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					2010 Annual Report
                                                 Board of direCtors
                                                          aNd staff

                                                                                                 William Blair       John Heflebower     Dennis Pedisich*

                                                                                              Lizabeth A. Boulware     Reuben Katz         Bob L. Pestoni

    Napa Valley College presideNt—
    traNsitioNal leader                                                                        Bruce Cakebread       Brian R. Kearney     Nancy Pridmore

                                    Armond Phillips, former Foundation Board
                               member and interim VP of Instruction, accepted
                               the Napa Valley College Board of Trustees request
                               to serve as interim president after the unexpected
                               death of Dr. Chris McCarthy in the fall of 2009.
                                    Phillips gently steadied the campus community,
                                                                                                 Fred Caspersen,      Tom LeMaster,         Jenny Sercu
                               lifting spirits and focusing on the future. He dug                  Vice President        Treasurer
                               into the everyday work of running a college like the
                               seasoned pro and astute administrator that he had
                               always been.
         He evoked trust and respect, with his rakish sense of humor, unfailing
    optimism, and abundant laughter, which was needed in this transitional year.
        Phillips worked tirelessly, tackling the most difficult organizational issues
    and making decisions that would protect the mission of the college, and to                  Mark Coleman*          Ed Matovcik       Verna Steinhauer
    the greatest extent possible, the college staff, programs, and services. He
    was calm and even-handed, always in command of the facts while being
    sensitive to nuance and the big picture.
        In this budget strapped year, he delivered difficult messages with a
    warmth and sincerity that convinced us that the decisions that we reached
    together were the best and fairest ones possible.
        He set the stage for the success for our new NVC president, Dr. Edna                  Anne Matlack Evans     David W. Meyers*        Jim Terry*
    Baehre. Originally from the tiny German village of Dreisen, Dr. Baehre
    was most recently the president at Harrisburg Area Community College in
          Napa Valley College was fortunate to be the beneficiary of the gifts
    skills and talent of Armond Phillips that came with a lifetime of experience,
    wisdom and sound intuition to share. He healed a wounded campus, raised
    hopes, and reminded us how truly fortunate we are to be a part                               Gary Garaventa      J. Michael Murphy     Michael Weis
    of Napa Valley College.


       Sonia R. Wright
       Executive Director, Napa Valley College Foundation                Sonia Wright,             Bill Hardy           Cio Perez           Kathy Baird
                                                                         Executive Director                                                Admin Assistant
2      NVCF 2010 Annual Report                                                  2
                                                                                                                                         * Past Presidents
fouNdatioN presideNt ’s Message
                        Dear Friends,
                             This past year has been a year of many celebrations for the                   past presideNts
                        Foundation and the College as we embarked upon several new chapters                08-09       Dennis Pedisich
                                                                                                           06-07       Jim Terry
                        in the history of Napa Valley College. . .                                         04-05       Kathi Metro
                        • In January, the college community celebrated the grand opening of our            02-03       Jack Hussey
                          North Gym which will serve all students, but in particular our special           99-01       Mark Coleman
                          needs students in adaptive physical education programs, and our                  97-99       David W. Meyers
                                                                                                           96-97       Perry Teaff
                          Criminal Justice Training Center cadets.
                                                                                                           94-95       Peter Chiarella
                        • In early May, we co-hosted A Celebration of Food and Wine to pay a               92-93       Tom Young
                          heart-felt tribute to Belle and Barney Rhodes for their $1 million bequest       90-92       Wanda Lamb
   to our Culinary Program. As part of the tribute, the Foundation presented the Spirit of Napa            89-90       Jess Doud
   Valley College Award to the Rhodes, posthumous.                                                         87-89       Joe Keebler
                                                                                                           85-87       Virginia Murdoff-Grover
• During the same month, we celebrated the successes of nearly 200 students with their
                                                                                                           83-85       Bobbie Yeiter
   family and friends, and awarded over $170,000 in scholarships.                                          81-83       Dr. Alban Bailey
• In June, the dedication of the McCarthy Library took place. We commemorated the leadership,              79-81       Jim Gibbany
   passion and vision of our dear friend, Dr. Chris McCarthy as we celebrated the opening of this          77-79       Ray Constantini
   magnificent state-of-the-art facility that will serve our entire community.                             75-77       Julian Weidler
                                                                                                           73-75       Walter “Jim” Fogarty, Jr.
• In early summer, we joined the coaches and staff in the Athletic Department at the Annual
                                                                                                           72          Charles Niccolls
   Storm Golf Tournament and raised much needed funds for our athletic programs.                           71-72       Lorrain Kongsgaard
• And finally, in August our entire community came together to welcome our new Superinten-                 70-71       Richard Pierce
   dent and College President, Dr. Edna Baehre, and to dedicate the opening of the spectacular             69-70       Richard Clark
   and long awaited Performing Arts Center.                                                                68-69       Bill Blanckenburg
   During each one of these occasions I was humbly reminded of the incredible commitment
and generous support of our many wonderful friends in this community. Simply put, none of                  HoNorary direCtors
these celebrations would have occurred without you, our friends and donors. It is your generos-            Congressman Mike Thompson
                                                                                                           Dick Vermeil
ity that enables this college to offer our students first class programs, in first class facilities. But
our work together has just begun. It is clear that with the on-going cuts in the state budget the
need for strong public-private partnerships is more critical than ever. With your continued                eMeritus past
support, I am confident that we can meet the challenges ahead and continue to make the                     presideNts
                                                                                                           Dr. Alban Bailey
academic dreams of thousands of individuals in our community a reality.                                    Hon. Wm. L. Blanckenburg, Retired
   On behalf of the Napa Valley College Foundation, thank you for everything you have done                 Peter Chiarella
and continue to do for our students, and in turn, for our community.                                       James R. Gibbany
                                                                                                           Jack Hussey
                                                                                                           Joseph Keebler
With much appreciation,                                                                                    Wanda Lamb
                                                                                                           Kathi Metro
                                                                                                           Perry Teaff
Kathleen H. Lucier                                                                                         Julian Weidler
                                                                                                           Bobbie Yeiter
President, Napa Valley College Foundation
                                                                                                           Tom Young

                                                                                                NVCF 2010 Annual Report                            1
                                                      frieNds of NVC
                                                        Friends of NVC provided $59,638.75 for vital support to Napa Valley College.
                                                        Donations to the Friends of NVC are used to support the Napa Valley College
                                                      Foundation’s fund development program, whichenhances education, student services,
                                                      and facilities at Napa Valley College.
                                                        The Friends of NVC donate $500 or more annually to the area of greatest need.
                                                      MeMBers                              Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert           Mrs. Elizabeth Martini
                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kearney           Mr. Ed Matovcik & Mr. Cheryl Meyer
                                                      July 1, 2009-                        Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Rodeno          Mr. & Mrs. David W. Meyers
                                                      JuNe 30, 2010                        Mr. & Mrs. Ray Sercu               Mr. & Mrs. Will Nord
                                                      Bronze Friends                       Mr. & Mrs. James W. Terry          Mr. & Mrs. Armond Phillips
                                                      $5,000 - $9,999                      Mrs. Vera Trinchero Torres         Nancy & Clint Pridmore
                                                      Mr. Fred Caspersen                   Bank of Napa, N.A.                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Simpson
                                                      Kathleen & Frank Lucier              Rabobank Napa                      Congressman &
                                                      Napa Valley Register                                                     Mrs. Mike Thompson
                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pestoni               Dean’s Friends                     Mr. & Mrs. Howard Walker
                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vermeil           $500 - $999                        Ms. Sonia Wright &
                                                                                           Alkar Human Resources               Mr. Joe Criscione
                                                      President’s Friends                  Beringer Vineyards
                                                      $1,000 - $4,999                      Mr. & Mrs. Mark Coleman
                                                      Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg            Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty
                                                      Liz & Bruce Boulware                 Ms. Susan Engle
                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Cakebread           Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hardy
                                                      Ms. Helen Dunlap                     Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hussey
                                                      Mr. & Mrs. David Freed               Intelsat
                                                      GlaxoSmithKline Foundation           Mr. Bob Johnson, Johnson,
                                                         (matching gift)                     Schachter & Lewis, APLC

Bonnie Thoreen, Library retired dean celebrates the
opening of the McCarthy Library

                                                      HoNor roll CuMulatiVe doNatioN,
                                                      $25,000 or More
                                                      Platinum Plus Club,                  Diamond Club,                      Gold Club, $25,000 - $49,999
                                                      $500,000+                            $50,000 - $99,999                  American Association of University
                                                      Jess Doud Bequest                    Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg           Women, Napa Branch
                                                      Napa Valley Vintners Association –   Dr. Hugh Brereton Bequest          Anne & Donald Baker
                                                       Auction Napa Valley                 Janice & Bernard Charlup Bequest   Dr. Chris Burditt
                                                      Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Rhodes Bequest    Community Projects, Inc.           Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                                                           Mrs. Walter J. Fogarty, Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hussey
                                                      Platinum Club,                       Mrs. Wanda Lamb                    Mrs. Ellen D. Imrie
                                                      $100,000 - $499,999                  Kathleen & Frank Lucier            Thomas A. & Mildred K. Jackson
                                                      Mrs. Henrietta Ash                   Mrs. Dorothy Mirani Bequest         Bequest
                                                      The Community Foundation of the      Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Mount         Mr. Bruce Ketron & Dr. Debra Inman
                                                       Napa Valley, various donors         Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pestoni             Kiwanis Club of Napa
                                                      Dey, L.P.                            Saintsbury Winery                  Mr. & Mrs. David W. Meyers
                                                      Mildred B. Loob Bequest              Steven & Loretta Silvagni          Napa Valley Register
                                                      Dr. Harry McPherson                  Robert & Margaret Swan Bequest     Ownby Charitable Remainder Trust
                                                      Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser         Trefethen Foundation               Ms. Jill Schrutz
                                                       Foundation                          Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vermeil         Jenny & Ray Sercu
                                                      Dr. Christopher McCarthy Bequest     Mrs. Linda Lim Wheatley            Umpqua Bank
                                                      Ms. Penelope Ann Pawl                Mr. & Mrs. John R. Zimmerman       Howard & Lyndal Walker
                                                      Dottie Weed Bequest                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Julian Weidler
                                                      Mary Wilson                                                             Diane & Tom Woodruff

Mary Profitt and Treina Bills

2          NVCF 2010 Annual Report
2010 eNdowed aNd aNNual sCHolarsHips
  The Scholarship Award Ceremony held in May is a highlight of the academic
year. The Foundation is proud to recognize and honor the dedication of our
students and our exceptional donors who make the gifts possible.
  This year over $170,000 in scholarships were awarded to nearly 200 Napa
Valley College students.
                        Scholarship Selection Committee 2010
       Mary Salceda-Nunez         Carole Chassereau            Jill Schrutz
       Laura Rodriguez            Barbara Kraig                Janet Stickmon
       Steve Ball                 Mary Manning

A Voice Found, Inc. -           Kathy Bollinger Elementary      Clos Du Val Scholarship*
Mary Antonich Health            Teacher Scholarship*               Jorge Covarrubias
Sciences Scholarship               Daisy Rodriguez              Club Hispano-Americano
   Ashley N. Cunningham         Lorraine Bollinger Teachers        Cesar Arriola
A Voice Found, Inc. - Clement   Scholarship*                       Francisco Avina
McDermott Engineering & Ap-        Hugo Alcazar                    Caritina Campos
plied Technology Scholarship    Boniface Memorial*                 Luis Guadarrama
   Mathew J. Herich                Megan Lemon                     Flor Martin-Del Campo
Mary K. Adams Drama Award*         Valeriy Shichkov                Soledad Narez
   Phillip Ferrero              James Milton Booth                 Priscila Segura
Gertrudis C. Agcaoili           Scholarship*                    Club Students Rompiendo
Scholarship*                       Ricardo Sotelo Diaz          Barreras
   Roselyn Narvaza              Claire Bremer Memorial*            Francisco Avina
American Association               Kindred Ross                    Caritina Campos
of University Women             Jackson Bremer Memorial*           Yonathan Castillo Coto
   Jennifer Wienecke-Friedman      Becky Elaine Holandez           Yadira Chavez
American Institute of           Elisabeth Brereton Memorial*       Maria Gaspar
Wine & Food Scholarship            Melina Arroyo                   Luis Guadarrama
   Joanne Pfaff                 Dale & Cynthia Brown               Tania Guadarrama
Arts Council of Napa Valley*    Scholarship*                       Aurora Ildefonso             Lilian Rice recipient of the Carl and Alice Benscoter
   Angela Efe                      Sreymom Ly                      Flor Martin-Del Campo        Memorial Scholarship
Associated Students of Napa     Billy Browning Memorial            Miguel Mendez
Valley College Scholarship      Scholarship*                       Soledad Narez
   Evangelina Alvarez              Edgar Gallegos                  Luis Orozco
   Jonathon Christensen         Burditt-McDonald-McKee             Priscila Segura
   Gregory Fernandez            Award                              Ricardo Sotelo Diaz
   Matthew McDaniel                Eric Horwitz                 Judy Cochran Scholarship*
   Melanie Morisoli                Daniel Rodriguez                Kyle Stoner
   Oliver Rogers                   Jonathan Southam             Serena Cochran Memorial*
   Elizabeth Stephenson         Dewey Burnsed Memorial*            Jocelyn Read
   Jennifer Wienecke-Friedman       Joshua Madigan              Ed Cole Memorial Scholarship*
Francesca Aragon Azevedo        California Society for             Takia White
Poetry Award*                   Respiratory Care                Community Projects
   Binniee Padilla                 Lindsay A. Lawson            Scholarship
Norman Badion Art               George and Carole Cammarota        Daniel Montanez
Scholarship*                    Memorial Scholarship*           Community Projects
   Angela Efe                      Margaret Simoni              Scholarship - Lorrain
Antonio J. Baldini Family       Alan & Ann Cash Scholarship*    Kongsgaard Memorial
Scholarship*                       Tamara Gaines                   Shontaine Saundra Brayton
   James Dugger                 Donald F. Chandler Memorial*    Community Projects
Carl and Alice Benscoter           Elizabeth Stephenson         Scholarship -
Memorial*                       Chiarella Family Fund*          Virginia Servio Memoiral
   Marie Kundysek                  William Long                    Michelle Latrice Mitchell
   Michaelangelo Ramos          Chinberg Family Scholarship*    Gregory W. Cook Memorial
   Lilian Rice                     Quentin Carver                  Erika Villa-Carlos
   Marie Warner                 Dr. George W. Clark Family      Ian Dallas Memorial*
Mary K. and Wm. L.              Scholarship*                       Fabiola Farias-Sanchez
Blanckenburg Family                Katana Diegel                Francine Breslin Davis
Scholarship*                    Ray Cleone Memorial*            Memorial Scholarship*
   David Avina-Ramirez             Hugo Alcazar                    Jacob Knight
                                                                                                                          Charlie Gomez recipient of the
                                                                                                                      Dey L.P. Respiratory Therapy Scholaship

                                                                                        NVCF 2010 Annual Report                                         3
                                                       Frank C. Davis Memorial*          Gardner/Hall Ceramics              Leah LaRochelle
                                                         Danielle Sigler                 Scholarship*                       Chris Marshall
                                                       Defilippis/Rosselli Scholarship      Debra Manfree                   Ashlee Oriarte-Smith
                                                         Natalie Inabinet                Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser       Stephen Peck
                                                       John P. and Frances G.            Foundation*                        Maria Rodriguez
                                                       Devincenzi Memorial*                 Jennifer Aguayo                 Mariana Rodriguez
                                                         Erica Prado                        Jacob Ayyoub                    Ashley Sigler
                                                       Dey, L.P. Respiratory Therapy        Birch Bliss                     Danielle Sigler
                                                       Scholarship*                         Yonathan Castillo Coto          Wes Simpson
                                                         Matt Cravea                        Rachael Parker                  Montanna Sutherland
                                                         Charlie Gomez                      Francisco Vega                  Christopher Vogt
                                                       James Stephen Diemer              Carl Geiser Memorial*           Robert Imrie Memorial
                                                       Memorial*                            Monica Badgley               Scholarship*
                                                         Becky Elaine Holandez           Billie Powell Ghisletta            Debbie Valentin
                                                       Jess Doud Memorial                Memorial Nursing Scholarship*   Mildred & Thomas A. Jackson
                                                       Scholarship*                         Carolyn Furth                Memorial*
                                                         Nayely Hernadez                 Mary Gibbany Memorial*             Yonathan Castillo Coto
                                                         Patricia Valdivia-Cabrera          Maribel De La Cruz           Elsa Morales Jaffe Memorial*
                                                       Mary Doud Memorial*               Jeri Glover Scholarship            Jorge Garcia
                                                         Yumeno Shirafuji                   Laura Berton                 John’s Rose Garden
                                                       Glenn “Pop” Du Bose               Edna Bierlein Gmelch            Scholarship*
                                                       Scholarship*                      Scholarship*                       Pamela Dixon
                                                         Kelsea Jimenez                     Erin Dowling-Michael         Julianna Johnson Memorial*
                                                       Frank & Betty Dunlap              Grant’s Fund*                      Pamela Dixon
                                                       Memorial*                            Cathleen Carr-Gorden         Robert M. Keenan Memorial
                                                         Brita Larsen                    Carolyn Thibault Grassmann      Scholarship*
                                                       Early Ford V-8 Club of America    Memorial Scholarship –             Lizbeth Gutierrez
                                                       Redwood Empire Regional           “A Cure For Breast Cancer”*     Ketron-Inman Scholarship*
                                                       Group #27                            Michael Culver                  Richard Alvarez
                                                         Donovan Hermes                  Lorenzina (Laura) Gustafson     Barry King Memorial
                                                       Johnnie Fawl Memorial             Memorial*                       Scholarship*
                                                       Scholarship*                         Rachell Perez-Ruiz              Kelsi Espinoza
                                                         Rosalie Mclaughlin              Albert J. Haberger              Kiwanis Club of Greater Napa
                                                       Dr. Bill Feddersen Leadership     Memorial Fund*                     Jordan Davidson
Katherine Barresi recipient of Elsie M. (Sue) Tarner   Scholarship*                         Carolyn Furth                Kiwanis Club of Napa (In
Memorial Scholarship                                     Michael Culver                  Dr. George Hagen Scholarship*   memory of Joseph Boivin)
                                                       Keith P. Flaherty Scholarship*       Yelena Shichkov                 Michael Culver
                                                         Yumeno Shirafuji                George Harvey Memorial          Kiwanis Club of Napa (in
                                                       Fogarty Family Endowment*         Scholarship*                    memory of Norman deLeuze
                                                         Flor Martin-Del Campo              Megan Lemon                  and ZD Wines)
                                                         Valeriy Shichkov                Rand Henson Memorial*              Sandy Mays
                                                       Dennis Ow Fong Memorial              Becky Elaine Holandez        Korobkin Environmental
                                                       Scholarship*                      Hospitality de los Carneros*    Scholarship*
                                                         David Ayers                        Paul Martinez-Everett           Jesus Mendez
                                                       Bradley L. Forrest Scholarship*   Millard Howard Sr./Henry        Dr. Stephen Krebs Scholarship*
                                                         Pamela Dixon                    Hughes Memorial                    Daisy Hernadez
                                                       Jim Fox Memorial*                    Quentin Carver               Wanda Lamb Scholarship*
                                                         Patricia Tejeda                    Earl Holly                      David Avina-Ramirez
                                                       Eugene Frediani Memorial*         Humpert Family Scholarship*     John Langenbach Memorial
                                                         Jonathan Williams                  Guadalupe Kickingwoman          Sierra Minchaca
                                                       Anne Fruchtenicht Memorial        Hussey Family Scholarship*      Melvin and Marlene Larkin
                                                       Scholarship                          Daisy Hernadez               Memorial*
                                                         Jane Atherton                   “If Given a Chance”                Hugo Alcazar
                                                         Susan Contreras                 Scholarship                     Clayton A. Long Memorial
                                                       Fruehauf Memorial*                   Audrey Amundsen              Scholarship*
                                                         Erica Prado                        Silvia Angel                    Daisy Rodriguez
                                                       Jacinto “Jake” Gallegos              Krista Blore                 Frank and Bea Loob
                                                       Memorial*                            Elgar Candelario             Endowment Fund*
                                                         Richard Alvarez                    Manases Shiloh Chavez           August Anderson
                                                       Gant Family Scholarship*             Stevi Dalbey                 Luntey Family Memorial*
                                                         Yelena Shichkov                    Montserrath Duran               Cathleen Carr-Gorden
                                                       Gary & Patty Garaventa               Kathleen Gold                Donald S. Macky Scholarship*
                                                       Scholarship*                         Sarita Guerra                   Sandy Garcia
                                                         Hugo Alcazar                       Keniesha Johnston            Dorothy and Hector MacLean
                                                                                            Michell Kidwell              Drama Award*
                  Yonathan Castillo Coto recipient
                                                                                            Victoria Lara                   Cieara Blue
                  of six scholarships

4          NVCF 2010 Annual Report
Ethel MacLean Memorial*              Flor Martin-Del Campo           Debra Manfree
   Seyha Men                         Xiomara L. Ramos                Muhammad Maqsood
Make a Difference                 Napa Engineers’ Society            Patricia Martinez
Scholarship*                      American Council of Engineer-      Paul Martinez-Everett
   Richard Alvarez                ing Companies Scholarship          Rosalie Mclaughlin
Dr. Thomas E. Malone                 Arturo Ramirez Aguilar          Seyha Men
Scholarship*                      Napa Engineers’ Society Award      Jesus Mendez
   Jennifer Maudru                of Excellence, Adriane Insogna     Manuel Meza-Zamudio
Mathematics and Statistics        Memorial Scholarship               Roselyn Narvaza
Career Scholarship                   Aurora Ildefonso                Derrick Navia
   Jennifer Aguayo                Napa Engineers’ Society            Binniee Padilla
Dr. Herman E. and David           Raymond Shour Memorial             Rachell Perez-Ruiz
Mautner Memorial                  Scholarship                        Jocelyn Read
   Christina Azruei                  Aurora Ildefonso                Yumeno Shirafuji
Bess Mayfield Memorial*           Napa Solano Psychological          Danielle Sigler
   Crystal Martin                 Association                        Margaret Simoni
Dr. Chris McCarthy                   Jennifer Alcantar               Kyle Stoner
Scholarship*                      Napa Valley Art Association        Sarah Taylor
   Yonathan Castillo Coto         Scholarship                        Patricia Tejeda
   Sreymom Ly                        Erin Dowling-Michael            Gabriel Toral
Craig McCarthy Memorial*          Napa Valley Bank*                  Susan Wagner
   Derrick Alatorre                  Francisco Vega                  Mason Warren
   Justin Keeler                  Napa Valley College Academic       Takia White
  Travis Ontiveros                Senate Scholarship               NVC Foundation-High School
   Gabriel Ugarte                    Rachael Parker                Scholarship Awards*
   Barrett Wilder                    Michael Zanone                  Garrett Balliett
Meyers Family Scholarship*        Napa Valley College Academic       Andrea Contreras
   Melanie Morisoli               Senate Scholarship Honoring        Sukraj Kaur
Julia duLay Montgomery            Retired Faculty                    Kiera Mcguire
Memorial*                            Yonathan Castillo Coto          Carmen Navarro
   Becky Elaine Holandez          Napa Valley College Admin-         Patrick Williams
Julia duLay Montgomery Trust*     istrative Senate in honor of     NVCF Emeritus Board
   Annetta Donohue                Chris McCarthy                   Memorial, Lorrain Kongsgaard
Jayne Morrell Nursing                Ricardo Sotelo Diaz             Crystal Martin
Scholarship*                      Napa Valley College Board of     NVCF Emeritus Board              The Osher Initiative: Bruce Ketron & Dr. Debra Inman
   Cathleen Carr-Gorden           Trustees Scholarship*            Memorial, Charles Nearing        Scholarship recipient David Ayers with Bruce Ketron
Madeleine Ehrlich Mount              Aurora Ildefonso                Collin Sicard
Scholarship*                      Napa Valley College Faculty      NVCF Emeritus Board
   Jennifer Aguayo                Association Scholarship          Memorial, Bob Pierce
   Shondala Spencer                  Crystal Martin                  Marisa Dalipe
Murdoff Family Scholarship*          Flor Martin-Del Campo         NVC Police Academy Top
   Brita Larsen                      Frederick Meyers              Overall Student in Memory of
   Shondala Spencer                  Peter Zitko                   Bruce Beckler
Beatrice Merritt Murphy           Napa Valley College                Derrick Alatorre
Memorial*                         Foundation Scholarship*            Michael Ambrose
   Tamara Gaines                     Atiera Andrew-Pestana           Jared Dunn
Michael and Barbara Murphy           Cesar Arriola                   Timothy Murphy
Family Scholarship*                  Christina Azruei                Robert Thomas
   Jacob Knight                      Cieara Blue                     Gabriel Ugarte
Napa Chamber of Commerce             Atanas Bosakov                Napa Valley Culinary Alliance*
Ambassadors*                         Angelica Cardenas               Patty Ramos
   Amira Al-Kayisi                   Ryan Chhin                    Napa Valley Grapegrowers
Napa Chamber, Napa                   Ala Marie De Chillo           Scholarship
Community Awards                     Roxana Duenas                   Jorge Covarrubias
Outstanding Napa Valley              James Dugger                  Napa Valley Register
College Student                      Angela Efe                    Scholarship
   Robert Holst                      Kelsi Espinoza                  Luis Aguiniga
Napa County Hispanic Network         Austin Ezell                    Monica Badgley
   Cesar Arriola                     Ruth Feigel                     Nicole Bickham
   Cristhian J. Ayvar                Phillip Ferrero               National League of American
   Ana Luisa Gallegos Escamilla      Tamara Gaines                 Pen Women
   Xinia M. Gamero                   Jessica Guerrero                Jennifer Maudru
   Maria S. Gaspar                   Lizbeth Gutierrez             Charles and Patricia Niccolls
   Luis Guadarrama                   Donovan Hermes                Memorial*
   Aurora Ildefonso                  Jacob Knight                    Birch Bliss
                                                                                                     Natalie Inabinet recipient of the
                                     William Long
                                                                                                     Defilippis/Rosselli Scholarship

                                                                                            NVCF 2010 Annual Report                                        5
                                                    North Bay Association of          Dorothy Sercu Memorial           Frank Wagar Memorial*
                                                    Realtors®, Napa Chapter*          Scholarship*                        Becky Elaine Holandez
                                                      Yelena Shichkov                    Ashley Sigler                 Justice Wes Walker
                                                    Harris Nussbaum Family Fund*      Jack, Belkis and Ed Shenk        Scholarship*
                                                      John Andrew Callaghan           Family Endowment*                   Earl Holly
                                                    Osher Initiative for California      Erica Prado                   Walker Family Nursing
                                                    Community College Students*       Chuck Sims Memorial              Scholarship*
                                                      Katelyn Blue                    Scholarship*                        Flor Martin-Del Campo
                                                      Elizabeth Corro                    Sandy Garcia                  Weidler Family Nursing
                                                      Maribel De La Cruz              Alvin E. and Jeanne E. Soliday   Scholarship*
                                                      Kindred Ross                    Scholarship*                        Khaled Aboudamous
                                                    Osher Initiative: Bruce Ketron       Nicole Bickham                   Elizabeth Stephenson
                                                    & Debra Inman, Ph.D.              Gerardo Soria Memorial           Sylvia Weidler Memorial*
                                                    Scholarship*                      Scholarship*                        Melanie Morisoli
                                                    David Ayers                          Marie Warner                  Linda S. White-Settle Memorial
                                                    Osher Initiative: Claire          Soroptimist Int’l of Napa’s      Scholarship*
                                                    Perricelli/Linda Zell NV          Women’s Opportunity Award           Carolyn Furth
                                                    Naturalists Scholarship*             Brita Aileen Larsen           Kenneth Edward Wilkens
                                                      Rachel Sturm                       Jocelyn Noel Read             Memorial Art Scholarship*
                                                    Osher Initiative: PA Pawl Trust      Jennifer Wienecke-Friedman       Jorge Garcia
                                                    Scholarship*                      Soroptimist International of     Burrell Wilson Mathematics
                                                      Shawna Prestwich                Yountville*                      Scholarship*
                                                    Orange County Wine Society           Guadalupe Kickingwoman           Jennifer Aguayo
                                                    Scholarship                       Southern Wine and Spirits of        Kamani Benton
                                                      Jorge Covarrubias               America, Inc.*                      Maribel De La Cruz
                                                      Miguel Luna                        Daisy Hernandez                  Craig Furman
                                                      Jeannette Webber                Richard Struble Memorial Art        Aurora Ildefonso
                                                    Gladys & James Ownby, Jr.,        Scholarship*                        Sierra Minchaca
                                                    M.D. Memorial*                       Jorge Garcia                  Wayne Grey Wilson Memorial*
                                                      Megan Lemon                     Robert and Margaret Swan            Francisco Vega
                                                    Olivia Parker Memorial*           Memorial Scholarship*            Wine Hospitality Organization*
                                                      Jose Bahena-Catalan                Teresita Tornero                 Jonathan Williams
                                                    Dennis Paterson Memorial          Elsie M. (Sue) Tarner Memorial   Wine Industry Network
                                                    Scholarship*                      Scholarship*                     Scholarship Fund*
Flor Martin-Del Campo recipient of 6 scholarships     Peter Zitko                        Katherine Barresi                Miguel Luna
                                                    Kathleen J. Paterson              Dr. Arlin G. and Virginia L.     Zelma Wisherd Memorial*
                                                    Memorial*                         Taylor Memorial Scholarship*        Becky Elaine Holandez
                                                      Angelica Cardenas                  Brandie Edwards               Women for WineSense -
                                                    Margaret Paterson Memorial*       Congressman Mike Thompson        Napa/Sonoma Chapter*
                                                      Michelle Yeoman                 Public Service Scholarship*         Sandy Mays
                                                    Roy & Phyllis Patrick                Megan Brown                   Dr. Diane Carey Woodruff
                                                    Memorial*                         Lola M. Thorburn Memorial*       Scholarship*
                                                      Fabiola Farias-Sanchez             Franco Sanchez-Hernandez         Jennifer Wienecke-Friedman
                                                    Adrian J. Pawl Memorial*          Jayson Timm Memorial             Writing Center Emerging
                                                      Jose Bahena-Catalan             Scholarship*                     Writer Award
                                                    Gerard Perez Scholarship*            Sergio Godinez                   Gregory Luport, Jr.
                                                      Jessica Guerrero                Arthur & Dorothy Tockey          Marvin Yeiter Memorial*
                                                    Phillip and Birdice Phillips      Memorial*                           Karla Martinez
                                                    Memorial*                            Seyha Men                     Bebe and Judge David York
                                                      Karla Martinez                  Robert Toigo Memorial            Scholarship*
                                                    Richard Pierce Memorial*          Scholarship*                        Earl Holly
                                                      Michelle Yeoman                    Kindred Ross                  Nancy York & Peter Juvé
                                                    The Belle Rhodes Scholarship*     Turning Point Scholarship*       Scholarship*
                                                      Patty Ramos                        Ala Marie De Chillo              Luis Aguiniga
                                                    Angela Estrada Rhyno              Umpqua Bank Scholarship*         Thomas L. and Ita Young
                                                    Memorial                             Jocelyn Read                  Scholarship*
                                                      Jose Bahena-Catalan             Louis Vermeil Memorial*             Derrick Navia
                                                    Rotary Club of Napa*                 Julio Alberto                 John and Jeanne Zimmerman
                                                      Susan Wagner                       David Haymond                 Scholarship*
                                                    Roland “Corky” Schrette           Gary Vierra Memorial                Jannat Vaziri
                                                    Family Scholarship*               Scholarship
                                                      Cesar Arriola                      Miguel Luna
                                                    Schuppert Memorial*               Cerina Renee Vollmer
                                                      Jennifer Aguayo                 Memorial*
                                                                                         Michelle Yeoman
Manuel Meza-Zamudio recipient of NVC
Foundation Scholarship

6         NVCF 2010 Annual Report
eMployee doNors 2009-10
  Special thanks to the employee donors who contributed $37,875 to the
Foundation in fiscal year 2009-10.
*denotes employees who              David J. Ellingson*                      Beth Pratt*
participate in the Payroll          Susan Engle*                             Patty Renfrow
Contribution Porgram.               Anne M. Evans                            Ronald C. Rhyno*
                                    Sheryl Fernandez*                        Bruce Riddell*
Roberto Alvarado                    Bob Freschi                              Christina Rivera*
David Angelovich*                   Rebecca S. Gonzalez*                     Laura Rodriguez
Ronald Appel                        Roberto Gonzalez*                        Scott Rose*
Kathy Baird*                        Stephanie Grohs*                         Denise Rosselli*
Lori Barron                         Ann Gross*                               Rene Rubio
Lauralyn Bauer*                     Julie Hall*                              Ramon Salceda*
Glen Bell*                          Fain Hancock*                            Mary Salceda-Nunez
Kate Benscoter*                     Lynn Harold*                             Carolyn Sanchez*
Christine Bettencourt*              Deborah Hollibush*                       Marci C. Sanchez*
Barbara Brock*                      Jose Hurtado*                            Jill Schrutz*
Shawna Bynum*                       Maricel Ignacio                          Rebecca Scott*
Jim Calhoun*                        Heidi Jacks                              Jenny Sercu
Susan Callahan                      Gwen Kell*                               Melody Seymour, Ph.D.*
Loretta Carr*                       Christy Kling*                           Mary Shea*
Peggy Carroll*                      Stephen Krebs*                           Luma Sheet
Antonio Castro, Jr.                 Elizabeth Lara-Medrano*                  Linda Simpson*
Carollee Cattolica*                 Sherry Lohse*                            Faye Smyle*
Gopaal Chandrasevkaran*             Bob Lortz                                Dann Solomon*
Carole Chassereau*                  Kevin Luckey*                            Jerry Somerville*
Mary Chudnofsky                     Betty Malmgren*                          Sandra Stelter*
Marilynn Cole*                      Mary Manning                             Dan Ter Avest
Andrea Bewick Collins*              Anna Martinez-Rivero                     Victoria Tharp*
Michael Conroy*                     Anne McCallum*                           Bonnie Thoreen*
Anne H. Cook*                       Kelly McCann*                            Walt Unti*
Emily Cosby*                        Christopher McCarthy*                    Diane Van Deusen*
Ann Counihan*                       Sherry Melton*                           Kelly Van Winden*
Carlene Coury*                      Charlie Monahan                          Maria Vazquez
Margaret Craig*                     Lynda Monger*                            Mai Vo
Thomas Dana*                        Bonnie Moore*                            Judie Walter-Burke*
Oscar De Haro                       Patti Morgan*                            Angie Widemann
Agapito De La Garza, Jr.*           Valerie Mull                             Jim Wiechers
Richard S. Della Valle*             Vanessa Mullally*                        Eve-Anne Wilkes*
Maureen Dolan*                      John Nahlen*                             Robyn Wornall, Ph.D.*
Richard Donohoe*                    Sue Nelson*                              Sonia Wright*
Michael Dow                         Martin Olguin
Alan Dunn*                          Maria Ortiz                                                                      Dr. Lee Block signs his name to the commemorative
                                                                                                                     ceramic vase at the Ceramics Studio opening
Laura Ecklin*                       Malia Palu*

MilestoNe Markers
Endowments that reached significant milestones in 2009-10
New to the $5,000+ Level            Jack, Belkis and Ed Shenk Family         New to the $60,000 Level
Donna Altes Scholarship               Scholarship                            Fogarty Family Fund
Jim Booth Memorial Scholarship      Justice Wes Walker Memorial
Cole’s Chop House Culinary            Scholarship (new endowment)            New to the $100,000+ Level
  Scholarship                                                                Dr. Chris McCarthy Scholarship
Bradley Forrest Memorial            New to the $15,000+ Level                  (new endowment)
  Scholarship                       Craig McCarthy Scholarship
                                    Dr. Arlin G. and Virginia L. Taylor
New to the $10,000+ Level              Memorial Scholarship
Gertrudis C. Agcoaili Scholarship   Congressman Mike Thompson
Gant Family Scholarship                Public Service Scholarship
Hospitality de los Carneros         John and Jeanne Zimmerman
 Scholarship                          Scholarship                         McPherson Distinguished Teachers
                                                                          Shawna Bynum and Dr. Nadine Wade-Gravett

                                                                                                           NVCF 2010 Annual Report                                       7
                        storM golf ClassiC
                           About 75 golfers participated in the 5th Annual Storm Golf Classic at Silverado
                        Resort and Country Club on June 9. The funds we raised, nearly $8,000, play a vital
                        role in maintaining a quality athletic program. The tournament has become a true
                        showcase for the spirit of our community. Our student athletes are on the course, at
                        the check-in table, and helping with the auction. Next year’s tournament will be in
                        the Fall of 2011. Join us to celebrate the success of our talented students and teams.
                        In signing-up to join our tournament, you are also joining our team to continue to
                        provide a vibrant athletic program to our local college athletes.
                        Eagle Sponsor                      Tee Sign Sponsors                   The Sciacca Family
                         Napa Valley Register              Philip D. Chapman                   Catherine Sciacca
                        Birdie Sponsors                    Morgan Stanley-Smith Barney         Captains of Napa Valley
                        Keenan & Associates                Napa Chiropractic, Acupuncture       Country Club
                        WestAmerica Bank                    & Massage                          Clare Computer Solutions
                                                           Rabobank Napa                       Signs
                        Lunch Sponsor
                                                           Impressions - Mike Benson           Fryes Printing
                        Beckie Wiechers
                                                           Bank of Napa, N.A.
                        Hole Sponsors                                                          Prize Donors
                                                           Basketball Jones Hoop Camps
                        Lito Auto Body, Inc.                                                   Silverado Resort & Country Club
                                                           Bell Products, Inc.
                         Randy & Georgene                                                      Napa Valley Country Club
                                                           Napa Valley Dental Laboratory
                        Compadres Rio Grille                                                   Flora Springs
                                                           Crandell & Espinoza Family
                        Student Insurance                                                      Gary & Barbara Schwenk
                                                           Espinoza Family
                                                                                               Tulocay Vineyards
                        Hole-in-One                        Michael St. Peter
                                                                                               Cakebread Cellars
                        Hanlees Napa Subaru Volkswagen:    TLCD Architecture
                                                                                               Friend of NVC
                         2010 Subaru Legacy                Napa Valley Physical Therapy Ctr.
                                                                                               Due Vigne Winery
                        Student Golfer Sponsors            Patrick & Michele Davis
                                                                                               Willis Blakewell
                        Dixie Walker Frisinger             Sally Polvorosa
                        Stone’s Sports Bar                 Steve Silva Plumbing, Inc.
                        General Equipment                  The Kalish Family
                         Maintenance LLC                   Van Winden Landscaping, Inc.

                                                          fiNaNCial suMMary
                                                          Napa Valley College fouNdatioN
                                                          As of June 30, 2010

                                                          Cash                                                $125,484.87
                                                          Securities                                         4,884,689.88
                                                          Accounts Receivable                                      300.00
                                                          Student Loans Receivable                                      -
                                                          Donations Receivable                                 108,737.00
                                                          Accrued Interest Income                               17,668.00
                                                          Prepaid Expense                                          845.00
                                                          Total Assets                                     $5,137,724.75

                                                          Liabilities & Fund Balance
                                                          Total Liabilities                                     $238,963.46
                                                          Fund Balances
                                                          Permanently Restricted Funds                       4,900,440.57
                                                          Temporarily Restricted Earnings                    (396,050.32)
                                                          Restricted Non-Endowed Funds                         219,095.81
                                                          General Fund                                         175,275.23
                                                          Total Liabilities & Fund Balance                 $5,137,724.75

8   NVCF 2010 Annual Report
spirit of Napa Valley College
  As Michael Chiarello so aptly put it, “If America had royalty, Barney and Belle
would be the Duke and Duchess of Napa Valley.” The Rhodes were admired on
so many fronts and it was only natural to honor their memory with a celebration of
food and wine.
  In early May, the NVC Foundation partnered with The Culinary Institute of America
and other recipients of the Rhodes philanthropy to provide a tribute to Belle and
Barney. Just ask any chef or vintner, and they’ll tell you the same thing: The Napa
Valley wouldn’t be what it is today without Belle and Barney Rhodes. Their
encouragement and promotion of the culinary arts left an everlasting mark.
  “If it were not for Belle and Barney, our culinary school would never have succeeded,”
said Bonnie Thoreen, then dean of Napa Valley College’s Upper Valley Campus. “They
were both generous with their monetary gifts and their spiritual guidance.”
  “Every time you open a cupboard, every time you pick up a knife, a cutting board,
a pot or a pan, Belle’s spirit is there,” added Barbara Alexander, Napa Valley College
Cooking School executive chef. “She is the essence of this kitchen.”
  The Belle and Barney Rhodes Trust provided over $1 million to Napa Valley College
for the Napa Valley College Cooking School. Additionally, the Rhodes made significant
                                                                                            Belle & Barney Rhodes (photo courtesy of Chuck O’Rear)
contributions to The Culinary Institute of America, the Napa Valley Chamber Music
Series, the Napa Valley Symphony, and to the Department of Viticulture and Enology
at the University of California at Davis.
  During the evening, participants were able to sample some of the best wines in the
valley and enjoy the labors of the valley’s best chefs as they roamed the CIA teaching
  The highlight of the evening was the posthumous presentation of the College’s first
Spirit of Napa Valley College award to Belle and Barney Rhodes and the designation of
a new CIA scholarship program in their honor. College Foundation President Kathleen
Lucier lead a tribute to the Rhodeses, including the presentation of the award to Valerie
Gargiulo of Gargiulo Vineyards, who accepted on behalf of her aunt and uncle.               Valerie Gargiulo accepts the Spirit of Napa Valley College
                                                                                            award on behalf of her aunt and uncle

                                                                                                                Chef Michael Chiarello greets guests

                                                                                   NVCF 2010 Annual Report                                         9
                                                     legaCy soCiety
                                                        The Legacy Society is made up of individuals who have supported Napa Valley
                                                     College with a planned gift through life insurance, IRA, or bank account beneficiaries,
                                                     trusts, charitable gift annuities, real estate donations, bequests by wills and other
                                                        By joining the Legacy Society you create a legacy to live beyond your lifetime.
                                                     Your gift will indeed make a difference…to the college, our programs and services,
                                                     and most of all to our students.
                                                        Here are easy ways to become a Legacy Society member.
                                                        1. Change your bank account and/or securities to distribute the remainder to the
                                                           Foundation upon your death.
                                                        2. Designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA/401k and/or life
                                                            insurance policy.
                                                         And finally, don’t forget to contact the NVC Foundation, 707-253-3378, and notify
                                                     them of the action you have taken and you’ll be added to the NVC Legacy Society
                                                     MeMBers                        Ms. Simone Fontaine
                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Gary Garaventa
                                                                                                                  Mr. Jeff Omodt
                                                                                                                  Mr. Michael Oster
                                                     Ms. Myrna Abramowicz
                                                     Ms. Donna R. Altes             Mrs. Betty B. Hagedorn        Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Pedisich
                                                     Mr. David Aten                 Mrs. Julie Hall               Mrs. John Quigley
                                                     Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg      Mr. John Heflebower           Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Reat*
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Bremer   Mr. Jon Huttinger &           Dr. Ed Shenk
                                                     Dr. Chris Burditt*              Ms. Maureen Dolan            Mr. & Mrs. Alan Skinner
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Alan Cash*          Mr. Carlyle Johnson           Mrs. Bette Smith
                                                     Mr. Fred Caspersen             Mr. Bruce Ketron              Mr. & Mrs. Perry Teaff*
                                                     Mr. Mark Cordeiro              Mrs. Marian Long              Ms. Evie Trevethan
                                                     Ms. Helen Dunlap*              Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lucier       Mr. & Mrs. Ken Tronstad
                                                     Ms. Ann Evans                  Mr. David Mahaffey            Ms. Judie Walter-Burke*
                                                     Dr. Bill Feddersen             Mr. & Mrs. David W. Meyers*   Dr. Diane Woodruff*
                                                     Ms. Dolores H. Fischer*        Ms. Cate Merritt Murphy       *Charter members
Foundation Emeritus Past President, Wanda Lamb

                                                     doNors BeNefit froM estate
                                                     plaNNiNg proVided By NVCf
                                                        The Foundation continues to offer the services of estate planning consultants
                                                     Thompson & Associates. Representative Bob Hoffman is available for confidential
                                                     meetings, with no expectation of a financial commitment to Napa Valley College
                                                     Foundation. Here’s what Thompson & Associates can do for you:
                                                     • Clarify your estate goals and develop an action plan.
                                                     • Compare your existing estate plan.
                                                     • Outline how you can potentially transfer more wealth to your heirs.
                                                       If you have questions or would like to schedule a free, confidential meeting with
                                                     Bob Hoffman, please call Sonia Wright at the Foundation, 707-253-3378.
                                                     You can be assured that no financial products will be marketed and that there is no
Board of Trustees Bruce Ketron and JoAnn Busenbark   obligation involved.
at the North Gym opening

10        NVCF 2010 Annual Report
gifts iN kiNd                          Valerie Gargiulo, Gargiulo Vineyards
                                       Garvey Family Vineyards
                                                                              Spottswoode Estate Vineyard &
doNors                                 Estate of Jane Haight
                                       Candace Hammond
                                                                              Staglin Family Vineyard
                                                                              StaVin Inc.
2009-2010                              Heitz Cellar                           David Thater, The Culinary Institute
Value $297,850+                        Hiddenbrooke Golf Club                   of America, St. Helena
                                       Perry Hoffman, etoile at               Art Thoms
                                         Domaine Chandon, Yountville          TOR Wines
Barbara Alexander,
                                       Stephen and Julie Krebs                Trefethen Family Vineyards
  Napa Valley College
                                       Lail Vineyards                         UC Davis Department of Enology
Anette’s Chocolate
                                       Laura Lee, Napa Valley College           and Viticulture
                                       Scott McCarron                         V. Sattui Winery
Auction Napa Valley
                                       MLA Events, LLC                        Vintners Associaton
Michael Baldini
                                       Napa Golf Course                       Vintners Golf Club
Steve Ball
                                       Napa Valley College                    Nadine Wade-Gravett
James Bell
                                         Culinary Program                     Judie Walter-Burke
Beringer Vineyards
                                       Napa Valley College Estate Wines       Jim Wiechers
BioMarin Pharmaceutical
                                       Napa Valley College PE Staff           Wilsons Feed
BR Pacific Inc.
                                       Napa Valley College Viticulture and    Wine Country Golf
Rhue Bruggeman, NVC Ceramics
                                          Winery Technology program           Robyn Wornall
Cache Creek Resort & Casino
                                       Napa Valley Golf Academy               Sonia Wright
Cakebread Cellars
                                       Napa Valley Register                   Yochadehe Golf Course
Lexie Boezeman Cataldo,
                                       Napa Valley Symphony
  In Joy Photography
                                       Napa Valley Vintners
                                       Paragon Label
Fred Capsersen
                                       Cindy Pawlcyn, Mustards Grill,
Chardonnay Golf Club
                                         Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen,
Churchill Manor
                                         Go Fish
Michael Chiarello, Bottega
                                       Pina Vineyard Management
  Napa Valley, NapaStyle, Yountville
                                       Jane Rasmussen
                                       Red Hen Cantina
Mitch Cosentino
                                       River Ranch Lodge & Restaurant
Culinary Institute of America
                                       Robert Mondavi Winery
Gary Danko, Gary Danko,
                                       Stephen Rogers, Press, St. Helena
  San Francisco
                                       Red Bird LLC
Eagle Vines Golf Course
                                       Rombauer Vineyards
Ensemble Designs, Inc.
                                       Rubicon Estate
Ewinery Solutions
                                       Sally Schmitt, Philo Apple Farm,
Maggie Ford
                                          Anderson Valley
Ken Frank, La Toque, Napa
                                       Gary & Barbara Schwenk
Gallica                                                                       Instructor Rhue Bruggeman demonstrates clay forms
                                       Shafer Vineyards

                                                                                                                                  Board of Trustees with Interim Dean
                                                                                                                                  of NVC Library Bonnie Thoreen at the
                                                                                                                                  dedication of the McCarthy Library
                                                                                                                                  on May 13.

                                                                                                                                  Michael Baldini, Brenda Knight,
                                                                                                                                  Steve Reinbolt, JoAnn Busenbark,
                                                                                                                                  Bruce Ketron, Bonnie Thoreen,
                                                                                                                                  Robert Holst, Charles Meng,
                                                                                                                                  Tom Andrews

                                                                                                             NVCF 2010 Annual Report                                 11
                                                         doNor                               Mr. Rene di Rosa
                                                                                             Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty
                                                                                                                                    Ms. Jill Schrutz
                                                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Ray Sercu
                                                         HoNor roll                          Ms. Helen Dunlap
                                                                                             Embassy Suites Hotel Napa Valley
                                                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Silcox
                                                                                                                                    State Farm Companies Foundation
                                                         Based on Donations                  Mr. & Mrs. Mel Engle                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Steinhauer
                                                         July1, 2009-                        Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Evans            Mr. & Mrs. James W. Terry
                                                         June 30, 2010                       Ms. Elizabeth Fagundes                 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Tirpak
                                                                                             Dr. & Mrs. William Feddersen           TLCD Architecture
                                                         Platinum Club $100,000+             Mr. & Mrs. David Freed                 Travis Credit Union
                                                         Dr. Barney & Belle Rhodes Bequest   Ms. Carolyn Fruchtenicht               Mrs. Vera Trinchero Torres
                                                         Dr. Chris McCarthy Bequest          Gant Family Foundation                 James Van Winden,
                                                                                             GlaxoSmithKline Foundation               Van Winden Landscaping, Inc.
                                                         Silver Club $10,000 - $24,999       Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hardy                  Ms. Patty Vail
                                                         Mrs. Walter J. Fogarty, Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Howard F. Harrison          Mr. & Mrs. Howard Walker
                                                         Kathleen & Frank Lucier             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert               Westamerica Bank
                                                         Napa Valley Naturalists,            Mrs. Mona Humpert                      Brown & Lou Whitaker
                                                           Carolyn Parr Nature Center        Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hussey                 Dr. Diane Woodruff &
                                                         Napa Valley Register                Mr. Brett Johnson                        Mr. Tom Woodruff
                                                         NVC Bookstore                       Ms. Marsha Johnston                    The Worden Company
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pestoni, Upper       Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kearney
                                                           Valley Disposal Service, Inc.     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Keebler           Dean’s Club $500 - $999
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vermeil          Keenan & Associates                    Alkar Human Resources,
                                                                                             Mr. Tor Kenward, Tor Wines/               Ms. Liz Davis
                                                         Bronze Club $5,000 - $9,999           Kenward Family Vineyard              American Council of Engineering
                                                         Mr. Fred Caspersen                  Kiwanis Club of Greater Napa              Napa Solano Chapter
                                                         Citibank N.A.                       Kiwanis Club of Napa                   Antinori California
                                                         Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser        Dr. Stephen Krebs                      Mr. Ronald Appel
                                                          Foundation                         Mr. & Mrs. Tom LeMasters               Mr. & Mrs. Alban Avila
                                                         Ms. Patricia Giusto                 Mr. Richard Lemon                      Kent Baum & Marie-Jose Baum
                                                         Mrs. Wanda Lamb                     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Luckey                Mr. Glen Bell
                                                         Napa Electric                       Mrs. Marilyn Murdoff Mansfield         Ms. Kate Benscoter
                                                         The Trustees of the Bernard Osher   Mr. & Mrs. David Marsten               Beringer Vineyards
                                                          Foundation                         Mr. Ed Matovcik                        Dr. & Mrs. Lee Block
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Steven Silvagni          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas May                  Mr. John M. Bryan,
Lindsay Lawson recipient of the California Society for   Congressman &                       Mrs. Marla McCarthy                      John Bryan Family Fund
Respiratory Care Scholarship                               Mrs. Mike Thompson                Mr. & Mrs. Chad Meyer                  Pat Burke & Judie Walter-Burke
                                                         Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes                 Mr. & Mrs. David W. Meyers             Ms. JoAnn Busenbark
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. John R. Zimmerman        Morgan Stanley Smith Barney            Mr. Les Carroll
                                                                                              Matching Gifts                        Climbing Monkey’s Winery LLC,
                                                         President’s Club                    Napa County AAUW                        Nicholas Hammond
                                                         $1,000 - $4,999                     Napa Police Officers Assn.             Mrs. Anne H. Cook
                                                         Gertrudis C. Agcaoili, M.D.         Napa Solano Psychological Assoc.       Mr. & Mrs. Francis F. Coppola
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. George Altamura          Napa Valley Choral Association         Ms. Emily Cosby
                                                         Ms. Donna Altes                     NVC Administrative Senate              Cosentino Winery,
                                                         The American Institute of           NVC Arts & Humanities                    Mr. Mitch Cosentino
                                                           Wine & Food                       NVC Associated Students                Ms. Margaret Craig
                                                         Ms. Bonnie MacMaster Andersen       NVC Faculty Association                Culinary Institute of America
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Bart Araujo, Araujo      NVC Students Rompiendo Barreras        Mrs. Gladys Dallas
                                                          Estate Wines                       National League of American            Datatel
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baldini            Pen Women                            Mr. & Mrs. Michael DeGoey
                                                         Bank of Napa, N.A.                  Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Nelson                Mr. Mark Dierkhising,
                                                         Bell Products, Inc.                 Ms. Sue Nelson                           Dierk’s Parkside Cafe
                                                         Mr. Richard A. Bennett              Orange County Wine Society             Eaton Corporation
                                                           & Ms. Linda K. MacDonald          Dr. & Mrs. Richard Pastcan             Ms. Susan Engle
                                                         Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg           Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Pedisich             Evolve Volleyball, Kelly Van Winden
                                                         Liz & Bruce Boulware                Ms. Mary Pieratt                       Mrs. Amy Fong
                                                         James Bronk & Suzanne               Ms. Sudie Pollock                      Foundation for Art & Healing,
                                                           Becker-Bronk                      Ms. Nancy Pridmore                       Jeremy Nobel
                                                         Dr. Chris Burditt                   Rabobank Napa                          Mr. Larry Gates Construction Svcs,
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Cakebread          Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Rodeno               Gates Unlimited
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cakebread           Ms. Pam Rogers                         George Gmelch & Walt Gmelch
                                                         Mr. Antonio Castro, Jr.             Mr. Koerner Rombauer,                  Ms. Janet P. Halliwell
                                                         Cole’s Chop House                     Rombauer Vineyards                   Mr. John Heflebower
                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Mark Coleman             Ms. Denise Rosselli                    Mrs. Diana Holmes
Annetta Donohue recipient of the Julia duLay             Conetech, Inc.                      Rotary Club of Napa                    Hospitality de los Carneros
Montgomery Trust Scholarship                             Mr. & Mrs. Joe Criscione            Leslie Rudd, Rudd Vineyards            IBM International Foundation

                                                                                                                                Donor recognition is based on the fiscal year 2009-10.
12        NVCF 2010 Annual Report
Intelsat                                                   Ms. Beverley Brahic                        Mr. & Mrs. Larry Turley,               Mr. Richard Donohoe
Mr. Bob Johnson, Johnson, Schachter                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Bremer                Turley Wine Cellars                   Mr. Michael Dow
 & Lewis, APLC                                             Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Burditt               Umpqua Bank                            E & J Gallo Winery
Mr. Kevin Johnson, The Best Carpet &                       California Community Colleges Chief        Ms. Dorothy Unsicker                   Mrs. Laura Ecklin
 Upholstery Care                                            Instructional Officers                    Mr. Walt Unti                          Rev. & Mrs. Don Emmel
Mr. Brice C. Jones, Emeritus Vineyards                     California Society for Respiratory Care,   Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Viets               Ms. Mary Dolores Espinoza
Lito Auto Body, Inc.,                                       Greater Bay Area                          Mr. & Mrs. Ted Vollmer                 Ms. Arlene Farrer
  Randy & Georgene                                         Bill Carden & Bernice Sousa-Carden         Bobby Wilson, Wilson’s Feed            Mr. & Mrs. Don Feiner
Mr. Jack Liu                                               Chalk Hill Estate Winery                    & Supplies                            Ms. Dolores H. Fischer
Mrs. Elizabeth Martini                                     Mr. & Mrs. Mark Charney                    Ms. Susan Woody                        Dr. Sallyanne Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Mautner                              Charter Oak Bank                           Mrs. Bobbie Yeiter                     Ms. Simone Fontaine
Ms. Kathi Metro & Mr. Alan Chinberg                        Mrs. Dorothy Cleone                        Mr. & Mrs. Dana Zaccone                Mrs. Sandra Fox
Mr. John Nahlen                                            Ms. Judith Cochran                                                                Mr. Bob Freschi, Jr.
Napa Chamber Foundation                                    Ms. Marilynn Cole                          Century Club $100 - $249               Mr. Bob Freschi, Sr.
Napa Chamber of Commerce Amb.                              Mr. Michael Conroy                         American Cooperative School            Ms. Roma Khanna Frey
Napa County Medical Society Alliance                       Ms. Caryl Ann Corder                         US Embassy La Paz                    Mrs. Dixie Frisinger
Napa Engineers’ Society                                    Ms. Carol Cowen                            Mr. Thomas D. Andrews                  André Gardiner & Don Callison
Napa Ford Lincoln Mercury,                                 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Dallas                  Mrs. Kam F. Ang                        General Equipment Maintenance LLC
  Kevin Massie                                             Mr. Oscar De Haro                          Mrs. Karen Rini Apgaoa                 Mr. & Mrs. James Gibbany
Napa Valley Art Association                                Ms. Jennifer Deterville                    Ms. Margaret Azevedo                   Ms. Martha Gillis
NVC Criminal Justice Training Center                       Early Ford V-8 Club of America             Carolyn O’Connor Bacci &               Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Gomez
NVC Mathematics Dept.                                      Emcor Services                               Theodore Bacci                       Dr. Roberto Gonzalez
Mr. & Mrs. Will Nord                                       Mr. Steve Felix                            Mr. & Mrs. W. John Baird               Elisabeth & Steve Gordon
Mr. Chris O’Brien                                          Mr. & Mrs. Gary Garaventa                  Mr. & Mrs. Benito Barboza              Mignon & John Graham
Ms. Malia Palu                                             Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gargiulo,               Mrs. Florence I. Barney                Mr. Rodney Grassmann
Ms. Penelope Ann Pawl                                        Gargiulo Vineyards                       Basketball Jones Hoop Camps            Mr. Raymond Guadagni
Mr. & Mrs. Armond Phillips                                 Mrs. Rebecca S. Gonzalez                   Ms. Lauralyn Bauer                     Shelley & Robert Guastucci
Ms. Beth Pratt                                             Ms. Fain Hancock                           Mr. & Mrs. Bill Benninghoff            Mr. Jim Hanretty
Quadriga, Inc.                                             Mr. Rene Haug                              Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Benscoter, Jr.      Mr. & Mrs. Reg Harris
R.E. Maher, Inc.                                           Ms. Deborah Hollibush                      Mr. & Mrs. George Boyet                Ms. Wanda Hass
RBC Capital Markets Corp.                                  Ms. Sable Howard-Hughes                    Ms. Carolyn Broadwell                  Mr. Jordy Hayes
Readers’ Books                                             Ms. Jackie Jackson                         Mr. & Mrs. Warren Brusstar             Revalee Hemken
Regan & Sons, Inc.                                         Mr. & Mrs. Marty James                     Ms. Joanne Bump                        Mr. Kurt Hirtzer, Kurt Hirtzer
Mr. Ronald C. Rhyno                                        Ms. Eva Johnson                            Ms. Kathleen Burke-Kelly                 Inspection Services
Ms. Cynthia Ringo                                          Mr. Reuben Katz                            Mr. & Mrs. Harry Cadelago              Mr. Jose Hurtado
Mr. Richard R. Rossi                                       Mr. & Mrs. John Kongsgaard                 Ms. Susan Callahan                     Mr. Jon Huttinger
St. Helena Peace Officers Assoc.                           Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Lewis                     Ms. Loretta Carr                       Iscopia Software
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Schmitt                                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lipman                  Mr. & Mrs. Alan Cash                   Mrs. Darlene Joens
Select Mobile Bottlers, Inc.                               Ms. Sherry Lohse                           Carollee Cattolica & Andy Tittle       Mr. & Mrs. James V. Jones
Mr. Gary Silva                                             Ms. Kelly McCann                           Central Valley Builders,               Mr. & Mrs. Lou Kalish
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Simpson                              Mr. & Mrs. Clifton McConnell                 Stephen Patterson                    Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kastner
Spring Mountain Vineyard                                   Ms. Sherry Melton                          Ms. Angelina Chagoya                   Ms. Lisa Kathol
Student Insurance                                          Mr. Scott Miller                           Judge & Mrs. Philip Champlin           Mrs. Margaret Kaufman
Mr. Richard J. Taylor & Ms. Linda Beam                     Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Moore                      Mr. & Mrs. Gopaal Chandrasevkaran      Mrs. Lois Keenan
Dan & Betsy Ter Avest                                      Ms. Patti Morgan                           Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Chapman           Lu Kenmonth & Kevin Barney
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Thorsen                                    Mr. & Mrs. Steve Moulds                    Ms. Carole Chassereau                  Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kenyon
Mr. Ronald Tom                                             Mrs. Vanessa Mullally                      Mr. Michael Chiarello,                 Mr. Bruce D. Ketron & Dr. Debra Inman
Mr. Bob Torres                                             Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Murdoff                   Tra Vigne Restaurant                 Ms. Rebecca J. King
Mr. & Mrs. L. Bob Trinchero                                Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Murdoff               Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Chopitea            Ms. Lucille Leemhuis
Mr. & Mrs. Julian Weidler                                  NVC Umoja                                  Mrs. Ardith Christensen                Dr. & Mrs. James E. Lies
Mr. Michael Weis                                           Ms. Monika Nelson                          Churchill Manor, Ms. Joanna Guidotti   Dr. & Mrs. David E. Loberg
Wells Fargo Foundation                                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Oster                   Clare Computer Solutions               Mrs. Marian Long
Mrs. Dorothy Wiechers                                      Mrs. Bette Paterson                        Henni Cohen & Lee Trucker              Mr. Robert Long & Ms. Patricia P. Perini
Ms. Kathryn Williams                                       Mr. & Mrs. Jim Phillips                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Collin, Jr.           Dr. Susan L. Lorimer,
Wine Hospitality Organization                              Ms. Carrie Pickett                         Azucena Cortez                           Folsom Lake College
  of Napa Valley                                           Ms. Rosemary Richardson                    Rev. & Mrs. James Counihan             Ms. Betty Malmgren
Women for WineSense                                        Ms. Christina Rivera                       Mrs. Lois M. Covey                     Ms. Mary Manning
Ms. Sonia Wright & Mr. Joe Criscione                       St. Helena Unified                         Mr. & Mrs. James Cox                   Mr. Greg Marvin
                                                           Ms. Karen Scriven                          Mr. Thomas Craft                       Ms. Anne McCallum
Director’s Club $250 - $499                                Mr. David Settle                           Thomas Dana                            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McDermott
Ms. Myrna Abramowicz                                       Mrs. Belkis Shenk                          Mr. George Davis, II                   Mr. Don McFarland
Atlas Peak Foundation                                      Mr. Gary Stutler                           Patrick Davis & Michele Salley-Davis   Mr. & Mrs. William McPherson
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Baldini                              Mr. & Mrs. Herb Taylor                     Regina Debow & Wes Debow               Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Mendelson
Mr. Andrew Beckstoffer,                                    Mr. & Mrs. Perry Teaff                     Ms. Kathryn Devincenzi                 Mrs. Eleanor Meyer
  Beckstoffer Vineyards                                    Mr. & Mrs. Ray Tonella                     The Doctors Company                    Mr. & Mrs. Harrell Miller
Mr. & Mrs. William Blair                                   Mr. Bob Trumble, Trumble Construction      Ms. Maureen Dolan                      Ms. Marge Miller

  Donor recognition is based on the fiscal year 2009-10.
                                                                                                                              NVCF 2010 Annual Report                                   13
                                                        Ms. Joanna Mittman                   Cary Tozer                                 Mr. & Mrs. Tomas Cortes
                                                        Ms. Nancy Miyama                     Mr. & Mrs. Ken Tronstad                    Ms. Carlene Coury
                                                        Mr. Charlie Monahan                  Ms. Carole Vanderberg                      Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Crandell
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Morrell         Ms. Marjorie Walsh                         Mrs. Ruth Crivelli
                                                        Mr. Robert Muh                       Elizabeth & Darin Whitt                    Mrs. Judy Davis
                                                        Ms. Shannon Nalley                   Mr. Jim Wiechers                           Mr. Agapito De La Garza, Jr.
                                                        NVC Association of Classified        Robyn Wornall, Ph.D.                       Ms. Jessica Delgado
                                                         Professionals                       Mr. & Mrs. James Wright                    Dr. Richard S. Della Valle
                                                        Napa Valley Dental Laboratory,       Mr. & Mrs. Darroch Young                   Dr. & Mrs. Charles DeLorimier
                                                          Jim Braden                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Zeller                Ms. Kathleen Devries
                                                        Napa Valley Physical Therapy Ctr.,   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Zullinger, IV           Mr. Angelo Dhaso
                                                         Bruce McCall                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dillon
                                                        Barbara & Donald Niemann             Associates $1 - $99                        Mr. & Mrs. William H. Dodd
                                                        Mr. Chuck O’Rear &                   Ms. Carol Accettola                        Ms. Lori Dost
                                                          Ms. Daphne Larkin                  Advanced Media Group LLC                   Ms. Julia Dozier
                                                        Ms. Grace M. Ort                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Agrella                  Mr. Alan Dunn
                                                        Mr. Jose Osuch                       Ms. Ann M. Allen                           Mr. David J. Ellingson
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Peatman            Mr. Roberto Alvarado                       Mr. Ron Espinoza
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Perez           Jaime Alvarez                              Mrs. Mary Jane Fay
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Graeme D. Plant           Mr. David Angelovich                       Ms. Sheryl Fernandez
                                                        Ms. Sally Polvorosa                  Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Anthes                    Ms. Susan Fiore
                                                        Mrs. Barbara K. Rasmussen            Ms. Kathy Archer                           Mrs. Sally A. Flaherty
                                                        Mr. David Ray                        Dr. Thom Armstrong,                        Ms. Dianne L. Forsberg
                                                        Mr. Jim Reardon                        Barstow Community College                Ms. Betty Forstner
                                                        Dr. & Mrs. John Reichel              Mr. & Mrs. Burl Autry                      Judge Donald R. Fretz
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rini               Darcy Barboza                              Ms. Carolynne Gamble
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard Romero            Ms. Barbara Barrera                        Mr. & Mrs. Christophe Gerard
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rue                   Mr. James Barrett                          Ms. Sonia Gerard
                                                        Mr. Michael St. Peter                Ms. Lori Barron                            Ms. Linda Gill
                                                        Ms. Carolyn Sanchez                  Nancy Baty & Mark Baty                     Mr. & Mrs. John Glaser
                                                        Ms. Jeri Schefts                     Mr. & Mrs. Roy Beaman                      Mrs. Janet Gonzalez-Mena
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Schmutz           Ms. Teresa Mora Bean                       S. Goodwin
                                                        Mrs. Hildie Schrette                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beatie                   Mr. Jonathan H. Grand
                                                        Ms. Catherine Sciacca                Mr. Stephen Beitz                          Mr. Don Grassmann
Michelle Mitchell recipient of the Community Projects   Ms. Nancy Sciacca                    Mrs. Christine Bettencourt                 Ms. Stephanie Grohs
Scholarship, Virginia Servio Memorial                   Ms. Rebecca Scott                    Ms. Linda Blank                            Ms. Ann Gross
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. John Shafer               Ms. Becky Blasko                           Hang T. Ha & Peter Hoang
                                                        LuAnn Shapiro                        Ms. Deborah Boisot                         Ms. Julie Hall
                                                        Ms. Luma Sheet                       Ms. Lenore Bradley                         Mrs. Robin Hampton
                                                        Sierra Pacific Loss Management       Ms. Nancy Brennan                          Mr. Lynn Harold
                                                        Silverado Brewing Co.,               Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bresciani                  Ricci Hayes
                                                          Michael & Deborah Fradelizio       Ms. Barbara Brock                          Ms. Deborah Healy
                                                        Ms. Priscilla Silvey                 Mr. Doug Brozell                           Mrs. Ski Herrod
                                                        Ms. Linda Simpson                    Ms. Elisabeth Brumley                      Ms. Lori Hill
                                                        Mrs. Donna Sims                      Mrs. Mary Ann Bryan                        Dr. & Mrs. Donald Hitchcock
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. G. L. Siner               Mr. & Mrs. George Burger                   Mr. & Mrs. Arthur T. Hurley
                                                        Mr. Wyman Smith, III                 Ms. Michelle Burhorn                       Ms. Autumn Hurst-Brazell
                                                        Dr. Jerry Somerville                 Ms. Marian Bushong                         Ms. Maricel Ignacio
                                                        Mr. Luis Miguel Soria                Shawna Bynum                               Ms. Juliana Inman
                                                        Stein Family Wines,                  Mr. Jim Calhoun                            Mrs. Beverlee Irby
                                                          Catherine Gillis Stein             Mary & Paul Campbell                       Ms. Heidi Jacks
                                                        Steve Silva Plumbing, Inc.           Mr. & Mrs. Martin Cardone                  Jerry Janitorial Service
                                                        Stone Wheeler Inc.                   Mrs. Augustine Carrion                     Ms. Susan Jette
                                                        Stony Hill Vineyard,                 Peggy Carroll                              Mr. Eugene Katz
                                                          Willinda & Peter McCrea            Ms. Laura Caswell                          Ms. Gwen Kell
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. John Stuart               Lee & Treven Chapouris                     Mr. Wallace Kempkey
                                                        Ms. Danielle Swafford                Ms. Dianna Chiabotti                       Mr. & Mrs. Cary Kirk
                                                        Ms. Lisa Tarner                      Mr. & Mrs. George R. Cliff                 Ms. Elizabeth Klepeis &
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Taylor            Ms. Beverly Clounch                          Mr. Richard Foley
                                                        Taylor Chiropractic Offices,         Ms. Patricia Cole                          Ms. Christy Kling
                                                          Dr. Jeff Taylor                    Ms. Andrea Bewick Collins                  Ms. Jamie Klungel
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Steve Teague              Community Projects, Inc.                   Ms. Brenda Knight
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. James Templin             Ms. Erica Conway                           Mr. & Mrs. Pete Kreider
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. John Thoreen              Mr. Scott Corey                            Ms. Elizabeth Lara-Medrano
                                                        Mrs. Sue Toigo                       Mr. Juan Corona                            Mr. & Mrs. Steven Leebert
Valeriy & Yelena Shichkov
scholarship recipients

14        NVCF 2010 Annual Report                                                                                               Donor recognition is based on the fiscal year 2009-10.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lieber
Mrs. Carol E. Lilleberg
                                                        Ms. Julia Roundy
                                                        Mr. Rene Rubio
                                                                                              HoNorariuMs                                 Dr. Kenneth Murdoff & Family
                                                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Murdoff
Mr. Bob Lortz
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Loughran
                                                        Ms. Jennifer Rue & Mr. John Curnutt
                                                        Kari Ruel
                                                                                              2009-2010                                   Dr. Dwight Murray, Jr.
                                                                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Lee Block
                                                                                              Bill Blanckenburg
Mr. John Lozano                                         Ms. Ines Ruha                         Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                    Nursing Program NVC
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lucas                                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rusin                 David W. Dunlap                             Napa County Med. Society Alliance
Ms. Barbara Mannering                                   Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Sager                 Ms. Emily Cosby                             Gerard Perez
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Markovich                               Mr. Ramon Salceda                     Steven Dusthimer                            Ms. Diane Van Deusen
Mr. Richard Marsh &                                     Ms. Mary Salceda-Nunez                Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Benscoter, Jr.           Denise Rosselli
  Ms. Lillian Garcia                                    Ms. Marci C. Sanchez                  Maggie Ford                                 Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes
Ms. Sandra Marshall                                     Mr. & Mrs. Rex D. Sawyer              Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes                         Jim Scarfuto
Ms. Anna Martinez-Rivero                                Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Scarboro             Jack & Janet Gibbany                        Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Benscoter, Jr.
Ms. Megan Matheny                                       Mr. Patricia Schneiders               Mr. & Mrs. James Gibbany                    Jill Schrutz
Ms. Cathryn Mathews                                     Mr. Bob Schoenherr                    Mr. & Mrs. Gary Markovich                   Ms. Helen Dunlap
Mr. John A. Mazza, Jr.                                  Ms. Edie Schwartz                     Jim & Pat Gibbany                           Jenny Sercu
Ms. Nancy McEuen                                        Anne Scott                            Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes                         Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hussey
Mrs. Margie McKenzie                                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Scott, Jr.      Steve Krebs                                 Gary Silva
Ms. Jacqueline McNeelan                                 Lisa & Keith Sedgley                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Keebler                Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes
Mr. Ronald Medrud                                       Mr. Bill Seiden                       Marian Long                                 Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Meng                                 Mr. Scott Sershe, Formula One         Mr. & Mrs. Benito Barboza                   Mr. Gary Silva
Mr. Russell Mijares                                     Melody Seymour, Ph.D.                 Mr. & Mrs. Harry Cadelago                   Nancy & Warren Wilson
Ms. Olive Miranda                                       Ms. Mary Shea                         Ms. Dianne L. Forsberg                      Ms. Beverley Brahic
Mrs. J. Arlene Mitchell                                 Dr. & Mrs. Ed Shenk                   Ms. Patricia A. Giusto                      Jill Schrutz, Irma Lopez, Hector
Ms. Lynda Monger                                        Mr. & Mrs. Nick Sibal                 Mr. Rodney Grassmann                        Brambila, Renee Hernandez
Mr. Jack Monroe                                         Mr. & Mrs. Warren Simms               Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                    Mr. Roberto Alvarado
Dr. Bonnie Moore                                        Mr. & Mrs. William J. Simons          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McDermott                 Mrs. Judy Davis
Mrs. Valerie Mull                                       D. Smeltzer                           Mr. & Mrs. Harrell Miller                   Mr. Oscar De Haro
Mr. Robert D. Mullikin                                  Ms. Faye Smyle                        Ms. Dorothy Owen                            Mrs. Laura Ecklin
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Myhre                                   Mr. & Mrs. Dann Solomon               Mr. David Ray                               Ms. Maricel Ignacio
Napa County Office of Education                         Erik Springe                          D. Smeltzer                                 Mr. Bob Lortz
Ms. Carolyn Miller Napier                               Ms. Sandra Stelter                    Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes                         Ms. Mary Manning
Ms. Melanie Oberting                                    Mr. & Mrs. Doug Sterling              Mr. & Mrs. Charles Zullinger, IV            Ms. Anna Martinez-Rivero
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Okamoto                               Ms. Sabina Stoltz                     Betty Malmgren                              Mrs. Valerie Mull
Mr. Martin Olguin                                       Ms. Betsy Strauss                     PEO Sisterhood, Chapter XM                  Mr. Martin Olguin
Mr. & Mrs. James Olson                                  Ms. Myrt Sturgis                      Marilyn Murdoff Mansfield                   Ms. Maria Ortiz
Ms. Patricia Orr                                        Mr. Keiji Sugiyama                    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Murdoff                Ms. Mary Profitt
Ms. Maria Ortiz                                         Ms. Debra Sutton                      Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Murdoff                  Ms. Patty Renfrow
Ms. Virginia O’Shaughnessy                              Mr. & Mrs. James E. Talbott           Justin & Lily Meyer                         Ms. Laura Rodriguez
Mr. Mark Osten                                          Ms. Staci Taylor                      Mr. & Mrs. Chad Meyer                       Ms. Mary Salceda-Nunez
Ms. Dorothy Owen                                        Ms. Victoria Tharp                    Jan Molen                                   Dr. & Mrs. Ed Shenk
Ms. Lisa Pacey                                          Ms. Suzanne Tobin                     Ms. Conni MacLean Venturi                   Ms. Maria Vazquez
Nicole Paltrineri & David Richardson                    Katherine Todd & Michael Kucz         Ron & Donna Murdoff                         Mai Vo
Heide & Michael Pedrelli                                Cathy Trachok & Russ Barnes           Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Murdoff                  Ms. Angie Widemann
PEO Sisterhood, Chapter XM                              Ms. Joyce C. Trentacoste
Melinda & Doug Pharr                                    Ms. Doreen Tvardzik-Bishop
                                                                                              Patty Renfrow, Patti Morgan, Maricel Ignacio, Laura Rodriguez & Mary Profitt
Ms. Vivian Hansen Pirchner                              Ms. Elizabeth A. Vallerga
Ms. Margaret Placone                                    Ms. Diane Van Deusen
Ms. Mary Profitt                                        Mr. & Mrs. Russell Van Dewark
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Quade                                 Ms. Peggy L. Van Patten &
Sonia & James Qui                                         Mr. Michael A. Hazen
Ms. Jenette Raymond                                     Ms. Kelly Van Winden
Ms. Jocelyn Noel Read                                   Ms. Cristine Vasquez
Cynthia & Simon Charles Rebullida                       Ms. Maria Vazquez
Ms. Patty Renfrow                                       Ms. Ethel M. Vega
Mr. Bruce Riddell                                       Rene T. Vega
Mr. James Riley                                         Ms. Conni MacLean Venturi
Sonia & Pablo Rivera                                    Mai Vo
Mr. Michael S. Robak                                    Ms. Nancy Welty
Ms. Carol B. Roberts                                    Ms. Susan Wheeler
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roderick                             Ms. Angie Widemann
Mr. Juan Rodriguez &                                    Dr. & Mrs. David Wolf
  Ms. Esperanza Escobedo                                Ms. Linda McGlochlin Wolff
Ms. Laura Rodriguez                                     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Woods
Ms. Carolina Rojas                                      Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wright
Mr. Scott Rose                                          Ms. Mary Ellen Ziegler

    Donor recognition is based on the fiscal year 2009-10.                                                                NVCF 2010 Annual Report                             15
                                                    MeMorials                      Ed Cole
                                                                                   Ms. Marilynn Cole
                                                                                                                  Art Finkelstein
                                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Don Feiner
                                                    2009-2010                      Ms. Carolyn Sanchez
                                                                                   Paul James Comeaux
                                                                                                                  Walter “Jim” Fogarty, Jr.
                                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hussey
                                                    Dewey Andersen                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Taylor      Mrs. Walter Fogarty, Jr.
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert       Gregory W. Cook                Dennis Ow Fong
                                                    Andy Anderson                  Mrs. Anne H. Cook              Mrs. Kam F. Ang
                                                    Ms. Sherry Melton              Sandra Corbett                 Mrs. Amy Fong
                                                    Quynh Anderson                 Ms. Carol Accettola            Carol Forsythe
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Taylor      Bob Covey                      Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                    Rick Arata                     Mrs. Lois M. Covey             Wm. Forsythe, Sr.
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert       Nan Craft                      Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                    Francesca Azevedo              Mr. & Mrs. James Gibbany       Jim Fox
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Bill Benninghoff    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert       Mrs. Sandra Fox
                                                    Bruce Beckler                  Mr. & Mrs. Gary Markovich      Eugene Frediani
                                                    Mr. Ronald Appel               Mrs. Hildie Schrette           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vermeil
                                                    Mr. Glen Bell                  Brad Crane                     Anne Fruchtenicht
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Howard Okamoto      Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert       Ms. Carolyn Fruchtenicht
                                                    Alice W. Benscoter             Florence Cunny                 Billie Ghisletta
                                                    Mrs. Karen Rini Apgaoa         Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg      Ms. Ines Ruha
                                                    Ms. Patricia Cole              Mrs. Mona Humpert              Mary Gibbany
                                                    Mr. Jonathan H. Grand          Ian Dallas                     Mr. & Mrs. James Gibbany
                                                    Iscopia Software               Mr. & Mrs. Russell Dallas      Jeri Glover
                                                    Ms. Elizabeth Klepeis          Ms. Ethel M. Vega              Ms. Sudie Pollock
                                                    Ms. Carolyn Miller Napier      John Dallas                    Edna Gmelch
                                                    Ms. Virginia O’Shaughnessy     Ms. Ann M. Allen               Ms. Fain Hancock
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rini         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beatie       Colene Gonzalez
                                                    Ms. Jeri Schefts               Ms. Nancy Brennan              Dr. Roberto Gonzalez
                                                    Ms. Suzanne Tobin              Ms. Laura Caswell              Robert Green
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Woods         Ms. Angelina Chagoya           Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                    Carl & Alice Benscoter         Mrs. Gladys Dallas             Virginia Murdoff Grover
                                                    Ms. Kate Benscoter             Mr. & Mrs. John Glaser         Mrs. Marilyn Murdoff Mansfield
                                                    Ms. Janet P. Halliwell         S. Goodwin                     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Murdoff
                                                    Ms. Carol B. Roberts           Dr. & Mrs. Donald Hitchcock    Laura Gustafson
Angela Efe recipient of three scholarships          Vivian Biava                   Ms. Rebecca J. King            Ms. Anne McCallum
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert       Mr. & Mrs. Pete Kreider        Chad Harris
                                                    Bernice Roberts Blanckenburg   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lieber      Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                    Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg      Mrs. Carol E. Lilleberg        Grant Heflebower
                                                    Mrs. Mona Humpert              Mr. Richard Marsh              Ms. Margaret Craig
                                                    Mary K. Blanckenburg           Ms. Nancy McEuen               Ed Hendrickson
                                                    Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg      Mr. Ronald Medrud              Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                    Mrs. Mona Humpert              Ms. Margaret Placone           Rand Henson
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Keebler   Ms. Julia Roundy               Mr. Gary Stutler
                                                    David Blaziek                  Ms. Jennifer Rue               Dr. Chester E. “Chet” Herrod
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert       Mr. & Mrs. Rex D. Sawyer       Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg
                                                    Joseph Boivin                  Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Scarboro      Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                    Kiwanis Club of Napa           Ms. Myrt Sturgis               Mrs. Mona Humpert
                                                    Kathy Bollinger                Ms. Ethel M. Vega              Virginia Hickey
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur T. Hurley    Rene T. Vega                   Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Keebler   Ms. Ethel M. Vega              Mrs. Mona Humpert
                                                    Mr. Don McFarland              Ms. Linda McGlochlin Wolff     Eleanor Hodgkins
                                                    Dr. & Mrs. John Reichel        Francine Breslin Davis         Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                    Jim Booth                      Mr. George Davis, II           Chuck Holden
                                                    Judie Walter-Burke             Norm DeLeuze                   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                    Claire Bremer                  Kiwanis Club of Napa           Billy Humpert
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Bremer   John & Frances Devincenzi      Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
                                                    Jackson Bremer                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Bremer   Julianna Johnson
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Bremer   Dick DeWeese                   Ms. Penelope Ann Pawl
                                                    Dewey Burnsed                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert       Stephen Michael Kastner
                                                    Bobby Wilson                   Howard Dickenson               Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kastner
                                                    Augustine Carrion, Jr.         Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg      Carol Keefer’s mother
                                                    Mrs. Hildie Schrette           Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert       Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Taylor
                                                    Dr. George Clark               Mrs. Mona Humpert              Robert Keenan
                                                    Dr. Chris Burditt              Glenn “Pop” DuBose             Mrs. Lois Keenan
Marsha Johnson and Justice Wes Walker Scholarship   Ray Cleone                     Mr. Jim Hanretty               Barry King
recipient Earl Holly                                Dorothy Cleone                                                Dr. Diane Woodruff

16        NVCF 2010 Annual Report
Lorrain Kongsgaard                    Mr. & Mrs. Mel Engle                   Julia duLay Montgomery                   Frank Wagar
Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg             Dr. & Mrs. William Feddersen           Ms. Penelope Ann Pawl                    Ms. Betty Malmgren
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Cash                  Ms. Susan Fiore                        Barbara Nagel                            Judge Wes Walker
Community Projects, Inc.              Ms. Dolores H. Fischer                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Taylor                Mr. & Mrs. George Altamura
Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty          Dr. Sallyanne Fitzgerald               Charles Nearing                          Antinori California
Mrs. Mary Jane Fay                    Ms. Carolyn Fruchtenicht               Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Anthes                  Beckstoffer Vineyards
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert              Mr. & Mrs. Gary Garaventa              Mrs. Augustine Carrion                   Mr. Richard A. Bennett
Mrs. Mona Humpert                     Ms. Martha Gillis                      Mr. & Mrs. James Cox                     Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg
Mr. Eugene Katz                       Mignon & John Graham                   Judie Walter-Burke                       Liz & Bruce Boulware
Mrs. Elizabeth Martini                Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hardy                  David Nunn                               Judge & Mrs. Philip Champlin
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Simms               Mr. John Heflebower                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Collin, Jr.
Ms. Peggy L. Van Patten               Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert               Dennis Paterson                          Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty
Karl & Fern Kultti                    Mrs. Mona Humpert                      Mrs. Bette Paterson                      Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser
Ms. Patricia A. Giusto                Mr. Jon Huttinger                      Adrian Pawl                                Foundation
John Langenbach                       Mrs. Darlene Joens                     Ms. Penelope Ann Pawl                    Mr. Raymond Guadagni
American Cooperative School           Mr. & Mrs. Cary Kirk                   Dominic Petrillo                         Mr. & Mrs. Howard F. Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Burl Autry                 Mrs. Wanda Lamb                        Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                 Mrs. Mona Humpert
Mr. & Mrs. George Boyet               Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Lewis                 Bob Pierce                               Ms. Marsha Johnston
Mrs. Mary Ann Bryan                   Dr. Susan L. Lorimer                   Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg                Mr. & Mrs. James V. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Cliff            Kathleen & Frank Lucier                Mrs. Mona Humpert                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Keebler
Mrs. Ruth Crivelli                    Mr. & Mrs. Gary Markovich              Mrs. Wanda Lamb                          Ms. Lucille Leemhuis
Mrs. Gladys Dallas                    Mr. Ed Matovcik & Ms. Cheryl Meyer     Mrs. Hildie Schrette                     Mr. & Mrs. William McPherson
Ms. Jessica Delgado                   Mrs. Vanessa Mullally                  Paul Pollock, Sr.                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Mendelson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dillon              Mr. John Nahlen                        Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                 Mr. & Mrs. David W. Meyers
Mrs. Sally A. Flaherty                Napa Electric                          Chris Ritz                               Ms. Joanna Mittman
Mr. Don Grassmann                     NVC Administrative Senate              Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Taylor                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Peatman
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert              NVC Assoc. of Classified Prof.         Tom Salsman                              Mr. & Mrs. John Shafer
Ms. Barbara Mannering                 NVC Faculty Association                Mrs. Hildie Schrette                     Mr. Wyman Smith, III
Mr. Jack Monroe                       Mr. & Mrs. Howard Okamoto              Dorothy Sercu                            Stony Hill Vineyard
Ms. Jenette Raymond                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Oster               Rev. & Mrs. James Counihan               Ms. Betsy Strauss
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rusin                 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pestoni                 Mary Skouge                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Zeller
Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Scott, Jr.      Mr. & Mrs. Armond Phillips             Mignon & John Graham                     Sylvia Weidler
Melvin & Marlene Larkin               Nancy & Clint Pridmore                 Ms. Edie Schwartz                        Mr. & Mrs. Julian Weidler
Mrs. Rebecca S. Gonzalez              Quadriga, Inc.                         Clint Smith                              Jean Weirich
Dr. W.R. Lawson                       R.E. Maher, Inc.                       Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roderick            Gerardo Soria                            Warren Wetterlund
Laura Loberg                          Rotary Club of Napa                    Mr. Luis Miguel Soria                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
Dr. & Mrs. David E. Loberg            Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rue                     Jeff Soulages                            Linda White-Settle
Clayton A. Long                       Mr. & Mrs. Ray Sercu                   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                 Mr. David Settle
Mrs. Marian Long                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Steinhauer           Amy Stockton                             Kenneth Wilkens
Susie Malloy                          Dan & Betsy Ter Avest                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                 Mr. & Mrs. Clifton McConnell
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Simons          Mr. & Mrs. James W. Terry              Richard Struble                          Arthur Williams
Herman & David Mautner                TLCD Architecture                      Ms. Eva Johnson                          Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Mautner         Ms. Conni MacLean Venturi              Donna Svendsen                           Mary Williams
Dr. Chris McCarthy                    Mr. & Mrs. Howard Walker               Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                 Mr. & Mrs. James Gibbany
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Agrella             Mr. & Mrs. Julian Weidler              Elsie M. (Sue) Tarner                    Mrs. Hildie Schrette
Dr. Thom Armstrong                    Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes                    Mr. Mark Coleman                         Wayne Grey Wilson
Kathy & Jack Baird                    Dr. Diane Woodruff                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lipman                Mr. & Mrs. Julian Weidler
Bell Products, Inc.                   The Worden Company                     Ms. Lisa Tarner                          Marvin Yeiter
Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg             Dr. Robyn Wornall, Ph.D.               Dr. Arlin & Virginia Taylor              Mrs. Bobbie Yeiter
Ms. Deborah Boisot                    Ms. Sonia Wright & Mr. Joe Criscione   Mr. & Mrs. Herb Taylor                   Bebe York
Mr. & Mrs. George Boyet               Mr. & Mrs. James Wright                Mr. Richard J. Taylor & Ms. Linda Beam   Ms. Kathryn Devincenzi
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Bremer          Mr. & Mrs. Darroch Young               Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Taylor                Bernice Beeling York
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Burke              Craig McCarthy                         Allen Thorpe                             Ms. Elizabeth A. Vallerga
Ms. Kathleen Burke-Kelly              Mr. Ronald Appel                       Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert                 Scott Zumwalt
California Community Colleges Chief   Mrs. Marla McCarthy                    Hazel Tremewan                           Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
  Instructional Officers              Napa Police Officers Assn.             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Humpert
Ms. Susan Callahan                    Margaret McDonald                      John Vail
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Cash                  Dr. Chris Burditt                      Ms. Patty Vail
Mr. Fred Caspersen                    Dr. Harry McPherson/                   Louis Vermeil                            Acknowledgements:          Photography
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                                                                                                     NVCF 2010 Annual Report                                              17
                                             Non-Profiit Org.
                                               U.S. Postage
                                               Napa, Calif.
                                              Permit No. 81

NAPA, CA 94558

Sonia Wright
Executive Director

Kathy Baird
Administrative Assistant
FAX 707-259-8073


The mission of the Napa
Valley College Foundation
is to develop resources to
support the College, its
students and the Foundation.

The Napa Valley College Foundation is
a self-sufficient, non-profit organization
dedicated to the mission of the college.

Dedication to mission; integrity;
generosity; enthusiasm; mutual respect;
hands-on participation; creativity &
independent thought.

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