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					                                                                                       PERSUASIVE MARKING GUIDE
         Criteria                      0                        1                        2                3                                    4                        5                                  6
Audience                    Symbols or drawings      • response to audience    • shows basic               • orients the reader      • supports reader        • supports, engages       • controls writer/reader
                            which have the           needs is                  awareness of                -- an internally          understanding            and persuades             relationship
Skill Focus:                intention of conveying   limited                   audience expectations       consistent                (more than               the reader through        -- establishes strong, credible voice
The writer’s capacity to    meaning                  • text contains simple    through attempting to       persuasive text that      assertions/opinions      deliberate                -- crafts writing to influence reader by
orient, engage and                                   written content           orient the reader           attempts to support the   AND                      language choices and      precise and
persuade the reader.                                                           • provides some             reader by developing a    • begins to engage       persuasive techniques     sustained language choices and
                                                                               information to support      shared understanding      and persuade                                       persuasive techniques
                                                                               reader understanding        of context                reader through                                     -- takes readers’ values and
                                                                                                                                     language choices                                   expectations into account
Text Structure              • no evidence of any     • minimal evidence of     • text contains two         • text contains an        • coherent, controlled
                            structural components    persuasive structure      clearly identifiable        introduction, a           and complete
Skill Focus:                of a persuasive text     -- structural             structural components       body and conclusion       argument
The organisation of the                              components not            OR                          OR                        • all components are
structural components                                clearly identifiable      • all components are        • detailed longer text    well developed
of a persuasive text                                 OR                        present but weak            with two developed        -- introduction with
(introduction, body,                                 -- one component only,                                components and one        clear position
conclusion) into an                                  e.g. an introduction or                               weaker component          statement
appropriate and                                      body                                                                            AND
effective text structure.                                                                                                            -- body with reasons
                                                                                                                                     and detailed
                                                                                                                                     supporting evidence
                                                                                                                                     -- conclusion that
                                                                                                                                     reinforces the
                                                                                                                                     writer’s position
Ideas                       • no evidence or         • Text contains one       • one idea with simple      • ideas are supported     • ideas are elaborated   • ideas are generated,
                            insufficient             idea                      elaboration                 with some elaboration     and contribute           selected and crafted to
Skill Focus:                evidence                 OR                        OR                          OR                        effectively to the       be highly persuasive
The selection,                                       • ideas appear            • ideas are few and         • many unelaborated       writer’s position
relevance and                                        unrelated to each         related but                 ideas that relate
elaboration of ideas for                             other                     not elaborated              plausibly to argument
a persuasive argument.                               OR                        OR                          (4or more)
                                                     • ideas are unrelated     • many simple ideas         OR
                                                     to topic on               that are                    • one idea with more
                                                     prompt                    related but not             developed
                                                                               elaborated                  elaboration
Persuasive Devices          • no evidence or         • uses a statement or     • uses three or more        • uses some devices       • sustained and
                            insufficient evidence    statements of             instances of                that persuade             effective use of
Skill Focus:                                         personal opinion          persuasive devices          • use is effective but    persuasive devices
The use of a range of                                AND/OR                    that support                not sustained
persuasive devices to                                • uses one or two         the writer’s position but   (may also include
enhance the writer’s                                 instances of              do not                      some ineffective
position and persuade                                persuasive devices        persuade the reader         use)
the reader.                                          (may be same              (at least two
                                                     type)                     types)

        Adapted from the 2011 NAPLAN Marking Guide by Penny Krilis and Jan Smith (Glenroy College)
Vocabulary                • symbols or drawings   • very short script        • mostly simple words    • four or more precise     • sustained and            • a range of precise
                                                                             • may include two or     words or word groups       consistent use of          and effective words
Skill Focus:                                                                 three precise words or                              precise words and          and word groups used
The range and                                                                word groups                                         word groups that           ina fluent and
precision of                                                                                                                     enhance the meaning        articulate manner
contextually                                                                                                                     (may be some               language choice is
appropriate language                                                                                                             inappropriate              well matched to style
choices.                                                                                                                         or inaccurate word         of argument

Cohesion                  • symbols or drawings   • links are missing or     • some correct links     • controlled use of        • a range of cohesive
                                                  incorrect                  between                  cohesive devices           devices is used
Skill Focus:                                      • short script             sentences (do not        support reader             correctly and
The control of multiple                           often confusing for the    penalise for             understanding              deliberately
threads and                                       reader                     poor punctuation)        meaning is clear on        to enhance reading
relationships across                                                         • most referring words   first reading              and support underlying
the text, achieved                                                           are accurate             and text flows well in a   relationships
through the use of                                                           OR                       sustained                  an extended, highly
referring words,                                                             • longer text with       piece of writing           cohesive piece
ellipses, text                                                               cohesion controlled                                 of writing showing
connectives,                                                                 only in parts                                       continuity of
substitutions and word                                                       reader may                                          ideas and tightly linked
associations.                                                                occasionally need to                                sections of
                                                                             re-read and provide                                 text
                                                                             their own links
                                                                             to clarify meaning

Paragraphing              • no correct use of     • writing is organised     • all paragraphs are     • paragraphing
                          paragraphing            into paragraphs that       focused on one idea or   supports argument
Skill Focus:                                      are mainly focused on      set of like ideas        paragraphs are
The segmenting of text                            one idea or set of         -- at least one          ordered and
into paragraphs that                              like ideas to assist the   paragraph is logically   cumulatively build
assist the reader to                              reader to digest           constructed and          argument across text
follow the line of                                chunks of text             contains a topic
argument.                                         contains at least one      sentence and
                                                  correct                    supporting detail
                                                  paragraph break            paragraphs are correct
                                                                             but basic

Sentence Structure        • no evidence of        • correct sentences are    • most simple and        • most simple,             • sentences are correct    • all sentences are
                          sentences               mostly simple and/or       compound                 compound and               (allow for occasional      correct (allow
Skill Focus:                                      compound sentences         sentences are correct    complex sentences          error in more              for occasional slip, e.g.
The production of                                 meaning is                 AND                      are correct                sophisticated              a missing word)
grammatically correct,                            predominantly clear        • some complex           OR                         structures)                writing contains
structurally sound and                                                       sentences are            • all simple, compound     • demonstrates variety     controlled and
meaningful sentences.                                                        correct                  and complex                meaning is clear and       well-developed
                                                                             meaning is               sentences are correct      sentences                  sentences that
                                                                             predominantly clear      but do not                 enhance meaning            express precise
                                                                                                      demonstrate variety                                   meaning and are
                                                                                                      meaning is clear                                      consistently effective

      Adapted from the 2011 NAPLAN Marking Guide by Penny Krilis and Jan Smith (Glenroy College)
Punctuation               • no evidence of    • correct use of capital   • some correct use of     • sentence level          • all sentence              • writing contains
                          correct sentence    letters to start           sentence level            punctuation mostly        punctuation correct         accurate use of all
Skill Focus:              punctuation         sentences                  punctuation (at least 2   correct (minimum of       • mostly correct use of     applicable punctuation
The use of correct and                        OR                         accurately punctuated     80% of 5 sentences        other punctuation,          provides precise
appropriate                                   full stops to end          sentences - beginning     punctuated correctly)     including noun              markers to pace and
punctuation to aid the                        sentences                  and end)                  AND some other            capitalisation              control reading of the
reading of the text.                          (at least one correct      OR                        correct punctuation       provides accurate           text
                                              sentence marker)           • one correctly           (two or more              markers to enable
                                              punctuation is minimal     punctuated sentence       examples of different     smooth and efficient
                                              and of little assistance   AND                       types of other            reading
                                              to the reader              some other                punctuation)
                                                                         punctuation correct       OR
                                                                         whereit is required       • accurate sentence
                                                                         (refer to lists in        punctuation with
                                                                         additional                correct noun
                                                                         information)              capitalisation and no
                                                                         provides some             stray capitals, nothing
                                                                         markers to assist         else used (4 or more
                                                                         reading                   sentences)
                                                                                                   provides adequate
                                                                                                   markers to assist

Spelling                  • no conventional   • few examples of          • correct spelling of     • correct spelling of     • correct spelling of       • correct spelling of       • correct spelling of all
                          spelling            conventional spelling      -- most simple words      -- most simple words      -- simple words             -- simple words             words
Skill Focus:                                                             -- some common            -- most common            -- most common              -- most common              AND
The accuracy of                                                          words (at least two)      words (at least 20)       words                       words                       • at least 10 difficult
spelling and difficulty                                                  errors evident in                                   -- some difficult words     -- at least 10 difficult    words and some
of the words used.                                                       common words                                        (at least two)              words                       challenging words
                                                                                                                             incorrect difficult words   incorrect difficult words   OR at least 15 difficult
                                                                                                                             do not outnumber            do not outnumber            words if no challenging
                                                                                                                             correct difficult words     correct difficult words     words
                                                                                                                                                                                     allow for a very
                                                                                                                                                                                     occasional minor slip
                                                                                                                                                                                     (one or two)

      Adapted from the 2011 NAPLAN Marking Guide by Penny Krilis and Jan Smith (Glenroy College)

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