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					                                           Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
                                                   O'Brien & Gere's heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) services include design
                                                   of new and expanded facilities, evaluation of existing facilities, and existing facilities
                                                   upgrades. The firm provides these services for building occupancies such as industrial,
                                                   municipal, institutional, and large commercial. The firm’s designs for HVAC systems provide
                                                   environmental control for the manufacturing process and for human comfort by
                                                   using the latest innovative technology coupled with being cost-and energy-efficient.

                                                   ServiCeS prOvided:
                                                   ƒ Computer-based heating and cooling load calculations
                                                   ƒ Central heating and cooling plants
                                                   ƒ Heating/cooling systems
                                                     − Forced air heating and air conditioning
                                                     − Steam and condensate
                                                     − Condenser water
                                                     − Dehumidification
                                                     − Hot water and high-temperature hot water
                                                     − Air filtration
                                                     − Chilled water
                                                     − Humidification
                                                     − Heat recovery
                                                   ƒ Ventilation systems
                                                     − Fume/vapor capture and removal
                                                     − Dust collection and removal
                                                     − Odor control
                                                     − Removal of particulate-laden air from machining operations
                                                     − Laboratory exhaust systems
                                                     − Product recovery and recycle systems
                                                   ƒ Pollution control technologies
CONTACT US                                         ƒ Temperature control systems
For more information please visit our website at   ƒ Energy management systems or e-mail
                                                   ƒ Indoor air quality control
                                                   ƒ Energy surveys
                                                   ƒ Piping system stress analysis
                                                   ƒ Piping system hydraulic (flow) evaluation
                                                   ƒ Environmental permitting

                                                   SpeCiAl AppliCATiONS:
                                                   ƒ   Clean rooms
                                                   ƒ   Laboratories
                                                   ƒ   Wastewater treatment plants
                                                   ƒ   Electronics manufacturing
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