.
St. Monica’s Church
Wed          55 yrs + 11:00am-12:30pm
794817       $120.00       Sep 28-Nov 30

Fitness: Zumba gold
Zumba ® is a dance-fitness class that
uses zesty Latin music, like Salsa, Cha
Cha, Merengue, Cumbia, Flamenco,
and Tango, as well as Rock and Roll,
with easy to follow moves to create a
dynamic and fun fitness class. Zumba         Book Lovers : Club 2
® Gold classes strive to improve                                                           Effective august 24th, an
                                             The Book Lovers will meet on the
balance, strength, flexibility, and most                                                   annual membership in the
                                             third Friday of each month. For more
importantly, heart health. It will be a                                                    West Vancouver Community
                                             information on the books selected, see
'feel-happy' workout that is great for
                                             the Seniors' Scene. Payment is for the        Centres Society is required
both the body and mind.
                                             entire year.                                  prior to registering in any
Seniors Activity Centre
                                             Seniors’ Activity Centre                      West Vancouver Community
Mon         55 yrs + 6:30pm-7:30pm
                                             Fri          55 yrs + 10:00am-12:00pm         and aquatic Centre program
788465      $126.32          Sep 12-Dec 12
                                             782538 $20.25                 Sep -June       or the purchase of a one
Mon         55 yrs +    6:30pm-7:30pm
788468      $126.32        Jan 9-Mar 26
                                                                                           month, three month or
                                             Bridge: Social                                annual Wave or Spirit Pass.
                                             Experienced players of varying abilities
hEaLth & fItnESS                             will change partners every fourth hand.
                                             No partner required. Leader: Parvin. No       Find out more information
                                             play on Oct 11.                               on page 7.
rEhaBILITaTION                               Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                             Mon        55 yrs + 12:15pm-3:00pm         Thu            55 yrs + 12:15pm-4:00pm
For all of our Rehabilitation programs
please look in the Adult section on          Drop-in    $2.75         Sep 12-Dec 12,    778372         $33.75        Sep 8-Dec 15
page 112.                                                              Jan 9-Mar 26     Thu            55 yrs + 12:15pm-4:00pm
                                                                                        787233         $29.25        Jan 5-Mar 29
                                             Bridge: Club
LEaRnInG                                     Challenging bridge for you and a           Bridge: Basics with Stephen 1
                                             partner.                                   Learn the basics of bidding and play.
Book Lovers : Club 1                         Seniors’ Activity Centre                   Each lesson will combine discussion
The Book Lovers will meet on the                                                        with lots of play. This course is
                                             Wed       55 yrs + 6:30pm-9:45pm           designed for both those who have
second Friday of each month. For more
                                             Drop-in   $2.75           Sep 7-Dec 14,    never played bridge before and those
information on the books selected, see
the Seniors' Scene. Payment is for the                                 Jan 4-Mar 28     who want a structured review of
entire year.                                                                            the modern five-card major bidding
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Bridge: duplicate                          system. Lesson hand-outs will be
                                             Enjoy a challenging, yet friendly game     included. Instructor: Stephen B.
Fri          55 yrs + 10:00am-12:00pm                                                   Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                             of duplicate bridge. Register with a
782537 $22.50                 Sep –June      partner.                                   Fri          55 yrs + 3:30pm-5:30pm
                                             Seniors’ Activity Centre                   785867       $72.00         Sep 9-Oct 28

                                                                                V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   135
Adults 55+

Bridge: Basics with Stephen 2               the ACBL Convention Card, but topics        Wed      55 yrs +        3:15pm-5:15pm
A continuation of the Level 1 course.       can be chosen to satisfy the interests      790268 $64.00             Feb 29-Apr 18
The focus will be on declarer play, A       of the class. Prerequisites: Bridge         Non-member                      $84.00
familiarity with the modern five-card       basics 1, 2, 3, and Intermediate 1, or
major bidding system is assumed,            equivalent playing experience. Lesson
although brief reviews of bidding will      handouts will be included. Instructor:      Bridge: Bridge with Brian,
be included to reinforce the concepts       Stephen B.                                  Supervised play
learned in the Level 1 course. Lesson       Seniors’ Activity Centre                    This course will continue a discussion
hand-outs will be included. Instructor:     Tue           55 yrs + 3:30pm-5:30pm        of topics of interest to more
Stephen B.                                  787617        $63.00       Nov 8-Dec 20     experienced players with a heavy
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                                emphasis on playing actual hands
                                                                                        from the North Shore Bridge Club.
Fri          40 yrs + 3:30pm-5:30pm         Bridge: Topics/Supervised Play              Topics will be chosen by request to
787620       $63.00        Nov 4-Dec 16     with Stephen                                satisfy both intermediate and advanced
                                            Designed for players who are familiar       players. Drop-ins are welcomed,
Bridge: Basics with Stephen 3               with the basics of bidding, declarer        subject to space availability. Instructor:
                                            play, and defence, these series will        Brian Stone
A continuation from Basics 2. The
focus will be on defensive play. A          explore more advanced topics and            Seniors’ Activity Centre
familiarity with the modern five-           will review some previously discussed       Wed          55 yrs + 10:00am-12:00pm
card major bidding system and basic         conventions. The format will include
                                            a brief discussion with illustrative        789917       $64.00       Sep 14-Oct 26
declarer card play techniques is
assumed, although brief reviews of          exercises followed by play of hands         Non-member                        $80.00
both topics will be included to reinforce   from the North Shore Bridge Club.           Wed      55 yrs + 10:00am-12:00pm
the concepts learned in Basic 1 & 2.        Prerequisites: Basics 1, 2, 3, and
                                                                                        789919   $56.00        Nov 2-Dec 14
Lesson handouts will be included.           Intermediate 1 and 2, or equivalent
                                            playing experience. Drop-ins will be        Non-member                   $73.00
Instructor: Stephen B.
Seniors’ Activity Centre                    welcomed, subject to space availability.
                                            Instructor: Stephen B.                      Bridge: Supervised Play: at
Fri          55 yrs + 3:30pm-5:30pm
                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre                    gleneagles
789717       $72.00         Jan 6-Feb 24
                                            Wed          55 yrs +     3:15pm-5:15pm     For those who know how to play the
                                            789718       $64.00          Jan 4-Feb 22   game and need an experienced Bridge
Bridge: Intermediate with                                                               Instructor for questions and answers
                                            Non-member                         $84.00
Stephen 1                                                                               while you are playing. Instructor: B.
This course is designed for those who                                                   Stone, ACBL Accredited Teacher and
have completed the Basic 1, 2, and 3
courses and anyone else who wants a
structured review of the modern five-
card major bidding system. Lesson
handouts will be included. Instructor:
Stephen B.
Seniors’ Activity Centre
Wed         55 yrs +    3:15pm-5:15pm
782540      $72.00         Sep 7-Oct 26
Fri          55 yrs + 3:30pm-5:30pm
790267       $72.00      Mar 2-Apr 20

Bridge: Intermediate with
Stephen 2
A continuation of a study of popular
bridge conventions, this series is
designed for players who know the
basics (bidding, declarer play, and
defence), and who wish to move their
game to the next level. The focus will
be on popular bidding conventions and

136      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                            Adults 55+

ACBL Accredited Director, Life Master.
Gleneagles Community Centre
Mon       55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm
785396    $8.00         Sep 12-Dec 12

Bridge: Bridge with Brian
Come sit by the fire and enjoy the
delights of bridge. If you need any
assistance, Brian will be there to help.
A short lesson, complete with handout,
starts each week.
Gleneagles Community Centre
Tue          60 yrs + 7:00pm-9:30pm
785397 $112.50              Sep 13-Nov 1
Drop-in                           $20.00
Tue         60 yrs + 7:00pm-9:30pm
788789      $84.50      Nov 8-Dec 13
Drop-in                      $20.00        Mon         55 yrs +     1:00pm-3:15pm        Computer: Power Point
                                           782512      $42.00          Sep 12-Sep 26     With this program, wondrous
Bridge: Intermediate Lessons                                                             presentations and slide shows, which
                                           Computer: Single shot digital                 you can send as email attachments
and Supervised Play                                                                      or burn to disk for playing on your
                                           Photo Editing                                 television, are possible. You can bring
Gleneagles Community Centre
                                           This single session could be a review         a set of your own pictures. Learn the
Thu       60 yrs + 7:00pm-9:30pm           for some or enlightenment for others          basics; then add the music, transitions,
788791    $112.50     Sep 15-Nov 3         on how to simply re-size, crop,               and text options, and let your
Drop-in                     $20.00         enhance, and fix digital photos. We           imagination fly! Instructor: Louis Vulliez
                                           will use several free programs - with         Seniors’ Activity Centre
Thu         60 yrs + 7:00pm-9:30pm         reference to Photoshop - and get
788792      $84.50     Nov 10-Dec 29       you up and running with any of your           Fri          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm
Drop-in                       $20.00       problems. Includes file management            790196       $28.00        Sep 23-Sep 30
                                           tips and tricks. Instructor: Louis Vulliez
Computer Classes                           Seniors’ Activity Centre                      Computer: Single shot Skype:
Participants must have an email            Fri          55 yrs +        1:00-3:15pm      Use of your Web Cam
address and access to a computer to        782513       $14.00                 Sep 16    Whether you bring a Web Cam that
practise on to take any of the computer                                                  fits on the top of your desktop monitor,
classes. Exception: Computer Basics                                                      or just use the built-in web cam on
                                           Computer: Single shot
                                                                                         your laptop - it makes no difference.
                                           Windows 7                                     You take advantage of these gizmos
Computer: Create digital Slide
                                           This single-session course on                 to video chat with anyone else in the
Shows using Free Software                  Windows 7 does not replace the full           world - for free! In just one session, we
The program focuses on how to create       course conducted by Ian. Its purpose is       should have you up and running, video
a 'slide show' (actually much more         to answer some issues you might have          chatting with others participating in the
than that ) that you can burn to a disk    encountered, or simply get you up and         course. Instructor: Louis Vulliez.
and that others can play in their DVD      running with Aero personalization and
players or watch on TV. Take your                                                        Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                           other features. Bring your questions
birthday, wedding, party pictures,         and find out if you are taking advantage      Mon          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm
etc., and learn how to use animations,     of all the options possible. Instructor:      790194       $14.00                 Oct 3
transitions, text overlays, and music to   Louis Vulliez
create a story. Participants must have     Seniors’ Activity Centre
an email address. Instructor: Louis
Vulliez                                    Wed          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   790192       $14.00                Sep 21

                                                                                 V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   137
Adults 55+

Computer: Basics                                                                          wrinkles and blemishes from portraits.
Participants will learn about the                                                         Program: Adobe Photoshop elements
mouse and keyboard, be introduced to                                                      will be used. Instructor: Louis Vulliez
managing files and folders, and learn                                                     Seniors’ Activity Centre
how to use the word-processor and                                                         Fri         55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm
the other applications included with                                                      790199      $42.00          Oct 21-Nov 4
Windows. We do not teach e-mail in
this course. Instructor: Nigel Grant
                                                                                          Computer: Single shot Email &
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                                                                          Beyond - Windows 7 Users
Mon, Wed              10:00am-12:30pm
                                                                                          This is really about Windows Mail
778067 $104.00              Oct 3-Oct 19                                                  and Live Mail. What can they do that
Non-member                      $144.00                                                   Outlook Express can't? Should you
                                                                                          be using a G-mail, Yahoo mail, MSN,
Computer: Introduction to                                                                 or any other mail account as well?
Windows 7                                                                                 We'll cover all the features, clarify
                                                                                          your questions, and identify what's
This is a course on the Windows                                                           important and not. Instructor: Louis
7 operating system. This course is                                                        Vulliez
designed to help you make Windows           Computer: Single Shot Email &                 Seniors’ Activity Centre
7 look and sound the way you want.
It will introduce you to ten cool things    Beyond - Vista and XP                         Mon           55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm
you can use every day and five ways         Yes, 60% of you are still using these         790166        $14.00                Oct 24
to get more from your PC. There             programs, but my guess is that only
will be a detailed description of the       12% fully understand all that they can
programs built-into Windows 7,              do. Explore and learn these mysteries,        Computer: Learn What you
such as Windows Explorer, Internet          how to use their full potential, how to       Want to Learn
Explorer, and Media Player. There           send attachments/photos properly,             The instructor will design the
will also be an explanation of Home         how to save images and documents              course based on the first session,
Group, Start Menu, Windows Taskbar,         properly, and more. Instructor: Louis         according to your questions, personal
Pinning, Thumbnail Previews, Jump           Vulliez                                       interests, problems, and situation.
Lists, Snap, Aero Peek, Aero Shake,         Seniors’ Activity Centre                      Course content may range from the
Windows Search, and Windows Touch.                                                        simplest to the most difficult. Basic
                                            Mon         55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm
Instructor: Ian M.                                                                        computer knowledge, possession of
                                            782500 $14.00                      Oct 17
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                                  an email address, and completion of
                                                                                          a questionnaire at registration will be
Tue                    9:00am-12:00pm       Computer: Single Shot File &                  required. Instructor: Louis Vulliez
782504        $84.00        Oct 4-Oct 25    Folder Management                             Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                            This class will teach you how to              Mon          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm
Computer: Speed Up your                     organize and create folders so you            782514       $42.00        Oct 31-Nov 14
Computer's Performance!                     can find photos and documents easily.
This workshop is designed to introduce      Participants will learn how to cut, copy,
participants to some basic principles       paste, find, create, and manage files         Computer: Single Shot Intro to
to maintain and keep your computer          and folders so they can be found easily.      Microsoft Word
operating as efficiently as possible.       This skill will also help with just about
                                                                                          Regardless of the version you are
Safety first, then tune up methods,         all other software programs as well.
                                                                                          using, there are basics that apply to
using free or purchased software.           Instructor: Louis Vulliez
                                                                                          all operating systems regarding page
Participants will receive a take-home       Seniors’ Activity Centre                      setup, formatting, columns, margins,
CD upon completion, and must have an        Wed            55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm         fonts, insertions, backgrounds, and
email address. Instructor: Louis Vulliez                                                  many other tips and tricks that you
                                            782501        $14.00                 Oct 19
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                                  should know. These concepts also
Fri           55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm                                                      apply to the free 'Open Office” word
                                            Computer: digital Photo Editing               processing application. Instructor:
790202         $33.00        Oct 7-Oct 14   This series will teach how to re-size,        Louis Vulliez
                                            crop, enhance, and fix digital photos.        Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                            Also, participants will learn how to
                                            add, remove objects from within and           Wed           55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm
                                            or between two photos, and remove             782502       $14.00               Nov 16

138      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                              Adults 55+

Computer: Single Shot Best                    should not be considered as teaching         discuss setting up an account, and
Free software of 2011                         classes; rather we hope to be able to        all the computer aspects of on-line
                                              assist you with issues relating to the       dating. But this course will go further
Yes, actual freeware – free to download       programs you use. To be held on the          to include writing your profile, whether
and free to use. 100 of the best free         first Wednesday of each month.               or not to use a picture, privacy issues,
applications according to PC Magazine                                                      how to reply, how to say no, and how
in the categories of anti-malware,            Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                                                                           to be safe when the time comes for a
archivers, audio, backup, blogging,           Wed          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm          face-to-face meeting. Bring a pen and
browsers, conferencing and voice over         Drop-in      $2.25           Starts Oct 5    pad. Instructor: Andrea MacDonald,
internet phone (VOIP), disk utilities, file                                      
viewers & converters, graphics, system
utilities, videos, and many more will be      Computer: Flight Simulation                  Seniors’ Activity Centre
discussed. Instructor: Louis Vulliez          Come and fly with Nigel. This group          Thu          18 yrs + 2:00pm-5:00pm
Seniors’ Activity Centre                      will meet once a month on the fourth         791867       $60.00            Oct 13, 20
                                              Friday of each month. See Seniors            Non-member                        $90.00
Fri            55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:15pm         Scene for dates.
790195        $14.00              Nov 18
                                               Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                                                                           Technology: Moving to Mac
                                              Fri         55 yrs + 10:00am-12:00pm         For those who are deciding to purchase
Computer: Club
                                              782507 $2.25              Starts Sep 23      or have just purchased an Apple
For seniors who use a computer at                                                          Mac computer. Getting used to the
                                              Drop-in and non-member            $4.25
home. Come to our meetings to share                                                        new interface, opening and closing
your experience, ask questions or learn                                                    programs, customizing your computer,
by association. The club meets 2nd and        Computer Technology: What's                  filing & searching, updating software,
4th Wed of the month. There is also a         new in OS Lion                               installing and using widgets, caring for
$5.00 membership fee for the club on                                                       your new computer, backing up with
                                              Come to this class if you have a Mac
top of the drop-in fee. For information                                                    Time Machine, and an overview of
                                              and want to learn the what new things
on each session, please visit us online                                                    software that came for free with your
                                              you can do with the new OS LIon
at                                                                            computer will be covered. Instructor:
                                              Seniors' Activity Centre
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                                   Andrea MacDonald,
                                              Thur     18 yrs + 2:00pm-5:00pm    
Wed          55 yrs +     1:15pm-3:15pm
Drop-in     $2.25            Starts Sep 14    797067    $40.00          Sep 29             Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                              Non-member                $60.00
                                                                                           Thu          18 yrs + 2:00pm-5:00pm
Computer: drop-in User Clinic                                                              789939        $40.00              Oct 27
                                              Computer Technology: iPad,                   Non-member                       $60.00
The Drop-In Clinic will be staffed by
computer experts from the Seniors'            iPod Touch & iTunes
Centre Computer Club who will                 Bring your device. In this three-hour        Computer Technology: do your
answer your questions and help guide          course participants will tour their
                                              device, the iTunes store, learn how to
                                                                                           Christmas Shopping On-Line
you through subjects. These Clinics
                                              synchronize, download, and organize          Learn how to get the best out of
                                              apps and music, use the calendar and         shopping on-line for Christmas.
                                              notes, use voice activation, navigate        Seniors' Activity Centre
                                              iBook apps and the store, and make           Thu        18 yrs + 2:00pm-5:00pm
                                              purchases and send gifts. This class
                                              will not cover phone functions.              797268 $40.00                    Nov 3
                                              Instructor: Andrea MacDonald,                Non-member                      $60.00
                                              Seniors’ Activity Centre                       Effective August 24th, an annual
                                              Thu          18 yrs + 2:00pm-5:00pm            membership in the West Vancouver
                                                                                             Community Centres Society is
                                              789936 $40.00                      Oct. 6      required prior to registering in any
                                              Non-member                       $60.00        West Vancouver Community and
                                                                                             Aquatic Centre program or the
                                              Computer Technology: Online                    purchase of a one month, three
                                              dating Security                                month or annual Wave or Spirit
                                              The internet is a great way to meet            Pass.
                                              new people. We will look at a dating           Find out more information on
                                              web sites specifically geared to seniors,      page 7.

                                                                                   V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   139
Adults 55+

Computer Technology iPhoto
Tour iphoto, organize in albums and
Seniors' Activity Centre
Thu         18 yrs + 2:00pm-5:00pm
797417       $40.00             Nov 17
Non-member                     $60.00

Cooking Classes: harvest
Squashes come in many shapes and
sizes; the trick is to know what to do
with them! Squash is low in calories,
high in fibre, and contains vitamins
A, B, and C. These classes will show
you how to prepare easy, tasty recipes
using seasonal produce.
Seniors’ Activity Centre
Menu: Butternut Squash Soup,
Stuffed Acorn Squash
Mon           18 yrs + 6:00pm-8:00pm         fun, and innovative. Jan will lead you     Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                             through each stage with easy to follow     Fri                10:00am-12:00pm
792067        $35.00               Sep 12
                                             instructions. Be prepared to share
                                                                                        Drop-in    $2.25 Sep 9, Oct 7, Nov 4,
Menu: Southwest Spaghetti Squash,            and interact in the classroom while
                                             completing your compositions in your                    Dec 2, Jan 6, Feb 3, Mar 2
Chocolate Zucchini Loaf`
                                             own way at home. Instructor: Jan M.
Mon       18 yrs + 6:00pm-8:00pm             No class Oct 10                            Vision: Eye deal
793167    $35.00            Sep 19                                                      Eye Deal is a drop-in support group for
                                             Seniors’ Activity Centre
Menu: Butternut Squash Gratin,               Mon         55 yrs + 9:45am-11:45am        people with low vision. The program
Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie                                                                will consist of guest speakers and
                                             782543      $65.00         Sep 26-Dec 5    sharing of information. Leader: Eve D.
Mon       18 yrs + 6:00pm-8:00pm             Mon         55 yrs + 9:45am-11:45am        Seniors’ Activity Centre
793168    $35.00            Sep 26           787311      $65.00       Jan 9-Mar 12      Mon                   10:00am-12:00pm
                                                                                        Drop-in $2.25               Sep 19, Oct 17,
Creative Writing: Caron's                    Creative Writing: Writers circle                      Nov 21, Jan 16, Feb 20, Mar 19
Caron's Creative Writing will include        Come together in an informal and
exercises, guest speakers, group             encouraging atmosphere to share
interaction to nurture the muse, ideas,
                                                                                        Current affairs discussion
                                             your stories, poems, and memoirs. No       Join Jon Scott in discussions about
and artistic flow in creative writing.       instructor. No class Oct 10
Instructor: Caron P.                                                                    current international affairs hot spots
                                             Seniors’ Activity Centre                   like Iran and surrounding countries. He
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                             Mon          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm        will give some background information,
Thu          55 yrs + 1:30pm-3:30pm                                                     but you will be invited to engage in
                                             791868       $27.00         Sep 12-Dec 5
782541       $72.00         Sep 22-Dec 8                                                discussion and learn from each other.
Non-member                         $112.00   Mon         55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm         Jon is a former ambassador of Canada,
                                             796417      $27.00       Jan 9-Mar 26      has a PhD in Philosophy, and is an
Thu      55 yrs +         1:30pm-3:30pm                                                 adjunct professor at Simon Fraser
787289 $72.00                Jan 5-Mar 22                                               University. Jon will bring the first topic
                                             hearing: Sound advice                      but future topics are dependent on the
Non-member                         $112.00
                                             Sound Advice will include informal         group. No class Oct 11.
                                             workshops and discussions for people       Seniors’ Activity Centre
Creative Writing: With Jan                   who are hard of hearing. Sponsored
This is a basic and light-hearted course     by the Canadian hard of Hearing            Mon          55 yrs + 11:00am-12:00pm
will invite a different form of creative     Association-North Shore Branch,            782553 $20.00             Sep 26-Nov 21
writing with an imaginative twist while      this group will normally meet on the       Non-member                         $55.00
also teaching how to illustrate your         first Friday of each month. Please see
own unique work. It will be very simple,     Seniors' Scene for dates. Leader: Hugh

140      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                             Adults 55+

Language: English: Beginners                 Seniors’ Activity Centre
This class is for those who know some        Wed        55 yrs + 1:20pm-2:20pm
basic and limited English and want to        791267     $33.00        Sep 21-Dec 7
learn the very basic words that you
would use in everyday life. Instructor:      Wed         55 yrs +    1:20pm-2:20pm
Gultza M. No class, Oct 11. Participants     793069      $30.25          Jan 11-Mar 21
must understand some limited English
to be able to understand the instructor.     Language: French: Conversation
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Intermediate with Janette
Thu          55 yrs + 10:30am-12:00pm        Janette will be there for those who
789932 $30.25             Sep 29-Dec 8       want to have fun conversing with
                                             others and keeping their French
Non-member                        $64.75
                                             skills current. No beginners please.
                                             Instructor: Janette C.
Language: English: Let's Talk                Seniors’ Activity Centre
If you are able to speak a bit of English,
like to read, and would like to hone         Thu           55 yrs + 10:00am-11:30am
your speaking and listening skills,          778470       $27.50         Sep 29-Dec 1
come and join us for friendly and            Thu         55 yrs + 10:00am-11:30am
supportive conversations. Topics will        791571      $30.25       Jan 12-Mar 22
be participant-generated, either from
newspaper and magazine materials or
individual and community concerns.           Language: French: Conversation
Some reading knowledge of English is         Intermediate/advanced with
a must. (This is not a beginner’s class)     Marie                                        Language: Spanish Level 1
Instructor: Tess L.                          This course will be for the Intermediate     Did you know that learning a language
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     to Advanced student. Participants must       is one of the best ways to maintain a
                                             have a good comprehension of the             healthy brain? Learn everything from
Tue           55 yrs + 10:30am-12:00pm                                                    simple greetings to building perfect
778467        $30.25        Sep 27-Dec 6     language, as well as a fair vocabulary
                                             and understanding. Focus will be on          present tense sentences. Students will
Tue         55 yrs + 10:30am-12:00pm         enlarging vocabulary and becoming            be encouraged to speak in Spanish
                                             more fluent in the language. There will      from day one. Learn the basics of
793067      $30.25       Jan 10-Mar 20
                                             be no homework, just conversation.           Spanish as well as the culture of
                                             Instructor: Marie A.                         Spanish speaking countries. Book
Language: French 6                                                                        included in registration cost. Instructor:
This series will be a continuation of        Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Elias Merkins
the Spring program using the book            Wed         55 yrs + 10:00am-11:00am         Seniors’ Activity Centre
French Made Simple by Pamela Rose            778471      $30.25         Sep 21-Nov 30
Haze, ISBN 0-7679-1859-2. The book                                                        Tue          40 yrs + 4:30pm-6:00pm
is required and can be bought at Book                                                     792167       $118.50      Sep 20-Dec 6
Warehouse. Instructor: Martha O.             Language: Italian Social                     Non-member                       $175.00
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Conversation
Tue          55 yrs + 11:00am-12:30pm        This class will be suitable for those        Language: Spanish Level 2
                                             who have some knowledge of Italian.          Continuation from Fall program. This
782566       $33.00        Sep 27-Dec 13     Class will follow a textbook for             course will build on what was studied
                                             formal instruction, combined with            in Level 1. Instructor: Elias Merkins.
Language: French Intermediate                conversation and informal discussion.
                                                                                          Seniors’ Activity Centre
with Monique                                 Leader: Villa S.
These classes will include grammar,          Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Tue           40 yrs + 4:30pm-6:00pm
literature, current events discussion,                                                    793718        $118.50       Jan 10-Mar 20
                                             Sat          55 yrs + 10:30am-12:00pm
and conversation. Students will be                                                        Non-member                         $175.00
expected to be familiar with the             778472 $33.00               Sep 17-Dec 3
common verb tenses, be able to use           Non-member                         $73.00
pronouns, read 2-3 pages of French           Sat      55 yrs + 10:30am-12:00pm
(with a dictionary), and be able to
                                             792826 $33.00          Jan 7-Mar 24
discuss in French with other students.
Instructor: Monique M.                       Non-member                   $73.00

                                                                                  V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   141
Adults 55+

Language: Spanish Level 7                   Language: Spanish:                           experienced Personal Trainer, Fitness
Registrants must have finished Level        Conversation Social                          Instructor, and Walk/Run Clinic Leader.
6 readings, group discussions, and          For those fluent in Spanish who want to      Seniors Activity Centre
conversation groups. Instructor:            converse with others. No instruction.        Mon          55 yrs + 1:30pm-3:00pm
Marilu A.                                   Seniors’ Activity Centre                     790127       $10.00              Sep 12
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                            Fri          18 yrs + 9:50am-11:50am         Mon         55 yrs +   1:30pm-3:00pm
Thu         40 yrs + 4:30pm-6:00pm                                                       790128      $10.00             Mar 19
                                            778473 $2.25              Sep 9-Dec 16
778475 $100.50            Sep 22-Dec 1      Non-member                       $3.25
Non-member                     $150.00                                                   Lecture: Emergency
Thu      40 yrs + 4:30pm-6:00pm             Language: Traveller's Spanish:               Preparedness
792867   $100.50     Jan 5-Mar 22           at gleneagles                                If disaster strikes, we need to be ready
Non-member                $150.00                                                        to take the necessary measures to
                                            Needing to brush up on your Spanish
                                                                                         survive for lengthy periods of time,
                                            before heading to warmer climates?
Language: Spanish:                                                                       sometime without assistance. The
                                            This group will meet on alternate
                                                                                         preparation of emergency kits, safety
Conversation Intermediate to                Thursdays. Instructor: Claudia, formally
                                                                                         procedures in dangerous situations,
advanced                                    a journalist in Mexico.
                                                                                         and advice about when and how to
This is the highest level of all the        Gleneagles Community Centre                  seek help will be explored. Brought to
Spanish classes offered at the              Thu           All ages   7:00-8:00pm         you by COSCO.
centre. Reading, translation, and           788703        $22.00       Sep 13-Dec 8      Seniors’ Activity Centre
vocabulary development will be the
focus. Application of verb tenses                                                        Mon           18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:00pm
and other elements of grammar will          Lecture - Mindful Eating                     789719        $3.00                Sep 19
be incorporated into conversation           This will be a lecture style, 90-minute
practice. Instructor: Haydee T.             session promoting a healthy balanced         Lecture: gardening Orchids-
Seniors’ Activity Centre                    approach to food. Rooted in Health           Basic Keeping your Orchid
                                            Canada's 'Canada Food Guide', the            healthy
Tue          55 yrs + 1:00pm-2:30pm         session will present sound nutritional
782562       $35.75          Sep 27-Dec 6   principles, helpful tips for healthy food    Orchids are easy to take care of and
                                            choices, portion control, and weight         the blooms last for months. Learn
Tue          55 yrs +    1:00pm-2:30pm                                                   when and how to re-pot, recognize if
792868       $35.75         Jan 10-Mar 20   management strategies. There will
                                            be time for Q&A, a handy take away           the plant is suffering, and more. Bring
                                            handout, and suggestions for meal            one plant for diagnosis. Instructor:
                                            and snack planning. Presenter, Penny         Haydee T.
                                            Stratas, is an experiences Personal          Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                            Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and Walk/       Tue          55 yrs + 10:00am-12:00pm
  REntaLS anD                               Run Clinic leader who has spoken to
                                            numerous corporate and community             777717       $14.00              Sep 20
  CatERInG at thE                                                                        Non-member                       $24.00
  SEnIoRS' aCtIvIty                         Seniors Activity Centre
                                                                                         Lecture: gardening Orchids -
  CEntRE                                    Mon          55 yrs + 1:30pm-3:00pm
                                                                                         Tips on how to get Blooms
                                            790130       $5.00                  Oct 31
  604-925-7285                                                                           Haydee will give you tips on how to                  Mon         55 yrs +    1:30pm-3:00pm        get the orchid that you got as a gift to
                                            790131      $5.00                 Feb 6      bloom again. You will need to know the
  Please call our bookings clerk                                                         basics of keeping your orchid healthy.
  for information about room                Lecture: Walking for Fitness                 Instructor: Haydee T.
  rentals and catering services.            This 90-minute session will provide an       Seniors’ Activity Centre
  We have a variety of rooms                overview of a regular walking program        Tue          55 yrs + 12:30pm-2:30pm
  available for conferences,                as part of a balanced fitness regime. It     777820 $14.00                    Sep 20
  meetings and parties. Pick up             will include instruction on technique,
                                                                                         Non-member                       $24.00
  a brochure from our office to             form and posture, clothing for comfort
  see items available to help you           and climate, shoe choices, how
  cater your event.                         long to walk, and how often. Come
                                            prepared for a 20-minute walk in any
                                            weather. Presenter, Penny Stratas, is an

142      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                           Adults 55+

Lecture: Olga Kotelko                       Lecture: Travel Slide                        Lecture: Opera Preview romeo
Olga Kotelko travels the globe, breaking    Presentation on the abayudaya                and Juliet
world records at international track        Jews of Uganda                               Elder College, in conjunction with
and field competitions. That in itself is   Lorne Mallin, a journalist, will show        Vancouver Opera, presents Opera
remarkable, but here’s the catch - she’s    a multimedia presentation on living,         Preview on Romeo and Juliet. Listen to
92 years old! She currently holds 17        working, and helping with the                the charismatic Nicolas Krusek lecture
world records in her age category. In       world's most unusual African Jewish          and play music from the famous opera.
2010, McGill University studied Olga to     community in a village in eastern            Seniors’ Activity Centre
see why she didn’t seem to be ageing.       Uganda.
Bone scans showed her bone density                                                       Mon         18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:00pm
is actually increasing. So what's Olga’s    Seniors’ Activity Centre                     781869      $2.25                  Nov 7
secret?                                     Thu         18 yrs + 7:00pm-8:30pm
Seniors’ Activity Centre                    785817     $8.00                    Oct 6    Lecture: Sinfonia Preview:
Fri           55 yrs +     1:30 – 2:30pm    Non-member                         $10.50    String Serenade
793769        $3.00               Sept 30                                                Elder College in conjunction with
                                            Lecture: Four great                          Sinfonia presents Sinfonia previews.
Lecture: Opera Preview                      Performers: Lois armstrong,                  Lectures and music on with Clyde
Westside Story                              Fred astair, Judy garland, and               Mitchell.
Elder College, in conjunction with          Edith Piaf                                   Seniors’ Activity Centre
Vancouver Opera, presents Opera             Some performers live on many years           Mon          18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:30pm
Preview - Westside Story. Nicolas           after their death. A common thread           Drop-in     $2.25                Nov 14
Krusek will lecture and play music from     seems to be talent and a need to share
this new co-production.                     their gift with the world. Join CBC          Lecture: E Book reader
Seniors’ Activity Centre                    Radio contributor and SFU Seniors
                                            Lecturer Neil Ritchie as he presents         Want to know about E-book readers?
Mon          18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:30pm                                                      What are the different types out
                                            the lives and music of Louis Armstrong
Drop-in      $2.25               Sep 26                                                  there? What can you download? This
                                            and Fred Astaire on October 21, and
                                            Edith Piaf and Judy Garland on Nov 18.       class will answer all of your questions.
Lecture: Travel – Three                                                                  Presented by London Drugs. Time for
                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre                     questions.
Overlooked Places in Paris                  Fri           18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:30pm         Seniors’ Activity Centre
Phillipe will talk on the Jean-Jacques      793071        $8.00               Oct 21
Henner museum (painter's life and                                                        Mon          55 yrs + 1:30pm-3:00pm
                                            Non-member                        $10.50     782767       $3.00                Nov 21
look at a couple of paintings), The
Catacombs, and the Vincennes Castle         Fri      18 yrs +       1:30pm-3:30pm
(history and what tourists can expect       793967   $8.00                  Nov 18
during their visit).
                                                                                         Lecture: resources for Seniors
                                            Non-member                      $10.50       Susie Chant from VCH will discuss the
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                                                                         options that are available on the North
Fri           55 yrs + 1:30pm-2:30pm        Lecture: Naturopathic Medicine               Shore to seniors in terms of support
794017        $3.00                Sep 30                                                services and retirement housing.
                                            Dr. Gaetano Morello, of Complement
                                            Healthcare, will try to make sense of        Seniors’ Activity Centre
Lecture: Sinfonia Preview:                  naturopathic medicine for you. There         Mon         55 yrs +       1:30-2:30pm
Liszt's piano concerto No. 1                is so much misinformation about it           793070      $3.00                Nov 28
                                            and he will discuss what has and what
Elder College, in conjunction with
                                            hasn't been proven. Come and ask
Sinfonia, presents Sinfonia Previews.                                                    Lecture: Sinfonia Preview:
Lectures and music with Clyde Mitchell
Open to any age.                            Seniors’ Activity Centre                     Mozart & Messiah
                                            Mon          55 yrs + 1:30pm-2:30pm          Elder College, in conjunction with
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                            782768      $3.00                Oct 24      Sinfonia, presents Sinfonia Previews.
Mon          18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:00pm                                                      Lectures and music with Clyde
Drop-in      $2.25                 Oct 3                                                 Mitchell.
                                                                                         Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                                                                         Mon          18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:30pm
                                                                                         Drop-in      $2.25                Dec 12

                                                                                V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   143
Adults 55+

Lecture: Sinfonia Preview:                 Lectures and music with Clyde
                                           Mitchell. Open to any age.
Cello romance
Elder College, in conjunction with         Seniors’ Activity Centre
Sinfonia, presents Sinfonia Previews.      Mon         18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:00pm
Lectures and music with Clyde              Drop-in     $2.25             Mar 26
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                           Memory games for the Body,
Mon          18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:30pm        Balance, and Brain
Drop-in      $2.25                Jan 23
                                           You will learn tips for remembering
                                           names enjoy brain games and quizzes,
Lecture: Four Chronic diseases             learn ways to improve your posture
This workshop will assist participants     and balance and exercise your mind
to identify the warning signs of four      and body.
of the diseases that are most likely       Seniors’ Activity Centre
to affect the health of senior adults:     Tue          55 yrs + 2:00pm-4:00pm
Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and       782974       $84.00        Sep 13-Dec 13
Lung Disease. Early recognition will be
emphasized and appropriate resources       Tue         55 yrs + 2:00pm-4:00pm
for information and assistance will be     788111      $72.00      Jan 10- Mar 27
identified. Brought to you by COSCO.
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   Stamp Club
Mon          55 yrs + 1:30pm-3:00pm        Look at collections and discuss
789725       $3.00                Jan 30   philately. New members are welcome.
Non-member                         $4.00   Please see Seniors Scene for details.      Billiards
                                           The club meets on the first and third      This beautiful room with first class
                                           Thursdays of each month, except in         equipment is available for members
Lecture: Sinfonai Preview:                 September.                                 to pick up games with supervised
Classics and Clarinet                      Seniors’ Activity Centre                   play. (Starts September 6 and will be
Elder College in conjunction with          Thu          55 yrs + 12:30pm-3:00pm       ongoing.)
Sinfonia presents Sinfonia previews.                                                  No play Oct 10, Nov 11,12, 13, Dec 25,
Lectures and music with Clyde              Drop-in      $2.25          Starts Sep 8
                                                                                      26, 27 .
Mitchell. Open to any age.                                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                           SkatInG                                    Mon          55 yrs + 9:00am-12:00pm
Mon          18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:30pm                                                                        Ladies have priority
                                           Please see page 118 for information on
Drop-in     $2.25                Feb 20    skating programs or page 11 for drop-in    Mon          55 yrs + 12:00pm-8:30pm
                                           programs.                                  Tue-Thu 55 yrs + 9:00am-8:30pm
Lecture: Opera Preview:
                                                                                      Fri          55 yrs + 9:00am-3:30pm
Barber of Seville
                                                                                      Sat          55 yrs + 9:00am-3:30pm
Elder College, in conjunction with
Vancouver Opera, presents Opera                                                       Sun          55 yrs + 11:00am-3:30pm
Preview on Barber of Seville. Come                                                    Drop-in                          $.75/hr
listen to charismatic Nicoloas Krusek
lecture and play music from this new                                                  Billiards: Beginner Basic Skills
production. Everyone welcome.                                                         Day1: Cue selection, stance, cradles,
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                              and basic stroke. Day2: Cue ball strike
Mon          18 yrs + 1:30pm-3:30pm                                                   zones, sighting, and aiming. Day3:
Drop-in      $2.25                Mar 5                                               Object ball strike zones, sighting, and
                                                                                      angles. Day4: Basic rules of snooker.
                                                                                      Instructor: Dave R.
Lecture: Sinfonia Preview:                                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre
Beethoven with Sara Beuchner
                                                                                      Tue          55 yrs + 9:00am-10:00am
Elder College in conjunction with                                                     778369       $12.00         Oct 4-Oct 25
Sinfonia presents Sinfonia previews.

144      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                             Adults 55+

                                              We are always interested in new
Bridge is now in the Learning Section.
                                              programs at the Seniors’ Activity
                                              Centre. If you have a skill that
Canasta Club
                                              you think you would like to share
Seniors’ Activity Centre                      with the seniors, or any other
Sat        55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm             suggestions, please contact
Drop-in    $2.25       Sep 10-Dec 10,         Sylvia Lung by email at slung@
                         Jan 7-Mar 31

Circle of Friendship                          EnJoy DInInG WIth US
This social time will be for women 50+,       at thE GaRDEn SIDE
designed to offer companionship, lively       CafÉ
discussions, fun, caring, sharing, and
more. Stay for lunch after. See bulletin      avaILaBLE EvERy Day!
board for details. Leader: Zan.                                                           call and make a hand.
                                              Hot and cold Lunches,                       Seniors’ Activity Centre
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                              Sandwiches, Desserts, Snacks,
Sat          50 yrs + 10:30am-12:00pm                                                     Thu        55 yrs + 4:00pm-6:00pm
                                              Beverages, fresh Baked Goods                786317     $10.00      Sep 29-Oct 13
Drop-in      $2.25        Sep 10-Dec 17,      monday-friday 9am-3:30pm
                            Jan 7-Mar 31      (hot lunches 11:30-1:30pm)
Non-member and drop-in              $3.25                                                 Scrabble
                                              monday & Thursday night dinners
                                                                                          Enjoy afternoons of fun and challenge
                                              5-7pm                                       with others who love playing the game
Coffee Talk                                   Saturday 10am-2pm                           of Scrabble.
Would you like to meet new people,            (hot lunches 11:30-1:30pm)                  Seniors’ Activity Centre
but don't know how to go about it?            Sunday 11am-2pm
Come and join us for a cup of coffee                                                      Sat          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm
and informal conversation on Mondays          (hot lunches 11:30                          Drop-in      $2.25        Sep 10-Dec 3,
in the Centre's lounge. Everyone                                                                                     Jan 7-Mar 31
welcome! Leader: Wynn D. No Coffee
Talk Oct 10.                                Movies
                                            Join us every Sunday for a great new          Keeping Connected
Senior's Activity Centre
                                            movie. See Seniors' Scene for movie           These specialized programs are
Mon       55 yrs + 11:00am-12:00pm          titles, descriptions, and dates.              designed to provide additional support
Drop-in Pay for coffee Sep 12-Dec 19,                                                     for seniors requiring help to stay
                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre
                           Jan 9-Mar 26                                                   involved in their community. We will
                                            Sun                      1:00pm-3:30pm        provide transportation to people in the
                                            Register at front desk            $2.00       neighbourhood, financial assistance,
Coronation Street Chat group
                                                                                          one-on-one volunteer support, and
Join the group to dig into the latest                                                     reminder phone calls.
events on this famous English Street.       Poker Club
                                                                                          Programs Include:
The group meets on the last Sunday of       Join us for a friendly game of poker.         • Men’s Group -lunch and meeting
each month.                                 Each player purchases $1.00 worth of          • Men's Walking Group - 30-40
Seniors’ Activity Centre                    chips to play with. No play on Nov 12.          minute walks
                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre                      • Ladies Social Club -Outings, games,
Sun         55 yrs + 12:30pm-2:30pm
                                            Tue          55 yrs + 4:45pm-8:45pm             friendship
Drop-in     $2.25           Starts Sep 25
                                                                                          • Stepping out bus trips
                                            Sat                    10:00am-3:00pm         • Current conversations class: chair
Cribbage                                    Drop-in                    $ 2.25 + $1.00       exercise and discussions
                                                            Sep 10-Dec 13, Jan 7-Apr 3    • Strollers: mall walking group
A social time for players of varying
abilities. Leader: Wendy C.                                                               • Meet and Munch: Lunch and group
                                            Poker: Basics                                   discussion.
Seniors’ Activity Centre
Tue           55 yrs +   1:15pm-3:15pm      Always wanted to play poker but didn't        If you know of someone who would
Drop-in       $2.25        Sep 6-Dec 13,    know the rules? Come and learn the            benefit from the support we provide,
                                            very basics of poker, what types of           please contact Joni Vajda, Outreach
                            Jan 3-Mar 27    games there are, the rules, and how to        Coordinator at 604-925-7211.

                                                                                  V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   145
Adults 55+

EvEnt                                        EvEntS: CRaft
Event: Chez Lou and ron
Menu: Insalata Capreese, Raspberry           Sunday, November 13
Sorbet, Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb,           10:00 am- 3:00 pm
Mashed Yukon Gold pototaoes,                 Seniors’ Activity Centre
Ratatouille Nicoise, Chocolate Truffle       (In conjunction with the West
Mousse + 1 glass of wine. Doors open         Vancouver Community Centre)
5:30pm. Sign up for table reservation.       Everyone Is Welcome!!!
No host bar.                                 Do all your shopping in one day at this
Seniors’ Activity Centre                     terrific annual craft market, and get an
Wed         55 yrs + 6:00pm-8:30pm           early start on your Holiday shopping.
                                             All crafts and gifts will be hand made.
785820 $30.00                   Sep 28
                                             Purchase Holiday baked goods, including
Non-member                      $35.00       our much sought after fruit cakes. Enjoy
                                             lunch in our Cafeteria or Wassail room
Events: Fashion Show                         while you shop.
Take a look at us now. Featuring
Fashions for Men and Women from              Craft Fair Table Rentals
Jones of New York, Nygard, Ralph             Table Rentals for Craft Fair are available to Charitable Organizations and
Lauren, and more. Models will be from        Seniors Activity Centre Members. Cost is $50.00. Table reservations will be
the Seniors Centre. Door Prizes and          available Sept 12, 2011 at 9:00am.
refreshments. Convener: Decima S.
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                            dances                                      Wed         Members 2:45pm-4:30pm
Wed         55 yrs + 2:30pm-4:30pm                                                      773617      n/c             Dec 21
                                            Come and dance at one of the best
782550 $12.00                     Oct 5     dance floors in the lower mainland.
Non-Member                       $17.00     Dust of your dancing shoes off and join     Event: New years Eve Bash in
                                            your friends on the fourth Thursday of
                                            every month. Music provided by a live       New york Time
Event: WWII Vets Luncheon
                                            band . Cash bar in effect. Singles and      Say goodbye to 2011 in style and to
This will be a special event for                                                        New York time. The Men in Black will
members that served in WW II &              non-members are welcomed.
                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre                    be performing their wonderful jazz/
Korean War 50/53. This event will                                                       dance music to rign in the New Year for
be restricted to Service Members            Bob York and the Nu Yorkers Band            us. Come dance to all your favourites.
and their guest. Entertainment: Gwen                                                    Cash bar will be in effect. Cost includes
                                            Thu         40 yrs + 6:30pm-9:30pm
Gouchee                                                                                 live music, dinner, and a champagne
                                            782546 $8.00                      Sep 29
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                                toast to the end of another amazing
                                            Non-member                        $10.00
Sat          55 yrs + 12:00pm-3:00pm                                                    year. Come join us. Doors open at
767924       $22.50              Oct 22     Milleraires Big Band                        4:30pm for no host bar and dinner
                                                                                        starts at 5:00pm.
                                            Thu        40 yrs + 6:30pm-9:30pm
Event: West Van adult Band                                                              Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                            782547 $8.00                Oct 27
Concert                                     Non-member                  $10.00          Sat          55 yrs + 5:00pm-10:00pm
Enjoy this concert by the West Van                                                      789956 $60.00                      Dec 31
Adult Band. Everyone is welcome. We         Gwen Gouchee Band                           Non -Member                       $65.00
encourage you to register in advance        Thu      40 yrs + 6:30pm-9:30pm
to assist us with set up and, if there      782548 $8.00              Nov 24            Event: Navigating Possibilities
are any changes, we can contact you.
                                            Non-member                $10.00            for 55+
Part of the proceeds will be used as a
fundraiser for the band.                                                                Embrace your next purpose and
Seniors’ Activity Centre                    Event: Minced and Mulled                    travel possibility! Experts will spark
                                            Another annual Christmas Tradition.         your excitement with information,
Mon          All ages 7:00pm-8:00pm                                                     workshops, fashion show, antique
785371       $5.50                 Oct 24   The board invites members to join
                                            them to toast the season and enjoy a        show, and more as we open the
                                            goodie.                                     doors to the many retirement and
                                                                                        travel possibilities. Watch for more
                                            Seniors’ Activity Centre

146      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                          Adults 55+
                                                                                                            EVENT / SpORTS

information in the North Shore News
and Seniors Scene Newsletter.
Seniors Activity Centre
Sun      55 yrs + 11:00 am – 3:00pm
Jan 29

Event: robbie Burns dinner
The 33rd Annual Robbie Burns Dinner.
A wonderful tradition at the Seniors'
Activity Centre. Haggis, entertainment.
and much more.
Seniors' Activity Centre
Wed         55 yrs + 5:30pm-9:30pm
775267      $28.00                Jan 18
Non-Member                       $33.00

Event: robbie Burns dinner
Robbie Burns dinner is back for another
year of celebration, featuring the
Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra and a
catered buffet dinner.
Gleneagles Community Centre
Sat         Family 5:30pm-11:00pm
793132      $45.00                 Jan 21   Basketball: Masters:                       Pitch n Putt Par Three
                                            at gleneagles                              Tournament
                                            Retired and looking for an afternoon of    We will wrap up the season with
SPoRtS                                      basketball? Join us for a game, followed   a tournament. The tournament
                                            by post-game bragging at Larson            and luncheon this year will be on
Badminton: 55+ Member                       Station at the Golf clubhouse.             September 22. Shot-gun start for all
Come and have a fun game with               Gleneagles Community Centre                players starts at 8:30am at Ambleside
other seniors. No beginners please.                                                    Par 3. There will be a wind-up luncheon
                                            Thu          55 yrs + 3:00pm-5:00pm        at 1:00pm. Location and price of
Please also wear clean indoor shoes.        789868       $160.00        Oct 6-Apr 26
March 15, 4:14pm-6:15pm; March 22,                                                     luncheon is to be announced.
4:45pm-6:45pm. Leader: Jean K.                                                         Ambleside Park
West Vancouver Community Centre             Cross Country Skiing                       Requires SAC membership
Requires SAC membership                     Come snow shoe or cross country ski        Thu         55 yrs + 8:30am-4:00pm
                                            on Wednesdays or Fridays. Participants
Thu         55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm                                                     776717                           Sep 22
                                            need to be a member of the Seniors'
782536 $46.50             Sep 8-Dec 15      Activity Centre and join to be a
787621      $42.25        Jan 5-Mar 29      member of the cross country and snow
                                            show group. Cost of bus from civic            Effective August 24th, an
Badminton: adults 55+:                      site to Hollyburn and back is $5.00           annual membership in the
                                            each day. Sign up for the bus prior to        West Vancouver Community
at gleneagles                               departure. Trips will occasionally be         Centres Society is required
Badminton with a twist: We will have        weather dependent. The season starts          prior to registering in any West
an Instructor on site to give pointers,     and ends when the mountain is open.           Vancouver Community and
tips, and rules on improving your game.     Seniors’ Activity Centre                      Aquatic Centre program or the
Instructor: Manu.                           Wed, Fri 55 yrs + 9:15am-9:30am               purchase of a one month, three
Gleneagles Community Centre                 790136       $10.00       Nov 2-Mar 30        month or annual Wave or Spirit
Mon          55 yrs + 1:00pm-3:00pm                                         (approx)      pass.
785372       $70.00        Sep 12-Dec 19
Drop-in                            $6.25                                                  Find out more information on
                                                                                          page 7.

                                                                               V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   147
Adults 55+

ramblers (Mon)                               the hike. For more information please         Sat         55 yrs + 12:30pm-2:30pm
Ramblers meet at the West Vancouver          visit us online at www.westvancouver.         Sun                   11:15am-1:00pm
Seniors' Activity Centre and hike an         ca/seniors for hike locations on the
                                             Outdoor Sports link.                          Thu                      6:30-8:30pm
average of eight to ten kilometres every                                                   Drop-in     $2.25         Sep 10-Dec 8
Monday, regardless of the weather.           Senior's Activity Centre (departure
                                                                                                                     Jan 7-Mar 29
New participants will need to contact        and return)
the leader prior to the hike. Bus trips      Tue,Thu       55yrs + 9am – 4pm approx
to different locations will take place
on the last Monday of the month.
                                             765405                $12/yr or $1 drop in    tRIPS & oUtInGS
Everyone must have appropriate
footwear and clothing for any weather,       Cycling: West Vancouver                       IKEa Shopping (Coquitlam)
in addition to food and water for the        Norwest Cycling Club
hike. For more information, and to                                                         Take a trip to the IKEA Store in
see the locations of hikes, please visit     Rides will start at 9:00am (10:00am           Coquitlam. Hop on the Seniors' Activity
us online at           in winter) from the Seniors' Activity         Centre bus and we'll take you to this
seniors, on the Outdoor Sports link.         Centre, or you can meet at coffee.            HUGE store. Shop and enjoy the many
                                             Rides are 50 kilometres or more in            deals or one of the cheapest meals in
Senior's Activity Centre (departure          distance at a pace of at least 20km/hr.       the Lower Mainland. We will stop at
and return)                                  Rides will be for experienced cyclists        BOSA foods on the way home.
Mon          55yrs + 9am – 3pm approx        only. Bring a lunch unless otherwise          Seniors’ Activity Centre
779467                $12/yr or $1 drop-in   informed. Routes and destinations will
                                             be emailed out prior to the ride. New         Fri          55 yrs +    10:00am-3pm
                                             cyclists, please call the trip leader prior   783767       $15.00               Sep 9
hikers (Tue/Thu)                             to the trip. For more information
The group hikes every Tuesday                        galiano Tours - Joy Brown:
throughout the year, and Thursdays           Senior's Activity Centre (departure           Coombs, Parksville, and
from May to October only, throughout         and return)
the Lower Mainland. Both days will                                                         qualicum
travel to locations a little farther away    Wed, Fri 55 yrs + 9:00am-9:15am               Visit beautiful Vancouver Island. A
using a bus once a month. Thursday           788278 $32.00               Sep 7-Dec 28,     two-course lunch will be served in an
hikes will be more strenuous and go to                                           2012*     elegant resort with ocean views near
higher elevations. The group will depart     (*please note, for 16 months)                 Parksville. Sample wine and cheese
from the east entrance to the Senior's                                                     at Little Qualicum Cheese Works and
Activity Centre Cafeteria at 9:00am                                                        Winery. Explore the charming village of
sharp, and the hikes last approximately      Cycling: Tuesdays                             Qualicum Beach and more.
four to six hours. Proper clothing,          The Tuesday cyclists meet April               Seniors’ Activity Centre
footwear, and food and water must            through to the end of October at
be carried in a backpack. New hikers:        10:15am at various locations in the           Wed          55 yrs + 7:20am-7:20pm
Please phone the trip leader prior to        lower mainland. They ride between             790119       $100.00              Sep 12
                                             30-50 kilometers at a pace of about
                                             20km/hr. Participants will be notified        Pitch and Putt golfers - Trip to
                                             the night before via email if the ride
                                             is cancelled due to weather and if it’s
                                                                                           Poppy Estates
                                             necessary to pack a lunch. For a list of      Golfers! Trip to Poppy Estate in
                                             rides, please visit us online at              Aldergrove. The bus will pick up at
                                    - look           the Seniors Centre and bring you
                                             at the Outdoor Sports link.                   back. (Cost includes green fees and
                                                                                           transportation only.)
                                             Requires SAC membership.
                                                                                           Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                             Sports: Table Tennis                          Wed          55 yrs + 8:30am-3:30pm
                                             We play for fun. New players will be                                          (approx)
                                             welcome.                                      775377       $54.00               Sep 14
                                             Saturdays 12:30pm-2:30pm, Sundays
                                             11:15am-1pm, some Thursdays 6:30-             Cultus Lake
                                             8:30pm. Please see newsletter for
                                                                                           Enjoy at day at Cultus Lake. Our bus
                                             changes. Leader: Konrad C. No class
                                                                                           will take you out to the lake where
                                             Oct 22, Nov 12,13, 19, Dec 10
                                                                                           you can go for a walk, explore the
                                             Seniors’ Activity Centre                      little shops, or relax at the park. Cost

148      FA L L | W I N T E R   LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                          Adults 55+
                                                                                                          TRIpS & OUTINGS

of trip includes picnic lunch and
transportation.                                                                           SENIOrS' KEEPINg
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                                  CONNECTEd
Fri          55 yrs + 10:00am-3:30pm                                                      PrOgraMS
786567       $35.00               Sep 16
                                                                                          These specialized programs are
                                                                                          designed to provide additional
Bard on the Beach: Merchant of                                                            support to seniors requiring help to
Venice                                                                                    stay involved in their community.
Join us for the Bard on the Beach                                                         We will provide transportation
Shakespeare Festival - which runs                                                         to people in the neighbourhood,
June to September under the tents                                                         financial assistance, one on one
and Vanier Park in Vancouver. Cost                                                        volunteer support, and reminder
includes admission and transportation/                                                    phone calls. There is a men’s group,
parking.                                                                                  ladies social club, bus trips, chair
                                                                                          exercises, conversation groups,
Seniors’ Activity Centre                   The great Thrift Store                         mall strolling programs and a men’s
Wed          55 yrs + 11:45am-4:30pm       adventure – White rock,                        walking group. If you know of
782720       $50.00              Sep 21    Ladner, Tsawwassen                             someone who would benefit from
                                                                                          the support we provide, please
                                           Visit three great locations and explore        contact Joni Vajda, Outreach
Capilano hatchery                          the thrift stores, museums, or local           Coordinator @ 604-925-7211 for
Come see the salmon jump up the            shops in these pretty towns; White             an appointment.
ladders at the Capilano Hatchery.          Rock, Ladner and Tsawwassen. A
The bus will drive you to the Hatchery     delicious two-course lunch will be
                                           served in Ladner village. A fun and            Flu Shots
where you can explore the salmon
pools and trails for an hour. Then you     relaxing day out.                              The Health Department will be
will travel to Edgemont Village, where     Seniors’ Activity Centre                       administering free flu vaccinations
you can get a coffee or explore the                                                       at the Seniors’ Activity Centre.
                                           Wed           55 yrs + 9:15am-4:30pm           You must be 65 years old or
stores. Cost includes transportation       790120        $65.00              Oct 12
only.                                                                                     older (some exceptions based
                                                                                          on medical conditions such as
Seniors’ Activity Centre                                                                  diabetes or pregnancy).
                                           halloween Fun Tour
Thu           55 yrs +    10:00am-2pm                                                     Fri     65 yrs +       1pm-4:30pm
                                           The ghoulish evening will start with a
786579        $5.00               Sep 29                                                  Drop-in                       Nov 4
                                           guided tour of the Vancouver Police
                                           Museum built in 1932 as the City
Enjoy Tour and Travel with Troy            Morgue. Share in stories about local           Seniors' One Stop
Opper – Cranbrerry Celebration             characters, exploits, and chilling tales
                                           before a three-course upgraded dinner          Information Line
Tour                                                                                      If you need information but are
                                           at the Gastown's Old Spaghetti Factory.
BC is the world's third largest                                                           not sure which agency to contact,
                                           Seniors’ Activity Centre
produces of cranberries. Celebrate the                                                    the Seniors’ One Stop Information
harvest leading up to the 16th Annual      Tue         55 yrs + 2:45pm-9:00pm             line will be able to direct you to the
Cranberry Festival in Fort Langley         790172      $95.00                 Oct 25      right agency. Call 604-925-7474 or
with a guided cranberry bog tour and                                                      604-983-3303. Please visit us
cranberry inspired tasting throughout                                                     online at
the day. Visit the Fort Wine Co. and       Behind the Scenes Tour
more.                                      Take part in this unique opportunity
                                           to tour a working television and radio         Special Services
Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                           facility. The BC studios are located           Volunteers from the Special
Wed         55 yrs + 9:45am-5:45pm         in the heart of downtown Vancouver             Services Committee help less able
790171      $100.00                Oct 5   and provide a fascinating insight into         seniors with friendly phone calls
                                           breaking news, television, and radio           and transportation to doctors,
                                           production.                                    therapy, and banks on the North
                                           Seniors’ Activity Centre                       Shore. For information call
                                           Wed           55 yrs + 8:45am-4:00pm
                                           790173        $100.00             Nov 16

                                                                               V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   149
rentals                                                                                           View images of all of the rooms at

WEST VaNCOUVEr                                       that open out to the Water Fountain and
                                                     Great Lawn, one mirrored wall, remote
                                                                                                    PA sound system, dimmable lighting, and
COMMUNITy CENTrE                                     controlled window shades, built-in sound       Recommended for: Sports activities
                                                     system with CD/iPod and PA sound
2121 Marine Drive                                                                                   dance and Fitness Studio
                                                     system, dimmable lighting, and 300 sq. ft.
A leader in energy and environment design,           kitchen.                                       Size: 1000 sq. ft.
the Community Centre is 83,659 sq. ft.               Recommended for: Rehearsals, meetings,         Capacity: 85 guests
of striking architecture. Using glass, light,        and social gatherings                          Features: Hardwood sprung floors,
and space this inspiring design aims to                                                             one mirrored wall, one ballet bar, floor
strengthen the community by bringing                                                                to ceiling windows, dimmable lighting,
people and partners together in their                                                               remote controlled window shades, built-in
activities. Professional or playful, intimate                                                       sound system with CD/iPod and PA sound
or lavish, the West Vancouver Community                                                             system, and kitchen nook with sink and bar
Centre has the right venue to make your                                                             fridge.
private function a memorable success. For                                                           Recommended for: Rehearsals, meetings
more information please contact the West                                                            and social gatherings
Vancouver Community Centre:
Phone: 604-921-3411                                                                                 art Studio
Email:                                                                 Size: 1080 sq. ft.
                                                                                                    Capacity: 70 guests
The Partial atrium South                                                                            Features: Rolling tables and chairs,
Size: 1375 sq. ft.                                                                                  counter space with two sinks, floor to
Capacity: 120 guests                                                                                ceiling windows, remote controlled window
                                                     The Ocean Room, West Vancouver
Features: Stunning 40ft ceilings, built-                                                            shades as well as studio lighting.
                                                     Community Centre
in PA sound system with iPod outlet,                                                                Recommended for: Art activities,
dimmable lighting, polished concrete,                The Ocean room                                 meetings, and informal social gatherings
floor to ceiling glass opens out to Spirit
                                                     Size: 990 sq. ft.                              The Mountain room
Square, Water Fountain, and the Great
                                                     Capacity: 85 guests
Lawn. The drop down screen divides                                                                  Size: 414 sq. ft.
                                                     Features: Spectacular water views, floor
the Atrium, creating a more intimate                                                                Capacity: 14
                                                     to ceiling windows, maple floors, built-in
reception area supporting up to 120 guests                                                          Features: Located on the main floor, this
                                                     sound system with CD/iPod and PA sound
standing. Extend to The Spirit Room to                                                              professional meeting space features a
                                                     system, remote controlled window shades,
accommodate an additional 150 guests                                                                grand conference table, wireless internet,
                                                     dimmable lighting, and small kitchen nook
standing.                                                                                           white boards, kitchen nook with sink,
                                                     with sink and bar fridge.
Recommended for: Social gatherings                                                                  microwave and bar fridge, 50 inch flat
                                                     Recommended for: Rehearsals, meetings,
* Available after 6:00pm only, must be rented with                                                  screen, and seating for 14.
                                                     and social gatherings
the Spirit Room.                                                                                    Recommended for: Meetings
                                                     The Sports gymnasium
The Spirit room                                      Size: 5000 sq. ft.                             The Cedar room
Size: 1700 sq. ft.                                   Capacity: 600 participants                     Size: 731 sq. ft.
Capacity: 174 guests                                 Features: Grand picture windows for            Capacity: 28
Features: South facing, gleaming                     natural light, remote controlled window        Features: Located on the 3rd floor, this
hardwood maple floors, floor to ceiling              shades, maple hardwood sprung floors,          meeting room features a magnificent cedar
glass surrounding the room, sliding doors            built-in sound system with CD/iPod and         wall carving, breathtaking ocean view,

150        FA L L | W I N T E R     LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012
                                                                                                                                Venue Rentals

                                                                                               Size: 4000 sq. ft.
                                                                                               Capacity: 350 guests
                                                                                               Features: Spacious, Hardwood floors,
                                                                                               built-in sound system and one mirrored
                                                                                               Recommended for: Exhibitions, larger
                                                                                               meetings, events and sporting events.

                                                                                               Larson room
                                                                                               Size: 225 sq. ft.
                                                                                               Capacity: 12 guests
                                                                                               Features: Bright, boardroom table,
                                                                                               wall hung flip chart, dry erase board,
                                                                                               screen, plug-ins for computer usage and
The Cedar Room, West Vancouver Community Centre                                                presentations.
                                                                                               Recommended for: Small meetings

conference tables, white board, wireless          gLENEagLES                                   Seaview room
internet, and a 60 inch flat screen with                                                       Size: 1200 sq. ft.
seating for 24.                                   COMMUNITy CENTrE                             Capacity: 100 guests
Recommended for: Meetings                         6262 Marine Drive                            Features: Spacious, hardwood floors,
                                                                                               outdoor courtyard, built in sound system,
                                                  Built in 2003, this magnificent centre       wall hung screen, one mirrored wall,
The Music hall                                    boasts a striking design with an enormous    counter with sink.
Size: 2500 sq. ft.                                timber roof that folds over the expansive    Recommended for: Presentations, larger
Capacity: 278 guests standing                     concrete and glass structure in both a       meetings or small events
Features: Located on P1, this open floor          protective and dramatic gesture toward the
plan is private and acoustically isolated         surrounding landscape. The Gleneagles        Living room
with a skylight for natural lighting and          Community Centre offers a variety of
                                                                                               Size: 225 sq. ft.
engineered vinyl flooring.                        spaces and services for social gatherings,
                                                                                               Capacity: 15 guests
Recommended for: Rehearsals and                   conferences and presentations. For more
                                                                                               Features: Open space with fireplace
presentations                                     information please contact the Gleneagles
                                                                                               and soft furnishings. Furnishings can be
                                                  Community Centre:
                                                                                               removed and replaced with tables and
                                                  Phone: 604-921-2100
                                                  Email:           Recommended for: Intimate gatherings

                                                                                               Whytecliff room
Seaview Room, Gleneagles Community Centre
                                                                                               Size: 340 sq. ft.
                                                                                               Capacity: 15 guests
                                                                                               Features: Tables, chairs, pull down screen,
                                                                                               and an available Internet plug-in option.
                                                                                               Recommended for: Small Meetings

                                                                                                Living Room, Gleneagles Community Centre

                                                                                       V I S I T U S O N L I N E :     151
Venue Rentals

SENIOrS’ aCTIVITy                             Visual arts room                                 gLENEagLES
                                              Size: 836 sq. ft.
CENTrE                                        Capacity: 40 guests                              CLUBhOUSE aT
695 21st Street                               Features: Bright and cheerful with outdoor
                                              patio access.
                                                                                               gLENEagLES gOLF
The Seniors’ Activity Centre offers 26,000
sq. ft. of meeting and activity space along
                                              Recommended for: Arts and crafts                 COUrSE
with a variety of services to meet your                                                        Located adjacent to the Gleneagles Golf
specific needs. For more information please   Seniors’ activity Centre atrium                  Course and the Gleneagles Community
contact the Seniors’ Activity Centre:                                                          Centre, the Clubhouse affords sweeping
Web:            Size: 475 sq. ft.                                views through the sixth fairway to the
Phone: 604-925-7285                           Capacity: 20 guests                              ocean at Larson Bay. The 10,500 square-
Email:            Features: Completely surrounded by glass,        foot Clubhouse includes a banquet hall,
                                              high ceilings and a skylight, this room is
                                                                                               restaurant, and pro-shop. The restaurant
activity room                                 bright and airy.
                                              Recommended for: Small meetings and              and banquet facilities are independently
Size: 2964 sq. ft.                            bridge parties                                   operated. The restaurant offers waterfront
Capacity: 200 guests                                                                           views from indoor and outdoor seating
Features: Hardwood floors, built in sound     Café Terrace                                     areas. The Clubhouse’s gracious entrance
system, mirrored wall and piano.                                                               and lobby provides a comfortable mingling
Recommended for: Social gatherings,           Size: 528 sq. ft.
                                                                                               space for visitors.
dances and banquets                           Capacity: 20 guests
                                              Features: Divided from the cafeteria by a        Web:
                                              built in partition, this private nook may also   Phone: 778-279-8874
audio Visual room
                                              be used to extend the Marine Room.               Restaurant
Size: 1134 sq. ft.                            Recommended for: Small meetings                  Size: 765 sq. ft.
Capacity: 60 guests
Features: Adjustable lighting, soundproof,                                                     Capacity: 81 guests
wall mounted 50 inch flat screen and DVD
                                              WEST VaNCOUVEr                                   Lobby
                                                                                               Size: 646 sq. ft.
Recommended for: Music practice,              arENa                                            Capacity: 60 guests
meetings, movie nights and presentations                                                       Great Hall:
                                              786 22nd St.
                                                                                               Size: 2960 sq. ft.
Marine room                                   The Arena is a quaint and friendly centre        Capacity: 347 guests
Size: 1152 sq. ft.                            offering skating parties for families,
Capacity: 60 guests                           schools, birthdays and businesses. The
Features: Surrounded by floor to ceiling      Ice and accompanying Party Room can be
glass on three sides, this beautiful          rented during holidays and at select times
and modern room opens out to the              during the regular week. Skate rentals are
garden and patio. No rentals between          also available. For more information please
11:00am-2:30pm.                               contact the arena:
Recommended for: Social gatherings            Web:
                                              Phone: 604-925-7251
Social recreation room                        Email:
Size: 968 sq. ft.                             The arena
Capacity: 50 guests
Features: Private and comfortable space       Size: 15,000 sq. ft.
with glass sliders opening out to the         Capacity: 160 Skating, 600 Trade Show,
                                              800 Events                                       Gleneagles Clubhouse
garden and patio. May be extended to
include The Atrium.                           Features: Ice surface from August to
                                              March and Dry surface from April to July.        Eaglesnest
Recommended for: Meetings and                                                                  Size: 646 sq. ft.
seminars                                      Recommended for: Large events,
                                              fundraisers, exhibitions and trade shows         Capacity: 40 guests
Marine Room, Seniors' Activity Centre         during dry surface times, skating parties        Sea View Room
                                              during Ice times                                 Size: 1291 sq. ft.
                                                                                               Capacity: 100 guests
                                              The arena Party room
                                                                                               Outdoor Patio
                                              Size: 432 sq. ft.                                Size: 861 sq. ft.
                                              Capacity: 25 guests                              Capacity: 70 guests
                                              Features: Adjoining bathroom and small
                                              Recommended for: Small parties and

152        FA L L | W I N T E R    LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012

volunteers                                                                      Visit us online at

                                                 What we offer:
                                                 • Fulfilling volunteer opportunities
                                                                                                  LIVE MOrE FULLy IN
                                                 • Valuable experience                            WEST VaNCOUVEr
                                                 • Training & references
                                                                                                  Thousands of people have donated their
                                                 To get involved:                                 time and talents to West Vancouver Parks,
                                                 • Call 604-913-2703                              Community Services and Cultural Affairs
                                                 • Email               recently, and you can be one of them. You
                                                 • Visit               can connect with your community and gain
                                                 • Enquire at your favourite recreation           valuable volunteer experience by helping
                                                   facility while you're there                    with programs and community projects.

                                                 Ask about volunteer opportunities in
                                                 these areas:
                                                 • Community Special Events & Festivals
                                                 • Community Centres
                                                 • Seniors’ Activity Centre
                                                 • Aquatics Centre
Volunteers are                                   • Museum
West Vancouver’s                                 • Youth Advisory Groups
                                                 • Community Working Groups
active Citizens                                  • Children’s Summer Camps
                                                 • Parks & Conservation
                                                 • Ferry Building Gallery
VOLUNTEEr IN WEST                                • Fitness & Wellness
VaNCOUVEr                                        • Cultural Programs
                                                 • Gymnastics
“The District of West Vancouver offers           • Library
an unparalleled range of amenities,              • Arena
features, and attributes that create in our
citizens a unique feeling of ownership and                                                        yOUTh VOLUNTEEr
sense of community.”
                                                                                                  TraININg &
– West Vancouver Parks and Community
Services Vision, Values, Goals, and Objectives                                                    LEadErShIP
                                                                                                  If you are 12 years of age or older, and are
getting Started                                                                                   interested in volunteering with us, check
What are you looking to do?                                                                       out the details of this exciting program on
• Contribute to your community                                                                    page 92.
• Find ways to stay healthy
• Seek adventure
• Learn new skills
• Make friends

                                                                                          V I S I T U S O N L I N E :   153
                                                                                                       Registration will start at 6:00am on August 24
                                                                                                       for West Vancouver Residents. Priority Registration does not

6 ways
                                                                                                       apply to programs at the Seniors’ Activity Centre.
                                                                                                       Participants outside of West Vancouver are eligible to register
                                                                                                       after 8:00am on August 24.

to register                                                                                                Please refer to page 7 for information on the new
                                                                                                       membership requirements for all courses at the West
                                                                                                       Vancouver Community Centre and Aquatic Centre

SErVICE                                                         aVaILaBLE
                                                                     any time starting 6:00am, Wednesday, august 24
                                                                     • Visit our WebReg at
   WebReg 24 hours a day                                             • Have your family PIN number and client barcode number ready
                                                                     • Method of payment: Amex, MC, Visa
                                                                     If you need assistance while using WebReg:
                                                                     • Click on the help tab on the site, call any recreation facility or email

                                                                     any time starting 6:00am, Wednesday, august 24
                                                                     • Call TeleReg at 604-925-7475
   TeleReg 24 hours a day                                            • Have your family PIN number, client barcode and course number ready
   604-925-7475                                                      • Method of payment: Amex, MC, Visa
                                                                     • Receipts will be available on request
                                                                     If you need assistance while using Tele-Reg:
                                                                     • While in the TeleReg system press "0" during regular office hours to talk
                                                                        to a customer service representative

                                                                     Wednesday, august 24
   In PERSon                                                         • At any recreation facility during normal office hours.
                                                                       Please check individual facility hours PRIOR to registering in person

                                                                     Wednesday, august 24
   maIL                                                              • Complete registration form (found online at or at any Community
                                                                       Centre) including method of payment: Amex, MC, Visa
                                                                     • Forms are processed in order when time permits starting on the first day of registration.
                                                                       In person and Telephone registrations are processed first
                                                                     • You will be waitlisted and telephoned if your selected course is full
                                                                     after august 24
                                                                     • Mail to any location and your registration request will be processed

                                                                     Wednesday, august 24
                                                                     • Complete registration form (found online at or at any Community
   GECC 604-921-2109                                                   Centre)including method of payment: Amex, MC, Visa
   WVSC 604-925-5935                                                 • Forms are processed in order when time permits starting on the first day of registration. In
   AC   604-925-5944                                                   In person and Telephone registrations are processed first
                                                                     • You will be waitlisted and telephoned if your selected course is full

                                                                     any time starting 6:00am, Wednesday, august 24
                                                                     (Phone in hours vary with location)
   604-925-7270                                                      • Have all registration information ready to give over the phone
                                                                     • Payment choice is Amex, MC, or Visa. Please have your card handy!

   rEFUNdS                                                            exception). Please let us know the reasons for your                • Pro-rated refunds will be given for medical
   We value your feedback and participation, and                      withdrawal. It will help us provide the best possible              conditions and extenuating circumstances.
   invite your call to discuss programs that do not                   programs in the future.                                            • To minimize administrative expenses, we ask
   meet your expectations.                                          • Exceptions: Full refunds will be given throughout                    that you leave refund amounts under $25 on
   • Full refunds will be given for any program                       the previous Wednesday to the end of the                             your recreation account.
     cancelled by the Community Services                              business day for all short programs, camps,                        • We do not offer refunds or withdrawals on
     Department.                                                      workshops and special events which start the                         Wave Passes, Spirit Passes, SurfCards, Personal
                                                                      following week.                                                      Training and Birthday Parties except due to
   • Full refunds will be given for withdrawals made
     before the second class of the program (see                    • Some overnight and specialty camps require two                       medical reasons.
                                                                      weeks notice to receive refund.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Notice: The District of West Vancouver collects personal information on its registration forms pursuant to the Community Charter and section
26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information you provide is used for the purposes of processing your registration for recreation and leisure programs and events, and
is protected in accordance with the Act. Please contact the Director of Parks and Community Services at 604-925-7200 or the Information and Privacy Coordinator at 604-925-7045 if you have any

154           FA L L | W I N T E R          LEISURE GUIDE 2011 | 2012

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