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					                                                                                              December Issue 2006

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                                   Suffering from a Pain in the Neck?
If you experience neck pain that
                                   Neck pain and symptoms caused by a cervical (neck)
                                   spine disorder are a very common problem for many
                                   adult Americans. Neck pain commonly results from
Scheduled Maintenance              performing repetitive tasks with your arms or from
Wish you could do something for    prolonged computer use. The cervical spine is
that neck pain?                    composed of many different anatomic structures,
TRY THESE EXERCISES                including muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints.
                                   Common causes of neck pain and cervical disorders
                                   include arthritis, injuries, and trauma. In some people,
                                   neck problems may be the source of pain in the upper
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Endeavor Therapy
                                    Tune-Up Tips
Call today for an appointment
262-241-8892                        When working at a computer or at a desk, proper posture can help to
Conveniently located at             prevent neck pain from occurring. Good sitting posture keeps your neck,
11649 N. Port Washington Rd,        shoulders and upper back muscles relaxed. Choose a chair that allows
Mequon, WI 53092                    you to rest both feet flat on the floor, while keeping your knees level with
                                    your hips. Stretch the top of your head toward the ceiling. Tuck your chin
                                    in slightly. Keep your shoulders relaxed, not elevated, or hunched forward.
                                    Sit with your back firmly against the chair. Place a small cushion or rolled
                                    towel at your low back to support your spine. Take frequent breaks where
                                    you stand, walk & stretch!

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See Your Therapist if Needed

You should seek care from your physical therapist if you experience neck
pain that is:

        continuous and persistent
        severe, limiting your ability to complete daily activities
        accompanied by pain that is radiating into your arms, hands or
        accompanied by headaches, numbness, tingling, or weakness

Your physical therapist will evaluate your neck to determine what is causing
your pain, and provide treatment to improve your mobility, strength, and
posture. You will also be instructed on how to avoid future injury and manage
neck pain on your own.

To schedule an appointment contact Endeavor Therapy at 262-241-8892.

Try this stretch to help prevent neck pain!

Gently tilt your ear towards your shoulder. Apply light pressure to the side of
your head, in a downward direction with your hand. Hold the stretch while you
feel a gentle pull through the side of your neck and into your shoulder.
Repeat throughout the day as needed.

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