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									           Acton Garden Club                                                            Spring Newsletter
                                                                                                 February, 2004

                                           President’s Message
        Dear Acton Garden Friends,

        Happy 70th Anniversary. As we begin this year, we must take time to reflect on our successes and celebrate
and look at all our successes in the past 70 years. One of the wonderful aspects of the club is our friendships where
we sharing our love of gardening. We continually are learning different aspects of gardening from each other.

        While our gardens are still resting with the cold weather this winter, the Acton Garden Club is very active
planning for our Spring activities. The year began with the AGC Waterwise Committee being awarded a $900
Waterwise Solutions Grant from National Garden Club, Inc. Leslie Frost, the GCFMA President, was impressed
that we were working with the Acton Water District on this project and has requested that we submit our program
for an award next year. Leslie will be joining us for our June meeting where she will learn more about all our

        The 70th celebration planting at the Acton Memorial Library will take place this Spring. The committee of
Cathy Fochtman (Chair), Lynn Bruce, Judy Dembsey, Sue Diguette, and Joan Yatteau designed a wonderful
foundation planting which we look forward to implementing.

         Our Annual Meeting and luncheon plans are well underway. We look forward to “A time for catching up
with friends” and celebration at the Shaker Hills Golf Club, in Harvard, MA on April 6th.

         Ways and Means co-chairs are in the midst of preparations for our Plant Sale on May 8th. They began the year
with a creative craft workshop. Everyone’s help is required to make our annual fundraiser a successful and rewarding
experience. When the flurry of clipboards comes around, please consider how you would like to help in the event.

        The January Horticulture planning meeting for next year was a wonderful first meeting of this year. The
February Bonsai Demonstration nicely complements the February Program of “Longing for Spring- Ikebana in
Winter”. The Floral Design Study Group’s “Come Fly Away” design in January was like taking a walk on the beach
– during the bitter cold, we need to think of other warmer places. The botanical arrangement “Irish Mist” in March
will be with all greens.

        The recycle program for ink jet cartridges is underway - we have received our first check! Let’s spread the
work in our community about recycling.

         Now is a great time to start preparing for our September Flower Show as you browse the garden catalogs that
come in the mail and plan your garden for the year. Get ready for this event by selecting new plants you have wanted
to try or nurture a special specimen that you will be proud to show.

        Celebrate our Seventieth as we “Design and Create a Greener Community”,

                                                  Ways and Means
        - Plant Sale                                                            submitted by Sally Patrick

    Think Plant Sale! Clip boards are circulating during the club meetings to sign up for the various committees
that are needed to make the annual plant sale a success. Please remember that it is the responsibility of every
Acton Garden Club member to participate in the plant sale. Many hands make a lighter job for everyone. We
need your help and there are so many different ways to help. If you have never chaired a committee maybe it's
time to give it a try, or co-chair a committee with someone else. It is a wonderful way to meet new people and
you will have lots of support. If you have been doing the same job for years in a row, try something new. There
are certain positions where we have plenty of help and others that need help. When the clip board passes you,
look for an area that needs you. If you have not attended meetings lately to sign up, call Maureen Christmas at
(978) 263-0009 or Sally Patrick (978) 263-1746. We can help you find a way to help.

        - The Boutique
     The Boutique at the Plant Sale needs your hand crafted items. Now is the time to share your creativity with
the club. Think about what you would like to make to contribute toward making the Boutique a success.

        - Boutique Craft Workshop
             On January 13th a group from the club gathered at Sally Patrick's home to make three dimensional
fabric flower pins. Led by Maureen Christmas, the group made over 61 pins that may be worn on a lapel or a hat
or anywhere. They will be offered to the Boutique and worn by our members during the Plant Sale. Thank you
ladies for a job well done!

                            Important Notices

                                                             Mayflower Subscriptions for the club will now be
         Postponed to April 2005                             handled by Karin Victor. If you would like to
          Virginia Beach Trip                                begin or renew a subscription to the Mayflower,
                                                             please contact Karin, 978-264-4573.
  - look for new details in the Fall Newsletter

 Minutes recorded at each of our general meetings              RECYCLE your empty inkjet cartridges in the
 will now be posted on e-mail and on the bulletin              enclosed plastic envelope and the Club will
 board during the meeting. All members with an e-              receive $1.00 for each one. These envelopes
 mail address in the current yearbook will begin               have a unique bar code to indicate that the Club
 receiving the minutes effective with the November             should receive credit for that cartridge.
 meeting. If you would like to receive them via e-mail         Additional envelopes will be available at the
 and do not have your address in the current                   February meeting. We are recieved out first
 yearbook, please contact Judy Shuppert, 978-263-              check from this program - let’s keep recycling.
                                                               Contact Judy Dembsey, 978-263-3272 for more

                     Reserve May 8th for the Acton Garden Club Plant Sale
          Dig your plants for the Plant Sale during the week of April 19th. All plants need to be in pots by April
              24th, this will give each plant a minimum of two weeks to recover from transplanting.
             Nominating Committee                         Families with Children
                         submitted by Dorothy Robbins
                                                             - Preschool through grade 12
         The Nominating Committee of Dorothy                                            submitted by: Trudy Walter
Robbins, Wendy Tarson, and Cathy Fochtman would
like to thank Garden Club members who have                    Who would like to learn more about the
responded positively to their requests for Board          EcoTarium in Worcester?!This place has a lot to offer
volunteers. The committee looks forward to presenting     for children Here they can discover some of the
the slate of officers and committee chairmen to the       secrets of nature, and learn respect and nurture our
membership at the Annual Meeting in April.                natural environment.
                                                               Outdoor activities throughout the year with
                 Membership                               programs at the Planetarium, Fieldtrips and
                          submitted by: Peggy Garrison    Educational Programs for preschoolers through K 12.
          With spring approaching and numerous               Check their extensive website, with directions, and
outstanding programs to enjoy, why not bring a friend     announcements for the programs. There is something
or neighbor to one of our upcoming Garden Club            for every level to explore, especially during school
regular meetings? We are always looking for new           vacations.
members. We are a friendly bunch and we have alot to         The EcoTarium formerly was the Natural Science
share. Please call me at 978-263-9706 or email me at      Museum with the Polar bears, one of which is still to let me know who you'll be         around and loves some attention.
bringing and when. Thanks!
                                                                     Website is

March Floral Design Study Group
                             submitted by: Julie Eacott
                                                                      Community Services
                                                                                submitted by:Cathy Fochtman and
    “An Irish Mist”, come joins us to create an all                                              Doris Prendiville
botanical arrangment. Flowers and container will be
provided, just bring your pruners, scissors, and trash       The Civic Beautification committee closed out the
bag. March 23rd ,9:15 am, at St. Matthews Church          calendar year with our annual greens arrangements in
with Thelma Shoneman. Cost will be announced.             the barrels and troughs around town on a frigid
There will a sign-up sheet at the February and March      November morning. One of the benefits of working
General Meetings or call Julie Eacott (263-0065)          along the merchants’ stores in West Acton is the
                                                          complementary coffee and jokes Skip Kennedy offers
                                                          us at the West Acton Market. Not to mention the
                                                          doughnuts we bring along to keep our stamina up.
            Dues and                                      Thanks to our entire committee for their efforts. We
                                                          look forward to the coming year to work on a lovely
   Annual Luncheon Reservations                           display around town as we celebrate our 70th club
                      submitted by: Carol Coverdale       anniversary.
    Remember that Dues must be paid by the Annual
Meeting on April 6th. If you are planning on attending
the Annual Meeting the last day for reservations is
March 15th. Also when you are writing out your
checks be sure to write one for the Luncheon and
another one for Dues. Each check is deposited into
separate accounts. Checks can be mailed to:
Carol Coverdale, 19 Old Village Road, Acton

                                                          Clockwise from left: Janet Richards, Regina Conley, Noreen
                                                          Rowe, Corrine Orcutt, Doris Prendiville, Meng Wang
                         Check out the Club’s new web address:

    Mark your calendar for these exciting GCFMA Events.....
                                                                                    submitted by: Jane Olesin
É     Flora in Winter - February 5 - February 8 at Tower Hill and the Worcester Art Museum.
      Members Maureen Christmas, Cathy Fochtman, Laura Lindop, Sally Patrick, Thelma Shoneman, and
      Joan Yatteau will be participating.
      Central North District Annual Meeting - March 24, 2004 (Wednesday) at Tower Hill Botanical
      Gardens in Boylston, MA, 9:30 am to 2:30 pm (Buffet Lunch is included). Program is called "Earth,
      Air, Fire and Water Design" and there will also be morning workshops. Cost of meeting is $28
      (payable to Central:North District GCFMA). All members are invited to attend.
É     GCFMA Horticulture Morning - March 1 on "Water Gardening" with Bill Freitag and April 5 with
      Diane Leahy (from the AGC) on "Joy and Success with Daffodils", Espousal Center, 10:00 am.
É     GCFMA Annual Meeting - May 26 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield. Mark your calendars now -
      Further Information to follow at our meetings.

              Looking for some year long gardening assistance.....

                                                                  The Mayflower
                                                         The Mayflower is the newsletter of the Garden
                                                 Club Federation of MA. Inc.. It contains information on
                                                 all the activities of the Federation and its member clubs.
                                                 The cost is $8.00 annually. Remember to check your
                                                 address label for your expiration date. Our club is now
                                                 coordinating our own subscriptions, if you would like to
                                                 begin or renew your subscription please contact: Karin
                                                 Victor, 264-4573.

                                                              The National Gardener

                                                   The National Gardener is the bimonthly bulletin of
                                                  the National Garden Clubs, Inc. The cost is $6.50
People, Places and Plants
Gardening Magazine

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts,
GCFMA, has formed a partnership with the
magazine, People, Places and Plants, which
will make a donation to GCFMA if you use the
attached form to subscribe to the magazine.
One nice aspect of the magazine is that it has a
version specific to our New England area. If
you already subscribe, you can use the form to
renew your subscription as well and make a
nice donation to our Federation.
                Horticulture Study Group Learns about the Art of Bonsai
                                                                                             submitted by: Joan Yatteau
         As a complement to the club's February speaker on Ikebana, Maureen Christmas will help us explore
landscape design on a slightly different scale on February 10th at Maureen’s home (note the change). She will
introduce us to the art of Bonsai by presenting slides of several Bonsai tree specimens and then demonstrate basic
techniques used in growing a bonsai tree and creating a landscape in miniature. We all came away wanting to
create a bonsai for our very own.
         On March 9th, Joan Yatteau will demonstrate ways we can capture on paper and experiment with the
design of our own landscapes using materials and techniques accessible to all. Even if you have no intention of
designing your own landscape, this program can help you as a purchaser of professional landscape design
services. Learn about the design process and how to better understand the drawings that result. Join us Tuesday,
March 9th starting at 9:15 am with refreshments at Wendy Tarson's home.
                 In our November program on Trees and Shrubs in the New England, Sue Whitcomb gave us a
wonderful talk beautifully illustrated with slides from her own extensive garden as well as others. She also
provided a detailed handout on the characteristics of the many trees and shrubs she mentioned, together with
carefully labeled specimens that everyone got to examine first hand. We all enjoyed the artistry of her slides, the
benefit of her thorough knowledge of trees and shrubs in New England, and thank her for sharing it so generously
with us.
        Horticulture Study Group's January planning meeting was well attended. The lively exchange of ideas as
we worked out topics for next year's Horticulture Study Group program was fun and stimulating and produced a
wonderful array of presentations to help us all continue to learn about horticulture. We also held our annual
gardening book swap where members bring books they no longer need in their gardening libraries to swap with
       Come and join us at Horticulture Study Group Tuesday, March 9th and throughout the rest of the year as
we continue to learn together about the many facets of landscape design.

                                  Elm Trees are making a comeback
                                                                                            submitted by: Judy Dembsey

               Do you remember the stately elm trees that lined our streets, parks
                           and were planted in our gardens? They’re gone!
           Dutch elm disease (DED) arrived in 1930 and killed over 70 million trees.

         A search for an elm tree that could resist this dreaded fungus is beginning to reap benefits. Currently six
cultivars of Ulmus americana are being released or are already being grown by wholesalers. The new cultivars
‘Valley Forge’ and old ‘Princeton’ have shown the highest resistant to DED. Also coming on the market are four
other DED-tolerant selections: ‘Delaware’, ‘Independence’, ‘Jefferson’ and ‘New Harmony’.
        DED originated in Asia and many Asian species are virtually immune to the disease. Introduced last year
by the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois, the hybrid ‘Accolade’ is being hailed as the best replacement for the
American elm. It has the classic vase shape and is resistant to phloem necrosis and elm leaf beetles as well as DED.
        Among other Asian selections and hybrids with vase shapes are: ‘Allee’, which has beautiful exfoliating bark;
‘Frontier’, distinctive for great red-purple fall foliage; and ‘Patriot’ which is narrowly upright. Other new vase-shape
introductions include: ‘Cathedral’, ‘Central Park Splendor’, ‘Ohio’ and ‘Prospector’.
       Given high marks are several Asian selections with round, pyramidal or oval shapes, such as: 30’ compact
‘Athena, 40’ ‘Vanguard’, 50’ ‘Pioneer’, 60’ ‘Homestead and 60’ ‘Commendation’.
       Elms are not easy to propagate, so many of these are slow to come into the trade. The best source is a local
nurseryman who can seek out desired cultivars among a wide range of wholesalers. Also, check your plant catalogs.
        Adapted from an article in the Avant Gardener, January 2004, “Revival of the Fittest”.

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                                                                                                 at The Shak


Acton Garden Club, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2137
    Acton, MA 01720

Save the Date:
   A spectacular Standard Flower Show is in the works to celebrate the Garden Club’s
         70 th Anniversary on September 27 th and 28 th 2004 at the Acton Library!

                           “PLANT ACCORDINGLY!”

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