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					Low Sodium
Raleigh Store, South Region

Whole Foods Market is excited to bring you ''Celebrating Your Choices,'' a series of shopping lists and information
for those on special diets. We believe that food should bring pleasure along with good health, and these guides are
intended as a resource to help everyone experience as many healthy, natural food choices as possible. Check out
our website for more information about low sodium foods:

The information provided in this shoppers list is only a guide to help you identify products that may meet your
dietary needs or preferences. It is not medical advice. We have included products on this list based only upon
information provided by the manufacturer. In addition, while we are attempting to keep this information accurate and
up to date, please be aware that ingredients in products may change from time to time. You should always read the
actual product label before purchasing a product. Also note that there is no guarantee of the absence of cross-
contamination       in   any    product.      If   you   have     any    questions,       you    may     contact   us

Baking Needs                                                Beverages (Cont'd)
Chatfields                                                  Ceres Fruit Juices
   Cocoa Powder                                                Guava Juice
Fearn                                                       Knudsen
   Raw Wheat Germ                                              Low Sodium Veggie Juice
Mothers                                                     Lakewood Juice
   Toasted Wheat Germ                                          Organic Coconut Juice
                                                               Organic Pure Carrot Juice
Beverages                                                   Looza Fruit Juices
365 Every Day Value™                                           Mango Nectar Juice
   Club Soda
   Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice                          Bread
   Italian Lemon Sparkling Water                            365 Organic Every Day Value™
   Italian Sparkling Orange/Lime/Pink Grapefruit               Croutons, Butter & Garlic
                                                               Croutons, Caesar
   Italian Strawberry Sparkling Water
                                                               Croutons, Cheese & Garlic
                                                               Tortilla Corn

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Bread (Cont'd)                                             Cereal (Cont'd)
Berlin Natural Bakery                                      Kashi
    Spelt Bread                                               Cinna-Raisin Crunch Cereal
    Sprouted Spelt Bread                                   Nature's Path
    White Spelt Bread                                         Hemp Plus Granola
Food For Life                                              Old Wessex
   Ezekiel Bread, Low Salt                                     Oat Bran Hot Cereal
   Organic 7 Grain Bread
   Organic Ezekial Bread
   Organic Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame Bread
   Organic Ezekiel Bread                                   Organic Valley
   Sprouted Ezekiel Tortillas                                 Organic Mozarella
French Meadow Bakery
    European Sourdough Rye Bread                           Chips/Pretzels/Snacks
                                                           Garden Of Eatin
Canned Goods                                                  Blue Corn Sesame Chips
                                                              Salted Blue Corn Chips
Crown Prince
   Baby Water Clams                                        Mothers
                                                              No Salt Rice Cakes
   Adzuki Beans
   Black Beans                                             Coffee and Tea
   Cannellini Beans                                        365 Every Day Value™
   Garbanzo Beans (chick peas), Organic                       Ground Hazelnut Coffee
   Kidney Beans, Organic
   Navy Beans, Organic
   Organic Black Soy Beans
   Pinto Beans, Organic                                    365 Organic Every Day Value™
                                                              Croutons, Butter & Garlic
Santa Cruz Organic
                                                              Croutons, Caesar
   Cinnamon Applesauce Cup
                                                              Croutons, Cheese & Garlic
   Organic Black Beans
                                                               Real French Vinaigrette
                                                              Dijon Mustard
365 Organic Every Day Value™                                  Stoneground Mustard
   Oat & Honey Granola                                        Unsweetened Un-Ketchup
Bob's Red Mill
   Rolled Hot 10 Grain Cereal                              Cookies and Snack Bars
   Rolled Hot 7 Grain Cereal
                                                           365 Organic Every Day Value™
   Thick Rolled Oats
                                                              Fig Bar Cookies

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Cookies and Snack Bars (Cont'd)                             Desserts (Cont'd)
Country Choice                                              Oetker
   Duplex Sandwich Cookies                                     Organic Chocolate Pudding
   Vanilla Creme Sandwich Cookies                              Organic Vanilla Pudding
Heavens Scent                                               Santa Cruz Organic
   Premium Chocolate Chip Cookies                              Organic Chocolate Syrup
    KinniTOOS Chocolate Sandwich Creme Cookies              Ethnic Foods
    KinniTOOS Vanilla Sandwich Creme Cookies                Sushi Sonic
    Montana's Chocolate Chip Cookies                           Wasabi Horseradish
    S'moreables Graham Style Crackers
Mi-Del                                                      Frozen Foods
    Chocolate Snap Cookies
                                                            365 Every Day Value™
                                                               Frozen Chopped Spinach
Crackers                                                       Frozen Fruit Whole Raspberries
365 Every Day Value™                                           Frozen Fruit Whole Strawberries
   Unsalted Tops Saltines                                      Frozen Sliced Peaches
Health Valley                                               365 Organic Every Day Value™
   Fat Free Whole Wheat Crackers                               Crinkle Cuts
Scand                                                          Frozen Berry Blend
   Bran Crispbread                                             Frozen Blackberries
                                                               Frozen Raspberries
                                                               Frozen Sliced Peaches
Dairy                                                          Frozen Strawberries
Coach Dairy                                                    Frozen Wild Blueberries
   Strawberry Yogurt Drink                                     Haricot Verts
Lactaid                                                     Ben And Jerrys
    Lactaid Milk, 2%                                           Vanilla Ice Cream
    Lactaid Milk, Whole
Organic Valley                                                 Chocolate Ice Cream
   Organic Neufchatel
                                                               Mango Sorbet
Dairy Alternatives                                             Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
WestSoy                                                     Stonyfield Farm
   Westsoy No Fat Vanilla                                       Non Fat Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
                                                                Vanilla Fudge Frozen Yogurt
Desserts                                                    Vans
Kozy Shack                                                     Mini Waffles
   Chocolate Pudding
   Tapioca Pudding

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Grains and Rice                                            Pasta
RiceSelect                                                 365 Every Day Value™
    Texmati White Rice                                        No Boil Lasagna

Jams and Nut Butters                                       Prepared Foods
365 Every Day Value™                                       Rapunzel
   Fruit Spread Imported Apricot                              No Salt Vegetable Bouillon
   Fruit Spread Imported Black Cherry
   Fruit Spread Imported Blackberry                        Sauces/Salsas/Dips
   Fruit Spread Imported Raspberry
                                                           Green Mountain Gringo
Bionaturae                                                    Garlic Salsa
    Organic Apricot Fruit Spread                              Hot Salsa
    Organic Wild Berry Fruit Spread                           Medium Salsa
Cascadian Farm                                                Mild Salsa
   Organic Apricot Fruit Spread
   Organic Blackberry Fruit Spread                         Soups
   Organic Grape Fruit Spread
                                                           Health Valley
   Organic Strawberry Fruit Spread
                                                              Black Bean Soup - No Salt
Im Health                                                     Lentil Soup - No Salt
    Creamy Soy Nut Butter                                     Minestrone Soup - No Salt
    Creamy Soy Nut Butter with Honey                          Organic Tomato No Salt Soup
    Crunchy Soy Nut Butter                                    Potato Leek Soup - No Salt
Joyva Corp.                                                   Split Pea Soup - No Salt
   Sesame Tahini                                              Vegetable Soup - No Salt
Kimes Apple Butter
   Unsweetened Apple Butter                                Spices and Seasonings
St. Dalfour                                                Organic Gourmet
    Blackcurrant Preserves                                    Organic Low Salt Boullion Cubes
    Blueberry Preserves
    Four Fruit Preserves                                   Sweeteners
    Orange Marmalade
                                                           Wholesome Foods
    Plum Preserves
                                                              Organic Blackstrap Molasses
    Strawberry Preserves

Miscellaneous Grocery
   Bran Crispbread

Nutritional Supplements
Whole Foods Market™
   Vanilla Soy Protein Powder

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