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                                                                                              News Magazine
                                      Apri l 23, 2010 – Vo lum e 2 , No . 7

Telus exec connects
on numerous levels
Tom Keyser                          back,” Radford simultaneously
Business Edge                       juggles a large portfolio of

                                    humanitarian causes.
               woman of                 She serves on the Alberta
               enormous energy      Children’s Hospital Foundation,
               and enthusiasm,      is a national adviser to Youth
               Karen Radford,       in Motion and Women in
               41, prepared for     Motion and acts as president
her executive role by exploring     of the Women’s Leadership
first-hand virtually every          Foundation, an organization that
aspect of the telecom industry.     she co-founded.
Fast-tracked for stardom since          Although now based in
her early twenties,                                  Calgary, Radford
she literally learned                                prides herself
the business from          TELECOMMUNICATIONS        on her status
the ground up.
    Since moving
                               SPECIAL REPORT        as a “true blue
                                                     Atlantic Canadian”
to Telus from New                                    and insists that          20 Questions with Karen Radford
Brunswick Tel in 1998, Radford      her family remains her top
has held down a variety of senior   priority. To that end, she has             Title: President, Telus Business Solutions
roles, including vice-president,    applied and been granted per-
                                                                               Born/raised: Riverview, N.B.
customer care; vice-president,      mission to take an eight-month
national service fulfilment; and    sabbatical, which takes effect on          Family: Married to Jason Grelowski, mother of Jacob, Reed.
vice-president, national service    May 1. She will return to the Telus
                                                                               Education: B.Sc. from Mount Allison University; MBA from
assurance. She was also a key       executive team in the new year.            Dalhousie University.
member of the team that first       1. It is interesting to note that
introduced the Telus brand to       you earned a science degree                Achievements: Named one of Canada’s 100 most powerful women
Eastern Canada.                     during your days at Mount                  by the Women’s Executive Network three years in a row. Cited as
    A lifelong believer in the      Allison. Can we begin by dis-              one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40, 2006. Former Woman of the Year,
                                                                               Canadian Women in Communications.
responsibility to “give something   cussing that particular interest?
See ‘Possibilities’                                                  Page 10

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Page 2                                                                        BUSINESS EDGE                                                   April 23, 2010

The Internet wave
Findings from a recent poll
done by Ipsos Reid show that
many more Canadians are now
                                           week, their technology allowing us
                                           to have pretty much anything we
                                           desire at our fingertips.
                                                                                        BUSINESS EDGE                                News Magazine
                                                                        Page 19                                              SUBSCRIPTIONS
using the Internet in lieu of                                                               NATIONAL OFFICE
                                                                                                                             McKinnley Prince
watching television.                                                                     #201, 2725 - 12th Street NE
                                           Censorship at work                               Calgary, AB T2E 7J2
                                Page 3     The Chinese communist govern-
                                           ment met Google’s detour around                                             Articles may not be reproduced,
FCC overruled                              the country’s Internet censorship            PUBLISHER/ADVERTISING               rewritten, distributed,
A federal court ruled that the FCC                                                                                       disseminated, transmitted,
                                           rule with countermeasures.                          Rob Driscoll
                                                                                                                           displayed, published or
lacks authority to require broad-                                       Page 20               403.968.7638
                                                                                                                       broadcast, directly or indirectly,
band providers to give equal                                                     
                                                                                                                           in any medium without
treatment to all Internet traffic
                                           Out of the Norm                                         EDITOR               the prior written permission
flowing over their networks.                                                                                                   of Business Edge.
                                           The Canadian Mint will                                 Megan Butler
                                Page 4     start manufacturing $1 and               
                                           $2 coins using a less expensive                                               CANADA POST PM 41876514
                                                                                          CREATIVE DIRECTOR              Return undeliverable mail to:
Are you at home?                           technology, possibly creating
                                                                                                                          #201, 2725 - 12th Street NE
Geotagging, a new technology               a negative impact on the coin-                     Steve Beyer
                                                                                                                             Calgary, AB T2E 7J2
allowing users to post their exact         acceptance industry.
locations at any given time, raises                                     Page 22
serious privacy issues.
                                Page 6     Tech Style
                                           Columnist Tom Keenan discusses
Pro’s 3 Stars                              how much time is spent in the
Laura Wallace of Coleford                  office surfing the ’Net and how the
Investment Management says                 information we find online isn’t
the company’s focus is on                  always accurate.
high-quality businesses trading at                                      Page 28
reasonable multiples of cashflow
and earnings.                              Cassius King
                              Page 18      The Edge’s humour columnist
                                           reviews the history of telecommu-
Scenes from the Street                     nications, questioning whether or
Communications companies are               not it actually benefits us today.
coming down to the wire this                                            Page 30

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April 23, 2010                                                     BUSINESS EDGE                                                              Page 3

Canadians online more than watching TV, says poll
The Canadian Press                   2009. Usage of newspapers, radio       18-34-year-olds are spending        points to a shift in how online
                                     and magazines have all remained        20 hours a week online on           Canadians are consuming media

T       he Ipsos Reid polling
        company says that for the
        first time ever, Canadians
are spending more time each week that younger Canadians generally
online than watching television.
                                     relatively stable in the last year.
                                        The study did not say why the
                                     changes are occurring, but noted

                                     spend more time online than
                                                                            average, compared with 18
                                                                            hours for those over 35.
                                                                                “In previous years we’ve seen
                                                                            significant differences between
                                                                                                                and where they are spending
                                                                                                                their free time.
                                                                                                                   “Today, online Canadians are
                                                                                                                finding myriad entertainment
                                                                            the generations and the amount      options available to them within
    Findings come from the           those over 55.                         of time they spend online,” said    the walls of their homes. While
Inter@ctive Reid Report, an Ipsos       Some industry watchers have         study author Mark Laver. “The       some entertainment content has
Reid study that tracks online Cana- noted that the cost of watching         data indicates that not only are    simply shifted from television to
dians’ usage of the Internet.        TV is rising as cable TV compa-        people of all ages spending more    online, the Internet is also provid-
    The report finds                                  nies and satellite    and more time online, but it also   ing new content to Canadians.”
that overall, Canadi-                                 operators raise
ans are now spend-         TELECOMMUNICATIONS         the monthly cost
ing more than 18
hours a week online,
                        SPECIAL REPORT                of service. As that
                                                      happens more
compared with 16.9                                    people are watch-
hours watching television.           ing TV online for free.
    Internet usage is up from 14.9      Ipsos Reid noted that males are
hours last year. The number of       spending significantly more time
hours watching television also rose online than females – 20 hours
in the last year, from 15.8 hours in compared with 16. In addition,
Page 4                                                            BUSINESS EDGE                                                                                                       April 23, 2010

Federal court rules against FCC on Internet regulations
The Canadian Press                   Public Knowledge, said in a state-        The FCC now defines broad-                                   they have to do right away,” said
                                     ment. “Companies selling Internet     band as a lightly regulated                                      Ben Scott, policy director for

         federal court threw the     access are free to play favourites    information service. That means                                  the public interest group Free
         future of Internet regula-  with content on their networks,       it is not subject to the obliga-                                 Press. Free Press was among
         tions and U.S. broadband    to throttle certain applications or   tions traditional telecommunica-                                 the groups that alerted the FCC
expansion plans into doubt earlier simply to block others.”                tions services have to share their                               to Comcast’s behaviour after
this month with a far-reaching           The decision also has seri-       networks with competitors and                                    The Associated Press ran tests
decision that went against the       ous implications for the massive      treat all traffic equally. But the                               and reported that the cable
Federal Communications               national broadband plan released      FCC maintains that existing law                                  company was interfering with
Commission (FCC).                    by the FCC last month. The FCC        gives it authority to set rules for                              attempts by some subscribers
    The U.S. Court of Appeals for    needs clear authority to regulate     information services, including                                  to share files online.
the District of Columbia ruled       broadband in order to push ahead      net neutrality rules.                                                The more likely scenario,
that the FCC lacks                                   with some of its          The court decision rejected                                  Scott believes, is that the agency
authority to require                                 key recommenda-       that reasoning, concluding that                                  will simply reclassify broadband
broadband provid-
                           TELECOMMUNICATIONS        tions, including      Congress has not given the FCC                                   as a more heavily regulated
ers to give equal       SPECIAL REPORT               a proposal to         “untrammeled freedom” to regu-                                   telecommunications service.
treatment to all                                     expand broadband      late without explicit legal author-                              That, ironically, could be the
Internet traffic flow-                               by tapping the        ity. With so much at stake, the                                  worst-case outcome from the
ing over their networks. That was    federal fund that subsidizes          FCC now has several options.                                     perspective of the phone and
a big victory for Comcast Corp.,     telephone service in poor and         It could ask Congress to give it                                 cable companies.
the nation’s largest cable company, rural communities.                     explicit authority to regulate                                       “Comcast swung an axe at
which had challenged the FCC’s           In a statement, the FCC said      broadband. Or it could appeal the                                the FCC to protest the BitTorrent
authority to impose such “network it remains “firmly committed             April 6 decision.                                                order,” Scott said. “And they sliced
neutrality” obligations on broad-    to promoting an open Internet             But both of those steps could                                right through the FCC’s arm
band providers.                      and to policies that will bring       take too long because the agency                                 and plunged the axe into their
    The unanimous ruling by          the enormous benefits of broad-       “has too many important things                                   own back.”
the three-judge panel marks a        band to all Americans” and “will
serious setback for the FCC, which rest these policies . . . on a solid

                                                                                          WOOD LAKE VILLAS
is trying to adopt official net neu- legal foundation.”
trality regulations. FCC Chairman        Comcast welcomed the
Julius Genachowski, a Democrat,      decision, saying “our primary
argues such rules are needed to      goal was always to clear our
prevent phone and cable com-         name and reputation.”                                BEST LAKE SIDE VALUE IN THE O                                              NAGAN
panies from using their control          At the heart of the court case
over Internet access to favour       is Comcast’s challenge of a 2008
some kinds of online content and     FCC order banning it from
services over others.                blocking subscribers from using
    The case centres on Comcast’s    BitTorrent. The commission, at
actions in 2007 when it interfered   the time headed by Republican
with an online file-sharing service  Kevin Martin, based its order on
called BitTorrent, which allows      a set of net neutrality principles
users to swap big files, such as     adopted in 2005.                                  ,000
movies, over the Internet. But           But Comcast argued that the        FROM   SLIP
public interest groups stressed      FCC order was illegal because the       BOAT UDED
that the ramifications of the ruling agency was seeking to enforce            INCL
are much broader. That is because    mere policy principles, which
it undercuts the FCC’s ability to    don’t have the force of regula-                  Rental Management Available Fractional Ownership Available
prevent broadband providers from tions or law. That’s one reason                      Low Strata Fees - $172.00 / mo. Many Energy Efficient Features
becoming gatekeepers for many        that Genachowski is now trying to

kinds of online services, poten-     formalize those rules.                        SMART BUYERS AND                       GERRY FRASER                                GEORGE PATRIDGE
tially including Internet phone          The cable company had also                INVESTORS ARE TAKING                   250-868-1594                                250-868-5000
                                                                                   ACTION NOW                                
programs and software that runs      argued the FCC lacks authority
in a Web browser.                    to mandate net neutrality because                    Not intended in any way to Solicit Properties where an Agency Relationship already exists

    “(The) appeals court decision    it had deregulated broadband
means there are no protections in    under the Bush administration, a
the law for consumers’ broadband     decision upheld by the Supreme
services,” Gigi Sohn, co-founder of  Court in 2005.
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Page 6                                                               BUSINESS EDGE                                                           April 23, 2010

Websites that broadcast location raise privacy concerns
The Canadian Press                      find out what people around them everybody in the city, they would           of web developers from the
                                        are saying.                          have needed a very serious type         Netherlands to launch the

         s if knowing what your            The data will also be valuable    of warrant.”                            website,
         friend had for lunch wasn’t    to marketers for the same reason         Israel says a service like          which offered Twitter posts
         enough, now you can see        that social networking sites collect Foursquare, which requires              of users announcing they
where she was eating it as well.        – and then sell –                                      users to “check in”   weren’t at home, suggesting
    An increasing number of             profile information                                    every time they       they would be good targets for
websites and social networking          such as favourite          TELECOMMUNICATIONS          want to post where    a break-and-enter.
services are adopting geotagging,
allowing users to include their
                                        movies, he says.
                                           And Israel can’t
                                                                 SPECIAL REPORT                they are, is less
                                                                                                                         The site wasn’t actually
                                                                                                                     advocating burglary, says
exact location when they update         resist the opportu-                                    because it requires   one of its creators, Boy van
their status or upload a photo.         nity to float a scenario that might  a conscious decision whenever a         Amstel, but rather trying to
    The technology opens up new         seem like something out of George location is shared. Compare that           make users think before they
ways for users to interact with in-     Orwell’s “1984”, but which he says   with Google’s Latitude, which can       post. “It’s basically global
formation on the web, but privacy       isn’t such a far-fetched idea.       run in the background and is easy       if you don’t protect your
experts warn there are dangers in          He cites Google’s Latitude,       to forget.                              messages,” van Amstel says
haphazardly broadcasting your           which can send constant                  Geotagging is fuelling the          from the Netherlands.
location to the world.                  location information from            same debate about privacy that              “What we saw is people
    The lists of services that incor-   users’ cellphones to their profile,  sites like MySpace and Facebook         sharing their location,
porate geotagging, typically by us-     as an example. “Say everybody        helped generate. Canada’s Pri-          their home address or
ing data from cellphones equipped       had one of these and there’s a       vacy Commissioner, who forced           their friends’ and relatives’
with GPS technology, has been           crime scene, so all the police need  Facebook to make changes to its         (addresses), so we thought
growing during the past year or so,     to do is say: okay Google, who was privacy policies, is already examin-      maybe these people aren’t
with sites like Twitter, Flickr and     here?” says Israel.                  ing geotagging, says Israel.            realizing that they’re not
blog providers enabling users to           “Before, for police to put            The recent proliferation of         just broadcasting to their
include their location in whatever      a camera there or to have followed geotagging prompted a group               friends but to the entire world.”
they post. Facebook is expected to
add geotagging soon.
    There are even sites that ex-
ist solely to allow users to tell
others where they are, such as
Foursquare, Gowalla and Google’s
Latitude service.
    Tamir Israel, a staff lawyer
at the Canadian Internet Policy
and Public Interest Clinic, says
users shouldn’t use these services
without first thinking about the
privacy implications of telling
anyone with an Internet connec-
tion where they are and where
they’ve been.
    “There’s some utility to them
and they’re fun and there’s some
uses to them,” says Israel. “But you
don’t really know where this infor-
mation is going to pop up.”
    Israel says users who start
geotagging what they post to the
web might not realize how far that
information can travel.
    For example, the immediate
audience of a Twitter post is the
author’s followers, but now web-
sites are taking geotagging infor-
mation and superimposing tweets
on real-time maps, so anyone can
April 23, 2010                                                  BUSINESS EDGE                                                     Page 7

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Page 8                                                                      BUSINESS EDGE                                                                  April 23, 2010

Google, Yahoo criticize Australia’s mandatory filter plan
The Canadian Press                     The list of banned sites could be               Google’s Barlow told the Aus-   a national campaign to educate
                                       constantly updated based on                 tralian Broadcasting Corp. that     parents and children about safe

I   nternet giants Google and          public complaints.                          the proposal raised the possibility use of the Internet.
    Yahoo have criticized Austra-          If adopted into law, the screen-        of banning politically and socially     Comments on the proposal
    lia’s proposal for a mandatory     ing system would make Australia             controversial material and went     came from Australian telecommu-
Internet filter, calling it a heavy-   one of the strictest Internet               beyond filters used                                 nication compa-
handed measure that could re-          regulators among the world’s                in Germany and                                      nies, lobby groups
strict access to legal information.    democracies, and the proposal has           Canada, which             TELECOMMUNICATIONS        and individuals.
    Their statements, among
174 comments from the public
                                       put the country on the Reporters
                                       Without Borders annual “Enemies
                                                                                   block child pornog-
                                                                                   raphy and, in Italy,
                                                                                                                      SPECIAL REPORT   Conroy said his
                                                                                                                                       department would
submitted to the Department of         of the Internet” list.                      gambling sites.                                     take the comments
Communications on the filtering            “Our primary concern is that                Yahoo made a similar            into consideration before sending
proposal, come amid a struggle         the scope of content to be filtered         contention, saying the filter       a proposal to Parliament later
between Google and China over          is too wide,” Google wrote in its           would block many sites with         this year.
censorship-free content.               submission, also suggesting the             controversial content – such            The discussion over Internet
    Lucinda Barlow of Google           filter would slow browsing speeds.          as euthanasia discussion            restrictions in Australia comes as
Australia called the Internet              The company said it already             forums and gay and lesbian          Google is battling online censor-
blocking measures of Australia         had its own filter to block                 forums that discuss                 ship in China.
and China “apples and oranges”         child pornography.                          sexual experiences.                     Google said last month
but said her company was deeply            “Some limits, like child pornog-            “There is enormous value in     it would stop censoring searches
concerned about Australia’s            raphy, are obvious. No Australian           this content being available to     for the Chinese government
proposal because of its mandatory      wants that to be available – and            encourage debate and inform         and began routing searches
and sweeping nature.                   we agree,” Google said. “But                opinion,” Yahoo said.               through Hong Kong. In response,
    Australian Communications          moving to a mandatory ISP level                 The filter would not block      the communist government
Minister Stephen Conroy says           filtering regime with a scope that          peer-to-peer file-sharing, nor      has blocked people on the
the filter would block access to       goes well beyond such material              prevent predators approach-         mainland from seeing search
sites that include child pornogra-     is heavy-handed and can raise               ing children in chat programs       results or Web sites dealing with
phy, sexual violence and detailed      genuine questions about restric-            or social networking sites, and     such forbidden topics as the
instructions in crime or drug use.     tions on access to information.”            both Google and Yahoo backed        pro-democracy movement.

Telus Corp. to invest $650 million in boosting Alberta infrastructure
The Canadian Press                     with its overall capital spending           expenditures, according to spokes-               in operating and capital invest-
                                       plan for the year.                          man Chris Gerritsen.                             ments in Alberta,” president

T    elus Corp. (TSX:T) will invest
     $650 million to expand and
improve its infrastructure in
                                          Last year, the company had
                                       a $700-million budget for capital
                                                                                      “Since 2000, Telus has
                                                                                   made more than $21 billion
                                                                                                                                    and CEO Darren Entwistle said
                                                                                                                                    in a release.

Alberta this year.
    The Vancouver-based telecom
company said last month it
                                                            2010 To Do List
will increase both the speed                         - Upgrade facilities
and coverage areas for its current
                                                     - Purchase new equipme
wireless and land-based services.                                             nt
The move will include boosting                      - Increase productivity
its broadband networks to deliver
faster Internet services and                        - Expand my business
high-definition signals for its                    - Purchase an existing
Telus TV services.                                                     business
    The company will also expand                   - Call AFSC about VA
                                                                        AP loan
its wireless broadband network
throughout the province, which
is in addition to previously an-           If any of these items are on your ‘To Do’ list, call AFSC to find out how we can help. Our
nounced investments for its na-            Value Added and Agri-Business Program, financing options and customized loans might
tional high-speed network made             be just what you are looking for.
last November.                                                                      1-877-899-AFSC (2372)
    Telus said the latest
investment remains consistent                                                          Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
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Possibilities: Radford discovers love for leadership and science
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training. What really pushed me        a team of technicians. I was            the techs out in the field?           path, to say the least. We merged
in that direction was a grade eight    the first woman in the company              Yes, he told me to buy a hard     all the four Atlantic telco systems.
teacher, Mr. Brace, who really         to do it. My supervisor told me         hat and steel-toed boots and          I was head of all the business
believed it was possible to fall       that I’d thank him for the assign-      to report to the field to lead all    integration, including process and
in love with science and math.         ment one day and he was right.          our installation, repair and          union agreements. I loved it.
Originally, I wanted to be a           By leading people, I felt that I        dispatch technicians. As I said,      9. They were obviously
doctor and in first-year university    was really making a connection. I       I did thank him, although it took     fast-tracking you for senior
I thought I should get a taste for     started with an organi-                                                       management from Day One.
it by working in a hospital. I         zation that believed you                                                      Were you preparing for a
worked 12-hour shifts there and        should spend your first                                                       major career move up the
noticed the best doctors were          six months on the front                                                       ladder from that point?
there when I arrived in the            line. I would say that                                                            Actually, I took an eight-month
morning and still there when           was the greatest gift I’ve                                                    sabbatical, married my husband
I left at night. Having a family       been given from a devel-                                                      and moved to Alberta. As it hap-
was very important to me and           opment perspective.                                                           pened, I started at Telus in 1998,
I wasn’t sure that medicine would      5. Wow, that must                                                             the day the merger was
be compatible with that. So I          have been quite an                                                            announced with B.C. Tel.
started to look for alternatives       education. What were                                                          10. Interesting timing. What
and realized that I loved leader-      some of your duties at                                                        did they ask you to do after you
ship as well as science. That led      the time?                                                                     made the move to Telus?
me to the Royal Commission of              It meant I was                                                                I worked on what we called
New Reproductive Technologies.         trained as a telemar-                                                         the ‘serve the customer’ process,
2. Was that a better fit for you?      keter and as a customer                                                       from the very first contact with
    It allowed me to tie in leader-    service rep, right on                                                         the customer right through to the
ship and science, as well as the       the front lines. When                                                         billing, trying to determine how
health care side. I worked there       people called in and                                                          we can make this work better for
for a few months, although it was      wanted service, I was                                                         customers. I was also part of the
a little early in my career to work    answering the phone                                                           original team that launched Telus
for a royal commission. But at that    every single day. If you                                                      in Ontario and the eastern part. By
time, I met a woman named Sue          had questions about                                                           this time, I was a vice-president,
Harley, who courted me to con-         your bill or wanted to add new          me a couple of years to do it.        leading all of customer care.
sider a career in telecom. I ended     features, I was the one to talk to. I   These people (technicians) are        11. Did Darren Entwistle’s
up joining her in the New Bruns-       also worked at a phone store in a       often the white knights from a        arrival as Telus CEO in 2000
wick telecom company which             mall. That taught me an incred-         customer perspective because          have a direct impact on your
ultimately became Bell Aliant.         ible appreciation for the job done      they show up and make every-          corporate life?
3. What was the appeal of the          by the people who talk with our         thing right. They’re a very tough         He pulled me out of my job for
telecom sector?                        customers every single day.             team to lead because they have so     about six months to reorganize
    You end up falling in love with    6. When did you get your first          much knowledge, experience and        the company to be more customer
telecom. That may sound funny.         taste of management?                    commitment to the customer. I         facing. Then I went into core
For me, as a proud Canadian, I can         After working in the phone          still keep in touch with several of   operations, running our dispatch
almost equate the business with        store I moved in to manage              those people. They taught me so       and support teams for our techni-
what the railroad was 100 years        customer marketing. That was            much and had a big influence on       cians and network managers.
ago. It is all about connecting        great, I loved that role. It helped     my leadership style, teaching me      Eventually, I got into engineer-
people, making sure Canadians          me understand how to position           what was important to our cus-        ing design and all our delivery of
have access to the best tools in the   solutions for customers. About          tomers and how much they stood        very complex solutions. Before
world. I realized telecom could        this time, another of my mentors        up for quality.                       long, I was running our voice and
meet my need for helping people        came to see me. He said, “Karen, if     8. In which direction did your        data networks nationally, a very
connect and for helping Canada         you really want to be a leader, you     on-the-job education take             technical role. I joined the Telus
to develop from an economic de-        have to learn to lead. You smile        you from there?                       executive about six years ago and
velopment perspective and it also      too much and walk too fast. I want          I went into sales and worked      have led our wholesale team, be-
had a huge service component.          to help you toughen up a little bit.”   on all our educational accounts       fore adding operator services and
4. What were some of the               It’s a funny thing to hear when         and strategies. I also worked         Quebec. Then I picked up business
memorable and helpful                  you’re 22 years old.                    on all our public sector accounts     solutions on a national basis.
moments from the early days of         7. Was this in reference to the         before actually moving into IT.
your career in New Brunswick?          episode you mentioned earlier,          I remember thinking I was             See ‘Teaching”             Page 12
April 23, 2010                                               BUSINESS EDGE                                     Page 11

                                                   And some people think a wheelchair
                                                   won’t fit in the workplace

                 The right person for the job is the right person for the job.
                 For details on how to diversify your workplace, visit
                                                                                          a PROSPECT project
Page 12                                                             BUSINESS EDGE                                                                April 23, 2010

From Page 10

Teaching: Leadership Now program provides extensive training
12. Whew, sounds exhausting!             I’m a national adviser to Youth      of the way. I believe anyone             I tied myself to an organization
Is it possible to pick out the        in Motion and Women in Motion.          in a key role has the responsibility     that also believes in giving
threads of overriding personal        I’m also the co-founder/presi-          to do the same thing for others.         back. Telus has given three
interest as you look back             dent of the Women’s Leadership          My mom was president of the              million hours to charities and
on such a broad tapestry              Foundation, which has raised            home and school association,             not-for-profits during the last
of experience?                        over $1 million and trained more        my dad was chair of the hospital         10 years, along with $158 million.
    One is an incredible passion      than 3,000 business leaders across      and president of Rotary. It’s been       For me, that’s important. I
surrounding customer service          Alberta and British Columbia.           ingrained, it’s part of my core          want to pass this along to my
and the second is a very deep         16. Where do you find the en-           values. I have always volunteered        kids as well.
commitment to teams and the           ergy and motivation to put in so        and have always given back.                  17. Can you run down
big evolutionary steps they           much time on a voluntary basis?         Picking a company to support             some of your responsibilities
have to go through. It’s the             I believe that with success          those values was very important          as president of Telus
human component. In my                comes responsibility. So many           to me. Telus just won a huge             business solutions?
mind, it’s about helping teams        people have mentored, champi-           award for being an outstanding
step into their own greatness.        oned and helped me every step           philanthropic company. So                See ‘Merge’                   Page 14
I really believe my roles have
been to serve as a conduit
for the power of their (team
members’) experience and the
power of their vision and their
view of where they want the
company to be.
13. You seem to have touched
all the bases in your travels. Is
there any job in telecom that
you haven’t done?
    I’ve had a chance to learn                DO YOU AND YOUR SALES TEAM
across the whole spectrum of the
industry. I’ve been very fortunate.
                                              PITCH 286,000+ BUSINESSES                                  travel, hotels or rental cars.

I’ve had the chance to work, enjoy            EACH MONTH, INCLUDING ABOUT                                • Choice – If you only wish to speak to a local
and learn everywhere except                   98% OF BUSINESS ADDRESSES IN                               audience, you may advertise specifically in
finance. I keep teasing the CFO               YOUR LOCAL MARKET?                                         your region and pay only for that market.
that he’s next on my career path                                                                         • Personal service – You have the option of

                                              JOIN THE CLUB.
but, seriously, he has absolutely                                                                        summoning your own personal page, and you
nothing to worry about.                                                                                  will have an experienced Club representative
14. It sounds like developing
                                                                                                         to guide you through the advertising process.
leadership potential is very
important to Telus. Would                     NO, SERIOUSLY. I MEAN JOIN THE                             • Hang with celebrities – You will be positioned
you agree?                                    BUSINESS EDGE ADVERTISING CLUB                             beside Canadian business superstars who
    Yes, we have a program called             AND YOU, TOO, CAN REACH                                    frequent the pages of Business Edge News
Leadership Now that takes the                 286,000+ BUSINESSES PER MONTH.                             Magazine.
top 10 per cent of our leadership                                                                        • Location, location, location – We will go to
team and provides extensive                                                                              great lengths to ensure that you are speaking
training, including off-site                  BUSINESS EDGE ADVERTISING
                                                                                                         from an ideal position in each and every issue.
formal education. We’ve recently              CLUB BENEFITS INCLUDE:
                                                                                                         Club entry: Fees vary with size and frequency
launched a new program for
women to move them into differ-              • Speaking engagements with massive audiences –             but value is always superior.
ent roles across the organization,           each issue you will speak to decision makers at
so they can broaden their experi-            156,000+ companies. With every two issues, our              Contact us now for more
ence over a four-year period.                rotating distribution enables your advertising to           information on the Business
15. That allows me to segue
                                             speak to 286,000+ businesses.
                                                                                                         Edge Advertising Club:
nicely into the next question.
                                             • Affordable business travel – You will present at up
You actually spend a lot of your                                                                         403 . 968 . 7638
free time working on assisting               to 29 cities without having to spend a nickel on air
women in the business
community, don’t you?
April 23, 2010   BUSINESS EDGE   Page 13
Page 14                                                            BUSINESS EDGE                                                             April 23, 2010

From Page 12

Merge: Telus to combine consumer, business entities
    I’m responsible for all           that have call-centre work, both       19. So what’s next on your                 I’m actually doing some
our business customers across         onshore and internationally.           crowded agenda?                        very intensive travel with my
the country. I have the opportu-      18. Is the business solutions             We’ve just announced                family this summer and then
nity to support them in terms         component of the company               that I’m taking a sabbatical,          doing some learning and
of customer service, marketing        as large as the residential-           which we’ve been working on            development in the fall,
and sales. I also deal with key       consumer side?                         for a few years. We’ve been            while investing more in the
partners, while working with             It’s interesting, they’re pretty    looking for the right time.            community here in Alberta.
wholesale services, which             close to the same, although with       Something that’s really                I plan to come back to the
includes working with telecom         a different mix of wireline and        important to me is maintaining         executive team next Jan. 1.
providers around the world to         wireless. There would be a heavier     a balance between family, work             It’s really important to us
make sure we have the right           weighting to wireless on the con-      and learning and growth. As            as a family. This is something
technology available for custom-      sumer side and more wireline on        of May 1, we’re going to merge         I’ve been working on with
ers who do business outside of        the business side. In total, Telus     the consumer and the business          Darren for the last few years.
this country. Telus International     has 12 million connections. That       entities together.                     It was important to do this
is also part of it. That’s the team   includes 6.5 million in wireless, 4    20. How will you spend                 at the right time for our
that supports call-centre activ-      million in wireline and 1.2 Internet   your time off and when will            family as well as for the
ity for our biggest customers,        and about 200,000 in television.       you be returning to Telus?             Telus organization.

CRTC testifies against foreign control of telecoms in Canada
The Canadian Press                    to 46.7 per cent and requires that         “There has been no change in       the advent of new media, he said
                                      voting control remain in Canadian      our broadcast policy in terms of       the ability of the CRTC to regulate

C    anada’s federal regulator has
     come out strongly against for-
eign control of the country’s tele-
                                      hands. Von Finckenstein said it
                                      would be acceptable to increase
                                      that to 49 per cent.
                                                                             Canadian content and Canadian
                                                                             rules, but we’re signalling a change
                                                                             in the telecom side,” he said.
                                                                                                                    is diminishing.
                                                                                                                        For instance, the Internet is
                                                                                                                    not regulated and most programs
com sector, saying doing so risks        In a recent interview with              In the April 13 testimony, von     carried on television can also
turning Canada’s communications       The Canadian Press, Industry           Finckenstein essentially told the      be viewed through Canadians’
industry into a “branch plant.”       Minister Tony Clement said he          minister there is no way to sepa-      computers.
    The Canadian Radio-television     wants to have consultations            rate telecoms from broadcasters.           As a result, von Finckenstein
and Telecommunications Com-           because of the complexity of the       Not only do some Canadian com-         said it was important that “the
mission (CRTC) chairman Konrad        issues involved, particularly since    panies operate both as telecoms        controlling minds are Canadian”
von Finckenstein told a House of      the country’s leading telecoms,        and broadcasters, but new media        in both sectors.
Commons committee last week           such as Bell Canada and Rogers         allows programs to be viewed on            “They understand Canada, they
that foreigners should be restrict-   Communications, also own               the Internet or hand-held devices      understand our bicultural, our bi-
ed to a maximum 49 per cent           broadcast media.                       and to be interactive.                 lingual situation. No matter what
of controlling shares in any             Clement stressed there is no            He said distinctions between       regulation you put together, you
telecommunications firm.              intention to change the rules          the so-called pipeline and content     can’t instill in them what Canada
    “The control of the               governing broadcasters, which are      may have made sense in the past,       is all about so they can reflect it in
communications sector                 regarded as a cultural industry.       but they no longer apply. And with     the program,” he said.
should stay in Canadian
hands,” he said. “If you don’t
do this . . . we will have a branch
plant communications industry.”
    The CRTC head was
testifying on a proposal in
last month’s throne speech
that would see the government
“open Canada’s doors further
to venture capital and to foreign
investment” in “satellite and
telecommunications industries.”
    Currently, Ottawa limits direct
and indirect foreign ownership
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                                                                                                                            Finance your
                                                                                                                            business to new
                                                                                                                            Harris Brown & Partners is a leader
                                                                                                                            in corporate finance for small and
                                                                                                                            medium- sized companies.
                                                                                                                            Our access to both institutional
                                                                                                                            and private capital enables us to
                                                                                                                            accommodate all of your funding
                                                                                                                            Contact us for a free Financing
                                                                                                                            Assessment and find out how you
                                                                                                                            can maximize your financing options.

                                                                                                                                Harris Brown & Partners Limited
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                                                                                                                                 Tel (416) 850-1564
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                                                                        PACKAGING                       TECHNOLOGY                       BUILDING
                                                                         COMPANY                         INVESTMENT                     PRODUCTS

                                                                   Seville Packaging Inc.
                                     Private Placement of Equity            Arranged                   Debt Conversion &              Senior and Subordinated
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                                      Exclusive Financial            Exclusive Financial            Exclusive Financial               Exclusive Financial
                                            Advisor                        Advisor                        Advisor                           Advisor

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Page 16                                                              BUSINESS EDGE                                                             April 23, 2010

Twitter takes step toward making money by accepting ads
The Canadian Press                       Twitter is already parroting        a featured spot in the search              from 4 million people at the end
                                     Google in some respects. That’s         results instead of just trying to          of 2008, according to comScore

     s Twitter the next Google,      not surprising given that Biz Stone reach people through the free                  Inc. Those figures don’t include
     the next, or some-     and fellow co-founder, Twitter          communications channel, said               the visitors who use their mobile
     thing in between? It may have   CEO Evan Williams, briefly worked Gartner Inc. analyst Andrew Frank. phones or third-party programs
begun answering that question last at Google after Williams sold his         “The jury is still out on whether          to tweet.
week, with its long-awaited first    blogging company to the Internet’s this will work,” he said.                           Twitter also recently
step into advertising.               search leader in 2003. Twitter’s            There’s no doubt Twitter has           introduced a feature that
    The startup is trying to make    chief operating officer, Dick           turned into a mass medium. The             allows its users to specify their
money without alienating the         Costolo, also worked at Google          Web site’s worldwide audience has          location, opening another
tens of millions of people who       after selling another advertising       ballooned to 69 million people, up         advertising opportunity.
have gotten used                                      service called
to tweeting and                                       FeedBurner to the
following friends,         TELECOMMUNICATIONS         company in 2007.
celebrities and
others without
                         SPECIAL REPORT                  There’s a twist to
                                                      the way Twitter is
                                                                                               MOVING FORWARD IN 2010!
commercial inter-                                     using its search en-       Relentless Execution!
ruptions. Just as it has through     gine as an advertising springboard.
most of its four-year existence,     Instead of displaying commercial            Is there something that you didn’t do last year,
Twitter is treading cautiously.      messages on the margins of the              that will make a big difference in 2010?
    The new ads, called “Promoted    search results, Twitter will blend          Proactively executing your business strategy and
Tweets,” will pop up only on         them with the rest of the tweets
searches at Twitter’s Web site       and label them as promotions.               plan is one of the keys to success and growth.
and the messages will be limited         Many companies already                  Top leaders execute relentlessly – this will make a STRATEGY, PLANNING
to a small group of test marketers   use their own Twitter accounts                                                                       & COACHING
                                                                                 big difference in your company’s success in 2010!
including Virgin America,            to connect with customers and
Best Buy Co., Sony Pictures          offer discounts to people who
and Starbucks Corp.                  follow them.                                              Call Eileen Ashmore, MBA at 403 252 0799 or
    The move heralds a turn-             What remains to be seen is
                                                                                                to make your execution strategy more robust
ing point for Twitter, which has     whether Twitter’s new advertising                                   for moving forward in 2010!
held off on selling ads even as its  system will prove effective enough
widening audience turned it into     to persuade companies to pay for
an obvious marketing magnet and
investors poured US$155 million
into the San Francisco company.
    The last cash infusion seven
months ago valued privately held
                                                                        Calgary Rotary Challenger Park
Twitter at about $1 billion, even               a Barrier-Free Sport and Recreation Facility, WheRe eveRyone Can Play
though its only significant revenue
had come from giving Google Inc.
and Microsoft Corp. better access
to its service. The technology pow-
erhouses paid Twitter an undis-
closed amount for that right.
    The new advertising sys-
tem should give a better idea of
whether Twitter will be more like
Google or, whose most
valuable asset turned out to be a
sock puppet.
    Google itself took several years
after its 1998 inception before it
began selling short ads next to
                                                      Book Now! for your next event, activity day, summer camp, more.
                                                                            corporate outing, family function, workshops and
its search results, spawning one
of the world’s biggest marketing
vehicles with ad revenue of nearly            Phone: 403 250 2707 I email: I
$23 billion last year.
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                                                                With every two consecutive issues, Business Edge

                 LOOKING FOR                                    advertisers reach high-income and highly
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                 SUPERIOR VALUE                                 286,000+ businesses in the following markets:

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Financial Edge – Pro’s 3 Stars

Wallace: Consistency of earnings key indicator
Michelle Lindstrom                         • President & CEO:                      healthcare needs of Canadians           card spend significantly more than
Business Edge                              Nadir Mohamed                           ever since. It has grown to have        non-Optimum cardholders. That is
                                           • Head Office: Toronto                  more than 1,100 stores across the       how they’ve gained market share

       EATURED PRO:                        • Vital Stats: Price/Earnings ratio     country. It is a leader in Canada’s     and maintained their position. The
       Laura Wallace, MBA, CFA,            20.96; earnings per share 1.65;         retail drugstore market and the         company is very well-financed. It
       is managing director of             market cap 21.4B; annual dividend       number one provider of pharmacy         has a record of increasing its
Coleford Investment Management             1.28; yield 3.60.                       products and services.                  dividend. One of the things we like
in Toronto.                                • Wallace’s View: “Rogers               • Recent Price: $37.83 (April 15)       to see is not only a high dividend
Investment Strategy: “Our                  Communications is the dominant          • 52-Week High/Low:                     yield but the ability and record of
(Coleford’s) focus is on high-             player in the cellphone business        $50.00/$41.93                           increasing dividends as a way of
quality companies trading at               of Canada and the cellphone             • President & CEO:                      maintaining or increasing return
reasonable multiples of cashflow           industry is the growth side of          Jürgen Schreiber                        from a stock.”
and earnings.                              communications. Rogers also has         • Head office: Toronto                  • Wallace’s Risk Rating: Medium.
    When we talk about                                    a very dominant          • Vital Stats: Price/Earnings ratio     • Web Watch:
quality companies, we                                     position in cable        16.41; earnings per share 2.70;
mean those with high                                      television, but it’s     market cap 9.74B; annual dividend
return on equity, strong                                  really the growth op-    0.90; yield 2.00.                                   THIRD STAR:
management focussed                                       portunity in cellular    • Wallace’s View: “Shoppers             Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
on shareholder interest                                   that appeals to us. In   Drug Mart is the dominant player        Ltd. (TEVA-NASDAQ)
and dominant market-                                      the U.S., 20 per cent    in a very fragmented industry –         • Snapshot: Teva is an Israeli-
share positions (pref-                                    of people don’t have     the drug store industry. It has         based global pharmaceutical com-
erably in a growing                                       a land line and in       several strengths.                      pany that develops, produces and
industry). We’re pretty                                   Canada that number           One is that in addition to          markets generic and proprietary
consistent with how                                       is only 9 per cent. We   being a drug store, it does very        branded pharmaceuticals and is
we apply those rules.        GUEST STOCK PICKER           think that in addition   well with front-of-the-store sales.     among the largest in the world.
                             Laura Wallace
Not every stock meets                                     to the new features      It has made a real push into the        • Recent Price: $62.80 (April 15)
every criteria but we’re                                  that smartphones         beauty market and added grocer-         • 52-Week High/Low:
particularly interested in compa-          provide, there is also the growth       ies. They’re making it more of a        $64.95/$42.77
nies with strong balance sheets in         opportunity, as more people move        destination store so people aren’t      • President & CEO: Shiomo Yanai
addition to high levels                    to having only a cellphone and los-     just coming in simply for prescrip-     • Head office: Israel
of profitability and consistency           ing their land line.                    tions or Tylenol. The company will      • Vital Stats: Price/Earnings ratio
of earnings.”                                  The company has a strong            benefit as the generic conversion       19.07; earnings per share 3.37; mar-
                                           balance sheet, a good record of         continues – there are a number of       ket cap 59.31B; annual dividend
            FIRST STAR:                    increasing earnings and increas-        drugs coming off patent in North        0.74; yield 1.10.
Rogers Communications Inc.                 ing dividends. It’s attractively        America over the next three to          • Wallace’s View: “As with
(RCI.B-TSX; RCI.A-TSX; RCI-NYSE) priced, trading at about 13 times                 four years. While generics are          Shoppers, there is an increasing
• Snapshot: Rogers is a diversified        the 2010 earnings, with a record        lower-priced than branded drugs,        number of drugs coming off
Canadian communications/                   of increasing its dividend. They’re     they have a higher margin for drug      patent, which gives Teva a very
media company split into                   at the technological forefront with     stores. Shoppers will be a major        strong opportunity in terms of
three lines of business: Rogers            respect to the cellphone and cable      beneficiary of that trend.              new products.
Wireless (Canada’s largest                 industry. They’ve made great in-            As well, the company is looking         As well, the passage of the new
wireless voice and data                    vestments in innovation and that’s      at expanding its generic sources to     healthcare bill in the U.S. adds 32
communications services                    part of the appeal of the company.      improve its supply chain manage-        million more people over the next
provider); Rogers Cable                    It gives you confidence that they       ment. The other thing the com-          five years to healthcare and will
(Canadian cable services                   will stay the dominant player in        pany has done extraordinarily           increase the demand for pharma-
provider for TV, high-speed                the market.”                            well is its Optimum loyalty card        ceuticals in the U.S. – that demand
Internet access, and telephone             • Wallace’s Risk Rating: Low            program. As of the last quarter,        will be focussed on generics as
products for residential and               to medium.                              almost 10 million Canadians had         opposed to branded drugs.
business customers); Rogers                • Web Watch:             an Optimum card, which is truly             Teva has been around
Media (Canada’s premier group                                                      a phenomenal number – one in            since 1900, so it has had a long
of category-leading broadcast,                        SECOND STAR:                 three, almost. It’s probably the best   successful record as a drug manu-
specialty, print and online media).        Shoppers Drug Mart (SC-TSX)             loyalty program in North America.       facturer. It has done a number of
Recent Price: $34.85 (April 15)            • Snapshot: Shoppers was                Their studies have shown that
52-Week High/Low: $35.98/$26.37 founded in 1962 and has handled                    people who have an Optimum              See ‘Pharmaceutical” Page 19
April 23, 2010                                                          BUSINESS EDGE                                                                 Page 19

Financial Edge – Stock Stories

Electronic gizmos replacing our rusty old imaginations
Business Edge                                  Act II: Going Wireless             Act III: How Big Is Your Package?      • Recent Price: $29.52
                                           • The Player: Shaw Communi-             • The Player: Telus Corp.             • 52-Week High/Low:
        Act I: Are You Blue?                 cations (TSX:SJR.B)                      (TSX:T)                              $31.50/$22.94
  • The Player: Wi-LAN Inc.                • Action: Down two per cent             •	 Action: Flat in two weeks          Canadians love their sports.
    (TSX:WIN)                                or $0.40 in two weeks ( from             ( from $37.70 April 1)         On a flight during the most
  • Action: Up four per cent or              $20.15 April 1)                       •	 Recent Price: $37.45           recent Grey Cup final, I swear
    $0.11 in two weeks ( from              • Recent Price: $19.75                  • 52-Week High/Low:               the pilot circled the city several
    $2.82 April 1)                         • 52-Week High/Low:                        $39.10/$29.12                  times before landing just so the
  • Recent Price: $2.93                      $22.02/$17.71                            In the race to own the waves,  passengers could finish watching
  • 52-Week High/Low:                                                             Shaw’s competitor Telus Corp.      the game.
                                               Not that many years ago, a
    $3.25/$1.48                                                                   has launched an aggressive             Well, if you love hockey, you’re
                                           male figure skater landing a quad
                                                                                  investment and expansion plan      in luck – you’ll be able to see the
    Feel like Bluetooth technology         was called a risk taker. Now the
                                                                                  of its own.                        big games no matter where you
is everywhere? It is –                                   skill has become
                                                                                      The Burnaby-based company,     are – as long as you have a Bell
but a Canadian patent                                    almost a standard
                                                                                  which has seen losses in its home  Mobility phone.
licenser isn’t happy                                     requirement. Let’s
                                                                                  phone division, is determined          Bell, a wholly owned subsidiary
about it.                                                see if the same ap-
                                                                                  to carve a chunk of the TV and     of BCE Inc., based in Montreal,
    Ottawa-based                                         plies to traditional
                                                                                  Internet business for itself.      announced Bell customers will
Wi-LAN has launched                                      communications
                                                                                  Already gaining traction in the    now be able to receive RDS and
a lawsuit against                                        companies.
                                                                                  TV market with                     TSN Stanley Cup playoff games on
a who’s-who list of                                          Shaw Communi-
                                                                                  its hi-def Telus TV                                  their Bell Mobility
tech giants, alleging                                    cations, based in
                                                                                                                                       smartphones and
those companies’                                         Calgary, already of-     (wooing customers        TELECOMMUNICATIONS
                                                                                                                                       mobile phones.
use of Bluetooth                                         fers a triple-pack of    away from Shaw,
                                                                                  according to some
                                                                                                          SPECIAL REPORT               This NHL boost
technology infringes         SCENES FROM THE STREET      services includ-
                             Nicole Strandlund                                    analysts), Telus                                     is part of a larger
on one of Wi-LAN’s                                       ing cable, Internet
                                                                                  is investing $650 million in                         agreement to bring
U.S. patents.                                            and home phone
                                                                                  Alberta, $650 million in B.C. and  more CTV and affiliate content to
    Defendants include                                   (landline). But just
                                                                                  $250 million in Quebec to expand   Bell’s mobile subscribers.
Apple Inc., Hewlett-Packard                in case you didn’t think there were
                                                                                  its broadband networks.                Add this to the mobile Internet,
Co., Sony Corp., Motorola Inc.,            enough wireless choices already
                                                                                      Some speculate it will be only e-books, Bluetooth, mp3 play-
Dell Inc., Intel Corp., Lenovo             out there, Shaw plans to add a
                                                                                  a matter of time before Telus      ers and various other electronic
Inc. and LG.                               wireless option for its customers.
                                                                                  enters the wireless business too,  gizmos and gadgets, and you’ll
    Wi-LAN, no stranger                        The company says it will
to litigation, manages a                   take several years and hundreds        and “how big is your package?” be- never have to use your rusty old
                                                                                  comes a pick-up line for men and   imagination again.
portfolio of more than                     of millions of dollars to build a
800 patents.                               wireless network (beginning in         women alike.                            The above is not intended as
    The company’s shares                   Western Canada), but it is confi-                                           investment advice to buy or sell
have been tracking steadily                dent there is room in the market              Act IV: NHL To Go             any mentioned securities. Investors
upwards for the last year after            for everyone.                           • The Player: BCE Inc.              should do due diligence before
hitting lows below $1.60, and                  In an age where kids practically      (TSX:BCE)                         investing. Quotes are based on
are making a run toward                    come out of the womb with a cell        • Action: Down three per cent       results through April 13, 2010.
the $3.19 mark reached in                  phone glued to their ear, I’m going       or $0.77 in two weeks ( from         (Nicole can be reached at Nicole.
early March.                               to have to agree.                         $30.29 April 1)         

From Page 18

Pharmaceutical manufacturing giant has strong opportunity for growth
acquisitions to expand its global        it has been in existence since               Note: Coleford has positions         (This feature is provided for
reach. Ratiopharm, the latest one,       1900 so it seems to have managed         in each of these stocks for their    informational purposes only
will be 10 per cent accretive to         a pretty difficult political             clients. Quotes from Wallace are     and investors are still advised
earnings in 2011 – that is very posi-    environment successfully.”               based on information as of March     to do further research and/or
tive. It has operations around the       • Wallace’s Risk Rating: Medium.         23 and specific stock numbers        consult a qualified investment
world, so while you may have some        • Web Watch:                             come from details found on March     professional before making
concerns with it being in Israel,                        24 unless noted otherwise.           investment decisions.)
Page 20                                                             BUSINESS EDGE                                                             April 23, 2010

China adopts countermeasures to stop Google’s detour
The Canadian Press                   exert their control of Chinese              Google makes relatively little           “What Google has done is a
                                     telecommunications companies            of its money in China now. Ana-          slick trick, but it’s also a direct

          oogle’s attempted detour   to slow the speed of queries and        lysts have estimated the country         slap in the face to the govern-
          around China’s Internet    responses, to help drive traffic to     accounts for $250 million to             ment,” Gillis said. “The repercus-
          censorship rules was       homegrown rivals.                       $600 million of its $24 billion          sions from this will be going on
met with countermeasures                 “It really comes down to the        in annual revenue.                       for several years.”
last month by the communist          extent of their vindictiveness,” said       But the pie is expected to get           Gartner Inc. analyst Whit
government, which blocked            Duncan Clark, managing director         substantially bigger as China’s          Andrews said any financial pain
people on the mainland from          of BDA China Ltd., a technology         economy expands and the coun-            Google suffers will be worth the
seeing search results dealing        market research firm.                   try’s Web audience increases             respect the company wins for
with such forbidden topics as            The tensions between Google         beyond the roughly 350 million           refusing to bow to a government’s
the pro-democracy movement.          and China’s government already          people online now.                       demands. “Google now has ir-
    China’s manoeuvre, as well       appear to be denting the                    Susquehanna Financial Group          reproachable proof of its editorial
as its public rebuke of Google’s     company’s business.                     analyst Marianne Wolk expects            objectivity,” he said.
decision to stop censoring               TOM Online, a provider of on-       China’s Internet ad market to                In China, some Internet users
searches for the government,         line and mobile services in China       grow from about $3 billion last          mourned Google’s exit by placing
rattled some of the company’s        that is owned by a Hong Kong            year to as much as $20 billion           flowers and chocolates at the large
investors, advertisers and users.    tycoon, said it would not renew an      in 2014. Google appeared to be           Google sign in front of the com-
    The chief concern is whether     alliance with Google to avoid vio-      well positioned to pick up about         pany’s offices in Beijing. But others
Google poisoned its business in      lating any Chinese laws. Owners of      $5 billion to $6 billion of that         noted that the situation could
one of the world’s                                    Chinese businesses     projected 2014 revenue, Wolk             raise awareness about China’s
most promising                                        also may be more       said, because its Chinese search         strict online censorship.
Internet markets.          TELECOMMUNICATIONS         reluctant to adver-    engine has a roughly one-third               Zhang Shihe, a freelance
Google recently         SPECIAL REPORT                tise on Google for     share – a distant second to the          Chinese journalist and well-known
said it no longer                                     fear of reprisals.     homegrown Baidu Inc.                     blogger, said coverage of Google’s
felt comfortable                                          If that happens,       But Google’s share is likely to      departure could spur Chinese to
complying with the country’s         Google may reduce its sales force       shrink if the Great Firewall blocks      demand more free speech online
demands that it censor web con-      in China. For now, the company          or slows traffic.                        and offline.
tent deemed objectionable by the     is maintaining both its engineer-           BGC financial analyst Colin              “The incident has angered and
communist rulers. The company        ing and sales staffs in the country,    Gillis said he expects Google’s          saddened a lot of netizens, and
began sending web searchers in       reflecting its hope that the            dustup with the Chinese govern-          now they will understand what
mainland China from the China-       Chinese government’s anger              ment to reduce the company’s             type of country we live in,” said
based to       will cool off. Google also believes     market value by $10 billion to 1
                                                                                        MTFI-1046 CEO Ad.pdf                   “This
                                                                                                                      Zhang, 1:53 PMis another win for

hk, based in Hong Kong. The          it will be able to revive plans,        $15 billion, or $30 to $50 a share.      freedom of expression.”
former British colony has an open    delayed for now, to have its
Internet and Google is not legally   Android software support more
required to censor results there.    mobile phones and applications
    But that end-run doesn’t pre-    in China.
vent China’s government from us-         Other foreign companies
ing its Internet filters – known as  that have angered the Chinese
the Great Firewall – to block some government have been stymied
search results and websites from     in the country. American defence
being seen in the mainland.          contractor Raytheon Co. closed
    A search request from within     its Beijing offices last year in
mainland China about the 1989        frustration over its inability to win
Tiananmen democracy protests         contracts for commercial aviation
returned a notice that the “page     and consulting services. Ameri-
cannot be displayed.” It also        can executives believed Raytheon
caused the web browser to discon- was being penalized for selling its
nect for several seconds. Under      Patriot missiles to Taiwan.
the old, a similar query       Although Google discussed
usually returned a list of sanitized various options in talks with the
sites about Tiananmen Square.        Chinese government over the past
    If the Chinese leaders really    two months, the company made
want to foil Google, they could      its decision to shift mainland
block all mainland access to the     traffic to Hong Kong without the
Hong Kong service. Or they could     ruling party’s approval.
April 23, 2010                                                                    BUSINESS EDGE                                                                                   Page 21
                                                                                                                                                                     Advertising feature

           CASH+ software eliminates employee phone
             abuse and increases staff productivity
         nder-achieving                 Top 10 Stations by Duration                                                                                   was used, as well as the length
         employees can really           Date Range Between 12/01/2009 AND 02/04/2010
                                                                                                                                                      and cost of each call.
         lay a licking on your cor-                                                                                                                       There are plenty of excellent
porate bottom line.                                                                                                                                   reasons to choose CASH+ Call
    Just ask B.C. entrepreneur          Station ID        Station Name                                                    Total Duration (HH:MM:SS)   Accounting Software:
Craig Hansen – he’s been there.        504                Kris Kutny                                                                       92:49:19   • Ease of installation: Hansen’s
As the former operator of a            503                Natasha Nicholls                                                                 79:34:02      team takes care of the entire
heavy-duty equipment dealer-                                                                                                                             process, installing the pro-
                                       506                Tyrel Hansen                                                                     78:14:20
                                       507                Alyssa Hansen                                                                    59:23:23
ship, Hansen remembers wading          500                Craig Hansen                                                                     21:07:28      gram via Internet. The whole
through 400-page monthly tele-         555                Jane Hudson                                                                      06:14:49      process takes no more than
phone bills.                           438
                                                          Chelan Radil
                                                          Stephen McDonald
                                                                                                                                                         half an hour.
    “We had phones all over the        501                Ken Gunderson                                                                    01:01:14   • Training: Hansen’s technicians
place and my bills were coming         505                Rod McAuley                                                                      00:46:28      walk you through the workings
in around $3,500 a month. I’m                                                                                                                            of the program, again via an
trying to figure out who’s making                                                      Station Vs Duration
                                                                                                                                                         Internet hookup. CASH+ is so
all these calls but I had no idea,”                                                                                                                      simple to use you’ll be up to
he recalls.                                                                                                                                              speed in no time.
    Hansen became so exasper-                                                                                                                         • Top-of-the-line technical sup-
ated that he started researching                                                                                                                         port: A year’s free support is
the issue. Eventually, he found                                                                                                                          part of the package when you
the answer. It’s called CASH+                                                                                                                            add CASH+ Call Accounting
Call Accounting Software, an                                                                                                                             Software to your office mix.

amazing product which enables                                                                                                                            Hansen’s head office offers full
business operators to compre-                                                                                                                            24/7 support. That means no
hensively track your company’s                                                                                                                           offshore call centres and NO
phone calls.                                                                                                                                             unanswered calls.
    How can this software save                                                                                                                            Satisfied customers are happy
you money? “Say you’re                                                                                                                                to testify to the efficiency of
running a sales organization with                   504   503      506      507        500
                                                                                                       555    438   550      501     505
                                                                                                                                                      CASH+ Call Acounting Software.
10 people making calls within                                                                                                                             “Trying to switch over a
the city limits – no long distance    of large and small businesses.       reports and interfaces to suit                                             major part of interfaced
calls,” Hansen sets up an                 “Most of our clients are         specific customer needs. After                                             software can normally be a
illustration.                         interested in tracking productivity, all, telephone usage costs repre-                                          very time consuming and
    “Unless you’re running our        misuse and/or abuse. However, 1 of sent one of the largest monthly
                                                                                                                                                      tedious job,” says Trevor
software, you really have no way      a significant percentage also        expenses for any organization.                                             Raynsford, general manager
of tracking exactly what they’re      wish to monitor their business’s     It also represents a cost that                                             of a Port Elgin motel.
doing. You just assume they’re        usage of lines. This is useful in    has traditionally been difficult to                                            “However, the friendly people
making calls. Our software tracks     determining if you are paying for    control.                                                                   at Hansen Software made this
the phone number of every local       too many unused lines or if you          When you install CASH+ Call                                            experience painless and seam-
and long distance call, as well       do not have enough.                  Accounting Software, you take                                              less from start to finish.”
as how long your staffer spent            “There are also organizations    back that control. “For example,                                               That kind of exemplary cus-
on the phone. One person might        such as law firms that wish to bill  if you travel a lot, you don’t know                                        tomer service is characteristic of
make 40 calls a day, compared         back their long-distance phone       what’s going on back                                                       the people bringing you CASH+
to 20 for his colleague. But if 29    calls to a client,” says Hansen,     at the office,” Hansen explains.                                           Call Accounting Software.
of those 40 calls are of a per-       who proudly includes Trans-          “With our software, you can                                                    “We believe we care more.
sonal nature, you’re dealing with     Canada Pipelines Ltd. and ADT        arrange to have your reports                                               We’re not just working for
a situation of misuse and abuse,”     Security Services among his long emailed to you every day.                                                      wages, we built this company
he says.                              list of satisfied customers.         That way, you can see all the                                              – and this product – from the
    Hansen’s product has been             Developed and manufactured       numbers, right there in your hotel                                         ground up,” says Hansen
well-received throughout North        by Hansen Software Corp. of          room.”                                                                     who invites you to visit
America, earning the enthusiastic     Kelowna, CASH+ Call Account-             CASH+ Call Accounting                                         for
endorsement of legal offices,         ing Software is a Windows-           Software allows you to log the                                             more information.
municipalities and major hotel        based, fully-featured manage-        number, date and time of day for                                               To get in touch, please call
chains, including Best Western        ment program that builds             every call, incoming or outgoing.                                          toll-free 877-795-2274 or email
International, plus a broad range     customized call-costing tables,      It records which telephone line                                  

                                                Toll-free 1-877-795-2274                           
Page 22                                                                  BUSINESS EDGE                                                           April 23, 2010

Out of the Norm

Mint claims new coin technology to save $15 million
Business Edge                            contrary. According to CAMA, the          from a diverse range of producers,     print,” said Bob Chant, vice-pres-
                                         costs of software and hardware            including homeowners, schools,         ident, corporate affairs, Loblaw

         oming out of the 2009           upgrades to existing vending ma-          farmers, large retailers and small     Companies Limited.
         recession, the Canadian         chines will far exceed any savings        businesses, by offering
         government is focussed          the new coins will offer.                 long-term, stable prices for the               Poppy seed cake
on saving money wherever it                 Businesses and municipalities          electricity generated.                    According to a recent press
can – even when it comes to              across Canada will be watching                “Everybody is participating,       release from the University of
making money.                            the battle closely – losing could         from everywhere in Ontario, from       Calgary, “researchers at the Uni-
    In the latest federal budget,        cost them millions.                       farmers, schools and hospitals, to     versity of Calgary have discovered
Ottawa has announced the Royal                                                     large scale retail and commercial      the unique genes that allow the
Canadian Mint will start manufac-                   OPA Re-energized               operations,” said Brad Duguid,         opium poppy to make codeine and
turing Canadian $1                                           “The Ontario          Minister of Energy and Infrastruc-     morphine, thus opening doors to
and $2 dollar coins                                       Power Authority is       ture. “These projects will create      alternate methods of producing
using a “less ex-                                         very excited about       a new source of income while           these effective painkillers either
pensive patented                                          today’s announce-        providing new clean and green          by manufacturing them in a lab
multi-ply plated steel                                    ment. Over the last      electricity in Ontario – particu-      or controlling the production of
technology.” The Mint                                     year, we consulted,      larly on hot, sunny summer days        these compounds in the plant.”
claims the move will                                      developed and            when demand soars. With our               Codeine is by far the most
save approximately                                        launched the pro-        new domestic content rules, these      widely used opiate in the world
$15 million dollars a                                     gram. These first        projects will also help create new     with Canadians among the world’s
year in manufactur-                                       contracts really bring   ‘green collar’ jobs here in Ontario,   top users. With over $100 million
ing costs without af-                                     the program to life      as well as major economic invest-      per year spent on codeine-based
fecting the properties                                    and highlight its        ments in equipment and services        drugs, Canadian manufacturers
of the coins.               GUEST CARE NORM
                                     THE PICKER
                            SCENES STOCKTHE STREET
                            OUT OFOPINION
                            TAKING FROM OF BUSINESS       success,” said Colin     here at home.”                         import all of the opiates required
                            NicoleG. Charbonneau,CFA
                            Norman Leach
                            Jonathon Gold
                            Anil Wardell
                            Keith Strandlund
                            Justin Leslie
    According to the                                      Andersen, CEO of             Loblaw Companies Limited,          from other countries.
Canadian Auto-                                            the Ontario Power        Canada’s largest grocery retailer,        Peter Facchini, professor in
matic Merchandising Associa-               Authority (OPA).                        has been approved for FIT              the Department of Biological
tion (CAMA), the savings may be                On March 10, the OPA an-            applications for rooftop solar         Sciences at the U of C pointed
illusionary.                               nounced that it had approved            installations on 136 of its Ontario    out that, “With this discovery,
    “Although CAMA appreciates             510 renewable energy projects           stores. “This initiative is part of    we can potentially create plants
the Royal Canadian Mint’s cost-            as part of its Feed- in Tariff (FIT)    Loblaw’s overall effort to support     that will stop production of
saving efforts, we are concerned           program. According to the OPA,          renewable energy sources and           codeine. We are also working
with its negative impacts on               FIT encourages the development          green operation and embrace
the coin acceptance industry in            of renewable energy projects            ways to reduce our carbon foot-        See ‘Alternate”            Page 23
Canada,” said Kim Lockie, CAMA
president. “This change delivers
no financial benefits to our
industry, but rather will add
significant expenses to not only
our members, but to all Canadian
businesses that rely on automatic
coin acceptance. Transit authori-
ties, parking lot operators,
municipalities, amusement ma-
chine owners, retail kiosks,
car wash operators, laundry ma-
chine operators, toll authorities
and lottery associations are just
some of the industries that will
be negatively affected.”
    According to some experts,
CAMA may have a point. There is
no guarantee the new coins will
work in existing vending machines
despite the Mint’s protests to the
April 23, 2010                                                       BUSINESS EDGE                                                                  Page 23

Moving On

Ultimate secures new vice-president to oversee delivery
Michelle Lindstrom                     operations including alliances and      first female president. She            environment and sustainability.
Business Edge                          partnerships. HP executive vice-        led initiatives to increase the        The company explores Canadian
                                       president Thomas E. Hogan says          number of women to get involved        precious metals – mainly the
      Acquiring Ultimate VP            Galanis’ leadership                     in science in engineering, but         Rainy River gold project near
Calgary – Jacques Magnan has           experience will benefit HP’s            is also known for her innovative       Emo, Ont., Stanfield’s most
been appointed vice-president          plan for growth.                        work on geomatics engineering          recent work has been to develop
of lodging of Ultimate Resorts &                                               focused on the commercial              and lead the mine permitting
                                             Mining titan new COO              application of geomatics technol-      group at DST Consultants.
Hotels. Magnan has three decades
of ski resort industry experience     Vancouver – The role of chief            ogy. Her history at the University     He’s also worked overseas and
at such locations as Lake Louise      operating officer at Continental         includes many leadership roles         in Canadian operations as an
Ski Resort and Stoneham Resort,       Minerals Corporation has been            that will help her guide the           environmental engineer. At
Quebec. While based in Calgary,       filled by Christopher                              whole institution.           Rainy River, he will lead the
Ultimate Resorts & Hotels has         Zahovskis. Continental                                                          environmental assessment and
regional offices in Canmore,          is a mineral exploration                                Mortgage brokers find   permitting of the Rainy River
Golden and Kimberley, as a leader     and development com-                                       new leadership       gold project while building on
in hotel and resort management        pany focused on projects                               Toronto – Margo          the company’s relations with
of condo and vacation properties      in Asia. For more than                                 Wynhofen was ap-         location First Nations groups.
in Western Canada. Ultimate’s         29 years, Zahovaskis                                   pointed president of The
CEO, Eric Watson, welcomes            has worked within the                                  Independent Mortgage                 BDC re-hires old hat
Magnan and his “wealth of             mining industry and
                                                                      Christopher Zahovskis Brokers Association of        Ottawa - Business Development
knowledge” as he relocates to         has taken on projects in                               Ontario (IMBA) at the        Bank of Canada (BDC)
Golden’s Kicking Horse Mountain       Canada, Turkey, Indone-                                group’s annual general       reappointed Jean-René Halde
Resort to oversee the delivery of     sia, New Caledonia, Australia and            meeting. She will fill the role for    as its president. Halde was
the company’s lodging services.       China. In his new position, he will          the 2010-2011 term. Wynhofen has previously president and chief
                                      coordinate and integrate matters             been a mortgage origi-                           executive officer of
  Technological leader to help        relating to operations, explora-             nator since 1998, formed                         Irwin Toy Limited,
      Hewlett-Packard grow            tion, engineering, environmental,            her own company in                               Culinar Inc., Metro
Mississauga – Hewlett-Packard         economic programs and more.                  2003 where she special-                          Richelieu Inc., Sound
(Canada) Co. (HP) announced                                                        ized in residential mort-                        Inc., and more. He is
                                              First female to take                 gage financing, then
Peter Galanis will be the new                                                                                                       currently vice-chair
                                                 reins at U of C                   joined Verico Mortgage
president and chief                                                                                                                 of The Conference
executive officer for                           Calgary – The eighth               Brokers Network in 2006                          Board of Canada
the technology-based                            president and vice-                – forming Verico One           Margo Wynhofen    and sits on Montreal
company. He has more                            chancellor has been                Mortgage Corp. in the                            General Hospital
than 18 years of enter-                         selected for the                   Niagara region. MBA has                          Foundation’s board.
prise experience in the                         University of Calgary,             mortgage finance advisors repre-       During Halde’s time with BDC
IT industry and started                         effective July 1. Dr.              senting 1,200 members in over          he helped to reach record num-
at HP in 2006, where his                        Elizabeth Cannon is                300 Ontario companies.                 bers in new financing to small
positions included vari-                        the Dean of the Schulich                                                  and medium-sized businesses.
                              Peter Galanis                                             Rainy River strikes gold
ous sales roles, market-                        School of Engineering
ing at EMC, Xerox and                           and professor in the               Vancouver – Rainy River                    (Michelle Lindstrom can be
Sun Microsystems. Galanis will be     Geomatics Engineering Depart-                Resources Ltd. has appointed           reached at movingon.businessedge
responsible for all Canadian HP       ment and will be the University’s            Kyle Stanfield as its director of

From Page 22

Alternate methods of codeine, morphine production discovered by U of C
toward the synthesis of codeine        important pharmaceuticals.”             discovery is “equivalent to            thousand years. Our discovery
and other opiate drugs more               Jillian Hagel, a post-doctoral       finding a gene involved in             allows this unique genetic
efficiently and economically in        scientist in Facchini’s lab, was        cancer or other genetic disorders.”    power to be harnessed in many
controlled bioprocessing facilities.   assigned the task of finding the           Facchini adds, “The                 important ways.”
    “Our discovery now                 gene that produces the plant            evolution of these two genes              (Norman Leach is a historian,
makes it possible to use               enzyme converting codeine               in a single plant species has          writer and professional speaker
microorganisms to produce              into morphine.                          had such a huge impact on              in Calgary. He can be reached at
opiate drugs and other                    According to Facchini the            humanity over the past several
Page 24                                                             BUSINESS EDGE                                                           April 23, 2010

TV networks win latest battle with cable companies
The Canadian Press                    conventional broadcasters for              However, the cable and satellite   like the way negotiations are
                                      payment to carry their signals.         firms repeated their warnings of      going. Because they pay for

         hose CTV and Global              CRTC chairman Konrad von            higher costs for consumers.           the rights of a given television
         shows that come into your    Finckenstein underlines that pay-          “Consumers are going to            show in a given season, the
         home courtesy of a cable     ment can be in exchange for other       see increased bills on a              cable firm would be blocked
or satellite company could soon       considerations, and doesn’t neces-      monthly basis for access to           completely from transmitting
hike your monthly bill – or even      sarily always involve cash chang-       local programming, and that’s         it in any capacity.
go dark – following a landmark        ing hands. He is skeptical – as he      the part that I find rather sad,”         In the United States,
ruling on how money flows in the      was during last fall’s consultation     said Mirko Bibic, Bell’s senior       viewers saw last month what
broadcasting system.                  period – that consumers will see        vice-president of regulatory          can happen when there’s such
    The TV networks won their         the cable bill hikes executives have    and government affairs.               a dispute: there was a short,
fight before the                                         been warning of.        TV stations would be able          rare blackout at the beginning
country’s broad-                                            “It’s not the     to withhold their signals             of the Oscars broadcast as
cast regulator to           TELECOMMUNICATIONS           only game in         completely from a cable or            a cable and broadcast giant
negotiate a fee                                          town, after all,     satellite company if they don’t       duked it out.
for their signal         SPECIAL REPORT                  consumers can
with cable and                                           watch all of this
satellite providers,                                     on the Internet
who have never paid before for        for free, and they might do that
those transmissions.                  if you raise your cable company’s
    But the Canadian Radio-tele-      freight too high . . .” he told The
vision and Telecommunications         Canadian Press. “It’s in the parties’
Commission (CRTC) also wants          own self-interest to come up with
the Federal Court of Appeal to        a solution that’s in the best inter-
review the new “value for signal”     est of the consumer.”
system before it kicks in.                CTV’s corporate vice-president
    And the Conservative govern-      Paul Sparkes celebrated the com-
ment will have to decide whether      mission’s decision. “They have
it can live with the decision, or     recognized that there is value as-
balk against the threat of in-        sociated with the content that we
creased costs for consumers by        produce, so we’re very happy with
prescribing a different scenario.     that,” said Sparkes.
    The broadcasters had warned           “I’d like to thank the thousands
that the future of local TV pro-      of Canadians who wrote in to the
gramming depended on their get-       CRTC in support of our position
ting a solid new source of revenue, and in support of local television.”
with advertising dollars drying up        Canwest Global Communica-
and audience numbers dwindling.       tions Corp. (TSXV:CGS) said it was
The cable companies posted an         encouraged by the ruling.
11.9 per cent rise in revenues in         “This framework provides some
2009, a recessionary year.            needed balance as we prepare for
    If the court gives the green      combined specialty and conven-
light, the industry and consumers     tional licence renewal hearings
will be in for a wild ride. Suddenly, next year,” Canwest Broadcasting
cable and satellite companies         president Peter Viner said in a
would be forced to negotiate with     statement.
April 23, 2010                                                      BUSINESS EDGE                                                                 Page 25

Budget watchdog takes issue with government claims on freeze
The Canadian Press                    departments’ operational                fact something we can easily do,”      of Parliament and has often dis-
                                      budgets, starting next year,            she told the committee.                missed his reports as speculative.

B    udget watchdog Kevin Page is
     taking issue with a high-rank-
ing government official’s claim
                                      will result in deep cuts to jobs
                                      and services.
                                          The operational budget freeze
                                                                                 The restraint measures call on
                                                                              departments to absorb the 1.5 per
                                                                              cent scheduled increase in public
                                                                                                                         One area of contention
                                                                                                                     is whether the government
                                                                                                                     has a credible plan to balance
that the federal budget’s two-year    was a key element of last month’s       service salaries this year for a       the budget.
freeze on operational spending        federal budget, which laid out          $300-million saving. The two-year          As he has done in the
can “easily” be achieved.             a five-year plan to reduce the          freeze is estimated to save the gov-   past, Page again told the
   Page told a House committee        current $54 deficit to near zero        ernment $1.8 billion by 2012-13.       committee that based on
last week it will not be possible     in five years.                          Salaries for MPs were also frozen.     private sector growth estimates,
to keep spending flat until the           D’Auray told the committee             In his testimony, Page asked        Ottawa won’t be able to generate
2013-14 fiscal year without           the public service was ready to         the committee to order the             sufficient revenues to do the
someone feeling the pinch,            do its part without cuts to salaries    government to release to him           trick in five years.
including Canadians.                  or instituting a hiring freeze, al-     information he said he needs               “To avoid large unsustain-
   “There’s no fiscal consolidation   though she suggested attrition          to conduct a proper analysis           able budget deficits over the long
without pain,” he said. “It will      will play a role.                       of how the cuts will affect            term, parliamentarians may need
be very hard to have a freeze             With Ottawa’s operation             government operations and              to choose between higher taxes,
on operational spending . . .         budget at a record $54 billion last     service to Canadians.                  changes to statutory transfer pro-
without impacts on service            year, and given that 13,000 public         Page has complained about           grams and less spending on direct
levels. So we need to have            servants leave federal employment       being shut off from information in     program expenditures,” he said.
some good analysis.”                  every year, keeping spending to         the past, including the roll-out of        While he said there will be pain
   In earlier testimony before        zero increases will not be difficult,   stimulus spending introduced in        from budget constraints, exactly
the committee, Treasury Board         she said.                               last year’s budget.                    how much and who will be im-
secretary Michelle d’Auray                “There is a huge amount                In turn, the Harper government      pacted can’t be known unless the
appeared to take some opposition      of flexibility. It is not, at least     has at times regarded the budget       government comes forward with
MPs by surprise by dismissing         for the first couple of years, a        watchdog as more of a thorn in         information on how they plan to
concerns that the freeze on           significant reduction. It is in         their side than an unbiased officer    proceed, he said.
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Internet use in the workplace: where to draw the line
Business Edge                              use and casual office conversations     into 1865, as it did. After you      by a librarian. Public and
                                           often turn into new business            place a wager, your buddy heads      university libraries have experts

        here’s little doubt that the       ideas or suggestions for gaining        off to the loo, then returns, and    at finding reliable information
        transformative effect of the       operating efficiencies.”                together you check it on Wikipe-     and their services are often
        Internet on business is the            The challenge, of course, is        dia, finding the text “The American free of charge. Some libraries
top telecommunications story of            to draw the boundary between            Civil War (1861–1864), also known    even offer premium business-
the past decade. Online processing surfing that can be done at work                as the . . . ” So you pay up.        oriented services. As just one
speeds up everything from bank-            and things which definitely belong          Unbeknownst to you, your bud- example, the main branch of
ing to booking hotels to taking            in the privacy of the worker’s          dy took a detour to his computer,    the Calgary Public Library offers
orders and dealing with                                    home. Anything          or whipped out his iPhone, logged    a specialized fee-for-service
complaints, and leaves                                     remotely sexual or      on to Wikipedia, and fudged the      department called ResearchPlus
a convenient written                                       pornographic falls      date. Sure, somebody will catch it   that will undertake business
record. It also opens up                                   into the “never in      quickly and change it right back,    research on behalf of companies
perhaps the greatest                                       the office” category.   but meanwhile, you’re out 20         and individuals.
opportunity ever to                                        Just ask the Austra-    bucks. Lest you think Wikipedia          Then again, your best resource
waste time at work.                                        lian banker who was     sabotage is a rare perversion, in    may be that surfing slacker over
    A 2005 study com-                                      caught viewing          the past 12 hours that U.S. Civil    in the corner, who by now has
missioned by software                                      photos of a scantily    War article, which is certainly not  developed pretty good info-gath-
vendor                                          clad model while        very controversial, and related      ering skills. Put him or her to work
found that Americans                                       his colleague deliv-    ones, have been altered over thirty  building a corporate wiki of useful
waste, on average, over        TECH STYLE                  ered a live TV chat     times! Much of this is vandalism,    information gleaned from non-
                               Dr. Tom Keenan
2 hours of each work                                       about interest rates.   with people stuffing in random       obvious sources.
day. Yes, “Surfing Inter-                                  While he kept his       irrelevant messages like “hi london      Or do as a branch of AusAid,
net (personal use)” was the leading job, it’s a safe bet that this                 sucks” and blanking out the entire   the Australian government’s
cause, with 44.7% of the 10,000            guy was permanently assigned            Wikipedia entry for the state of     overseas aid program, does.
plus workers surveyed admitting            to the background, probably             South Carolina.                      The manager announced a
to that vice. There is every reason        with his computer turned in the             There are even “Wikipedia        policy that allows every staff
to think that Canadians are just           other direction.                        wars” and “Wikipedia addiction.”     member to spend 10 minutes
like their American cousins in this            While you probably don’t            One woman complained about           per hour researching something
regard and the arrival of the Face-        originate TV broadcasts from your       her husband on        totally unrelated to his or her
book Generation in the workplace           office, there have been plenty of       com. “Last week I was looking        work. Then, each Friday, they
will make it an even bigger issue.         cases where one person’s onscreen       through the History on his laptop    have a skill sharing session.
After all, we’ve seen the prolifera-       pleasure is another’s scandalous        expecting to find                                      One observer
tion of ever more interesting web-         image or racy story. Since the per-     porn and adult chat.                                   reported that
sites and we can now peek at them son taking offense could be your                 Instead I found             TELECOMMUNICATIONS         “a lot of people
on a mobile device while sitting in        boss or an important customer,          out that he spends       SPECIAL REPORT                ended up re-
a boring meeting.                          keep the steamy stuff at home.          almost entire nights                                   searching things
    Ah, but is some of that random             About a decade ago, I had the       just fighting other                                    that were indirectly
surfing actually creative slacking?        chance to ask a single question of      people on Wikipedia. Whether he’s related to work but still very
Perhaps it’s important business            Sir Tim-Berners Lee, one of the “fa-    correct or not about something, he useful, such as how to build a
networking? And anyway, are we             thers of the Internet.” Rather than     doesn’t care, he just has to enforce website.” Google has a similar
supposed to be chained to our              waste it on something technical, I      his opinion . . . Sometimes I think  policy on a larger scale. Hey, if
desks eight hours a day? A salary.         asked him if he allowed people to       I would prefer if he was having a    employees are going to enjoy
com spokesperson explained that            use the Internet at his dinner table.   cyber sex affair.”                   themselves online, they might as
“a certain amount of slacking off          Yes, he said, but only to settle an         In a business context, many      well share the wealth.
is already built into the salary           argument like: “In what year did        bad decisions have been based
structure,” but Bill Coleman added         the American Civil War end?” and        on inaccurate or outdated online     Web Watch
that “our survey results show that         certainly not to check their email.     information. In fact, whole scams
workers on average are wasting a               Sir Tim’s answer betrays a          have been organized around fake
little more than twice what their          naïve faith in the correctness and      news reports. One malefactor
employers expect.”                         honesty of the Internet that may        produced a cloned Bloomberg.         blogs/business_community/
    Coleman suggested that what            have been well-placed then, but         com financial news site, and wrote       (Dr. Tom Keenan, FCIPS, I.P.S.,
is apparently recreational Inter-          certainly isn’t now. And certainly      glowing things about a bogus         is a professor at the University of
net use “may well have a positive          not if you’re a betting man. Let’s      company, all in the interest of      Calgary and an expert and public
impact on the company’s culture,           say your friend claims that the         impressing gullible investors.       speaker on technology and its social
work environment and even                  U.S. Civil War ran from 1861-1864,          Who can you trust? I don’t       implications. He can be reached at
business results. Personal Internet        and you’re darned sure it lasted        know anyone who’s been cheated
April 23, 2010                                                 BUSINESS EDGE                                          Page 29

                        your money hosts, left to right:   Greg Bohnert,Roy Beyer,Shandra Carlson

           Powerful, Relevant and Practical money
           strategies that work. Delivering useful
                                                                                           SHOW TIMES
           information in easy to understand language
           about the everyday money related issues that                                                      (MT)
           ordinary people face today. Featuring a fast
           paced format, we will draw on national
           experts who are also successful in their
           respective fields, providing listeners with                                                         (MT)
           easy to understand information to build for
           a strong and lasting financial success.
Page 30                                                              BUSINESS EDGE                                                             April 23, 2010

The Lighter Side

Everybody’s talking but nobody’s saying anything
Cassius King
Business Edge
                                       Technology replacing conversation                                               an insatiable curiosity, a bottom-
                                                                                                                       less appetite for new information
                                                                                                                       and new stimuli. You’d think

         ne night recently, I was     in the day (as the kids like to say),    improved and they became                we’d learn something from all
         out hoisting a dry sherry    these rudimentary communica-             mainstream. Parents, realizing          of this info.
         in a local pub, as I’m wont  tional tools (honestly, they seemed      the monitoring potential of these           This can all be rather disorient-
to do (very occasionally, of course), semi-miraculous at the time) were        electronic leashes, started buying      ing to a creaky old Luddite like me.
and pretending to read the            screwed permanently into the             them for children as a security         It’s not as though there haven’t
Economist (because I’m preten-        wall, about as mobile as, well,          measure. Wives, impelled more by        been changes in communications
tious like that). Stumped by the      as the house to which they               suspicion than by security, started     technologies before. At some point
numerous multi-syllabic words         were anchored.                           buying them for husbands. Soon,         in time, the campfire tale gave way
and complex sentences of my               Back then – in the dark ages of      text capability was added and a         to clay tablets, which gave way to
reading material (poncey English      the 1980s – innovation was slow,         generation of teenagers realized        papyrus, which in turn was made
and their fancy writin’) I turned     slight and fiercely resisted. The ad-    a new, cheap and silent form of         obsolete by the printing press.
my attention to eavesdropping on      vent of the mobile handset in the        chatter impossible for parents          That is still with us today, but
the conversation of the two young     late 80s brought unsurpassed free-       and teachers alike to detect.           looking increasingly unlikely to
men at the table next to me. Sadly, dom. With it you were freed from           Predictably, shortly thereafter,        last out the century (to the great
there was none.                       standing stationary, subject to the      the first sexting message was sent.     relief of forests everywhere). Heck,
    The two whippersnappers           roar of the dishwasher, or worse,        Heavy breathing prank callers the       even my beloved Etch-a-Sketch
seemed to be fully functional in      your parents. Until you walked           world over panted to one last dis-      was rudely pushed aside by the
every way, notwithstanding the        into the basement or the backyard        turbed stranger and hung up their       false allure of the Lite-Brite.
fact that they appeared to be         and lost reception, that is. Then it     rotary phones in resignation.               What makes the current mael-
university students. However,         felt as liberating as an electronic          As cameras were added and           strom of communications tech-
the two gents exchanged barely a      anklet. You were still under house       texting assumed its own abbrevi-        nologies so remarkable is not only
grunt the whole time I was nosily     arrest. Still, it beat being shackled    ated language, the smart phone          a dizzying rate of change, but the
monitoring their exchanges (or        to the house.                            emerged as the next evolution-          incredible enthusiasm with which
lack thereof). Instead, they each         Cordless phones soon gave            ary step. Other phones, envious         each new technology is taken
stared intently at their telephonic   way to mobiles (as cell phones           of its unlimited dexterity, grip-       up. As a case in point, Steve Jobs
devices, silent to each other but     were originally called and still are     ingly called it the smart-ass phone     (head of Apple, also known as the
connected intensely to the rest       in certain European parts of the         because it had features that had        Bill Gates of the twenty-first cen-
of the world.                         world). Early models were as big         nothing whatsoever to do with           tury) recently adorned the cover
    As I peered over the cover        as phone books and as portable as        phoning: a camera, video, MP3           of the Economist (you thought I
of my magazine (don’t hate me         cinder blocks. Still, they allowed       capability, email, Web-browsing,        was just posing with it, didn’t you),
because I’m analogue), it occurred for remote communications and,              scheduling, gaming, all number          dressed as a modern-day Moses,
to me that these young bucks,         if you were lucky enough to af-          of applications. Really, this was to    the cover story entitled “The Book
whose generation                                         ford the several      phones what the rich kid at school      of Jobs: hope, hype and Apple’s
will be running the                                      hundred dollar-       was to me: annoyingly over-en-          iPad”. Every new technology an-
world as I enter           TELECOMMUNICATIONS            a-month bill and      dowed with all the shiny, shallow       nouncement by Apple brings with
my senescence,
live in an entirely
                         SPECIAL REPORT                  tolerate the patchy
                                                         reception, you
                                                                               features that only the shiniest and
                                                                               shallowest people could possibly
                                                                                                                       it the expectation of a significant
                                                                                                                       shift in our cultural relationship
different cogni-                                         could get lucky       want in a phone. These phones in-       with technology.
tive realm from me. They’ve never                        at a night club by    corporate so many different ways            Sadly, content has failed to
experienced a world without the       leaning casually against the bar         to stream data, they could make         keep pace with its technological
Internet. They likely can’t recall    and pretending to chat to some-          phoning obsolete. Oh, the irony.        carriers. The blog-o-sphere is
a time before cell phones. And        one as self-absorbed and sophis-             Amongst the flakey aphorisms        littered with the unattributed
they would likely feel stabbing       ticated as you. Of course, enough        that Marshall McLuhan threw             rants of shut-ins and basement
phantom pains if deprived of          time spent chatting on these             out to confuse the stoners in the       dwellers. Twitter, for all of its
their beloved smart phones. It        mini-Chernobyls and the phone            crowd was the old enigmatic             buzz, struggles to become more
was not always thus.                  side of your head would soon be          chestnut that the medium is the         than the digital equivalent of
    Now, I’m not entirely             emitting more radio-waves than           message. In this case, the message      passing notes in gym class. (By
Pleistocene. I grew up with           a small pulsar.                          is clear: We humans appear to           way of illustration, why would
phones. Not cell phones, of               As we moved into the 1990s,          have an insatiable need to com-         anyone whose first name is
course. Nor smart phones.             the digital age loomed nigh on the       municate (except with me,               not French for half – as in wit –
Not landlines. No prefixes or         horizon. The number of mobile            of course, but that’s only sensible).
adjectives: just phones. Back         phone carriers grew, service             More than that, we seem to have         See ‘Mobile”                Page 31
April 23, 2010                                                            BUSINESS EDGE                                                               Page 31

TV stations book loss of $116.4 million, CRTC says
The Canadian Press                     spending. The restructuring of the            as it struggles to restructure            The cable companies, led
                                       North American auto industry                  its operations.                       by Rogers Communications

C    anada’s biggest private
     television broadcasters
made major cuts last year, as
                                       also squeezed what had histori-
                                       cally been a major source of ad
                                       spending, the lifeblood of the
                                                                                         Under the bankruptcy restruc-
                                                                                     turing of parent company Canwest
                                                                                     Global Communications, Global
                                                                                                                           (TSX:RCI.B), Shaw Communica-
                                                                                                                           tions and Videotron (TSX:QBR.B),
                                                                                                                           and Cogeco (TSX:CCO.B), rang
they grappled with the recession,      media industry.                               TV stations and other Canwest         up $9.2 billion in revenues last
but the industry still booked a           In a report last month,                    specialty channels have been          year. That was an increase of
big financial loss.                    the CRTC said the money                       sold to Shaw Communications           11.9 per cent, even though it
    The Canadian Radio-television      broadcasters spent on foreign                 Inc. (TSX:SJR.B) in a deal that is    was a slower growth rate
and Telecommunications                 programming reached its highest               being challenged in an Ontario        compared to the 16 per cent
Commission (CRTC) says                 level ever recorded, with 59 per              appeals court by Canwest partner      revenue increase logged during
private-sector conventional TV         cent of spending going outside                Goldman Sachs.                        both 2007 and 2008.
stations – which include the likes     the country.                                      The CRTC said 6,747 broadcast         Cable companies hired
of Global and CTV – reported              About $846 million went                    employees last year were paid         more staff, with 22,716
losses before interest and taxes       towards programs from outside                 $527.6 million in salaries, a         workers paid $1.6 billion
of $116.4 million in 2009. That        Canada, a 9.2 per cent increase               decrease from 7,406 staff paid        in salaries last year, compared
was after a massive 93 per cent        over 2008, while private broad-               $576.9 million in salaries in 2008.   to 19,848 staff and paid
drop in profits to $8 million          casters spent 3.3 per cent less on                The CRTC also reported that       $1.2 billion in salaries the
during 2008.                           Canadian programs.                            the economy took a lesser toll        year before.
    Like most media companies,            Broadcasters also slashed                  on Canadian cable operators’              Direct-to-home satellite
broadcasters were affected by          their workforces to contend                   results, as they booked profits       distributors reported profits
the slump in ad sales as the           with losses, with CTV closing                 before interest and taxes of          before interest and taxes of
recession took a toll on corporate     two of its affiliate stations and             $2.3 billion, an increase from        $82 million, an increase from
profits and pinched consumer           Global making cuts to its staff               $2.1 billion a year earlier.          $81.4 million in 2008.

From Page 30

Mobile banking transforming
local economies in Africa
possibly care about what Ashton        whose utility lies not in their
Kutcher has to say, although the       nature but in the way we choose
fact that he may know how to           to use them. If we can resist the
read is noteworthy.)                   seemingly natural human ten-
   This is not to suggest that         dency to reduce them to so many
meaningful content and applica-        shiny objects for our facile amuse-
tion cannot be found for these         ment, our technological progress
new media. Part of the emergence       may one day result in real . . . well,
of developing countries such as        progress. Until then, I’ll be in
India has been tied to their ability   the corner with my Etch-a-Sketch. 1
                                                 596x214_business_edge_100318.pdf   18/03/2010 11:50:47 AM

and willingness to take up new
technologies, particularly cell
phones, and to exploit them for
their full benefit. Iran’s Green  C                                       leis ure res ort liv
Revolution was conducted by cell
phone. Mobile banking is trans-
                                                    FIND YOUR DREAM HOME ON WWW.LEISURERESORTLIVING.COM
                                        Q                             B                    O
forming local economies in Africa.
                                        U                             A                    R

                                                                                                                                 DEVELOPERS & AGENTS
                                        A                             L                    R
My personal contribution in      CM     L
fighting climate change will be to      C                             E                    E                  A

                                                                                                                                  LIST YOUR PROPERTY
                                 MY     U                             A                        L              L
                                        M                             C
bring a Star Trek-style transporter     L                             H                    H
                                                                                               A              R

                                                                                                                                        FOR FREE
                                 CY                               R
to market (assuming I can get           N                         E
                                        D                         S                        A                  E
Transport Canada to certify it asCMY    I

travel-worthy).                         G                         T
                                                                                           D                                         (Limited Time O er)
                                            QUALICUM BEACH , BC                                                   OSOYOOS , BC
                                                                          PANAMA                      SPAIN
   Like any technology, these
devices are value-neutral tools             Specializing in resort, vacation and retirement communities around the world.
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